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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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New Ogre Model 
Please check out my new Quake Ogre model.

You can download it here:

You're welcome to use it for your mods, just please give me credit.


Thats pretty good Chillio.

I like his hunched over stance

Do you have any other Quake models you are working on or plan to work on? 
very nice Chillo!!

I like it! ..I´m using it in my standard setup. Do yuo also have a second skin? so that it can be used in mods like AD? 
New Ogre Model 
and the decap + decapb animations! ;-) 
Ogre Model 
Not yet, but I would definitely like to see him implemented in Arcane Dimensions!

I can certainly add the extra skin and animations to him for AD. 
I'm not currently working on any, but I plan to make a new knight and scrag in the near future. 
New Ogre Model --> AD 
Sock is planning a final update for Arcane Dimensions for the end of October! 
Thanks, Icaro. 
I let him know that I was interested.

I just fixed the model a little more and re-uploaded it:

Here's a screenshot:

The animations seem a bit... energetic. Stuff like the swing attack at 0:13 happen very quickly.

Otherwise a pretty nice model :) 
The model looks good, but some of the animations seem a bit floaty (feels like he's sliding on the ground), or too exaggerated. 
My SP Map Finally Finished 
Release coming in the next few days!

early stages, sourcing and reading up on real castles and what rooms they had.

this is modeled around Kitchen Old Hall Gainsborough

hoping just to sink a few months into a big big castle, man these surface lights are awesome, just deciding how they should be balanced for use with both sides, would i be right in thinking i need to put in a sun angle, and use that angle for the surface of the windows too, and then make a new texture that wont be effected by surface lights to put on the exterior windows? 
Dude Awesome 
back in like 1997 i wanted to make a castle map based on this:

so even Masque, not finished until overhauled/remade 8 years later, was a compromise. I actually think this would be doable today, not exactly like that with the siege towers, river and fields (lol) but with the top level of the castle, a bit of terrain and a good skybox. 
Nice Plan Stabs. 
Not That You Need Reminding Tronyn, But Bsp2...ya You Could Fields 
QUMP First Release Candidate. 
QUMP - the Quake Upstart Mapping Project, is finally released!
10 months in the making, QUMP includes 8 Brand new maps, mostly by people who had never made a quake map before.



QUMP is designed to run in quakespasm or darkplaces, although quakespasm is recommended.


Beginning - Pritchard
Citadel of Suffering - Topher
Manchester's Leftovers - Daya
Start Map - NewHouse
Stygian Waterways - Vingal
Sunken Cathedral - HexenMapper
The Dog Prison - Kres
The Three Towers of Tremendous Terror and Turmoil - Brassbite
The Real /vr/ Experience - Spud (Secret Map)

Special thanks to NewHouse for all his help with this project, and to func_msgboard for answering our questions 
QUMP - the Quake Upstart Mapping Project, is finally released!
10 months in the making, QUMP includes 8 Brand new maps, mostly by people who had never made a quake map before.

GET QUMP HERE: (currently 1.0 version)


QUMP is designed to run in quakespasm or darkplaces, although quakespasm is recommended.


Beginning - Pritchard
Citadel of Suffering - Topher
Manchester's Leftovers - Daya
Start Map - NewHouse
Stygian Waterways - Vingal
Sunken Cathedral - HexenMapper
The Dog Prison - Kres
The Three Towers of Tremendous Terror and Turmoil - Brassbite
The Real /vr/ Experience - Spud (Secret Map)

Special thanks to NewHouse for all his help with this project, and to func_msgboard for answering our questions 
Can't wait to check this out! 
Seems like first bug is found. Brassbites entrance looks the wrong file "brassbite1", and gives an error to the console. That will be fixed in a day and link will get updated. 
i forgot i was in this. Good to see it finally release, I'll have to download it and check out everyone's (probably much better) maps. 
Updated minor QUMP bug, link is the same. current version now qumpBeta2

Some Screenshots: 
nice ogre model! 
Looks Like Shit 
Anonymous Coward 
Instead of just saying the IP of the anon when the post, I propose we adopt the /. "Anonymous Coward" followed by the IP address.

It would certainly be fitting for posts like these. 
just fucking ignore them so we don't have to read stupid "i hate anon posts" every fucking day.

We get it. Ignore and move on. 
Every Day Posts 
Last I checked it wasn't that frequent.

Consider ignoring and moving on next time you feel like slagging off on a post trying to support a content creator in our community.

p.s. I think I'm pretty out of the loop on what those screenshots actually... are? They look neat but they also don't look particularly like any Quake I'm familiar with. Is it some kind of fighting/brawler mod? 
Daz Confirmed For Anon Poster 
Fucked up if truu m8 
@DaZ - unusually salty response from you

@Pritchard Is it some kind of fighting/brawler mod?

This took some real digging (on Mankrip's Twitter feed!) I actually think it's pretty neat when you see the video in action. Not my type of game but still cool enough to check out.

@Mankrip Please 'splain more next time. :) 
I Actually Laughed 
I was obviously trolling in my URL description, so the anon's reaction was appropriate.

And it does indeed look somewhat bad by today's Quake mod standards; it was made around 2004 IIRC, and the maps were very poorly detailed because that mod was initially developed for the Sega Dreamcast ports of Quake.

Pritchard: It's The Ascension of Vigil. Pretty fun mod, never finished, and the latest versions only runs properly on Darkplaces. 
Sorry Pritchard 
had a voreling up my arse or something this morning :/ 
Pics or it didn;t happen. This is SS & B after all.... 
A cursory search revealed no easy way to get TAoV anymore, so I decided to upload it to Quaketastic. Hopefully that's okay and hopefully I put it in the right place. 
I actually just went thru the hassle of finding it myself. I want those skeleton guys! So thanks!

Looks like super smash quake or street quaker or maybe even golden quake axe. 
I was obviously trolling in my URL description, so the anon's reaction was appropriate.

I didn't take your link as trolling at all. I just thought you were talking about the modding flexibility of Quake and that you could make a groovy little fighting game. 
Well, Quake was never about being little, and its modding flexibility isn't all that the game is about. But thanks. 
Producing Pestiferous Peoples To Plague The Player 
afflicted animation/lighting test
concept art
sprite version

bonus: scrapped deformvertexes shader stuff - I like the undulating effect, it makes the purulent masses look volatile. Sadly, I couldn't find a way to keep the outer vertices of the boils attached to the body mesh thus avoiding the clipping so I ditched the idea entirely. Not a huge loss, the effect is so minor I doubt it would even be noticed during gameplay.

I'm not crazy about the model and it wasn't fun to make. It still needs a lot of work but I'm happy to have the bulk of it behind me. Now on to more interesting enemies... 
Looking Bad Good 
You put a lot of work in it. It's quiet a challenge to create a model from scratch, but it sure comes out right.

While working on a new model it is hard to keep a fresh vieuw on it. Hardest part for me is painting the skin file.

Would be fun to see it in game, maybe like a Rune greenish sprite of bad smoke. 
Yeah Nice One Killpixel. 
Got an authentic Northern Britain skin care regime look there. 
I really like the super deformed concept art, any reason you didn't go with this idea? 
@madfox - Thanks, and you're right, it's pretty challenging. I don't think the hardest part for me is the painting, it's probably the rigging... or the retopology.... or the weight painting... or the overwhelming feeling that I'm fucking up throughout the entire production of the model. eh, it all sucks IMO :P

@shambler - I don't know what that regime is and I don't want to (maybe a little... drugs?).

@fifth - short answer: a mistake on my part rooted in lack of experience and the desire for the model to read well in-game.

long answer: original tests (with sprites) taught me that the thin, mangled and busy form of the original afflicted just didn't read nearly as well as the bulky, simple enemies from games of yore example so I simplified the sprite (see my previous post). That line of thinking carried over to the models. I'm not happy with the afflicted and will redo it at a later time and make it more interesting and grotesque. The current one is adequate for dev, so I'll be using it for a while. 
Weight Painting 
First have to make disasters
before one can judge the favorite one. 
Weight painting sucks.
Rigging sucks.
Retopo sucks (I generally just avoid it but then again I don't sculpt much).
Animating a poorly retopoed, poorly rigged, poorly weighted model sucks.

Animating one that is mostly kinda sorta ok is fun though!

Good luck, looking pretty good. As for redoing later, you could maybe just swell up a shoulder or something else simple. 
WIP Shots From The Potentially My First Published Map

Inspired by the works of Tsutomu Nihei and brutalist architecture, the map is focused on exploration (especially vertical) and puzzle than combat. Monsters rather serve as frictions to both elements. It's using Quoth.

I hope I can release a beta version next month. 
Looks cool! 
Very different, will look forward to seeing more. 
Ummm wow. Looking great so far and very unique. 
Demos Of Bod, Spy's Map 
I uploaded some demos of my first four attempts (actually, demo 4 was my fifth attempt; I just had died so soon in my fourth attempt that I hadn't started recording yet).

My comments are in the demos, where I comment the lighting as much as possible, as requested by Spy.

I hadn't expected a huge map with over 300 kills, so I guess I'll record more demos and finish the map when I have some more time. And I guess I gotta swallow my pride and quicksave/load. :C 
damn son :)

Looking forward to playing it! 
Looks very interesting especially the tall stuff with nice neat textures. Keep it going man. 
Le Grunt 
fallen mercenary WIP. Had to pump out one more guy before moving on to more interesting stuff...

