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Is ready. Its a Quoth map pack with some added features, only playable in its own engines.


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No, this seems to happen with all levels. The level will load, I'm running around and then maybe 10-15 seconds later, bam, hard lock. It's really weird. 
What's your hardware specs? Do you have an ATI card? 
Macbook Pro
2.33 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB
ATI RadeonX1600 (256 MB)

And the 0.80 release works perfectly so it must be something changed from 0.80 to 0.85. 
I have an MBP with NVidia card, which works fine with 0.85. I didn't do the 0.85 port. I guess you'll have to ask the dude who did this version. metl and I plan to do an "official" SDL port that will replace all Fitz versions, but it may still take a while. That version will be based on 0.85 and SDL 1.3. 
I believe it was Baker. Oh well. I'll just stick with 0.8 then until a better one gets released. Thanks! 
The next time it crashes, send me the log. Maybe I can spot something somewhere that's easy to fix. 
The Spammers Are Always So Polite! 
I just replayed WarpB. Died once, trying to kill a Gug with grenades. And then realised it's very easy with plasma particularly if you change strafe direction once he's shot.

Anyway. It was surprisingly fun. I'm not sure how I managed that. Still very hard though. I only just made the end battle. Going into the final arena with only 50 nails and lots of grenades probably didn't help. I got more secrets this time, 12/16.

Ijed you are right about the insta-gib nails from Quad + Trinity, what a joyous effect :D.

Did I read right that these maps had been extensively if not exclusively tested by Sielwolf?? That explains a LOT ;)

I learnt a few things this time. There's a lot of Enforcers so plasma is your friend. Those damn Bobs don't like it either. It's easier to tackle Bobs and....those flying snot things in corridors where they can't dodge. I still haven't worked out how to tackle Spawn, I should really know that by now.

Oh, one more thing. I remember you saying that there's a progression in enviromental hazards in the map, in particularly slime > lava > void. I realised in this map, they are all equally dangerous, the slime and lava are inescapable anyway. So presumably the progression is solely in atmosphere rather than gameplay effect. Interesting. 
Plasma becomes the primary weapon, the rest really there to take down the weaker positioned enemies.

It means that you have to manage cells carefully.

I kick myself about the x7 damage nails - I should have made it an almost insta-find and spawned in lots of extra fodder. I'm guessing you only managed maybe 10 seconds or so of the combined effect?

Yeah, Sielwolf was my playtester - one reason why AguirRe (who was my other support) made the extra coop modes (less Quoth monsters came first, super easy mode and more Quoth later) was just so he could play the thing without getting shredded.

Learning curve.

Having said that warp was playtested alot, so if you hit the rhythm of the gameplay it should be fun. But barrier to entry will put off alot of players.

I don't think anybody has a decent tactic for spawn apart from fool the Ai into getting stuck then nail the fucker. Those bumps do a fair bit of damage, considering. I still overuse them.

And yeah, the atmosphere was what I was talking about more than anything for the env hazards. I tend to look at it in terms of psychology - what fears the player?

Maybe an 'omnipresent grey pit' wasn't the best final.

Warpd had alot of potential, just starting to explore that kind of ambience now in a remake map of e3m4. 
the spawns didn't cause much problems for me in b and c.
they are placed in predictable areas, so when i was paying attention, i could usually blast them before they started jumping.
while this would be lame for normal monsters, i actually felt this was good with spawns, because whenever i'd take damage from them, i felt it was my own fault for not paying attention and blowing them up early. 
Well there's one point in warpc where I drop four in on the player. Not locking the entrance (the exit has a Shambler) was an act of generosity.

Should have done that and given an auto MH beforehand. 
Map 1, The Rooftop Secret. 
How do you get there ?
I know there is a crate with a teleport, but I can't break it or anything.
You can tell me, I won't tell anyone else ... 
I just found it ...

Sorry ! 
Skill 3 
In useless retrospect, I think that skill 3 was something of a missed opportunity here. Since the start map gives you the rune, it would have been cool to mess around with the episode entities - for example, putting info_player_start2 in the middle of the map, or making func_episode_gate powered logic gates to change ambushes around or make more monsters spawn (the downside of this is that you wouldn't be able to get 100% kills in skill 2, though...)

All in all would probably make the episode (moreso) harder beyond necessity though. :P

Would be cool to see some future Q1SP exploit this. 
If it got to hard you could try the -Quoth option.

Making skill 3 genuinely different would have been cool. Like going through Kell's Contract Revoked to find all the runes. 
You Know... 
You can make entities only appear in skill 3, should you want to... 
Fix For The Progs/s_plas.spr Error 
To anyone that's running into this error:
QUAKE ERROR: Mod_LoadModel: progs/s_plas.spr not found

Note that the quake directory that contains your "id1" directory, should not just contain "warp", but also "quoth"! This is because quoth is a dependency. 
Just tried playing it on the DK2 - latest Occulus Rift devkit. Was a cool, but very strange experience.

The scale of things in Quake is very weird when you're actually inside it.

And the position of the weapons. Because the Quake guy is a stumpy little dude, and the position of the weapons so, uh, strange, you basically have a gun for a dick.

The plasma dildo was especially misogynistic.

And by looking down you can see the muzzleflash model in your invisible stomach.

Still feel a bit queasy because of the speed of movement, but apparently that's normal until you get your VR legs.

It'd be great to have a proper mod using the Hydra's though.

I played one for HL2 where you had to gesture to use ironsights, throw grenades and reload.

Imagine axing a Shambler for 'real' - you'd probably end up breaking your hand on the desk. 
Sorry For The Necrobump

completed with about 2 rockets fired and 10-15 plasma bolts fired. :) 
Just lots of infighting and fiends jumping off the platform? 
Just bunnyhopping along the edges as fast as possible and waiting for the infighting to stop. That could be an interesting puzzle map concept, using movement to complete a map with an impossible amount of enemies (Which must all be killed before being able to exit 
This turned 10 years old and nobody noticed. 
But You Did 
Warpspasm is the Xlarve's Dream of yesteryear. It can be fun and is well made but can get repetitive. Not for everyone. I enjoyed many parts of both of your massive worlds, but I don't see this as having as widespread an influence as other releases. 
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