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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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Spiney has supplied a lot of content for various things actually, just not on stuff that's been released yet.

OTP provides some very good playtesting, to quite a few different mappers - I tend to incorporate more than half of what he suggests.

If we measure people's worth to the community by their involvement with it then we eliminate the entire player base and then the rest of us won't be far behind.


I'd like to see QExpo 2014!


Cheers Willem. 
Qexpo Sounds Neat 
though I doubt I'd have much to show for it. I'm mapping at an incredibly slow rate... 
I Measure People... the quality of their nonconstructive dramatic internet bullshit. 
Frankly, Shambler 
I don't give a damn <exits> 
Is This Really Necessary? 
You don't map, you barely comment on any maps, and if you do, it's never in a way that is meaningful to the author at all. The only thing you seem to post is empty tech talk and "ironic" crap straight from Reddit.

Is there any reason of you coming here, other than trying to piss us off? Cause you're not doing a very good job at that either.

OTP, This is just rude, you would never say this to someone's face, so why lash out at someone online! It never ceases to amaze me how this (func) community loves to turn on each other when they simply don't agree on something. 
No, YOU'RE wrong! 
Fucking BACON!!!! 
Fucking, Bacon 
I think of the people on here are paranoid and may have emotional problems. Some may rely too heavily on the use of intoxicants, too.

Ahem. I meant that ironically.


PS: whether it's June or August, I really hope I can release my giant project then. PM is even more retired than me so I might end up needing someone to finish the last few Drake features that he hasn't gotten to yet, but hopefully it doesn't come to that. 
I'm Abused 
Madfox must create a twitter account

Still haven't heard anything from the doctor.
If I was a fool I would go straight ahead to the Tardis. There I would kill all Daleks for prohibbiting me to make a dr.who level for Quake. Then I would watch func_msg for some good quality critics abusing the engine with that nonsense. Of course I would dail the wrong number and return to a city with no phonecells. After all I would regret my intensions for being so confident, because nobody is waiting for that kind of selfpity.
Now I feel stupid for letting out my plans, because I had listen more to the Queen Of StoneRoses and Whatever You Do Don't Tell Anyone. 
For Chris Sakes 
Just make sure it's better than the Alien mod. 
DelToros SketchBook 
I think Del Toro sometimes overcooks his creature designs a bit, but I was still gutted when Mountains of Madness was canned. Seeing his Old Ones would have been worth the price of admission.

Also, we really need a cthulhu icon. Here's a nice cute one I found: 
<- Pigthulhu 
In His Sty At R'lyeh, Dead Pigthulhu Wallows Dreaming 
Oink Oink Pigthulhu Fhtagn 
Sndwhich Fhbacn! 
Breakfast classic of the outer spheres. 
I Second Tronyn's Giant Project. 
Ah'bthnk Pigthulu y'hah, btw. 
Not Dead 
but curing 
That is not fat which can eternal cure, yet with stranger eons, even bacon may fry 
Madfox, you're up! 
light of the sun takes 100.000 years to reach surface,
yet it's gone three times faster within a second.

Herp Derp 
can anyone shed any light on how you open the GL water secret and trapdoor above the exit room secret in IKSPQ2 thx! 
shoot the button 
The secret button, that is. 
poor swine 
GDC 2014 
Anyone going to gdc this year?

Would be awesome to meet some of you in person at last and shoot the shit, play games and party :)

I'll be in SF from the 15th to 25th, so if you want to meet up, let me know here or by email (andyp . 123 @ gmail . com) 
Arghhh... I Missed That. 
I am not really a game developer, nevertheless it could have been really interesting for me to attend.. If only my trip to San Diego have benn closer in time (I'll be in San Diego by 24th to 228th of March)... I could have spent some time going there... just for fun ;) 
Scientist Jokes... 
Hey guys, I have to render 4500 frames of ugly animation for a university project. If I would render only on my own machine, it would take 16 days. So while this is not a VIS job for a new Quake map, I am hoping for some people who would let their machines run overnight for some days for me.

It uses Blender so you would not have to install anything. You would have to download ~230MB of data from me. Blender is just about 100MB and you just unpack it, no installation needed!

Hardware needed:
- Either a fast CPU (i5 or better) or a

- nvidia card with CUDA level 2 or higher and more than 1GB of GPU RAM, here is a list:
A 560 works well (if you have the 2GB edition)

~4GB RAM I think

Some decent upstream bandwidth would be nice because you would need to upload ~5MB per frame back to me.

Detailed instructions, some small setup steps and more either in IRC or via mail.

Pretty please! 
The More The Merrier 
make me happy 
UE4 For 19$/m + 5% 
a Quake remake on Epic's technology would be the ultimate closure on the engine wars that started way back with Doom. Sweeney may not be a rocket scientist like Carmack but it looks like he's won this one, whether any such symbolic coup appears or not. 
My Quake Directory 
is 3 gig. This is crazy to think the normal install is only about 50mb or something. I'm pretty sure my first hard drive was 250mb! 
5.5 Here 
oh, 1.5 gigs was demos which are now deleted. 
Spirit this wasn't me bragging, I was just musing over how a 50mb game is taking so much space these days. Although I am curious as to how much data is on quaddicted 
Not Really Well Organised 
63M ./filebase/repacked
357M ./filebase/trash
2.9G ./filebase
119M ./files/advertisements
3.9G ./files/movies
5.7G ./files/engines
939M ./files/models
349M ./files/mods
280M ./files/misc
999G ./files/shamblersmom
1008M ./files/music
1.5G ./files/maps
689M ./files/commercial
20M ./files/demos
4.7G ./files/idgames2
1.2G ./files/temp
417M ./files/wads
856M ./files/tools
22G ./files
198M ./reviews/screenshots
68G ./webarchive 
Facebook Buys Occulus Rift 
it's either a great thing for Oculus Rift because they will have a huge network to back them up and great for Facebook will have an actual product to sell in what is potentially the next big market...

or it's absolutely awful news where Facebook shovels shit into it and destroys everything great about the Oculus Rift.

it will likely be a mix of the two. let's hope for more of the former than the latter. 
Backlash Already Started Maybe? 
Lollin at the fact Teh Carmack now works for facebook. Dunno why, just seems wrong. 
first spam I've seen in a while... maybe the first spam since google's Penguin update? 
It's The Metaverse Baby 
Didn't see that coming... 
"Minecraft on occulus cancelled - oh noes"

Yeah. Now I'll have to live with playing Minecraft on every other device in my life. 
People are probably concerned because Facebook has an utterly atrocious track record for supporting developers. (extreme hyperbole warning)

While nobody expects Facebook is going to just fire all the cool people and begin running things their way tomorrow, nobody expects the two entities to remain entirely isolated from each other either.

The real question behind it all: what can Oculus do now that they couldn't do without Facebook? Not Facebook's money, but Facebook as an organization. Surely they've had suitors making offers left and right, so what are the hard reasons they, as people who just want to make awesome VR goggles, would choose Facebook?

The answer can't be as cynical as "their bid was the highest," but at this point it doesn't seem like anyone can think of any others. No one knows why this news should be exciting, so it must be bad. Perfect recipe for nerd rage (it was a Cool Thing that people Really Wanted that they Almost Had and now it's been Taken Away!) 
FB Deal 
from JC's twitter

"For the record, I am coding right now, just like I was last week. I expect the FB deal will avoid several embarrassing scaling crisis for VR."

"I have a deep respect for the technical scale that FB operates at. The cyberspace we want for VR will be at this scale." 
Anyone Doing Web Developement (with DBs) 
what languages do you use, what languages do you prefer? 
Groovy And Grails 
The quotes from Carmack do more for me to explain what's going on than anything said so far. 
seems like those are mainly if you have your own server or have direct access to the server os? when i look at server hosting options, i've never see grails. 
Yes, That's True! 
anyone have opinions on python for web dev? 
and also web2py vs .net? i've looked at some comparisons, but they don't really mean much to me as i'm a noob. 
FB Tech Stuff 
No dubt that what they do is a big technical achievement. I see they're hiring Linux filesystem (Btrfs) gurus 
Could someone nicely shop some Quake monsters over the enemies in a 500x375 version (scaled/cropped, whatever) of or a similar for me in the next few hours? I need it for something totally funny. 
Using questionable fan models is encouraged! 
It's been my professional life for about 10 years so I guess I must see something in it :-) I've mostly avoided web dev stuff though. What are you trying to do? 
it's a school project for an actual client who wants us to create a dynamic website. i'm in a group so we'll probably just go php or asp/c# but i was just looking for opinions on other stuff. 
Python is more of a real programming language than PHP so if there is going to be, well, real programming involved then it would be better IMHO. But if it's just getting some crap from the database and mashing it into an HTML page, PHP is probably faster to get going. I don't know anything much about asp/c#. C# is also a real programming language of course, but probably one that requires a bunch more typing than Python :-) 
i've used django a tiny bit, seems solid. Plus the general opinion seems to be it's comparable to Rails, which I've used a lot and enjoyed. 
Beware The Undead Scrag 
This Youtube video is a year old, so maybe you've seen it already. It was new to me. It's 55 seconds long and titled 'Undead Scrag.' 
Never Occured To Me 
maybe an engine issue? Kinda scary, dead gibs looking in your direction! 
One Time 
I was coding up a new type of zombie and left the head alive in a similar way, except it chased the player and was able to bite them.

It couldn't be killed because it was dead...

It made me laugh so I coded up zombie splitting - a lucky shot would split the zombies torso from its legs, and the upper half would run on its palms after the player and do small leap attacks.

Good times. 
I believe it was a known bug to id and is why the scrag green goo attacks checks if it has health before creating the projectile. 
Happy Birthday To Me. 
I'm 15 now! 
Feliz Cumplea�os! 
All The Best Wishes 
from me to you! 
Soon You'll Be Old Enough To Play Quake 
When I Were Young 
I would stop again. 
Oh To Be 15 Again 
Cracking one off into my sock every evening after school whilst watching Neighbours in my room - on a good day I'd catch a split-second of Brooke Satchwell tit wobble and I'd be dropping yoghurt for a week.

Those were the days... 
Holy Baader Meinhof, I just watched a recent Graham Norton show episode featuring Cameron Diaz in a nothing of a skirt and they talked about Neighbors. 
Holy Baader Meinhof? 
Worst phrase ever. 
Brooke Satchwell 
So, did that lady ever wear anything else than blue bikinis, because that's all there is on youtube :-P 
after that blue bikini scene you can't actually remember anything else tbh.

Neighbours was more-or-less kids tv and that scene alone got an entire generation of us through puberty I tell you. 
That Link Sucks 
I can imagine ;-). I remember that it was on german TV as well when I was a kid. Hardly ever watched it though, now I see I have been missing out! 
This Headline Made My Day 
"Nazis want to show how easy Refugees can enter Europe from Africa, nearly drown."

Don't forget Natalie imbruglawhatever. 
I Remember 
Thinking when I was little 'why is Neighbours in with the kid's shows?' a couple of years later it all made sense. 
wow, 19 new posts in GA, I wonder wh- oh 
Achievement Unlocked 
Func_ Feature Request: 
let users enter DoB and when it's their birthday put a party hat on their username.

priority: high 
Shouldn't That Be 
'showstopper' ? 
Scampie, you are the mom-on-facebook of the online games space.

"Who the fuck voted a +1 on my steam account? Ah. Scampie. Scampie did." 
I posted a fish emoticon on your comments. That was not intended as a vote of any kind.

Also, I don't post incorrectly used macro images that are now called memes about my slightly racist/nationalistic/religious opinions that have little to no truth or bearing on reality... so I reject that I am like mom, or any other relative, on facebook.

I just like to bug people. Hell, I think 99% of the reason I got a twitter account is to troll Daz. 
What's The Other 1%? 
Telling Me To GTFO 
And "get rekt" 
0.5% Stalk game dev friends and 0.5% to post about my cat. 
All Of These Just Show 
how bad an actor Cage is in most of his movies. There are some exceptions when he's great though (Lord of War, Vegas, Weather Man). 
There Are Many Exceptions. 
Adaptation, Matchstick Men, Wild at Heart, Raising Arizona ...the last 2 arguably border the camp line that Cage practically inhabits.... for that matter those are some of the best. Like Kiss of the vampire, and Bad Lieutenant? They're amazing! 
There Are Many Exceptions. 
Adaptation, Matchstick Men, Wild at Heart, Raising Arizona ...the last 2 arguably border the camp line that Cage practically inhabits.... for that matter those are some of the best. Like Kiss of the vampire, and Bad Lieutenant? They're amazing! 
No-one Disses Cage 
So take it back!! 
Might as well make the most of it: 
I'll Accept Adaptation 
Matchstick Men is a good movie, but his performance is not outstanding IMO. I can't remember Wild at Heart and haven't seen Raising Arizona. Also I'm not saying that all movies he's in are bad. Just his acting. 
I Disagree! 
He should have clearly been awarded an oscar for his incredible performance in Vampire's Kiss. 
Is the devil's tits! 
Bad Lieutenant

God, this movie made me so happy. 
Another entry into the file of things of real live creatures that almost look like Quake monsters. Tardigrades. It's the face or mouth or whatever thing that really makes it for me. 
Awesome Little Critter 
For a wierd invertebrate, so far removed from anything else on the evolutionary tree, I'm tickled at how mammalian its cute little legs and hands look, and its whole way of moving really - if you ignore the minor detail of it having six legs. 
Or even eight!

Although I think some of that cuteness is inherited from it having the name "water bear"... if it was a "slime creeper" it might seem less cuddly. 
Form Follows Function 
And the name follows both.

A proper size one punching through fragile humans with its extending mouth would be cool. As long as you had a shotgun / chainsaw combo. 
Dat Feel 
In The Shadows 
Had a moment of nostalgia.

This never got released.
Still pretty impressive for 1995 tech,
directional stencil shadows and smooth animation,
kind of looks mocapped.

Here's the file, I haven't gotten it to run inside Dosbox.
Screen stays black for me. Bummer. 
Iterative Map Development Hitch 
Can I force Darkplaces to reload a bsp file with a single console command?

I want sometimes to try out and playtest several ideas in rapid succession, and it is possible to do so with a small map that I keep tweaking, recompiling and replaying many times. It would be convenient if I could just reload it to Darkplaces with a single console command or even something bound to a key, but I can't figure out how to do it.

If I try to reload a map I have open, it apparently uses a cached copy. I have to explicitly load another map and then reload the map I want to see the new bsp file in action. Oddly, putting these two map commands on the same line in the console separated by a semicolon didn't work either.

The problem with not having a single command to reload the new bsp is that after editing and compiling it, I might simply forget to do it properly. And I really don't want to bother with closing the whole DP engine and restarting it every time I change a test map. Is it possible to get it to reload a bsp with a one-liner?

My exact process is this. I edit the map, then compile it in the working directory where I keep the map and wad files. I copy the resulting bsp to the maps directory where DP loads maps from. I then want to reload it in the DP engine that I keep open.

This is more of an annoyance than a serious hitch in my map dev process. It does annoy me enough to ask, though. 
Further Oddities 
I found a way to get the effect I want, kinda, except not really. I discovered that changing between fullscreen and windows mode forces DP to reload the bsp file. I even get to continue from the situation I was in the old file.

Now, this is probably a bad thing to do if I change the actual geometry of the level while playing in it. I only tried changing some wall textures between the two bsp files, but I kinda expect changing more than that will only lead to crashes or corrupting the game state.

To be clear, this is what I did. Started a game on my simple test map. I looked at a wall that had texture rock-something. I changed it to cop1_1 and recompiled the file and replaced the bsp in the maps directory. I toggled the DP from windowed mode to fullscreen, and that wall texture changed to cop1_1 right in front of me. (I wonder what would have happened if I added a brush at my location. Ended up inside it and stuck I guess.)

And toggling between fullscreen and windowed mode is still not one simple quick operation I wanted. Darn.

Do other engines behave differently? Should I try another engine for testing my maps?

Heh, I guess I should get back to working on the map. I'm still in learning stages actually :) 
Darkplaces Exceptionality 
I believe that darkplaces is odd-one-out here, and that most engines will reload the map from disk if you use the "restart" command in console.

I've not tried checking this for darkplaces, but there's a useful command in normal engines called "flush" which forces the engine to reload all the other models off the disk. This can be useful if you're working on a new model/skin instead of a map. Perhaps darplaces has adapted the flush command to affect the world instead/as well, or has a command with a similar name... 
some map loads can be expensive. not reloading everything can reduce load times when you die.
I doubt dp supports the flush command. even if it does, that command never traditionally supported the bsp, just mdl and wavs.
bind p "disconnect; vid_restart; restart"
binding something to vid_restart on its own will probably also work, but be careful about entity changes as they will generally not happen.
if it still takes a while, disable all the bumpmapping stuff so that it doesn't have to be reloaded too. 
Spike's suggestion works well for me. The load times are pretty much negligible with the size and style of maps I am using to test things out, so I'm good.

Thank you for the help. 
In my excitement I forgot to mention the suggested command did not work as given. The restart command failed in that context, because "Only the server may restart." I replaced restart with "map test", which is kind of naff, but workable. I'll just have to always name my test maps test.bsp after compilation, but that's something a simple shell script can do for me.

I'm still good. It's enough to have a command that works for this particular purpose. 
RickyT? Here�s One For You;) 
Matthias Worch On Meaningful Choice In Games 
recent Matthias Worch presentation: meaningful choice in games and leveldesign, Doom, Dead Space 2, Biology, Psycology

must read if you are into gamedesign 
Good Read! 
Someone please hide some eggs in id1 maps. 
I mean actual eggs, so one can search around and collect them all. If you need suggestions for places to hide in, contact me. :) 
what? o_O 
like e1m1red but with eggs in really hard to find places 
Your Mom 
Has eggs in really easy to find places...

And when I say that I mean that she puts out... a lot.

And when I say "Puts out" I mean that she really, really likes to have sex with a lot of men, and women, and animals, and plastic toys.

Or not... 
Oh Snap 
You Seem To Like Insults But They Don't Seem To Like You Back 
Just Like You & Women 
All This #rekt ITT 
I've been insulted by the best... or at least they tried. I have too much of a thick skin and a sense of humor to match so pretty much everything rolls off of my back like water off of a duck.

Now then, back to your mom... Yet again, as usual. 
Your hidden zombie is called Frank, right?

I was thinking to hide him in my current map.

And, of course, your mother said it was a great idea. She gave me a lovely cup of tea and a biscuit. 
And, of course, your mother said it was a great idea. She gave me a lovely cup of tea and a biscuit.

And when he says "Cup of tea" he means that she "Cupped" something else and "Biscuit" is code for... well, you know.

Sorry Spirit, you do know that I'm kidding right? But lets face it, if all moms in general didn't like to get banged, a lot, (sorry I couldn't resist) you probably wouldn't be here and neither would I for that matter.

I'll stop with the your mom is a slutty whore jokes though. I don't want to overplay it. 
Too Late 
ijed: Wolfgang. :) 
does anyone here use mechanical keyboards? internets tell me there's just das keyboard, a couple of razers, a couple of steel series and someone is still selling the original ibm keyboards (but with usb i guess).

any other full size (num pad, all function keys, normal placement of arrows + pageup/down ins/del etc...) mechanical keyboards?

my favourite keyboard of all time would probably be the apple extended keyboard oddly enough. 
I Use A Das Keyboard Ultimate S. 
Best keyboard I have ever bought.

If it wasn't for the keyboards at work I would never use a membrane keyboard ever again. 
Light The Jago Signal 
Seriously tho, Filco Majestouch is p.nice. 
I prefer mechanical laptop style keys myself.
Minimum required force, maximum clicking feel.
I know some people prefer their keys to be 'stiff' and require to be pushed in deeply but I can't stand it personally.
Least fav would probably be the pebble trend.
Sadly, it does look pretty.

If anyone has any recommendations for me...
I'm looking into switching away from my $5 membrane keyboard. 
Actually, they're 'scissor' switches, not mechanical... 
I have a Filco Majestouch Tenkeyless with Cherry MX brown switches. Das Keyboard is very good also, but I like Tenkeyless. 
Interesting, you guys never use the numpad then? I like it for rapid number entry which is much harder with the top row number keys. 
I use the numpad. Mostly when I do bills nowadays but in the past I've used it a lot more for various projects and jobs. I used to work as an operator in a wastewater treatment plant and there was a lot of math and calculations regarding flows, biological loads and such that had to be done. Some hourly, some every 4 hours, some daily and some weekly. The PC was my calculator. 
I use the numpad. Mostly when I do bills nowadays but in the past I've used it a lot more for various projects and jobs. I used to work as an operator in a wastewater treatment plant and there was a lot of math and calculations regarding flows, biological loads and such that had to be done. Some hourly, some every 4 hours, some daily and some weekly. The PC was my calculator. 

could be a logo for... fishing wares? 
In the 'olden days' I used to employ VDU operators. The average KDH was 8000. Anyone doing less than 6000 KDH was found alternative work, and the fastest operators (always women) would exceed 10000. Try that using the top row of the keyboard :)

Interestingly, their arms didn't move, it was all wrist action (down boy!) and that inevitably resulted in RSI only we didn't know it then. 
yeah, don't think i could do without the numpad. i don't do a ton of data entry but when i do, it's much quicker. 
There's A Numpad On The Das Keyboard Ultimate. 
It's pretty much essential on that keyboard since there's nothing to denote which key you hit. (which is fine for letters but the top row of numbers is not easy for me).

Also, I have got the keyboard with the blue switches for super extra clickiness. I can't overstate enough the sheer satisfaction that typing brings using this keyboard, I actually long to be at my keyboard sometimes (when I'm not at it, like at work when I'm using the crappy membranes). 
Quakespasm And Darkplaces Differences 
I've been playing the original Id levels a little bit lately and also trying out different engines, and I think I've noticed some rare disparities in items that appear. Does anybody else see the same results?

Example 1: In Gloom Keep, E1M5, on Hard, there is a health pack in the final room with the rune gate when playing in Quakespasm. On the same skill with Darkplaces, no health pack.

Example 2: In The Crypt of Decay, E2M3, on Hard, there is a box of rockets in the zombie balcony near the Gold door when playing in Quakespasm. Again, same skill and Darkplaces, it's gone. 
Items seem to be falling out of levels with the most recent build of darkplaces - I've seen it happening in e1m1quoth. You could try going back to an earlier version of the engine, wait for a fix, or just stick with quakespasm. 
honestly, the whole 'falling out of the level' default behaviour in qc is pretty stupid. that has caused more hassle than most legitimate problems. :( 
Darkplaces has two sv_gameplayfix_droptofloorstartsolid commands to take care of such things. However, from some version onward all the gameplay fixes were disabled by default, because they would sometimes create compatibility issues or something. 
Compatibility Flags 
I did encourage LordHavoc to set the defaults on these cvars to zero. At the time, I believed that all of them represented a divergence from standard quake behaviour - like the one that lets findradius pick up SOLID_NOT entities (which can invalidate coding assumptions) or the one that changes player physics to allow climbing stairs while airborne.

It appears that sv_gameplayfix_droptofloorstartsolid does not work like that, as it's fixing an issue which doesn't occur in standard engines. As such, I'd argue that it should be on by default so that the vanilla darkplaces experience is as close to standard as possible (mods can enable features they consider desirable).

Alternatively, the sense of the cvar should be reversed, and it should become sv_gameplayfix_strictdroptofloor, which can then be off by default. Please don't do this without changing the name of the cvar though - if future engines change the meaning of "sv_gameplayfix_droptofloorstartsolid 1" then there's no way to create a safe config for both old and new engines simultaneously. 
I didn't state explicitly, but "sv_gameplayfix_droptofloorstartsolid 1" did fix the issues I was encountering, so you may want to give that a go Not Yet Registered. 
It Works 
I tried the suggested sv_gameplayfix_... setting and it helped. Thanks.

I learned about the sv_jumpstep option a while ago, after noticing I had gained an ability to jump higher than I thought used to be possible. I found an explanation with a web search and set it to standard behavior.

Are there other settings in Darkplaces I should turn on when I want the gameplay to be as close to classic Quake single player as possible? 
cl_gameplayfix_quakespasm_or_requiem 1 
Been Testin' Engines 
I tried the Requiem engine, and I liked it. I can't capitalize it correctly from memory though. ReQuiem? reQuieM? Whatever.

It turned out to be a bit difficult to compile on Linux from the Github repo, owing to the makefile referencing files that aren't there. Perhaps it's possible to work it out, but I used the binaries instead. With them it turned out to be easier to use the Windows binary with Wine to get sound working properly. That was the path of least resistance for me at least.

Requiem has all kinds of neat features, like fix for the fish monster count bug and rewinding demo playback. Good stuff.

In other news, I discovered another way in which the Darkplaces physics are different from other engines in a specific way. If you recall, there are those little diagonal pillars that work as walkways in Ziggurat Vertigo (first area with Ogres). You can run up them to the top floor, but in Darkplaces you end up getting airborne after running, while in other engines you stay on the floor. By my testing, the sv_jumpstep option has nothing to do with this, and it works the same no matter if it's on or off. (The behaviour seemed pretty consistently change between engines in my tests, but I didn't test it thoroughly.)

Now I have five engines already. DP, QS, ReQuIeM (still not right), Qbism super8 (red particles everywhere!) and the RemakeQuake one (RMQ?). I kind of think that's a couple more than I need, but now I'm not sure which ones to actually use. I'll say that's better than the opposite problem of not having a good engine at all.

I guess the points here are that I'm grateful that people have made such efforts to keep Quake alive, and I should get a blog to ramble like this. Will shut up now :) 
It's reQUAKiEm. The AK is silent. 
Quake Stream On Twitch

This guy is streaming so much stuff from quake injector 
More Darkplaces Cvar Notes 
After playing with the sv_gameplayfix variables some more I now recommend setting the variable:
sv_gameplayfix_nogravityonground 1

I'm still not sure what it's meant to do. What I have observed is that when cvar is 0, you won't re-activate a button if you are standing on it when it returns to ready. So enabling the cvar best matches the observed behaviour of the original engines. 
Spoke Too Soon 
OK, the problem with sv_gameplayfix_nogravityonground is if you set it to 1 then suddenly the player slides around much more, it's like low friction mode. So I'm a bit on the fence now with what to set it to - having to step off a button to press it again isn't a big deal - but what if that's just one symptom of an issue that might include a major failure? For instance, if the entity you're standing on is supposed to be a movewall with damage performing the collision for a sharp blade, perhaps in darkplaces you'll be able to ride on it and only take one tic of damage. On the other hand, turning the cvar on has a global effect of making the game less responsive and harder to control, so that's pretty negative.

PS: when alt-tabbing in Windows 7 from darkplaces sometimes the window loses mouselook, and even re-entering +mlook in the console doesn't help. Anyone have a fix? 
Nice find. It's kinda cool, he just randomly picks levels. Too bad I missed mappi2. This would perhaps be something for Daz, too. A random live stream of consciousness event. 
He Runs 
the knee deep in the blog.

