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Jobs & Mappers Wanted
Need level designers for your amazing new mod? Or are you a game developer looking to hire? Maybe you just heard about some job at some company, and want to pass it on to the gang here at Func. Or you're just doing some fun little one-man project and want a little help from a level designer. This thread is the place to announce paid positions at companies, unpaid positions on mod teams, or even just ask for a few maps for your mod.
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I've attempted contact. Let's see how this goes. 
Level Designers Needed Fulltime 
I'm currently looking to hire a few more level designers to come work for Streamline Studios Games Division in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Unreal 4 projects!

Currently 3 titles being worked on all using Ue4. Looking for folks with experience in Single player mission authoring. If interested please leave a message here. 
Qc Coders Wanted For Commercial Dreamcast Game! 
Hey there! I’m currently working on a Dreamcast game that I intend to sell. Willing to pay $10 for each small change to the code and $50 for each asset + fgd entry coded. Will put name in credits and give 5% royalty from each game sold. Bonus $200 and 10% of each game sold if you can convert Dreamcast makaqu engine to KGL. With $100 of that up front. Entity coding will have $25 up front. Small changes will have $5 up front. If Dreamcast port converted to KGL, it will be made open source. Some qc code will be made public domain for community to use. Please contact me at 
Please Disregard Last Post From Daverising New Job Posting! 
Hey guys! The last post was utterly ridiculous with pricing, so here's the deal. Quote me your price, and I'll see if I can pay it for a commercial Dreamcast game!

Currently looking for:
QuakeC Programmers -What I really need right now for a demo!

Kallistios Programmers

OpenGL programmers

Quote me a price, or tell me if your interested by emailing me at

You're going at this completely backwards. Show some concept art or some concept designs and try to get people interested that way.

Also what is the rest of the team like? What skill sets do they have? Can you show any of their stuff. It doesn't seem to me like you're doing a good job of wooing us.

FWIW I think you would have an easier time highlighting your late Uncle's music with visuals from a modern engine.

For others interested:

^ this is the project I assume you're working on. Good luck, it's not my cup of tea. 
Sorry, New To All This! 
Yeah, thats my Patreon! Sorry about this. I'm just kinda new to this, but I already have a modeler working for me so I'll show that when I get some of his work back. I have a level made already, but I should probably show off more stuff. I'm currently working on revamping my Patreon, so hopefully that will "inspire" more people to work on this project. Also, the sound you heard in the trailer is actually one song my Uncle made! I think it's perfect for the game! But yeah, I'll try to get more stuff so people get more interested! 
No One Will Buy Your Dreamcast Game 
Well, at least his patreon got more funding than mine ever got. 
Environmental BSP Artist Needed 
I need a map to fully showcase Retroquad's features. Just a single map, with several different areas, a few dynamic stuff like rotating doors and moving platforms to make the map look lively, but no monsters. However, it may eventually need to be split into multiple maps due to RAM requirements.

One of the main challenges is figuring out ways to make HD textures on low-poly (or, let's say, mid-poly) geometry look good. Also, the architecture must be intrincate enough to make the map look fun to navigate, even though it's just a demo.

I'm using a royalty-free texture pack, another texture pack which I've bought, and several textures created by myself. The texture image editing I can take care of, as it's something I've learned a lot how to do and I already know the kind of visual quality I'm aiming for.

There are lots to do in the engine, so I'll eventually have to tweak the map later, but this is something I can do myself. I'm clarifying this as there are artists who don't like their work to be modified by others afterwards.

This is what I've been mapping so far. No lighting yet, it's all in-engine fullbright screenshots. And it's only using a few of the textures I have:

Internal textures, and external textures. I'm using the Quake palette for the BSP/WAD file textures, to make them easier to use with any mapping tools/editors out there. The external textures are compiled to my custom palette.

Texture quality test

Grass textures

Roof textures






If anyone is interested, mail me a price & deadline proposal at GMail, and ask me any questions. 
If Only There Was Time 
Ever since I learned about Retroquad yesterday, I've been quite interested in your project. So, giving us the opportunity to help you further it in the form of map-making got me excited!

And the mapper would get the chance to get a development build of the engine, yes? :3c

Well, my map-making pace seems to be about 9 months for a map containing a bit higher amount of polys than id maps. Reasons for my pace: perfectionism/getting stuck in details, life and sometimes just lacking the inspiration/motivation.

