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New Q1SP: Thunderbolt Proving Grounds I By Qmaster
Who wants more green metal theme?

If so, you are in for a treat. This was my 2nd attempt at a lightning gun focused level. Partly inspired by Zerstorer. This is about the same length as a typical ID level.

Screenshot 1: tbg1_01
Screenshot 1: tbg1_02
Direct Download:
New(Old) Q1SP Levels By Qmaster: Ire And Abbeys And Others
I'm starting to go through my old old levels and post them for everyone to enjoy...or hate, whichever. Have fun with these clearly poorly made maps from my olden days!

Ire and Abbeys - based on an old Scottish castle/cathedral I saw a picture of in a magazine. Little arena with horde combat and non-linear progression. A wall opens up at the end with an exit teleporter but it is poorly advertised.
Screenshot: scot2_01

Shrine of The Fiends - Possibly my first level ever. Lots of fiends in dark e4 cramped rooms based on the Elder God Shrine. Not much else. Kinda crappy really, but here tis.
Screenshot: sotf1_01

Stalwart Stone - Originally made for a mod I was making for my little cousin that was violence-free where you collected rings and solved puzzles (was going to be called Tower of Whispering Gold, yes lame I know. Heck I even redid the HUD to get rid of ranger's face and made Quad damage a speed powerup.). I added enemies to it and am releasing it.
Screenshot: rin1m1_01
New Q1SP-Hipnotic: Return To Limbo - I
Originally made in 2013, I've repackaged this map for release. It's short, somewhat cramped, and very oldschool. This was my first foray into lightning-gun and coop focused gameplay, however I scrapped the coop only features in favor of making the map playable for everyone. Originally was going to be part of a trilogy of sorts but that will never happen now. Enjoy!

NOTE: This map requires Mission Pack 1 (Hipnotic) to be installed or a mod that supports gremlins, centroids, and rotation.

Screenshot 1: limbo2_01
Screenshot 2: limbo2_02
Screenshot 3: limbo2_03
Direct download: quaketastic/single_player/maps/
D2SP: Tainted Waters
The first DOOM 2 map from our own scar3crow.

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
New Q1SP: Wenl Mine (megad2lvl3)
Tested in Quakespasm, please use that. Fitzquake should play mostly fine, but may have some items falling through plats in one place? (Not gonna mess with that any longer.)

Please record demos and send them to me or post them here. I wanna see you play!

- my first map for Quake
- 266 monsters
- 30-45min
- ~25 secrets
- Medieval/Rune
- this is a remake of Descent 2 level 3
- In D2 you destroy the reactor and then have 30secs to find the exit. In Q I don't see a good way of signaling this, so no timelimit. If you've got any ideas... Anyways, if you see the exit, take a note where it is. You might need to return there.

- easy should allow for some exploration-style play
- normal is hard but not evil
- hard /is/ evil and very hard, but the way it's supposed to play.

Advice for skill 2
- generally, Descent requires you to take deliberate decisions more
- resource management is something you should think about (some more) in this map
- choose weapons wisely, a shambler might lurk behind the next corner
- use gl/rockets
- use nails for enemies that need nails
- be careful with when you use sg vs ssg
- don't pick up stuff you don't need yet
- plan where you are going and what it will do to your ammo
- if you're low on anything, you can always hunt for secrets, which
there are plenty of
- secrets can be behind walls that you either need to shoot or just walk through (this is a hommage to Descent also)
- some secrets require more backtracking than you are used to in Quake
- never flee to front, will just aggro more enemies
- if you're low on health, don't put yourself in too defensive situations that are a disadvantage

Thanks so much to onetruepurple, Daz, mfx, distrans, khreathor and Vigil for testing and advice! Also, so much help in #terrafusion. Would be a much worse map without you guys.


"New" Q2SP: Citadel V3.0 Released
Hello everyone, long time no see. Some of you may remember Citadel, a Quake II unit that I released in 2007 (version 2.0 came out in 2009). Two years ago, having noticed that my levelpack had disappeared from the web, I decided to bring it back to life, but this is more than a re-release. Citadel 3.0 contains two more maps than the previous version, bringing the total to nine (eight regular levels and a secret level). All the old maps have been revised and re-compiled, with more or less evident changes in visuals, layout and gameplay. For those of you who have never played it, Citadel is an old-style unit featuring a wide range of entities from Ground Zero, The Reckoning, Zaero and Lazarus, along with completely new entities. I hope you will enjoy this levelpack, comments will be most welcome.

Download Citadel for Quake II (31 MB)


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Citadel is not compatible with Knightmare, because it contains special entities that are not recognized by the custom engine. If you play Citadel under Knightmare the game will apparently work, but at some point you will end up stuck since critical entities are missing. If you have Knightmare installed on your computer you can still play Citadel: carefully read the instructions on how to setup the game in the correct way.
New Q1SP: The Contract
A map by Serge Jaeken whose mapping skills obviously outweigh his "submitting func_ news items" skills:

Hope you enjoy!
New Q1SP "Simplistic Evil"
Hey guys. I've toyed around with Quake mapping for a while but never actually started and finished a map until today. I made this map over the course of a few weeks, and balanced it for about a week. Let me know what yall think, and thanks!


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