There's a bit of a thriving community of old school fps gamers on tumblr, it's nice to be a part of running my quake blog on there. 
Watching other people getting Tronyn'd is way too fun to watch. 
He got through surprisingly well, especially considering it was hard skill. Hell, he even chainsawed the final boss! 
Not yet registered: Sorry, the documentation (and packaging) is lackluster at the moment. Building is meant to be done with Codeblocks, the project file should hopefully work.

reQuiem (without checking I THINK this is the correct capitalisation :D) uses OSS for sound, for me ALSA emulation always sucked bad with latency. I use OSS everywhere so it is perfect for me (and no one else probably...). I tried to convince someone to port the sound system to SDL but he vanished. 
Spirit, I'll try compiling it again as soon as I have enough time to do it properly. I'll report if I find out anything useful about the sound issue, or have other contributions. 
Necros: Mechanical Keyboards 
I have a cherry with transparent switches. Was the cheapest one i could find, for ~50EUR. while built quality is not great, it served me well so far (~2years) I can look up model etc at work, if you're interested 
from what I understand, the clear/white switches are the toughest ones to press. i'm actually thinking about the blue switches as they are easier to press than membrane keys and they have a nice satisfying click. :)

unfortunately, i'm also quite attached to the macro keys on my g15. they are very useful outside of gaming and i would sorely miss them which rules out most of the highly recommended keyboards like das, unicomp... 
Can't You 
replace those with combinations? 
are you talking about autohotkey? 
Or Linux :-) 
I Have Cherry Blues 
And I got them because they are the loudest. 
Doomguy Says HI 
QExpo Update 
Chip is a fucking cunt and is trying to block a potential 2014 expo from happening because he wouldn't be the one getting all the praise from it.

Just thought I'd pass this on to all the people who were interested. 
Are you out of your mind? 
Fyi Qexpo 2014 Thread At I3d 
Nicely Done, Otp 
*Gets Popkorn* 
For OTP 
Wow OTP... 
sounds to me like Chip has good reasons to not want to be involved too heavily on QExpo, plus he isnt asking for any credit from those posts.

Will there be enough interest for a qexpo? There scene is a little quiet at the minute. I'm toiling on my episode but it's probably only about 50% complete at best (start map and map 1-3 done... possibly going to make it 7 maps long in total for episode 1). 
I have problem with SOE (map soe1m2). then I to touch altar engine stoped with error "no precache rubble1.mdl". I am restart map, to type in console "precache rubble1.mdl" and got error "no precache rubble2mdl". Again restart, type "precache rubble1.mdl", "precache rubble2.mdl", and got error "no precache rubble3.mdl". Again restart, type "precache rubble1.mdl", "precache rubble2.mdl", "precache rubble3.mdl" and got error "no precache1.mdl". That's this? Problem with max of precache count? how I can fix this? 
last error "no precache rubble1.mdl". How fix? 
What engine and have you tried a different one? 
Any: Bengt Jardrup's winquake, RMQEngine, Fitzquake 
As far as I'm aware, FTEQW and DP are the only two engines that don't really care if it was precached first or not, so try one of those. 
yes, with DP not problem. But exists other problem: my son have netbook without 3D-card and I can't running DP in this computer. Only Bengt Jardrup's winquake 
the quakec should be precaching everything for you. If it doesn't, it seems like it must be a bug in the mod itself, not the engine or the map. 
Cthulhuian Font 
Unfortunately if you use the font its alien geometries will drive you mad. :-( 
That�s Intended! 
try for software quake also 
Worked! Thank's 
Software Quake 
Has always been a hit or miss kind of thing on modern hardware and OS's.

I'm glad that it worked for you. 
Is the initial bsp process supposed to go to 212%? 
I've been active again on Steam since last month. Now I need a func_group invite - I'll be glad if one you guys help me out. Also, feel free to add. 
Hey Mods 
Obviously that "news" post I just submitted was meant to be a preview while I type the actual content, please ignore it until the proper one comes out! Sorry! 
Hey Scampie 
I'm starting the hype on your new website early! 
how do people already know I have a site that is half-ass set up? has been around forever, so this is about a relaunch or wat? 
Referrer Logs 
I got a referral to the Quoth site from it, guess you were testing the links... 
Purty UE4 DX:HR Inspired Scene 
Wear sunglasses!

Seems like the 5 yearly or so cycle in which we gaze our virgin eyeballs on new render tech. Though I think this might be the last paradigm shift in rasterization before real time raytracing will become dominant for photorealistic rendering.

I certainly think we've been in diminishing returns territory for the last couple of years. Hopefully in 10 years or so everyone will see artistic/stylistic divisions in what used to be technical ones. So average people can judge visuals of a game like Quake on it's artistic merit rather than simply viewing it as old fashioned or dated.

Bla bla 
Got an archive of my maps up on my new site! Hurray! 
Clockwork droid looks awesome, I'm a sucker for that color palette. 

And if you have Unreal Engine 4, we released that scene in the marketplace. Download for free and play around with it! 
As far as rendering goes, I think the most exciting advances this generation are just in the automation of a lot of things. Want reflections? They're free - they just happen. It's not something you have to set up render targets into cube maps and project and blah-blah. They're just there if you have a shiny material.

Stuff like that makes it easier to get great results with less effort. 
It�s A Sad Day.. 
Giger Is Such An Inspiration 
can't believe he died in such a way! 
Popular Tumblr Guy And Vlogger Playing Quake Maps 
Just in-case you missed the livestream here is a link to the recording from his stream. He played some classics from guys like MFX, Kell... myself ;) 
Yeah i watched that vid last weekend, he�s been quite busy with the injector.
And he played "Pain in the arch" on normal, nice walk in the park. But at least he liked the mapname:) 
Good Stuff 
watched a bit of him playing unforgiven (@ 3:55:00), pretty entertaining :) 
He Got Tronyned 
Nvidia FLEX Physics Solver 
The future looks a lot more interactive... 
QuakeEd Haiku 

any entity
touching this will be hurt, to
see if it still feels 
Nice Lunaran 
Battle not with monster activation issues, lest ye become a monster. And if you gaze into the void, the trigger_hurt gazes also. -Preach 
Battle not with monster activation issues, lest ye become a monster. And if you gaze into the void, the trigger_hurt gazes also.

Thanks Preach! 
2004 John Carmack Keynote 
I thought this talk was particularly interesting 
I Got Married! 
Holy Poops! 
Congrats dude! 
I hope he always treats you well. 
Yeah congrats 
Congrats Ricky 
Cheerz Ricky! 
can I buy the guitar now? 
Congrats Ricky 
Make sure that she loans you your balls back every now and again and hope that she doesn't lose the purse that she keeps them in. 
Lighten up Francis, it was an old joke, not a statement of fact. 
You didn't use sarcasm caps! 
I didn't get this years F_M style guide yet... 
Twitch Heart Attack? 
Wolfenstein: Teh N3w 0rd3r 
Downloading now... 40.7gb...

It's Not Megatexture'd Is It? 
I Believe It Is... 
...Judging by the size of the download and quality of environment textures from the screenhots anyway (most of which are out of focus)... 

This, to me, sounds pretty fucking cool indeed. Is it really right that the video can be processed on one PC and streamed that that PC's quality onto a lesser PC?? 
As long as the main pc is a good pc and you have a fast network should be fine. 
I'll have to try it later. There's likely a couple ms delay, but likely nothing terrible for most games. 
Come Back Ijed! 
#tf misses you already :( 
Patience Isnt My Virtue 
Eric Brosius Sampled Quake For Thief Soundtrack? 
I was mapping and listening to Thief's soundtrack when I noticed this section at 54mins 24 seconds -

Sound familiar? Sounds quite... Lifting? 
It's very likely the sound is from a library. Lots of game sounds are. 
I wonder if that explains this... 
"John Carmack Has Explaining To Do"? 
Ogres have the same sight bark as the Pig Cops in DN3D. In fact a number of the monster sounds in DN3D sound like sounds from Doom, just pitch shifted.

Imp sounds from Doom 1/2 are from a set of stock sounds, too. They're recordings of a camel. 
Stealin' all them sounds for his VIDDY-O GAMES 
There's probably more straight-from-library stuff in games than you think. 
"There's probably more straight-from-library stuff in games than you think."

I agree. They may get mixed in to get a slightly new sound but there's really only so many sounds to work with and still be identifiable to the player as being recognizable as being a certain thing happening.

Doors opening, growls and so on all have a limited set of sounds that we all can identify as being from a certain thing. I suppose someone could make a sliding pocket door sound work into the maw of some bizarre creature with pocket doors for a mouth but that would probably turn into an LSD fueled game type where the bizarre was normal and I'm not sure how that would work out. 
I know I've heard Doom door sounds in movies and TV shows. 
The Ogre aggro sound and zombie sounds appear absolutely everywhere. I've heard them in other games and tv, film etc.

I believe the ogre sounds were in Dark Souls :) 
Oh, and that weird sound you hear in the background while trying to shoot Romero in the head during that final battle ... you hear that a lot in supernatural shows/movies. 
also the drip sound in quake! you can recognize it by the quick cluster of drips. 
Those are very distinctive and they keep getting used in movies and TV shows. 
Awesome QW Final! 
QuakeWorld #Refragged Grand Finals Rikoll vs LocKtar 
there's like 5 telefrags in the first game and they're not from teleporters. I didn't know qw was so luck-based :( 
It's not. 
Now Test The SSL QI 
FTW Etc. 
Surely the relentless spawn-rape on ZTNDM3 is more concerning? Frag 31 being a prime example. 
No Man's Sky 
Well Maybe More The ""style" Than The Graphical FX Engineering 
a screenshot follows: 
I hope they make the various planets different enough though.

By the way, the music is 65daysofstatic which I map to a lot. 
Happy Father's Day 
Oh God... 
Do you know something I don't? 
It is here. Phone your Dad anyway. 
Big Daddy 
I can see angels dancing through the stars.., 

/me Casts Wrack Brains. It's Not Very Effective! 
Yoyoyoyooy0yoy0y so a while ago I put a video on my channel showcasing some of the best Half-Life 2 levels ( ) and am now starting work on a similar video for Quake.

Now, there are a lot of levels to pick from and I want to keep the video fairly short (3 minutes TOP) so I want to get some thoughts from everyone as to what levels I should showcase for the video.

Now, there are some obvious choices that don't really need mentioning, I am more after any lesser known but still awesome looking Quake levels.

Keep in mind that this is a "hype" video designed to get people playing Quake so the levels should first and foremost look awesome and make the viewer want to install Quake again!

I was toying with the idea of doing 1 level from each year that Quake has been out, but that would mean the first half of the video would consist of 1990's quality visuals which isn't really what I want to show here.

So, lay your wisdomes! 
for every map of every year 
I Would Nominate 
my own map... Deck is the sexiest map ever made. The end. 
Preliminary List Of Brushwerks 
Zendar - The Horde of Zendar
ne_ruins - The Altar of Storms
honey - Honey
marcher - The Marcher Fortress
contract - Contract Revoked
dm7rmx - Geophobia
metmon - Metal Monstrosity
Kellmet1 - I pity thee not
rubicon2 - Rubicon 2
base_debris - Fort Ratsack
rpgsp1 - Penile Devestation
unforgiven - Unforgiven
ne_lend_doom - The Living End
Ivory1b - The Ivory Tower
hrim_sp2 - The Rest Is Silence
Terra - Terra
kinn_bastion - Bastion Of The Underworld
cda - Castle Of The Dark Ages
red777 - Red 777
chapter_necros2 - Are You Yet Living

Anything that sticks out as being overlooked? 
Ooooh. Huh. Well I guess I could supply one data point... here's a list of the SP maps I've felt compelled to take screenshots of for sharing on Steam. I wouldn't demand to see all of them on a Best Of list, but if some of these ring a bell or show up in other people's lists then maybe they are cool!

(all of sock's releases)
The Altar of Storms (Necros)
Conference of the Shamblers (skacky)
True Love Waits (Kandyman, in Zerstorer)
Blutsturtz (Kandyman, in Zerstorer)
puentaltrono (scragbait, in Travail)
tejido de cicatriz (distran, in Travail)
Ascending & Descending (negke)
Something Wicked This Way Comes (Tronyn, Tyrann, Necros)
For My Babies - Bin Dunne Gorne 2 (Mike Woodham)
Gloomier Keep (Kell)
For Love of Evil (Hrimfaxi)
Geophobia (Than)
honey (czg)
Arcanum (Tronyn, Pulsar, distrans)
The Anomaly 2: Water (Digs)
Unforgiven (Tronyn)
A Roman Wilderness of Pain (Tronyn)

Other things come to mind but I'll have to get back to work... more posting later if my favorites haven't been covered by someone else. :-) 
Christ Zacharias Gay Oh Seven 
dm too? 
Cool List 
Thanks Johnny!

I think I have too many maps now :D Won't be enough time in the video to show them all so it comes down to what kind of cool transitions I can get between the levels. 
Yeah we trust you to narrow down the list to whatever works in your video! It will probably come down to things like "I've already got four base maps, should probably find a wizmet map", etc.

Just throwing stuff out there for consideration.

Other maps that came to mind: Red Slammer, Red 777, various ikspq, and... a bunch more Than maps. 
Definitely something by Tronyn! For example, a flythrough of this area from NSOE, Something Wicked and Arcanum. 
Maybe wickedstart.bsp from something wicked - amazing cyclopean architecture! 
"This Is Phil Fish" 
some ikspq
sm48_crap <3
some necros
negke's damn spider map from travail (qte2m6)
negke's sm48ish sm map 
I had to load up that map because I didn't remember what it was!

Can't really use small speed maps though, not enough substance 
Phil Fish 
I never understood why people hated him. But then again I avoid social media - I only signed into facebook last year.

Good video. 
Phil Fish 
Critiques everyone but can't stand being critiqued. 
Sry, Read Over The Video Post 
It's interesting! 
necros, you sadist. I am trying to finish your 100b3 map. 
but... why..? :P 
That's Our Kind Of Girl 
And That Was The 18th Anniversary Of Quake, Too! 
It all fits! 
my defs are ruined.

()void touche RETURN FALSE;
EF_BRIGHTFIELD = overload 
Space Hulk 
�1.90p on Steam w00t! 
There's a lot of good stuff going on sale at Steam's summer sale. I just bought Metro Last Light for $6 and change.

An older game I've always wanted to try, Syberia is only $2, and if by some miracle no one here has Fallout New Vegas the "Ultimate" version is on sale for $7 
Daikatana 1.3 Is In Open Beta 
Daikatana 1.3 is in open beta 
I'm super tempted to get DKT in the Steam sale. I know that buying bad games shouldn't be encouraged but it's such a part of the whole 90s FPS zeitgeist that I feel I oughta take a look! 
...underaged? Style 
I have to style a mediawiki and I was wondering if the quakewiki one is based off some template I could use as a starting point?

The quakewiki looks really nice for a wiki, imo :) 
Yeah, 'Monaco'. Starbuck made the style, it is super mega pretty (just like him, I am sure). 
....small tits? 
I'm skeptical ... this was from a USB charger plugged into her laptop? Plugged into the wall, maybe, but a laptop? I don't think laptop put out that much juice. 
Speedrun Time 
Hey, the marathon is currently half way though Quake nightmare 100%, should be going a bit longer... 
Who Here Did Nothing Productive So Far This Summer? 
it's summer? 
/me looks outside 
It's winter.

The car windshield was frozen this morning. 
Meanwhile In Japan 
Usb Burns To Ear/chest 
I guess i'm skeptical too, but maybe its possible ??. Charger fails and sends a huge spike through usb/device/in-ear-phones 
(couldn't Resist) 
I'm only huge if you arouse me. 
<- Duff 
you think it would be a good idea to put in a "spambot check" where the anonymous user has to solve a captcha by adding numbers correctly? 
maybe have a verification question for x number of first posts 
The silly bartards certainly are persistent 
Quick Question 
The Quake Info Pool command-line reference has this to say about "-bpp 32":

"ADVANCED OPTION: Sets the pixel depth mode the video adapter should switch into, note setting it to 24 or 32 won't actually increase the visual quality of the game, usually just slow it down, but useful for getting certain GL cards to function with GLQuake."

It's actually been a long time since I ever bothered to use this option. I don't remember (or never knew): what's the symptom of the problem that is solved by this? 
the symptom is that glquake defaults to 16bpp on any cards that support it (not sure if this is supported in modern days) and you'll get discolored palette colors in your textures, since glquake also uses the framebuffer bit depth to determing texture bit depth.

Most people may not notice it, but if you are used to 32bpp and you look at 16bpp, you may notice the colors are "off" on familiar textures -- statusbar seems a shade too green, purple sky textures don't seem right, etc. 
Absolutely Noticeable 
you can see 16bpp artifacts VERY clearly on levels with fog, because fog creates smooth gradients, which render much more cleanly the more bits per pixel you have. 
Got it, thanks. I was a little puzzled because that QIP text made it sound like there was some bug above and beyond actually setting the texture depth.

BTW is this an issue only for original GLQuake, or do Fitzquake DP etc. have similar behaviors? 
many glquake variants have the same behavior in 16bpp mode. fitzquake included. 
Oi, Fog 
I wish the fog banding in quake weren't so bad, the only fog colors that look good to me are very dark and very subtle but that's asking for green and orange stripes :(

can we have -64bpp please? just, you know, add more bits. 
or add dithering. I wonder if that's tricky to implement. 
DX10-generation video cards (Geforce8800/Radeon HD2400) removed all dithering for 16-bit color, so it would have to be reimplemented via post-process shader, which is possible, and I have also done it in GLSL before.

It helps to know the time context when that bit on the QIP page quote was written when cards had dithering and Maddes was using a Voodoo-based card which doesn't support 24/32bit color anyway, hence the whole misleading "no difference" thing. Further to the fact that Voodoo cards dithered and THEN filtered their image to mask the dithering leading to their infamously blurry appearance.

and GLQuake defaults to 16-bit color since that's all 3dfx could initialize on. Gotta leave out the hassle of setting -bpp 16 for those mainstream performance-desperate 3dfx users. 
EntEd [EDIT]

Posted by Jonan [] on 2014/07/02 08:14:13
Hey all.

Had to reinstall a lot of programs recently, and I've lost my EntEd reg key. Any one know where I can get one?

Upgrade To Entspy? 
Some Of My Hl2 
Way To Go OTP... 
Seanza had been sending verbal abuse to TotalBiscuit constantly before he replied with that, admittedly tasteless, comment. 
Yeah Sure. 
Maybe if that dude didn't spend so many years in a business he wasn't suited for, he'd be okay right now. 
People aren't perfect. It's difficult to impose such impossible standards on someone, I've said far more reprehensible things in my lifetime but the difference between me and TB is that he's (internet) famous.

Having every single one of your comments criticised is not normal, there's something inherently wrong with the way we treat famous people and have these exacting standards to which they must adhere. 
That tone is awesome. I loVe the map. Reminds me of Aliens for some strange reason. Nice work! 
Decent layman's-style Starcraft commentary.

Decent down-to-earth game first looks / reviews.

That's what matters to me. You can take your interweb DRAMAZ and shove it. 
I Hear That Shambler 
People aren't usually very well equipped to deal with verbal abuse properly.

Hell I'd rather judge the man by his work anyway, he does great things for games journalism.

The same is true for Phil Fish, the guy is clearly a talented developer, who cares if he thinks japanese developers need to try harder. 
Up All Night 
Off my pickle. Sock - how dare you have a real life! I'm resisting the temptation to keep working on my map jam map. I feel 'I have done it now', 'it was only ever meant to be a quick thing' etc.... 
I was going to mark Willem's post in the jam thread as the first use of the n-word on func.

I was terrifyingly wrong: 
it's a quote from pulp fiction 
I am disappoint 
I know that, you buttheads 
If You Didn't Realize... 
Got My Results Back For The FdSc Degree I Spent The Last 3 Years Doing 
My overall average grade was 69.72%, which is an upper second. Or an upper-upper second to be more precise. But I just bumped into my tutor who told me it would get rounded up to a 70%, which will make it a 1st! So I'm pretty happy about that today...

It worked, too, QuakeC now looks a LOT less intimidating lol :) 
Well done! 
Good effort calibration there Ricky :) 
my degree (10 years ago...) got rounded up to an upper second ;) Was very relieved about that, since there was a bunch of math shit that I hated and thought I had failed. First is way more pwn though. Well done. 
Thanks Guys :) :) :) 
Mfx, Negke, SleepwalkR 
I fear for your collective livers. 
"phew, That Was Close" 
Look at all those sad Brazilian faces! 
Spirit, Mfx, Negke, SleepwalkR 
Congrats on the win 
Just amazing.
I'd like to see a Sth American team win in their home continent... but the Brazilians were just such primadonnas :( 
Since We Were Talking About Exams 
Certificate in Advanced English


And just this morning, I had a dream where I went to take this exam, was late, and decided I'm going to retake it in 6 months. Then I dreamt of my dad's reaction to that and I woke up in a quite cold sweat. 
Also 'Rather well done, fine Sir.' 
It's Everyone's Favorite Gameshow! 
Who made it? id software, or madfox? 
Definitely Madfox 
hey do you know what time it is in brazil? oh about 7 past cesar

hey did you hear about the brazilian football team's tribute to neymar? he couldn't play, so none of the rest of them did either

i hear it was the second biggest massacre in german history

but not the first time a few thousand germans will have to lie low in brazil for a while

pornhub has had to ask its users to stop uploading clips of "young brazilians getting fucked by the entire german football team"

that one's actually true

world cup discussion: over

go map 
Screw The Axe! 
i have no words 
madfox, you have reached new heights! 
Level Design Tip: Fewer Doorways For Less Confusion? 
start with fewer teleporters :) 
Could we please get a less crazy password for Quaketastic? Every time I want to upload something (when it is not saved in the browser), I have to go to func to look it up. 
Yeah I Think It Should Go Back To What It Was Before 
A self-reference to ones adoration to the hub of shub... 
there's been a scraps that left by the most inspiring mapper ever mr.czg himlelfssss
i'm referring to his aero work

Someone should make the proper map(s) from its currents state 
� ��� ���� � ������� ��� ������� �����! 
There's Been....... *suicide* 
there's a bunch of scraps 
is a former NJD hockey player 
I actually started making something for jam2 in trenchbroom yesterday, simultaneously learning trenchbroom, but I literally only have four hours on Subday to work on it before I leave on vacation. 
Subday = Sunday. How can it be. 
As Mr. Sock Has Stated 
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over a two week period using a certain theme and texture set

I don't mind to see any work from you.
It is a really great thing you actually haven't left the mapping scene yet 
I've been spoiled by using Modo. Going back to something brush based is like being shackled. That's why I had the bright idea to write a qbsp compiler that would compile meshes into a bsp. The theory is that it should work as long as some compromises are made on both sides of the chain. I started writing something in C#, but I kinda decided to stop since I didn't really care that much. 
was ist los was ist das 
czg - I've had that same dream and at one point had ToeTag reading in OBJ files that it then tried to break up into convex chunks for compilation. That's actually a pretty hard problem to solve, for me anyway, and it didn't end up going anywhere. Would be awesome though... 
Gg No Re 
Germany Stronk 
What a magic finish. 
a dream with those figgin' land-bound fish from someone's recent speedmap chasing me round. 
Today in "Huh!":

The Doom BFG does damage in a cone, radiating away from the player, in the direction he originally fired it, regardless of where the projectile actually explodes. 
And the cone is traced from where the play has moved to at the time of projectile impact? That sounds ... wacky. 
Yeah, I was watching a Doom2 speedrun and wondering why the guy would a) fire the BFG at a wall before walking into a room and b) everything would die anyway 
Uh Oh.. 
I Wrote A Research Paper if someone is interested :-) 
Vondur Farted. 
Mystery solved. 
Over my head. Looks nice though. 
Look at you, lead author! Cool beans.

When it comes to papers that are over my head, I like graphics papers the best 'cause they have pictures that at least give me the gist. :-) 
Mr Law: 
Do you have a Twitter? I saw you wrote a new Quake Guide and tweeted it to my meager following and suddenly wondered if you do. 
I do, but it's almost entirely me using Twitter in read-only mode:

Feel free to follow it if you like, maybe I'll bootstrap myself into actually posting on it some day. :-) 
Cthulhu Crypto Currency 
...and I'm Back. 
I personally liked the elk mountain resort's villages because it was music nicer and prettier than the house I'm currently living in. 

Did you hang out with Madfox while you were there? 
Don't ask me a question like that again. I don't know that guy or any of you. 
Did you score? 
looz or
^ :) 
Been A Long Time 
Since I fell asleep at my desk working on Quake. 
Since I Fell 
out of my map while I was still dreaming. 
QBSP Texture Coordinate Compuation 
Does anyone know where in the QBSP source code (or any Quake 1 derivative) the texture coordinates for the vertices get computed? I can't find it ;-) 
Oh, Now I Get It 
BSP doesn't - the engine does. So does anyone know where the engine does it? 
I think.. seems to compute the final texture coords that are passed to OpenGL 
Interview With 'dkm', Wolfenstein: The New Order Leveldesigner 
In this fascinating interview, Thibault 'dkm' Courbet discusses the development of recent hit Wolfenstein: The New Order. He also talks about his time at Starbreeze Studios, where he worked on Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and Syndicate. Enjoy subjects including level design techniques, the challenges of id Tech 5, and the politics of working on a beloved IP like Syndicate. 
Male echidnas have a four-headed penis. During mating, the heads on one side "shut down" and do not grow in size; the other two are used to release semen into the female's two-branched reproductive tract. Each time it has sex, it alternates heads in sets of two. 
facebook status worthy 
Why did I read that as "Enchilada" at first? Time to go make dinner I guess. 
Does Anyone Have 
a copy of Left 4 Dead (1 or 2) that they don't need and would gift to me?

That be awesome. 
Those are, like, $5 on Steam aren't they? :) 
20 Euros Here 
The fuck? They give it away like Pez almost every Steam sale ... 20 Euros for games that old is insane. 
I Think I Have A Spare L4D2 
Whats your steam id? 
Nope Sorry 
It's Portal 2 I have a spare copy of, sorry... 
Thanks Anyway! 
SleepwalkR, what's your Steam name? I'm warren.marshall, add me. 
Even if it were on sale, keep in mind you can only buy a low violence version in Germany (and Australia) which sucks. 
Damn it SleepwalkR ... I can't gift you what you already own! :) 
Nevermind then, this is getting ridiculous. The backstory is this: A colleague and I want to play L4D, but 20 Euros for a 5 year old game is ludicrous. So he bought it on DVD from ebay, but of course it's used so he can't register it with Steam. He was frustrated as hell, and I want to play L4D, so I thought I'd ask around if someone has a spare copy.

Fuck Steam. 
Steam claims you own both games. It won't let me gift anything to you. :P I assumed someone else had already hooked you up... 
You could trade the game. This way it'll be in Sleepy's inventory and he can gift it to his colleague. 
Yeah, the previous owner probably forgot to unregister his key or some shit. 
do explain... 
Apparently If You Write To Steam 
they can remove the inactive copy you have, then Willem can try and gift you it again... 
now that sounds massively convenient. 
You could trade the game. This way it'll be in Sleepy's inventory and he can gift it to his colleague.
do explain...

1)Buying the game as an Inventory item to be traded.
Add game to cart.
Click 'Purchase as a Gift'.
Click 'Store the gift in my inventory to send later'.
The game is now an 'item' in your Steam inventory.

