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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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Pffftt. I was always taught that it was because the cost of real estate was based only on the extents of the ground floor area, so they "cheated" the system by bulging out the upper floors. 
That Verywell Could Be The Case Nowadays. 
The answers change across history of course. 
Sp Map 
you come to a tall black (runic/metal?) spikey tower in deep chasm, later you go in and fight in semi-open dome, not dm4jam_breezeep, not dm4jam_bloodshot, not unforgiven 
Maybe It Is The Map In Your Dreams, One You Will Make Yourself 
Really black structures in dark backgrounds doesn't look good without bumpmapping. Some kind of lighting is needed to make its shape recognizable. 
What's The Status On Https? 
feels scary logging in here :-o

It was quite easy to set it up on my server... 
System Shock 1 Source Code RELEASED (MAC) 
For those interested, the source code for the original System Shock (1994) has been released. Please refer to here for all future mod/code-delving discussions:

Synopsis: MAC version only, but all game logic is present. Night Dive Studios to release a mofied version of the source code at a later date for free to anyone who owns the System Shock Enhanced edition. This will bring much needed features into the game directly in NDS's port for PC.

I for one, will enjoy using this to help with my fan remake to help replicate a few details in the game: (shameless plug)

-JosiahJack, aka Qmaster
P.S. Citadel is my other project I work on when not mapping for Quake or updating my Keep mod. Go map! ;) 
no https because someone MiTM-ing your func account and using it to shitpost will be the hilarious af 
hilarious af rn frfr famalam 
Citadel, sounds exciting, is gorilla-tiger mutant ready? will run under Win Vista SP2 64bit pls? 
Gor-Tiger Detected At 83m, Idle 
Should Work On XP+ 
both System Shocks and first two Thieves a lot some 15 years ago (and both Ultima Underworld games before) 
Remember Maddox, that angry internet guy with hilarious rants from the last decade and a half? He's an absolute joke now. 
if you refer to me, remember that I have never had a bad word about a purple ox 
Madfox > Maddox 
Maddox is an interesting example of the "arc" internet celebrities seem to go through, from getting an audience by rebelling against the bullshit of their day and thus fulfilling a public demand for common sense, to letting it go to their head, becoming out of touch, condescending to their own audience, and lashing out like fools (there are so many examples).

Madfox on the other hand, just consistently kicks ass. He brings Dr. Seuss to Quake. Btw Madfox I played your last map and loved it (lol the swarms of flies were awesome, layout was good too, atmosphere very retro), but I haven't had a chance to do any new reviews since the AD one. 
So .... 
I decided to a bit of spamming.

Not SleepWalker/TrenchBroom 1.0 release spamming, but rather Baker "slightly bored level" spamming.

While conducting some "I can't think of anything on Netflix" level boredom spamming, I post at ESReality and get flagged as spammer.

So I email, and who replies? Sujoy!!!

The Quakeworld rocket jumped out of lava guy!!

/Lame story ... perhaps ... but better than the nothingburgers the rest of you twats aren't posting.

/Oh yeah, fuck you. Figuratively. Like I figure that is the right thing to say. Because ... like seriously ... why is it dead silent here.

(Attempt UK impressionist post. Probably failed. Whatever ...) 
Oh wow! I asked Sujoy to fix broken image links and he did!

/Better than you arseclowns! Take that, mankrip! Why single out mankrip you might ask? Well, if I said 'Take that Shambler! there is a chance he might ban me. So yeah, that's why!!! 
like seriously ... why is it dead silent here.

Judging from the DM4Jam release, they're mapping. There's a lot of good momentum thanks to TrenchBroom and dumptruck's video series. 
/Twas a joke, mk :D 
Kind of crazy that Sujoy is still involved with that site/community.

Fun to hear the old names... makes me want to go sit in the Stanford CS building basement playing 3wave CTF all night again. 
I GOT THE FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I'm not really old school -- I'm faux old school like a pretender that values the old school culture, but yeah --- wasn't there.

That being said, I did a double homage in the QuakeDroid thread:

This pic ...

1) Screams FitzQuake metslime.
2) I GOT THE FLAG!!!!!!!

I couldn't resist the CTF reference.

**** I GOT THE FLAG!!!! **** 
@sock that looks tedious. I tend to func_detail and plan my brushes for detail as I go but to each his own. 
I Agree... It's Quiet 
I think it's because #tf Discord channel is so popular. i.e. ~95% of the conversations re: DM4Jam happened there. 
rabble rabble discord ruins every community it touches etc 
I love func and assume it's not going to change much (for good reason) but Discord makes it very easy to share images, links and embedded streams etc. it's really enticing compared to a simple forum. It's a different experience to be sure and func cannot be beat for archival information and its vast knowledge base. 
Silence The Discord! 
Wait wrong game reference. 
RE 30161 UK Impressionist 
lol, read it in Red Dwarf's Lister's voice 
Christ Has Returned! 
Never heard of him before, BicMacDavis that is! c; 
And That's Never A Good Thing! 
Textures From The Blender Foundation 
There is a curated collection of images and textures for 3D work on the Blender site. The license is CC-0: free to use anywhere, for any purpose. 
Co-op With Some Friends 

Me and a friend decided we should put on Quake and play some custom maps and custom campaigns together (and probably we'll have some other people to join us too) and maybe do even some deathmatch from time to time.

My question is... well, I really like the Quakespasm engine.
But I don't know if it's really that great for this purpose.
I know it's the most used and most functional with custom maps though, and so what I want to know is if it's possible to play such levels in co-op with that engine. I mean, we don't want to curse each time we have to host the game, nor using some odd software to do that. So, is Quakespasm good to go, or should I look onto some other engine (any reccomendation if so?)? 
Yup QS Is Good For Coop. 
Keep calm and carry on. 
Coop Online 
For local Coop (on a LAN) Quakespasm would be fine. But for Online play you'll probably want to use FTEQW.

Keep in mind whoever will be the server needs to poke a hole in their router to allow connections. It's not impossible but info is tough to find. FTEQW has a wiki though and you should be okay. Good luck! 
Yeah It's For Online Matches. 
Thanks a lot! 
Whoa, Hold Your Biscuits 
If you really like Quakespasm, but want the networking superiority of FTE, then use Quakespasm-Spiked

It was specifically made for this exact scenario. 
And The Linkeh 
It was specifically made for this exact scenario.

I was unaware that QSS had any network improvements. I thought it was solely the FTE/DP visual effects. Very interesting and good to know. 
@spike - Sv_gameplayfix_setmodelrealbox 0 <----- 
Quoth 2.2 added some stuff to try to support DarkPlaces by turning off all the irregular stuff stuff in DarkPlaces.

