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Hey Anon 
Good Read, Indeed... 
Thanks, MFX! I love the original Alone in the Dark series! 
Madfox, are you still converting the chasm models? 
I have got four going but I'm a little concerned about the sinful.
Chasm models have a uvskinfile, )but converted models have nosplit meshes. 
[11:06 PM] Shambler: Hmmm
[11:06 PM] Shambler: Time for my monthly foreskin clean actuallys
[11:06 PM] Shambler: Scrape out the cheese and add it to my storage jar 
Gonna Start Selling It On At The End Of The Year. 
Free postage to Poland etc. 
I don't think there's a huge demand for Shambler smegma unless it's a vital ingredient in youth potion or something. 
Carmack is so eloquent it’s a pleasure. So many topics they covered..
Ladybro timestamped some topics here: 
So, the guy is including pirated copies of Quake's official mission packs ("hypnotic" and "rogue"). 
John Carmack Interview 
Nice To See So Much Going On 
Quite a few stand alone, beta releases, mini-eps and WIP screenshots both here and on the various Discords. Nearly 300 map releases this year!

Kudos to Bal for picking up the map count from otp this year. 

Highlighting the specific section where they talk about custom Quake maps and minimal textures in competitve matches.

I wonder if Joe is talking about QMD's maps... 
Fucking Lol 
Imagine if Rogan just straight up started throwing quotes from old tf at Carmack.

"John, DMM is the shit of my life." 
I think he's talking about high r_picmip settings for Quake 3 competitive play which make every map look like minimal textures. 
Yep either that or the similar clientside settings that players use in Quake 1. 
Please Post A Description And Context, Thanks. 
Maybe some encouragement to discuss the content too. 
Imagine working at a game studio where you're required to bring your wife to work everyday to stay with you all the time.

Including crunch. 
What The Hell Is This Drivel 
Top Quality Content 
smash that like button
smash that subscribe button 
Wtf Is Wrong With You And Posting Without Any Context?? 
Sign Of Koth.ogg 
music track/file link somebody pls? 
I can't find it online (Mug took it off of his websites) but I have it on my HD somewhere I will find it for you this weekend. 
Brain Fart 

Just so I can (not) make a map called "Edgington of Oblivion" or maybe "Edge of Oblivington", whichever sounds better. 
Someone Beard Me To It! 
Dungeon Generator 
Just Made An Archive Of Myself 
All my old maps (as much as I can remember) just got uploaded to my new webby.

This is just a bag on the side of my DJ webbo, since I'm more into that these days.

Just so you know. 
Welcome Back, Fat Controller! 
Nice One Fat Controller :) 
I reckon that Daz might be well up for your dark psy-trance mix. I'll give it a check too. 
very nice :) 
I'm Flattered 
not sure I have really earned having any maps named after me.

But if anyone does a hipdm1 jam I will try to actually join in. 
Fat Controller!

Nice site there... good screenies, and I'd be happy to see even more little comments about the maps. I love seeing the good old stuff lovingly collected. 
which open source engine would you guys say has the best netcode in 2019? Based on amount of players and stability, I would say ioquake3. It's just awesome. However, I've been hearing lot's of good things about DP's protocol and, well, Nexuiz and Xonotic are proof of that.

There's also QFusion from Warsaw and a few others. If you were starting a multiplayer-only total-conversion, which engine would you choose? I'm asking because I was initially planning to use ioquake for my experiment 
thats tribes netcode 
FAO Quake Mappers. 
You lot have been making quite a bit of stuff recently and no doubt some of it is decent / good / great. Normally I'd be playing and commenting and critiquing on it, but I'm kinda not that psyched Quake-wise ATM, I've been catching up on other games. Hence not replying in any of the recent release threads. But I might catch up at some point, and GGWP everyone anyway, hope you're having fun doing it. 
quakespasm is fitzquake is glquake is netquake

