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Planes, Trains, And LOL Look At That Loser Walking Down The Street! 
I can't tell you the number of times I've walked from point A to point B in my city, (about 100,000) and gotten hassled by people in cars being dickheads. I'm not obese, I'm not missing a limb, and I'll dare say I'm about as average looking as they make lower-middle class white American males, and yet, when I'm out on foot, I usually feel so isolated from the rest of the world, because there is fucking no one else walking, and 300 cars blowing by me a minute.

My city is by no means big geographically; any physically fit person could ideally walk or bike anywhere they needed to go. But the thing is, people like cars. They like feeling invulnerable to the things around them. They like honking, and yelling out the window, and driving 1/24th of a mile to go get some Grilled Salmon flavored ice cream.

It's not a stretch to say that the majority of American cities that have between 30,000 and 100,000 people are too big to navigate by bus, bike, or foot.

Yet in my city of 100,000 people, if you see an adult walking down the street, you think they're homeless, crazy, a rapist or all 3.

We could very easily get by, and generally be a lot better off if people gave up relying on cars for every place they need to go, no matter the distance. But as long as people look at cars as status symbols and mobile suburban fortresses of doom, (tm) that will never happen.

I personally hope that the impending oil and gas crisis will help people to get back to walking, riding bikes, and public transportation. It's nice to see other people out getting fresh air and just conducting their business.

People will be a lot nicer and more considerate when they don't have the luxury of hiding behind fortified steel and 20" tires. I just know it. 
Half Way Finished With The Article 
Grahf, really good stuff here; I have long been a skeptic of the Times, given how they allow their paper to be used for political agendas (see the last eight years of Judith Miller's alarmist coverage on Iraqis non existent WMD's), but this article is quite substantial in its arguments and rebuttals and fleshing out the different point of views. It certainly caught my attention that a CFR guy (Simmons, who is profiled in the article) is at the heart of the peakist debate.

Thanks for this heads up. 
Side Note 
CFR guy Council of Foreign Relations -- not implying conspiracy, I know how popular those are around here -- right, Phait;) CFR is pretty open and transparent about its motivations, and they publish a journal Foreign Affairs that outlines there ideology and what the goals they have for anyone who is curious. That they would work towards undermining a Monarchy like the Saudis is not suprising (nor is it necessarily a bad thing). 
Oil Bubble 
yeah read grafh's stuff. For a more alarmist viewpoint, check

Was it Hubbert or Campbell who predicted back then that the US oil production would fall into decline in 1972. And it did.

Indonesia used to be an oil exporter. Now they have to import it, and the government has to inject subsidies to avoid riots.

The north sea oil fields have turned to decline in 2000. Russia and the Caucasus region can still keep up about ten years. Knowledgeable people are just waiting for the big word to drop: when Saudi Arabia's production turns down.

Sadly, or to some people, happily, there aren't any good alternatives to oil. Hydrogen sucks for a multitude of reasons, mainly because it takes a lot of energy to create it and because it's very hard to store.

Oil is still currently practically free energy pouring out of the ground. Some have said that when the price reaches 200$/Barrel, real economic implications will happen.

Might just be that if you want to live, learn to grow cabbage and work with horses. It might just turn out that this period of urban development and science and technology and whatnot was just an odd historical bubble made possible by a certain nonrenewable resource - oil makes life such as if you had 50 slaves in your personal service. From a warm shower in the morning to your clothes, transportation, and food. 
I was on vacation for two weeks... but i'm back now! Still messing around with those texs (you know...).

Your map is r4wk btw! It was fun to see it gradually bit by bit getting better and more polished. I still think you rushed the release a bit, but oh well.

Come to irc and we'll talk, you homosexual! 
/me reads his post from last night again...

Doh, I'm not an economics major, I might have fumbled my arguments a little bit. Ray, the point I think I was trying to make was that if oil becomes extremely expensive, alternative energies that weren't competitive in the past will become so, and the market will naturally transition to the cheapest technology. That's theoretically speaking at least, I worry that it may be too late if we sit around and wait for "the market" to iron things out for us. About "oil prices never coming back down," that will be the case only as long as the present demand for oil keeps up. If some other energy replaces oil's dominance, or we become vastly more efficient at using oil, then yes, the price would drop again. 
[17:00:11] <bambuz> yea
[17:00:26] <bambuz> and of course, probably do a bit harder tricks in the first few maps
[17:00:33] <bambuz> since you can restart if you fuck up

I really hope you don't think that entire-game runs are really done in 1 sitting. Speedrunners do dozens and dozens of runs per map and then merge the best runs together. You even see the runner credits at the end of QDQ and other similar full-blown runs, which runner did which map. 
Death Metal Band Name Generator 
Recently came across some thread about death metal and I remembered I had the Quake Map Name Generator:

So here's the Death Metal Band Name Generator: 
Grahf, nice article.

Blitz, I know what you mean. In a lot of newer areas of Savannah the infrastructure was so dependent on cars they just didn't bother to put in sidewalks at all. It was just malls and apartment complexes connected by six-lane roads. :(

I'm fortunate enough now to live in a city that puts bike lanes on every road it can, and I plan on biking to/from work as often as possible. 
A Strafe-jumping Cat For All Of You 
Lol, Phait, 
I got, Evacuated Xenapistia; I think I had one of those by a realy kinky doctor once. 
We also get nutters who do whole game runs in one sitting -- check the latest SDA update! (for the lazy: Nightmare 100% of all of quake in 78:01).

The easy and nightmare runs have both been improved recently too. 
Lol Jago 
some speed runs are of the special type that an episode or even many are done in one sitting. (like all of id1 or just e1 or all the terra maps) The qdq runs were not, they were of the other type - just parsed together single level runs, maybe with some continuity twists (i.e. rl from some previous map, don't remember).

That is precisely the difference I'm talking about - if you have a map that has a trick that has 50% chance of working, you can pretty much rely on it on a single map run. If you fumble, just retry the run.

If you run ten maps in a row, and every map would have to have that 50% trick to work, the chances of completing them all is one in 1024. In other words, the expected number of runs to do before succeeding all the tricks would be over a thousand. Of course, it sucks if you complete all the other tricks and then fuck up the last one since you lost so much playing time and effort.

Therefore it's wiser to try harder / the hardest tricks first and if you don't succeed, just restart since you didn't lose much time or effort trying anyway. 
3 New Map Reviews At My Site: 
1.heresp4: beyond the black sun.
2.heresp3: castle of pain.
3.tris: The Rest is Silence. 
What's up with your screenshots? Those TRIS shots almost make the map look fullbright in areas... =\ 
I think it all depends on the individuals monitors settings, but ill take your note into account. 
I Agree With Bal 
I'm coming home for a night, so if anyone would like to play me on my map, I would be quite pleased! ...I'll be on irc probably around 6-7pm EST (which is GMT -5). 
OK I'll be there yo 
The next time anyone wants to organize one of those "pack of maps that require the name to be taken from the complete works of author X" type things, perhaps for Halloween, please use the obvious Mr. Lovecraft. Just a thought, thx. 
Lovecraft Schmovecraft 
Someone else! 
Lions In The Night! 
Because of the title SoE:Indian Summer, I thought Tronyn was going to go with Morrison for the titles on this pack. I have found a decent phrase from The Fellowship to work with but still I'm looking for something more evil themed.

When I do one of these packs, I'll use Steely Dan
lyrics (Kid Charlemagne alone has at least a dozen worthy quotes) 
Just Call It 
"What's 'taters, precious?" 
TronDM3 Plz Kthx 
I fulfilled my end of the bargain, you cad! 
Tonight, We Chase The Dragon 
Good one. Quoting from the True hero (as opposed to that whining, 'woe is me' Frodo) of the saga will always win points with me, Kinn. One quote I found from a song in The Fellowship kind of sounds like a line from Shelly's To Autumn, so it fit's Tronyn's theme in a pretentious enough fashion to satisfy me. 
1 New Map Review At My Site: 

very nice map indeed. :) 
You're Not The True Hero 
unless you've defeated ballos... 
Anyone know the story with I haven't been able to get to it in weeks, it seems. 
Servers have been hacked at some point during the summer, that's all I know. 
I Have Tried Pinging It 
the old fashion way, and I get nada but weird static. Someone really buried that site.

An odd thing to note as well, there were a few days last year that I could not directly link to _Func, but when I went through a link to a discussion thread in the Quakeblog that Megazoid was running at the time, it came up fine. I've tried old links to threads like that for and have not had any success. 
It's Interesting 
because I can't even access the Google cached pages of; they're just empty. 
Games For Simpletons

Tom's Hardware has a nice article that I whole-heartedly agree with. Kill quick saving and go back to the "save only at the end of the level" method. 
Article seems entirely irrelevantly focused on mario-type nonsense games.

I scanned through to find any support or justification for the assertion of "Kill quick saving and go back to the "save only at the end of the level" method." and couldn't.

However I can safely say that that is a truly atrocious idea that has been proven (in both directions) to only result in frustration and reduced enjoyment for the player.

The evidence is obvious - nearly all games have situations which "force" you to die by unexpected circumstances. Nearly all games are more enjoyable playing the first time through. If you encounter an death trap (of whatever type) and you have quick saving, it will not be frustrating as you have likely saved nearby (or at least, can do so the second time around). If you encounter a death trap and don't have quick saving, you likely have the frustration and/or reduced enjoyment of replaying a section once if not several times. This DOES happen in games with save points or other non-quicksaving options and it IS frustrating. Simple as that.

Sorry if that was long-winded but if you are stupid enough to suggest that particular idea you probably needed it spelt out clearly....

(If you wish to do something about quick-saving, there are other methods) 
But everyone who complains about the shortened length of games should not argue with that article.

"Mario-type nonsense games" are no different from the modern FPS or RTS in the sense that there are still goals and things to be accomplished. Why is it that we should get the chance to save wherever the fuck we want where our console bretheren started over in World 2-1 because mom was yelling at them when they were trying to jump some gap?

The fact is that mastering a game by learning it in and out is the test of what makes a game great or not. Sure you can do that after the fact like so many do with speedruns, but the initial runthrough of a game is diminished by the advent of quick saving.

Is it frustrating? Sure it can be. But I remember being frustrated with those console games too. But I stuck with them and came back to them later on, and it was damn rewarding to move on.

I guess I don't know what the fuck I'm trying to say, except that it seems unfair compared to past generations of gamers, where beating the game actually meant that you really thought out how to beat the pitfalls (especially in Pitfall) and traps that get thrown at you, rather than quick saving every 5 minutes as to have no event in the game really mean anything at all. 
It was taken down since the server was hacked (again). The material is ready for it to be taken up, they even have a computer for it, but no worthy net connection (we're talking quite a lot of traffic here, although it's cheap nowadays).

The leagues and ladders were also lost because they were on the same computers. Leagues always have a summer break anyway so I think they start working with it in earnest real soon now. Now that paradoks doesn't run the show that much anymore since his clan slackers is disbanded, they lack a powerful (and notorious) figure to hold the lines.

Use in the mean time for qw news. Then there's quaketerminus, quaddicted and too (they have some useful files too). Oh and challenge-tv too.

It's done some good too that qwnu has been down, people have been doing their own projects and not bashing each others on the forums. Take for example inertia's map. 
I guess I don't know what the fuck I'm trying to say

I'd have given up before starting if I was you, because that was the biggest pile of shite I've ever heard uttered on this forum (including Phait's and Headthump's posts).

So FPS PC gamers should have to suffer frustrating and cumbersome gameplay/save combinations just because some console gamers do?? Boohoo, let me cry my eyes out over the suffering of those console gamers who have to do without saving. My heart bleeds for them. Actually, I don't give a shit about them. They choose to play frustrating games, whatever. PC gamers can have fun, balanced, non-frustrating games, and I don't see "the grass is browner" as a good reason (or indeed any reason) to spoil that status quo.

And "mastering a game by learning it in and out is the test of what makes a game great or not" is it?? Is it really?? So nothing to do with many myriad factors that might make a game great?? Forget graphics, design, architecture, maps, story, atmosphere, sound effects, creature design, weapon design, progression, exploration, gameplay balance, challenge, or god forbid FUN!! Forget all of those, what makes gaming great is learning it like the inside of your arse?? Well forgive me, I must have been doing something wrong in the dozens of games I've played where I've got enjoyment out of the other factors listed instead.

Blitz your view is coming from a single, specific-challenge-orientated perspective. Just give up trying to apply it to everyone else. 
Got Any More Discussion Topics 
that are bound to fizzle in a day or two to pull out of your ass, MopLady? 
That's Fucking Stupid. 
if you don't like quicksaving, then DON'T USE IT.

but leave the option for people who aren't morons to use it. 

is good....

Y'know Shamb/Necros, I might be more inclined to argue if your entire debating technique didn't consist of repeating "you're wrong, and stupid too" in a variety of different ways. 
I would like quicksaving as well as autosaving. There is a downside to quicksaving for people with bad self-discipline like me, getting upset at losing health they didn't need to lose so they reload from the quicksave, I think for example Max Payne I officially finished without taking any damage at all. Quicksaving between every fight. It was a fine art and a fun process too though, but it sorta sucked and was lame as well. What I would like best is autosave every 2 minutes or so, with quicksave disabled, and the time space between autosaves rising on the higher levels of difficulty(?). 
It was a fine art and a fun process figuring out how to not take damage at all during a fight* 
LOL I never knew you felt so strongly about quicksaving.

*backs away while Shambler carves out a hole in F6 where he can stick his cock*

Yeah so, getting back to talking about this reasonably, I'm just saying that we should consider the possibility that having the quicksave/autosave feature makes us obsessive about having enough health, or doing some kill over again in a more stylish manner, or trying unsuccessfully to jump on some ledge inside a chasm 200 times in a row.

With the feature enabled, things are less tense.

Example, I played metlslime's latest without quicksaving, and I died a few times at that outdoor battle before I realized what I had to do to be a super-bas-ass and wipe out all those baddies whilst maintaining my health.

It wouldn't have been nearly as intense if I quicksaved right before and just kept doing it over and over until I did it *flawlessly*

Those 30-45 seconds of nailgun wielding mayhem in the outdoor part of ant.bsp would definitely have been diminished if the threat of doing it all over again wasn't there.

Sure it's fun even if you quicksave, but you're just raising the stakes and making everything that much more meaningful in terms of the value of life and death in a game when it means doing it all over again. 
Restricting saves to arbitry points, or at the end of levels, is all well and good if the audience of the game is hardcore gamers and will put up with having to progress or reattempt.

But this ignores the point of save games, and what every other 'casual' gamer will be doing with them, saving the game so they can take a break and come back to it later. If the only thing designers can think of to create tension in their games is to space save points further apart or throw challenges before/after them, then it's likely the gameplay at fault, not the fact you can save whenever you wish.

Games have cheats and plenty of other things to 'ruin' the original gameplay/story/feel of the game, but it's up to the player to choose if they'd like to take advantage of them or not. The designer should just concern himself to do what he can to create a fun experiance.

Blitz, I don't feel offended if you use Quicksaves/Loads, or if you don't. That's your choice as a player. I don't in Quake, but if I was playing another game, I'd completely appriciate the option to save whenever I was ready to stop playing for the time being. 
My Point Was Very Simple. 
if you want to make the game more difficult, simply don't save.

but leave the option for players who don't want to have to restart a spot because they had to go shopping or pick someone up.

i didn't feel the need to write up a huge novel with what could be contained in a few lines. :) 
I don't want to have to remember to save. Allied Assault's system of having auto-saves carefully spaced through the level, combined with the option to quicksave, means that you can just go on your merry way and if you die, you'll restart a reasonable distance back, but not lose 30 minutes of progress.

I think one pitfall of quicksaving is that it encourages designers to make levels that require quicksaving.

I do like the mario system, but it only works when the level takes 1-2 minutes to run through. If the level takes 45 minutes or whatever some EA executive decided was necessary to hit their "20 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY!!!!" requirement, then things have to be done differently. 
like in half life or allied assault, that was good. 
Would you like me to update your specsavers subscription because you've completely failed to notice the reasons I give against lack of saving and against Blitz's so called arguments against it??

Example, I played metlslime's latest without quicksaving, and I died a few times at that outdoor battle before I realized what I had to do to be a super-bas-ass and wipe out all those baddies whilst maintaining my health.

What you have to do? Not much really. Try entering that area with 8% health...

Mmmmm I bet it was SO MUCH FUN replaying 3/4 of the fucking map time after time to reach there again.... 
Daikatana For Free?! 
Properly designed games shouldn't need quicksaving - a checkpoint and/or autosave system should suffice. And on the whole, I think checkpoint save systems generate a more rewarding gameplay experience. 
Go Play Some Nethack 
Now that's a game save scheme! 
I can see quicksaves being left out as long as the level design supported it by not making you attempt dumb shit you could die attempting. They remove most sense of danger by acting as a safety net,

AvP had no quicksaves. It was finish the map or bust. It didn't have silly sequences with smashing walls or jumping on swinging crates hanging above pits full of killer crates or any of that nonsense, it was just a dark alien hive. It made you terrified of dying, as you should be, which intensified the game incredibly for me.

Not to say that with today's long-ass modern maps that at least one or two mid-level autosaves wouldn't go amiss. 
As the next post on that forum says: "Unfortunately John, that link caught the attention of many leechers, it does not work anymore". I have a legit Daikatana CD on my desk right now tho, so I have no need for it :) 
It Worked When I Got It 
erm, if you are an ion storm lawyer, note that I mean that in a metaphorical, hypothetical, covering-my-assical way 
Scamp nailed it. Basically, there are no excuses for not giving your player the option to save where and when she chooses to. I have a life, I don't want to structure my life around the game. Let me save and get back later. It's a game design crutch. Let it go.

The same thing with unskippable cut-scenes by the way. Hey, Shakespeare, I don't care about your shit story. Especially not the second time I have to sit through the crap voice-work and "artistic camera angles." 
That title was wrong. should read just "saves". I blame the sauce. 
But Wait... 
the real crutch is HAVING saves. Saves may be essential for players to play the game way they want (same with pausing), but if a designer uses saves to justify his badly-balanced impossible bottleneck sniper puzzle, that's unacceptable. I shouldn't NEED to save and reload to get past some stupid challenge. 
If you're going to talk about how the player shouldn't need to save and reload, then you're not really living in reality. Humans are inherently fallible; and likewise whenever they are introduced into a system, the system inherits their fallibility. So it's impossible to design a reasonably complex game where there isn't a need to save and reload. Proper design acknowledges the risk of flaws and accounts for them (e.g. save/loading).

And that's not even touching on the issue of the subjectivity of each challenge: what I find difficult you might find easy. Should I be punished just because you have an unnatural ability to aim at individual pixels?

So no, it's not a crutch; it's a well-designed solution to a common problem. The question that is often asked is "Is there a better solution?" 
So, IS There A Better Solution? 
I think the solution must be decided on a case-by-case basis. Games with small, randomly generated levels have little to no need for saving and loading. Games with large, linear, humanly designed levels have a greater need.

Also, who would want to play a non-linear 80 hour RPG without saving? That would be insane. 
i'm saying that quicksaves are necessitated by the needs of the players, but shouldn't be seen by designers as license to make challenges that practically require quicksaves/quickloads. 
... saves don't kill games, games kill games. 
Obviously being able to save is necessary, it's whether having the ability to do the level in 1 second sections is a good idea or not that is at issue (though lotsaquicksaves was the only way I finished sm103_starbuck).

I've been playing a spot of Marathon 2 again these last few days which only lets you save at predefined points, and it definitely adds some tension when you get a bit low on health but aren't sure where the next save terminal is. It also adds to the tedium when you get corwardly and scurry back to the last save term before you dare going into the next room.

As people have been saying, the level design needs to take the saving possibilities into account, and quicksaving frequently being all but mandatory means the level sucks. 
One of the best save systems I've come across was in Eternal Darkness. You can save anywhere during general exploration, but not when there are enemies in the room are just before/during certain set-piece sequences.

Worked very well. Trying to save and being told "The darkness is near, you cannot save." was a good tension builder.

For Quake, I find it essential. Practising a trick that takes two seconds to perform just wouldn't be worth it if you had to play for 5 minutes before hand every time. 
In quake I try to resist the temptation to quicksave in the middle of a battle - it trivialises the combat a bit imo. 
Well, I try not to save (or quicksave) too much when I play a map.. It essentially depends of the difficulty: the more a map is difficult (according to skill setting), the more I save game... it's obvious... At least I try to save between big fights, not during big fights... and when I'm too short in ammo/health as well (security saving here !)...
Well, maybe it's obvious, but it has to be said... 
I Notice 
I play a lot worse when I load a save and encounter the monsters the second time. I don't care to play so precisely anymore. Even when I know where they are and what will happen next, I always lose more health because of impatience and carelesness. I'm kinda bored then already, and the game goal is no more to survive and explore (which I think is mostly the goal on the first run) and but to just run as quickly as possible. 
Yo Fuckas 
gimme the top three q3a duel maps, I crave me some good shootin an lootin. 
q3dm17 is crap for duelling, ztn3tourney1 is probably better. Or maybe hub3aeroq3 or whatever it's called, it doesn't look very nice though. 
maybe its me, but i require lots of new and exciting stimuli, very frequently, to remain interested in a level...

I'm kinda bored then already, and the game goal is no more to survive and explore (which I think is mostly the goal on the first run) and but to just run as quickly as possible.

i can totally relate to that 
Yes. Teh joke. 
check your mail 

Wait. how many of those are sarcastic? :( 
More votes for lun3dm4 and ztn3tourney1. I haven't played and/or don't remember R.P.G.s map--sorry, the early onset of senility is a bitch. :( Dead Souls by Glassman is one I liked as well, and Grindall 2.0 by Quaker-X kicks ass, but might be a tad big for tourney, depending on your tastes...

Of course I can't resist pimping my own stuff. Depending on how cramped you like your playing field:

pjw3tourney2 - pretty open
pjw3tourney3 - pretty close
pjw3quickie4 - ridiculously insanely asses-and-elbows tight 
Only the last 2; although RPG3DM2 might possibly be worth checking out.

pjw: That's ok; I don't remember them either. 
Phait Didn't Tell Us About That ! 
.. or maybe I missed a post... ;P 
... I was talking about the result of the contest ;P 
Well, one of the commentors had a very good point - there was too much going on. I hadn't even realised it I was too absorbed ind doing something COOOOL. There were some stronger concepts out there, but I totally disagree with the (lack of) concept with the winning entry and some other top finishers. 
At least you are in the "top ten", which is not bad at all, IMHO... 
I Disagree 
the winning contributor produced the only entry in the top 10 which was handpainted (digitally) pretty well unlike many others, which used Photoshop effects on existing concept art and preview screenshots. He clearly put a bit of time in.

The prizes weren't very high quality though! 1st prize wasn't bad i guess, but who wants a bloody Quake 4 t-shirt (2nd prize), or worse, 3 months subscription to something no one really wants (3rd prize), Gamespy Founders Club. It seems to give you Fileplanet, Gamepsy Arcade and some crappy Insider exclusive content bollocks. 
That 3rd prize seems more like an insult. 
GG Phait. 
Well done for placing in the top ten. I do agree that there's too much going on, but equally I think the screenshots on the monitors look really cool - those with a simpler overall image could have done very well IMHO. 
Google AdSense 
Is anyone here experienced with Google AdSense? I am having problems making it display ads that are actually relevant to my site. I have a blog at and have had AdSense code in my pages for over a month now, so I'm guessing that it has been recrawled by the bots at least once or twice now. Yet, the only ads I see being displayed are related to blogging. Not a single ad related to games, marketing, level design or whatever at all. What am I doing wrong? 
REAL Quake 4 t-shirt!

as opposed to a fake one? o.0 
necros: yes, which can easily be made.

I'm proud to have a REAL Quake 4 t-shirt myself :) also glad I can wear it to work without looking like a dweeb :) 
likely it's due to being hosted on blogspace, and that's taking precedence in the googlebot's mind. 
Well I just took a look at some other blogs hosted on the same site and their Google ads are working fine. For example shows bible and religion-related ads. 
I have one too :)

Thought to try out the fashion... :P

Nothing much quake related there yet.. :/ 
Wow, awesome blog, beats the hell out of Jago's "Let's all be salesmen" stuff. (Sorry Jago.) Interesting subject matter I must say, but only because I'm addicted to being a physicist-wannabe. 
You make me cry inside. 
more like aeronautical engineer wannabee

or just a layman interested in spaceflight! 
Interesting Article 
The iPod looks clean because its design references bathroom appliances? heh.

Fair play to them though; The black iPod NANO is possibly the sexiest gadget I've ever seen... goddamn beautiful. 
Scampie said - "I'm proud to have a REAL Quake 4 t-shirt myself :) also glad I can wear it to work without looking like a dweeb :)"

You're a bastard. :(

Isn't It Considered Dweeb-y... 
to wear the t-shirt of the rock band you are going to see in concert?

Wouldn't the same thing apply to wearing the t-shirt of the game your company is currently working on to work? 
there's a whole shitload o' dweebs wandering around here then. 
It's Probably 
dweebier to wear the band t-shirt of the band you're in, esp. while performing. 
I Wear 
a "#TF" shirt whenever i connect to #tf. It goes nicely with my "OMG BANNED" hat and my "OMG MR HANDS" tattoo. 
I'm seriously considering tatooing "mrhands.mpg" to my right bicep. 
you suck 
you guys make me look at the most horrid stuff on the internet. 
Oh My... 
No doubt a /google mrhands.mpg would turn up sufficient evidence, but I just ate. So what's mrhands.mpg? A making-of documentary of goatse? 
You heard of the story about the guy who died from infection after a horse fucked him in the ass on video tape?

Well, it's certainly not THAT. 
...dweebier to wear the band t-shirt of the band you're in, esp. while performing.

I dont know about that, the cheering crowd last Sunday must've been dweeb lovers. 
@ posts 8813 - 8818 
didn't his colon rupture or something? I think it's fairly possible that that cock ruptured a lung or two. 
Tah Intarweb 
remove stupid content from the internet please... at least this corner where you have control over. Sham, metl, von, chaps please I ask of you. :/

Yeah everybody's a cynic and all empty inside and laughs at torture etc etc whatever. 
u mean i have to destroy my site? 
I wouldn't be surprised. I only heard about it from word of mouth (czg) so I don't know the exact details, but this guy died after getting fucked in the ass by a horse. I mean it was bound to happen. Horse cock + ass = death, it's obvious really. 
I haven't dared download the video, but there is a massive commentary thread on it over at the Somethingawful forums. 

so don't watch it, you self-centered dummy. 
Well, I've watched it and if he did die then it serves him right - the horse was not wearing a condom and everyone knows you should not have unprotected sex with casual partners! 
MrHands Video 
I'm at work, so I'm not able to watch it "safely" and completly..... I just saw the beginning, and it seems it's the video you are looking for... or at least talking about.. There's a guy, and a horse, and ouch... pain in the ass... ;P

...and now go map... 
You fuckwit. Don't fucking post the links.

Anyone else, go read the SA thread, 100 times more entertaining than the video. 
I Was Laughing So Hard At That Thread... 
...that I was crying. Those forums are the best general-purpose forums ever. I decined to watch the vid though.

(and c'mon bambuz, if you can't laugh about someone who is such a shining epitome of astounding dumbfuckery that they die from Teh Horsecock, then...well...what can you laugh about really?) 
MrHands: 0 - Horse: 1 
Ouch, I've just watched the video at home: how a guy can "eat by his asshole" a 50 cm horse dick ?? Either this guy has a "cavern-assshole" or he is really dead now due to a huge "anal perforation"... It's frightening... and bleuargh... 
After that he can't even have normal gay sex. It would be like throwing a pencil down a mineshaft. 
Nintendo Revolution Controller 
For Diablo 2 Players 
If you have ever played Diablo 2 on Battle.Net, you might want to see this: 
RE: Revolution Controller 
Yeah we were talking about that at work. My initial impression is "unwieldy gimmick", but I agree that the sword fighting looks fun.

I'm not sure how it's gonna work with cross-platform licenses though, what with everyone else using the traditional controller approach. 
It's precise enough, it could be a mouse replacement. Doesn't need to be as accurate as a mouse, but maybe a quarter of that or something. Maybe one could even paint with it.

Play adventure games where you can interact with the environment in other ways than to just run and hackslash.

Nintendo is prolly the only company with guts to do any kind of innovation (hint, not the same as bringing in stuff from pc's or one-dimensional increasing of stuff)

Think of what one could do with two of these. Minority report style UI's.

A year back a friend showed a mobile game where one could play 3d pong on a mobile where the club was the phone itself so you would have to move it... too bad the display was in the phone itself. Really crude solid state accelerometers.

I wonder if the nintendo thing has a laser gyro or something for better precision. That would make them a tad more expensive. 
I Can See It Now 
SOUTH KOREA, Seoul -- A young man strangled his friend today with a Nintendo Revolution controller after he accused his friend of cheating in Mario Teaches Masturbation. The assailant, 17-year-old Gno Havva-Phun, used the controller as nunchakus to knock unconscious his friend, 19-year-old Yu Gno Me, and then used the chord choke the victim to death. 
RPG, Those aren't valid Korean names.

Yeah, nintendo controller looks interesting, I'm a bit sceptical and will wait until I can see some actual games taking advantage of the movement stuff, but I applaud them for their attempts at innovation in gameplay instead of just pushing out better visuals which is what most other people are doing noweadays.
Oh and kinn, there's an extra accessory (hopefully it will be cheap) that you slide the revo controller into so it becomes a standard controller. 
Read them with English phonetics and maybe it will make more sense. 
I'm pleased to see nintendo doing something weird enough that people are actually uncertain about whether it'll be good. Sony and MS have basically been been iterating on the dualshock for the last 10 years. I like the dualshock, but i don't think that's the only good controller archetype.

Yes, I have concerns about how this breaks controller standards for cross-platform games, battery life, and the inelegance of having two a buttons and two b buttons. 
The Revolution Controller makes my penis hard. 
Gotta Be Kidding Me 
Animated Doom movie, looks like a joke but I'm betting it's trying to be a decent attempt... 
Phait, that trailer made every cell in my brain that ever contained knowledge of design or animation to spasmodically constrict in embarassment.

I'm going to go lie down. 
The Big Unveiling... 
At first I cried at the Revolution controller.

Now I am grinning after thinking about it more.

For cross platform games it has been said a case will make it more like a wavebird type of shape, so there will be no problem there, and for fps games I can actually see it working.

The more I imagine holding it in my hand I can see it working, the thing is basically an evolution of the mouse. 
I don't think Nintendo is really that worried about cross platform games anyway. The best games on a given system, and the ones that sell the system, are the ones designed specifically for it. Plus, I think they relieze they're going to be 'the second console' for most gamers, so the need for cross platform isn't there. Nintendo seems content to not compete to be the #1, but to make great, fun games that will hold their fanbase and perhaps expand it. 
I have no desire to own a ps2 or xbox since I can play most cross platform games on pc, but have been tempted by a gamecube many times. 
Bler is a chav 
Ah, ummm...

* Paintingbler sets mode: -b *!*@
* Paintingbler sets mode: -b *!*
<Paintingbler> hmmm whooops
<Paintingbler> it seems i forgot to unban him hours ago
* Paintingbler feels faintly guilty
<Paintingbler> ONLY FAINTLY THO 
Shad3DM2 - Deep Freeze Released 
Fixed up the last few bugs and its ready for release.. this will be my last Q3 map, but I think it turned out to be my best map.

More info & Download links can be found here:

Some HUGE screenshots here: 
Submit It As News. 

Also have you heard of these programs called names like "Paintshop" and "Photoshop" - they can be quite useful getting screenshots to a size that is visible for people who DON'T have an array of 4 monitors set up in a square... 
You Don't Need Such Huge-ass Programs 
xnview or irfanview work just as well and are small, fast and free as in free beer. 
ACD See... 
Will resize well and show thumbnails of images and allow a little quick editing and batch convert without the wait-load of big apps. 3.10 best version (anything too early won't have the editing abilities) 
Edgenetwork / 
anyone know whats going on with edgenetwork and
they used to be my host, my files are still on the ftp but the address links to a domain snatcher type portal. :(

can someone recommend a good free web host? 
Got A Little Bored... 
And wondered what Sega was up to, and dreamed a little... 
Dude you know sega doesn't make hardware anymore right? These days they just make games for other consoles and devices (including Nintendo hardware, believe it or not). 
back from vacation, ya'll :)

re: image resizing, handy doodad here as a shell extension for windows xp, right click to resize image file from within windows: 
Yeah I know, but I'm of a crowd who'd like to see them come back, even if all the wishful thinking won't make that happen. ;) 
I doubt Sega will ever return to the console market. Software is incredibly more profitable and they have a great name with some good titles. I hope they don't come back to hardware, just because it'd be sad to see them lose in the console race and die off. 
/me Hugs His Dreamcast 
As much as I like Sega they are never going to return to the hardware market. Although I am dying to see what they come up with for the Revolution. The Revolution controller is definitely the type of thing I believe Sega would have made if they were still in the hardware biz. 
I will be so pissed off if Shenmue III is released on XBox 360 only. I was a huge fan of the first two games, and if the third comes out, I will buy it, whatever the platform. However, I have pretty much decided that I will buy a Revolution, but I don't want to blow 300 quid on another machine.

Sega are still making hardware for the arcade sector I think. I would prefer they didn't make another console, because there are already three main platforms out there - we don't need another one. I wish Sega decided to only make games for the Revolution and arcade in the future though - or at least no exclusive games for other platforms!

By the way, has anyone heard the rumours that the Revolution is actually going to be as powerful as PS3/Xbox360? There were some "leaked specs" revealed recently, and they sound pretty competetive. 
Regarding The Revolution... 
With the gamecube Nintendo gave very conservative estimates compared to Sony and Microsoft, I suspect the same thing is going on with the Revolution. The comments about how a controller shell is going to be available from cross platform games would at least suggest they expect some games to be released for all three platforms. 
Arcade Games 
played some outrun arcade game a week ago. Was quite crappy (it probably was a few years old) and boring for some reason. Wasn't realistic but wasn't arcadey either. I think it was sega software with mostly amd hardware.

It seems the format hasn't moved anywhere since the original sega rally. 
I sent you email last week. Did you receive the stuff ?? 
My Website 
hey guys.. I thought it was about time I redesigned my website. The old design is pretty bad, and well its quite old. I think the base design I made up in 1999 or 2000. lol

Anyway been working on this for a few days.. what do you think of the layout?? I've only done the front page thus far, but all pages will share the same design.

Let me know if you notice any odd glitches with the layout, but it should look fine in Firefox or IE.

old design for reference: 
Looks Fine 
I'd Say Make The Header And The Body The Same Width 
Otherwise I think it's a little minimalist, but good. 
What RPG said, make header larger, and get rid of the giant browser propaganda button at the bottom, or at least find a smaller version, cause it looks shite. 
The new page is ok, the above comments are agreeable. The old page seems pretty ok too.

I'd test the look if header was the same width as the postings. 
I Don't Want Firefox, So Piss Off With Your Stupid Adverts. 
Safer, faster and better than what?

I hate people telling me to "get firefox" when I have "got another browser, and hugely prefer it to firefox, so fuck off telling me to get firefox, please."

I'm not a (complete) idiot and can choose my own browser, thankyou.

Don't take that personally, btw. I am just SO fed up of seeing website authors pledging their allegiance to firefox - it's like the placards you see outside folk's homes in the run up to an election. 
Gamespy's Ads Annoy Me A Great Deal More 
That is all. 
Lynx For World Domination 
Design looks fine - I'd put it up as is, except make the firefox banner bigger. I suggest using this for the link:

That should be visible enough. 
Links > Lynx 
w3m! Or 'telnet 80'! 
Yay Jago 
Vote VONDUR For World Domination! 
an oldie, but a goodie nonetheless 
On a completely unrelated note, necros and I are working on a new Quake enemy:

totally AWESOME! 
Where is the katana ?? A Ninja always have a katana ! At least it should launch "shuriken" stuff ... 
Is that the update to your "monsters" page we all have been waiting for? 
haha! i bet it strafes from corner to corner in a splitsecond and fires shurikens insterad of green shit :D 
Post #8888 
I rawk =) 
Post #8889 
I rawk++ =) 
Distrans ?? 
I sent you email 1 week ago. Did you receive the stuff ?? Eh, are you dead or what ? 
Uhm, Funny Thing About Being Dead . . .

[16:40] <PuLSaRius> scampie u have cool statistics on func atm
[16:40] <PuLSaRius> Number of Posts: 1300
[16:40] <scampwork> ?
[16:40] <scampwork> ok
[16:40] <PuLSaRius> Number of Threads: 37
[16:40] <scampwork> yes, I always have cool stats
[16:40] <PuLSaRius> 1300+37=1337
[16:41] <scampwork> haha
[16:41] <scampwork> awesome
[16:41] * scampwork will never post again as Scampie
[16:41] <PuLSaRius> lol 
Happy Birthday Zwiffle! 
Happy Birthday Zwif! 
I rebel against the statistics by always forgetting to login. :) 
/me throws a blanket party for Zwiffle 
Got me a Wacom with Corel Painter 2 and Photoshop Elements 2, basic stuff but so far it's really cool. Most fun I've had with a gadget so far!!! 
rejected news... it was a long political rant -- metlslime 
Corel Painter 2? 
I guess it must have been painter classic 2 or something because painter is at version 9 now (and does indeed r4wk). 
Painter Essentials 2 
Yes, IX is t3h r4wk from what I hear, but I only have a stripped down commercial version, which is still r4wk, just not as r4wk. 
rejected news... it was a long political rant -- metlslime

The hell? You don't think we'd bite, do you? Let us have him, throw him to the lions! 
Zwiffle Continued: 
what kind of wacom did you get btw - graphire or intous? 
happy birthday m8 
Thx for being like a day late. 
Well, Happy Birthday Yesterday, 
Don't feel bad. It's not like we could have bought you a hooker or anything.

I mean, all we have are those icons and ONE font to play with. 
Some speedmaps would've been nice.
/me castrates Scampie. 
well more specifically, it was political spam. I deleted it for the same reason I'd delete commerical spam -- it's an attempt to use the board for broadcasting, rather than conversation. 
Would've Loved Too 
Actually, I couldn't get the last speed map I made to compile, but AquiRe has done so with out any trouble. 
Actually, I have Zwiffle's address, so we could have got him a hooker, except we're all stingy bastards who hoard the hookers for ourselves.

