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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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Deus Ex 5 DLC : A Criminal Past. 
100% recommended. If you like DX5 then you will almost certainly like this. It's DLC / mission pack exactly like it should be done - more of the same game you enjoyed, but with a different setting (which gets increasingly stylish) and plot (decent), and neatly self-contained like the full game in a micro-cosm. 10 hours or so and all good. 
The Latest Shit That Looks Shit.

Waste of a modern engine, waste of supposedly retro gameplay, waste of a fantasy theme / settings. Most of the QUMP maps looked more coherent than this. 
No idea why people are hating on Amid Evil. I think it looks alright.

I'm enjoying New Colossus so far but I'm not more than an hour into the game. 
Amid Evil 
First I've heard of it, but looks in keeping with the goals behind DUSK. Whereas Dusk looks more like a retro-modern Blood, this looks like a retro-modern Heretic (which seems cool.) Gameplay looks fast and frenetic, graphics looks meh, but I've heard good things about DUSK Episode 1 so I'll probably keep an eye out. 
Probably Because .. 
.. it is said to be like Doom and Quake but it is more like Pankiller, Serious Sam big areas or a medieval fantastic Brutal Doom, similar to DUSK, and that what it is advertised on the video it is mainly the possibility of playing arenas against lots of low hp enemies and that it is made with the Unreal Engine like if that made it automatically a good game.

Me, personally, i think it is decent in what it tries to deliver for now, so i have not many complaints. 
Amid Evil Is Made By SJW Cuck Cancer 
Free Game: Watch Dogs 
Ubisoft is giving away their old AAA title Watch Dogs at:

Until 14th of this month. 

Says all the right keywords, so that makes me happy, but no game play so ??? Could be anything really.

Closed beta signups: 
Multiplayer only.
Arena combat.
Hugely generic gfx / characters.
No theme or coherence.
Desperately clinging to pseudo-retro bullshit to cover up for being awful.
A mash-up of the worst bits Painkiller / Serious Sam / Bulletstorm and Gears of Wank.

Or all of the above. 
I Hope You're Wrong 
but you may be right. 
Even if there was a game just like Quake, people would still bash it for the aforementioned reasons. 
Well They'd Be Wrong Then. 
Retro Re-release With Added DAZ Design 
Does Daz Still Get A Cut Of The Profits? 
Or is it prophets? :^) 
Amid Evil Gameplay "reveal"

I'm with Shambles on this one. Looks like bottom tier custom Unreal maps with a shit retexturing pack. Generally a complete absence of good taste.

Makes you wonder, if this piece of shit is getting this much attention... I wonder what a standalone game with the standards of modern Q1SP/mods would do if positioned and marketed correctly.

First we need to find a voiceover artist to deliver ball-achingly cringeworthy, pandering to the "retro" fanbase, shite fucking lines.

- £49.99 early access
And The Cease Tide Of Pseudo-retro Shite Continues To Spew Out....

Is there no stopping this geyser of diarrhoea?? Are appallingly awful looking games that utterly debase everything that made "retro" games remotely appealling the new AAA publisher-aborted military shooters?? Is it time to pick up COD85WW2 instead?? 
I think Amid Evil looks ok. This preview is by someone I trust on these things -

I can't say Apocryph looks good though, looks very slow and boring. 
Useful Video 5th. 
Some of it does indeed sound good - level design, pacing, and the power-up on the axe especially. For me the crux lies at 5:15, everything he describes about the look is jarring to one degree or another, even though it is actually themed (a rarity for this sort of game), the various graphical aspects: some fancy effects / low poly models / loads of coloured lights / semi-sprite weapons / pixellation, all are wrong in combination. Why not do exactly the same game with exactly the same action, exactly the same theme, but some sort of graphical coherence and fidelity?? 
Then don't play it? Amid Evil looks fun besides some of the colors and the HUD. The more I see of the game, the more I like. I wasn't interested in Dusk but Apocryph looks fine. The blobby monsters look stupid but other than that I think it's a bit better looking than Amid Evil.

I'm really happy you post your rants though, as I'd never find these little games otherwise. 
How about I post about your mom's face, and how much better it looks pressed into the floor when she's bent over??

