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It's time for videocap. Can you get something like fraps and show us a few seconds of your animation?
Please, I'm really intrigued 
Here is a video showing all quake weapons. They don't have reload or cock animation, they just go back a little to represent that a bullet/rocket has left the barrel. And you can see all these frames are is QME: 
*And you can see all these frames in QME 
No mod, i am editing the qc of a 1.06 progs.dat
Compare the animation in QME to your experience firing a shotgun in game 
Compare the animation in QME to your experience firing a shotgun in game

I do and it's utterly, completely identical, frame-for-frame, just like the video Tribal posted above.

If you're experience does not match Tribal's video, then you've got your hands on some alternative weapon models from a mod, and you need to be viewing those in QME, not the standard weapon models which you are clearly viewing, in error. 
you're / your (gah) 
unless you're not looking at the correct mdl file, then all frames really are there in QME.

Sometimes the quakec uses frames out of order or re-uses them two places in a sequence, so following the frame macros might the way to understand this. Frame macros are defined in order to match the frames in the mdl file. If the firing animation uses them in a different order than they were defined, that could explain why you don't see the same sequence in QME. 
sadly, no. For various reasons like having a kid last year, I have basically no mapping time anymore. 
I Got It Wrong 
I fucked up. I am sorry. I was a bit intimidated, no excuse. I apologise to Kinn specifically, and to you all for wasting your time. Fuck 
GG Kaisersozeh 
Glad you worked it out. +1 for apologizing it takes guts (not many people do it around here.)

BUT.... What mod/game was it???????? 
hey props to you for admitting your mistake and apologising, a lot of people would just nope the fuck out...

We're a grumpy old bunch, but we do try to help, if you have questions about things that we can actually help with then most of us here are up for it =P 
No Worries 
+1 for being curious about what mod it was... 
The Mod I Used 
is something I'm writing. I am new to this but essentially I am writing a mod close the original but with an onus on player immersion.
SO screen shake, rumble on landing, weapons customised around the interface. more blood than ID could get away with, that sort of thing. The wii interface is the same as contemporary(ish) wii FPS, like COD. Wiimote to shoot and nunchuck to move. It's a really immersive way to play, I'd honestly say it's better than console joypad, way better than a keyboard and mouse. Anyhoo, was cherry picking bits of qc from tutorials and old mods sharing their qc - and I ended up with a big mess. I couldn't tell you where i got all this stuff from, and I am meant to have rolled back and started from scratch.
tHAnkS peoples, I am a idiot 
GG WP Getting To The Bottom Of It. 
Keep us updated. I love that this uses Wiimotes! Want to try it when ready. 
A Good Week For Quake 
Lots of new releases. From new faces to boot. Quake Mod Jam seems to be cooking up well. All kinds of activity on func as well.

GG Quakers. 
Watching some gameplay videos, what I dislike the most about multiplayer-style gameplay is people behaving like epileptic coffee addicts on crack, shaking the camera more than Michael Bay.

This may be fun in multiplayer, but completely ruins the atmosphere of the game in singleplayer.

I do recognize that it requires a lot of skill though. 
Shaking The Camera More Than Michael Bay. 
depends on the mouse sensitivity, i used to play with 20 something bUck in the days, and 5-6 now 
Fgd Settigns For .bsp Models In Misc_model 
Hello, I place models on the map in Trenchbroom using misc_model entity and I have some code for fgd file which works with mdl models. I wonder is it possible to display bsp models in editor? Which code should I use in this case? Here is the fgd settings that I use:

@PointClass base(Appearflags, Target, Targetname) size(32 32 16) color(255 128 0) studio({ "path" : model}) = misc_model : "A point entity for displaying models. A frame range can be given to animate the model.

mdl: The model to display. Can be of type mdl, bsp, or spr.
frame: Single frame to display. Can also be used to offset the animation.
first_frame: The starting frame of the animation.
last_frame: The last frame of the animation.
speed: The frames per second of animation. Divide 1 by the fps for this value.
angles: pitch roll yaw (up/down, angle, tilt left/right)
NOTE: set angle value to 0 if using angles key to rotate mdls"
model(string) : "Model Selection (ex progs/model.mdl)" angles(integer) : "set 'angle' to 0 if this is used"
This might be a limitation in TrenchBroom or FGDs in general. ( I assume someone will jump in if I am wrong) You will likely have to add each BSP model by hand to the FGD. Note the bogus classname misc_model_custom. I think you'll need that to keep the misc_model from be superseded by this new one.

Perhaps try a new entry that looks like this:

@PointClass base(Appearflags, Target, Targetname) model({ "path": ":directory/nameofbsp.bsp"}) = misc_model_custom : "my model" []

I have no idea if this will work but it's what I would try. 
I‘m Not Sure What The Question Is 
But TB definitely supports loading bsp models, and it also supports entities where the model, frame, and skin is specified using entity properties rather than hardcoding them into the fgd. This is explained in the manual. 
Hey, Bal! 
Get on Twitch already and do some more mapping. Come on! 
Reply To SleepwalkR 
Do you know how to make it work? 
For this custom bsp model stuff you do need to edit your .fgd file. Take a look at Display Models for Entities in the manual. What you want to use is under the Advanced section below: 
Yes I Know How To Make It Work 
Read the manual and look at the examples ;-) 
Problem With Bsp 
I can already display custom MDL models. I can display bsp models. But I can not display custom bsp models for which I should make path in entity properties in the editor. There is not even a word about displaying custom bsp models in TB manual. So that is why I am asking here 
Treat the bsp the same as you would an mdl. Same syntax just use .bsp instead. 
@PointClass base(Appearflags, Target, Targetname) size(32 32 16) color(255 128 0) studio({ "path" : model}) = misc_model

what exactly should I change here? 
@PointClass base(Appearflags, targetname) size(-16 -16 -16, 16 16 16)
color(255 128 64) studio({
"path" : mdl,
"skin" : pos2,
"frame": pos1
}) = misc_model : "Misc Models" [
spawnflags(Flags) = [
2 : "Collison" : 0
64 : "Start Off" : 0
mdl(string) : "Model to load (progs/model.mdl)"
angles(string) : "pitch roll yaw" : : "up/down, angle, tilt left/right "
ideal_yaw(choices) : "Y axis rotation" = [
0 : "No rotation"
1 : "Random"
pos1(string) : "Frame Selection" : : "X=0, Y=0, Z=exact frame number, X->Y, Z=0 : will randomly pick a frame from the X,Y range, X->Y, Z=-1 : will animate between the X,Y range, can forward or backward setup"
pos2(string) : "Skin Selection" : : "X=0, Y=0, Z=exact skin number, X->Y, Z=0 : will randomly pick a skin from the X,Y range"

now paypal me like $4 USD for some beer. thanks! 
this is what i have set for AD, btw 
No Beer For Muk But Thanks :) 
But it still does not display .bsp models. Nothing changed 
screenshot of the entity keys and directory in which to bsp is placed, please 
Seems like there are some restrictions for the model. My models are big and high-poly so TB do not display them. I created a small box and compiled it as bsp. This box is displayed in TB as model. So the problem is in amount of polygons that are allowed for the model for displaying in TB. I wonder if someone knows how to fix that 
Or May Be Just The Wrong Folder 
Or may be the problem was because my map was in "models" folder, while the box model was in "maps" folder. When I added high-poly model to maps folder it worked. Thanks for everyone for help :) 
Age Of The Quake-universe 
I had a discussion on Discord recently about how old the Quake-levels are supposed to be, or what age, if any, they are supposed to represent. There are so many conflicting architectural styles in them that they are hard to place, but due to their seemingly low-tech appearance with a dependency on magical(?) elements for things like lighting, one could say at youngest they'd be from the 1800's, and to the oldest, maybe millions, even billions of years old?

Are they just a refraction of human history over the years that they have taken in through rifts in time, or portals, or has id Software already explained this somewhere? 
I don't know about the castles or the temples, but i think the base maps are from the 50s because of the huge computers they have in there (i know that in the 40s these computers already existed, but the color tv was invented in the 50s and we can see color monitors in the game).

And, since Nikola Tesla claimed to have invented a "death beam" (a huge electric power weapon) in the 1930s, i think the military could used this time to improve the weapon and make a more compact version (that we know in the game as the lightning-gun)

So yeah, to me, the quake campaign/story is happening in the 50s... 
In My Head 
The episode 4 places were already ancient by the time the numerous castles in the Realm of Black Magic were being built.

The runic maps could possibly be from an even earlier time, since it's kind of supposed to be the equivalent of Hell itself. 
The age is irrelevant since those places aren't in Earth. Only the base maps are.

Each base has a teleporter to another dimension. The E*M2 maps are actually the first map of each dimension. The E*M1 maps are still in Earth.

E1M2➡E1M3➡E1M4➡E1M5 are physically connected through doorways, so they're all in the same planet.

All of the runic maps (including E1M6, E1M7 & E1M8) are connected through teleporting portals, IIRC. Given the amount of runic maps, it should be safe to assume that at least most of them are in a single planet. E1M8 could be in a lower-gravity planet, though. 
The age is irrelevant since those places aren't in Earth

Not even the dimension which contains the Rune of Earth Magic? 
id software put about as much thought into the age of the quake "castles" (or whatever) as they put into the story you'll find in the printed booklet.

"While scouting the neighborhood, you hear shots back at the base. Damn, that Quake bastard works fast!"

Tolkien-level world-building, this ain't. 
One of Quake's game designs was about enemies invading from fantasy/fairytale worlds. Thus the ogre, knights and the cancelled dragon. Later on this was mixed with Lovecraftian horror, and zombies.

They put a lot of thought on the story, but not enough to make it cohesive when cutting features. 
Age Of The Quake-universe 
It seems that there is some rather Quake-inspired architecture in the upcoming DooM. I wonder if they intend to blend the universes to make them all belong to one. 
People Will Love This 
NanoQuake YouTube trailer

NanoQuake is an implementation of Yamagi Quake 2 with Nano based transactions and customisations built in.

The server which hosts the game has its own Nano account which each player pays into (currently set to a 0.1 Nano buy-in). For each kill you gain a reward of Nano and at the end of the round 3rd place gets 10%, 2nd place gets 30% and 1st place gets the rest.

You don't need to pay to play in the games however you only get a payout if you've paid in.