Can you confirm the above? In context of discussing physics/air control. 
onetruepurple: i am wrong

Can you confirm the above? In context of everything. 
Yes, QS and fitzquake and glquake are all “netquake” engines 
Cool thanks. 
I told you VR was catching on... proof: 
Help A Quake God 
Lol So... 
...those cows get to play HL3, the bastards. 
This Would Be For Damage Inc. If You Were The One From Megatf. 
It would be really awesome if there was an archive to the "that hurt and damage Inc." radio show back a long time ago. I'd love to relisten to those if you still have them somewhere. 
Vote For AD On The Moddb Moty Awards!

ive set up a page for the original. no hd textures, just pure fun. plenty of 1080p screenshots, and a smaller 1.71 7zip file.

...yes i know the official moddb tweet sounded that the new hd version IS THE SHIT, but sometimes the social guy has not much to work with from the mod profiles. i really dont blame him.

anyway, it's time to make ad a lot more popular, and get those votes rollin! 
the new hd version IS THE SHIT

Most of those words are correct. 
Mod Of The Year? 
AD didn't come out this year though. 
Even The Title Image Is An Adequate Review. 
In The Interests Of Complete Stupidity 
I've trawled twitch and found a grand total of 40 World Of Tanks russian titty streamers / gamer chicks for anyone who might be interested in such things:





(already PMed this to Vondur the poor sod) 
Wut? Someone broke into your account? 
I occasionally watch random games I don't want to play on twitch, usually chilling out on my phone in bed, and quite enjoy spectating WOT, and then happened to choose streamers based on the amount of cleavage, and then it became kinda moreish trying to collect them all ;)

P.S. Will be playing more Battletech later and finishing Plague Tale soon! 
Get married. You'll never want to think about women again, specially your own. 
The Woman 
Is beside me, almost invariably looking at pictures of cute dogs on her own phone... 
Send Her A Pom. 
There Might Be A Very Occasional Pom Crossover... 
...between her insta and our discord. 
Abyss Of Pandemonium V2.0 Improved Edition (2019) (Part #1) 
Greetings, everyone!

I remember myself enjoying to play AOP as it really felt like a continuation of Quake's story and had some unique features which fit quite well into the world of Quake.

There were some things I wanted to improve and polish while playing this mission pack and now most of this stuff has finally been implemented.

So, let me introduce you a very useful patch created by me and Seven for Abyss Of Pandemonium The Final Mission v2.0.


The following bugs have been fixed:

-Legond's lightning attack spawns from wrong position (too low), now it spawns right from the
hand of Legond as she commits a lightning attack

-Dog is partially stuck in the wall near the exit area of aop1m2.bsp map (Core Reactor),
now the dog stands near the wall and does not touch it

-Hovering box with shotgun shells at aop1m3.bsp map (The Power Station), now the box stands on the floor

-Knight spawns behind the player and stucks in the ceiling at skill 3 at aop1m5.bsp map (The Dark Palace),
now it spawns in a proper place and does not get stuck

-Two death knights are improperly placed at aop1m5.bsp map (The Dark Palace). The first one spawns at the same place
and time as the ogre once you press all 4 buttons after falling into basement and both these enemies telefrag one
another upon their spawn. The second one teleports into the super shotgun area when you have already passed half of
the map and you have to go all the way back into that area in order to kill this guy for the sake of 100% kills.
If you step into the teleporter to the final part of the map you won't be able to go back and kill that guy.
The decision was made to remove those two death knights

-aop1m1.bsp map (Gates of Abyss) was missing soundtrack, now it uses impel music track #11

-aop1m2.bsp map (Core Reactor) was missing soundtrack, now it uses impel music track #2

-aopdm2.bsp map (Runic Raging) was missing soundtrack, now it uses impel music track #2

-aopdm3.bsp map (Mental Overlord) was missing soundtrack, now it uses impel music track #11