Sadly, unless you want to weird up Quakespasm Spiked you better not call your cvar sv_gameplayfix_setmodelrealbox.

Quoth will decide set it to zero, changing the normal behavior of Quakespasm to whatever physics irregularities await for sv_gameplayfix_setmodelrealbox 0 --- which will cause a FitzQuake style engine to not use FitzQuake style bounding boxes.

What will happen? I don't know. 
QSS still has no network prediction. If your players are in different countries then FTE is still a noticeably better choice.
Vs QS, QSS provides proper network nack-compression (using FTE's network protocol) meaning much higher entity limits (at least for mostly static ents like monsters, while dynamic ents [like AD's qc particles] will still have higher limits but at the cost of slight potential lag).
Mods like AD can FTE's/QSS's particle system to perform effects clientside instead of serverside, which has significant reductions.
Note that the visual effects in QSS have defaults that exactly match QS (unless a mod or user explicitly uses the stuff that would be impossible in QS). QSS was never about the visuals, but rather fixing all the bugs and limitations that pissed myself off with QS (primarily networking and QC related). The particles are there just because they are actually useful to mods like AD - and especially so when networked.

sv_gameplayfix_setmodelrealbox is the 'correct' name for the feature, and renaming it will just cause problems elsewhere. If quoth needs it on in order to function then quoth shouldn't be turning it off even if it only affected DP. Additionally, if its value actually changes anything then quoth is buggy (and bugged in either vanilla/dp/fte or fitzquake/qs). Presumably if no one noticed then it doesn't matter and might not even be buggy.
Either way, 0 has more predictable results when replacement models are in use, and is potentially faster for dedicated servers, so hurrah for buggy quoth. And boo hiss at fitzquake for being incompatible with quake, and I really wish I could justify setting it to 0 by default in QSS, and renaming the cvar would just mean that noone would remember the new name breaking any mods that do actually need a specific value for that cvar.
So, won't rename. I prefer consistency to randomness. 
That Quakespasm Spiked seems indeed very interesting!
Thanks a lot!

Anyway I don't want to put any graphic bullshit in it, really. lol
I like how Quake looks on its own and Quakespasm with the modern resolution etc. enhanches it a bit already. And it's got very cool visuals, from what I've seen from Custom Gamer.

No Problem. 
We're all in the same country anyway, so it's good.
I guess. 
I really wish I could justify setting it to 0 by default in QSS

FWIW, last time we discussed it in the FitzQuake thread ( ), metl confirmed he introduced the change by accident and recommended fixing it as well.

I support changing to vanilla behaviour by default, at least for a "testing" release of qss, and asking for help testing mods that were likely tested only on Fitzquake / Quakespasm. 
What was the changed introduced to fix?

Did it have something to do with blinking Chthon or blinking Shub? Perhaps larger monsters "disappearing" momentarily in very rare circumstances when mostly behind walls on certain maps like end.bsp.

Knowing what the change was intended to address would indicate what the consequences are for reverting it.

Some known mods affected by non-original Quake bounding boxes: Malice, QRally, X-Men. Maybe Shrak for Quake. Malice in particular has an enemy with, if I recall, 2 large parts, and the top part will disappear with FitzQuake bounding boxes. 
Summary Please 
Could someone explain to me the effects of

sv_gameplayfix_setmodelrealbox 0


sv_gameplayfix_setmodelrealbox 1

I believe at the time I understood the impact, and that it resolved an issue we had with darkplaces setting larger hitboxes on sprites than other engines - vanilla engines set the hitbox to the dimensions of the actual sprite, while darkplaces set them larger by a factor of √2. We had sprites that were solid, and wanted to support mapper supplied sprites, so we couldn't use a pre-computed size.

Obviously we need to balance the need to get that right (because it could make a map unbeatable if the extra large hitbox blocked a critical path in map) with the negative impact setting the cvar on has. I've read the linked thread and this one, and I've got that it's bad, but not a clear explanation of why.

If it helps, until the next version, you can override the Quoth default settings by adding sv_gameplayfix_setmodelrealbox 1 to quoth.cfg 
When you do setmodel on an mdl in vanilla quake (aka realbox 0), the engine ALWAYS does a setsize of +/- 16 (on account of the loader not bothering to calculate the size - note that sprites use [maxwidth,maxwidth,maxheight]/2 for the size).

In QS (aka realbox 1), it instead does the setsize using the mins/maxs values from the mdl.

Note that if the mod calls setsize afterwards then there's no effective difference (unless it uses mins/maxs to do so...).

Hull collisions are biased by the mins+size values, while bbox collisions are affectet by the mins/maxs of both entities.
This means that droptofloor fails quite often, resulting in items getting removed or dropping through floors making maps impossible to complete.
Or entities with their feet inside/above the ground, or biased sideways.
Or tracelines firing from the wrong place.
Or positions being calculated using different offsets...
So yeah, quite a few ways things can go wrong, but as most mods call setsize you tend to not notice any serious issues.

Regarding Quoth specifically, I had a brief scan through some (probably very old) decompiled(eww) code.
I did spot some potential issues, but mostly where the entity was meant to be non-solid anyway.
One issue is misc_explobox but only with replacement mdls.
There's another potential one when developer is 4, or something, which I'm guessing isn't common.
I also spotted one place where .solid was changed without relinking (ie: before setmodel/setsize/setorigin instead of after), but as it had velocity any issues from that would last at most one frame, so probably noone will ever notice it without reading the code.
So I don't think quoth will have any serious issues with either value.
The cvar is not meant to have any effect on sprites (even in DP, which assumes all sprites are round regardless of cvars).

Replacement models are a huge issue (ESPECIALLY when mdls and bsps are quite so interchangeable). As a result, making the behaviour dependant upon the extension rather than the format makes a lot of sense.

Anyway, that's my perspective. 
Urm, Right, Summary. 
I wouldn't worry about it too much regarding quoth. You might want to go through your code anyway, but I wouldn't loose any sleep over it at all.

If you want your model's feet to properly sit on the ground, you might still want to provide explicit sizes to ensure that mdls can work fine in both vanilla and for QS.
Note that explicit sizes can help for QS too, such that you can have geometry that extends beneath the ground (like in other frames) while ensuring that the frame you want is actually sized properly (and not biased sideways, either). 
Misc_model <-- ? 
What about misc_model?

(i.e. models that might be anything the mapper wants and are unknown to QuakeC. Hence no setsize because it could be anything the mapper is using). 
I don't see a misc_model anywhere.
If you mean mapobject_custom then yes, it doesn't call setsize.
However, its also both movetype_noclip and not solid. Thus its size is irrelevant to anything else. Therefore, not buggy.

