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Don't expect reliable weather that's for sure.

Edinburgh is a real nice city. Bustly, but lots of cool old architecture. Glasgow has more down to earth culture apparently.

Anywhere in the North West has beautiful scenery but also the worst of the weather.

Go to , and put in

From: Glasgow
To: Durness
Via: Nostie
Via: Torridon
Via: Gairloch

Hell of a trek but there's a lot of stunning stuff there. 
Thanks, Shambler! 
You Know How You Hear Something 
And end up hearing about it a lot for the next several days. Just heard about a coworker moving to Scotland. 
We had a wonderful time in Edinburgh recently, and my wife when out on her own hook also had great fun stumping around the Isle of Skye. Cf. the mid-part of this picture dump from my trip: 
Where are we at now for number of SP maps released in 2017? 
I Happen To Have The Spreadsheet Bookmarked. 
81 as of Sept 25th. 
Insomnia Meet Mapping 
I have a tough time getting a good night's rest without some kind of remedy. This morning I found myself wide awake at 3am. After I realized I would not be able to doze back off I decided to get return to a map that has been on hold for about a month. Got some work done on that, now I'm at work and ready for a nap! 
Nice Shots, Johnny Law! 
Looking forward to it more, now! Cheers! 
Happy Birthday Daz 
Also Dranz and Dazers! 
Cheesecake For All 
Dranners Too 
Get confused. 
God Damn It 
thank you :) 
has anyone ever heard of an indoor skybox, what I mean is a skybox which depicts an indoor environment like inside a cave or a giant dome or something (remember Heretic 1 had a parallax sky of the inside of a dome on the bottom of the ocean), instead of an outdoor scene? 
Depends on what kind of skybox you're looking.
I made a large sphere and turned it on a 256 frame in qmle.
Size goes to 32x64 units square and up.
A bit wobbeling, but sufficient.

I have four spheres in a map, reaches out to five skyboxes. 
Quake Legacy Mod Revival Discord! Big Games every Night! Growing Daily come join us and help organize the next big event for your favorite Quake Mods!

invite link here share with all your friends!

Death Match Q2CTF L-Fire CTF Gloom Vortex Qpong Rocket Arena 2 Lokis Minions CTF Expert CTF DDay Chaos Mod Jail Break Kick Vanilla Action Quake 2 Railwarz insta CTF TDM Duels instaGib Freeze Tag Giex Mod Lox WOD Weapons Factory BOTS Battle of the Sexes WODX lithium Mapping Level Design Quake 1 2 3 4 Live and Champions! all Mods! All Quake Games! Join us! 
As A Matter Of Common Courtesy. 
And since that particular spam of Quake Legacy Mod etc was more informative than the previous ones, I've only hidden the previous two posts. That last post is more than sufficient and doesn't need to be repeated. 
Forgot your old password? 
Join us in #weaponsfactory

Help bring back weapons factory! 
Attn Quake Mapping Newbs 
This is a must read by Scar3crow. 
Ugh, When Does This Become Spam I Wonder? 
The 2nd And 3rd Time It Already Happened ;) 
This should be the new copypasta shitpost for this forum. 
Whatd you say about me you little shit? Ill have you know I'm in 19 Quake discord servers. 
Hi, guys!
Is there a way to slow down or speed up a demo playback in engine (so fps stays consistent)? 
Has a host_timescale variable in console. 
Thank you, onetruepurple! 
If X Was Made In 1998 
Jonathan Blow 
i love that, and such a nice touch to have the cover art in a playstation box or whatever. Bioshock was the best of those i think! 
Those Demake Are Insulting Retarted 
I converted a doom 3 model to an md3 and dropped into darkplaces. Pretty cool! I've always admired doom 3's models and animation, it's fun to finally know enough the play around with them. 
ya bite off the arm/leg!
me gib the scratch off a dangerous creature. 
Thats dang creepy. Cool. 
I Don't Remember This Monster At All! 
I guess it shows how much I care about the game... 
the level was probably too dark to see him. 
A Look At Unreal Rendering

It's an overview of Unreal engine's rendering by studying how a frame is processed (using RenderDoc). It should be interesting to those who want a peek under the hood of a modern graphics engine. 
Shit Tune, Got A Dark Glitchcore Remix? 
Maybe I do

11 minutes with a MIDI file... 
I got totally beat there. GG! 
Kind Of An Out-of-left-field Question, But... 
...anyone know of a good archive of RAMSHACKLE (the site that gave the TrenchBroom editor its name)?

