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RTCW: The Fortress 2 - Version 1.1.
The final version of my SP levelpack.
More info and Download here:
RTCW: Dark Matters
A new SP levelpack made by Yo$hik and Shurr.
Info and Download:
RetroJam3DLC Released
At last, the long awaited RetroJam3DLC is finally here! The pack contains three devilish Runic/Vertical maps by Ionous, negke and skacky, as a continuation of RetroJam3's theme.

retrojam3dlc_ionous requires Quakespasm or other BSP2 supporting engine.

¤ Download ¤
¤ Screenshot ¤
Inside3D Moved To
Inside3D, long running quake modding site, has moved to a new domain. All of the forum posts from the old domain have been migrated and the old user accounts still work on the new forum.

FrikaC writes: InsideQC, for all intents and purposes, is Inside3D. We have decided to change the name. Atomic Gamer, the company responsible for hosting Inside3D, recently announced it is shutting down at the end of this month. They currently own the domain name. We may gain access to that domain name after all is said and done, but for the time being we’re here at
Jackhammer 1.1.700 Public Beta Is Out
Hi all!
Yes, now we're in beta status, which means lots of bugfixes and improvements were done. ^^

New version highlights:

* Archive Support: Jackhammer can load models and sprites from game archives (PAK, PK3). This is useful if you open other's map which uses models, and your game resources are not unpacked.
* Compiling in Editor: now it is much more convenient to compile maps in the editor, because the compile process doesn't block it. You can continue editing the map while the long compilation takes place. You can also terminate it at any time simply by closing the Process Window.
* Improved Decal Rendition: you can preview Half-Life decals (colors and transparency) in the 3D-View just the same as in the game.
* New Texture Application Modes: "NULL to Selected" (applying NULL or caulk texture to selection), "NULL to Unselected" (same as the previous mode, but texture is applied to the other brush faces; handy fast removal of backfaces), "Apply (texture + values + axes)" (copying texture axes information, simplifying texture application to complex objects and landscapes, especially when combined with "Align to View" mode).
* Automatic Selection in 3D: you can select multiple objects by pressing mouse button in 3D-View and then dragging a cursor. This mode is convenient for quick selection of lots of nearby objects (e.g. landscape brushes), when clicking can become annoying.
* Model View: you can specify an external model viewer (e.g. HLMV) and open any model simply by a context menu command. Also it is now possible to reload a model from disk without restarting the editor.
* Update Check: the editor can automatically check for new version available and notify you, so you can immediately download and install the update.
* Lots of improvements: the new version traditionally contains lots of bugfixes and improvements in comparison with the previous release. The editor became much more stable and functional, and now it is a beta. Please view a changelog for the details.

This version supports Quake, Quake II, Quake III, Half-Life, Gunman Chronicles and their modifications.
Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux.
Supported architectures: x86 (32-bit), amd64 (64-bit).

Web page
Feature list
Changelog of version 1.1.700


Thanks for the feedback, some features were added because of your requests. Hope you enjoy Jackhammer, I've put much effort to it.
Tyrutils-ericw V0.15.1
Hey, I got around to setting up a website for my branch of tyrutils: (complete with lots of screenshots of different settings of AO, sunlight, etc!)
and making an "official" release of it.

Nothing major changed compared with the last snapshot (may 1st), but a couple new things:

* .lux file support from Spike, for deluxemapping
* gamma control with -gamma flag and "_gamma" key
* rename -dirty flag to -dirt for consistency
* fence texture tracing is now opt-in only with the "-fence" flag.
* light should run a bit faster

This doesn't have lit2. Not sure what to do with that, tbh.

If there's a demand for it, I was thinking I could make a tool that upscales all textures in a wad by 2x or 4x, and adds a "-2x"/"-4x" suffix to the names. You could then manually get the higher-res lightmap on certain faces by applying the upscaled texture, and lowering the texture scale to 0.5 or 0.25 in your editor.

The only real disadvantage of this hacky method over lit2 is more face subdivision by qbsp. This isn't great, but it shouldn't be an issue if the hack is used sparingly (and bsp2 can be used if needed for higher face/vert limits.)

Anyway, enjoy, I hope this is pretty bug-free.
June At ..::LvL And A Bonus
Another 4 at ..::LvL. If nothing else, grab Endurance by flipout and set aside some time to enjoy it. This is a great release.

* Endurance by flipout
* The Heinous Place by AndehX
* Deck 2k7 by r3x.theCat
* Block by r3x.theCat

Videos for the first 3 and panoramas for all.

I don't normally share much of my non-gaming life, however I've put together a short video for my 1953 BSA B31 (that's a motorbike) if people are interested.
OBJ-2-MAP V1.1
So I added a few new features to my OBJ-2-MAP utility and put together a small web page explaining how to use it.

This is a utility that can take OBJ files exported from any modeling app and convert the geometry inside into Quake brushes.

Have at it! I think everything will work.

[edit: updated url]
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