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That Time Again At ..::LvL
It is that time again, an ..::LvL update of 3 maps. Obsessed's second remix of The Vomitorium is well worth checking out.

* The Vomitorium (v2) by Obsessed
* Rustarium by Scorn
* toxicmetal by Scorn

Videos and panoramas for all. Enjoy!
Quoth 2.2 Single Player Map Timed To Music

This is like an arena map with events timed to the music, although i would say the focus is more on the music than anything else. And I wouldnt blame you if you said this was a joke map.

Proceed at your own risk:

Screenshots to give you a TASTE of what is to COME:
I didnt put a lot of screenshots because it would spoil the EXPERIENCE.

If you are gonna play this map take this into account:
*Dont pause the game in any way while you are in the map, this desyncs events timed to the music.
*Dont quickload a save of the map, You have to always start on the begining of it, as the music will also start from the begining too.
*This map ONLY AND EXCLUSIVE WORKS WITH Quoth 2.2. If it isnt played in quoth, the map breaks(This goes to "a moron of epic level that i will not name, but you probably know who I am talking about")
*If you cant get the music to work...get it to work
*This map contains flashing lights so look out for that.
*This is more of a recomendation but turn the music up before playing it.
Func Map Jam X Released
Quake Map Jam X: Insomnia is here. Fourteen nightmarish maps based on CZG’s classic episode.

Participants include:
Artistical, Bloodshot, Fairweather, Ionous, KalebClark, JCR, Mafon, Mazu, Naitelveni, NewHouse, Pinchy Skree, Strangework, Ukko and Yoder

Teaser poster here:

Download it here:

Or indeed here:
SM196: Quick Honey
8 speedmaps done over the weekend, in style of czg's Honey maps (and Map Jam 1 maps).

Poster Combo

Map Authors:
-Yoder (Mclogenog)

The Lost Tomb Released!
Hey all -

I posted this over in Screenshots & Betas but was told by Mr. dumptruck that I should do a News post to make it legit. My first map (The Lost Tomb) after being away for 20 years is ready to go. I've posted it to Quaketastic:

Here are a handful of shots:

Hope you dig it!
SM195: Gotta Go Fast
7 speedy maps from 7 speedy level designers made in the span of 24 hours!

Screenshot preview


- Artistical
- Fairweather
- Ing-ing
- Pinchy
- Sankyou
- Yoder
- Zungryware

Download: Zip
Sean's Better Quality Sounds For Quake
Are you a fan of the original sound design of Quake, but tired of the sounds sounding like they are coming from a telephone? Well, that fatigue is about to fade because I remastered all the sounds from Quake 1 as well as the two official mission packs. Download it today. I assure you that you will never want to go back to playing Quake the old way again.
ADSP: AD_Shamsp5 - Symphony Of Steel
Warm your Quaking appendage up for the imminent JamX with this palatably small, curvily detailed cyber-gothic map using stecki's decon.wad. Gameplay is designed to be thoughtful but not brutal, and secrets can be savoured.



Thanks to the following people for their moral support when I showed some editor shots:

[19:45] onetruepurple: the fuck is wrong with you man

[21:15] Bal: why you do this

[19:56] skacky: what the hell

[20:25] Spud: i am terrified nonetheless

[20:32] Vondur: this looks fucking scary

[11:38] Kinn: @Shambler - explain this....thing....


Update: Bonus DLC content:

Update: Walkthrough and design stuff:
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