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Speedmapping Thread!
From now on, this thread will be the place to discuss speedmapping issues. This will also be where all speedmapping events will be annouced. This is just an effort to keep General Abuse on it's topic of 'anything' rather than being about speedmapping every weekend.
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SM195? Exploration / Nonlinear 
Talked a bit in the Quake Mapping discord about a speedmap event themed around nonlinear levels and exploration (no combat).

There was also some interest in using JCR's jumpboots mod from the modding jam.

If folks are up for that, the speedmap would start a week or so after Mapjam X releases. (there are a few bugs with the mod we're trying to sort out first.) 
I got word that there's some interest in a knave speedmap after mapjam X ends, and also that this Exploration / Nonlinear thing may be better suited to a jam (maybe call it explore jam 3).

Will post more info in the mapjam thread once details are sorted out (and once mapjam x is out).

So, I am un-calling dibs on sm195 :P 
SM195: Gotta Go Fast 
Theme: None. Paramount Pictures does recommend you go quickly, however- so a 24 hour time limit has been given.

Progs: ID1.

Texture wad: Anything goes.

Deadline: May 2nd, 3PM GMT (func time).

Submit in this thread, or at me on Discord.
SM196: Honey 
Yup, another speedmap event shortly after the previous one. This time, it's theme based and we're using the one from one of the most highly rated and popular maps: Honey by czg.

Theme: Honey
Progs: ID1
Texture wad:
Deadline: May 5th, 23:59 (11:59 PM) func time (Berlin)

Send the maps either to my Discord username Danz#1004 or my email brutusdzd-AT-gmail-DOT-com 
Yeah, I'm aware of Map Jam 1 being Honey themed, but it was never used during speedmap packs.
So I thought it wouldn't hurt to use it in this speedpack. 
just say it's "Map Jam 1 Themed" 
Fuck Yes 
Daz you mapping?!
That could bring out some celebrities! 
Oh Hahaha 
danz. sorry!
But its an undeniable and flexible theme 
1hr Jam1 !!! 
Fairweather is running a 1-hour jam in the Quake Mapping discord. Here are the specifics:

1hr Jam1
Within the next two days, create a level in 1 hour in a Medieval theme.

Textures: ID1
Progs: ID1
Deadline: Vaguely 3 days from now

- Max of 30 monsters.
- Weapons will not be wiped between levels, but I will consider your level's overall difficulty and weapon availability within the pack.
- I will accept only .map files, since i'll be linking them and replacing dud textures myself.
- Levels in a style other than Medieval will not be included in the pack.
- You can attempt as many times as you'd like, just do not use prefabs. Keep the spirit of the pack!
- Levels will be compiled with extra4, dirt and bounce.

This started a day ago, so you still have time to join in! 
1hr Jam1...

...Within the next two days

You mis-typed "48-hour Jam" lol 
No, the point is to make the map or maps in an hour over the next few days and give them to Fairweather to string them out as an episode.

Fairweather has said this is an experimental endeavor and it may lead to other similar projects. 
you have one hour to make the map, but you can start that hour any time that's convenient in those days. It's honor system... but also it'll be obvious if you spent more than an hour on it :D 
Yeah I know that's the idea, I'm just saying...

Good luck with it i guess :) 
7 Posts Not Shown On This Page Because They Were Spam 
Why are non-spam posts being deleted here?

Where are the Pinchy versus Shambler versus McLogenog posts from before? 
I found them over in the Jam X thread. 
Heads Up. 
Plans for SM200 are currently being discussed by a cabal of speedmappers.

The plans include a livestreamed mapping marathon with the goal of an episodic release.

DM me on Discord for details. 
Some Clarification Needed 
So 197-199 are still up for grabs in the meantime? You're just doing 200 due to the planning involved. 
Who Are You Again? 
A Functioning Adult 
That's Nice. 
I wasn't actually asking though. 
am also curious. Is the dibs on SM200 to do a big celebration stream thing, whenever that happens to be? 
Within the next two days, create a level in 2 hours in a Metal theme.

