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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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Whatever Happened To GMT...? 
When I was a kid, I was taught that GMT was the international reference time, and everybody was using it. It was simple, everyone knew how many hours to add/subtract according to their timezone and it worked perfectly fine this way. Now people talk in CET, UTC and what-have-you, and nobody understands shit... 
Sandwich Time Is For Sissies 
I guess. 
GMT Is Alive And Well... 
GMT is now just a time zone. UTC is the same as GMT (or vice versa) but is now the global time standard. 
I bet Quake guy/ranger is using ZULU Military Time Format! 
It's Time For SM179! 

It's a relatively simple theme here, since sm178's theme was base, I thought I'd continue the trend from there. The deadline is sunday, Aug 18, 12:00 UTC.

You can submit your maps here, and make sure your map is named like this: sm179_[yournamehere]

You have 24 hours, GO. 
Thanks For The Clarification, Mike 
UTC is the same as GMT
I didn't know that. 
wizard.wad can be grabbed here 
14 Hours Left... 
Slept the rest of it.

Alright, I'll see what I can churn out in this remaining time. 
More Like 21 ... 
The deadline is sunday, Aug 18, 12:00 UTC.

August 18 doesn't fall on a Sunday until 2019... 
So This Is A 2-year Jam? 
My Bad, 
It's actually August 19, 12:00 UTC. Can a mod edit my post above? 
... Sunday Is 20 
not that it matter, b saying that its on sunday is enough. 
I'm Dumb 
Sadly I'm Out 
The idea just wasn't there. Good luck to everyone else. 
I PM'd you the map file. Note there is no .lit file. Did not used any colored lights. 
My Map Is Done! :)

Will do separate post, if this one is not gonna be on this pack. Weekend was a bit busy yet I missed the start, but this one is made under 24 nonetheless and theme is wizard. 
UTC+2 Is My Timezone 
There has been a bit of confusion with the calculations. 
Here is the one I attempted to this jam, previous one was test map made in 20h earlier. 
Start time should be posted in advance and the theme named as soon as it begins. Start 21:00 saturday, finish 23:59 sunday. 
Breezeep did BOTH of those things. 
everyone should chill out and be a little less critical of Breezeep imo. He took initiative, set a theme, organized, even made screenshots which I never did. I think he should be commended for trying to galvanize this more off the cuff variation on SM creation, especially if you guys want more packs to be organized!

Also what Negke said about files etc being unnecessary bologna. 
what happened to the speed chainmaps #69 and #100 
SM180: A Map Repus Can Enjoy 
If you've been over to Quaddicted recently you may have noticed that a certain guest named Repus has quite the unusual tastes. Let's make him happy by making speedmaps he can enjoy!

id1 please.

Deadline: 12/15/2017 23:59 GMT+1

(Also this is meant as light-hearted fun, don't be overly mean/insulting to them). 
It goes without saying that anything that's outright insulting towards Repus, such as centerprints, or levels mocking them in a mean way will be thrown out. 
Posts by Repus. Both positive and negative.

I've played early Tronyn's levels back in late 90's, and I can say that not much has changed. The level making skill has increased, but overall this level lacks creativity. Boring gameplay, primitive architecture. What I like in many modern levels, that you can run into a large space, make monsters fight each other and then leave. In this level every location is hard (and boring) to go through. You have to kill all the monsters, and the process is very plain. I'd say the Tronyns needs to think "beyond one room", to have a wider and reacher vision of a level. I finished playing this boredom just because I started. What a waste of time!!!

and a level by the mysterious Guest himself: 
A Tough Crowd.... 
Well if your going to make a jam for Repus under the assumption he likes shorter maps, he just pissed on the entirety of jam 5 for being too short:

"Did not like any of the levels."