The same is true of a number of other special-case static/semi-static entities.

Note that QC decompilers are utter shite, so take whatever I say on this subject with a pinch of salt, but what I see looks like quoth survives okay with whichever setting that cvar has (at least until someone replaces maps/b_explo*.bsp with an mdl or even a more detailed bsp). 
Maybe this issue shall self-resolve then, given enough time. 
Thanks Spike 
We want to keep vanilla compatibility, so fixing the code to work correctly there and leaving the cvar as it is seems best. I'll add some setsize calls to the exploding boxes as I can see the issue with the replacement models, that shouldn't be allowed to create a difference size hull.

I think from there I can figure out the other possible issues - it would be very annoying if the feature intended to let you visualise the size of the triggers accidentally changed the size of those triggers at the same time... 
On Second Thoughts 
Probably no latent bug in that case, because triggers always initialise the size to self.mins/maxs right after a setmodel.

Imagine someone added a trigger_multiple entity, and set the model to progs/shambler.mdl. In vanilla it would get a size of 16x16x16. The cvar setting we've chosen makes sure that's consistent in other engines. But all of that happens before developer 4 comes along and performs a setmodel without a setsize. So the developer 4 code is inflicting a 16x16x16 bbox on a trigger which was already that size. Right? 
maps with a trigger_multiple using progs/shambler.mdl deserve to break...
(if only because ents that expect inline models tend to not bother to precache said models.)
But if a map uses it, and some other entity already precached it, then you'd get a trigger sized according to the model, yes, which would differ between engines. And there's not really anything you can do about it, other than telling people not to do stupid things.

Side note: mdls pitch differently from spr and bsp too. so if you're using vectoangles or makevectors for the entity then you're again going to need to know if its a mdl or not. There's nothing you can do to avoid that, either (other than fte's r_meshpitch cvar that then breaks the rest of the mod). Replacement models are a real clusterfuck in this regard, but thankfully its normally a pain to configure pitch angles so most maps manage to avoid issues there.

When I mentioned developer 4, I meant blink_on does a setmodel-without-setsize, but its solid_not and movetype_none, so it doesn't really matter (and is fixed in monster_teleport_go once it does start to matter, but will show the wrong size with eg r_showbboxes until then).

Regarding developer 2 (read: quoth's RestoreTriggerModels function) then that function can find items too, not just trigger_multiple etc.
Thanks to droptofloor setting FL_ONGROUND (meaning they won't try to move), you probably won't notice, but those items will indeed end up with the wrong sizes because of that setmodel call, so it might be a good idea to preserve the original mins+maxs. I don't think its important for trigger_* though, they'll just end up with the size they had before. 
Thanks Spike (again) 
maps with a trigger_multiple using progs/shambler.mdl deserve to break...
(if only because ents that expect inline models tend to not bother to precache said models.)

You can get away with that in Quoth, because the ability to automatically precache external BSP models extends to other types of models (another example of QC not knowing the model type there!).

I'll probably just make sure that developer 2 skips over items in that case, but thanks again for the check. 
I Have A Stats For You. 
At 47 maps in 2018 so far, we're better than we were in 2017, with 46 maps released by the end of June. 
Frecache Preachache 
Why do we still care if a model is precached? 
Sweet. I was just taking a look at the spreadsheet. Thanks for keeping track. 
I recorded a blind playthrough of "The Tenacious Tentacle" by Socks, and since there is no official post of this map in the foruns i will just post it here:

But, seriously, why isn't a post about this level here? I only found it by accident (i never search for new maps in Quaddicted because I thought all new maps were posted first here in func_) The map was released this year, it uses AD monsters, it was made only with 100 brushes (so mappers can use it as a reference for the 4° competition) and it's awesome =D

You can download it here: 
Good Point About The 100 Brush Reference 
Haven't checked that map out yet, but it looks good.

I'm trying to contact Breezeep, does anyone have his email address? 
But, seriously, why isn't a post about this level here? I'm not sure why any map author would avoid posting here but I have my suspicions.

Is that QSS-Admod in the video? Looks good. :) 
Yep, it is the QSS-Admod engine =D 
Yes, Tronyn? 
Check my profile. 
New Map 
Hello everybody,

since I stopped mapping around 1999 I'm a bit rusty at this and need some pointers. A while ago I finally tried out SleepwalkR's truly excellent TrenchBroom for the first time seriously and made a small DM map with it, which I quite like. Now it's more or less done and I'm looking for a way to share it and maybe get some feedback. Is there currently something like a repository or a place where people look for Q1 DM maps? Or do you just upload it somewhere and post a link here? Are there still review sites? Do people even play custom DM maps anymore?

Anyway, any help with this would be appreciated muchly.

Headshot would be an easy place to upload it.

username: quaketastic
pw: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff 
Just make sure you pick the right directory unlike most people uploading there... :P 

People usually use to upload maps. Login info here:

Also, here on func is news thread, just submit news with short description of the map, sceen and download link. So after news is approved it'll have its separate thread.

Hope this helps! 
A new headshot map, omg!
I'd be up for giving it a spin online if that's happening.

Not much multiplayer going on around these parts anymore, the focus has mostly shifted to singleplayer maps. 
I think even the dedicated DM players left don't care that much for new maps, though you may want to post it at for feedback. No review sites to my knowledge.

Of course, it's always possible to throw in some monsters and we'll be all over it. 
Thanks for the quick answers and great info! I just need to sort out a few niggles and then I'll upload a beta somewhere and post a link here, maybe we can meet on a server (Bal, anyone else?) and see what's what. The tricky part would probabaly be to meet there at the same time :-)

It'd be nice to get some feedback on balance and maybe sticky parts to clip before release. 
You can try posting here:
Also if you are not afraid of new "tech" you can try Quake World Discord channel: 
Just joined Discord, thanks. 
Awesome, also you can join our Discord here: 
General Data Protection Regulation 
Could this new EU-law affect func?
Anybody know something? 
My guess: Somebody would have to sue func i.e. metl, in order for anything to happen at all.
As there is nothing to win from that conflict, nothing happens and we all keep our status quo. 
Func could stop exposing everyone's IP address for a start.

It's funny how func doesn't require anyone's details or even an email address to create an account, but then exposes your ip on every post.