Any maps submitted are being compiled into a larger project, placing them into episodes with a difficulty and theming progression.

Textures: hrMet.wad
Progs: ID1
Deadline: Vaguely 3 days from now
Submit: In this thread, or to @fairweather#6969, or in the Quake Mapping discord.

- Weapons will not be wiped between levels, but I will consider your level's overall difficulty and weapon availability within the pack.
- I will accept only .map files, since i'll be linking them and replacing dud textures.
- Levels in a style other than Metal will not be included in the pack.
- You can attempt as many times as you'd like. Just keep the spirit of the pack!
- Levels will be compiled with extra4, dirt and bounce.

Additional stuff
- If your level doesn't meet a criteria, I will ask you to edit it. I will not personally be fixing major gamebreaking bugs on your behalf.
- All weapons and enemies are welcome, except for Cthon/Shub.
- Examples of Metal-styled levels include E3M2 onwards, AD_Grendels, AD_Mountain. 
an episode made out of speedmaps, simialr to a chainmap like the previous. I do not understand why mix the jam word there, it makes things confusing. 
No one is doing conflating mapping terms on purpose.

There are new people coming in from other mapping communities who are excited to create content.

Not everyone knows the proper terms or cares as much as the gang here on func.

Instead of saying something is confusing why not try and set the record straight with some insights? 
Episodic Speedchainjam Ofc. 
Is there any naming convention for this last pack?
The second submit option i suppose that is an email address, but there is nothing before the @ so are the numbers what goes before it? I would prefer to avoid submitting it here and it is not possible for me to use Discord. 
I can pass the file along to the discord, if you like. My email is andrewyoder @ live .com 
Naming convention doesn't matter. The name has to be changed before the pack is assembled anyway. If you're curious though, the naming convention is:


This would be my third submission that ended up being the second map of the first episode. 
Thanks Mclogenog

@Zungryware: even under the circumstances of this last pack naming conventions are useful. 
did you end up making a map? They're gathering them up on discord, and I haven't received an email from you. 
Within the next two or so days, create a level in 2 hours in an Elder World theme.

Textures: [hrEld.wad](
Progs: ID1
Deadline: Vaguely 3 days from now. (I'll give a hard 24 hour deadline at some point.)

- These levels will form a continuous episode, so weapons will not be wiped between levels.
- I will use the weapons you put in your level to gauge where it should appear in the episode.
- Please submit both your .map file and .bsp file. I need the map file to be able to set the trigger_changelevel correctly.
- Levels in a style other than Elder World will not be included in the pack. Ask before using any textures outside of the provided WAD.
- You can attempt as many times as you'd like. Just keep the spirit of the pack!
- Levels will be compiled with extra4, dirt and bounce.

Additional stuff
- If your level doesn't meet a criteria, I will ask you to edit it. I will not personally be fixing major gamebreaking bugs on your behalf.
- All weapons and enemies are welcome, except for Cthon/Shub.
- Make sure to follow the episode 4 theme.
Episode 4 has a very strange and ill-defined theme. The textures used are mostly brick, wood, terracotta, and swampstone. But the real theming comes in with the shaping of the levels. Episode 4 is filled with simple geometric shapes with sharp edges. Basically, try to make structures that feel geometric and nonsensical. If none of this makes any sense to you, just make a cathedral or a graveyard. Episode 4 levels also tend to be very dark. Oh, and use Quad Damage liberally.

:gomap: !
Levels will be compiled with extra4, dirt and bounce.

You don't need to recompile the levels to change the trigger_changelevel. Just run qbsp -onlyents and light -onlyents on the file and it'll update the entities. 
Anything On The Go Soon?? 
Apart from the 2 hour shizzle?? 
2hr completed AFAIK - not seeing anything on Quake Mapping as of this timestamp. 
Sm197 Attempt 
Create a map in any theme using only six textures as your palette.