Just don't let Zwiffle know that. 
Yeap, Same Here 
lol, it reminds me of a conversation I had with a Vietnamese pimp in a bar some time ago. He told me he could get me anything, and I said, "How 'bout an Amerasian with naturally red hair." He shook his head and told me I was crazy. 
Yu crazee gee-ay! Nou sucha ting - yu hea' gee-ay? No! Such-a! Thing - red hed! Crazee yankie gee-ay. VeeSee gonna geet yu goud, crazee gee-ay. Yu dee - mash payn. 
Hey Metl 
I'll pay you buck fifty a month to screen my email too. :P 
I believe we may now have a purely ethical purpose for cloning. To build the perfect woman! (To sell on the streets for fun and profit, of course). 
I Don't Know If This Has Been Done: 
I'd like to see a poster. On the left is a picture of an adult penis, cut. On the right I'd like to see a bloody flap of skin. The caption should read "Separated at birth?"

Just an excuse to look at a penis I suppose. 
...thank you for your concern. I'm alive :)

Your exceptional artwork arrived safely and I'm about to proposition you for more... but I think I'll do that in private. 
Whoa. And Kell says I have Freudian issues. O_o 
what the fuck is going on here! o.0 
Hey! News-ish! 
Sparth joined ID. This is news to me!! 
For Fuck's Sake Fucking Hell What The Fuck Is Fucking Wrong 
what the fuck is going on here! o.0

When you find out, please be sure to let the rest of us know. Maybe it will help me make sense of my roommate who pours out the milk from her cereal.

P.S. the topic is a summarization of my comments from work today.

P.P.S. I forgot what this post post script was supposed to say.

P.P.P.S. e/n generation unite! 
Woaw !! This screenies would take place in Half Life 3 screenies preview!! They are very nice and impressive ... 
Agree entirely, that is perfect concept art for HL3. So....are Id making HL3 next then, lol.

Seriously nice one Sparth and GG getting hired. 
Sparth rocks so much, I knew he had had an interview at ID a few months ago, but didn't think he had accepted in the end.
I have to pester him into sneaking in a Nunukian style space map into whatever ID's next game is, he hasn't mapped in too long. =D 
I Think 
That nunuk's hiring at id should be a news post here for a number of reasons.

1) The timing of Adrian's lawsuit

2) The fact that nunuk/sparth has been known to frequent these parts/#terrafusion, and now he works for's like, the ultimate dream

3) The fact that the hiring of such an extremely top-notch artist like sparth means that id is takking a radically different turn in terms of art on their next project. sparth's style, in my opinion, is very fantasy/ethereal, and much more conducive to adventure games and "far out" settings than Adrian's typically war-ish evil artistic feel.

So this news definitely has implications all over the place, and we need a thread to discuss them in! 
So this news definitely has implications all over the place, and we need a thread to discuss them in!

Go create it ;) 
was Adrian carmack Fired...

Bluesnews says the reason was that he had 41% of the shares and wanted to sell id to activision. They other owners fired him so the company wouldn't be sold and they could buy the shares cheaper from him directly.

Greed makes people do all kind of stupid things.

I've always loved his art. 
2) The fact that nunuk/sparth has been known to frequent these parts/#terrafusion, and now he works for's like, the ultimate dream


Oh, I don't know about that. Not anymore. I think there are several companies ranking higher than id on the omgloligotanindustryjoblolkeke-scale. Valve. Epic. For one thing they have better tech. And their projects seem more innovative.


3) The fact that the hiring of such an extremely top-notch artist like sparth means that id is takking a radically different turn in terms of art on their next project. sparth's style, in my opinion, is very fantasy/ethereal, and much more conducive to adventure games and "far out" settings than Adrian's typically war-ish evil artistic feel.

A good artist can apply her expertise to many different genres, ideally. She'd better, or she's just a one trick pony. Of course, that's fine for some people, maybe the contract is just for one project. It'll look good on the resume either way.

Anyway, this doesn't really tell us all that much about id's upcoming projects.


There're legal thingamabobs flying all over and claims to this and that. For one thing, I'm guessing Blues was not privy to any special information. Adrian Carmack claims he was effectively forced to resign, after he refused to sell his stock to the other owners following the activision bid. Having left id he is supposed to do so anyway, but his team of power-tie wearing walking excrement argues he shouldn't have to. Plus, he says he got shafted on some profit-sharing thing.

That's what he says. That's not necessarily what happened. Also, who cares?, id hasn't done anything remotely exciting in many years -- except for releasing old sources.

Chances are Adrian Carmack leaving is good for the consumers. What with id hiring new artists, if for nothing else. 
Didn't Know 
id hired anyone. Thought they were just the regular group of guys since they started (except for Romero and Petersen after awhile). is full of elitists. But I remember Sparth, and I saw that thread - some good work... but it leaves me bitter. 
id always hire at the start of projects. kenneth scott got a lot of press for q3, and they hired a bunch of new guys for Doom3 (I remember one new level designer worked on kiss: pyscho circus) 
id: "hey can we get that guy from KISS?"
id: "gene simmons?"
id: "no psycho circus, the game"
id: "y'serious?" 
...I thought Quake4 going Gold on Monday (see ) would've warranted some sort of news post here. 
this isn't a general gaming news site. Nor is it a blog. So that's why there's no news when doom3 or quake4 or half-life 2 go gold, or when one of us gets a new job or buys a puppy. (Though, some people try to stick their puppy into otherwise legitimate news posts, I've noticed.) 
of course you can post about it in the GA thread! 
....ya, I guess I expected a bit of reaction in the GA thread. Meh, I'll assume people are too busy walking their puppies at the moment. 
walking their puppies

That's a euphemism. Right? �_� 
I Was Going To Suggest 
to PJW that now he has some free time, he may want to make a Quake single player level, but then I remembered Scampie mentioned earlier that that sort of thing is prohibited by the company contract.

<me walks a puppy instaed, darn> 
Prohibited By The Contract? 
You can't be serious... right? 
Sounded Plausible To Me 
I know of more restrictive clauses than that; my friend Hutch plays for a Minor League baseball team, he doesn't dare even to play a game of catch. 
I don't think is full of elitists. Quite the opposite actually, although I've never posted any of my artwork. I find most comments to be actually very helpful, and a lot of people there are actually just really good.

As for Sparth, that's why I didn't submit a news thread. It's good for him, but not news worthy at all.

Still, you shouldn't have rejected my news about getting a kitten for my birthday. Now you will pay. 
... mebbe it is, and then...

BTW: are those textures still on your list of things to do, or should I elicit another's help? 
Bleh is less elitist than func_msgboard in my opinion, hehe, there are some much more elitist art forums around really.
Hmm, and sparth joing ID isn't good for sparth, but good for ID, they are lucky to have such a talented artist. =)

Oh and Phait, for the record, Kiss: Psycho Circus was a good game, so bleh. 
I Seem To Recall 
that id stole Steve Rescoe from Ion Storm in order to have him do level design for Doom 3. That's right, the guy who made Village of Dread and, even more brilliantly, Shadow Over Innsmouth, way back in the day.

Which made it even more surprising to me when Doom3's level design sucked. I guess Willits must have said something like, "Now no large rooms people, in fact stick to small square rooms. But heap on the detail, and keep it really dark, to hide that fact."

I see Quake4 as id's second chance at getting what Doom3 should have been right. Since it has exactly the same graphics and art as Doom3, maybe Raven took the development time to improve the *rest* of the game (you know - the things that were shit in Doom 3 - AI, level design, multiplayer, basically everything but the graphics).

Sorry, this quickly degraded into a bitter Doom3-bashing post. Oh well. 
I think there are several companies ranking higher than id on the omgloligotanindustryjoblolkeke-sca... Valve. Epic. For one thing they have better tech. And their projects seem more innovative.




Your FIRED !!! 
Quake 4 Gold !!!! 
Id Software, Raven Software and Activision have confirmed that Quake 4 for the PC is GOLD and will begin shipping to retail stores nation-wide on Tuesday, October 18th!

Sounds good !!! but does it mean that Quake 4 will be avalaible in the next weeks ??? More info at 
I think there are several companies ranking higher than id on the omgloligotanindustryjoblolkeke-sca... Valve. Epic.

So that makes id what, only the third coolest games company in the world to work for? Gee, best hang on for that better offer then. 
Nearly Forgot 
Max/Maya users might be interested to hear that Autodesk have just bought Alias.

I wonder what this means for the future of Max and Maya as seperate products? 
Wrath Is Just A Biased ID Hater And Valve Fanboi 
Valve. better tech? haha. q1 with some shaders (well ok, it works and runs fast)
Epic. more innovation? yeah sure. cant have enough UTs

BTW from what I know Ubi is a very good place to work at. After all it�s not about the company name or its games popularity, it about working environment, people, creative freedom. Money too :)

Tronyn: try RoE, its much better game than d3 original. And hows q4 'exactly the same graphics and art'? Or you mean same engine, and sci-fi setting too 
err, half year ago they announced the end of 3ds max development, then they announced max 8,
now they got maya

I`ll stick to max anyway... 
OMG: Universal Studio Announce Halo Movie !! 
I read a weird news... After Doom movie, here would come in summer 2007 a Halo movie.... o_O ...

Peter Jackson will be the director... Also, note he was already the director of Lord of The Ring trilogy... Hopefully he would do something cool regarding what has been done concerning Tolkien's trilogy adaptation...

Wait and see... 
I totally agree with speedy about valve and epic. The only thing from epic that looks good is that Gears of War thing, and to me Valve is just the biggest piece of overhyped, overbloated, overhyped piece of fucking piss shit since Pool of Radiance for PC. I just absolutely despise Valve. There is NO WAY WHATSOEVER that Valve is better than Id. Epic has some purdy graphics... but.. cough.

I heard about the Halo movie, and that a LOT of big names were signed up for it already, but that Uwe Boll was directing it (no lie, they said it in an issue of PCGamer.) 
Zwiffle You Bleeting Ewe 
If not for Valve we could not have Barney circlejerks and fanparties 
Fuck Barney 
No, I don't mean that way... anyway, Valve should burn in the fires of hell along with Scampie and the Virtual Boy. 
Kinn, Et Al. 
So that makes id what, only the third coolest games company in the world to work for? Gee, best hang on for that better offer then.

That's a nice man you got there. Made entirely out of straw you say?

But fine, more examples. Bungie. Anything involving Sid Meier or Warren Spector. DICE seem to be a pretty good place to be right now. I wouldn't mind having Broussard and Miller running interference for me, however long time DNF has been in development hell.

I'm not saying anyone should turn down id -- I'm saying they're not the be-all, end-all one-stop shop for high profile development they once was. Hell, Raven seems to do more fun stuff.


I hope you brought enough drugs for the whole class, young mister.

Valve. better tech? haha. q1 with some shaders

Now see, that's just so damn stupid I hardly now where to begin. So I won't.

Suffice to say, there's more to the tech than just the renderer. Consider Steam, for one thing. Consider the brass balls on Newell. You bet your ass I'd rather be a part of Valve's future than id's - but that's just me.

< Epic. more innovation? yeah sure. cant have enough UTs
You know, I watched Sweeney's gdc keynote. What epic are doing in terms of empowering artists and refining the scripting process gives me a got damn erection.

I just absolutely despise Valve.

Yeah... So tell me again why I should value your opinion on them, you just threw away every last bit of credibility you might've had on the subject. But sure, let's play.

There is NO WAY WHATSOEVER that Valve is better than Id.

They made the fps sp genre. MADE it. They fucking totally blew everything else out of the water. For years, I might add. With the exception of Bungie, no other company has so totally dominated the FPS single-player genre. Other companies have been trying to dethrone them, no one has looked at id and said 'these are the guys we have to be better than.' They've looked at Valve and said that. Valve is the benchmark. They are the Blizzard of action games. 
I Told You. Valve Fan Boi 
Consider Steam, for one thing

and lets not argue what game you like more
its just a personal opinion

I gave up hl2 at ~50%.

halo is just crap with amazing ad budget and the privilege of being the only shooter on xbox at its time 
The low gravity and utter amazing slowness of halo makes me hate it, while the story is very nice and the concept of the halo is very cool(which is from a book), the makers had to make it enormously sluggish for gamepad jockeys to have a chance to aim in time, which kills it for me, also the forced fov value at 60 ruins it even more. 
Valve "MADE" the FPS genre? You better start sharing some of that stuff you are on. ID and Epic made the fps genre. Valve rode on their success. 
FPS SP genre. Single player. They set the bar for it with Half-Life. Reading, mofo, can you do it? 
voodoochopsticks: lol, you can't bash Halo without at least mention it's level design:

1) Build a large, generic box room (try to make it as symmetrical as possible, but put in enough dividing walls and random crap on the floor to make it hard to see where exactly you are in relation to the exits).
2) Build a straight corridor and a corner corridor.
3) Take the aforementioned three prefabs and ctrl-c/ctrl-v as many times as is necessary until the level hits it size budget.
4) Profit!!! 
Oh And 
JPL: Peter Jackson is not directing the Halo movie, although he may be producing it. 
its ok that u are mad about HL and that you want to work at Valve

Just dont get angry and bitter every time subject of Valve vs ID appears 
Yeah Kinn, I remember some of those levels, like running down a spiral staircase for 20 minutes straight, with the same enemy positioning for every 5 floors, and the ones in between empty.

I thought that game looked so cool before, I wonder if it had been much better if it had been made for pc in the first place. 
Hay Frib 
/me shouts over the noise of people who still think it's worth the time spent trying to argue with speedy

You can't be serious... right?

I never signed an actual contract that says I can't do that, but an NDA can be construed a lot of ways, and there's plenty of other "policies" that aren't in any contract.

That said, the general attitude is "if you're spending the time/ideas on game stuff, spend it on your job." I've heard it ten different ways from ten different people though, ranging from "activision owns any game work you do, so you can't release anything that hasn't been through QA" which I've still been unable to officially confirm, to "doing free stuff for a raven game will encourage/bolster the online modding community." Either way I feel blessed I can entertain myself with plenty of non-gametype creative endeavors should the need arise.

pjw doesn't have any free time anyway though. 
Valve did not make the fps SP genre - the only thing they made that was any good was mass-production of user-made Total Conversions, and they even fucked that up.

Assuming you mean interesting, enthralling SP experiences I would say look to Hexen or Duke3d before lurching to Valve. WAY before HL, these games were pushing the SP experience to the limits.

Ok, HL added some cut-scenes. HL2 added some physics. Can anyone tell me where the gameplay is? Hmm? Throwing chairs around with my grav-gun? Crawling through innumerable vents to get around a locked door? Jumping on crates to reach the vent which gets me around the locked door? I admit HL and HL2 had a few good moments, but that is all they had.

And besides those games, all of Valve's other products are just plain Made-In-America crap. Steam? LAFF. Counterstrike? CRY. DoD? It used to be good, but DoD: Source ruined most of what made DoD fun, and combined it with bad framerates.

Give me Nintendogs before you give me Crap-Life 2. Haha, that was clever. :( 
Shut Up Zwiffle. Noone Gives A Fuck. 
The Kittens Do, Czg. 
The kittens do.

What A Pile Of Bullshit. 
You're all wrong. Apart from the people who are right. But I didn't read their posts.

Anyway, can I just point out that unless metl threatens to de-moderator-ise me, I will post news items about people's puppies.

Thank you. 
"if you're spending the time/ideas on game stuff, spend it on your job."

What if you're a level designer by profession and you want to animate monsters in your spare time? Or an engine programmer who chooses to knock out a few Quake textures as a hobby?

It all sounds a bit silly to me. 
JPL: Peter Jackson is not directing the Halo movie, although he may be producing it.

OK, OK, sorry for the mistake... 
Thanks For The Clarification, Lun 

all of Valve's other products are just plain Made-In-America crap.

Have a little pride, son; Volvo, BMW, Jaguar, Honda, etc. have not been building those autoplants all over our landscape out of charity. 
Just A Note 
by 'son' I don't mean it to be condescending. It just means I think of you as a red headed step child (I'm not sure if that phrase is regional or not). 
In Wisconsin that phrase refers to the child who you keep locked in the closet, scalp them, then rape them after sticking squirrels up their rectum. That child may or may not be yours O_O

BTW: I'm kidding. Mostly. 
It Makes Perfect Sense... 
raven is insecure and gets jealous of its mappers. That's why the office is way out on the tundra. When you get there, they give a speech about how Raven "has no guards... no fences... no life-sign sensors... only a transporter scrambling field" 
Yeap, Zwif 
that's the one! 
No-mapping Other Than Job-mapping 
If that's real, it's complete bullshit. And if I were someone else and in that field I'd fucking map otherwise anyway. Just use an alias, like anyone does and keep your shit covered.

That or I'd just not take the job. 
It's not that big a deal. Seriously, if I had the time/drive to work on anouther map, I'd rather see if there was a possiblity of getting a Q4 map pack together at work and doing something for that and get paid for it. But I don't. 
Thing Is 
I'd still want to map for Quake or mess around with Winter Assault or AoE3 or something. Although if I were really happy with the project I was working on, were I in the business, it wouldn't be a big deal anyway. 
Zwiffle now you sound just like a Valve hater. They`v made two good games, cant deny that

Lun get over that really, it was like half year ago
and afterall it was you who started all the insulting

Phait: you map, yeah. You cant map even w/o such a contract ...

scamp is right, after mapping at work you dont really want to do that in your free time 
I DO hate Valve. Through and through. They've made some mediocre games people went ape-shit for, and a shitload of crap. That's it. 
They've made some mediocre games people went ape-shit for, and a shitload of crap.

You don't think perhaps the reason people went ape-shit was because, you know... they liked them? 
I know plenty of people who like cheap American beer.

Doesn't mean it's good beer. 
But What Is Good? 
if 'good' simply means it tastes good to you, then arguably, so called 'crappy' cheap american beer is 'good' because the masses like it.

So, what you're saying is George Bush is a good president because the majority voted in favor of him? (NOTE: No political comments, please--I'm just making an example.)

"Good" is not a measure of popularity. "Popularity" is a measure of popularity, and "good" is a measure of quality.

Definitions of "good" may vary, but then you're refering to opinion, and not actual quality.

What wrath was refering to was popularity, which has nothing to do with Zwiffle's claim that the games are mediocre. 
How do you measure actual quality then? I'm really interested in that. 
There's An Easy Method Of Measurement... 
bad wordage, should have read: if 'good' simply means it tastes good to you, then arguably, so called 'crappy' cheap american beer is 'good' because the masses like the taste of it.

what i was trying to get at is that since 'good' can't be quantified objectively, that these arguments were nothing but opinion. it was also an attempt to add weight to speedy's suggestion that zwiffle's arguements were specious.

in my opinion (because that's all it can ever be) i fail to see how duke3d had an enthralling SP experience... the whole game was meant to be a comedy, not exactly what i call enthralling.

i seriously do think HL pushed SP games forward by showing that it was possible to have a truly involving story and yet still be a shooter with action.

if you want to dole out your way of mesuring quality to determine if something's 'good', then maybe we can settle this now. :) 
Burn, Baby, Burn! 
i seriously do think HL pushed SP games forward by showing that it was possible to have a truly involving story and yet still be a shooter with action.

Marathon did that, came out before quake. Next! 
you took out my opinion with your opinion...

go you. :P 
OldManMurray Foreva! 
What is this Half-Life everyone is talking about? Did it have any crates? 
How do you measure actual quality then?

I think that's irrelevant to the argument. However, to attempt to answer your question, one can gain an idea of something's quality by examining the positive and negative properties and results of the thing in question. Something with lots of good properties and few bad properties would be considered good, and something with few good properties and lots of bad properties would be considered bad.

For example, it's one thing to say "My math professor is good because he explains the concepts in detail and helps us when we have problems" or "My math professor is bad because he insults us and doesn't explain any of the concepts" whereas it's an entirely different thing to say "I like my math professor because it's fun to see him insult the other students" or "I hate my math professor because he isn't a stripper."

Obviously, quality can be difficult to determine in many circumstances, such as if the sum of the positive and negative is near zero.

But saying that a popular thing is automatically good is patently absurd, just as it's absurd to say that something that is not popular is bad. 
To Answer Some Things, And Shrug Off Others 
I would say Duke3d's SP was enthralling, because it was so revolutionary its detail and interactivity just threw you into the world and kept you there. There were so many new things to do other that just run, open door, etc etc.

I tend to base a game, good or bad, in quality, largely based on game-play aspects. For example, Half-Life was a steadily good game - it had some fairly impressive gameplay, I will admit that.

Counterstrike did not. Honestly, who here will say that Counterstrike is a good game? One, maybe two people?

Likewise, Half-Life 2 wasn't a good game. 6 years for facial animation and physics? 6 fucking years for that? The actual game development took something like 9 months I heard, and the rest of that was just tech. Reverse that, put 6 years gameplay and 9 months tech and the results would probably be different.

Look at Max Payne 2. Very disappointing. Huge graphics improvement, but gameplay remained the same, if not slightly worse because the game took 3 FUCKING HOURS TO PLAY. Why was it so short? How much time was spent on those cool bullet-time effects and comic book sequences and uber-cool graphics and super-involving storyline and how much attention was given to the actual GAME?

Take another example. UT200X. WTF? Why do they keep coming up with the same game with 2x better graphics every few years?

Some talked about Halo - they regurgitate sections of levels over and over. Gameplay is severely lacking. I enjoy lengthy games, but don't just copy and paste to make your game 20x longer than Max Payne. That's what speedmappers do.

I've kinda forgotten my point amid the myriad of examples. Gameplay or something. Yeah, something about how game developers should develop GAMES, and not just tech-showcases, like HL2. 
Counterstrike did not. Honestly, who here will say that Counterstrike is a good game? One, maybe two people?

Aiming a little high there perhaps

Take another example. UT200X. WTF? Why do they keep coming up with the same game with 2x better graphics every few years?

Preach it brother... Tell it like it is...

Likewise, Half-Life 2 wasn't a good game

disagree, I thought Half-Life 2 wasn't that bad, although I could't bring myself to play it through again...
Half-Life though..., well it sucked shit through a straw 
i find it interesting that you didn't mention doom3... honestly, i think that game was far more of a tech showcase than HL2 was. I mean, HL2's story involved a fair bit, whereas D3 was really just to survive. (there was some story stuff in there, ie: betruger and his whole transformation and constant mocking) but it failed to really interest me. (otoh, D3 was a lot scarier so it kind of balances out)

also, i never knew counterstrike was considered a game, i thought it was just a mod for hl... unless you're refering to that source version they made, which was just valve attempting to milk the cash cow dry... :P 
Just For The Record 
I enjoyed every bit of Half-Life, except for the platform jump level -- even most of Xen was good.

The levels were set up to drive you forward with a clear purpose or problem to solve in each. I would say it was quite engrossing.

I thought Half-Life 2 was generally good, but the puzzles were often tedious, like Blue Shift (God, I really hated that add on). In this respect, it was very similar to Caselli's Prodigy SE, a technical masterpiece that I quit after a few levels out of boredom. 
Zwiffle, you say you judge games on mostly gameplay, then you go and pretty much talk about only tech aspects in your rants... =)

I thought HL2 was a great game, sense of location and atmosphere were perfect, and the gameplay was definatly not repetitive, each area had different kind of fighting etc, unlike doom3, which got old at around the end of the 2nd map. 
Sounds Like... 
he judges them on how long they were in development. 
That explanation sounds like you are a math student yourself. Seriously though, measuring "good" or "bad" properties is too simple an approach in my opinion. First of all, who gets to choose which properties are relevant? Next, who decides what makes a property good or bad? And what about art? You can surely measure the build quality of something in this way, but what about taste? And finally, when you have all your properties, there's the problem of weighing them appropriately.

Frankly, I don't think that there always is a way to objectively measure quality. Surely, some things that have clear and quantifiable properties (like practical objects, or maybe even software) can be measured that way, but others, like the artistic quality of a piece of art, can not.

Btw, getting back to your example - surely a student who is good at maths would say "My math teacher is good because he teaches me a lot of new things, and I can learn more than in other classes.", whereas someone who has his or her problems with mathematics might say about that same teacher: "My math teacher is bad because his pace is too fast and I can't follow.". Both students are commenting on the same property, and obviously their arguments are entirely subjective. My original question was how one would measure quality in an objective way (or at least, that's what it should have been). 
I wasn't saying that popular equals good. And you know it. But when something is so wildly popular as the half-life franchise is, well - that's a hint people might actually like it. And that, makes it good. A whole bunch of people look at it and go "Good - me want more." Yeah, it's good. Doesn't mean I personally have to agree, but if I'm a developer or publisher, I'm going to think to myself, maybe these valve guys are on to something here.

Counterstrike did not. Honestly, who here will say that Counterstrike is a good game? One, maybe two people?
I haven't played that much CS, mostly on a LAN with some friends. But I can honestly say I've gotten more hours of fun out of that mod than I have from many full price "triple a"-projects.

Likewise, Half-Life 2 wasn't a good game. 6 years for facial animation and physics? 6 fucking years for that? The actual game development took something like 9 months I heard, and the rest of that was just tech.

You usually don't design one engine to handle just the one game. You design it to be a base for several games down the line, games you don't even know about yet. You design for versatility. And you design it to be expanded and reshaped when you have the time to do it. Procedural content, streaming content, both things coming at us looking ahead. If we can't get it in now, I wan't it to be as easy as possible when we can. I'm pulling this out of my ass, of course, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if the next tech-cycle for valve is substantially less than six years.


Wow, HL2 content in just nine months. Those guys are good.

Take another example. UT200X. WTF? Why do they keep coming up with the same game with 2x better graphics every few years?
The same reason EA churns out new sports titles every year. It makes them money. The fans buy the latest itiration, the newcomers do the same thing. Win-win.

In the case of epic, they also get to show off the engine that is the hottest thing to license right now. Do you know why it's popular? Not just because it's got great specs. Dev teams look at epic and go "these guys have produced alot of content, really quickly, and to great acclaim. I want to do that too." The game is a product for consumers, and an ad for the engine.

Gameplay is severely lacking.
Halo's gameplay is severely lacking? Now you're just being plain wrong. The Halo gameplay is severely streamlined, and sticks very close to the story. In many ways, they are indistinguishable from eachother. You are one guy in a big conflict. You drive cars, shoot guns and bluw stuff up.

Sure, it's not rocket science, but what it sets out to do, it accomplishes. It keeps people playing the game.

What you need to understand is that not everybody is like us here on func. We're halfway into the industry, we're not joe sixpack. Joe sixpack doesn't have time for 20+ hours of engrossing storylines, he just want to have some fun. Joe sixpack doesn't care how long a game was in development, or what physics API was used to simulate the ragdoll-effect. He just goes "cool, I can kick around the dead guy!" He definitely doesn't care about pushing the envelope the way we might.

Do I wish epic and id would use the independence they've earned to make something different? Yeah, sure. That would be cool. But they are one trick ponies, as long as they chose to be. So I'm gonna get my fix from Japan, like everyone else. Wanda and the Colossus is on it's way. But in the meantime, I'm having quite alot of mainstream fun playing HL and Halo, games that might strive not for innovation, but for solid craftsmanhsip and well-formulated fun. 
Hit me with it baby.

To be honest this discussion is so exciting I wish metl had left the viagra spam uncensored. 
Oh You Lot 
Check out my PANTS! 
Wanda and the Colossus

Is that what Shadow of the Colossus is called in Japan?

I saw a trailer for that game; it showed Aragorn on horseback holding Gandalf's shining sword up at the sky, and then he climbed up the side of an Oliphaunt and stabbed it in the head. Looked quite good :} 
So I Want To Play A Little Quake DM Again 
is Fitzquake the right engine to play DM ? I assume so, but am not sure if its DM compatible.

Also, what bots ? Are omicron bots still the way to go (even without routes) or is their better bots with waypoints for newer maps now ? 
who keeps deleting my viagra ads?!?

Just kidding :) 
Zwiffle, you say you judge games on mostly gameplay, then you go and pretty much talk about only tech aspects in your rants... =)

That's because that's all there is to talk about those games. 
Prodigy SE 4 is awesome map 
oh and I would like hl2 more if it had more shooter to it and less driving and messing around with grav gun 
Quake Multiplayer 
QUAKEWORLD is the thing for QUAKE multiplayer in the internet. Main reasons why it is so, are prediction and 72 fps server.

Use FUHQUAKE client executable.
This is included in the EQUAKE PACKAGE. The package contains a lot of other useful things too, get it from

Precise Url 
I <3 Boobs 
hey folks, where can I get World Craft1.6 ? 
only interested in solo play with bots, not netplay. Thats why I was interested in normal quake DM, not QW. 
So I Tired Fitzquake 
with the same settings as I have for sp and omibots. It's a bit choppy, especially whenever someone dies and respawns. Any ideas how to resolve this ? 
What The Fuck Is Going On?? 
Doom Movie 
It has been already posted, but I suppose the website has been updated... just check the end of the trailer... ;P 
You could try my engines, I've done extensive testing with loads of bots (frogbot, omicron, qbot, reapers and zeus) in big maps to make sure it works well. I've also fixed quite a few engine crash scenarios with bots, e.g. reapers on dm3. 
Wow Necros 
And i thought the video for Lucifugum's "Dukoso 3Bepr" was the most hilariously bad D&D based video out there. How wrong i was. 
there are bots for qw too 
It all sounds a bit silly to me.

Right, it is. Assisting a Quake mod team doing free content while employed at a game company could be construed as conflict of interest (not that a Quake1 map could infinitesimally dent the sales of Quake4).

scamp is right, after mapping at work you dont really want to do that in your free time

Well, speedy, I guess you'd be the authority on what all other people think and feel. I've been fixing script bugs and making performance adjustments to the same four or five maps since I was hired. I, for one, still have map ideas of my own I want to explore, that wouldn't fit into Quake4 or Wolf. 
thanks, I'll take a look. 
rpgdm1 is an awesome map.

I downloaded that map first since it was the only recent q1 dm release I remembered off the top of my head, and ended up playing two hours straight on it.

Great work rpg 
Thanks. That brought a smile to my face. It's always nice to hear comments other than when the map is first released. 
It's a good map, above average. I had no idea about the ladder's tho, and wondered how RPG kept magically teleporting one level up. I'd prefer stairs myself, but oh well, such is life. 
I recall beting some one (prolly it was Zwiffle ) on rpg q1 dm map
good layout 
no idea what's wrong; i've only tried it with reapers but it works. I guess i need to test it with omicrons and see. 
yeah that'd be good.

Maybe it's the maps though, I remember reading that dranzdm7 and dranzdm8 werent r-speed friendly. 
With big maps you might need more heap for FQ, otherwise you'd get similar hitch symptoms. Check for a flickering disk icon in the upper right screen corner. 
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Re: Post 8991 
I only read that far because this seemed to turn into a lame flamewar after a while. But, counterstrike is a fantastic game. I haven't played the version for HL2, but the original was a phenomanally fun game to play, with friends or strangers. I don't see how anyone here can say it was not a good game.

But the crowd that gave it 'popularity' is not something to brag about. That's a different issue! 
Free Time 
It all sounds a bit silly to me.

Yeah, well, like Lun, I haven't heard anything authoritative from anyone re: free-time mapping (and I certainly didn't sign anything to that effect), but I would be pretty surprised (and pretty cranky) if someone decided to tell me what I could do on my own free time.

My best guess (until someone tells me otherwise... /me looks over shoulder...) is that I can damn well do whatever I please on my own time with my own tools as long as that activity doesn't damage the company in some way, or detract from my ability to do my job. And, obviously, I shouldn't be representing anything I do on my own time as having anything to do with Raven. It seems like common sense to me, and is easily summed-up by "don't be a dumbass". *shrug*

As far as having the time, that's a different matter...I haven't really felt like working on something as involved as, say, a Q3 map for quite a while now (plus, Q3 just wasn't as attractive anymore), but I simply love making cool stuff, and I'm certainly not going to get tired of that just because I get paid for it.

For instance, I've been regularly making new tracks for a racing game that has me badly addicted, and it's fairly likely that I'll play around with something Q4-ish when it comes out.

We'll need a Q4 icon here soon... 
more spam...

guess i need to make myself a "delete post" button. 
we haven't needed a new one since serious sam -- every fps since then has been a sequel. 
We could do with losing the Sam and DKT icons, for the obvious reasons that they have almost no use.

In their place, I'd suggest a "Fantasy" icon and a "Strategy" icon (not sure what these would look like :), as those would be useful to cover other general genres of games, e.g. Tronyn's Rune maps or Lun's DOW map.

Maybe a general "Sci-fi" icon too. The Green Target already covers realism games, I reckon.

Q4 could be covered by the Q2 icon. 
We Also Need An Icon 
for amps that go to 11. 
speaking of dow, why can't I play your map in skirmish? 
Hey, I Use The Dkt Icon When Answering To Shambler All The Time! 
I Use The DKT Icon Too 
I see it as standing for "crap game" tired 
That's what I use this one for. 
...even more tired 
Because, either your an idiot, or because you haven't upgraded to the necessary patch. It does work in Skirmish. 
You don't by any chance think it might be both? 
Posts 9039 Through 9043 
I hope this isn't stating the obvious, but the reason those two students' comments are so subjective is because they're not commenting on whether or not the teacher is good or bad, but they're commenting on whether or not the teacher is good or bad for them individually. If they wanted to be objective, they should have looked around them at how most of the class was doing, and maybe a few other classes, too.

How to measure quality objectively? Determine the properties that are most important to the largest number of people, and then see if those properties are positively or negatively affecting them.

As for art, as you mentioned you can measure the build quality. But the whole point of art is that it is dependant on individual interpretation, so obviously you can't objectively measure artistic value because it is entirely subjective. So artistic value can be "good" or "bad" for you individually, but it cannot be measured universally.

However, there truly can be a problem in weighing the positive and negative properties because there might be slight variations in our perception of those properties. Sometimes they will be obviously good and sometimes they will be obviously bad. I would argue, however, that because we're dealing with properties affecting most people and not properties affecting very few people, that our disagreement about the overall positive/negative judgement would differ only to a very small degree. For example, you might say it's great and I might say it's good, but it's probably somewhere in that range. Or, I might say it's slightly good and you might say it's slightly bad, but it's probably closer to mediocre. 
Rpg Et. Al. 
If you're talking about goodness, and you don't mean moral goodness, then you probably mean how effective something is at fufilling its purpose. A math teacher is good so far as he effectively teaches math to his students, so the average quality of each student's educations is what we care about.

A game's purpose is up for debate probably, which is why you'll get debate on which games were good. If the purpose is "make money" then the most profitable games are the best. If the purpose is "be entertaining" then surely popularity DOES matter, becuase a game that 1 in 10,000 people liked, and the other 9999 people didn't like, can't be good even if those 9999 people are "idiots."

Note: there are other candidate answers for "what is the point of games?" I just gave two. 
RPG And Metlslime 
RPG, thanks for making my poing =). Because here, you are clearly contradicting yourself. From your original post:

""Good" is not a measure of popularity. "Popularity" is a measure of popularity, and "good" is a measure of quality."


"How to measure quality objectively? Determine the properties that are most important to the largest number of people, and then see if those properties are positively or negatively affecting them."

Now please explain to me the difference.

Disclaimer: I know how hard this subject is. I have had hours and hours of discussions with Aardappel, headshot and Borsato on this topic, and the bottom line for me personally was that there hardly is something "objective" because there is no higher instance that defines this term. Eventually, there is only you vs. the majority. Some people might argue that the majority doesn't get to dictate what quality is because the majority of people is dumb - and I would agree. But who does, then? Your favorite columnist? Your dad? Your art teacher?

I for one don't know. 
Err Point. 
That's something else that bothers me about R.P.G.s definition of quality - the selection of properties is completely arbitrary. I mean, "make money" and "be entertaining" are almost at opposite ends of the spectrum, because games that "make money" are probably those which are entertaining to the masses, but not to us. We seem to have different standards, but does that make our standards better than those of the masses? 
I think we mostly believe that there is some common property that all good games have, and that there's consensus among people about which games are good. In other words, we believe we could be objective about the matter, even if we aren't always.

If those beliefs were false, there would be no point in discussing games with other people, because we would have no common ground, no unchanging reality that both of us experience and can identify and reason about. 
I think games and other pop culture/mass pruducts (music for example) shouldnt not be judged by the popularity, cause marketing and advertisment plays a huge role. Very often a crap game gets rather popular just because its based on a popular franchize and has a massive ad compaign, but a good game might pass almost unnoticed if it is lacking the hype/advertisment 
now we need to be more specific about what popularity means. There are two concepts:

* how many people total have played this game?
* what percentage of people like the game?

This is the difference between well-known and well-liked. 
Ok, perhaps a subtle distinction, but something can be popular and still come out as a negative in the general weight of positives/negatives of its qualities. 
RPG Et Al 
Now it's getting interesting, I think. Metl, I don't agree there. Even if there's no common ground, it's still worth discussing things, but you have to leave out taste. You can still discuss for example the feelings you have when you experience a certain piece of art. But you cannot make any generalized statements.
And about well-liked vs. well-known, I think that well-known does not play any role even in defining the term "popularity", let alone "quality", because a game / song / movie /whatever can be well-known, but if most people regard it as crap, well, it's not popular is it? Same goes for persons, by the way =).

R.P.G. I'm still not convinced that there are many objective criteria when it comes to art. But personally, in my subjective view, popular things / persons are usually suspect and I don't like them.

By the way, what about innovation? That is a fairly objective term, since something is either innovative (to most people), or it is not. 
And about well-liked vs. well-known, I think that well-known does not play any role even in defining the term "popularity", let alone "quality", because a game / song / movie /whatever can be well-known, but if most people regard it as crap, well, it's not popular is it?

Sure, but this is my whole point -- these are distinct concepts, and we should be clear about which we mean. When someone says that popularity is entirely the result of marketing and advertising, they must be talking about how well-known a game is. 
For software, we have a great way of defining quality. Is it bug free? The lower the number of bugs per hour of use, the higher the quality of the code - as far as the end user is concerned. 
Isnt the popularity of any commercial product measured in the ammount of sold copies? And thats about the only thing you can really count. No one knows how many of the customers are satisfied.

DKT is rahter well known game ... :) 
but thats only one aspect
there are many more qualities to code than lack of bugs 
What speedy said, plus there is a difference between quality of software (user experience) and quality of code.

