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General Abuse
Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

News submissions:
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That's the way I tend to do it. Known users with consistent names are accountable to their beefing etc and it can be put in the context - or just make up - a bigger picture. Anon stuff can't. 
Also Starting To Think That Anon Posting Should Be Disabled. 
The overwhelming majority of anon posts are flame bait. The argument for anon posting always was to have a low entry barrier. But it appears to me that new people almost always create an account on their first post anyway.

Plus we should take a look at fixing accounts (https for security, working email password reset). 
Can You Also Look Into Banning TOR Exit Nodes?

They were used en masse when IPs were still visible, it's possible the anons have stopped using it when the addresses were taken out but there's a good chance they didn't.

(There's the counterargument that legitimate users are using it and it's not a "troll tool". Sure. In the same way everybody in the 2000's used BitTorrent for legal downloads.) 
I Don't Think This Should Be Done All At Once 
Maybe either of these measures is already enough to deter these posters. 
Thanks for doing this btw. 
nothing is decided, this is all up to metlslime 
I Started Posting Without An Account 
My first few entries were posted without an account. (I did sign all of them, though.) I might have started posting here without anon posting, regardless, but it probably helped me to take the step to create an account. 
When it's not blatant trolling, there is often some worthy posting from various anons. Be a shame to just shut the door on even a few decent people. I admit I have done some trolling myself, though I don't feel guilty since it was hardly malicious. 
Well, I have nothing against stuff like the anon trolls attacking me in the prefabs thread. I see it as people wanting to be emotionally sincere without risking their reputation, and to some extent it can be fun.

What I draw the line at is when people's feelings get hurt, and when the trolling is systematically carried on to put people down. Heated discussions can be interesting, but only when communication is preserved. Anger can be dealt with, but sadness can easily result in irreversible damages — like people leaving the community. Angry people only leaves when they're also saddened.

So far the case-by-case judgment of the moderators seems fair. 
I Am Against Anon Posts 
The discourse here has gotten worse lately. If people have a beef they have a thread for it. Why give the mods more to do just because someone wants to be an asshole? 
Worthy posting from anon posters? I'd like to see examples.

We have one anon poster with Trinca-levels of grammar who tries to be offensive and mock people here but instead is obviously an idiot with the IQ of a clam.
We have one or two anon posters who are highly likely to be registered members here who don't post with their accounts anymore so they can flame a few select people with impunity.
And then we have tons of worthless anon posts.

These worthy anons can register if they want. So can the few anon assholes, so we know who they are before they're banned. 
dumptruck: Good point about the beef thread. Maybe it would be a good idea to limit anon posting to the Site Help & Beef threads only. Maybe also to General Abuse. 
There are worthy posts from anons in higher profile releases: Arcane Dimensions, TrenchBroom, etc.

I personally would strongly prefer anon posting to be allowed .. when I need beta testing on something like QuakeDroid or Mark V ...

... the ease of getting feedback from anons that don't have to jump through hoops really helps.

Why not ask for a few extra moderators to hide crap like new post #349?

I think you could get 6-7 moderators easy to hide/delete pure garbage posts. otp, spud, shamblernaut? probably plenty of others 
Barrier To Entry 
Needing an account is hardly a barrier on func_. The account system is so basic that not only would it be trivially easy for interested new users to make one and start posting, but it would also be just as easy for the anon trolls to make junk accounts and flame using those until they get banned.
The best solution is more moderation, sadly. If trolls don't get a chance to be seen, they'll get bored and stop eventually. 
It might stop some of the spam at least? 
The problem with filling this place up with a load of busybody moderators is that you very quickly go from "just ban obvious spam/troll posts" to "ban opinions I don't like".

One person's "troll post" is another person's "terrible opinion but still an opinion".

Happens on every shitty forum with a lot of mods. We're better than that. 
Oh And Also 
At what point exactly did we all turn into such a bunch of pussies?

Back in the day, the quake community was a pretty fun, unfiltered place. You could say whatever, jerk about with each other, and it was all fine.

