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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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Wrong Thread. 
This is the perfect spiritual successor to Quake. 
Shambler gave me an excuse to shamelessly self-promote. I wrote a review of Wolf 2 a while back. 
So Wofl 2 Itself. 
I liked:

+ Graphics were great and ran super smooth.
+ Varied locations and styles.
+ Submarine base was super-stylish and detailed.
+ Weapons satisfying once upgraded.
+ Gameplay can be fun + exciting when it works.
+ Enemy reasonably interesting for Nazi style.
+ A FEW of the cutscenes were lol.
+ Many areas have minor multiple routes.

I disliked:

- No smooth progression through game world, each section completely separate.
- Small bits of gameplay constantly broken up by cutscenes.
- Items / secrets entirely useless fluff / concepts / starcards bullshit, apart from weapon upgrades.
- No control over perks.

- Far too many and far too long.
- Can't tell which ones are insta-skip and which ones are useful to advance plot.
- Emotional tone of the cutscenes and indeed game is all over the place and constantly jarring between American teen movie comedy, doom and gloom philosophy, Tarantino OTT farce.
- Generally hallucinatory MTV-generation ritalin-required OTT incoherence for teenagers raised on Youtube and social-media memes.

- Player is less of a glass cannon and more of a semi-frozen piss cannon with all enemies armed with one-shot hairdryers as well as normal weapons.
- Fragility means less hectic action, more cover-based shooter, or constant quickloading.
- Ammo absolutely EVERYWHERE so little use for managing ammo nor weapon usages.
- Settings so detailed and sometimes so gloomy / foggy that enemy are entirely invisible except crosshair.
- Heavy weapons frustrating as uberslow movement = more instant death.

Basically it's a mess. A classic example of ignoring "less is more", shoving absolutely everything in that the crack-smoking devs could possibly think of, without any thought to the overall result. OTOH if it is a fun shooter when it works, and if they'd taken out 2/3 of the cutscenes, added in 1/3 more gameplay, and linked the missions together more, it could have been great... 
As A Contrast. 
30 mins into Prey, which has another long-ish "intro", and is so far hampered by boring scenery, it's already more interesting and more gripping than entire WOFL2 game.... 
Call Of Cthuhlu 
Errr M8 U B0rked That Link Right Up. 
How Embarrassing 
Played Some Older Shooters... 
So these games aren't that new, but I recently played them and really liked them so I thought I'd post a little review.

F.E.A.R. (2005) - I really love the gameplay in this one. The AI is just vicious and the old school healthpacks and armor shard pick ups make this a very challenging shooter. The office buildings get very repetitive, and the textures suck mostly, but the environment changes later in the game. The combat, particle, effects and sounds are just mind blowing, even now in 2018 it looks amazing.

The story is really simple and cliche but its still a good ghost/revenge story, and combined with the great lighting effects the game is very spooky at times.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001) - What a game, just a classic shooter in every respect. Brutal difficulty, great level designs, and a huge variety of enemies and weapons. Each level has a different theme to it, and some are even based on stealth (which only works to an extent). The art work in this game is just spot on, and it really gives a great supernatural/World War 2 feeling.

The environments and enemy models are really well detailed for a Q3 engine game. The gameplay is old-school all the way and perhaps even too difficult towards the end of the game. Highly recommended for lovers of 90s style FPSs. 
A few flaws with it:

1. The future art deco style is a matter of taste.
2. Navigating the station can become tiresome - slow inside, confusing outside.
3. The initially thrilling Typhon lose a bit of impact in the late game.
4. The crew quarters are unrealistically small.
5. The lack of a reflection in the many mirrors is jarring.


That's it.

I dock it a percent for each of those flaws - down to 95%

Everything else is excellent. Really spot on. Single player gaming at it's best, up there with the top plot-driven intelligent FPSes and continuing their traditions perfectly. I know I'm late to last year's party, but if anyone is sitting on the fence, just do it. 
Vermintide 2 
Yay? Nay? Consensus? Anyone playing? Might be willing to spend the money if we could set up more play sessions 
See #discord Dicussions. 
Waiting for negke to test it. But I'm up for it. 
Vermintide II 
Played it a bit during lunch break, seems fun enough. Not sure I'll play it with you bastards though, because GO MAP! But who knows... 
More XCom Cloneage 

BUT also has real time exploration and, errr, mutant people with duck heads?? 
On The Other Hand This Is Somewhat Different:

Cute mouse RPG adventure but looks really nice style. I am actually trying it!! 
Free Game: Spec Ops -- The Line 
Thank you =D 
Mutant Year Zero 
looks bloody great. Looking forward to final release :) 
Ghost Of A Tale 
aka Mouse Souls: Prepare To Styx Edition.

