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..::LvL Update - 3 From Same Author
Three more maps at ..::LvL. All are from the same author and are enjoyable. If you are short for time, just grab BLUESTARS.

* BLUESTARS by JonnYReds
* EGYZIANA 2 by JonnYReds

Videos and panoramas for all.
Halloween Jam 2 Is Out!
The Second Quake Halloween Jam is here!

With 14 maps by Artistical, Burnham, CaptainCam, Chedap, Chris Holden, Comrade Beep, Greenwood, Here, JCR, Kayne, MortalMaxx, Pinchy, Thulsa, Yoder, and a start map by NewHouse!

Google drive
(sorry no Quaketastic link, the zip is too big with Halloween treats!)


Happy Halloween!
Q1SP: SM203: 99 Brushes Or Less
6 limited brush maps, utilizing the Copper mod.

Featuring maps by:
Artistical • Elithium • Fairweather • Greenwood • MortalMaxx

Quake+ Weapon Rebalancing Mod
Inspired by Copper Quake, I decided to make my own "Vanilla+" mod for the game. I was very discontent with how the Shotgun was the "jack of all trades" weapon for nearly every situation, and so, I decided to nerf how much ammo you can get from ammo boxes, big or small.

By nerfing the Shotguns, I believe that the Nailgun will shine even more when facing groups of enemies. Now, small ammo boxes give 50 nails instead of 25, and big ammo boxes give 100 nails instead of 50. The Nailgun's base damage has also been increased from 9 to 12. To put this into perspective, I believe it takes 3 nails to put down a Soldier instead of the usual 4. To wrap this all up, Soldiers' backpacks drop both 5 shells and 10 nails.

Hopefully this will solve the much troubled Nailgun, as I've always felt the normal Nailgun was terrible because of its low damage and the fact that I never had enough ammo for it. Now, you should always have full ammo for both your Shotgun and your Nailgun for every situation you might encounter.

Please let me know what you think and do not hesitate in posting your suggestions for future updates about other weapons or items.

Download link:
ADSP: Adrift
This is my first released map for Quake, an abstract blue void level for Arcane Dimensions. I know I cant deliver anything close to the scale/polish of the stock AD maps, but I like its expanded bestiary and scripting possibilities. So I made a fairly straightforward & small-scale but hopefully still enjoyable map. 106 enemies on skill 2.
Uses textures from Heretic 2's Cloudhub set, as well as a few extras. Texture wads and map source included if you're interested in such things.


Q1SP: Barbican Of Hell
After quite sometime of waiting for it to get uploaded to quaddicted, I think I'm going to release it here.

Small Q1 SP map that may be a bit too easy, but I think it's still worth a try. 40/43/47 monsters, 5 secrets. Has only been tested in Quakespasm, but should run in other modern engines too. The wpoly count and colored lighting may prevent it from running on older engines though, so be prepared. All needed info should be in the readme.

The map:

Only one Screenshot (I'll do more for my future maps, sorry for that).

P.S. I hope I haven't screwed anything up here haha, first time posting anything in this place.
Quake Speedmapping Pack 202: Recycled Garbage
Old, horrible levels remade and reborn into newer, possibly better versions.

Featuring 3 DM map from Cocerello, and 2 SP maps from Greenwood and Ionous.

Screenshot poster (courtesy of OTP):

UPDATE: high res poster

Download it here:
Fullbright Patches For Existing Maps
Hard to believe Quake is 23 with all that fullbright acne all over the place. And while I think some of you mapping folk should really know better by now, even that's not going to help the maps released during the dark age of GLQuake.

From what I can tell, no one else seems to have bothered in all these years, so I decided to step up and comb through 150-ish top maps on Quaddicted to produce fullbright "patches". I'll keep at it, but that seems like a reasonable starting point.

I'm also putting up some tools I've cobbled together to mostly automate the task. So now you can fix things yourself - even if you know nothing about scripts, mapping, modelling or texturing - in about 10 mouse clicks.


...hi btw
Reads a bit high-horsey for a first post, but eh...
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