But software is a bit of a different matter because it certainly is easier to quantify or to find the properties rpg speaks of. It's rather easy to find criteria that make good software.

It's much more difficult when it comes to artistic endevours. 
I Miss The Good Old Days When These Things Were Easy 
Overuse of coloured lighting = bad game.

It was all so easier back then. :( 
be a manly man and dare to use your judgement -
a bad game is a bad game and a good game is a good game. Bad art, good art.

You can't really run away behind some statistics or somehow scientifically factually deduce "good" from something like art.

People tend to listen to those critics they have found to be reasonable when compared to their own view, but even their ideas may sometimes deviate a lot.

Here is an example of an opinionated review that is further based on some more opinions:

Id textures are pretty good. They are detailed, handmade, vivid but not oversaturated on contrast, fit the palette well (except that one mip level of some woods get red spots when bright) and are inspired, strong, peculiar and beautiful. 
every freakshow can have an opinion. but in order to have a meaningful discussion, a rational debate, or an academic discourse -- you need definition and objectivevely quantifiable concepts with which to compare and contrast two or more different pieces of, in this case, videogame. 
well, sure, but it's just that, the user experience, that really matters. because the end user only ever see the compiled code in action, not the underlying mechanics on which it acts, that's the important part.

no end user care about the quality of code in any other aspect than the lack of bugs. excpet maybe performance, but I have a feeling performance might fall under something else than quality.

anyways, if it looks like code from hell, but runs like heaven - what do I care? and no matter how hard you try, "but it's really neat code, look - comments and everything!" is a really piss-poor excuse for buggy software. 
SleepwalkR Metlslime Wrath Speeds Tron Bambuz Et Al 
I'm still not convinced that there are many objective criteria when it comes to art.

Quite right--I agree, and that was a point I made. You can't objectively measure something that is defined to be subjective. Logical impossibility.

Regarding games--no matter what some people say, games contain at least some aspects of art, so they are not 100% objectively quantifiable. Even their purpose is subject to interpretation. Of course, you still should be able to examine some of it objectively, such as the build quality and the reward/punishment system. But when a game becomes popular based on the art style or atmosphere (and to some extent the story) then whether or not the game is good is not affecting its popularity. The atmosphere may have good build quality, but there will be different opinions about whether or not the atmosphere is appealing, and the actual gameplay may indeed be cack. 
Everyone's so mean and aggravated and uptight about this all the time. They're games. GAMES. Play it and if it entertains you, you like it. 
I Don't Even Know What Is Being Argued About. 
Morrowind Question 
Has anyone chanced upon a program that will read character stats in Morrowind? I've searched various forums and the web but can't find much relevant. I've seen one program that will allow you to create profiles and edit those, but not ones you create in-game. 
Lol Rpg 
<quote>But when a game becomes popular based on the art style or atmosphere (and to some extent the story) then whether or not the game is good is not affecting its popularity.</quote>

Isn't that goodness too? 
It just happens. I for one, am not espcially suprised with the review. Raven's been a worthless developer for years now, and have yet to put out a top notch, high quality game. SoF was a mediocre game, as was it's sequel. Why do you people seem so suprised that Q4 is yet another mediocre game? If id made it, I'd be ranting with the rest of you, but id didn't make this. Raven did. Check Raven's track record, it's less than stellar over the years. Why do you expect something so much different here? 
In My Hands Is A New Word 
I'm all stroggified by that discussion board.

I wonder if it gives cool gameplay things when you're a cyborg. 
Re: Morrowind 
if all you want to do is to check out stats or set them, you can do all that from the console.

i forget most of them, but it's like 'set level #' or 'set acrobatics #' etc etc 
1. In that instance people would subjectively like/dislike the art. As I mentioned, art is interpretive, and therefore subjective. Art can be subjectively good, but it cannot be objectively--or universally--good.

2. No, the game itself (i.e. gameplay) might be mediocre at best and might not be fun to play at all. 
there's more to some games than gameplay. Sometimes it's the story, or the artwork, graphics or sounds, or whatever, that can make a game good even if gameplay is mediocre. Likewise, they can destroy an otherwise good game if they suck. 
I don't know why I'm even arguing this with you since you're clearing missing the premise.

Please re-examine the definitions of "subjective", "objective", "actual", and "universal" and then try again. 
Please re-examine the definitions of "subjective", "objective", "actual", and "universal" and then try again.

It's mandatory in order everybody have "the same language"... ;P 
ok, it was half-hearted anyway,. 
Google Tip 
Go to and enter the word "Failure". Now hit "I'm feeling lucky" and see where you end up. I wonder if it will be the same place as me.

I am deeply sorry to anyone who already knows about this. I'm sorry for causing you to read two sentences and this apology. I won't waste any more of your precious time. 
Sorry, that was three sentences, an apology lasting a further three sentences, and this correction. 
whip up a QSP map and all will easily be forgiven and forgotten. 
For Kell :D 
Where the feck is your bio at 
Good Question 
I've often asked the same. 
They probably looked at the out of date bio on and decided if he couldn't keep his own upto date they didn't need to make one for him. :) 
Who's That? 
Maybe An It, Like A 
Moonbuggy Race! 
Doom3 Sp In Unusual Setting 
Played It 
pretty neat, and a good effort at non doom3 textures
very short
wierd thing with the guns-- there was a shotgun and a machinegun in a case, but i couldn't pick either of them up. (i gave myself the shotgun via console, then didn't bother with the machine gun)

i think the map shows a lot of potential for more in that theme (haunted mansion/house, typical spooky halloween type stuff).

d3's dynamic lights weren't really used to full effect, unfortunatly. no really cool shadows or whatnot.

overall, nice, but too short to really form an opinion. 
I only bookmarked the image but you'll find it at the site... Winamp in Doom 
Stupid mispelling on my part. 
Cool Video Clip I just thought this short clip was ridiculously cool. Yes, it's a cannon shooting a nuke. 
my favourite bit is the way the sound of the explosion travels at the speed of light.

(PS: I hope they free those poor bonzai kitties soon :{ ) 
Are you implying that the video is a fake? 
Free The WMDs! 
Operation Upshot/Knothole, a 1953 test of a nuclear artillery projectile at Nevada Test Site (photo depicts 280 mm gun and explosion)

Whether or not the video has been edited, nuclear artillery did indeed exist. Check the photo on the site, which is a high-res pic from the video.

According to all the info I've seen (not much) it would have taken about 29 seconds for the sound to reach the camera after the explosion took place. The video itself is apparently of the first test of a nuclear artillery shell. 
He's implying that the sound is fake, and injected by some modern George Lucas for "effect", much the same way that Fox shows like America's Most Thrilling Police Car Chases always have inexplicably clear and distinct tire-screeching and car-smashing sounds. 
many nuke test documentaries have fake sounds 
I can imagine the stern voice on a documentary talking about the explosive destructive capabilities of a thermal-nuclear mortar if it were detonated in a city of 3 million people while the clip shows artillery firing missiles into a crowded city, then when the huge mushroom cloud blooms there's dog-toy squeaky sounds. 
Nuclear Videos 
yeah I hate those fake sounds. Well, what can one expect...

There is also a time gap in the nuclear cannon video, at least the one I have.
Funny how you can see the sounding rocket contrails in the light of the explosion. 
Australians Are Ahead In Time 
So they put out some q4 dm shots already:
looks surprisingly quackey. 
For Less Useless Clicking 
Could Just Be Those Pics 
but that looks absolutely average. 
Just Visiting... 
Awww, come on, you know you missed me. Ok, not you (you know who you are).

But seriously, any new maps out there that I should get? Consider me 7 months out of the loop. 
too boxy, somewhat UT-ish (weaps and lowpoly maps with ramps)
and I dont like the texture choice (esp color)

so far q4 looks disappointing, but I will try it anyway 
Q4 DM 
Those shots look like low-poly uninspired versions of HH3 maps. 

You can't be serious. 
Q4 has SO many bugs... its shit. for instance, no bunnyhopping -- wtf? thanks lun ;o 
I'd order it straight from australia if I had a comp that would run it... 
Inertia: chess on yahoo anytime? 
sure sounds delightful

but, yahoo kind of has buggy stuff that sometimes crashes my browser -- we shall see. 
Blue Names FTW 
Team Blue 
Scampie probably has a lot on his plate (I just hope it isnt any problems backhome as New England is getting drenched at this time) so, I'm going to go ahead and put a link up for my speed map for the sm107 cramped theme event. If anyone else participated wants there map up as well just e-mail me My site is craptastic, but for a small community it should not be a problem.

Theme: cramped, Aramagon Tech
Monsters: 47
Secrets: 3
BuildTime 4 hours -- two of which dealt with a stupid bug. 
is that ANOTHER version of 'The Edge' in those Q4 screenshots?

Problem with the silver key door but no problem because there is a handy clipping error nearby ;-) 
Clipping Problem, Dang 
Wow. Another miss for me. The silver key icon is a button that triggers the door. Thanks for giving it a spin. 
yeah, q4 has edge(ish) and q3dm17(ish)

Edge is good map, beaten to death, but still 
TF Comix 
Quake 4 
So, is it any good?

Can't say I've been literally sat in a puddle of my own piss whilst waiting for it, but the reviews/comments are starting to come in, and after ignoring all the trolling and reviews by idiots (PC Gamer) it sounds promising.

The comments on Bluesnews seem fairly reasonable. I like what I'm hearing about the impression that there is a war going on. As long as it's not a really fake impression of a war that dissipates after 5 minutes of play when you realise the AI is shit, and that all your squadmates are blundering idiots you can safely label as cannon fodder, and that only you can really make a difference to the outcome of the game... (sorry, couldn't help it after I played the CoD2 demo recently).

No idea when/if I'll be able to pick up a copy of Q4 here in Japan, and as PC games seem to be kinda expensive, not sure if I will.

Anyway, hurry up and post your verdicts, because I am eager to hear what people think about it.

I am especially keen to hear what you Raven guys think of it. I don't care if your opinions are biased, I just want to know which aspects of the game you are most fond of.

Lun, did you do MP or SP stuff? 
Quake 4 
Too busy playing the thing to comment fully right now, but lots of Strogg attacking you at once = good.

Looks better than the screenshots do it justice, but that's the d3 engine for you.

Runs a lot more slowly than d3 though, a quick r_showlightcount reveals why. Nicely bright lit environments but at a cost. :) 
Truly LOL inducing. 
Runs a lot more slowly than d3 though

i got 20~fps in d3, so i should get, what, 5 now? 
As far as I can tell there isn't much in the game that would need better hardware than d3, it's just that there are a lot more lights and much largers action filled areas.

It should be said that q4 (and d3 for that matter) aren't really playable at all on my computer at the moment...I got myself a 6600gt to tide me over until a new computer a few days ago, and I can't get it to run properly. Damn things are slideshows. :( 
I Would Say One Screenshot 
(Sandstorm) of a MP map above has some Lun signature brush style in it, but that is just an ill informed guess. 
On A Different Tip... 

Anyone tried this?? Lionhead RPG game, first on consoles now on the PC...

Any good?? Comments?? Any obvious cock-ups?? 
Tried It 
was decent. the much vaunted 'choose your path' is exagerated naturally.

also, it appears to be rather buggy and crashes often. which is more annoying because you can't truly save. that might vary depending on hardware however.

still though, good story, and was quite a bit of fun. 

GFX / Controls / Playability okay??

Anyone got any other views?? 
If find that it runs as good if not faster than Doom3, nothing I've seen thus far suggests to me that it runs markedly slower.

As for the game...well...I'll wait till I'm finished, My first impressions of singleplayer however went something like this,

"Well Raven have really screwed the pooch with Quake4"

Multiplayer is a blast, perhaps if you don't like Quake3 (seek medical advice) you may not like it. 
Quake4 Take2 Part1 
I guess runs as good if not faster than Doom3 could be a little ambiguous.

It runs as smooth as on both my machines, everything maxed, except for the "Ultra" settings, which are supposedly for 512mb vid cards.

P4 3.4GHz LGA 775
2gig DDR 400
6800 Ultra
Audigy 2 ZS

P4 3.2GHz Prescot
2gig DDR 400
6800 Ultra
Audigy 2 ZS
Fable: fucking loved it on the XBox - prolly my fave XBox game actually. I've spent about 50 hours in it, but sadly completed the main quest in only 14 hours. Cool thing is you can continue playing after that to finish any side quests and just continue dicking around in the world (and there's a lot of cool stuff to do - I'm slowly trying to aquire every building in Albion, by hanging around at night all dodgy like and waiting for the owners to come home and tuck themselves in bed, before I sneak in and murder them in their sleep >:{} ) I understand The Lost Chapters adds in a fair chunk of new content, so that should beef it up a bit.

I don't really know how well it would carry over to the PC though (the combat seems rather geared up for consoles), so I'll probably wait until TLC comes out on XBox (annoying that they couldn't tie it in with the PC release). 
Fable Again 
right, i never played fable on xbox, so i hadn't realised, but yeah, after playing, i found out that there is indeed a decent amount added.

as for controls, well, i found it uncomfortable during the entire game, and i guess that's because of what kinn was saying-- that it was designed to be controlled via game pad. however, it does actually work out alright, just a bit to aclimatize at the start.

also, the ability to continue playing at the end is a nice plus, because i too did what kinn is talking about. just goofing around, killing stuff, etc. fun like morrowind. :)

i think the best thing fable has going for it, is that even though it's very non linear, the main quest is ALWAYS clearly marked, so if you get bored doing side quests, you can jump back into the main quest right away. 
Is Your Printer Tracking You? 

It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it isn't. The pages coming out of your color printer may contain hidden information that could be used to track you down if you ever cross the U.S. government.

Last year, an article in PC World magazine pointed out that printouts from many color laser printers contained yellow dots scattered across the page, viewable only with a special kind of flashlight. The article quoted a senior researcher at Xerox Corp. as saying the dots contain information useful to law-enforcement authorities, a secret digital "license tag" for tracking down criminals.
Finally After Too Long 
Not really news worthy or anything...Mindcrime was hassling me to fix my website and make the maps available I decided the map wagon thing sucked ass, and I should have fixed it ages ago, but I suck and am lazy...anyhow its all fixed now. No more flash or any shite like that.

no new maps or anything though... 
u rok 
Ice cubes needed. 
Hi Tim 
I was just thinking the other day, I wonder how Elek is doing? Not to mention Bailey...

Good to see you're still around! 
Q4 Screenies @planetquake 
Q4 MP Screenies. 
Look crap. Generic industrial bollox. Nothing remotely inspiring there.

And you can see in one screenshot there is bouncing items. I bet the whole experience will be even shitter than Q3A, hell the maps actually look less interesting.

Thankfully I'm not going to be playing MP. 
Welcome back!

Did you know that windows has a backdoor for cia Linux doesn't have this since you can compile it yourself. That article you linked to was removed already. And I bet they are reading func too!

Take care!

(The printer thing... that's why you have to clip newspaper headlines and glue them onto a paper to combine your message. Be sure to not breathe and use disposable gloves... and don't do it at home.) 
No I'm not worried about any printers, since I don't do any illegal activities with it i.e. counterfeiting. But it was interesting nonetheless. 
_NSAKey, Anyone? 
any amusing google, if you're interested. 
An! An! 
AN amusing google.

Oh God... 
Let's not go mentioning that dog of Elek which has stolen my name again. ;) 
Anyone Want A Gmail Invite? 
i have 100... mail me. 
is there any place to d/l these texture anymore? the one for fileplanet ( ) doesn't work :( and i searched on google and found nothing. 
Holy Crap 
[Kona] and Elek both post here within a week... it's like it's 2002 all over again :) 
Now Go Map 
Have you had any luck with
I have it, but have nowhere to upload it to. It's a bit over 14mb, I could split it and Email it to you in 2 attachments?, or if you had somewhere that I could upload it to? 
(Sandstorm) of a MP map above has some Lun signature brush style in it, but that is just an ill informed guess.

It's also wrong. ;) Although out of all the people who've theorized I did that map, you're the first one to cite a reason other than "it has sand in it."

Necros, I'll upload that zip for you tonight. 
thanks lun :) will save me and vorelord some trouble, and they're nice textures that should be up somewhere at least.

cheers ^_^ 
Re: Lun3dm3tex 
is it up yet? :o

Nice Vertical Angularity 
is what caught my attention there more than the theme. 
"Well Raven have really screwed the pooch with Quake4"

Wtf does that mean? Is that an American saying? It makes no sense to me whatsoever. Why would fucking a dog make any difference to the outcome of game creation? Are you implying that Raven is full of dog lovers? Does it mean the game is good, or bad?


"So far it's AWESOME!" or "So far it's SHIT!" would have been much more easily understood. 
'screwed the pooch' just means 'they fucked up badly'.

and i'm not even american! o.0

ps: i don't know if i agree with that statement, btw, since i haven't played it yet. 
Eh, First I've Heard The Phrase 
was in that post you quoted above, though I got the geist of it. 
Lol, The Pooch Is Safe !! 
It was my initial (misguided)impression of the game. Check the Quake4 discussion thread, Quake4 Rocks!! 
I met a Middle Easterner last week, who greeted me with a 'howdy'. I frowned, and told him nobody says howdy outside of cowboy movies. 
Well Raven have really screwed the pooch with Quake4

no animals were harmed in the making of Quake4 
Mac OS X & Quake 
I am looking for good, modern engine ports for Mac OS X. I am currently using the Fruitz Of Dojo port, but was wondering if there are any other. Could anyone please point me to some URLs? Thanks! 
Lord Havoc 
posted this the other day, in case you missed it.

I have posted a new darkplaces beta which includes mac binaries. (agl+coreaudio and dedicated server, could not get sdl version to build on my friend's mac, libstdc++ linking problems - SDL for Mac OSX is C++)

I do not have a machine to test the agl binary on, good luck.
Great, thanks for the info. 
And Seeing As LH Was Addressing Me... 
but I'm away from the computer *I* can test on for a couple of weeks, I'd be interested in knowing how you get on with it :) 
Earlier In #darkplaces 
MoALTz: considering what has been said here the perfect food for this channel would be a bacon and cheese pizza 
Screwed The Poochj 
I didn't get it because of your comments on how great the (Q3 again, oh... super) multiplayer is. I wasn't sure if somehow screwed the pooch was used in a positive way. We have "the dogs bollocks" in the UK, to say how great something is, but I don't see anything remotely great about a dogs bollocks. My bollocks are great, but I don't go around asking dogs if I can examine their magnificent testicles. 
HL2 Mapping Resources (that Aren't Shit) 
Anyone know any? VERC is not updated that often, although the tuts seem ok if I ever need them. How about review sites? Are there any half decent HL2/CSS/HL2DM custom maps aside from the ones we already know about (overflow, the contest winners, metastasis etc.) I am mainly interested in map visuals, since I the HL2 gameplay seems to have gotten a little bit stale :( 
To All SP Hostees: 
Seems SP is down, I need to bitchslap godaddy, should be able to get the site back up sometime this week. Sorry if this causes you guys any problems :( 
Scampie I Luv You 
Seems it's just the domain that isn't pointing towards the servers anymore (as I could access my site for a while after it happened cause my dns wasn't updated yet). Domaine wasn't paid for maybe? I'm pretty sure you can still access the sites with the right ip. 
Snarkpit. That's pretty much it. There are really no good custom CS:S maps. is a pretty good site for quality HL2DM maps 
There are nice levels there ! Thanks for the link. 
Thanks, Blitz 
I'll check out the link, cheers for that. 
Hl2 Tech
Ugly how it's so angular at places.
I haven't played hl2, but what I've seen in video, some places like the railroad tracks were very angular / pointy / faceted / youknow. Is there really no easy way around this? q1 tech leftover? Lazy mappins? 
Missing out two obvious levels IMHO. 
This is what bugs me the most about Source, all the arches etc are usually choppy brushes unless a model is used(seldom), the engine doesn't have patches. 
Overflow And...? 
which is the other one that is missing?

HL2 looks decent because it has good art, but the engine isn't really anything special. There are a few nice effects, like the water, and the lighting is nice, but most of the detail is contained in props. If you take out the props in Hammer (hide them) you can see a shell which is no more complex than a HL1 map - possibly less so.

I was looking at parts of Highway 17 earlier, and if you stop to look at the actual brush geometry, it's shit. There is so little detail used. Thankfully, this is masked fairly well by the textures, lighting and abundance of props.

I will try and make a HL2 dm map, but I don't know whether I will enjoy doing it because of the reliance on props for details. 
Unfortunately (?), you better get used to mapping like that, because that's definately the direction mapping has been taking in the past couple of years. Take a look at UT2004, most maps have like 50-100 brushes TOTAL with all the rest being meshes. 
soon, mappers will be nothing but boxmap makers! :o 
is it up yet? :o


shit, no. uh ... let me write myself ten emails at home. I just went through a drive reformat so I'm still catching up :) 
soon, mappers will be nothing but boxmap makers! :o

Either that or they'll have to make all their stuff in Max in the first place ^_~ 
Nihilists Chewing Gum 
Necros, I don't appear to have anymore. I could pile a bunch of stuff in a new zip for you but I dunno if I want to introduce two different files to the internet.

Headthump/Hrimfaxi/Hooever said they had it: could you send me a list of what files are in the zip? 
I had most of your stuff on my old machine, but it's gone the way of all things. Perhaps, would have the textures? 
atm i'm using the textures right out of lun3dm3 to test out some stuff. i didn't know it would be such a problem or i wouldn't have asked until i was sure. i'll get in touch with (vorelord? i'm too lazy to search back o.o) later if it works out.
cheers, and thanks anyway :) 
Local H 
That show was a certifiable example of how the "more is more" concept works. I might have had enough if it had lasted about 2 hours longer. 
I can split it in 2, and upload it to 2 different sites, both of which only allow me 10MB. I will Email you with the url's, once done. Wont be for another 2 hrs from the time of this post though. It will be everything from the original zip, unaltered. 
Making Boxes 
It's certainly a far cry from making stuff in max, that's for sure. Modelling in a proper 3d package is teh awesome - but I don't like having to make bits in a 3dpackage like max, then import as props into a stupid boxroom level.

The problem with making levels in a proper 3d package is texturing... it takes a huge amount of time when you have a hundred thousand polys or more that require individual texture alignment. You can do boxmapping etc. but a lot of detail comes through proper application of correctly fitting textures, rather than a generic tileable metal texture or something.

Then again... look at the texturing on some of HL2s props... You really don't notice shit texturing in game with good lighting masking it.

The tools at the previous company I worked for had a pretty awesome set of texturing tools though, so I did all the texturing in Max. Making the textures was the biggest pain in the arse though, since we level guys would get given 2-4 weeks to texture a level (make 30-40 high res textures AND apply them... yeah, right - and you expect it to look good?) and the character guys would get a week to make ONE texture for their fucking characters. How do the producers get these fucking figures?

Ugh, and I hate those games where the map editor is basically a terrain modeller that makes up and down wobbly hills, with no overhangs or anything, and then you just put props in. That's shit if you ask me. I really hope that is not the way things go. 
I did all the texturing in our in-house tools, and all the modelling in max. 
Quick Reading... 
"I did all the texturing in our in-house tools, and all the modelling in wax." 
as a mapper, you were expected to make your own textures? :S is this a common practice among companies for mapping? 
Ah, fuckit, I'll just zip a bunch of stuff up for you. You want photoshop files too or just the tgas? 
if it's not too much trouble, yeah, it would be cool to have the photoshop files to work with.

what i'm basically trying to do is try to build some normal maps for them for d3, but i'm not sure it will work very well since all the textures have shadows painted on them already... that's why i don't want to bother anyone since i might not follow through on this thing after all. unless you have only diffuse versions of the textures, that would be pretty wicked... ^_^ Contents 





Necros, I uploaded evereything except for what is contained in the "extras" folder, the .psd's, sent you an Email with the link, was going to up the extras folder after you down'd the first part. If you want to download from lunarun when he up's, that's cool, just let me know so I can take the stuff down. As long as you end up with what your after, thats the main thing. 
thanks vorelord! ^_^

the psds are the ones i'm most interested in. highlights and such are all on seperate layers so making a diffuse map is actually possible. u/l the second part whenever you have the chance. ^_^ 
I think it's fairly common. Some places expect it, some don't. I think the larger companies are more likely to have dedicated texture artists.

Some of the textures I had to make myself, and some were made by someone else... the textured version of my level ended up looking pretty shit. I'll be using untextured max renders touched up in PS for pics in my cv :) 
Done, you should have mail with the link 
I doubt it, it probably depends on your job title/role though. Most of us here are both level designers and level builders, however, in the industry that role may be split rather than combined.

If you were hired as a level designer, its highly unlikely you'd be asked to do textures (surely most level guys aren't up to the task anyways?).

Also if you're hired specifically as a level designer, you may find yourself in a position where you're expected to do pure design stuff and may not get to do any of the actual level construction - depending on the game, tools, staffing etc.

If you're hired as a level builder, it is more likely you'd be asked to do textures, as this role is essentially that of an artist (assuming you're taking direction from a game designer or level designer, and not making your own stuff).

However, this role is more like a '3D artist' and many companies will have specific 2D art guys to do the textures and stuff. So its possible you'd be asked to do textures, but still not guaranteed.

Of course, it all depends on the company and the other staff you have available. But I can definitely tell you that I have rarely, if ever, seen either a level design or level building job advertised that listed texture creation ability as a requirement or a task. 
Hello Mapper 
than speaks the truth!
texturing in 3ds is ... uhh
and modelling to the tex size is not really possible, cause the grid is usless (otherwise you could just boxmap and assign right mat IDs)
etc etc

Also, really odd to hear you had no dedicated texture artist 
Thanks Again, Vl! 
i got the second part, so feel free to take it down. :)

one thing that was missing (i guess it wasn't in the original zip file) are the q1comp line of textures in PSD format. :(
but the others are all there, so yayness. ^_^ 
Your Welcome 
No, they must not have been there, or at least not in what I originally dl'd, thats all the contents unaltered (except for the fact that I split it). 
Thought I would post this... Doom3world and Quake4world is having a Quake 4 Mapping Competition which starts on November 1st and ends December 31st 2005.

A lot more info about it can be found here: 
HL2: Lost Coast 
Just finished this one up, and I gotta say it was quite a cool little diversion. I thought the level was really well done, although short, and it was probably the perfect setting to show of HDR and the "retina-adjusting" effect.

It did run a bit slow in spots on my 3ghz, 1.5GB RAM, 9800PRO 128MB, but mostly in heavy combat situations, so that's forgivable I guess. The church looks nothing short of stunning, and everything else looks very good. I was hoping it would be a little longer, but it is definitely immersive, and a nice "new tech" demo. 
Ditto On Lost Coast 
Yeah, for what it was, it was nice. I wasn't particularly impressed with the HDR -- the movies they made of the level was far better looking ;D But at tleast they included some tasty materials I can use for maps, and it was fun while it lasted. 
Lost Coast. 
Once more this proves what a crock of shit the whole Steam set-up is. I go to the Steam page news item, I can't see any link to download it. I open Steam, I see it as a "Not Yet Released" item, but I can't see any way to download it. I suppose if I started HL2 casually wanting to play something else, I'd be forced to negotiate with some download bollox THEN when I might not want to.

"Steam - fucking around with conventional, functional game downloads, and removing and interfering with player choice"

GG you fucking cocks. 
maybe you remember - these guys had posted on func

quake-based game for hand-helds

pics are rather un-pretty, and there is rubicon-tex in one screenie
As I can see they didnt bother teaming up with mappers/artists/modellers 
seems it's compression from the music world as applied to the visual world.

Overcomes some limitations of the display devices, namely lcds with low dynamic range I guess.

You could get a same kinf of effect in q1 by playing with a good crt in a dark room with max contrast.

I really wonder why it's taking so long for them to apply frame blending for low-hz screens so one can play at 120 fps with a 60hz screen but so it still looks smooth. A la gl_motionblur by FTE. Or then of course 4d-rendering (with the time being the fourth dimension) so that moving points become lines etc so you can customize rendering perfectly to the refresh rate and fool the eye to make it completely smooth.

I guess they are too hurried making copies of each other's techs, or just don't understand what it feels like to play with really high fps (you never really wanna go back to the crappy slideshow). 
Tf Comix Update 
Have you tried Call of Cthulhu for XBox? Pretty cool, I have been rather afraid and I haven't even encountered any monsters(almost) yet :D Played it for about an hour and then the shit FROZE on me, they have these forced-view things sometimes when you go into a room, so you notice some valuable detail or the like. It did one of those and then it froze like that and I couldn't move or look around, waited for about a minute and a half but nothing happened, I could go into the menu and everything. It was looking at something fairly creep as well, it was not nice! Anyway, except for the console fps controls it looks like a really nice game. Recommend everyone try it when it comes out for PC in the beginning of spring unless it should come to suffer from Console-Itis. 
Thanks - I shall begin reconstructing the zip for permanent upload ... sometime. 
Quake Mobile 
I remember this being mentioned a while back, guess its coming out now?

Of course, for most of us this is almost entirely useless, though its worth noting that the review suggests that you can run any mod you please with this version of the game.

Naturally, the reality may be a different story as you're going to be bound by the limitations of the phone (storage, memory, processing power etc) so I doubt ALL maps and mods would work.

Someone on another page pointed out that you could use this as a portable demo player though - so you could possibly watch your QDQ or whatever on the way to work or what have you.

Another marginally useful thing (I guess) is that you could maybe use it as a way to test your maps and stuff on 'low end' hardware, if you don't have some shitty old PC lying around. 
I'm gonna play Marcher on my Samsung. Like my normal tower was able to run it without problems, let alone my phone. 
Budding(or Perhaps Budded) Web Masters 
Here is your chance, they are looking for you... 
I Hear The Sequal Is Gonna Be Really Good 
Mobile Quake: Cancer Edition 
X_X Kinn That's Awful 
My dad died of cancer when I was 6!!!

(just kidding, he died of Amyloidosis) 
Doom Would Be Better 
I still utterly loathe the use of mobiles for any reason other than an emergency communication tool, but I'm thinking Doom would make a better port, especially as you wouldn't have to worry about the pesky looking-up-and-down thing. Maybe they already have Doom, I dunno. 
They Could Even 
Give the boss monsters a new attack that sends a message to the mobile's emitter for an extra big microwave pulse, you know, the sort you can feel right in your temples. Rumble pads Move over! 
Glad to hear from someone who likes the game. I was reading a few opinions from the release date and they weren't too good. I guess now the game has been available for a short while people have had a better chance to appreciate it.

I've been looking forward to it (the pc version) for a long time, as it sounds like it should be really immersive and spooky.

I'll probably have to grab a copy soon then! 
Lucky Xboxers :( 
still though, i'm glad to hear that people are liking it. :) 
there are some legal questions about this mobile quake ... and there is m already mobile doom for windows mobile and simbian and btw im writing this from my phone sitting in the pub ;) 
get drunk already and calm down, bitch 
Drunk Yes 
Everclear and loli! Hurrah! 
there are some legal questions about this mobile quake

Please keep us posted. In addition, i'd just like to make it clear that the moment some "Internet Entrepreneur" tries to make money flogging existing mods/maps for mobile quake (and you know that someone will fucking try) is the moment I will get medieval on their arse/arses �_� 
Decent Q4 DM Map 
Map releases aren't newsworthy here.
Prison Abuse 
I like the color scheme, and the oppressive, towering structures. Will need to download this and run through it once I get home, maybe even try a duel. 
Q3 Maps By Zombie 
I can't find any, but I want them. Any ideas? 
Ask Zombie. He's on #terrafusion on , when he's awake. 
Legal Question 
cause i don't know much about all this stuff, but:

is it legal to use a recorded version of some quake music in d3? 
I would think that the answer is NO, unless you can obtain a written permission from Trent Reznor, which doesn't sound very likely. 
small clips of music, like the NIN riffs used in Zeroister are considered Fair Usuage. So the answer is, it depends. 
Well No, 
i mean, it would be a fair amount of the music, not just a couple of seconds.

i was hoping because they were both iD games that it would maybe be ok, but it's not that big a deal in the end. 
sup everyone 
you came looking for me in irc, but i was afk -- whats up? 
ID Would Be Cool With It, Activision Not So Much. :( 
I remember a few years back when the Generations mod for Quake 3 had to basically be restarted because id let them know there would be legal hassles.

The general summary was that while id didn't really have any problem with limited use of parts from one game in another paying homage or the like, the publishers looked at it differently. And since the publishers own the distribution rights ultimately it was their call. :( 
Doom 3 Cinema 2 Wallpapers

[i]This is my 2nd Doom 3 Cinema pack. I'm gonna do a couple more probably. These are just from the demo as of now, and are 1600 x 1200. I've added a little film grain this time around. My favorite is d3-cinema_4.jpg, because Doom 3 engine's lighting really set it up - I didn't have to do much other than a little contrast emphasis on the fireball and imp, and the depth-of-field.[/i]

Yeah, Doom 3 isn't so hot now maybe. But hey I'm bored, and it's Halloween. 
I have UBB syndrome and forgot to use func italics
Some New Free Shooter Was Released 
3 New Reviews 
3 new map reviews at my site:

1. the Masque of the Red Death
2. Castle of the Dark Ages
3. Nightjourney [6 map episode].

heres to many more map reviews. =) 
Sp Hl2 Map 
Minerva: Metastasis
got raging review so might be worth playing
(I didnt try it) 
u're like a bit late

still, i'ts great map. 
Another D3 Cinema Wall Pack, rest of the thumbnails there. 
<rejected News> 
gibberish spam nonsense... who fucking knows. 
<rejected News> 
more nonsense. 
Shambler is in good mood today :D 
GameCube Game Recommendations 
OK, so I broke down and got myself a GameCube. This is my first console since the SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis so I am quite excited. For the price of 55 euro I got myself a Gamecube with 2 controllers, 251 slot memory card, NFSU2 and Tony Hawk's Underground which was simple too good of a deal to pass. I am now looking for some game suggestions. So far, these games are on my "must get" list:

Metroid Prime 1 & 2, Resident Evil 0 & 4, Ikaruga, Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos, POP: Sands of Time and POP: Warrior Within, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Viewtiful Joe (and maybe 2).

From this list you can gather what kind of my taste for GC games is, but I am wondering if this list is missing any good titles? I am not interested in the Mario/LuigiP/Pikmin/Pokemon games. 
VR Quauke4 In Fullscreen 
View certain areas/screenshots from quake4 in a panoramic 360 degree view. (left click, move to view manually) 
you need quick time installed 
I don't recommend Tales of Symphonia, except if you can get it for really cheap... It's an ok game I guess, but just very average, Baten Kaitos definatly looks more interesting (haven't tried it yet though, TV blew up). Oh, and get Zelda Windwaker you bastid. =) 
Look into Killer 7, too. I haven't played much of it, but it's very trippy. 
Eternal Darkness
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes 
More Suggestions 
Mario Sunshine is good if you don't mind it not being as good as the other big Mario platform titles. Lots of really beautiful touches, only marginally spoiled by the dodgy camera, slightly twitchy controls at times, and stupid and pointless continue system.

F-Zero GX owns, but gets a bit too hard later on - in particular unlocking the arcade tracks and completing the story mode are a near impossibility unless you are the don of futuristic racing games.

How about a Monkey Ball title? A good idea if you expect to have mates around to play games.

Hmm, I don't really remember any games I had that haven't been listed. I would say that MGS isn't to all tastes. I wanted to love it, but it bored and frustrated the fuck out of me. Viewtiful Joe was pretty awesome at first, but I got a bit bored after a while, and it's pretty hard unless you play on the embarassing 'kids' mode. Hmm, there was Billy Hatcher, which was fun (I actually 100%ed it) but very quirky and not to the taste of everyone. Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat looks like fun. 
Agreed About Viewtiful Joe 
If you just want to play something in the style of Viewtiful Joe and aren't attached to the story or anything, you might want to get Viewtiful Joe 2 first, since I think it's supposed to be balanced better. Then if you really like it you can get VF1, and you'll be properly prepared for the challenge. 
I just tried the Classic Doom mod. I enjoyed it more than Doom 3 itself. It's quite an update - although it certainly could be expanded upon layout wise, but then where do you compromise... 
Metroid Prime 
I've just purchased Metroid Prime and spent a few hours playing it. IT WAS RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME! I was/am a huge fan of Super Metroid and never got a chance to properly play MP beyond the first level before this. I can't believe this console only has a 405 Mhz CPU, because MP definately looks way better than some computer games ment for CPUs 200-300% faster. 
What do you mean, only 405 mhz... thats a pretty damn beefy cpu for a games system (GC is the most powerful system around at the moment, if I'm not wrong).

You have to remember that the system is built for games... and you can talk directly to the hardware (I assume, note that I don't really know much about GC).

PC gaming? One word: WINDOWS. You're automatically at least 200-300% slower just by virtue of the fact that you have to get through windows to talk to the hardware. You also have to support a variety of hardware, so some performance may be sacrificed for the sake of compatibility.

Besides which, the actual clock speed of the CPU isn't the only factor of course, you have to consider the CPU architecture and stuff. Why is an Athlon64 CPU at 2.0ghz faster than an AthlonXP CPU at 2.0ghz? 
The more versatile you want your system the more complex it becomes, which slows it down and adds a lot of things necessary for that versatility which means drag on your system. I think the GC is the most powerful of the big 3 right now, it definitely has the best graphics I've seen on any of the systems (Xbox is too grainy whenever I see it, GC is nice and clean.)

I'm gonna wait until GC is like $20 before I buy it. 
You are wrong actually. XBOX is using a 733 mhz CPU. When it comes to the current generation of consoles, PS2 has the weakest hardware, XBOX has the fastest and GC falls in-between. 
there's a game shop at the bus station where I walk by each day and they have big screens showing console games and demos all the time... they have driving and fight games and whatnot. They look really crap compared to pc stuff because the framerate is horribly low. That is most visible when stuff is moving quickly. Driving games suffer most from this. I don't know if it's the limitation of tv technology or the console hw/sw developers' choice. 
Has anyone noticed that WHATEVER the spec of their pc, windows never seems to run any faster. Since Win 95, Windows has always been about the same speed on my various pcs. p200 64mb (win95/98), athlon 700 512mb(win 98), athlonxp 1800 256mb (win 98/2k), intel fancy 2ghz laptop 512mb (win xp).