Some time in the last few years, everyone started getting offended by everyone else and rage-quitting, and setting up their own little safe quake spaces elsewhere.

Fucking millennials, I tell ya.

I imagine this post will get deleted for "spam", so whatever. 
You don't get to say "we" about "the quake community" without using your own name, you fucking moron. 
He should hurry up and create a login called "anonymous user" before its taken. 
I can't log in anonymouse, so I can't spam.
I'm trumpilized. 
Beef is fine, there's plenty of that that goes on with known people slagging each other off.

Repeated off-topic unaccountable sniping is less fine, and considerably less entertaining. 
Come on Shambler, don't be a fucking millenial pussy. Anon is the real deal. 
The idea that stopping anon trolls with registration is a totally and absolute folly. Trolls will create junk accounts if they have to, using or create new gmail accounts or new Microsoft live accounts.

They did at QuakeOne when it was a, uh, fully operational site all the time. 
John Carmack At Quakecon 2000 
I've posted Carmack's talk from Quakecon 2000 on YouTube. 2 parts. About 95% of the talk. A few things needed to be cut out but it was an interesting time at id.

This was shortly after they cancelled Quest and had just started Doom 3. A year before the Xbox was released and 3 years before Steam.


Part 1

Part 2 
The Return Of The Mug, Take 2 
Hiya quakers! So, yeah... You may have noticed that my *ahem* triumphant return last year was quite unexpectedly short-lived... In a nutshell, both my second computer and my phone went kaput one after the other, effectively rendering me dead to the interwebz and the outside world. And with zero cash to spare in repairs/purchases, I got stuck in Netherworld limbo for a whole human pregnancy's time. But the Elder Gods finally found it fit to unleash Yours Truly onto the world once again - that is, I got my laptop fixed. Believe it or not, it really took me NINE FUCKIN' MONTHS to buy a mere 25€ power charger! Yeah, I'm that broke... :( Anyway, I'm back in the saddle (here's hoping I'll get to stick around a lil' bit longer this time) and it seems I gots me a whole lotta catching up to do. You guys kept pretty busy while I was out of the picture! So without further ado, here's to a muddafukkin' load of quaking coming up. Cheers y'all, and thanks for all the fish! 
Welcome Back! 
I was wondering where you had gone. 
9 months to save 25 bucks? You could have begged under a bridge and made 25$ in one day. Go rake somebody's yard or something. Not trying to be a dick but, that whole story sounds like you made no effort at all, bro. At 9 years old I stole windex and a squeegie from my mom and started washing windows during rush hour at the ferry landing that was 5 or 6 blocks from my house. I worked about 2 hours a day and was making a bit over 100$ a week doing it. I was 9. What's up with people these days? Just no ambition at all even when their own life suffers from it. I don't understand. 
@Esrael Thanks. I'll try my best to make my comeback worthwhile this time around and produce more than a couple tunes. I want to finally put my mapping ideas to fruition.

@Gypsy Heh... Well, for starters I have *some* trouble finding a job (understatement of the year), I have too much self respect to start begging and I won't resort to robbing people. I have both myself and my mother's dog to feed on a meager State solidarity income, so yeah...
As for raking and the likes, at 45, I think people might consider me a bit suspiciously if I go around looking for a kid's job. And do you seriously expect me to ruin my lungs at traffic lights waiting for some dude to refuse me washing his windshield?! I bet my life would suffer much more from lung cancer than from a wallet on a diet.
At this point, I'm seriously considering putting my own business up once I finally get to cash in my mom's inheritance, even though I have no idea at all what kind of business it's gonna be... 
Welcome back! You def have a lot of catching up to do.

Have you thought about offering some kind of serve on websites like fivrr?

I have a friend who is doing some simple graphics work and he loves it. 
Thx Dump! 
First time I hear about this kind of sites, so thanks for the tip! I sure could offer my services as a composer, even though I'm not at all comfortable with turning a passion of mine into a daily job - that's why I've always refused to become a cook.