I guess that's why a lot of us use TOR when posting on func. 
Fuck Off Everybody Who Uses TOR. 
All of you belong in prison, you pedophilic porn peddlers. 
Fuck Off Everybody Who Uses TOR. 
All of you belong in prison, you pedophilic porn peddlers. 
Takes One To Know One, Eh? 
Well, otp hates me, so I must be doing something right. 
What specific harm could hit my devices, because of my IP-adress being revealed? Viruses homing in on me like a Vore-ball? 
Of course I'm not talking about viruses or anything like that. I'm suggesting that it's better to keep the user's IRL identity private by default, without making them jump through hoops if they don't want their actual IP address appearing every time they post something on this public forum.

I'm just wondering what displaying the poster's IP address is supposed to deter.

If someone want to troll / spam this forum then displaying the IP address does fuck all to stop them, because the troll / spammer can easily spoof it (and interestingly they don't even need an account to post (fucking lololol)) 
I Agree 
The IP address should not be published. It should be replaced with a hash of the address plus some salt. 
Re: #30222 
I don't know. But, because I'm outside the EU and this is not a commercial website, maybe not? 
Hash Of It... 
Need to be careful how you do that, you'd need the server to store a distinct salt per IP. Otherwise an "attacker" could brute force the salt from knowledge of their own IP and hash, then use that to brute force the other IPs on the board. At that point you might as well just store each IP that's seen on the database, generate a unique ID for each one and tag each post with that. 
Hash, Salt, A Sprinkle Of Herbs.... 
Sure. But what is the reason for even displaying anything there in the first place? 
I suggest we display our accurate geolocation data instead, along with our Social Security number and blood type.

The more social, the better. 
I Think Originally The Idea Was 
To be able to identify trolls. But I don‘t remember, might be a case of we‘vv always done it this way. For the record, I‘d rather get rid of them. 
All trolls hide their ip address because it's so easy.

If the idea is to say "Oh he is posting from a proxy / TOR node then he must be a troll" then that means legit users either have to live with their location being exposed, or accept their troll status i guess? 
How About 
Don't troll?

You're not witty, you're not funny, you're just embarrassing and a pain in the ass. Fuck off back to whatever shithole you came from. 
Heheheh Otp..... You Just Described Yourself... Hauahuauhu *drools* 
Oops, forgot to log out and get behind 7 proxies. 
Because No One Can Take Ips And Swat With Them. 
That Was The Original Idea 
Don‘t forget that this community is older than Tor. I agree that it doesn‘t make sense anymore. 
It's Nice Seeing All The New Nicknames Popping Up On Here 
I can only assume that means more players and mappers. 
I'm stuggeling to conceive a second map after QUMP, because I want to be so much better. 
Do a tribute map to one of your favorites. From there it will likely grow. I've done that twice and had good results. Sometimes you just need a place to start off. 
New headshot map? Epic. Don't worry about this single player nonsense, I'm sure people still appreciate a good dm map. (Sure, maybe nobody will actually play it, but what's new?)

I've probably said it before, but seeing FSDM3 for the first time was the moment I realised that custom maps could actually be not just as good as the id maps, but even better, potentially. That definitely inspired me to start making maps seriously, rather than just tinkering around making junk like everyone else in the early days. 
trying it without IP addresses. I think the arguments above are correct in that they don't provide much value or deterence nowadays. 
Thanks Metl! 
Lol That's Great! 
A Welcome Change 
I'm glad others are in general agreement with this, thanks metlslime. 
But how will I know if it's really me? 
Fuck You 
otp [] 
Wow Now I Will Be Hacked By A Retarded Drunk 
Well, You Can Suck My Hose 
I Still Luff You 
otp [] 
I Like How This Pos Constantly 
eating the ass's of the moders

you're never changed 
Should Be Moved To The Beef Thread Tho 
Spike Solved Quake 72 Fps Physics Problem 
Spike has solved the can't run above 72 fps Quake physics problem!

Download: Quakespasm Spiked V.10 - May 15 2018 
I am newbie for this forum.I happy to join this forum 
Welcome, Man 
to this den of evilness. Map fast and you will have a good time here. 
Welcome Aboard! 
It's always nice to see new people come home to Quake.

Have you played much Quake in the past or are you a 'total newbie'?
Ellen's email begins with "emily", a different name. And the Tarzan-style English in her post is typical of spambots.

Some spambots are coded to post innocent stuff and edit it after some days to include spammy links. It's a tactic to avoid moderators who only checks new posts. Thankfully Func_ doesn't allow editing. 
What are your opinions on It sounds like a beefed up alternative to Quaddicted, including some kind of optional monetization/donations system for content authors, and an automated content upload system (AFAIK, uploading to Quaddicted is a fully manual process). 
Yah let's monetise this quake shit yo 
Requires developers to add content uploading into their software. Would be like if we had a separate utility to upload maps/mods or a console command addition, but someone would have to make it.

I mean I guess it could be nice, but I'm one who likes manual compiling so... 
Yes, it would be a job for engine developers.

Mark V supports installing from Quadiccted, but seems to be a beefed up alternative. Imagine creating a mod and uploading it from the engine itself, with the engine automatically handling all the packaging and dependencies in a standardized way. 
This is america
Don't catch you slipping now
Watch what I'm whipping now
This shit that I'm typing now 
How important is the GPU to Quake these days? I'm more familiar with Doom engines and I'm aware that the CPU is much more important than the GPU, even with OGL renderers such as GZDoom.

I know that BiTD the GPU was pretty important when the OGL version of Quake first hit but nowadays things seem to be very different.

Just a noob being nosy. 
Pretty Important 
If you plan to play Orl or AD maps with any kind of fluidity. 
CPU Is More Important To Doom Cuz Rachel Can't Code Worth Shit. 
Stupid question, but how do I set up Quake to automatically load last hard save after dying? By default it takes me back to the start of the level. Thanks. 
F9 defaults to Quickload if I am remembering correctly. 
If you want to distinguish between quicksaves and other saves, you can also bind another key to save to some other named savefile. So you could bind a key that does "save foo" and then bind another key to do "load foo".

And depending on what you're trying to do here, it also might be useful to know that Mark V does three rotating autosaves named auto_save_0, auto_save_1, and auto_save_2.

Been poking at this 2D Shooter thing the last couple months. Slow going as I'm learning Unity and C# as I go but things are picking up pace. :)

Art is by: 
Yes F9 is quickload but I thought I seen some people on youtube autoload from last saved game just by hitting fire or jump upon dying. Don't think they're quickloading.
@Johnny Law: If I want to load a specific save (say second-to-last or older) then I don't mind going through the menu. Just thought there was a way to load most recent hard save at the click of a mouse. F6/F9 comes closest to what I want I guess. 
bind F2 "quicksave;menu_save"

Now, when you hit F2 and save the game, quickloading will load a state identical to the latest. 
That's the one, thanks mankrip 
Hmmmm, doesn't work. Seems to be trying to load quick.sav which doesn't exist. 
Put a "wait;" command between both commands, it should work.