@qmaster - it's getting easier...

@sunk - looks cool! 
Thank you Esrael for your demos, i'll make a corretions.

while watching the demos and comments it's makes me realize that you haven't played kinn's huge masterpieces bastion and marcher, the most significant releases of 2000'

so i strongly recomend you to play them,
bod uses the very same assets from kinn's mod

looking forward for your next demos
maybe i should post the updated link 
I sent you an email with demos and a full report. Hope it helps. When this is released I know people are going to love it. 
Thanks For The Update, Spy 
I've done my fifth playthrough now, only this time with the updated map. I died during the second to last arena, so when I quicksaved, I didn't know it stopped recording the demo. It means that there is no demo of me finishing the rest of the map, so I'll just type here the comments that I had made during the last part of my playthough.

The demo is here:

There was a point where the map told the player with a direct message to watch his/her step, which is fine in the sense that it spared me from a surprise death. But, I would prefer if there were some indirect clues that made it clear for the player to watch his/her step. Just telling it by a message is the easy way out.

The second to last arena had the player face hordes of a single enemy type, which meant that sometimes the player had plenty of room to just easily walk around to dodge the enemies while taking them out one by one. Especially the scrags were too easy. Maybe a mix of monsters would keep the encounter more engaging? Like some ogres or fiends to keep the player occupied on the ground as well?

Otherwise the map looks really nice and if the lighting used to be bland, it definitely is no more, in my opinion. The ammo balance was a lot better for me this time, and even if the map is long, it didn't feel dragged out to me. There was enough variation to keep things interesting; even a little bit of platforming to change the pace a bit, which was nice.

In the end, I had fun, which is what matters. 
New Enforcer 

Please check out my new enforcer model:


I would love feedback. Thanks! 
Looking Tasty 
Liking the screenshot! What inspired you to remodel the enforcer, in particular? :) 
Very nice work. It's very subtle at first glance. I went back and forth between the original and yours. The differences are very subtle. More polys for sure but still old-school looking. I like it but I wonder if there's just a bit more detail you could add to the skin or something else to distinguish this from the original? I know it's a fine line though. Overall great work. 
if it's supposed to be a replacement, it probably shouldn't look distinct from the original. 
also, nice work 
@Esreal I wanted to start remaking all the monster models in time. The enforcer is just one that I haven't seen anyone else remake yet, so I figured I'd go with him early on.

@dumptruck_ds I struggled with the concept of adding more differentiations on my model. it would be great to eventually tweak the skin and animations to where it still fits Quake, but is also more noticeably different.

@metlslime yes, i want it to look like it fits Quake, but I do intend on changing it up a little in the future, so that the player easily notices that it is a replacement model.

Thank you all for your kind words. 
Generally Replacements Are Best Done By Improving Quality. 
Rather than radical changes. I think this fits the bill :). 
Awesome, Chillo! 
I dug your ogre and I dig this too. I like the pushed shapes - the spaulders, bracers, the gun and the bunched up pants where they meet the boots. I like his slightly more 'realistic' proportions as well, he's a bit more formidable than the original. The skin is great, but this leads to my few criticisms: being that the skin is slightly higher res and quite noisier than the original, there's some texture aliasing in-game. The contrast is a bit too much, too, and the edges of the backpack are a tad bright in particular. Maybe reduce the contrast a bit, pull back the highlights and lower the noise/diffusion when palettizing.

Great model and I look forward to your treatment of the other enemies!

I noticed this has 270% more triangles than the orginal. The future is now! 
Awesome, Chillo! 
I dug your ogre and I dig this too. I like the pushed shapes - the spaulders, bracers, the gun and the bunched up pants where they meet the boots. I like his slightly more 'realistic' proportions as well, he's a bit more formidable than the original. The skin is great, but this leads to my few criticisms: being that the skin is slightly higher res and quite noisier than the original, there's some texture aliasing in-game. The contrast is a bit too much, too, and the edges of the backpack are a tad bright in particular. Maybe reduce the contrast a bit, pull back the highlights and lower the noise/diffusion when palettizing.

Great model and I look forward to your treatment of the other enemies!

I noticed this has 270% more triangles than the orginal. The future is now! 
I Just Had To Say It Twice! 
but yeah, I pressed submit once... 
if it's supposed to be a replacement, it probably shouldn't look distinct from the original.

The recent Orge and Shambler replacement models are quite distinctive and got a bunch of high praise. This one seems so close to the original that I wonder if it was worth the effort.

Good example of what I mean: 
I don't see that replacement shambler as distinctive. It seems to stay true to the visual design of the original, including the colors, sillouette, etc. and simply adds a little more fidelity, fixes ugly texture seams, etc. 
Avant-garde Enforcer 
Looks very good, nice touches while still staying true to Quake. Good job! 
Enforcer Model Looks Good 
I vote for NOT making it more distinct. The good replacement models in my opinion are the ones that don't immediately jump out at you as new and different, but rather are just subtly improved (matter of opinion, of course). That replacement Knight by Capnbubs would be a good example, as well as most of dwere's replacement weapon models.

Am I the only one who really doesn't like Skiffy's Shambler as a replacement? I mean, I respect the work that went into it and it's incredibly well done, but it looks completely out of place with its smooth curves and high-res textures. 
I really like his shambler, I just think he should redo the rest of the monsters to follow suit. Until then, it is incredibly out of place. 
Very nice faithful remake, good job.

My only question is, why is this enforcer so "jiggily"? Standing still in E2M1 he resembles a bowl of jello!!

Much more dramatic than stock models. Is this a Quake .mdl format limitation/issue? The higher the poly's the higher the drifts? 
Good model Chillo!
It's a bit rougher than the original, as it comes out to be more solid.
I miss the gunflare.

Qmle has a poor grid (512x512?).
When scaling a model down to get it fit in qmle, it often has given me a jiggled size. Then I tried to start them the right size, so small movements don't get scattered. 
Thank you for the tips and demos 
Yes, there appears to be some jiggling (Seinfeld reference).
I may need to rework the model completely. It wouldn't be too big of a deal. Right now, I'm remaking the fiend, and making sure the vertex wobbling doesn't occur any worse than the original model.

If that model comes out looking solid, I'll apply that technique to redoing the enforcer.

Thank you all for the support and suggestions! 
Apart From The Skating. 
That is cool as usual :) 
Love It 
That shotgun reload is very smooth. Great stuff:) 
Agree with Shambler about the skating... loving each update. Cannot wait for this. 
Glad You Guys Dig It 

I'm using func_train for lighting tests. feet will get dialed in when working on the actually entity.

Cannot wait for this.

you and me both! 
BETA: The Dreaded Dreadbase Of Dread 
Hi there,

some time ago I wrote a tool to mass-convert directories with textures to Quake .wad files ( One of the texture sets I applied this to were the textures from FreeDoom.

Clearly, I had to try these textures in a map.

The result (I still consider this unfinished, but playable - a *beta*) is "The dreaded dreadbase of dread". This is my first Quake map, so I'm not sure if it is a) somewhat fun and b) if the difficulty is roughly okay. I can breeze through this thing quite easily, but then again this map offers no surprises for me.



(Includes sources, the .bsp and .lit).

I'd be interested to know if this is something that can be salvaged into an enjoyable map.

For the most part I do like the textures. I am kind of a wad fiend so will look at them in more detail.

The map was fun and very good for a first map.I must say it's probably too easy on Skill 1 because I am a pretty crappy player as you can see if you ever watch any demos. I was playing this at work with a trackball so sorry for the herky-jerky movement. I was playing very cautiously so I only died once. 2 demos here:

I gave you some notes in the demo but I want to add that i think there are too many crates. This is a very doom-y map - and that's fine but add some interesting details to your base. Also the stairs are kinda bland at the moment. Maybe some side with interesting textures and such.

Play Arcane Dimensions: Critical Error map for the pinnacle of base map design. (IMO) It may be some inspiration for you. Here's a 'tube but I recommend it. Fun, crazy map.

Congrats and make sure and update us on the next version or final. 
Sorry. I just happened to notice the link above was a shortcut to the demo zip. Here's the correct zip file with my demos for your base1 map. 
Wow, thanks a lot for your playthrough and demos! This is extremely helpful!

I agree on the crates - a cheap way to fill room without clear purpose since 1993. I need to reduce the overall count of those...

I hope freedoom.wad is useful - all credit to the FreeDoom texture artists, of course! 
No worries. That's what func is all about. 
not fair using a replacement grunt model to make your engine look better :) 
Ha! Retroquad's MDL renderer still sucks anyway.

Besides, better is subjective. I'm sure a fair number of people will think my engine is just weird. 
Also, what I actually wanted to write instead of the parenthesis was "Quakespasm screenshot for reference", to tell which engine was the hardware-accelerated screenshot from, but Twitter's 140 character limit wouldn't allow. It wasn't my intention to sound unkind or to be unfair.