Seriously there is no logic to this almost schizophrenic fluctuation between praising some maps and hating entire groups of others. Intentional trolling or deranged person, I don't know... 
Did not like


Don't be ridiculous. 
Ok I didn't mean to come off as outrageous,

And I'm not trying to curtail someones free speech. What I'm saying is nothing could compel me to come forward and dismiss such a swath of maps, without finding SOMETHING to like. I cannot understand the psychology behind it, and I find it dubious and unrealistic that someone could genuinely dislike this free content, and yet they still bother to play an ancient 20+ year old game. I simply do not find it genuine.

I also find it impossible to follow the logic behind this persons "likes" and "do not likes" as there appears to be no understandable, or reproducible criteria behind what is good and what is bad.

To some it up: I'm having trouble with this Simpson character. Is he supposed to have some sort of neurological impairment? Like Rain Man or Awakenings? 
Same Here 
Find it hard to see a common thought process there, so i'll probably contribute with anything non related.

Or maybe the theme could be about doing something strange or incoherent? That be feasible. 
after checking around his last over dozen of comments, while i see how he isn't well valued because of not liking some popular maps and i haven't played them myself so i don't know if what he says makes sense or not, it doesn't seem to be that he blurts out things out of rage, fandom, or childish behaviour like typical in this cases or that he is on the level of hkbattousai's comments. So i don't think what i wrote previously as true anymore.

So far i can say that:
- He prefers action packed ones.
- Is picky about the variety of encounters.
- Hunts for secrets.
- Doesn't complain much about some extra difficulty or a bit of ammo management.
- Don't like much the harder traps.
- Handle or like exploration in small quantities.
- Seems to me that he prefers ideas over solidity of maps, as long as the brushwork isn't simple.
You can work with that info, but i don't think he like speedmaps to begin with, so it will be a challenge. 
This Is Silly 
Speedmapping is good. But let's be honest, the theme is really just about calling someone out for having a different taste and being opinionated about it. Even if they may be inconsistent or whatever, his comments state what he liked or disliked and they don't come off as trollish like some others on the site. Putting a highlight on this by means of using it as an official speedmapping theme blows it out of proportion -it's a non-issue after all- and serves to prove his point on how everyone seems to be expected to have a generally positive opinion on maps. I get that this isn't meant to be overly serious, but still feels below us. 
Calling it "A map that someone with a highly refined taste can enjoy" would be more appropriate while keeping the ironic undertone. 
What's The Difference? 
Everyone knows who we're talking about either way. 
The difference is not calling him directly by name and drawing attention, not on a personal level. Better as an inside joke. 
Always trust negke to be a total killjoy. 
America's Top Quake Map! 
Well since it seems that REDACTED(the Quaddicted reviewer in question) = Simon Cowell then to avoid using anyones Quaddicted alias maybe call it:

-Maps for Simon Cowell
-American Idoljam 
And should I care about him? 
exactly... this whole thing is strange, even for func 
hey guys way to take just a totally light hearted jab at a jam and turn it into a psycho analysis of some random eastern European dude. 
Bloody obviously not better to make it a cutesy ironic inside joke, that comes off as underhanded and actually meaner than skacky's original intention.

Exotic his opinions may or may not be, he did straight up say his tastes are "more refined" than the rest of Quaddicted. If you put yourself on a pedestal you automatically open yourself to the possibility of becoming target practice.

Worst case scenario is that they don't like the speedmaps created. 
he did straight up say his tastes are "more refined" than the rest of Quaddicted

No matter how much i check his comments or the forum not only i can't see that, but nowhere about he talking about himself.

I went with the flow before and tried to redirect a bit the topic, but i have to say that this is getting out of hand, and just because a guy didn't like two popular releases. 
So are we speedmapping or no? 
Nah, we're all bickering over pointless shit, as usual, and making me pass for a huge asshole because that's what func_ is about. 
Hey, Atleast It's Not About Timezones Again. 
So I should scrap my box room with one shambler? 
10 Mins Remaining Folks 
Thanks To Both Mukor And Naitelveni Who Released A Map For This 
Congrats to Naitelveni especially who made a fun map in under four hours.