Also, it will only work when you open the save menu by pressing F2. It won't work when the save menu is opened from the main menu. 
It keeps accessing quick.sav
I'm using QuakeSpasm 0.93 
bind F2 "save quick;menu_save"

works for me in Quakespasm.

Do any Quake engines have a command for "load the most recent save"? I don't know of any. 
yes that works, thanks ericw and mankrip. 
What's The Difference Between That 
And just hitting F6 to quicksave, then F9 to quick load? 
The difference is minimal, but if it doesn't hurt anything, there's no need to be against it.

The savegame subsystem in Quake is something that could be vastly improved, in both usability and robustness. But most people don't care. 
Not a whole lot, just thought there was a way to "quickload" most recent save by hitting fire instead of F9. By default when you die, hitting fire loads the start of the level. Would be nice if this loaded the last hard save as I don't use F6/F9. Habit :) 
any news on your map pak 
MRW When Reading Post #30290 
Ok Normal Answer 
I'm just sort of building stuff with the idea of it all being part of some full-length adventure game using modern quake engine tech, not really quake levels.

No imminent release date I'm afraid :} 
After the Wikia debacle and other transgressions, you'll have to release a Quake version to appease the Quake gods (Vondur)! 
Funny You Should Say That 
I was always aware that the chances of such a project going tits up are pretty high, so I am deliberately designing all the content in such a way so that if the aforementioned tits were to assume a vertical trajectory, then most of the stuff can be minimally reworked and released as Quake content without everything being lost. 
No imminent release date I'm afraid :}

gotta wait, anyway 
I suppose it depends on if your project is a cow or a woman.

Either way, finish someday. 
Is There A Tan/desert Version Of Ikwhite (Avanipaala) Or Ikblue Wad? 
I Remember 
seeing some screenshots of a cream colour like map, but don´t remember if it was coloured lighting or not or if it was released.

It the colour is more subtle you could go just with coloured lighting. The effect is good, just check the exterior of my jam 2 map. 
Ya, Ikwhite Plus Coloured Might Be The Best Bet..... 
Or I'll tan-ify it and make an iktan.wad for those desert persian arabic palaces. 
eventually IKBlue will be converted to all colors in the quake palette. IKPurple, IKGrey, IKFullbrightRow... 
Hexen2 Engine Supports 
up to two progs.dat files simultaneously, is it possible to modify Q engine to make it support a multiple progs.dat files

progs3.dat etc 
IK Colours 
How hard is to make an IK red? And more importantly, how hard is to make the same change in all the textures so they stay coherent? I always wanted to learn to make textures and this seems like it could be an easy thing to try, but would like to know in advance. 
hexen2's maplist.txt file gives a mapname->datname lookup. This particular mechanism sucks on account of conflicts over which version of the maplist.txt file to use (as FTE can run hexen2, it also supports this feature with quake, but don't expect any other quake engine to also support it).

Its more normal for engines to have some cvar to control which .dat to use, typically named sv_progs if it exists, but could have some other name.
This also sucks. A series of maps that need a specific .dat will need the qc to figure out which one is meant to be used and thereby switch accordingly using map restarts or some other ugly mechanism.
It would be better if the engine were to figure it out based on some worldspawn field, but then which one takes precidence - the field or the cvar?

but seriously, why exactly do you want multiple dats? are you having issues with the max_regs limit of 65536? its worth noting that once hexen2's hcc compiler started optimising things properly, they ditched the whole progs2 thing with their mission pack, for good reason.

If you're after mutators/addons or some such, then FTE does support those, but the vanilla gamecode has conditionals for things in unrelated areas - for instance making a new monster is far more messy than it should be if only due to ClientObiturary using hardcoded strings for when said 'non-existant' monster kills you. I'm sure you can see the problem. You can add in all sorts of hacks to wrap functions etc, but frankly its not really worth it.

Note that fteqcc's #merge feature allows wrapping an existing mod in a similar way, and without needing any engine changes. This gives a way to still quickly adapt many mods and to do so in a slightly more robust way (as your users won't inadvertantly end up trying to apply your mutator to eg quakerally). 
I See 
Thank you for reply,

</>but seriously, why exactly do you want multiple dats?

well, nothing special, just wondering 
Multiple .DATs are useful when some maps are designed for a completely different kind of functionality. For example, a map could be used as a character selection screen, another map could be an overworld map for Donkey Kong Country style level selection, and so on. Keeping each functionality in a different codebase makes the code cleaner, and makes it easier to have different coders working on each one. 
<1940's style radio news voice>

"Mankrip, fighting snark with thoughtful solutions one post at a time." 
Hexen 2 Is Most Advanced We Need All Hexen 2 Feature ! 
:( I still haven't beaten Hexen II, even 19 years after buying it. 
@Cocerello - Textures 
Cocerello making textures for Quake is not technically difficult at all, you just have to have an eye for it.

Doing a hue or saturation change to an existing set (ie. the IK set) is not hard, but whether or not it looks good is a different question.

All you need to make or modify textures is TexMex and a good photo editor that can work with palettes. You must download the Quake palette (just search it its hosted everywhere...) And I suggest you also create a palette file minus the last 32 fullbright colours.

Use Texmex to obtain textures from a map, or import your new textures into a wad. Starting with other textures is good for beginners.

You will need to load the texture into a photo editor, convert it to RGB based image before making hue and saturation changes. Then reapply the indexed palette when finished. Applying the Quake palette can have devastating effects on your image and you need to be prepared to hand paint pixels that don't look good. Never just drop an image into Texmex, this is a poor approach that leads to ugly textures.
Quake doesn't have any actual red in the palette, just crimsons and browns. One of the true reds is a fullbright, and Texmex sometimes confuses your red with this color, so you need to be careful when importing into Texmex.

I spend a lot of time with some textures especially working with red. When I make a texture and hand paint from scratch it can take weeks. These 'red' banners took me three weeks to get right and they are mostly violet and pink. Some of the other textures you see here are hue/saturation changes I made in only a few minutes:

I use mtPaint which is free software to create pixel art.

Take your time and have fun. 
Making actually good textures is hard. Finding out the best dithering mode and gamma curve, along other factors, makes a huge difference in many cases. Afterwards, you may often find yourself layering different pixels from multiple diverse approaches to get the best results, while also manually retouching some pixels that gets bad colors in all cases.

