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Q2 Compile 
The solution I have in mind is upgrading to quake 2's qbsp tool (backporting it to support Q1)

That's sounds awesome. Beyond better compile times, would a Q2-based compile set the stage for any other new features that could be introduced down the line? (in the vein of things like func_detail, which we have now of course) 
I feel like most of the potential features are already implemented (not sure if you saw the detail variants I added last summer: link), so a migration to q2 qbsp code would be mostly speed / stability. I'd want to port over all of those current features though. 
(not sure if you saw the detail variants I added last summer: link)

Yes, I discovered those a few days ago - they sound awesome :) 
Help With Key Bindings 
Which topic should I use for help with key bindings? 
I'm trying to create a toggle for r_wateralpha "1" and r_wateralpha "0.5" 
I Don't Think You Can Toggle A Non-binary Value 
you'd have to bind each to a separate key. binding a toggle looks like this, btw: bind x "toggle r_showtris" 
You could use the bind-that-rebinds-itself sort of technique. E.g.

alias w1 "r_wateralpha 1; bind k w05"
alias w05 "r_wateralpha 0.5; bind k w1"
r_wateralpha 0.5
bind k w1 
Johnny Law 
that's a useful technique, haven't seen that before. 
bind k "cycle r_wateralpha 1, 0.5" 
Thanks. Also when using r_wateralpha "0.5", assuming the map supports transparent water, should r_novis be set to 1 or 0? I'm using QuakeSpasm. 
Maiden: About Wateralpha And Novis 
"r_novis" should pretty much always be "0" (i.e. off) -- which is the default anyway, so basically, don't tinker with it. This is why:

What r_novis does, is to tell the engine to ignore vis data, which specify which parts of the map are visible to the player at any given time.

Vis (short for visibility) saves the engine from having to draw the entire map at all times (which is a waste of resources and, especially on large maps and slower computers, can slow the game down). If a map has not been designed and compiled with transparent water in mind, then the water blocks visibility, and whatever is below or above the water (from the player's perspective) is not drawn. Simply setting r_wateralpha to a value lower than 1 will not magically make the water transparent -- in Quakespasm you'll get some ugly visual artifacts.

By switching r_novis to "1" and then lowering the wateralpha, you can force the engine to display the water as transparent -- but at the cost of having the engine ignore vis data and drawing the entire map at all times.

Perhaps more importantly, maps that do not support transparent water have often been deliberately designed as such, so if you "trick" the engine into displaying transparent water, you might also end up breaking the gameplay and/or aesthetics of the map you're playing.

So in summary: only ever adjust wateralpha and leave novis alone. If the map has been designed for transparent water, it will work; otherwise stick with opaque water (i.e. wateralpha 1). 
bind k "cycle r_wateralpha 1, 0.5"

Did cycle exist in vanilla quake? o_O 
Got it. The reason I asked is because one of mfx's maps had to be run with r_novis "1" to make some funky transparent glass in the map show up properly, but that's a special case I guess. Thanks mates. 
Don't think cycle was in the original engines nope. Looks like QS and Mark V support it though. 
Did Alias Exist In Vanilla Quake? If So, That's Ridiculously Cool 
you could place all the stuff in a file too and use the exec command too 
The "zoom" command in vanilla Quake is an alias. It always existed in Quake.

The zoom command also auto-rebinds itself, exactly as described in #29918. 
Darkplaces Vs. FTEQW 
What's the best engine to play online today? Do they support more than 32 players? 
Unreal Editor History 
If you're going to play on quakeworld servers then FTEQW is clearly the better choice. Don't get me wrong, its nice that DP tries, its just that it doesn't really have much awareness of actual QW trends.
Things are a little more even when it comes to NQ servers, and given my bias I'm not even going to name my preference there...
but yeah, depends on personal preference, the server in question, and your choice of engine-specific content replacement stuff.

vanilla nq supports 16 players max.
vanilla qw supports 32 player slots max.
both fte and dp servers can be reconfigured for 255 players max, but don't expect other clients to be happy with it.
for fte you need to set both sv_playerslots and maxclients to 255 (two cvars because maxspectators also exists and shares slots).
although the chances of getting even 16 players is somewhat unlikely nowadays. 
Arenas And Co-op 
Is there a way to combine players vs. environment arena combat in FPSs with co-op play that doesn't suck? Let me explain my question.

By an arena I mean a combat encounter against mobs that happens in a limited area. Door close or other barriers appear to prevent the player from leaving until he has cleared the area. I'm sure you could name various newer FPS games that do this as their main gameplay mechanic, and it's also a common design pattern in Quake SP maps.

This sucks in co-op play if one player goes into an arena and locks it up. The others have to wait until the combat is over to join this one guy, unless there is a way for them to enter during the fight. Being able to teleport in is one way to solve this, but it feels a bit forced and teleporting does not fit with all kinds of games & worlds.

I'd want the players to have the freedom to explore the map while others are possibly fighting and join these fights at any time, or start fights of their own. I wouldn't mind some requirements towards having all the co-op players present for big final boss fights to start, but this should be only done for the main combats that are tuned for the number of players taking part. Freedom to explore should come first, but on the other hand well-crafted arena encounters are really fun.

What ways can you think of combining co-op play with PVE and arena style combat? Are there any games that actually do this in an interesting and natural way? 
If the "lock-in" is due to the player dropping down from a higher area, then that would work. Or maybe have a sort of double-door "airlock" setup that allows only one-way access to an area. 
This is called a "push" game mechanic. This could be any number of things. In SP, doors that slam behind you are very common. For coop, a height push as Kinn mentioned is very useful, natural, and common and works in any game.