Obviously if I tried running all the stuff I run on my current pc on my first system, it would just fall on its arse, but the general speed of windows just seems constant.

Windows 95 - shit. Windows 98 - better, but shit, Windows 2k - a lot better, but still shit, Windows XP - not really noticebly better than 2k, but looks a bit prettier and gets more support. Still shit.

Grr, I wish they didn't have such a fucking huge monopoly, then maybe they would try and do something about Windows being shit.

I bet Linux, BeOS and all the others are just as shit. 
I mean Windows never FEELS like its running any faster. I still get long pauses when opening simple apps like windows explorer from time to time, there are still huge bugs with displaying folders (like when you delete one and it stays there, then you click on it and Windows says that it has been deleted and does nothing about it. refresh doesn't clear it either. WTF) and trying to connect to a network that isn't avilable pretty much hangs explorer for 5 minutes (at least it doesn't take windows with it these days).

Basically it's still a piece of shit. The improvements that have been made between the various verions feel so small to me. God knows how much money I have spent on this crap, but requisite software. It sucks. 
their graphical user interfaces are a bit slower... and don't even start about the mac, even the mouse lags there! 
Hi, resident Mac zealot (not) chiming in.

and don't even start about the mac, even the mouse lags there!

I think OS X is a bit over-the-top in the GUI but not so much. If you're witnessing mouse lag I'm guessing the comp is running OS X with less than optimal RAM. OS X 10.2.8 runs quite fine on 256 MB for me, but when several apps are open, CPU priority* gets fuzzy and things start to take longer. Haven't really experienced mouse problems, though.

*I've read of a UNIX command that will improve this by dedicating the CPU to whichever particular app is in focus, being used - rather than it tailoring to all the crap in the background unnecessarily. 
i partly disagree.
windows95 was good at the time. innovative and much better than 3.1.
windows98 was shit, indeed. always. nevertheless i used it for a long time (yeah, i know....).
now, they are just antiques that shouldn't be installed on any computer any more.
xp was the first operation system that i felt more or less comfortable with (once it was configured correctly) and compared to the others it really is (feels) faster imho.
i know what you mean, though, and i think the problem is not the os itself - at least not solely - but the additional software. hardware is constantly improved, operation systems can handle more and more stuff at once, so the software companies release programs that are hardly optimised for speed. good examples are the norton tools - they eat ressources like crazy and still don't offer better service than other programs.
and, naturally, the more of that non-optimised software runs simultaneously the slower everything becomes.

i think it's still a long way to an ultimately satisfying computer experience concerning the problems you mentioned... 
In my opinion, there is no question that XP was/is a significant improvement over previous windows builds. 
how is xp better than 2k?
except maybe more security patches and better compatibility
differences in gui are just annoying

lies about win not getting better/faster
win runs really faster on more ram and better hdd
It was serious improvemnt going from 5400 to 7200 rpm hdd and going from 48 to 192 ram etc

Now the only slowdowns(pauses actually) there are left - when a programm spins up dvd/cd
and thats all, I dont feel like anything is not fast enough in the normal system work
(ofcourse it gets slow if you are doing whatever task that operates huge data chunks and takes 100% CPU)

Need to note, that I almost dont use windows-included software
win commander (now total commander) for any filemanagement, Opera for inet etc
and Im not running any extra progs in background
than seems to be on crack btw :) 
it's not the windows versions don't work faster, they do, which in turn lets you do more stuff at the same time.

ie: Have mozilla, msn, doomedit and photoshop on atm, and listening to music.

i remember in win 3.1 just listening to music would slow down the machine by about half.

also, re: pauses for explorer windows to open, i think that's usually attributed to your HDD being in standby mode and not spinning, so windows has to wait for the HDD to start going again before it can find files. 
NT was more stable than 9X. 2K was more compatible than NT. XP isn't really any different from 2K, as far as i can tell. So to me, 2K was the peak. 
I agree that all software, ever, sucks.

I'm not being sarcastic. 
I agree that all software, ever, sucks.

Even Fitzquake?

BTW, curious - have you tinkered with implementing screenshots-named-after-maps yet? 
You can't say "in windows 3.1 half of the processor went to music listening". The mp3 has to be decoded, and that takes a certain amount of mathematical calculations that just have to be made. Older, slower computers had less resources to allocate from so they had to use a more significant percentage of them.

Both the hardware and the software changes, it's not easy to directly compare stuff.

I use linux often at school. It's pretty good when someone else does the computer support for it. Too bad the firefox middleclick is bugged in it and whatnot and the gui doesn't have (don't know whose fault this is) some of the finesses of windows like a usable graphical file manager or programs really opening when you double-click a file... I always have to do a lot of the stuff myself at the command prompt... And the middle-click copy-paste annoys the hell out of me because i can't paint an url in irssi, then paint the current url in firefox to erase it, and when i paste, it turns out it copied the current window's url when i painted it... gahh. :)
The x windows window handling is ok, in some ways it's easier to handle multiple open windows than in windows(where I always maximize everything). And stuff like emacs, pico, pine, tin and irssi are pretty good programs. Mplayer, xv, gimp work too. I wish firefox for linux had less bugs - or then they're slow to update for some reason or the other.

I use win2k at home. I don't like all the new "easy to use but gets in the way" thing of XP. win2k looks just like win98 which is ok, but is actually stabler and you can kill programs etc. 
did you ever get my email ?

sent ot the email addy in your func profile 
All Powerful And Good Moderator 
If you could include these lines in the sm110 announcement:

'Also available for download are a pair of maps from the lost episode, sm108, by Bambuz and Neg!ke.!


You could save me a lot of trouble. Thank you. 
any1 knows progs for easy ripping sound from dvd and adding it to avi(divx/xvid)

w/o avi video re-encoding

something like gordian knot, that would take care of all 
Help Me Purchase A Cheap 17" LCD 
I am in a desperate need of a new monitor since my old 17" CRT is dying a slow and painful death and I figured I'd make the jump onto the LCD bandwagon and get myself a 17" LCD. I have a rather limited budget, so price is a very important factor. What brands/models would you suggest? What kind of things should I pay close attention to (besides the responce time)? 
Pet Peeve 
forget the lcd and buy a big used sony trinitron. They're quality work and cheap!

The picture is pretty good. (Not as sharp as lcd but the contrast and color are better)
You get pretty high refresh rates.
It's overall better for games than lcd, and better in map editing because of the bigger size. 
The Best Part Is The Name 
"Hufu." Awesome. 
dont buy used, unless you plan to throw it away in ~2 years

and u know yourself about ugly scaling of lcd
so with money shortage you might be better looking at 19" crt 
Thanks for that one. 
Nice, lol. 
<3 teh dell 2001fp :)
They make good ones in smaller dimensions too, but I'm not sure if they are all the uber-ultrasharp high-response caliber as the 2001fp and on 
That Reminds Me 
I should play more Guild Wars

They Released 
Some new content recently iirc.

BTW, speaking of not speaking about on-topic topics: If anyone is planning on hosting some sort of Winter-ish map collective/pack thingie (I'm staring at Bl1tz O_O)I'd like to participate, but I don't get out of school until rather late (19th of December) so please try and take that into consideration when planning deadlines and stuff. Just a precaution so I'm not left out in the cold (AHHAHAHAHAHA I"M FUCKING FUNNY.) Thx. 
I do like the idea of another map pack, but we did winter last year, and it went really well, so I don't know how well we'd be able to top the same theme, or if people would be interested.

Something else perhaps? Also, I may end up having next to no free time soon, so I might not be the best to organize such a thing.

You say you're not getting out until the 19th, so maybe we should do a New Year's theme...some thoughts:

-Chinese/Asian architecture theme, since they are most associated with celebrating New Year's

-"New" architectural themes. For example, architecture not typically executed in QSP maps (abstract, 'real world', organic, etc.)

-"New" weapons or code (Quoth, LunSP1, etc.)

If anyone else has ideas, feel free to contribute. Also, I think no brush limitation this time, so we can do some bigger/longer maps. January 1st - Mid/Early March should be enough time. 
A Quoth 
pack would be good. But dont limit it to knave textures please. Any theme as long as it incorporates quoth features. Using tgas like necros' marble might be a good idea for more freedom. 
not enough knave maps! 
Just to clarify, Quoth is not at all intended to be knave-only; far from it. It was only doing Chapters as a submitted-map event that it made sense to have a single texture theme, with different interpretations. Since Chapters, the quantity of knave has gone up rather sharply :P
Naturally, no mapper is restricted to what kind of map they can make with Quoth - that's the point. 
I Would 2nd Quoth 
BUT I STILL CAN'T GET IT TO WORK WITH RADIANT FLABSLCHTHULHUFTHAAGNASDASD Otherwise I would jump on that like a well-lubed RPG.No limits with any tex set, as long as it included a func_rotate + at least 3 Gugs or some such non-sense.

BTW: Kell/necros, are you taking any ideas for supplemental .pak releases for Quoth or are you pretty much decided on what's gonna be released? I got some monster sketches I'd like turned into something. 
i don't want to speak for kell, as this is very much a team effort, but for the immediate future, i think we have most of the stuff already planned out, at least in terms of concept and direction.

while we're doing this for others, we're also doing this for us-- we want to make monsters we'd like to use in our own maps. if you want to send concept art to us, that's cool, and i'm all for checking it out, but i can't say that we'll use (or even like) anything with any certainty. we're kind of picky about the content we choose to explore, and we're definatly not meant to be a 'request' mod.

also, we're kind of taking a break atm, so it's not like we're actively working on quoth right now to get started (assuming we liked and wanted to use) on anything that was sent to us.

regarding getting the def file to work with gtk,
1. have you talked to spog or any of the radiant guys? they are definatly the ones they talk to abou this kind of stuff (i believe that's how you figured it out originally)
2. you could also try manually setting classname values for the time being, until you get it fully sorted out by keeping the def files on hand and just checking quickly on key names.
i'm really sorry we couldn't help you directly, but neither of us has ever seen this type of problem before.

cheers :) 
What About 
eventually doing custom content to such extent that one wouldn't need id1 or the old texes at all - so that a standalone game could be released for free. Or under some licence or something.

(fitz client, knave tex, only your new custom monsters, only the hammer and the plasma gun ( :o ) and some new replacement sounds for hurt, jump, monster legacy sounds. Hud graphics and new healthpak etc graphics)

Then just add a new player model mvdsv,fuh/ez, a few dm maps (knave/free tex again) and jteams and it's go for qw too :) 
i like fiends. :( 
On Next Generation Of Consoles Gamedev 
phew, after almost two months (?) my new telephone/internet connection is finally up. it really sucked not to have proper access 24/7, though i imagined it to be harder.
but now, it seems, my daily fix of func_ is guaranteed again... :) 
but one thing doesn't make sense:
if it's the arts, maps, models and gamecode that suck up most of the money, and core coding costs only a little, it should cost just a fraction of the game development to port / recode the thing to another platform. 
...and having that in mind the tech is using 'lowest spec in mind' and not being optimised for any platform exclusively, thus not fully utilizing its potential. In the result we would have crossplatform titles that look about the same everywhere. Well that's what that article is about.

But we will see how it works in reality. 
maybe you could have other cheap five minute tricks, like have worse average framerate and take off a few monsters from the maps in those ports where there isn't enough oomph in the hardware / core code. Or getting really ugly, downscale textures / whatever surface maps you have, to half. 
Doom Rpg For Mobile Phones
doom1 tech style. by john carmack.

they seem to have wolfenstein's german shepherds there too! 
Or Actually 
it seems it's closer to wolf3d.. 
looks more like dragon warrior to me. 
Since I quit, I've been redoing my webby, including spending money on it.
I should've told you a month ago, but I forgot. 
Did the programmers let you sleep anything or did they slip into/out of their leatherpants as soon as they were alone eiht you? 
Fat Controller 
quit what?

site design could be, eh, improved alot
its not very appealing 
...ludicrous & subversive, but then I've always been a fan :) 
Thanks to the proliferation of highly automated publishing systems like Blogger and LiveJournal � which I use myself for news � it's extremely easy to start your own digital domain. A forum hosted here, your blog there, and a photos stash yonder; there you go.

However, this is all highly fragmented. Writing your own site, from scratch, is more difficult. Vanity blogs are one thing. Vanity websites are another.

And Vanity is what this site is about! I, Rob Cruickshank, a.k.a. the Reverend Cardboard Box of the Church of the SubGenius, am sufficiently besotted with my own brilliance that I feel moved to honour you with the fruits of my labours.

Fatty, I have always loved you. 
This is funny... she plays alot, from GTA to Doom 3 to Psychonauts. 
Rofl. Crazy thing is, i'd bet most of us are gonna be playing games at that age :} (and I bet games will look rather good in the year 2050 too). 
but we'll be stuck playing quake and other retro games for nastalgia 
I'll be 80 and playing FPS's and I'll feel like a cool old dude. But I don't think that's anything new. I'm sure elders these days are into things that we consider boring but for their day are cool. 
Things That We Consider Boring But For Their Day Are Cool. 
Like, travelling the world and happily spending their money?
Or feeling sick all the time and taking care of whatever left of their health 
Looking For 
good quake2 DM maps .map files
(for educationla purpose ofcourse)
I recall Kanaeda and some1 else had made .maps available? 
What Are You Seeking To Learn? 
construction methods? 
I made some availabe - not sure if you can learn anything from those though: 
Ho Hum 
Just bought 1000 bottles (yes, 1k) of Pepsi. A single bottle is 1,5 liters, which means that I have, in my house, right now, 1,5 cubic meters of soda. And, let me tell you, thousand bottles take up more space than you'd think.

So, anyone need a drink? 
You're aiming for the Sony VAIO, right? 
I Prefer Coke 
Especially when there's TDR promo material about

BTW shoutouts to the hoez in #TF:
Shambler: Calm down/Fuck off
Pope: Love on
Vondur: Calm down/Go map
Blitz/inertia/voodoochopwdjaks/the rest: Shut up, fuck off, calm down. (In any order)

-love, Sweden. 
vigil: you're sick bitch.

czg: get back to irc, i miss you. 
what's your addy? Or bring some to herttoniemi. mail me at elaintarha org. 
did you get my reply email ?

same address as the one I sent the earlier one to. 
Regular or MAX? 
uh, maybe. i'm on vacation. be patient :P 
cool, just checking 
Bambuz: I live in Espoo, so arrange some transportation here, and we'll sort you out at 0,8 EUR a bottle.

Friction: Regular, drinking Max should be punishable by flogging, possibly death.

Gibbie: Coming... 
Thought This Might Be Interesting... 
dunno if anyone's seen these already or not, i tend not to keep up with q4 stuff very much 
Thnx Sleepwalkr And Fitzslime 
ps necros those were published over 2 years ago 
quite detailed models... I don't know if they look remotely that good in-game. 
Nice find, Necros. Very sweet indeed. 
RECURSIVE ERROR: There Was A SQL Error. GG Nmetskiunme 
RECURSIVE ERROR: There was a SQL error. GG nmetskiunme 
"AN SQL error" sounds better.

But that's just me.

And I got this error a few times in the past month. 
In your navigator you should find a "reload" icon... just clic on it... oh oh oh ... it's magic, the correct window appears !!!
Problem solved... ;P 
well, I pronouce it "sequel" so "a SQL error" sounds fine to me. 
New Monitor 
So I finally got myself a new monitor. For the past year or so my old monitor had been dying on me, it made mapping pretty much impossible because the gamma was FUBARed, everything looked blue/green. Switching desktop resolution from 1024x768 @ 85 Hz (17" crt) to 1600x1200 @ 92 Hz (19" crt) was quite a nice jump. Mapping with Radiant has now reached a new kind of awesomeness :) 
A Dissertation Upon The Pronunciation Of The Abbreviation SQL 
I always said 'skwul'. Which sounds sort of like it's some kind of amphibious squid creature, probably found in the sinister swampy wastelands beyond the N'gath mountains of the sinister southern continent, along with the deadly carnivorous megafluke, and the breethian mangrove badger.

But I digress. The point is, saying SQL 'Es Queue El' is for squares. Big fat greasy squares with spots and pudden-basin haircuts. 
why not write it as sql? (Not capitals.) I hate acronyms anyway so we can make it a proper word.

Starting here! Let the func lead the way!

(Nobody knows anyway where it comes from? Superior Query Language?)
(It's an american convention to make everything into stupid acronyms blaa blaa whatever ok)

Anyway, thanks metl for the board so we can contemplate on these important issues here. 
Structured Query Language 

PCMCIA := People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms 
LOL Friction 
PCMCIA acronym is really good !!! 
In case the title was too long, this post is formally asking if anyone is planning a winter map pack, and if so to formally let me know. If not, I will take it upon myself to organize something over the coming weeks for Christmas/New Year, probably Quothian in origin. So yar, let me know what's up with that stuff. 
Ooh, Snow-Knave Textures! 
Hou About 
nature-themed contest? 
Map Reviews

Doom3 HL2 Q2 etc 
I just sent you an email ;) I hope it will help you .. 
The Past, And Blasts From 
It's been years and years since I've looked at either of my quake2 maps, so I loaded them both up this evening. Very wild experience, let me tell you - brings back unusual things.

Gridiron had this megahealth stuck up on a rafter, and I hazily recalled that there was a hidden passage beneath the nearby lift that would lead you around and out. I was right, and I crawled through the narrow opening to find:

I lol'ed. I mean, how did I think they would have gotten in there? 
Crawling through the narrow opening just like you.

Sheesh, crates camping the MH, whatever next! 
What sort of newbie map doesn't contain rampant abuse of crates though? :) 
Oh Wow... 
i forgot how bad quake2's built-in brightness/gamma control was. yuck. 
Blog Updated 
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If that is legitimate spam that is possibly the best spam ever. 
Are Nigerians Not 
classifiable to males/females? 
Best Spam Ever. 
Or even the best func post ever. 
It doesn't even pimp a website to visit... 
Wasn't Spam 
I highly doubt a spam bot would be able to pick out the "cheese" icon for its post? 
Did anyone say it was spambot spam? 
whyyyyyyyy is fuuuuuuuunc so slooooooww agaaaaaaain


also, it was clearly a cheesebot. 
Yes, Scampie is a fucking piece of fag fucking shit. He's run away at least four people from #tf because people can't stand him. He's just upset his parents didn't pay attention to him and he likes the authority. You shouldn't leave func because of him though, here he's just another llama since he gave up mod status. Frankly, I dunno why people put up with his shit anyway. 
Metslime Is Killing The Community 
by closing the funny thread 
Wooh, IRC Beef. 
Tastes the best. 
Is right.

Best thread for a long time and he had to close it -_- 
go create some cool threads 
don't care about him, everybody knows he's an asshole, at least most of the time. He ran you know? 
[16:01] <Trinca> scampwork o filho fa puta
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[16:02] <MoALTz> stop spamming
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[16:02] <bear> Trinca, calm down
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[16:02] <MoALTz> you have lost all support you had (if any) now
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[16:02] <inertia> yeah trinca shush
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[16:02] <Vondur> Trinca, calm down bitch
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[16:03] <Vondur> Trinca, stfu moron
[16:03] <Trinca> assshole
[16:03] * Trinca was kicked by SmallPileofGibs (Trinca) 
Oh! And Spawnpoint News... 
In the very near future, 'spawnpoint' will be returning... but as

I sadly lost the domain, so instead, I am going to go with planB, which is change SP into This means all links to the site should be changed to reflect this, and all the logins that my hostees use should change from @spawnpoint to @leveldesign and all that.

I'll let you know, should be a day or two. Thanks for all your patience guys. 

Partly for bringing SP back....but mostly for quoting Trinca ;).

Keep IRC drama on #tf, I say! 
WTF, my excitement got the better of me...

Keep IRC drama on Func, I say! 
That's pretty cool. I assumed you had left the community for good (despite working in the industry at a company famed for FPS titles) and had just decided to ignore spawnpoint because it presumably costs money to maintain.

How come spawnpoint has been taken, yet the more obvious leveldesign hadn't? That seems a bit odd. Having said that, spawnpoint sounds cooler and more underground :)

btw, I don't mind irc drama on func either, especially as I can't log into irc from Asia, because asia-pacific ips are blocked by quakenet, or whatever host you were using a couple of months ago. 
A Horrible Hideous Torrent Of Noise 
can be found at

A good four hours of it. You might like to tear out your lugholes before listening. 
spawnpoint only went down because the domain expired, and I had to wait to attempt to retke it. it was sniped from underneth me, and I'm not going to pay mucho buckos just to recover it from a domain squatter bastard. 
Damn, if Scampie won't pay me the $5000 to get back now where will I get this weeks crack money? :( 
From The Usual Source 
...suckin' dick at the truckstop. 
Suckin' Dick At The Truckstop? 
I used to have to ride past a public toilet frequently used by truckers when I cycled to work in the mornings. It was out in the middle of nowhere but by a busy road. There were almost always trucks parked there at all times of the day and night.

The cycle path ran around the back of the toilets, and there were no lights there. It was pretty dark, but there was still a bit of light getting round from the front.

Bizzarely I always noticed people loitering around the back of the toilets at night. Because of this I tried to ride around on the front path, but sometimes I couldn't because some retarded truck driving goon would park his truck up on the pavement, blocking my way.

At the back of the toilet building there was a small hole in the wall. I could tell it was there because there was a little bit of lighting shining through from inside the toilets. I assumed the hole was for a power cable for the guy that usually sold fried breakfast foodstuff to the truckers in the morning.

One night (of several) I was cycling home and was forced to use the cycle path around the back of the loos because lots of stupid people had parked their cars on the path around the front. As I was cycling around the back of the toilets, I see the outlines of two guys fucking.

What the hell? Tron? Was that you?

Anway, I mentioned this to someone at work, and they thought it was funny and all. I also mentioned the hole in the wall, and they told me that it was probably a "glory hole". Upon asking, they told me that this was for guys to stick their cocks through and someone would give them a bj, or wank them off.

Seriously, all these grown men... don' they have better places to do this sort of thing than around the back of a public toilet? It's not like the foot/cycle path wasn't fairly busy either. I suspect a few other people must have witnessed some horrible things. I knew of a few old people who would walk their dogs round there.

Tron, since you know so much about this, perhaps you could shed some light.

By the way, even if it was a man fucking a woman, I would still have been disgusted. If it was two attractive lesbians dressed in bondage with a spotlight illuminating them for my entertainment, I probably wouldn't have minded, however. 
By The Way... 
Just in case anyone wants to meet up with Tron and discuss level design, or pay him to suck your cock, this particular toilet is located on the A40 from the Headington/Barton roundabout side of Oxford on the section that goes toward Forest Hill/Wheatley. 
I Love This Place. 
An entertaining mix of psychoses, mapping knowledge, and the occasional educational bit of sexual perversion. Kickass.

The word for today is "stinkwink".

The quasi-sexual procedure of a man sticking his index finger into his partner's rectum and then proceeding to poke him or her in the eye with the contaminated finger.

e.g. Kelly developed a sty in her right eye from the stinkwink Jones gave her last night.

You're welcome. 
I think that might be the funniest story I've ever read on Qboard/Qmap/Func.

Also, what grown man doesn't know what a glory hole is. 
Also, What Grown Man Doesn't Know What A Glory Hole Is. 
Possibly a heterosexual man? 
both pjw's and than's post enlightened me to new terms, whether I wanted to know them is another thing :) 
I'm Never Going Into A Truckstop Again..... 
omg I'm scarred for life
we need a smut warning icon so we can skip over the nasty posts ;) 
Hey, no gloryholes here.

I'm a blindfold man. 
the A40 from the Headington/Barton roundabout side of Oxford on the section that goes toward Forest Hill/Wheatley

Your country has better names for things than ours. Except forest hill, we have thousands of those. 
Our country has names like that for pretty much everywhere. Some of them are annoyingly eccentric. Chuckley Knowe. Hunter's Tryst. Dent. Milton Keynes. Giving someone directions in the UK is like trying to assemble an engineering textbook from only shakespearean sonnets. 
Chipping Sodbury's the best. 
What About American Town Names? 
I SWEAR that I saw a town called Gaylord on a map of America in geography class when I was at school 7 or 8 years ago. I think it was in the South.

Anyway, there must be more places in the states with such stupid names.

You are right that English town names are pretty prime though :) 
Here In Massachusetts 
There's a town called 'Gayhead' 
Oh My Yes

A couple of screenies from a upcoming d3 sp project by Hexum entitled "Quake Shamblers Castle" 
Looks interesting... Particularly the come back of medieval environment in Doom3... 

Might even have to reinstall D3 for that

played q4 demo, it's shit

Is anyone going to release any Q1SP maps over the holidays? It's been a while... 
Let me know where... :) 
I Once Went... a curry house called Gaylord's. It wasn't America though. Rather nice food too.

Tron, that actually looks pretty neat. Hope he can pull a proper map off in that style. 
He has released previous maps though and I have good hopes of seeing this released. 
Wasn't the last QuakeCon held in Gaylord?? 
Ehhh... was just packed full of gaylords.... is up!

All those who had spawnpoint hosting, you are now back in action! just change anything '' into '' and life should be peachy! 
Scampie Rocks 
There's a small community (I don't think it's actually an incorporated town) here in the state of North Carolina called "Lizard Lick." Fittingly enough, Nintendo debuted Yoshi's Story there.

Of course, there are also a few other unusual places, such as Romance, Alabama; Frog Level, North Carolina (not a town, more like a crossroads); and perhaps the most incongruous of all, Intercourse, Alabama. 
that's brilliant! ^_^

is that a q1 axe? :P 
Lost The Url Now, But... 
but there is also a quakeworld mod in development for q4. I guess that isn't quite as interesting as q1sp style Doom3 map though.

I was thinking about making some high poly versions of Q1 monsters to put in my portfolio. I seem to be able to crank out character mesh quite quickly from the test character that I was doing yesterday, and I think making a detailed Ogre, Enforcer or Shambler would be lots of fun.

Then I got thinking about how prime Q4 could have been were it a remake of Q1. Still, I haven't played it yet, and I loved Q2 anyway, so I will probably like it anyway. 
Thanks a lot for the "reincarnation" of web domain into !
However, yesterday night, I tried to download Kell's knave texture set, and the link was broken (Error 404).. Most of the download links seems to be broken by the way... When do you think all these broken links will be restored ? 
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Subject: urdher, but it was gran hey was more

warning: previous 5 posts were news submissions 
You should have approved them! Quality news items! 
Send Complaints To: 
Whoa I Think Your Website Just Threw Up Metl 
Yay, go for it! But expect heavy and harsh critics if the models are not "faithful" ;) 
Interesting Fact #53 
Re previous posts on placenames...

Dave Van Ronk wrote and recorded a song made up entirely of place names in New York state, no other words, just place names. It sounds real cute. 
Whenever Kell fixes them. :) 
You forgot the town of Bumpass, Virginia. 
OK, I will check the website next week.. thanks ;) 
I Can't Believe 
Scampie forgot to mention his hometown of SmallCock, Maine. Oh well, good thing I reminded you all! 
Spawnpoint Downloads 
I don't know if this is actually the case, but it's probably simply a case of changing the url from to, since the file urls in the html won't have updated with the domain change. Should be no problem for you to get the files you want this way until the site authors can be bothered to fix their broken links. 
so you said you'll be organizing a turtlemap event or some contest at the end of this year, right? elaborate. 
Except if the site authers use relative paths for internal links. didn't need any changes, AFAIK. 
D3 And Q4 
d3 uses skyboxes, but it looked like q4 used the cylindrical sky thingy (like PK)... is it possible to do that in d3? 
Q4 Used Portal Skies 
Like D3:RoE did.
You can either make your map for RoE, or you can rip the code into your own dll and make the map as a mod. (Not too hard. Even I managed to do it.)
Vanilla D3 has no support for it, unless they included it in the last patch. Which I don't think they did. 
Holy Crap Deja-Vu! 
Did I some time ago write a longass post about portal skies and how you can make them look like hl2 skies if you include a script that each frame checks the player position and repositions the sky camera relative to some sky position? Did I specifically mention that you need to play around with the movement scale?

Because I'm hella certain I was just about to make such a post. 
i don't remember, but i tend to skip over such technical things anyway. :P a lot of d3 coding and scripting stuff is still a mystery to me. o.o 
I Don't Remember That Post... 
I may not have been paying attention to D3 editing stuff at the time though.

Vanilla D3 doesn't use portal skies, however someone emailed Todd from id and he said that it would be fine someone including features from RoE in a normal D3 map such as portal skies. 
That D3 Q1 Map 
In response to a question I asked him at d3w, Hexum says that all q1 weapons and powerups and ingame and working, and he is looking for someone to help with converting more of the enemies across.

Than: if you were thinking of making highpoly versions of the Quake bad guys maybe you should give him a buzz. :) 
i had considered offering to help do some monster conversions, but then i remember exactly how busy i am right now. >_< 
actual front page! 
Dear Scampie 
Not to be a total cock, but could you please lowercase my nick?


PS: I am so gay. 
yay! yay!

It may be worth checking if Ogro/Francois-Xavier Delmotte is still on the net and if he'd be willing/able to give you some of his Q1 monster hi-poly meshes and their skins.

I don't have an Doom3world account and won't get one but maybe you want to tell them that Ogro lost his work files unfortunately. I asked him a while ago. 
Dear Czg, 
I don't remember you making such a post but I remember reading about someone who had done the same thing in d3 on d3w and had some problems with making it work without problems when moving inbetween standing and crouching positions or whatever. 
Nice Observation 
Dub Selector 
might be old hat for some, but still this rox0rs so much when being in the right mood ;) 
Okay People
Today is a Fuck You Friday, so fuck you! 
Did you get any "anal troubles" these last days ? You seem to be very focused on fucking every people today... doh ! 
dubselekta rox groovy shit there ! 
Another Fuck You Friday Ends 
And I haven't been able to tell Shambler to go fuck himself on IRC.

Fuck you. 
s.t.f.u. moron. 
Fuck You Friday Ends 
Shut the fuck up Saturday begins! 
You win the prize!

('Tis cheese) 
What Would You Pick? 
Job #1:
A company that has existed for 8 years and is known to pay some of the best wages in the industry. They have a great product that sells like hotcakes. The boss is known to be very sctrict, but fair. If I took this offer, I would be a normal "grunt" (making a high salary though).

Job #2:
A company that is relatively new and is founded by my ex-boss from an older job I had. They have a similar product to offer, although it is slightly inferior. The boss is a person I know very well and get along with. If I took this offer I would be making less then I would be at Job #1, but I wouldn't be doing pure grunt saleswork, I would also be doing management and training of other salespeople (which always looks good on a CV).

Job #1 pays about 20-25% better than Job #2. When I asked the boss of Job #1 about future promotion possibilities: he answered "it's possible but there are no open supervisor positions right now and I can't promise you anything", which is basically saying nothing.

I have to make my decision on Monday. 
There Was A SQL Error 
okay, again:

1)Do you want to be a grunt when you're 40?

2)If the new company goes down, what will you do?
Maybe it's still easy to get a job after that. Maybe not, I don't know. 
Q4W First Beta Release

The whole idea is to have a game really fast, where movements can make the decision in a fight, and not only aiming. Where controlling a specific zone is really important, with precious items. A game where base weapons are not almost equals to the bigger ones. A game offering best of both world weapons, without making one too much powerful in a defensive situation.

We offer anticipation weapons and hitscan weapons, and they hurt a lot. They'll hurt you bad. It's about domination, it's not really newbie friendly, because spawnfrags are back.

Controlling the game is really important, a situation can turnover very quickly. No minimum time for respawn and a maximum of 2", respawn at 100/0 with only a MG with not much ammunitions... you'll learn how to win the hard way.

They're looking for coders, modders and mappers.

REJECTED! Beta releases are not news (particularly not ones that p1mp themselves with "Of course, brightskins are in standard"). Post it in the Jobs And Mappers Wanted thread. 
Letter To The Community 
Hey, I�m a fifteen-year-old mapper and I don�t have too much time on my hands. I�ve got a great idea for a game but no knowledge of coding, modeling or texture work. So what I�m looking for is a group of amateur developers who would like to make a game in there spare time.

The project would work in any engine, but darkplaces or quake 3 would be nice because they use radiant. To the best of my knowledge the coding aspect is fairly basic; weapons, some new entities, and basic baddy AI. Textures and modeling should also be pretty easy, because we�d like to do the game in black and white, and depend on style as oppose to tech.

What we�d like to accomplish is a modern game that can be developed like older games. It�ll have evolved gameplay, but the graphics and level design can be done like quake 1. Games today cost so much money to produce because of graphics that the industry has lost sight of what games are supposed to be.

Currently I have a mapper (myself), a concept artist (my brother), people for music and sound (said the would help, but not sure), and a person for public relations and site maintenance (a friend). I need: A coder with descent experience, and modeler, and a texture artist, people for graphics like menus and stuff would be good but we�re not quite there yet.

I�m working on a site, but right now if you�re interested in helping or want to hear more about the idea email me here: 
You should've at least lied about your age, because now nobody will take you seriously. 
Blah What Has Age Got To Do With It 
it's all the rest that says "come and join the project of 0,000001% possibility!".

If you want serious people to join you on any project you need to show that the people already involved have anything to offer before you can expext others to jump aboard. 
Bear says it all. 
Fifteen years old and not too much time on your hands?

A mapper with not too much time on your hands?

About the same as everyone here! 
It�ll have evolved gameplay, but the graphics and level design can be done like quake 1. Games today cost so much money to produce because of graphics that the industry has lost sight of what games are supposed to be.

I sincerely wish you very large piles of luck. 
HumanSubhuman admit it. You're the one who's been searching for "tony hawk 3 cd crack" on quotes.fov.120 
HumanSubhuman admit it. You're the one who's been searching for "tony hawk 3 cd crack" on 
Blitz admit it. You're the one who's been posting HumanSubhuman admit it. You're the one who's been searching for "tony hawk 3 cd crack" on twice. In a row! 
megaman admit it. You're the one who's been posting Blitz admit it. You're the one who's been posting HumanSubhuman admit it. You're the one who's been searching for "tony hawk 3 cd crack" on twice. In a row! just now! 
megaman admit it. You're the one who's been posting megaman admit it. You're the one who's been posting Blitz admit it. You're the one who's been posting HumanSubhuman admit it. You're the one who's been searching for "tony hawk 3 cd crack" on twice. In a row! just now! again, dumb ass! 
also, i just read q4w website and i think those guys will be the new arqons of q4. just that they problably are dumb like shit and just inherited his attitude because it's sooo cool.

fuck them. hard. where's czg? 
czg is THE fucking man on Func_ :) 
Fuck you 
Some Questions On Fitzquake 
Is there something like distance blur in fitzquake? Can it be changed by a variable? I have the impression that things that I can see clearly with for example joequake-gl are already blured in fitzquake.
Also, can I choose the size of screen captures made in fitzquake? 
screenshots always have the same size as the resolution you set for the game.
don't know about the blur thing. gl_farclip maybe? 
though isn't there a variable sshot_format that can be set to tga png or jpg, no? 
Is there something like distance blur in fitzquake? Can it be changed by a variable? I have the impression that things that I can see clearly with for example joequake-gl are already blured in fitzquake.

No, this shouldn't be the case. I wonder if it's a difference in FSAA settings or texture filter modes or resolution or something. Try posting some screenshots so we can compare the difference (don't use jpeg for this, obviously.)

screenshots always have the same size as the resolution you set for the game.


though isn't there a variable sshot_format that can be set to tga png or jpg, no?

No, that's one of those "good idea but I haven't done it yet" features. 
fucked up the tags on my own messageboard! 
With quality coding skills like that I guess we can understand where all these errors keep coming from. ;) 
I say hi

how about you? 
Game Score-to-Sale Theory Disproven 
Looking For Amateur Developers! 
[This was a double post -metlslime] 
you first started spamming game forums with this in the beginning of this year, but obviously haven't learned one tiny bit from the replies...
if you expect anyone to help or anwer in a least positive way, give information about your mod - ideas, concepts, possibly screenshots, and so on. do you really think anyone would bother sending you an email to get those (just to likely have to learn that it sucks)?
and if you don't have much time on your hand, forget it anyway! proper maps take ages to build, mods even longer, and creating a whole game with hobby designers can only be done if they have a shitload of spare time and furthermore a lot of enthusiasm and commitment.
(this has all been said already dozens of times)

you're not the first one to come up with something like that in the very same way like you did - and you sure won't be the last, but all have in common that they won't get positive reactions from whatever communities.
so bleh, why the fuck am i even writing all this?!
get something done, and if it's only an outline and post it in the jobs&mappers wanted thread, or - better - use the source engine and ask in the appropriate forums, because it's way more 1337 and brings forth much more fruitless material that longs to be included in your awesome game for sure... 
LOL there is some serious beef going on there.

I like how when Kiltron posts some explanation on the Q3W forums, the immediate replies are stuff like...

"Fuck off you cunt.."

"This guys a dumbass"


"What a little bitch"

"i hope you die in a fucking fire"

"what a complete twat failure you are"


Fuck knows what's going on. Those lawyer emails make 419 scams look genuine. The whole thing smells of bollocks to me. Kiltron has come across as a weirdo in the past... 
when will Killtron reveal his plans to launch his own console? Seems like hte next logical step. 
Go enjoy a wallpaper or 4 I made, Duke, Doom, Blood, Half-Life 
Nice work indeed... Doom and HL wallpapers are so far the bests IMHO... BTW, my taste goes more to HL in fact...
Merry christmas to you as well ;) 
I went with Blood. The Duke is 2nd best, but that bloody hand print with the the voodoo doll was too awesome. Yes, awesome works indeed. 
Pretty stylish, I like that you had a concept behind them.

If you'd done a Quake one I would have had it ;) 
Considered it, but I just couldn't visualise a Quake marine having a desk... Quake is so medieval-time-warp to me. 
Ja Phain 
those are nice
please be creative with quake wallpaper :D 
Quake Table 
it's coarse and medieval-base-thingy.
maybe a basemetal greenyellowbrown ink bottle with thick walls and a feather pen inside, on a wooden table.. some old book and a glowing crystal ball.
And the axe hanging somewhere.

