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General Abuse
Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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The 2.99 seems way buggier than the previous versions.
2.10.2 on the same page is the way to go.. 
Dumb Question Time 
Quake Champions, can you make maps for that? Without having to work for id, I mean. 
By the way, did Quake Live support custom maps? 
srsly? That's bloody shameful if true - it's just q3!

Was any reasoning ever given? 
Yes, It Did! 
Even Bal's maps are playable from the workshop. 
They are! I totally forgot about the Steam Workshop. 
Oh, so it had a workshop. Nice.

Some sort of SnapMap could have been popular in QChamp. 
Dear diary, today OTP got a Quake-fact wrong. Today was a good day. 
There's even a func_mappack although honestly it is mostly Bal :-) 
How can i take a quake mdl and use it in hexen2 without screw up the colors of the skin?

I know quake and hexen2 has different palettes, but i can't figure out how to change the palette without change all the colors (i opened the model with QME and loaded a hexen2 palette and all the colors went wrong) 
Piss off nutjob. 
Totally normal reaction. 
You don't get to use the word "normal". 
If you're only here to start shit, which was visible even in the way you "released" zjam2, there's a beef thread where you can release all your pent up anger with how this community mistreated you and your funny antics. :^) 
Totally normal reaction. 
Feel free to explain my wrongdoings in sharing the pack, btw. Im all ears. 
Gays, Get A Room. 
This one might be good, it comes with a free STD check at the door: 
How can i take a quake mdl and use it in hexen2 without screw up the colors of the skin?

You could try to export the skin to .bmp before converting the model to Hexen 2 format, then import the skin again after converting the format. This ought to get the colours close.

In practice the best way is to use a proper graphics program to create a skin in the Hexen 2 palette (based on the original) and then import that onto the model. Any automatic process will only produce middling results I'm afraid, you need to adapt the skin by hand to get something that looks good. 
Your email is out of order, can you take a look at it? 
Seems Fine. 
Tronyn isn't responding to my emails either so maybe he isn't getting them. I sent you an email just now. Let me know ifyou get it. 
I had an error with the dot space.
It looks fine now, don't mind getting the message twice. 
System Shock - Shockolate 
Doom2: Nam 
somebody able/willing to create more misions/levels/wads for this fun Doom2 mod
@MFX And Maddy Fox 
would you join the gang at TF discord 
...would you kindly finish that map i play tested? :) 
its partially finished and updated since the fall of 2017,

but i decided to scrap it

't was my fault to attempt to update that shant be updated 
Too Bad 
Ah man. You ruined my day. I really liked the theme. Some nice designs. Might have to do something similar with that wad one day. 
I'd Rather 
beta test any of your map, for compensation 
Might Have To Do Something Similar With That Wad One Day. 
reffer to kinn maps 
I need to replay Marcher. I don't recall if I finished it. I have played Bastion yet. 
Kinn Is A Living God 
Kinn Is A Massive Chode. 
And a sort of living godlette. 
9th February 
No Kinns Q Maps 
That said, I am still impressed at how I managed to get Marcher working in bog-standard WinQuake. I swear to god, that's where 90% of the development time went. 
Still A Top Notch 
and the bestest Q map ever created, 
but thanks :} 
Who Would Win? 


#30367 + #30373. 
Lol Otp 
you're still wondering

i've been a huge kinn fan for years

and now you're compare your whinning to my admire kinns work 
The Most Resent Whine 
Changed my mindset completely. Please ignore me metl, I want more stuff like #2267 all over the board.

everything you do, is a plane whinning or trolling

and you're shitlist 
I've Asked You 
bout RJ's work, and you ignored me 
No Responce From Otp, Yet 
stay tuned 
Via Smoogle 
jesteś głupcem, próbowałeś normalnie się z tobą komunikować, najwyraźniej twój głupi kot nie rozumie tego 
ебанутый языу конечно 
Twój Głupi Kot 
not sure ,

that sounds like 'your stupid cat',

but no 
i'm mean it 
Am I in the gang or bang? 
Wow, Twitter hid Fifth's reply to Romero
Happy Birthday Quake 
Transparent Water 
Could someone post instructions on how to VIS a map for transparent water? I can't get vispatch 1.4.6 to work. 
Sock just released a new AD map on twitter:

someone should make a post about this. Looks really good :) 
Newly compiled maps will have transparent water by default on most compilers.

