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BETA: Keep Q1 SP 'Uber Mod' (all Monsters Etc) Devblog.
Latest updates, tidbits, and ramblings. Ask questions here. To avoid the many expected (and encouraged!) "Hey will feature X be included?" questions, the following mods will be subsumed into the collective:
AD - Used as the mod base structure. All added features use AD's specific code types, classes, infighting, etc.
Mission Pack 1 (Hipnotic)
Mission Pack 2 (Rogue)
Quoth 2.1 atm (2.2 is closed source)
Kinn (from the Marcher and others)
And my custom stuff (such as my programmable coordinate func_robot with its special syncronization code for mating up with other robots seemlessly, great for machinery or buildings that assemble themselves)

Yes I have the fix for fish monster count!

Feature list:

Download v. 0.40, 395mb (OLD VERSION)

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I Still Poke Around Fron Time To Time 
And add features when people request them, but for the most part I'm focussing on another project.

The goal is to provide the most complete set of features to mappers. As it is in beta, I can't 100% guarantee that it is bug free. Please feel free to use it and if you encounter any problems when testing your maps, let me know and I can fix it soon as I can. 
I Will Return Later This Year To Make This More Complete 
Great news. I was hoping to do a video on it in the near term as I do love what it offers. Just wanted to make sure it's still supported. No pressure but relieved to hear it is! 
It Will Be Getting Plenty More Testing From Me This Summer 
such an awesome and long-overdue project 
Got around to adding the wand. 
Notes About Keep 
1.Most of the monsters share the Death Knights death message,or just show the player name.
2.When I tested, game keep -rogue worked perfectly.No ammo icons borked,but the Nipah virus outbreak in my native Kerala(especially in Kannur and Kozhikode districts where most of my family are in.Fuck!) Is making me so worried I can't remember stuff.I may need to test again. 
Notes 2 
3.I test with QuakeSpasm-Spiked 0.93.0
4.Qmaster,kindly upgrade to AD 1.7 P1, it's more convenient since death messages are in each monster file now.And other stuff.
5.I'm gonna read your code and write an axeman by myself,but based on your Keep code.Is it ok? Or should I credit you? 
1. I haven't tidied up the death message code yet. Thanks for the reminder.
2. Should be mostly ok on -rogue for ammo icons, but of course without implementing a csqc of some sort it will be an incomplete hud. I plan to keep messing with that, but it isn't a main focus since it doesn't really detract from gameplay much.
3. I use that one and Mark V. Occassionally I'll test in DP or FTE.
4. AD 1.71 is on my todo list.
5. That's fine but the axeman originally came from SOE. ;) 
Probably A Stupid Question But... 
Where is the download for this? I looked at the OP but only found the link to the spreadsheet thingy. :) 
Teh Latest Version 
is 4.0 
I don't have update privileges to edit the top post. Could someone please add that in? 
I know bout the Axeman,what else do you think a guy does with too much free time and too many replays of mods?
2 GB of my game stuff is Quake and Half Life source code.Including mods. 
Thank You :) 
Only 2GB? And A Ton Of Free Time? 
I dunno, maybe make a mod where you mix all the mods together, something crazy like that.

Thanks mh, also thanks for listing the file size. I like to warn people before they devote that much data or time esp. if you have horrible internet. 
2 GB is just my backup of half life and our dear Quaek.Made it as a defense against dad's deletion drive.He think it's useless,but I know better.
My HL folder is 36 GB and Quake 1 is just 6.

I'm making a mod now and for testing and improving my QC I made some enemies.
I finished a rocket grunt and grenade grunt.
Gonna add a defender soon.Then a weapon.

I'm piggybacking off RRP here. 
Sorreh For Triple Post 
What about Ol'Riot Controller? 
A Great Resource 
Just wanted to say that your work on this mod has made it a valuable resource. Although in point of fact I did not use the mod for the current project I'm working on, it was very interesting to look at the source files and see how things work. It looks like a lot of stuff has changed to make everything function together.

I ended up finding what I needed in the Rogue progs which was much simpler to work with for a damn fool like me.

One day I wish someone would make a map featuring the Baron again... 
Ya someday I hope my readme ends up being an encyclopedia of sorts for Quake entities and a lot of the best mods.

I've been taking a break from this for now to finish another large project but do want to get back at this. I need to finish adding the wand from Drake and finish making each mod it's own folder so that any content I make or modify will be in a keep specific folder and that anything borrowed from a mod can be clear so that credit goes where credit is due. 
What's your other project? 
Citadel - The System Shock Fan Remake 
I've heard about this one. I had no idea it was you. Cool! 
Update To Be In V0.50... 
Spent most of today working on this again in between getting firewood.

•Reorganized all model files into their respective sub folder for each mod. Did this mostly due to some naming conflicts but also as a way to show where things come from/give credit indirectly.
•Fixed wand bugs
•Fixed bug with Mjolnir frames
•Increased Mjolnir range to match Axe
•Fixed weapon cycling forward and reverse skipping some weapons and going in different orders.
•Added some Drake powerups: Boots of Levitation (flying when you press jump), Twin Shot (halves nail usage, gives full nails (Keep bonus, also affects lava nails!)), Shotgun optimizer (increases rate of fire, gives full shells), Berserker Helm (1.25x melee damage, heals player on melee hit)

Never seen these powerups in the wild myself but hey they are there.

Almost finished subsuming Drake mod. It's huge! 
Dude, Sweet 
I have not mapped in more than a month and I am basically going into withdrawal lol, but it is very exciting to see that this mod is continually updated and I am super looking forward to delving into it as I return to work on my "when it's done" episode. I'm thankful you added the Drake powerups, I think new gameplay possibilities can be explored by tossing the player the Boots of Levitation or Grappling Hook for example, and as for the Berserker Helm I didn't even know about it but it sounds awesome! I always liked the Necromancer's Gauntlets in Heretic. 
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