2)Trading an item with another Steam User.
Go to your friend's profile and click the 'More' drop down button.
Click 'Offer a trade'.
In the trade window, browse your inventory to 'Steam' (this may be the only catagory you have).
Drag the game 'item' to the right side and confirm the contents of the trade.
Your friend will then need to accept the trade. 
Spirit Are You There? 
Spirit Are You There? 
check mail please. 
Spirit Are You There? 
...are we having a seance? 
Spirit can't see when he has new email and has to be notified here. Apparently... 
I reply/react to emails in my own pace. Can be days to months. 
Spirit Are You There? 
it's me, margaret 
Spirit, are you in there? Blink once for yes, twice for no. 
Humor Are You There? 
we are alone... 
Fire off some bottle rockets in the map archive while old man Spirit is away! 
August Is Almost Here... 
I'm excited to go to High School and at the same time I don't want summer to end. 
August Is Almost Here... 
Finally, those damn kids will get off my lawn and I can enjoy some peace and quiet. 
Doom2 In Name Only

What would you build if you had nothing to go on but "The Ebon Fortress"? Or "The Vaults of Zin"? 
^ Jam3 Theme ^ 
a longer jam hopefully

"e4 remixes" was another one that keeps coming up. 
Wasn't there talk about a low gravity theme for Jam3?

D2INO was another original idea for a community project - it's amazing how easily the people at DW can always pull them off. The actual release was a mixed bag though, at least the levels I played. 
"e4 Remixes" 
sounds tasty 
DirectQ Engine 
Its page disappeared : and I can't find any mirrors or new pages hosting it.

Anyone know any? 
For the pages themselves, I think is all we've got.

The engine executable: 
Thanks Johnny! 
Mh Retired 
Intentional takedown :'( 
That's a shame, but he probably had his reasons. I suppose he didn't like being bothered with and pressured by feature requests and bug reports all the time. Still, it seems an overly harsh move to take down everything. 
It was personal reasons, not to do with the community itself. 
In loving memory of MH, I'm going to replay every Quoth map ever made.

Map Jam 2: Ikwhite/ikblue 
The second Map Jam pack is released! The theme for this pack was the ikwhite/ikblue texture set by Iikka Ker�nen, and we have 8 great maps to show for it!

Map Pack Authors - cocerello, ericw/fifth, lunaran, mfx, scampie, skacky, sock, tronyn

Download Mirror Readme 
How Did This End Up Here? 
Shambler and I both submitted news at the same time, delete mine if you want 
Haven't posted here in years... but occasionally lurk to see what everyone is up to.

Stumbled on this trailer recently. Interesting that a quite a few studios seem to be heading back to Arena FPS games!!

Kinda looks like a cross between UT, Q2 & Halo.. lol. This game is built on the Unreal Engine, so similarities to UT is kinda expected I guess. 
Looks like a cross between UT, UT, and UT. I look forward to the Epic lawsuit. 
Want in on a Ep4 mini-episode?

It'll be different from the map jams since it'll feature custom progs and a couple of new enemies.

Time frame probably a month or two. 
Want To Organize Jam 3 Then? 
I volunteered for the third session in #tf (with the theme being Zerst�rer inspired maps) but if you want to then go ahead. 
I've no objection to it.

The extra enemies are an exploding zombie, a fast zombie based off Necros' one from Altar of Storms and a boss creature. Obviously, no requirement to use them if you don't want to.

I would want a start map and a boss map, so maybe this doesn't fit the Jam template. 
Bal, Vondur, SleepwalkR, I gave you all ownership powers over the channel.

I'm taking a break from IRC, and will be less frequent here for awhile. 
And Nothing Of Value Was Lost. 
Just kidding, hope you spend your time off in brave new ways. 
Props to Sock for getting the Jamball rolling.

May it never gather moss. 
A rolling jamball probably gathers lots of gross stuff. :-/ 
This Thing Happens BTW 
If it a Jam or not.

And that means you, OTP, getting yur shit together.

I might just do my job in any case - the creative part is up to all you lopsided diamonds. 
real mappers 
You all sleep far too much.

I'm gonna keep this as a personal thing unless certain people bug me too much.

GRahhhh More Quake 
I miss you 
And that means you, OTP, getting yur shit together.

I have nothing to do with this thing. 
Guys I Need A Help With External Model Textures 
for example i got primevil deathmatch pak
what should i do to enable exttex in quake

i put em in id1 directory - >
textures(some .tga files)->
progs - some .tga files
models - some .tga files

health and ammo paks are working just fine, but v_models and g_models won't work

i got a mod and just dropped all files there and it works , besides RL g_ 
fitzquake/quakespasm? cause it doesn't support it.
rmq engine does though.

health and ammo packs are technically maps, which those engines do support, just not .mdls. 
Map Jam 3 
Daikatana Episode 4 WAD 
Has some but I don't know if I would call them good... 
maybe have a mapjam with the only requirement it has to use a totally new texture set 
jam3: There Must Be No Knight Visible Right From The Playerstart 
jam3: There Must Be No Knight Visible Right From The Playerstart

are knights the new crates? 
Knights are the new scaffolding,
which was the new mattresses,
which were the new pipes,
which were the new barrels,
which were the new crates. 
fitzquake/quakespasm? cause it doesn't support it.
rmq engine does though.

health and ammo packs are technically maps, which those engines do support, just not .mdls.

fitz doesn't support this one

and supports this one

anyway i figure out how to install the mod 
I like the idea of an oriental theme map jam... but also this might be a great theme? 
I'll play it... 
Misc Ideas 
whatever the next jam theme is, it should be something relatively unique (like the last two). There are already lots of great Daikatana-E3 maps. I imagine some people are itching to make base maps, but there are also a lot of base maps already (along with a lot of Quoth/Fodrian maps). I liked the Elder World suggestion, as well as the Low Gravity suggestion. There are plenty of wads on quaddicted that have hardly been used yet, though they might be too unfamiliar to inspire people. If I had to settle on that balance of used enough to inspire, but not too much, I'd go with the textures that were used in Glassman's Day of the Lords, Necros' The Living End, the Coagula Contest 3 Start Map, and I think Hrimfaxi has a turtle map in those as well (can't remember what game they're from). Or even the ones from Necros' Altar of Storms. Actually just make the whole thing based on that, it's been too long and I want a Necros map. heh. 
Egyptian Wads? 
Glassman's Day of the Lords

This was an awesome map, but literally every square inch of it is the exact same shade of babyshit brown. 
Hate To Be That Guy But 
Build Styles:

No Monsters / No more than 30 monsters
You Must Chainmap (all authors in pack to contribute 'something' to all maps)
Ziggurat Vertigo Revisited (would need a progs)
Only one enemy type
If not Day of the Lords then Colony
Lost Entrance to The 'insert id1 map name here' (different for each author)

Texture Wads:
Kell (fodrian or fury)
White Room
Natural Textures Only 
A simple "use this wad" theme would be pretty boring compared to the previous two themes, which implied both what the textures and the architecture should be.

"Honey" speaks volumes, "city2_x" does not. 
The last events - Koohoo, Honey, Ikwhite/blue - were all good strong themes that didn't get explored/used much by other mappers, so they were fertile territory. What themes are left that are like that? A lot of people have already done things in the style of Zerstorer, Contract/Quoth, ikbase, speedbase, every other kind of base ... Altar of Storms might be a little too monochromatic, considering what the last theme just was.

Maybe leave the texture set up for grabs and find a different kind of theme, one that helps all the submissions hang together while providing ideas and letting every mapper explore in their own way. How about just a phrase as inspiration, like ludum dare/older speedmap sessions/etc? Something as simple as "The Bridge and the Tower"? 
"Burial Mound"
"Citadel with a Moat" 
Hollow Earth 
Oh Man 
if it has to be a base theme, I think Colony is by far the best example of a base map with a "good strong theme that didn't get explored/used much by other mappers." 
Sadist :)

Rubicon 2 
Lunarans Doom Style Textures 
Have barely been used!! 
they're shit

if you're going to do that just use the actual doom textures 
why are they shit? i like them, they have more grit on them then the stock doom tech textures.

the real trick is converting them to quake palette well. i didn't like czg's attempt as they turned really teal. 
Those textures are great. I will make something with them eventually :)
probably a quoth base map 
That grit is just visual noise. It looks like looking at concrete but really really close. The panel edge highlights are stupidly intense as well.

The whole set just looks messy and cartoony to me now, and I can do far better. 
Maybe because I saw the in Q1 first... but I find the noise works better when they are at 50% and without texture filtering.
I still think you are selling this set short though. 
the real trick is converting them to quake palette well. i didn't like czg's attempt as they turned really teal.

Or include the 24bit ones as external tgas... like that one doom map that someone did. 
haha yeah, that's always an option. :)

I think i'd still scale them down 50% so that the pixel density matches the rest of the game, but kept the original palette. 
This was Lunaran's finest hour correct? 
I Thought The Same Thing 
Does this site have an irc on quakenet? 
#terrafusion #yoloswag #rekt 
(Just the first one actually) 
Aftershock Textures? 
Those noisy purple bricks should look stylish on something. 
Check Sm174 
Not if you are looking for mapping discussion. 
Absolutely if you're looking for mapping discussion, there's been plenty of fresh and intelligent discussion the past few days following both the jam1 and jam2 releases. 
#terrafusion Is Very NSFW 
be warned! 
Yea, I thought that discussion were also taken on some irc channel by people on these forums =)

My earlier "OK" was directed towards Spirits answer, but your post got in between. 
#24683 I uploaded the original Thred wad to Quaketastic with the name
RE: #terrafusion Is Very NSFW 
Well sure. All of that penis talk and such. Look guys, bad touch on a rag doll is still bad touching. 
The Number Of Penii 
has stalled since czg isn't around that much anymore. 
The Plural Of Penis Is Not Penii 
But It Should Be. 
Why are we even talking about the plural of penises? Shambler not withstanding most of us just don't care...

There are more people than just Shambler who suck on multiple penises. 
There are more people than just Shambler who suck on multiple penises.

And to completely take what my grandmother once said way out of context: God bless them all for doing it. 
I miss my penicilin.., 
^ Lol 
As foresaw by lovecraft...

The treerats, that is. Those things are evil.

Some cool old stuff there. 
There is a free physically based renderer for Blender now! 
BSP is slow... Can't we have some new tools rev to make it as fast as vis!? 
New Func_Msgboard URL 
Go Map Scampie 
This Is A Good Thing. 
I want to know how to put text on the demos i record like i see many people do.

Closest things i found are these, but doesn't seem to be what i am searching for.

At first i thought it was a FitzQuakeMarkV thing, but couldn't get proof of my suspicions. Also checked many other places with no luck, and that makes me ask you all, as the last resort.

Also, is there a way to choose the protocol a demo is recorded in? I know that some engines support different ones, but i suppose that all can record in the original one. 
Try to type "say" (without quotes) in the console.
Now type "say I didnt know that, thanks mfx".

Got it? 
I Know ... Now 
After writing that i thought, maybe its ... and began writing in the console till i thought of just a typical text message in any multiplayer game could be the solution ... and ... BINGO!

... the easiest option was the correct one, and here i was searching all over Internet ...

But you were faster posting than me at taking back my words. Thanks, anyway. 
Press T 
Not Yet 
But I'm getting there. 
Also, is there a way to choose the protocol a demo is recorded in? I know that some engines support different ones, but i suppose that all can record in the original one.

In fitzquake-derived engines, use sv_protocol to choose the protocol (15 or 666) before you start the map. 
Thanks, Metlslime 
Interesting Audio Tech 
You'd probably need to start with sound effects at a higher rate than 11025hz.

While it would be mostly an undesirable change in quake deathmatch (sound propagation rules are important), I could see that being a lot of fun in a multiplayer mode designed for it. Something sneaky. 
a multiplayer mode where everyone is wearing tap shoes 
than: that's awesome. it always bothers me that sound is given so little thought these days. at least doom3 had sound propagating through portals which was a little better, but doppler was removed when it *was* in q3. 
Just finished Adamantine Cruelty on Normal. Only found 2 secrets, but I found the Control Center. Vondur, I tip my hat to you. Great level. 
but doppler was removed when it *was* in q3.

Q3's doppler sounds pretty hacky though.
I agree sound doesn't get enough loving! 
Q3's doppler sounds pretty hacky though.

Maybe, but I still found it added a lot when you had a rocket scream past your head. 
glad you liked the map, and my secrets are too harsh. i had no proper skills to make them more accessible. 
Good News Are Rare.. 
Cool Doom Screenshot 
It's a pretty large animated gif but it's neat 
Neat! Is this the renderer in slow motion? 
i actually learned stuff just by watching that gif! I already knew that walls were drawn with vertical scan lines (like wolf3d) but didn't remember about how the floors and ceilings were rendered. It's also interesting that some polygons are rendered top to bottom, others bottom-to-top. 
Are You Alive? 
Are you? 
I Haven't Seen THIS Before 
Me Either 
downloaded, trying to get it to run 
It's Amazing 
What you can find on 
I get the "couldn't load gfx.wad" error usually reserved for running in the wrong folder, or when I leave pak0 open in PakExplorer.

You haven't lived if you haven't played Quake with Engoo's low res mode and lots of Gore enabled. 
well, then I haven't because I still can't get it to run 
R.I.P. Lunaran 
It doesn't run a lot of the cool maps made here unfortunately, even with engqsb.exe.

I never did find the time to debug crashes and merge some fitz/bengt changes for the limit pushing maps. a shame too, i'd love to see honey and the recent jams in it 
think I see why I couldn't get it to run

... something renamed my /id1/ folder to /engoo_win/

not cool bro 
That something wasn't the engine for sure.

'engoo_win' doesn't exist in the source, the closest thing is 'engwin.exe' which is just in the MSVC6 build files. 
Everyone should read 
Everyone should. 
I Read Half 
And will finish tomorrow. 
So I read somewhere that to turn it off completely you need to set it to anything higher than 1. Is this true or does 1 suffice. 
one is all you need 
Guess Who Just Made It Onto A Massive Polygon Blacklist? 
Anyone Interested In Posting To My Blog? 
I'm struggling to find the time to post or work on quake stuff (or any videogame related stuff) since I got into a relationship. I have posted a few times but not nearly enough.
Anyone with any tumblr experience interested in this? The blog is located here - 
Mouse Accel 
I cannot figure out how to set mouse acceleration in darkplaces. Does quake even have mouse acceleration? 
i believe darkplaces turns off windows mouse accel. 
And Then This.. 
On The Subject Of Doom On Printers... 
Looking for active people to post stuff to the Quake page on Facebook, lots of gratifying comments and likes for your pleasure. Your Posts typically get an organic Reach of around 2300 and you can wank about all the Analytical Insights like Engagement and Likes. Just mail me or comment on the latest post on 
No idea where to file this ...

Dzip command line utility build for Mac OS X

Dzip OS X 64-bit 
Been Thinking About Jam 3. 
So, the downtime between Jam 2 and Jam 3, which was suggested and essentially agreed on at #tf, ended up being a bit longer than intended.
I think that we're in an ideal time to start a jam, right now - with a slightly longer timeline than the previous two (jam 2 was already one week longer than the first), we'd have a pack ready right for halloween.

Which brings me to the most important point... what to do with the theme? After receiving enough bothering from be and Shambler, skacky was determined to go for Zerst�rer styled maps, which wouldn't be a bad idea per se. Thinking about it now, though, simply saying "zer" could be a slight step down from the previous two themes, which were unique and at the same time largely underexplored. The general sentiment over here seems to be that the next theme should serve more as an inspiration, than a strict requirement, and should try to hint towards the map's theme as well as its gameplay.

That said, how would everybody interested in mapping for Jam 3 feel about Brutality being the theme? You could do a Zer-style meat grinder map, or a fully runic map, or a "castle with a hundred traps" map, and it would fit such a theme just fine. 
No one? 
Just what FifthElephant and I are thinking. 
i don't plan on participating in any jams, but i felt the previous two were good because the theme was something very distinctive.

saying a honey map, or ikwhite map evokes a look and feel which, while it can vary between mappers, is still quite specific.

you might have better luck picking something that is very familiar to everyone but hasn't been explored to death (eg: id runic for example which has 1M + 1 maps)

i think it's why the coagula contests did so well. 
So shutting down a qexpo this year wasn't enough for you, now you've gotta shit over a map jam. 
Never Did Anything Like That 
I am only gracing your post with a reply because I am not even sure if it is supposed to be superleltrollderpingrofl or if you are actually deluded enough to believe in it. 
I was told that you might have missed Fifth's and mine posts in this thread just above...

Why can't we all just be fluffy friends and love eachother? 
Get A Room 
And yes, you need a much tighter theme for a jam.

I have a suggestion: Kingpin textures 
Get A Room 
And yes, you need a much tighter theme for a jam.

I have a suggestion: Kingpin textures 
Kingpin Textures Is Just As Vague As Zerst�rer Textures. 
No It's Not 
Zerstorer had multiple texture styles. And then you changed it to brutality. 
A theme should be more than a texture set, like I already told you above. 
Forwards Compatible 
Been replaying Foward Compatible. The boss enfocer's attack is still bugged. Can somebody with qc knowledge please take a look into this? The source is released.

The issue is mentioned here: 
While being amused to see my nick as jam theme, it looks obvious to me what the next one should be.

there's no source on that page. how is it bugged? 
Tere's something with the EndBoss Enforcer.
Shoots in the ground and lacks aim. 
that such a bad picture of me too :| 
oic, it's inside the release zip... 
why the fuck is it apsp3? 
Why Not Just Textures? 
ikwhite/ikblue worked fine. 
line 37 in lieutenant.qc:
launch_spike (org, normalize((self.enemy.origin - (self.enemy.velocity * 0.4)) - self.origin));
launch_spike expects a normalized direction (it directly uses that vector to multiple by speed to create the velocity of the new projectile. 
Ikwhite And Ikblue 
Were texture and architecture themes. 
How About An 'Unreal' Theme For Th Emap Jam 
could mean many things yet seems (at least to me) to also evoke a particular style (big outdoor areas with vistas, exploratory non-linear maps). 
Hi Necros, I am sorry, I don't know qc, is that the problem and must the qc be recompiled to fix the issue? 
Yes, it is a qc problem. It was probably a last minute change and he didn't check. 
Well, how much work is it to try to fix this issue. Would like to try myself but I do not have any experience 
it's just a single line. here is the fixed progs: 
Thanks, this should be uploaded on to quaketasic 
I've made some recommendations on the Steam group, I think many of us are officers in the group, so you can edit or add some if you want. 
To Those Who Have Had Experiences With Radiant Throughout History 
Does it have or has it at some point had a bug where if you select multiple objects and rotate them, the positions of the objects rotate one way while the actual objects rotate the other way? 
Is that the Jam3 theme then?? 
does objects = brushwork or entities? what version of radiant? is this the 90 degree snap rotate button or free rotation? 
Entities. Any incarnation of radiant throughout its history, from QuakeEd to idStudio. Any form of rotation, though it is most obvious in free rotate.

I'm asking because I've been working with idStudio for three years now and this bug has been there and nobody wants to fix it, and I'm wondering how far back it has been lurking in the codebase.
It would be "hilarious" if this was something that has been there since Q3 days or something and nobody's fixed it because id have just ignored that functionality. 
When you describe free rotating entities I automatically think "don't do that," so maybe I learned that because of this bug years and years ago myself, and have since remembered only the lesson and not the cause.

Doom3's builtin radiant let you rotate individual entities, I think, but only Doom3 introduced having the whole transformation matrix for an entity in a keyvalue rather than silly old quake _mangles, and free rotate is the only way to create that keyvalue since you'd be silly to try and type one in. That's probably where the bug was introduced, if I had to guess. 
I Frapsed It

This is what happens and I hate it.

Bad framerate because of fraps.

Disappointed it seems to be a relatively recent bug then. 
Well, if you hate it, then don't do that. 
Oh Ok. 
It'd The Radiant Way 
yeah, czg, never seen that. :(

it's pretty tho! 
Jam 3 Idea? 
Combining two contrasting map themes together & perhaps the gameplay centres around this combination?

ex; Runic & Nature / Idbase & Medieval / Egyptian & Snow

Perhaps too broad for a Jam though?

Jam 3 
i agree with truepurple, zer is da theme
why not? we've got the zer itself, i dont't like the half of the maps though, we've got an additional pak(negke/drew) and thats all folks

definitely zer 
tribute to Trinca 
As ericw told me on #tf, it's probably for the best to keep the jam themes as expansions of existing map packs. Like how jam 1 was an expansion of Honey.

Is there a chance for a new spy map, then?? 
That would be cool, too. I could imagine an rtGnosis jam. But other than that texture set the amount of Unreal wads is pretty unremarkable. 
Is There A Chance For A New Spy Map, Then?? 
actually, there's a chance ofcoarse
but never know whence

i'm trying to seduce someone to finish teh czg maps and no1 is involved

i'm too drunk permanently to mapping properly 
I've Been Playing A Lot Of 
thiefG/thief TMA recently, and some ideas had grown in me, about remake of e4m8, the 'nameless city' 
Day Of The Lords 
^^map pack theme suggestion, not seen those textures used often... 
The Living End, and the coag3 start map. 
How About 
Jam3 Theme: "The Living End & Elder World Waystation"! I might even map for that. 
The Living Zerend.bsp & Elder World Bunker 
Zerst�rer In Name Only 
With 10 entries named "True Love Waits". 
Elder World 
also sounds open enough and yet evoking a specific theme/feel.

Re Unreal, I thought over the years most the textures had been converted? 
I Want The Func Logo Tatoo..uhhuu...ed Above My One Tiny Penis 
with blood and such, dwelling from the scrotum..
But one tiny penis.
One Tiny Penis. 
Unreal, I thought over the years most the textures had been converted?

As far as i know there is only two texture sets from Unreal on wads for Quake1 (Skycity and Nalicast), with 448 textures counting both of them. 
That Unreal 1 Rock Texture 
Is still the greatest rock texture ever created. You know the one I'm talking about! 
Dat Txture 
Look What I Found In My Wads Folder 
Should I upload these somewhere? It seems I thought that these textures would be better served in Q1 at half size. I probably used TexMex for the conversion, but I have fullsize TGAs of GenIn, GenFX, and NaliCast too, which had most of the good quakeish medieval stuff.



Also, hi everybody, it has been a while. :) 
Qaddicted has an entire FTP section dedicated to wads.

Spirit runs it so you might want to email him (I have no idea how to otherwise get stuff into the wads section.

You can get his email address at:

I hope that that helps. 

Hahaha ... I ... sweet. 
grahf, I would rather have you finish THAT MAP but sent them in! 
"Should I upload these somewhere?"

Decisions Decisions 
I want trees.

1. Pirate 3dsMax
2. Use the small fugly Zer tree
3. Suffer the foul mayaesque Blender interface
4. Do them from the office
5. Model that shit up in Trenchbroom like a man

I think I'll go with 5 so that they receive proper light and cast shadows.

Time to put on some more coffee. 
If The Blender Interface Was Anything Like Maya 
It wouldn't be foul. 8) 
I Hate Maya 
It always takes me ten minutes to find the button I need.

We had a mandated switch over to Maya in the office (from Max) and it's impacted all our dev time across the board and continues to do so over two years later.

The artists have now forgotten how to use Max, but still haven't been able to learn the Maya interface to the same proficiency they had. 
The artists have now forgotten how to use Max, but still haven't been able to learn the Maya interface to the same proficiency they had.

Awesome. Best of both worlds! 
Whoever sold that handful of magic beans (A collection of supposedly professional softwares no developer in their right mind would choose by option) must be pretty happy with themselves. 
All the artists? Making environment and prop artists use Maya is just ... mean. 
For animation it makes sense, at least. 
Oh Lawd 
Finally taking the time to go trough all of the maps released in the past few months. You people are insane. 
I model in maya, but whenever I've tried max I have the same feeling of not being able to find the button. Maya feels far more organized to me.

What am I missing? 
Both are ok, it's just hard to switch from one to the other.
Maya is a bit friendlier to more technical artists, while Max's modeling tools are a bit more complete.
I prefer Maya now, but I've customized it quite a bit, in some aspects I've made it feel more like Max even. 
Horses For Courses 
Both seem quite convoluted in the UI department to me.
They should hire sleepwalkr C: 
"What am I missing? "

Muscle memory. :) Seriously, all apps do about the same stuff it's just in different locations.

I'm a MODO guy, myself... 
+1 For Modo 
Bad Brushwork 
Awesome Solution 
UE4 Whitebox Challenge Poll 
Time has passed and you can now vote on your favorite submission. Even if you don't want to vote, be sure to check out the amazing results here
get rekt! 
TFW you compile something and the compiler decides it needs to check out 806 files, even though it only modifies 3 of them, and then goes ahead and checks them out one at a time, each operation taking a second, the actual compile takes 15 seconds. 
is that feeling 'so bored you go post on func' 
I Was Going To Put It On Facebook First. 
But then I realized I'd get about zero likes so it might as well go here. 
Func_Msgboard � Where The Unlikeable Posts Go. 
Does The Love Ewe Count? 
It's So True 
also, sounds like a pretty shit toolchain 
Dafuq Happened? 
Was Germany's locker room freshly painted or what? 
Hello, I've just replayed this map

and all it is really missing is an exit trigger that leads into dm1m2. I see that the lunar maps have exit triggers added, can somebody make an exit trigger for this map? 
Quake II On Old Hardware 
I found this channel via the Youtube related videos list completely by chance. Someone else might enjoy it too.

Douglas Little is developing a port of Quake II for Atari Falcon030. It's a bit of a challenge, as it is a computer from the early 90s with a 16MHz CPU. He is making some nice progress nevertheless.

He has also written a port of Doom for the same hardware. There are videos from it on the channel too. 
..about Quake Mental (in)sanity 
Hi guys, here's my story for you:

seven years ago I started collecting Quake maps(sp/dm that is) not willing to play any of them before getting them all !
So I've surfed ALL the web to reach my goal and now I'm finally done !
I've burned them maps on a DVD-DL(8gb) and within next days I'll begin to play them.. oh lucky me !

ps: downloading all the maps I could find(sorted by authors !?!) has been a titanic effort and put my mental sanity to test ! 
holy shit dude is it April fool's yet?

I too have an obsessive nature, we're all probably a little OCD, but unless being an archivist is your thing, you have to admit that your experience of the art you're collecting (maps, whatever it might be) is going to be fragmentary - but that lets you focus again on the experience, which is the whole point after all. Gaining a complete, comprehensive, or even uncontroversially representative overview of a field as gigantic as custom quake maps, is probably not possible! 
! :) 
Or by the time he's done he'll be a bigger expert than any of us.

How big is the quaddicted archive? Does it have 8gb worth of Q1SPs? 
micholas: Nice! Don't forget to eat every once in a while :)

Maybe rate them all as you play them on Quaddicted? I am not sure about the statistics right now but I think so far no one even rated 50% of them.

I wonder how long it would take playing through them all casually some hours day by day (and how exhaustion makes later maps "worse"). We should definitely attempt some collective marathon over qexpo 2016!

lun: I think it is about 1.8 gib q1sp and 3 gib multiplayer. Haven't checked in ages and my memory might be wrong. 
I'm sure having downloaded possibly every single map/mod sp and also dm (but for dm I made some sort of "natural" selection:))but ..believe me the hardest part was that damn portal !God it was huge !

Among the rarities I've found come to mind those "VictoryPlanet" TotalConversions by DanielKuciel but really.. I got them all !

Only problem is they are sorted by authors so finding specific maps will not be easy.. I'll play them by chance :)

I look forward to play Tronyn,Necros,FatController,NeilManke,Kona maps and those big mappacks(Nehahra,UrthMajik,Travail,Warpspasm, and God only knows what else !)

