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:( I still haven't beaten Hexen II, even 19 years after buying it. 
@Cocerello - Textures 
Cocerello making textures for Quake is not technically difficult at all, you just have to have an eye for it.

Doing a hue or saturation change to an existing set (ie. the IK set) is not hard, but whether or not it looks good is a different question.

All you need to make or modify textures is TexMex and a good photo editor that can work with palettes. You must download the Quake palette (just search it its hosted everywhere...) And I suggest you also create a palette file minus the last 32 fullbright colours.

Use Texmex to obtain textures from a map, or import your new textures into a wad. Starting with other textures is good for beginners.

You will need to load the texture into a photo editor, convert it to RGB based image before making hue and saturation changes. Then reapply the indexed palette when finished. Applying the Quake palette can have devastating effects on your image and you need to be prepared to hand paint pixels that don't look good. Never just drop an image into Texmex, this is a poor approach that leads to ugly textures.
Quake doesn't have any actual red in the palette, just crimsons and browns. One of the true reds is a fullbright, and Texmex sometimes confuses your red with this color, so you need to be careful when importing into Texmex.

I spend a lot of time with some textures especially working with red. When I make a texture and hand paint from scratch it can take weeks. These 'red' banners took me three weeks to get right and they are mostly violet and pink. Some of the other textures you see here are hue/saturation changes I made in only a few minutes:

I use mtPaint which is free software to create pixel art.

Take your time and have fun. 
Making actually good textures is hard. Finding out the best dithering mode and gamma curve, along other factors, makes a huge difference in many cases. Afterwards, you may often find yourself layering different pixels from multiple diverse approaches to get the best results, while also manually retouching some pixels that gets bad colors in all cases.

But there are lots of poorly edited textures in Quake and in many custom maps anyway, so people got used to cheap approaches and don't know any better. In some original Quake textures we can even find leftover pixels from different texture variations, caused by poor cropping. 
Thank You, Redfield 
My main concern was with homogeneity in the methods used so the textures would still be similar to the originals while using the same colours as the others in the pack and not resort to manually editing with this case with Ik. How good it will look, i know i will need experience for that.
Ik textures are very good because they are one of the best on how hard is to spot the tiling and it seemed that making a new ik would be useful and easy to get the hang of it. As mankrip says there is many texture packs with issues even amongst some of the most popular ones but Ikblue seems to not be amongst them and i like to use it for that, as it fits my speedmaps.

What caught my attention the most is that i thought that working in RGB was only for new textures and when modifying existing Quake textures was better to work in Quake palette to avoid the problems from converting back into Quake, which can be obnoxious.

The shot looks good by the way, but it is taking me some effort to believe that it is from Quake sometimes. Looks too similar but not. 
Does it have awesome noise sampling? Does it have recolor? Does it have reduce colors? Does it let you mipmap? Can you view the texture tiled?

And biggest of all...does it have directional noise (like for instant wood grain and such)?

If your Quake texture editor sucks...look no further than the best. Use Wally! 
Do you like having a 20yr old editor that crashes all the time? Do you like having an editor that doesn't knkw if it is meant for textures or pak files? Do you like having a program that forgets what pallet it was using? Do you want a program that never gets updated?

Look no further than Wally! 
Texmex is a wad manager, not a texture editor. 
Oh. Then That Wpuld Be Why I Only Use Wally 
TexMex has no gamma correction on its color quantization algorithm. Due to this, it can preserve some image details that gets lost when using better editors to convert truecolor images to the Quake palette. The colors are less faithful, but some details ends up better than in the gamma-correct quantization employed by professional image editors such as The GIMP.

Sometimes, I combine both TexMex quantization and GIMP's gamma-correct quantization to get the best possible results. 
Texmex is only for getting the textures into and out of your WAD for game use.

You should really be using an actual editor like photoshop. I use mtPaint cause reasons. 
I won't pirate Photoshop, and for this single use case (non-correct quantization), TexMex is waaay more lightweight.

I use whatever tools that gives the results I'm looking for. 
Yeah I use it for making multiple brightness variants of textures too. It works ok in this case. Texmex really does feel like a hacked together MacGyver-esque tool, so I don't like to do too much with it. 
I Agree 
The same can be said for AdQuedit, even more so since it lets you delete windows. 
Are you getting my emails? Or are you still having issues? 
Texture Blending
Dev version of gimp with great blending in indexed mode. The new official 2.10 has indexed locked for some reason. 
Sounds pretty neat given GIMP's normally rudimentary support for images in indexed mode, but I don't speak a word of that language and a quick Google Translate isn't helping much so no idea how neat it actually is. 
Doom 5 Eternal Trialer

Because I don't think it's been posted on func yet. 
Wats Wrong With 
d5 trailer? 
Hell On Earth 
Looking For Tes6 
You don't need to read french to use gimp tho. is the stuff making work.
Recommend downloading and giving a shot if you're familiar with gimp 
I bit the bullet the other day and downloaded it, it's fully available in english once you extract the archive. In case you're not sure what the download link is: 
Of course, whether or not you trust the french to not put viruses in the download is another matter. Sneaky french... 
The 2.99 seems way buggier than the previous versions.
2.10.2 on the same page is the way to go.. 
Dumb Question Time 
Quake Champions, can you make maps for that? Without having to work for id, I mean. 
By the way, did Quake Live support custom maps? 
srsly? That's bloody shameful if true - it's just q3!

