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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff


File size limit is 128MB.
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Yes, but mostly under the hood. Off the top of my head:

- the changes required for retexturing (major part)
- supports/beams/etc get trimmed (see screenie 1)
- sticky-outy bits (lamps etc) get recessed into walls or erased
- ceiling details/lamps/light fixtures redone/added
- secret areas changed/added
- spawner rooms (a reason for going quoth)
- changed lots of small stuff, f.ex. bridge geometry, NG lift was made level with floor, some steps etc. changed to properly align floor textures, dropped some crates to put snipers on them / use them for secrets etc.

Not sure about the first slime pit yet, perhaps I'll make it bunnyable... I'll also probably make steps, rails etc. look nicer, they're pretty thick...

Mostly stuff underneath textures, a bit of obvious klunkiness and small-scale stuff. Otherwise monsters, items and lighting. There will be additions (moving/rotating) related to traps (and bobs!), but those aren't done yet (just roughly placed the traps.) Perhaps one whole area will only be guarded by such automatic security stuff.

Originally I wanted to not change any brushwork, but that turned out to be unrealistic. There's lots of work in there, but mostly it's not visually interesting. Gameplay wise, on skill 2, the map is *much* more busy than e1m1rmx/quoth. It just doesn't compare. It's more like TPOF.

I expect to do less retexturing in e1m2/3/4 but they will require a lot of effort to properly align all textures (the wall textures will be kept.) The fun will be introducing hell knights, adding monsters in general and expanding secrets there, plus more gloomy lighting. I have a few good ideas.

I expect not much retexturing/realigning to be done in e1m5/6/7/8 because their textures are more forgiving.

I might add a handful of quoth monsters (really not too many) and using the spawner functions from that will save lots of work.

State of the project is e1m1 80%, e1m2 is leak-fixed, made compilable and started to add monsters, e1m3/4 are next on the list. As I said the major part of the work is in those first 4 maps. I have a good idea of how to proceed and where the problems are. (.plan)

I'm pretty much doing this for myself, that's why I didn't start some kind of team. I also saw that others wanted to do more of a true remake, like e1m1rmx and that's not what I intend to do. I just want to clean stuff up visually and bring the gameplay up to spec. E1M1 has like 20 grunts and some dogs on hard (!) and that's really a bit like a sightseeing tour for 65-year-olds, except the texturing sucks... 
I've started another remake of ep3, much like tpof, which actually was changed quite a bit - completely new geometry, although the small original size allowed me to get it thrown together fairly quickly.

Though I reckon (and I'm not alone) that it suffered for that.

I'll be going through the whole of ep3 map by map, rebuilding everything and adding Quoth monsters as well as changing stuff a bit. Eg; I just realised a made a big mistake in warp, recommending the Nehahra engine and not using its transprency features. Bah.

Anyhow, this is the sort of thing that would be gauranteed to fail as a group project since its more for fun, though still fairly involved.

golden_boy, I'm changing stuff quite a bit in some cases, so it's probably not what you're aiming for. I'll also be stop-starting on this, so who knows how long it'll take.

Just letting you know. 
That sounds cool.

Perhaps once both projects are finished (loooong time) we could make a new start map to link them together. I'd be up for that. Others could do ep. 2 and 4.

Another idea I had recently is to take the normal start map, and add additional hidden slipgates.

You say rebuilding everything, so I understand you don't use the GPL source? Or are you deleting parts of the original brushwork and substituting your own instead?

You're right on everything else.

-> good luck 
I use the source as a reference then delete it; I tend to work on a 32 or larger grid for walls so the id sources become obsolete quickly. Wc's 'save visible objects only' is useful there.

I've started to put together a version of e3m1, it'll take a week to finish it since the blocking out is around 75% done.

Its pretty fun to do, even though I've had to disasemble a section of interlocking corridors a few times. Also have alot of corrupt brushes for some reason.

Anyhow, luck with ep1. 
one trick i've used when making conversions of maps where only the layout will be the same is to copy only the floor brushes to a new map. It helps keep things clean so you don't have a lot of messy brushwork to eventually delete. 
have you thought about checking out the SDA archived speedruns and taking out some of the more glaringly easy run tricks. Not to discourage speedrunning,
but to fix those maps that are just two
GL jumps away from entrance to exit. 
Fair Point 
But I'm just turning the whole original map into its own visgroup, then extracting chunks of it to another to build the map inside.

Floors doesn't always help; e3m1 is a bit of a mess in terms of stacked corridors meeting at various junctures. 
Good idea. I've watched the easy and nightmare runs of ep. 1 and those are the obvious shortcuts:

e1m3 - slope grenade jump from gold key to door. Solution: make the platform's slopes steep enough.

e1m4 - slope GJ directly to the exit. Solution: reshape the slopes there.

e1m5 1) - GJ to the teleporter/gold key

I'm willing to allow this because they still have to pass the shambler etc. and it's a cool route.

e1m5 2) - Bypass silver key and just GJ/RJ to the exit.

This is where the problem lies; they should have to get BOTH keys before they can leave. I intend to fill that level to the brim with hell knights, so I want to see some bloodbath.

Solution: The button behind the SK door is needed to deactivate a very, very deadly trap.

e1m5 3) - simply GJ/RJ through hole up to the SK

Simple, just put some bars to block it from below.

I think that would provide an interesting route, getting the keys in reverse order.

e1m6 - jump to the GK, not activating the bridge.

It's nice that the GK sits in plain sight there, so I wouldn't want to change that. You could have the exit door need another button, namely the one that also activates the bridge, so if someone jumped to the key and pressed the button behind the GK door, it would just say "1 more..." and while jumping to the key, it would say "You'll regret that, smartass." 
And perhaps I could just exchange the keys in e1m5, because that would make more sense. Everyone has been going for the GK first since ... how long? 
Everyone has been going for the GK first since ... how long?

Many of those changes would not only make speedrunning more interesting but bring some new life into regular game play as well. 
That's One Of The Goals 
Early on I already added an additional "loop" to e1m1 because otherwise nobody ever would take the water passage/lift. It's still optional to do that, but when you do you get a message saying "Good soldier", a nice end battle and all kills.

Started A New Map 
Looks nice ! and what are these textures ? 
Ogro And Ik_base 
A very strange combination I know
It is also in the map for the competition 
Sorry I only found your mail today. I sent an answer.

Orlmap Series 2

I have no beta testers :(

If anyone is willing to test, drop me a mail. 
too many contrast colors, you should stick better to thу texture theme. One texture pack=one map. imho it's the best variant 
I'm up for some testing. Use the addy in my profile. 
I would like to test it, but I guess I'm not experienced enough to be a good tester 
Willing. Email is in profile.

Although if it requires any custom engine/breaks any limits I'll have to decline. :/ 
One of the maps have exceeded many limits, and therefore only playable in enhanced glquake in its current stage. Once that map is finished, it will be playable in any engine.

But I already have distrans and rudl testing them, so I dont think I need anymore testers. Thanks for the offer though. 
I can beta-test the first screenshot: Change those damn textures already, they are awful.

The second screenshots look cool, some well impressive designs with proper texturing. The lighting looks a bit odd though. But still looking good overall. 
Change those damn textures already, they are awful.

I'll think about it. 
Check your mails 
...just sent the final T zip off to Spirit so I'll sashay through 24 tonight and record a demo. 
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