Rules: vanilla id1 progs, only six visible textures (no multi-texture shenanigans)

Deadline: Monday 10th June 23:59 func_time

Submitting: Drop files here or on quake mapping discord

Placeholder wad: 
Take it to the beef thread. 
Oh, One Further Edit To Ww's Post. 
Files can also be dropped on terrafusion discord, speedmapping subchannel, of course. ww , maybe they can be emailed to you too for compiling the pack?? 
A Fool Proof Plan Surely 
Just in case, do you know you can add your email to your profile?

And a doubt, you say to use six textures and not allowing certain tricks on textures to put more but on the other side you give an specific choice of six textures. Which one goes? 
hes saying no textures that are a stack of 4 different trims, for example 
Was Not Asking That 
Bumping This Thread 
Just in case: there was an extension for SM197

Countdown clock here: 
That's A Lot Of Time 
I will have enough for another one. Thanks for reporting. 
SM198: 768 ^ 2 
Two weeks without a speedmapping event? Madness.

Theme: 768 x 768
Progs: ID1
Texture wad: No restriction
Deadline: June 29th, 2019
Create a map that stays within a two dimensional 768 x 768 area.
There is no restriction on Z-coordinate distance (otherwise known as height).
Submission: Either PM the maps directly to me on Discord or email them to
voice DOT of DOT the DOT nephilim AT gmail DOT com

Good luck to all. 
Tag Team Championship!

Theme: Collaboration
Progs: ID1
Texture wad: No restriction
Deadline: About 6 days from now. (See countdown)
Rules: You must work with at least one other person to create this map. The map will be credited under everyone's names.
Submission: Either PM the map directly to me on Discord or email them to
Interesting Theme 
but i do not think i will be able to join.

By the way, is there anything planned for sm200? sm100 was a turtlemap pack and a speedmap pack so i suppose sm200 will be a jam pack. 
Ask Otp? 
There are rumors that sm200 has its own Discord server and that it will involve streaming. Other than that no info. 
is what i am doing here, or is it that Otp stopped appearing here or something? Or that he is doing everything in private? 
It Might Be.... 
Being organised quite openly on Discord?? 
By the way, is there anything planned for sm200?


Hope this helps. 
That Is Not What I Was Referring To 
I was not trolling back then.

Well, i think i can deduce the real situation from both of your posts, so case closed. 
Ok, Otp 
I Take Great Pains... 
to cross post mapping events here on func as do many other people... not sure what the sm200 secrecy is all about. Not everyone is on the TF Discord and not everyone is on the Quake Mapping Discord

So why not cross post for the 100s of people who aren't on your Discord? 
Don't Feel Too Flattered By Getting A Reply From Me. 
It's not public because SM199 isn't done yet. 
Sorry to hear posting on func is giving you great pains, maybe it's time you considered a break. 
for the clarification.

Hopefully, it will be more successful than the Quake Accolades. 
Will it be more successful than the project you chose to completely not mention on your podcast? Who knows.

(At least ignoring it was better than enabling Scampie in his quest to rate everything skacky and I made a 1...) 
Geh Ma Nicht Gleich Heulen Du Trottel 
sm_199 will be fine. 
Dibs On Sm666 
The private sm200 discord has been running since at least May. I was kicked from it last month right after calling sm197. Guessing because I didn't consult with otp, and muk was involved in the idea. 
Nothing surprising there. I can't wait to see the turn out for this one. Should be illuminating. 
Since you all seem so excited about it, come in and have a peek. 
Though Maybe 
If people are going to just join, ask questions about it elsewhere, and then leave, maybe I should just keep it closed. 
I had some confusion about the theme and wasn't sure what all you intend to borrow from the linked doom event's structure. I'm personally not up for an endurance-mapping event, hence my leaving the channel, but I hope we get some good maps out of it and maybe draw in some new mappers and players :)

Best of luck to all participating! 
I Agree OTP 
why open it up to plebs? 
#4236: I would have hoped that the words "get several mappers to livestream the making a speedmap one each, put them in sequence, release as SM200: a brand new community-made episode for Quake" were clear enough, sorry you were confused.

