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About Lovecraft,Necronomican,and Other Stuffs
Well,though I'm not western,I still have strong interest toward those ancient stories...
1.Do you believe in Demons/strange seals/etc.?
I thought most of you are followers of rational

2.Anyone has got some research(seriously) on these?
I resume that the reseacher has to learn latin, ancient greek?
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Ok Fine you win! :) 
I Know... 
In fact I've already completed my study in a Chinese University, and now I'm trying to goto Canada to learn something new(not a master degree, but a bachelor one).
As you told me, it's not easy to find a job with BA in humanities, so...I'm trying to get into the math
department :D, and I may learn some classics after I've got a job or so...
BTW, how do you guys learn Latin in University? Can you pronounce with Latin? 
Latin Is Still 
taught at the High School level in many public schools and most Catholic Schools in the US, but is rarely required as a course. As for pronunciation, sure. Catholic Mass remained consistent from the 5th Century until Vatican II, just some 40 years ago.
I forget whether or not Latin verse is accented or not, but if it is, then it would be relatively easy to check the accuracy of modern pronunciation, just as it has been deduced from Elizabethian verse scansion that isolated communities in the Mid-Atlantic states of the US still speak in Elizabethian English. 
I Thought 
necronimicon was title for egyptian book of the dead which was indeed real? WTF.. 
phait, so lovecraft managed to fool you at last ;) 
Latin In H.S? 
sounds strange to me, but notso strange when I realize that we teach ancient chinese in our H.S.
hmmm...maybe a google searching would be useful 
What province of China are you from? Mainland, Taiwan, or HongKong? I'm very curious about the Quake scene in East Asia if you have any knowledge of it you can shed some light on for us. 
So...scene of Quake1? few plays q1 now, but millions of persons are playing q3 
cause I've seen on History Channel or something mentioned that there was an egyptian book of the dead... 
Yes, there was an Egyptian book of the dead, that's true.

Your first mistake is, that the Necromoicon was supposdly written by an Arab, Abdul Alhazred. You know, Arab, Islam, Didn't-Get-Started-Until after 600 AD sort of deal, Prophet Muhammed, Islamic Empire, Crusades, etc etc etc. You're confusing that civilization with Ancient Egypt, you know, lasted from 3500 BC to about 500 BC, polytheistic, built the pyramids, abosulutey prior to the Greeks and Romans, prior to Christianity, etc etc! Islam came along AFTER Greek civilization, AFTER the fall of Rome, and AFTER Christianity. Two totally seperate civilzations.

Necromoicon is Lovecraft's creation, entirely. There was an Egyptian Book of the Dead, entitled what I'm not sure, but I'd be pretty surprised (and distured too :) if it said anything about Chthulu! 
����������� And The Papyrus Of Ani 
The Necronomicon (Greek: �����������) is a fictional book of magic invented by H. P. Lovecraft, which frequently features in his Cthulhu Mythos tales. Lovecraft cites the meaning of the title as being derived from Greek language nekros (corpse), nomos (law), eikon (image): "An image of the law of the dead". Source:

I don't think the Egyptians would name something of their own culture using a word that is firmly rooted in another language. Although many languages (English, for example) contain words from other languages (anyone care to guess where "zeitgeist" comes from?), it seems illogical to do so for something that is central to your own unique culture.

Also, the Egyptian Book of the Dead (The Papyrus of Ani) is probably from 1500-1400 BC (Sourse: ), and the Greeks had only been on the scene for a few hundred years. They probably weren't established well enough to have that much of an influence.

Sorry about all this. I just wanted to show that a little logic and some Googling can help with understanding. 
I See 
But I've never read any Lovecraft either so... but Papyrus of Ani is familiar. 
Some Mesopotamian Links 
Here's some neat stuff, which was mainly used as fodder for the fake Necronomicons out there (which also manage to include my boy Pazuzu, so as works of fiction they ain't so bad). 
You know what I have been watching these days?
I wonder why I am so fascinated by these stuffs :D
BTW. Anyone has read the "zero files" of FBI? 
Zero Files? 
Can't say that I am familar with the zero files though I know Project Blue Book's history pretty throughly. 
Is that the investigation result of Alien/UFO? 
The original US milatary investigation; in the first few years of the investigation they were fairly honest and emperical in their research methodology, and then the beauracracy got a hold of it. Not that they found 'real' UFO's in that time period, but they were far more interested in the science and not the public policy at the start. There is a lot of publicaly available information on it; I did a research paper for a Political Science class years ago on Project Blue Book as it was a text book example of how beauracracies operate.

Pardon my mispellings, I see some, but my spell checker is non-functional at the moment. 
Shadow Of The Comet 
<Bl1tz> speaking of Cthulu I'm playing this game right now and I'm stopping because it's kinda freaking me out here at 4:30 am alone in my basement

<Bl1tz> I'm surprised none of you Lovecraft fanatics have played it...
<Bl1tz> it takes place in 'Illsmouth' ffs
<Bl1tz> heh
<metlslime> who's a fanatic?
<Bl1tz> I don't know...people in her and on func are always talking about Lovecraft

Check this game out for any of you who haven't already and can put up with a point & click game from 10 years ago. 
can i run it on 2000? 
It Runs On XP...but I'm Assuming It Will Run On 2k.Run It In DOS. 
Didn't run on XP for me... 
Human beings fear what they do not or cannot understand, and something that is *wholly* outside of their sphere of experience, beyond their conception of reality itself, would destroy the very sanity which allows them to percieve at all.

Sounds like string theory (or m-theory)... 
Good Luck 
with the demons spawning in frotn of your house right now :D 
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