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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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You can try posting here:
Also if you are not afraid of new "tech" you can try Quake World Discord channel: 
Just joined Discord, thanks. 
Awesome, also you can join our Discord here: 
General Data Protection Regulation 
Could this new EU-law affect func?
Anybody know something? 
My guess: Somebody would have to sue func i.e. metl, in order for anything to happen at all.
As there is nothing to win from that conflict, nothing happens and we all keep our status quo. 
Func could stop exposing everyone's IP address for a start.

It's funny how func doesn't require anyone's details or even an email address to create an account, but then exposes your ip on every post.

I guess that's why a lot of us use TOR when posting on func. 
Fuck Off Everybody Who Uses TOR. 
All of you belong in prison, you pedophilic porn peddlers. 
Fuck Off Everybody Who Uses TOR. 
All of you belong in prison, you pedophilic porn peddlers. 
Takes One To Know One, Eh? 
Well, otp hates me, so I must be doing something right. 
What specific harm could hit my devices, because of my IP-adress being revealed? Viruses homing in on me like a Vore-ball? 
Of course I'm not talking about viruses or anything like that. I'm suggesting that it's better to keep the user's IRL identity private by default, without making them jump through hoops if they don't want their actual IP address appearing every time they post something on this public forum.

I'm just wondering what displaying the poster's IP address is supposed to deter.

If someone want to troll / spam this forum then displaying the IP address does fuck all to stop them, because the troll / spammer can easily spoof it (and interestingly they don't even need an account to post (fucking lololol)) 
I Agree 
The IP address should not be published. It should be replaced with a hash of the address plus some salt. 
Re: #30222 
I don't know. But, because I'm outside the EU and this is not a commercial website, maybe not? 
Hash Of It... 
Need to be careful how you do that, you'd need the server to store a distinct salt per IP. Otherwise an "attacker" could brute force the salt from knowledge of their own IP and hash, then use that to brute force the other IPs on the board. At that point you might as well just store each IP that's seen on the database, generate a unique ID for each one and tag each post with that. 
Hash, Salt, A Sprinkle Of Herbs.... 
Sure. But what is the reason for even displaying anything there in the first place? 
I suggest we display our accurate geolocation data instead, along with our Social Security number and blood type.

The more social, the better. 
I Think Originally The Idea Was 
To be able to identify trolls. But I don‘t remember, might be a case of we‘vv always done it this way. For the record, I‘d rather get rid of them. 
All trolls hide their ip address because it's so easy.

If the idea is to say "Oh he is posting from a proxy / TOR node then he must be a troll" then that means legit users either have to live with their location being exposed, or accept their troll status i guess? 
How About 
Don't troll?

You're not witty, you're not funny, you're just embarrassing and a pain in the ass. Fuck off back to whatever shithole you came from. 
Heheheh Otp..... You Just Described Yourself... Hauahuauhu *drools* 
Oops, forgot to log out and get behind 7 proxies. 
Because No One Can Take Ips And Swat With Them. 
That Was The Original Idea 
Don‘t forget that this community is older than Tor. I agree that it doesn‘t make sense anymore. 
It's Nice Seeing All The New Nicknames Popping Up On Here 
I can only assume that means more players and mappers. 
I'm stuggeling to conceive a second map after QUMP, because I want to be so much better. 
Do a tribute map to one of your favorites. From there it will likely grow. I've done that twice and had good results. Sometimes you just need a place to start off. 
New headshot map? Epic. Don't worry about this single player nonsense, I'm sure people still appreciate a good dm map. (Sure, maybe nobody will actually play it, but what's new?)

I've probably said it before, but seeing FSDM3 for the first time was the moment I realised that custom maps could actually be not just as good as the id maps, but even better, potentially. That definitely inspired me to start making maps seriously, rather than just tinkering around making junk like everyone else in the early days. 
trying it without IP addresses. I think the arguments above are correct in that they don't provide much value or deterence nowadays. 
Thanks Metl! 
Lol That's Great! 
A Welcome Change 
I'm glad others are in general agreement with this, thanks metlslime. 
But how will I know if it's really me? 
Fuck You 
otp [] 
Wow Now I Will Be Hacked By A Retarded Drunk 
Well, You Can Suck My Hose 
I Still Luff You 
otp [] 
I Like How This Pos Constantly 
eating the ass's of the moders

you're never changed 
Should Be Moved To The Beef Thread Tho 
Spike Solved Quake 72 Fps Physics Problem 
Spike has solved the can't run above 72 fps Quake physics problem!

Download: Quakespasm Spiked V.10 - May 15 2018 
I am newbie for this forum.I happy to join this forum 
Welcome, Man 
to this den of evilness. Map fast and you will have a good time here. 
Welcome Aboard! 
It's always nice to see new people come home to Quake.

Have you played much Quake in the past or are you a 'total newbie'?
Ellen's email begins with "emily", a different name. And the Tarzan-style English in her post is typical of spambots.

Some spambots are coded to post innocent stuff and edit it after some days to include spammy links. It's a tactic to avoid moderators who only checks new posts. Thankfully Func_ doesn't allow editing. 
What are your opinions on It sounds like a beefed up alternative to Quaddicted, including some kind of optional monetization/donations system for content authors, and an automated content upload system (AFAIK, uploading to Quaddicted is a fully manual process). 
Yah let's monetise this quake shit yo 
Requires developers to add content uploading into their software. Would be like if we had a separate utility to upload maps/mods or a console command addition, but someone would have to make it.

I mean I guess it could be nice, but I'm one who likes manual compiling so... 
Yes, it would be a job for engine developers.

Mark V supports installing from Quadiccted, but seems to be a beefed up alternative. Imagine creating a mod and uploading it from the engine itself, with the engine automatically handling all the packaging and dependencies in a standardized way. 
This is america
Don't catch you slipping now
Watch what I'm whipping now
This shit that I'm typing now 
How important is the GPU to Quake these days? I'm more familiar with Doom engines and I'm aware that the CPU is much more important than the GPU, even with OGL renderers such as GZDoom.

I know that BiTD the GPU was pretty important when the OGL version of Quake first hit but nowadays things seem to be very different.

Just a noob being nosy. 
Pretty Important 
If you plan to play Orl or AD maps with any kind of fluidity. 
CPU Is More Important To Doom Cuz Rachel Can't Code Worth Shit. 
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