-aopdm4.bsp map (Mental Overlord II) was missing soundtrack, now it uses impel music track #6

-Grammatically incorrect message "Hell passage is save now" occurred at
start.bsp map (Enter the Abyss), now the message says "Hell passage is safe now"

-There was half of the ending text missing when exiting aop1m6.bsp map (The Forgotten One).
It turned out there was only half of the ending text inside of client.qc from AOP v2.0 source code provided by Seven.
Now there is a full ending text displayed when exiting aop1m6.bsp map (The Forgotten One)

-There was half of the ending text missing when exiting aopend.bsp map (Legonds of Quake).
It turned out there was only half of the ending text inside of client.qc from AOP v2.0 source code provided by Seven.
Now there is a full ending text displayed when exiting aopend.bsp map (Legonds of Quake)

Abyss Of Pandemonium V2.0 Improved Edition (2019) (Part #2) 
The following features and tweaks have been added:

-Added different looking Lightning Enforcer to make him better
distinguishable from regular Enforcer

-Created and added new skin for world model of Napalm Gun to make it better
distinguishable from regular Grenade Launcher

-Added footstep sounds when walking with low speed or velocity

-Added "Previous Weapon" (impulse 12) support

-Added name "Iron Fury" to aopdm6.bsp map since that map didn't have any name

-Added more ammo boxes to aop1m1.bsp map (Gates of Abyss)

-Added more ammo boxes to aop1m2.bsp map (Core Reactor)

-Added more ammo boxes to aop1m3.bsp map (The Power Station)

-Added more ammo boxes to aop1m4.bsp map (Temple of Moon)

-Added more ammo boxes to aop1m5.bsp map (The Dark Palace)

-Added more ammo boxes to aop1m6.bsp map (The Forgotten One)

-Added more ammo boxes to aop2m1.bsp map (Heresy)

-Added more ammo boxes to aop2m2.bsp map (Carnage Castle)

-Added more ammo boxes to aop2m3.bsp map (Central Complex)

-Added more ammo boxes to aopend.bsp map (Legonds of Quake)



Pak5.pak contains :


There are also 3 custom icons included to use with game's shortcut and AOP official soundtrack (.mp3 format) to use with Mark V or QuakeSpasm.
The soundtrack from quaddicted is in .ogg format only so decided to convert it to .mp3.



1997-2005 by Impel Team
2008 by Resurrection Team
2019 by 0V3RDR!VE & Seven

progs.dat stuff adding, editing and compiling. .ent files editing and testing.
Repositioning or removing entities. Assigning missing music tracks and names to
the maps. Adding full ending texts to the source code provided by Seven. Fixing
grammaticaly incorrect message. Creating custom skin.

Adding features into source code and cleaning it from bugs found. Providing
features and fixes used in his own project "AOP - The Final Mission v2.0 extended_20160330.rar"



1) An engine port which provides external .ent files support (e.g. Mark V or QuakeSpasm)

Mark V v1.99 (Revision #4) Download Link:

QuakeSpasm v0.93.2 Download Link:

2) Abyss Of Pandemonium The Final Mission v2.0 itself

Abyss Of Pandemonium The Final Mission v2.0 Download Link:



1) Create a folder called "Impel" in your quake directory and unpack all the files from into it

2) Download our patch and unpack all the contents of the archive into Impel directory

3) Use shortcut or .bat file (both of which must be created by you) to launch the AOP

For example, If you use Mark V the launch parameters should be like this:

Mark_V.exe -game Impel -particles 8000

P.S. -particles 8000 is necessary because there is a huge amount of pixel particles used by exit teleporter at aop2m3 (Central Complex)
and playing this map with default value will simply remove grenade/rocket pixel trails from your grenade/rocket launcher.

That's a bug from original developers.