You could do other methods, for instance to have player freedom, such as gravity/wind/catpult lifts or devices to take you up to a lifted fight area.

You could also still use a door that slams behind and then open up another pathway to a height push for any straggling players. 
Oneway turnstiles work too. HL2 uses this at the very beginning level in the trainstation. 
add a player counter trigger that activates only once it has been touched by every player. would need new qc though.

possibly fake it with some elaborate counter with timeout, and not enough players are standing on (separate) buttons then it doesn't continue.
sucks if there's only one player though.

one other alternative would be to flood the earlier parts of the map with lava or something. you'd need some teleporter with careful killtarget use to prevent respawning players from dying instantly though.

alternatively place a massive triggered teleporter over the earlier parts of the map and trigger it to instantly teleport lingering players into the arena. would need a teleporter at the start...

or just use one way teleporters so that you can always get in. You could put them behind a door that is toggled when the area starts, and again when it is ended (if desired). 
add a player counter trigger that activates only once it has been touched by every player. would need new qc though.

Easier one would be to put the trigger that targets the counter on a drop down or on a wind tunnel. Would need for the area to be wide enough so only one player passes at the same time and fiddle with the wait key till even if the two players go one right after the other it will trigger for both. 
Is True 
How very interesting, I'm sure you could talk for hours about GPL given the go. 
Co-op Gating 
I'm gonna share a simple trigger setup you can use to only trigger something once all the players have progressed beyond a "gate" (and then ruin it a bit at the end). We need to build something I call the "dead man's switch".

The idea of "dead man's switch" is that we build a system of entities with an input and an output, where the output fires if we haven't had an input in the past 0.5 seconds. I'm gonna prove it's theoretically possible using spike-shooters and doors - if I put more effort in I expect there's a cleaner way to build it, but that will have to wait until the blog post in a few years time.

Build a spikeshooter, firing continuously at the output trigger: a shootable trigger_once. Now position a door such that the door blocks the spikes when open, but allows them to pass when the door is closed. Make this door return rapidly to closed after fully opening.

Now add the input: a rapid firing trigger_multiple in the actual level which targets the door. So long as at least one player stands in this trigger, the door is retriggered repeatedly and kept in the open position. As soon as this stops happening, the door closes, a spike passes through, and the output trigger fires. The dead man's switch is complete!

How do we use the dead man's switch to create a gate that all the players must pass beyond before the level progresses? By defining the gate in negative terms. We cover all the portions of the level before the gate with trigger_multiple inputs to the dead man's switch. As long as at least one player remains in the pre-gate parts of the level, the switch cannot trigger. As soon as the last player leaves the triggers, the dead man's switch activates.

Now I've shared how to pull the basic version off, here's the first problem: the dead man's switch will trigger if there are no players in the pre-gate region, and one way to achieve that is to have zero living players anywhere in the server! This could happen if all the players die at once (especially easy if there's only one in the server) or if some network problem causes all clients to drop from the server (the "zero players connected" state at the root of many rare co-op bugs).

There's a reasonable workaround to this though: require a positive input to the spikeshooter, using a trigger_multiple from the region after the gate. Now we've changed the conditions to "no players before the gate, 1 or more after the gate".

The last thing to worry about is what happens if players die after you've fired the gate event. They will presumably respawn in the pre-gate area of the map, so you have to remember that you can't guarantee that players will remain trapped on the far side of the gate. This is especially important if you're locking an arena with a door - how will dead players rejoin the map? If your answer is that they can't, are you happy that the map will be impossible to complete if everyone dies? Or get disconnected by a network glitch? Don't worry unduly, but do try to bear these in mind. Good luck! 
Simplest solution to the problem at the end that I can imagine is to have a second, drop-down pathway that opens when the gate closes. Small, short & simple but enough to let players rejoin the ongoing fight. 
3 cheers for Khreathor and all the modeling help he gives me. 
I am seeing a lot of new users here. Both posting maps and questions. New blood is always good in the Quake scene. Glad to have you all. Stay... please!!! 
I now have beef with dumptruck for interrupting my round of cheers. 
How Quake Beginned 
Jam 9 
G'day gentlemen, has anyone found all the secrets in skacky's Jam 9 map Chasing Promises? Stuck at 16/20 looking for book 2 of 2 and chasing naked statues :) 
....u there dude? Or anyone got an email addy? 1:19 for him. 
It's Kind Of Funny But All These Years I Never Registered 
Lol, "It's got base and medieval, which is a sin against humanity." I literally almost spit out my coffee. Sounds like you're using the unreal soundtrack; awesome.

That map was actually cut short in its development by the jam deadline and in the final version the layout will make a lot more sense, with more secrets; and the grunts will be replaced with medieval archers so I will pray for absolution. 
Hey Dude. 
Glad you saw it. I had a great time the first time, and a great time the second time. It is one of my favs, ever, I think - the vibe of this giant natural tunnel through a mountain, with this crazy temple complex spanning it....mmmmmm. I don't mind the archers and they would work well instead of grunts, as long as it's just them :P 
Just A Musing 
Has a map ever used a hotrod custom progsdat in which there was a super special teleporter setup that didn't notify the player with whimsical zinning sounds or fantastical particle displays as to be used to make faux non-eluci..illuci..non-euclidean structures? Also I once attempted to brush out a Möbius band but getting the bendy curve part required tolerances the program and I couldn't manage to produce. 
Don't think so, as to make it truly seamless (i.e. Unreal engine portals, or the... portals in Portal) aside from muting the teleport WHZIRRRIRIRIR you'd also have to disable the player's view being automatically centered when teleporting. Oh, and somehow keep their movement direction and position because normally no matter where they touch a teleport trigger, they get sent to the exact same point where the destination is, so basically remove or change everything that makes a teleporter work as a teleporter. 
Check out Darkplaces engine and warpzones. 
"so basically remove or change everything that makes a teleporter work as a teleporter."