Out of curiosity, how much is your friend making with this? 
@gypsy you should've loaned him some Quake Runes. he probably wouldve been rich in no time. 
Ooh, I know: I'm gonna mine bitcoins like a mofo! (jk) 
At what point exactly did we all turn into such a bunch of pussies?

Back in the day, the quake community was a pretty fun, unfiltered place. You could say whatever, jerk about with each other, and it was all fine.

It's been about 20 years since the early (qmap) days of this board. Doing the maths... carry the 2, divide by pi... that makes the surviving folk of that era 20 years older. I've certainly mellowed and reduced in my desire to argue with anyone on the internet in that time.

If people do want to beef with each other and be silly that's all good in my book though, but maybe the number of people who go in for that has decreased a bit. 
Demo Recording 
I'm still relatively new to demo recording and I have a few questions that need to be addressed:

1) I know a demo stops recording when the player either dies or exits the map. If you die, can you record a new demo from your last savegame or do you have to play the entire level again from the start? I tried to do that with quicksaves and it doesn't seem to work, haven't tried with a proper save.
2) Is there a way to somehow prevent the demo recording from stopping upon death and continue with a reload?
3) Similarly, is it possible to record demos for full episodes or are you limited to recording standalone demos for each individual map within an episode? 
Demo Commands 
Some engines improve the demo handling, I'll let people with more knowledge pitch in on which engines do what.

There also exist come old tools that can take demos that spanned map loads and fix the playback - either by splitting them out into multiple files or by some other magic. However, they may rely on the demos being recorded in the old network protocol (15). Most new engines use different protocols due to the features they add - e.g. fitzquake uses protocol 666 by default (but can be switched back).

What I will say is that in answer to Q1, the following sequence of console commands lets you record a demo to a new file and resume to the quicksave point after dying:

record demo_mk2
load quick 
Thanks Preach! 
Does the _mk2 thing need to be typed like that? I supposed I could name it any way I wanted (in my case, I just added simple numbers to the demo name). 
Free Text 
Yeah, you can name the demo anything, that was just meant to be a prompt to ensure you don't use the same demo name as before, because that overwrites the earlier attempt!

I will admit that I do that deliberately sometimes - if I'm creating a demo which resumes from a save game, I use the same demo name for each attempt that starts from that save point, even if I die in the same way 2nd time. I only advance the filename when I get further, make a new quicksave, and then die again. That way I'm only recording two attempts at each section of a map, the time I died there, and the time I finally succeed. 
Mark_V has cl_autodemo 1(or 2 if you use a refresh rate over 72). It's pretty slick. It will create demos named something like: auto_demo1, auto_demo2 across reloads and deaths. 
Thanks for the clarification, Preach.

And dump, thanks for the tip. I seldom ever use Mark V but it does have a shitload of neat features. This autodemo thing should propagate to other engines IMO. 
Mark_v's supporting continuous demo recording, and have the ability to record demos on the fly 
Yes, Thank You Spy, 
dumptruck already pointed me to it two posts above... I was playing an AD map in the latest QS today and also found out that it doesn't stop recording upon changelevel. :)

BTW, you should consider changing the color of your alias: it's quite hard to decipher on the grey background. 
Demos shouldn't stop recording at the end of a level.

So Quakespasm is doing it right.

Everyone at func once had a big about that topic. Quakespasm and Mark V followed the consensus that if someone wants to record one demo doing 10 maps, that's the user's perogative to do.

That's why Quakespasm and Mark V (and DarkPlaces and probably FTE) can play back demos recorded across maps.

Which DarkPlaces pioneered. Then some Baker dude mining for truffles noticed and wrote up a tutorial and more engine followed ...