By the way, IIRC I've put all replacement models into a pak11.pak file, but most engines won't load non-sequential .pak files. Either that, or that model is in the test mod dir which I use to test Retroquad.
The map isn't exactly the same either, the one in the Retroquad screenshots was recompiled with lit water. That's also why the shadow in the ceiling above the stairs is smoother. 
is it different than quakespasm/MarkV's "contrast" cvar? (I'm not sure how it's implemented in MarkV, but in Quakespasm contrast is just a multiplier applied to the framebuffer; every R/G/B value is multiplied by the value of "contrast", has gamma applied to it, then is clamped at 255. Pretty sure the output is the same as MarkV.) I'm guessing from the "pal_" cvar name, you're manipulating the palette.

I think features like this are great for playing on laptops / under non-ideal lighting. Turning up "gamma" very far just results in a grey washed out mess. 
Shots Look Pretty Good 
a bit plain, sparse etc but I like the general vibe. Would recommend being careful with the coloured lighting. 
New Grunt Model 
Please check out my new grunt model:

You can download him here:

Please give feedback and thanks. 
I Like! 
especially like the more gaunt look with the skinnier arms - like he's shrunk as he became zombified and now the armour is too big for him. 
I think it's cool that you're working on redoing some Quake models. Would be interesting to see some unique creations rather than recreations. 
Finally They're Equipped With Shotguns! 
Liking the emaciated looking grunt model! Also, actually seeing the corrupted soldier wear a measly shotgun instead of the futuristic looking rifle of the vanilla model really adds to the picture of the soldier having become more or less a brain-dead zombie. 
Looks Great Chillo! 
I wouldn't want to see those grunts down a dark corridor yikes! 
The Grunt's Eyes Remind Me 
I'm really enjoying doing the Quake remodeling right now, and it's helping me brush up on 3D art. I do have a whole list of original monster ideas that I plan to get to once this project is finished. 
Found an elephantalk monster. 
Which Instrument(s) Would This One Play? 
It's like a Delek mutated by some kind of infestation. 
Whats that fro madfox? 
DJing On 6 Decks From The Look Of It. 
Dj tentacle b2b2b2b2b dj tentacle. 
Elephant Talk 
What order does a quake monster have to be?

That was the question that came up to me.
Keeping in mind quake monsters are rather gaga and comick-like they do tend to a darker behaviour like creeping freaks.
My personal feeling is there could be any kind of creatures, at least as it is low poly, has a hazard potential danger, and does not meet the reasonable forms of civilized beings.
At least that's my opinion.
No problem with Bender, MrBig, or JackJazz.

It's just a temperary study in func_cloth function. Animation of secundary movements like swing & balance are rather hard and time consuming to attach by hand.

A "cloth_attach" is a computed weight counter, that gives the model its gravity forces. That way the tentacles move in a natural state, without adding all perticular states by hand.

So I took an OldOne look alike, turned it upside down and started to give it some random movements.

When finished it looks like an elelphant snail.
It has aptitude for music, moves like a starfish, like to puzzle cryptograms, and gives explanations for its behaviour. 
Teh Widz 
widow model and lighting test

concept art

after a recent string of failures I decided to revisit my fist enemy design... and it turned out pretty good! I really like the classic ghastly look, very creepy. her speed and evasive maneuvers should make for a tense fight. I'll probably regret giving her articulated hair (6 segments per hair leaf!) but it should look pretty sweet.

learned a lot about blender and modeling in general with this one: alpha channels (hair, teeth), multiple texture layers (super flexible!), vertex groups, masking, etc. lots of valuable knowledge here that will be very useful going forward (and repainting the previous models).

@chillo - looks good :D

@madfox - did you make that or is it from something else? my inner japanese school girl is frightened. 
She looks great man. Super creepy. And that RL... sweet. 
Thanks Dumptruck 
wish I could take credit for the RL. it's from DN3D and being used as a placeholder. 
Yup Creepiness Confirmed. 
Updated BETA: The Dreaded Dreadbase Of Dread 
Hi there,

I took the liberty of updating the beta for The Dreaded Dreadbase of Dread.

- fewer crates, trying to compensate with more interesting architecture
- tweaked enemy placement
- more sophisticated secrets



There still are some areas I'm not happy with regarding how sparse they are, but I think this should be a nice update regarding the previous beta.

If someone finds time to record some demos, that'd be awesome! 
i'll try to record a demo

but i'm pretty limited to explain my expession 
Re: Updated Dreaded Dreadbase Of Dread 
Just noclipped through briefly, and there are some definite improvements. The brushwork is much more interesting visually. The staircases look a lot better, and it's particularly good how you've broken up some of the large grey swathes with tech details and/or rusty browns, and some more detailed brushwork, e.g. in the first room. The map can use more of that: there is still a lot of monotone grey, and those grey textures really only come into their own when thrown into contrast with e.g. brown/techy textures.

The boiler-like rusty structure you added in the second room is also very nice, not only for the above reasons, but also because it immediately makes the place seem more real and less like a game level, by hinting at mechanical processes going on in the background and a function that the place may have, other than simply being a space for the player to traverse. Plus, by adding chunky structures into otherwise wide open spaces, you're immediately making the gameplay more dynamic, by giving the player ways to break line of sight (which is invaluable in a map with many hitscan enemies like grunts, in my opinion) and opening up ways of engaging with monsters. I'd say the map could use a lot more of that as well, as the spaces are still very, well, spacious.

It's good that you reduced the number of crates, and the remaining crates often fulfil the above gameplay purpose (breaking up large spaces) -- but they still don't look that good in my opinion. I don't think the crate texture and the square brushwork are interesting enough to be used as such a prominent element. The map would be improved if you replaced more of the crates with architecture -- e.g. mechanical structures or pillars instead of a row of neatly stacked crates in the middle of a room. You could then still plonk in a couple of crates here and there for extra visual detail/extra diversification of space afterwards.

I saw what I assume to be new secret areas; those look enticing. At some point I need to play through the map properly and find them. :)

TLDR: Very nice changes, but I'd say take it even further.

Also: it's interesting to see your progress. It looks like you're just replacing the download and the screenshots as you update. I tried to go back to the earlier screenshots you posted for a side by side comparison, but they turned out to have been replaced by shots of the updated map. This is kind of a pity; it would be great if you could rename the updates something else, e.g. base1v2/v3/etc. or something. Just my 2 cents. :) 
@spy And @former_total_newbie 
@spy, thanks for your willingness to give the map a try!


Thanks for you quick look - I agree that there's more to be done. I often find that it takes quite a while and much experimentation to come up with interesting brush shapes - I guess I'll need a few more iterations until the boxy feel of some locations is fixed.

Yeah, I was foolish enough to not keep old screenshots around. So, I created new screenshots of beta1 and beta2 in areas with significant changes: 
here's the skill3 demo

i liked a lighting very much, the gameplay itself
was around the id maps 
Wow, your demo is very useful! You're certainly playing quite differently from how I approach things (great jumping skills!) and I now see that some encounters don't always work out as intended.

For instance, it never occurred to me that one can simply cheese out of the Shambler fight by leaving the arena, I always go in guns blazing. But then again I don't play on skill 3 ;-)

Also never noticed that the Shalrath doesn't trigger when staying in the elevator.

Seems the secrets are too obscore. They are marked visually and/or via geometry, but it appears it's too easy to miss them.

I wonder why you seem to dislike the lighting gun. Does it make things too easy?

Thanks four your kind remarks regarding the lighting. I spend quite some effort on tweaking lighting to my liking, and your comments enforce my impression that lighting is, indeed, very important. 
@ SavageX 
I'm a bit of a drrunkkk, to explain some thing prroperly, sorry

speaking of a secrets - i'm failed its plain and simple

about the shaft, it seems i have missed the super nailgun, but i'm strongly believing there ain't no need for a lighting fgun(Sorry for my broken engleesh)

overall , it is a great map to starting on (Sorry for my broken engleesh2) 
Shots Look Nice 
sparsity not always a bad thing. some good little touches here and there.
Reccomendations>>> maybe non wood crate texture? JF2 texture pack or whatever by Metl has some nice basey ones that might fit well. That one for the oblivion mod? Someone please clarify if you could

re shot 3 having some trim around the holes through which the big columns recede would be a bit more visually pleasing.

one other way to break up monotony, eg in shot 4, might be some recessed computers or vents in between the panels. Again could mine the aforementioned wad, or even rubicon2 for some that might work there.

can't comment as to gameplay, sorry! 
New Demon Model 
Personally I don't think a fiend would be so gaunt, specifically around the biceps. They need to look as though they're capable of smashing through armour with a single eviscerating blow. 
Where Are Eyes? 
Oh Lord... we go again 
its "bicep" could be bigger, but overall looks great. Also what about adding some blood to the ends of its claws? 
Claws Paws And Maw 
Need blood.

Then again it would explain why the poor feller is starving. Ya beef up the biceps a bit, and feed the poor guy and he'll be grand. I love fiends! Looks neat. 
Looks Perfect As Is 
... except yeah blood claws.
lil biceps work for me. 
The more gaunt appearance works for me, because it seems like the fiend hasn't eaten in a while, which in my mind makes it more wretched/dangerous. 
Chillo Fiend 
I don't think I like it as a fiend replacement, but it has the beginnings of an interesting monster -- maybe an additional variety on the fiend? The thinner claws make it look a little like a bird carcass or a Half-Life headcrab in-game, which is unsettling (in a good way). If it had a faster clawing animation than the fiend, I could see it becoming a nicely terrifying monster.