Do you think a single life will be enough ? 
If you don't mind.... it would be cool if you tracked your level times for each map and then added them up later. I'm guessing that time will be quite long indeed! 
get your other single life back in nightmare mode. 
Playin' Every 'kin' Quake Map 
If you play by map name you might get to mine in about 5 years, but if you play by author, you won't live long enough ;) 
Come plan the most awesome qexpo 2016 if you are a DOer. 
thanks for recommended requiem, Nehahra works great now. Only minor bug is that skyboxes seem to move a little when you towards them (eg start of both neh2m4 and neh2m2).

But I am just glad it works now. 
Here's The Results Of My 7 Years Archiving Work ! 
total authors (1 folder per author): 1200
total files (maps,mods,..): over 5000

At first my attention was only to collect single-player stuff.. but then I found that a guy called Aardappel created that DMSP mod (converting dm maps into sp ones!)so.. eheh I let you figure out what I did :)

MikeWoodham: I like your mapping-style so I assure you that it won't be long before playing your maps :) 
Micho... are probably well aware, but just in case; Aard released a DMSP2 version as well. 
Katharsis Alpha 0.1 Out Posted By Wakey 
As title says:

I suggest to read either the full downloads description, or the autoexec.cfg, they contain some useul keybindings.

To start the game, either use the katharsis.bat supplied, or start dp with the parameter -game darkrevelations (i know confusing, gets fixed).

Then start either a sp game, or use the console "map start".

Please do your settings in the Autoexec.cfg.
Standart settings are rather high and need a fast GPU and CPU (3ghz, GTX 6xx or higher)

It's a rather dirty demo, i wanted to have finaly a version out, the next version will fix many things.

The thing i currently need the most is a capable QuakeC coder, i honestly tried and suck at it.

The content within /darkrevelations is made by me and licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

I wasnt sure if i should use GPL already,
what does Sock use?
Any advise?

Well anyway, if one of likes to use content, its ok :)
Just be sure to notice me!

I would love to see some of you joining me :D 
cc is for art or finished works

gpl is for code

using cc for models and all that is probably what you want. no idea about map sources. I like the gpl, it might be the wrong choice for maps though. cc-by-sa is a nice license and should be "games in debian" compatible from what I know (if you dream of ending up in Linux repos) 
A Doom Scene

It's the Icon of Sin recreated with miniatures and the artist's own models & sculpture. 
Very Cool. 
The demon head looks brutal and the splatted Cacodemn is great. 
I Was Replaying Some Of Kona's Old Maps 
And I noticed some very good custom monsters in there, same with Necro's old maps also. I was just wonder why nobody else has used these monsters since. Was the source lost or something? 
Any new reviews coming up? 
Thanks for asking. The only Q1SP I played this year is jam2 (if I can throw all the time into mapping, I should definitely get to play it!), because I made the rule that I just freaking half to finish Drake for reasons of time and money - PM's time is also very limited and as he said "it's now or never." I've recruited some people to help out (appreciated guys you know who you are) and may be whining for more later on. But for this year, I made the rule that I'm going to finish Drake before I get to reviewing - so once that happens, I'll have a lot of catching up to do on reviews (a lot of the releases I haven't played yet look very exciting). 
Too much caffeine, corrections:
HAVE to finish
also "if I can throw all the time into mapping" which I actually can't but somehow did (lol). 
Looking At A Really Messy DB In Access 2013 
Made me wish it had a Trenchbroom-like 3D view. 
what are you smoking???

also access db. T_T 
Access is actually really nice for quick, personal database needs. The UI is easy to use, forms are a snap to set up... I like having it around. 
Wow Func Is Quiet 
Discussion topic: were Nihilism Unlimited trying hard enough to be evil? 
Fucking ROFL 
me: hey girl i'm going to this thing feel free to come along
her: can't i'll be doing crossfit 
I Bet If I Search For That Filename 
on my old laptop I could find it. But why in the world would you want such a thing? :) 
The Helvetica discussion reminded me of them, surely you used that for it back then? 
&#407;&#866;&#863;&#864;&#858;&#857;&#358;&#815;&#852;&#819;&#826;&#812;&#803;&#827;&#837; &#854;&#812;&#816;&#854;&#826;&#358;&#813;&#827;&#818;&#819;&#797;&#806;&#791;&#570;&#864;&#865;&#856;&#825;&#809;&#858;&#42816;&#823;&#854;&#818;&#851;&#790;&#845;&#826;&#827;&#582;&#807;&#840;&#799;&#798;S&#808;&#802;&#799;&#805;&#814;�&#839;&#840;&#851;&#841;&#841;&#803; &#822;&#821;&#810;&#796;&#810;&#816;&#853;&#793;&#817;&#796;&#570;&#807;&#789;&#797;&#841;&#321;&#864;&#816;&#804;&#818;�&#808;&#863;&#801;&#815;&#845;&#857;&#809;&#813;&#806;&#806;&#852;&#852;&#358;&#821;&#800;&#803;&#837;&#812;&#797;�&#812;&#851;&#858; &#814;&#845;&#857;&#358;&#860;&#823;&#845;&#854;&#819;&#826;&#853;&#818;&#812;&#837;&#858;�&#823;&#823;&#819;&#791;&#800;&#827; &#827;&#810;M&#863;&#841;&#800;&#570;&#847;&#811;&#819;&#803;&#42816;&#822;&#823;&#796;&#810;&#840;&#810;&#582;&#807;&#806;&#819;&#827;&#792;&#857;&#791;&#841;&#800; &#808;&#861;&#861;&#815;&#841;&#857;&#858;&#811;&#851;&#796;&#791;&#791;&#570;&#801;&#846;&#819;&#804;&#858; &#820;&#789;&#816;&#805;&#809;&#837;&#846;&#796;&#803;&#791;S&#802;&#840;&#358;&#853;&#841;&#851;&#858;&#852;&#582;&#862;&#853;&#837;&#793;&#841;&#811;&#851;&#841;&#840;&#790;W&#1161;&#833;&#791;&#790;&#799;&#819; &#802;&#833;&#862;&#853;&#818;&#816;&#852; 
back to the lab 
&#65279;&#65290;&#65348;&#65353;&#65347;&#65355;� &#65324;&#65353;&#65347;&#65355;&#65353;&#65358;&#65351;� &#65326;&#65359;&#65353;&#65363;&#65349;&#65363;&#65290;� &#65325;&#65350;&#65368;� &#65290;&#65357;&#65359;&#65362;&#65349;� &#65316;&#65353;&#65347;&#65355;� &#65324;&#65353;&#65347;&#65355;&#65353;&#65358;&#65351;� &#65326;&#65359;&#65353;&#65363;&#65349;&#65363;&#65290;� &#65325;&#65350;&#65368;� &#65290;&#65363;&#65359;&#65365;&#65358;&#65348;&#65363;� &#65327;&#65350;� &#65316;&#65353; 
Ricky you broke func >:( 
Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest Progress Update 
We are slowly reaching the end of the competition. For that reason I've written a progress update. Be sure to check it out here.

Of course we've got some screenshots as well plus a dedicated server for testing purposes. We still got a couple of weeks left so I you have too much time on your hand you can still jump in!




I still gotta flag it as spam 
Yup :) 
Will keep nuking 'em normally. 
I Am Now Known As Quaddy. 
Because I decided that RingofQuaddamage sounded a little stupid to me. 
Interesting Game-o-id 
Banana for scale! 
A Bunch Of 
public domain texture photos.

Made them over the span of a few years and thought better to share them than to let them rot on my hdd.
Many of them could be useful for medieval style maps.
Most are 12MP some 5MP.
Have fun! 
most are very generic, all need retouching, but thanks nevertheless, i found some gems. :) 
This could have very easily been announced on func to get more people interested, mapping, and hyped, but for some reason it wasn't....

Sat Oct 22 is #Q1RetroJam day, 1 wad, 1 day to create 1 bsp, <100 monsters, +traps, +skill lvls, +exit, +org bsp limits and +org detail lvl

"To all retro Q1 mappers, please send your map to mememe(at)simonoc(dot)com for tomorrow morning #Q1RetroJam"

I guess that is morning Argentina time, so Yanks you got tonight, Euros you got tomorrow morning, GO MAP!!! 
I think he means "22nd Nov" ;) 
Link To The Wad Used For Retrojam 
Ah Well 
Would have been fun, but I've about run out of time and have entered house clean mode. 
Ah Fuck 
Would have attempted to participate if I had seen an announcement on this board... 
Very strange not announcing it on here. 
Strange to not announce on here 
Panties are bunched up and full of sand, or something... 
Isn't The Having Server Issues? 
Seems To Be A Private Jam 
way to spoil the surprise for everyone...

Quaddy, there is some stupid issue with the server setup that makes accidental DOSing happen. We would need to switch from lighttpd to some other server (eg nginx) as proxy in the front. If someone can help me with that I would highly appreciate it. 
RetroJam1 Released. HYPE! 
Is there any reason to use TGA for skyboxes anymore? PNG is much smaller and the added CPU load on loading probably beats the IO load on any semi-modern machine. 
I guess compatibility with fitz 0.85 and quakespasm would be the main reason to stick to tga, and probably other engines that handle tga but not png.

Technically I agree, and it's a good feature idea for QS. 
oh, I blindly assumed they supported it. 
Welcome To The Revolution... 
Um, what's happening to Func. Why has Jam 4 been secreted away from here?

"Call out the instigators
Because there's something in the air,
We've got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution's here, and you know it's right"

Oh my, what is the world coming to. 
Because sock. 
Pack it up boys, they've realized the conspiracy to destroy func_ by having open invite impromptu mapping sessions on other public places where mappers hang out. I guess our shadowy Illuminati will have to cancel the plans to also destroy conceptart forums by having sketch night at the local bookstore.

(it wasn't jam4 btw) 
If YOU Want To Get Involved In The Conspiracy 
Here's a lifehack: add the following line to your hosts file

That will get you into our secret clubhouse! 
Nobody Said Anything About A Conspiracy You Spotty Dome. 
It's straight up uncool to ignore func_ when putting together a Q1SP mapping session, because of some perceived slight from months ago.

A slight that you caused, by the way! 
Especially since, you know, THIS is where the maps come from these days. :P 
Do We Really Have To Behave Like Children 
"behave" Is A Strong Assumption 
Forgive Me 
I thought with all the talk about Twitter chat being a giant secret or something, you guys were suggesting NEFARIOUS PURPOSES!!! 

I'll be here all week! 
Hey Look, I'm Spoiling Another Secret! 
Map Objects 

That theme could really do with some custom mapmodels, gnarled tree branches and stuff... 
I Would Be Interested In Participating 
in one of those sock mod's jams but i don't have a twitter account to check the news or to just say i want to participate, nor i think about making one in the near future. 
Func just needs twitter/facebook integration, then we can retweet every post and like/dislike them as well. 
Another Zwiffle Post 
another dislike 
Dear God No 
Even though I know you mean it in jest, I would probably stop coming here if there was Facebook / Twitter / whatever integration. I need at least one internet sanctuary where I can go that hasn't been penetrated but idiot internet monoculture. 
but = by

also overuse of the word internet. It's me. I'm the idiot. 
Have An Upvote 
Can We Have Facebook Stickers Though? Please? 
[pusheen smoking a blunt] 
That Sounds Bretty Gud 
<onetruepurple> thtc made me think
<onetruepurple> how about "knave but not a quoth library" as a jam theme 
Is Quakeaddicted Down For Anyone Else? 
Yep Here Too 
hacked by systemshock. 
Quaddicted Is Back 
Good news... 
Puplic Domain Collections... 
any known good ones for texture creation out there? 
starts tomorrow 29th-30th, I have a surprise theme this time, a special wad/texture file and loads of photo reference. I will post the initial details here tomorrow, but after that its tweety time! Obviously I will be back to post the final zip file on Sunday. 
I Should Be Able To Participate, I Have A Fairly Clear Weekend Ahead 

(Wife's staff party tonight though... I'll try not to pickle myself too much) 
Nice One Sock 
Video Tutorial Peeves 
Why are you filming yourself just idly standing around?
And why on earth are you putting your face in front of the examples?
Saying the exact text on screen is kinda stupid.
You're a shit comedian, stop trying to be funny. 
#Q1RETROJAM2 Theme Announced, Go Map!!

The mapping theme - fantasy brick cities in the skies!

Basically you have today and tomorrow to knock up something cool, and that is a sick theme sock :) 
Wad/Textures and Ref Image :-

Finishing Time - Last minute of Sunday (30th)
Any questions - tweet tweet! 
Watch The Skacky 
stream his mapping here: 
No No. 
Don't watch that. Do your own bloody mapping! 
Anyone Want To Do MY Mapping? 
I've got a scrap section I might be able to convert in time (30 hours?), which I've already put some work into, but if anyone wants to help it make the finish line... that'd be... great (office space). Anyway, if not, perhaps there'll be a late entry. 
confirming it won't make the deadline and will be a late entry, hopefully in a week or two. 
For Some Values Of Realistic 
This is a Wolfenstein 3D remake. I can't think of a good way to describe it, so just take a look. 
Who's Tatoo Is This ? 
It's interesting, after the whole Penguin scare, the flow of spam pretty much dried up on this site. Now in the last month or so, they're back. Did something change to make Penguin irrelevant? Or are there some clueless spammers who didn't get the memo? 
...penguin scare? 
Google Has Nothing 

Some spammers are very stupid. 
Super Wolf 3d 
looks amazing, absolutely love that cartoony style. 
" I played Quake 1 for like 7 years, until the scripting totally took over and skill was outdone by how good your scripts were."

... Scripts? 
But it sounds like he's referring to the hacks players used back in the day to see through walls and stuff. 
Or things like RJ scripts and scripts to switch your weapon back to SG after firing. Still a weirdly incorrect/bitter thing to say. :-) 
They only beat me because of their <insert butthurt reasoning here>! 
Okay So What Happened To RetroJam2? 
Did Skacky break it by making a full map? 
I submitted a map on Monday night, the deadline ended up being Tuesday, so I'm guessing that Retro Jam 2 could be released at any moment. 
I teamed up with MFX and we broke the universe. 
#Q1RetroJam2 Released 
Screenshot -
Download -

Mappers involved - RickyT23, Skacky and Sock

As always demos are welcome. 
Someone should write a complexity/detail detector what slices a map into cubes and counts vertices in each. 
Anyone Wanna Make An Engine That Supports FSAA Then? 
The only engine to ever give me the option was Darkplaces. Why can't I select anti aliasing from the video options menu in ANY engine? What is with that? Do I really have to force it on through my Catalyst Control Center? 
QuakeSpasm supports FSAA as a console argument as of 0.90. 
What Do I Type? Why Isn't It In The Menu? 
cheers for the info btw :) 
You can add -fsaa 8 (or whatever value) to the command line, or set the vid_fsaa cvar, and restart the engine.

I tried putting it in the menu, there were some bugs making the menu setting unreliable, so for now it requires a restart. 
Oh That's Cool 
I'll have to check out the latest on QuakeSpasm :D 
Any jams going on this weekend? 
Yeah There Is. 
Theme is "cyclopean". Deadline is Monday night to give extra finishing tweaks if needed. Go map. 
Is Cyclopean Trouser Snake Ok? 
Jam Returns. 
Nice And Oppressive Looking 
floating ziggurat??? 
It Would Appear So 
not a ziggurat exactly, but damn cool nonetheless. 
.. it is red...

... but fucking looking good ! 
Romero is posting a lot of unseen Doom things at 
wow, quite a treasure trove of assets! Would love to see a quake version of this 
Stats By Sock 
@SimsOCallaghan tweeted a useful table of Quake weapon statistics. 
Fuck Yeah. 
Top quality nerdage there :) 
Intel Tablet Cpus 
(distant Dog Barking) 
*sound of wind blowing trees*

Faint clicking of mfx in the very far distance.... 
Would one of the i3d lurkers please kick FrikaC's ass to re-enable my account on the i3d forums? (Any of lth, lth_, or _lth_ ... )


BTW Hello. 
I Can Talk To Him 
Thanks Zwiffle. 
Clank Clank 
I have been replaying some of my favorite 2014 Quake maps, and I noticed a trend in Skacky's excellent output. I think he deserves praise for other things beside his top notch mapping skills, and I feel I need to point this particular thing out. There is just something that stands out right from the start in three of his map jam maps.

(I kid, because I love the maps.) 
"Canned meat. Open 'er up and see if it's still fresh." 
I Didn't Know There Was A Butt Jam 
Accounts Obtained 
I registered a new account. I have posted as Pekka previously, and I'll be now known as primal here. You could tell this from the IP addresses too, but I might as well admit it openly here.

I also got myself a Twitch account. I managed to stream game audio and good quality video successfully after a few not-so-good attempts. I have a few cosmetic issues to fix, which I will try to do in the coming days. I'll also see if I can get a microphone working some day. In other words, I am not streaming seriously yet.

I am

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, please check out the highlighted bit of Quake and tell me if there are any other significant problems with the video apart from the weird aspect ratio. That wasn't intentional.

I'm using simplescreenrecorder to stream on Linux. It was my first time using it. I'll write a few words later about how things work out, streaming from a Linux computer, and what kinds of streams I'm planning in the future. 
Being able to see the game window and title bar is very distracting. I don't know what limitations you are facing in your streaming app but if you can fix that it will help a lot.

Audio seemed fine. If you are using a mic at the same time then you want to turn your game audio down to around 20-30% or people won't be able to hear you on the stream.

Microphone audio quality is super super important for streaming. If you have horrid background noise or bad quality mic then people won't want to watch your stream. Take the time to test lots of different things and find out what sounds best. 
Level Design Stream 
Matthias Worch (Beyond Belief) is starting a new stream where he talks about the level design of his Doom / Quake / Industry maps. First stream starts about nowish :) -- 
Ta For The Heads Up 
Beyond Belief is classic :O 
Daz, thank you for the feedback and the tips. It turned out the title bar ended up in the video because I forgot to update some data when launching the program for the second time. Used properly, the app does the right thing. 
yo... what is this:!/search/song?q=ZhayTee+Get+in+the+Vat

i found it in my quake folder................. 
Merry Christmas Dudes 
I've had a wonderful year playing all the content this community has produced! It's been a very productive year and it's great to see new faces on the scene also. Merry Christmas you beautiful bastards. 
Merry Christmas Dudes 
I've had a wonderful year playing all the content this community has produced! It's been a very productive year and it's great to see new faces on the scene also. Merry Christmas you beautiful bastards. 
Merry Christmas Dudes 
I've had a wonderful year playing all the content this community has produced! It's been a very productive year and it's great to see new faces on the scene also. Merry Christmas you beautiful bastards. 
Merry Christmas Dudes 
I've had a wonderful year playing all the content this community has produced! It's been a very productive year and it's great to see new faces on the scene also. Merry Christmas you beautiful bastards. 
DaZ Picked Up The Quad Damage 
All the best to you too :) 
Derping At Its Finest 
Christmas Derper 
Couldn't have done it better, Dazerp :D 
Yeah merry Christmas all! 
Merry Christmas! Hohoho.. 
Merry Christmas 
M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ! 
But yeah, merry Christmas.

And may the 2nd bring a mild-to-nothing hangover. 
Everyone get drunk on the 2nd, that's my birthday, a world holiday 
Warren Pls 
Merry X-Mas 
I hope Santa Klaus brought you nice gifts this year ;) 
Samsung Galaxy S5 For Me! 
Oh Man At Least Coal Has A Resale Value 
Quake On Your Lab Device 
Forget smartphone releases, this is the new cool way to play Quake: 
Does Anyone Know How To Properly IOQuake 3 ? 
Because I don't really know what to do. 
Pretty sure you just extract with directories into the same folder quake3.exe is in. What's the error? 
Quke On Oscilloscope 
... Missed The Youtube Vid :P 
I Totally Missed This, Downloading... 
Merry New Year Everyone. 
Happy New Year, guys 
Happy New Year 
May 2015 brings happiness and many good things ! 
But what if I cant wait until May? What if I want to be happy now? :( 
Happy Has Long Since Left The Building 
and has been replaced by regret, cynicism, and a stark, tangible awareness of one's own mortality. 
^ map jam theme #4 
Fifth, what happened to that retro episode you're working on? 
I got a girlfriend and then all mapping ceased.

We've broke up recently and I'm slowly toiling in my mapping cave.
I dunno if I will return to doing this episode for a while. I think the restriction of making it work on the original .exe has definitely been the main factor in hindering progress though. I had to scrap several levels because they just didn't work in the engine, I recently looked at the start map too and found that also has some issues in standard quake. 
Cant Go Back To Vanilla 
I don't know with Quakespasm and Fritz... I can't even consider using vanilla quake limits and features. 
Matthias Worch To Stream A Beyond Belief Retrospective. 
In about two hours from this post. 
More like 26 hours. 
Happy New Year! 
Here is what happened in Berlin.
Fun fact: Yours truly can be spotted at Oberbaumbr�cke.
Better turn off volume. 
I Hope 
you're not one of the idiots shooting fireworks at anything but the sky. 
Best Enjoyed 
with sound this time. 
Half Life 2 Without Steampipe 
Want to try some HL2 mods, but the steampipe update broke almost all of them, even the fixes I found don't work for some of them (Siren), does anybody here have or know where I can get the pre steampipe 2013 half life 2? 
Gotta admit, that is pretty fucking cool :) 
Is there a beer thread on these forums anywhere? I looked but didn't find any, but maybe it was hiding under a different/unique topic. 
I'd Say This Thread 
Drunk Thread? 
I'd Say This Thread 
Fifth Obviously Needing That Thread Already.

Nice camerawork here, throws you right into the action.
holy cow 
Tap A Repeatedly To Get Back Up 
Ziggurat Gameplay Stream 
BTW is really really cool. Especially with its full-featured Android client (yes, it syncs, it is not a dumb file browser like the competitors do). 
I just hope they add public shares some day so I can publish all the archives. 
I Need A Drug Mule 
I need someone to buy two Quake CDs off ebay for me and send them to Germany. Shipping costs are insane otherwise (I hope? The USPS website failed to tell me.). Alternatively you could scan, rip and describe them for us. Total value is ~20-30$ so no risk really. I would transfer the money via Paypal. 
^ USA 
Neil Gaiman's Handwriting 
Looks exactly what you imagine it to look like: 
Poor guy did he have a stroke? 
Looks A Little Bit Like That Of Quentin Blake 
Shub Niggurath ? 
It definitely has the "Of the Woods" bit nailed. 
"shrub niggurath" ;) 
That's Rhogog 1.0, innit? 
What Happens When You Search For OTP 
And Why 
Would you do that? 
The Url Is All You Need To Know 
so began the most elaborate wolfenstein viral marketing campaign yet 
The national socialists and undead communists have teamed up to smash capitalism? It's every conservative pundit's worst fears realized! And only the true blooded American hero, Wolf "BJ" Einstein, can stop them! 
Every Map In Half-life Singleplayer 
in a single BSP?

This is awesome - 
has anyone put the entirety of Quake into a single BSP(2) yet? I know they've done the individual episodes. 
Fuck That 
Put Rubicon 2 into one BSP2. 
I can't believe that works ... I guess Valve laid the world out correctly in terms of spatial relationships?

I wonder if it's playable. 
It Looks Like It's Intersecting Quite A Lot Actually :-/ 
And the dam is at the bottom of the mass. 
Yeah, here and there a little ... but it's not bad! 
The people who defend crunch are almost always leads, ie, the people who are most directly excused from having to do their jobs properly by the 'validity' of crunch time. That or young lifers who don't yet have families or interests outside of games who wouldn't know what to do with 100 hours of free time per week anyway. These usually go on to become leads.

Crunch is massive schedule overruns, nothing more. in any other industry it's met with the people in charge of the schedule losing their jobs. (except, of course, in US government contracting.) 
I recently ran across someone who told me about Bully at Rockstar. 18 hours a day for 2 years. That's a soul destroying crunch - and he happily defended it. He said it was hard work but we should all be grateful to have jobs doing what we love, so it was worth it.

He got a completion bonus that was enough to buy a whole new car.

I couldn't fucking believe it.

A new mid-range car for 2 years of my every waking hour? Die in a fire. 
Oh, 18 hours a day / 7 days a week. 
I spend 10 hours a day in a call centre... then I come home and spend about 18 on my computer making maps.

Pretty certain I could crunch for 2 years, though I'd want money to be flowing like water. 
It's different when you can't leave and you have to work on what you're being told to work on. It sucks. Hard. 
I worked at a company for 6 years - spent probably a total of 2 of those years in evenings + weekend crunch time, and it was unpaid overtime, all the time.

I don't know of many games companies in the UK that actually pay overtime. 
Such A Good Read. Thanks! 
That Blows 
I'd rather work a steady low paid job where I'm not treated like a slave.

Like I said, the money would have to flow like water. 
The last place I worked actively discouraged overtime. They knew that guys like the one Willem describes actively sell out the guys that come after them by being so utterly willing to strike such a losing bargain, and that such an attitude eventually becomes poisonous company culture. 
Of course, they're closed now, as is the place Scampie and I worked before that which also discouraged overtime, so, there's that little data point. 
It's hard to find a good spot in this Industry.
I've been working for almost 8 years now, I must have worked a total of 2 saturdays, and no more than 4 months of paid crunch (in time off usually, and it was usually soft, like 2h extra every evening). I feel really fortunate about it.

The hardest thing is finding a good lead. The company where I currently work does quite a bit of crunch at times, but my team's lead is well organized and manages to avoid most of it for us. Unfortunately this isn't always possible depending on your job, some teams are more dependant on other teams being on schedule (like character art vs environment art). is the place Scampie and I worked before that which also discouraged overtime...

...where I ended up working a bunch of overtime anyway to meet the needs of an important contract we had, but at least my boss stayed for much of it with me doing everything to assist.

Still wasn't very good for my mental health, especially when afterwards I took up Raven's offer to return to their frying pan of "way behind schedule, yet still discovering what the game was"... 
Hot New Quake Game 
Got To 40 
Good game. 
Not Sure If Posted 
Interesting, but did they have to use that horrible engine with all those glows and blooms and weird texture filtering? :( 
Nice Videos 
Also, "gib sounds" as in, djibb:

Eat it, Dazers / Dranners / Danzers / Dranz. 
Ah Fuck Me 
JIB. Eat it, haters. :P 
I've Been Saying JIB For Yeasr 
Get wrecked world! 
Yeah I Was Confused 
it is still Gib, you cocksniffers. 
Look at you guys getting a "Nautical" and stuff.

[popeye]I like the cut of you'se guy's jibs...[/popeye] 
Don't listen to Daz, he can't even pronounce WAD correctly. 
Who would be authoritative on that if not Romero? 
A butcher...? 

Sleepy, MFX, Spirit, Negke, etc - you guys PSYCHED FOR THIS? 
those who choose to sit are often referred to as a "Sitzpinkler"

I learned three german words today! 
Etchin patterns in the marble with piss is the shit. 
seems like a bad material choice for a bathroom floor if it is damaged by contact with urine. 
In my opinion marble is a bad material choice for anything horizontal (including a table top), it's highly susceptible to any acids and oils no matter how tiny the rise in ph is, including your own sweat. Vertical (and horizontal if you're stuck with it) marble surfaces should be sealed with a special marble or stone sealant (multiple coats).