The link that Frib posted in the TrenchBroom thread is dead and apparently intentionally excluded from And any other bits of RAMSHACKLE that I can find around the web (e.g. at are incomplete. Probably defeated by the fact that the site originally used a Java app for navigation.

Even the coverage of the original site is missing most images and probably other stuff:*/*

Got an urge to revisit it and it's kind sad if it is really permanently gone. 
New Enforcer Model 
Some Jokes From Reagan 
looks like the Breen of Star Trek ukyou 
im fine with it 
Better Have A Beast Machine When Playing Quake Champions 
because fire rate is linked to frame rate
Q:C is unfortunately sort of a dumpster fire on the coding side due to the outsourced development, which is a royal shame because the actual gameplay is typical fun Quake but there's so many naggling performance and networking issues plus a slowwwwwwwww balance change schedule. 
Preach had mentioned on his wordpress page that QME has an "undo" feature.
Preach, I've tried ctrl-z in the 3d view and it doesn't work on either version 3.1 or 3.0. How does this work??

Here's a link to the page where he mentions it:

The undo is for drawing on the skin only, other changes aren't tracked. It works for me on 3.1 
Brutal Quake? Qore! _ BETA 
While browsing through news pages about quake in Steam, I chanced upon this news about a gore mod for quake, which is akin to the well known Brutal Doom mod for classic Doom and Doom 2, stylishly named Qore:

The mod itself can be downloaded here:

If you are interested in pumping up the gore factor in your quake game, and this also somehow went previously beneath your radar like me, then give it a swirl!

(Moved to GA because it seems to be a work in progress mod) 
Thanks Preach!
It'd be great see a program as simplistic and specific to Quake modeling as QME, but with more features, like an undo for geometry. Get on that please, somebody. 
Brian Hook Discussing The Quake 3 Rendering Engine At GDC In 1999 
Q3 And All Games From Q3 Suck Dick 
How Do I Add A Keyvalue To An Entity? 
I want to add a gravity keyvalue to worldspawn. 
Bunny Hopping 
Been trying to learn how to bhop properly in NetQuake engines like QuakeSpasm and Mark V. Mark V has a handy "scr_showspeed" cvar, so I've been experimenting on it.

In QuakeWorld engines like ezQuake it's so easy, I just do a circle jump, then release +forward and keep on jumping while strafing and moving mouse in the air. I can reach 700+ ups no problem. But in QS and MV I seem to lose speed with a couple of jumps, even if I try to press +forward with each jump. Is the NQ friction too high or what? All I can do is 400 something ups at best, which doesn't seem meaningful.

What's the trick, if there's one? I mostly want to do speedruns of modern map packs, hence the the interest in the technique. 
bunnyhopping in qw is possible because you can avoid being on the ground at any point - there is no friction and thus theoretically no real upper bound to max speed (up so sv_maxvelocity of about 2000 anyway).

nq keeps you grounded for at least one frame each jump, so you're till at least partially subject to friction, limiting max speeds. 
Then how come the QDQ guys move so fast? 
here is the quake speedrunning discord

If you want your times to be officially accepted by the community and want them posted on or similar you pretty much need to use neaquake or joequake. That is pretty much the standard.

Yes, the difference in protocols between the engines means you can get more speed. Watch some of the streams from beehivekay:

The tricks he does aren't possible in "normal" engines. He doesn't want to set times, he just does it for fun / practice.

So I guess it depends on what you want to get out of it. 
Quaek Rulez 
newhouse_: how does it feel to have over 100 quake maps this year?

CustomShambler: it feels like making love to a beautiful woman.....