I don't thank the other few people who just like to endlessly complain, undermine community efforts and somehow know my intentions better than I do. I will not bother anymore. You know who you are. 
@skacky @muk0r 
Some of us weren't in on the joke, kinda felt left out. Also, there's another Jam going on and people are using their limited spare time to work on that. Myself included.

@Muk This is a demo I did at work. Pretty derpy. Not used to mac keyboard and Quake. I want to play it again. It's gorgeous. This is from the file you posted on Discord. 
Thanks for the demo! Sorry about the health pack in a spot you cant reach it. i didnt think that one through obviously! lol 
A Request To Skacky/Naitelveni/mukor/Shambler 
I usually try to keep out of Func drama and I don't mean to tread on any toes with this, but here goes --

I have a lot of respect and appreciation for Skacky's, Naitelveni's and mukor's work, and I am not saying it was anybody's intention to be mean. And though I basically share the sentiments of post #3917, I respect the fact people have different opinions on the matter, and if the "joke" is something people found cathartic/funny/something that inspired them to map, then I guess it's served a useful purpose -- but then can we please leave it at that, as a joke that exists in the Func Speedmapping thread?

The problem is that regardless of intent, as it stands the name of the pack still comes across as mean-spirited. Explicitly mocking people who are not part of the Func mapping community and are just playing maps on Quaddicted seems like a good way to alienate players and sets a really bad precedent.

So can the title of sm180_pack in the release thread please be renamed to "unthemed" (seeing as they are essentially two unthemed maps anyway)? 
It's only explicit mocking if for whatever internalised reason you choose to interpret it as explicit mocking. 
It's really hard to see how it can be read any other way: it calls out a particular commenter on Quaddicted by name. It's not someone who has requested a map pack like this, nor someone any of the authors have been in conversation with about creating a map pack.

So when suddenly, a speedmap pack pops up with the title "Maps that [this person] can enjoy", it certainly doesn't come across as genuine -- especially given the fact that the commenter in question has expressed opinions that deviate from the popular consensus (and has on at least one occasion received an uncalled-for snooty response). 
Its worth noting that the uncalled for snooty response wasnt from anyone on func. OTP and skacky spoke in defense of repus. (Sepulcher review)

I put a lot of time into my map. Hope he likes it. 
Repus Guest
2 December 2017, 10:35

Well, Mr. Guest (couldn't think of something less banal for the nickname?), I actually did wrote positive comments on some levels, for example The Canal, and I actually do know what goes into map making, 'cause I created a level of my own back in early 2000's.

Your statement about only negative comments shows that you haven't downloaded many levels from this resource, otherwise you would definitely find some positive feedback.

There are no rules on this website allowing only positive comments, and the fact that I don't like some levels that the majority of people adore is, perhaps, I have better refined taste and I don't follow the crowd that just likes 95% of what is posted over here. That's too bad for me, 'cause it's hard for me to find a level to enjoy.

How's that for an uncalled-for snooty response?? 
I Mean He Says It Himself Right There. 
it's hard for me to find a level to enjoy. 
Why So Negative 
I think there is a good chance Repus might be delighted by the attention and start writing and singing songs for Skacky/Naitelveni/mukor ;) 
Scratch that...I read some of Repus' offensive reviews and he fucking deserves to be shit on and hope he does not feel delighted by the attention :D 
Its worth noting that the uncalled for snooty response wasnt from anyone on func. OTP and skacky spoke in defense of repus. (Sepulcher review)

Yes, I am aware of that. I wasn't blaming anyone on Func for that reponse and I appreciate that they spoke up in defense of Repus.

