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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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Light The Jago Signal 
Seriously tho, Filco Majestouch is p.nice. 
I prefer mechanical laptop style keys myself.
Minimum required force, maximum clicking feel.
I know some people prefer their keys to be 'stiff' and require to be pushed in deeply but I can't stand it personally.
Least fav would probably be the pebble trend.
Sadly, it does look pretty.

If anyone has any recommendations for me...
I'm looking into switching away from my $5 membrane keyboard. 
Actually, they're 'scissor' switches, not mechanical... 
I have a Filco Majestouch Tenkeyless with Cherry MX brown switches. Das Keyboard is very good also, but I like Tenkeyless. 
Interesting, you guys never use the numpad then? I like it for rapid number entry which is much harder with the top row number keys. 
I use the numpad. Mostly when I do bills nowadays but in the past I've used it a lot more for various projects and jobs. I used to work as an operator in a wastewater treatment plant and there was a lot of math and calculations regarding flows, biological loads and such that had to be done. Some hourly, some every 4 hours, some daily and some weekly. The PC was my calculator. 
I use the numpad. Mostly when I do bills nowadays but in the past I've used it a lot more for various projects and jobs. I used to work as an operator in a wastewater treatment plant and there was a lot of math and calculations regarding flows, biological loads and such that had to be done. Some hourly, some every 4 hours, some daily and some weekly. The PC was my calculator. 

could be a logo for... fishing wares? 
In the 'olden days' I used to employ VDU operators. The average KDH was 8000. Anyone doing less than 6000 KDH was found alternative work, and the fastest operators (always women) would exceed 10000. Try that using the top row of the keyboard :)

Interestingly, their arms didn't move, it was all wrist action (down boy!) and that inevitably resulted in RSI only we didn't know it then. 
yeah, don't think i could do without the numpad. i don't do a ton of data entry but when i do, it's much quicker. 
There's A Numpad On The Das Keyboard Ultimate. 
It's pretty much essential on that keyboard since there's nothing to denote which key you hit. (which is fine for letters but the top row of numbers is not easy for me).

Also, I have got the keyboard with the blue switches for super extra clickiness. I can't overstate enough the sheer satisfaction that typing brings using this keyboard, I actually long to be at my keyboard sometimes (when I'm not at it, like at work when I'm using the crappy membranes). 
Quakespasm And Darkplaces Differences 
I've been playing the original Id levels a little bit lately and also trying out different engines, and I think I've noticed some rare disparities in items that appear. Does anybody else see the same results?

Example 1: In Gloom Keep, E1M5, on Hard, there is a health pack in the final room with the rune gate when playing in Quakespasm. On the same skill with Darkplaces, no health pack.

Example 2: In The Crypt of Decay, E2M3, on Hard, there is a box of rockets in the zombie balcony near the Gold door when playing in Quakespasm. Again, same skill and Darkplaces, it's gone. 
Items seem to be falling out of levels with the most recent build of darkplaces - I've seen it happening in e1m1quoth. You could try going back to an earlier version of the engine, wait for a fix, or just stick with quakespasm. 
honestly, the whole 'falling out of the level' default behaviour in qc is pretty stupid. that has caused more hassle than most legitimate problems. :( 
Darkplaces has two sv_gameplayfix_droptofloorstartsolid commands to take care of such things. However, from some version onward all the gameplay fixes were disabled by default, because they would sometimes create compatibility issues or something. 
Compatibility Flags 
I did encourage LordHavoc to set the defaults on these cvars to zero. At the time, I believed that all of them represented a divergence from standard quake behaviour - like the one that lets findradius pick up SOLID_NOT entities (which can invalidate coding assumptions) or the one that changes player physics to allow climbing stairs while airborne.

It appears that sv_gameplayfix_droptofloorstartsolid does not work like that, as it's fixing an issue which doesn't occur in standard engines. As such, I'd argue that it should be on by default so that the vanilla darkplaces experience is as close to standard as possible (mods can enable features they consider desirable).

Alternatively, the sense of the cvar should be reversed, and it should become sv_gameplayfix_strictdroptofloor, which can then be off by default. Please don't do this without changing the name of the cvar though - if future engines change the meaning of "sv_gameplayfix_droptofloorstartsolid 1" then there's no way to create a safe config for both old and new engines simultaneously. 
I didn't state explicitly, but "sv_gameplayfix_droptofloorstartsolid 1" did fix the issues I was encountering, so you may want to give that a go Not Yet Registered. 
It Works 
I tried the suggested sv_gameplayfix_... setting and it helped. Thanks.

I learned about the sv_jumpstep option a while ago, after noticing I had gained an ability to jump higher than I thought used to be possible. I found an explanation with a web search and set it to standard behavior.

Are there other settings in Darkplaces I should turn on when I want the gameplay to be as close to classic Quake single player as possible? 
cl_gameplayfix_quakespasm_or_requiem 1 
Been Testin' Engines 
I tried the Requiem engine, and I liked it. I can't capitalize it correctly from memory though. ReQuiem? reQuieM? Whatever.

It turned out to be a bit difficult to compile on Linux from the Github repo, owing to the makefile referencing files that aren't there. Perhaps it's possible to work it out, but I used the binaries instead. With them it turned out to be easier to use the Windows binary with Wine to get sound working properly. That was the path of least resistance for me at least.

Requiem has all kinds of neat features, like fix for the fish monster count bug and rewinding demo playback. Good stuff.

In other news, I discovered another way in which the Darkplaces physics are different from other engines in a specific way. If you recall, there are those little diagonal pillars that work as walkways in Ziggurat Vertigo (first area with Ogres). You can run up them to the top floor, but in Darkplaces you end up getting airborne after running, while in other engines you stay on the floor. By my testing, the sv_jumpstep option has nothing to do with this, and it works the same no matter if it's on or off. (The behaviour seemed pretty consistently change between engines in my tests, but I didn't test it thoroughly.)

Now I have five engines already. DP, QS, ReQuIeM (still not right), Qbism super8 (red particles everywhere!) and the RemakeQuake one (RMQ?). I kind of think that's a couple more than I need, but now I'm not sure which ones to actually use. I'll say that's better than the opposite problem of not having a good engine at all.

I guess the points here are that I'm grateful that people have made such efforts to keep Quake alive, and I should get a blog to ramble like this. Will shut up now :) 
It's reQUAKiEm. The AK is silent. 
Quake Stream On Twitch

This guy is streaming so much stuff from quake injector 
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