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New Q1SP "Unholy Ossuary" By MissBubbles
An Episode 3 themed map by QuakeOne User 'MissBubbles'

Screenshots: can be found on the QuakeOne thread

Download: it seems like the file has been updated a couple of times, but I think the latest download link is here from post #27 in that thread.

Note there is no readme file and it's not in a zip, and the filename is RuneWorld03.bsp.
New Q1SP: Der Wanderer Uber Dem Sauremeer
World renowned Hawaiian zoo-keeper, extreme-metal online DJ and power-plant technician (think Homer Simpson with urban camo shorts) IONOUS has released his first stand-alone Quake map:

"Small ID metal map. Quakespasm recommended."


New Q2SP Unit By Quakeulf
I know there are some Quake II fans around here.
This is a great 3 map unit. Quality stuff.

Screenshots & Download:
High-Resolution Unreal Skins
In case anyone missed this project, I released it on Moddb a while back.

This mutator for Unreal 227 and UT99 will replace all those old, blurry Unreal/RTNP skins with detailed, high-res versions over the same old low-poly models. Unlike most skin projects, almost everything looks identical to the original from a distance, but far more detailed close-up (no more pixelation). Each skin has been manually reworked (no simple filters or cheesy sharpening techniques used). The most obvious improvements are with the big meshes, like the Titan. Most skins have been increased from the original 128x128/256x256 to 2048x2048/4096x4096.

View screenshots, videos, and more information as well as download here:
New Q1SP: Implo1t Dys3ngage
Finally, a much needed Japan-themed custom Quake singleplayer map, created by me hexcalk. "implo1t dys3ngage" (hc1) is such a map centered on a Shinto shrine in Japan/Nihon and features textures from the first and fourth episodes of Daikatana, plus an ikbaseq3 skybox and Quake's stock teleport texture. It was beta-tested recently and it has been an unique idea to do a Quake level set in East Asia. It's refreshing, but it is harder than my previous works. Tight quarters combat is higher than ever before (except in the outdoors, where at least four knights reside). The ammo supplies, weapons, and enemies/monsters have been balanced for this reason. Go ahead and play hc1.

I would like to notice that the text file included in .zip says in the epilouge that I believe in gods/goddesses (deities), which is expected as Shinto is known as an "ethnic religion" (a lot of people there know Amaterasu-oomikami, for example). Anyways, below this paragraph here is the download link and screenshot at Quaketastic.

Quaketastic download:
New Q1SP: Baneful Politic Comply
I'm glad I made it to design this level within a little more over 1 month worth of time. So yeah, "Baneful Politic Comply" is yet another Hexcalk map, but the quality escalated as a response to hc0, which is now on Quaddicted. Anyway, hc2 is a e1m2-influenced short burst of 68-71 enemies and 3 secrets with three floors: one underwater; two overwater (ground). Contains curved walls and spiky ceilings.

The name "Baneful Politic Comply" was chosen because I theorized that Quake was a psychedelic anti-authoritarian political FPS. The theory is long and crazy, but the basics go like this: The protagonist is fighting to overthrow the Orwellian regime of Earth president Shub-Niggurath and accompanying vice president Chthon, who seem to only want to abuse the planet with various forms of negativity for profit. I imagine 1984 in my mind as a reference point for this theory. I love Skinny Puppy, who tend to make interesting song and album names such as "Vivisect VI", "The Greater Wrong of the Right", "Left Handshake", and "illisiT", so the title is simply word salad.

Quaketastic download link:

SM178 - Base Theme.
Speedmap 178 session under the name "24h Jam" is released. We have for you 3 small retro style maps with fun action by mappers: Mukor, Naitelveni and Newhouse.

The theme was base and the mappers had 24h hours.



Go kill some Enforcers!
New Q1SP (AD) Nyarlathoteps Sand Castle
Large Bucket of Sand, Stone and Water!
Screenshot Download
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