I am also aware of the comment quoted in its entirety above. I don't condone that comment by any means, but it is in my opinion important to keep in mind that Repus was clearly getting defensive after being called out by Guest, whose criticism of Repus's earlier comments, though not entirely unjustified, was itself a little too strongly worded and exaggerated. You see this sort of thing all the time. Plus, it's important to note that despite the defensively worded response to Guest in the ion01 comment section, Repus seems to have taken especially JMP's criticism to heart, and has subsequently left comments that were still critical, but more respectfully worded.

In any case, the point is that there are many comments on Quaddicted that are a little silly/too emotionally worded/etc. Responding to the person in the relevant comment section, as JMP did to Repus, or as onetruepurple did to MikeTaylor and Greed, is an appropriate way of dealing with it. Directly referencing it in a map pack title is not. 
Besides, quoting and drawing attention to an unfortunately worded comment by Repus or MrKilles's second comment above arguably just proves what I said before, namely that this comes across as mean-spirited, even if it wasn't the intention.

@mukor, again, I don't mean to suggest that you or Skacky or Naitelveni weren't being genuine. 
Even if the content creators took offense at the guys attitude, maybe they created maps with a title to give a fuck you to offender...making something positive of it for others at the same time.

I think its the liberty of the offended creators to do something like this. Its not even rude, its productive, and it evacuates some frustration, awesome!

If repus were a respectfull critic, and/or a content creator and not some offensive cunt it would be something else..

You cannot justify that this would drive anyone away excpet for repus himself maybe.

Fucking stop pansying about.

Repus : 0
Eveyone else : +1 
I wasn't part of this speedmapping session, apart from playing and enjoying the maps and spicing up Skacky's news post.

I do appreciate that you've posted some serious discussion on any controversy without just insulting people. 
Thanks for responding.

I wasn't part of this speedmapping session

Yes, I realise you weren't a co-author, but I directed my post to you as well in your capacity as moderator, seeing as you can edit the name and content of the release post/thread after the fact.

And see #3946 for yet further proof of what I mean. 
Saw 13 Posts In Speedmapping Thread 
Got really excited.

Don't know why. 
Fine I went overboard with the offensive cunt part.

It still stands in my opinion that it was a positive and inclusive response to repus imo.


"Fuck func, fuck terrafusion. Keep your hostility to your own "community", you insensitive shitheads."

This looks like some pent up issues waiting for an outlet and not about this repus titled sm at all.... 
Please Restrict Such Conversations To The Beef Thread 
SM181: Theme: Copper Deadline: 7th Jan 2018 
2018 is around the corner and it seems we will reach 100 maps in 2017 lets start the new year with haste! Copper textures are the theme and the deadline is 7.1.2018 sunday.

texture link:

Have fun! 
The Link Again 
It's a great idea but I cannot participate in this one. Looking forward to seeing what people come up with. 
Made A Much Expanded Wad With Textures From AD, Rmq And Some Dm Maps 
I'll try to come up with something for SM181.

Just a question regarding the rules of such mapping adventures: Is one restricted to use copper.wad *exclusively*? 
Not Really 
but the more you stick with the theme the better. There is also many cases and its encouraged a lot, about using speedmaps from other sessions, even if the theme doesn't match. 
Going To Play Through A Few Of These

Starts in ten minutes or so. 
Slow Progress Is Progress 
I never worked with these textures and am new to speedmapping... things will certainly look rough and unpolished.

Nonetheless a few peeks at my entry "Santan's Farty Underpants": 
The map is, of course, titled "Satan's Farty Underpants"...

Of course, "Santan" could be a weird Santa/Satan hybrid creature... 
Promising Indeed. 
things will certainly look rough and unpolished.

Then its going to be a genuine speedmap, so don't worry and make it fun for you. 
.. if the time limit is more than a couple days you should probably just call it a jam. Copper Jam sounds pretty funky too 
On At Least 
the last 11 speedmap packs there was a week of time to map, save one or two. It is so people can choose when to map because real life and ..., not intended to use the full of it. Not many of us can map in whatever time we want like years ago. 
Small update:

Some corridors remind me of Unreal... 
I will be trying make small map for sm181.