But there are lots of poorly edited textures in Quake and in many custom maps anyway, so people got used to cheap approaches and don't know any better. In some original Quake textures we can even find leftover pixels from different texture variations, caused by poor cropping. 
Thank You, Redfield 
My main concern was with homogeneity in the methods used so the textures would still be similar to the originals while using the same colours as the others in the pack and not resort to manually editing with this case with Ik. How good it will look, i know i will need experience for that.
Ik textures are very good because they are one of the best on how hard is to spot the tiling and it seemed that making a new ik would be useful and easy to get the hang of it. As mankrip says there is many texture packs with issues even amongst some of the most popular ones but Ikblue seems to not be amongst them and i like to use it for that, as it fits my speedmaps.

What caught my attention the most is that i thought that working in RGB was only for new textures and when modifying existing Quake textures was better to work in Quake palette to avoid the problems from converting back into Quake, which can be obnoxious.

The shot looks good by the way, but it is taking me some effort to believe that it is from Quake sometimes. Looks too similar but not. 
Does it have awesome noise sampling? Does it have recolor? Does it have reduce colors? Does it let you mipmap? Can you view the texture tiled?

And biggest of all...does it have directional noise (like for instant wood grain and such)?

If your Quake texture editor sucks...look no further than the best. Use Wally! 
Do you like having a 20yr old editor that crashes all the time? Do you like having an editor that doesn't knkw if it is meant for textures or pak files? Do you like having a program that forgets what pallet it was using? Do you want a program that never gets updated?

Look no further than Wally! 
Texmex is a wad manager, not a texture editor. 
Oh. Then That Wpuld Be Why I Only Use Wally 
TexMex has no gamma correction on its color quantization algorithm. Due to this, it can preserve some image details that gets lost when using better editors to convert truecolor images to the Quake palette. The colors are less faithful, but some details ends up better than in the gamma-correct quantization employed by professional image editors such as The GIMP.

Sometimes, I combine both TexMex quantization and GIMP's gamma-correct quantization to get the best possible results. 
Texmex is only for getting the textures into and out of your WAD for game use.

You should really be using an actual editor like photoshop. I use mtPaint cause reasons. 
I won't pirate Photoshop, and for this single use case (non-correct quantization), TexMex is waaay more lightweight.

I use whatever tools that gives the results I'm looking for. 
Yeah I use it for making multiple brightness variants of textures too. It works ok in this case. Texmex really does feel like a hacked together MacGyver-esque tool, so I don't like to do too much with it. 
I Agree 
The same can be said for AdQuedit, even more so since it lets you delete windows. 
Are you getting my emails? Or are you still having issues? 
Texture Blending
Dev version of gimp with great blending in indexed mode. The new official 2.10 has indexed locked for some reason. 
Sounds pretty neat given GIMP's normally rudimentary support for images in indexed mode, but I don't speak a word of that language and a quick Google Translate isn't helping much so no idea how neat it actually is. 
Doom 5 Eternal Trialer

Because I don't think it's been posted on func yet. 
Wats Wrong With 
d5 trailer? 
Hell On Earth 
Looking For Tes6 
You don't need to read french to use gimp tho. is the stuff making work.
Recommend downloading and giving a shot if you're familiar with gimp 
I bit the bullet the other day and downloaded it, it's fully available in english once you extract the archive. In case you're not sure what the download link is: 
Of course, whether or not you trust the french to not put viruses in the download is another matter. Sneaky french... 
The 2.99 seems way buggier than the previous versions.
2.10.2 on the same page is the way to go.. 
Dumb Question Time 
Quake Champions, can you make maps for that? Without having to work for id, I mean. 
By the way, did Quake Live support custom maps? 
srsly? That's bloody shameful if true - it's just q3!

Was any reasoning ever given? 
Yes, It Did! 
Even Bal's maps are playable from the workshop. 
They are! I totally forgot about the Steam Workshop. 
Oh, so it had a workshop. Nice.

Some sort of SnapMap could have been popular in QChamp. 
Dear diary, today OTP got a Quake-fact wrong. Today was a good day. 
There's even a func_mappack although honestly it is mostly Bal :-) 
How can i take a quake mdl and use it in hexen2 without screw up the colors of the skin?

I know quake and hexen2 has different palettes, but i can't figure out how to change the palette without change all the colors (i opened the model with QME and loaded a hexen2 palette and all the colors went wrong) 
Piss off nutjob. 
Totally normal reaction. 
You don't get to use the word "normal". 
If you're only here to start shit, which was visible even in the way you "released" zjam2, there's a beef thread where you can release all your pent up anger with how this community mistreated you and your funny antics. :^) 
Totally normal reaction. 
Feel free to explain my wrongdoings in sharing the pack, btw. Im all ears. 
Gays, Get A Room. 
This one might be good, it comes with a free STD check at the door: 
How can i take a quake mdl and use it in hexen2 without screw up the colors of the skin?

You could try to export the skin to .bmp before converting the model to Hexen 2 format, then import the skin again after converting the format. This ought to get the colours close.

In practice the best way is to use a proper graphics program to create a skin in the Hexen 2 palette (based on the original) and then import that onto the model. Any automatic process will only produce middling results I'm afraid, you need to adapt the skin by hand to get something that looks good. 
Your email is out of order, can you take a look at it? 
Seems Fine. 
Tronyn isn't responding to my emails either so maybe he isn't getting them. I sent you an email just now. Let me know ifyou get it. 
I had an error with the dot space.
It looks fine now, don't mind getting the message twice. 
System Shock - Shockolate 
Doom2: Nam 
somebody able/willing to create more misions/levels/wads for this fun Doom2 mod
@MFX And Maddy Fox 
would you join the gang at TF discord 
...would you kindly finish that map i play tested? :) 
its partially finished and updated since the fall of 2017,

but i decided to scrap it

't was my fault to attempt to update that shant be updated 
Too Bad 
Ah man. You ruined my day. I really liked the theme. Some nice designs. Might have to do something similar with that wad one day. 
I'd Rather 
beta test any of your map, for compensation 
Might Have To Do Something Similar With That Wad One Day. 
reffer to kinn maps 
I need to replay Marcher. I don't recall if I finished it. I have played Bastion yet. 
Kinn Is A Living God 
Kinn Is A Massive Chode. 
And a sort of living godlette. 
9th February 
No Kinns Q Maps 
That said, I am still impressed at how I managed to get Marcher working in bog-standard WinQuake. I swear to god, that's where 90% of the development time went. 
Still A Top Notch 
and the bestest Q map ever created, 
but thanks :} 
Who Would Win? 