So, I'd definitely be interested, but I don't want to be the bottleneck of your project, so you might want to ask someone more prolific. But if you're having trouble recruiting someone, which I find unlikely considering your cool engine, go ahead and contact me! :) 
The bottleneck is myself. The plans are to complete the full rewrite of the engine, and to push its qualities towards my vision of it (which I'm not good at describing, but the progress so far gives a bit of an indication). A couple years of non-stop coding would be a realistic timeframe for that.

This showcase map is also needed because its better to have full original content to showcase the engine's progress, as to eliminate some bias in the expectations of the public. Its needed to make it clear that this engine is aimed at being unlike anything else. Hopefully this will make the public a bit more open minded.

Yes, a dev build is required to make sure that the map will run on it. Some features are currently broken (skyboxes, external sky textures, some translucent entities), but it's good enough for some mapping.

The framerate isn't good enough in full HD on my Core i5 CPU, and generally there's a lot to be done to improve it. Also, a couple GB of RAM is required.

And, uh… it's needed to disable hyperthreading on at least one CPU core, otherwise the engine will stutter on anything other than beefy Ryzen CPUs. 
I7 8700k Master Race 
You think your engine will run smoothly on one? ;D Also I've got 16 GB of RAM. If not map, then I can at least capture video footage of the demo map. 
I Would 
If I had time. I've been super interested in your engine for a long time, but if I offered and pretended like I would make you a good presentation map, you would end up with no map (or at best a wierd cobble) and a userbase of one megafan. 
IIRC, the i7 has the same amount of per-core cache that the i5, so it may still need to have hyperthreading disabled.

It's not about raw speed, it's about the CPU cache size. There's a detailed explanation here.

I intend to implement multithreading someday, which should alleviate this. 
I'd be interested, but I'm quite busy at the moment and I don't think I could be reliable enough.

Someone like Bal would be good - they've shown off some impressive texture mangling which could suit the level of quality I'm assuming that you're looking for quite well. 
I'll contact people in a few days. Been busy preparing stuff. 
Hi, I'm new here.
I'm making bhop/defrag maps for quake.
I would like to connect with people with similar goals.

Here are few of my past works : 
Not my cup of tea but pretty cool. Hope you make a connection or two. Welcome. 
Volunteers For My New Mod 
Hey guys

I am working on a mod using RRP's code.
It is an action game and my plan is to have an episode depicting and overall landscape.

I have part of the story ready,and I have the code almost done as well.
Models also.

What I would like now is a mapper.
A person who can map well.
I'm not asking for giant spaces.
I would like someone who can make good maps and who can tolerate occasional meddling by me.

I will give a list of all that I have done to the codebase if anyone wants.

Please email me at if interested. 
I'd post some screens or some kind of video of the gameplay. Might entice more mappers. 
Progs_dump Needs Testing -- Experienced Mappers Sought 
I have a QuakeC project I have been working on for a month. It's at the point where I could use some help testing it.

Looking for 2-3 mappers to make small test levels and really push the limits of the progs. This is a closed test where I will make a private Discord to discuss and review.

This is a short term project and will only require a small amount of your time. Please contact me on the Quake Mapping Discord or use the email address in my profile

Here's more info:

This mod is designed to give Quake mappers more creative options than “vanilla” Quake while retaining the original look, feel and gameplay of the original. Mappers can use the custom progs.dat and a matching .fgd to add the following features to their mapping projects:

+ trigger spawned monsters
+ custom sounds (ambient and triggered)
+ custom models and sprites with optional animation frames
+ multiple targets, targetnames and killtargets
+ custom trigger_push (can be used for water currents, et al.)
+ enhanced triggers (is_waiting flag to delay triggering)

This progs also fixes the Rotfish monster kill count bug in addition to making Rotfish non-solid as soon as they are killed.
I have 3 testers now. Thanks everyone. 
Need Demo Creators For Cutscenes 
Hey guys! me again! I need someone familiar with making advanced demo's to be used for cutscenes. I just can't seem to figure this stuff out myself! If interested, contact me at Pay is commission based, so name your price and I'll see what I can do!

also, not that anyone cares, but despite what anonymous said, I'm still continuing my Dreamcast game and am making great progress, as well as getting lots of support from the community. 
I've seen some progress videos of the game, I was sceptical at first, but it looks promising... keep it up :) 
The Custents Quake mod has some powerful features that will help you with cutscenes. Keygrip is a demo editor that is very powerful but is hard to get working. It's likely you will need to record demos for these tools in Protocol 15.


Keygrip and other demo editors 
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