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I presume you're the same big brain as these all-time anon shits:

Go away forever. You've done more damage to yhings than you could have imagined. 
@anonymous User 
What's the problem,kid?
Doc told you that you have testicular cancer?
So sad,very bad,suck it fag 
Thank you.You have given me indirect advice.
If it is not too much trouble,can I try stripping the RMQ QC and sending it to you for...."approval"? 
@gb can I mirror the repository ,gb?
Too many models to download,many new sounds.... 
As I wrote, download them file by file.

I can make a zip file for your convenience, though it is quite a large file.
If it has that importance to you, why not behold some more patience?

I made downloads of an absurd er proportions. 
@ijazz, the RemakeQuake files are stored in a Subversion repository, so you should be able to download everything if you:

1) Install the Subversion tools on your system

2) Use the tools to checkout a working copy of the repository

I'm afraid I can't really help with specifics, because how to do this would depend on what OS you're using, and whether you're comfortable using command-line tools as opposed to GUI tools (I've only ever used the command-line svn tools).

For example, I already have the command-line svn tools on this system, so I can just use the command:

svn checkout svn://

That appears to download everything.

One thing that wasn't immediately obvious: after copy-pasting the URL out of my web browser, I had to change the "https://" at the beginning to "svn://". 
I used TortoiseSVN to download the files.
Will strip it down soon after copying all the files to my quake directory.
Should I get an SSD? Will it run out of writes quickly? 
I played through some levels using the latest svn,looks good,will compile again to see if there is a difference.
Only thing is the flayn doesn't work.
E1M1.ent having monster_flayn in place of monster_army.
Anything wrong? 
I like freshwater crabs. I think more games should have sideways walking enemies in them! 
I remember that the base turrets in RMQ are good, they should be salvaged. 
What are the most common/beloved mods/maps that rely on specific engine support? I guess I could rephrase it as "what ain't going to run on QS?" to make it simpler.

Nehahra comes to mind. Official mission packs would be just that if they weren't supported by pretty much every engine. I guess anything that requires uncommon protocol version would end up in this group, no? Darkplaces would fall into this category.

Any suggestions? 
I don't think there are many,apart from Nehahra.
Maybe Quake 1.5,Qore,some other engine specific mods.

On a side note,how do I convert iqm to mdl?
Some of RMQ's models are in that format.... 
The official mission packs are supported by the latest (1.9) official versions of the engine (Q, WQ, GLQ). I don't remember if they're supported by the version 1.8, though. 
iqm - Inter-Quake Model. 
If I recall correctly, noesis is the only program that can read the chasm models 
Guess which non-mapper has a screenshot of their work featured on redbull dot fucking com?

(Thanks Fairweather!) 
Happy Birthday Metl! 
Thanks for keeping this place running all these years! 
Congrats on making it one more year! 
thanks sleepy & generic! 
Morning All. 
All rosy in Quakeland today? 
The Door Problem Of Combat Design

An article by Andrew Yoder was shared on HN last weekend, thought some of you might like the discussion about it.
Features quake examples and some basic steps to avoid corner sniping and all that. 
Oh The Article 
I've been amused by how many responses to the post are "just lock the players in the arena!" or "just let me fight from the door!" And also a good many "make smarter AI!"

But it has sparked a good conversation, and I should write a follow up :) 
Door Problem 
Created a discussion thread for this: 
Hey Otp 
is there a thread for sm 199?
i need to play this, and quaddicted has no such entry. 
Good Read 
Hey Anon 
Good Read, Indeed... 
Thanks, MFX! I love the original Alone in the Dark series! 
Madfox, are you still converting the chasm models? 
I have got four going but I'm a little concerned about the sinful.
Chasm models have a uvskinfile, )but converted models have nosplit meshes. 
[11:06 PM] Shambler: Hmmm
[11:06 PM] Shambler: Time for my monthly foreskin clean actuallys
[11:06 PM] Shambler: Scrape out the cheese and add it to my storage jar 
Gonna Start Selling It On At The End Of The Year. 
Free postage to Poland etc. 
I don't think there's a huge demand for Shambler smegma unless it's a vital ingredient in youth potion or something. 
Carmack is so eloquent it’s a pleasure. So many topics they covered..
Ladybro timestamped some topics here: 
So, the guy is including pirated copies of Quake's official mission packs ("hypnotic" and "rogue"). 
John Carmack Interview 
Nice To See So Much Going On 
Quite a few stand alone, beta releases, mini-eps and WIP screenshots both here and on the various Discords. Nearly 300 map releases this year!

Kudos to Bal for picking up the map count from otp this year. 