Patch For Abyss Of Pandemonium v2.0 (12.12.2019) Download Link:

In russian language "скачать" means "download" 
Just Make One Succinct Post, Not A 2 Post Essay, Please. 
agreed, that would be a worthy news post, but needs to be a summary, not the whole readme file 
An Issue Solved 
Greetings, gentlemen.

I've corrected my post in order to meet regulations and resubmitted it to you.

Please take a look.

Would be nice to see it in the news section. 
thanks.... it's still really long so i'll take some time to edit it down when i get home tonight, then approve it. 
Thank you, will be waiting. 
I Made A Doom 2 Map... 
Hey... been a while. I got around to finishing a Doom 2 map I was working on like 6 years ago...



Only tested on GZDoom. Just drag ne_sea.wad onto the executable. Recommend OPL Emulator music for it to not sound shit. Also, you have to turn off 'infinitely tall monsters' or else bridges are broken.

DoomWorld post: 
Submit As News Plz 
Welcome back! I look forward to playing your new map! 
Negkros Is Back!!! 
AI Generated Text Learns Fast. 
Shambler has the smallest cock on Terrafusion. Obedient, yes, but much less drooling than the average teenage. No, Captain, it's not that simple. Maybe if you used your golden aura like the average middle schooler does, I would think that a cock so small was actually huge. But I haven't heard anything of you messing around with a boy's little cock. What does that even mean? [laugh] 'Asshole' or 'os', I'm not even sure. Maybe 'child'. 
Anyone Interested? 
Merry Christmas Everyone 
I hope everyone will have a few peaceful days with lots of time for mapping! 
Merry Christmas!!! 
Yeah Happy Christmas To All Funcers And Tfers 
May Satan Claus bring your all sorts of evil goodies. 
Merry XMas 
Insideqc Forums 
What happend? I can open the main site, but forum section gives me "critical error". 
Tim Switcher 3: The Wild Hunt 
Did his defection to Sabre affect their port for CD Project Red? What is he supposed to do for them? 
First map of the 2010s:

Last map of the 2010s: ??? 
Holy Moly! 
It's been that long?
Well it won't be me with the last map!
But happy new year anyway to you all! 
Happy new year! :) 
Happy New Year! 
Let‘s hope that 2020 will be another great year for the Quake community with lots of great releases from you talented people! 

New Year Resolution:
Happy Happy 
new year, new year 
New Happy Year! 
#31384 ; no one left to catch the cooky duty on InsideQc ? 
Vehemently Soft Squish 
My chronological progression of mapping for the Quake-series have raught the point of the next map being for Quake. I started with Quake 3: Arener, then Quake 2, and now it shall be Quake.

Just give me another decade, unless I quit my job... *sigh* 
Quake 3 In Rust

Apparently there's a tool now that transpiles C into Rust. 
Remilia Scarlet released a new quake map called Xala'noth today on twitter:

Some screenshots and download link: 
There's a new Arcane Dimensions map by Comrade Beep:
"Includes a custom ambient music track by Matthias Fluor." 
Thanks Tribal, i made a news post for the last one.

Future reference, you can and should submit map releases as news. 
"you can and should submit map releases as news"

i know, but i always think "what if the author itself want to make a news post?"

i don't want to step on anyone's toes, that's why i only posted a link to the original tweet :/ 
Did We 'lose' Anything When We Got Modern Quake Engine 'ports'? 
There's a thread on doomworld about source 'ports', and unlike previous discussions here re: quake engines, the discussion there is primarily based around the physics and behaviour of the engine, whereas here, iirc, mostly it was centered around aesthetics (eg: colour banding from software quake, gamma in GLQuake vs Software, overbrights + fullbrights, etc... i'm sure i'm forgetting a bunch)

But I can't recall, other than the brief time where Quakeworld based clients were being used where there was a real change to the game physics and engine behaviour.