Srsly tho. Okay I am going off on one about these games a bit, but they are particularly relevant to this board, my own narrow but dedicated interest in one retro game, and they seem to have an unerring knack of never hitting the mark (from degrees of "almost close" to "fucking miles away") despite usually showing some vague sort of Quake-relevant potential (again to wildly varying degrees). I replied to 5th not because Amid Evil looks as spectacularly faildung as the rest, but because it does have some potential but then shoots itself in the foot. With a sprite weapon. In a game with fancy coloured lighting. Etc. 
#10256 Totally Agree 
and disagree with the visual comments in that video.

It's completely incoherent. High res textures are really hard to make work with low poly characters and sprites. I know because I tried when making an idbase replacement set, and I found anything beyond 4x resolution was jarring and wrong. These look like the equivalent of around 16x.

The coloured lights are also awful. The reasons some old FPS have cartoonishly strong coloured lighting is because (1) it was a "next-gen" selling point of the early 3dfx cards so devs wanted to make the coloured lighting obvious, and (2) no one had figured out how to do it tastefully and realistically at that point. Literally no one looks back fondly on the time when no one knew how to set RGB values on lighting entities.

That UI! What the fuck is that font. Again, it's like a shitty font replacement for quakeworld. Again, it's not a thing anyone misses about that era of games.

Visually at least, they've totally missed the point. There's loads of things worth keeping from some of the best games of the Quake era, but a lot that is objectively worse than the average shooter of today. You just have to, you know, have decent taste and not just blindly copy-paste without understanding context. 
also, as someone who's made many shit speedmaps with no sense of scale... thats what this level geometry looks like. 
Thats the most jarring thing about the game for me: The sense of scale is fucked. Its like a Quake screenshot with the FOV cranked to 150 
Star Wars Battlefront 2 EA Anal Rape Shenanigans....

The LULz are real, at the events themselves, blues original news post, and CJ Parker's comment #2 which says it all. 
Real Quaker's Play At Fov 150. Lower Is For Causal SJW Cancer 
Been playing The Evil Within 2. It is good. Slightly less creepy and fucked up than the first (still some fine moments), slightly more sensible / logical, more of a gameplay emphasis. 
Schteam Schale. 
Dark Souls 3 for £16

PC controls are semi-broken, bosses are often terrible, save points are badly spaced.....and the design and aesthetic and theme and looks and monsters and everything is the best realisation of dark gothic fantasy you will ever see. Get it if you didn't last year. 
I Own All The Dark Souls On PC 
but haven't really been able to dive in because of the horrendous controls. I've attempted it several times at this point. Steam supports dualshock2 now so perhaps I'll give them another whirl. Again. 
Dark Souls Is Designed For A Controller 
Sure, you CAN use kb/m but it feels bad. Don't do it! :) 
Daz Stop Talking Utter Cock. 
That is completely 100% wrong: Dark Souls is a 3rd person action game and just like any other 3rd person action game (FAKK2, Alice, Severance, Enclave, Evil Within/2, Tomb Raider/ROTR etc etc) controls perfectly - IF THE PORT AND KEY REBINDS WORK - with mouse and keyboard. 
In Other News. 
Quake: Sure, you CAN use kb/m, but a joystick and foot pedals feels much better man!! 
Dark Souls Is Better With A Controller 
Hugs and kisses Shamb. 
+1 Controller 
+1 Controller 
unless you're going for pure masochism, which is kind of in line with the series? 
You Are 20000% Fucking Morons. 
And you are part of the problem. Welcome to killing PC gamning, fucktards. 
Daz explained the "benefit" of a controller - analogue movement speed, wow fuck me I am trying to think of anything LESS relevant and useful to the main challenges of Dark Souls 3. Oh yeah trying to take ouf Dragonslayer Armour in a tiny arena, that analogue movement is gonna really help compared to the ability to dodge quick, time attacks, predict twatarmours attacks, decide when to heal, choose attack types, react in milliseconds etc etc. Or maybe it fucking won't. 
Also To Answer Killpixel Because You Guys Are Distracting And Wrong. 
IIRC DS1 and 2 are fairly broken with PC controls and definitely broken with key rebinds, I perma-deleted DS2 and should have filed for a refund.

DS3 is broken with key rebinds but IS fixable with GlovePie, although if you use WASD I think it's fine out of the box. Either way it is definitely 100% playable and perfectly fine, I am a DS3 nub and not a hardcore masochist, and had no problem with the game apart from the huge challenge spikes on some bosses (most of which are trivially easy in coop).

HTH (since no-one else is being helpful). 
DS Controls 
I may download it this afternoon and test out steam's fairly recent dualshock2 support. fingers crossed. 
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