Ok, maybe not. :p 
Quakey Thing 
Rusty slab of table with metal grate in the Quake symbol where blood drains down, a chain across the top, and a Hello Kitty plush doll in the corner. 
Cthulhu Chess Set

Fuckin sweet. How's you like to give up your Nyarlothotep on that, inert??? :) 
An Article About Wikipedia And Encyclopedias 
Quake Desk... 
... or blood soaked altar? It could have a few small bones scattered round the edges, and maybe a candle. The Quake symbol would be smeared out of the blood. Axe somewhere would be good too. Or Quake Guy's helmet. 
Ah Yeah 
the helmet! What would the guy look like without it? It's like the kiss guys without masks or the phantom of the opera. What kind of hair (if any) does he have?

And it must include wizmet. 
...well done! I'm using Doom, but only until you give us the Quake alter described by Text_Fish :)

I loved the coherence! 
Make a contract revoked wallpaper, with the contract on a wooden table. Splatter it with blood and general grime, make the signature in blood glow and have a few candles melted themselves to the table, also some shotgun shells and nails can be spread out across it. 
when will Killtron reveal his plans to launch his own console? Seems like hte next logical step.

careful, he'll sue you for slander 
The Entertainment Of Violence 
I wrote an article on the above here:

I decided not to post as a discussion thread because we have discussion nazis. 
func_msgboard is mentioned in this months Pc Powerplay in the MODLIFE section. Talks about that thread we had where there was all the fighting between coders and mapps. :) 
Holy Shit 
Links and/or scans please! 
That Sarcasm Czg? 
Well No Not Really 
I'll scan it up later, it's not very long but it was just interesting to see that thread mentioned. 
Anyone here, by chance, happen to have my old ICQ number in their contact list? I'd like to ressurect it to keep work messaging and friends separate. 
Is this related to you complaining in chat that id know your im number? :) 
I mailed it to you in case you didn't want it public. 
And The Winner Is 
Cybear, who takes home a properly capitalized name worth over seven million euros. 
WW2 FPS... 
I noticed a post on Shacknews regarding what Infinity War, Makers of CoD are doing now. I thought briefly about CoD3 and then posted a short rant about the portrayal of war in videogames. I re-read it after posting and realised that as I probably won't get anything but fanboys telling me how awesome CoD is, I thought I should pop it up here for quick discussion.

If they end up making a CoD 3 (haha, like they won't - it's guaranteed to make $$$) I really hope they don't just make the same game again with new locations and a few tweaks. I really hope that someone will take the WW2 FPS game and approach it with more maturity. I want a developer that gets rid of this stupid good vs bad shit and tries to show what war is really like from both sides, and adds real personality to the soldiers, rather than just throwing cannon fodder at the enemy AI to make it look like you are fighting in a war. What I would like to see most is that GERMAN SOLDIERS WERE NOT ALL FUCKING NAZIS. For Gods sake, how hard can it be to at least let the players empathize with them and show that they were having just as shitty a time as the allies.

I am not German (British actually) but ffs, why do we have to have such a stupid black and white portrayal of soldiers in a war. Obviously, it's not just CoD that does this, but we are often trying to say that games can compete on an intellectual level with literature and film, yet our war games feel like fucking Independance Day. Sure, if you are setting your game in a fantasy wolrd it's fine to have the good guys all good and the bad guys all bad (not that you have to, of course), but in a supposedly realistic portrayal of the greatest war in history, where millions upon millions lost their lives, you might at least try to show that it's not just some fucking goon running through a few towns shooting nazis and saving mankind.

Rant over.

Does anyone else think that it's time all these fucking stupid ass WW2 fps games stopped, and someone got some balls and tried to make a much more mature war game? The closest thing I have seen FPS-wise is Vietcong, although it's still pretty much shooting "GOOOOOOKS!" all the time. 
it's never going to happen.

and vietcong sort of worked as coop, not as sp which is primarily what cod is. 
it's never going to happen.

and vietcong sort of worked as coop, not as sp which is primarily what cod is. 
Why is it impossible that a developer will, at some point in the future, possibly in the next five years, create a WW2 FPS that is fun, yet at the same time doesn't glorify war or misrepresent those involved? You might not think it can happen, but I believe it will happen at some point.

This is one thing that drives me nuts. Sure, CoD might be fun, and the developer/publisher might claim that it is an authentic and realistic portrayal of war. However, they can't even begin to give their audience an idea of what war is like - it's almost like like saying love is all hugs and kisses. Fucking bullshit. I'm sick of it, and won't be buying any war games that claim to be realistic unless they start to address this problem.

Wolfenstein is fine, of course - it's fantasy, and doesn't pretend to be realistic or state that level x is an accurate representation of the spot where some glider landed. The glider might be in the right place, but I'm sure all those funnels and clip brushes weren't there in 1944.

By the way, no, I don't think that I know what war is like from watching a few war films, but the majority of films based on WW2 at least show the suffering of the people fighting the war, the civilians, and to some extent... the naz... sorry, Germans. 
You made me pregnant 
Obviously you won't get a game that gives an accurate impression of war, because most of the time war is fucking miserable and I don't want to be made to feel fucking miserable when I'm playing a game. But hell, even leaving the game content alone and adding a drop more maturity to the backstory would leave a better taste in the mouth. 
So true. =(
They should make a war game that is to other war games what the Thin Red Line is to average war films. 
"realistic" War And Other Interesting Ideas 
Hopefully we'll get a stronger "indie" game scene when most mainstream game projects becomes gigantic boring dinosaurs that cost a fortune to make. 
and I don't want to be made to feel fucking miserable when I'm playing a game.

Hell yeah, I mean you could just play Q3A or CS and be fucking miserable at a bargain bin price ;) 
Touch� Smabler* 
Seriously folks, I agree with than and Bal. Sadly even considering paying employees to make a game comparable to Thin Red Line would be an absolute financial disaster for most companies, so we only have some crazy volunteers to look to.

Of course, a game that has at least a fraction of what Thin Red Line offers would probably change the market.

* Lies 
think of it this way.

For every good war film that does what you say, there's 5 crap ones that are just all explosions and loud noise (for every Apocalypse Now, there is a We Were Soldiers, Pearl Harbour etc etc).

So, given the financials behind films and most producers stll lacking the balls to make stuff like that, games are a long way off. 
I can't believe you put We Were Soldiers in the shit category with Pearly Harbour. We Were Soldiers at least had bits from the VC perspective... actually, I think Pearly Harbour did too, but ffs... PEARL FUCKING HARBOUR! BEN FUCKING AFFLECK! FOR FUCKS SAKE.

We were soldiers is not the best film ever by a long shot, but it is not even in the same league as Pearl Harbour.

Back on topic though, why does everyone assume that people are stupid and will be satisfied by game after game of the exact same stupid explosions, the exact same extreme scripted missions, total lack of emotion and claim to authenticity?

Like Vigil said, I think that if someone did release a war game that was more mature than kids playing cowboys and indians in their back yard it could do a lot to change the market and go some way to alter the general perception of games as for children. 
why does everyone assume that people are stupid and will be satisfied by game after game of the exact same stupid explosions, the exact same extreme scripted missions, total lack of emotion and claim to authenticity?

because it's now the exaxt same stupid stuff with better graphics, surround sound and extra cheese! 
Than Part 2 
Are you still in japan btw? What are you up to now apart from trying to build a portfolio? 
yeah you're right, it's not in the same league but it's still a crap film.

As is Windtalkers, enemy at the gates etc. Actually, out of that bunch I'm probably being a bit harsh on enemy at the gates but it's still a crap movie.

Anyway, in the end, if the game sells well, why would any studio in their right (commercial) mind change what they're doing ?

That's the bottom line. 
it's easy:


Stop buying crap!

And don't complain after you've seen the next pearl harbour / played zombie bash 9. Don't buy IKEA or other crappy chipboard furniture. Don't buy thin 5 euro refugee pizzas made from tomato substitutes. Don't buy stupid latest gadgets like music players, cellphones or computers - they're not must-haves! The dumpsters are already full of that crap that was so must-have only yesterday!

Stop being a ravenous bunch of idiots.

Just say no - beforehand.

Thank you.
Dammit Bambuz 
Now I'll never look at my IKEA custom-molded foot stool the same ever again. 
Enemy At The Gates 
was the second crappest. An otherwise decent film imho RUINED by the stupid love interest shit that just pissed me off the whole time. 
Oi! Don't Diss IKEA 
Cheap, good quality, designer furniture? Oh hell yeah! 
Is the Nazi conquest for Poland in the 21st Century. 
Stop Being A Ravenous Bunch Of Idiots. 
�Stop being a ravenous bunch of idiots.�

ill second that. with incorrect grammar/typing. 
What The Hell? 
Can anyone here (especially CZG) tell me what's wrong with this screenshot?

It's unedited. 
WW2 is so farmed for games these days because it's a conflict in recent memory where the two sides CAN be painted in black and white, which is what many games usually call for RECURSIVE ERROR: There was a SQL error. 

Teh conspiracy!!

Did you continue to register, or where you too scared?? 
It's a secret hint that I Am Awesome.

As if you needed a hint. 
now i'm afraid of czg, that bastard. 
You're a tiresome parrot, regurgitating tired Palahniukian phrases in a tiresome way. 
what is Palahniukian? Google gives some author I've never heard of.
Please add something to the discussion. 
The Guy Who Wrote The Movie 
Fight Club and some other overpopular crap I haven't read or watched as a movie. 
rather than quietly choosing fonts in photoshop to match this silly picture, you better fuck off to map, bitch 
I hope you finish that super crazy map you were working on before you got a games industry job. It looked like it was going to be badger buggering brilliant.

By the way, do you still have that donkey maintenance site? What happened to your old domain? Did someone buy it and squat on it?

Also, I am cuirious if you are working as a designer, artist or artist/designer at starbreeze. I presume they are working on hardcore next-genstuff, since they seem to be pretty with the times. 
Ogier, an old quake style editor - is still used for levels at starbreeze (available for dl with q1, enclave, riddick and knights of the temple game support). LD:s build levels but most of the entity stuff is done by "game scripters" or whatev 
I guess my previous post just gave you different terms for the same things you mentioned so this time I'll mention that to my knowledge czg's function is as a level designer and not scripter.

czg: since I answered instead of you, you should have some time left for finishing that q1 map during the holidays! 
Ghost Of Screenshots...
Hell, someone's bats lost ways! 
looks pretty good, although it looks like someone took a chunk out of the left side of it's face. ;) 
Great War

Does anyone know of any good WW1 shooters? Looking at these colour photos(!) from World War One made me think that a game set in that area could satisfy some of the war gamer crowd while freeing us from fighting Nazis. 
WWII is where it's AT. I don't think the fighting tactics (ie stand around in holes in the ground and let bombs fall on you) employed in WWI would make for very good gameplay (unless the game wildly diverged from WWI, in which case, hey let's make a WWII game, they sell really well right now).

I hope games with nazis never stop!

also, nazis have single-pane windows in their houses. that's why bambuz's great great grandfather enlisted in the Polwiegish army and singlehandedly liberated Polway. 
With A Knife! 
and only a day's worth of rations! 
Which He Didn't Even Finish! 
He shared what was left with the people of Polway, and it fed every family for forty days and forty nights because of the miraculous bounty of Polweigish rations brought on by the economic savings of the might double-paned Polweigish window. 
Nazi's are no fun if they aren't doing occult/future-tech stuff. Nazi's are also fun because they are the last true evil lately, rather like orcs, but without being smelly and bad looking. 
Nazee Demonsionality And Other Things 
Hitler was a vegetarian. Nazi Germany had progressive animal and nature protection laws. This is all irrelevant though since Nazi Germany is like Morgoth - totally and purely evil all by itself and without any reasons or dimensions. I understand if people feel like that -they were pretty fucked up and did lots of evil things.

And to Lun: sorry, I was half trying to just help, half just irritating you. :)

Also: The Poles and English don't have double-pane glasses and thus they freeze in the winter or consume big amounts of coal.
Also2: The English don't have cold and hot water mixing to warm water in the same tap, so you either burn or freeze or have to mix it in the sink, which is awkward.
Also3: Norway used to be quite backwards but now they're rich with oil money. They must have doublepanes, and had probably those already way back since it's quite cold there. Czg, Fjoggis or that weight lifting absolutist medical student mapper can fill you on this. 
Old German Quake Shareware Review 
Did it for neg!ke, but maybe some of you would like to read the Quake shareware review from the Powerplay (german...) too:

It's not meant to be good but readable ;)

Does anyone know if that cover artwork (first link) is available somewhere? 

william shakespeare DRAMA
vinyl records TRAGEDY
beyonce knowles THRILLER
eeyore COMEDY
chris steele MUSICAL
jesus christ HORROR/SPLATTER
coca cola inc FOREIGN 
That cover artwork is a shameless plagiarisation of a classic Games Workshop painting. At least the face and pose are. 
Before clicking, I can guess the one, a marine sarge in a small squad, can't remember the chapter but would guess dark angels... 
L To The OL 
I did actually make that guess before even mousing over the link. I award myself A PRIZE. 
And Your Prize Is 
a lifetime's supply of idbase remakes! 
Since you work for a company making a WWII game (albeit not your typical type) you are automatically biased. :) 
That's just it: the whole problem would be solved if there actually were atypical WWII games (or a game) released. Maybe not the whole problem, but at least it could help. 
i have read this kind of articles, too, back then. sure, quake was not all that innovative, but it definately was the most important pc game, at least in the field of fps.
what really pissed me off at that time (not in this article) were comparisons to utter crap games, like "uh no auto-map in quake... this was sooo much better in duke nukem" and so on...
but who can blame those jerks, they just didn't know better, playing their dumb interactive movie adventures all the time... :P

anyway, i'm only looking for these "quake is..." advertisements. its pages in your magazine look very good (unlike mine), so you should make it a poster to hang in your rooms - which would be quite natural for someone running a quake site, anyway. ;) 
Since you work for a company making a WWII game (albeit not your typical type) you are automatically biased.

Says who? 
is not exactly one of the "realistic" fps corridor shooters under my crosshairs actually, since there is loads of fun occult stuff in there and it never felt based on WW2 that closely. RTCW seemed a lot more like Indy Jones style Nazi fighting than anything.

If Lun was working on "The Men who are Brothers of the Call of the Medal of Duty who have Valour in Arms 6" then I might say he could have some bias, but ...

...Fucking git! He's working on the next Wolfenstein game ffs. 
He's working on the next Wolfenstein game ffs.

Says who? 
Erm, I suppose I should have said "Raven is working on the next Wolfenstein game ffs."

That Lun is working on the next Wolfenstein was just an assumption, since he was working on the now released Quake 4, and recently another Wolfenstein game, which will presumably use the same (or similar) tech was anounced to be in development at Raven.

I have no idea what Lunaran is working on to be perfectly honest. I suppose you bhave a bunch of other projects going on at Raven that he could be on, or perhaps he was hired as the vending machine repairman.

Is working on Hexen 3, and not Heretic 3, as he would have us believe. Lun is working on Mageslayer 2. 
then i'm working on quake mp3: resolution of monitor. yay! 
I've got 8GB free webspace for now! Bwhaha, and I'm paying only 7 Euro per month :)

What shall I host there? I can't invest much more time but maybe some "file dump"? 
^ Warez! 
...obviously :D 
Sounds too good to be true. I wouldn't be surprised if you have downtimes and other crap for that price... 
I don't think so. Quaddicted has never been down except for some nasty hardware crash that got fixed after one day. I trust them. Service is awesome and speeds are wonderful. It's btw (german). 
Hey Scragbait check this out:

I was thinking about your map again lately and found this review. That really was a great map, nice spooky halloween atmosphere. The review is amusing, a few terms don't seem to have made the translation well, the most hilarious one being your alias. 
Great map, scarebat 
Lun Said:

"Since you work for a company making a WWII game (albeit not your typical type) you are automatically biased.

Says who?"

Oh, lots of people.


I got nothing. :( 
I went to the mall today and sat on Santa's lap and asked please, pretty please, could I please have TronDM3 for Christmas? 
Quakenet blocks irc hosts from asia-pacific, so I can't connect. Does anyone know an easy* way around this?

*easy as in not going to another country just to idle in irc. 
Aren't there some irc clients that let you connect through some random proxy?
Quakenet really sucks for blocking asian connections btw... 
Is that you? 
According to the timestamp on the GA thread, func is now 3 years old. According to my memory, there were about 10k posts in the first year, 20k posts in the second year, and 10k posts this year. I wonder what made 2004 so active.

As for the slowness, Sleepwalkr gave me some tips to improve database performance, but I probably won't be able to get to them until I deal with the issue of my hard drive being broken and possibly losing a bunch of data.

Merry Christmas. 
the issue of my hard drive being broken and possibly losing a bunch of data.

ack o_o

Merry Christmas.

Happy Yuletide. 
Cheers Metl 
Nice one on keeping this going, this autumn/winter has been a bit dry, but it's still good, people still post interesting stuff, I visit daily at least, w3rd.

Happy Christmas to you too.

P.S. I agree entirely with post #9580 
Happy Yuletide. 
Merry Christmas Metlslime 
Thanks again for another year of keeping this level thang goin.'

As long as Quake single player maps trickle forth like urine from a senile old man, we'll be allllllright. :] 
I back for a few hours. It's nice to touch my keyboard again. A good news: I hope I'll buy a laptop soon to be able to map in any place of the world.

So merry christmas and happy new year to everyone here (i won't be able so say it in time) 
Xmas Greetings 
Like other said, I would like to thank metlslime to keep Func_ alive, and I also would like to thank all guys here for all advices, comments, even flaming sessions, they gave during this last year...

Merry Christmas to you and yours... 
Merry Christmas 
to all aussies now, and everyone else when it comes around to their timezone. 
My Compliments Of The Season 
to everyone 
A Reiteration Of Things Recently Said... 

Thanks Func_people for all your advice, your speedmap critiques, and most of all for keeping Quake fun alive for another year!

A Reiteration Of Things Recently Said... 

Thanks Func_people for all your advice, your speedmap critiques, and most of all for keeping Quake fun alive another year!

my first double-post! 
the post title was very appropriate 
any speedmapping today? or was it yesterday? 
Filled The First Gibibyte :D 
1400 DM maps which I got from Trinca somewhen: 
I've finally found myself a good WinAmp replacement:

Found by a complete accident (was reading /.), this player has good library and playlist functions, has way lower CPU and memory footprint than WinAmp 5 and also has a built-in CD ripper. 
You know foobar, do you? 
When I was looking for a winamp replacement I had a brief look at foobar, but it is just so ugly. From what I remember it can't be made to sit neatly in the corner like winamp and has a rather ugly and clumsy looking interface. Of course, because of that, I couldn't be bothered with it in the end.

Then I realised that despite being owned by AOL (I think) Winamp is still free and good, so I have gone back to it.

I'll have a look at musikcube I suppose. 
it's nice because it does ogg, which very few players do.
itunes is nice even if you don't have ipod. doesn't seem to use up much resources and is fairly easy to organise a lot of music with it 
Winamp Does Ogg 
I think you need a freely available plugin, but it will do most formats if you can be arsed to find the plugin.

I can't be arsed with ogg anyway, it seems the same as mp3, and 99% of my music is mp3 anyway. 
WinAmp does OGG without any plugins and so does musikCube. 
how is iTunes nice? It's HUGE. It's got that shitty brushed silver cool thing going on that I hate. I hate these enormous thick menu bars and space wasters all over the place that seem common to all of the two Apple programs I have seen on PC (the other being the HORRENDOUS Quicktime.)

I don't care if iTunes has got really great functionality since I only want a program to play music files unobtrusively in the background (not guess what my favourite tunes are or allow me to buy files from the internet).

There's also the whole issue I have with Apple in general - mainly brought about by mac lovers who think that anything Apple makes is automatically cook and brilliant. Fair enough, their design is better than MS, but I'm sure they still have the same greedy corporate mind - despite what Apple fanboys seem to think. 
yeah, i imagine winamp has ogg now, but i got foobar for that a couple of years ago. i never ever really liked winamp either, so i never thought of switching later on.

as for itunes, like i said, it seems to be pretty good for resources, but yeah, the interface is large. i tend to keep it minimized in the tray icon and just bring it up to switch songs once in a while so that really doesn't bother me at all.

(not guess what my favourite tunes are or allow me to buy files from the internet)
frankly, i don't ever remember it doing that. i installed it, saw a popup talking about the feature, closed it and never saw anything like that again. the option *is* there to go buy music off the net, but it doesn't come up unless you ask it to (you can click on it), so again, not an issue for me.

really, it depends on how you listen to music. if you listen to your entire collection at random, or small lists, or one song at a time, etc etc
when i'm not particular about what i want to hear, i like to leave itunes on shuffle and have it play anything at random. when i get selective, i pull out mplayer32.exe and only switch songs when i'm bored of the current one. if i want to hear a small list, i'll usually throw it together in foobar, because i find it's faster to gather songs in different folders together with it (just drag and drop). 
another good winamp replacement 
Foobar Is Awesome But Complicated 
Itunes is nice for sharing you're music over a local network, lots of people use it at my work, and it's nice to browse around their playlists without actually configuring anything, not sure if that's easily possible in winamp...

But still, I think winamp is the best player, the interface is so nice, as are the keyboard shortcuts, I love the 'jump to' option, and the queuing stuff, I use it alot. 
Im With THAN 
iTunes sux. it is recourse hog. And all hype is just annoying. Sharing music? what a novelity
Just open the folders: all the albums in neat folders. Neatly sorted by the filename.
Again Apple making big deal feature out of nothing.

Winamp is handy and sounds fine with MAD plugin
foobar is still better sound for audigy/2 cards
Apollo sounds ace aswell (best sound Q imho) 
is a bloody resource hog. 
iTunes - good for playlists and collections
Winamp - good for quick or moderate listening 
Don't forget you don't have to use the latest version... Winamp 2.x was much faster, that was back before it all turned to shit (performance wise). 
WinAmp 2.x 
2.x is fast and lean, but it doesn't have any Library functions whatsoever. 
I Need 
Shoutcast (internet radio) and BASS module (_correct_ mod,s3m,xm) support besides mp3 and wav.

Winamp5 hogs yeah. :C
It seems less so with old skins tho.

Happy new year etc, I'm off for many days. Don't drink alcohol just for the sake of it. :) 
Ah, BASS Module Is Available For Apollo 
and it works.

Just missing shoutcast and my german Gotham Radio (Mainly uninspired mass for teenagers with black makeup, but there's occasionally good stuff.) 
Spc, Sid And That Kind Of Stuff Is Nice To Ahve Too 
I know there were/are winamp plugins although the ones I tried were a bit buggy (a couple of years ago)... 
So If One Was Looking At A New Comp 
what sort of stuff would they be considering ?

I havent bought a new compy in 2.5 yrs so I'm sure there's tech out that I've never even heard of. It'll primarily be a gaming machine but should be able to do regular stuff too.

Also, bear in mind, that oz wont have the latest tech stuff that's available in US/UK (or if they do, it'll be ridiculously expensive). 
I bought :

3.06ghz Intel Pentium IV
128MB Radeon 9800 PRO
160GB Seagate HDD
74 GB Western Digital HDD
Abit IS7 motherboard
Altec Lansing 2.1 Speakers

+ generic Case, taxes, PSU, etc.

= ~1400 USD in 2004

It runs Far Cry at 1024x768 + details high with no issue

Runs Doom 3 at 800x600 medium/low detail with some hiccups.

I bought from Newegg, so I don't know if you'd be able to find a comparable system, but I suggest it because it's been a year and some months, and it seems to be keeping up just factoring in time and geography, it shouldn't cost you too much more to build a similar system. 
I bought :

3.06ghz Intel Pentium IV
128MB Radeon 9800 PRO
160GB Seagate HDD
74 GB Western Digital HDD
Abit IS7 motherboard
Altec Lansing 2.1 Speakers

+ generic Case, taxes, PSU, etc.

= ~1400 USD in 2004

It runs Far Cry at 1024x768 + details high with no issue

Runs Doom 3 at 800x600 medium/low detail with some hiccups.

I bought from Newegg, so I don't know if you'd be able to find a comparable system, but I suggest it because it's been a year and some months, and it seems to be keeping up just factoring in time and geography, it shouldn't cost you too much more to build a similar system. 
It told me it timed out before I made the second press of the submit button!!! There's no way it got through if my connection timed out!! Fuck it. 
I don't know if you have considered a laptop, but they are exceptionally convenient. The prices aren't too bad these days, and neither is the performance. You can get hard core graphics cards like the GeForce 7800 go in a laptop, for example.

I have a Dell XPS 2, which wasn't exactly cheap, but was definitely worth the money I spent.

Your comment about oz being behind with tech makes me wonder if you are prepared to order from the US. I was going to get my XPS from Dell US, since it was a fuckload cheaper (and another 512mb of memory was 1/4 of the price quoted by Dell UK! �400! HAHAHAHAGOFUCKYOURSELFHAHAHA!) but since I have a cousin who has a business I was able to get my machine tax free in the UK, which evened the price out a little... didn't get the stupidly expensive memory upgrade though.

Wireless networking is unbelievably awesome if you have a laptop, btw :)

Anyway, with a laptop you will get less performance and pay more than you would with a desktop machine, but they are just so handy! 
Hey Nitin... 
...I bought my system from Infinity Computers in Brunswick about a year ago... they've got a store in Dandenong near you.
Click on the download greenguide ad link to see their latest stock systems. There was no problem taking one of their stock systems and getting the RAM upped (I think I doubled it to a Meg for around $100)... delivery time was not delayed because of it.

Software is not included in their prices.

I suggest them because I had no trouble with their sales interface and have had no problem at all with the system. Also, because of their site, I was able to walk in and ask for exactly what I wanted, knowing exactly how much it should change the bottom line.

As to new things you should be looking for, I heard a rumour that having PCI (-E)? compatible components means you can do things like run dual graphics cards etc. But perhaps someone more technically savvy might want to comment on that.

I listen to CDs. They tend to play music quite well. 
I thought you would be one of the vinyl hardcore :)

I have cds of most of the music on my pc, but I listen to mp3s purely because of convenience. Can't move hundreds of cds around with me very easily. 
Cheers For The Replies So Far 
a few more specific questions now that I've had a little look myself :

- how much RAM is needed for newer games (say d3 and q4 and other more resource intensive games). Is 512 mb sufficient or do you really need 1 gig ?

- anything specific feature wise I should look at in terms of motherboard ?

- intel or AMD ?

- graphics card wise, I'm ok to splurge a little since it's been a while. So Radeon X800, X850, X1800 or Geforce 6800,0 Geforce 7800.

I know's there's reviews out there but if anyone has any of those graphics cards, what's their experience with them, especially compatibility with older stuff and performance with newer stuff. 
a question about WS monitors.

I'm just going by me experience of WS tv's and movies where if a movie is not WS, it shows with black bars on either side.

Is it the same for games ? If a games is not WS compatible, does it show on WS screens with bars on the side ? 
My Advice 
Get as much ram as you can! It's fairly cheap (with the exception of the notebook ram at dell for XPS systems, which is/was bizarrely extortionate) so get lots. 1gb minimum, but why not just get 2 and not worry about it ever again (until HL3 comes out and needs 4gb to run without stuttering on level loads, yet still appears to run on much the same tech as Half-Life 1).

I have Intel Pentium-M, which is their good notebook processor. It's rated at 2ghz (HL2 rates it at 700mhz...), but is more efficient than a desktop processor due to less wasted cycles and is supposedly compareable to a 2.5ghz desktop processor.

However, I've heard lots of good things about AMDs current desktop processors, and I've had no probs with them in the past so you might want to check them out. I think they are still cheaper than Intel chips, and supposedly outperform them in most games (though not rendering scenes in Max, multimedia or multi-tasking.) You might also want to have a look at dual-core chips, such as the pentium D, and it's also worth noting than AMD have the only 64bit x86 chips at the moment.

I don't really have a clue when it comes to gfx cards, but I currently have a Geforce 6800 ultra Go (256mb). There are newer models (7800) of the GeForce cards out at the moment, which are supposed to be quite nice, but I don't know how they compare to ATIs stuff. I think it depends largely on which games you play the most, as the Doom 3 powered stuff is supposed to run better on Nvidia, whilst Source powered games run better on ATI. However, I doubt there is much difference if you are buying a new PC as anything should run nicely :)

As for Widescreen, my drivers allow me to configure how to display non-wide images. You can set the image to stretch to fill the screen, keep the correct aspect ratio (4:3) and stretch to fill it vertically, or leave it at normal size and have a black border.

I just have it stretch to fit the screen vertically if it is too small. However, since my display has a native resolution of 1920*1200, this gives me a few minor headaches, as I have to run at either 1920*1200 or 1600*1200 to avoid picture distortion associated with stretched images (this is common to all LCD/TFT displays afaik, not just laptop screens). Older games don't always support high enough resolutions, and there can obviously be performance issues when running modern games at ultra high resolutions. 800*600 is not too bad looking, since it's half of 1600*1200, but it's not ideal :(

Some screens handle stretched images better than others, so it is worth checking this out before you get a new monitor.

Also check how fast the monitor updates if you are getting an LCD/TFT screen. If it doesn't update fast enough, games can blur a bit. I notice this a bit when playing games with dark foreground objects and a light background - monsters often blur against the blue sky in some Quake levels, for example. It's a fairly minor trail, and I can still make out what's going on perfectly well - it's not like the whole screen goes into bullet time or anything. 
Thanks Than 
how is the 6800 for you ? any issues ?

I dont like LCD's, i was going to go with standard CRT flatscreens. Are the TFT's betetr than LCD (for gaming) ? 
No issues with the 6800. Everything seems fine, although I haven't yet tried the Quake 4 demo, so I don't know exactly how well it performs with the Doom 3 tech. HL2 seems great aside from the stuttering problem on level loads, which is not a graphics card issue.

Quake runs REALLY nicely at 1920*1200 widescreen (thanks Metl... I love you).

Oh yeah, make sure you get a 256mb graphics card! 512mb is perhaps overkill, and a bit expensive atm. There are also only a handful of cards with this much memory.

I don't know the difference between LCD and TFT. I think TFT is an acroynm for both CRT flatscreen displays (Truer Flatter Tube) and also for the current type of Laptop monitor displays (Thin-Film Transistor - which I just looked up on wikipedia). It's all a bit confusing for me.

I think LCD means current flatscreen TFT technology these days, since no modern laptops use LCD displays.

Anyway, yes, CRTs are better for gaming, but LCDs are really light and thin, sometimes easier to look at for long periods of time and can be good enough for games that there isn't really much difference between them and a CRT. If you don't mind 10 tonnes of monitor cluttering up your desk and want to save a small amount of cash for ultimate image quality, then a good CRT might be better for you, but personally I'd find a good LCD (short update time, good at resizing images, clear, low reflectivity etc.) and get that instead.

Anyway, I just had a quick look on (hardware site) and they barely have any CRTs these days... just two. They have tons of LCDs though, and the prices are not too much higher, unless you want Apple 23" screens*.

Also, when buying a new monitor bear in mind that a 19" CRT has only an 18" visible area, and that a 19" LCD should be 19". Also, you don't need to fuck about configuring a new LCD (width, height, refresh, trapezoid, moire etc.) as they should pretty much just work out of the box.

Finally, I know this isn't much help, but I really would have a look at reviews on the internet once you get a rough idea of what you want, since they can tell you a lot more than me or probably anyone else on this board. Once you have read some reviews and have found what you want, definitely check comments on reviews and forums on hardware sites to see if there are any probs you are likely to have with your chosen kit. It might also be worth letting us all know what you are going to buy, in case anyone here happens to have graphics card X and it turns out to be a piece of shit for game Y.

*you probably need to be a serious Apple fanboy, as they cost a shitload more than other brands. Whether they are better or not, I don't know. 
game Y is Quake :) 
i'm not completely up to date, as I bought my PC a year ago, but I thought I'd go through the parts I chose and say whether I'd do the same thing again.

I built the PC myself, if I bought one now, I'd probably go pre-built with Mesh Computers or Evesham Computers, but they're both UK companies. The value you get with some companies is amazing really, as long as you know exactly what you're getting and all the parts are above-par.

I tried to build a system where I could keep as many parts as possible when I next upgrade, and chose as high quality components as i could afford.

Processor: AMD Socket 939 (64-bit) processor
Would definitely go for the 64-bit AMD again. I checked loads and loads of benchmarks at the time, and the performance was/is much better than the Intels for Doom 3 engine games. It wins in most graphically intensive games it seems. The Pentiums are more suited to office apps / photoshop / video editing, so if thats your main concern then maybe you'd go intel. That said, I do paid graphic design work on my system and it hasn't let me down.

RAM: 1 gb Crucial Ballistix
I went for a gig of really fast ram, which cost the same as 2 gigs of normal ram. Love it, plus I can always upgrade later. If you're deciding between 512 and 1024 megs, get the full gigabyte. It'll only cost you �70 for normal ram from crucial.

Sound: Audigy card and Creative Megaworks 550
Load of wank really. The way the reviews went, you'd expect a pretty nice surround sound setup. It was loud I guess, but completely lacking in any sparkle or impact, especially in the mid-range. The volume control thingy is fucking shit.
If I had to buy PC speakers now I'd go Logitech, or Klipsch if I could import 'em. If I was doing this all again though I'd put the money towards a decent amp and speakers. Buying second-hand from the right places, I could have got an amazing hifi sound for maybe �100 more. It would be an investment; speaker technology moves pretty slow.

Monitor: Viewsonic 19" 910(?)
Winner. 19" is a great size. I don't need higher resolution. Response time is great, don't notice any blurring, and the new ones are better than mine. I'd get this again.

Mouse / Keyboard: Wireless Logitech Mx700
Good stuff. Didn't really know if i'd care about it being wireless, but I'm a convert. I think the equivalent model today would be the MX3000, and that looks even more sexified.

Graphics Card: Leadtech Geforce 6800 GT 256mb
Man. The 6800 series was expensive when I bought this. It still kicks major ass, and it was a good choice. I don't know what an equivalent choice would be today: 512mb cards are too expensive right now. I haven't checked the benchmarks but I imagine the difference is huge though. Ultra setting in doom 3 looks amazing, but it's just a bit too jumpy with a 256mb card.

Hard drives: 74gb Western Digital Raptor, and 250gb WD drive
Loving it. The raptor runs at 10000 rpm, and you put your operating system/games on there; movies and mp3s etc go on the bigger data drive. This also makes windows a lot more responsive. I'd definitely go for this again.

Case: Coolermaster Wavemaster in black
Excellent: spacey, well designed, looks great.

I hope something in there was helpful to you, reading it again it looks like I think most things are great, but I researched it a lot and those things I chose were quite well suited to me at least. I really wish I'd gone pre-built and spent less money to be honest. Good luck with whatever you go for. 
thanks a bundle.

A couple of quick questions :

was that monitor LCD or CRT ?

And what about motherboard ? I just want to make sure I get a motherboard with suitable features. 
no problem, happy to help!

the monitor is a LCD.

Motherboard wise, i got the MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum nForce3 Ultra as it came highly recommended by many people on the forums of Overclockers,, etc. I wouldn't really know how it's performing but there's no problems, plenty of slots, onboard 7.1 sound, etc. That motherboard is for AGP as PCI-express was only just coming out when i got it, so you'll want to get the MSI K8N Diamond nForce4 SLi I believe.

check out

overclockers is great for checking out high quality components. Not the cheapest place to order though. 
thanks, looks a handy link.


cheers for that extra info.

Ok, time for some reading. 
nitin I happened upon this link and immediately thought of your initial post in this thread :

It's a list of 240 different GFX cards measuring 15 different specifications (!)

Should be a nice way to determine what to get. 

altough at this stage, I'm keenly considering whether the geforce 7800 GT is worth the money. The geforce 6800 is my fallback card. 
6800 Certainly Isn't Bad... 
And you know that top of the line stuff is always a rip-off until it is superceeded by the next model.

Price to performance is the best way of looking at things if you aren't taking a swim each day in your enormous gold safe before going to sleep in a bed stuffed with fiftys at the top of your enormous solid platinum mansion. 
Graphics Card 
Price to performance is the best way of looking at things if you aren't taking a swim each day in your enormous gold safe before going to sleep in a bed stuffed with fiftys at the top of your enormous solid platinum mansion.

It's worth pointing out that if you do this you may still not be able to afford a 512mb geforce 7800 card. For my money i'd get a good 6800 Ultra though. 
Wasnt Looking At A 512mb 7800 
that's way beyond budget, but a 256mb 7800 GT may be in the picture. 
Best Bang For Your $$ 
GeForce 6800 GS 256MB 425/1000 PCI-E 
I updated my site with my old quake maps and a couple more bits, so could you add me to the front page, please? PLEASE? 
New map looks sexeh! (not to mention the due at the bottom) 
I agree, the Quake screenies look really good and interesting... go map ! 
SleepwalkR, i tried to email you, but sleepy at doesnt work:

PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 9): 554 <>: Relay access denied

so, please email me so i can get in contact with you, at sollers -dot inertia -at

yeah, np... totally forgot I was hosting you when I did the front page. :) 
there's a big talking penis on your website

oh, and there's a wierd image at the bottom of the page too 
what is that? Is it some kind of perverse sexual position? Sounds vaguely like rimjaw from an early episode of South Park. 
Vivisector Demo. 
Shit. Yay for shit. Poor gameplay, poor previous-gen graphics, very ugly headbob and general weak feel. Fur effect is nice as is shooting enemy to chunks, that is all really.

A Percussion Thing Where You Hit The Edge Of A Drum 
Happy New Year... 
I'm back from a party of friend of mine (with my wife and daughters...), and I'm a little bit drunk.. oh yeees !!!
It was just to thank all people who help me during this past year, and to say everybody: HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS: YOU ALL ROCK !!! ;P 
Oh I Forgot To Say... 's 2:15 in the morning here in France... very early ... but well.. kids need their own bed.. me as well ... ;P 
Happy New Year 
2:50pm here in Japan.

Rather a subdued new years eve for me as usual. I just sat around in the house drinking beer and watching TV :( 
^^ Yeah, But You Did It In Japan!! 
Just Realised... 
Quake is 10 this year!

I hope there is a QExpo again. Didn't the first QExpo coincide with the 5th birthday of Quake? 
I Don't Think There Will Be One 
it's usually every other year, and we had one last year. 
Happy New Year 
My night and pics here 
High And Dry - New Q4 MP Map 
I've been working on this one for quite a while, and finally got the time and energy over holidays to finish it up.

The map is mainly intended for FFA, but can work as Tourney (no Quad in that case) or TDM if you so desire.

