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Q1SP Release: Hrim_sp1
What do you get? Well a sort of oldskool, runic Quake level, with some custom monsters thrown in for your enjoyment!

The download link does not work. It times out. 
perdy screenshots, tho 
My Review Of This Great Map Is Posted At My Site... 
Looks Pretty 
getting it now. 
Alternate download link please? 
Very nice map! Liked gameplay ideas. Very fun and smart. That bridge puzzle forced my to use noclip tho, but i found out how it works after :) Dragon battle was fun as well.
Good work, Hrimfaxi! 
Alternate Download Link: 
i mirrored it at fileplanet.

[also added this link to the review at my site] 
Thanks, Underworldfan 
The Short Of The Long Of It 
Corridors too tight, maybe too dark. Great puzzles, good map, good review too. 
I have a respons but I cant post. 

i have no problems posting, i wonder if this is a browser issue?

what browser you using? i am on IE 6.0.

it seems strange some people can post fine and others can not. 
I liked the detalisation and diversity of the designs. The outdoor sections were very nicely done. What I didnt like is the small size of areas - no space to maneuver. Was pretty tough for me with low health/armor deposits.

Also couldnt figure how to extend the brige over lava (bug ?) and the monsters didnt react when you shoot them from distance (qc bug ?)
Alternative ending with the lib was cool idea too 
IE 6 here too. 
tough is good.

besides thats what skill levels are for, no?

some areas are a bit tight, but i kind of thought the "claustrophobic" feel added to the atmosphere.

However, i cant comment on the lava bridge or the secret ending, as i havent played it again yet to try to find them. :/ 
Atmosphere is one thing, but when u cant dodge grenades and evade knights its hard to fight the way I got used to. There are not too many baddies (I played normal) but I was losing health constantly cause it was hard to dodge. And afair all the armors are hidden in the secrets.

lava bridge is not a secret, its where u have to jump on the bar that goes up and down and then scrags spawn.. but the brige doesnt extend after I kill those, and I shoot the suff that looked like it coud be button - nothing worked 
I have a pet peeve of having monsters spawn/reveal themselves behind me in tight corridors or rooms. Its very annoying to get mowed down from behind without much warning and not much space to move around in when you have done all the hard work in front of you.

That said, I didnt find it too dark but lighting was pretty average overall. The contrast of the indoor/outdoor areas seemed too different and I thought the last section especially could have been lit better.

On to the positives, a lot of the gameplay ideas were neat, the puzzles were cool and the architecture was impressive even though it seemed a bit messy and haphazard every ow and then. Texturing was very fine and for a first map, its a very successful ambitious effort.

And those imps rocked, if only they had a better more quakish skin though. 
Can I Post Now? 
I try again! For the hundred time.

It looks like some people can not DL from my site if they are behind firewalls. So it is nice that Underworldfan has made a mirror.

Speedy - I have not heard from anyone else that the bridge don t work. Are you sure that the right symbols are shot at?

And yes it is a bit tight andclaustrophobic! That was what I tried to do but maybe I overdid it? 8-) 
Hey I Got To Post! 8-) 
Looks like it was the use of apostrophe that blocked it. 
Thanx Hrimfaxi... 
3 secrets found so far =)

Things I liked:

The incredible vertical section. The masses of unused space in this section ironically imparted a great sense of place. When I got there the first time and shut down the baddies, I stopped for about two minutes just marvelling.

The dragon...although I camped near the primary exit and just pounded it into oblivion as it had trouble getting round the rock formations =)

The sense of journey ... enhanced by returning and retracing.

Predictable spawns and wall drops. Nothing too unfair here.

The uninhabited tight transitional areas enhanced the atmosphere IMHO. I especially liked that very tight, very vertical blue stair with kink that allows for the MH access.

Things I was not so hot on:

Did anyone else have problems instigating infights?

I could not get the fiends to jump past me into the lava in the vertical section?

Getting hung up on skull wall mountings while fighting two vores.

The skin on those flying things.

The texture set was consistent, but internally incoherent (yes I know, this from the mapper who released Recurrent Rumours) :P

As Kell and Scraggy are aware, I am anal about texture alignment so some of the offset rivet work...

Nonetheless, Thankyou Hrimfaxi... I eagerly await the next one, and will continue to do so even if it takes a couple of years. 
The server doesn`t like PASV mode, for some reason.

Those wall skull details were a pain in the behind. And why was monster infighting broken?

I must say, the puzzles - especially the secrets - were a nice change. Still haven`t managed to figure out the last two... 
yes, it seemed the monster infighting was "turned off", i assume this is easy to do if you know how.

