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Remix, Remake And Something Else At ..::LvL
A strange mix of three at ..::LvL. sst13 has released a "Matrix" version of Q3DM6. Technically it is very impressive, gameplay is a little annoying. And we have a remake of ztn's Painkiller.

* Time To Kill The Pain by Obsessed
* The Campgrounds - Matrix Edition by sst13
* Desalination by AKUTA

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, ..::LvL is now only delivered over HTTPS / SSL / TLS (what ever you want to call it). This is due to the contemporary browsers complaining about the non encrypted HTTP version. All old links will still work, they will simply be redirected to the matching HTTPS version.
Quoth Mini-Episode: Rune Of Blood
Start map, two small maps, final arena. By "MJB".
DOOM2 SP: Withering Graves
Small level (roughly 10 mins) taking place within an old graveyard and mausoleum. Pay respects to the dead by laying them back to rest once more and tend to its grounds by clearing out all vermin making their new home here.

Screenshot Doomworld Thread
Download Withering Graves

Limit-Removing engine required
(ex: Either, ZDoom/QZDoom/Eternity/PrBoom+ etc)
New Mod / Mini-game "The Mansion"
Well,I'm not sure if this thing should be posted here but anyway.It isn't exactly Quake.

Nahuel and Josef(Nahuel is well known on
made a mod in 2 days for the linux jam.
It's called "The Mansion 182" and it is in v1.83 currently,with 1.83 being a menu patch.

Made with Darkplaces Engine.

(or: )

(or: )

More info:
New Q1SP: "Curse Of The Golden Skull Key" By Naitelveni
Poster [instead of screenshot]:

Map Download [also including poster]:
[Requires Quakespasm, not Fitzquake]

The map is an ID1 map and my first solo release. I was influenced by the original maps in quake. The diffuclty is very hard and at times punishing of mistakes. It takes me around 10-15 minutes to finish the map.

Build time was about 8 days with 2 days of bug fixes, balaning and tweaking. The poster took me 2 days. About, 10 hours of work.

THank you: Ionous and Khreathor for beta testing, Vondur for helping me with triggering. and the mapping help community here at func.

Thank you for playing, Good luck and have fun!

Edit: Screenies!
New Search Feature!
Since this feature may generate lots of discussion I figured i'd make a thread about it. You'll notice a new "search" link into the menu up top. Try it! And leave any questions, comments, or bug reports here.
New Q1SP: "Well Of Lost Souls" By MissBubbles
MissBubbles (author of "Unholy Ossuary") has released an Episode 4-themed map called "Well of Lost Souls".

QuakeOne forum post with screenshots

New Q1SP: SurveylLance ZtateMent
This map is brought to you by hexcalk, now with crazy advertisement ripoff statements such as "lightning gun not included" and much more! Well, yeah, something like that, but the map surveylLance ztateMent focuses on a detailed aesthetic built upon sock's tp-industrial texture wad, which was used in his concept map "The Bridge Crane". I put in over 1 month of effort into this novelty, and as a result (coupled with beta-testing), it's a marvel of interesting artworks.

Beside that, the gameplay gets harder than preceding hc maps. Ammo and health are now barely enough to catch up with the most intensity, though it's not too scarce. Enemy/monster encounters are more varied because the map is more dynamic than hc1, and thus the average amount of enemies you see per room is denser; some of it's tight-quarters, and some of it's otherwise. Also, the lighting got more varied and darker.

surveylLance comes in two flavors, one grey ceiling-oriented, and one yellow ceiling-oriented. By the way, I didn't take a screenshot of this level since it was too hard to do so with the still-visible corpses and hordes.


"I inaccurately denied that I did a screenshot, for that I did several of them for hc3.

I just took this one recently in response to your needs for the screenshot."

Screenshot link:

Quaketastic download:
surveylLance ztateMent yelow:
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