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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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Quake 2 Action Figures 
Do you guys remember those?

I bought all four of them but never took them out of their packaging. They're stuck away in a closet somewhere collecting dust. 
Firing In Intermission 
Works best with the nailguns. Just another bug :) 
Q2 Action Figures 
I have a q2 grunt figured, with hyperblaster and rocket launcher, plus a shark.

out of package, lunaran set it to me, I think it used to be deco for his cube at raven 
You know how Facebook manages to fetch images and text when you put a URL in its text box? Does someone know if there are tools for that functionality outside Facebook? For a basic start it would be enough if it fetched the og: items, I guess identifying content on random websites without such tags is bloody hard. But just checking if there are og tagged items and fetching them sounds easy, yet I cannot find anything. Bonus points if it is a Wordpress plugin. :) :( :) 
Maybe this is close enough to be helpful? idk i google searched and randomly clicked things 
Mh Deleted His Blog? 
aww :[ 
yellow user 1: nah, I mean the snippet that appears when you post a link to your timeline or the thumbnail when it's an image. it makes sharing stuff with a bit of contact extremely easy.

yellow user 2: oh crap :( why!! I think his posts never got the attention they deserved, the recent renderer stuff was awesome. I rarely commented because blogspot/google is a pita. :(

and I was just working on a good blogspot mirror setup the other day... maybe I have older mirrors, I think I tested with his blog. 
Rescued all monthly pages from Google cache, now grabbing the images.

You can find pages by searching for then clicking the little triangle or 
Done, Good Night... 
If someone is eager to be awesome, rescue all the single posts that have comments. That's gonna be a lot of work though and Google bans after a while. 
I'll try to see if I can bulk download from the google cache and throw it on some ftp... 
google doesn't seem to carry older copies, and wayback archive stops at the end of last year for some reason. 
I think MH is just busy with real life. Which is actually a good thing.

I also think he became more and more interested in experimenting with Direct3D 11 and Quake became more of a means to that end than an end in itself. I don't blame him, I just hope he is happy.

It might be that he got pissed at all the people wanting DirectQ bugfixes and stuff from him, when he would rather do other things.

Best wishes MH, in the unlikely case you're reading this. 
already works pretty damned well IMO, I use it as my main engine.

I thought he'd finished with it ages ago to be honest. I wish other engines would incorporate the map browser and other features from DirectQ. 
Well, Good Luck To Him 
I know he's got a lot going on. Shame about the blog though. 
yeah, that blog was always really interesting to read. He was way beyond me in terms of rendering techniques. 
Experimenting With Youtube Video 
Does this look a little muddy? I used the in-game recording with FQ to make this video. I think the codec was xvid. 
Looks Ok To Me 
Maybe up the brightness a bit for recording though. 
Quake's blocky nature means there's not much detail lost even with low encoding quality.
I agree with the brightness thing though. Actually, I agree with that while playing too. 
Use gamma 0.7. Pixel textures require a higher bitrate than filtered ones but from the few pixels I could actually see in yours it seemed fine. I would highly recommend using H264 through x264 though, it is vastly superior to XviD. can give you some ideas but make sure to read through it all as it is more of a diary than a guide.

I simply use ffmpeg -i "$1" -acodec libmp3lame -ab 192k -vcodec libx264 -preset slow "$1.mkv" for 1280x720 captures and the quality seems good.

Capturing in full quality in-game and encoding it later on is best.

Alternatively to trying to figure out how to capture with Fitz, maybe just wait until christmas for something special :) 
That helps. I have ffmpeg but I had no idea howto configure it 
The bit rate on the actual movie file seems much higher but it becomes muddy when its on YouTube 
Because Youtube 
re-encodes everything you send it to arse crack quality :P Seriously I think their 720p bitrate is around 700k.

generally you will see better results the higher bitrate you give to youtube, but loss is unavoidable unfortunately :( 
Yeah the YouTube encoding is really not kind to a pixelated scene where the whole view is constantly moving. 
I thought the quality I got at the quaddicted channel is quite good?

Remember that if you don't need the "social" aspects of yt, is also there for you. 
Vimeo Ftw! 
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