The whitish hooves look fine in the editor shot, but in-game it looks like the fiend is wearing white running shoes. The open mouth during the attack animation also doesn't work for me aesthetically. 
I can adjust the biceps, maybe adjust the coloring on the hooves. Adding blood will probably help as well.

I'll also see if I can adjust the mouth during the attack animations. Make it more subtle.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! 
I can adjust the biceps, maybe adjust the on the hooves. Adding blood will probably help as well.

I'll also see if I can adjust the mouth during the attwck animations. Make it more subtle.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! 
Can you adjust the eyes, to make them exist? 
Ban OTP. 
I Mean, He's Not Wrong 
Never understood the eyes vs no eyes Fiend argument myself. At least the Shambler's fuzziness is questionable enough to be worth arguing about (including two opposing official stances, A. Carmack saying it's flesh and Romero saying it's a shaggy yeti coat), but this isn't 1973, it's easy enough to open up the pak files and look at the Fiend's texture and gaze into its piercing yellow eyes. Yes, there's an extra bit at the top that, if applied, removes the eyes, but it's unused in-game (as everyone should damn well know because we're not barbarians playing with texture filtering enabled making the eyes impossible to distinguish anyway, right?). 
Those Aren't Eyes, 
they're turn signals. 
Shamblers Are Fleshy 
Fiends have eyes
Vores are called vores
Spawns are called spawns
Scrags are called scrags, have eyes, and are fleshy. 
The Shamblers Are Also Farting A Lot 
Dude, why not adding a spiky cock under your fiend model? That kind of long and thin spike that kills a butt! 
Again, I think I like the concept art more than the model. The texture is very clean/flat and I think the enemy design is kind of homogeneous so far. It's good to keep in mind the silhouettes when designing a character

Plus I think more colour variation would help make the different enemies stand out even more. :) 
@chillo - I agree with the advice given here so far. In-game his arms look small and awkward rather than intimidating. Otherwise, he's very cool and still a sweet model nonetheless!

@qmaster - I thought shamblers had matted fur?

@fifth - useful feedback, thanks! I think they can be pushed more in their shape and paint job as well. They're a bit bland atm. There will be much more diversity/stylization among the remaining ten enemies :D 
Shamblers and scrags have similar skin. Scrags don't have fur.

Shamblers have sinewy features in their skin texture, notably on their right arm and thighs. This looks more like skin stretched over a gaunt bone structure (similar to a scrag or vore).

Shambler is derivative of a Lovecraftian Dimensional Shambler, which is definitely NOT a yeti. 
I Prefer My Fiends Eyeless. 
despite whatever 
@killpixel whatever you do, just do it; explode! your talent is exponential. Then back-step and pick up the bigger pieces. You do good work. stop worrying about the now. you will, kick ass when you meet your goal. 
Shamblers have shaggy hair, matted with the blood of their victims. The hair around their claws gets singed when they charge up their lightning bolt which produced a sulphurous odour that follows them around.

Fiends have vestigial eyes inherited from whatever lowly wretch Quake corrupted many millennia ago, but the once vibrant orange glow has been lost as the eyeballs have receeded in to the skull and the horns (once standing proud and vertical atop their head) have migrated down to obscure them further, making their charge attack all the more deadly. Who needs to see in Quake's gloomy halls, especially when you're a mere puppet of some omniscient ancient evil?

Scrags have a faintly transparent, pallid reptilian skin, and they can turn incorporeal to move through walls.

But real Quake fans know all that already, so I don't even know why I wrote it really. 
From: Adrian Carmack <>
Subject: Re: Shambler: Fur or no fur?

Not fur.

Short Bristly Porcine Fur HTH. 
Your Face Is Porcine HTH. 
@qmaster - interesting. Apparently It's confirmed by adrian carmack as well. I will do my best to unsee the fur :/

@r00k - Thanks r00k, I appreciate it :D I'll take your advice. 
Fiend Update

So I've added more blood, beefed up the biceps a little bit, and darkened the hooves.

I've also added eyes. There's no question that the fiend has eyes, they're just so subtle that I didn't think it would matter.

Please let me know what you think now.

BETA: Shifting Planes Of Existence 

I'm still fairly new to this forum (and Quake mapping in general) so I'm just following the convention set by SavageX regarding the format of Beta posts.

So I finally got around to finish my first beta version of a quake map. It's pretty rough around the edges, it's currently only balanced for "normal" difficulty and the artpass is absolutely not done for the time being, but I really want to make sure the gameplay is at least tolerable before giving it some visual polish.

It is a medium sized map, takes about 20-30 minutes to complete, with 106 monsters and nine secrets. Its main gimmick revolves around button-operated dynamic "planes".



(Includes .bsp and .lit. Requires Qouth) 
2nd screenshot is very moody! Nice! 
Looks Like Some Good Styles. 
Nice lighting in 1 and 2. Lighting in 3 and 4 is a bit flat / bright.

Textures in 2 and 4 are a bit OTT with that repeating grille. 3 could do with something to break up the walls.

I'll let someone else do the gameplay :) 
The Gameplay Is What This Map Is All About 
Some feedback (possible spoilers):

Played through a sizeable chunk of the map but got stuck at the big fight in that arena-like area with the silver key door, where you fight several waves of monsters. I'd still like to finish, but I can write what I thought so far (before I forget what I think).

The "moving planes" gimmick is really nice, and it's effectively introduced at the beginning of the map, in a relatively simple space, before things get more complex.

The secrets are fun; I've found 6 out of 9 so far. I really like the way they utilise the main mechanic of the map, although I was in pretty much every instance surprised that I had found a secret, as I thought I was just going where the map directed me. But that might just be because of my play style; I like exploration-heavy gameplay.

I find that the map can get pretty confusing and disorientating fast. This might partly be intentional, but I think it would still help if the player can get their bearings more easily. That would arguably also make the unconventional means of traversing the map (i.e. by means of the shifting planes) more impressive: "Oh, I'm here now!" instead of "err, am I somewhere else or back in the same spot?". I would suggest using the detail pass not just for visual polish, but also visually to differentiate the various areas more.

I have two things to say about the arena/horde/wave fight where I'm currently stuck:

The first thing, which is probably a matter of preference/play style, is that I really don't like it. It's too hard and it seems to go on forever, and it's the kind of thing that's been done to death. The rest of the map was so interesting; to have to plough through yet another cliched over-the-top fight was a real let-down. It doesn't make use of the unique mechanic either -- it's just a bog standard wave fight. I don't know, if nothing else, maybe tone it down and shorten it somewhat, at least for normal and easy? I realise other players might have the exact opposite opinion, though.

The second thing is about the messages, and it applies if if you disregard my criticism above. I'm guessing each wave --or at least certain monsters in each wave-- trigger the start of the next wave. That in and of itself is not a bad way of doing things, but the messages to the player ("there are more to go", "only x more to go", "sequence completed") are a bad idea in this instance. What happens in practice is that you're in the middle of this chaotic battle, where you're killing monsters left and right -- and since this is Quake, they're killing one another too, in which case the player does not see any messages. And then seemingly at random, you see these messages: "only three more to go"; "sequence completed"; "there are more to go"; "sequence completed", etc. But there is no clear objective and no sequence to complete that the player is aware of, so it all just comes across as random gibberish.

Overall, though, this is the start of a really great map, I think. I hope some other people give you feedback too and I am excited to see the final version. No demo, sorry. I always get stage fright when recording demos and then can't play as I normally would. 
...continued (more spoilers):

Ok, I got impatient and just godmoded through that fight. Hmm, I guess that was the end -- except for then having to jump over platforms over an instakill void to then be surprised by spawns. I didn't mind the platform jumping, but those spawns just add insult to injury.

So yeah, a really annoying end to an otherwise really engaging map.

That reminds me: there is a staircase that would lead up to the blue key-door arena, were it not for a doorway that's blocked by vertical bars. And that staircase has pockets of instakill void on either side. This is also a bad idea I think. It looks more like a potential secret area shrouded in darkness (in fact, I jumped in on purpose and then of course died) -- which would be more interesting and less annoying than those two pockets of instant death.

To reiterate, overall this is really great. There are just certain things that detract from the experience in my opinion.

I noclipped around after I finished and saw that there are some areas I missed completely -- presumably connected to the secrets I missed, or maybe just optional extra areas. I'm tempted to play again and try and uncover the entire map, but part of me wants to wait for the final version so as not to spoil it for myself. 
This is an incredible concept. How long has building this map taken you so far?

I haven't finished playing it yet, but like former_total_newbie, I wanted to write this down before I forget.

The whole map feels like I'm inside a giant mechanical puzzle, trying to find the right sequence of switches to move on to the next area.

Is this going to be a void map? I'm curious, because at this point you don't die in the beginning if you fall off the edge into blackness.

The initial view at the beginning is rather unremarkable. I'm sure you intend to add more visuals to represent it as the outside of the complex/fortress/puzzle.

I really enjoy the feel of the level. Despite the texture set being familiar, this level gives Quake a new and somewhat unrecognizable impression during play.