When is deadline? 7 Jan 2018 or or sooner? 
deadline is 7.1.2018 sunday

You'd better get going! 
you have all the way until july to get it done. no worries! 
Ya I Thot That Too 
But he said Jan 7 earlier. Crazy backwards d.m.y timing (although the units do nicely increase in that method vs the m.d.y). 
Depends On The Area 
we use d/m/y too here and have it hard with m/d/y but easier with y/m/d.

It is similar on how much a billion is varies between the areas: some say is 10^12 (million of million), some 10^11 and some 10^9 (thousand of million). Makes it harder when i travel around. 
Just use "international date format" best part about it is that you can sort it chronologically in excel / file explorers. And it lumps the largest number first, then smaller, then smallest.

Of Copse And Stone 
Working on my speedmap with a custom theme that merges hstn% textures with cop% (as seen in the kpbonus level in my old and rather lame keep episode, keep not Keep).

Screenies long as my little brother-in-laws don't keep piling ontop me. 
Doing Some 
for this session.

Probably will be one that focus on skill level differences and another smaller one that focus on more or less randomized encounters. 
More Progress 
More days to go, but here's an update: 
Nice Start. 
Getting the style right there. Please incorporate more height variation in the area and in the wall finishes if possible :) 
Just Messing Around With The Theme 
That looks like some *very* nice geometry! 
My Progress 
Speedmap-arific DOOMer! 
Screw Silver And Gold 
I want that Copper Jam! Looking good. 
How To Submit An Entry? 
How does one submit an entry to the speedmapping run? Does one just simply put a link to the finished map or are the entries disclosed only to whoever assembles the complete pack? 
Put A Link Here, On The Deadline's Day 
to avoid the comments spread between this thread and the news one.

Usually the maps are sent to the organizer's e-mail, and disclosed like you explain, but Naitelveni has none on his profile so this time they must be put here. 
Almost There 
First map, and second map

As i have a bit more of time, instead of doing a quicker one, i am testing a bit of DM gameplay for the second, with its layout seems like it could work. 
Looking forward to playing these! Your second map indeed looks very DM-able :) 
My Entry 
In the next 3 hours, I published my map. Now I am in the process of placing the monsters, but I need to get away from the computer for a time. 
My sm181 map -

Not enough time for balancing monsters and skill levels, sorry :( 
Updated Link 
-fixed easy skill trigger_counter mistake in laser pillar area. 
Hi Doomer, at the end of your map (I took the liberty of already enjoying it!) I just cannot manage to jump into the pipe and I had to noclip to reach the exit trigger. Did I miss something? 
Here are my maps.

Not recommended on skill 2-3. More details on the text files. 
Ups. I forgot add small stair :(
Thanks, man!

I updated my map with fix unaccessable exit gate. 
Yay, thanks for the fix! The map works without problems now :) 
And ... 
is there any news from Naitelveni and Fifthelephant? 
Naitelveni planned try to make the sm181_pack today 
Sadly, As Usual, I Wasn't Finished In Time 
forgot about you Qmaster, sorry. Before i was asking mostly about if both Naitelveni and Fifthmaps had a map too, and it seems that not, which is a pity.

About your map, i suppose you are still on time: it is an speedmap, given how not much like an speedmap many speedmaps have been these last two or three years and how real speedmaps are made, if you just put an exit on whatever you have it will be similar to most speedmaps already. If you won't release, just save it for sm182. 
Yup Saving 
I kinda fudged the copse theme anyway. 
Any news on when there will be a sm181 package? 
I won’t be able to finish mine be unfortunately 
Roger That 
On another topic, after five days it seems that Naitelveni forgot about this or didn't know the organizer needed to do the pack, if not he would have asked us for help if he was lacking time. He doesn't seem to be hanging around here or Doomworld much in the last months so poking him a bit is not possible.