That seems to be what theyre getting at. "Can this be done in QuakeC?" was the basis of their question. 
Warpzone Is CSQC 
But it isn't terribly much different than qc. I can't remember where I found the warpzonelib at or I'd paste a link.

BUT, you could do a similar QC version:
You could make the trigger silent.
You could make it teleport without the particle effect.
You could make the destination ever so slightly above the floor so the player doesn't get stuck.
You could make what is behind the opening/passageway look just like the destination, but you wouldn't be able to convolute spaces as well unless you used func_wall for the areas beyond, toggled them, and separated it so the player doesn't see the toggling. Good luck.

Side note: skip texturing one side of func_illusionary can lend to some confusing areas. 
Very Easy To Use. Requires Darkplaces. 
Seems Link Is Dead, Sowwee 
I played around with it a bit, here's a picture of a thin "viewscreen" looking thru to a fully rendered DM2: 
First Link 
worked for me, damage_inc 
Sorry For The Confusion... 
I meant the "warpzone rar" inside the link does not work. You can't download it, says "Invalid or Deleted File". 
Command On Map Loading 
Is there any way to set a list of commands that are executed when maps are loaded rather than when Quake (Quakespasm in this case) is started? I prefer to disable fog but end up always having to open the console and enter "fog 0" on new levels or on loading a game. 
Can't Be Done 
But you could throw something hideous in quake/id1/autoexec.cfg

alias +no_fog_forward "fog 0; +forward"
alias -no_fog_forward "fog 0; -forward"
bind UPARROW +no_fog_forward

So that every time you press the up arrow key it disables fog. 
Slightly Less Hideous 
For a single command, the aliases and +/- aren't necessary, you can just stick
bind <key> "fog 0"
and then press whatever key for the same effect once the map's loaded. 
Fair Enough 
Keybind is fairly convenient anyway, surprised there isn't an option to disable fog completely in-engine though. 
My First Post 
what is this place for? 
Quake / Quake Mapping / FPS Discussion Mostly. 
Quake Maps And Wicked Banter. 
Fog needs to be locked unless player does noclip. Make so that it toggles r_fullbright at the same time. It's either all or nothing imo. 
Why "lock" anything?

Anyway if you have the self control to not turn off the fog, it's simple enough to make it so that a single keybind turns on fullbright, noclip, fog 0, etc...

though restoring the fog value after you leave that "mode" would be awkward, if not impossible. 
Hardcode it into the engine that the player gibs if he tries tweaking any aspect of the visuals that go against the designer's intent.

Turns on blurry pixel mode? Gibby time for you mister...

Is it bad I have a keybind for noclip, notarget, godmode, fullbright on, and fullbright off? Mappers kit i guess 
Have To Get That One Myself 
Hardcode it into the engine that the player gibs if he tries tweaking any aspect of the visuals that go against the designer's intent.
I've heard stories of various Doom mods (wads?) that will kill the player or intentionally crash if they detect other mods being loaded at the same time, but having essentially zero experience with Doom modding I'm not sure how widespread/true they are. At least that's not a thing here, although a mod that does give a rude message when played in Darkplaces sounds like some cheeky fun.

Is it bad I have a keybind for noclip, notarget, godmode, fullbright on, and fullbright off? Mappers kit i guess
Nah, it's not bad until you have three copies of your \id1 folder named slightly different with identical contents other than the \maps folder so you can have one game for pure vanilla, one game to play downloaded maps, and one game to compile your own maps into.'s Bad. Really, Bad Since I Have A 4th For My Own Mod. 
Hue Test 
How good are you at perceiving different colors?

Take the test. My score was 21. 
I got a 4. :D

(lower is better) 
First Attempt: Got "0" 
Online ColorIQ Challenge Results
You have perfect color vision!

Aww yeah!

I have a rare form of Palinopsia, which basically means my vision looks like I'm tripping balls 24/7. One of the neat side effects is that I have superhuman colour perception. One of the not-so-neat side effects is that I cannot read white text on black without my entire field of view turning to snow/static, driving at night is scary as fuck, and if I look at a person's face for too long, it starts wobbling around in a disturbing way. 
Zero As Well 
I was really not expecting such a result 
if I look at a person's face for too long, it starts wobbling around in a disturbing way

Exporting them to MD3 should fix that. 
Better than I expected considering my dismal art skills 
Kinn is a mutant 
also got a 4... damn blue greens... 
I scored 23. Does this mean my career as a colorist is over, or does it mean that I was too cheap when buying this monitor, and probably should calibrate it better in any case?

I think the only real answer is that I'll never have a career as a colorist while using this monitor, at least. 
So, You Think You Are Good At Quake? 
Keyboard Only 
Ah, the good ol days. Reminds me of when I first played when I was 5. Every now and again I'll dust off my arrow keys. 
i used to play quake. then i took an arrow key to the knee. 
Dear Next Poster... 
Make this golden 30k post a divine moment... 
Cheap Nike Jerseys 
Fucking Killpixel. 
Top Post 
About as useful and informative as the average killpixel post. 
Forgot The Link Though 
@damage_inc, Kinn From TB Tutorial Thread 
I was blown away by AD when I first saw the screenshots of it a couple years ago. Considering it now, I think it may be that Quake's world and engine are manipulating how I process the geometry. In Quake, there are no props outside monsters and packs of health or ammo. There are no displacements. The detail of maps is comprised almost entirely of brushwork. Simon and his compatriots in the AD mod just seem to be able to create these amazing curved, arched, rotated, spiraling structures that I can't even conceptualize in Hammer. Like Kinn said, I guess it would probably be possible, but you'd have to be going completely ham with the clipping tool to do it.