My favorite part so far is of course trying to fit into the openings of the falling platforms. One thing that would be cool to see, and I don't know if this is possible, is to create divisions in the platforms depending on which opening you choose to fit though, since some of the plats have more than one way to get through. This could maybe lead the player through a completely different route through the level than if he were to choose a different opening to squeeze through. Not sure if I am conveying this accurately.

Overall a great map so far, and one that I feel would get even less-than-avid players back into Quake to try it out. Awesome work! 
Shifting Planes Of Existence 
The gameplay is cool. The map corridors are boring, though. For this kind of stuff, I would expect more "weirdness" in the geometry and details. It's not "out of this world" enough (i.e Lovecraftian).

Maybe darker ? 
Three Barrels 
Now in 3D!

Anyway, that's it for sneak peek stuff until the demo is out; I don't want to spoil all the cool stuff. Keep your eyes peeled q1/q2 2018... 
Thanks For The Feedback 
I'm so grateful for all the great feedback I have received so far.

I agree that the ending is pretty weak atm. I'll probably replace the final arena with some kind of puzzle section.
I'm already in the process of addressing most of the other issues you mentioned.

The earliest saved version I can find is from September (it was initially meant to be a submission for Jam 9).
I get what you're saying about the openings in the platforms leading to different paths (and I think I know how to implement such a feature) but I think it's sadly beyond the scope of this project. 
I know this probably won't sway your decision, but I loved the sprite weapons.... maybe it's a bit anachronistic but I love the character they can add to the screen, really charming when done well.

That said, your overall aesthetic is really consistent and good so I'm sure you'll put all the pieces together nicely. Look forward to the demo! 
Woo hoo. Cannot wait. Your hard work is going to pay off. 
@starbuck - I loved the sprites too and thanks :D Looks like Ion Maiden will deliver big time for those of us needing a sprite fix.

@dumptuck - thank you, sir. 
I Lied A Little 
coachgun test animation

thought I'd go ahead and share this last thing because the gun has already been spoiled and it's a personal milestone, so I'm all giddy. Anims are in rough form atm, especially the initial pickup. all sounds can be ignored too (they're just carryovers from the sprite version).

Wow. in actual (3D) viewmodel. functioning. in the game. :D :D :D 
Dig It 
again: cannot wait

can you talk a bit about the lighting. It's subtle but perfectly creepy and dark. Is that ericw's tools or DP? 
Haven't commented on any of killpixel's work but it's all magnificent. Really, really good models and animations, can't wait to see it all in action, and eventually play it myself. 
really nice ammo-loaded indicator, it's really subtle yet effective

also really like the fading (heat?) on the side of the barrel. It's a nice touch. 
Still Shugging Along... 
Bored of having boring flat walls? Nothing some fancy new flat screen TVs cannot fix!

Having trouble finding your silver key? Just add some subtle lighting fixtures where you put it! 
The lighting is looking great!

One little suggestion: use angle and softangle on those spot lights to soften up the edges

From erics tools docs:

"angle" "n"

Specifies the angle in degrees for a spotlight cone. Default 40.

"_softangle" "n"

Specifies the angle in degrees for an inner spotlight cone (must be less than the "angle" cone. Creates a softer transition between the full brightness of the inner cone to the edge of the outer cone. Default 0 (disabled). 
Thanks for liking the lighting - I think getting that aspect right is usually effort well spent :-)

I usually happen to like high-contrast spotlights. For instance, I'm quite happy with those:

In-game, these high-contrast cones nearly have a "volumetric" feel to them that depends on sharply defined edges.

In some places the spotlights struggle with lightmap resolution, though - I shall certainly try _softangle there to avoid an overly jagged look there - so thanks for the suggestion! 
It's really coming together. Great work and really smart additions. 
Yeah, this is getting markedly better with every iteration.

I was wondering when we were getting another update on the Dreadbase of Dread.

Thanks for those comparison shots you posted last time, by the way; those were really nice. Please don't delete them, and maybe you could do something similar again? 
@dumptruck - It's Q3map2 :D That test map is relatively dark. The outside portion where I have the enemy models is supposed be the dark of evening. The game itself has creepy lighting but is overall fairly well lit. Think quake's third episode. All the weapons, enemies, items, keyed doors, switches, and POIs have some sort of glowing bit to help mitigate the negative impact of moody lighting.

@lpowell - thanks, I can't wait for you to play it either.

@shambler - yeah, I'm pleased with the ammo indicators. They're a no-brainer in retrospect, but when I made the sprite version of the gun I was dissatisfied with the busy symbol on the back that was right in your face though it didn't have a purpose. Not sure why it didn't occur to me then... 
@dumptruck_ds And @former_total_newbie 
Thanks :-)

I'll try to have some nice comparisons with previous iterations of the map. In worst case I can just always include the old .bsp and .lit files for the curious to explore :) 
Dreadful Beta3 
Hi there,

here is another iteration of The Dreaded Dreadbase of Dread:

And some comparison shots:





Personally, I think that emotion is what makes us truly human, which is why I extended the exit area to present an emotional feat to the player: You'll encounter a beloved old friend! To ensure I don't spoil things, here's a screenshot that I processed to keep the surprise intact:

(the new exit area is still rather raw, but should still be a nice improvement over just running into the exit trigger)

There are other tweaks (e.g. regarding entity placement) that are hard to show on screenshots - I recommend experiencing things in-game ;-) 
BETA: New Version Of Shifting Planes 
The biggest change between this version (a2) and the previous is the removal of the final battle. Instead, I have added a sequence more akin to the one with the falling ceiling platforms. Besides that, there are a number of other small changes which hopefully improves navigation through the map.
Still no artpass, but I do have some ideas I'm excited to implement in the next (and hopefully last) version.

New Screens:


(Includes movplan_a2.bsp and .lit. Requires Qouth) 
RE: Dreadful Beta3 
Recorded a demo yesterday:

Otherwise, I don't have much else to add. It was a fun and frantic map.

I got the following error in the console: "Host_error: Cannot find maps/excavation.bsp". I don't know if it's related to your map tho.

I like how you can find the secrets using the sound from the teleporters (that's how I found the second secret). Found the third one after the recording by noclipping, and I kind of think it would be more interesting if it was a twist on the shootable secret wall formula like the second secret (e.g. the top of a generator is a secret wall), instead of being a repetition of the first secret. 
Thanks for the demo and for testing in FTE :-)

It's good to know you perceived things as "fun" and "frantic" - in the end what matters is that things are enjoyable.

I see that the Shambler fight just doesn't work out as planned. Instead of chasing the player around (to make it more difficult for the player to hide behind one of the pillars), the additional enemies tend to get into an infight with the Shambler, which actually makes things easier for the player.

Yeah, I'm not very creative regarding hiding the secrets. I want to be consistent (so the trained eye can spot them without axing every single wall) and not overly random. I'll see if I can remix the formula a bit for the third secret, so things don't get boring.

The error message at the end of the level is normal - this map was/is intended as part of a short stand-alone (not depending on Quake assets) single player campaign with the silly name "Zernichter" ( Basically you'd fight your way through a base (base1) up to the surface, where you'd find an excavation site (excavation.bsp - not nearly finished) uncovering a gateway into a demonic realm. There (in a hell-themed third map) you'd try to stop the demonic invasion.

Short and stupid story arch, but of manageable scope. I'm slowly progressing through getting the maps together, releasing them for Quake first. Then I may package them as free/libre stand-alone game (perhaps extending the arch a bit), but currently the liberally licensed assets I can use are of... limited... quality, so that would require a team-effort, e.g., with someone who can create models :-) 
Dreadful Feedback 
Played through this one, as opposed to just noclipping around. Somewhat sleep-deprived, so I hope I'm able to make sense.

Spoilers may follow!

The good:

+ Pipes! The decorative pipes add a lot. Overall the map has improved aesthetically.

+ The final area with the lift is nice; makes me curious as to where it leads. Pity there's no secret under the lift, though.

+ Found two secret areas (MH and Quad Damage). Really liked both of them, although the Quad Damage area in particular felt a bit empty. Maybe spawn some zombies when the Quad is picked up, which the player has to kill before returning to the main map? It would add bit of extra gameplay as reward for finding the secret (which would be especially welcome for players who -like me- find the secret after having cleared the rest of the map).

+ I know it's not new, but I really like that descending lift with the ogres etc.

The bad/ugly (not particular to this latest iteration, but things I don't think I mentioned before):

- Not too crazy about the coloured lighting, though I'm not sure what exactly it is I don't like. Maybe there are too many different colours competing for attention in the same space (red, blue and white lights in close proximity or in the same room), and/or maybe the colours are too saturated.

Generally I'm not a fan of obvious/in your face coloured lighting; for me it works best when it's so subtle that it just feels a little more realistic, without the player's necessarily even realising that the lights are not white.

- Don't like the use of death knights. In my opinion, knights and death knights do not belong in base/tech maps, just as grunts and enforcers don't fit medieval/temple/etc. maps -- unless the map justifies it somehow, e.g. there's a portal/slipgate, and as you draw near, the "wrong" monsters start spawning in.

Haven't played the new Shifting Planes beta yet -- sorry, Spipper! 
Thanks for your comments!

I can certainly dial back on the coloured lighting a bit. I guess that the "computer room" is one of the areas where things may be "too much" (there's red, yellow, green and blue light in there). For the yellow lights (for instance in the gold key room) I might reduce the saturation a bit to reduce the Quake 2 feel.