Original Quake records demos across maps and DarkPlaces no doubt does as well. 
Quakespasm and Mark V (and DarkPlaces and probably FTE) can play back demos recorded across maps.
Yes, I typed a post in the QS thread explaining that I found out about that. I wasn't aware that you could chain levels in a single demo since I never had recorded or watched one for an episode. Too bad you can't do that upon death+F9, though. 
Bal's Old Maps? 
I was so impressed by Bal's entry in the Xmas jam that I did a search in the Quaddicted database for his old maps. All I saw bearing his name, apart of course from the Xmas jam, was this speedmapping pack 7. Did I miss something? 
Too bad you can't do that upon death+F9, though.

quickload the map and type in console "record mugwump2", mugwump3, mugwump4 etc 
Sanity.bsp by Bal.

The most fucking awesome 12-16 player Clan Arena map this side of q1edge.

I'm sure he didn't make it with Clan Arena in mind, but for a rowdy game with lots of players, Sanity was incredible for Clan Arena especially with the circular design and paths.

What was Clan Arena? It was Last Man Standing with teams (Red Vs. Blue). With 12-16 players it was blissful chaos.

short YouTube video

AFAIK: Bal mostly made deathmatch maps. 
AFAIK: Bal mostly made deathmatch maps.
Ah. That explains the lack of them on Quaddicted. I'll check Sanity sometime but I don't play DM...
Tnanks anyway, Baker.

@spy: Again, Preach told me that in post #30467... Thanks for trying! ;) 
but I don't play DM...

That was about as necessary comment as saying you don't eat raw porcupine or taste sample random bird droppings.

With all the truly fantastic multiplayer games made in the last 10 years, there is no reason to play multiplayer Quake and hasn't been in ages.

(Except for co-operative use of single player maps. It is the only remaining valid multiplayer use of Quake, there are very few decent co-operative games in this world.) 
I Don't Eat Raw Porcupine Either... 
...nor do I taste sample random bird droppings. Maybe randomly dropping birds on porcupines could make nice kebabs?

there is no reason to play multiplayer Quake
Some hardcore inverterbrate inveterate quakers still do.

What I meant was that in order to check the quality of a DM map besides just doing a tour of the scenery, you have to test it with other players. Or bots. Quake 1 has always been exclusively a single player experience for me (I started trying MP gameplay only with Q3A, mostly against bots, very few times against real people in LAN). 
Mugwump & Baker 
Mugwump, I mostly made multiplayer maps yeah, but I also made 2 of the final maps of Nehara (neh2m5 and 6), the xmas jam map was my ~15 year comeback.

Baker, I didn't make sanity.bsp. I don't really get that video, my reinc5.bsp is in the video image, but in the actually video I only see people playing a Gen and Pingu map (2 of my favourite authors at the tjme!)
Is it some mashed together custom maps? 
Bal is an author of neh2m5 and neh2m6 of nehahra MP and another never released expansion pack for nehahra 
Thank you for your very necessary and spot-on commentary, Baker. What would this community do without you. 
...And What A Brilliant Comeback, Bal! 
Especially considering that you did mostly DM maps before. I hope there's more to come... 
You should check out the map he's working on now. It looks very good and it has a unique style. Smoothest pipes you've never seen. 
And Where Should I Check That? 
Smoothest pipes
You mean better than mfx? Hot damn! 
Interesting. Yeah, I knew you were involved in Nehahra. Didn't know you made reinc5 ...

That video was of a server that run Clan Arena and ran exclusively custom maps, largely mined from

That server ran some rare insane gems like reinc5, chesdm1 and there was actually an over-complicated DM map by Glassman (his only one?) that I couldn't see working in deathmatch but it worked for large Clan Arena games.