Highlighting the specific section where they talk about custom Quake maps and minimal textures in competitve matches.

I wonder if Joe is talking about QMD's maps... 
Fucking Lol 
Imagine if Rogan just straight up started throwing quotes from old tf at Carmack.

"John, DMM is the shit of my life." 
I think he's talking about high r_picmip settings for Quake 3 competitive play which make every map look like minimal textures. 
Yep either that or the similar clientside settings that players use in Quake 1. 
Please Post A Description And Context, Thanks. 
Maybe some encouragement to discuss the content too. 
Imagine working at a game studio where you're required to bring your wife to work everyday to stay with you all the time.

Including crunch. 
What The Hell Is This Drivel 
Top Quality Content 
smash that like button
smash that subscribe button 
Wtf Is Wrong With You And Posting Without Any Context?? 
Sign Of Koth.ogg 
music track/file link somebody pls? 
I can't find it online (Mug took it off of his websites) but I have it on my HD somewhere I will find it for you this weekend. 
Brain Fart 

Just so I can (not) make a map called "Edgington of Oblivion" or maybe "Edge of Oblivington", whichever sounds better. 
Someone Beard Me To It! 
Dungeon Generator 
Just Made An Archive Of Myself 
All my old maps (as much as I can remember) just got uploaded to my new webby.

This is just a bag on the side of my DJ webbo, since I'm more into that these days.

Just so you know. 
Welcome Back, Fat Controller! 
Nice One Fat Controller :) 
I reckon that Daz might be well up for your dark psy-trance mix. I'll give it a check too. 
very nice :) 
I'm Flattered 
not sure I have really earned having any maps named after me.

But if anyone does a hipdm1 jam I will try to actually join in. 
Fat Controller!

Nice site there... good screenies, and I'd be happy to see even more little comments about the maps. I love seeing the good old stuff lovingly collected. 
which open source engine would you guys say has the best netcode in 2019? Based on amount of players and stability, I would say ioquake3. It's just awesome. However, I've been hearing lot's of good things about DP's protocol and, well, Nexuiz and Xonotic are proof of that.

There's also QFusion from Warsaw and a few others. If you were starting a multiplayer-only total-conversion, which engine would you choose? I'm asking because I was initially planning to use ioquake for my experiment 
thats tribes netcode 
FAO Quake Mappers. 
You lot have been making quite a bit of stuff recently and no doubt some of it is decent / good / great. Normally I'd be playing and commenting and critiquing on it, but I'm kinda not that psyched Quake-wise ATM, I've been catching up on other games. Hence not replying in any of the recent release threads. But I might catch up at some point, and GGWP everyone anyway, hope you're having fun doing it. 
quakespasm is fitzquake is glquake is netquake

Can you confirm the above? In context of discussing physics/air control. 
onetruepurple: i am wrong

Can you confirm the above? In context of everything. 
Yes, QS and fitzquake and glquake are all “netquake” engines 
Cool thanks. 
I told you VR was catching on... proof: 
Help A Quake God 
Lol So... 
...those cows get to play HL3, the bastards. 
This Would Be For Damage Inc. If You Were The One From Megatf. 
It would be really awesome if there was an archive to the "that hurt and damage Inc." radio show back a long time ago. I'd love to relisten to those if you still have them somewhere. 
Vote For AD On The Moddb Moty Awards!

ive set up a page for the original. no hd textures, just pure fun. plenty of 1080p screenshots, and a smaller 1.71 7zip file.

...yes i know the official moddb tweet sounded that the new hd version IS THE SHIT, but sometimes the social guy has not much to work with from the mod profiles. i really dont blame him.

anyway, it's time to make ad a lot more popular, and get those votes rollin! 
the new hd version IS THE SHIT

Most of those words are correct. 
Mod Of The Year? 
AD didn't come out this year though. 
Even The Title Image Is An Adequate Review. 
In The Interests Of Complete Stupidity 
I've trawled twitch and found a grand total of 40 World Of Tanks russian titty streamers / gamer chicks for anyone who might be interested in such things:





(already PMed this to Vondur the poor sod) 
Wut? Someone broke into your account? 
I occasionally watch random games I don't want to play on twitch, usually chilling out on my phone in bed, and quite enjoy spectating WOT, and then happened to choose streamers based on the amount of cleavage, and then it became kinda moreish trying to collect them all ;)

P.S. Will be playing more Battletech later and finishing Plague Tale soon! 
Get married. You'll never want to think about women again, specially your own. 
The Woman 
Is beside me, almost invariably looking at pictures of cute dogs on her own phone... 
Send Her A Pom. 
There Might Be A Very Occasional Pom Crossover... 
...between her insta and our discord. 
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