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Jobs & Mappers Wanted
Need level designers for your amazing new mod? Or are you a game developer looking to hire? Maybe you just heard about some job at some company, and want to pass it on to the gang here at Func. Or you're just doing some fun little one-man project and want a little help from a level designer. This thread is the place to announce paid positions at companies, unpaid positions on mod teams, or even just ask for a few maps for your mod.
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"Being in development" is far from what I'd call it. It's been kept alive by various people occasionally jumping out and screaming "why are there no prydon maps" and/or some models/sounds being made at random intervals, mostly by Chillo. There's a thread on I3D where Chillo is posting shots of (tons) of new models he's made for it. Frik did a lot of behind the scenes work a year ago (ish, my conception of time is not the best), but none of that has really been "put to use", as there are no maps.

The ever so beautiful homepage for prydon can be found here:

and the aforementioned thread with shots of Chillos models is here:

The mod has pretty much always had a fanbase of some sort, sadly however consisting mostly of people complaining about the lack of maps, but never doing anything about it. If you manage to track down Frik on your irc channel of choice, or I3D pm, I'm sure you can also get access to the dev wiki, mapping guide and the greatly enhanced unreleased beta version (1.5 I think was the version). Happy breathin'! 
Prydon Gate 
I tried it years ago and didn't like it. Now I thought it became better, tried again and didn't like it either. The controls are just too stupid, the mouse feels like I have to move it through mud (and does not listen to "sensitivity"). The inventory and other menu stuff, well, a mouse driven thing would be much much nicer (even if it used the same menu).
I hope 1.5 is much better. :> 
Mouse Sensitivity... controlled by some other cvar, not sensitivity, and unfortunately I don't remember what that might be. 
My Cursor Moves Slow 

If you're playing SP or you are the server in a multiplayer game, type "sv_maxspeed *" where * is a number higher than 320. The default is 320. If your mouse moves to fast, type a lower number.

I've been browsing the Prydon Gate site. 
I want such mod/game in industrial/steampunk/post-apocalypse 
Hexen II Maps, Money 
Is there any chance of getting some Hexen II maps created. It's a great game - though it does have some wandering puzzles - and there's been a big effort at (mostly Linux but also Win32) recently to kill the final bugs.

Though i know it's tacky - would a $$ prize/competition make any waves.

I love this game. 
I personally MIGHT give it a shot IF all the nasty bugs were rooted out AND there was an upgraded engine that I could run it on - for example like FitzQuake. However, I personally think the game was a huge disappointment, and quit playing before I finished it, and so I'm not completely interested in mapping for Hexen 2.

Also, don't offer a Hexen 2 mapping competition (especially for $$), I don't think anyone would join it since there's close to 0% interest in Hexen 2 specifically. 
Hexen II Maps 
In H.o.T. the bugs are all gone. The main Dev has gone to riduculous lengths to kill anything that moved. including the little gamecode hiccups that occasionally pop up.

As far as upgraded engine goes - for large maps etc, I dunno about this one.

Main features are:
GL anti-aliasing, multi-textures, gl_constretch and glows, Fullscreen intermission/help-menus, vid mode switching and native AMD64 support (not trivial).

Mouse wheels are now supported (and weapon switching is nicely handled - before the stupid thing would switch to weapons with zero manna) which makes the challenging AI's more beatable. 
Oh yeah, we also have a nice 1st person camera... and Hexenworld isn't broken anymore. One of my few coding contributions was finding a illegal
nested C loop in the HW code which caused the game to segfault regularly with lightning weapons. 
I'm Interested In HexenII 
Nice big open maps from the look ;>
Should probably link to this site:
Travis has told me in the past the project isn't dead... but the website is pretty quiet. 
Beta Tester ?? 
I'm looking for a third beta tester for my latest project. Trinca and JohnXmas are already involved. Is there anybody interested ? The first who will send an email will win ;) 
Looking For Mappers 
Hello there.

Just thought I might post about a new custom map duel tournament that is entering the second season in 1-2 weeks, and if you're interested in having _your_ map played there, newly created or not, go to #kenya on Quakenet and say hello + URL to the map. The tournament will play out 10 maps during a 10 week time, one map every week, so you'll get your map played out by 10-20 players (usual signup rate) VS each other which makes for alot of matches. They will comment the map afterwards on our site:

I'm also looking for 2on2-maps and trying to find ProdigyXL for some fixups with genocide.bsp (which could work for 2on2): The jumppads needs less messyness (look at q3dm6qw for perfect jumppads) and there needs to be a teleporter or some other way up to quad.


Email: molgrum at 
Hey guys... I'm in need of a starting map for MVDSV qw server but I don't have any idea. I think it should be small and not really playable but beautiful and maybe give access via teleport to single or multiplayer maps for example but maybe you have ideas?

Oh, I'll have a definitive logo soon to be incorporated in that too :D 
Forgot Email 
deurk at quakeonline dot net :P 
is the shit. Guys, you'd be famous with this! 
i start a dm map this holidays ;) 
MVDSV Default Map 
You can also find me on Quakenet at #mvdsv if you need :D 
How Verbose Of You 
For those who aren't familiar with it, we are being exploited for our mapping enthusiasm! 
I love being exploited! Use me!

Well, I am working on some small floating egyptian (sock, as usual) castle thingies with lots of tricks and stuff. They float inside some canyon I grabbed from czg's snatch... errrr, snatched from czg's scraps. I'll release a build for suggestions somewhen soon. 
MVDSV (more Info) 
The more I think about it, the more I'd like the map to be kinda small, really good looking and full of tricks possibilities.

Plan would be to have a contest on it as soon as it is official to be able to get Pez do a MVDSV promotion movie on that map/tricks. 
I have a mod in the works for Quake 1 that, for now, I am calling Project Guilt Trip. As the title of this thread would suggest, it is a mod that is going to be a crossing between revolutionary First Person Shooter gameplay, and Fighting-game gameplay (in the spirit of Super Smash Brothers and Soul Calibur), while maintaining high-fantasy elements (quasi-mideval style classes) and strong action emphasis.

I've got a big plan for all of this, and I've actually got it in the works (programming wise), and its all going to be unique stuff. Truth is... I'm looking for help. I think I can handle a lot of the programming of it, but a second (and third if I can get it) pair of eyes looking the code over and extra pairs of hands putting code and ideas into action would be vastly appreciated.

Also, I could use some help with mapping, server streamlining, and game balance from experienced players willing to try something damn new and be a part of something that will, without a doubt in my mind, grow into a massive undertaking.

I won't go into very specific details here on this thread, but please, express your interest here so we can get in touch ^^


p.s. Oh, and by the way, this is all totally feasible stuff for the quake engine... in fact, its all not going to be that difficult to pull off! I've done a little research and practice with the engine... and it could work. I just need time, and some good, honest-to-god loving devotion and this will rock your socks off. 
Contact Me! 
You can get ahold of me for Project Guilt Trip at

Please, any kind of help, from programmers, modelers, or just an experienced player's advice and input would be VASTLY appreciated. 
in fact, its all not going to be that difficult to pull off! I've done a little research and practice with the engine... and it could work.

I've heard that one before ;)

You really need to show that you have the ability to see the project through. In fact, sharing "specific details" is exactly what you need to do to get people interested and excited about working on the project. For example, what makes your FPS gameplay so "revolutionary"? 
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