New - There is a mini faucet built into the main servers now, each player receives 0.01 Nano if they have 3 or more frags.


I wonder what the legality of that is 
hmm, a bit of a nonsense gimmick but sure

my favorite quake 2 mp project is

Cool little concept, I do wish more decent oldschool SP / coop games implemented a neat world server / persistent data thingy like this one.

These things were well more difficult and costly to implement back then in the day, an idea for the wave of "retro" modern games and beyond 
I see a lot of people here saying that Dusk sucks, that game sucks, this modern sucks, etc. So, 2019: what are the essential mods/maps that one should play with Quake? And what engine? What would you install on someone's PC to enjoy Quake?

Darkplaces + AD? That's it? 
No, Not Darkplaces 
Quakespasm is the engine recommended by most people here, including me.

Go here:

Sort by User Score.

You also might want to prioritise the newer stuff too. A map rated 4.5 / 5 in 1997 probably isn't going to compare to a 4.5 from 2017 :p 
dumptruck's recommendation videos are quite good. 
Avoid darkplaces like the plague that it is. The effects and tweaks and stuff are very much out of place in the rest of Quake's aesthetics.

As for the rest......yes. Go get all the top rated maps in the last 22 years ;) 
This Site Is Older Than Facebook 
fuck the normies 
My gf is a normie does it count when I fuck her? 
#30828 Anonymous Coward 
Was your GF the girl I banged last night? Sorry about that dude! 
Karl Popper famously said: “All life is problem solving.” No theory of consciousness is necessary to define the objectives of a general problem solver. From an AGI point of view, consciousness is at best a by-product of a general problem solving procedure.

I must admit that I am not a big fan of Tononi's theory. The following may represent a simpler and more general view of consciousness. Where do the symbols and self-symbols underlying consciousness and sentience come from? I think they come from data compression during problem solving. Let me plagiarize what I wrote earlier [1,2]:

While a problem solver is interacting with the world, it should store the entire raw history of actions and sensory observations including reward signals. The data is ‘holy’ as it is the only basis of all that can be known about the world. If you can store the data, do not throw it away! Brains may have enough storage capacity to store 100 years of lifetime at reasonable resolution [1].

As we interact with the world to achieve goals, we are constructing internal models of the world, predicting and thus partially compressing the data history we are observing. If the predictor/compressor is a biological or artificial recurrent neural network (RNN), it will automatically create feature hierarchies, lower level neurons corresponding to simple feature detectors similar to those found in human brains, higher layer neurons typically corresponding to more abstract features, but fine-grained where necessary. Like any good compressor, the RNN will learn to identify shared regularities among different already existing internal data structures, and generate prototype encodings (across neuron populations) or symbols for frequently occurring observation sub-sequences, to shrink the storage space needed for the whole (we see this in our artificial RNNs all the time). Self-symbols may be viewed as a by-product of this, since there is one thing that is involved in all actions and sensory inputs of the agent, namely, the agent itself. To efficiently encode the entire data history through predictive coding, it will profit from creating some sort of internal prototype symbol or code (e. g. a neural activity pattern) representing itself [1,2]. Whenever this representation becomes activated above a certain threshold, say, by activating the corresponding neurons through new incoming sensory inputs or an internal ‘search light’ or otherwise, the agent could be called self-aware. No need to see this as a mysterious process — it is just a natural by-product of partially compressing the observation history by efficiently encoding frequent observations.

[1] Schmidhuber, J. (2009a) Simple algorithmic theory of subjective beauty, novelty, surprise, interestingness, attention, curiosity, creativity, art, science, music, jokes. SICE Journal of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, 48 (1), pp. 21–32.

[2] J. Schmidhuber. Philosophers & Futurists, Catch Up! Response to The Singularity. Journal of Consciousness Studies, Volume 19, Numbers 1-2, pp. 173-182(10), 2012. 
We Rule 
PC Gamer interview with Tim Willits on the making of Quake 2

An interesting read. They seriously considered making it into a new franchise, potentially called "Wor". I didn't know that. In so many ways Quake 2 was a step forward, but for some reason it never really connected with me. I think it's going to be hard to go back to now. 
Quake 2 was thematically charmless, boring and overly homogeneous.

Single player FPS games should feel like a journey. With Q2 I didn't feel like I went anywhere. Started in a concrete space dungeon, walked through a few more concrete space dungeons, beat the final boss in a concrete space dungeon. 
Compare It To Unreal 
That's how you do it. 
Turn The Other Kinn 
Quake was thematically charmless, boring and overly homogeneous.

Single player FPS games should feel like a journey. With Q I didn't feel like I went anywhere. Started in a brown and blue dungeon, walked through a few more brown and blue dungeons, beat the final boss in a brown and blue dungeon. 
So Why Are You Visiting This Board Then? 
Fake News 
I remember at least one green dungeon

Q2 for all the good things about it was definitely more homogenous, even the "palace" texture set still equated to more of the same. Basically Quake minus all map styles but base. 
I disagree, I feel like each unit had a theme, some were more interesting than others. My favorite was the waste/cooling facility theme. I also liked the prison level which was kind of a one-off since no other levels looked like that. The city/temple levels near the end were also cool.

There was a sort of generic grey base theme that about half the game seemed to use though, for example the “warehouse” unit was different but only barely so from the base levels at the beginning. 
I played through Q2 again recently.

There are some locations that really emphasize top-heavy brutalist external structures, that work your path (and the structures) in and out of natural-ish terrain, and often have a howling-wind sort of ambient soundscape. Those places are quite different from Q1 but IMO are great environments in their own way, even if they are more normal-looking built environments and not weird in any way that punches you in the eyeball. Still a neat sense of place and a feel that there is exploring to do.

Whenever your path goes purely indoors and gets away from all the aspects mentioned above, my interest-o-meter dropped pretty sharply. 
what to add in command line to skip intro videos in Quake 2? TIA 
try +menu_main 
yup, thanks 
The hub structure of Quake 2 may have served to make it seem more boring.

In Quake, the end of each map gives instant closure to it, an instant sense of progression. But in Quake 2, each map is just a subdivision of a bigger area, so it's harder to know when you're reaching the actual ending of the current mission. This gives a boring sense of "are we there yet?" to the missions.

Plus, the "computer updated" crap is bloody annoying.

I prefer the hub structure of games like Turok 2. It's simpler, but each map is a self-contained mission, giving instant gratification at the end, even when you revisit the maps to get items that you couldn't reach before. The simplistic hub structure in Turok 2 also makes the missions non-linear, while in Quake 2, the missions are linear (only the objectives of each mission are non-linear). 
Late March Mappin Event 
Just so people are aware, I’m running another mapping event at the end of March. Further details shall be forthcoming. 
Has there ever been a quake map that included a sphere ? It seems like something so basic that by now somebody would've made one, but ive never seen one 
What The Heck 
o my god 
Hi noobs!!!

Miss me? 
I Do 
Personally I Don't Care For The Internet Friendships And Such 
butt trinca kicked off me of FB 
I Hate Shumplers 
I Hate Your Stupid Drunken Face So GGWP. 
Hoo-hoo Cares 
i still hates you're voices

cannot decide yet, the blers maps vs blers vids

ello lads, ets me shums 
Just For You Spy 
i'm not taht drunk enough

Just For You spy i'm not worth it, but ty 
For Eddie-shambler

the funnies thing, eddie won't decipher a single-malt(word) from this song

but that's about him for sure 
Nothing personal spy :) I clean contacts once I a wille. Sorry for that. 
Will try to make some mapping in Easter.

Miss do something 
Hey Trinca 
Trinca Lives! 
Gonna be at GDC next week in San Francisco, any quakedads around? 
not sure if anyone has already seen this, but it's basically a bunch of levels extracted from old console games that you can noclip around inside.

Zelda, Mario, Dark Souls, etc. 
Very Cool Metl 
For self defence. 
An interesting discussion came up on Discord.

So there's some facebook rando who said the following words in a post:

Every single gaming subreddit or discord I've wandered into I've had to carefully tiptoe around massive minefields of reactionary rhetoric disguised as Bantz or just guys being dudes. It's almost impossible to find a gaming space that isn't dominated by shitty, skeezy dudes who make The Jokes and then haha, but really, the Fucking Jews, am I right? Not only do you have to actively look for it, you have to know what you're looking for, which a lot of disaffected young men won't! The default state of gaming is a recruiting ground for fucking Nazis.

Generally hard to disagree with that, speaking from my experience.

What's real fucking mindboggling is czg commenting on that post saying "that's the reason I left tf"???

While terrafusion and func have always been foul, ridiculous, and over the top, there has never been any actual, intentional or subliminal, implicit or explicit discrimination?

Then again, maybe I am a fucking idiot.

I haven't experienced this in the community since I have been active since ~2015.

That being said. The "N" word comes up every so often and the usual "homophobic-ish" joking is prevalent in some corners but it doesn't rise to the level of discrimination.

I cannot speak for other communities because this one is the only one I participate in. 
Want To Correct "every So Often" 
Actually it was only once in recent memory. The "N" word instance I am referring above was immediately tamped down. It was a Quake-related community not func or #tf. 
Spy -- Lay Off The Wodka 
Spy You're Marked As Spam For Potential Racism. 
And trying to derail a useful community discussion. 
These types of whiners/crybullies shouldn't be given any benefit of the doubt or platform. Give them an inch and they take a mile. 
I've seen a lot of foul shit on #tf, but the only time I've seen a legit racist thing happen the poster was banned almost immediately. 
the most known tf dude is a wellknown addicted to turd func_ guy named muk

Fixed that for you. 
Tell me I'm not the only one who figured this out:

Yesterday I saw this on Twitter. It was really weird how Tim derailed a discussion about business sovereignty into a discussion about racism. He's obviously more intelligent than that, so it seemed that he was playing dumb.

What made Tim's reply even weirder is that the article itself does a good job of making it clear that Tencent does not control Epic. So, there wasn't any need for Tim to derail the discussion as if he was hiding something.

Only one thing was still missing: If Tencent doesn't control Epic, what's the business model behind their acquisition? It's not a partnership, since as Epic stated, "We don't share anything with them. In fact, we compete with them." Why would Tencent give hundreds of millions of dollars to a competitor?

Well, let's see how they are competing. A quick search for "Epic Store China availability" gave this result:
"The Epic Games store is available to players in most countries in the world except for China and where prohibited by US law".

