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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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I was going to build on of those :)

That is totally the speedmap theme. That. Vondur's Iceberg. 
I also would like to quote this for emphasis:

very sad! but fuck it in #terrafusion 99% of the talk is crap. 
days without abuse they thunder out of #irc and understood in general nicks their id.

I wonder what my nick's still nigging there, while my kitten died and I even ain't. 
i like the theme!!!

vondur russian iceberg!

if will be a speedmapping event on this theme count with me. 
didn't you quit? 
i never quit mapping...

i quit #tf this is for sure... got better things to do... in #tf 99% of chat is crap. 
99% Of Chat In #tf Was You Talking 
I wonder what my nick's still nigging there, while my kitten died and I even ain't.

I'm seriously thinking that madfox is a new age shakespeare. 
Everyone hates fucking ewoks. Same as binks 
Driver Issues 
Back from my trip and still opengl quake issues. what command do I need to enter to have fitzquake open in a window? 
use the SDL port of it SleepwalkR did. He is a clever fellow: 
And now go map! 
Von's Iceberg 
need ice textures plz hints? 
Reminds me of similar things in #tf a few years ago when somebody hated scampie. Metlslime should add something like 'do not bring #tf problems to func' to policy in faq page 
almost everybody hates scampie and czg :)

but scampie have improved in last years :p 
Don't congrat them please... they will stop to improve... it is always possible to do better you know :P 
Thanks - that seems to fix my problems temporarily. 
heheh this is so true JPL :) 
The 'qte' Thing 
So since it's impossible to adequately explain an idea in full in #tf, I'll do it here so no one thinks I'm done explaining an idea after I send a single message.

The idea was that in a survival horror game (Silent Hill in mind), to add to combat there could be a part where a monster tackles the player to the ground. The goal is to add to the tension of 'clunky' combat, without making the game Devil May Cry or God of War.

Now what happens is basically this: A monster knocks the player over and moves in for the kill. In the example I had, the camera would move down near the floor to better see action, and get in close. There could be different examples, cameras do different things, etc etc. This is just one example.

The player has now has the option of running away taken from him. He has to struggle to survive. The way I imagine it, it's an extension to combat, not a qte. The player can kick the monster off, block incoming attacks if he wants, hit the monster with his weapon, etc. It's not based on "press this button now or you die." You don't die in normal combat by pressing a button at a certain time, why would this be different?

If you can push the monster back far enough, you can regain your footing, where as the monster is dazed on the floor. Run away or try to capitalize before it gets back up as well.

If you choose to fight the monster, you can get it off balance by hitting, which will also damage it. If you hit with a heavy attack, it could become dazed (depending on if the monster is low on health, how big the monster is, etc.) During this time it will stop advancing on you, and you can either kick it back, switch weapons/use items (I assume if you're struggling on the ground you won't have time to switch weapons or use health packs, but that's open for debate) or keep on hitting it.

Now of course the monster is in the advantageous position. It wants to kill you, so it's trying to render you useless. Different monsters will have different struggle strategies. Some will probably try to pin your limbs down, others will just wait until you attack, then dodge your blow and strike from a different angle (no reason they have to be slow, lumbering monsters, they could be small annoying cockroach things) in which case what you do might have to change depending on the monster that's attacking you. If you normally just kick a monster off and it's too heavy to be pushed back, then maybe you should just try and daze it.

Likewise, which weapon you have equipped will affect how fast/heavy you can attack. Smaller weapons attack faster, but less chance to daze an attacker. So that also has an effect on the struggle.

Now maybe some monsters have soft spots, weak points, vulnerabilities. Maybe you want to risk a monster to get closer to you than further away so you can directly attack its weak points, dealing more damage or possibly outright killing it (jamming a knife into a monster's throat/heart/head, etc.) But if you fail/miss, then the monster is closer to killing you, and harder to get off.

Now fuck, just so people can argue against me that it's qte, I'll add in timing elements so you're not just pounding buttons as fast as you can.

Let's say if a monster is pretty aggressive and fast, it'll crawl all over you in no time, even if you're trying to daze it/kick it off. How about waiting until it attacks, then blocking at just the right time? Perhaps if you time it correctly, you can flip the monster over and regain your footing, or roll over on top of it and start bashing away with your lead pipe. Or maybe you can counter attack and kill it with a quick jab to the throat. (There goes those pesky weapons, affecting combat again! And if you have the wrong weapon out when the struggle begins, your tactics will be different of course.)

I *hope* I've explained how this is NOT qte, how it adds to normal survival-combat, how it's not just "press button as fast as possible", "press button at right time for quick kill", and adds more of a strategic element to combat more than anything else.

So really, the struggle aspect I was trying to talk about isn't "press button now" like most of you fuckers think it is. How unattractively narrow minded of most of you. You hear a new idea, and assume it's 'qte.' Oh, you can't escape from combat? QTE. Without even hearing an explanation, or even exploring the idea, you default to qte.

I suppose it's my mistake, though, for wanting to talk about taking things in a different direction and talk about game design in #tf. Second time I've tried talking about game design and been pwned by true gamers! Completely my fault. 
I Would 
map an iceberg cavern 
Just To... Yknow 
So Its True Then 
vondur does live in an iceberg. 
Vondur sounds more and more like the Lich King every day. 
you basically end up with a fighting game?

ps. also, i'm doomed, i knew what qte stands for :( 
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