So any of us will have to do the pack instead and i volunteer myself for it, as i have time.

In 12 hours i will upload it, just in case he appears or if any of you want to submit something quick or tweak a bug on the map. Just warn me beforehand and I'll wait for you. In the case Naitelveni appears with a map after that I'll update the file. 
Just in case if naitelveni doesn't send his exit door fix in time: 
I created sm181 pack, uploaded it on my host and submmited news on func_

Cocerello, I didn't read your post when I made the decision to do it. 
Link Updated 
SM182: Organic 
The beef and boning never ends!!

Deadline: April 22nd, 23:59. It's Monday, so let's give eachother an hour of mapping per day for the week.

id1 + bsp1 please.

Link to wad: 
>speed map

>week long dead line

Quake Is Too Dysfunctional To Do 32in24 Efforts 
go map 
go fuck yourself. 
Where's normal (clean) brick texture like bodst56?
Can I use quake.wad? 
And I Want Blood Sky :) 
yes to both! 
24 Hour Jam 2: Time To Argue Over The Name 
Sorry for such short notice on this, but if anyone's interested, a few people in Terrafusion and I will be doing a followup to the [24 hour jam]( from about a year and a half back.

Starts June 3rd, 12am func time and ends June 4th, 12am func time. Theme is *base once again. Any base set will do, idbase, ikbase, speedbase, doesn't matter. Id1 only. 
Apparently This Doesn't Use Markdown 
The original 24 hour jam for reference. Dammit. 
that's more that 24 hours, no? 
Wait What? 
Is it? Time zones are confusing. 12am one day into 12am the next day. That's what I thought. 
that's more that 24 hours, no?

Starts June 3rd, 12am func time and ends June 4th, 12am func time. 
Getting A Lot Of Mileage Out Of That One 
Haven't Even Scratched The Surface 
Alright Fuck It Whatever, SM183 It Is 
Start it early, I fucked this one up. End time is still the same. /shrug 
He revealed the theme early. So technically more than 24 hours. Sort of. If you are a cheater. 
Of Course We Are All Cheaters 
Test failed to be viewed by any worthy recipients.

P.S. I threw something together that is quite terrible but forgot about it until now. 
i have speedmaps to share but idk my momma told me not to hang out with you guys anymore 
please share

i won't tell your mother 
I Saw Shots 
I want them stat. 
Screenshot composite


what momma dont know wont kill her. 
Nice, another "too cool for func" top secret jam from sock. Haven't had those in quite some time. 
the idea that "map jams" are to be hosted on func only is something that needs to die years ago.

func is not the great filter for all quake content on the web. 
also, sock didnt host anything. we just all made maps at the same time and packed em together.

hell im the one who made the theme of "Zombies and a lift" so 1v1 me or whatever. 

thank you for the maps =D


please, don't start a war.
Func isn't the only community for quake, i know it's the most active but there's also people on quakeone forums talking about multiplayer and all sort of things, there's people on Moddb making mods for darkplaces, there's people on insideqc talking about engine mods with FTE, there's people on twitter making new models, there's people on quaddicted forums sharing new textures, there's people on discord talking about something (i don't know what, i don't use discord XD) and all of them just want to have fun and keep quake alive.

let's hold our hands and fight the world together \o/ 
Honest Question Tho 
if func is not the great filter for all quake content on the web.

then why post here at all?

Can't we all just get along? 
"then why post here at all?"

to share maps with quake fans.

not gonna respond to the peanut gallery stuff anymore.

play the maps. have fun. 
Fair Enough Muk 
I played them straight away - loved them all although scar3crow's made me scream in terror and I died spectacularly in Zombie's and Muk's.