Wait a second. China is the home of Tencent, and one of the biggest gaming markets in the world. By making the Epic Store unavailable in China, Epic makes sure that none of their store exclusives can compete against Tencent's games. But why would Tencent want Epic to open a store like this, instead of simply discouraging them from opening it? Hmm...

Tencent has launched a new piece of hardware called the TGP (Tencent Games Platform) box. Acting a little like a Steam machine that runs Windows 10, the system offers Chinese gamers the chance to play popular games like League of Legends, without requiring a gaming PC to do it.

Steam. That's it. By making western games become Epic Store exclusives, Tencent eliminates the competition from Steam in the Chinese market. Plus, it gives Tencent a whole year to clone any successful western games before the Chinese audience can play it, cementing their dominance in the Chinese market.

The hundreds of millions that Tencent gave Epic are probably much more than the royalties that Epic would have gained from third party Unreal Engine games sold in China. So, helping Tencent to monopolize the Chinese market seems to be a lucrative move for Epic. 
it's PRO-COMPETITIVE and for the good of the gaming industry!!! 
Well, regional lockout isn't a new thing, it's been done forever.

It's a sure loss for Chinese customers, and for some developers (basically, the ones for which the higher profit margin doesn't cover the missing revenue from the lost Chinese customers). But it's nothing illegal, and doesn't affect western customers.

I wonder how many third party developers are actually conscious of all that, though. 
Quake 2 RTX 
It's amazing the level of love old shooters are getting these days, even in corporate settings. 22 years ago Quake 2 was a demonstration of what a PC could do, and somehow it still is: 
glengch throngmlnorchgnen Today at 6:27 AM
so.... does anyone remember that thing where someone put all of the id1 maps into a single bsp?
anyone got a link for it?

glengch throngmlnorchgnen Today at 6:40 AM
reasonably sure i'm not imagining it. i know one was made for beyond belief, and half-life 1

Bal Today at 6:41 AM
yes it does exist, no idea what it was called though

glengch throngmlnorchgnen Today at 6:42 AM
it's one of those things where there's no obvious search string to type into google that results in anything meaningful
also: welcome to the wierd shit that bugs me at 6.30am I guess
I don't think it actually exists. I believe you're thinking of the "episode 1 in one bsp" map made by necros. 
Bummer, maybe that's what I was thinking of, yeah.

In any case, I imagine it would be a right faff to make - just thinking of all the targetname clashes that you'd have to fix... 
There's also map styles (base, medieval, runic) soundtracks and sky textures to conflict. 
How About...make An Episode Of Merged Maps? 
merge all E*M1 maps into a single base map
merge all E*m2 maps into the second map
merge all E*m3 maps...

then when you get to m7 you have to find all four runes and fight chthon. that opens a pit to end.bsp which would also be merged into the same map.

note, i realize that some episodes only had 6 maps. 
I do agree that the best merger would be one where the maps are connected in a way that deviates from the order in which they appear in id1. Creating a continuity and evolution of theme would be a good idea.

So the episode 1 metal maps (e1m6, 7 & 8) would be connected to the episode 3 maps for example.

To be honest (and i'll probably regret saying this) I'm actually real tempted to bugger around with this as a little side project. I would solve the targetname hell using a little program i'd whip up that appends a unique string per map to all the target/targetname/killtarget values. 
put all the maps in the original order!

Some guesses there. But might be fun. 
oh interesting... yeah, merge maps based on theme.

All base maps.
Then, all brown stone maps.
Then, all green mossy stone maps.
Then, all terra cotta maps... 
back to #30869 ...

I agree that there doesn't seem to be a lot of nazi/racist/etc. stuff here, and I also don't remember it being part of #tf back in the day (but for me that was over 10 years ago and alt-right didn't really exist then.) But, maybe it's happening and I just don't notice it because it doesn't affect me?

But there is plenty of other bad behavior here. Flames, trolls, perpetual grudges, attacking outsiders, etc. 
An embellishment on that idea would be to have all the similarly themed maps in spatial proximity, (green brick zone, metal zone, city zone etc.) but the player progression can weave between themes/zones quite freely

This assumes the entire id1 world is tightly packed into a single map. 
so where can i find necros' episode 1 merger? It's not on quaddicted or his website... 
I think this is what you were thinking of:

Lots of files there but I think the compiled map is in release/ Haven't tried it. 
*takes 2mo break, pokes head in* Yall been busy! Where's the 2019 map list? 
Hi, I am working on making a websight together with a friend that is going to host a collection of all the modern FPS-es made in a "retro"-fashion out there and where to get them.

We've registered but so far we have not yet hooked the content up to the address, and the project is currently WIP sitting here:

There's a platform filter in the top right and we'll include more games as we get the time. Obviously a lot of games are missing right now and also getting good promo graphics is hard, hence why it is not official yet.

What do you think? 
Okay So. 
RetroPew is a terrible stupid awful naff name. Evocative of shit weapon sounds and that fucking youtube cuntscraping, and nothing to do with classic shooters.

Also Quake3 is not a fucking retro classic by any stretch.

BUT aside from that, it's quite a good idea. If you can be bothered to regularly update all the listings with regular news, updates, trailers, releases etc, it could be well worth it. 
I know it's pronounced "p-yoo" but you can easily pronounce it retropoo... and that is a problem 
the "pew" bit is bad. No-one says "pew pew" apart from those pretend gamer plonkers who think games still had commodore 64-esque chip sounds in the late 90s.

Also, yeah "Pewdypie" (or whatever he's called) does for the word "pew" what Hitler does for the pencil moustache, so it's two strikes really, exactly as sham says. 
Toothbrush Moustache I Mean 
I Am Glad You Liked The Name 
Site looks decent. Good idea. I think you should put them all in physical boxes though. And pull in the price and a rating so users can make better decisions about what detail pages to view. Even a one-liner blurb for each one.

And then you might actually be able to drive traffic and make some affiliate moneys! Might need a better name though, genuinely. 
New Proposed Name 
the hall of pretension 
JFC these boomers.

Funny how Pewdiepie is pronounced correctly by millions of fans.

The site idea sounds great, go for it. 
I think word-of-mouth is more effective in such niche segments than dedicated websites.

Your intentions are great, these are exciting times for retro FPSs, but I don't see RetroPew giving more visibility to those FPSs than threads at DoomWorld, 3D Realms forums, and so on.

The target audience will likely be already exposed to the info you're gathering. It's not like you're going to advertise the website at the Super Bowl or something. 
Two reasons I'm not running a maps tally for 2019:

1. The 2017 list was very basic and barebones. For 2018 I decided to expand it with proper author names, mods used, etc. so I could run stats on it. That led to some interesting discoveries, and I was happy with it.

Logically a 2019 spreadsheet should probably go into even deeper detail for even more precise statistics. But there needs to be a point where I stop, since if I just keep making a new, increasingly complex spreadsheet every year, I'll eventually end up recreating Quaddicted (which, miraculously, is actually back to putting some effort in being up to date: from scratch.

2. I didn't want to open myself to anymore of dumptruck's indignation about what I choose to file under maps omitted from the tally.

BTW ,I feel like there is a real need to have a list like yours. Quaddicted used to be a good catalogue of "maps", but now that most maps are in jams/packs that contain 5-20 maps each, Quaddicted is more of a catalog of releases and the maps are hidden inside. This is not a dig on Quaddicted, but release patterns changed. 
It Was A Great Resource 
I find it hard to believe a couple of honest questions caused such an issue for you. I never saw guidelines posted in the spreadsheet about what counted as a map.

metlsline has a good point about Quaddicted, I hope someone else steps up and takes over this task. 
also i feel like i should say more strongly: Quaddicted is STILL a great resource. 
...and I will strongly agree. I think there are some changes planned to Quaddicted for the near term. (usability and database stuff) I hope Spirit has some good news for us eventually. 
Aw can't we keep it the same as or slightly simpler than 2018? I loved the list last year. It's fun to have regardless of how quickly the awesome Quaddicted is upkept, even just a simple list per month. 
Any Way To Combine The Map List.... 
....with the Quake Awards?? 
If It's Worth Anything To You, OTP, 
I liked your map list, too! Would DEFINITELY like to see one again. As stated previously by metlslime, Quaddicted lists releases, not maps. And I think the individual maps in multimap releases deserve to be mentioned in their own right! 
A Question I Have 
I dont know if I should post this here but...

Does anyone know some quake monsters that resemble this aliens:

I am just curious. 
Freecs FTE Textures Trouble 
I am not sure should I post it here or in mapping thread :D

Hello, I have some troubles with textures on my map in FTE engine:

My map has low-quality textures and here is how it looks in darkplaces engine:

In darkplaces I added high quality textures in "textures" folder (each hd texture name corresponds to each lq texture name). I also use normal maps and gloss. Here is how it looks after that:

I tried to do the same in FTE engine. So I have a map with low quality textures and I have some hd textures with normal maps and gloss in "textures" folder. Hd textures are loaded too:

After that i decided to run this map in "Freecs" for FTE quake. The problem is that now hd textures are not loaded from "textures" folder. Only normal maps and gloss can be loaded. Screenshot:

I replaced all the cfg files in freecs for cfg files from my mod. The graphics changed but my hd textures are still can not be loaded. I also tried to use different formats - tga and jpg for textures in "textures" folder but still no result. Map is in quake 3 format.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?
(sorry if I made any mistakes, my English is still poor) 
Thread Closed Due To Spam 
Closing the Mark V thread for spam? Why only that particular thread? I think you're going to have to close a lot more moving forward. 
It Was Getting Persistent Daily On Just That Thread 
I was hoping do it for a week and the spambot algorithms fuck off. Could be wrong. Can re-open it later for all those people who love the daily 1 new post about document writing spamware. 
Okay Done. 
Feel free to ask metl to remove anon posting and thus remove 100% of the spam. 
some spam isn't anonymous :)

however, might be a good compromise to have a "protected" status for some threads which allows only registered users to post, for threads like that which seem to be constantly spammed. 
I Would Argue For The Opposite 
Allow only registered users to post, but have a "anything goes" status for some threads where anon posts are permitted. 
What about make every thread registered users only APART from General Abuse which also lets non-registered users post?

The only argument for allowing non-registered users to post is to placate the "but i've forgotten my login" whingers. In that case, at least they can make themselves heard in GA, if they *really* have to make a post for some urgent reason. 
I would extend that to the stickied threads, otherwise agree.