I tried to make something that feels a little different from most of the maps that shipped with the game. Feedback is welcome!


double news post. 
It said it timed out and I sat there staring for a while, wondering "Gee, do I wait until tomorrow(?) to see if the news is posted, or do I take the risk of a double-post?"

*buzzzzzzz* wrong choice 
If you pay me, I can make that post go away. 
Do I Have To Pay You In Money? 
Or can it be something mysterious that smells funny? 
A Belated Happy New Year To You All... 
...necros, organisation for the 10 year anniversary Quake Expo started shortly after QExpo 2005 finished. 
Or Not So Shortly... but either way the idea is out there, and help is needed to get it organised. 
So, Who's Mapping At The Moment? 
anyone? I'm bored... 
i stand corrected :) 
There's No Way To 
make cd tracks play off a dvd is there ? I'm trying to back games to dvd since they're less prone to unfixable scratches but quite a few games have data and cd music (HL, quake, q2 etc). 
Rip complete images (data+audio) of the game cds, and burn all those onto a dvd, then just use daemon tools or some such software to play them. =) 
I'm at work, and there is nothing to do. It is so boring. I would like to do some mapping...

If there was no one here I would do it :)

I'm interested which company Trinca works for. He can play quake at work. 
Keep Up Than... 
I'm mapping. Got hung up with some sculpture for a new map, which gave me a perpendicular vertices, leak problems, and finally good effort. Ha, now the texture part. 
Stupid Double 
you know, i get the feeling you'd feel more at home in a modelling program than making maps. that's just me though 
Ok, I'm in Thailand now and have made a short and unintersting update over at my new site:

I plan to update that page very now and then will put up photos when I get the opportunity, many would probably fit well as inspirational material (lots of temples and stuff). 
Glad you made it there safely, bear. I'll be looking forward to your pics. 
You'll Be Looking Forward To His Piss? 
Oh no wait I'm not wearing contacts today 
*sigh* Thought This Year Was Gonna Be Better 
Blitz that's gay man. Had I any knowledge on the subject I would help of course, but I totally sympathize. That's some bull shit man. :( 
What Has Happened? 
The site seems to be down. I'd forgotten all about MapCore actually. 
I entered the thread totally expecting some good drama, but all I found was a mapping problem I really can't help with. So, sorry Blitz. 
Updated Quake Models For D3 Engine Quake Remix

some better than others but not bad attempts. Obviously skins will make or break. 
Tarbaby: sure
Wizard: head isn't loyal
Enforcer: meh
Dog: yay
Ogre: interesting but not overall fat/ugly
Hellknight: sure
Demon: yay
Shalrath: meh
Shambler: yay x 10
Fish: yay
Soldier: meh 
I Love The Fiend... 
looks perfect!

others are varying amounts of meh.

legs on the vore are fucked up but otherwise alright.
scragg's head looks moronic and shambler isn't covered in fur (although i can understand the reason for that last one, but it has to result of looking more just like a d3 hellknight but slightly different. the skin for this will be very important on whether it will look like a hellknight dropped at birth or a shambler...)

honestly, i have no idea why they posted the animation of the ogre's walk frames... they are terrible and look wooden. plus his upper body is moving way too much...
same with the soldier's run animation. less wooden, but it looks like he's working out on a treadmill and not chasing after the player trying to rip his lungs out. 
I like the shambler, but where are his claws? One of the shamblers main characteristics is the huge bloodied claws he has.

The fish is pretty good, and the fiend looks decent. The others I am not so sure about.

The ogre looks reasonable, but really needs a more Quakey outfit and his GL and chainsaw to really look like the ogre.

The dog doesn't look scary, and the enforcer and soldier (Quakeguy or grunt?) are a bit sucky. They could have pretty much modelled the Quakeguy and modelled in the detail on his texture and he would have looked awesome - same for the enforcer. They also need the zombified look they have in Quake.

I agree about the wizards head - doesn't look like a scrag at all :( 
Yeah generally variable amounts of meh.

As always with these things, the quality of the modelling is great, but the faithfullness to what makes Quake monsters Quakey is often lacking. I don't understand why, it's not hard to start Quake, find some monsters, and have a think about their distinctive characteristics.

I like the fish though. 
All below here is about the "'faithful' to Quake: yes or no?" from me.

soldier: Uhm... Y M C A! Looks gay. Even Monkeyrat's looks better (his weapon models are great even not 'faithful'.)...
fish: The first one looks ok. But that is maybe the most easy model.
shambler: Looks way too skinny and not evil enough. The head looks bad and I agree with than about the claws.
shalrath: Way too insectoid. And the legs bend(?) into the wrong direction! Also it lost all his female looks, the face, the arms...
fiend: pretty good, but I don't like the huge horns and the "face".
hellknight: Did anyone say Diablo? Looks absolutely too "good".
ogre: Totally wrong. He is too tall and not fat enough.
dog: Looks like a real rottweiler = good :)
enforcer: wtf?
wizard: A weird mix of human face and elements from 'the' Alien. Not too bad, but not faithful at all in my opinion. The original wizard has some "bird-like" appereance in it's face (I can't explain that really good... Maybe you know what I mean.)
tarbaby: So who but silicone on his joystick?

The animations just look awful. 
I like the fish and the demon. The shambler is OK but needs claws, and his head I think should be less of a head).

The tech guys (grunt, enforcer) look terrible, they could be placed in any FPS, they don't resemble the originals at all.

Ogre is the one I hate the most. It doesn't resemble the ogre at all.

Tarbaby doesn't have the kind-of-face element that makes the original interesting and is rather just a blob; scrag is decent model (as it basically copies the original exactly but with more detail; actually it probably should be been "ported" less and "interpreted" more)- BUT they fucked up the face, as they did with the vore.

hell knight looks good though not like the original (place this model in any RPG, sure), plus his arm lengths seem very odd indeed.

Rest is meh.

Did anyone check out the map screenshots?




for chrissakes, F!

The classic Doom3 mod (which tries to convert original Doom1 maps to Doom3) seems to have run into a similar problem. You cannot just reuse high-resolution textures with some doom3 shininess and port the original quake/doom maps exactly because IT WILL LOOK LIKE SHIT

I know I have bitched about some of the modelling being unfaithful to the art style/lame/generic, and it's not like I don't appreciate these people trying. However, I think any mod of this type should try to emulate the mood/style/atmosphere of the original (yes, and the level layouts, but add more details where appropriate), and not either a) port directly or b) make up some shit that has nothing to do with the original and say that it does.

ok, thats already far too much ranting 
I've been contemplating+sketching a high-poly shambler for literally years. I guess I'm just going to have to take the plunge, upgrade my machine, get a copy of Max and do this myself.

Most of the models seem well made, but they just don't fit in my opinion, the proportions don't work in most, what's up with the shambler's tiny head and tiny hands? Where are his claws?
Yeah, I'd really like to try modelising a Shambler some day. 
Fuck That 
I can't even properly chamfer a cube in GMax to make a crate. 
Those Models 
The Fish? Yeah, I did that ZBrush tutorial too:

What others said really. Some of the models are competant (Fiend, Shambler), but seem to ignore a lot of the characteristics that made the original Quake versions good. Animations make Baby Jesus cry :( 
Kell, Bal 
me too! Don't have time right now. I was going to have a go at modelling an ogre, and took some screens from Quake to get a good idea of his proportions (he's pretty bloody square, actually) but never got started.

Maybe if we worked together we could make our own series of high poly Quake characters. If we had some time to do it. 
Haha at the zbrush tutorial, that fish did seem familiar. =)

Than, heh that would rock, but bleh, time... T__T 
Er, That's What I Meant 
Have you tried zbrush? I saw that tutorial when I was working in the UK early last year and thought it was pretty cool, but having watched it again, it looks shit hot (for characters at least). Any good? 
NO! I Was Right 
It was Kell who said he had been trying to make a high poly Shambler.

I haven't tried zbrush so much yet, and well, even if you can pretty much do your complete model in it (like in that tutorial), I'd still prefer making the initial model in max/maya, and then going to zbrush for all the details. It's definatly a very powerful app (I have some Gnomon zbrush vids, there's some impressive stuff). 
in general they look pretty good. As others have said, shambler needs claws (and sharp teeth), wizard/scrag a mouthless kinda face, and the shalrath should get rid of the techy bits, it's a mystical creature.

The fiend is good in the shot shown... the ogre ain't that bad in my opinion, I'd add more fat though.

Hmm. I don't know what the tarbaby will look like when moving if it doesn't blob-droop (if you understand) more but instead has just a thin appendage. We'll see, if it's continued along the line.

The rear end of the rottweiler is kinda small in the rear structure but i don't know if it's a wide angle shot or a badly breeded dog as model. :/

Just my ideas, i'm not a modeler or anything. 
I don't like any of them for Quake monsters, but they're good in their own right. Maybe I need to see them with their skins, but they don't look Quakey to me at all. 
I checked out those QuakeRemix level screenshots, and I have to admit that I was surprised anyone could make a Doom 3 level look so shit. 
It would be nice to see artists and modellers take the approach that they're trying to make textures where the original texture ends up being one of the mipmaps, or models where the original models and up being one of the lower LOD models. Rules My Littel World 
Sent by blizzardz (profile) at 09:11 am on 1/8/06

hi megaman44
i hav sent u a invitation to my alliance - shadow cons . if u join me v will rule this game , n ya there is a offer in my alliance at the moment . all new members who join get 20000 gold and minimum 5 citizens daily , for a month. that is 600000 gold and minimum 150 citizens , ull get , from one of our member itself !! that way many other members will also send so ur in a profit .
i advice u to join
Than / Bear 
if you want to get on irc from over there, let me know [ sollers dot inertia at ], i can set up an irc bouncer over here to take care of that problem 
can someone tell me if 9702 is spam? it's so badly written i can't tell. 
I sure could use "600000 gold" 
...I'm sure I could use a few citizens daily :) 
mega is copy'n'pasting an email / private message he got about some online game shizzle. 
Thanks for the offer. It would be great, but I really don't need to get drawn into idling. I waste enough time as it is browsing the internet without having people to chat to about stupid things like penises and fizzy peach drinks :) 
*abruptly Stops Stirring His Fizzy Peach Drink With His Penis* 
Remind Me 
Never to drink or eat anything from Blitz, ever. 
than is the one who famously stuck his penis into peach fizzy drink. 
This Last Posts... 
... would have been posted in either food thread or drunk thread guys ;P 
Uploading Photos.. 
but it's taking too long from this place so it will only be very few for now :( Hope it will work better from school when I get a password to use their computers.

+I'm not really interestes in using irc when I'm here. 
Please Help Check My Website/portfolio Thing 
I spent the past couple of days making a little web portfolio. It's not quite finished, as there are a few more images I want to put up, but the navigation design and code are all done. lio <-- !

You need Javascript enabled for it to work at all. Don't worry, it's just for image flipping. There is no flash, no sound, no popups, no animated gifs and no redirect to goatse.

I've tested it with Opera 8.5, Firefox 1.5 and IE 6. On my pc it looks the same in all, although it feels a little sluggish in IE.

It is designed for high resolution screens, although my laptop has a fixed resolution of 1920*1200, so I haven't been able to test 1280*960 :( Might be a bit big though :( :(

Navigation should be easy enough, but a kind of hidden feature is that if you click on the main image, it will cycle through all the images, rather than just the current set.

Please give comments on the design, ease of navigation and tell me how it is with your browser. My email address is on the page if you want to respond via email. Also, is it too dark? Looks fine on my screen of course, but there are so many people with dark monitors out there :( 
Than Website 
First thought:
Dammit, this needn't be wider than 1024. I'd at least advise using stretchable layout, or a minimum of 750px (if you care about 800 x 600 users, I do) or like 975px for 1024 x 768.

Second thought:
2 missing images on the top left...
- images%5Cnav_wireframe.gif
- images%5Cnav_getimages.gif

Third thought:
AAAAAAAAAGH my finger feels really weird because when I click a next/prev link the mouse pointer doesn't change to the hand and it just FEELS weird - there's no feedback besidse the color change and I wanna chop off my right pointe finger because of it. :| 
Than Website 2 
Oh yeah, I do like the idea going with the design by the way. 
Re: The Mouse Pointer Doesn't Change To The Hand 
I agree, you can change that with CSS, than
cursor : pointer 
I imagine that's how he did it anyway :P (guessing) 
I reckon your name will be featured prominently elsewhere, but otherwise having your name down the side and awkward to read is kind of silly.

And yeah, that seems too huge. If you're applying for a design position, shouldn't you demonstrate forethought and ability to design to the lower common denominators? It seems like 1024x768 would be plenty.

Otherwise it seems ok. 
It's too big. Also, I think it's better to have a gallery of images and open big versions upon click. At least have a bar with thumbnails at the top.

It also misses a bit of personal information - like your age, location, resume or whatever.

And yeah, what phait said about the mouse cursor is true.

Oh and, for me, nothing happens when clicking on an image (Firefox 1.5 Windows XP).

If you want, I can have a look in Safari and see if everything works ok there. 
What others said.

Make it fit 1024. You have no reason to go above that.

Use thumbnails, and really clear navigation.
C'mon, you're not using this folio to apply for 'pretentious web designer' positions, so don't try to look like one. Leave that sort of thing to phait. A potential employer-of-mappers is going to want to see your awesome, efficent mappage quickly and easily.
Design your folio to let them do that. 
no redirect to goatse

Well screw that then! 
C'mon, you're not using this folio to apply for 'pretentious web designer' positions, so don't try to look like one. Leave that sort of thing to phait.

Finally someone gets it! 
Fuckin' slow ass func_! PHPBB FTW! 
C'mon, you're not using this folio to apply for 'pretentious web designer' positions, so don't try to look like one. Leave that sort of thing to phait.

Finally someone gets it! 
The Content 
the three first shots are of the same scene?

A bit narrower would be good too, scrollbars with 1152x... 
Thanks For The Comments 
The reason I left it wide is that I assumed whoever would be looking at my portfolio would be using a high resolution (1280 minimum, more likely 1600+)

However, I will move the label with my name and resize all the images to a maximum width of 950, but keeping a constant height throughout.

I suppose I can make a small thumbnail gallery too.

On another note, I have fixed the pointer thing and precached the "missing" images. Thanks for the heads up there. I wanted to change the pointer before, but didn't know how, and didn't think there would be a way to do it in css. Thanks again for that :) 
Not a single thing is functional on that page for me. There's missing images, absolutely no navigation, and the link to the .zip is broken. I can't even read the email address on the bottom right, which probably isn't a great idea for a portfolio page. 
Ok, Fixed As Many Problems As I Can For Now... 
Blackdog: do you have javascript disabled? It's needed for the image gallery.

The top images and file link had a backslash in the url, so didn't display properly in firefox once uploaded onto the net (although they worked fine in Opera, and Firefox when stored locally). I can never remember whether to use back or forward slashes in urls, so it obviously slipped my mind there.

I fixed the missing images, put a proper email link there, resized the page to a width of 960. The image filesizes are slightly smaller too, so that should help somewhat.

The page is still too tall, but I am not making everything tiny for 1024 users, since I'd imagine most game developers are going to have a reasonably high res monitor. Hopefully HR people will too, but maybe I should look at that again.

Further commentary will be much appreciated.

Sleep: Yes, please test it in Safari if it's no hassle.

Here's the url again: lio 
forgot to mention that I have ff 1.5 and am using xp and the next image loads if I click on the main image. The image precache doesn't seem to work, so it takes a while, which is a bit annoying.

For precaching images, what do I need to do? I thought it was just imageObject.src = "imagesource.jpg"; ? Doesn't seem to make any difference though :( 
By The Way 
This (minus compression artifacts) is how it looks on my screen in Opera. That's also why I made it so big to start with. I should have looked up information about safe screen sizes and stuff. (1920*1200, 115kb)

It looks and behaves exactly the same in FF1.5 and IE6 on my Win XP PC. 
It works fine in Safari - no problems there whatsoever.

Regarding image precaching - yup, you can do it that way. It works for me (in Safari). I'll check it out later in FF 1.5 again. But with those images being so huge, the precaching can take quite a while. You could remedy this situation by not displaying the full size images, but a thumbnail gallery first.

Thinking about it, I don't think it's really neccessary to precache those images at all - I mean the user expects a delay when a large image is loading, so I don't think anybody would be annoyed when the images do not load instantly when clicking "next" or "previous".

Apart from all the nagging, I like the simplicity of that site, and I also like the wireframe / texture mapped switching. That's a neat touch IMO. 
Lol Than 
desktop penis? lol. 
Thanks Again 
Cheers, Sleepy.

I was thinking about putting a thumbnail gallery up like you suggested, but I am so fed up of looking at this thing that I don't want to start another mini project. Maybe I will do it another time.

As for the image precaching, it wasn't working previously because I am such a sloppy coder. I have fixed all the errors now, so it works.

Also, you mentioned before about putting my personal information there. Well, I want to keep the site really bare without cluttering it with that sort of stuff. I will mostly be sending the url in emails to potential employers along with my resume, so they shouldn't have any need for contact details. Also, my email is on the site if someone does need to contact me, and that should be enough if they really are interested in me/my work.

Anyway, thanks for your help. I just have a couple of minor images to add, and then it will be done for the time being. 
Works Now 
I have some javascript abilities disabled in Firefox, and enabling them fixed the page. My bad.

I still don't like it; the links to "next set" and "previous set" are a clumsy method of grouping images and are difficult to read, it's impossible to right click and open new windows/tabs so navigating the site in parallel is impossible, and the overall structure of the page isn't clear. The user has no way to see or directly navigate to images without wading through them one by one, the same goes for sets, and I basically hate the fuck out of pages which do that.

IMO you'd be better off with more useable design that lets people go for what they want rather than clicking through everything (which with long loading times is a PITA). 
Than - Maybe There Is A Problem 
I connected to your page and opera just started downloading 68 files (over 6MB). I cant check it again because I dont't want to delete my cache. 
Coop Question. 
Posted by Dr.Gizmo [] on 2006/01/10 23:28:05

Hello there, I'm looking for some help concerning COOP quakeplay. Can I play COOP Quake? If yes, can any of you point me in the direction of some good COOP mods or whatnot? Any help is greatly appreciated.
wait a sec, rouge trooper is a bloody low poly ps2 game, right?

also I hate u now for working on sniper-elite which is an insult of a game for any Russian

thats all I want to say for now 
Dr. Gizmo 
FuhQuake will probably suit your needs for playing co-op Quake. I don't remember if Nehahra supports co-op, but if it does I think it would be a great mod to play with a few people.

Otherwise you'll generally want to find larger scale maps -- Marcher Fortress, Februus Depth, Adamantine Cruelty, off the top of my head will all probably give you a good co-op experience. 
Mod = Client 
Argh. Misread my own post. Fuhquake is the client, Nehahra is the mod. 
Re: Comments 
Blackdog: Fair enough. I know some people hate this sort of design, which is why I have included the link to d/l the images separately. However, I the idea is that the person viewing the images is supposed to look through them all, hence there are only next and previous buttons, and the images are grouped into sets as a way of sorting them more for me than the user. This site is supposed make sure the viewer (someone in an office, probably using a fast connection) looks at the images as I intended them to.

If I was setting up a public gallery of images then I would certainly take heed of your advice.

I forgot about the inability to right click and open links in a new window :( However, it's not as bad as flash imho. Flash is the scourge of the net. Anyway, I might have a look and see if I can get the ability to browse in parallel in there, since it would be useful in comparing images.

Ankh: Sorry, the images are all precached, so that's what was happening. All the images used by the gallery are loaded in advance so that there is only a short delay when advancing to the next image. The site still works if you hit the stop button and then use the navigation buttons as normal, although Opera won't display the status bar for some reason.

Speeds: Yes, it's low poly. That scene is 20-30k tris, which is about average for environment art afaik.

Sniper Elite is a fuckin abomination of a game (perhaps that is pushing it a bit far, but I don't like it). I hated working on it, and the claims made by those in positions of power at the company claimed that it was a realistic interpretation of wartime Berlin. Actually, it was a semi-realistic interpretation of The pictures on my site are from something that I was making that was not used. Actually, it was based on the Hackenhofe Market, and was a fairly accurate recreation. You should have seen the previous version of it that I was given to "tidy up". Seriously...

After Sniper was released and it got good reviews and positive comments from users, I was so taken aback that I thought maybe something had changed drastically. I grabbed the almost impossible to find and not available on the Rebellion homepage demo and installed it. It's almost exactly the same (but marginally improved, believe it or not) as when I last saw it when it was in development.

Also, you might be interested to hear that the game won the TIGA game of the year award. The owners of Rebellion are founding members of TIGA. I find that a little suspicious :) 
I haven't tried Marcher in coop - the spawning would be kinda broken i'd imagine. 
QExpo Big Push? 
I know that nobody has officially announced anything this year, but since there seem to be so many big, unfinished Quake projects sitting lying around on peoples hard drives, how about we all really make a special effort to push them out by QExpo, eh?

Maybe it seems a long way off (what, 8 months or something) but time can really fly by. I have an sp map in the works now, and I'm either going to expand it into a multi-map pack, or release it when it's done and start a new level or set and release by QExpo. That is my promise - I will have something to release during this years QExpo, and possibly something before too. I hope others will join me and try and get a project finished (either new or incomplete) done for QExpo.

Or maybe I'm just imagining all these unfinished projects. Travail, Rubicon 2, Tyrann's big level, CZG_Hate, APSP2/3, SOE: Indian Summer, Glassman's Nehahra pack, Obscurus... I think there are more 
Qw Coop 
nor marcher neither bastion worked for me and my friends :( 
Nothing Is As Bad As Flash 
Don't get me started on how fucking crap even well-designed Flash sites are.

Than: OK, I can understand that. You might take a look at this, though: 
ffs, put good images first. Now there's two almost similar shots right in the start?!! Delete the second one alltogether. Only later on when you actually read the tiny text of "next set" or click it by accident, you hit good stuff. :)

I don't need any thumbnails, they are just annoying since I anyway open all images (unless they are huge or extreme quality).

But you've got nice stuff there really. 
yeah, why just not make it clicketyclick through all the images without any layers gimmicks etc... a 5/12 etc number indicator would be good if it's super-easy to code though, since then it's easier for you to go back to a good image if you remember the number. 
Great idea! But I guess I won't have the time to make any new maps this year. I will become a father in few days :) 
Congratulations! :) 
Let's Wait 
until it happens :) 
Just had a look at Than's portfolio page.

Absolute rubbish, I would call it a triumph of form over function, except the form itself is pretty bland. The only thing that could make it worse is using F***h.

There are many things wrong with it as people seem to be pointing out, but the most prominent ones for me were:

- too big, horizontal scrolling, unneccessary vertical scrolling.

- blanking out the usual link destination in the IE window.

- menu items all over the page.

- no idea where the links are going

- no indicated order to the portfolio

- no information provided

Basically I was clicking on links with no idea whether I was being taken to a same-game map, a different-game map, a set of screenshots, a map page, a game page, a download link or anything. You seem to have designed it to be as user-irritating as possible, well done ^_^. 
OK Now I Think You Are Being Mean To Than :( 
I liked the page... 
You could get Vondur to design it. 
Environment art - you mean its not the geometry used in game maps? Cause from shots rouge leader maps look more like ~2-5k poly

If its game-related works portfolio, would make sens to provide pics of how it actually looked in game, not just the mesh. And did anybody mention your site is a dilup killer?

AFAIK some ppl like Sniper Elite, cause oddly enought humans like to errm... snipe.
But hero dressed as nazzi (but not German?) killing Soviet soldiers in Berlin? It like a game by neo-nazzis or what. 
Bambuz: Er, That's The Hidden Feature... 
maybe it shouldn't be hidden, but if you click on the main image, it goes onto the next one, regardless of set, so you can navigate the whole lot by clicking the main image until you get to the end.

The similar shots are there because 1. I like them and 2. The first few shots are supposed to be how the player enters the wreck - maybe I should put a shot of inside the engine that the player walks through to make it more obvious?

The image number idea is a good one. Maybe I will see if I can quickly put that in, along with the ability to open the image in a separate window, and made it more obvious that you can go through all the images just by clicking on the main one.

By the way, Blackdog, I read that page you linked and after making the changes earlier I think that have followed almost every rule written. Seriously. It's not as badly designed as you think considering the purpose of the site.

There are improvements, sure, but I think it's a good start, and I don't need to change it too much. If it doesn't help me get a job, then I'll make a new one, and be more aware of all the suggestions people have made for this one.

Anyway, thanks for the comments, everyone. Your responses have been really helpful.

Ankh: Well give that kid a keyboard and mouse! Teach him or her to map! I wonder how truely awesome someone could be at mapping if they started before they could walk.

Hmm, then again, imagine how antisocial they might turn out.

Anyway, good luck with the birth. 
Good then, if people viewing that site already have your resume, then it makes sense to omit it there - also the precaching is not a big deal then, since the ppl visiting that site will most likely have a big-ass connection in their offices.

Best of luck with your applications! 
The shots of Rogue on the net are ANCIENT. I'm surprised that Rebellion haven't released a few more. Anyway, some of the maps look higher detail than others. There is a map in a forest that is afaik 50k+ polys on screen for the env alone.

We used to have really stupid poly limits on Dredd (4-8k polys, which used the same engine, but a much older version of it. These days the tech at Rebellion is actually pretty decent, and the tools are REALLY good (if you like Max for modelling).

As for sniper, I found that occasionally it is ok, and at least the sniping aspect is quite satisfying, but overall it feels really second rate and devoid of polish.

Graphically it is horrible, although there are one or two nice areas and touches in the game. 95% is really quite hideous though :( 
now make site flash-based

just to piss off shambler :) 
I didnt know ps2 can chew that much
atleast most ps2 games look fairly low poly 
Speedy 2 
I forgot to reply to your comments about my stuff.

1. No in-game pics because I don't have the games I worked on, and in some cases I don't have the textures for the mesh I created. Rendering and photoshopping at least makes the images look good (imho).

Also, have you SEEN some of the games I worked on? Seriously, do I want to put images like that on my portfolio, or do I want to make the images look nice and presentable. Also, I think highlighting the work that I did is easier this way, since if I take a shot from the game, there is a lot of art that I didn't create.

Anyway, the wireframe images are there to hide the max+ps flash and show the stuff that I actually made at work, as well as showing that I can actually build tidy and efficient mesh.

2. Yes, it's a dialup killer, but it's intended to be looked at by people who are working in offices with fast connections. It's possible to hit stop and continue to browse the site normally, with each image loading as you navigate through them. I just wanted to minimise the delay for the people that will actually be considering employing me. 
god, I am really spamming this thread today. Sorry...

Some ps2 games look amazing. I don't know if this is because they have great tech, or just really good assets. The PoP games for instance, and God of War are examples that spring readily to mind.

PS2 can push a lot of polys, but it has very little memory, so you can't texture those polys with many textures. Either that or you can't have large textures. 
Pretty much what everyone else said about the portfolio - a bit big, it's rather overdesigned, simpler would be better. Not that I can talk because mine is certainly a big pile of overdesigned arse and badly needs rebuilding, as well as updating.

Where are you going to be applying for jobs by the way, back in the UK or in other exciting parts of the world? 
Did you overlap with Matt Newport at rebellion? Small world and all that. 
Regarding your assertion that most people are on high-res desktops, I think you're right. However, I also think most people don't run their web browsers in fullscreen, unless their desktop is 1024x768 or lower. 
They Don't? 
Nearly everyone I know runs their browsers fullscreen, including myself, even at 1600x1200 or 1280*960/1024 and such. 
Of Course Not Really Representative... 
but here are the Quaddicted stats:
1024x768 45.79%
1280x1024 34.36%
800x600 6.85%
1152x864 5.33%
1600x1200 3.49%
If that helps you.

I like plain portfolios. Metl's is perfect for example. Just one site with all the info on it. 
Quake Expo And Quake Travail 
Travail was announced at the last QExpo and with 8 months to go, it would be sweet to have our mod released. Much work is complete and the momentum is strong on this project. 
Hello my once-every-33-people brothers. 
Fullscreen Browser 
I don't. Never. The only program I run in fullscreen is my IDE. Yeah. 
Full Screen + Answers To Shallow And MWH 
I run Opera full screen most of the time, and my res is pretty high (1920x1200, as I am always bragging).

I have the sidepanels visible most of the time, although this is to take up a the extra space for widescreen, because there certainly aren't many websites designed with that in mind.

Answers to questions:
Shallow: First Japan, then the UK if I can't get a job here. Might talk to the gf and see what she thinks of going to the US, since there are a lot of good jobs going there, and the pay is better, cost of living lower (like, what the fuck?)

MWH: No, I don't think so. I was there from October 2002 until June 2005 and don't remember that name. There was only one other Matt I remember, and his surname was not Newport. Was he a coder or artist? Did he work at Rebellion or 2000AD? 
Done It 
Ok, I finally stopped pissing about with that damn portfolio and just applied for a job. I sent the link to the portfolio in the email, and I hope to god that the damn site works properly now.

Anyway, I added the ability to shift click an image and open it in a new window. I got fed up of messing about with it after that, so that's all I did. 
Bloody Hell 
I saw 28 posts in GA, and I thought "ooh, flame war".

And it turns out to be people just trying to help out than :( 
Pretty Cool Shambler Pic 
I like this "interpretation":

The claws are a bit too thin maybe but the rest is great in my opinion. 
What About Work Hrs? 
What are the usual working hrs in Japan and USA gamedev? (isnt it like 50 work hours weeks in the Land of the Rising Sun and constant crunch 100 hrs in the Land of Bush) 
Far too furry.
Claws too thin.
Teeth too sharp.
Not bulky enough.

Tis a nice picture though. People still aren't capturing the essence of the shambler I think. 
OK, can't remember when he left, was probably around the time you joined, or not that long after. He was a coder and worked for Rebellion (he worked on Gunlok, iirc). 
I like that Shambler pic, but yeah, what Shambler said. Still I think it kind of gets the essense of a Shambler, and does a better job than any other interpretation I've seen.

As for working hours, well, I think it's pretty much the same shit wherever you go. If you are on a project at the end of development, you are going to get pretty knackered. At the start of a project it can be fairly relaxed. I think hours depend more on the company and people there.

However, I've heard from some people that Japanese game devs can be cunts, and that the employees feel obliged to work their asses off for the good of the company. Having not worked in such a place yet, I can't really give any further comment.

I've also heard that people start work later here than in other countries, and work until later. That's fine by me, especially if it's flexitime style where you can show up between say 9 and 11 and work until between 6 and 8. 
Being A PC Gamer Is Shit These Days? 
Holy shit, I thought the horizon was looking pretty barren, but then someone sent me this...

Ok, so they aren't all guaranteed to come out this year, but there are still a fuckload of games that look awesome on that list.

I nearly wet myself when I saw some of the adventure games on there. UNF! 
Working In Japan 
I was working there for 3 months and my feeling was that the japanese people worked slow and not effective. Thus they had to stay longer at office to finish they duties. The same work done by a non-japanese was finished in half the time.
And also no one left work earlier then the boss :). Me and my friends could leave the office at 17.00 and it was a strange feeling because everyone was still sitting there and working very hard.
Japan was a great experience anyway. 
atleast there is Vondurs` game 
I think this is the best so far, it's a pretty old pic and seems it's distorted, horizontally stretched somehow. 
Vondur's Game? 
which one is that then? 
heroes of might and majykk five 
Post #9780 
Best post ever. 
Do You Know What? (obviously Not, But I Will Say) 
I was dissapointed by that list because I thought there was nothing but RTS to look forward to... then, after about 10 minutes of scrolling, I made it past the end of the strategy part of the list and realised it was subdivided by genre. I nearly crapped my pants. I never knew there were so many games being made that look so pretty. 
indeed, those screens from the adventures are so yummy. and i've got ankh game already. v.nice one. 
The List 
plenty of goodness there:

vondur, agreed, Heroes 5 looks awesome.
Alan Wake looks pretty and its a nice story, looks interesting.
Oblivion is stunning and it's going to eat my life.. haven't been this excited about a game for a long time, if ever.
Generally looking forward to running any Unreal Engine 3.0 game on my pc. 
Oh Boy 
I never knew there were so many games being made that look so pretty.

Pretty is no longer a reason to be excited.

... still loading the page. :P 
True, but what it means is that the instances of good gameplay spoilt by ass-ugly graphics are decreasing, so that in general games usually have visual appeal these days, and one can pick and choose the ones that play well too. 
and then there's the old saying that since graphics nowadays cost a lot to make, (and they _have_ to be good to sell at all), there's much less possibility of taking risks with some different or innovative gameplay - many of those games resemble each other a lot superficially. (Yah yah it's stupid to say from one screenshot etc...) There's also quite many sequels and remakes in that list.

That Chronic Logic weirdo thing and Gothic(a?) were at least shots that left an impression to my mind. :)

And what's with that Defcon, there already is a strategy game with that name? Are out of game names nowadays? 
Pretty No Longer A Reason To Get Excited? 
Well it's interesting to see that PC game graphics are still good enough to compete with next gen consoles.

What I have found in the past is that pc graphics get overtaken by those of consoles when a new generation is released, and then the pc catches up and overtakes consoles after a year or so. However, it looks like the pc is already competing with consoles graphically.

Also, I thought that most of the rich and/or talented developers were starting to make everything on the fucking RAD Xbox 360 and "1% of the power of the human brain" PS3. 
i looked at your portfolio like 3 times now, and i JUST realized what the hell it said underneath "next", which is "next set". the txt there is really quite small and ass. the pics are nice, just erm make it more obvious that you are playing around with multiple sets as well as within each set. 
I only have a 17" widescreen monitor, and it's stuck in a stupid high resolution and I can read the text fine. I have crap eyesight too.

Anyway, I will have to redo it all in Japanese, so I will take all this stuff into account when the time comes.

For now, I've been asked to do an art test, where I have to model a 300 poly spaceship (guess I'll just follow the Max modelling tutorial ;) and an old womans face in 2000 polys. I think it should be fun. Hopefully I can do something good, even though I applied for a FUCKING ENVIRONMENT ART position. Maybe they could have asked me to model a 300 poly brick, and an old womans house? 
Tough One 
old womans face in 2000 polys 
Quake Mappers Are Gods 
they can make a model out of an old woman, it just takes 2000 "polys".

Good luck than. 
I Can Make An Old Woman.. 
out of just one "polly" 
metl makes another funnay!

seriously dude, you should write these down, work up an act :| 
Yet Another Shambler Model! 
Indeed, Looks Like A "Shrek" Reject 
fat-comical, as opposed to Quakey-disturbing

side rant: I hate how most 3d animation shows, like Shrek, portray their characters. Fuck that cutesy "stylized" stuff. 
That is the funniest thing I've seen all day. Simply awful. 
I don't think it's awful. The Q1 shamb has a big gut, so it's a reasonable interpretation to make a high-poly shamb a bit fat.
The, are cool, but they're really not claws. They're bony fingers.
It's the mouth, though. That's the problem. Those teeth are wrong. As the guy posted below the pic, they're chisel teeth i.e. herbiverous. Not monstery and certainly not like the original's teeth, which are the clearest part of the skin.
Perhaps he was basing his interpretation a little too much on the model Speeds linked earlier: 
Bonus points for actually making the shambler fat as opposed to giving him a six-pack which is what most of them do. 
Re: Shambler Model 
While a shambler might have some fat, it should have neither the aforementioned clearly distinguishable six-pack nor rolls of fat because its hide hangs loosely upon its frame. IMO. 
please take my wife. er... 
RPG Is Right... 
It should be neither fit nor slack...
I've never thought of the original id Shambler as having a "big gut"... neither extreme seems to work well for me
and by previous admission that face/mouth is ridiculous
I think, although this may well sound bad, that to make a great, and new, Shambler, the modeler may have had to have seen a decent amount of Lovecraft art. That's where "the shambler from the stars" came from anyway. 
More Shambling... 
I see you wasted your afternoon in exactly the same way as me... 
Shamblyness Two 
look at bears for example: they're neither sixpacky nor slacky. 
Geocomp IV! 
too bad it's on dont count on good judging, fairness, non-twisted-ness, etc. 
Something You Guys Might Be Interested In... 
it's a bit old and rather long, but it's well written and (i feel) worth the read:

cheers! :P 
started reading. very interesting. 
Hmmmm yeah interesting stuff. Way too long, I skipped the middle half, but the rest was pretty enlightening. I see enough greed and money-fixation in Guild Wars (a game without any chance of theft or piracy, and only very minor options for scamming) for it to strike a chord. 
Oh Nooo 
MMORPG drama 
Qexpo 2006? 
Hey Guys 
If you're sick of func_msgboard being ridiculously slow, just log out. Everything loads like lightning if I'm not logged in. You don't get last-read tracking but that's not exactly vital.

Surely metlslime will rush to fix the issue. 
Very Cool Quake Image / Wallpaper / Conback 
Textures Beta Test 
textures beta test. kinda
those been rotting for like 3 years ...

test them in ur mapping and request particular textures to be made
(I know there are no lights)
then it could be made into final.
small ones are q1 friendly even

dont re-distribute plz dont steal credit 
These look very very dark to me, can't make out anything. 
Q1 Tools Update 
at . All engines are updated with many features/fixes, e.g. speed optimized builds, enhanced QC (progs) validation and support for 1k sounds.

GL-engines have now also external bsp texture support, smooth model interpolation and improved model lighting. GL/WinQuake have now rudimentary Nehahra support and can have 64k globals in progs.

NehQuake has now also support for 1k models, >32k clipnodes and improved standard engine conformance. Light and ConvDem have some minor fixes. Please see readmes for details.

Any comments are welcome. 
double news post. 
if anyone has nolf2, can they please email me ? 
I bought Quake 4 a while ago, and got bored of it really fast. Dug up my copy of Quake 1, sent it to a bunch of friends, got a server set up, and downloaded a bunch of old Quake custom maps. It's the best fucking game ever created. Ended up stumbling into here along the way.

I used to post on Qboard way more than could have been healthy like 6-8 years ago, and I'm mildly shocked to see this community is still kicking around. Lots of familiar names on the member list. Good work, guys. 
What was your nick back then? I don't remember your current one... 
we're a lot uglier now though :o 
Just Zan. Admittedly, this place was never too fond of me, I was a stupid annoying little kid back then. I've grown up since.