To get rid of a stain make a paste made out of flour, water and a cleaning product intended for stone (consistency of toothpaste), smear it on and let it fully dry (at least 18-24 hours) then scrape it off. The paste "Should" draw out any oils from the very porous stone. You may need to repeat for the more stubborn stains.

If you want to go with the natural stone look use granite or use some man made material that looks like stone instead. The latest stuff looks fine and is much easier to maintain as well as costing less in general.

(end voice of experience) 
This Discussion 
Makes it nearly impossible to believe some of the pristine marble textures in Doom =/ 
i too find it harder and harder with every passing year to believe doom was real 
It's Still Real To Me Damn It 
One Of The Last Liberties A Man Has Left In The Modern World Is SAVED 
The right to piss all over stuff! Splish sploosh, on the bathroom floor, the sink, the towels, the goddamn deo blocks, czg's beard, running down the man tits! 
Very Stimulating Discussion About An E4rmx 
It makes my brain jizz. 
ehhh... a twitter conversation is just an endless stream of one-liners. boring. 
^ 80 Characters 
Making Your Game "juicy" 
Great Presentation 
Getting Devs to follow it is like getting blood out of a stone though. 
that shambler looks disgusting.

in other words, awesome. 
Too Warty Not Enough Bristly Fur. 
Just Updated It With A Scrag :D 
re: teh sahmbler - I agree with 'bler that the skin is all wrong, but the actual shape of the model is spot on. I think these are the first "HD remake" quake/doom models that actually respect the original shape / silhouette. But yeah, the skin doesn't do anything for me 
Damn Good Model 
I don't even mind the skin myself, since Shamblers have never felt very furry to me. The sphincter-like mouth bugs me more. 
I Like All Those 
what is that page actually about? A project? 
Yes very good. I too have qualms about the sphincter-mouth (something I find rather endearing in other circumstances) but in general they are doing well. 
this is the best model of shambler i've ever seen and i like the scrag too. great work

notable mention is an infantry guy 
You can tell from his WIPs that he's literally importing the quake monsters from .mdl into zbrush and starting to subdivide and sculpt right on it. This is why they seem so faithful. 
This Is Neat! 
Also This 
Interestingly, dragging the sphere very quickly does not yield the expected effects (big waves). I suppose that the temporal resolution is too low. 
(thanks ELEK) 
Also From The Epic Twitter Account... 
Grim Fandango in UE4!! 
For The GW Homies... 
Wow. Titties AND A Willy. Progressive. 
Why Not 
Shooty and shooty ... and stompy? 
Looks good Bler 
Epic Was Awesome 
There may be a bit of stompiness available. Just in case.

Czg I bet yours has scorch marks on hur hur 
Feature Request: 
Put real sunlight into Tyrlite and/or a Fitz engine 
What Is With That (win)quake Software Settings 
everybody's now talking around
can not get that hype

once i've switched to GL, i've never bothered to switch back to winquake 
That Is So Cool. I Want One. 
Only costs �40k and pulls no more than 340W and just needs a meter of space above, whatever. Gimme. 
Winquake Settings 
it's just Kinn. and Kinn wears vests as pants. 
we take the atmosphere and we squoosh it


down into this much! 
i wish i could've been Kinn 
Don't make fun Lun, it was nominated for the Light Source Innovation of the Year Award at this year's Lux Awards. 
Have the same miniature (different weapons, the rest is the same), but yours looks amazing compared with my lousy painting, like your chaos imperator or revenants.

How i wish i would have more people to play Epic with in my area, maybe it would give me the push to finish the painting of my army.

By the way, with ruleset are you curently using, Shambler? Epic:40.000?, E:A? NetEa? NetEpic? 
Cheers bro. It did take me ages to paint though!

I don't actually play any of the games, I just bought this off a mate recently and got inspired to do it. 
Tourism Ads Done Right 
Epic ! 
... and so funny :) 
This Guy Makes The Best Comics... 
if you say so... 
I think he just posted the wrong link, give him a chance to find the right one. 
Maybe He Was Visited By The Brainman... 
Confessions Of A Ziggurat Addict 
This YT channel has several engaging Let's Play videos of Ziggurat. I'm watching them when not playing the game myself. But I'm sure I'll take a break after I beat Normal with just one more character :)

(The guy also plays Darkest Dungeon, which I think Daz streamed a few times recently. It's not a FPS, but otherwise seemed quite interesting.) 
Well there we go, for anyone who was asking that pressing question, "What would the Perry Bible Fellowship be like if someone did a straight rip-off but with no humour whatsoever", that's answered it. 
Llamas With Hats 
What's With All The Punz? 
What's with all the links to these edgy lolrandom monkeycheese "humour" sites recently? What's wrong with good old-fashioned wit? 
Millenials like #25177 don't understand wit. hello.jpeg 
<This Post Was Flagged As Spam> 
What's with all the links to these edgy lolrandom monkeycheese "humour" sites recently?

Yeah man, but it's like meta and shit! 
hey guys... new site:

well, actually it's the old site but I got my own hosting. also uploaded those two mods I made as the files had dropped off the interballs. 
what's the map pictured in your header image? Is that ne_ruins? 
Want To Know That Too 
I also remember seeing another one of that map in white plain textures (don't remember the command line to achieve it right now) on the front page which showed way more of it, and maybe some more articles or images. 
it's an unfinished map, but it's blue so it fits the theme! :) 
... The yellow/orange is too bright for me. 
I Liked Strafe Better The First 3 Times It Was Posted 
So It's Getting Worse? 
Didn't you play the demo?

Y axis wasn't even inverted! 
Why would it be? Oh, do you .. uh, never mind. 
Would Be A Pain To Vis 
How about "re-entity" where you delete all entities from an id1 map and start from that, touching any brushes or textures is forbidden. 
Would Be Fun 
You Guys Like Dark Souls Right? 
Came For The Boobs... 
...stayed for the arse-hammer

Anyway, now let's have a look at that video fifth just posted... 
Romero New Shooter? 
Holy Shit, YES!!! 
For some this is a dream come true, for others it's a nightmare. 
That's ... actually pretty cool. 
Yes But. 
Could you combine that with the mod that made all the other enemies Spawn? 
Why Cant 
You turn into a crate though? 
Wow, that's cool. But why does tarbaby have an icon of a quake guy? 
But why does tarbaby have an icon of a quake guy?

Because that's how he wants to express himself, and who are we to judge? 
he is a tarbaby that sexually identifies as a human

watched the video, this mod looks awesome. imagine deathmatch in it! 
Monsters vs Rangers would have been a good game mode.

Imagine different classes, nail ranger, rocket ranger etc etc.
Vs different monsters.

I imagine it would be like TFC a little bit. 
the other cis tarbabykin ostracized him ... now he's going to give them a safe space

Lunaran, you have my axe. I remember, back in the whirlwind of the years, hearing that you were a bit moody, but I would call that more just like "awesome" and "sincere." Long live sarcasm, especially as a defense against the PC-warriors. A tarbaby seems like a great symbol for this generational conflict: we are able to imagine all kinds of shit but we don't make a huge deal out of it. THEY on the other hand, troll for sympathy and extra rights, imagining that they are the centre of the universe. 
Stop triggering me! 
Tronyn - The drunk thread is over there. *points* 
Triggering, Awesome Concept (I Wonder If The Universe/reality Cares) 
Thanks Willem, I'm recovered by now. Still think millennial slacktivists are hypersensitive poser idiots, but less inclined to express that now (err wait...). Now go map! 
How About A Shub Mod? 
You just sit around for eons waiting to be telefragged by a lone space marine ;) 
Tronyn, you sober? Congrats! 
generic - Nice! What it lacks in gameplay it makes up for in ... ambiance. 
Tronyn :( 
Anyone who have played Zerst�rer recently - or have a good memory?

I'm replaying Quake and some of my favorite SP maps after a hiatus of several years. One of those favorites being Zerst�rer, but I'm stuck in the Among the Dead map, specifically the part when you face your first Nemesant in small, locked room. I just don't stand a chance against it - and I have no room to manoeuvre in either. Am I missing some kind of trick you should use to beat it?

Can't recall this issue from previous play throughs - but perhaps I just suck at playing Quake now. 
Is That The One 
With the little basin thing at one end and the altar in the middle?

There's no real tactics against the Nemesant's as I remember, just throw all the ammo you have at them.

The bouncing lavabomb attack is goofy but does a lot of damage but the real danger is the forcewall attack.

Thats the one that sucks you into the middle and then explodes. The best way to deal with it is sprint forwards, even if that sounds counter intuitive since it gets you close to the Nemesant. Which means DBS is your friend (cos I think by that point you don't have TB).

If its the fight I'm thinking of then I suspect I just godded it back in the day after the Nth reload.

If you don't have a decent health and armour surplus then you probably can't complete it.

Its got cool sounds and ideas behind it, but the implementation isn't the best. 
Moody Matt 
...essentially Speedy wearing nose glasses. 
What Ijed Said 
It's a pretty unfair monster to fight. 
OK, thanks. Yes, it's a minimal room with an altar. I'd need more nails and health. Might reload from an earlier save. Otherwise, godmode. 
OK, so I managed the fight just by circle strafing like crazy. Turned out the Nemesant was rather squishy. But it also turned out that my char died a couple of seconds later after a fall, so very annoying end to that level IMO. 
I Think This Should Be A New Enemy Type - 
Is That A Pig Bear Man

Awesome, looks very quakey to me!

Finally proper secure messaging and voiping between iOS and Android. 
Re: Pig Bear Man 
Chimeras And Melted Peoples 
Just Tried Doom Builder For The First Time 
and it's a nightmare compared to using TB. Sleeps has spoiled us man...
I dunno how anyone can be bothered using DB. 
It's a whole different game with entirely different ways of creating levels. I don't see how the 2 are comparable. For Doom levels, it would be hard to do better than DoomBuilder. 
I Actually Like DoomBuilder 
But Build will always have a place in my heart <3 
Do Class If 
doombuilder2 is great. also try slade. 
So This Just Happened To Me... 
Folder P Is For His Piano Lessons 
i assume.. 
Have used Build/Mapster32 for about 15+ years and I definitely prefer Doombuilder2, which in total I've probably only put about a year or two worth messing around with it. I just find mapping is that much smoother and setting up generic actions is quick. Love it! 
Please Get A New Monitor With Better Native Res. 
is wrong... it's for my favourite penguin websites. 
I'm running a surface pro, didn't really get much of a choice to be honest. I'm going to get a new pc soon but I'm not interested in super high res displays. 1080p is perfectly fine IMO. 
I'm Praying For You My Child. 
My HD Ready TV has a native resolution of 1024x768...

I don't know shit about PC displays to be honest, been out of the loop forever, I thought 1080p was good! 
That's good marketing :) 
Anyone getting a steam machine? 
Probably not. I have a PC and several consoles. .. not sure I need another machine to play games on. 
Yeah Maybe 
Wait what the fuck are those price tags?

Will just build a PC and stick it in the corner of the living room out of the way and use Big Picture. 
The Steam controller interests me tho ... can you get that separately from the steam boxes? 
Yeah, I Believe So 
I'd like to try the controllers at least, though my old faithful 360 controller has been going for years and still decent.

Not interested in the boxes though. And even if I were, I would just build a system for cheap and put SteamOS onto it. Isn't the point that you are streaming the content from your main machine onto the Steam Machine? 
Those are actually stand-alone Steam-boxes, but yeah they are pretty expensive, and mostly for people who can't be bothered to build their own really. 
About Rtcw 
what is the latest (unofficial) version of the game?
Dear Kinn: 
dawn can't login 
Yesterday I Started To Play Sp Quake Maps For The 1st Time.. 
So a bit of history:
6 years ago(!) I started collecting Quake maps/mods with the purpose of burning them all on dvd, so finally after tries and fails(only Verbatim and Sony dvds took the burden) I find myself with 9 gigabytes full of Quake goodness not to mention I had to cut from the dvds Q1 engine games such SilverWings,Nexuiz,EternalWar,LaserArena,CiaOperative,UrbanMercenary :(

Yesterday I put the precious dvd in my beloved PII400 and.. voil�! Played some speedmap packs and RichXenonThorne maps and.. do you believe? I was happy as a child !

..Anybody else have tried something similar ?! 
FYI Tools Programmers 
Hello tool gods,

In all future versions of QBSP, can you please provide a command line switch that will halt compilation if a leak is detected and a leak file has finished being written?

Qonquer Map Jam? 
I Do Not Qonquer 
ehm, just had to say that. 
Oh yes! That would be awesome... 
Someone enlighten me?? 
It's a mod I did awhile back. Basically, it's horde in Quake. Monsters keep coming and coming until you die.

They come in waves, the mod keeps score ... you can even assign a helpful minion monster to help the player fight.

All you need to do is build an arena to fight in, place spawn points, add anything special you want to have happen between waves (optional) ... and fight!

It comes with a full sample map ... 
It would be neat if certain mapper's arenas would also transform after x number of waves to change up the levels layout overtime.

I have seen this done to good effect in some maps for "1024" Doom wad compilations.

Reading that page above, perhaps some of it could be tied into points to reward players if possible?

Could be an interesting Jam honestly. 
Qonquer can fire events after each wave so all you have to do is hook up some func_doors or whatever to move around and it'll work. 
No Fgd? 
quick hack that barely gets the job done: 
Are we doing this? I actually have a few days off here this week ... I might be interested! 
I'd be willing to give it a shot. I don't think netradiant uses .fgds and I don't know how to convert to .ent, so that may be a problem. 
The Qonquer site has a DEF you can download ... does it read those? 
Dunno, Would Need To Look Into It At Home 
I could try TB or Jackhammer if need be. I'm well acquainted with Hammer/Worldcraft, and TB was pretty easy to learn but I'm not too familiar with it. 
Blinky Quake 
Came across this on Twitter and it's kind of neat

Seems to be an extension of the stuff done by Aard's Fisheye/PanQuake, and based on TyrQuake. Much nicer wide FOVs, and a bunch of other projections 
just played it, I remember it well now. Not bad, but I wont be able to make a map or anything for it as I will be on holiday for a week. 
def == ent 
I should be set ... I suppose. 
I think I got the editor set up, so now I just need to learn how to map for Quake again, set up Qonquer, learn how to do that nifty new fake GI stuff and I should be good to go. 
Qonquer Map Jam 
I would be quite happy to run this event if people are serious about making levels for it 
K well I got my test map set up and it works and everything, so I should be ready to go on a Qonquer map jam as long as its not the weekend of the 29th. 
I should have bandwidth for this, actually. I'm wrapping up my current home project soon so this would be a good thing to jump to next. 
I'd make a map. 
I'd Say Yes 
But my jam:finished map is 4 to 0 so far. 
Building to a 32 grid sounds kind of awful. 
I remember that article clearly, and took it to heart as a youngster... but now realize it was bullshit.

It's not the wider brushes, it's the clean and on the grid mapping that's making the compile faster. The original map was on a 10 unit grid. If he remade the map on 8 units it would've compiled faster as well. 
Technically, 10 is on the grid too. 
True, 10 units is certainly A grid... 
My Biggest Issue With UE4 =/ 
Quake's arbitrary 'unit' size and the power of twos grid worked fine back in the day when everything was chunky and fudged, but it was based completely on programmer convenience rather than having a good scale for objects and that doesn't fly anymore. Especially since you don't even have to care about being on the grid in a modern engine.

Making everything into metric units makes a fuck of a lot more sense. 1 Unreal unit = 1 Centimeter. Everything can be sensibly scaled, and all sorts of physics can use real world numbers, and etc other things just work because you spend so much less time translating between real world units to Quake units that you don't get any real advantage from using in the first place! 
But 32 :( 
scampie - I mean, it could be argued that it's on a grid of 2. Which is still snapped to a grid. That's all... 
True, 2 units is certainly A grid.. 
And the name of that .map? Albert Einstein. Then everyone stood up and clapped. 
Compilers don't give a Jonathan Ross about what grid the brushes are on - I imagine the main factor at work here is whether or not brushes meet each other cleanly. 
Trollolololol ... Brushes needing to meet cleanly is one of the greatest lies ever told in the Quake editing world. :) 
They Don't Need To, No 
but back in the 90s, I would imagine it sped up bsp, as it had to do less work or something.

Or not! 
looks nicer in the editor though. 
Might be of interest 
when you say you are wrapping up your current home project soon, is that literally 'home' project or do you mean some more home made map goodness? 
Oh, I mean a scene in UE4 ... I'm trying to get something done so I can enter the Polycount Throne Room challenge.

My fail train of bad decisions and missteps can be viewed here :

Most recent shots live here: 
that looks really nice. 
I hung it out like bait over the various artist tanks I frequent and they gave me several pages of feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Going to have to bang on this a little more... 
I want to go to there.

Would be great for an Oculus Rift/Vive/VR Commodore 64 emulator. 
Great design, lovely, lovely. Now make the keyboard really dirty, like you know, pizzaboxes and empty coke and cigs all over.. 
High Quality Bait. 
Keep it up Warren. 
You need it to have that greasy, sweaty tarnish that collected on the plastics of the era. On the keyboard in the centre of the keys and across the surface of the floppy.

The ring stains from the can are good, but maybe another on the surface of the desk where a too-hot coffee cup burned the Formica.

Extra points if you can knock a lump out of the corner of the desk to reveal the crumbling chipboard inside. 
The cans look too small in their proportions - the rim should be a bit deeper, the hole a little wider (wheres the ring pull!?) and they also seem to have something off with their scale in relation to the rest of the scene, but I can't put my finger on it. 
Ijed needs the deeper rim and the wider hole for sure. 
Careful Shambler 
Don't cut your tongue on the hole. 
Hey there. I found something while remaking e3m2:

these initials i found inside a brush, they dont show up in the bsp. Anybody knows who is adressed? 
That's great.

Did you happen across it, or were you looking? 
Could Also Be "MS" 
Not Been Looking For It 
just stumbled upon. Maybe its American McGees girl back then, who knows? 
I found those once as well - inside the Zombie Vault. 
It means Southwest. It's one of those old 'map' things, such as putting dragons off in the void, and doing projections that make the player start area seem larger and more important than the rest of the level. 
never 'eard of any of those things. 
Qonqueror Jam 
Is this happening? I got my workflow set up and everything last weekend :( 
"It means Southwest. It's one of those old 'map' things, such as putting dragons off in the void, and doing projections that make the player start area seem larger and more important than the rest of the level."

Can you explain further? I don't get it. What does it do? 
It lets you know that that side of the map is pointing toward the southwest. 
I feel like I'm being trolled. That's ridiculous. 
also, what do you mean by dragons in the void and projections and whatnot?

i feel like i've missed out on an important part of mapping history 
Maybe it means Sleepwalkr... what if he's time travelling? 
It's well known that mappers would often, due to cultural bias of where their spawnpoint is, make North America and Europe appear larger and more centered in their map, as well as mark unknown sections in the void with 'Here be Dragons'. Marking SW for Southwest is just helpful orientation for the viewer of the map. 
Holy Shit Lol 
Scampie Go Map 
No U 
Fun Little Building Toy 
which is the best site to browse custom maps for UT 2004? 
The only site I can think of off the top of my head is 

The jam will get cold if left out too long Daz. 
Check It Boys 
I'm thinking I will start the event this saturday 21st and run the event for 2 weeks, ending the weekend of the 5th (sunday April 5th)

I will make a proper news post and all that shizzle 
I think I will make a rule that the arena has to contain an interesting or unique twist, as I want to avoid receiving 6 arena maps where you fight monsters and that is all that you do :) 
Arena must contain at least one penis. 
cheers - found that site a bit "meh", but seemed to be pretty good. 
This is pretty cool ... A Qonquer map jam that kicks off on my birthday. Perfect. :) 
It's All For You WIllem 
That's a slice of birthday cake. 
The Cake Is A Lie... 
Has this been linked? 
Kinda Loses The Charm Methinks 
Yeah. I don't get the remaking Quake in higher def graphics. As if it needs that... 
fuck you guys, that's pretty nice.

It would fit in a high def Quake. Just needs NIN scratched into the paint somewhere, and some blood splatters from the marines who died inches away from the health pack. "The charm" of the original Quake health pack? It's a fucking cube, there is not a single iota of charm in it.

We should be so glad that health kits would exist in this future Quake... id is just as likely to put fucking health dispensers on the walls, or worse, just fucking regenerating health. 
The Charm Is The Pixel Art 
and the low pollygoons.

Once you start trying to make the quake all realistic and militaristic, you lose the quakiness of the quake. 
I Know What You Bras Are Saying 
But DAT health.... 
I Still Don't Get Why People Are Salivating Over It. 
take literally any action game with a semi-realistic aesthetic released in the last 10 years, and you'll see all sorts of forgettable ammo boxes and crates and whatever that look just like that. it's just really generic and unremarkable prop stuff. 
I've never quite understood how "higher def" assets always seem to become so colour desaturated - dull even. Quake might be mocked for being so brown, but it's not that brown.

I don't have any complaints about the model though, looks how I'd expect a higher poly version of it could look. 
The original is charming, to me anyway. The way-oversized rivets, exaggerated thickness of the trim, the warm colours, the huge bright red cross symbols. I like the vague materials - not really sure if it's made of cardboard or metal.

With the high-res one I see more details from everyday objects. A band equipment case or a shipping crate. The keypad from a payphone. The corner bits are rubber? It's a cool model, just less quakey. 
It's a fucking cube

Nice geometry knowledge. 
Boxes You Say? 
The future is in cans
tyrintro.wav, from OUM i suppose. i'd love to hear the full version. where is it from? 
"The Charm Is The Pixel Art"

Right. The charm is in the details that your mind fills in. The high res version is basically telling you everything about the box ... and if that doesn't work for you, then it looks stupid.

If you're going to do a new health pack for Quake and you're going to go high res ... literally, think outside the box. There's a lot of cool designs out there if you're going to throw polys to the wind. 
The Charm 
Older games such as Quake or Doom are extremely stylized due to the days tech limitations. This styling is very much become the identity of these games even if it was not so intended.
They are not like Battlefield, HL and others of the realistic concrete texture and photo-realistic wooden crate variety.

So why oh why go and try and remake these in those ill-fitting styles.

New tech, OK, but the vibe should stay the same.

And its difficult without emulating the pixellated look, other means have to be found to give the space for your mind to fill in the blanks, I'm sure there is something to be pulled off well in that direction one day.

Simpler though is to stick to the same pixelated/low poly style in a new engine.

Ok so if we stick to that whats new then ?
-Its a mission pack for an old game in a new engine emulating graphics of an ancient engine. Hmph, not great. What else though makes newer games more next gen other than "more is better" eyecandy ?

What "little" or not so little things can we bring that would give a definite sense of "this is exactly what is loved but somehow...much more?"

Lighting is one I think can be brought in without ruining the soup there.

What about scale offerent by this computing and rendering power ?

What about 100% continuity between levels, not a millisecond of loading time , not a single thing blocking view into the coming part ?
Skyrim like, one world, one level. You can have this and be made to progress linearly through it. Indoors stays indoors. Teleport to other worlds/dimensions OK, those are also continuous.

Scale again -> 1000 fiends in the distance ripping through a base you have to eventually reach ? You hear the distant sounds of the actually in game occurring battle from a distance...
Once you reach this base, the remains of 900 fiends and 2000 Marines are strewn about the place ?
->That's a kind of Hell level.
Rivulets of blood flowing and pooling around the level, carrion scattering away from the corpses to hide in dark corners as you approach. Kill them or not, you are there.
->The "boss" of the level could be a massive beast raised live before your eyes from all this dead putrid flesh you have walked past. Actually see all these gibs gather up in a central point and come alive. Think Akira.

That would not feel outdated, ever, fucking pixels or not!

Sound design ?
Maybe a vastly richer variety of impact sounds for different surfaces, liquids, bodyparts ?

Think of a these AAA budget sized art teams working on producing 10'000's of simple props and textures instead of 100/1000's of complex props and textures.

A true richness in variety to the world. Play through it 10 times and the world still does not feel like old stuff to you. Always a little new something to notice.

On can give a world a real sense of "being" through richness instead of through reality copying textures and objects.

There are many more ways I am sure newer tech and computing power can be harnessed to create "next gen" games whilst keeping this charm provided by the blanks in the details. 
killes that is the best thing you have ever written 
Another Thought 
I think high def assets and models lose a lot of their effect when you notice they are always the same. If you kept seeing that same health pack over and over again, it would make its details feel less authentic. It'd take something like random procedurally generated scuff marks, blood or dirt applied to the model to prevent this. It would in fact take all kinds of things to make it feel consistently realistic, and not just a pretty box based on a simple mechanic of getting some HP back by walking over it. Which of course is a great mechanic and fits just right into classic Quake.

That's how I feel about modern games approaching photorealism. The closer they get in detail and effects, the more striking it is when they fail to feel real in other ways. I find it perfectly OK when game designers decide not to go for realism and high def graphics, but for consistent look and feel. And you know, the good thing about stylized looks and symbolic representations is that they let you use your imagination to fill in details. I like it when I can do that.

I think the effort to make things look realistic only works when it is backed up by making things interact in more realistic ways. ANd it just sucks when modern games feel smaller and more constrained because it takes so much effort to create content that they just put in less than before.

OC, I use the word realistic pretty loosely. There should be some handy term for graphics looking like they'd be realistic if what they represented actually were real things. Consistently extrapolated from reality perhaps?

Also, I am in full agreement with what killes wrote. Some people in game biz might think that making a game that can be replayed and enjoyed 10 times is not worth it because people will only buy it once, but man oh man I hope other people will continue to prove them wrong. 
Like I said...

"Just needs NIN scratched into the paint somewhere, and some blood splatters from the marines who died inches away from the health pack."

You can do 'the player can fill in the blanks' with any level of polygons and textures. Don't pretend that cubes with pixels are the only way to the spur the player's imagination. They fit well in Quake as it is, with it's blocky 1996 architecture and tech, but that doesn't mean that some future 2015+ 'Quake' in a new engine needs to be low polygon as the only way of letting the player wonder. You can quite easily construct photo realistic beauty and have the player imagine what it's story is, the real world / art world / film world have plenty of examples of that.

All of Killes' ideas can be done no matter what level of detail the world is made of. He mentions a few good narrative ways of creating a world of wonder for the player that still fits the atmosphere of what Quake is. The key would be to make sure not to do them as cutscenes, which is the exact opposite of 'letting the player fill in the blanks'.

Back on topic though: That medkit some guy made as a high poly model for the fun of it and which isn't even being used as a replacement model or anything: It looks ok. It looks like Quake's medkit. It would fit in a modern day Quake with equivalent graphic fidelity. Maybe it would look better done not as a box like Willem said, make it a new and different cooler medkit. But then it'd likely be called "Not Real Quake", which would just be another stupid bullshit comment from the Nostalgia Police. 
Btw: streaming Travail. First episode done, now starting second episode. 
That was actually pretty cool, though luckily I only played on Normal skill.

I can see how many people are put off by the first episode. It's hard and grindy with many downright unfair situations, coupled with awkward construction - cramped areas or lots of brushwork to get stuck on. All probably due to several factors, 2005 mentality, technical/hardware issues and just wanting to get it out of the door, and the beta testing was generally poor. A shame, because the first episode expemplifies the Quake Journey part really well - however, these levels and their semi-realistic theme would have been more effective in this regard if they had had a more low-key approach to gameplay/combat.

