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Shambler HD Remake Released!
Its time to upgrade the old shambler with a new model that it always deserved! I always felt that for such a fearsome an imposing beast the vanilla version was a little lacking. So with no further delay I give you the new and improved Shambler HD remake!

It comes with a brand new mesh and animations, plus an additional head gib replacement for consistency.

I hope you like it and take it for a spin! If you take any snazzy screenshots of him in action please post it in this thread.


Download Link!!!!
Compare Video!!!!!
Combat Video!!!!!!
Been A While For ..::LvL
It has been a while, but here is a ..::LvL update. "Unholy Sanctuary" is an interesting map pack release, but may not suit everyone.

* Ancient Hall by r3x.theCat
* Unholy Sanctuary by Martinus
* OVerSKill CTF by V1979
* WaterFear by arcan770077f

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, you can now use SSL with ..::LvL, simply change "http:" to "https:" in the address bar (or this ..::LvL link for the lazy). This is thanks to Let's Encrypt.
New Q1SP: Cataractnacon (OMS3)
Five years in the making, these two maps are a lengthy journey through a non-linear H.R. giger themed flooded scrapyard. Large areas, hundreds of monsters, dozens of traps and bizarre landmarks await you.

These maps come with only two skill settings, easy and hard. Normal skill is unsupported, and attempting load the map with it will trap you in an enclosed area until the skill is changed.

Exploration is vital, as there is lots of ground to cover. You will most likely not encounter every monster on your first playthrough, but is it encouraged to stray off the path to hunt for health and ammunition, because you are going to need it.

Save often, be prepared to face a horde of enemies at any time. There is no one precise route to take, all are interconnected with one another in some way.

Lastly, and most important and disappointingly, these maps require the use of the RMQ 0.85.3 engine, which is included in the zip file. The reason being is the second part of the map extends beyond Quake's default +-4096 map limit. RMQ is the predecessor to the Quakespasm engine, so most should find the transition easy enough. Quakespasm and other engines may soon support larger map sizes but until then, RMQ 0.85.3 is the only engine that has been tested and can play these maps without issue.
I understand this is a controversial decision and an unpopular one, I like Quakespasm just as much as the rest of you, as it is more stable and optimized. But it could not be helped that the map needed extra room, and I was against the idea of cutting out a large and expensive portion of the map in order to squeeze it into Quake's default map size. I also realize this will create a conflict with sharing demos amongst each other.

Also included are the .map files along with the texture .wad file, which you are free to use for any project of your own.

I feel its also important to note that while this may not be my last Quake map, its my last in regards to very large and overly complex maps.

With that said, please enjoy, critique, and record and share demos to your leisure.

Download links:


Engine Update : Special build of QuakeSpasm with OMS3 support (windows + mac + source code):

Make sure to enter "sv_protocol 999" in the console before starting the map!
New Doom SP: Tech Gone Bad By John Romero
My Boss level replacement for e1m8...22 years later

After exiting the Computer Station you knew the worst was up ahead. You still hadn't reached the place where the demons were coming from. The steel door shuts behind you as you realize you're there; you're at the Phobos Anomaly. Cracks from hell are all over the place as seepage from the portal invades the entire installation. Now it's time to find the portal and stop the demons from coming through. You know UAC had hundreds of scientists working at a high-tech lab somewhere in this area, and the portal must be connected to it somehow. Time to lock and load.


If you have no fukken clue how to play Doom maps, here is how:
crispy-doom -iwad /path/to/doom.wad -file e1m8b.wad -warp 1 8

(Thanks to for writing that down for newbies.)
Quake Live Workshop
Quake Live it have a workshop

Enjoy map's from our community and Favorite and Vote them up =)
New Q1SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions
Download Link Readme and Screenshot 123.

Latest Patch: Offical Patch 2 New readme file - Patch 2
(patch 1 not required anymore, download the base mod, and then apply the files from patch2 on top of it.)

The MOD is designed to work with QuakeSpasm 0.91.0 (Must use this version or higher). Download here:

and remember ...
share your experience!

Please note that there is extra console commands being set in quake.rc, you cannot run this MOD using the game command! Always create/use a shortcut!
Jackhammer 1.1.855 Public Beta Is Out!
Hi all!
We are glad to present the new version with another bunch of bugfixes and improvements. ^^
Thanks to everyone who helped us with suggestions and bug reports!

New version highlights:

* Dynamic Sky Rendition: Jackhammer renders skyboxes in the same way games do. In addition, there are layered clouds in Quake, rotating skybox in Quake II, and shader effects in Quake III supported. To facilitate the choice of a certain sky in map properties, a drop-down combo with icons was added.
* Improved Arch Tool: arch creation instrument got new abilities. Now it allows triangulation upon creation, fitting arches to selection box, estimation of proportions using a grid. Also it is possible to create smooth ramps.
* Keep Internal Connections: option to preserve internal connections (targetname-target links) in entities during copypaste and cloning (i.e. dragging with Shift pressed) operations.
* Snap to Grid Revised: subsequent calls to it change anchor point, looping through all eight bounding box points (previously only the lower bounding box point was used as an anchor). In Vertex Manipulation mode this instrument snaps using selected vertices, thus enabling alignment of the whole object that ensures the certain vertex on the grid. In addition, VHE-style snapping to grid during movement of the selection was added.
* Texture Repeats: added special mode to draw borders of repeating (tiling) textures in a 3D-View.
* New Curve Types: now it is possible to create for Quake3 such primitives as Exact Cone, Exact Cylinder, Exact Sphere - correct round variants of cones, columns and spheres.
* Additional Instruments: ability to connect logically two entities using their target and targetname fields using Ctrl+K, separate tie to entities function. Upon automatic creation of the default room, the editor now can paint invisible faces with NULL or caulk texture. Improved Paste function - now it preserves an original third coordinate in a 2D-view.
* Multilingual Support: switch to your native language when using the editor! Now there is no need to consult a dictionary to find out what either menu command does, or to understand a reason for an error. Presently there are English, Russian and Ukrainian languages supported. Languages can even be switched dynamically without restarting the editor.
* Lots of improvements: the new version traditionally contains lots of bugfixes and improvements in comparison with the previous release. The editor became much more stable and functional, and now it is a beta. Please view a changelog for the details.

This version supports Quake, Quake II, Quake III, Half-Life, Gunman Chronicles and their modifications.
Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux.
Supported architectures: x86 (32-bit), amd64 (64-bit).

Web page
Feature list
Changelog of version 1.1.855


Again, thanks for the feedback, some features were added because of your requests.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Q1SP - "Monster Training Facility"
Small simple map which parodies Portal and The Stanley Parable.
Don't expect serious Q1 experience - all ideas that seemed too goofy for other maps, went here.
Save often!



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