#4237: What the fuck are you even talking about? 
The cabal of l33t mappers. Don't sweat it. Good luck with sm200. Maybe we can hit 300 maps this year. 
In the space of an hour, you went from posting a constructive suggestion on the discord, then to saying something about "plebs" and deleting the suggestion, to saying "don't sweat it" and wishing us good luck, despite shitting on the idea on QM.

Are you sure you got your temper in control? 
Well, I was being polite actually. Sometimes that's not the best tact. There are some decent people involved with this so far and I wish them good luck. 
Aw, come on guys! Stuff like THIS, I think, is part why there's a whole thread dedicated to the toxicity of the Quake community. Some people might want to bring out the popcorn to check out the fireworks and drama, but I just wish you guys could get along. :c 
Speedmap Numbers Are Abritrary 
Just map if you feel like it. 
Crossposting From The Discord. 
@everyone SM200 is now live.

Here's the guidelines:

This is the current schedule:

Please tag either me, @ionous or @fairweather for when you'd like to be added to the rotation! 
What does this actually entail again?? 
I should actually link to the Discord again: 
Reporting in to say that the first map is done and was fun to work on. Good luck to everyone on map 2! 
damn open my editor for first time in years.... is like open a new program :| won’t have time to finish to sm200 but maybe sm201 i can arrange something 
proposal for a future speedmap (once sewerjam is over):
No Curves Allowed. Make the most beautiful level you can, but no curved geo. 
alternatively, call it "Curve Intervention" because between JamX and Sewerjam and things like sm200c, this has been The Year of The Curved Geo 
Not To Spoil The Fun ... 
but that would be 95% of the speedmaps till now, save if there has been that trend in the last ones, as i have not played them till now.

More interesting would be no corner maps, so no angles should be less than 91º or just no corners to simplify things. Easy and fast to do if creating some modules or prefabs at the beginning and combine them. 
That's fair. Maybe "pentagon" or "triangle" as a theme would be a more interesting challenge? 
"no floors" - people rely on floors too much IMO. 
All The Time On Trigger_push And Teleport? 
Sounds like a joke but could be interesting. There would be some other options too, like liquids, for example. 
Lol @Metl. 
I expect to see a map from your good self :p 
The Floor Problem Of Combat Design... 
void map themed speedmap event? :P 
Late Announcement From Fairweather 
Quake The Way ID Did 2: IDectric Boogaloo

Theme: ID
Progs: ID1
Texture wad: id.wad, or other vanilla quake wads.
Deadline: About a day from now. (See countdown)
Rules: Have your level be inspired by ID in some way. A remake of a level or simply using the texture set.
Submission: PM the map directly to me on Discord @fw#6969 or email
Gah, link got screwed up. Just remove the "</span>" from the url. 
SM202: Recycled Trash 
Theme: Recycled Trash
Progs: ID1
Texture wad: No restriction
Deadline: September 28th, 2019
We all have those embarrassing, horrible maps we made while learning the fine art of level design. Well, time to go back and confront those ghosts of memory. Take one of those blights upon mapping, and remake them using all the skills you've learned since.

Submission: Either PM the maps directly to me on Discord or email them to
voice DOT of DOT the DOT nephilim AT gmail DOT com
If you have the original maps you're basing the update from, submit that as well.

Good luck to all. 
Have Several 
At some point i decided to clean and make look decent some of the rags from 199x and finished a bunch. They are all speedmap-like, not eyecandy focused, and half of them for Deathmatch.

I think i have the originals for some. 
The ''before'' one is not exactly the original but not too far from it.

I have to search further into the hard drive and find the rest. 
It's definitely a good excuse to unearth some stuff that's been hanging around the HD too long. 
Two Days Left 
Two days left until the deadline. 
probably be mapping till the last minute.