The second episode is better combat-wise, though still quite a bit on the tough side. My secret levels certainly are a good example for this. Enemies stuffed in every corner. Also, the way to access them is ridiculous. 
Who the hell decided to have all the sunlight worldspawn keys be "_sunlight_xxx" but the sun angle be "_sun_mangle"? Wasted like 20 minutes figuring out why my sun wasn't angled. 
Nothing Makes Sense 
I think mangle is used for something else like info_intermission or something so it's been loaned to other features. 
mangle makes sense, anything that takes a 3 dimension vector uses mangle.

it's that one of the sunlight properties is "_sun_" and not "_sunlight_" 
It's In The Readme 
So you only have yourself to blame. 
That Sucks 
To make things more uniform I can add "_sunlight_mangle" as a synonym for "_sun_mangle" in my tyrutils branch. 
that sounds easy to do, hopefully doesn't break if some idiot uses both! I'm just perplexed that it was like that in the first place, all sunlight keys had to have been added at the same time.

Kinn: no shit? it's in the manual? thank you for your incredibly useful commentary. 
You're Are Welcome 
does anyone have the dkt2.wad file without fullbrights everywhere? the one on quaddicted is... bad. :( 
DktE2 (eg: episode 2 daikatana textures, the white roman ones) 
won't be the best quality, but if all else fails, just run the bad wad through
Quake Stuff From /r/programming Subreddit 
Interesting but the smug tone of that article is annoying. 
Man, quake is so old. Literally nobody knows how to run it any more! 
and the quake file formats are just so obtuse and poorly documented! 
Not even Steam! 
I think what people miss these days when dissecting Quake files is that the primary concern back then was size. Small size on the disk was of paramount importance. So that's why things are often 2 or 3 jumps away in various lookup pools and tables ... size. 
Hey Look! 
I went through all this trouble to use a modern raytracing engine, only to have the outcome look worse than a 17 year old software rasterizer. 
Heh, yeah, he could probably get most of this look through plugging a custom shader into DarkPlaces altho I guess that isn't the point. 
That guy is a bit dishonest by taking the time to make put Quake formats through Raytracing and finding that easier than running Quake...

He could've searched on Steam, Johnny Law has a great <a href="
">guide</a> for setting things up that he could easily have read.

But I do think there is a bit of a usability problem for the general playing audience when the Steam release basically doesn't work out of the box and you have to resort to a damn guide to learn how to even play the game. Really sucks.

It'd be awesome if somehow we could have a workshop section for Quake on Steam, and it could include the latest engines (filesize limits might bite us there?) as well as we could stick maps and mods on there... there would be all the fucking ugly 'texture enhancements' there too but what are you going to do. Steam Workshop is basically that player facing front that we've all dreamed of since the earliest days of no one playing our fucking content... siigh. 
fuck you <a> tag, I am sick of your shit. 
Scampie - That's not a bad idea. Where do workshops come from, does Valve have to birth them? 
I believe the dev is responsible for requesting it and maintaining it... the second part being what would kill it since I would assume id doesn't want to spent time curating a 20 year old game instead of their active SKUs (Quakelive would get a workshop before Quake does).

Might also need to pay Valve for the privilege, since they host the content. Unsure on all the details. 
There's also likely some Steamworks integration requirements there too... I think all games with workshops require that the game easily recognize the downloaded content, or at least have launchers that help players get to the content they downloaded. 
Speaking Of Quake (and Doom) On Steam 
It sucks that Quake and Doom, and collections involving these games, are listed as Windows only on Steam. Because, as we know very well, you can use the data files from them on a Linux or Mac computer by providing your own engines for the games.

However, as I understand it, the Linux Steam client would helpfully prevent me from downloading them completely because they aren't listed as having Linux versions. I wish there were an easy way to work around this. If you pay for the games on Steam, you own the rights to use the data files and should be able to access them as simply as possible even from non-Windows setups.

But no, let's make things difficult by deciding no Linux or Mac user would possibly want to install and play these games

What am I to do if I want to recommend these classics to other Linux users? Suggest they pay for them on Steam and then use special means to obtain the data files from elsewhere on the Internet, because that is much less trouble? I mean, why would you have to install a Windows Steam client just to download these if you don't normally use the thing for anything?

System Shock 2 is available for Linux, and it is provided as the Windows executable that you then run under Wine. Wouldn't it be great if iD Software did the same, or if Steam allowed optional data-files-only downloads for games that have engine source ports?

Is there a petition I can sign? I'm pretty sure ranting here doesn't help, even though I'm sure everyone enjoys it greatly. 
Thanks, that tool was fantastic! 
Great Spamming 
we all know there are a lot of big louis vuitton bag fans here. Has this community ever even contained a single woman? 
badly worded, by single I meant "1 at least" not romantically open to options. As obviously it'd be hard to stay single for long with all these sexy mappers around 
Cheeky Sod 
I'm beautiful! 
Cis Scum 
Oh so handbags are a female only thing now? 
Asurfael, Sidhe, and that one Caitlin girl who briefly posted in some thread about Q1 monster design. 
starbuck is female, her real name is Kara Thrace 
It's reassuring that a girl recently posted but no one even noticed the gender. Of course we are all still a bunch of penis- worshipping woman haters, who play violent games to suppress non-males. Can we please rename func to something that does not sound like fuck? I feel so uncomfortable in this rap culture. 
"I feel so uncomfortable in this rap culture. "

I feel unsafe with all this slipping going on... 
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OK You Can Stop Posting Now. 
Dont Make Me Unfollow You On Tweeter 
Check Your Respective Privileges, Guys! 
Handbags Out 
Of course there are handbags for males, too. For instance, this elegant piece: 
this whole exchange was awesome, just what this thread was created for I'd say. 
~iM A GurL~ 
but only on the internet 
Blitz show me your boobs.

Your boobs, blitz. 
Great Baghand 
and Hall is a she spammer 
This Post Was Flagged As Spam. 
I have recently been practising my scenery drawing, learnt a decent haul doing this one which I'll apply to my next scene. Just need to stick at it and keep improving. 
pretty cool quakis... keep it up! 
Drawing! #2 
Another scene drawing I finished up today for those interested; 
Looks like Majula from DS2? 
Pretty Cool. 
Not entirely convinced by the land, but the lighting is magnificent. I'm liking seeing these :) 
That's Cool 
I feel like running it through a pixellation filter :D 
Japanese Mobile Phone Hands Free Kit 
Where dem reviews?? 
I Know I Have A Huge Backlog 
but finishing Drake has to be priority #1 and I'm also really busy and have been going through some lean / borderline times financially. If it's any consolation, I have made some progress on drake. My guess is that I'll clear the backlog this summer. 
New Drake?? 
I didn't think it was still being worked on!
Someday I will make a drake map... 
drake the type of mod to put a hundred monsters in a secret area 
Eastern Eggs 
I found a doom2 map I searched for years in my lost waist jar.

Only a slight memory from times I hadn't internet and just had finished the first Quake1 episode. Anything that would relate to quake I would have commit a murder, so while playing Doom2 I came to a map that didn't work.

I got so angry with it that I used wad2map to convert it to quake.
That didn't work as the map was much bigger the old Qmap could have.
I'm talking about '96, so imagine a new quake level would cherrish my day.
I went on as the damn map had blistering microbrushes and qmap really got sick loading the wrenched doom map, so I had to cutaway most of the part.
Only thing I remembered is that remained a strange map of an illustrious wide space with a shape of an ammonite and a large winding antenna, and a circulair stair going down.
It looked so science fictional I couldn't imagine people were able to build such things.

Now it's almost twenty years later and the memory of it never lingered, I knew there was a time I had this strange map. I also knew I wouldn't find it anywhere after that time, so I searched my BBS files for months.
It just didn't excist.

Well, I gave up. It was just an empty heap in my memory, I must have maken a mistake.

I started again some months ago, and after working on a huge amount of bbs doom levels I found it. It was a map of the USS Enterprice, that was so dammaged while cutting of brushes, it made me walk through a dreamland then.

I play lots of maps these days, and I'm surprised how a memory can change in years.
But it's defenitly the map I was searching.

Hey.., you Eastern Rabbit! 
yeah, i had the same thing with another doom2 map. ended up being much worse than I remembered it... i need better rose tinted glasses. 
well played 
I bet MadFox could translate American Pie with no problems at all ;) 
i wonder if i should close this thread for a while since this one spammer is so persistent. 
There's Your Answer? 
How About Adding Certain Words To A Ban-list? 
I suggest "Louis Vuitton" being in a post should prevent the post from being made at all. 
Maybe just make a new General Abuse, hide this one for regular view for awhile, and see if it still gets spam 
Don't allow posts unless you're logged in? Seems simple enough. 
Does it maybe have a common user agent? Otherwise maybe add a random question about quake as captcha. Please don't disable unregistered posting. 
Otherwise maybe add a random question about quake as captcha

"What is the percentage difference between the width of the Shambler skin texture in qtest, versus the width of the Shambler skin texture in the released game"

"Well errr..."

"Please don't disable unregistered posting."

What's the value vs the annoyance of the spam? Just curious... 
Unregistered posting is a hallmark of these forums (even back in the qboard and qmap days), allowing at least some semi-anonymous posting, it would be a shame to lose it.

A standard captcha for unregistered posting should be fine though. I don't like Quake questions as a spam discouragement though, it just means you have to come up with a series of seemingly simple questions that will easily be googled and the entire set memorized by our spammer, and only really discourage casual or non Quake fans from posting. has admitted one spam post in the last 12 years, with no accounts and no captchas. I obfuscate the shit out of the form by labeling fields with random strings hashed out of the php session id, so bots can't learn what fields to auto-populate with what data, or how to reliably submit the form. I also did some other skullduggery with faking HTTP_POST response codes or something or other so that bots don't get the right feedback if a post was successful or not. 
I also visited a guy's website once who said he eliminated 99% of spam with a 'captcha' that was just "what does this say?" followed by a .jpeg of the word 'orange' that never changed. spammers don't bother running the OCR captcha-guessers unless there's a real profit in the cpu time spent, ie wardialing Ticketmaster or something. 
I Thought I Wrote English 
Then I remembered a website from Mike, before he signed off,
that had real shoes with fins growing out of them.
The fact they were not webbed still worries my imagination.

How can someone wear goggles without forgetting his webs
on a website? 
we do have some of that, the form has no URL to submit to until javascript runs and completes the form, for example. I could do more, but I think most of it is human spam anyway, which means anti-bot tactics won't help. 
Qonquer Bug Report 
I am using Quakespasm 0.90 on Linux. I've come across two issues with Qonquer.

First is very minor. If you die because of environmental effects or traps before starting the first wave, it says you survived for 0 wave and killed 0 monster. The error is that is uses the singular form, and not 0 waves and 0 monsters.

Second is that sometimes after I die, I respawn without a visible weapon. Trying to cycle weapons in that state results in program error. The report printed in the console says there is a "runaway loop error" in CycleWeaponCommand from Weapons.qc.

I can work around the second problem by shooting the shotgun once, which makes it appear normally. Selecting the weapon from the keyboard also works, but cycling (which I've bound to my mousewheel) causes the crash.

I'm not sure if the way you die affects the weapon thing after respawning. That happened to me after dying from a fall in (presumably) a trigger_hurt.

This second issue is not serious either, as it only crashes into the console and it can happen only at the beginning of a new run. You'll just have to remember not to cycle weapons the first thing. 
I've had that one as well - I suspect that an older variant of the source was used, before cycle weapon was supported, as a base.

But I'm just guessing. 
Weird, I've never seen the cycle weapon crash. Odd...

I DID manage to break it the other day (for the first and only time, ever). It said there was one monster left but I was damned if I could find it. I think it lost count ... somehow. 
Warren Pew Pew 
I've had a few testers come across this weapon swap crash :( would you have the time to hunt it down before I release the jam maybe? 
When you respawn, you don't have a shotgun until you fire the first time. After attacking once, you can cycle through your weapons normally 
"I think it lost count ... somehow."

I had that too when I had a rogue spawner spawn a monster inside a wall. 

It seems really unlikely. I've never seen that crash and wouldn't have the first clue how to fix it.

Qonquer comes with source code tho, if someone more talented than me wants to take a swing at it... 
I considered adding a timer at one point. If nothing has been killed in, say, 30 seconds, end the round. As a precautionary measure... 
Ok Np 
So if there are humans making these posts, should we not share tips where they can see them? :) 
i assume the humans are dumb, though :) 
the real reason is, i assume bot writers do not personally visit every site, and human spammers are hired labor and don't write bots. 
writing nonsense I'm still human?

I also visited a guy's website once who said he eliminated 99% of spam with a 'captcha' that was just "what does this say?" followed by a .jpeg of the word 'orange' that never changed.

That is pretty genius. 
Has been an ongoing issue on my site for roughly 10 years now. These days I receive about 50+-ish spam comments a day coming through the moderation queue (using wordpress) and haven't managed to eliminate the numbers much over the years while trying out different methods/plugins with little luck. One year in particular went as high as 200+ spam comments daily... Ew. 
Let Them Come In Waves 
We Will Kill Them On The Beaches 
Says quite a bit about (eco)systems, evolution (self-replication, mutation, natural selection), free rides / parasitism, and the fact that we'll never truly impose our morality on the chaotic game of information exchange systems.

Though I wish we could. 
Shambler spotted. 
You're a troll alright :) 
Themes For Jam 6 
id/Speedbase (with Quoth monsters for variety)
Day of the Lords 
Probuilder In Unity... Like A Boss! UE4 Needs To Catch Up!

THIS... THIS is why I also love Trenchbroom. But yea PROPER level design tools make the world of difference. Unreal Engine 4 Brush tools make me sad. 
That looks hella cool, I've been considering the possibility of making my own game and this would definitely be the way forward! Unless Unreal has an ace up its sleeve. 
Privfiles Eh? 
Jam 6 Theme - 
80's noir cyber punk with neon. 
Yes? Is there some question? 
Another thing I do to cut spam is just block any post that contains the same url more than once. Surprisingly effective. 
Re: 25493 
starting around 2:30

love that edge/face/vertex manip, basically 3dsmax. 
Rubicon Rumble Jam 
<skacky> would a rubicon jam also interest people?
<skacky> make something evil with rubicon
<skacky> could even make it work with rrp
<Daz_> rubicon jam could be cool
<Daz_> I agree it would need to be for a mod
<Daz_> for enemy variety
<skacky> floyds
<Daz_> heh
<skacky> they look so stupid but I love them
<Daz_> hehe
<Daz_> I agree, they are cool 
The Source In The RRP Download 
Is clean and ready to use, although the editing guide got stuck in a separate download somewhere.

That's a cool Unity video, thanks. 
I suggest "Louis Vuitton" being in a post should prevent the post from being made at all.

Hey now, let's not get too rash. Someday some of us might need a good bag at a reasonable price.

And by some of us I of course mean Shambler... 
Why Always Blame 
the shlambagger? 
It's as if the lead designer arrived at work on day one, sat down at his desk, sharpened a pencil, threw up his hands and said "well, I can't think of anything."

I have loved this quote for years. 
Quake II Jump 
Hey, please come play on German Q2 Jump. We all speak english here and even fellas from tastyspleen come jump with us.

adrenjumps are great maps to play, they're mine!


Quake II Jumping! The only skillful jump game! 
One thing I do like more about Quake2 than Quake is the extra handful of movement bugs. Ledge double jumping is just neat. 
Quake 2 Movement 
Is weird, moving down a sloped surface is very clunky 
Not really a bug, i always liked that if you hit the front of a step mid-air, you can still step up onto it.

It solves that annoying problem in quake dm4 where if you drop into a sunken grate, you have to hit the bottom before you can step out of it.

Also makes it possible to make jumps that you would have narrowly missed.

I was tempted to add it to fitzquake but, since it changes gameplay, i decided it was a bad idea. 
Day Of The Lords? 
Jam 6: Day of the Lords

I'm in! 
More "epic" Maps? Yawn! 
Web Hosting. 
So I'm considering getting web hosting. I have no real interest in running a server, just somewhere easy to have a website. Preferably free, if not free then low cost.

Ask Sleepwalkr 
if he is still hosting dudes on fov120 
Yeah No Probs 
Drop me an email 
Opinion Poll 
Orange is a very bright shade of brown: (y/n) 
All Of Valve Games 
are essentially quake.

I'm assuming that is the connection you're making? 
Though It Upsets Me For Some Reason 

All the brown/tan swatches I tested were between red and yellow, which is clearly orange territory. 
5th Elephant 
github pages? 
Go Map! 
Go Map! 
Transmissions : Element 120

is a stand alone Half-Life 2 mod where your gravity gun is turned into something all together more Quakey.

One of the best source mods I've played for quite some time, and certainly the most beautiful one in recent memory. I recommend! It'll take you around 1 - 1.5 hours to play through. 
ah, so it's the Air Fist mod from 1997 but with real levels designed around it :) 
how can there be 180 unread posts in the mark v thread? 
170 of those are new builds because nobody uses email for bug reports 
Looks sweet in the video. Website is annoying as fuck. Sound by default, fuck off. 
I Thought 
Baker was putting Mark V on the back burner 
Kindly Hosted By Google. 
Early Half-life Footage - 
That's Cool 
I don't get all the HL hating. It experimented and opened up the FPS/Quake genre into something new.

A shame so very few followed in the their footsteps. 
I Think He Means 
It's a shame games stopped experimenting and started rote copying HL. 
GTA 2 Live 
Absolutely brilliant! 
Probably the best tube vid I've ever seen. :) 
That Alyx redesign... quality stuff.
That guy seems off to a good start to compete with the classic fanfic, Half life: Full Life Consequences. 
Dear Lord 
that Alyx 
This is worse than these Cinematic Mod things. 
this is bananas. 
lol @ obvious photo of hugh laurie as face texture 
Hi And Welcome To The Froum :-) 
Forum, Soz 
Really Philip#spambot 
You DO need CZG inside your body. 
My Cholesterol Is Just Fine Thank You! 
Nightmare Fuel

Quake vore using the Antlion animations from Half-Life 2.

That vore has a suspicious quantity of legs... 
there's an extra leg?

also q1CompilingGui source:

i wrote this code ages ago... try not to laugh too hard. :P 
hail buttery satan 
Moving Away From Pixel Art

This article is about the author's reasons to move away from pixel art to modern high-def graphics. There are some interesting thoughts about game art with numerous examples.

The comments are worth reading too. The author doesn't mention the visual differences between old and modern display hardware, but someone brings this point up. 
QExpo 2016 Event Idea 
Every singleplayer Quake map played in a continuous marathon-like live stream (by multiple people), excluding the speedmaps (which are reserved for Daz!!). For extra exposure/attention it could even feature donations for some charitable cause. Kind of like the SDA events. OR all played by Daz and the donations used for the then-necessary psychologist sessions - which, of course, would be live-streamed as well! 
Don't Let The Ideas Die In Random Threads... 
I Like Negke's Idea 
Downsampling GIMP Vs Photoshop

Or am I missing something?

To me I get jaggies and artifacts from the fence on all images except image 5. 
Nice job picking the perfect ugly edge case for resampling. Patterns like that are hard to downsample. I guess PS detects them and blurs before resampling. 
Aren't "Sinc" and bicubic supposed to be the same thing? Guess Photoshop has some funky stuff going on in addition to the regular bicubic resampling to get better results. 
Think Of It Like Anti Aliasing 
Photoshop does it correctly.

GIMP does it incorrectly.

My understanding is that if you reduced the size of an image like that by a factor of 4 then 16 pixels will become 1 pixel. The colour of that pixel *should* be dictated by the median colour of all 16.

What I see happening in GIMP is that this does not happen. What I see happening in Photoshop is that this does actually happen.

I mean....

Well here is the original image anyway: 
Well, give it a try. Write that algorithm you described and see what happens. ;) 
Well I have oversimplified bicubic downsampling algorithm, there is another factor to the equation regarding the pixels furthest from the centre having less providence.

But you are also missing something. I mean look at the tree in the background. Everyone looks at the fence, but look at the tree! 
I Agree Ricky 
the gimp results are bad. Gimp also has trouble with test patterns like this:

I don't have photoshop, but Mac OS X's Preview app can resize that down with no artifacts appearing.

I do love free software and all, and on the bright side, someone motivated can fix it and send in a patch :-/ 
ImageMagick Result 
I downloaded the original image and ran a resize operation with the convert tool from ImageMagick. This was the command line:

convert aluminum_fence_4.jpg -resize 300x225 fenceout.jpg

And this is the result:

It looks similar to the good result from Photoshop to me. Thus, I don't think there are any fancy content-aware algorithms at work here.

I'd recommend adding ImageMagick to your toolbox. 
Good Call On Imagemagick 
playing with it a bit, found this guide which recommends the following:

convert ~/Downloads/aluminum_fence_4.jpg -colorspace RGB -resize 300x225 -colorspace sRGB fenceout.png

result. This is better than photoshop I think? Note the left side of the fence doesn't go to a black blur as much. 
Hm, I thought moire artifacts were normal to expect from resampling if you did not add blurring beforehand.

Checkout graphicsmagick, there rarely is a reason to prefer imagemagick to it. It is much faster and stable. 
I had no idea IM had liquid rescaling though, that looks fun 
That's interesting.

I haven't experimented with Photoshop's other re sampling algorithms. There is also 'Bicubic Sharper' for down-scaling images.

But yes - these is a difference with the images - Photoshop seems to be as smooth as I.M. but it makes the fence uprights and the branches of the tree look thicker than I.M. weird eh?! 
For The SVG 
I chose ImageMagick in favor of GraphicsMagick a few years ago because IM had better support than GM for certain SVG features at the time. However, since they are invoked with different commands, you can easily install both on your system, and use whatever works best. Good call, Spirit. 
"I chose ImageMagick in favor of GraphicsMagick a few years ago because IM had better support than GM for certain SVG features at the time. However, since they are invoked with different commands, you can easily install both on your system, and use whatever works best."

Or, you know, use Photoshop. :P 
Photoshop is a bit expensive. :) 
$10 a month if you take the cheapest subscription. But yeah, it's not free. 
More like $120 for a yearly subscription, you can't get $10 for just one month for instance. It's still pretty expensive for any kind of casual use in my opinion, there are lots of good apps you can just buy for less than $120.

I wouldn't pay $10 to resize an image anyways. ;) 
Did they change it? Are you locked in for a year now or something? Lame... 
I Think The Full Suite Costs 
around �400 per year! 
We Pay Monthly 
Command Line Capabilities 
Well, the phrase "whatever works best" admits the possibility of using Photoshop in the situations where it works best. I am not against doing such a thing. At least not in the privacy of your own home or place of employment.

However, I was writing in the context of command-line tools and if this search result is accurate and up to date wrt to Photoshop's capabilities, it doesn't have much in the way of command-line functionality.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't implying that you should do all your image manipulation operations from the command line using (Graphics|Image)Magick tools. If somebody thought I was saying that, let me clarify that I only suggest using these tools in addition to what software you already are using.

May I suggest Krita, free and powerful.

Since Krita has bicubic filtering that looks roughly as good as Photoshop's but Krita is free while PS is $$$$$, it might be worth a look. It is also very good for digital painting.

And since Krita has this feature, it'll eventually make its way into Gimp. Open source graphics apps are collaborating quite a lot currently. 
That's Really Cool 
I mean I have PS through work - I couldn't convince the director to cut back on that if I tried, but that's still great news because I can only install CS on two hosts (!) and it would be pretty handy to be able to get good downsampling on GIMP. :D 
A way to do it with GIMP is to apply Gaussian Blur before scaling down, for example when scaling down by 8 apply Gaussian Blur 8 beforehand and so on.

The result looks identical to the Krita one, good enough I would say.

I guess Photoshop does this automatically. 
That Does Look Almost Identical 
I just tested the theory. I scaled the image down by a factor of exactly 7.68, I could only gaussian blur to an accuracy of 7.7, I do get slight banding on some of the fence uprights, but its way less noticeable than the vanilla GIMP versions. It makes sense to me why this works, but it's not perfect. 
Yeah, with free software it's always a race to try and implement the functionality of commercial packages.

It's pretty amazing that stuff like GIMP or the newer OSS graphics apps such as Krita, mypaint, or Inkscape even exist. But of course they could always be better.

I've heard the next version of GIMP will finally support 16 bit images! 
Photoshop + Cs2 Suite... 
has been a free download for awhile now.

I like gimp and open source stuff like blender but it's not exactly an industry standard 
It's only legal to use if you own a license for it. It is not free. If you don't care about that you could just go ahead and pirate a modern version.

If you have to care about an industry standard it doea not sound like a private hobby and you probably should buy it? 
Ahm Getting Windows 10! 
Blender is very, very close to becoming an industry standard, and Krita has become very popular. Take a look at the Blender thread on polycount. 
Blender Is Good Shit 
having spent a decade using max and maya, I switched to blender a year ago just to have a looksie, and ended up sticking with it.

It does everything I need and its free. 
"Blender is very, very close to becoming an industry standard"

That's an interesting statement. In which industries, specifically? I honestly don't see a lot of Blender adoption in the game studios I know. Is it among indies? That would make sense with it being free. 
@spirit I subscribe to creative cloud, however I was able to download cs2 even before I started paying from adobe's site.
They provide keys and everything, take a look, unless it's changed recently.

Really love blender, once you get the hang of the interface it's so quick to model in. I use it @ work in conjunction with max. I know a few people who really like blender that work for studios as well, they tend to be modelers that can code since it's quite easy to write scripts in python for it. 
it's also right at the top of the download page:
Adobe strongly advises against running unsupported and outdated software. Only customers who legitimately purchased CS2 or Acrobat 7 and need to maintain their current use of these products may use the serial numbers provided during the download.

I grabbed it anyway, but I don't know if I'll use it since I'm getting pretty comfortable with GIMP these days anyway. 
I was misinformed!
Didn't read the giant fine print.

How's gimp nowadays? I was running it on ubuntu a few years ago, there was some issues with tablets so I never really picked it up. 
it works fine on windows... but I have to redo like 3/4 of the shortcuts to be PS-like to be halfway efficient. :P 
Because I feel like this is a place where I know people, I'll just leave this here .. today is my last day at Epic Games. It feels like the right time to leave and after 15 years I'm definitely itchy to try something new.

I'm not sure what I want to do next, but I'm going to poke around and figure something out. :)

Probably won't be much time for Quake mapping until I get life settled again but ... onwards and upwards! 
Good Luck With Whatever Comes Next! 
Best of luck!

And the Shamblers will still be waiting for you here when you get back. 
Best Of Luck! 
Yeah Shambler Will Still Be Waiting For You. 
Handcuffs, lube, and cactus in hand....

GL, HF, etc. 
15 years at one company, especially in games, is a long fucking time. Congrats and good luck! 
Good Luck Warren! 
Thanks guys! 
15 years, daaaaaayyyyym! 
I know! In the games industry, no less. I definitely feel blessed. I've watched friends and peers get laid off every second week for years on end. Epic has been a rock. 
Best Of Luck M8 
Congrats Warren 
and GL with what comes next ! 
if you're unemployed you should have more time for quake mapping, not less :) 
You'd THINK that... 
I Would Think That... 
if you're unemployed you should have more time for quake mapping, not less :)

I would rather say: if you're unemployed you should have more time for looking for anew job !! 
definitely have more time for quake mapping mate. Good luck with your future venture, I really hope it's gaming related! ;) 
Good Luck! 
Good Luck Bruv 
hope you find a cosy new job making quake maps! 
Good Luck 
I hear your old colleague (Cliff...something??) is looking for designers ;) 
You going to explore the world? 
Best Of Luck To You, Sir 
Nice One Warren 
good luck with next endeavours, as long as they include some more quake maps :) 
Grats on the 15 years! An accomplishment in any industry!