Basically if what you really want in gaming is a direct combination of Styx (gameplay mechanics), Wind In The Willows (characters and theme) and a hint of Dark Souls (map unfolding and occasional traps), then this is the game you've been waiting for. And it's actually really well done, if you don't mind slow gameplay as your routes and quests slowwwly unfold. The setting and plot are good (although the game world is tiny), the control system is refreshingly direct and responsive, and the mouse Tilo is endearingly cute and well animated. There's a few issues: some graphical glitches, textures are a bit busy, night time is very gloomy, navigating the world is slow, and it really could have done with voice acting - not least because the characters and dialogue are pretty good. But I really liked it (and I am not a fan of cartoony cuteness) and reckon it's worth a look... 
It's Also On Sale Right Now 
Free Game: Satellite Reign

Still valid for 30 hours as of the time of this post. 
Hey, I think I saw that game in one of Ross Scott's videos recently. One more for the pile of free games from the Bundle, then. 
game worth trying? 
I don't know if it is worth playing for you. I haven't played it myself either. The reviews at GOG or Steam or the like seem mostly positive, though. 
Sorry I Fucked Up The Title In The Previous Post 
Is there any way to correct that? Thanks. 
Yes It Is Worth Playing. 
It's not that deep / gripping, it's a quite repetitive, but it plays well, the gameworld and style are nice and the music is really good.

I have no regrets when I got it full price. 
Overchoad More Like. 
Spamming bullshit troll comments isn't suitable for unregistered users, sorry. 
Rage 2 
Awful For All The Reasons Discussed In #discord. 
FARCALLOFDESTINY called and want their gameplay back. 
number of elements Rage 2 shares with the amalgamated name Shambler created = 0 
oh wait theres guns tho 
It's on. It's on like Fat Pat's thong. 
Welcome to idiotville, popular: you. It is a horrible mishmash of cliches served up with a naff style, appalling marketing and ott motion blur and explosions obfuscating everything. 
being the most popular idiot in idiotville doesnt sound like a bad deal. like i could be the biggest idiot in idiotville? but im actually the most popular so this is an honor. 
shambler fail. 
Thats A Gameplay Trailer? 
didn't have much gameplay. Well put together trailer though admittedly it is quite cliched.

The shooty shooty gun bits looked punchy enough, but would have to see more footage to be sure. 
I Think The Trailer Did A Great Job....'s saved me £40 for sure. 
By now, id's business plan seems to use each franchise for a different public.

Doom is their core singleplayer franchise.
Quake is their multiplayer franchise.
Wolfenstein is their story-driven franchise.

So, what will Rage be? Their sandbox/open-world franchise?

And most importantly, when will we get a Commander Keen reboot? 
They still need a battle royale franchise 
Crysis = Success
Far Cry = Success
Borderlands = Success
Rage 1 = Failure

So why not make Rage 2 basically a Crysis/FarCry gameplay with Borderlands environment mishmash. They don't owe the fans a damn thing after the way Doom3 and Rage got unfairly shat all over just because of stupidly high expectations. 
#10386 And #10388 
Pretty good points aye. 
"Doom is their core singleplayer franchise. "

Fuckoff, where is the SP DLC / expansion pack whatever ?? :D 
Why waste time with DLC when you can just crack on with "Doom 5 (aka Doom 4 / 2016 (aka "DOOM") 2)"

I assume that's what id's core team are doing, and if not then 
The original Doom 2 was exactly this as we all know. 
Let's Be Honest 
when you nail the original, giving them more of the same for the sequel is often the smart move.