#30367 + #30373. 
Lol Otp 
you're still wondering

i've been a huge kinn fan for years

and now you're compare your whinning to my admire kinns work 
The Most Resent Whine 
Changed my mindset completely. Please ignore me metl, I want more stuff like #2267 all over the board.

everything you do, is a plane whinning or trolling

and you're shitlist 
I've Asked You 
bout RJ's work, and you ignored me 
No Responce From Otp, Yet 
stay tuned 
Via Smoogle 
jesteś głupcem, próbowałeś normalnie się z tobą komunikować, najwyraźniej twój głupi kot nie rozumie tego 
ебанутый языу конечно 
Twój Głupi Kot 
not sure ,

that sounds like 'your stupid cat',

but no 
i'm mean it 
Am I in the gang or bang? 
Wow, Twitter hid Fifth's reply to Romero
Happy Birthday Quake 
Transparent Water 
Could someone post instructions on how to VIS a map for transparent water? I can't get vispatch 1.4.6 to work. 
Sock just released a new AD map on twitter:

someone should make a post about this. Looks really good :) 
Newly compiled maps will have transparent water by default on most compilers.

If you want to add transparent water to maps for which you don't have the source, download UQMP from here and use its reVis tool. 
It's also worth noting that reVis will fix the BSP's CRC check, something that other tools usually ignore and that results in bugs in some engines. 
Thanks! Yes I know, this is mostly for older maps from back in the day. So is this another tool like vispatch? I'll give it a go. 
It's a toolkit I've made back in my Dreamcast quakedev days. It's .bat file based, so I'm not sure if it'll work in modern systems. 
Does Reviewing Make You Play Less? 
I've been playing dm4jam maps on-and-off since May. My pace has been painfully slow, though, with only 3 maps played. Of course there are the typical reasons for the slow progress like working on my own map, life getting in the way etc. but then there's the review process... Sometimes it just feels such a huge chore that it makes me not want to play maps, since I feel obliged to review them afterwards.

Recording demos and commenting during gameplay isn't bad at all, but it's writing the main review that's the most time-consuming and tiresome part, which can sometimes take a lot of time with me (30+ min). Quite often I restart the map while writing the review to check if I had forgotten to mention something about the map or reassess my initial thoughts.

For example, if I had missed secrets during my first playthrough, I'd restart the map and try to find them for the review, so I could give my assessment on how the secrets affect the balance of the map etc.

I very well might have finished playing through the dm4jam maps a long time ago, if it wasn't for the tedious review process. That's why if I want to unwind after work and play something without having to think too much, Quake isn't the first game in my list, unfortunately. I might play maps that I have already reviewed, but not new maps, because I'd likely end up spending more time on writing their reviews than actually playing them.

Does anybody else get this or is it just me? 
Are you just talking about posting reviews in the func thread after a map release?

You're under no obligation to write a review or even say anything at all. Any mapper will appreciate you just saying you played it and had a good time.

The people who do write reviews (which is only a subset of those people who play the maps) do it because they like to write reviews. Don't force yourself to do something that's a chore. 
Albert Einstein once said that if his life depended on solving a problem in only one hour, he would use fifty-five minutes determining the right question to ask, “Once I know the proper question,” he said, “I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” Einstein understood that if we begin with the wrong question we will never arrive at the right answer. 
@ #30396 
You're doing it the hardest way. Start an audio recording and comment while you play. Then simply transcribe your audio. Or even better, get Dragon and have it write the transcript while you comment.

That should bang out a good 80% of the work right there. 
@ #30396 
Sorry for the double post. This site doesn't let me edit and I had one more idea for Esrael.

Don't review the game while YOU play it. Go watch some play-through and write your review based on that. Arrrcee (YoutTube: The Quake Grave) makes high quality play-throughs of like every map as soon as it comes out. You could just "bounce" your review off of his videos and go play all the Quake you want.

Or just stop writing reviews cause they probably can't compare to Arrrcee's already made high quality video reviews.

Just sayin'. 
Or Just Do What I Do 
which is make a video review, but just end up rambling on about tea and frozen chicken kievs instead of the map: 
You're Clench Throckmorton! Man google has been arguing with me forever about whether I know you. And I don't but, at least I understand now where the reference is coming from.

lol @ "lil red shooty buttons" (in your video) 
I Am Indeed 
Hehe, nice one :) 
Originality Is Dead 
I thought I'd totally rip inspired by Other Places youtube channel and do something similar for cool Quake maps :

Any criticisms welcome :) 
+1 Here 
nice work 
FOV could maybe be widened out on some shots. 
I would suggest trying to tell a story with the video. Show a path, some progression and something changing, no point having the world empty. Also experiment more with different camera movements (pans/zooms) and think about how you are connecting together each camera sequence. Maybe try to sync the music to certain shot sequences.

Here's some examples I did a while ago 1 2 3

Glad to hear you are back to your YT channel, you have/had such a strong following and an audience who still loves to see your stuff. :) 
Very cool! 
I just play maps for my own enjoyment. While I would like to review them extensively, there's not much of a point. The authors don't really care in my experience. I'd wager most people are making maps largely for their own sake and as long as they're satisfied, they won't care what others have to say whether it's good or bad.

I've raved about a lot of maps and mods that have blown me away but there's plenty of stuff that I have never reviewed or critiqued in any fashion. There are tons of maps to play and not enough time to play them to spending upwards of 30 minutes reviewing every single one could really suck the enjoyment out of the whole process.

Reviews are probably more helpful for people who are new and who are therefore looking for useful critiques. They're also good for people who might be having doubts about the quality of their mapping. In my experience, established mappers couldn't care less about what anyone has to say so no sense in worrying yourself about reviewing every map, especially in such a detailed fashion. A sentence or two about what you liked would probably suffice. 
@esrael @poorchop 
Well I have learned that demos/recordings of initial playthroughs are priceless. In addition, I think some basic highlights suffice, in my opinion. I've really appreciated feedback both positive and negative in order to gauge what players enjoy most in a map vs what I like. In short- even brief feedback is good feedback! 
Fucking Anon Spammer 
I just compiled & ran yquake2 and it's one of the best engines around. Pretty vanilla, just works. I've been trying to play online, though, but doesn't seem to work on Linux.

I've tried joining servers, but I don't get any. I've also tried playing with myself on LAN, but my address is always and I can't connect. Am I doing something wrong? 
Yeah, that's cool and all, but I really like the idea of playing online with the software renderer. 
Idiot Question 
i accidentally bound 1 to something. what command to i need to bind the key to for fucking axe? 
Impulse 1 
Yet Another 3d Engine 
Armory 3d engine has recently gone free and open source with the permissive zlib license. It's very much in development and has a small team behind it, but it also has some features that may be interesting: for example, close integration with Blender and deployment to multiple target platforms. The latter is possible because it's based on the Haxe programming language.