So you'll see my email a bit late. 
No Worries 
I probably won't even have time to start packing up things until late, late Sunday, so take your time. 
going to sleep then 
So I won't be able to work on packaging this for another 32 hours due to RL commitments. I'm extending the deadline 24 hours. 
sent you the maps on an email. I went overboard again and i backfired on me so instead of submitting all the scraps i have from 199x, i am only releasing my first three deathmatch maps with a remade version for each. 
Update On Sm202 
RL is rather weighting on me heavily right now, so I can't really get it out the door today. I'm aiming for Wednesday night. 
SM203: 99 Brushes Or Less 
SM203: 99 Brushes or Less

Theme: Open
Progs: Copper --
...however, vanilla entries are quite welcome too!
Textures: Also open --
Deadline: 11:59 PM EST, October 28th (See countdown)
Rules: It's fair game as long as the brushes in your map are in the double digits! Please include your map file, for verification.
Submission: PM the map directly to me on Discord @Greenwood or email: padregreenwood AT gmail DOT com

Good luck! 
Anything Fine 
including unlimited entity brushes like in the last 100 brushes pack? I think we are better if at most putting a limit of another 99 entity brushes or there would be no point to the 99 world brushes limit. 
A Brush Is A Brush 
It's 99 brushes, period. This includes entity brushes, like doors. Adding Copper is already a nicety, because it bypasses the need to build monster closets those brushes can be used for worldspawn and trigger brushes!

I think folks can make awesome maps, despite the established constraint. CZG's Biotoxin has only about 99 brushes and it looks good and is a lot of fun! Plus, everybody else from that second 100 brush contest didn't have Copper to use. 
Just saying, but Biotoxin has only 99 brushes because it relies heavily on hacking, reason 4th 100 brushes pack freed entity brushes from the count so it would not be a hacking competition but created the aforementioned problem.

Have one half done already for 99 total brushes. Now for the finishing touches. 
Well, So Far... 
Well, so far from the maps that I have received, I haven't seen any hacking ...and being a relatively new mapper, I haven't gotten clever enough to hack anything myself.

However, I do appreciate what you are saying, Cocerello. If I run another event similar to this one, I will definitely take that into consideration. Look forward to seeing your entry! 
Count Me Out 
SM204: 20 Years Of Quake III Arena 
Celebrate this classic game's anniversary by creating a vanilla single player map using Quake 3 textures and its gothic / tech ambiance. Feel free to remix a Quake 3 level or create an entirely new vision. Please add deathmatch and coop spawns too!

DEADLINE Sunday November 24th 11:59pm CET (func_time)
Countdown clock


TEXTURES Quake 3 Arena textures and similar wads with the gothic tech aesthetic. Here's a Quake 3 wad to get you started.

SUBMISSIONS Email me your map or message me on the Quake Mapping Discord here.

INSPIRATION Take a look at Quaddicted for some maps in this style.

Post your questions here or at the speedmapping channel on Quake Mapping.

Good luck and have fun. 
Just To Clarify Above 
These would be Quake 1 SP maps using Quake 3 textures. Sorry for any confusion. 
Bonus Points For Anyone Making Quake 3 Levels Using Quake 1 Textures.. 
BTW Tho. 
I did actually have a vaguely inspiring sketch for a Q3A textured map a while ago... ...but this SM session clashes with the #no-map-november event taking place on Discord, where we take a breather from the relentless production line of mapping, chill for a month, catch up recently releases etc. justsayin'.... 
This Is A Really Good Idea For A Sm 
Will you be mapping for this or only playing? 
Some Progress 
on sm204

WIP screenshot 
Nice Neat Arch. 
Probably Neither Honestly! 
...Actually I keep up with speedmaps better then full releases since I’m fond of the format and they’re quick. 
Due To Wrath's EA Release 
We've decided on a 24 hour extension for SM204. New Countdown clock here: 
Sent Mine To Your E-mail 
dumptruck_ds, but as i haven't played Quake 3 since 2000, i based it on Sauerbraten, with the textures from Quake 3 of course.

