Rubicon 2 is a Quake mod and map pack. It contains three large single-player levels, plus a start map, and a custom mod featuring new enemies, sounds, textures, mapmodels, hazards, and more. It should run with any Quake engine (including the official re-release), but for the optimal experience I recommend any Fitzquake-derived engine such as Quakespasm, Quakespasm-Spiked, Fitzquake Mark V, vkQuake, or Ironwail.


Original Release: February 11, 2011
Authors: John "metlslime" Fitzgibbons, Christian "czg" Grawert



Download Rubicon 2 (9.5mb) or read the readme first.

Additional files for mappers and modders:
texture wad / entity definitions / map sources / QuakeC source

New Enemies


Armed with a flamethrower and enough fuel to torch a small city, the dreadnaught can do more damage at close range than any other enemy. Keep your distance and you should be safe. If you do catch fire, dive into the nearest water, pick up a health pack, or simply wait -- the fire will eventually burn out. Wearing a biosuit helps, too.


The centurionís flying platform allows him to overtake targets quickly, but his high-powered nailgun is dangerous even at a distance. Some centurions have learned to exploit the experimental technology of the flying platform to "phase" through solid matter. It is not currently known how this works.


These security robots were commonly nicknamed "Floyd" becayse of the FLD model designation. Their corroded metal brains are not sophisticated enough to understand fear, hesitation, or doubt. Be careful -- each automaton is powered by a primitive atomic core that will explode if breached! On the other hand, that could be useful...

New Gameplay Objects

Concepts & Sketches

Added Feb. 12, 2021 — To mark the 10th anniversary of Rubicon 2, I uploaded some of the concepts, sketches, layouts and poster mockups I created during the development of Rubicon 2. All of these were drawn between 2007 and 2010.