CustomShambler: ....WHO HAS 100 DIFFERENT TYPES OF AWFUL S.T.D.s
Wut? We're still at 94 yeah?... don't jinx it! 
@iriyap Bunnyhopping 
I believe that the main diff is that QW runs at a ticrate of 0.01388~ or 1/72fps where as standard (net)Quake runs at a ticrate of 0.1 10fps (modern servers online run at 0.05 or even 0.025 so this affects the physics timings. As Spike said netQuake has longer times for the physics to apply to the player. Try lowering your ticrate to 0.0133 in Qspasm and see if your bunny-hopping speeds increase. I've always been curious how speed runners achieve QW like physics at normal ticrates. IMHO they should have the visible spedometers on screen or at least show their settings. 
Why The Crap 
Is physics tied to a frame/tic rate? Shouldn't this be framerate independent and calculate based on time since last frame? 
>framerate independent
>time since last frame

Don't be naive. 
D4's Weapon Pickup Animation Sorcery 

A fairly seamless transition from worldmodel to viewmodel. How do you even do that? My guess is that when the animation is initiated and the player position/camera is locked in, the gun and arms are worldmodels as the gun is picked up (maybe??). After it gets picked up it's briefly lowered out of view. When it's raised up again, both the arms and gun are different models (now viewmodels). Pretty neat. I'd like to know how they actually do it. 
Saturn Quake Findings And Musings 
Turns out the Saturn version of Quake has completely different secret levels, which are actually pretty cool. E.g. one of them is a series of huts and walkways on top of huge trees and another one lets you pit monsters in a boxing ring. Those levels make some interesting and clever use of vanilla Quake assets.

Here are the videos of all four Saturn exclusive levels:
Hell's Aerie
Watery Grave

(There's also a test map of sorts on the disk resembling a modern day apartment chock full of pop culture references and inside jokes.)

How cool it would be to play those levels on the PC with proper controls and a framerate higher than 20 FPS?

Now, the Saturn version of Quake runs on a completely different engine (supposedly, the so called "Slave Driver" engine which Lobotomy Software used for PowerSlave/Exhumed) and all the levels are actually low precision 3D models in the custom LEV format. Rich Whitehouse has reverse-engineered the format and his model viewer/converter, Noesis, can export the Saturn Quake level geometry + textures to other 3D model formats, such as OBJ.

I was thinking about trying to convert the levels into the standard BSP format, as all the tricks used in those levels should be possible to do in a standard Quake engine (apart from maybe the rain effects), but what would be the best way to import the OBJ etc 3D data into a Quake editor such as TrenchBroom or Radiant? Anybody interested in working together on such a project? 
Technically Super Impressive Though 
I think the 3d in Saturn-Quake reminds me alot of early NDS games, with the chopped up samples and the very crude way of doing 3d graphics. I like it. 
I'd Just Like To Add A Vote Of Confidence 
to the impulse behind this; a similar impulse was behind Quaddicted and I'm starting to think people might be looking at archives of Quaddicted decades from now. It would definitely be interesting from a "historical perspective" to see these levels which I didn't even know existed before. 
The OBJ-2-MAP utility doesn't seem to produce anything that can be loaded in TrenchBroom, so I might just reconstruct the levels manually brush by brush (unless somebody's got a better idea?). I'd need to fix various texture alignment/tiling issues anyway, so this might be a better way to do it. The textures are the same size as the PC version, so it's very easy to guess the size of each brush. Somehow I've got a feeling that these levels were originally compiled from standard MAP files, because the geometry structure is essentially the same as stock Quake levels. We might never know for sure, I guess.

Here's a screenshot of the first Saturn exclusive map (Purgatorium) using Rich Whitehouse's model viewer. It's a pretty cool vanilla-ish map, isn't it. 
Here's two ideas you might try, if you haven't already.

1 - Try converting the map in smaller pieces. Maybe the OBJ2MAP program doesn't handle many complicated shapes at the same time.

2 - Open the resulting .map file in a text editor. There may till be parts that you can copy and paste into Trenchbroom. Unless I remember wrong, you can copy and paste geometry into TB via the clipboard.

Either method might save you time compared to creating every brush from scratch. Worth trying at least. 
If you give me maps in obj and WAD with textures used in this maps, I can export it to editable MAP format. 
Feel free to add me on Steam, and I'll gladly share what I've got so far. Been working on one of the maps in Trenchboom and it's shaping up rather nicely.

But basically, you extract the maps using Noesis which you can get here. To get the original Saturn Quake files, do a Google search for "quake saturn iso", should be the first result. The textures are included inside the LEV files and Noesis can convert them to a number of formats including BMP and LMP. 
should be able to give you a Valve format map with texturing intact. I would then run it though my qbsp's "-convert quake" option to convert it to a map file with vanilla texturing for editing in TrenchBroom.

