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Q1compile - GUI For Compiling Quake 1 Maps
Hi everyone,

I wrote my own little map compiling GUI with some features I've always had an itch for:

- Saving and loading different configurations so you can quickly change between different setups or mods.
- Automatically compiling the map when you save in the editor, so you can just Alt+Tab to the tool, hit Ctrl+R and launch the map. This is completely optional.
- Saving/loading of presets for ericw's tools. So you can quickly toggle things like -fast or -extra4, etc... It comes with some built-in presets as well.

The tool is open-source and is MIT licensed, so please feel free to contribute with issues, feature requests or code.

Source code:

Download link:

I'll keep this thread updated for future releases.

Chotex Jam For Arcane Dimensions -- Released!
Quake map pack for the Arcane Dimensions mod using the new chotex texture wad. Nine levels (including start map) from Blaze, Chris Holden, FifthElephant, Greenwood, Ish, Omni, PoolboyQ, Pinchy, Quasiotter

AD SP: Retribution Revisited
My second Arcane Dimensions map is a remix of q3dm7: Temple of Retribution.

The story takes place in the years leading up to events of Quake 3. You are part of a team of rangers employed to identify suitable locations for the great tournament. After some searching, you come across a perfect arena, but unfortunately it's inhabited by a band of Quake's knights and their minions - you must clear them out if you want a chance of earning your commission!

Get it here:

Some screenshots:

Requires Arcane Dimensions 1.7:
Q1SP Ebon Fortress Remix
Spent some time over the weekend making e2m4remix in celebration of Quake's 24th Birthday. Based on the original map source by John Romero, this features small gameplay tweaks and a re-lit world thanks to ericw's tools. It's not a massive overhaul, but I had a blast doing it. I hope you enjoy this small birthday gift to the community! screenshots Uses progs_dump 1.1.2 and features custom music.
Copper 1.1 - The Coop Update
Copper Quake has been updated to version 1.1.

Changes were focused on refining Cooperative play, mainly a delayed respawning mechanic that makes death more dangerous, plus quality of life improvements to backpacks, weapons stay behavior, friendly fire and telefrag protection, and more. There are also tons of fixes for bugs, map compatibility problems, and errors in the .FGD, as well as a few further gameplay tweaks.

Underdark Overbright has also been updated with Coop-specific extra monsters, ammo, and other challenges, some of which scale with the number of players. Watch each other's backs.

Download Copper and UDOB 1.1

Full changelists are the readmes.

I've also (finally) finished the Copper Mapping Guide! If it's not in there, it's not implemented.
Quake Builder Director's Cut
Hello everyone, I've recently began an interview series on my Quake Builder youtube channel where I speak with mappers about works of theirs while playing them. While this isn't a new format by any stretch, I try to make it a bit more structured and make use of editing to keep pacing and maybe show other goodies. The most recent episode features Sock with his id1 version of Horde of Zendar:

The Horde of Zendar by Simon O'Callaghan

The previous episodes as of this post can be found here:
Deep Research & The Lima Project by Comrade Beep
Mana Vemputin by Smilecythe
A Saint Nobody Has Heard Of by Lunaran
The Black Reincarnation by JCR
Oxyblack Fortress by Heresy

I will update this thread as new releases come out.
Q1SP: Malvirta Station
A base space station, riddled with traps and ambushes.
"Infiltrate, exterminate, and evacuate!"

This is the vanilla version of my submission for SM209: Traps!
Due to its positive reception, I figured a vanilla version would be cool
for those who might wish to try it with Copper, Quake 1.5, or simply
play it old school :)


Hexen II SP: Shifting Sands
A medium-sized Egyptian-themed map for Hexen II. It uses the Shadows Of Chaos mod, which adds altfires, new enemies, and various bugfixes & balance tweaks. Compatible with base Hexen II and the expansion pack. Instructions & info can be found in the readme.
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