And the Mark V thread of course. 
Kinn Dropping The Common Sense Bomb Yet Again. 
Yeah, I Support Kinn's Suggestion 
Cheers, yeah I really think it should *only* be in GA, and not other sticky threads (as otp suggests)

With just a single place where anons can post their shite - err...I mean important posts - that at least quarantines the problem, whilst allowing for the odd valid anon who really, really must post or else he'll explode or something.

Think of the place as a sort of containment zone, full of mutants and bellends. 
Think of the place as a sort of containment zone, full of mutants and bellends.

Server Move & Downtime 
Hi everyone, I will have to move to a new server until the end of the month. This will mean some downtime for the following websites:

- func_messageboard

I expect at most one day of downtime. 
Can't Help It 
My dreams spam anonymus, should I call user? 
didn't see the "Louis Vitton Gucci" toppic. 
Server Move Update 
I'll move the servers over on Sunday. Expect this website to go down for a couple of hours while the data is moved to the new machine and the DNS entries are updated. It should not take longer than 24 hours.

This applies to the following websites:
- func_messageboard
Re: Anon Posting 
Just add a hidden field that only bots can see to this form. If it's filled in the comment is rejected. It's called a honeypot and plenty of websites use one (among other measures) to mitigate spam. 
Apparently I Can't Edit 
I should add that the field should be hidden with css, not type="hidden". Add the honeypot to all your forms. It will make a difference. 
Server Move In One Hour 
As announced, I will be moving to a new server today. The move will start in approximately 30 minutes and will hopefully not take longer than a few hours until everything is back.

This applies to the following websites:
- func_messageboard
30 Minutes 
Not one hour ;-) 
1 2 3 
And We're Back 
Well, right now I'm probably alone because DNS hasn't updated yet... 
DNS switched now 
Server Move In One Hour
Everybody Through The Door
We're Gonna Hit The Floor
With Our Groove, Babe! 
Fucking Hell. 
Ever since SM193 came out I've had less drive to map than I can remember.

It's always been a painful process to me, even though I am usually happy with the results, but I feel like I hit a total wall in terms of creativity/motivation/whatever. I laid down a whole of 66 brushes for the honey speedmap pack before realising that everything about mapping is such an annoying ordeal.

It's like since releasing the map with pearly white streaks, I am totally shrivelled up and desensitivised to the point of anhedonia.

Is there such a term as "mapping depression"? 
Maybe you're just suffering indirect effects of real-life problems. It happened to me a lot. 
That can't really be it, since I'm practically smooth sailing. Starting a new job on Monday, graduating in the summer, and also got another couple thousand bucks incoming from contract work as a bonus.

If this was to happen a couple years ago I'd be already in mourning about my mapping, but right now I'm really rather indifferent about having less free time.

Need to write my thesis though, I've spent the last two months doing literally nothing with it. I like what I'm writing about but I think I got some weird performance anxiety where it's hard to just sit down and
get the thing started. 
You're bored with mapping. Happens with anything after you do it for a while and it loses its novelty.

If you don't actively do anything now, your interest level will just return eventually on its own, after an unpredictable amount of time.

Otherwise, you can try to seek inspiration by accumulating some reference environment art, or playing other people's levels etc. That sometimes works. Sometimes. 
Seems normal to me. 
What Kinn Says Basically 
Either you really crank it out of you all the or just do it for fun.
Look for new things do master for a while, eventually the urge to map will reappear.

PS to master means to understand mapping and create a valid bsp:)
Love ya 
Either you really crank it out of you all the Time.... 
Id Call It Midlifecrisis 
rewatch some oldish medievalish movies for inspirations

flesh and blood, wud help perfectly 
Killer Quake Pack 
I'm completly devistated by this pak.

I just found it after not knowing what to do with it. First I thought it was just a Deathmatch game and now I read the files I'm overwhelmed with a load of new atributes I can hardly imagine. A portalgun, that shoots a hole in the wall to dug behind. A disk that plays like a Tron combat, an air fist, radar and so on. More than fourty new weapons, Blaze gun,bfg ,Magnum, poisened arrows. Zeus bot.

Didn't know so much was possible with the quake.qc. 
Naughty Madfox 
No link???

Here's the Killer Quake Pack 
No Link??? 
A portalgun, that shoots a hole in the wall to dug behind. A disk that plays like a Tron combat, an air fist, radar and so on. More than fourty new weapons, Blaze gun,bfg ,Magnum, poisened arrows. Zeus bot.

Sounds like madfox was saving us from the horror of it all.... 
I came upon a strange abuse.

After concluding all tutorials on InsideQc were lost I started searching on my disk for what I had left.
Sparely nothing, so I was a bit sad I had lost this chance to enhance my qc knowledge.

I forgot about it, then when I took my mobile I saw there were some old links on it to Inside3D, just after the site had renewed. When I touched them I saw all tutorials in front of me.

How is this possible?
Am I chunking a private sattelite or something?

Then I spend a week collecting screenshots I'm uploading to Quaketastic/Models/Inside3DTut.
Maybe I'm just a fanatic fool, but I can't help it to see so much goodies vanish from the web. 
You could also send me a zip file with everything you want uploaded to quaketastic and let me place all the files there at once. 
but I just did it myself. Fact is I had copied everything to screenshots, which made it a bit of a mass. Copying from a mobile isn't that easy as I had to keep the files in line.
Now they are specified in their own catalogue as they were on Inside3d.
Might come in handy for overvieuw.

And yeh, I made some typo's that can't be changed.
But for sofar I think its a valuable source. 
Check your func email when you have a sec. Sent you a mssg. 
RetroPEW Is Now Live! 
(As posted about earlier)

RetroPEW is a list of modern FPS-es made to resemble the style of the 90's. It's currently a very early list, and we would like help with games to add.

There is no money in it for us, only love for the genre. :3 
Stupid Fucking Name. 
Hope that helps. 
On Second Thought. 
Nevermind, it's the perfect name. The target audience for 90% of those game listed unironically thinks that Quake weapons make "pew pew" sounds like an arcade cabinet from 1985. 
quite a lot of obvious ones missing from the "classics" section, surely? Doom? Blood? ROTT Hexen, Heretic, Painkiller (even tho it's 2004)? etc etc..... 
It's Early And Missing A Lot 
It's been so far just me and another guy making this list whenever we have had the time for it. As you can see by the date we've not had much time to keep it updated. Hopefully I can expand on the list(s) in the upcoming days. People have already told me a lot of titles that needs to be added, but I am aware there is a lot, and it would need to be done incrementally for now.

In the future I might add a fully user-based voting process, or even get some help if someone wants to help us out keeping it updated. It uses YAML so it's just about inputting a name, date, and related URLs. The graphic header is the only thing that would need to be custom made. 
I would recommend a section where you explain what qualities a game must have to be on this list.

A lot of (newer) gamers might not get why game X is here, but not game Y. 
The name is perfect. The sight looks good and it's a helpful service for any shooter fan. I agree there's a tin more classics you can add too.

Good luck. 
Problems With RetroPEW 
Hi, just so you all know there are some unfortunate errors with the technical stuff on the site (since it's all a custom solution on a custom built server we have to do it all ourselves, for now) and we are looking into it as we type.

Please report any issues if you have. We've already got a lot of feedback, which is good.

That will come. We need to distinguish from 6DOF-games like Forsaken and the Descents, etc.

Thank you. It's a bit rough still but hopefully we can fix the issues before they become too bad. 
How Is The Name Perfect?? 
Sure the retro bit is right. If "pew" evokes anything other than mockery of weapon noises or that cuntscraping with the fucking youtube channel, then I'm not aware of it?? Yes it's only a name but I'm not sure how it can possibly be good compared to a trillion other options. Off the top of my head, RetroGIB would be blindingly obvious and suitable.

Anyway, as before the site idea is great once it's more fleshed out. 
Know Your Audience 
PewDiePie YT 95 million subscribers

Team Shambler YT 35 subscribers

How is this possible?
Am I chunking a private satellite or something?

Can someone help me out here, because I think it is not a general abuse. 
The more, the merrier! 
Inside3d works fine last time I checked, not sure what the issues is. 
how about 
I wsa talking about the tutorial section.
The forum works, but all tutorials are gone.
tutorial section

My question is just:
why does a computer show a broken link, while a mobile shows all.
I feel like a Rolling Stones song: "Hey you get off of my cloud!"
At least if the cloud seems the answer for it. 
Is there any particular reason water brushes aren't lit by lightmaps? It doesn't move and was fully opaque in the original renderer. 
Metlslime Lol 
now that would be truly oldschool

FMV sucks 
Use -splitturb in the BSP compiler. 
May be your outdated OS/Browser. 
Can't Imagine 
If people from the site complaining they're gone it can't be my browser.
Sometimes I end up with another forum board index while all links leave blanc, other times there is just the php440 error.

You can look for yourselve to be sure, but it isn't my browser outdated. Brings me back to the phenomenon why a mobile has another attachment to the web then my solid computer. I have asked it on different sites, but no one seems to have an idea what is the cause.
I shouldn't be talking here about other sites problems.

Maye ask the question in the Site Help toppic.
Chrome in Android uses cached web pages by default. The page may still be in Google's servers despite being erased from the original server.

Your ISP may also be caching things. 
Good to find the reason afterall.
It was a good opportunity to save them.
So much goodies get lost.
Thanks for the explanation! 
Om nom nom :3~ 
So Basically Bal's 
related to molag bal 
have some weird relation with Kynreeve demons,
hens the bestst levels ever

no offence 
3D Models 
I had a quick look at the models from Quake 2 and saw that whoever did them at id Software did a good job overall with the topologies foe the majority of the animated models, but I have yet to find the Quake models. It seems the topologies for the models are equally slick and efficient in execution, but I just need to find somewhere I can have a look at them for studying. If this is illegal to ask for delete posg 
3D Models Part 2 
I hate typing on a cellphone btw. 
They are in the pak files 
Sean's Better Quality Sounds For Quake (NEW UPDATE!) 
I did it guys! I updated the mod. It shouldn't be ear-piercing anymore. Give me feedback. PAK files are also now included. Thanks for your patience. Let's not make this thread another argument about source-ports, okay? 
someone will find something to disagree about here...

congrats on the release. 
Why do you hate meeeeee 
Most anonymous users hate personal intentions. 
Q1 models are a mess. Mistakes everywhere.