I understand your dislike for death knights in base maps. For some reason (and I'm not exactly sure why) they blend much less natural into a non-fantasy environment. Ogres are fine IMO (they're fantasy-tech hybrids anyway), Scrags/Wizads are okay IMO (twisted wanderers of dimensions) and Fiends and Shamblers are "monster wildlife" that could just as well shamble on somewhere in Siberia ;-)

Perhaps "knight" has such strong cultural connotation with "medieval" and/or "fantasy" that they just don't blend well with industrial/base settings, while the Lovecraftian creatures are not quite as tied to a specific setting (I could easily see Ogres, Shamblers and Fiends doing evil evilness in steel mill along 1980ies Heavy Metal tunes - Knights not so much). 
Less Elevator, More Stairs 
I took the liberty of replacing the first elevator the player encounters with an arrangement of stairs.

Yes, I know, this is less comfortable than simply pushing buttons - but I'm sure Quake Guy won't mind the physical exercise. It also allows for some actual gameplay being put on several different height levels.

Not very polished yet, but an early glimpse: 
New Zombie Model 
Slowly Moving Forward With The Artpass 
New screenshot:

Old for comparison:

This is going to take a while. 
Very nice. Loving it. 
Spipper is displaying the power of multiple iterations of the same scene. Its an amazing thing watching a space transform like this. Keep it up!

If you havent already, join us in our Discord channel! 
Spipper: nice!

Chillo: he looks very happy. Knees look a bit knobby for my liking but cool other than that. 
New Skill Selection Map 
That looks really good! 
Looks pretty snazzy, the soft fog and warm sky/lighting give it a neat look without feeling arid. Is the bright blue water supposed to stand out that much, though? Assuming it's water, I mean. 
Looking great! 
OTP, Spud, Mfx 

The blue water is not exactly intended - it just happens to be the one water texture I currently have (I avoid non-free textures in hopes of going stand-alone sometimes in the future).

Whipping up a more muddled water texture shouldn't be a major problem, though. 
"Those outdoor shots looks great, and surprisingly similar to Turok:
almost, but better :) 
Heh, that's indeed a nice visual coincidence - I think I'll try to sneak in a reference to Turok into the map. 
My Approach To Churning Out Terrain Fast 
First: lay out all floors and walls as "quadsoup":

Second: Start pushing vertices around until things look "organic":

Overview after approx. three hours of messing in TrenchBroom:

The big sky brush marks the +/-4096 limit of unmodified Quake network protocol. I'm expect I'll have to switch to BSP2 before this map is done. 
Brushwork Terrain Tutorials 
Thanks for posting that, SavageX. I've been playing around with natural terrain recently, also mainly using the TB vertex tool, but I haven't settled into a method that works for me yet -- though broadly speaking, I try to do more or less what you have done here. In my experience so far, however, it's tempting to go overboard and end up with an unwieldy mess of overly complex brushwork (something which you seem to have avoided).

Every so often I see people recommending this terrain tutorial by Sock. As I recall, Adib used it when mapping for the Fire & Brimstone jam. The thing is, though, I can't really make much sense of it -- or perhaps I'm missing something?

To me it doesn't really look like a tutorial at all. Instead, it starts with what looks like some sort of historical overview of terrain in brush-based engines in general, and then it moves on to a fairly technical discussion of something called DotProduct2 and some stuff that seems specific to the Quake 3 engine and Radiant. I really have trouble picking out the parts that are relevant/helpful to Quake mapping in a different editor than the Radiant family. Or is there a tutorial buried in there somewhere, and have I just never found the right link to click? 
the dotproduct2 stuff is 'just' q3map2 autogenerating per-vertex alpha values based upon the similarity of the vertex normal and some specified unit vector. And then squaring it (hence the '2').
(dot(A,B) == cos(anglebetweenAandB)*length(A)*length(B)), or in other words, given unit vectors, dotproduct gives 1 when they are equal, 0 when perpendicular, and -1 when opposing, so its quite handy when doing geometry stuff. squaring it biases it towards 0 in a non-linear way, so you don't need such vertical cliffs)
combined with a shader that performs alpha blending according to said vertex alphas, this gives different textures appearing based upon how flat that part of the map is meant to be.
manually doing all that stuff would take excessive amounts of effort...

its worth noting that its all q3map2/q3bsp-specific and doesn't apply at all to q1bsp (which completely lacks vertex alpha values... and shaders). 
Yeah, Sock's tutorial is certainly covering a lot of things that only apply to Quake 3 (or compatible engines).

I cannot claim to be an authoritative source regarding Quake editing - I'm not a veteran mapper and have yet to properly release a single (!) Quake map (apart from the betas in this thread). I try to adhere to following rules:

- Most vertices I only displace on one axis. So if I want to push the rock surface in, I'll grab a vertex and just push that one in exactly according to one axis. I try to make sure my brushes keep quite some volume (no strangely flimsy brushes), which is why I start with 128x128x128 cubes. I can push those around without

- I try to keep all vertices on-grid. I certainly make sure all vertices are on integer positions.

- be gentle on the floor, don't go as crazy on vertex editing as on rock faces. A few hills and ramps usually work fine, but if you go overboard you can run into collision issues, like players getting stuck on random edges (for Quake 2 and 3 the collision system works quite differently and seems to be overall more robust).

I uploaded an example map with sources over at - perhaps that's useful for you. However, again, I might do things horribly wrong although they appear to be working fine for me for now ;-) 
I've been using FraQuake to generate fractal geometry for my Xmas Jam map. (cavewalls) You'll need to run it in a 16bit compatible OS. I'm probably going overboard with the number of polys but you can dial it in to your hearts content. It's a multi-step process. Create a map in the application and then copy and paste what you need from the output. (It adds monsters randomly FYI) I use TB2's CSG merge to weld faces together to create borders. Then add _phong 1 to make the lighting pretty. I'm having fun and I think it looks groovy

this is the only screenshot I have access to ATM but it illustrates the fractals well 
lots of improvements.
I'd recommend some minor things... for the outdoor area, some upscaled textures set at like a 33 degree angle might prevent textures looking too 'gridlike'...
re indoor base shots, some trim along stair edges etc might be nice. Also, I think you could extend some of the ceilings upwards more dramatically for a nice effect. like the first shot where the pipes jutting out are, if they went up way far into darkness might be nice.
Just off the top of my head. But yeah looks pretty good! 
new intro area looks very cool. Wish you the best of luck with the rehaul - I'm sure it will be tricky but worthwhile as the comments regarding the actual gameplay are almost uniformly positive 
Hopefully The Final Version Of Shifting Planes 
@Drew Thanks!

Finally done with a full artpass. In addition to that, I have also added two new skill levels to the map (easy/hard).
The only thing between this version and a full release is some clipping, some ambient sounds and a bit of testing.



(Includes movplan_b1.bsp and .lit. Requires Qouth) 
Fine Screenies! 
Epic style, dark atmosphere! 
Some cool stuff there for sure. #2 and #4 especially nice. Hope it's a strong theme throughout - looking forward to playing it! 
Accidents Happen 
This happened by accident:

Hmmm... keep or remove... 
Happy Accident! 
Okay, Keeping For Now 
the facial features were unplanned for, but I guess they're somewhat charming, albeit cheesy.

Reminds me of 
Maybe Not Directly Related But It Made Me Think Of This

I once wanted to make a Rune level like that, but could not get it to to work. Maybe one day in Rune 2. 
More Dreadfulness 
I assembled a new snapshot of dreadful things. The "Dreadful Dreadbase of Dread" (base1) always was intended to be part of a short campaign I call "Zernichter".

I zipped up the current state of a custom start map ("Paths aplenty") and base1.


- Start: All new start map for all four difficulties. Of course, the entryway for the hardest difficulty needs to be discovered first. Also includes a hidden reference to another video game franchise.

- Base1: Added another secret, put some gameplay into the existing secrets. Got rid of a boring elevator and replaced it with a more exciting arrangement of stairs. Made sure the first Shambler-fight doesn't derail due to monster infighting.

- Canyons: Not yet playable enough, so not included yet. When finishing base1 it's thus normal to have an error message that canyons.bsp cannot be found.

Nice Rocks Man.

Dipping my toes back in the water, as I do every xmas break, to see where things are at. The current state of Quake editing is so good, it's surreal. 
Vibes Man. 
Love the light and atmosphere. Wooden struts seem a bit spindly but that might be deliberate and work well in context. 
I did a thing.

Ever imagined de_dust in Quake?

Probably not but I did it anyways.

Theres an included readme that attempts to explain the entity chain.

also dont ask me why i put it in demos :P i feel dumb 
and in case its not implied, feel free to use this set up in your maps. the readme explains how to expand upon it with some simple find/replace of the appropriate values.

Only want one bomb? Remove the extra sets of trigger_counter/relays and bombs.

This set up is actually really generic and could power more than just a bomb site :P 
Cool Shit 
the real question is if it works in team multiplayer games :P 
New Dreamcast/Windows 3D Platformer Based On The Quake Engine! 
Hey there! Just wanted to post my project I'm creating! It's a minimalist styled 3D platformer for the Dreamcast using the Makaqu Quake engine!