If you want to add transparent water to maps for which you don't have the source, download UQMP from here and use its reVis tool. 
It's also worth noting that reVis will fix the BSP's CRC check, something that other tools usually ignore and that results in bugs in some engines. 
Thanks! Yes I know, this is mostly for older maps from back in the day. So is this another tool like vispatch? I'll give it a go. 
It's a toolkit I've made back in my Dreamcast quakedev days. It's .bat file based, so I'm not sure if it'll work in modern systems. 
Does Reviewing Make You Play Less? 
I've been playing dm4jam maps on-and-off since May. My pace has been painfully slow, though, with only 3 maps played. Of course there are the typical reasons for the slow progress like working on my own map, life getting in the way etc. but then there's the review process... Sometimes it just feels such a huge chore that it makes me not want to play maps, since I feel obliged to review them afterwards.

Recording demos and commenting during gameplay isn't bad at all, but it's writing the main review that's the most time-consuming and tiresome part, which can sometimes take a lot of time with me (30+ min). Quite often I restart the map while writing the review to check if I had forgotten to mention something about the map or reassess my initial thoughts.

For example, if I had missed secrets during my first playthrough, I'd restart the map and try to find them for the review, so I could give my assessment on how the secrets affect the balance of the map etc.

I very well might have finished playing through the dm4jam maps a long time ago, if it wasn't for the tedious review process. That's why if I want to unwind after work and play something without having to think too much, Quake isn't the first game in my list, unfortunately. I might play maps that I have already reviewed, but not new maps, because I'd likely end up spending more time on writing their reviews than actually playing them.

Does anybody else get this or is it just me? 
Are you just talking about posting reviews in the func thread after a map release?

You're under no obligation to write a review or even say anything at all. Any mapper will appreciate you just saying you played it and had a good time.

The people who do write reviews (which is only a subset of those people who play the maps) do it because they like to write reviews. Don't force yourself to do something that's a chore. 
Albert Einstein once said that if his life depended on solving a problem in only one hour, he would use fifty-five minutes determining the right question to ask, “Once I know the proper question,” he said, “I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” Einstein understood that if we begin with the wrong question we will never arrive at the right answer. 
@ #30396 
You're doing it the hardest way. Start an audio recording and comment while you play. Then simply transcribe your audio. Or even better, get Dragon and have it write the transcript while you comment.

That should bang out a good 80% of the work right there. 
@ #30396 
Sorry for the double post. This site doesn't let me edit and I had one more idea for Esrael.

Don't review the game while YOU play it. Go watch some play-through and write your review based on that. Arrrcee (YoutTube: The Quake Grave) makes high quality play-throughs of like every map as soon as it comes out. You could just "bounce" your review off of his videos and go play all the Quake you want.

Or just stop writing reviews cause they probably can't compare to Arrrcee's already made high quality video reviews.

Just sayin'. 
Or Just Do What I Do 
which is make a video review, but just end up rambling on about tea and frozen chicken kievs instead of the map: 
You're Clench Throckmorton! Man google has been arguing with me forever about whether I know you. And I don't but, at least I understand now where the reference is coming from.

lol @ "lil red shooty buttons" (in your video) 
I Am Indeed 
Hehe, nice one :) 
Originality Is Dead 
I thought I'd totally rip inspired by Other Places youtube channel and do something similar for cool Quake maps :

Any criticisms welcome :) 
+1 Here 
nice work 
FOV could maybe be widened out on some shots. 
I would suggest trying to tell a story with the video. Show a path, some progression and something changing, no point having the world empty. Also experiment more with different camera movements (pans/zooms) and think about how you are connecting together each camera sequence. Maybe try to sync the music to certain shot sequences.

Here's some examples I did a while ago 1 2 3

Glad to hear you are back to your YT channel, you have/had such a strong following and an audience who still loves to see your stuff. :) 
Very cool! 
I just play maps for my own enjoyment. While I would like to review them extensively, there's not much of a point. The authors don't really care in my experience. I'd wager most people are making maps largely for their own sake and as long as they're satisfied, they won't care what others have to say whether it's good or bad.

I've raved about a lot of maps and mods that have blown me away but there's plenty of stuff that I have never reviewed or critiqued in any fashion. There are tons of maps to play and not enough time to play them to spending upwards of 30 minutes reviewing every single one could really suck the enjoyment out of the whole process.

Reviews are probably more helpful for people who are new and who are therefore looking for useful critiques. They're also good for people who might be having doubts about the quality of their mapping. In my experience, established mappers couldn't care less about what anyone has to say so no sense in worrying yourself about reviewing every map, especially in such a detailed fashion. A sentence or two about what you liked would probably suffice. 
@esrael @poorchop 
Well I have learned that demos/recordings of initial playthroughs are priceless. In addition, I think some basic highlights suffice, in my opinion. I've really appreciated feedback both positive and negative in order to gauge what players enjoy most in a map vs what I like. In short- even brief feedback is good feedback! 
Fucking Anon Spammer 
I just compiled & ran yquake2 and it's one of the best engines around. Pretty vanilla, just works. I've been trying to play online, though, but doesn't seem to work on Linux.