Shame Quake didn't turn out like that :( 
Unreal Gold Is Free 
You can get a free digital copy of Unreal Gold from Steam and GOG. The offer will be up for 35+ hours as of now. 
Mothergunship Gun Crafting Range Free Demo

This is a free demo for an FPS with gun crafting mechanics. If you find it interesting, you can follow the game's development progress on Twitter @mothergunship . 
^Totally Not A Self Promotion 
yeah seems spammy, but primal is a user on our site, unless this is just someone pretending to be primal. Or primal was a spammer all along! Opinions? 
'twas Me 
It was my post without logging in. I am not any of the multiple people involved in making this game. If I were connected to it somehow, I would have said so.

I put the Twitter handle in there in case someone wants to find out more about the game. You can also find it by reading the Steam page carefully.

I'll be happy to take advice on how to word posts like this to not look spammy or self-promotional. I've made a few of them before and nobody's complained as far as I can remember.

In other news, I played Q.U.B.E Director's Cut recently, and it was all right with decent puzzle progression. Kind of like Portal in some ways, but not quite as engaging. Reviews suggest the sequel has easier puzzles, so I am skipping it for now. 
Is BlackRoom TRYING to be the ugliest game ever made? 
Romero's career really did take a turn for the worse after leaving id. 
My Eyes!! 
It was the "follow them on twitter" part that seemed the most like it was written by a marketer. :) But, because I recognized your name I didn't flag it as spam. It's a difficult line because community members like should be able to post links to games they think are cool/interesting, but we don't want outside spammers posting links like that. But the content of the post in both cases is the same. So the only way to tell them apart is if I know the person posting it. (Off topic posts to things like jewelry and bootleg purses are easier to flag) 
I'll put in a bit of effort to justify my future game recommendations with either "this is an interesting take on the FPS formula; do check it out" or as "I am playing this and having a good time; might be your thing too."

And I should start to assume people can find the devs on social media etc. on their own. I won't be spamming links and Twitter handles anymore :)

Speaking of recommendations, I am currently playing Snakebird. I believe it's also on some mobile platforms, but I have the Steam version. I sincerely recommend it for puzzle game fans. It's solidly designed and really ramps up the difficulty while introducing just a few simple rules now and then. (That'd make it a "casual hard" game for lack of a better term.) 
very stronbgly disliking the cover art for rage 2, and also the soundtrack they picked for the trailer (30 seconds one)

of the first rage, I really liked the graphics and the animations (the dynamic animations that considered the environment and where the enemies were hit).

I think I disliked everything else basically. THe gameplay was basically total health and life regeneration. Story stupid as hell. 
Decent Underground Is Better 
Free Ziggurat From GOG 
GOG is giving away Ziggurat during the next 48 hours. It should be worth at least a couple of hours of play, because of the variety in character classes, perks and weapons. (Unfortunately you have to unlock most of them. Editing XML files would be cheating, right? ;) 
Doom Eternal 
revealed on E3, more in august 
Thanks Primal 
Thanks for the head up. Grab a copy ot that. 
Doom Eternal Trailer 
Layers of Fear is free on Steam for 48 hours. Just add it to your account now and keep it forever. This game is a beautiful masterpiece of psychedelic horror. 
CoD: BOII Zombies On Windows Vista? 
how do you run CoD: BOII Zombies on Windows Vista SP2 pls? does not start at all, after a Windows update it CTDs from game menu 
Shadow Warrior Classic Complete is free on gog forever. There are a few games like that, Bio Menace being another example.

For any newcomers, don't judge the game by the quality of Classic Complete. Redux has much smoother mouse look and it's completely worth it, especially when it goes on sale. 
CoD: BOII Zombies Solo 
is there already a fix for the annoying disconnecting (even while trying to play solo offline) from the game servers pls? 
CoD: BOII Zombies Solo 
stopped working altogether after I once started BO II single campaign, zombies wont start at all any longer, only some STEAMSTART file is created within root folder, reinstall didnt help, fix pls? 
Try A COD: BO2 Forum? 
Prey Mooncrash DLC 
It's Prey, but as a roguelike. Seriously one of the best DLC packs I've played in a very long time. 
Every time I see Prey mentioned, I keep thinking there's some new news about Prey 2006/Prey 2 but I should know better by now. 
Black Ops Zombies 
my level ranking:

Zetsubou no shima
Der eisendrache
Gorod Krovi
Shadows of Evil
Call of the dead
Shangri la
Mob of the dead
Die Rise
Shi no numa
Nacht der untoten
Kino der toten
Der riese