I'm sure a few of the older remembers have some fond memories of myself making a complete ass of myself in #tf :( 
Zan, zanyashi or whatever? HAHAHAHA, you're a legend on #tf (sorry, that's not a compliment, no hard feelings though ;D ).
Welcome back anyways. 
Yup, I remember =). What Bal said: Welcome back!

And what necros said, of course. Oh, something about your mother. 
OMG, Zan! 
I've grown up since.

Uh HUH. o_O O_o ^_~

Would it be cruel, pointless, ungratious and innappropriate for me to post the chat log where Zan threatens to get me banned from my own ISP with the help of his "Kaos Knight" buddies??

Yes, it would.

Here ya go:

P.S. Welcome back. 
Oh And... 
Someone wake up Aardappel, they used to get along quite well if I remember correctly... =D 
That is some funny reading. And I thought I was immature when I first started coming to #tf!

Speaking of logs and stuff, what is up with 
oh crap that's one site I have forgotten to set up after the server crashed. It'll be up within a few minutes.

Zanno: Don't take anything here too seriously - it's mostly crap with the occasional comment about games and mapping here and there =). 
So you've come to haunt us after all these years? Enjoy your stay! 
Finished RoE Last Night..., hang on. I didn't finish it. I got right to the end battle after having no problems running this impressive addition to the DooM world in 800x600 high quality and found that even if I turned down everything to the lowest possible factor and turned off almost everything that makes playing the DooM3 engine worthwhile, the last section is unplayable due to FPS issues.

Nerve (too bloody right), thanks for the awesome experience but did you morons even test the last section. 
I finished it. ati card? try ati-optimised shaders 
Yeah, I remember that chatlog. Tows the line between embarrassing and hilarious. I was going through a huge wrist slitting phase at the time and and was spewing any random paranoid bullshit that came into my head. Must have been all the blood loss, or something. At least I've managed to work myself from "completely batshit foaming at the keyboard insane" to "sane enough to hold down a job, at least" over the past few years.

I happened to read a few posts of Aardappel on the something awful forums and as far as i can tell he's just as much of a worthless faggot as he was when I first met him :) I mean, he posts in gbs instead of fyad. That's all I really care to know about the guy.

I don't really plan on sticking around, I have no interest in custom mapping anymore. I was just pretty surprised this place still existed in some form, and felt like saying hello. 
^^^ Errr 
That's not the same Aardappel. 
... Yeah... This Is Pretty Fucked Up. 
i want to read that thread so bad. Possibly the reason he's having girl troubles (understatement) is connected to the fact he's offering computer elf money as reward to getting him laid. 
Someone Needs To Find That Thread 
For sure. 
It Was Deleted :( 
sadly, the only thing blizzard is really good at regarding WoW, is not finding bugs and fixing server problems, but deleted fucked up threads. XD 
Finally Found A Good Place To Ul Photos From 
the result of two hours of downsizing and uploading photos is now on my site. 
Q2 Install Issue 
Anyone ever have this problem :

This version of QuakeII will not on this language version of Windows95/NT. To find out if a version localized for your operating system is available for puchase, please contact your local Activision office.

It worked fine before, nothing's changed. 
What happened to ? 
Soldout to

Oh, wait.. 
I think Gom was reinstalling that server yesterday night, the beer probably got to him before he was able to finish. =) 
I've never had Quake 2 install under 2K/XP as far as I can remember because of that message, always resorted to just copying all the crap off the CD to my HD. Doesn't matter as none of the patches etc. require the game to have been properly installed as far as I can remember. 
tried that but then I get "error during intialisation" when I run quake2.exe. i thought it must have been because I copied straight across.

And I havent tried to reinstall it yet, but wouldnt the mission pack not install too ? 
I Don't Think Any Of The Installers Work 
Copying the files should work fine. It all works ok on my XP Pro machine. 
i remember the bloodninja stuff on that site i think?

well, apparently there's more of it...

(in case anyone missed it)
this stuff is old, but it cracks me up to this day. :P 
Quake 2 
Change the language you set when you installed your OS, eg from English Australia to English USA or whatever, then install it. You can as was mentioned just copy the files from the CD to you HD and it will work fine, none of the Quakes or Dooms actually need to be installed as such to run. 
Hats off to ID mappers! I just browsed again through D3 .map files and hot damn. Most awesome .map files ever. This is the quality everyone should try to achieve.

Too bad the game itself isn't as good. 
no way!
d3 rocks my world! i consider it's the best fps ever! don't tell me it isn't as good! 
Q4SP : Cold Steel

anyone tried it yet?
screenshots look cool at least.. 
Nope, but thanks, will check it, good that you bring this stuff to our attention, feel free to submit it as news in future, even if it's bollox it's worth highlighting what's going on in various mapping scenes. 
Please go write a botanical book called A Brief History of Thyme.

I can't believe I'm going to eat this entire package of cookies tonight. But I'm more than half way through, so I can't turn back, can I? 
Attention: Zombie 
Come back to #TF. We miss you.

-Love, the crew.

ps. i need models 
Is there someone who already used MilkShape3D model editor tool ? I would like to know if it's better than qME ? 
milkshape has more capabilities, and supports more games, but qme has a better interface for what features it has. 
... I have only qME unregistered, so I can't modify "big" monsters... Well, I was trying to find good reasons to install MilkShape, I will do, and see if usefull or not..
Anyway, thanks for the infos ;P 
one can get the full version from somewhere. at least i downloaded it from an official? url someone posted. don't know where it was, though. 
Thanks a lot ! You rock ! I will try the stuff tonight ;P 
Logo Thoughts 
Could y'give me some thoughts on this logo I designed? Do you see any issues? 
Not bad, but the squigly area above the beak makes it look crooked, and detracts the sense of mystery and malevolence a raven should have.

The writing is good though. I think it has potential. 
Not bad, but the squigly area above the beak makes it look crooked, and detracts the sense of mystery and malevolence a raven should have.

The writing is good though. I think it has potential. 
Another "I only clicked submit once" double post o_O 
Pro Tips 
it should fit into the rectangualar shape and be less of ravensoft ripoff to become any good 
<q<Re: Shambler<q/>
I'll take a harder look at that and see what I can do.

Re: Speeds
Ravensoft... That's a royal assfuck because I had a previous design that went through the motions too - it was a side-profile shot and immediately people thought Ravensoft.

I don't know if it's the raven subject matter, or the raven-in-a-box style... I would highly prefer to keep the head-on view, but maybe I need to experiment with how it's sitting. I think Ravensoft's logo is a little overdetailed, though it seems to scale down alright. 
if you don't want it to look like the ravensoft logo, don't limit yourself to cropping it to the raven's head. There's plenty of other angles and poses than headshots.

Are you thumbnailing out a few dozen of these and then picking the good ones or just starting a fully detailed logo cold and hoping for the best? 
the eyes could be bigger and more side-looking and bulged to make it more animaly and menacing... dunno. And maybe even such that
the pupils don't show, since in reality the raven's eyes are prettymuch black.

but it'd probably not work, dunno... the current logo is too cartooningly amusing in my mind, it looks a bit like a human-style caricature. 
the eyes are canted, and it's much more evil :) 
A Few Variations 

I did only a few small sketches, nothing too substantial. Because I couldn't find good reference pics for a headon shot, this one was kinda hammered out - and also why it has some issues. Right now my biggest issue is the beak, I realised it's not the right perspective with the rest of the head. The eyes are almost there, but not quite yet.

Bambuz - that is 1 photo I've recently come across.

I want to avoid evil look, and moreso a bold look. It's inbetween. I prefer the headon because I think it can be engaging. 
...err, how do I contact you outside this board? 
Don't mean to sound like an ass but here's a tip to keep you from wondering next time:

Remove all characters starting at the end of the URL until you get to the last /, which designates a directory (TCF) so:

And you would find my site, and a contact form :) 
are you there? :P 
I am here.

get on the hotdog :P 
SM119: Happiness In Slackery 
No theme and only two maps this week: Trinca discovered the power of cut'n'paste, while neg!ke offers a controversial approach to the concept of happiness.

yeah, func was lagging at the right time... again.

---- we're doomed :( ---- 
--- it's pure joy to remove bot news submissions on half working and slow func... FFS ---

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Subject: he had seen ophie for the first time, when

This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

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to this list will be made and fund raising will begin in the additional states. lease feel free to ask to check the status of your state. hese donations should be made to roject utenberg iterary rchive oundation 113 1739 niversity ve. xford, 38655 4109 itle laherty . . uthor eorge ernard haw
seems to work from thailand on quakenet, I was able to connect today but the client installed (pirch98) killed the computer after a while but I might come back in the future when Im doing my netcafe visits. 
Me Too 
connected last night. I just had to connect to a different server than the usual one (

I connected with Opera, but I doubt it would have made any difference if I'd have used Mirc or whatever. 
Hmm Dunno 
I just tried connecting with mirc from this other net cafe and it says asia-pacific is blocked but maybe I should to as than and try some other server... 
doesnt work, so it's probably mirc's fault...

I'm adding a few photos to my site atm and are writing some short descriptions for older stuff as well.

The tv channel "now" must have the least appropriate name ever since they seem to fill a lot of their air time with a program from 2001 showing q3ctf matches. 
doesnt work, so it's probably mirc's fault...

I'm adding a few photos to my site atm and are writing some short descriptions for older stuff as well.

The tv channel "now" must have the least appropriate name ever since they seem to fill a lot of their air time with a program from 2001 showing q3ctf matches. 
Warlock Staff Users 
I dont like to stress the fact that the warlock rocks, but he jus does. So, for all you staff users out there, feel free to come in and post, my staff is a good one, but here is how it goes

1. post message in the room


3. dont report anything, i might get in trouble :)

and 4. Have fun!!! 
was that? Is necros' account hacked? 
#TF Has Tainted Me 
All this talk about "staff using".. 
Quake End Game Messages 
Does anyone know of any alternative game end messages to the standard ones ? I'm still messing
around with the tyrquake engine, and am sick of the old ones. It's probably been done in the past.. but where ?

If it hasn't, maybe a new thread ?? 
i think it's in the quakec code. no engine mod required. 
Quake 3 Coding/Modding Etc... 
Does anyone know of a Quake 3 Coding Manual similar to the QuakeC Manual 1.0 (by ferrara francesco)? the quakeC manual had listings for all the important defs and functions available in qc along with their syntax and other random tidbits of information... it was really helpful.

trying to learn a bit about q3 coding... and while we're on the subject, can anyone point me towards some good tutorials on basic quake 3 coding?

while q3 has more resources available, it also means more crap is there too :P i hope someone knows of good tutorial thingies. 
No, I think he's talking about altering quitMessage[] in menu.c. 
Link To A Link To A Movie Translation

You can either see the clip yourself, or just be content with the translation. Either way, that kid is teh FUXXORED. 
Q1SP - Necromanicide 
Just a boring remake I did for people to speedrun in. Your mileage may vary. Don't run it with darkplaces. 
Q1SP - Necromanicide 
Just a boring remake I did for people to speedrun in. Your mileage may vary. Don't run it with darkplaces.

I am utterly retarded. 
you rock...make more more more more more......
No shotgun in the map. No shotgun in the map? No shotgun in the map.

Otherwise, it rocked and had some neat spins on the original =D 
the original had no shotgun and I wanted to keep the enemy/item count identical to e1m3 for speedrunning purposes. But on subsequent maps like this (if any) I'll tweak the gameplay a bit so skill 1 has more of a standalone entity set and only 0 and 2-3 are like the original. 
off topic, but can anyone tell me where I can get help compiling fitzquake using VC++ Express? i've installed masm32 and the platform SDK, and it starts compiling but inevitably fails... I don't even know where to begin trying to fix it

You could begin by telling us what the errors are. Missing header files? 
Actually What I Meant Was 
"I'm so completely blind and incompetent that I didn't realize there was a shotgun in the original" (just found it) 
is so unavailable I'll probably stop visiting for a while. My computer broke too.
Have some nice time. 
Or Rather 
have a nice spring!
(except blackdog) 
/me HUGs Fern 
Doom Map 
This is what I get for picking up Doom Builder -- a cute little old skool DOOM sp wad, filled with demonic joy.



Have fun, and find all those secrets! 
nice one - a fun blast from the past. made me want to do some doom mapping again, too.

i was pretty low on health all the time and therefore died a dozen times in the outdoor area, but that's ok for uv; once i got the plasma gun it all worked out by itself.
you forgot to make the doortrak linedefs "lower unpegged", though. ;) 
I'll Have A Nice Spring Anway, Damn You! 
Erm. Much later this year, anyway. 
Thanks, you. I knew about unpegging the doortraks, but at the time thought it looked interesting to see them rise up along with the door, made them appaear more "mechanical". Dunno.

And please please please finish that doom map you were working on -- it looks awesome. 
Interesting Looking D3 Map

ColdT has a little teaser video from his upcoming level "Make It To Morning 3". What it lacks in polish it makes up for in looking like a whole heap of fun and being original. 
looks like a half-life level with normal mapping.

But trains! helicopters! flying minecarts! 
Quake End Game Messages - Metlslime 
.. The messages like "I'll bust your face open for leaving" are in the C engine code [what tyran said]. There's 8 or 16, 3 or 4 line stanzas. I'm not much at generating quake atmosphere, so am reluctant to try myself. Maybe if I tried plaquerizing some of the cool quake fan sites ? 
Do Id Still Have Those Messages On Their Current Games? 
The quit messages are one thing I remember from their old games. I don't recall seeing anything other than the utterly generic "are you sure you want to quit?" in more recent games. I hope they bring them back. 
I Wouldn't Leave If I Were You - DOS Is Much Worse 
These have been missing from every id game since... well, since Romero left. 
What happened to all my internet pals that I hung out with until a week ago? Has Europe and Asia been bombed off the map and someone forgot to tell me? I know I've been busy and absent, but I didn't think I was that absent. 
Why do you no longer come to #tf? 
Biff Re: Doom Map 
Awesome map. I only got 2/3 secrets but 100% kills so that's awesome. I only have two complaints though, one minor, one not so minor:
1.) It was too short. It took me like 10:00 to get through the map (and like half an hour to figure out how to get it to run.)
2.) Everytime I went to use an elevator, Doomsday crashed on me and exited. Dunno why. I had to noclip through them, so it wasn't too bad. I couldn't figure out how to get it to run in Zdoom, but that doesn't matter cuz Doomsday > Zdoom.

Anyway, gimme me more! 
Gimme me grammar check! 
not to sound like a wise-ass but IMO it�s more like:
Doomsday - eye candy but poor compatibility (i.e. poor dehacked support)
ZDoom - classic look and cool editing possibilities (scripting, deep water etc.)
Have a look here:,
try wads like Void, RTC-3057 or Dark 7. For running wads in ZDoom just drag and drop the wad onto ZDoom.exe.

Biff: haven�t played your map yet(feeling more like Q2 atm), but I will for sure. Have you considered to upload it to newstuff ?
I�m sure many other doomers would appreciate a new quality wad :) (there are weekly reviews at Doomworld) 
Minerva Metastasis Part 2 Released 
I saw on Source News today that Adam Foster released part 2 of his ongoing HL2 SP series "Metastasis"

Info, screenshots, and download here: 
Zwiffle & Sielwolf 
Zwiff: Yeah, it was a bit short, promise the next one will be longer. And Sielwolf is right, ZDoom is the way to go.

Sielwolf: I'll upload there, although I am already wincing at what the Doomers will have to say about it ;D 
Sielwolf, Cont. 
Well, I tried to upload there, got a "550 permission denied" error =( 
2 New Map Reviews 
"a descent into the maelstrom" by louis manning
"Escape" by Trinca 
sorry I should have read more carefully, the exact quote from Doomworld was:

"If you're looking for /newstuff or /incoming, this is not the place! To upload files to /idgames you will want to use an FTP client to connect to, and for the latest in /newstuff you should mosey on over to or one of its mirrors." 
Quake 3 Running At 10240x3072 Resolution 
they're posting news now, something needs to be done.

Also, I stuffed up one of the rejections, please delete that one. 
Got it. 
I'm Uninformed. 
What are those posts, and why does one have my name in it? 
OMG ! 
Don't call me pathetic >_< 
I was talking about the video... I would never dare to insult you man ;P 
If Anyone Is Still Interested 
Stalker is supposed to come out first quarter 2007 or never... so that's something. :P it could come out as early as sept this year, but yeah, at least we know if it's not out by early 2007, we can finally forget about it :S

also, there were some nice photos i found on a stalker website of the real chernobyl area... thought some of you might be interested in those: 
I'm still interested in Prey. Hopefully I can get an uber system this summer and can play it at a low res with decent fps. But I'm not interested in Stalker. 
any reason you aren't interested in stalker beyond the ludicrous amount of delays?

i dunno about you, but an open ended rpg-fps hybrid with funky monsters and loads of replayability sounds cool to me. ^_^ (not even mentioning awesome theme and background story) 
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=f2c3ab495315debc85bfd71be9271dff
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tto must put on an officer s uniform. e presented himself to the sisters. hat gold is not sewn fast on the collar, said ophie, and undertook to
tto must put on an officer s uniform. e presented himself to the sisters. hat gold is not sewn fast on the collar, said ophie, and undertook to

Sounds hot. Where's the rest? 
the frigbot waypoint archive apparently went down, does someone still have them? or does someone have frogbot WPs for the netquake version (and can put them up anwhere)? trinca?

and are all coop bots dumb? Zeusbot is ridiculouly stupid... frigbot without WPs too...

thank u... 
Omg Yes Lol! 
Did you get my email? 
I found the frikbot stuff. sadly, it sucks. even with waypoints, on e1m2 it prefers to camp the RL =) and it&#180;s buggy. sometimes it just vanishes, leaving me running around screaming "fight already!" mumble, grumble.

otoh, on alcyone without wps, it is pretty tough (OK, that has weapons every 5 meters). on dm4 about average. not as good as omicron tho.

next: frik vs. zeus as a coop sidekick... 
I know there was a monster thread somewhere, but I'm too lazy to dig it up, don't think this was posted here as it's fairly new.
Fuck yeah. =) 
New Q1SP 
"Halls of broken records" by Kay Berntsen found at SDA:

It's a pretty nice map with solid gameplay. 
I concur -- wicked art, there. 
And The Winner Is... 
no one. apparently no bot is really nice in coop, they all tend to get caught up and stop following. grrr. 
should texture his maps a bit more, and looks would go up 100%. 
should have texture that map a bit more, and looks would have gone up 100%. 
Strange Site Though 
it is possible to get stuck between the debris in the dead jesus hall in that map. a clip brush would have been nice. 
the end of that map fucked me up real bad. I damn near shat my pants. I wasn't expecting what happened at all. Luckily I managed to escape despite only having rockets to deal with the situation. 

Anything interesting happened here while I was away? 
The capital letter yelling in your "I'M BACK!"
was the most excitement for at least six months.

Well apart from the czg/zwiffle/metlslime tri-orgy, but you don't want to hear about that. 
Ya Rly 
No TronDM3 yet. So little excitement. 
I read that as "trilogy" the first two times.

That would have probably been more exciting. 
what's wrong with the main site btw.? it always displays some site called the subdomains work, though. 
Except For Pipeline 
I made a board game. There's a demo here:

front page is gone due to lazyness on my part. anyone need pipeline back? 
Well I Assume 
there will always be SOMEBODY who could make good use of pipeline :) 
ha. Nice one. :) Wanna come over and play a few practice rounds with me? 
Yeah, sure, whereabouts are you? 
Greensboro, North Carolina, USA 
But if you come around for a game, I'll buy you a beer or two! :) 
I might be the US this summer =) 
Oh For Real? 
I'll be sure to keep some beer on hand. Mind you, I do that anyway. 
Wait . . . Did They Really Say That? 
Didn't Tim Willits or someone at id software justify the slow movement speed in Doom 3 by saying that they wanted the player not to speed by the art and architecture they had made, but instead slowly take it in?

It seems to me like that's the biggest bit of bogus balderdash bade by id software ever. I mean, shouldn't the inverse be true? If the player isn't forced to see or experience everything on the first run through, there will be a greater sense of depth, more to experience on each subsequent pass through, and therefore more reason to reply the game.

I think that's a load of crap. It would've been more plausible to say "it added tension and suspense to the game." But, I think I read that quote in PCG, and IIRC it was a comment to D3DM (why it was slower paced and only had like 1.5 players allowed per server.) But either way, that's a crappy reason to make a player move slowly. 
While that does sound sort of like B.S, I think doom3 the game benefited from the slower movement simply becuase it suited the style of gameplay. What they hopefully did (this is unlikely) is said "here's the movement speed that benefits gameplay" and then "here's how much detail we should put in our levels based on the already-designed movement speed. 
i still don't know how to do basic things, so i have the 'v' key bound to the command for movement speed, which i have upped to about 240 which i press every time i play d3 these days. (a little faster than 'sprint' speed)

i don't find i miss anything at all, and i still spend time to appreciate a nice area of a map. (and i've played the game through a half dozen times now)

i think the slower movement speed had more to do with making the game harder. i've noticed which 'quake style' movement speed, the monsters are easy to dodge. it was the sluggish movement which made them dangerous. 
Oh, Absolutely 
There's no question that the movement speed suited the gameplay they were going for, but that justification, even if not a main one, is absolute rubbish.

Also I was wondering if someone might have comments regarding a correlation of movement speed and perceived depth of an environment, since a player may be less likely to notice certain details; or at the very least, then the player gets to choose which set pieces to stop and look at. 
The amount of things willits says that are absolute rubbish cannot be measured by any instrument yet constructed by modern man. 
The amount of things willits says that are absolute rubbish cannot be measured by any instrument yet constructed by modern man.

Amen, brother. 
I'm Not Sure If I Fallow The Argument, 
do you mean that Willits is being dishonest in his statement of the purpose of having the player move slowly in game, or do you mean the idea in its self is poorly conceived? 
Hmmm, Am I Late? 
How long have those "Previous 25" buttons been there? 
Since ~11 Hours Ago 
Whoa! I coaxed Lunaran to make a post!

HeadThump: I mean that's the dumbest reason ever to make the player slow. It also seems narcissistic. Furthermore, it seems (to me) to be a rather short-sighted and non-linear approach to the gamer's experience. 
those are valid points. I find the nobby kneed feel of the movement to be clunky, and not visceral and immediate the way Quake controls feel.

BTW, you are getting closer and closer every year. Raleigh to Durham to Greensboro. Next step is my back yard. 
Winstom-Salem is your backyard? 
Boy Howdy! 
I've been making typos all night and I haven't even been drinking. meh. 
Just Outside The City 
Oh, Wrong Direction 
I had to look on a map for that one. I unloaded a package a few nights ago going to Summerfield, and since I didn't know where it was, I didn't know if it was a failed delivery or not. 
I Hope It Wasnt 
the Thai porn I ordered. I've been wondering what's holding it up. 
And a congratulations to RPG on getting post number ten thousand! A big round of applause for Rob there!
You may pick up your diploma* from the burly man in thights behind the bar.

(* the dicklicking diploma) 
Monitor Trouble 
somthing is wrong with my belinea monitor. whenever there is an application running at a 60hz refresh rate, it suddenly switches to some sort of wide screen mode (image is stretched, sides are off the screen). then i have to shake it a little, knock or sometimes even punch the lower left corner until it switches back to normal. this is really annoying as i don't want to damage it.
it's not a problem with games, since the ati refrash rate override can handle it, but - and this is the most important issue - it happens a lot with quest.
so does anyone know of a way to solve this without smashing the monitor with a slugger? are there maybe additional tools to let dos applications run at a higher refresh rate? 
one thing I can say is, that when it comes to the point of actually physically hitting something to make it work correctly, especially electrical equipment, you can safely assume that some type of repair is needed, this may be trivial or maybe major, but be assured some form of repair will be required at some point. I however would take myself down to the local PC store in a hasty fashion, and score myself a shinny new beauty, and enjoy the extra wide smile on my dial.

But if physically hitting the thing works for you, and brings you some form of joy, then slug away, I know it works wonders with people you don't like.

Best of luck with it. 
Freaky Shit 
Clean up in aisle 1 !!! 
is post 10004 part of the spam too? 
RPG got post #10000! 
Whatta, I must have had some old cached version or something, the latest post in mine was the one about thai porn, weird shit! 
Thank You, Czg 
I've been preparing my whole life for this. I'm just glad I got it instead of that silly bot. 
Hot Damn 
i clicked all those links and I still gots me no damn Viagra 
Is there a brand new "previous 25" link or have I been blind for a long time? 
Wait is post 10004 part of the spam too?

No, It is a genuine post by a long time registered member.

See, that is me there ^^, first on the list.

Oh Yeah... 
I forgot to rename your account. Remind me to do that when I get a chance. 
No Please Don't 
That is my selected user name, but if you must, you are the boss. 
If You Must Name Him.... 
I vote for Princess Poopy. 
it breaks the design of the board, since your username is a link to your user page on the people page and on every post you make. Since your name is zero-length, the link is unclickable. 
That's also why I could never get the hexi digit colour thing to work !! ;)

Yeah I realise all that, but it is no difference to some annon posting but just leaving the name part blank, but like I said, it's your show. If it must be done, at least let me pick it, all I want is the benifits of membereship, see new posts etc, without actually existing. Yeah I may pop out every now and zen, but I won't say much, I don't want to have tea and scones with anyone, or discuss the meaning of life and Quake, hang on..., life and Quake are the same thing..., anyway..., whatever, all is cool.

You run a top site, one of the most usefull, straight to the point, entertaining (at times), Quake site's going. Most maps, or at least those worth playing, get released or reported here, Q2, Q3, Q4, D3 support and coverage, basically the home of Quake Speedmapping, some of the best of the best in the Quake World come here, mappers, artists, coders, hey, this is heaven. My hat off to you sir. Respect!!!</endsuck> 
The post above was me logged in, this is me logged out, the only difference is I haven't the ability to see the new posts 
I always wondered why you and Peej didn't include something extra in links for thread titles, posts, and usernames. This sort of thing created a problem on QMap when you searched for something and it returned a post that had no title--and thus was unclickable. It seemed to me like an easy solution to that would have been to include the post icon as part of the link, since every post has an icon.

In this example, why not include the user's IP address as part of the link? And on the User page, include the square color-indicating image next to the user name. It seems like that would allow people who unintentionally break the board to continue going on their merry way, while still allowing for full functionality. 
online directory main 
Online Directory Main 
Free Sex 
Free Sex @ !!! 
Huzzah For Spam 
logging in to "show new posts" just depresses me, plus by never log in I feel like I am avoiding the system. :)

I do think it should be neccesary to login though, would stop this spam and the extra ten seconds to login is a sacrifice I will sadly make. 
I'm Gonna Try 
besmelling with my girl on monday... if she approves. 
I'm playing through some old levels for nostalgia.

Anyone have a working copy of Matt Sefton's "Arcane" ??? Mine seems corrupted, and I can't find any download links that work, including on the author's old site.

heisskj at gmail if you have it and want to send it!! 
Definitely a map worth playing through, even if you're not playing for nostalgia's sake!

I have mailed you the .bsp and .txt. I don't have the original archive handy, so hopefully this will suffice. 
R.P.G. thanks for the file - that's exactly what I needed. And HeadThump - that's an awesome link - everywhere else I looked had broken links, or no Arcane. I suspect more of the levels in my maps folder that I haven't played in a long time got corrupted years ago when I had HD problems - so now I know where the levels still reside if I need more.

Thanks - you guys are the best! 
Well That's Kinda Annoying. 
Anyway I was checking out the Tomb Raider Legend demo just now (I am a fag for adventure/exploration + platform jumping games)
And I noticed in this area here:
That's a texture from Q3 wrapping around that angular archway there.

So the question is,
how much of a NERD does that make me? 
How Much Of A Nerd? 
quite a big one, I guess.
Also, Lara Croft has shiny legs these days. 
I Had Just Had Her Swimming Around For A Bit. 
The shinyness is a fancy water shader that maps glistening pixels onto her arse 
forget q3, the original source of that texture was from doom. :P

chalk me up a couple of nerd points too, i guess. :P 
Who Cares About Texture Source... 
... when I see Lara's beautifull but, it puts in my mind to buy this next game... BTW I played all the Lara's game since the first one... so.. who's the 'nerdest' here ? 
That's not nerdy, that's just sad. 
Come On... 
Lara's but is sad for gays.. not for me !! 
Everybody should have played the first Tomb Raider. Some people should have played the second. Noone should have played any of the sequels after that.
Legend is kinda cool tho I might have to [ . . . ] it.

And Re: the texture from Doom. Yes I know there was a texture like that in Doom, but id made an updated hi-res version for q3. I'm not saying that TRL has used a texture that looks like the q3 one, I'm saying it is the exact same bitmap. 
Everybody should have played the first Tomb Raider.

Really? I was under the, not unfounded, impression that TR1 was just a Q1 ripoff with tits.

Some people should have played the second.

Could you elaborate on your reasons for these two statements?

I'm not saying that TRL has used a texture that looks like the q3 one, I'm saying it is the exact same bitmap.

It is. Without a doubt. It's used in q3dm4 for the pulsating eggsacs that hang from the ceiling.
Isn't using it illegal, not to mention extremely sad of the TRL devs? I can't imagine they'd have bought the rights from id software for one texture o_O 
Really? I was under the, not unfounded, impression that TR1 was just a Q1 ripoff with tits.

How on earth could anyone have thought to compare it to Quake? The TR games are all about endless jumping puzzles and dragging boxes around to open up for more jumping puzzles. I love that. Hardly any shooting at all in the first game.

Could you elaborate on your reasons for these two statements?

The second one was okay in places but also started the crappy tendency in the later games to be less about raiding tombs and more about wearing a fancy dress to a nightclub while being hit upon by burly men before you kill everyone with a grenade launcher.

Isn't using it illegal, not to mention extremely sad of the TRL devs? I can't imagine they'd have bought the rights from id software for one texture

Yeah I guess what happened is they scrounged textures from everywhere just for the initial prototype and then went over and replaced the textures but forgot that one... Also this is just in the demo. They might have changed it in the final release.
Although it would be very funny, I doubt we will see a lawsuit because of one texture... 
The texture id Software used is actually an open source texture or a texture from a commercial texture pack and thus TRL dudes actually have rights to it. Something similar to how we keep hearing Doom doors opening in movies all the time. Maybe. 
and that tumbling skull block release sound from the end of doom 2... and the cyberdemon scream.

Didn't think the textures came from a library though - especially the more grotesque ones. I thought only id could come up with that sort of stuff. 
"and that tumbling skull block release sound from the end of doom 2..."

I always hear that sound! Thought I was paranoid until now! 
that one is definitely taken from some sample cd. I mean you even hear it in commerials... 
I Hear Some Metal Bands Ripped Off The Doom Music, Too 
Smashing Pumpkins.. 
credit id for a sample from Doom in the Mellon Collie album notes. It's the rocket explosion sound and appears on the track XYU.


God, Billie Corgan is a twat. 
And what's up with the Ogre in Quake and the Pig Cop in Duke Nukem 3D making the same/similar sounds? 
most of the sounds that are in doom/quake are from a very popular sound sample CD. 
I Bet 
If you browsed through some of the older Emu or Fairlight soundbanks, you'd find a wealth of used sounds.

They were both early samplers that had a number of add on carts and discs, and still do, but my guess is that Bobby Prince probably had either an Emu or a Fairlight and that's why those sounds seem ubiquitous -- because that was pretty much the only game in town for people who didn't want to do foley recordings themselves back in the day. 
or even a number of people did updated sounds for quake - paks, used the original 44 khz 16 bit sounds from the libraries. The shaft for example sounds a bit different, it was fucked up a bit in the conversion in quake. (didn't q1test have better sound?) 
Several original doom .midi's are actually 'covers' of metal songs. There was a list at doom3world I read ages ago I've never been able to relocate, so if anyone knows where that can be found I'd be eternally grateful for several hours. 
5 New Map Reviews 
5 new map reviews at my site.
2 reviews by myself and 3 from Tronyn.

reviews of:
Egyptian Rhapsody.
Hangover Devestation.
Event Horizon.
Forgotten Tomb.

great maps, everyone! 
Forgot Link.... 
i think everyone here knows the URL, but just in case: 
Thanks for the review ! I'm glad you enjoyed the map ;) 
Underwoldfan And Tronyn 
Thanks for the reviews. You rock!
Keep it going! 
I remember at least 2 of them were Alice In Chains songs. 
There Is 
an mp3 named "bobby prince is a filthy thief" that explains a lot. :) 
Yeah UWF/Tronyn 
Thanks for the reviews! Keep up the good work! 
JPL: i liked your map a lot, good atmosphere, and i think your previous map was even more atmospheric. :)
Hrimfaxi: thanks
Ankh: replied to your an email, and i changed the download link for you as you asked. 
I know, CDA was better visually than Event Horizon... However, it is not the same map style (i.e. medieval vs base) and I have to admit I'm more comfortable with medieval stuff: I'm maybe more inspired by medieval theme than other themes...
OTOH, I read the review you posted today on your website, and I found it very good. Also, I found very cool the fact you didn't mentionned explicitely CyberDemons existence: you let the surprise to new players, even if Doom reference is given, and I found it a good idea.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the review. 
the best result I got was a cached site... looks pretty complete:

if that doesn't work I got there by searching for 'doom midi "them bones"' on Google and it was the 4th result. 
This Mp3 Explains Something 
Wow... first sounds like Metallica - Kill Them All 1st album... all my youth..... :) 
Quake Q Symbol .svg 
Anyone got the .svg of the Quake-Q? Moondrunk or Up2nogood made it. Please send to my email address 
Yes you can use the textures and yes you can have the crates. please be on the internet for more than six minutes a day and I'll gladly deliver them. 
for anyone interested, this is the sound library that a lot of doom and quake sounds are from:

and incidentally, thanks for posting the links to the doom songs with their realworld sources. :) 
What's Up With Pq Web Hosting? 
my site url changed to (from, and when i upload new files, i can't access them anymore, even though i can see them in my ftp client... what gives?

i've noticed other pq sites, like underworldfan's haven't had a changed url... anyone on pq know what's up? 
I know that PQ is going through some unknown metamorphosis. I'm not sure if that's affected your site or not. Otherwise I have no ideas. 
Project Offset 
Is still really cool lookin, and sometime in the next week or so they should be posting a video of a dragon or something, so it it'll be damn awesome. Try to join the team while it's young! 
Yeah, shit's all different now. I noticed a few weeks back and contacted Pappy-R; apparently they did a bit of auto-tweakage to hosted sites so they wouldn't be broken by the changes, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to look things over.

You can log into a new control panel thingie at:
with your regular PQ login/pass and do stuff from there.

I haven't actually gotten around to messing with it yet, because (a) I'm lazy and (b) too much Real Life... 
couldn't even log in there. :\ 
Did You Try... 
login: necros
pw: your regular PQ/FTP pass?

If nothing else, just email someone. Pappy-R is usually really solid about getting back to me when I have some question or problem. 
I re-uploaded texturefaq.htm, since it's my #1 not found file in my website stats. I'd lost it in the hard drive crash, but managed to find a google cache of it tonight.

Images are broken, I'll fix it later. 
I have a copy of the original, which I saved as an .mht file (web page single file)long ago, complete with the 2 images if it's of any use to you, prolly not since you found a cached version, but just thought I would mention it. 
omg metlslime :) thks a lot didn�t know that!!! will try when i get home! 
Would it be possible to create a link to this page in the main func_ page (if not yet done elsewhere) please ?

I think it would ne cool to have some links to any tutos about mapping/textures/etc... that could be used as technical support for Quake mapping basics.

What do you think ? 
Doom 3 FPS Problems 
I've recently purchased a Club3D 6600GT PCI-E 128mb video card and I having a weird FPS problem with Doom 3. No matter what settings I use, I seem to get ~55 fps on the first "timedemo demo1" run and ~60 fps on the second. I've tried:

1024x768 VS 800x600
high VS low quality settings
r_shadows 1 VS 0
vsync on VS off

I am using NVIDIA ForceWare drivers vesion 84.21 and my machine is an Opteron 144 at stock clock (1,8 Ghz), 2 x 512mb Kingston CL2.5 PC3200 in dual-channel and an AsRock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard. All other games seem to run just fine, I can run UT2004 and NFS: MW at 1024x768 with everything maxed without a slowdown. What could be the cause of the Doom 3 issue? 
there's 60fps cap in d3 games 
Not In Timedemo 
no name dude: yeah, if you could email me those 2 images, it would help.

JPL: it would be nice to have a website that had a bunch of mapping info and tutorials, but for now it seems silly to have a link to just one bit of that info without linking to any others.

And in general I don't want to have a "links page" on func becuase I don't want to have to decide who to link to or worry about people's feelings when I decide their page is not worth a link. 
It's on it's way. 
I think you could create a link page, and just wait for people to ask you to put them in the link list.. So no worry about people's feeling, and concerning the decision, as it is your website, I don't see any issue as you would like a certain quality about the related links...
It's up to you... 
thanks. Image tags are now working again. 
ATTN Single Player Aficondos 
You guys play a lot of single-player, suggest some good single-player maps for fQuake, the upcoming legal replacement of eQuake: 
the responses to that last post should be interesting... 
godfun.bsp was for Quake 2. 
imagine if Coop in quake was competitive?

"be the first to end the map" type of thing... your goal is not to just get through, it's to get through first. kill the monsters and any other players who might stand in your way...

weapons and items would respawn like in DM, but you wouldn't loose weapons and ammo when you die.

if it wasn't a hub map where new areas are easily accessible, some teleporters opening up to help people get back to the 'fray' would be good...

opinions? :P~~ 
Er... Well 
obviously, it wouldn't be called 'coop' anymore, since there's not cooperation at this point. XD 
I remember some coop games that turned out a bit like that actually. =) 
Yeah Me Too 
all the players respawning in the same area might not be too good an idea for that. One time it was pretty easy for a couple players to keep a couple other players from exiting the start area at all in the hipnotic mines level... 
should have been specific, but i was taking it as a given that the maps would have to sort of be made to start(or at least have the start area modified) seperated. 
would a 512mb 6800 gtx be better than a 256 mb 7800 gtx ? 
I would suggest just googling for benchmarks for those cards in d3/hl2/whatever, but I would think the 7800 would be better. 
The 256 mb 7800 gtx should win. 
If Anyone Is Interested, 
apparently you can play d3 in coop now. ^_^ 
you have been able to play coop in Doom3 for a while now. LMS also has it, plus you can play ROE coop and Classic Doom coop via the LMS mod, which you can't presently do with opencoop 
Hmm Yeah 
i realised that after posting that there have been coop mods for a while now... oh well. :P 
ban doom3 :p shity game :( 
pite you didn't like it, but at least you spelled shite correctly. 
he mean hah doom3 :P shiny game :)
He meant, buy doom3 : excellent game :) 
He meant, The Fly is a level from 1997 by Markus Klar
That reminds me of a fly from 1997, I mean a level from 1997, called "The Fly" or something. 
when i finaly learn to make something like mapping i will not quit quake for sure in next few years... at least untill i make a proper map!!! 
should do a story on where Markus Klar is now.