Was any reasoning ever given? 
Yes, It Did! 
Even Bal's maps are playable from the workshop. 
They are! I totally forgot about the Steam Workshop. 
Oh, so it had a workshop. Nice.

Some sort of SnapMap could have been popular in QChamp. 
Dear diary, today OTP got a Quake-fact wrong. Today was a good day. 
There's even a func_mappack although honestly it is mostly Bal :-) 
How can i take a quake mdl and use it in hexen2 without screw up the colors of the skin?

I know quake and hexen2 has different palettes, but i can't figure out how to change the palette without change all the colors (i opened the model with QME and loaded a hexen2 palette and all the colors went wrong) 
Piss off nutjob. 
Totally normal reaction. 
You don't get to use the word "normal". 
If you're only here to start shit, which was visible even in the way you "released" zjam2, there's a beef thread where you can release all your pent up anger with how this community mistreated you and your funny antics. :^) 
Totally normal reaction. 
Feel free to explain my wrongdoings in sharing the pack, btw. Im all ears. 
Gays, Get A Room. 
This one might be good, it comes with a free STD check at the door: 
How can i take a quake mdl and use it in hexen2 without screw up the colors of the skin?

You could try to export the skin to .bmp before converting the model to Hexen 2 format, then import the skin again after converting the format. This ought to get the colours close.

In practice the best way is to use a proper graphics program to create a skin in the Hexen 2 palette (based on the original) and then import that onto the model. Any automatic process will only produce middling results I'm afraid, you need to adapt the skin by hand to get something that looks good. 
Your email is out of order, can you take a look at it? 
Seems Fine. 
Tronyn isn't responding to my emails either so maybe he isn't getting them. I sent you an email just now. Let me know ifyou get it. 
I had an error with the dot space.
It looks fine now, don't mind getting the message twice. 
System Shock - Shockolate 
Doom2: Nam 
somebody able/willing to create more misions/levels/wads for this fun Doom2 mod
@MFX And Maddy Fox 
would you join the gang at TF discord 
...would you kindly finish that map i play tested? :) 
its partially finished and updated since the fall of 2017,

but i decided to scrap it

't was my fault to attempt to update that shant be updated 
Too Bad 
Ah man. You ruined my day. I really liked the theme. Some nice designs. Might have to do something similar with that wad one day. 
I'd Rather 
beta test any of your map, for compensation 
Might Have To Do Something Similar With That Wad One Day. 
reffer to kinn maps 
I need to replay Marcher. I don't recall if I finished it. I have played Bastion yet. 
Kinn Is A Living God 
Kinn Is A Massive Chode. 
And a sort of living godlette. 
9th February 
No Kinns Q Maps 
That said, I am still impressed at how I managed to get Marcher working in bog-standard WinQuake. I swear to god, that's where 90% of the development time went. 
Still A Top Notch 
and the bestest Q map ever created, 
but thanks :} 
Who Would Win? 


#30367 + #30373. 
Lol Otp 
you're still wondering

i've been a huge kinn fan for years

and now you're compare your whinning to my admire kinns work 
The Most Resent Whine 
Changed my mindset completely. Please ignore me metl, I want more stuff like #2267 all over the board.

everything you do, is a plane whinning or trolling

and you're shitlist 
I've Asked You 
bout RJ's work, and you ignored me 
No Responce From Otp, Yet 
stay tuned 
Via Smoogle 
jesteś głupcem, próbowałeś normalnie się z tobą komunikować, najwyraźniej twój głupi kot nie rozumie tego 
ебанутый языу конечно 
Twój Głupi Kot 
not sure ,

that sounds like 'your stupid cat',

but no 
i'm mean it 
Am I in the gang or bang? 
Wow, Twitter hid Fifth's reply to Romero
Happy Birthday Quake 
Transparent Water 
Could someone post instructions on how to VIS a map for transparent water? I can't get vispatch 1.4.6 to work. 
Sock just released a new AD map on twitter:

someone should make a post about this. Looks really good :) 
Newly compiled maps will have transparent water by default on most compilers.

If you want to add transparent water to maps for which you don't have the source, download UQMP from here and use its reVis tool. 
It's also worth noting that reVis will fix the BSP's CRC check, something that other tools usually ignore and that results in bugs in some engines. 
Thanks! Yes I know, this is mostly for older maps from back in the day. So is this another tool like vispatch? I'll give it a go. 
It's a toolkit I've made back in my Dreamcast quakedev days. It's .bat file based, so I'm not sure if it'll work in modern systems. 
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