Judging by Simon's readmes over the years, he's been using SDRadiant 1.3.8 for over a decade, an editor I can't even find on Google. I just feel like Radiant (and maybe TB) must possess some more intuitive and speedy ways of shaping the complex geometry that they create. 
How did you take Kinn stating this: "There is literally nothing that you can do in TB or NetRadiant or Jack that you can't do in any of the others." into "I guess it would probably be possible... "?

I'm not trying to be argumentative or aggressive btw. I just don't see you comment as being valid.

I know Ionous was part of a few maps included in AD and he only uses Jack only. I'll ask him the next time he is streaming.

Any complex curvy structure is just a composition of simple convex shapes that can be made in any editor. Some operations may take one or two less clicks to do in this editor versus that editor. But then that editor might do another thing with less clicks than this editor, so it balances out.

Really, the choice of editors is down to which interface you prefer. The level you make comes purely from your imagination. The difference in quality between maps is 100% about the artist, not the tools. 
Unless The Editor Is Deathmatch Maker 
or Quark. Fuck those two. 
Alright Yall Win 
It's probably just me who can't envision it. I would really like to see someone recreate a room or two from ad_sepulcher or something of the like. So many map editor tutorials on YouTube and 90% of them are "here's how you make a box and put a spawn point in it". 
#30006, Internet On Fire Etc... 
Some cursory searching has revealed that SDRadiant is the Splash Damage version of Radiant - this pastebin claims it was for Wolf:ET! Certainly a curious choice of editor to still be using after all these years, but I suppose if something ain't broke, you shouldn't try to fix it.

Now, where you get SDRadiant from is another matter... Does anyone know if it's packaged in the Wolf:ET download? It'd take me about four hours to check with my speed... 
I must have consciously picked up on SleepWalker's Radiant inspiration when I tried TB out. I have tried nearly every editor out there. However, I have logged the most hours in Radiant. Both for Quake 3 and COD:UO mapping.

TB also reminds me of the first editor i ever used Quest.

There's no "best" editor IMO. I think TB is elegant and easy to pick up after not havbing mapped in many years. That's why I use it.

I could jump back into xRadiant any time. I just choose not to. TB is too much fun. 
And Another Thing 
Why are there so damn many forks of Radiant? 
But Can JACK... THIS
Feature Request: 
Escher mode 
Very Nice 
I'd like to see the tris and how well it lights! 
I didn't try compiling it into a map. It's just a bunch of cubes with offsetting, rotation, shearing, vertex editing and a bit of triangulation.

Anyway, it was a bit disappointing to realize that the alt+rightclick tool for texture alignment is unable to make the texture alignment actually follow that path. Due to this, I couldn't use a scrolling texture to get the same effect of the animation linked by OTP.

The Quake BSP format uses a 2D projection on a 3D plane for texturing. This 3D plane uses a 3D projection to be rendered to the screen. I suspect that a 3D projection on a 3D plane would be required to properly align textures on structures like this. 
With valve220 and by triangulating all your faces it is doable, I did something similar with obj2map, works fine. 
Killpixel: Here's the mesh.

Bal: JACK's generated .map file has a "mapversion" "220" field in its worldspawn.
But what Jack is actually missing is a Contour Stretch UVs Projection tool. This could help a ton of maps.

And I guess that for such distorted shapes, this would require 3D texture mapping, where the texture can have a depth projected onto the surface plane itself rather than only on the screen. I'm talking about a surface with a texture tiled in a non-linear way like this, rather than like this. Hmm, I guess that "non-linear texture mapping" is a better way to describe what I'm thinking about.
Linearly mapped scaling, rotation and shearing can at best produce results like this. It can't make, for example, a rectangular tile fit a trapezoid surface - and many curved shapes are basically a set of trapezoid segments. 
No 3D modeling app does that though, you're only solution is to have more polies basically to hide the how the triangulation breaking up your UVs.

Still with valve220 + triangulation, you have the equivalent of UVs and can do in quake anything you could do in a modeling app with same ammount of tris. 
Absolute madman. 
Lunaran, Johnny Law mentioned that you wanted to make the Steam group public. I can do that, if nobody has any objections.

Any of you assholes live in SoCal? 
@Mr Fribbles 
I live in Los Angeles dude. And luckily I am an asshole. 
Haha, perfect!

I'm moving to Santa Monica soon, is why I ask. I'll send a shout out after I'm settled to see if anyone wants to meet up for some kind of asshole convention. 
Come and hang out at nu-tf: 
Santa Monica? Nice. I'm in Burbank north of the Hollywood sign.

I hope you like traffic. It's getting bad in SoCal. But you'll have a straight shot to the beach on the latest metro line.

Yeah let's meet when you get settled. 
So Frib 
What takes you to the US? 
Some Polling Action 
If you would be so kind:

Level playtime
Level Structure
Interesting Killpixel. 
You've picked some issues there that are 99% irrelevant to FPS game quality (I voted as such). 
Level playtime depends not only on the gameplay mechanics, but also on the savegame style and on the talent of the people making the levels.