It has DM, coop and SP. 
Sent Again 
There was a bug which prevented the player from finishing the map. Even if it is an speedmap is better to have it fixed. 
Thanks Coce 
Update: this pack won't be really until Weds at the earliest. All kinds of stuff going on in RL this week. But it looks like we have seven maps total. 
SM205: The Randomizer Special! 
SM205: The Randomizer Special!

Mapper's block may seem like a joke at first, but it's a real problem! Coming up with ideas is hard sometimes, so that's why I built the ZungrySoft Entertainment Quake Map Idea Generator!

Here's how it works: Go to the link below and run the script by pressing the play button in the top left. You will be given 3-4 requirements that your map must follow. (Make sure to save the result somewhere or take a screenshot.) You may only run the script once, so you have to deal with what you get!

You have about 2 days. Good Luck!

DEADLINE: Friday January 3rd 9pm PST
Countdown clock:

PROGS: id1

TEXTURES: No restrictions

SUBMISSIONS: Email me,, or message me in Discord.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions or are having trouble running the script, feel free to message me! 
I Will Try To Make One ... 
but got a difficult one on the script 
SM206: Prototypes 
We have some newcomers to the scene, so let's give them an opportunity to map!

Complete a map that only uses textures from Khreathor's Prototype 1_2 wad

id1 progs, no custom music.

Send me the results at by Monday 00:01 Central European Time.

Don't crunch on this. The prototype wad should help you all focus on gameplay without worrying so much about visuals (which always take the most time). Just find a few hours over the next couple days to make a map for fun :) 
SM207: Ceremonial Speedmaps 
The undeniable classic. The golden standard of wizard maps. The meat and potatoes of Q1SP. czg's unforgettable Ceremonial Circles is the theme for this speedmap session.
Keep it simple. Green wizard theming, re-use of space and a lot (maybe too many) ogres on perches.

DEADLINE: Monday April 6 00:00 PST


TEXTURES: ID1 and similar texture sets, green wizard.

SUBMISSIONS: Email to frwthr[DOT]design[AT]gmail[DOT]com, or message me on Discord @ fw#1312 
SM208: Caves, Canyons & Crevices 
Deep underground with cracks of light from above. What dwells below the surface? A hidden temple, lava-tubes, forbidden tomb, unspeakable caverns and/or a subterranean lake. Descend into darkness with organic shapes of stone and the unknown!

START: Friday April 17 00:00 PST
DEADLINE: Monday April 20 00:00 PST


TEXTURES: Designer choice. I suggest Makkon.

SUBMISSIONS: Email to choldenjr[AT]gmail[DOT]com, or message me on Discord @ ChrisHolden#3955 
Have you always longed to piss off the player in a really creative way, this is your chance. Pull the floor beneath their feet, make the room shrink, have the lava rise.

The gist of this JAM is all about traps and game-play revolving around ambushes and nifty placed enemies to surprise the player. Think you can do it?

Play with their expectations in a spectacular way.

Since Arcane Dimensions has lots of stuff that can be used in such way it will be required for this run.

START: Friday May 15 00:00 UTC
DEADLINE: Thursday May 28 00:00 UTC

PROGS: Arcane Dimensions 1.71
comes with FGD for TB, JACK and GTK

NAMING: SM209_***author***

TEXTURES: You may do whatever you like, even Prototype.

SUBMISSIONS: Discord Submissions ish#9729 
i make a map for id1, will it work the same on AD or will there be differences, apart from the non-lit items and the weapons? I have never played AD and getting to play one of those huge AD maps now on a hurry is like a chore. 
You Have An Email Address To Submit Maps To As Well? 
Most, if not all, things will work as normal. id1 map hacks are verboten (and not really necessary) though as AD was extensively rewritten under the hood. 
I Remember 
Sock writing that he tried to keep the code as it is so hacks and other things that are considered normal by the community still work, but that's all, and i do not know if he ended up keeping it that way. 
18 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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