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#Q1RetroJam2 Released
The Quake 1 Retro Jam 1 pack has been released. The mapping theme was "fantasy brick cities in the skies" with inspiration images here. Mappers involved were RickyT23, Skacky and Sock. As always demos are welcome.

Screenshot / Download
Q3DM - Feel The Way You Hate
This is my entry to the MapCore Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest. Be sure to check out the other maps which are much better than mine in the contest forum!

A somewhat rushed map, but it came out decent. 3-6 players FFA. Please enjoy! I'll likely make a Q1DM version in the near future, but don't quote me on that!

Download | Shot 1 | Shot 2 | Shot 3 | Shot 4 | Shot 5
15 Years Of Q3A At ..::LvL
15 years on maps are still coming in to ..::LvL. This update has some winners and some that are easy to skip. Don't miss Rustgrad.

* Rustgrad by Hipshot
* Sector 9 - The Cytherean Outpost by Kaustic
* Arena Gates by V1979
* No Man's Land (2) by tekros

Videos and panoramas for all.

Hard to believe it has been 15 years since Q3A was released. At the end of the month it will also be 15 years for ..::LvL. Shows you how important it is to allow people to edit your games. Thanks to id Software and thanks to everyone that has built the tools and documented how to do stuff.
Retro Jam 1 Pack Released!
That stealthy sock organised a Twitter-exclusive map jam this weekend. Whether it was to restrict the number of participants or clamp down on excessive JAM HYPE, who knows...

What we do know is that the theme implies some sort of old skool Quake homage, and it's been released right here:

With screenshots here:

And the mappers are rumoured to be:

Go play it!
Q1 SP - The Hell That's Coming
Castle type map with some horde like game play in spots. This is also the latest version of my ongoing Quake mod.

This should work with any extended engine. It exceeds a limit or two, but doesn't go so far as to need BSP2.

[your_quake.exe] +game THTC

And load the map from the console with:

map thehellthatscoming

Oh, and it's best to play this with wateralpha at 1.0

Thanks! Hopefully I didn't screw anything up...

[ Alternative download with an extra 14 meg of screenshots that you can view above and will see anyway when you play the map: ]
Batch Texture Fullbright Removal Tool
Here's a little tool for removing fullbrights in wad files. It simply processes all mip's in a wad file, remaps any fullbright pixels to the closest non-fullbright color, and saves the result in to a new file. WAD2 and WAD3 are supported.

As a secondary feature, it can save TGA previews of all textures in a wad at a dim light level (with fullbrights at full brightness); run the tool with the '-preview' flag for this.

Windows exe provided, you should be able to compile it on mac/linux by running 'make defullbright'.
Map Jam 3 - "Zerstörer" Theme Pack Released
Zerstorer and you know what that means, dark and GOTHIC as fuck. SPIKES. TWISTED WRECKAGE. DECAYING WORLDS. RUSTY EVIL. DARK ROCK THAT DRIPS BLOOD. Fuck yeah. - Shambler

Six visceral maps, assembled by six twisted disciples of The Destroyer: Daz, ericw, Ionous, mfx, scar3crow, Tronyn.

Download Readme Screenshots Discussion Thread

Happy Halloween!
Big Mix At ..::LvL
Big mix of stuff today at ..::LvL. If you are short for time, make sure you grab McSarge's from cityy. This is one enjoyable and detail release.

* McSarge's by cityy
* Day At The Villa by Kaustic
* Q3 Stargate pack source by Camel-XP
* The Longest Fall by r3x.theCat
* Faces of Quake by r3x.theCat

Q3 Stargate pack source is a developer pack that demos how to replicate the Stargate from the TV series.

Videos for the first 3 releases and panoramas for most.
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