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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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You Need Some Cartoon Art / Imagery? Well ADaya Needs Your Custom. 
Help a Quaker out:

So he doesn't have to chop up and eat his own mother to survive. 
Don't Like His Art. 
But by saying so I might convince others to take pity and buy his art. Such is life. 
0931 Lego 
Must be my nostalgic qmap cube feeling. 
most Q1 and Q2 mappers seem to gather around this board. but does anyone know any *breathing* Q3 mapping community? 
Q3 Mapping Community 
Well, there is always, but i dont know how active it is atm. 
These Things Take Time 
VR growth. If they can shave $100 and a few grams/ounces off the headsets in the next gen, things will be looking good. 
So I Made A Music Video That Might Be In Poor Taste.

Welcome to my sense of humour. Doctors are standing by.

What they're standing by I've no idea, but it must be in a bad way. 
Why Do You Design Levels For The .bsp-format? 
I've done this for 20 years now and it's like a drug that is impossible to quit. 
Finally I Understand VR: 
Yeh... The New Quake ! 
Fucking Amazing. 
Very Cool Stuff. 
I really appreciate how organic and old world the cities look by being build on an irregular polygon grid. 
Maybe I can get some of these several HUGE maps finished. One question, what is best engine for super expanded limits? And what are the best compilers these days? I've been mapping on and off for years, with several on the back burner since even before Quarantine and Catatonic, but they are big maps. I might try and release them one at a time as an episode that comes in parts. 
Only Thing Is 
compiler needs to be supportive of +++ limits but also valve 220 texture mapping XD 
Trent In Quarantine Map Jam? 
There's a good opportunity for a "Trent in Quarantine" map jam now. Quake maps, NIN-themed, focused on environmental traps and socially isolated combat.

Wear your envirosuit and go on a quest for The Perfect Drug against COVID-19! 
Compiler :
For engines, these days people mostly use Quakespasm, Quakespasm-Spiked, FTE, Mark V, all of them should be ok with expanded limits.

Give us new maps! 
Thanks dude! I'll see what happens when I get to the point of sealing this biyotch. 
Alcohol Rehab Near Me 
Welcome Back SPY! 
With this damn quarantine, I'm playing a lot of coop Quake 1 with my brother. We've been using Darkplaces and Hamachi. I also tried FTE and QSS, but both still need Hamachi. Does anyone know any engine port that has a built-in Hamachi? Or something similar? Kind of a pain to have to have Hamachi to host coop games. 
FTE/QSS shouldn't need Hamachi if you forward the port on your router to the computer where the server is running.

FTE also has some sort of automatic router holepunching thing mentioned here: ... but I haven't tried that & don't know the details. 
my brother is a dumbass and couldn't configure his router, that's why we use hamachi

does anyone know how to enable this hole-punching thing? 
Did you try what that frag-net site said to do? Seems straightforward, if it works. 
i don't see a Holepunch option, so maybe it's a compile-time flag? grepping the source also yields no results to holepunch or fragnet. 
Hmm! And you have the latest version?

I'll check it out later tonight. 
I do see that option when using client version 5647 on Linux. Choose Multiplayer, then New Game, then fiddle with the settings for the Public option. 
Test Post 
For FW. 
Lol Get Fucked 
Oh Behave! 
did we lose for good? 
Not Only That 
We lost nextgenquake for good :o 
Soft Squish 
For video playthroughs of the 2 of Quake custom maps I know that Cmdr. Theodoricos and Aqui De Rossi do a great job over at the Tubes of Ewe, but for the One Quake, who does the best playthroughs? I prefer no comment, 100% completion runs of custom mappes. 
Holepunch - FTEQW 
Does anyone know if you can use holepunch for a dedicated server? My impression is not.

Assuming I'm interpreting the notes in the code (below) correctly:
sv_public 0 = private LAN
sv_public 1 = IP address listed publicly
sv_public 2 = use broker via holepunch

However, elsewhere I've read in the code that if the server is dedicated sv_public is set to 1.

So maybe you can only set this through the UI on a hosted server.

-1: Fully blocks all inbound connections.\n0: Disable subscribing to master servers (for private lan-only games).\n1: Subscribe to public master servers. Your IP address will be listed publicly. Make sure your Router/NAT+Firewall are set to allow inbound connections.\n2: Subscribe to a broker master, allowing firewall hole punching. 
i find the whole netcode of fteqw suboptimal. just go with darkplaces. 
holepunch is fine for dedicated server. 
Holepunch - FTEQW 
@Johnny Law - if I set it to holepunch my IP is still visible in the browser.

@bulab_mulma - Is Darkplaces much better? I've only tried it breifly but I prefer the look of FTE. 
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