There are different algorithms in OBJ2MAP for converting faces to brushes, I think there was a "slabs" one that extrudes every face into a brush.. that might be a good choice? The other one is "spikes" which makes a pyramid out of each face which is probably not what you want for level geometry.

The full article is paywalled but here's a lot of words about Quake! 
That is a lot of words indeed. While it's never fun to read about the various conflicts that happened at id, it's great to see some words from people like American McGee and Sandy Petersen who- outside of dedicated Quakers, obviously- are too often forgotten in favor of the two Johns.

Side note: is that a possible DM3 or E2M1 on McGee's monitor? 
is the one I admire the most. 
Someone From Asia? 
I'm pretty sure I saw someone posting here from Asia not long ago. Tried to reach the guy, but couldn't find the Asian IP. Where are you, man? 
You should try translating your message to Asian if you're hoping for a response 
Shambler In Thailand 
What's With The Ogres? 
Are they slaves/indentured servants to Quake? I wonder, because the rest of the monsters seem to be undead or from the Elder world, whereas the ogres seem to have a looser tie to Quake.

I know there was some lore in Nehahra regarding the ogres, but I can't remember most of it.

I feel that they're being controlled by the stronger enemies, sort of like the alien slaves in Half Life.

What are your thought? 
So the deal is that some people within id wanted to make a fps fantasy themes, very much like the RPGs they were playing at the time, but they ran out of time and had to release what they had.

The ogre is probably a remnant of that. 
Long Read Indeed, But Great! 
Before time the Elder Ogres were savage medieval warriours, that had nothing to do with guns and belong in earlier centuries. They were far more on the corner of the magic, that HellKnight attend. They were relative weak in weapons, but commenly strong shielded with their axes.

As the armour of the time quakers brought other skills like shells and nails, the ogres obtained these stronger weapons and became smaller. Guarded with their machine saws and grenades they've become a strange relick from elder time.

They lack technical skill and since they lost their shield they only worry about grenades and cells. 
Ogres are creatures of chaos whose lack-of-purposeness is closely aligned with Shub-Niggurath's nihilistic plot to overthrow all life. 
Looser Tie??? 
The ogre is iconic. It is one of the bread-and-butter, heart-and-soul enemies in Quake.

I believe Madfox is onto something.. although I think hammers and not axes makes more sense. They seem to be the engineers in the Quake realm. Ever resourceful, stealing the weapons of their enemies, smithing their own. 
first time i saw an ohre i thought he was csrrying a hammer
with his shirt he looks like a blacksmith 
At one point the Ogres had horns and I read somewhere that their grenade launcher was a nailgun unless I'm remembering wrong. Which probably explains the nailgun Ogres in some mods.

It's probably not a stretch to imagine that they had axes instead of chainsaws at another point. 
Din: See John Romero's own Twitter

R00k: The Ogre is clearly inspired by Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie series. His grenade launcher is even shaped like a hammer which is the second main weapon that Leatherface uses. Source

So, at some points during the development, the ogre had:
- horns
- shield
- axe
- hammer
- nailgun
- grenade launcher

And the game manual also mentions him carrying a sack of grenades. 
sack = backpack that the ogre drops, I guess 
IIRC, the player's Axe weapon comes from an earlier Ogre model. Probably that's why it's so gritty and covered in blood unlike the other weapons.

Also, the Ogre is still holding a nailgun in his final model. That tiny weapon is way too small to fit even a single grenade, much less launch it. They must've switched fron nails to grenades because dodging nails is rather hard and would feel too much like hitscan. 
the Ogre is still holding a nailgun in his final model. That tiny weapon is way too small to fit even a single grenade

Well, its design was based on realistic nailguns then, instead of being based on the nailguns that the player carries. This would also explain why it looks like a hammer. And I also agree with this after looking at the ogre's gun skin - that's definitely not a hammer. 
Look at that ogre! No wonder the manual says he's 9ft tall! Looks scary awesome. 
Well, the player never gets to use a single barrel nailgun, so we could assume that's what it looks like.

Here's the Ogre model skin:

The two strips on right must've been used for his horns. 
Those screenshots are vertically stretched.

Here's them with the correct aspect ratio
Wasn't Me Who Posted Those, But... 
I was actually replying to #29850 in my last reply.

Here's the original source for these screenshots
Yes, and I just corrected the image aspect of those screenshots to 4:3 square pixels, since Quake was developed for 4:3 CRT monitors with non-square pixels. 
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