Thinking of maybe trying some game dev on your own? There's a few on here doing that, one more is always a good thing! 
Don't know what's next. I'm going to take a little time and figure that out. After 15 years, I feel like I need to sort of wander and figure out what I'm still really interested in doing ... 
General Abuse 
YTF are firefox such morons to make you download an extension to have tabs on bottom when they previously had it right, then had a config setting for it, and now you need an extension.
Drives me crazy people with heads up their arses get money for incompetance laff.

Lucky i don't work in an office :) Geez, it looks swish on my Mac though. 
Tabs At The Bottom ?! 
steveaaus, at least you can now use Pocket without an extension, it makes perfect sense!

Warren, maybe TrenchBroom could use a developer until Sleepwalkr has become Dr. Sleepwalkr ;) 
Tabs at the bottom makes sense because in windows the taskbar is at the bottom* as well.

*Unless you're one of those script kiddies that move it around. In that case: Grow up little child! 
They would make sense if they were at the bottom and there was nothing below them, so that you could more easily move your mouse onto a specific tab. Like the menu on OS X. As it is, they offer no advantage over having them at the top, but as a metaphor, they make more sense being at the top than at the bottom. 
Czg :( 
my windows taskbar is on top edge of my screen 
Grow Up Scampie 
I don't understand what you mean Sleepy, but I'm sure it would make sense if I did. 
Takbar on the left side of the screen. On a wide screen monitor, having it at the bottom sacrifices vertical screen real estate. Heathens. 
I Am Crying 
Do you guys disable Aero as well? 
I don't go that far. I know some coders who do but I've never noticed much difference with it on/off performance wise and, well, I like the look of it. 
Yeah, I do. I autohide my taskbar, and the preview popups annoy me when I move my mouse up to the taskbar to show it. 
This Is A Good Thing 
Holy Shit 
I'm speechless. 
That Does Look Really Cool 
who is that and what are the dev archives? 
Toth Buresh 
'Life After Epic' continues forward. I got my first asset pack into the Unity Asset Store and, soon, the Unreal Marketplace (it's approved, just don't know the release date yet).

So much work to get this stuff going! :) 
Good Look Warren! 
(go map Quake yeeeeayy!) 
It's crossed my mind ... too much to do at the moment tho. :P 
So you're working freelance now? Good luck and have fun :) 
Sort of ... working for myself for a bit and seeing how that goes. Making asset packs and stuff like that. Freelancing would mean answering to an art director again and I'm not sure I'm healed enough to try that again. :P 
Create Your Minecraft 
Nice mugshot :) 
Can someone please deepdream demo1? My GPU is too weak and CPu would take 100 hours. 
Ok, Just 90 Hours, Not 100 
Am I the only one not interested in this thing and the images it creates? :) 
Get back to me when it's in real time. 
And I'm high. 
Curiosity Satisfied 
didn't try any other models but the default one. 
It's Unsettling 
but a bit predictable. Why is it all dog-eye-slugs?

I thought this was impressive though, they've got their AI interpolating between Google-street-view images: 
Deep Dream was neat for a bit, but everything turns into eyeballs and snakes... but that Deep Stereo project seems much cooler! 
It's the training set/model. 
We Need A Quake Training Set/model 
shamblers everywhere! 
what is the best available engine for hexen2 
Is Quakeaddicted Down For Anyone Else? 
for this moment 
If you spell it right it might come back. 
Alright you god damn dirty apes, it's time to JAM MOTHERFUCKERS.

I want to run another JAM soon and I have a nice theme to run with, so I just want to gauge interest and see if people are available.

I know a few people are still working on #mapjam3dlc but it's been months and we gotta JAM DAT SHIT SONS.

So, I'm planning on running it probably from next weekend (25th) over a 2 week period. Speak up if you want to jam but can't make that time period as I am super flexible in this regard.

and remember, I'M JAMMIN'! 
My schedule is clear ... I am in you. Unless the theme is terrible, natch. 
I'm more into Doom mapping nowadays, but I'll try my hand at this. 
Dr Daz 
I'm J.A.M. 
uR C.O.C.K. 
I May Participate 
I'm A Noob. 
I'm IN. 
I Am Tentatively In 
You are tentatively finishing your RetroJam3 DLC map. 
Travail Jam mixed with Rubicon 
It has tentatively been sent out for testing. 
I tentatively approve of this progress. 
BTW, Jam 6 Theme Is.... 
Shit, those are niiice... 
Quakeaddicted Is Still Down. 
and you still spelled it wrong 
Quaddickted is still down. 
RetroJam3DLC is coming. SOON. 
It's cold here. 2�C. 3:50 am. Clear night.
I like Quake.
That is all. 
* Topic is 'Prepare to J A M ! #mapjam6 starts in 4 days #hype #majorhype #hashtags'
* Set by Daz on Mon Jul 20 18:20:07 
Where can I get on the IRC channel, anyway? 
#terrafusion On Quakenet

welp, guess I'll be distracted the first week of the mapjam... 
I Don't Care That Much For Games Done Quick. 
Speak Up 

never used irc, though.

Seriously, what's the theme? 
nQuake site at sourceforge is down as well. 
Im Curious What Theme It Will Be 
im curious what theme it will beim curious what theme it will beim curious what theme it will beim curious what theme it will beim curious what theme it will beim curious what theme it will beim curious what theme it will beim curious what theme it will beim curious what theme it will be 
It wouldn't be a jam if everyone could get started early, now would it? 
Im Curious What Theme It Will Be 
go ahead. 
#mapjam6 Theme 
Will be announced Friday afternoon/evening GMT. No spoilers until then :)

2 week time limit as usual. Flexible if someone needs an extra day etc. All info will be in a proper post on Friday. 
An Interesting Article

This is an article about sound design for movies. I thought it was a very interesting read. 

RIP :_( 
Yeah Quake Is Really Dead... 
COCKROT. etc etc. Yeah dead as fuck. It might be slow but the quality and passion is still great. See, errr, last year. 
That Foley Article 
is amazing, definitely a worthwhile read. 
Quake Is Undead. 
Thatisbeautiful Where is this from? really want to play it 
Something MFX teased in the screenshots thread ... 
No No, Quakeisdead. 
So you don't need to play it.... 
Quake Is Dad 
Is dead your quake
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Explain Your Username.

you're in the wrong toppic
Will be announced in 6 hours! GET HYPE 
QUAKEADDICKATED is still down. 
what time is it? 
I'm five hour behind you, it's 11:24 here. 
I Thought It Was Going To Be Announced Tomorrow. 
it's announced in 2 hours and 10 minutes

It's barely lunchtime here ... CALM YOURSELF DAZ. 
where is it? 
Awaiting Mod Approval 
Dammit Mods, Approve The Damn Thing Already! 
I want to play around with all the cool textures (or probably make a crappy map with them)! 
Ctrl+F5 Ctrl+F5 Ctrl+F5 
Posted At Daz' Channel 
The Suspense 
it's killing me. 
RTCW - SP: The Fortress 2 V1.1 
Anyone try Fitz/Quakespasm on Win10? How about TexMex / TB / Compilers / Radiant / etcetcetc

I ain't updating for a couple weeks 
would be very interested to hear from anyone who has bitten the bullet! 
I'm sure most work if they function on Win7 or 8, but you never know... not sure what I'd do if TexMex ever stopped working! (we'd need to make a new .wad managing tool!) 
I'm Thinking About Giving Radiant Another Try... 
...But it's a bit difficult to control. 
I Just Got Win10 
Quakespasm and TB seem fine so far 
Windows 10 
Texmex, mark_v, tb, compilers, negke compiling tool works. 
Should I Get Windows 10? 
Would most of the tools I use (DoomBuilder, Trenchbroom) still work? 
If you don't give a flying fuck about your privacy and computers turning into company-controlled terminals, sure! 
Seriously. Some of the stuff I've read ... it will send browser history and keystrokes to MS for example. No, thanks, I'm good. 
Most Of The Keystrokes Will Be 

Or porn related. Infact it will be mostly porn. 
And Grover Gets You Anyway.. 
dot dot 
Negke Compiling Tool? 
You mean Necros' right?
I feel like Negke would be willfully obscure and require strange arcane knowledge and unearthly intuitions. 
STRANGE arcane knowledge! 
Of Course He Meant That 
you can go sleep now,
prehistoric evil monster you are ;) 
it hurts with every heart beat. 
I can't, when I close my eyes that frosted dungeon is all I can see. 
That Will Be Alright After Level CZG 
This Is All You Need To Know About Windows 10 
It was the case with Windows 8 already and it's completely optional, but. 
Surprisingly Well Spirit 
surprisingly well.. 

Is that for real?

If it is, Windows 10 will never get installed on anything I own. 
wasn't that for the test version? 
Win10 Home Version 
Solitaire has adverts unless you pay the subscription.

Win10 updates are mandatory with currently no way to opt out. 
Wow. If That Is In Any Way Realistic... 
I guess we shouldn't be surprised in an age where every other gigantic, evil institution is partway through a massive power-grab (ahem, US government surveillance). Kind of infuriating though. But fuck consumers anyway, I mean, they're only 99% of the population...

Does anyone here actually believe tech billionaires are going to save the world, or does neo-feudalism seem more likely? 

Some parts more scary than others.
Especially when taken out of context.
Which is what lawyers love doing.
Especially government ones.

Much of the problem is that their eulas etc all include cloud services along with local software. For cloud services much of that stuff is understandable, but definitely is not when its local software. The other part of the problem is that the parts that should be local software are still not local.

If you do install it, be sure to disable everything. And then google to find all the other 'options' that you missed...

And yes, the windows update thing allows them to install adware or whatever the hell they want later - they'll probably wait a year, at least...

Personally I'm gonna wait a while. the d3d12 renderer can wait. 
that is incredible, actual laughs out loud. For real. IRL 
Windows 10. What. The. Fuck. 
My main fear is that the mainstream are culpable enough to buy into it. 
Of course they will, look at how happy everyone is using Steam. 
I'm Happy With Steam 
What's the problem with steam? 
I use Steam but I don't really like it. Too much unnecessary overhead. It reminds me of spyware in some ways. I only start it if I have to, if shopping for games I just go to their web page. 
everyone I know that plays games loves steam. some will admit that it is DRM but still forgive it because of things like steam sales. it makes me sad. 
Steam is one of the reasons why PC Gaming is still relevant. 
used to suck a big bag of donkey dicks. But it's a much better service than it used to be.

I actually prefer the steam model over the console model, pricing, availability and backwards compatibility. 
Yeah, Steam Sales definitely make up for a lot. I've played half a dozen or more games which turned out to be excellent that I wouldn't have bought at regular price.

On the other hand, I got suckered in by Alien Isolation. 
right, and i didn't make this point explicitly in my post, but the problem with steam is that it is not clearly evil. just slightly not evil enough to turn most people away from it. this is what makes it evil ironically, because it's a slow and gradual acclimatization to DRM. 
thank you 
I don't think it's a far cry to say that PC gaming still exists because of Steam. 
Haven't used it much or recently but some things: Ads in your face at every launch, demos do not exist anymore, everyone is ok with asking valve if they may play something or at least telling valve they are playing and how long, some shitty company knows about all the games you have, for many games there is DRM, 
Have You Guys Ever Heard Of GOG? 
yeah, i try to get all my games from there when I can. sadly not all stuff on steam is available there. 
Yes, I am awaiting Galaxy! 
Demos not existing anymore is not Steam's fault in the slightest. 
This Duke couldn't get in Steam
because it refuzes my earlier 3DNukum
CD identity! Thanks CD owner! 
There is already a participant that's has played this game.
Of course, meself that remembers his log file.
Make another username and log in again.
Windows Life welcoms you.
madfox, get off steam. 
The International 5 
Losing It The Win 10 Style 
These Halls I Walked: An Homage To Doom And Quake 
^written by peekaboom 
Great read. Thanks for the link! 
A Haiku, By Scampie 
i hate func_trains and
think that they really suck;
why are they so bad?

seriously, why do they teleport to the first path_corner you target them at? that means if you want to do several spaced out trains, you need that many path nodes, which introduces slight noticable stops into the path. Why not just let them start where I built them in the level and just float toward their first path_corner? 
It's sp you can light them in separate areas... 
oh crap, you're right, that actually is super useful for what I am doing... I was positioning things really carefully and trying to light them each reasonably the same way... but fuck that, I'll just stack them and they'll all light exactly the same.

Also... I am dumb, I can just make path_corners that are only start positions, they don't have to be part of the chain. 
Good idea, I made them part of the chain for a stupidly over complex map I abandoned ages ago.

Quake is great for these types of proto hacks. 
For Fuck's Sake 
I looked at engines that allow different screenshot formats. I looked at 6 of them and I found 5 different ways.

I'd be more amazed if they were consistent tbh. I think the days of there being some sort of committee-agreed "standards" for quakery is kinda over. 
you don't need a committee to check if any other engines have implemented a feature before you, and if they have, conform to their implementation (as long as it's not really dumb.) 
To Be Honest 
If i was doing my own engine, I wouldn't give a crap what others were doing and make everything the way I want.

The fact there is _anything_ in common between engines is a damn miracle. 
it seems that most other engine creators follow the same philosophy. 
yeah... I guess I'm just saying to look at the other side of the picture.

I think we'd all balk if someone told us all end level triggers had to look like the big gates in id maps or something.

Engine coders are in a funny position in that they are doing something creative yet are heavily constrained unlike mappers who have the freedom to do whatever they want.

I don't know what point I was trying to make now. 
Compatibility Is A Lost Cause 
spirit, if it helps, fte's cvar was named to match fuhquake.
except that fuhquake renamed its cvar with 0.31. randomly renaming cvars will always result in issues like this.

personally I'd say to go with screenshot_format, that way people stand a reasonable chance of finding it with tab (in engines that provide alternatives anyway).
sure, its not on your list, but hey...

the problem with committees is that you need someone to take charge and harass people until they get their act together.
my own attempts at getting other people to stick to the standards that they claim to support didn't really go too well. frankly, its kinda impossible to disagree with Kinn - people just don't give a damn about compatibility until they're humiliated by it. On some level its actually beneficial when other engines can't run the mods targetted at your engine because you implemented the standard wrong (embrace, extend, extinguish).

the stupid thing is that there's no reason that a cvar can't have multiple names. sure, each engine will still have a preferred name that is used for saving configs, but they should still accept other names for the cvar.

metlslime, not a committee, no, but you do need teeth to ensure that people actually put in that extra effort.
it doesn't help that there are so many different engines that would need to be checked, and half the time engine devs don't bother looking further than their favourite competitor (if that).

the other problem is that most engines are dead now, even if they're still used (who'd want to upgrade to a third-party fork that claims only to break their configs?).

Peekaboom Here 
Hello all. Figured I'd drop a note saying hello given that my article was referenced earlier. Many old and new faces around here!

I think I last posted here probably 10+ years ago, and haven't been very close to the quake scene in a long time. The most staggering thing is the number of new quake engines to navigate!

I've been going back through a bunch of old maps playing against the Omicron bots on a massive nostalgia tour. I've managed to hunt down a fewer new DM maps (newer as in circa 2005) as well, which has been fun. I think I've settled on using the JoeQuake (after trying out about 6) since it has a lot of nice options and actually works with the Omicron bots.

Hope all is well. Cheers! 
Hey :) 
Welcome back! That was a great article you wrote. 
And I've already jumped ship to Qrack engine. No, I'm not a purest and like all the little graphical and quality of life enhancements in the newer engines. I'm contemplating getting a server running for some DM at some point.

Also I'm sensing that the mapping scene is heavily into SP these days. Has anyone been doing DM maps consistently? I've found a few from around 2005 or so, but not much after that. Any sites cover or list recent DM maps? 
So, this came up toward the end of working on my mapjam6 map: why does vis have code and such for ambient lava sounds, same as the water and sky automatically added sounds, if Quake doesn't have a lava sound!?

Mentally, I for some reason always filled in the Quake2 lava sound whenever around lava in Quake and expected it would be there, but then making a level with a bunch of lava and having no bubbly crispy sound to go with it is really sad :( 
yeah, presumably the engine has access to this data, but I guess no one ever requested it, or it wasn't worth adding??

It would be a cool engine extension, cause it would basically behave as it already does if the engine doesn't support it.

as long as all engines pick the same filenames to play! 
You'll think this is funny. I always thought lava made sound until not too long ago when I realized it was actually the ogre idle sound I was hearing.

I wish there was actually an entity for the liquids ambient sounds where you could specify sound and distance instead of the built in "if you could see it, you can hear" sounds.

Maybe there's some hack way of doing it... 
There Is A Hack! 
use *waterskip with 1px size to extend the range of the sound. 
Or just do a fast vis only and hear water and sky everywhere in the map.

What I'd actually want is control over where the sky and water are heard, not where the engine thinks it should be. Something like target_speaker in Quake 2. 
quoth and other mods already have an general ambient entity that can take any looped wav file, just use those. 
Skacky asked on Twitter for a Quake texture version of a certain stained glass window image. I tried reverse image searching it out of curiosity and found another version without perspective skew. The original image was no longer available, so this is copied from Google's cache.

I hope Skacky sees this post. Mebbe someone in with the Tweets can tweet him or something? 
Wow thanks, that's very cool! I can most probably use this as a base to clean it and complete it. 
I'm taking a break from mapping for a few days to stay with my wife a little. So, I'm taking a lunch break (like ShoTro) to thank this community.

This forum, that I've been following for just a few months now, is the best internet thing that happened to me since 2004. You are so passionate, so helpful and kind. Everyone working together for the best of everyone. That doesn't happen everywhere and everytime, it's like a gem that, when found, we got to keep.

You're maybe not aware, but you all made such an awesome environment. It was so great to meet you. Let's all keep it up. 
so passionate, so helpful and kind

which func_ are you using? 
Oh necros stop it you snugglebunny. 
It's true you guys are pretty cool! 
Which topic has the most unread posts on your profile. Mine is "other games" which is 8072 new. Silly func, implying there are games other than quake. 
There's Doom, and Doom 2. 
I Wonder If Negke Has Any Unread Posts Left 
What`s Happened In Gaming In The Last 8 Months?? - All 108, Last 50, New 108 
What happened to the code help thread? I can't find it .. am I derping hard or something? 
This One? 
Yes, the Quaddicted thread. 
Berlin People? 
Any Quaker in Berlin who'd be interested in meeting? I'm here for vacation until Friday and I don't have a lot on my schedule. Email address in profile is up to date. Beer is always an option! 
I'm There 
So are inertia and mfx. 
So Was I 
We could have broken the record! 
Duplicate Colors In The Quake Palette 
I had my computer take a closer look at the contents of palette.lmp, since I wondered whether all the color values are unique. It turns out they are not and there are twelve duplicates.

I show my work here for those who care how this information was obtained:

My result is that the following twelve pairs of colors in the palette are the same. The indices are given first, and start from 0.

0 0x000000
48 0x000000

112 0x0b0700
207 0x0b0700

32 0x0b0b0f
223 0x0b0b0f

143 0x0f0707
159 0x0f0707

16 0x0f0b07
175 0x0f0b07

51 0x131300
80 0x131300

142 0x170b0b
158 0x170b0b

52 0x1b1b00
81 0x1b1b00

141 0x231313
157 0x231313

53 0x232300
82 0x232300

76 0x670000
247 0x670000

111 0xfff31b
192 0xfff31b

Indices larger than or equal to 224 are normally fullbright, so this means one color, 0x670000, appears as both non-fullbright and fullbright color and thus the two instances are not technically the same color. Other pairs are made up of two non-fullbright colors which just happen to appear in different places in the palette.

Having 0x670000 be a color of both kinds appears to make automatic conversion of full color images to Quake textures problematic. How can a program tell if a color in the original image that maps most closely to this color is meant to be fullbright or not? You have to pass the information about which pixels should become fullbrights by some other means, I guess.

This may be old news to some folks here, but it was new information to me. I don't know why there are duplicate colors in the palette or if the pairs are handled differently by any engine. If anyone can add anything to this, I'd be interested. 
Lazy Artists Mostly. 
There is no benefit to any of the dupe colours. Most likely just how whoever made them first in DeluxePaint set up some ramps to go from the same colours to other colours, or copied some colours around. The Doom palette also has 7 dupes I think.

And yeah, that fullbright red colour is seen a lot in some converted texture.wads, esp those compiled in the hayday of GLQuake where you would not see fullbrights at all.

The only solution is to ignore fullbrights when importing, or to go over the image in case there are parts you want to be fullbright, to ensure that those parts are and other parts are not.

Another really funny thing about the Quake palette is how the first 8 rows of 16 colours go from dark to light, but the next 6 go from light to dark. These 14 rows are all used as swappable colours for the shirt and pants graphics. And because again, one of the artists who made the palette fucked this up, for no appearant reason, John Carmack hacked in a fix so that the palettes which have a different brightness order would not look inverted on the player model. Fudge abound :D 
Popular Misconception 
There is no benefit to any of the dupe colours

Actually they're quite important in one particular of the quake engine, and further down the post you even mention it! They make the shirts/pants system work, the colours that are duplicated appear on different rows, and you'd need to replace the row based gradient system with something much more complicated to eliminate the duplicates and still have the same visual on the players. 
^ Quakewiki Wants You 
I also checked the colormap.lmp for duplicate color columns. If my quick Python script is not wrong, the eleven identical non-fullbright color pairs have identical columns between them, but obviously colors 76 and 247 cannot have the same columns because the latter is fullbright. There are no other identical column groups in the file.

As I understand it, only software-rendered Quake engines use the colormap. 
Not really. It would not have been hard to slightly vary those dupes up and as a result get a slightly smoother colormap plus no ambivalence when repalettising.

Here is a tweak I just did which should not have dupes (unless if fucked up slightly, which would not matter, the point stays the same.)

I converted the palette to 18 bit colour before doing the edits, since that is what VGA mode 13h could output afaik. (albeit stretched to full 24 bit space in this case) 
Not really. It would not have been hard to slightly vary those dupes up and as a result get a slightly smoother colormap plus no ambivalence when repalettising.

But you end up either changing the colours in an un-noticable way, in which case why bother - or you change them in a noticeable way and people would notice. I'm not convinced that making the palette a bijection has ever been on the mind of any designer.

Here is a tweak I just did which should not have dupes (unless if fucked up slightly, which would not matter, the point stays the same.)

I rest my case... 
The differences are minimal, but will in certain cases make a difference in the colormap, esp on lighter gamma settings.

What I am saying is that whoever made the palettes, likely Adrian and/Kevin, did not think too much about the technical side of things, so some dupes happened.

Worse than any of the dups is the horrible blue ramp though :P 
GOG Sells And Streams Quake

As far as I can tell, they added Quake to their games list very recently. It's listed as Windows only. I wonder if they could add info source ports for other platforms there somewhere.

They will also stream the game on their Twitch channel in an hour or so.

And if you wonder who these people are, here's their answer. 
Quakespasm Mentioned 
Actually some thoughtful person has written a review of Quake for them and mentioned Quakespasm and Quaddicted already. 
Does this have the soundtrack in some form? 
I Can Ask 
It doesn't clearly say that it has the soundtrack, even though it's mentioned in the full description. I will ask about this during the stream and report back. 
Yep, reportedly.

Makes me wonder if it's DOS Quake with the CD ISO mounted in DOSBox, but then one of the GOG comments mentioned seeing a 3dfx logo on startup, which ... really? Huh. I'll probably eventually grab it to check out the setup if no one else here beats me to it. 
It Does Have The Soundtracks 
though that thread does not state in which form the OSTs are delivered. If it is an ISO (which would be neat) or MP3s/OGGs. 
Screenshots are GLQuake (or a fork that stayed very close to it), yuck. Size suggests music rips, <400 MB for Quake and the MPs can't be lossless music.

I wish they had contacted the community about choosing a proper engine. Quakespasm with some user-friendliness changes would have been perfect I would think.

Right *now* is the time for a great person to create a thread in their forums detailing the process to install QS or another modern engine that is not Darkplaces. Early threads win the popularity contest.

[Insert ranting about "source port" and "Trent Reznor's soundtrack" here] 
Yeah there are some threads about that already going on their forums, so the topic is out there.

Is your last thing referring to that open sore of a thread on the Steam forums? That guy is something else. Too bad people keep bumping that thread. 
Oh I forgot to mention... there's an id developer that posts in the "Early FPS" thread on Something Awful every now and then. He's quite aware of the mess on Steam and talks wishfully about doing something with QuakeSpasm but it's not a project that gets attention/resources. It's interesting to see they've done something a little different with GOG (and also that they've gone to the trouble of making a GOG release), so maybe they'll also clean up the Steam release a bit?

Random other thing: he mentioned a way to forcibly download a "Windows only" Steam game on OS X or Linux, if you need to get the data files. First you need SteamCMD from

(And also I think you need a "regular" Steam installation in place, maybe?)

Then run it like this:

./ +@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType windows +login (user) (pass) +app_update (appid) +quit

Substitute in your username and password, and the app ID of the game. Quake's app ID is 2310. I just now tried it out on OS X and yup it downloaded all the Quake files (under ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Quake ). 
Haha GOG just changed their Quake download so that the DOS version mounts a CD for the soundtrack music, and the Windows version is SOL. 
Hi Ahmed 
Any of you at PAX this year? 
I'm never at PAX :( 
It's Ziggurath. 
Not in the Swedish dialect I was using. It's not a common word, so I forgive you for not realizing. It means 'One who reads Ziggy, and then rants' 
Here's some dutch dialect

There's a first part in Don Quichotte, when he just returns home from cruisade after he's been beaten up by a "Bisquaier", whatever giant that has been.
He is complaining that he is missing a chamber in his house.
Everyone tells him that he is just not well and he should go to sleep.
Still he keeps complaining about this missing parting while no one believes him.
This goes on untill they call a doctor, because he can't be convinced of this missing apartment.
When finally the doctor arrives, he asks which departure do you mean.

The one that has stolen the chambers, is, while in parting, in suspension of aparting, waiting for your departure.

Ziggurants - Zi Who Rents

There is no meaning in this, every tenant should know the meaning, even Cerphantes. 
There is no meaning in this

and how! 
Jesus christ. My brain wants OUT. 
Anyone else having trouble with dzip-linux?

$ wget -nv
2015-08-30 15:58:50 URL: [67144/67144] -> "dzip-linux" [1]

$ chmod +x dzip-linux

$ md5sum dzip-linux
13bec2763a86e9fea903c25dccc8c912 dzip-linux

$ ./dzip-linux demo1.dem
compressing demo1.dem (82.2%)

$ md5sum demo1*
85ec0141ab24d9732e487d1aafa791f0 demo1.dem

$ ./dzip-linux -v created using v2.9
dem_copy_ue(): topmask & 0x80
dem_copy_ue(): topmask & 0x80
: CRC checksum error! Archive is broken!
checking demo1.dem
dzip. Strike 1!
linux. Strike 2!

...and here's the wind up ... 
You're Getting Weak, Old Man 
Old man joke. Strike three!