The artistic skills employed in the Q2 models are much superior, despite some of them being conceptually inferior. 
My Mistake 
Who calls me a mess 
Respect Teh History 
Mankrip I would have to think that given it was 1996 and that Quake went through development hell, changing from a flight-sim to a virtual reality game to an online focused mess, the shortcomings of the Quake mdls are deliberate.

The models are not UV wrapped, there is no attempt to pack islands and most skins are direct othographic projections which is massively inappropriate for anything other than planes. The result is stretching, and a lack of detail. Models of other games of the era exhibit better UV wrapping, and in the case of Playstation/N64 games benefited from higher than 8 bit color. Quake 2's mdl2 format did literally nothing to rectify this, although some of its models exhibit better island packing/wrapping.

The fact that Quake was software accelerated and meant to be played at a paltry 320x240,combined with Carmacks strict polygon limitations, the artists probably said "no one will notice". The fact that there is not much mesh to work with, it is shocking the animation is as lively as it is, considering the wooden animations of the era. That and there is no skeletal animation system.

However, when Unreal came around shortly after with properly UV wrapped models weighted to skeletons, it blew Quake out of the water. And literally every game based on each subsequent iteration of Unreal tech always stole the thunder from same generation id tech games.

So ya, study the low poly Lovecraftian meshes, but not the lack of polish that went into them. 
MAX_***** Of Modern Engines 
For some reason, I’m currently getting a deja vu of having already asked this question before. If so, a thousand apologies, I just need a reminder.

The original source code of Quake has these MAX_***** macros all over the place declaring limits for the various elements in the game (entities, brushes, textured, models, whatnot). Understandably so, due to the memory limitations of early PCs and their operating systems.

I wonder, however, if modern iterations of the game engine had these limitations all but removed, entirely, considering how nowadays having GBs of RAM, GHz of processor speed, tens of CPU / thousands of GPU cores and TBs of hard drive storage are commonplace for the average computer user. Are these limitations no more in current Quake gaming engines? 
Ask Negke About That One. 
given the "save every bit" philosophy of the Q1 mdl format (e.g. the "onseam" silliness) I would imagine the lack of UV islands was to avoid having to dupe vertices, increasing the filesize.

I disagree with the Q1 models not being "polished". I think that considering the constraints that teh carmack gave to the artists, plus the state of the modelling apps at the time, they turned out pretty well. 
Thank God People Can Disagree On Here. 
Healthy debate and discussion FTW. 
Izhido - such limits have been removed where it makes sense to remove them (when I say "remove", that typically means the limit is massively increased to the point where it's not really a limit for the mapper any more) - see engines such as Quakespasm and FTE. Off the top of my head, Sepulchre is probably the best showcase of what modern Q1 map formats, compilers and engines can handle.

Some limits are built into file formats though, and this can make things controversial because to change the limit there, means to change the file format, and all engines have to then recognise and parse the new file format, no-one can agree on what the new format should be, and it's just a logistical mess. Very rarely, agreement happens and so we have the bsp2 file format which lets you make maps that are larger than anyone would really ever need. 
Got it. So, if I understand correctly, there have been no efforts to introduce dynamic memory management to the engines that would, in theory, remove the need to have hardcoded limits to its capabilities (however high they may be)? I’m asking this just to have my thoughts in order before diving into FTE / spasm / etc source code for answers... 
efforts to introduce dynamic memory management to the engines that would, in theory, remove the need to have hardcoded limits

I recall some talk of this in engine threads here, but I don't know to what extent this has been implemented (if at all). I'm at the limits of my knowledge on the subject here, so best check with engine chappos like spike, ericw, metlslime etc. 
the vanilla behaviour is for map lumps to be consecutively allocated onto the hunk.
this means you don't pay any memory costs for unused faces or whatever.
it also means that the engine has no real need to enforce any of those max_map_* limits, it only has the hunk size to worry about.

there are some exceptions though, like max_map_leafs that uses various statically sized buffers around the engine, but since Sepulcher neither FTE nor QuakeSpasm have any of those MAX_MAP_* limits remaining (ignoring MAX_MAP_HULLS_hulls which is part of the file format so doesn't really count).

Note that file format limits are not always as strict as they first seem. A few limits have been increased by just redefining variables as unsigned, thereby doubling the limit. The most creative expression of this is the max_leafs and max_nodes limits, that still need to share a 16bit index, resulting in some interesting logic to decide whether a node's child is a leaf or a node instead of just checking the sign.
The progs.dat format has a similar tweak to double the numpr_globals limit, while being careful to not break statements that do not refer to globals.

Either way, just because you CAN have large maps doesn't mean that you should. Or to put that another way, I don't remember to hit quicksave often enough. 
Some engines have dynamic allocation, but not all. 
MarkV Tries To Have Dynamic Maximum Edict Allocation 
(And fails) 
The artistic skills employed in the Q2 models are much superior

I'm talking about the art, not the file format.

In Q1 there's the squished dead fish head, the badly offset knight skin, the badly bent knight sword in one frame of its animations, the lack of a vore idle pose, stuff like that.

It's not about technical limitations. It's more likely about lack of time to correct mistakes before they released the game.

For example, Hexen II models were created with vastly superior skills, despite using the same format. 
The Hexen 2 models are better yes, but still have crap stuff - there's some cat-headed man thing whose legs collapse like squished cardboard boxes during his run animation for example. 
in general, if you want to study great low-poly models, looking at stuff from the 90s might not be the best strategy.

In modern times, ultra-low polycounts are still used for some mobile games, and can be found in some indie games and whatnot for stylistic reasons, if you dig around you can find some incredible artistry on display in this area. 
Rareware N64 games also had great animations with incredibly low polycounts. Banjo & Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and so on.

Turok 2 also has great animations, despite the wonky physics.

Unreal may have had skeletal animations, but they were too floaty and IMO inferior to Q1 model animations. Unreal II and UT fixed that. 
Q1 Models 
While talking of Q1 models. I've got this strange habbit noone could explain yet.

As a fan of Q1 models I was searching for long for the SailorMoon models of Usaki. I finally found them and tried to convert them from Q2 to Q1. This worked but the texture file got lost. Normally I split up a base model, import it again as dxf and start texturing again.
A lot of work, but I don't mind.

Then I thought of Noesis, that would help me out. No, not the slightest idea how to add the skin file.
Then I found Qwalk, and yes, there were my models, without weapon but allright, that can be fixed with merging.

But my question, these models grew up to something of 3Mb, quite large. I experienced when loading them up in Quark4.07 and saving them would deminish them back to 750kb.
Only warning is "Some vertices have the same front and back side, you will get strange effects" but in game there is no sign of them.

What's the reason of this warning and would it be destructive. 
QuArK sucks for modeling. It splits the vertices shared between the front and the back sides of the texture, making the model filesize larger and killing the gouraud shading across front/back seams.

The 3MB thing, however, seems to be an issue with triangles having both a backside and a frontside.

(triangle backside&frontside isn't the same thing as texture backside&frontside) 
thanks for your answer mankrip.

I'm allready glad I catched the models with Qwalk. Sad I don't understand the manual of Noesis. It seems there are not many Q1 model converters.

Yes, QaArK ain't the best model studio.
Got to row with the peddles there are at hand. 
With Oculus Quest out in the field, I’m wondering, given the team behind the hardware and SDK, what would happen if somebody like me or you guys attempted to publish one of our engines to the Oculus Store 😂 
How About This 
Create a thread of your own where you can rant about otr and post drunken burps one title at a time while the other threads on this board remain clean and on-topic! 
Quake Models Are Shit ! 
Who Is That Anonymous Shitmodel? 
Sorry, wrong beef thread. 
Tell us something new.

Odd thing is, shitty as they are, they fit *perfectly* with the mood and setting of the game they’re in. So, ironically, they being shitty is exactly what makes them perfect. 
Ever Thought Of The Idea 
that how more minimalistic a model is, how harder it is to obtain a decent appearance? 
Not all Q1 models are crap. Models such as the death knight, the enforcer, the vore, and the scrag aged pretty great.

Stuff like the shambler and the ogre is a blockyfest. And that's not due to being low poly, but due to poor topology. I've optimized the polygons in most of the game's weapons, and found lots of pointless triangles. In many Q1 models it's actually possible to get a better visual quality using less triangles.

The shambler was one of the very first models created for the game, so Kevin Cloud clearly improved his work on the later models. 
Finland Won Hockey World Championship Just Now! 
I wasn't aware Cloud did the models for quake. I wonder if he did some of the models for Doom3 as well... 
QuakeEd For MacOS 1.0.1 
There is a new release of QuakeEd for MacOS, available here:

Quite a few things have changed:

- QuakeEd now targets MacOS 10.7 (Lion), instead of the latest available.
- The qbsp, light and vis command-line tools are now included in the package, and ready to use.
- A bug related to scrolling in the top-down (XY) view and the Z view has been fixed; both views now scroll as expected.
- Another bug related to pop up menus not appearing next to the selectors in the XY and Z views at their bottom right corner has also been fixed.
- Quake_OSX (the game engine) is now included for the user to test maps generated by the tool. NOTE: Quake_OSX targets 10.11 (El Capitan), due to it being a Swift application.

Instructions for setup, BSP generation and some other stuff are now included in the package in a file.

Let me know what do you find with this new iteration of the tool. Have fun mapping! 
Whoa Whoa Whoa... 
From :

“... high ray tracing workloads necessitate the use of RT Cores, and Quake II RTX has the highest workloads of any ray-traced game released to date.”

Sounds Right To Me 
Most games only implement a small amount of real time lighting rather than do full ray tracing 
Not Gonna Lie... 
I'm a lot more excited for Quake II RTX than the other games released so far! xD 
Hopefully someone will backport the path tracing from Q2RTX back into Q1.

Well, that someone will most likely be Spike. LordHavoc would be my other bet, but I don't know how active he's been. 
Interview with id's Kevin Cloud
I’m not moving more towards modeling. I created all the models for Quake and did quite a few models in Quake II. My skills improved quite a bit between the two projects, but I still need to get much better at it.

So, yeah, he admits that he was a newbie modeler at the time, and stopped modeling after Q2.

