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New Q1SP (AD): Grendels' Blade
Sock just released a new AD map on twitter. Thanks to Tribal for the tip!

Screenshots, download, and more info.

NOTE: This map requires Arcane Dimensions v1.7 AND Patch 1. Parts of the map will be broken if patch 1 is not installed. Get them here.
Quake-Tools Binaries
Joshua "Skelly" Skelton has kindly made his (command line only) Quake-Tools available for download here:

*pak: Add files to a PAK file.
*unpak: Extract files from a PAK file.
*wad: Add file to a WAD file.
*unwad: Extract files from a WAD file.
*bsp2wad: Create a WAD file from a BSP file.
*qmount: Mount a PAK file as a drive.

He has some Blender-related tools cooking too and will probably release those with some prodding from interested parties.
Q1SP: Zombie Jam 2
Author(s) : Giftmacher, Muk, Scar3crow, Sock, Zombie
Description : Lifts and Zombies and 20ish monsters
Conditions : All maps created in 3-8hrs (one speed session only)

Screenshot composite

Quake 100 Brush Competition, Version 4.0, Released
The fourth iteration of the 100 Brush Competition has been unleashed. Nineteen Quoth maps to whet your single player Quake appetite. Congratulations to WW on his glorious victory.

Download it here:

Composite screenshot:
Quake 2 N64 First Planet
This is a direct port of the first 4 maps from the Nintendo 64 version of Quake 2.

Q1DM: Court Of Fools
NEW Spacious Deathmatch map, influenced by the longer sight-lines of QuakeLive/Q3A maps, but with a mix of cover and open areas for classic Quake fire-fights.



Single Player : N/A
Team Deathmatch : 2v2, 4v4
Free For All : 4-12 Players
.map Included : Yes
Waypoints : Yes, FrikBot compatible

1 SP spawnpoint (for looking around)
12 DM spawnpoints

Not recommended for Duels (but if you want to, you'll be stacked with good gear by the time you find your opponent!).

Thanks to dumptruck_ds for looking into FrikBots with me, and to those on the forums/discord who provided encouragement, testing and feedback!

This is my first publicly released, finished Quake map ever. Hope you enjoy. Comments welcome :)
New Q1SP: This Box
Hello everyone! Here's a small remix map using the knave textures. Detailed information in the readme. I would like to thank dumptruck_ds, Tribal and jcr for playtesting it.

Screenshot (a bit old, but still gives an idea of the level):


Have fun!
ps: it may not work properly on FTE.
SP Map "Intrusion" Release (working Title "Pipe_dream")
Ok, I think, that my 1st quake map turned out pretty well. The ending though, is somewhat messy. I doubt that it's a good level design to toss a player into... well, into this kind of situation.
Plus, overall level design has a severe case of "I tired of this theme, let's try another for 10 metres".

There are 3 secrets + some stashes that are too obvious to be secrets, the map has minor difficulty tweaks and supports color lightning.

I want to express my gratitude to Smashcutcreative and Func_Msgboard community, especiouly everyone who recorded demos and helped me to find weak spots and errors.

You can get it here:

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