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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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An embellishment on that idea would be to have all the similarly themed maps in spatial proximity, (green brick zone, metal zone, city zone etc.) but the player progression can weave between themes/zones quite freely

This assumes the entire id1 world is tightly packed into a single map. 
so where can i find necros' episode 1 merger? It's not on quaddicted or his website... 
I think this is what you were thinking of:

Lots of files there but I think the compiled map is in release/ Haven't tried it. 
*takes 2mo break, pokes head in* Yall been busy! Where's the 2019 map list? 
Hi, I am working on making a websight together with a friend that is going to host a collection of all the modern FPS-es made in a "retro"-fashion out there and where to get them.

We've registered but so far we have not yet hooked the content up to the address, and the project is currently WIP sitting here:

There's a platform filter in the top right and we'll include more games as we get the time. Obviously a lot of games are missing right now and also getting good promo graphics is hard, hence why it is not official yet.

What do you think? 
Okay So. 
RetroPew is a terrible stupid awful naff name. Evocative of shit weapon sounds and that fucking youtube cuntscraping, and nothing to do with classic shooters.

Also Quake3 is not a fucking retro classic by any stretch.

BUT aside from that, it's quite a good idea. If you can be bothered to regularly update all the listings with regular news, updates, trailers, releases etc, it could be well worth it. 
I know it's pronounced "p-yoo" but you can easily pronounce it retropoo... and that is a problem 
the "pew" bit is bad. No-one says "pew pew" apart from those pretend gamer plonkers who think games still had commodore 64-esque chip sounds in the late 90s.

Also, yeah "Pewdypie" (or whatever he's called) does for the word "pew" what Hitler does for the pencil moustache, so it's two strikes really, exactly as sham says. 
Toothbrush Moustache I Mean 
I Am Glad You Liked The Name 
Site looks decent. Good idea. I think you should put them all in physical boxes though. And pull in the price and a rating so users can make better decisions about what detail pages to view. Even a one-liner blurb for each one.

And then you might actually be able to drive traffic and make some affiliate moneys! Might need a better name though, genuinely. 
New Proposed Name 
the hall of pretension 
JFC these boomers.

Funny how Pewdiepie is pronounced correctly by millions of fans.

The site idea sounds great, go for it. 
I think word-of-mouth is more effective in such niche segments than dedicated websites.

Your intentions are great, these are exciting times for retro FPSs, but I don't see RetroPew giving more visibility to those FPSs than threads at DoomWorld, 3D Realms forums, and so on.

The target audience will likely be already exposed to the info you're gathering. It's not like you're going to advertise the website at the Super Bowl or something. 
Two reasons I'm not running a maps tally for 2019:

1. The 2017 list was very basic and barebones. For 2018 I decided to expand it with proper author names, mods used, etc. so I could run stats on it. That led to some interesting discoveries, and I was happy with it.

Logically a 2019 spreadsheet should probably go into even deeper detail for even more precise statistics. But there needs to be a point where I stop, since if I just keep making a new, increasingly complex spreadsheet every year, I'll eventually end up recreating Quaddicted (which, miraculously, is actually back to putting some effort in being up to date: from scratch.

2. I didn't want to open myself to anymore of dumptruck's indignation about what I choose to file under maps omitted from the tally.

BTW ,I feel like there is a real need to have a list like yours. Quaddicted used to be a good catalogue of "maps", but now that most maps are in jams/packs that contain 5-20 maps each, Quaddicted is more of a catalog of releases and the maps are hidden inside. This is not a dig on Quaddicted, but release patterns changed. 
It Was A Great Resource 
I find it hard to believe a couple of honest questions caused such an issue for you. I never saw guidelines posted in the spreadsheet about what counted as a map.

metlsline has a good point about Quaddicted, I hope someone else steps up and takes over this task. 
also i feel like i should say more strongly: Quaddicted is STILL a great resource. 
...and I will strongly agree. I think there are some changes planned to Quaddicted for the near term. (usability and database stuff) I hope Spirit has some good news for us eventually. 
Aw can't we keep it the same as or slightly simpler than 2018? I loved the list last year. It's fun to have regardless of how quickly the awesome Quaddicted is upkept, even just a simple list per month. 
Any Way To Combine The Map List.... 
....with the Quake Awards?? 
If It's Worth Anything To You, OTP, 
I liked your map list, too! Would DEFINITELY like to see one again. As stated previously by metlslime, Quaddicted lists releases, not maps. And I think the individual maps in multimap releases deserve to be mentioned in their own right! 
A Question I Have 
I dont know if I should post this here but...

Does anyone know some quake monsters that resemble this aliens:

I am just curious. 
Freecs FTE Textures Trouble 
I am not sure should I post it here or in mapping thread :D

Hello, I have some troubles with textures on my map in FTE engine:

My map has low-quality textures and here is how it looks in darkplaces engine:

In darkplaces I added high quality textures in "textures" folder (each hd texture name corresponds to each lq texture name). I also use normal maps and gloss. Here is how it looks after that:

I tried to do the same in FTE engine. So I have a map with low quality textures and I have some hd textures with normal maps and gloss in "textures" folder. Hd textures are loaded too:

After that i decided to run this map in "Freecs" for FTE quake. The problem is that now hd textures are not loaded from "textures" folder. Only normal maps and gloss can be loaded. Screenshot:

I replaced all the cfg files in freecs for cfg files from my mod. The graphics changed but my hd textures are still can not be loaded. I also tried to use different formats - tga and jpg for textures in "textures" folder but still no result. Map is in quake 3 format.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?
(sorry if I made any mistakes, my English is still poor) 
Thread Closed Due To Spam 
Closing the Mark V thread for spam? Why only that particular thread? I think you're going to have to close a lot more moving forward. 
It Was Getting Persistent Daily On Just That Thread 
I was hoping do it for a week and the spambot algorithms fuck off. Could be wrong. Can re-open it later for all those people who love the daily 1 new post about document writing spamware. 
Okay Done. 
Feel free to ask metl to remove anon posting and thus remove 100% of the spam. 
some spam isn't anonymous :)

however, might be a good compromise to have a "protected" status for some threads which allows only registered users to post, for threads like that which seem to be constantly spammed. 
I Would Argue For The Opposite 
Allow only registered users to post, but have a "anything goes" status for some threads where anon posts are permitted. 
What about make every thread registered users only APART from General Abuse which also lets non-registered users post?

The only argument for allowing non-registered users to post is to placate the "but i've forgotten my login" whingers. In that case, at least they can make themselves heard in GA, if they *really* have to make a post for some urgent reason. 
I would extend that to the stickied threads, otherwise agree.

And the Mark V thread of course. 
Kinn Dropping The Common Sense Bomb Yet Again. 
Yeah, I Support Kinn's Suggestion 
Cheers, yeah I really think it should *only* be in GA, and not other sticky threads (as otp suggests)

With just a single place where anons can post their shite - err...I mean important posts - that at least quarantines the problem, whilst allowing for the odd valid anon who really, really must post or else he'll explode or something.

Think of the place as a sort of containment zone, full of mutants and bellends. 
Think of the place as a sort of containment zone, full of mutants and bellends.

Server Move & Downtime 
Hi everyone, I will have to move to a new server until the end of the month. This will mean some downtime for the following websites:

- func_messageboard

I expect at most one day of downtime. 
Can't Help It 
My dreams spam anonymus, should I call user? 
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