His work on Quake clearly reflects how much his skills improved from the beginning to the end of development, but I guess there was no time to redo the first models before releasing the game. 
that someone will most likely be Spike
my 750ti gpu is unable to use that stuff, and due to all the driver issues I'm unlikely to go with nvidia next time I upgrade.

that said, meag expressed an interest (read: ezquake) 
ah, nice interview. thanks for the link! 
I'm enjoying everyone's maps. Everyone here is a good mapper in my experience, despite the beef or what others might say to the contrary.

Wraith looks awesome and I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks to all the coders/modders, maintainers, mappers, and all of the people creating good stuff to keep me entertained and inspired. 
I agree. 
I did not intend for a flamewar to start about which models were terrible etc. These were early times and not much had been done in the history of real-time 3D so a lot was open to interpretation and learning as you go along.

Now that being stated, some of the models in HeXen II are ridiculously detailed, like the two trees right at the start, the sheep, and some of the multi-legged enemies. I never considered it growing up, but replaying it now to look at how they did stuff, it has some rather PS2-era levels of detail for environmental models. I guess it's why the maps otherwise were so sparsely detailed. 
I really miss the early 2000s website designs. PHP forums, PlanetQuake, the id Software website before being sold to Bethesda, etc.

Everything looked so good, with lots of detailed art put into their designs. Some phpBB forums looked almost like custom Winamp skins.

Nowadays it's all so flat. 
most quake1 sites have lost their involvement, nowadays people are more concerned for faster games, improvement and older games have become a bit lame.
It's also bit cogitari that when I switch back to a 320x220 resolution I can't hardly imagine the excitement I had those days playing the game.
I'm still surprised how much I can enjoy it, but while searching on the net I'm confronted with dead links. I even see it when using links from '98, much of it seems gone.

But I think it is nothing more than a natural development, after playing Unreal or Bioshock it's hardly to imagine Quake has its own power.
I'm more than glad there are people like EricW, Willem, Spike and others who still keep the torch burning.
As for this func_board of course, otherwise it would really have gone of the picture.

And so it goes for sites like PlanetQuake, InsideQc, QuakeOne.
People who do love Quake are die hards and there is nothing to it. 
Third person camera & movement system I've been working on. I won't manually edit subtitles this time, so tell me if there's anything you couldn't understand. 
Who On This Beautiful Planet Of Ours 
implements platform-like movement and doesn’t immediately after that implement Level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros? 😂 
AI Makes Some Progress In Quake III 
The DeepMind AI project beat the world's top Go players a few years ago, which was quite an impressive result compared to past performance in the board game. Now they're taking first steps into Quake. Specifically they are playing Quake III CTF, and doing quite well.

They use randomly generated maps of two types. One are flat maze maps and others are outdoor maps with elevation changes. Neither have true verticality, but they still vary the number of players and team composition between matches. So, apparently these AIs can learn to play well in human teams too.

The inputs the AIs receive are the raw RGB values for each display frame, and some general info about the current state of the game, such as the score. They are essentially "looking at the screen," as much as that makes sense when talking about AI.

It's quite an impressive result. It would be interesting to see them play against pro teams on a wider variety of maps, but I don't know if that's likely to happen.

Here's a popular article and a paper about the research. 
How much is QC and how much is FTE based in this system? Sorry if you said in the video. I watched the first few minutes but will watch the rest later.

Also I shared this link with RennyC who has been working on The Ascension of Vigil lately. That's a 3rd person FTE based game/mod. 
It's all QC based, it even works in vanilla WinQuake (though much less smooth). I'm not using any non-vanilla QC features besides entity transparency and 16-bit coords yet.

It doesn't work in either FTEQW or regular QS though. I haven't tested it in Darkplaces, but DP is too heavy for the potato PC specs I'm targeting.

I'm a big fan of The Ascension of Vigil, but I rarely check out discord. 
Looking Good Mankrip! 
Now you need someone to make 1-1 from mario :) 
I watched the entire video. It looks very solid and flexible. Looking forward to messing around with this when it's ready. 
Quake 2: 701 
You have crashed on the surface part of the Stroggos' homeworld where your forces occupied this area. This partly area was built by your forces and used as a 'training facility' for you to be trained for the upcoming missions against the 'real' Stroggos army. As you would guess, the Stroggos here are the ones that have been captured and reprogrammed for your preparation. Proceed to the "exit" if you can. Good Luck.
Hlmdl Models Do Not Load In FTE 
For some reason models in .mdl (half-life) format do not load in freecs mod. I tried to open same folder with mod and cs 1.5 (probably the version of FTE was different) and everything was fine. But now I try to do the same using last version of FTE (5468).

Also, found that I can see all the models if I change renderer to directx 9 or to directx 11 (I use opengl by default).

How can I fix this issue? 
Coding Help Thread - Is It Being Watched? 
I've been posting questions to the Coding Help thread, with no luck so far in answers. I have, in fact, another question, but since this thread doesn´t seem to be answered anymore, I need to ask: you guys know of a place where I could ask questions about the Quake engine code with a chance, however small, of being answered? 
We have an engine and QuakeC coding thread on the Quake mapping Discord. 
We also have a mapping help thread on the Terrafusion discord:

I've linked ur posts there in case anyone can help. 
Oh Oh... 
... somebody’s spambot had just suffered a Y2K-like bug and revived posts from 10 years ago 😂 
I love it when bots bump old threads. It provides a nice glimpse into the past that I might have otherwise missed. Too bad all of the screenshots are dead and that a lot of the old members are gone. 
Sup fuckers anyone at E3 this year? I'll be roaming the halls tomorrow (only), hit me up here if you wanna hook up. I will check this exactly once tomorrow. Maybe.

Or give me a buzz 747 219 4849 instead.


Not Me 
But GG frib! 
Mr Fribbles! Best mapper ever! 
A Little Questioning 
How do I start mapping for Quake?
I have a small floorplan ready,and a couple of texturewads.
I just...haven't mapped at all before. 
Watch These. 
LOL smab I got into this twitch shit like the cool kids, and of course I went looking for Quake stuff.

I saw some dude called Shamblernaut doing speed runs. I just assumed it was you, and and was very surprised to find it was some Aussie dude. 
Watched Actual Shambler's Twitch Yet Though? 
The weirdest thing initially about watching shums on twitch was hearing his rather agreeable and gentle voice, instead of the Tom Waits-esque leather-vocal-cords-soaked-in-bourbon growl that I had imagined for the last 20 years. 
Haha, No, Where Is It? 
I imagine he sounds like a right proper bell-end!

I'm not sure if I want to shatter my illusions either. 
Oi Kinn 
Do you know a dude called Lloyd Morris? You're British, right? You blokes all know each other I assume. 
You're getting old mate, you just forgot all the other ones 
Hehehe :}

Lloyd Morris eh..... Keeps showing off his double-jointed thumb? Always carries a scotch egg? Is that the chap? Never liked Eggy Morris if I'm honest with you. I think I epoxy-resin'd his locker door shut once but for the life of me can't remember what for. 
I imagine he sounds like a right proper bell-end!

Damn right. Of all my many redeeming qualities, having a rich manly voice is not one of them. Posh squeaky cunt voice. I make up for it in content tho - like apparently insulting mappers before they even have chance to watch me playing their map. Allegedly. 
Quakespasm On *buntu 18.04 
Anyone else using Ubuntu 18.04 or one of its derivatives (e.g. Mint 19.1) and getting bad performance and/or weird issues when running Quakespasm -- as in brush faces flickering in and out of existence, the game freezing for several seconds, or outright crashing with an error message that says "i965: Failed to submit batchbuffer: Input/output error"? I've tried three different distros now, all based on Ubuntu 18.04 and all with the same problem. This is on a machine with Intel integrated graphics, for what it's worth.

I've tried googling and searching around on Linux forums, with little success (perhaps because I know too little to even know what to search for). Thought maybe someone here might have run into the same issues and/or know what the solution is and/or be able to point me in the right direction... 

Wor is clearly inferior to Quake for me mainly because:

The over-reliance on enemies with hitscan attacks (and so-fast-it-may-as-well-be-hitscan attacks), meaning combat is mostly about popping in and out of corners and doorways, instead of strafing around like in Quake.

Wor's setting just feels too drab and charmless - ubiquitous concrete warehouses instead of weird fantasy "castles". There is much less thematic variation than in Quake.

Wind-ups/wind-downs on weapons, and stupid recoil (like the machinegun), and silly crap like the railgun equip animation taking approximately one million years in real-time, make the "gunplay" (sorry for that tosser word) too clunky, and fudgier even than in many of these fussy "realistic" FPS games with reload and stuff. Balancing weapon power by making the gun more or less laggy/tedious to handle is just bum design.

I guess I'm glad the Quake single-player brand started and ended with the first game.

Wor and the instantly forgettable/generic Wor 2 are just dried up, crusty dollops of guano clinging to a dead grey branch of the FPS family tree. 
Fucking Lol 
This arc is my favorite part of this season. 
Dunno What You're On About Kinn. 
But since it's a Quake 2 thread for Quake 2 discussion, it's best to take your tangential off-topic ramblings about some imaginary other game elsewhere. GA I suppose is the default. 
it even triggered shums so much he had to close his wor thread 
Unfortunately It Seemed To Be A Spam Magnet. 
And since we're trying to cut down on spam here are func.... 
If the Quake 2 thread got deleted for attracting too much spam, does that create a legal precedent wherein the same can be done to other spam attracting threads? 
But There Was No Spam In The Wor Thread 
only my posts, which shums found disagreeable for some reason. 
excuse me
when are you gonna release the final version of progs_dump 1.1.0?
I need a reason to start the qc part of my mod and stop being a lazy ass 
I am getting very close. By this weekend and hopefully even sooner if I can swing it.

All that needs to be done now is testing in QSS, FTE, Mark V and DarkPlaces. Finalizing the readme (last minute stuff really) and then finishing off the archive.

The good news is, if you are simply waiting for the QC and not all the sample maps etc, it's available on Github right now.