Patreon Trailer:

Alpha Tech Demo:

Future Player Character w/ animations:

The game is a tribute to my late Uncles music! I need some QuakeC coders for the project so it would be great if you are willing to help! Contact me at if you are interested!

Otherwise, the games Patreon is here if you wish to donate to the project, but it's okay if you can't!

Tell me what you think based on the stuff you see! 
youtube links are broken; they link to creator studio. 
Oops! Here Are The Correct Ones! 
Patreon Trailer:

Alpha Tech Demo:

Future Player Character w/ animations: 
Look Good And Old School ! Dreamcast Lives ! 
A Gun (spoiler) 
I said I wouldn't share anymore so as not to spoil more stuff (assuming that's even an issue). If you do care about spoilers, don't look :D

video (all the usual disclaimers: WIP, unfinished skin, unbalanced, etc).

This gun almost got cut/totally redesigned and was the last to get modeled since I kept pushing it back because I just wasn't able to execute properly. The design did get simplified quite a bit (the intended design was asymmetrical and had a couple broken ribs instead of all metal "claws" as well as some intricate mechanical bits to move them).

Modeling all the other guns first really helped me get over the mental block/lack of experience. I'm not super happy with it, but satisfied overall considering I thought I was going to have to trash it up until the very end of its production.

I like how I come here intending to post a link then end up writing an essay. Sorry about that :P 
Reminds me of a Flak Cannon 
Very Unreal. 
But that's not a bad thing. Really like the teeth/claw style. I think less obvious green might be better tho. 
Unreal Tournament 
Others have said it's reminiscent of UT and I assumed they meant the bio-rifle (I've only played UT3). I guess previous iterations of the flak cannon were similar to this? 
Gameplay Wise 
i think it is like a Bio-Rifle and less bouncy RL's grenades. I suppose that the Flak Cannon is mentioned due to how the weapon launchs its projectiles through it. And by the way i am talking about UT, as I never saw much point in UT2003 and 2004 over UT and forgot about them quickly. 
I have a suggestion regarding this weapon if you want to hear it:

Keep the teethy stuff, but turn it into a cursed gauntlet that the player wears, it bites into the players arm, curses it and morphs the arm itself into a weapon that shoots the green cursed goop or something similar.

Could have some fun sounds, like this:

or maybe a bit fleshier.

You could even do fun stuff like 1hp of life is one shot. Would make for an interesting risk / reward thing. 
Great Suggestions 
But there already is a gauntlet type weapon that consumes (a large portion of health) as ammo. However, this mechanic can be exploited by activating the 'life siphon' artifact if you have it.

Cool idea, I think. My current design for the gauntlet is less magic/cursed and more gory/mechanical (think of the absurdity of the bees plasmid in bioshock, sorta that kinda feel). 
The "Get-away-car" For One Of My 3 Projects 
That looks neat. Reminds me of the spore launcher in HL: opposing force. 
That is super Bio-Rifle-esque in its operation. TBH I always found UT's Bio-Rifle quite unsatisfying to use. I love your model and animations though. Maybe you could swap the green goop for something a bit less "50's B-Movie". Try changing to a purpley colour if you want it to be more Quakey, and maybe when it explodes the blob should really quickly expand rather than just dissipating like a wet fart. 
First One 
Hi! Kind of new here.
Started something simple, I looove Trenchbroom! 
Proper id1-feel* 
Angles Are Goood Mmmmkay. 
@Newhouse & @Shambler 
@qmaster - that's some good ship. Perhaps the wood planks of the hull should run horizontally as opposed to vertically. Also, I totally forgot about the spore launcher! Funny weapon.

@text_fish - Thanks for the feedback. TBH I always found UT's Bio-Rifle quite unsatisfying to use.

How about Quake's grenade launcher? 
Oh Quake's Grenade launcher is splendid. If the power of your goop gun is similar to the Q1 'nade launcher you definitely need to work on the explosion effect though, because right now it looks like a Tinkerbell sneeze. :P 
Mmm, Yeah 
you're right. It does look rather wimpy...

googles how to simulate liquid explosions in blender 
And by that I mean sprites. But if you must know...

Use hooks and shape keys. 
Shapekeys, Eh? 
so far, using fluid sim to use as a mask for sprite creation works like a charm :D the new explosions have much power behind them.

first time learning about hooks and shapekeys, though. Definitely useful things to know. 
They Are Good For Blobby Lovecraftian Things 
Terrain Practice, Getting The Hang Of It :) 
Cool Stuff #15483 
I would say you are nicknick! 
The blobs did remind me of this, not sure if you can do as much shader magic without being somewhat specialized, but I love this effect looks. 
Yup Good Terrain Keep It Going. 
Very nice looking~ 
Thanks!! Some More (heavy WIP) 
Looks Nice 
Good lighting and rock work 
I agree with Fifth, I like the softness of the light at the top and the light source looks spot on. 
so i feel good enough to work more on this stupid pack 
You Have Never Looked Better... 
And that shot is to die for! 
Youre beautiful. 
Loving Those Textures Lunaran 
I Like Everything About It 
Nice Lunaran. 
Holky Fuck 
Ionous and I were just talking about this the other day.

Looks great!

(But: With a floor this wide and open it's maybe worth considering a new variant of the texture with less contrast and repetition, maybe the honey ones?) 
Looks Awesome 
Lunsp2 Confirmed? 
very nice btw 
It looks great...BUT...break up that god damn floor and use a different texture entirely 
63 people on Facebook in 12 hours think you are pretty. Also, several people now are waiting for a new map from you. 
<- Func Heart Emoji 
i guess that floor texture is shit, isn't it 
Not Really 
It's good as a wall texture in small doses. But there's a reason why id used wmet4_8 for floors instead. 
Silly Idea. 
How about a wooden floor instead? 
Keep hoping for a follow up to lunsp1! Is this still the one you were talking about a ways back where the plan is for the map to go downwards? Either way, looks very good and please continue to work on it, or turn it into a speedmap, or something. 
Lunaran, More Pictures Please ! 
That last picture gave me a total erection.

More picts ! 
Yeah Lunaran! 
Interesting. Definitely have potential. 
#15507 God Damn 
yeah! Love it! The unfiltered card/sprite look for trees has (perhaps weirdly) always appealed to me.

These ones from Daggerfall are some of my favourites: 

That's gotta be some pimped out modern Daggerfall port, right? Because if the game looked like that originally, bloody hell did I miss out... 
Actually just looking at the # of trees drawn at once obviously it's a modern port. 
Those Trees Look Nice And Fluffy Pritchard, Good Stuff.j 
The grass could use a few darker shades towards the bottom of the tufts. 
yeah it's the Daggerfall port in the Unity engine. Well worth downloading and having a wander round. Gameplay-wise it's pretty "dated" but has it's moments. 
that's pretty cool! 
I came to Elder Scrolls pretty late with Oblivion on Ps3 so this is great for folks like me. 
A New Map - Work In Progress - Early Screen 
First off, Pritchard those tree sprites look awesome.

So after the craziness of a Disney map is over, I'm going back to something darker and more Quake/medieval in style. After just playing the excellent Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001), I absolutely loved the castles, crypts and brick textures. I've started converting the RTCW textures over to the Quake palette and currently have a new texture set with nearly 100 textures including some modified Sock/Hexen2/Magna textures.

Here is a really early screen of the new RTCW textures in action. I've made some groined vaults, as the set actually has custom textures for these vaults. The architecture is mostly styled directly after RTCW but is different in scale so I had to chop up the textures a bit.

To my knowledge not many RTCW textures are in Quake WADS, as I've not seen these bricks and trim and colours before. I love the Quake palette so that's why I'm converting them over, rather than use true colour, but obviously I've lost a good deal of fidelity as a result.

Anyways, the map is planned to be a mod with new enemies, and as such is still a ways off... Cheers! 
Damn Nice Textures Son. 
There is a WAD file with all the textures from RtCW on Quaddicted. If you like the, it will save you from all the work you are doing.

Liking those shots, very atmospheric, man. 
not sure if this help, but the screens are too dark for my tastes
otherwise this is incredible 5/5 
Damn Quaddicted! 
It just figures this would be the case, I never saw the RTCW wad there in that mass of wads. Anyways I'm pretty much done converting the textures over anyway. Yeah the screens are really dark, mostly because coloured lighting sucks. 
I've maxed out my phone's brightness and still can't see anything on those screenshots besides a faint light in the ceiling.

Have you increased the gamma brightness in the engine, and are using low brightness in the map's lights to compensate? 
Embrace The Dark! 
Yeah, I always have gamma/brightness set to 0. Its just a dark room with only dark orange and dark blue coloured lights, cause its dark. DARK! My monitor is set at low brightness as well, and its still very visible on my end, but I usually go about adding white light sources to the map later on to brighten things up. I also just threw those lights in to take a screen, the map isn't anywhere nears complete.

Also yeah I can't see anything on my tablet either so I think I bigger screen makes a difference. 
I played RTCW recently. Need to finish it though. I had the same idea you are doing now. using those amazing textures for a Quake level. I won't have time for many months to do something so I am very excited to see your work on this!

The screens look promising! 
fiddle with the colors of the coloured lights and they will never suck.

For the darkness, they are a bit dark but i think that is almost spot on for the first. 
I can't see anything on my tablet either so I think I bigger screen makes a difference.