For reference, Leptis Magna is the largest AD map which I've enjoyed enough to feel like giving it another full run someday. On some of the other maps, I feel a little too overwhelmed and it gets a little hard to mentally track down all the tasks (books, keys, secrets, etc, and their respective locations and puzzles). Without real-time saving and detailed status info (let's say, maps like Foggy Bogbottom would really benefit from a Metroid Prime style automap and a Doom 3 PDA style notes system), the more complex maps become more difficult.

On the other hand, some games out there feature big levels whose encounters/puzzles/etc are not complex enough to take advantage of their available space, and becomes boring. In this case, the way to improve them would be to make them shorter.

TL;DR: Great level design can benefit from expansions to the game's scope, while not-so- good level design can benefit from a reduction in their scope. 
The decision between episodes and a hub system should depend on the length of the levels.

Turok 2 uses a hub system where you can select each map individually, but each map takes a long time to be finished. Quake features an episodic hub system with multiple levels packed on each episode and where you can't select the maps individually, but the playtime of each map is way quicker. 
It's Odd 
Whenever these sorts of surveys come up, small maps arranged in episodes are always overwhelmingly preferred compared to a single megamap. For the time and effort it takes to produce a modern style megamap, a mapper could produce a really decent episode of smaller maps (something like the scope of Terra, or DOPA), so why don't we see more of them? It is just that mappers find it more enjoyable making big maps rather than episodes? 
#30034 - I Know Why! 
Modern mapping is about dick-waving. You want to make big, convoluted map with super detailed brushing. Gameplay must be at least 8h long. 1000 monsters is mandatory. If player's demo file is less than 20Gb, you're doing it wrong. 
@shambler - Is that so? I appreciate your vote ;)

@mankrip - I definitely agree.

@kinn - The current poll results corroborate the data I already have and it makes sense to me. Intense gameplay can become fatiguing rather quickly. It's nice to be able to get quickie rather committing a chunk of time to something you'll grow tired of half way through.

@khrathor - Hyper-detailed megamaps are awe-inspiring, incredible achievements IMO. The rub is that I have much more fun noclipping around slack-jawed than actually playing them. 
It's nice to be able to get quickie rather committing a chunk of time to something you'll grow tired of half way through.

That depends on the age of the audience. When I was a teenager with no job it was certainly easier to play long sessions, while in the last years most of my gaming has been on the bus. The megamaps in AD would certainly make it one of the top FPSs in the 90's, maybe the top one.

What's weird is that people who have lots of free time nowadays seems to prefer less intensive entertainment such as MMORPGs or binge watching Netflix.

I'd say to just define very well the kind of audience you're targeting, and go for it. There are all kinds of niches out there, you don't necessarily need to target everyone. 
Yeah man. I rate protagonist (as long as he's not as dull as fucking Jensen in DX), map linkage (as long as there is some and it's not unconnected gibberish like the latest Wofl), and map length (as long as it's not crazy short or days long) as pretty low factors compared to a game's, say, theme, flow, pacing, physics, movement, setting, aesthetics, exploration, gameplay-focus, architecture, bestiary, etc etc. 
Size Counts. 
Map length is a very important property. It hugely affects the gameplay experience IMO, and is also a big factor in deciding whether or not I can be bothered to replay. I agree the others aren't terribly important though. 
@mankrip - That and there are so many games now vying for people's time like never before. As for the target demographic, seems to be 30 year old males (20ish on the younger end, 40-45 on the older).

@shamber - Yeah, I get what you're saying and where you're coming from. When it comes time to make fairly concrete decisions (which it has) in regards to scheduling, staffing, allocating funds, etc, these are absolutely pertinent questions that have 100% relevance to the final quality of the game. These being some of the questions currently at hand does not mean that I haven't, and won't continue to, consider deeply the other aspects of a quality FPS that you mentioned.

So yeah, I'm coming at this from a logistical angle as opposed to a general theory angle. 
About The Age 
40-45 on the older.. I think you are out by a decade for some people ;) 
Or two! 
Definitely. I would say the average age of retro fps players/buyers is in the 30-35 range. 
So What Did I Do... 
To get blocked by @quake_txt on Twitter? 
Quakeulf, maybe he just doesn't like Quake II?

Who knows, especially if you don't recall have any interactions with the account.. 
I only retweeted and replied to some posts. Others who have done more for Quake 2 who have also strongly critisised the account are not blocked. It does not make sense.

What is going on? 
Did You Know? 
The original Rubicon turned 20 last Sunday. 
Happy Birthday so... 
Don't worry about it; if it was a mistake (automatic filtering, etc.), they'd be already aware and unblocked you.

I've also been unfollowed by a number of people, and likely muted by some, though I don't remember seeing anyone block me. Anyway, social networking is... It has the potential to be a good thing, but the downsides are prone to be mentally degrading, so it's important to not let stuff like this cling to our minds.

It's important to train ourselves to not care about people's negative reactions to us. Particularly, I prefer to not even know when people block or mute me. I'm fine with anyone hating or avoiding me, it happened a million times in my life with lots of different people, and eventually I've figured out that caring about such situations is just a waste of time. Plus, nobody can hate me more than myself, so usually it's just laughable.

And some people just need time. Having the initiative to try to "make things right" when the initiative to "make things wrong" came from the other person is awkward and would just make things worse.
People change, and someday some of the people who hates us end up changing their mind, so there's no need to rush things. If they never change their mind, it's their problem. 
I'm sentimental about Rubicon.

I have a memory of looking up behind a pipe and seeing the trigger to shoot to access nightmare and I felt "smart". I was using FitzQuake because I thought that was the "right thing to do" for obvious reasons, despite preferring aguirRe GLQuake because at the time that was the only engine that could "play everything" including maps like the Red Masque of Death (huge Tronyn map, first limit buster map).