I like only half of the levels, the older the better (felt like Half-Life 2 or Fallout almost), the new ones look like some fairytales

how about characters?
Ed Richtofen GER
Nikolai Belinski RUS
Tokyo Masakr JPN
Tank Dempsey USA
I take Ed

Marlton is my fav

US president in level named FIVE rules

Call of the Dead level:
Danny Trecho ftw

Mob of the Dead level:
Michael Madsen everyday
I'd be too busy oogly the scenery to play the game. Shame about it being ps4 only. 
Risen 3 
Just got done playing Risen 3, good game 8/10. Points off for combat mechanics just not being right and two terrible boss battles. But the combat does seem better than Risen 1+2, it's all about learning the enemies animation so you know when to parry/riposte. It starts off hard (especially as I went to the DLC island first and didn't take Bones the companion) but gets easier as you play because enemies don't level up with you. I prefer this style of RPG actually because when the enemies level up with you it just feels like you're getting nowhere. Why am I doing all these side quests when the enemies aren't getting any easier? But when they don't there comes a time in the game about halfway through for me when I joined a faction where the combat starts to become fun. Just a tip, don't leave anywhere with a companion, usually Bones as he heals. THe combat actually doesn't look that different to the trailer I posted above.

Anyway beautiful islands, the graphics are great. Unfortunately it's the same islands from Risen 2!!! But of course upgraded so they looked better. However I really only remembered a few areas, mostly around the towns, and even then it sort of felt like nostalgia rather than replaying an area I've already been. Probably not too different to playing a game a second time when you know all the areas.

Yeah overall a misunderstood RPG, it got a bit hammered especially on metacritic so I almost skipped it, but actually it's the best Risen game yet imo. 
That Ghost game looks cool although the colors seem a bit muted. I get that it's supposed to look macabre especially with those huge storm clouds but it would've looked awesome with the colors popping some more. Very cinematic in some scenes like overlooking the field at the start and the final fight against the backdrop of the sunset. The combat doesn't seem particularly interesting but I do like stealth a lot so it could be fun. 
Any news on your game? 
Hope Not. 
@negke - soon™

@otp - it's your lucky day ;) 
What game is this? Where can I learn more about it? I like checking out content from the community. 
there's nothing out there relevant to its current form. there will be more info soon enough ;) 
Got back into gaming after a 6 month break, I'm still 4 years behind working through 2014 haha.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 8/10 - standard fare COD game. I always enjoy them to be honest. This one wasn't one of the better ones, I didn't like all the high tech shit it just feels like they're copying Crysis. Good story though.

Subnautica - has great reviews and people go on about how beautiful it is. I tried it for an hour, I fear it's going to be 30 hours of searching around on the sea floor for items, how fucking mind-numblingly boring. It doesn't actually look all that great either. So I uninstalled it.

The Evil Within - 6.5/10
Not a bad horror survival game, I put on a weapon cheat so I had unlimited ammo - made the game so much more fun.

Risen 3 - Titan Lords - 8.5/10
Already reviewed this - underated game.

Styx: Master of Shadows - 6.5/10
I would have scored it higher if it had unique levels all the way through. But once you've completed about 1/3 of the game it feels like you're just going over the same levels again, which is very bad. Not since Halo has a game just rehashed the same shit to extend the length. Also I found the story a right mess. It probably made sense to them but just the way it was being told through those static pictures and the fact Styx and Rakash looked nearly identical, made it hard to follow. I'm not even sure which character I was playing, was I good guy or bad guy? Probably a good story though and the game was fun, the stealth was fine, as good as any other stealth game.

Bioshock Infinite - 9.5/10
I've been saving this one up but decided it's time. What a classic. Much better combat than the first two games, BI is more action. I melee'd a lot with melee powerups. Combined with charge, crows and the electricity powers, jumping around on rails - very fun. Also easily the best looking Bioshock. When I played the DLC which put you back to Rapture, it makes you realise how much nicer the sky city is, visually.

There's a thread somewhere about those spectacular moments in gaming that you always remember. BI probably has a few of those, first time on the rails, the start of the game before combat kicks in, and probably the start of the second DLC with Elizabeth when you're in Paris and then it goes all dark.

