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Jobs & Mappers Wanted
Need level designers for your amazing new mod? Or are you a game developer looking to hire? Maybe you just heard about some job at some company, and want to pass it on to the gang here at Func. Or you're just doing some fun little one-man project and want a little help from a level designer. This thread is the place to announce paid positions at companies, unpaid positions on mod teams, or even just ask for a few maps for your mod.
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Looking For Mappers 
Hello there.

Just thought I might post about a new custom map duel tournament that is entering the second season in 1-2 weeks, and if you're interested in having _your_ map played there, newly created or not, go to #kenya on Quakenet and say hello + URL to the map. The tournament will play out 10 maps during a 10 week time, one map every week, so you'll get your map played out by 10-20 players (usual signup rate) VS each other which makes for alot of matches. They will comment the map afterwards on our site:

I'm also looking for 2on2-maps and trying to find ProdigyXL for some fixups with genocide.bsp (which could work for 2on2): The jumppads needs less messyness (look at q3dm6qw for perfect jumppads) and there needs to be a teleporter or some other way up to quad.


Email: molgrum at 
Hey guys... I'm in need of a starting map for MVDSV qw server but I don't have any idea. I think it should be small and not really playable but beautiful and maybe give access via teleport to single or multiplayer maps for example but maybe you have ideas?

Oh, I'll have a definitive logo soon to be incorporated in that too :D 
Forgot Email 
deurk at quakeonline dot net :P 
is the shit. Guys, you'd be famous with this! 
i start a dm map this holidays ;) 
MVDSV Default Map 
You can also find me on Quakenet at #mvdsv if you need :D 
How Verbose Of You 
For those who aren't familiar with it, we are being exploited for our mapping enthusiasm! 
I love being exploited! Use me!

Well, I am working on some small floating egyptian (sock, as usual) castle thingies with lots of tricks and stuff. They float inside some canyon I grabbed from czg's snatch... errrr, snatched from czg's scraps. I'll release a build for suggestions somewhen soon. 
MVDSV (more Info) 
The more I think about it, the more I'd like the map to be kinda small, really good looking and full of tricks possibilities.

Plan would be to have a contest on it as soon as it is official to be able to get Pez do a MVDSV promotion movie on that map/tricks. 
I have a mod in the works for Quake 1 that, for now, I am calling Project Guilt Trip. As the title of this thread would suggest, it is a mod that is going to be a crossing between revolutionary First Person Shooter gameplay, and Fighting-game gameplay (in the spirit of Super Smash Brothers and Soul Calibur), while maintaining high-fantasy elements (quasi-mideval style classes) and strong action emphasis.

I've got a big plan for all of this, and I've actually got it in the works (programming wise), and its all going to be unique stuff. Truth is... I'm looking for help. I think I can handle a lot of the programming of it, but a second (and third if I can get it) pair of eyes looking the code over and extra pairs of hands putting code and ideas into action would be vastly appreciated.

Also, I could use some help with mapping, server streamlining, and game balance from experienced players willing to try something damn new and be a part of something that will, without a doubt in my mind, grow into a massive undertaking.

I won't go into very specific details here on this thread, but please, express your interest here so we can get in touch ^^


p.s. Oh, and by the way, this is all totally feasible stuff for the quake engine... in fact, its all not going to be that difficult to pull off! I've done a little research and practice with the engine... and it could work. I just need time, and some good, honest-to-god loving devotion and this will rock your socks off. 
Contact Me! 
You can get ahold of me for Project Guilt Trip at

Please, any kind of help, from programmers, modelers, or just an experienced player's advice and input would be VASTLY appreciated. 
in fact, its all not going to be that difficult to pull off! I've done a little research and practice with the engine... and it could work.

I've heard that one before ;)

You really need to show that you have the ability to see the project through. In fact, sharing "specific details" is exactly what you need to do to get people interested and excited about working on the project. For example, what makes your FPS gameplay so "revolutionary"? 
Spectrum Vixen... might want to check out this:
It has some of the elements you are looking to develop. Maybe contact Ren and see if he wants in or has some advice at least. 
First off.

Inertia: I'll bet you HAVE heard that before. I agree though, perhaps I should say something a leeetle more specific.

What makes this mod revolutionary... hmm, well imagine this: You just pop into the game on DM, and get raped in 3 seconds because everyone has a rocket launcher. "ookay..." you say, and respawn. Bam, you're blown to hell again. And again? Finally, you pick up a nailgun, but the nailgun sucks, so you get another rocket for christmas.

No. Thats not how this mod will work. Thats lame, and has always been lame. Now check this out: You spawn, and right off the bat, you're confronted with another newly spawned player. Grinning, you select your Explosives combat style, and whip out your grenade launcher. Your foe, however, decides that he wants to fill you full of holes, so he switches to Rapid Fire combat style, and takes out a nailgun. Deciding to take it easy for the first round, see what he can do, you bounce a grenade off the wall behind him, and send him flying across the room with a smug grin. As he soars, though, and as you do this, he's laying into you with his nailgun. Watching his arc and dodging his nails as best you can, you grit your teeth and press the SMASH button, your grenade launcher going into overdrive to pound a rocket from its barrel with a deranged THUNK, nailing him in the stomache. The rocket blast craters him into the ground with the force of its explosion, stunning him briefly to give you just the break from nail-dodging you need, and in you go, switching to Shotgun combat style. The half-second stun was all you needed: running in, you decide to just finish him, and tap that SMASH button again, smacking him with the super-doublebarrel shotgun, making him turn to chunky kibble, hatred painted on his face for you as his head flies off his shoulders.

