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Simple Quake Launcher 2
SQL2 is a simple ZDL-inspired map/mod/demo launcher for Quake, Quake 2, Hexen 2 and Half-Life.

Obligatorial Screenshot

- Small and easy to use.
- Detects maps and demos in folders, .pak and .pk3 files.
- Displays map titles ("message" worldspawn key).
- Can launch demos (displays map titles for them as well).
- Can create shortcuts to play the game using currently selected options.
- Can run a random map at random skill.

Extract SQLauncher2.exe into your Quake / Quake 2 / Hexen 2 / Half-Life directory.

.net Framework 4.5

The older, WinXP-compartible iteration of this project can be found here.

New Q1SP: The End Of Solace
Inspired by E1M3 and started way back in late 2015, this is technically my first solo single player release.

Since starting "The End of Solace" I have contributed to RetroJam 6, MapJam 9 and sm179 but I finally decided to finish this one. I'm pleased with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it!

11 Secrets / monster counts are:

Skill 0: 82
Skill 1: 93
Skill 2: 101

Coop is supported but not tested.

[Includes bonus screenshot you've probably seen above]

Tested with Quakespasm, Darkplaces, Mark V, FTE and others.
NEW Q1 SP : Enter Sleepgate
Based on the sleepgate, rather than a slipgate, send your physical being into the world of dreams nightmares, a slight spin on the slipgate tech. Infiltrate the base and gain access to the sleepgate. Great medium sized snake map (paths cross all over each other.)

Requires QUOTH!

100 Monsters
6 Secrets


Final Vis passes complete, tweaked AO, sunlight, added some phong
New Q1SP (AD): Paradise Sickness
A new adventure for Arcane Dimensions:

"Somewhere far in the eastern desert an ancient necropolis has been uncovered. Now a shadowy organization has begun excavating the site and seeks to control its secrets. Your investigations have revealed that something unimaginable may lie hidden in these ruins, and so you strike out to uncover the truth. Can you solve the riddle of the Sphinx? Are you worthy to find Paradise?..."

This map is for Arcane Dimensions. Ideally you will have the latest version available on Quaddicted already installed. Extract the .zip file into your Quake/ad (Arcane Dimensions) directory. You MUST keep the file structure intact. The map will crash if the models are not installed in the correct folders. After installation, launch AD and choose your skill. Type map ad_paradise in the console and your journey begins...

This map supports Quakespasm v0.92.1, Mark V v1.0, and Darkplaces (2014/05/13 build). Newer builds are untested. Darkplaces users MUST turn off RT World lights. The map can also be played in Quakespasm Spiked.

I want to give thanks to my testers Lane Powell, Ionous, and Negke for invaluable advice and bug finding. Also I have received amazing technical help from EricW and Spike on lighting matters. Also thaks to Sock and the AD team, and all of func_msgboard.

PLEASE see the readme.txt for the map story, credits, secrets and more.



Q1SP Mod BETA - Keep, Aka The Uber Mod V0.20
Combines features from AD, Quoth, Mission Packs 1 & 2, Kinn, and so much more!

Enjoy 19 weapons, 9 ammo types, 68+ enemies (and alternates), 17 traps, and more! 392 entities and counting!

Download (through Google Drive, 193MB):

Note: File too large to host on Quaketastic. If you have trouble downloading the link, let me know.

Fore Feature requests and latest updates please ask in the devblog thread here: Keep Devblog
Ter Shibboleth - A New Quake Episode
Presenting a new Quake custom episode, Ter Shibboleth. You will traverse through new environments including a tropical hotel resort, a far east structure nestled on the edge of a cliff, and a western mining town. Each map is designed to be as non-linear as possible, so don't be afraid to explore and take different routes as you progress. While each map can be played with a shotgun start, the episode was designed to be played from start to finish. Saving periodically is encouraged, you will face hard encounters.

This episode MUST be played with the customized Quakespasm engine that was included in the release of ad_sepulcher (Quakespasm 0.92.2-qss-r7-admod). It has been included in this .zip as well for convienience. Any other engine has not been tested and probably will not work as intended. The next official Quakespasm release will be version 0.93.0, and will have the ability to run these maps without issue, so you have the option of using that instead once it is out.

While also stated in the readme, I will repeat it here because it is important.
sv_protocol 999 must be used at all times. Likewise, gl_farclip must be set to 100000 or higher. Quake's soundtrack is also recommended. All skill settings are available. You will more than likely encounter framerate drops when looking at far distant scenery. I only hope it will not hinder your experience when playing.

Map sources and texture wads used are included in the .zip for your convienience.

Demos are always appreciated, but not mandatory.

I give great special thanks to EricW for assisting me along the way with this episode, for if it were not for his expertise and development tools these maps simply would not exist.

Please enjoy the episode and be sure to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you!
Q1SP: Egyptian Thing
A medium-sized Egyptian pyramid level with mostly casual gameplay and dark shadows.

Orginally started for Retro Jam 6, but as usual I didn't finish within the deadline so it's released slightly later. Kind of screwed up and hit several limits which caused further delays and explains a lack of features or details in certain places. Eventually I grew sick of it, admitted defeat, and just released it, so now there are some ugly workarounds to make it work on old ports (check the Readme for instructions).

Best to just use a port with increased limits like Quakespasm, though. Darkplaces is NOT recommended due to massive lighting glitches!

Not much "retro", after all, but whatever.

Id only, does not work with -quoth -hipnotic -yourmum or whatever.

Long Time Between ..::LvL Updates
Been a while but here is a ..::LvL update. This bunch of four clears the current map queue. In the last 17+ years, that is a first for ..::LvL.

* Running Man by AKUTA
* Lighttower and Lighttower_V2 by Martinus
* Nijoo CTF Base by Gazerbeam
* Water001 by Zangief

Videos and panoramas for all.

No idea when the next update will be. Hopefully a few maps will be submitted soon.
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