The next thought I had was realizing that GLQuake wouldn't have the texture visible because GLQuake didn't support fullbright textures.

At the time that meant engines like ProQuake and aguirRe's GLQuake. I think that might have been the first time I understood what the goals of FitzQuake were. 
Thanks Mankrip 
But I'm still blocked and there doesn't seem like I can get around it the way things are on Twitter.

I do suspect it is run by someone who is on here and/or the Discord-channel, so if you see this post:

What happened? 
New Jam Suggestion. 
For when DM4 Jam and any subsequent ones have finished:

End Map Jam.

Make a replacement End map for Quake's original rather underwhelming End map. The idea is to stick approximately to the End map's theme and to the original Quake's style, but make something more suitably climactic both in design and gameplay.


1. Id1 only. Run in Quakespasm or whatever. No coloured lighting no fog.
2. Id1 or subtly modified Id1 textures only.
3. Map must start with dropping into the pit as per the current End.bsp, and must include Shub in some form.
4. Map should feature some form of cavern/cave system as per the current End.bsp , mixing this with other themes and structures are allowed and encouraged.
5. Map should stick to approximately the maximum level of detail in the most complex stock Quake maps. This isn't a rigid requirement but is to focus mappers on making a suitable End map that would be the finale of the Quake game, rather the mega-detailed mega-complicated 2018 epic.
6. Any other queries just stick to the fucking theme okay.

Sounds Good 
Sounds like a great way to get people to focus mostly on gameplay instead of spending 90% of the construction time wanking over brushwork :D 
Like the Jam Idea, but hate your rules, especially 1. (cause of coloured lighting & fog) and 5. (I want to make a mega-detailed mega-complicated 2018 not-epic.) 
Sounds Like 
A good plan for June 22nd. 

I think you don't even remember this, but i just found these two screenshots in a really old CD-RW =D

Some crap "art" i did 17 years ago, when you closed the doors of TeamShambler reviews:

And it became the pic of the day on planetquake =D 

That was you?? Wow, I remember that well, it was pretty touching <3 , I think I had it as a desktop for a while after :)


You're not invited to the Jam, what bit of "making a suitable End map" are you struggling with?? :p 
imagine if Tribal was actually TriBal and we had three embodiments of Bal. Quake mapping would be pretty nuts. 
Maybe If I Merge With Tribal... 
We'd get QuadBal. 
We Already Have TrIDaz Tho. 
@Shambler I Really Like This Idea... 
It's pretty restrictive but hey why not? I can live with it. I'd reach out to Ionous if you decide to move forward with it. I think he has some upcoming plans for another jam. If I had known ahead of time dm4 jam may not have happened. 
@Shambler I Really Like This Idea... 
It's pretty restrictive but hey why not? I can live with it. I'd reach out to Ionous if you decide to move forward with it. I think he has some upcoming plans for another jam. If I had known ahead of time dm4 jam may not have happened. 
@Shambler I Really Like This Idea... 
It's pretty restrictive but hey why not? I can live with it. I'd reach out to Ionous if you decide to move forward with it. I think he has some upcoming plans for another jam. If I had known ahead of time dm4 jam may not have happened. 
Damn, A Triple Post... 
Hey, wait a second! 
It's the server not me! 
it's probably happening at the browser level, it's submitting the form twice. I either need to block it on the server or disable the submit button on the client after you submit once. 
Blocking it on the server works better, because at least the server will have received it.

Unreliable mobile networks often fails to send data, forcing the user to re-send it. I've already had problems with websites doing the "disable button" approach, thus forcing me to reload the whole page and start everything over. 
Does Anybody Still Play Deathmatch? 
I've pretty much finished a single player map (still looking for some people to playtest it though), and I'm wondering whether it's worth the trouble of making the necessary adjustments to make the map work in deathmatch. Does anybody of you still play dm, let alone on newly released maps?

I'm just frustrated, because I've spent about six hours working on dm modifications, and at some point, during my tests some func_doors/plats started glitching. I have a feeling it might have something to do with me placing simplified dm func_doors over more complicated single player doors that are killtargeted at some point, but at this moment, I can't be bothered trying to pinpoint the root of the problem.

Personally, I don't play deathmatch (although I probably would if I had family/friends here that wanted to play it too), but even if I don't play, I like to keep the possibility there on my maps, JUST in case somebody wanted to play dm. Also, I'm kind of perfectionist in that regard, feeling like the map's somehow broken/incomplete, if it can't be played on dm. 
The few people who still play deathmatch stick to a very limited set of maps, so don't expect any interest from that direction. Plus single player levels are often not favorable for dm because their layout and spaces are not as tightly focused as in dedicated dm maps. In this sense, it's not worth the effort.

However, you can still put some dm stuff in if you like! I support DM in most of my maps just for the heck of it. It's a fun bonus challenge to make things work on both modes. It shouldn't break the single player part of course. As for your doors, instead of killtargeting them you should probably make them spawn only on dm in the first place (combine not_easy + not_normal + not_hard spawnflags = only dm). 
I Think It Still Doesn't Work 
Actually, I did what you suggested right from the get-go. Allow me to explain: My SP map consists of multiple partially exclusive branches, where some doors are openable only on one path and closed on the other. That's why I have this convoluted system of killtargeting the other paths' doors when the player chooses a path. It has nothing to do with killtargeting the doors for deathmatch mode. Sorry for not providing enough background.