Feel free to clone or download it now: 
Do you guys have any (active) URLs to download hi-res .mdl files for Quake? I know there are lots of resources out there for modern engines, but the few ones that I managed to find out specifically in .mdl format seem to be no longer accessible - either that, or my google-fu is failing me big time :(

I'm interested in .mdl files that go over 2000 vertices and/or skins in excess of 480x480 pixels (the current vanilla limitations)... 
firstly, there's no such thing as a hi-res .mdl
they're limited to 8-bit vertex coords, so high vertex counts is a stupid thing to do...

secondly, I believe smc has such models...
spider.mdl - 2323 verts
afrit.mdl - 1024*1024 skins 
Got It. However... 
... I'm not familiar with this smc thing you mention. Do you know where I could get an URL to that? :) 
... Or Person 
Oops. Didn't stop to consider you might be talking about someone. Sorry. 
some cool features in the prodeus level editor 
That looks like it'll be really fun to use and easy to pick up. I was actually surprised when I found out that it's brush based because the game play video I watched a little while back showed what look like a sector based map without true room over room. 
WTF With All These Shits????? 
benis down 
Seriously Tho 
I can't hear properly because of a surgery,so no music.
I decided to just hit up the old rmq svn and I downloaded e1m1rq and some of the files needed.

My god....I didn't expect such a twist from an incomplete map.Especially the fiend.And normally Quake doesn't creep me out but that room...the thing with the portal on the ceiling and the power coupling pickup...

This incomplete cancelled project,even without sounds or music,might have been the AD of that time. 
I always see people talking so much about this Remake Quake and how it was great but incomplete/unfinished...

is there any legal reason why people can't finish it?

Someone should talk with the authors and see if they give permission to make a JAM with the original files/codes so the mappers here could finally complete this mod =D 
It Wasn't Very Good. 
I worked on it for 17 months. 
All the original files are available for free at 
Legal Reason 
I did some time with modelling for Remake Quake.
Really enjoyed the testpacks that were distributed.
So I have a lot of the maps that were remade.
Not agree with otp about the not-really-good,
some maps are really good but in a prefase stadium.
And it is the bsp2 format that is high on my hat.

Where many agree a single road always crosses another.
that's why it is hard to finish, not a legal reason. 
Can you please tell me which rmq maps were fully finished?
Don't tell me the maps that were given in the demos
None Were Fully Finished. 
Not even the ones from the demos, those were still heavy WIP versions. 
To be Onoficial True Pointed a comparison,
What you don't want:

rmqdemo2 14/24/2010
The Doors of Delusion - e1m6rq.bsp

rmqwinter11 -/-/2011
the ones you mentioned e2m6rq,e3m1rq,e3m2rq,e3m3rq.

So what I have left is a Turtoise-mirror of the RemakeQuake group.
There are some rebuilds of the original maps, as some cft maps.
I will just add maps for your convience.

Fully finished go for:

e1m1rq - bsp2 /
e1m2rq - House Of CrimsonBlades
e1m3rq - Crowd Pleaser
e1m4rq - Cricket's Crotchet
e1m5rq - unfinished
e1m6rq - The Doors Of Delusion
e1m9rq - Home Run
e2m4rq - The Ebon Temptress
e2m5rq - The Wizard Manse
e2m6rq - Dismal Oubliette
e3m1rq - bsp2 / out of reach
e3m2rq - bsp2 /
e3m3qc - bsp2 /
e3m4rq - Cool Air Tunnels
e3m6rq - Chambers Of Lament
e3m7rq - Phantom Perplexity /unf.
e4m1rq - The Sewage problems
e4m4rq - bsp2 /
gib_palace - Palace Revolution
grad - Tormentarium
rift - The Rift
ugly - Ugly Lab

ctf1rq - ctf2rq - ctf3rq
dm2rq - dm5rq

So far, it's just a quick look for what I could find.
I can't open the bsp2 files, some have maps of 5mb and this needs a different aproach.
Most bsp files are over the 5Mb, and I must say they are of a gentle mapping intrest. 
WHat A Great List. 
Not a single one of those was finished. 
e2m6rq - Dismal Oubliette

It's actually "Dismal Silhouette". 
Blub Blub Nayah 
is a food pak name. 
I can't access the svn for a few hours,so I'd just like to know if the original source is available.
QC src for RMQ! 
Unauthorised RMQ_src 
Thank you!
And what is the difference between rmqwinter11 progs and this progs.dat? 
Time Stamp 
The RMQ_scr timestamp 2-5-2011 runs well, but the files are earlier than the ones on It is from my workdirectory.
The last ticketswitch is from Sat Jan 12 19:48:16 2013.
That is 18 month's later.

You can see it in the src that's updated with a zomfast.qc.
So I guess more has changed in time.
For the excact info you should download the files from
(file by file). 
Wasn't there supposed to be an elder ogre the size of a shambler? 
There Was. 
But trying to give madfox direction re:models was like talking to a house plant.

The episode 3 boss was supposed to be one of tthe Dark Young of Shub Niggurath - basically a Shub that can stampede around and attack.
Madfox's model was instead Voreling sized. 
I can't wait to imagine what the playtesters reaction would've been.
They would have expected a big challenge and maybe readied their cauterizer and made sure they had red armor and after going to all that trouble they find....a voreling-sized Shub.

Or maybe even ijed going wtf? 
Michael McKean fucking owns. 
RMQ Models 
At the time I had the DarkYoung model ready when the team started to fall apart.

I'm glad Rhynche survived with its sucking armor and health scene. That's a coding part I'm still not skilled enough Suppa.
As for the Dweller amphebian model, that's wandering both land and water.

@ijazz2019 - You can check out the DarkYoung yourself, scale it out, see if it might impress you. 
Oops, Wrong Download 
Those look great. The Dweller would still be awesome in a map even just a non-interactable set piece that you can see from a distance. 
You mean like this?
(Has anyone actually seen this movie I have, hahaha.. Wahlberg was a hilarious pick for casting)

Amphibian looks cool, reminds me of a monster from Unreal 1. I was always disappointed by the collapse of RMQ, it was probably too ambitious of a project but I really liked what was released of it. Hard to believe it was coming up on a decade ago. 
Good Article OTP 
Now go map 
Good Read Bad Headline 
The gist is not "go ahead and be a negative asshole" rather, "don't let others suppress your true feelings" and recognize "how you are feeling" and learn from it. 
Nobody Asked Either Of You. 
Oh Fuck Right Off You Cunt 
This is patented BS (like most of TED, really). Feelings are neither to be suppressed nor let run free. What you feel is true in a sense that this is your immediate reaction to events. But your reactions are very often too strong or too timid and either consciously or subconsciously you don't like the way you reacted. And that indicates an issue that should be worked at.

Thing is, no matter how well you understand how and why things work the way they do, your emotions will very often take over your actions. TED sermons and online posts are not going to change that, no matter how many of them you gobble like a pelican. ;-)

Go see a shrink, don't waste time on self help crap. 
No, I am very much content with my emotional reactions to things.

I also don't go out looking for "self help crap", you getting that impression from me posting a total of one article only reflects on you more than on me.

And for somebody with a very strong opinion on the Quake community and its inclusivity, that post sure seemed like neurotypical discrimination.

Now feel free to go fuck yourself. 
You being defensive over me commenting TED talk tells more about you, and so on. My comments were general, not directly targeting you so the fact you felt the need to respond tells more, and so on.

Thanks for the suggestion, I prefer to fuck with my wife but I may try your approach one day. Cheers! 
I "gobble" up TED talks like a pelican. Listen to podcasts etc. I don't consider them sermons or BS. Not even close to "self help" IMO. Only a few have left me disappointed and one of them changed (maybe saved) my life - literally. That one was from a former Doctor from NIH who turned me on to intermittent fasting. The TED talk gave me lose 60 pounds.

Thing is, no matter how well you understand how and why things work the way they do, your emotions will very often take over your actions.

That's a cop out IMO and is lazy thinking. People can calm down, focus and change their behavior. I used to have an insane temper - just nuts. I faced it and sought help through a book called "When Anger Hurts" written by people much smarter than me. That book that you'd probably dismiss as "self-help" along with some hard work and soul searching helped me chill the fuck out.

It's amazing what having an open mind can do.

An now the best TED talk of all time. Please take a look. 
Here's the thing.
I started being more social on last year,after my 10th grade Board Exams(really big and hyped exams in my country) got over.
However,my reputation for being an immature arse precedes me every time.
I literally do not know how to analyze people,and even how to self-introspect.
It also hurts when my parents shout at me,although I can take even worse insults from my classmates.
All-in-all,a sensitive,somewhat immature guy.

I suck at studies,and it is taken seriously in our country.I can't for the life of me figure out vectors.(QuakeC vectors are somewhat OK)
I also am a lazy guy.That;s the reason I haven't started mapping,and why I waited for you to release the 1.1.0 of your devkit instead of making a vanilla map for practice first,@dumptruck

What can I do to improve myself? How do I get rid of the feeling that everyone hates me?

I'm not one of those kids who scream "IM DEPRESSED!"

I need a little bit of help.Just tell me what I can do to...uhh...calibrate my compass or something? idk.
I am clueless now as to what I can do.
I can't get a book easily because I got 80% in that goddamn board exams.
Quake modding is severely frowned upon.
I can't figure out math easily.

(if this osunds tupid,it is because I tend to be like htis.If I do something,a few minutes later I suddenly realize what I should have said or done.)

Also,otp,if you have anything useful for me me a compass or tell me how to find it,otherwise please shut up.I will be a cunt for as long as I be like a cunt floating aimlessly in space.Deal with it,or do something.

With love,ijaaz 
1st of I did release version 1.1.0 of progs_dump - so no more waiting! :)

I'm not sure how helpful a response here on func will be but here's a few bits of advice. Some things to try out:

1. go volunteer to help someone out for a few hours. An old folks home or something similar. You will quickly see how much better your life is than many others.

2. get outdoors. we mappers/gamers spend WAY too much time inside. Go take a half and hour walk in a nice park. people watch... don't listen to music... listen to all the sounds around you... feel the wind and sunshine on your skin. Read this for more info on how important this is.

3. learn something new - go take a painting class or something like this that challenges you with new accomplishments. nothing on the computer... use your hands and stimulate your senses.

4. go to a counsellor. there's no shame in seeking help and you may discover these overwhelming feelings you are having can be dealt with and changed with a bit of work.

Good luck! 
I "gobble" up TED talks like a pelican. Listen to podcasts etc. I don't consider them sermons or BS.
Of course you don't. If you did, you wouldn't watch them.

