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Q1SP: Shamsp1 "Crown Of Thorns"
First map, first time trying an editor, 20 years overdue.

Canyons and blue castle and spikes. Fairly mundane 2D layout but should feature a distinctive style and some fun gameplay encounters - best played methodically rather than gung-ho. Skill settings included. Fish counter bug also included.

(Skybox included, goes in id1\gfx\env)

Quake Mapping Discord
In case anybody missed the announcement video, dumptruck_ds (Trenchbroom mapping tutorial creator extraordinaire) has set up a dedicated Quake Mapping Discord:

I needed a place to drive my YouTube audience that's more "on topic" than the TrenchBroom Discord and not as "freestyle" as terrafusion. So this space will be more focused on learning/improving than other Discord channels.

Click HERE to join the server.
SM185 - 1024 Units
super impromptu speedmapping session hosted by myself on terrafusion Discord.

Not expecting any bites, I posted ad_mountain.wad and Bals DM4 trim wad with a (loose) 1024 unit limit on the 3rd. Got some bites though, so we let it run through the holiday into the 5th.

Final tally of 6 maps:

- jcr
- artistical
- onetruepurple
- draqu
- muk
- wwwwww

Sm184 Mayan Jam Release
Four cool Mayan themed maps from Artistical, Breezeep, JCR and Shambler aka trollgke

Have fun!
New Q1SP (AD): Grendels' Blade
Sock just released a new AD map on twitter. Thanks to Tribal for the tip!

Screenshots, download, and more info.

NOTE: This map requires Arcane Dimensions v1.7 AND Patch 1. Parts of the map will be broken if patch 1 is not installed. Get them here.
Quake-Tools Binaries
Joshua "Skelly" Skelton has kindly made his (command line only) Quake-Tools available for download here:

*pak: Add files to a PAK file.
*unpak: Extract files from a PAK file.
*wad: Add file to a WAD file.
*unwad: Extract files from a WAD file.
*bsp2wad: Create a WAD file from a BSP file.
*qmount: Mount a PAK file as a drive.

He has some Blender-related tools cooking too and will probably release those with some prodding from interested parties.
Q1SP: Zombie Jam 2
Author(s) : Giftmacher, Muk, Scar3crow, Sock, Zombie
Description : Lifts and Zombies and 20ish monsters
Conditions : All maps created in 3-8hrs (one speed session only)

Screenshot composite

Quake 100 Brush Competition, Version 4.0, Released
The fourth iteration of the 100 Brush Competition has been unleashed. Nineteen Quoth maps to whet your single player Quake appetite. Congratulations to WW on his glorious victory.

Download it here:

Composite screenshot:
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