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Machine Games Releases New Episode For Quake
Happy 20th to Quake @idsoftware! As a gift to the fans, we created a new episode of the game

Tweet + Screenshot

Download Quaddicted mirror

Warning: no readme file and it contains an autoexec.cfg and config.cfg that you probably don't want :)

Update: Quaddicted mirror has a readme.
Quake 20 Years Old Today
It was twenty years ago today, that Quake shook the world to its foundations. Time for a little retrospect which you can read here. The best part, it ends with a big shout out to this wonderful community and the Arcane Dimensions mod in particular. Enjoy!
Quake Expo 2016: The Last Quake Expo EVER.
Face the bitter-sweet reality. Most likely this archaic online exhibition will never be hosted again in silly time-limited "booth" form, so might as well lumber over and sign up at and earn the right to complain once it's over. Several members of note are already signed-up.

"Booth Previews" will begin posting starting June 18. In hopes of kindling interest, booth owners may create short teaser paragraphs about what is to come.

The Expo itself will run from July 16 to July 30.

Events may be scheduled at this point, and writings and interviews are being accepted. Events should occur during the expo unless is a contest or timed event with results announced at the Expo.

Finally, if you're tired of reading MY posts, news contributions and promotion are needed, both now and during the event. In terms of promotion, traditional Quake forums are great, but Twitter seems most effective based on referral stats. Hate it? Love it? #qexpo
Quake For Oculus Rift
I found some time recently to update my fork of Quakespasm to support the current Oculus Rift 1.4 SDK. I also rebased everything on Quakespasm 0.91.0 today - this allows you to play Arcane Dimensions in all its VR glory.

Still a gorgeous game after all these years!

Some more info & video:

Four At ..::LvL
It has been a while, but here are four more maps for you all at ..::LvL. Short on time? Be sure to grab Jackal by fKd.

* Jackal by fKd
* Chronophaia by Obydenniy Konstantin
* E1M2: Deva Plant by FractalXX
* HotDog2 by Hot[DOG]

Videos and panoramas for all.
This is a project I've been working on during the last few months, as a way to learn more about Apple hardware and platforms.

There are currently 3 targets: OS X (10.11 - El Capitan), tvOS (9.1 - Apple TV 4th gen.), and a special iOS target (9.3, iPhone-only) designed to be used with a Virtual-Reality viewer such as Google Cardboard (or similar). This last one, I'm really proud of how it looks and works, I simply can't stop talking about it.

Since I currently have no way to share final executables for any of the 3 targets, I'm afraid all I can do is to share the repo with you guys:

The contains instructions to build and run the 3 applications. I'm very interested in hearing any comments or suggestions about any of them.
New Q1SP "The Faults Within" For Arcane Dimensions
This map is a remake of Quakes e3m2 "The Vaults of Sin" which doesn't meet the quality standards of the man himself, Sock.

Sock wrote: "'s subpar, definitly not your best work, you should release it standalone, im not going to include it in the next release.."

He is mostly right, as always ;)

Screenshot 1 2

Download here. (3.14 MB)

Arcane Dimensions v1.4patch2 required!!

Should still be some good 5-10 minutes of fun.
Leave comments below, if you want to make demos do so, always welcome.

Thanks to EricW for last minute bug testing!

SM177 - Escher
We again held a speedmapping event! Was chosen the theme "Escher", which is offered by Shamblernaut. And today we have four completely different looking at it maps from the mappers Cocerello (requires Quoth), digs, Doomer (who will add the engine/mod requirements to his post next time :P) and Shamblernaut (requires Quakespasm).

Screenshots -

Download -
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