Not even close to "self help" IMO. Only a few have left me disappointed and one of them changed (maybe saved) my life - literally. That one was from a former Doctor from NIH who turned me on to intermittent fasting. The TED talk gave me lose 60 pounds.
I'm glad you did, even though intermittent fasting (according to NIH) isn't more effective than simply eating less. Obesity is a real problem but I'm still not convinced people should turn to TED to combat it. You shouldn't need flashy video to know these kinds of things.

That's a cop out IMO and is lazy thinking. People can calm down, focus and change their behavior.
I'm pretty sure you're not one of those people who tell depressed to just cheer up and smile more. So I'm baffled why is it that you call "issues to work on with a professional" a lazy thinking.

Sure you can calm down, but that's not what I said is hard or impossible. Striking balance between what emotions you feel, why and for how long is hard. You can introspect all you want but that rarely feeds into your emotions the next time something touches you. Many people dwell on emotions (good or bad) beyond the point that's healthy to them, whether they realize it or not.

I don't think calling people who go to shrink lazy is very insightful. Psychodynamic psychotherapy takes years. Calling it lazy is ill-informed and at least slightly irresponsible.

I used to have an insane temper - just nuts. I faced it and sought help through a book called "When Anger Hurts" written by people much smarter than me. That book (...) helped me chill the fuck out.
Yeah, I can see that. ;)

It's amazing what having an open mind can do.
Depending on what open mind is to you, maybe. There are valuable TED talks and self help books and what not, sure. But many of them are mind opening in the same way homeopathy or cupping therapy (to use a nice Polish example) is.

I mean, it's a law of large numbers. For the same reason no matter how good your videos are, when you reach 200 of them at least one is bound to be crap. But that doesn't mean your tutorials are crap (they clearly aren't) just like my general statement about the pop sciencey, misleading TED talks is not invalidated by your profound experience after listening to one of them. :)

An now the best TED talk of all time. Please take a look.
I think you were the one who said on QuakeCast that behind the scenes aren't interesting (or was it Shambler?). Either way. TED talks (TEDx ones less so) are rehearsed up the wazoo and molded into a predefined format. That's why they are so slick and uniform. I have to assume that you like them for production value but really, there's little substance to a vast majority of them and some are actively harmful, distorting reality and scientific findings. And many of the valid ones are just a platform for authors to push their books, which is IMO skeezy. 
The TED talk inspired me to research intermittent fasting, which I did. I didn't just start after watching a 15 minute video! I read two books on the matter. It is effective, for me.

I don't think calling people who go to shrink lazy is very insightful.

I didn't type that anywhere and that's certainly not what I meant.

Did you look at the link I sent? It's a spoof of TED talks - for fun and to keep the conversation light.

I wouldn't have said behind the scenes aren't interesting. I made a living doing them for seven years and I enjoy them. 
It must have been Shambler then. And yes, I did watch that. I see the appeal but don't find it that amusing myself. ;) 
I Deny Everything. 
You're not forcing me to listen to QC#12 again just to prove you did that. 
It's 0:49:25+. 
What Is 
the problem with the bsp2 files madfox?

The map files should all be in the svn no?

Rmq source is still around. I'll add it to the downloads page I guess.

Rmq map jam? It's not in a state where you could do that. 
why not? 
Which part of "not finished" and "work in progress" was hard to understand when I said that like three times? 
You could if you removed the worst wip stuff such as the sounds, and didn't rely heavily on things such as pushables and the grapple.

The better working stuff like the spawn randomizer, custom keys, spellcasters, hub system etc, basically what you see in demos and test maps, might still be useful. 
Basically it'll be better if you just rip the features you want and make a new mod. 
No problem with bsp2, I couldn't open them in a quick view.

which part of the heart and the hart was hard to understand.
Unfinished is a map that has an open end and Work in progress is an idiot that tries to end it.

I studied the subject several times, but subroutines like the Rhynch or Dweller are not easy to rip off without getting involved in other parts of the code. 
Did madfox just call me an idiot? 
I seriously can't understand this piece of *gold*

GB,while we are at it,why not make the RMQ Jam use Rune of Earth Magic stuff instead?
Like,RMQ,but with the ideas for ROEM that you mentioned.

I'll try having a look at the qc.Lots to learn.
If it is not took much work,can I have a zip of all the QC files from the svn?
Please,only ssqc not the csqc.
I'll download all the missing progs and maybe see if any changes were made after rmqwinter11

BTW,what were the changes made after rmqwinter11? 
I meant madfox's message #31221 
ROEM is basically RMQ episode 1 with developments from the Quake incarnation of Scout's Journey crossed in such as Q3BSP, higher res visuals, FTE heightmap terrain/dynamic lighting etc, and even more humungous maps especially outdoor areas with hacked portals / areaportals / manual hint portals etc to make them run faster. It is a shelved project that I may return to, it's not really RMQ and it's not really abandoned. It is definitely in no state to serve as the basis of a mod or mapping pack. It's not even Quake 1 mapping anymore. It's somewhere between Warsow and Call of Duty (1).

RMQ Qc is very weird I guess, you'll find some stuff optimized and some stuff moved around and some truly wonderful hacking. It is an amalgamation of QC 1.06, ExtrasR4, hipnotic, Drake, lots of other mods, and a lot of experimentation. Some entities require the RMQ engine or even FTE, possibly. One of the best things in there IMHO is real rotating entities (no more stair-step collision etc). Another beautiful thing is daisy-chainable cutscene cameras. The code for breaking windows etc is also pretty cool. There is also summoning etc.

After the Winter '11 demo, to the best of my memory, I worked with Spike on stuff like csqc and the hub system, and I think ijed was working on Ep3 maps with the dweller creature and the flayn zombie, IIRC I also worked with peg on playtesting the SP maps, and with gnounc on models and general QC projects, but in the spring of 2012 activity on the board seemed to die down. I know I spoke with ijed about somehow salvaging the project with a smaller crew. We seemed to agree that cutting it down to 10 or 12 maps was the only way to finish it, but it didn't work out. It was a radical change of course and there were too many different ideas and not enough time. A few days later I left the project.

I had a lot of pent-up ideas that didn't fit RMQ, for example it had long been my opinion that we should simply switch to the readily available Q3 BSP format instead of hacking up the Q1 map compiler. We did switch to IQM model format and adopted csqc, but only half-heartedly. I hacked up some of my maps to run on the Warsow engine a couple days later, then switched to FTE. That worked pretty well except the bigger the project got, the more the cracks started showing. But that's a different story.

Some of the other guys joined Schism, which I can only guess had equally massive changes applied, and I believe a lot of that ended up in Telefragged, which was well received.

The QC source is here: 
You should appear on the Quakecast. 
I owe all I know to ijed, Supa, Lardarse, mh, Spike and LadyHavoc. They should be on there. 
No They Dont 
No offend, just the conclusion not finished and work in progress are the same subject. The idiot could be me as much as anyone else who cares. 
ijed and LH would be awesome picks. 
I presume you're the same big brain as these all-time anon shits:

Go away forever. You've done more damage to yhings than you could have imagined. 
@anonymous User 
What's the problem,kid?
Doc told you that you have testicular cancer?
So sad,very bad,suck it fag 
Thank you.You have given me indirect advice.
If it is not too much trouble,can I try stripping the RMQ QC and sending it to you for...."approval"? 
@gb can I mirror the repository ,gb?
Too many models to download,many new sounds.... 
As I wrote, download them file by file.

I can make a zip file for your convenience, though it is quite a large file.
If it has that importance to you, why not behold some more patience?

I made downloads of an absurd er proportions. 
@ijazz, the RemakeQuake files are stored in a Subversion repository, so you should be able to download everything if you:

1) Install the Subversion tools on your system

2) Use the tools to checkout a working copy of the repository

I'm afraid I can't really help with specifics, because how to do this would depend on what OS you're using, and whether you're comfortable using command-line tools as opposed to GUI tools (I've only ever used the command-line svn tools).

For example, I already have the command-line svn tools on this system, so I can just use the command:

svn checkout svn://

That appears to download everything.

One thing that wasn't immediately obvious: after copy-pasting the URL out of my web browser, I had to change the "https://" at the beginning to "svn://". 
I used TortoiseSVN to download the files.
Will strip it down soon after copying all the files to my quake directory.
Should I get an SSD? Will it run out of writes quickly? 
I played through some levels using the latest svn,looks good,will compile again to see if there is a difference.
Only thing is the flayn doesn't work.
E1M1.ent having monster_flayn in place of monster_army.
Anything wrong? 
I like freshwater crabs. I think more games should have sideways walking enemies in them! 
I remember that the base turrets in RMQ are good, they should be salvaged. 
What are the most common/beloved mods/maps that rely on specific engine support? I guess I could rephrase it as "what ain't going to run on QS?" to make it simpler.

Nehahra comes to mind. Official mission packs would be just that if they weren't supported by pretty much every engine. I guess anything that requires uncommon protocol version would end up in this group, no? Darkplaces would fall into this category.

Any suggestions? 
I don't think there are many,apart from Nehahra.
Maybe Quake 1.5,Qore,some other engine specific mods.

On a side note,how do I convert iqm to mdl?
Some of RMQ's models are in that format.... 
The official mission packs are supported by the latest (1.9) official versions of the engine (Q, WQ, GLQ). I don't remember if they're supported by the version 1.8, though. 
iqm - Inter-Quake Model. 
If I recall correctly, noesis is the only program that can read the chasm models 
Guess which non-mapper has a screenshot of their work featured on redbull dot fucking com?

(Thanks Fairweather!) 
Happy Birthday Metl! 
Thanks for keeping this place running all these years! 
Congrats on making it one more year! 
thanks sleepy & generic! 
Morning All. 
All rosy in Quakeland today? 
The Door Problem Of Combat Design

An article by Andrew Yoder was shared on HN last weekend, thought some of you might like the discussion about it.
Features quake examples and some basic steps to avoid corner sniping and all that. 
Oh The Article 
I've been amused by how many responses to the post are "just lock the players in the arena!" or "just let me fight from the door!" And also a good many "make smarter AI!"

But it has sparked a good conversation, and I should write a follow up :) 
Door Problem 
Created a discussion thread for this: 
Hey Otp 
is there a thread for sm 199?
i need to play this, and quaddicted has no such entry. 
Good Read 
Hey Anon 
Good Read, Indeed... 
Thanks, MFX! I love the original Alone in the Dark series! 
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