Yeah, I'm on my 40 inch TV right now and can see it. Still too dark to analyze the texture quality, though. 
Not going to post this elsewhere, as it's very unfinished, but here's a fullbright screenshot from yesterday.

There are dozens of other textures that I've been creating with the same level of quality, maybe hundreds. Still some more hundreds to go.

However, I get easily demotivated when trying to actually create maps. Anyway, maybe someday this will become something... 
Then Make Shorter Ones 
it will help with motivation 
Coce Dropping Wisdom Bombs Like I Drop Post-curry Shits. 
Serious business. Listen to him. 
Well, the maps I'm creating are headed towards environment art rather than gameplay, since their purpose is to showcase the renderer's abilities. In the end I'll merge all of them in a single map, if there's enough memory.

Probably the main creative block I'm having is that textures are self-contained. All the ones I'm creating are photosourced, so they only require artistic sensibility, not artistic creativity, while mapping is a more open-ended task and therefore does actually require creativity.

It's easy for me to create photosourced textures, no matter how depressed I'm feeling. Mapping is a lot harder, not just to envision pleasant environments but also to make them fun. It seems to require a pleasant & playful state of mind.

My current approach is to create textures, try to figure out good matches between them, and to create structural pieces out of those matches (walls, columns, ceilings, etc).
Trying to figure out good matches between those structural pieces and creating good environmental structures out of them is exponentially harder. But it should eventually happen. 
Didn't Know You Had The Copyright To Them 
Shambler, how much for the rights? 
I think the secret is to light it to let the player see everything, but still trick it into looking like deep darkness. Like night scenes in the movies that are shot on broad daylight with a black background. Maybe high contrast with dark colored lights would do the trick.

This kind of "old mansion" set is one of my favorites. Loving this one. 
Hey! This Is A Screenshot Thread. 
More Sexy Quake Screenshots! Give us an erection, dammit! 
Simple And Cubi 
I'm trying to make map with Trenchbroom 2.0 instead JACK and Radiant. 
Nice One DOOMer! 
I feel doom stricken already, Keep it up! 
Classic style. Nice lighting. 
Very Dark But Promising. 
I too like the style. 
Thanks for feedback, guys.

I did not work on the lighting at all, just placed the light sources through approximately equal distance between them. Even intensity of not drive the money changers.

Now I hasn't decided to make light in old school or more modern. But in General, the map will be most likely simple by design, doom-like geometry (without a large vertical gameplay). 
congrats looking like you are taking to TB2 nicely. 
Thanks for your TB2-tutorials, it very helpful for me. 

You do some awesome Model work.
The only thing I'm not too fond of in that last ogre is the Silver metalic looking "Q" sign. It's a bit distracting. Your other models in your 1.6 pack are great too. 

I recently discovered linear attenuation + fading and some better sunlight shaders :D 
Great stuff, looks faithful to the '98 era. 
Thanks ;) 
I'm relieved to finally have the lighting figured out for the most part... 
Looks Very 'unreal' 
Good work, best retro modern shooter to date? 
That's A Tall Order 
reserve your judgement until after you play it :D 
Nice Screenshot Killpixel! 
Spiffy lighting in that one. 
It's really coming together! GG 
@mjb & Dumptruck 
thanks ;) 
Any Playtesters For A Base Map? 
Hi guys!

Would anybody be interested in beta testing a small/medium base map? It's called the Subterrestrial Hangar picture, and is planned to be the first map in a series of maybe four maps.

The idea in all of the maps is that in the beginning you choose a path each with its own playstyle. In this picture you can see that this map has three paths: one involving Quad running, the middle one a "vanilla" path with no powerups and the last path about navigating a slime maze (probably a path everyone's gonna hate, but hey, if you don't like mazes, don't play that path!). ;)

So what I'd like you to do is give feedback on the gameplay: difficulty, balance, and above all, whether it's fun. :) I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions on how to improve the experience. A particular combat encounter of interest for me would be this slipgate room.

I'd like you to test each of the paths on all difficulty levels from easy to nightmare.

The vanilla and quad paths each contain three secrets, the third of which I anticipate is going to be quite tough to crack. Can YOU figure them out? ;) Should I provide more hints for the elusive third secret?

I've tested the map mostly on Quakespasm, but a little bit on Mark V GLQuake and WinQuake modes, too. The map is a mod (due to some custom decorative models), so unpack the zip onto the root of your Quake folder. It will unpack a mod folder called sthangar, so start the mod by typing "game sthangar" on your console and then type "map sthangar" to test the map. (Just giving detailed instructions like these in case of the unlikely scenario of a person with less experience with custom content happening to stumble upon this post.) 
Looking Good, Killpixel 
Quite a bit of work you've managed to pull off! You've made those monsters yourself from scratch? They remind me quite a bit of Doom2's revenants. Where'd you get the textures? 
Nice shots man, not sure when I'd find time for testing but I like the nice bright lighting especially in the 2nd. The multiple path choice does sound interesting as well! 
Thanks, I drew the textures ;) 
Thought About Making Bank On Your Game? 
You've certainly got quite the knack for art, I give you that! *o*

Got enough material on your hands already that you could showcase your game on a Kickstarter campaign, or something? ;) 
We have to help him make cool maps first :D 
@Esreal - Hangar Demos 
Hey Esreal,

I uploaded a zip with some demos and a txt with my thoughts and ruminations.

Neat little base map. Cheers. 
HD Textured Skies 

Zoomed in

Still got to implement save/load routines for these. 
That's simply beautiful. Looking forward to your release one day. 
What size is your texture? 
The texture in those shots and in the video is 8 times larger (128 * 8). But I've also tested with a 2x texture, and it looks good enough in full HD, even when zoomed in.

I'll upload that texture later, but it's basically the original texture with 2x Gaussian blur and a 2x sharpening filter, done in the GIMP. 
Beta Version 2 Of Subterrestrial Hangar 
I'd like to give a huge thank you to Redfield, who provided me with valuable feedback on the first beta version of my map.

Based on his feedback, I've made some changes and uploaded another version for you guys to playtest, if you like! 
If you are interested, i've recorded a playthrough of the beta 2 here:

I played the first beta, so i already knew what to do and where to go :P

What i still think it's strange (in middle route) is that you can completely miss a whole area of the map if you don't come back to that closed door at the stairs. Maybe if you put a key there to open the door to the slipgate you give the player a reason to search the map and explore that area ;) 
Thanks Tribal! 
Of course I'm interested; clicked the link pretty much immediately once I saw it.

Hmm, the more I think about your idea, the more appealing it becomes. Perhaps I will add a keycard to that area in the final version. Thanks for the good idea!

There's one thing I've been wondering based on your playthrough and Redfield's feedback. When playing the Quad damage route, did either of you notice the message popup informing that the quad damage has been respawned? Because when I watched your video, you didn't go back to the beginning to get a new Quad damage. Maybe you hadn't noticed the message or since you were already killing grunts and enforcers you were too busy to go back to the beginning?

Redfield had also told me on his feedback that the quad route is kind of brutal, so he suggested that I add another weapon early in the Quad damage path. So I was thinking that if I were to add a weapon to the path, maybe I could add an NG to the slipgate room storage shelf. Redfield, when you tested the 2nd beta, did you notice the message of the quad damage respawning? Because with that you could easily crush the opposition pouring down from the barracks room. Do you still think the path should get another early weapon even with the respawning quad damage?

If you guys didn't notice the quad damage respawn message, should I add more reminders to the player about the event? 
To be honest i only saw that message when i was editing the video to post on youtube XD
When i was playing i didn't see it, maybe because i was running around, shooting enemies and trying to stay alive =D

But i don't think a "respawning quad" is necessary here. only one is enough for me. but would be cool if you give me a double-shotgun before i enter the slipgate room. quad + double-shotgun = too much fun! =D 
opinions on Qoole editor pls? 
My Opinion On Qoole: 
Use Trenchbroom. 
Qoole Was 
well Qoole when it came out. But TB2 is a great option if you are coming back to Quake mapping or just starting out. 
RIP Qoole 
I learned on Qoole and loved it. Years later Trenchbroom came out and I can recommend it hands down.

The one BIG problem with Qoole is the brushes look fine in the editor but there is a rounding error in the save file which causes misaligned brushes and leaks. If Trenchbroom did not exist and Qoole's errors were fixed though, that would be the one I would have used. 
Qoole was the first editor that I hit a groove with after trying Worldcraft and not initially liking it. I ran into that same rounding / accuracy issue and abandoned it when a bunch of Qmap people said it was a known issue and not to use Qoole because of it.

There was something about it that *was* very user friendly to beginners, moreso than Worldcraft and Radiant.

Even in spite of that bug, a lot of people managed to put out some cool stuff with it. IIRC, a bunch of Aardappel's early maps were made in Qoole. 
"BETA" of BLUE ep, feel free to fool around in these maps. It is packed like a mod, create folder called BLUE, open editor, type to console game BLUE, and start the new game. I haven't been touching this for a while, but I want to finish this soon.

Couple screenshots

Link to zip: 
I Have Played Earlier Versions 
And that was a fantastic retro-ish adventure! NH uses "blue" to great extents here. 
I'll Second This 
Played an older version too and looking forward to playing this whole beta. 
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