There's some bug fixes like allowing framerates over 72 not bugging out on downward moving lifts and such. But those are (i assume?) widely regarded as true bugs that pose a detriment to the game, whereas things like wall running and other weird collision/physics bugs in Doom are lauded by some. 
Bsp2svg Converter 
Found this link on discord:

Some example results:
(the SVGs are multiple megabytes, so these are converted to PNGs :)

This makes me think there should be a "name the map from the layout" web quiz. 
New Q1SP: "Green Hale" By Chris Holden 
A new single player map by Chris Holden, with new cool textures by Makkon ( @BenjaminHale7 on twitter)



original post on twitter: 
oh those textures are really cool! 
3d Realm New Game ! 
modelviewer /progs/player.mdl
error: absolute path in filename /progs/
have error why? 
Remove '/' before progs.
Also: use TAB to auto-complete. 
On A More Serious Note 
Some ported Quake to the iPodClassic. 
Is It Me? 
Or is there a lot going on in the Quake scene right now? Ter Shib part 2, a steady stream from Muk and other AD mappers. Lot's of new faces etc. And metlslime suggesting new engine features!

This is going to be a great year for Quake!! 
Yeah, the high number of map releases this month is cool to see.

Func is pretty dead though; I think a lot of the activity is happening on discord and twitter. 
Yes But 
I see func as the place for "evergreen" conversations, announcements and historical reference. It is hard to compete with the immediacy and multimedia capabilities of Discord.

But hell, 20k Mapping Help posts is reason enough to keep func around.

For my part, I do link to func quite often on the Quake Mapping Discord and encourage people to make their JAM, SM and map release announcements here first. 
After three bloated visits on discord I had to chang the site because the reloading of the screen every four seconds made my chance to follow something very limited.
Not a bad word for discord because it might be my computer. 
20k Mapping Help posts: that is probably one of the biggest issues with Discord, as we will be losing in the future all the new information that is posted there now. Sure, we can go back and check older posts or we could make a backup of Discord's chat, but it is a lot harder to navigate there and not the same as having it here public where anyone can see it anytime.

Well, more like an issue with the social networks as a whole than of Discord's, but an issue still. Could be nice to have a archive here of all of that information to store. 
That's above my pay grade. What we need a is a legion of people updating with said info. 
A Site 
I still care for InsideQc, although it might be my critical error.
Saved the tutorials on quaketastic in time. 
Even If Conversation Lags Here 
This site’s use as an archive is invaluable. It has a way of crystallizing events and milestones in a way Discord cannot. 
That is an option too, but apart that it would need a legion of people like you say, in the transcription parts are lost for sure. 
I keep seeing the updates from mankrip here:

But there's no github, bitbucket or anything with the engine itself. Was it ever released? 
Nope. Personal project. 
How is that possible? His words: "Nothing would make me happier than someone willing to create a new game using the technology I'm creating for Retroquad. Nothing would make me happier than knowing that my tech inspired someone to do that.

There's nothing I crave more than that in my life."

And then again: ""Impressive, but worthless" would be a nice description for my work." 

All I know is that he hasn't made it public. 
I've found this on Reddit:

"Improved collision detection for Quake 1" (by faisal_who)

"... I was able to hack up quakespasm to allow proper collision detection. Bullets can now fly through gaps in the model (since im testing against actual geometry, not a bounding box).

Even though in this vid im using quakeguy as my target, I can actually play the entire quake1 camping with precise collision detection for hitscan attacks (i.e bullets)."

And here is the video:

Interesting. Very very interesting... 
You Need Some Cartoon Art / Imagery? Well ADaya Needs Your Custom. 
Help a Quaker out:

So he doesn't have to chop up and eat his own mother to survive. 
Don't Like His Art. 
But by saying so I might convince others to take pity and buy his art. Such is life. 
0931 Lego 
Must be my nostalgic qmap cube feeling. 
most Q1 and Q2 mappers seem to gather around this board. but does anyone know any *breathing* Q3 mapping community? 
Q3 Mapping Community 
Well, there is always, but i dont know how active it is atm. 
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