Making this map had me learn the hard way, that you can't have other entities intersect killtargetable entities on the map file, lest you want them glitching out ingame. So on this map, instead of placing two versions of the same door (one for each path) inside each other, I had to clip the doors and make sure they didn't touch each other.

And unless I'm mistaken, the rule seems to apply even if the entities are set to spawn in mutually exclusive skill levels/deathmatch: My doors/platforms are broken because my DM doors (set to spawn only on dm) are intersecting the killtargetable SP doors (set to spawn only in sp). I haven't tested this conclusively, but based on today's fumblings of mine, that's my current hunch.

But yeah, I also do the dm adjustments for the heck of it. Maybe not because it's very fun for me, per say, but more like for the sake of completeness. I mean, the original id sp maps are playable in both modes, so unless my map's completely unsuitable for it, it should be made compatible, as well. Oh me and my stupid obsessions, right? :) 
I don't see why killtargeting intersecting doors should be a problem. And definitely not across skill levels/game modes. Maybe you didn't set doors_dont_link somewhere? 
Make Sure You Set "Don't Link" Spawnflag (4) On Touching Doors 
Dumptruck, SleepwalkR 
Sounds good dumptruck! I've just got temp housing for a short time in Santa Monica, scrambling to find something else asap. I'll ping you when the dust settles.

SleepwalkR, nice to hear from you bro. I'm just over here for work. It was here or Berlin, but the wife doesn't like the cold... hah.

Sorry for the late reply! 
I Learned Stuff Today 
I did some testing, and it seems that doors DO work right, as long as they are not made to spawn at the same time, so negke's original suggestion was correct. So it looks like some other dm modification of mine broke my map causing some func_doors/plats to float in random places (they can't be touched and are visible at some points and then disappear at some other points; maybe the place-dependant visibility has something to do with vis, which dictates when to render them). Guess I gotta save and test my map more often, when doing the dm modifications next time.

My test map has four doors, or actually seven doors, where three of the doors have two doors overlapping each other. One of the doors in such a door set is a regular func_door with no triggers, while the other one is a door with the targetname "killable door".

The first door from the left is a door, which spawns both of the doors regardless of skill level or deathmatch flags. That door glitches out always when I play the map: When I press a button that killtargets the killable door, it also eats the other half of the regular triggerless door (a double door, which btw should be opening when I get close enough, but in this case won't budge).

The second door set is built in a way, that has both of the doors spawn only in easy skill level. In all other modes only one of the doors will spawn. That door works, as long as you don't play the map on easy, i.e. when only one of the doors spawn.

The third door set is a variation, where the other door spawns only in deathmatch and the other only in single player. No problems there, since there never is a situation where both of the doors spawn.

The fourth door is kind of unrelated to the whole dilemma. It's just a test on an alternative method on how to have the doors behave differently depending on skill level or deathmatch flag. I just put four trigger_multiples in front of the door, each opening the door in their respective play modes.

One final note: While writing this post and after already having uploaded the test map, I decided to fiddle around with the "don't link" flags, after remembering Qmaster's suggestion. Maybe the door linking causes the killable door to kill some of the triggerless door. I tried adding the "don't link" flag for both doors, which sure enough prevented the killtarget from killing any part of the triggerless door, but the triggerless door still refused to open upon approaching it. Only now did I discover that the "don't link" flag disables the func_door's ability to open automatically without a trigger. I was able to solve the problem though, by giving the door a triggername "regular door" and then putting a trigger_multiple in front of it.

So thank you, Qmaster! :) It seems that door linking was the root cause of this weird "killtarget door affecting other doors" behavior! Now only if knew just what it was that caused my doors and platforms glitch out in my main map... T_T 
Not Quite Generally Abusive Text, I Know 
Just as an addendum, I know that my previous post was heavily mapping stuff, but I didn't want to move the post to Mapping help, away from the discussion chain, which started with me asking about whether people still played deathmatch. Come to think, I should have probably posted that one in the mapping thread from the get-go, since that post had also mapping related stuff in it. So, apologies for the misplaced discussion! 
Yeah Berlin Can Be Cold 
But the summers are super nice! If you ever make it here, let me know ;-) 
I Was In Germany One Summer. 
The week started at 34'c, cooled down briefly to 26'c for a day or two, then went back up to 35/36'c. It was not the cold I was looking for. 
Normally doors that touch (not necessarily only the brushes but also their bounding boxes) are linked. This means, for instance, on a door where one part moves to the left and the other part to the right, if the player approaches from one side, the other side opens as well, or if one side is blocked, the other one acts correspondingly (as opposed to one side opening while the other remains closed).
The "don't link" spawnflag makes each func_door an indivual entity independent of its surroundings and other doors it touches.

Unrelated to this is that a func_door with a targetname will not generate a trigger volume of its own so you must create a trigger_once or _multiple (or some other entity) to make it open. The "don't link" spawnflag has nothing to do with this. 
Are You Sure? O: 
I tested just the "don't link" spawnflag again without any targetnames on a different simple test room, and it seems to me that the "don't link" flag on a func_door entity prevents the door from generating a trigger volume around itself; even if there is no other func_door touching the "don't link" door. It just doesn't budge. Perhaps you could try it out yourself, and if you can get the door to open itself with a "don't link" flag, I'd like to see the map. o: 
Quake Soundtrack Babble 
It uses polygons + game is dark and brown + 1996 = Quake 
Caffeine Offering Revenue To Game Developers is a new livestreaming platform in development. They are planning to let game developers get a share of revenue from having their games streamed. There are no details available yet, but here is a small announcement and an invitation for game devs to contact them.

No idea how many cents you could make to fund your favorite Quake editor's development with 24/7 mapping streams. I guess that might not be the intended use of this feature.