You're outta there!! :P 
It also happens with a fresh compile from the source. 
I didn't know dzip was open source? 
Sure is, public domainish:

How else could great engines like reQuiem have built-in dz support :) 
I Thought Dzip Was Deprecated 
how do you rip a cd that is mixed music/data on windows? i suddenly felt paranoid about loosing my quake CD so I wanted to create an image that was the whole thing, but I always end up with 78MB images (eg: just the data part). 
Dzip On Linux 
iirc it always says that (i think it might be a 64-bit only bug?) but it does actually work. been a while since i used it though. 
I don't think I've seen my Quake CD since 1997. I'm pretty sure I know which box it's packed away in though. 
necros: /
Have fun... If you make a perfect rip, I want it. ;)

mwh: The problem is that it cannot extract it either.

$ md5sum demo1.dem && rm demo1.dem
85ec0141ab24d9732e487d1aafa791f0 demo1.dem

$ dzip-linux -x created using v2.9
dem_copy_ue(): topmask & 0x80
dem_copy_ue(): topmask & 0x80
: CRC checksum error! Archive is broken!
extracting demo1.dem

$ md5sum demo1.dem
077258b51ba41b83e7ff15a80e709b27 demo1.dem
Ah OK Then 
I might try to have a poke if work is especially boring today. 
Ah OK Then 
I might try to have a poke if work is especially boring today. 
Wow, that is way more complicated than I thought... I'll let you know how it worked out... 
Dzip Linux 
Ah, the version I have on my disk that I built from source at some point in the mists of time says "CRC checksum error! Archive is broken!" but extracts correctly; downloading the one from does not. 
what if you run a vintage .exe of it with wine? 
Q1 DM Custom Map Server 
Hello - I'm in the progress of getting a dedicated server and up and running, which I'd like to setup with a rotation of custom DM maps. It's been a long time of going solo with the Omicon bots, and it would be fun to get something more going. I have a few local friends that are interested as well.

I'm thinking of running it as a ProQuake server with running the omicron bot mod to populate things if it's a bit empty of players. Not sure if there is a better bot package to run or not, but Omicron has a few nice features built in as well.

I also need some maps. I was thinking of doing a 12 map rotation with fairly short matches, maybe a timelimit of 15 minutes and fraglimit 30. I'm thinking the maps would be in the 3-6 player size range. Here's a stab at the maplist:

- bovine
- aggressr
- efdm8
- lundm1
- baldm8
- aghast
- alcyone
- gomdm6
- auhsm2
- oma
- rf
- ultrav

The above are some of my favorite all-time maps, plus a few newer one's sprinkled in. I'm open to other suggestions as well.

Two Things 
1- Do you know the Reaperbot? It's old, but I don't know if it's still newer than Omicron.

2- May I offer my DM level called Cepheus? See how you like it:

Anyway, let us know when the server is up. 
You could add my Deck 16 remake if you wanted - 
Mwh: the sda one is broken for you too? I am on 64 bit but don't remember problems earlier. Maybe I never checked...

I'll try wine.

mezmorki: you probably want to use a sw server instead. Trinca has waypoints for pretty much maps with frogbot. Check out the kenya and quenya tournaments for more great map suggestions. 
Qw Dammit... Mvdsv Or Something. 
dzip.exe with wine works fine
Yeah, sda download is broken. 
Some People Here Might Enjoy This. 
Map Hunt! 
Does anyone have a link or copy they can post of the map:


I have a carddm2 but the "b" version is a rexture I'm trying to hunt down. This is a map by Card0. 
I have it but you are going to have to prove that it was publically released before I can upload it. Or someone could ask Cardo if he is still in tf? 
Cloudy day. Some dude take a walk downtown taking pictures of floor, walls and facade ornaments. 
@ Spirit 
Here's the link to Cardo's website back on PQ where he lists it being uploaded onto planetquake. File links obviously broken now: 
For That Matter ... 
I also can't find Danzdm1 (also listed on Cardo's website link above). 
bsp is in but I will upload the zip instead 
Cool Thing Happening 
Just so everyone knows ... I've been going through all my old maps and dumping their information (release date, author, map/file name, etc.) dumped into a pretty fancy google spreadsheet. It will include links to the files and also thumbnail images that link to a full HD image of the map.

Basically, I'm taking the content from my old Prominence site, putting it into an excel table, supplementing it with more maps, etc. What's nice is that people can export out a copy and then sort/filter the data however they want, generate PDF reference sheets, etc. Should be groovy. 
you are like spirit's long lost twin brother. 
i once had a multiplayer map list and editor but can't find the script anymore nor the screenshots (automated from spawnpoints). Did find the database though if that is of any use (not much work went into it...): 
ah, found the scripts and shots but they are horrible code.

Without a way to upload maps and replace bsp files with their proper zips it seems pointless to revive though. If someone wants the code, just shout. You will tear your hairs out though, I promise...

More links if you are looking for map suggestions 
There's an archive of quake maps... maybe try there? 
A Curated Map Thing...... 
So the maps that are going into my list/archive/whatever are curated in that I'm weeding out things that don't meet my entirely undefined minimum standards. But basically the map either has to look cool, play really well (especially if it doesn't look cool), have some historic significance, or some combination of the above. I'm giving included maps a 1-3 star rating based on my interest and reaction to the map. If the map doesn't make the cut, depending on the author it still might be listed so that I remember that I've checked it out before.

At the end of the day, the resulting started maps are ones thy are good to awesome and are worth your time look at ot play a few rounds in. That's the hope anyway.

This is an extension of what I was doing with prominence circa 1999 to 2002. There haven't been all that many maps released since compared to the heyday but I'll try to catch up! 
if you're doing all that work, you should probably still keep whatever indexing info you gather for maps that don't make the cut. just cause a map sucks, doesn't mean it should disappear. 
Yes ... 
... I'm still retaining the information in the spreadsheet and any download links, etc. Basically, a user could use it to filter out a set of maps to download, choosing only the *** star maps for example. Eventually there will be some modest stats like map size, theme/textures, layout style, etc. to people could drill down to find certain types of maps they wanted. 
map size, theme/textures... i wonder if a tool could be written to examine the bsp files for extents, possibly even volume to determine size, and then compare texture names in the bsp to those in wad files to determine the theme... 
Guys Guys 
this work is really sexy, thanks. 
It certainly could. You could compute the maps extends by looking at all the vertices and you can extract the texture names from the mip section of the file. Additionally you can find out which entities it uses (and produce a list of the weapons in the map, number of spawnpoints etc.). It really doesn't look that hard.

Not that I'm volunteering. But it could be a useful thing also for Spirit, so if nobody else wants to do it, I might. I would write it using a scripting language, e.g. python, which I have wanted to learn more about anyway. 
That would really rock for a multiplayer archive. For the SP stuff we have done most tags manually already I think.

If Mezmorki would be happy with it, I might resurrect something with the fresh data from him. Started rewriting some things from scratch recently and this might be a nice start. (see eg for my long term plans)

I am learning Python too at the moment and I might use it for the rewrite. Maybe with Flask? I am still too dumb for MVC though. 
I'm game for seeing what we can do for a nice curated/tagged MP map archive.

Couple of linkys on my end:

Here's an image I whipped up (from sketchup models) showing different types of map layouts that are common for MP maps:

Next, here is a read-only link to the google spreadsheet thing I'm working on.

I know this might seem odd to have as a google doc, but it gives users potentially a lot of flexibility. They can save their own copy and then sort and filter the list however they want, add their own ratings/comments, etc. Google doc also does a nice job exporting + formatting the whole thing to a table, so you could adjust the spacing to get nice thumbnails and then generate a reference PDF to drool over at your leisure. 
Madfox Spotted 
I can see it's possible to write a Quake design level bible based on knowledge drowned inside this forum, revised and expanded by many of you. A black bible to entice kids to 20 year old vintage tech perversion. 
'cause I'm Silly 
Back In 1975..... 
.... We used to call a style of maps that followed in the vein of dapak style maps (headshot was the big author here) "formula" maps. I don't know why - and maybe it was just me imagining everyone else calling them that too. But think it was commonly used.

Basically, they are maps with a smallish central chamber, usually 2 levels in height, with some smaller side chambers all connected with modest hallways. A lot of the reasoning(I think) was trying to create a more compact and open feeling map but keep the r_speeds low and sight lines limited. A lot of maps still fit this general description though. 
It Was Not Commonly Used 
jeff yost tended to call them "level-over" but I think he called everything that.

It's a style of design that works well for deathmatch, but it's hardly a formula. headshot and danimal tested and revised the hell out of the dapak maps, and that's what they became - it isn't just a matter of "build according to these steps if you're out of ideas."

It just sounds unfairly reductive, considering how 'formulaic' in other fields is a critical pejorative. 
I agree that it does have a tad negative connotation (although I never intended it as a negative). Maybe I'll call them "chamber" maps or something, which still sounds distinct to me from atrium or the multi-atroum types. 
I was never a fan of the dapak maps. They really don't feel authored at all. It was a pain too because all the UK servers back in the day ran them for clan matches 
Python Script To Extract Bsp Info 
Here's something I have slapped together in two days:

Should be easy to extend / adapt. Python afficionados don't judge, it's my first ever Python script ;-) 
Yay, Thanks! 
Ran it over my id1/maps/ and got some common error with entity parsing, try:

argparse is create for making a help page automatically. 
FWIW, if you want/need to pair that with the ability to programmatically yoink things out of pak files, I made a Python module for that a while back: 
I guess one more thing to say about that module: it provides a way to get some bit of pak file content as a read-stream and allowing you to run an arbitrary callback function that processes that stream. So if you just want to munge some data out of it, you don't have to actually extract and create a new file.

That may or may not be helpful in what you're trying to do, but if you do use it and hit any problems let me know. 
Bsp Data Extractor 
What data does this generate? 
Right now, it just tells you a few statistics about the bsp such as the number vertices, the max extends, and usage statistics for textures and entities. 
It's Just A Quick Hack 
but it could be extended to display other information as well. 
FitzQ MV � Quickload Error, "R_Renderview: NULL Worldmodel 
FitzQ MV � Quickload Error, "R_Renderview: NULL Worldmodel" [EDIT]

Posted by ShaunNoWay [] on 2015/09/04 23:36:31
When I load a save using the console command, "load [save]", it crashes and gives me this error:

"R_Renderview: NULL worldmodel"

Here's a video:

This only happens when I use Fitzquake Mark V on the Dissilution of Eternity expansion pack. It doesn't happen on the original Quake, or when I play DoE with Fitzquake 0.85. It also doesn't happen when I do a normal load/save from the menu.

Any idea how I can fix this?

PC specs:
OS: Windows 10, 64-bit
Video card: AMD XFX Radeon r9 270X
Processor: AMD FX(TM)-8350 Eight-Core Processor, 4.00 GHz
RAM: 16 GB

I see your mark V says 0.94 in the corner of the console, try this last beta that Baker posted (scroll down to the post from 2015/05/08): 
Hey, that fixed it! Thanks!

Sorry I posted in the wrong place. 
Good To Hear :) 
SleepwalkR's Bsp Thing ... 
Can you post a dump/result file? I'll take a look at the program as well on my own.

I was doing a little brainstorming to try and figure out what metrics might be useful to help describe the gameplay of a map.

For instances, knowing the amount of horizontal (or shallow sloping) surfaces that players can walk on would be great. You can then compare that to the maximum volume and maximum extents of level to get an understanding of how sprawling vs. vertical/overlapping the design is. I imagine getting horizontal surface area would be difficult though? 
Here's the output:

If you want advanced metrics like that, you'll have to find someone to code that in for you. I just did this as a proof of concept. I can add simple stuff and fix bugs, but I won't sink a lot of time into it. 
That's Pretty Cool ... But ... Questions! 
Number of planes vs. number of surfaces? Is surfaces horizontal? E.g. 3958 planes vs. 242 surfaces? Of course, this doesn't tell you the are of the surfaces. 
From Spirit With Excel 
I dumped Spirit's big list of maps into excel - the most useful bit for my purposes is the release date. Spirit - were these dates taken from filedate stamps or something else?

For the curious, here's the number of maps released by year (in this DM map database):

1980 2
1988 2
1989 3
1994 3
1995 2
1996 325
1997 937
1998 517
1999 431
2000 103
2001 105
2002 74
2003 61
2004 79
2005 43
2006 11
2007 19
2008 11
2009 1
2038 5

I would've thought the early 2000's would've had more maps, but the big volume was more post release when everyone was making their own MyHouse.bsps or whatever I guess.

This does narrow list considerably for maps that I should check out from the past few years. So this is immensely helpful in that regard.

Geez, 937 ... what a year. 
On The Bsp Data Thing... 
How easily can it generate the map name and author name if it was provided inside the bsp? 
I'm more interested in the 3 people who managed to make QWDM maps in 1989. 
I don't remember the source for the dates, might be zip timestamps, might be bsp timestamps. Don't trust them too much.

You can get map titles with grep, not sure if it is always the first "message" but it might be:
grep -m 1 --text "message" file.bsp

They are often mixed with special characters or just garbage though. Might be better to use the readme files where available. No standards anywhere. 
Rough Data 
I believe you'll make a best effort and generate data to be revised by Spirit. Data hacked out of bsp will not be reliable enough, right? And this five map episode from 2038 is played against real bots? 
@adib - Whut? 
For the record, I'm not interested in developing a complete and detailed deahtmatch map database. I'm only interested in creating a list of good (in my totally subjective opinion) maps with some more information about those chosen maps. 

Sorry if I missed it in so many posts, but do you intend to put up a Quake MP review site? That would take me back to DM mapping.

I tried QuakeWorld and didn't fall in love. Levels are too bright, a fish-eyed FOV, items and models are one-color 2D shapes. They dropped all immersion, it became a sports game. I miss old school servers.

If someone else feel this way, I'm up to help. 
aren't those all just client settings that you can change locally? 
More Plans ... 
I used to run prominence on planetquake which was a dM map review site, where again I only generally posted maps that were "good." I'm basically turning the idea of that site into a big google doc file :) I could integrate "reviews" into the scores as a comment pretty easily if there was interest in that. Or add a new review field with comment text.

I have a blog ( where I'll probably post some q1 map related stuff from time to time now that I'm getting back into the swing of things.

I'm also in the process of getting a netquake (not quakeworld) server up and running. This will be a bit of a hack job (never hosted a server before) and I'm going to try it via my recently upgraded home connection (75 mbps down / 10 mbps up cable) just to see if it works. I'm doing the server mostly so I can play over the net with a bunch of my local friends, and want to use it to showcase maps. ProQuake will be running the server, but a number of different clients will be allowed to connect to it. I'll probably be running the omicron bots mod because it provides some nice DM options as well as client controllable bots.

I'm looking into merging another server mod with frickbots, but I don't know any QC to do that. Gen made a DM mode that went with the Reinc map package that has some nice netquake options, like quaddrop (the only thing I liked about QW) and extra gameplay modes (shambler head hot potato, etc.). Maybe I'll run that as a default instead and skip the bots. I don't know yet, I need to figure that all out.

Stay tuned... 
Looking Forward :) 
Metl, yes, but then I would be the only one shooting in a dark myst enjoying the atmosphere while everybody else has the lights on, the FOV of a chameleon and the shotgun barrel 2m ahead like a dick. It's a problem I don't know how to solve.

QW people are concerned about download times, so I'd better stick to mostly 64x64 textures. No complicated geometry, no fog. Can't count on colored lights, because QW doesn't download .lit files with the level. It's a different mapping. 
I'm more interested in the 3 people who managed to make QWDM maps in 1989.

In many ways, the 80s Quake scene was ahead of its time. I was lucky enough to be around then and I have some pretty fond, if hazy, memories of those crazy days. My only complaint is we didn't have many tools back then that we now take for granted - including an engine to run the levels in - but you just made do. Happier and more innocent times :) 
In 2038 Quake you can't respawn. Try not to die. 
In 2038 Quake, if you die, you also die in real life. It sounds harsh, but it's actually quite fair by 2038 gaming standards. 
It Can Get Much Worse ... 
... In 2038 when you lose, John Romero actually does make you his bitch. 
and you won't like how john romero looks by 2038

no siree bob 
Been Thinking About A Custom Episode Using Quoth 
I've talked to people how I wanted to add a NG-tier machinegun to the already existing arsenal (by decompiling the whole lot, pasting the QC code that would be tested in vanilla quake, and recompiling), and maybe a chaingunner-like, since I've recently learned how to model/animate in Blender and export said models as .mdl, and had some experience with QC in the past. Again, the idea is to be a quoth-using level pack, but with a bunch of extras.

Now the actual question is, there would be a secret level that has an exclusive weapon, a TF-like Minigun, with spinup-spindown and releasing twice the bullet as before (or rather, nails). Would that weapon actually benefit from the Quake/Quoth standart on a design perspective? Or how could a weapon like this work without being redundant/broken, considering there would be the MachineGun and the Super Nailgun (the NG is still there but I don't plan on using it on that map pack)?

Would it be better to have only one MachineGun that's like Doom 2's Valiant (the chaingun is beefed up by firing bullets extremely fast and having a small spindown, making it more useful but eats a lot of bullets) or UT3's Stinger Minigun (think of Q2's chaingun but more stable and the rate of fire being slow at first but machinegun-tier after a second or two)?

I ask this because I always wanted to make a minigun weapon, on par with the ones in the Team Fortress games (minus the movement penalty), and with the idea of making a weapon secret-level exclusive, that would be my chance to make one. 
Not Calling Your Stuff Bad Ideas 
But this kind of post is exactly why the Quoth source code is not public. 
I'm Not Asking About The Sourcecode 
I'm just asking questions design-wise. Or are you saying implementing machineguns in quake is a bad idea? Because since I've been in the community I keep hearing bad stuff about hitscan rapid-firing weapons.

Which is a shame though, because as much as I love Quake, I would love it even more if the NG was hitscan or was a MG. 
And even if I'm able to implement my stuff into it, that would be its own thing. No sourcecode to be released.

Really though, what's wrong with Quoth and its sourcecode? I heard that conversation once and I still don't understand. Is it because anybody could steal from it, or just because people would pile bad ideas onto it? 
I like the chaingun that is in Zerstorer. Even though generally I prefer projectile weapons, I feel like it worked well to distinguish the weapon from the SNG. Maybe I am misremembering, but I think Drake mod took it further and made it piercing? Maybe I am imagining that, but I loved that too, really made the weapon have a useful niche of being a good weapon to clean up mobs of weak enemies, and you used the SNG and SSG on the tougher enemies.

I think that chaingun was actually really really fast projectiles, with long tracer bullet .mdls as the projectiles. I never looked directly at it though. 
Quake isn't above modding, but Quoth somehow is. I'm surprised they let people make maps for it.

Do whatever you want! Try both machineguns and just see what you think feels more fun. 
I Remember Some Maps That Use Quoth Content With Custom One 
Like that one where there's a flame gun that uses the NG model and that ice gun that uses the SNG, what's the story behind that one?

Going back to the topic of my MachineGuns, the idea is, like in Drake, to use ultra-fast stretched white lines, or to be actual hitscan attacks that leaves a small puff trail behind them (similar to Thing is, I don't think it's possible for hitscan attacks to leave a trail behind them, or am I mistaken?). The MachineGun, as I've said, would be NG-tier, so to take down weak enemies and weaken stronger enemies. The Minigun would basically be SNG/SSG tier, but would eat nails much faster. It'd be like the NG/SNG relationship, one weak but to use to spare ammo, and the other to go all-out on stronger enemies despite it's ammo consumption. 
Quoth Is Free Right? 
Yet still that's not enough apparently. 
Re Hashing The Quoth Argument 
Quake was released to be modded out of the box. It's odd that a mod for it would change that stance.

A couple of coder's have managed to mod quoth, but not to include fire and ice guns AFAIK.

Nothing stopping you from adding trails to hitscan weapons - that's just a railgun.

You'll have to learn to code though, nobody is going to do it for you. Luckily, notit's that difficult. Check out the inside3d tutorials - are those still up somewhere? 
Fire And Ice Guns 
I think that was Drake... 
"Quake was released to be modded out of the box. It's odd that a mod for it would change that stance. "

I'm a huge believer in releasing source for things. Look at what happened with Qonquer. After that map jam, we now have a better version of the mod that's more suited to experienced players AND fixes a few bugs. 
I surprised myself when checking out RRP the other day - I forgot that the devkit is actually semi-useful.

I just wanted to copy the same as was released with Nehahra back in the day.

Open sourcing your stuff means it can survive without you when you're done. 
No Music Patch For Vanilla Quake 2? [EDIT] 
No Music Patch For Vanilla Quake 2? [EDIT]

Posted by anonymous [] on 2015/09/11 13:12:25
Come on people, it's been 10 years. Is there no Quakespasm for Q2? Yamagi Quake 2 would've been perfect if it weren't for the fact that music does not work on it and deathmatch levels do not display on the multiplayer level list. Quake 2 XP doesn't even work. And that "Ultimate Patch" featuring Knightmare Patch/KMQ2 fucks up the HUD elements, among other things (such as CTF powerups in DM levels, and their models are broken and only display axis). 
It's Not Yamagi, It's You 
I turned off the music in Quake 2 after hearing it one time. 
I turned off Quake 2 after playing it one time.

Reposting This Here For A Wider Audience 
<czg> So I'm kinda thinking about if making a Dark Souls-ish mod for Quake would be fun or not
<czg> would only work if the player plays by The Rules and doesn't savescum though.
<czg> Have "bonfires" or similar in the map, no pickups of health or ammo in the map, enemies may drop ammo, killing enemies gives "souls", getting killed respawns you at a "bonfire" and respawns all monsters, "resting" at a "bonfire" respawns all monsters and refills all your health and ammo, use "souls" at "bonfires" to purchase upgrades for yourself and weapons
<czg> I haven't thought this through very well
<czg> the question is; would it be fun or interesting? Or just a waste of time?
<czg> I'm not sure if the Quake gameplay is challenging enough to make the death/respawn mechanics interesting or not
<czg> Also if players are super upset with dying and calling bullshit and ragequitting
<czg> Probably not going to do anything though lol
<czg> would take me years and years
<czg> (probably) 
It's certainly an interesting idea!

Not sure how well it would work on vanilla maps etc but if a sprawling interconnected hub like map was created for such a mod it could be really cool.

using the axe could give more souls from enemies, or could be used to "parry" a melee attack if you hit at the correct time.

The issue is really the enemies, you would probably have to redesign most of them to be much more challenging. 
Or I guess the other option is to badly gimp the player so they take a TON of damage from enemy attacks or have to walk, and stuff like that. Sounds like removing fun tho ... 
I was thinking maybe could start the player off with like 25 health or something, and then you'd be able to upgrade that at bonfires, that would at least make the smallest starting cannonfodder enemies more interesting.

A bigger and less well known bestiary like Quoth would be good. If only the Quoth source was available... 
Oh And The Parry Idea Is Really Good! 
don't do it in quake, do a quakeish dark soulsish shooter in a newer engine.

steal all the good enemies, skip the others (spawns), call it a spiritual successor. 
This could perhaps work well with sock's mod since it has a lot of medieval enemies. 
Ne_qep1_ext Style Maps Might Work Well 
"Oh And The Parry Idea Is Really Good!"

It's cool but there has to be a major incentive for the player to switch to the axe and parry monsters rather than just shotgunning them in the face. :) 
You only get one bullet. Make it count, noob. 
That leads to... what newer engine? It's something I intended to ask sometimes here. What shooter should I mod these days? 
Axing a monster while it is in attack frames makes it going into pain frames instead, and when it goes into pain frames it takes 2x or 3x damage.
Monsters do not go into pain frames regularly. 
Make sure it has fat-rolling. 
why don't you have email, i don't want to facebook message you

that's for teenagers 
I thought facebook was purely for mothers to spam pictures of their small children and literally nothing else. 
Christig At Gmail Dot Com 
Send me cool stuff yo 
Facebook is so that you can ridicule czg in front of his bf until they break up and he realises you were always there for him and maybe he will let you sniff his hair and cook asian rice before you go to ikea and pretend to be a married couple while choosing a sink for our first apartment. 
Christ Shut Up About The Rice Already 
I'm pretty sure you could even enforce no save scamming by using nosave variables. Bonfires could trigger the save in a special way to disable antisavescumming 
I Would At That 
Until I'd rage quit after five minutes.

No really I'd play it. 
Fuck My Shit 
I would PLAY that. 
Also Fuck You For Hexing My Kitchen Sink Spirit 
It just exploded shitty water all over my floor again. 
Weirdest Pet Name I Ever Heard! 
Like please
Necros already built QuakeSouls.

Should have known :) 
Just Wait 
Socks mod will satiate all these needs 
Until it ships, it can do anything! 
End of debate. Go charm him, czg. 
I Work Alone Kid 
That looks rad as fuck necros 
Gentle Reminder Of How Gorgeous Vondur Is 
Parry Is A Cool Idea. 
Given the obviousness of most Quake melee attacks. Could be fun trying to parry fiend jumps... 
<@negke> that might well be the last time czg smiled 
I Work Alone Kid ... cuts me deep man :(

Just for the record, my AD mod has no melee system, no parry or DS style mechanics. I have thought about DS mechanics in Quake several times and even made a small bonfire test mod, but telling players they have to reset a level when they die, can't save anywhere they want and have to melee monsters will be tricky to get right. 
...which Is Why... 
...we need a top mapper and a top modder/mapper to join forces to do it :) 
Melee in first person sucks unless it's stealth. 
Melee in first person sucks unless it's stealth.

I quite liked Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. 
shadow warrior remake had great melee mechanics 
i'd do the mod, but not interested in doing the maps :P 
Melee in first person sucks unless it's stealth.

I quite liked Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. And Skyrim. And Left4Dead/2. And the melee in Dishonoured was fine. And Riddick. 
Do the mod. Pretty sure socks mod will be open source too so there will be lots of new assets soon.
I'm sure the community will make a bunch of maps 
I think the (yet unreleased) Lunaraxe mod has much of what you describe? 
Secret projects!? 
The secret FifthElephant map project :p 
My Mapping Projects 
Are hardly secret. Abandoned yes but never secret. 
Nothing To See Here 
No secret melee project in the works. Move along. 
So Parry Is 

Slowing Quake down and making it more duel based, like in DS, won't work.

Limiting the save points would, but changes a core mechanic, possibly too much. Personally I consider quicksave broken - like a dev cheat that got left in by mistake.

Random idea for making a Quake Bonfire system:

1. Collect frags from monsters (souls)
2. Costs 10 frags to make an Altar (bonfire), wherever you like
3. Health ticks down to 10 by 1 point for each second away from a Altar
4. frags and health are saved across levels, as are Altar positions
5. Frags are dropped if not returned to an Altar

For the monsters, I think you'd need a respawn system, and a battery of additional abilities for each one, some of which are activated each time the level loads.

Yes, Binding of Isaac Champions, basically.

For level content, maybe just add moire level teleports to each map of one of the original episodes... at least to test the idea out. Complete all maps to access the rune map and complete the episode type of thing. 
Oh And 
Lunaran, hope you don't mind me sharing the beta of your mod you sent a while back:

It's still too easy mind. 
Quicksave Is Terrible 
Shambler will disagree.

I remember many years ago when a port of Quake was released on the N64. It had no quicksave, and no checkpoints mid-level. You either finished the whole level without dying, or you had to start the level again. The levels were otherwise the same as in the PC version. I remember thinking it felt much more exciting and fun to play. Finishing a level felt like a real achievement. 
Not Least Because The Controls Were So Bad