Awesome story too. It's a shame we've lost the creator to his own much smaller studio doing story based games like Telltale, so there won't be more Bioshocks, System Shocks or Thiefs from him as writer. What a waste of talent, and it's been 5 years now since any release. There's rumours of another Bioshock for 2019 but without Ken Levine it won't be the same. 
At Least Ur Working Through Some Good Stuff This Time :) 
Haha Alright! 
I'm still 4 years behind working through 2014 haha.
Yeah, haha alright! There are 10yo+ games I have yet to play... 
Stuff Like... 
the KOTOR saga (yes, i know...);
the whole Mass Effect series;
Deus Ex 3 and beyond;
Skyrim, Doom 2016, Quake Champions...
Lotsa stuff I haven't begun to touch yet!
But!... I should be able to buy a new PC right about very soon... 
You spoke too soon Shambler I still had a City Interactive game to play...

firstly Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - 7/10
Any fan of Quake's art style should play this, the levels look amazing. A real work of art. Unfortunately the combat completely sucks. Probably because I'm not very good at these fast-paced hack and slash games where you have to dodge and block etc at the perfect moment, too fast for me. Mainly the first half actually. Later on with the better skills and I also put on max sword magic cheat that made things more fun, survivable. I hate games that litter the gameplay with bosses, which this one does, but in fact the bosses are probably more enjoyable. It's the small fry weak enemies that are toughest because they take far too long to get their health down and come at you in multiples so are you're just falling over all the time. Those cunts with guns and shields are probably more annoying than half the bosses. Worth playing for the art.

Lords Of The Fallen - 5/10
Well if Castlevania combat was hard, this shit is ridiculous. It seems CI have a big erection for Dark Souls, because this is just a DS clone. God I hope DS clones don't last for long, it must be only hardcore gamers that could possibly like spending 10 hours perfecting 1 boss fight. Everything is DS, respawning all the enemies every time you fart, to collecting all your lost souls (XP in this game) which is a big glowing orb where you last died. Only problem is the character is so fucking slow and cumbersome I didn't have the patience to even beat the first boss, which is about 15mins into the game! Sluggish controls, every enemy hits faster than me, it's like a half hour wait for this dipship to swing his fucking axe, which almost every enemy interrupts which sends me on my ass. So go up against two enemies at once and you'll spend most of the time being knocked over waiting to regain the controls, or stuck in a corner where there seems to be a big making the character take a really long time to get up. There's no way I was sitting through this without godmode. But at least the levels looked very nice, with graphics that look decades better than DS. Sadly there's only about 4 or 5 areas, and they're mainly just small castle type areas so they don't have the massive creative environments that DS has. The interconnectivity is a complete mess as well. Despite godmode I still rage quit, I think it was about 80% through with only 3 boss fights left but in the same areas I've visited, and after falling into a hole again and restarting from a checkpoint with everything respawned, because the terrible POV or something about the visuals that makes it quite hard to see at times, with no direction as to wtf I was supposed to be doing and I'm just wandering around lost in the mazelike level, that was enough for me. Just not fun unless you really love DS. But pretty visuals that's why I kept playing. Probably only about 8 hours of actual content if you're not dying every 5mins. 
The problem is mugwump you'll go back and play some of those games like Mass Effect 1 and probably think wtf is shit it's ugly as fuck, there'll be no wow factor because you've since seen better. But at the time it was good.

The only one I'm still yet to play is HL2. Probably too late now I won't be impressed when I finally play it compared to modern games, but at least there's some decent looking graphics mods for it that probably add 5 years to its visuals. It'll keep me busy for months though with all the mods, and I've been waiting for Black Mesa so I can play that but those guys don't seem capable to ever finish the damn thing. They've spent like 5 years on the Xen levels, ffs just finish it and stop making the part of HL that everyone hated 10 times longer than the original levels.

Anyway of that list if you haven't played Skyrim I'd put that to the top, every gamer that doesn't hate rpgs or fantasy settings should play that. I'll probably try out Elder Scrolls Online this year. I've never done an mmorpg I'll probably be useless at it. 
I don't mind playing games that have aged if the quality's there. I still play Quake, don't I? ;)

HL2 still looks surprisingly good to this day. Sure it's aged a bit, but not nearly as much as one would expect. And it's still a blast to play! And there's now Black Mesa Source, too - we finally get to play the original Half-Life with HL2-quality visuals, most especially characters that actually look like people and not cheaply made puppets.