However, I thought it's interesting enough to share, in case you want to follow how they implement their idea in the future. 
I'm more interested in the fact I've been spelling 'caffeine' wrong all these years when I'm not caught by spellcheck. I before E except after C, my ass. 
Shambler: environments can be hostile without being empty repetitive and characterless, killes
Killes: no 
I Imagine Killes More Like 
No idea how many cents you could make to fund your favorite Quake editor's development with 24/7 mapping streams. I guess that might not be the intended use of this feature.

The game is Quake. The money would go to id/Zenimax. 
Ever Notice 
How dead it is on here on Friday evenings. 
Enjoy The Silence 
Hey, if it gets any livelier in here a funeral might break out! (queue cheesy drum roll.)

Seriously, I used to live next to a cemetery... 
People are having sex. With Shub-Niggurath. 
Is what they are doing I suppose 
Whaaht?? You Mean We Aren't All Mapping?! 
You must be from England...! 
A bunch of ppl mapping for dm4jam. This place might liven up a bit Monday or Tuesday. At least I hope so! 
I've tried mapping for a little bit but I just can't get my head into and/or around it...

Still, I'll keep plodding on and I'll keep enjoying the great things you guys put out. :) 

Storytelling in Quake is quite different nowadays. 
@Hipnotic Rogue 
Have you tried my TB2 tutorials? 
Lightmapped Static Meshes & Portal Skyboxes In Quake 
do either of these things exist with modern tools / engines? 
Lightmapped static mesh: only as an external bsp....actually I think those are fullbright now that I think of it.

Skybox: nope. 
What is a "portal skybox"?

Anyway, the only widespread skybox format in Quake is the Q2 style one. 
@qmaster - interesting... and lame! So meshes would be vertex lit...

@mankrip - a.k.a 3d skyboxes 
How About Lightmapped Water? 
plz say yes. 
do either of these things exist with modern tools / engines?

Does using quake 3 bsp in FTE / DP count as "quake"?

If so, then it's a yes for lightmapped static meshes baked into the bsp i think.

I've no idea if anyone has ever tried making a single player quake map using q3 bsp though. Certainly, I've never heard of one. 
yeah, just curious if that stuff has made its way into q1bsp. I know q3bsp has had that stuff for some time. 
Lightmapped water is in FTE, i believe. 
Does using quake 3 bsp in FTE / DP count as "quake"?
About as much as using bsp2+skyboxes+lits in the same engines does. 
External bsp models (i.e. ammo boxes) aren't inherently fullbright, just the vanilla ones are brightly lit so as to appear as such. Engines with vanilla-style behavior (i.e. QS) directly display the model the way it's lit in the external bsp; more eyecandy oriented engines (i.e. Darkplaces) will either use the same behavior or light the entity as if it were a brush model within the map itself depending on what snazzy lighting options you have chosen.

If you open up the source for one of the id1 external bsp models (they're included in the Quake map sources download with all the E1-E4 maps, start, etc), you'll see it's just a brush/brushes (literally one square brush for an ammo box) with a couple lights placed around it to light the model. 
RTLights are overkill for when the user just want the ammo boxes to adjust their light level to the world lighting.

That said, most pickup items in Quake don't have fullbright-colored details, and can easily be missed when their lighting is adjusted to very dark places. I've had to add _luma maps to all ammo boxes' external textures due to that. 
Just within the past several days:

- Mueller subpoenas the Trump Organization, demanding documents with regards to ties to Russia. (Note he had the option to simply request the documents - he opted to demand them by law)

- The mask comes off Cambridge Analytica's influence in multiple past elections via using "leaked" personal data from Facebook.

And now: Trump declares he will meet Putin (whom he has already congratulated on his "election" "victory") to discuss limiting an arms race and boosting economic cooperation between the two countries (via AFP).

This is going to be the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact 2, isn't it. RIP NATO. 
We're Through The Looking Glass Now People 
Mid-terms are our only hope at the moment, but I am not too confident in my countrymen. 
I'm Confident In The 2018 Red Wave 
For you brits, sorry to hear about the sell-out. So much for a clean brexit. 
As A Canadian 
Our leader is the biggest joke in the world. Still, we haven't banned people from our country for saying that Islamic fundamentalism is kinda fucked up or criminally convicted Youtubers for making jokes like the UK just did. Jesus they would CRUCIFY classic comedians like Bill Hicks and George Carlin these days. However make sure to use my proper pronouns Shalrath and Voreling's or I will report you to one of our "Human Rights Commissions" which will turn your life upside-down lol.

And our intelligence services I'm sure are doing some nefarious shit as we are part of the creepily named "Five Eyes"(speaking of Shub...), but not as bad as GCHQ or the American Deep State, which seems determined to protect Hillary Clinton, the single most corrupt presidential candidate in American history, at all costs. Who cares if the DNC rigged the primary against Sanders and Wikileaks exposed it (and they've never even denied it lol in court the DNC lawyers actually argued the DNC had the right to rig the primary as part of free speech, that makes our system look pretty damn good in comparison). Let's all just sit by while the CIA announces they're going after Wikileaks with a 300 person team, all for doing what journalists are supposed to do - publish information from whistleblowers.

As Tom Waits put it in "God's Away On Business," "The ship is sinking." 
Politics On Func_? Oh Boy! 
I'm pretty sure that 45 is giving HRC a run for her money on the "most corrupt" status.

In any case, American soft power is as weak as it's ever been at this point. Trump is being curb-stomped by Putin and Xi, which... is not a lot of fun to watch. I really need to start learning Mandarin... 
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