Here is a video with reinc5 ... @ 1 minute in. 
Nostalgia Dredd Maps 
aggressr ac4 ferrum
bsdm8 aggressr gendm1 ferrum
xl1dm4 asylum gmdm1 gendm1
chesdm1 blizz2 gomdm4 gmdm1
imp1dm6 bovine gworld gomdm4
efdm12 bsdm2 head-shot gworld
safe1 bsdm7 imp1dm6 head-shot
reinc5 bsdm8 jndm6 imp1dm6
klzinsanity carddm1 jrdm1 jndm6
asylum chesdm1 kikdm3 jrdm1
cleaver cleaver kikdm6 kikdm3
dmfdm2 cmt1 klzinsanity kikdm6
dokkur cmt3 klzvob klzinsanity
efdm12 cmt4 madness klzvob
kikdm3 cmt5b mgdm2 madness
kikdm6 crdm1 nindm2 mgdm2
klzinsanity damaul7 p3a nindm2
summer dazdm12 reinc3 p3a
dm3again reinc5 reinc3
dmfdm1 safe1 reinc5
dmfdm2 safe2 safe1
dokkur spinev2 safe2
edc summer spinev2
efdm10 trimp summer
efdm12 trimp

oh the memories! 
Sorry My Maplist Wasnt A Perfect Cut/paste There's Duplicates 
R00k coded the Clan Arena mod run on that server.

That server was some good times. Crazy enjoyable maps. Even newbies had fun.

reinc5 .. goals:

1) Try to knock other players off the edge.
2) Don't get knocked off the edge.
3) If you get knocked off the edge, try to drift back and land in the lower tier or lightning as much before death.

gmdm1 - Knock other players in the slime. Don't fall in the slime.

gendm1 - Try to be airborne. 
Welp, Quaddicted's Down 
Spirit, below you can find a link to a checklist site for GDPR compliance: 
Captain Picard TV Series? 
Ok ...

Totally caught off guard by this video. I had expected it to be an interview.

Patrick Stewart is someone I'd like to see more of. 
Quake 2: Hell Violence (full) 
Complete version for this released:

(moderator's note: this was a news submission but the pack is from 6 years ago so it doesn't seem like news) 
Can you edit the timestamp so it will appear as news but 6 years ago?? 
wouldn't it be easier to just travel back in time and post it then? 
Well Yeah But You Need A Challenge :) 
Quake 2: Derelict Facility 
Informations, screenshots and Download:

(Moderator's note: 1 1/2 year old "news") 
Vicpas Sort It Out Bro. 
yeah that one already has a news thread:

Also I just want to say again that those screenshots look great. 
Lost Millenium 
I"m almost finished with a remap of Andrey Willies DM level NC1107,
made in 1997.
It is almost done, only the new monster coding isn't yet balanced.
Lost Millenium 
I"m almost finished with a remap of Andrey Willies DM level NC1107,
made in 1997.
It is almost done, only the new monster coding isn't yet balanced.
Anyone Here Knowledgeable In Terragen 2? 
I've been fiddling with it to try and make some skyboxes. I have a work-in-project, of which I rendered a 512p skybox to see how it looked in-game. I applied the exact same settings to each of the 6 cameras (except direction, duh!) to make sure each side would be rendered identically, but when I'm in-game, I can notice some color discrepancies. If someone can help me understand why, it would be greatly appreciated. Here's a link to an archive containing my Terragen project file, the 6 original rendered bitmaps, their 6 TGA conversions and 3 game screenshots showing the discrepancies (look for a vertical line around the crosshair, as well as the triangle at the bottom showing a distinctly redder down view). 

at least, I think that's what you need to do. I only used Terragen 2 once, to make the skybox for my xmasjam map, and that was about the only thing i figured out about that damned program... 
If you had opened my project file, you would've seen that's what I did... Thanks anyway.

Anyone else? 
Do the colour tweaks in a photo editor on one picture so you can avoid the seams. 
I'm not that good at PhotoShop... Plus, not all angles make seams and I wouldn't know how to correct a wrong side without affecting the good ones. 
Every Bit Helps 
Not that you guys would care much but figured I would try everywhere...

My wife and I are beginning the process to adopt our first child...and man is it expensive. If you would like to donate and help us out, feel free to do so through Paypal using my email listed on my account here, josiahjack AT siu DOT edu.

If you don't care, fine fine. Go map! Quake on! That sort of thing. 
Always assumed you were much younger. 
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