I came across it recently in connection with Blender. Someone suggested it as an alternative to Blender Game Engine which is now officially discontinued in Blender 2.8. I have never used BGE, but Armory looked interesting enough to share with you folks on its own merits.

If you use Blender, it might already do something useful for you, maybe as a rapid prototyping tool using modern real-time rendering techniques. If you'd just like to have a peek at what it can do, they have demo videos on their Youtube channel, linked from the above site.

(Blender 2.8 is in early alpha ATM. Armory is not going to be a core part of it.) 
Funny that I should learn on here about Blender losing the game engine. I suppose it makes sense though....I guess....but but Eevee is like a new....whatever. 
Couple Of Blender Things 
Luckily the Blender org is really good with keeping old stable versions around, so as long as your OS doesn't make it too hard to run them, you can use any Blender version you like. It will be possible to work on more projects using BGE or the old internal renderer for long time to come.

Now, as I understand it, Eevee is and will be only concerned with rendering at real-time or near real-time speeds. It's also the major reason they're upping the minimum OpenGL version requirements to 3.3 in the new branch.

They haven't forgotten about interactivity though. A recent message from a mailing list outlined plans for the future. They are giving a grant to someone to work on particular features part time.

Summing it up, they want to implement an interactive mode that makes working with simulations and baking them into animations "pleasant & usable." They are also inviting game engine developers to work with them on Blender compability and integration. (This is something that open source engine creators might particularly like. It's not like they have the resource to create their own equivalent of Unreal Editor.)


I'd say that's enough Blender talk for now. I find that checking the recent Youtube videos on Blender now and then is enough for me to keep up to date on the latest developments. 
Texture Resource 
This site has a smallish selection of textures that could be useful for a variety of projects. The license is not overly restrictive.

(According to my Google search, this hasn't been posted before.) 
What are you up to? 
Come On Otp

i called you a thousand things, and maybe you deserved half of them, and you know it even, but i also named the hardest keys in my maps named after you, calm down please. I did not write #345. 
Im So Pissed Right Now 
Posts with like #345 ought to be removed routinely.

Leaving it up just serves to encourage more of the same.

Posts like #345 can be done in another part of the internet (chat, Twitter, ..) and don't need to be here. 
Um Wrong Thread? We're Up In The 30 Thousands Here 
I flagged that post it since it's too personal IMO. Which, FYI, us moderators have been selectively doing for a little while now. I know it exists in the "beef thread" which was intended to get people to air their grievances, but I wonder if there's value in encouraging people to call each other names. Maybe it should be "keep your grievances to yourself." Either way, this specific post got flagged. 
Known users disagreeing is sincerity.

Anons sniping is vandalism.

The difference is that the anon sniping doesn't care about the site, the moderators or members of the community.

Or they haven't thought it through to realize the above. Don't make the mistake of thinking they will -- either they are 12 and don't know better or they aren't 12 and have a long-life behavioral issue.

Protip: This ain't Minecraft, Runescape or Roblox. It's not a 12 year old. It's always #2 here.

In a smaller community, there are only 1-2 bad apples. There are other places on the internet where abnormals can find other abnormals to call names and the other uncivilized things they like to do.

Set them free!

Establish they need to go elsewhere to engage their abnormal behaviors!

They'll be happier amongst their peers -- calling each other names, using all the bad words to their hearts content. It'll be bliss for them.

Everyone wins! They just need to find their home! 
That's the way I tend to do it. Known users with consistent names are accountable to their beefing etc and it can be put in the context - or just make up - a bigger picture. Anon stuff can't. 
Also Starting To Think That Anon Posting Should Be Disabled. 
The overwhelming majority of anon posts are flame bait. The argument for anon posting always was to have a low entry barrier. But it appears to me that new people almost always create an account on their first post anyway.

Plus we should take a look at fixing accounts (https for security, working email password reset). 
Can You Also Look Into Banning TOR Exit Nodes?

They were used en masse when IPs were still visible, it's possible the anons have stopped using it when the addresses were taken out but there's a good chance they didn't.

(There's the counterargument that legitimate users are using it and it's not a "troll tool". Sure. In the same way everybody in the 2000's used BitTorrent for legal downloads.) 
I Don't Think This Should Be Done All At Once 
Maybe either of these measures is already enough to deter these posters. 
Thanks for doing this btw. 
nothing is decided, this is all up to metlslime 
I Started Posting Without An Account 
My first few entries were posted without an account. (I did sign all of them, though.) I might have started posting here without anon posting, regardless, but it probably helped me to take the step to create an account. 
When it's not blatant trolling, there is often some worthy posting from various anons. Be a shame to just shut the door on even a few decent people. I admit I have done some trolling myself, though I don't feel guilty since it was hardly malicious. 
Well, I have nothing against stuff like the anon trolls attacking me in the prefabs thread. I see it as people wanting to be emotionally sincere without risking their reputation, and to some extent it can be fun.

What I draw the line at is when people's feelings get hurt, and when the trolling is systematically carried on to put people down. Heated discussions can be interesting, but only when communication is preserved. Anger can be dealt with, but sadness can easily result in irreversible damages — like people leaving the community. Angry people only leaves when they're also saddened.

So far the case-by-case judgment of the moderators seems fair. 
I Am Against Anon Posts 
The discourse here has gotten worse lately. If people have a beef they have a thread for it. Why give the mods more to do just because someone wants to be an asshole? 
Worthy posting from anon posters? I'd like to see examples.

We have one anon poster with Trinca-levels of grammar who tries to be offensive and mock people here but instead is obviously an idiot with the IQ of a clam.
We have one or two anon posters who are highly likely to be registered members here who don't post with their accounts anymore so they can flame a few select people with impunity.
And then we have tons of worthless anon posts.

These worthy anons can register if they want. So can the few anon assholes, so we know who they are before they're banned. 
dumptruck: Good point about the beef thread. Maybe it would be a good idea to limit anon posting to the Site Help & Beef threads only. Maybe also to General Abuse. 
There are worthy posts from anons in higher profile releases: Arcane Dimensions, TrenchBroom, etc.

I personally would strongly prefer anon posting to be allowed .. when I need beta testing on something like QuakeDroid or Mark V ...

... the ease of getting feedback from anons that don't have to jump through hoops really helps.

Why not ask for a few extra moderators to hide crap like new post #349?

I think you could get 6-7 moderators easy to hide/delete pure garbage posts. otp, spud, shamblernaut? probably plenty of others 
16 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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