Skill 1 demos here.

g1ftmacher's = whimsical!
muk's = sprawling!
scar3crow's = maniacal!
sock's = spiraling!
zombie's = tubular! 
yeah scarecrow gets the most credit from me in this pack. he managed to pull off a map in <3 hours with a limited skill set in TB. congrats to him.

zombie pulled off some good atmosphere in his 3 hours. the water section was cool.

gift had the coolest quad in the pack and the sky made me lol.

socks map giving the weapons it did made me feel all powerful and such. nice use of vertical space, too.

and i spent way too much time on my map. :D

thanks for the demos. 
That Sky! What?? Added To The Maps-to-play Hopper. 
Doom has about 3 places to easily find everything and most importantly never miss a new map, though you can mostly just go to Doomworld.

Quake has, let's see, places to go and get cool new and different stuff. Makes it hard to not miss anything important like new maps, cool betas, and screenshots of those jawdroppers that will never be released (this century). 
The sky is from khreathors prototype wad. 
News Thread Exists Now 
ay thanks metl. appreciate it. 
Mayan Speedmap Jimmy 
One week to create a Mayan themed map (id1 vanilla) no other rules.
Deadline is Sunday June 24th - 23:59 func_time.

Jungle wad:

Email maps to

sm184_otp is go! 
Let's Do This 
No promises, though. 
Gooooo Map :) 
YES!! :) 
From where you got the azwall textures? I cannot get to remember them. 
I'll try one! Nice textures 
Somebody posted em up on discord a while back
Most seem work in progress. The guy didn't say what the source was and the original names have been for some dumb reason. 
Mariteux was the guy who put the wad together. Maybe he can share originals if he's still around. 
Here's all the info you need on that particular WAD 
Thanks, Demptruck_ds 
So if i have understood that well, those azwall textures are textures Id never used but no custom map has used ever before either. I know that there are textures Id never used as I have used them for years for custom maps, but it is hard to believe that in 22 years no one found the rest. 
Some More Wads In Here 
I'll be dropping a dropbox folder here with some wads that might prove useful for some mappers in here.

abAztec.wad will keep being updated with new textures for the next few days, so keep an eye out on that filesize. 
Extended Deadline 
Sunday July 1st - 23:59 func_time.
Hopefully this will give enough people time to finish their maps - and maybe give others a chance to join. 
Expect to play it soon! 
Sm184_shambler Included In Above Links 
Who's Up For Another Spee Dmap? 
From now till Sunday evening.

Got a metalic theme in mind.

Bit drunk btw, havrnt checked #speedmapping at Discunt. 
Speedmapping Pack 186 Is A Go! 
- Theme is Terracotta. Think of maps like E1M5 and E4M4 (some parts of E4M3, too).
- Deadline is August 26th 23:59 func time (Berlin). So about 4 days left to map.
- Texture wad is provided here:

Now quit dilly-dallying and :gomap: 
Whoops, Forgot The Email Adress 
Send the maps here: 
#4053 @Danzadan 
Link is dead. 
NVM, Found It 
in Dumptruck's Quake mapping Discord. 
Q1SP Speedmap &quot;Simpleton&quot; 
Quake Single Player Speedmap. Made in a bit over 3 hours. Was listening to XTC Mayor of Simpleton when I started. :)

2 secrets, 19 enemies. All skill levels supported.


SM187 "4h Speed Mapping" 
Sm187 event starts now "4h speed mapping session", maps should be made in 4 hours or under it. There is no specific theme, just pick what interests you personally. Vanilla quake maps. Multiple entries allowed as well.

Deadline would be 24~ hours starting from this point, but maps can be send much earlier of course. You can post finished maps to #speedmapping, directly to me or using my
email mikkou9(at)gmail(dot)com.

Happy mapping times*

Timer (a bit off): 
(Clarification: this session was prompted by post #4046.) 
actually #4064 
Sm187 Extension Needed? 
Do you pll need one extension about 12 hours more? Some might have different timezone or bad timing in rl. 
Bad timing = too bad, make a map next time. 
Yeah, if idea doesn't get support that is fine ofc ^^; Reminder about 6h left 
Last Minute Mappers Fair Extension (sm187) 
If you started in last 3h you can use rest 4h for your map. I will pack maps later today (about 6-7h from this point). 
where is the download? 
just posted func post, should be soon up. 
Now You're Warmed Up: 
SM188: The Age Of The No Penis Mapper

Theme: - read Baker's magnificent first post and make a map inspired by / in response to it.

