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General Abuse
Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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It's spelled 'patronising' 
All people are not either black or white... do you see what I mean ?? People share information, are smart, are cool, when they want to...

Unfortunately, there are lots of morrons onto the internet, and sarcasms are over-used for sure, I agree with you on that point... It is human being to be "nasty" in general... and when people are furthermore stupid, it does not help...

However, you should not take all these sarcams as personal attacks.. I did the same mistake some years ago but afterall, why should you care ? Aren't you mapping for fun ? Are you waiting for any recognition by others here ? Come on, you'll never get that ! I personnaly just want people to have fun with my maps...

an even if Quake purists are always proud to piss off new people that joins the community, and also to drag your maps into mud because they don't like small details, it is just because they don't want newbie to walk on their grass... like primates they are pissing around their territory :P

In anyway, let them for what they are, and keep mapping please: We need more map and more commitment from mappers to make this community still existing... otherwise, we will stay here endlessly with dinosaurs that will not make Quake spirit evolve in anyway...

And now go map !! 
It is human being to be "nasty" in general...
It isn't. It's just that the internet is quite attracting to lonely, sad, non-social people.

Normally humans learn and socialise. Someone who constantly talks bad about others or the world in general is avoided by others. Now he either changes his behaviour or gets lonely (and probably even more bitter).

But on the internet there is always the illusion of having friends, an audience or whatever. So they never learn how bad such behaviour is even for themselves and continue being idiots. 
Give lun a break. He's a bit edgy at times but he's a good guy. If you write over the top, the points become easier to demonstrate.

And thanks Willem for your sincerity. Such is rare.

Sarcasm often sucks on the internet since it's so hard to read into it. Actually, a lot of sincere stuff is read as having insulting sarcasm.

All responsibility should not reside on the reader. "Don't take it seriously, it's only the internet" is not a solution for every problem with messaging here. 
And Spirit 
Right on. I have followed some blogs for years and the writing has deteriorated, getting more extreme and marginalized while the writer's personal life is going somewhat worse and worse.
(Not any people you know or related to func or tf in any way.)

Very much simplified, the temptation of not doing anything about it but just go and complain and lecture about something is a projection too...

That said, there ARE lots of things that are worth lecturing on, and criticizing vigorously, and I laud people speaking up their mind, 
Well, I was refering more to internet people than other people... but you have to admit that being nasty is the human being nature..; Otherwize there would not be any more war on Earth...
I'm just pointing up the fact that without having people face in front of you when reading a post, you never know whether it is serious, or not.. hence some confusions...
I think the main problem is more about respect than nastyness :P... though...
Oh, also, I was not targetting somebody in particular... so if some people are feeling hurted, I'm already sorry for this ;) 
make maps not war bitches!!!

ahhh and dont forget the speedmap event!!!

"Vondur home inside a iceberg" 
Lying here in the darkness
I hear the sirens wail
Somebody's going to emergency
Somebody's going to jail
Don't mind Lun, it's his time of the month.

The time of the month that Dave Matthews pees on him. 
Dear Willem (and Some Other Pplz Too) 
please stop missing the point 
Best Quote Ever 
"like primates they are pissing around their territory"

JPL is godlike, and this confirms it! I spilt my tea when I read that part :) 
yeah back to the topic and negative programming (warning broad brush generalizations included): gaming nowadays... nice graphics, quicktime events, cash from the unwashed masses, some marketing people think it's a great game.
I don't really know since I don't play any games.

Any Games 
meaning anything made after the nineties. 
Thanks... though..

What it a sarcasm ? :P 
Daz.. Errata... 
Typed too fast.... the question was: "Was it a sarcasm ?"...
I dhun't piz & still zah! 
And Madfox Swoops In To Save The Thread 
This thread was doomed long ago 
Should Never Have Been Started. 
Resurrect Scroll 
I found the discussion pretty entertaining. I hardly play any new games at all, but I find that often "making the game more user friendly" can equate to idiot proof/consolization of the controls/options. It pisses me off in a game when you can't do something that it seems like you should be able to do - like the developer is treating you like a retard and putting you in a limited playpen. I don't mean the developer not spending extra time/money developing options/content, I mean them deliberately LIMITING options.

It seems like it would be better, instead of having things split into normal gameplay and "QTE" ('Yes' (no, you fucking tard) LOL), it'd be better to develop a good set of controls for an alternate movement/play type, and then just use that periodically in the game since you have developed it, ie: develop a statue climbing system, then have plenty of statues, rather than have one big statue and then worry about the problem of climbing it. 
The Player Should Have 
more choices than one.
That's where it boils down to from a certain viewpoint.

QTE is the ultimate in reducing this to absurd minimum for gameplay.
That's why CIV3 gets boring after a while. You recognize the one optimum solution to most problems and there is maybe one or two big decisions per HOUR OF GAMEPLAY.
You realize soon it's just a chore. 
Is This News Worthy?

Doom Q1 Level D1E1M1RMX - Quake!

I haven't tried it yet. 
It's a very bland dm map.
If you are unlucky it might overwrite your track #2 in sound/cdtracks/
Some of the textures in the bsp have fullbrights.

Or did you mean the .tgz file extension you surely never saw before (but that 7-zip can magically unpack)? :P

It's a pretty nice rebuild of the map though. 
Yeah, It's Shit. 
Doom not shit.
Doom remake sometimes are pure shit... though... 
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