Actually, i kind of liked the no infighting idea, it was a welcome change and stopped certain sections being too easy. 
Unless You Are Teh Lamer.... 
Like me =)

In which case, the lack of infighting defaults as an increase in difficulty setting. 
nice map, liked gameplay, designs and dragon!
good work, hrim!
i suck, i thought my first post went deleted, have to wash my eyes better ;) 
Make The Tilte Go Away 
Hmm yes, can just say what the others already said: Nice work Hrimifaxi. Had some great fun while playing this.

The bridge over the lava was‘t really a problem imo. I just did as everywhere else in the map, I was shooting like mad ;).

Oh yeah, why don‘t you provide a HTTP download on your website Hrimfaxi? I could‘t d/l it either and I tried both with and without a firewall in between. 
One can not even use named entites to do apostrophies.

/me sighs 
I think everyone has pretty much covered it already.

I actually worked out the lava bridge fairly quickly - I was instantly reminded of the same thing in Prodigy SE and followed from there. Though I had read a few other peoples posts, so I had some warning.

Biggest crit is that, yeah...WAY too cramped. I mean...WAY TOO CRAMPED. Also some dubious combinations and non-alignments of textures. Overbright outdoor finale area. Far too much reliance on func_ entities. Too many lethal hazards e.g. lava baths and bloodied spikes. And DO know what clipping is, right? ;)

Conversely, there were a lot of things I did like: its runic metal - thats a big thumbs up from me straight away. New monsters - the statues are a cliche, but godsdamnit theyre fun =) And look cool. The flying imps are nice, though the skin is totally non-quake colors. The vertical nature of the finale area. Lots of rivets. Plenty of small set piece areas, like the bit with the bridge.

Theres a lot to criticise and a lot to compliment with this one. Read all of the above, absorb...and give us another great SP! 
Yeah! Im Absorbing!! 
I dont think that the four or five monsters that spawned behind was to many outh of about 145 or more, but OK maybe there shouldnt be any.

I have no problems myself when trying to get the fiends to jump in the lava, often under testing I only had 3 or 4 shells left for the fiends so I had to make them fry!

The light outdoors. Yeah I am not satisfied myself but this was the best I could acomplish.
Maybe I get better with time.

The bridge! Well I tried to make it obvious what to shoot at but not enough it seems.

Anyway those that liked the map thanks for the kind words, Im glad to have given you some fun moments.
For those that didnt like it Im sorry but I have listend to what you have said and will try to make it better next time!

Ill put a page up on my site in a couble of days to let you know where the secrets are, for those that want to find them!

Hmm it looks strange without apostrophes (or how you spell that)8-) 
It`s My Mind That Works 
Oh And... 
One bit that I really liked but forgot to mention was the room with the GL.

Heehee, I knew there was a trap (thanx for the texture clue) and entered on tippy toes, but even after the spikes were triggered I didn`t want to go in `cause I was sure the roof was going to come down or the floor was going to drop...

In the end I just plowed in =) and to my relief met no secondary trap. I was on edge there for a moment, the suspence and suspicion were high; and it felt great...ta much. 
the blood soaked texture was a damn cool touch, I just think the spiketrap should have hurt, but not killed outright - it was too abrubt for that.
But cool anyway. 
Oh! That Would 
have been cruel, to have a crushing roof in there! I might be cruel around the map but not that cruel. 8-)
But yes the texture was there to warn! I always left some clues (at least I tried) where I found it would be needed, like the trap, the lava bridge, and some of the secrets. 
Blood Texture 
Is an excellent clue as to locations of traps. I liked that touch. 
If Anyone Cares 
then I have made a page with the whereabout of the secrets. 
Aw Fuck. 
stupid board ate my post...

anyway, i said something akin to: good map, good quality architechture, cool monsters, nice boss, didn`t get all secrets, etc...

looking forward to your next stuff. good job. :) 
It crashes Winquake. Five stars. 
you use winquake? 
Winquake Crash 
What caused it to crash in winquake? I did a run through on normal(using god/impulse 9 cheats so it didn`t take me all evening) and got to the end with only some greyflash/missing func_brushes. This was using regular winquake, windowed mode. 
Tnx Necros 
And I`m looking forward to you`r next map! 
Just played through in winquake on hard!
No crash. Should work for you! 
Hey, can somebody give me a hand with this map? I am stuck in the lava section. I've killed the vore there, jumped across the lava, then killed the four scrags. The problem is that the bridge won't extend and allow me to cross the other side. Thanks! 
Thought This Was A New Hrim Release For A Sec 
almost broke my dick. 
Never mind, figured it out. 
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