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Struck me the other day:

Why is mapping for Q1 so difficult beyond 1750 brushes?

Well, it's not like the old days where "room-corridor-room" design was the order of the day and intelligent horizontal placement of areas meant easy visual editing on any axis. The SP levels in progress that I've viewed recently have layouts that are so interconnected even vis grouping is problematic as a building assistance strategy. I'm not surprised that more SP levels aren't released, I usually have to spend half an hour "re-acquainting" myself with the architectural relationships involved in my current levels before I can put pointer to brush. If I'm not guaranteed at least three hours of uninterupted mapping at a stretch, I generally don't bother. 
MOH Problem 
Ok I've recently tried to re-install the game and cant do it. I get a severe error saying something about the reigstration number not being correct and halting the installation before anything is allowed (including typing the cd key in). It's only happened since I installed and then uninstalled the rather disappointing Spearhead expansion so I'm guessing it's linked.

A quick search around the web and MOH forums seems to indicate a conflict between rundll32.exe and Spearhead/MOH installs or MOH not uninstalling properly and needing registry editing to be completely removed. I've tried the solutions to both of those (including manually editing the registry and closing down anything requiring rundll32.exe) but to no avail.

So, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem or heard of it? 
Galactix Minimod 
Galactix is a lateral arcade-type overhead space shooter. Think of Raiden. You fly around picking up powerups and destroying enemies for points, in hopes of making the high score.

Visit the [url=]Galactix page[/url] on and check out the screenshots & description.

I plan to add more attack patterns and spiff up some graphics and such. For example, I'll be using a ship model from one of CheapAlert's mods for the player's ship. After I add some stuff and tweak, I'll add more screenshots.

Unfortunately, the screenshots don't show how fun the mod is. But that means, fortunately, the mod plays a lot better than it looks.

The mod is scheduled for release durring QExpo in June, 2003. See you there. 
That url for galactix is

Gotta get used to that... 
an overhead shooter mod for quake 1?

excellent! first one i know of... if you need another beta-tester i would be happy to help. 
E-mail Me 
static _ void @ hotmail . com 
Refer #215 
i know what ya mean...

on one map. it takes me half a minute just to find the place where i left off the day before! 
What about clayer? 
What Are The Living Q1sp Review Sites Nowadays? 
TeamShambler - Dead (for a while too)
Ethereal Hell - ?
Religion Quake - Was never living to begin with... what's the status on this guy?
Ten Four - Alive
Retro Quake - Dead
UWF's Site - Alive

are those right? am i missing any? 
Rorshach's New Textures 
not at the moment, but they are very nice looking ones. i am thinking about using them for something after i finish up some other stuff. 
clayer is not a quake mod, it's programmed from scratch. 
oh yes clayer, forgot that one.

necros, it would seem me and ten four are the sites doing active Q1 reviews at the moment.

I hope retroquake makes a comeback, i thought it was a good site. 
can you make large clear font instead of quake`s ? and some variety in backdrops 
Yea, what you're looking at is an ugly demo of the mod. There's no skybox yet but I'm open to any that would look good. Large clear font? I'm not any good at replacing the graphics in quakes wads, but if anyone has a pre-made font I'd be completely open to it. It would fit the theme better to have some tech type font or something.

BTW, here is the Starwars Dogfighting mod that was just put up. Its development is halted and it's got some crippling bugs but the screenshots are beautiful. . FrikaC and team should be proud. 
Extract the GFX/CONCHARS.LMP file from OUM. That's a relatively techy and clean typeface. 
Hey, Uh... 
where's Xenon's site? 
Has anyone played Unreal 2 yet? Gamespy only gave it a 76. 
I finished it a couple of hours ago. decent levels. some infuriating design decisions. a few bugs. probably manegement fuckups - my guess is they had a project lead who couldn't stop the feature-creep, hence the lack of polish.

The drakk levels were the worst. mostly due to bad texture-choices. 
is it as pretty as it looks in the screens (especially those gorgeous skins)? and how's the gameplay, all the reviews dont seem to like it too much but they dont hate it either? 
I'm a bit jaded. I personally get more excited about the aesthetics rather than the execution itself. ICO is a good example - it's not the prettiest game technically speaking, but the visual design comes together to make every single frame absolutely fucking beautiful.

The gameplay is your basic run of the mill stuff, with some defend-the-perimiter type missions thrown in to break up.

This is a solid buy for $20-$25, not so solid at full-price. 
I found the gameplay far too linear. The defense bits aren't particularly amazing, but they do at least give a little variety.

The boss combats suck (as ever).

The graphics are gorgeous although there are some bugs in places. Some amazing scenes (the very first scene, when you walk out of the general's command room and you're standing on top of a tower overlooking an entire island :)

I do think some amazing things could be done by the mapping community if they tried. 
guys, looks like I should wait till I upgrade then :)

wrath, what's ICO? 
The boss combats suck (as ever).

Indeed, why do developers persist and insist on these boring boss combats, all they can ever be is dodge, shoot (repeat until bored fuckless), i dont think i have ever enjoyed a boss combat, honestly. 
Kick Ass Computer VS Monitors 
That is exacltly the type of computer I wanna buy for this coming april. And I'll get that remote control for the DVD player. Now good question here; I bought the monitor PF795 Viewsonic Professional Series 2-3 years ago, it is a flatscreen monitor 19inches CRT and dot pich = .25 center, then .27 for corners. I went to a friend that had recently bought also a kickass computer and his monitor is a Samsung with .20 for dot pitch. Now I'm worry to have blur all what I will see with my new computer in april IF I keep my PF795? What should I do? 
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