I've tried joining servers, but I don't get any. I've also tried playing with myself on LAN, but my address is always and I can't connect. Am I doing something wrong? 
Yeah, that's cool and all, but I really like the idea of playing online with the software renderer. 
Idiot Question 
i accidentally bound 1 to something. what command to i need to bind the key to for fucking axe? 
Impulse 1 
Yet Another 3d Engine 
Armory 3d engine has recently gone free and open source with the permissive zlib license. It's very much in development and has a small team behind it, but it also has some features that may be interesting: for example, close integration with Blender and deployment to multiple target platforms. The latter is possible because it's based on the Haxe programming language.

I came across it recently in connection with Blender. Someone suggested it as an alternative to Blender Game Engine which is now officially discontinued in Blender 2.8. I have never used BGE, but Armory looked interesting enough to share with you folks on its own merits.

If you use Blender, it might already do something useful for you, maybe as a rapid prototyping tool using modern real-time rendering techniques. If you'd just like to have a peek at what it can do, they have demo videos on their Youtube channel, linked from the above site.

(Blender 2.8 is in early alpha ATM. Armory is not going to be a core part of it.) 
Funny that I should learn on here about Blender losing the game engine. I suppose it makes sense though....I guess....but but Eevee is like a new....whatever. 
Couple Of Blender Things 
Luckily the Blender org is really good with keeping old stable versions around, so as long as your OS doesn't make it too hard to run them, you can use any Blender version you like. It will be possible to work on more projects using BGE or the old internal renderer for long time to come.

Now, as I understand it, Eevee is and will be only concerned with rendering at real-time or near real-time speeds. It's also the major reason they're upping the minimum OpenGL version requirements to 3.3 in the new branch.

They haven't forgotten about interactivity though. A recent message from a mailing list outlined plans for the future. They are giving a grant to someone to work on particular features part time.

Summing it up, they want to implement an interactive mode that makes working with simulations and baking them into animations "pleasant & usable." They are also inviting game engine developers to work with them on Blender compability and integration. (This is something that open source engine creators might particularly like. It's not like they have the resource to create their own equivalent of Unreal Editor.)


I'd say that's enough Blender talk for now. I find that checking the recent Youtube videos on Blender now and then is enough for me to keep up to date on the latest developments. 
Texture Resource 
This site has a smallish selection of textures that could be useful for a variety of projects. The license is not overly restrictive.

(According to my Google search, this hasn't been posted before.) 
What are you up to? 
Come On Otp

i called you a thousand things, and maybe you deserved half of them, and you know it even, but i also named the hardest keys in my maps named after you, calm down please. I did not write #345. 
Im So Pissed Right Now 
Posts with like #345 ought to be removed routinely.

Leaving it up just serves to encourage more of the same.

Posts like #345 can be done in another part of the internet (chat, Twitter, ..) and don't need to be here. 
Um Wrong Thread? We're Up In The 30 Thousands Here 
I flagged that post it since it's too personal IMO. Which, FYI, us moderators have been selectively doing for a little while now. I know it exists in the "beef thread" which was intended to get people to air their grievances, but I wonder if there's value in encouraging people to call each other names. Maybe it should be "keep your grievances to yourself." Either way, this specific post got flagged. 
Known users disagreeing is sincerity.

Anons sniping is vandalism.

The difference is that the anon sniping doesn't care about the site, the moderators or members of the community.

Or they haven't thought it through to realize the above. Don't make the mistake of thinking they will -- either they are 12 and don't know better or they aren't 12 and have a long-life behavioral issue.

Protip: This ain't Minecraft, Runescape or Roblox. It's not a 12 year old. It's always #2 here.

In a smaller community, there are only 1-2 bad apples. There are other places on the internet where abnormals can find other abnormals to call names and the other uncivilized things they like to do.

Set them free!

Establish they need to go elsewhere to engage their abnormal behaviors!

They'll be happier amongst their peers -- calling each other names, using all the bad words to their hearts content. It'll be bliss for them.

Everyone wins! They just need to find their home! 
That's the way I tend to do it. Known users with consistent names are accountable to their beefing etc and it can be put in the context - or just make up - a bigger picture. Anon stuff can't. 
Also Starting To Think That Anon Posting Should Be Disabled. 
The overwhelming majority of anon posts are flame bait. The argument for anon posting always was to have a low entry barrier. But it appears to me that new people almost always create an account on their first post anyway.