Grinning, you glance down to your Combat guages, and see the Shotgun Combat guage at about 80%, and the Explosives combat guage at a firm 50%, both slowly returning to you at a rate of about 1 per half-second, and your health at about 30 or so. No sooner do you do so, than a demon bursts through the only exit of the room, bloodlust painted on his hellish visage, wings tucked tight around his hunched back.
"Shit! Shitshitshit..." and you switch to Slipgate (thank god you picked the Slipgate Warrior for your class!) and your Portal gun appears. The Demon, with his Scent ability, knew you and this other marine were duking it out not a moment ago, knows where to find you, and is probably at full-stamina, ready to rip you apart if you sit still to let him.

You aim at the wall at the opposite end of the room and squeeze your trigger, watching the fire-up sequence as you run like hell across the room. You hear the distinctive sound of the Demon's leap, and the flap of wings, and you know this is going to be close.

"Come on, come on you piece of shit!" you plead with the Portalgun as you're not ten feet from that wall and a dead end... heh, so to speak. Finally, it fires its telltale blue beam into the bricks, and as you finally reach the barrier, it opens the portal, and you leap through, just as the Demon hits the ground behind you, sending you flying out the other side of the gate into the room behind the wall, which was mostly quiet for the moment. Sitting, and breathing hard, you start picking nails out of your armor and watch your health bar steadily increase as you recover slowly. You'd get that hell-spawned bastard in a moment, once you picked that other marine's boot out of your ass. No such luck... he's respawned, and is looking mighty pissed-off at you. Selecting the Shotgun weapon set, you press your back to the wall, and wait for him to charge into the room, grinning like the devil, your finger on the smash key.

For More Specificness... 
The mod will have a class system in which each class is DRASTICALLY different in gameplay style, and a balanced, non-linear combat system based on skill trees, different for each class. Each skill tree has different uses, and no weapons or attacks are redundant within it.

The basics:
Tree 1\
Tree 2 - The skills, weapons, and abilities
Tree 3/
Special: The attacks and abilities that are the class's special features, such as the fiend's Scent ability or the Slipgate Warrior's Portal ability. Each has at least two abilities that fall into this category; a normal one, and a "smash" one.

There are two triggers for each skill tree: Normal, and SMASH, with normal being less strenuous and often faster, and SMASH being more powerful and higher-costing, sometimes with special effects attatched.

No class needs to pick up weapons or ammo (though ammo in percent can be found, it normally regenerates normally, given time.) Each class has different uses of these bars, and some don't use the bar guages at all (for example, the Fiend's is stamina based, not bound to a percentile guage or a particular skill set, just one pool for it all).

And most of all, this is no side-scroller fighting game... this will be fully multiplayer friendly, with several game types integrated that enhance the high-fantasy theme of the mod (such as War and Siege, in which the players form two teams to take over the outposts of Quake; the levels you play in single player, in strategic realtime), all while remaining in the high-action gameplay of Quake 1.

There is gonna be two races (Humanity and Monsters) with Seven classes each, each and every class absolutely unique in gameplay style and controll settings. 
I never grin :( 
NEW! Small Episode - Deja Vu 
OK people, Ive made a six map mini episode using quoth. I have sent a copy to kell. So far I havent incorporated skyboxes (but will) and it probably needs a bit of tweaking here and there. I need some playtesting done, but dont want to host a final version online yet cause obviously its not finished. If anyone thinks theyre up for the job, then please email me and I will send you a copy, or leave your email address where I can see it on this messageboard and I will send you a copy. It uses a base theme mostly, lost of quoth demons on the later maps and kell's fury texture wad.

My address:

Jolly Good! 
Need Mapper For A Trick Qw Map 
I need another mapper, Spirit is tired :D

I am planning on adding a new mode to KTX, race mode, which will probably be extended to olympics mode, a sort of olympics games for the qw engine. It will feature height jump, distance jump, speed race and other things.

I'd like an epic map to be created for that.
Got some ideas, but need someone to turn them into something playable :D

As usual, #ktx on irc or in the forums...
I Really Really Want Some Testers! 
You people wouldnt want me to release an untested map would you?!?!?

Mail me for a copy 
Blimey Charlie! 
This thread is seldom used isnt it!

The map I have to be tested is not ^ (DejaVu), but another I have made since then. 
I'll beta test for ya. My email is in my profile. 
well, we generally put beta requests in the "screenshots and betas" thread. 
email in profile. 
Black Day's 
Hi, I need a mapper for a project based into the engine of Quake 2.

ThiS project is named Black Day's.

Contact me :

kain_rv@hotmail for MSN. for mail.

The web is

The engine is almost end.

Black Day's What? 
Inspired by A Hard Day's Night?

(I jest, but really, 's indicates ownership, s indicates plural.) 
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