Obviously this is quite conceptual. It's up to you, as the accused no-penis-mapper, to interpret it. You could acquiesce to Baker's words of wisdom and make a map featuring no penises but lots of coop starts. Or you could make a tribute to the great orator and make the whole map an enormous penis. Or anything in between.

If that's all a bit avant-garde, just make "classic Quake with a modern twist".

Any wad - vanilla Id1 only - runs in Quakespasm and Mark V

12am GMT Monday 17th September (4+ days from now).

Submit to:

(I know this is a bit soon after SM187 but I wanted to do it while it's vaguely topical). 
It's My Time To Shine. 
Female, trans, etc mappers are encouraged to do their own suitable interpretations of the theme, e.g. "no-vagina" map or "hell yeah I'm a proper no-penis mapper" celebratory map, etc. 
Solid Theme 
should draw CZG out. 
You've had two evenings, you have two more days. Let's do it!

I'm going at it hard, got a nice wee map that I might expand a bit. Hoping for some reinforcements from you guys. Remember if the theme is a bit conceptual (just like Baker's ramblings), then just do your own thing and have fun with it.

As a bonus, here's a suitable wad enhancement to inspire you: 
Progs_dump Speedmap Pack 
There's some interest in doing a speedmap pack around progs_dump. Tentative plan is to start wednesday the 3rd and end at the start of Monday the 8th. Still figuring out exact times and putting together a wad. More details to follow.

For naming this, did sm188 become a thing or just shambler's map? / Should the progs_dump speedmap pack be sm189? 
Sm188 Cancelled So This Is Now 188 
Do it boiz. 
Sm188: Progs_dump Speedmap Pack! 
sm188 starts at 12 AM EST (5 AM UTC) October 3rd and ends 12 AM EST October 8th!

We've bundled up all the tools and a custom wad in one spot:

Submit your maps to AndrewYoder [at]

Please note that while these tools contain the prog_dump tools, it's not the same as the progs_dump release. If you want examples for how to use those tools, you should download that and check out the maps!

Now get mapping! 
Forgot to mention! The custom wad has some new textures from Jazz! Even if you don't intend to submit a speedmap, worth checking out that wad for those! 
Wait is this the scary map thing? 
I think the scary map pack is going to be after. There was talk of putting together a wad with a lot of gory textures. iirc, Newhouse is the person to check with on that. 
SM189: Satanic Mechanism! 
Theme: Doom textures, because Doom's 25th anniversary is coming up (December 10th).

Deadline: December 9th, 23:59:59.

Progs: id1, because I feel it's too soon for another modded pack after the last speedmap/halloween jam/xmas jam.

Wad(s): (<- important!!!) 
Been a long time since I've looked at DOOM textures. Should be fun! 
But Wait, There's More! 
Danzadan produced two new wads of textures from Doom and Doom 2, with better color reduction and actual texture names! 
Can I recommend the use of this .wad too?:

Needs conversion... 
BUMP For The Weekend. 
I know of at least two people making something for this. Get involved! 
Sm189 - Doom 25th - Off Course 
Contributing to the birthday cake. Thanks Id.

(Built for Quakespasm) 
Is this your first map? 
It Is.. 
..after years of slouching about with Idtech engines.

***TO ADMIN: I posted 2 .rar files to quaketastic and they're identical. "sm189_tba143_02" can be deleted.
First upload and double posted due to the(?) 'inactivity' error. 
Okay Then. 
It's a nice map, though a bit hard.

I received 9 maps total. The full pack will go online sometime within the next 12 hours. 
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