Plus we should take a look at fixing accounts (https for security, working email password reset). 
Can You Also Look Into Banning TOR Exit Nodes?

They were used en masse when IPs were still visible, it's possible the anons have stopped using it when the addresses were taken out but there's a good chance they didn't.

(There's the counterargument that legitimate users are using it and it's not a "troll tool". Sure. In the same way everybody in the 2000's used BitTorrent for legal downloads.) 
I Don't Think This Should Be Done All At Once 
Maybe either of these measures is already enough to deter these posters. 
Thanks for doing this btw. 
nothing is decided, this is all up to metlslime 
I Started Posting Without An Account 
My first few entries were posted without an account. (I did sign all of them, though.) I might have started posting here without anon posting, regardless, but it probably helped me to take the step to create an account. 
When it's not blatant trolling, there is often some worthy posting from various anons. Be a shame to just shut the door on even a few decent people. I admit I have done some trolling myself, though I don't feel guilty since it was hardly malicious. 
Well, I have nothing against stuff like the anon trolls attacking me in the prefabs thread. I see it as people wanting to be emotionally sincere without risking their reputation, and to some extent it can be fun.

What I draw the line at is when people's feelings get hurt, and when the trolling is systematically carried on to put people down. Heated discussions can be interesting, but only when communication is preserved. Anger can be dealt with, but sadness can easily result in irreversible damages — like people leaving the community. Angry people only leaves when they're also saddened.

So far the case-by-case judgment of the moderators seems fair. 
I Am Against Anon Posts 
The discourse here has gotten worse lately. If people have a beef they have a thread for it. Why give the mods more to do just because someone wants to be an asshole? 
Worthy posting from anon posters? I'd like to see examples.

We have one anon poster with Trinca-levels of grammar who tries to be offensive and mock people here but instead is obviously an idiot with the IQ of a clam.
We have one or two anon posters who are highly likely to be registered members here who don't post with their accounts anymore so they can flame a few select people with impunity.
And then we have tons of worthless anon posts.

These worthy anons can register if they want. So can the few anon assholes, so we know who they are before they're banned. 
dumptruck: Good point about the beef thread. Maybe it would be a good idea to limit anon posting to the Site Help & Beef threads only. Maybe also to General Abuse. 
There are worthy posts from anons in higher profile releases: Arcane Dimensions, TrenchBroom, etc.

I personally would strongly prefer anon posting to be allowed .. when I need beta testing on something like QuakeDroid or Mark V ...

... the ease of getting feedback from anons that don't have to jump through hoops really helps.

Why not ask for a few extra moderators to hide crap like new post #349?

I think you could get 6-7 moderators easy to hide/delete pure garbage posts. otp, spud, shamblernaut? probably plenty of others 
Barrier To Entry 
Needing an account is hardly a barrier on func_. The account system is so basic that not only would it be trivially easy for interested new users to make one and start posting, but it would also be just as easy for the anon trolls to make junk accounts and flame using those until they get banned.
The best solution is more moderation, sadly. If trolls don't get a chance to be seen, they'll get bored and stop eventually. 
It might stop some of the spam at least? 
The problem with filling this place up with a load of busybody moderators is that you very quickly go from "just ban obvious spam/troll posts" to "ban opinions I don't like".

One person's "troll post" is another person's "terrible opinion but still an opinion".

Happens on every shitty forum with a lot of mods. We're better than that. 
Oh And Also 
At what point exactly did we all turn into such a bunch of pussies?

Back in the day, the quake community was a pretty fun, unfiltered place. You could say whatever, jerk about with each other, and it was all fine.

Some time in the last few years, everyone started getting offended by everyone else and rage-quitting, and setting up their own little safe quake spaces elsewhere.

Fucking millennials, I tell ya.

I imagine this post will get deleted for "spam", so whatever. 
You don't get to say "we" about "the quake community" without using your own name, you fucking moron. 
He should hurry up and create a login called "anonymous user" before its taken. 
I can't log in anonymouse, so I can't spam.
I'm trumpilized. 
Beef is fine, there's plenty of that that goes on with known people slagging each other off.

Repeated off-topic unaccountable sniping is less fine, and considerably less entertaining. 
Come on Shambler, don't be a fucking millenial pussy. Anon is the real deal. 
The idea that stopping anon trolls with registration is a totally and absolute folly. Trolls will create junk accounts if they have to, using or create new gmail accounts or new Microsoft live accounts.

They did at QuakeOne when it was a, uh, fully operational site all the time. 
4 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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