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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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@Joel B - Map Series Thing 
Thanks for checking out the videos! I haven't done much streaming or recording so trying to get a handle on how to best do it. I did figure out settings to improve the YouTube image quality - so that's better already.

I like your suggestions regarding taking more time to talk about the map at the start and covering more of the details, layout, etc. I have an alias for noclip fly mode so I can zoom out of the level an show the overall layout. That's a good idea too.

For the bot match, I can configure my mod to turn off all the extras and just keep it as standard DM mode. You're right that runes, hook, etc. will mess with the balance of the map.

I also made a new little video about some DM compilation packs I'm putting together: 
So, Quake turns 24 on Monday... 
Happy 24th Quake! 
Wondering how everyone is holding up and interested in hearing about the good things in your lives.

I've spent the quarantine doing engine coding. Now I've lost 6Kg and am helping my wife make chocolates for selling.

A coworker was diagnosed with covid19 and ran away from the hospital. He also told me he isn't wearing masks when taking the bus because he can't breathe with the mask on. I'm staying away from him, and thankfully I have a car to avoid mass transportation. 
So I just watched a video of Romero's Quake post mortem from last year (?) and there were two slides of a scanned document, containing the map order and general game progression from around January 1996.

Here they are (annotations mine, also sorry for bad resolution):

Shareware episode

Full version

Amongst many other really weird things in there, why is there mention of an ICBM launch site in E4M8? 
nice find.

Link to the timestamp where those images appear:

There are also a third image which is basically the final or near final episode order, though without end.bsp 
Worth Noting 
The third image comes after this intermediary step, but before the reshuffling of E3 happened in mid-to-late June 1996. 
also interesting that the record company forced them to use audio CD instead of mp3 format for the soundtrack.

While I appreciate that I have a lossless copy of the soundtrack, that would have made a big difference for modders if mp3 support was in vanilla quake. (Though, it might have been ripped out for the open source release? not sure how that could have gone.) 
To Specify. 
the reshuffling of E3

This was the map order 11 days before release:

(Secret) E3M5 
It was for the best. There would be no way for a 100Mhz 486 or Pentium to simultaneously decode a MP3 soundtrack and render the game. 
mankrip, good point, though I think Pentium was the min spec, but I had a 166MHz pentium at the time and still only achieved around 20 FPS, so even that spec probably couldn't handle decoding mp3 at the same time. 
The stated minimum specs were a 486 DX4 100MHz with a floating point coprocessor. But it ran like crap on those. 
ah interesting, I didn't know there were 486s with FPUs 
The truth about designing games about abusive relationships is that the goal is not to harm the abuser, it is to nurture him/her. Because your destinies are tied, so for you to prosper enough to escape, you must help the abuser to prosper too.

I am scared. 
are there any games that do this well? 
I just got quake 1 going in windows 10 using quakespasm and it looks awesome. Trouble is I want to jump right out and play some sp stuff. started out with ad the arcane thing. I have trouble with mods. always used a launcher when I could but can't find one for 64 bit. I have tried and tried to install this but no matter what I do I get the basic quake home screen. I think I followed the instructions to the tee but not working. there is even a guy on youtube showing how and I still cant get it. I consider myself medium literate on computers but can't get this. 
Shadesmaster wants to add your SM189 map to Slayers Testament (that Doom2016+Eternal-in-Quake mod).

He'll do all conversions himself. (Q1-->Doom entities)

He just wants your permission. Is that fine? 
You can right click and drag the Quakespasm exe to your desktop and make a shortcut to it. Then you edit the shortcut as seen here:

Here's another example with drakebeta as the mod and ryu1 as the map:

Good luck! 
Slayer's "i Made This" Testacle 
You just coined the phrase 'treasureware'!

At least for me :D 
Also, I need a playtester. One who hates my stuff and prefers skill 1.

Email is in the profile :) 
Okay I will give it a try. Thanks 
why is there mention of an ICBM launch site in E4M8?

This one won't let me sleep at night still. 
Quake Alt Ending 
Was Hcmsp1 Never Posted Here? 
Just ran across this older Mazu map:

It's a banger FYI. 
More On Ad Maps 
discovered if I drop the console while in the ad map start or any where ad I can type in a map and play it. weird that they don't just come up 
Quake Arcade Tournament Edition Gameplay 
Seeing as no one else had recorded footage, I've taken the time to record some single-player as well as multi-player gameplay of this peculiar port. Many thanks to Shamblernaut who provided me with the MEGA link with everything included. 
Tip For Streamers 
I posted a tip for streamers on r/Quake that I wanted to post here. If you stream or record gameplay for YouTube please take a look.

In a nutshell, consider using gl_cshiftpercent 50 or 25 to make underwater sections easier to see for your audience.
Example image 
That's not DM7. The real DM7 is the one in the Nintendo 64 port of Quake, and its .map source is included in Romero's ID1 map sources release.

This deathmatch map you've recorded reminds me of one of the vanilla Quake 2 dm maps, because of the curved staircases against tall curved walls.

Really interesting stuff. 
more than reminding, it seems to me that it is a almost exact copy of Q2DM1, as even the items are at the same place. 
Townscaper is in Early Access:

Build quaint island towns with curvy streets. Build small hamlets, soaring cathedrals, canal networks, or sky cities on stilts. Block by block.

No goal. No real gameplay. Just plenty of building and plenty of beauty. That's it.

Townscaper is an experimental passion project. More of a toy than a game. Pick colors from the palette, plop down colored blocks of house on the irregular grid, and watch Townscaper's underlying algorithm automatically turn those blocks into cute little houses, arches, stairways, bridges and lush backyards, depending on their configuration.
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