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New Q1SP: Organic Dissociation
Hey guys... I made a SP map.
It's fairly short. But does require a limit extending engine. I suggest quakespasm or markV.

Hope you all enjoy :)


Download Link:

Alternate download:
New Q1SP: The Citadel Of Sinners
Large metal-medieval castle with narrow corridors and small halls.

map name: The Citadel of Sinners
file name: xl2
author: xlarve
Monsters count (easy/nightmare): 193/220
[If there are other skill settings, xlarve isn't admitting to them...]
Secrets: 10

Map link:


Unzipe archive.
Put files in ...Quake 1ID1maps directory.
Launch Quake, type in console "map xl2".

Brushes count in map:
xl2 570
xl2m1 about 10400

Lights count (xl2m1): 1454
Worldtype: 1 (metal)
Sounds: 9
Building time: 2017-06-17 ... 2017-11-26.

Hope you enjoy this map!
Quake Upstart Mapping Project Released
After our Beta phase and some tinkering, we are ready to release!

QUMP is a project aimed at getting new people to map for quake. Many of the mappers in this project had never made a quake map before, or had only made a couple. There are also some very early/old maps by more established mappers.

Get QUMP Here:


10 New Maps included:
Beginning - Pritchard
Bloody Sun - Danzadan / NewHouse
Citadel of Suffering - Topher
Manchester's Leftovers - Daya
Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors - Naitelveni
Stygian Waterways - Vingal
Sunken Cathedral - HexenMapper
The Dog Prison - Kres
The Three Towers of Tremendous Terror and Turmoil - Brassbite
The Real /vr/ Experience - Spud

Start Map - Newhouse

Special thanks to NewHouse for all his help with this project.
Thanks also to everyone who helped with playtesting, support and feedback.

Hope you Enjoy!
Plus 4 At ..::LvL
Four maps by two authors have been added to ..::LvL. Can not blame these two authors for taking advantage of the low map queue volume. Both maps by fKd are well worth checking out.

* Electric Substation 30 by fKd
* Server Overload by fKd
* SonicBoil by ZaRR
* MoistBoil by ZaRR

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, I'm looking for contact details for g1zm0 / Mike Burbidge. If anyone has any details, please get in touch (don't post the details publicly please).
New Q1SP: Temple Of Azathoth By YukiRaven
A large-ish runic level by Doomworld user YukiRaven.

Well, that's one thing crossed off my bucket list... I finally finished my first Quake map, Temple of Azathoth. I mostly focused on learning the editor and tools, so it's not my most polished gameplay wise, nor my longest map ever, but it should still be pretty fun. My usual weird colored lighting was a lot more subdued as well, so this is something of a stylistic change from my last two Doom wads.

The map was designed with the Quakespasm engine in mind, so I'd recommend using it over any other engine. vkQuake should work perfectly fine as well. Darkplaces had weird lighting issue the last time I checked. Difficulty settings are in-place, and the map was designed to be played on hard.

To run this, move all of the tofaz.* files into the id1/maps folder (make the "maps" folder inside id1 if it doesn't exist), then start Quakespasm. Hit the tilde (~) key to bring up the console, then type "map tofaz" to start it. You can also use the "skill" command to set the desired skill level; just do it before using the "map tofaz" command. "skill" takes a number between 0 and 3, where "skill 0" is easy, and "skill 3" is nightmare.

Simple Quake Launcher 2
SQL2 is a simple ZDL-inspired map/mod/demo launcher for Quake, Quake 2, Hexen 2 and Half-Life.

Obligatorial Screenshot

- Small and easy to use.
- Detects maps and demos in folders, .pak and .pk3 files.
- Displays map titles ("message" worldspawn key).
- Can launch demos (displays map titles for them as well).
- Can create shortcuts to play the game using currently selected options.
- Can run a random map at random skill.

Extract SQLauncher2.exe into your Quake / Quake 2 / Hexen 2 / Half-Life directory.

.net Framework 4.5

The older, WinXP-compartible iteration of this project can be found here.

New Q1SP: The End Of Solace
Inspired by E1M3 and started way back in late 2015, this is technically my first solo single player release.

Since starting "The End of Solace" I have contributed to RetroJam 6, MapJam 9 and sm179 but I finally decided to finish this one. I'm pleased with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it!

11 Secrets / monster counts are:

Skill 0: 82
Skill 1: 93
Skill 2: 101

Coop is supported but not tested.

[Includes bonus screenshot you've probably seen above]

Tested with Quakespasm, Darkplaces, Mark V, FTE and others.
NEW Q1 SP : Enter Sleepgate
Based on the sleepgate, rather than a slipgate, send your physical being into the world of dreams nightmares, a slight spin on the slipgate tech. Infiltrate the base and gain access to the sleepgate. Great medium sized snake map (paths cross all over each other.)

Requires QUOTH!

100 Monsters
6 Secrets


Final Vis passes complete, tweaked AO, sunlight, added some phong
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