Better yet, someone should do a story on where 1997 is now :) 
Oh Oh Oh 
Nice in-game trailer! 
Drawing Program 
basically, I want now to draw soft blobs or clouds or what you call them. Something with soft, additive brushes, which my current more of a pixel art drawing program is not geared towards.

I downloaded Gimp, but it sucks ass. You get banding really easily. And the borders on the brushes are always too hard. And everything just sucks. And is slow and sluggish because of the GTK API.

But I know it's possible, I did this kind of stuff back in 1998 in paint shop pro, so are there any free programs for this? I wouldn't want to haul my ass to another place to do it in photoshop.. and that seems overkill anyway. 
With Gimp 
Turn down the opacity when you are working with brushes. It defaults at a 100%, a third of that will soften the edges and prevent overlay banding. If you work with Gimp long enough you should be able to do anything you want with it.

I had to switch over because my CD copy of Photoshop 6 is several years old and finaly fubared and wont copy to disk now. But, Gimp isn't a bad alternative. It has a powerful scripting language, and though I like doing Actions directly from the interface, you accomplish the same in gimp with the console. 
Don't say a software sucks ass before you've learned how to use it. =)
If the borders of the brushes are too hard, lower the hardness... that simple. =)
If you want something additive, set your brush to multiply or some other blending mode.
You can pretty much do everything Photoshop does in Gimp (except for a few specific features).
There are other software that alow for more artsy looks, like Painter, or for free, stuff like the old version of OpenCanvas, or Artrage. 
the question isn't if it can be done (it could be done in paint), but how fast. and gimp sucks in that regard, at least for me. ui is unusable - try working on 5+ images on 1024 resolution, with lots of palettes open and you'll wish your self a nice photoshop. The only thing gimp is better at than ps is true HSV mode (which i haven't found in ps yet) 
What The Gimp REALLY Needs 
Is to be able to dock palettes and all the other doodads onto the actual image window. Having free floating windows for every little shitlet is completely useless.

But of course the guys who make it are all like duuuh window management should be done by your window manager! (fart) Why should we have to fix what WINDOzE sucks at! and that's when I hate everyting that has to do with anything. Even MS Paint has a more user friendly UI, you bearded fatlumps. 
Pressing buttons on windows is silly, just learn all the shortcuts by heart and hide everything, yay!
Oh and yeah, Photoshop still owns Gimp. 
I was a bit angry and fed up last night, sorry for the initial hate. This is where I stand:

I lowered opacity. I created new brushes since the existing ones are pathetically small. I made some really fuzzy brushes.

I still can't get it to do stuff I want. I've mostly fiddled with the airbrush, brush and finger tools.

One problem is, if you keep the mouse button pressed, it only gives so much effect... you have to release and repress and voila - once you draw over your old stuff, it gets brighter. But you really have to release and press again. But if you do it this way, you get stupid discontinuous places where you released and re-pressed.

I remember paint shop pro had a tool which just added the color as long as I held the button pressed. In a nice smooth way, with medium speed so it was controllable. Then one could just move the mouse around.. if I wanted a more saturated spot, I let the tool stand there for a little longer. And then you could improve later, make the opposite effect with a dark brush.
I'm not sure, but I guess I want to have a gaussian brush that is additive and adds 1+1G+1 B per millisec at it's center and less in the peripheral areas.

But thanks for your help, I'll keep fiddling. 
To Demonstrate What I Want 
Say, I want to draw on a black background a big grey ball that is lighter in the middle and darker at the edges, with one mouse press and moving the mouse around, lightening various areas and later lightening some of the already-lightened areas even more. Gimp only goes to a certain level (dependent on tool settings) and doesn't add anything beyond that even if I hold the mouse on the area for 5 minutes. So I get a uniform grey ball. With the brush tool, with the airbrush tool, if I set the tool action to anything. 
If I do it with multi-presses I get discrete levels... And if I put the opacity so that the levels are indiscernible, it would take like 20 passes/strokes which would be very tedious... 
I'm sitting here with Gimp 2.2 and the airbrush tool does exactly what you describe .

Also I just discovered you can dock all the doodads into one window so that kinda helps the UI a bit I guess. I still hate Linux people. 
Ok, Most Problems Solved 
blackdog helped me. The opacity had to be turned to max (since it's useless, it doesn't take into account self-superimposing) and the additivity must be controlled with the airbrush parameters.
Now the only problem is stripes which result from some internal inaccuracies in the program: 
Gimp On Windows 
Only tried it a couple of short times because at least on a low spec machine it's unacceptably slow when other apps such as photoshop and painter (not all the tools though) run much better. 
Don't Remember If This Was Posted Here

the guy, obihb, who made that shambler a while back is working on a fiend now for d3...

not exactly as i picture a fiend, but certainly much better than other attempts both in the technical and style departments.

anyway, thought it my interest some here. :) 
2 More 
2 new map reviews at my site:

Hells Village
Sewage Devastation 
get rid of the eyes! and turn the horn/tusk things back into ears! Otherwise it's pretty nice. 
Fiends Have Eyes! 
Oh No !!! 
Are we going to discuss again about monsters that have eyes or not !!!??? Come on !! You should open a thread about this "issue" :P 
i recall a few heated discussions about that over msn... XD 
why is it important whether they have eyes or not?...main thing is they rip you apart quickly and ruthlessly and leave you a dead pile of rotting meat. (!!) 
Pretending for a moment that they did have eyes, they woudln't be big and glowy and yellow. 
In Fact, 
they are small and black!

Dunno if this is old, as I remember a papercraft Shambler from a while ago, but check this out:

His face and armour colour is a bit off, but the rest is pretty faithful. 
Fiends' Eyes 
yes, they do have eyes.
would be better if they hadn't, like shamblers and vores.

underworldfan, it's because monsters appear much more frightening if they don't have eyes, but are still that unerring and aggressive - if they sense your presence rather than have to rely on fallible physical means such as eyes. ;) 
Oh My Goodness Yes 
Of course, I'm the silly bugger who spent a full minute in Morrowind walking around a freshly dead alit trying to figure out where the eyes were. And realising that, during battle, I had been looking the beast straight in the nostril. 
Quake 2 Client 
Can you recommend a good one? 

Make sure to also get Open AL Audio Files which are downloadable from that same page as they are required for sound. 
I like the cut of your gib 
Oh Oooh !!! Very nice wallpaper !! 
Fiends Have Ears? 
Covered in blood? Situated just above their mouth?

Ah - no. Those are "stabby things", not "listeny things". 
Phillips 190x6fb Lcd 19" Monitor 
anyone have personal experience with these ? comments ? 
Planning To Build A PC 
3 year old PCs suck. So here's what I'm planning on getting, without overclocking anything. I'm on a budget,around $1,000.00 ~ $1,200.00.
ANY advice/comments that could help me out tweaking parts and stuff is appreciated!

It's possible to drop the HDD, I have an 80GB Ultra ATA-100 already, but getting low on space right now, and just wanted more.

It might also be possible to drop the monitor, I'm not sure. Once I have the following built, I'm planning on donating my current one to my mom/sister.

OK, here's what I'm checking out for my PC so far:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice - $154.00

MOBO: ASUS A8N5X Socket 939 - $79.99

MEMORY: Corsair XMS 1GB(2x 512MB) DDR SDRAM - $95.00

CASE: Antec LifeStyle SONATA II Piano Black, 450 Watts - $89.99

GPU: Sapphire X1800XT 512 MB PCI-Express x16 - $309.00

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200 200GB IDE ULTRA ATA-100 - $119.00

SOUND: Cannibalize my current sound card.

MONITOR: SONY WHITE 17" (16" VIEWABLE) 1600x1200 CRT - $120.99

Total: $967.97 (Unless I suck at math)

Any sagely advice? 
Always clean a dick before licking it 
I have that sony monitor currently and its really quite good. 
Looks pretty good, however I have a few questions:

1) Why are you going with ATI over NVIDIA? I am pretty sure most in #tf would argue that overall, NVIDIA is the better choice.

2) Why IDE and not SATA?

3) You don't specifically mention CPU cooling, are you going with stock AMD HSF? If so, spend 6$ on a Zalman Fanmate (for manually adjusting CPU fan speed) and it have have a great impact on your sanity. 
1.) I actually prefer ATI over NVIDIA. Besides, X1900XTX's, from what I read, are the best cards out now, and X1800XTs aren't too bad either. Does NVIDIA's cards still come with that huge fan that takes up an extra slot?

2.) You may have noticed the mobo is $79.99. That has something to do with it. I could up the mobo to something that supports SATA, but it'd prolly cost more.

3.) Yeah my current CPU-fan has a dial to adjust the speed, it's really nifty. I'll look into it. 
As your estimated spend is less than your budget, and everyone knows that you should never, ever come in under budget(!), I would recommend looking at the latest LCD screens. The recent improvements are dramatic and the CRT over LCD argument is losing ground fast.

I have a 4ms response 19" 4:3 LCD and have no problems with games when I play at the default resolution of 1280 x 1024. I could have bought a 2ms response screen for an extra $50 but I am just too tight fisted.

The extra screen size is such an advantage whether you are using spreadsheets, mapping, surfin' the net or whatever. And the extra desktop space means more room for coffee, beer, books, magazines, DVDs etc; in fact the extra room means space for a dual monitor system using the old CRT as a second screen :-). So I have Maya open on the LCD and Maya tutorials open on the CRT. Nice.

But I am still useless at modelling. 
2 Things: 
Monitor size: whether you do CRT or LCD, 17" is really small. consider getting a 19" or 20". the extra viewing area is really awesome when you're mapping or really doing anything where you need to have tools open and such. it makes using 1280x1024 or 16x12 a lot easier on the eyes too in windows because text and such will be bigger (although you *can* up the font size manually).

Ram: Consider getting 2GB? i have 1gb, and i run out of ram *all* the time. :\ having tons of ram really helps when you're working on a project where you need many different applications open at once. getting 2 1gb sticks could be expensive though, so if you can't get the ram and monitor, get the monitor. 
Viewing Screen Size 
I agree with necros. My 4:3 19" LCD gives a 15" x 12" viewing screen. My 17" 4:3 CRT gives a 11" x 8.25" viewing screen.

In practical terms that means the Func_MsgBoard Forum page shows down to the Quake Anniversary thread on the 17" CRT (@ 1024)but down to Event Horizonon the 19" CRT (@ 1280); with text set to 'normal' scale.

Being able to get more tools on screen for applications is a real boon. This screen dump taken a couple of minutes ago may give an indication (on the other hand it might not!)

I guess I'm saying, go 19", you will appreciate the difference. 
A Peak At A Woodham Map 
is always something to look forward too. I notice you use the default Windows XP display design. When I got my new machine, the first thing I did was switch it to a Windows 98 appearance (for now). I really dislike the XP style because it has a certain toyish quality like the VW Beetle.
I want a display design worthy of a SuperVillian,
not a too hip Japanese teen girl. 
I am using an AsRock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard myself. It costs LESS than 79,99$ AND it supports both IDE and SATA... AND it supports both AGP and PCI-E videocards. Look into it. 
my mom/sister.

lol ur mom.

...wait... your mom/sister? I... I don't wanna know. O_O 
I hate everyting that has to do with anything. Even MS Paint has a more user friendly UI, you bearded fatlumps.

Forget about it; it's Chinatown. 
Some Stuff 
Yeah, I'd say go 19" LCD or 20" CRT (about equivalent screen space I think) if you can. I definitely prefer LCD these days, as long as the response time is very good.

Also, try using your motherboard's onboard sound - you may find it is more than adequete for your needs and you don't need to bother using your old sound card (unless its some spanky one you paid big bucks for, in which case ignore what I said).

BTW while SATA is theoretically, potentially, faster than IDE, the sad reality is we're limited by current HDD technology rater than available bandwith - so SATA is not substantially faster, if at all. Having said that the cables are smaller and there's no channel sharing, so its a tiny bit "nicer" if nothing else. Hardly necessary, though. 
Mr Zwiffle's Motherboards 
The new system I built just over a month ago is actually based on the Asus A85NX you were looking at. Overall it's a very good board for the price, especially since most of the more expensive boards I looked at didn't have any extra features that were useful to me. It actually DOES have 4 SATA connectors if you wanted to go that way with your storage. As Fribbles said though, SATA doesn't gain you much at the moment since the actual drives aren't any faster... However, if you're going to be brave and do a striped RAID array or something then there's potential for a more noticable speedup. Obviously you need to cough up for two SATA HDDs for that though. I haven't bothered.

The onboard sound is basically AC97, which is OK but unspectacular, and doesn't really get on well with some games - notably Dawn of War and Quake 4. Unless your existing card is old enough that it doesn't do 5.1/7.1/whatever it will probably be better than the onboard. Personally, I'm going to be ordering an Audigy 2 or something now that the credit card bill for upgrade phase one is paid off. 
NewEgg has AsRock 939Dual-SATA2 for 66,99$: It has both SATA and IDE, both AGP and PCI-E, 4 slots for RAM and a passively cooled northbridge. 
I got a used 19'' Sony CRT, people change to "hip" LCD:s and you can get one quite cheap. It's very good for mapping to have a bigger screen. It's not as sharp as an LCD but it's pretty good, if you don't try to have too high resolution. Anyway, if you get a CRT, don't get a shadow mask one, but a trinitron/diamondtron grille thingy.
It's also physically big. Do you have a lot of space on your desk / in the computer room? That might make the decision. 
trinitron/diamondtron grille thingy

aperture grill:

in my experience, the two lines i have on my aperture grill monitor are hardly ever noticeable. only when i'm working on something with a lot of bright, near-white colours. 
Seriously consider getting 2x1GB instead. It does really make a difference in modern games.

Also about 3D, friend of mine got 1900xt and while he likes it, it sounds like an aeroplane taking off inside your case, ie. HOLY SHIT LOUD. Don't know about 1800, but I assume the cooling solution is not that different(?). 
Labor Day Has Destroyed My Typing Skills 
Nice Thing About NVIDIA 
is that there's software (RivaTuner) avaible that allows you to manually set your GPU fan speed according to use. You can either set the fan speed to adjust itself according to actual GPU core temperature or you can make it adjust between 3 profiles (Windows 2D, light 3D, heavy 3D) you can customize.

During boot-up, the fan on my 6600GT sounds like a jet taking off indeed. However once I get to Windows, the GPU fan is throttled down to 60% and when I play games it's up to 80%. It's completely inaudible when using Windows and only makes a slight noise when playing games.

This, combined with the Zalman Fanmate (6$) for manually dropping the speed of CPU fan, the loudest parts of my computer are now the CRT monitor and harddrives. 
Saitek X-52 Flight Control System Review 
I just upgraded the other week to a NF4 SLI mobo with a amd 64 4000+ 1gb matched pair ram, 9700gt nvida gpu and this thing screams though all the games I play at 1280x1024 with full AA and AF, it looks stunning.

Cost a bomb though :) 650 quid including a new case, fans, and etc... worth it tho.

If your looking at a 9700gt card, go for the BFG one as it is overclocked slighty (as standard) and thus u get pwn fps 
current setup (with cpu overclocked slightly (2.6 ghz) gets me a 3dmark05 score of 8400 ish. as a comparison. 
So that means Zwiffle is... Catherine Cross? 
OMG spoilers 
Rpg Please 
as little as possible 
Err yes, a 9700gt. its a graphics card =) 
You must be mistaken there somewhere. 9700gt videocards do no exist. Or is this some obscurely rare ATI Radeon card? Because I am 100% sure NVIDIA never had one by that model name. 
You probably mean an NVIDIA 7900GT? :) 
New URL For My Website: 
all the links for my website changed thanks to gamespy (or something),
and they also messed up the auto redirect so it takes you to the wrong place...dont care about the details. all i know is,

anything that used to be:

should now be:

new domain examples: [main page]

once you goto the new main page everything should be the same anyway.
if you find any broken links let me know by email. 
eventually they should fix the auto-redirect thingy so that all your links you have on your websites to my reviews etc should auto-redirect to the new URL:

you could update your own links to my site/reviews if you wish to be sure. 
Fribbles Maps 
are being used in a tourney:

I modified just the item placements, so they're still true to the originals. More people will now be able to enjoy the major goodness that is a Fribbles map! 
Ah That's Cool 
pretty legendary maps there, haven't loaded a fribbles map in ages.

also, inertia... you seem to be up on your Quakeworld, so I've got a question for you. I'm working on a high-res idbase texture pack, so I'm trying to get the pack complete for a load of maps, in SP and DM. What are the most commonly played idbase maps in Quakeworld? Please don't tell me DM3 :)

Currently the only DM maps i'm working on are Aerowalk (is that still played even?), Aggressr by Tyrann (only because I love the look of it) and your map Slipstream, heh.

Dm Maps 
dm2, dm4 and dm6 in DM. dm3 and e1m2(?) in TDM. I think.

Starbuck, do you know Randy's great textures? I don't remember if the base textures were included, if they are not then you should contact him (#qc in They are fantastic in my opinion. 
DM3 and Aerowalk are without question, the most played idbase maps in QW. 
ATI Vs NVidia 
allows you to manually set your GPU fan speed according to use.
that's possible with ATI, too.

One thing if you get an ATI card: DONT INSTALL THE CONTROL CENTER! Get ATI Tray Tools instead. Simpler interface, more functions, less memory, etc. 

I agree, even if your are administrator, your are not allowed to open it !! A shame !!!

Now how can I remove this fucking control center without breaking all my ATI DirectX9 functionality ? 

I agree, even if your are administrator, your are not allowed to open it !! A shame !!!

Now how can I remove this fucking control center without breaking all my ATI DirectX9 functionality ? 
.. for double post :/ 
Spirit / Jago 
Thanks. So basically DM3 and Aerowalk then. I'm surprised there aren't any more custom maps that get a play. Spirit, you mentioned quite a lot of maps that aren't idbase... did you mean e2m1 instead of e1m2?

I checked out those textures by randy and I've seen them before. He has a lot of skill, and those are nice textures for the most part, but it's not really similar to what I'm doing. I'm not doing any normal-mapped/specular stuff, just the 32-bit high res textures... and my main concern is to make them fit in with the original textures as much as possible, and to try and do as many of them as possible :) 
My guess for maps played in qw for 99% of the time:

dm2 dm4 dm6 aerowalk (ztndm3 skull)

dm2 dm6 (dm4)

4on4 (the real thing):
dm2 dm3 e1m2

(dmm4 aim practice:
end povdmm4)

only dm3 and aerowalk seem basish. And dm3 is mostly that pink basewall. Misaligned. By Romero. :) 
dm3 is hideous. Improving the textures isn't really going to undo the damage, either, but I'll do it for completeness :) 
Starbuck: I just thought you asked for id1 maps. Ignore that part of my post ;)

Good luck with your texture work! 
Inform 7 Released

Inform is an IDE for making interactive fiction (text adventures.) I've never made one before but I've played a fair amount of community-released IF. It's a scene comparable to the quake mapping/modding scene, in the sense that the user-made stuff often meets and surpasses the quality of the pro stuff, they actually make their own tools, they have archives and review sites, etc.

Anyway, the main feature/scourge of this new version is their natural language interpreter for programming. This is actually pretty frustrating to use for a programmer like me, but might actually be good for non-programmers (since the target audience is writers, this makes sense.) 
necros: where does ne_dust2 come from and is there an "original" zip file? 
you have that?! :o

i think it was for a speedmap session where the theme was parody (the map is the layout of the CS map cs_dust2).

i don't remember why it wasn't named under the regular speedmap filename... maybe i was late and submitted it after the session was over in the thread or something... that was a while ago. lol 
Well, I rezipped it and it's at Quaddicted now.
You don't have your zip anymore? :D 
that's really interesting. I wonder if such a thing exists for Lucasarts style adventures, and how easily one could do something like that on his own, seeing as you'd have to make all the necessary character sprites and paint all the backgrounds.

If I were more 2D artistically inclined that seems like the kind of thing I'd enjoy. 
There are systems that support graphics, but I don't think anything that sophisticated. Ideally you'd merge the graphic capabilities of something like Flash with the world modelling and interface logic of Inform. Components of Inform are open-source, so it might be possible to add a renderer and a bunch of routines suitable to be called from within the story file. Sounds like a significan amount of work, though. 
Spirit, I just uplaoded it for you, you can download it here

Let me know when you got it, so I can remove the file. thx 
Talk to gibbie before you go through with this. Last I checked, he was sitting on a complete Doom3-compatible idbase set.

Metl: neat! 
Got it, thanks!
Do you have the original zip files of
yeah, I saw a screenshot of it, looks ace. Again though, I'm not doing bumpmaps/specularity, just basic textures. Like the Quake Retexturing Project, but coherent. 
If gibbie has a full set of id base textures, including bump/specularity, that might be a good reason for me to map for Quake 4. 
Annoying Issues With Quake 4... 
I have finally cracked down and bought the game. However, I am experiencing some weird issues that are truly infuriating me.

1) When playing online, I am getting a 3 second respawn delay. Ie, when I die, I have to wait for 3 seconds before a respawn, no matter what buttons I press. Friends on IRC are saying that this doesn't happen to them. Tried playing on different servers, doesn't help.

2) How come Q4DM is so tough on hardware? I can play Q4SP just fine at 1024x768, high quality with everything turned on and hardly get any slowdowns. However when playing online, even if I play at 800x600, medium quality with "static" lighting, I still get major slowdowns in some places.

3) I cannot find any CVAR to disable blood, gibs and decals in the game, is this even possible?

My machine is an Opteron 144, 1,8 @ 2,45 Ghz, 2 x 512 mb ram, GF6600GT 128mb running Windows XP SP2. 
Adventure Game Making And Indy Games 
I think there are a number of tools/engines for graphic adventures although I have no idea if they're all retarded or not... seems to have been used for at least a few good games. - seems to bea good place to find all kinds of interesting "indy" games. 
Err Yes 
7900 gt =) ( I SUCK ) 
Just played this with RPG.

This is a fucking fine, solid map. 
Zwiffle / RPG 
Why don't you come to #terrafusion anymore? 
Mainly: Scampie 
Partly: Bler turning into Scampie. 
If I had a penny for every time someone asked me that, I would have like 6 or 7 cents by now. 
Zwiffle / RPG 
I haven't seen Scampie do anything besides join/part for 2 or so months now. Shambler hasn't been on IRC for 4 monhths at least. 
The respawn delay is normal. I never liked it either but it stayed.

DM is tougher on hardware I think because it's a lot easier to have a lot more going on than in SP, where the amount of effects and monsters and shooting was more tightly controllable. 
Oh, And, Metl 
A sierra/LEC type adventure seems pretty simple code-wise. The entire game is just a big tree of "screens" containing hotspots that react to certain commands, sometimes with inventory items as parameters, with a second tree of prerequisites that sets up what things have to be done before what other things are activated.

Seems like the big hurdle would be doing all the necessary art - the system behind it is uniform enough that it really amounts to a scripting language. 
scampie seems to ingore #tf these days. I tried to contact with him (via #tf, private, email) and got no responce.

btw anyone can host my site? my previous site was deleted by admins when I've been away for 6 months 
sure, i'd feel honored :)
drop me a mail ( 
Ribbit Ribbbit 
If gibbie has a full set of id base textures, including bump/specularity, that might be a good reason for me to map for Quake 4.

Emo? What the hell is this? 
I don't know; I saw the URL advertised while I was watching Smokey and the Bandit II on TV. I think it's some television show.

but WTF they stole the name of map? 
Looks like it's a television spinoff based on the movie Blade
NotoriousRay please make another Quake map u rockzzz ;) 
More Bizarre Advertising 
Did anyone else get something in the mail from these people? 
At least, the video clips are pathetically funny !!! 
Omg Nintentdo Press Conferance 
OMG new Metroid, Mario, Yoshi's island and Starfox. Yaey!

And what the fuck four grown men are standing on the stage waving their hands playing tennis and what the fuck it looks awesome.

And yay Osu! Tatake! Ouendan! gets a western release! 
I Bet... 
... you can't guess who is working on Starfox DS? ;)

I wish it were Quake DS though - with Nintendo modding Network.

Man, that presentation was the awesomest thing EVER. It crapped so hard (with bad diarrhea) onto Sony's PS3 presentation. 
are you working on Starfox DS 
I'm not sure I can answer that question yet. I can, however, reveal that I am working on a DS game at a company in Kyoto*.

*not neccessarily Nintendo. 
maybe i've missed something, but what about "for those who weep"? don't tell me you haven't worked on it in the last ~1,5 years.

-totally out of context, but i was just wondering... 
Cool Presentation 
The gamespot feed I was watching ended up dying, so I only saw upto where they were about to pick the competition winner. Did I miss much after that? 
They picked a sweaty nerd from the audience and he got to play some tennis with Reggie, Iwata and Miyamoto. And the crazy thing is, it looked fucking awesome and cool.
And that was the end.

Than: bastard. 
Speaking Of Working On Games... 
czg: Are you on the team doing [q]The Darkness[/q]?

If so that would be awesome because that game looks fucking sweet as hell ok thanks.

I'm working on F.E.A.R. Extraction Point -- yay for Level Designers actually doing geometry \o/ 
I've just now gotten 3000 MB space / 250 GB bandwidth on a host that has been pretty solid for me before, and as I said back in August '05 I'd like to help a little and host some mappers.

However, before I do that I've decided I need to see what demand there is for this. I would only host a handful anyway, not like 25-50+.

So, who is interested? Based upon that I'll purchase the domain. 
The new Nintendo thing looks cool. I love Nintendo. They make THE best games ever. EVER. However, the "Wii"? WTF? That name is super gay.
Hot Chick: "Zwiffle, you wanna go out you super foxy mappist?"
Zwiffle: "No way baby, I gotta go home and play with my Wii."
That's just wrong, and I blame Nintendo for that happening in the future. That chick was hot (and 11).

Neg!ke: Huh? I lost that map when I moved on over to GtK. I was building that with Hammer, and when I switched I kinda lost all of my old Hammer maps. Kinda sad, I had like 5,000 - 6,000 brushes and no detail, and the layout IMO was pretty sweet. I had this one three-tiered room that bent around into two other areas that linked back over and under this other area you passed before, giving you a totally different view that gave way to this giant mechanical vagi... anyway, it was cool.

Oh well. Haven't worked on any maps since Christmas or so. Life sucks. 
I might be, if I ever get back into mapping (prolly during the summer sometime.)
I'd rather be hosted by you than by Scampie (no offense).

Domain name ideas:
"" <-- cracks me up

P.S.: When you end a sentence with parentheses, do you put the .,!? inside or outside the parentheses? 
Bl!tz - Related To Neg!ke? 
Bl!tz: You got in the industry? That's awesome, but what about that cool-looking Hexen TC? OK I'll stop posting until tomorrow sometime. 
no, because: bl!tz = blitz / neg!ke != negike ! ;)

sad thing about the map, the few screenshots on pipeline looked nice, indeed. i hope this doesn't mean there will never be a full-sized map by you again. 
Inside (like this.) 
Hot Chick: "Zwiffle, you wanna go out you super foxy mappist?"
Zwiffle: "No way baby, I gotta go home and play with my Wii."
That's just wrong

What's wrong:
1) That you'd rather play with your nintendo than rape women.
2) That you think women enjoy being raped by mappers.
3) That you're trying to fool us into thinking you have a home when we all know you live in a rusty fridge behind McDonalds.

Also you could have said "Wanna come home with me and play wii?" and maybe if you were lucky she was into watersports and said yes. 
I think Bl!tz has a ! on MIRC. I think. 
Strunk and White says outside (like this).

(If the whole sentence is in parentheses, then you do it like this.)

Also, you can put ?'s (WTF?) and !'s (neg!ke != negike!) in parentheses if they occur in the middle of a sentence.

I always did what Mike said, ever since middle school, but it never seemed right to me. I'll just write my own English rules (!) .? << endl; 
Two Questions 
Regarding building a new PC, I have a couple questions:
1.) I have an ATI card, and I heard switching between ATI and Nvidia drivers can be very very painful if you don't completely remove all traces of ATI drivers before installing Nvidia drivers. Would it be easier to just stay with ATI or is Nvidia worth it? (Probably I'll get either a 7800 GT or x1800 XT.)

2.) My friend said if Windows XP detects major hardware changes then it will lock me out of my computer and refuse to boot up unless I reinstall Windows. I would rather not do that. Is this true to anyone's knowledge? If so, are there any work arounds or anything? I don't want to have to back up my entire Quake directory and huge amounts of anime/manga to reinstall Windows. 
1/ I don't know about "collisions" between ATI and Nvidia, but I have other examples of concurrent tools that requested a complete uninstall process to work (e.g Norton vs Avast, etc..) So concerning video cards, I wouldn't bet on the fact you can do it safely: drivers are nothing more than programs that run your video cards, so...

2/ He is true: I sadly experimented it with my parents' PC. I had to reinstall Window, and then reinstall all the other programs cause Windows didn't recognized them any more: one week of work, thanks Microsoft.. :(

IMHO, best things to do is to go for a "higher" ATI. As back compatibility is normally ensured, I guess you will not have too much problem to upgrade your settings... just don't install this fucking Control Center.... 
you don't have to reinstall, you just have to reactivate it. If you don't reactivate it, it will eventually lock you out, just the same as if you do not activate it within the 30 day period prior to installing the OS. Also after a certain amount of formats/reinstalls,
you will be told when trying to activate XP that, basically you have done it to many times and you have to ring microsoft bla bla bla, they will walk you through the process and you'll be back up and running in no time, however you will have to go through the calling microsoft after nearly every format/install after that. It's a fairly painless procedure though.

I have also been told that after 50 installs, you will have to buy a new copy of XP, as you will no longer be able to activate your copy. I don't know how true that is, I haven't experienced that yet. But the other above I am very familiar with unfortunately.

This is actually the reason that I am experimenting with Linux, and as long as I can get my games to run fine, bye bye Windows.

I like to be able to do what I like with my OS, install it when, and as many times as I like. I believe that if you read through all the agreements with XP, you will find that they can actually shut you down and deny you access to the OS when ever they feel like it. They would of course have to have a good reason, but by installing XP and accepting the agreements, your basically telling them you agree with that. I have only been told this and shown excerpts, never actually bothered to read it myself, but I had no reason to doubt the peeps that told me, then again... 
There are differences between the 'oem' and retail versions, they go through different activating proceedures, so somethings experienced with the oem version may not apply to the retail version. I have a couple of both and have seen this first hand.

Then of course I may be full of shit, and all the above is just bullshit... 
Also (pt2) 
Last one I promise.

major hardware

The emphasis here should be on major, I have changed video, sound cards, Ram, (I don't consider them major)many a time without any need to do anything with regaurds to keeping the OS running. From what I have seen it's basically motherboards, perhaps CPU that will require action, or perhaps a number of items at the same time. But if you are like me, any hardware upgrade is usually follwed by a complete format reinstall, after I have checked everything out on the current install as to try and avoid any problems on a clean install.

Am I drunk? No,
stoned? well thats against the law, so I wouldn't do that, perhaps a bit dizzy
I don't usually talk this much, it won't happen again.

Actually being stoned isn't against the law, being in possession, or operating a vehicle whilst being stoned are, so.... yeah, I'm stoned, absolutely out of my tree, and loving it. Carry on!! 
So According To []... 
... either change of environment (go for Linux), or buy a brand new PC...

I think the safest way to avoid fights with environment settings/re-installation/etc.. bla bla bla... would be to buy a brand new PC... just to be able to re-install your Windows compatible tools... bleh ! 
i doubt you'd run into any problems with just a video card replacement, but i don't have experience when going from ati to nvidia.

typically, things like motherboard or cpu would maybe make windows stop working. a friend of mine told me there's a way to get windows to redetect hardware configuration, but he forgot how. 9_9 worth looking into, anyway. 
New Comp 
thanks to the people who put up info ages ago regarding a new comp.

Got it today, and it's a flier. The 7900GT is indeed a monster card, I just need to find somewhere in melbourne that can get me a dual link dvi-d cable for my monitor. But games look great and fly.

Now i just need to find the time to go through all the titles I wanted to play. 
within the 30 day period prior to installing the OS
That of course was ment to be '30 day period AFTER installing the OS

So According To []... either change of environment (go for Linux), or buy a brand new PC...

I'm not totally sure that is what I said, I'll have to wait a day or 2 to know for sure, but by then I prolly won't care 0_o 
I'm not totally sure that is what I said, I'll have to wait a day or 2 to know for sure, but by then I prolly won't care 0_o

errr... I was joking... really... just in case you took that as is ;P 
'Strunk and White says outside (like this).'

I'm not sure about White but I'll stand by Strunk and change my ways henceforth (in fact I'll start right away!).

Oh, but now I have two and that can't be right (can it?). 
You can combine ! and ?, into !? (but maybe that's only for exclamatory questions in comic books.).

You can't combine . with ! or . with ? or . with ; as far as I know (and I don't know a lot!.). ! 
Reinstalling Windows 
If you are switching from ATI to NVIDIA and vise-versa and fear driver overlap issues, just use DriverCleaner from and that's it, problem solved.

If you are putting together a full new PC and not just replacing a videocard, do not expect to just put your old harddrive and expect Windows to work. Even if it does, it's likely to be way slower then it should be. Always do a full Windows reinstall when you do a major upgrade of CPU + motherboard (like going from AMD Tbird to Athlon64 or from Athlon XP to Pentium 4 or whatever).

As to what comes to the whole Windows Activation bullshit, just get a Windows XP PRO SP2 Corporate Edition CD image off the net and you're set. It will NEVER ask you to activate or reactivate or whatever. No matter what hardware changes you make. 
When you at some point do a full system format and reinstallation. Do not forget to split your primary harddrive into multiple partitions, so that you have at least a C: for the OS and apps and D: for everything else. This way you will avoid the trouble of having to fuck around with backupping dozens of gigabytes of important data should you ever need to reinstall Windows. 
Silly Zwiffle... 
!, ?, and ; already have a .

: has 2 
that's all well and good until a hot chick asks you what it represents.

"umm.. it's a computer game that I play a lot"

It's Not Even Symmetric 
I think he should get his money back. 
Maybe He Didn't Pay 
Maybe his girlfriend did it.
Probably not though, huh? 
I consider quake to be bad habbit 
Yo Dudes 
great fun.....two posts in three days..btw the secret word for tonight is "joystick".

(and thanks alot for the recent releases, havent played them all but i will get to it :) 
Quake Cereal.... 
ATI & Nvidia 
Just grab a copy of "driver cleaner pro" free software, uninstall ATI, run drivercleaner and clean ATI, then power down and install the nvidia card, power up and bobs your uncles mother 
Bob Was A Terrible Uncle 
I took care of his horses for nearly two months and he never paid me once. Bitter memories, man. 
A Song 
I composed this while playing sin, titled "CPU Bound." (to the tune of simon and garfunkel's "homeward bound")

See pee yooou boound
oh ah wish ah wa-asn't
seeeee peee yoooou bound
BOUND, when the game's a-skippin
BOUND, when ma framerate's dippin
you get the idea. 
I just totally hate Bush. Just completely and utterly. I just thought I would express my frustration. 
Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 
was free for download right? i couldn't find a single copy of it on Microsoft's site, so i'm picking it up via p2p. 

The Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 has been replaced by Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition provides a complete integrated development and debugging environment making it the easiest way to create powerful applications using the C/C++ language. Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition also contains an enhanced version of the C/C++ optimizing compiler for the fastest executables. Best of all, the Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition is completely free!

:( Although, after using visual studio express for C# the past several months, I kind of like it :O 
but 2005 is a big gui version of it... 2003 was a nice simple command line compiler tool. :P

i downloaded the 2005 one, and it's asking to register it in 30 days too, so i'm not sure what that's all about... 
anyone have perosnalexperience with an lcd/tft monitor and dvi ? I've read stuff on the net but apart from the generic "it's better than vga" I cant pin down exactly what looks better ? Is there less alising for example ?

just asking, becuase dvi-d cables are a pain to find in melbourne and if it's not really worth it, I'd rather save the time and money. 
"i downloaded the 2005 one, and it's asking to register it in 30 days too, so i'm not sure what that's all about..."

Err.... you register and then it doesn't nag you about it anymore... 
BOUND, where my lovelife's loading slow enough for me 
Err.... you register and then it doesn't nag you about it anymore...

oh ok; i just saw the word 'register' and hit cancel right away. usually, that word is synonymous with 'give us your money'. :P

anyway, i got the 2k3 version now, so i'm good. d3 source code, here i come... o.o 
i've been using a DVI lcd display for a while now, so I can't remember what it's like to not have one. Signal quality couldn't be better, but it's a pretty subtle difference to see i guess, you'd probably need to see vga/dvi side by side.

if you're happy with your picture don't bother, if its a hassle to get the cable... all I read is that it addresses the individual pixels 'directly' or some shit. I don't know LCD monitor technology at all. 
Re: Vga Vs Dvi 
regular vga is analog, dvi is digital. Kind of silly to convert a digital signal from the system to analog output and then back to digital display IMO. (which is what you do with an LCD with a VGA interface.) But regardless, most people can't tell the difference unless its on a very high-end digital display. 
I bought this display not realising it only has VGA (no DVI) but at 1440*900 things still look damn purdy.

It's probably like playing at 2X compared to 16X anti-aliasing. If you have never seen it good you don't know what you are missing 
yeah I know about the analog/digital thing so going by tv tech I was wondering if that meant less aliasing and other artifacting etc or just sharpness ?

Or whether I was way off given tv and montor tech are probably different 
Attn Kell 
The download for chapters on appears to be fuxored. Site says its 15.5mb, file is 15.0mb and I get all sorts of errors trying to open it. Tried ~5 times downloading.

On a side note, is the source code for either chapters or quoth available? Wanted to peek at the code for the voreling =)