MMORPGs... Yeah. I played a bit of WoW back in the day, wasn't impressed. TBH the only one I'd like to try is Eve Online. The ESO reviews haven't convinced me that it was worth a try and the only reason I'd like to is to see the whole continent of Tamriel in all its uncut glory. 
It’s Crazy To Me 
That you’ve played Lords of the Fallen but not half life 2. 
Heh! I Hadn't Even Heard Of LOTF Until Kona's Review... 
Me Gots A Doom Boner! 
Just saw Doom Eternal's full gameplay reveal from QuakeCon 2018 and it looks pretty cool! Seems even faster-paced than the previous iteration, probably because of the grappling hook attached to the DBS. That thing makes Doomguy fly around like crazy!

There was some mysterious concept art presenting a new "world", accompanied by a cryptic commentary about "not just making a Doom game but building a Doom universe". Huh! Makes me wonder... Could it be id's version of... a heaven?

The archvile looks awesome! A very much welcome change from the awkward Doom 2 sprite that I never liked. 
"The archvile looks awesome! A very much welcome change from the awkward Doom 2 sprite that I never liked. " 
Ummm... Nuffin? 
Always found this monster quite ridiculous to look at, especially when it moves - you gotta admit its animation looks somewhat disjointed.
Now it looks badass. 
Does anyone feel it looks a bit "video-gamey" during the action gameplay? The few seconds of other world and mention of proper universe (about fucking time guys) sounds really promising, but the all of the place action gameplay they showed didn't seem that impressive to me. Graphics were a bit shiny and fake. I suppose id aren't pushing the graphics boundaries anymore... seen as how that turned out with Rage 
Rage 2 looks decent as well. 
Awfull fucking gliding around with controller demos...I hate when they show the player movement as some stabilised smooth camera on rails thingy... 
Doom Eternal 
Doom Eternal seems mostly cool, what I dislike the most is the demon art design (they look like generic alien bugs, their "scary" animations are stupid as they were in 2016, archvile looks like a protoss, cacodaemons too goofy), the plasma gun sound (pew pew? Seriously?) and the fact that we are still a few steps away from the glorious past (still too few enemies on the screen, level design doesn't seem as complex as the best quake\doom stuff including custom wads\levels)

anyway the rest was really interesting and I liked the digs at politically correctness. I am sure that by the next doom or 2 we will have a game with the best parts of the old fps classics and the best of the new gameplay\tech enhanchments.

bye bye 
cacodaemons too goofy
Oh, because that red & blue blob in classic Doom wasn't? 
original was goofy and creepy. New is goofiER 
Oh, So For You, 
a cute & awkward drawing is creepy but an evil-looking model is goofy? Umm, OK... 
that big smile and 1 eye is a little goofy, but you sort of forget the goofy look when you're fighting them. The eternal caco looks good I reckon, more like the original caco compared to the 2016 one that looked more like an angler fish. cyclops/close together eyes will always look a little goofy. 
A Few Thoughts On The Last Of Us 
Played my very first console game ever, well, not ever I had a Sega Master System as a kid with the 1 built in game but that didn't really count.

Fuck these controllers suck compared to mouse. They're no easier on your hands too, the movements sticks aren't very nice the way they stick into your finger. And fuck me does it take a century to do a 360. But with industry going on about The Last of Us being one of the GOAT I couldn't skip it. I thought maybe I could catch up on some other good PS only games I've missed, but actually there isn't a lot... Killzone, Uncharted... meh. Maybe there's some better once since then I haven't checked.

A difficult stealth game probably wasn't my best choice to learn the controller either haha fuck I could nearly have smashed the thing a couple of times, and I was on easy mode lol. But it's taken me like 2 years to get used to WASD so it would probably take up to 10 games to really get used to a controller I think.

Anyway great game indeed. I don't know if I would say GOAT, the combat isn't all that great. Stealth in Styx was just as good. Melee was inconsistent "I'm pressing the fucking button do something you cunt!!!" was often yelled as I blind fuck waddled up to me. But the game would have been piss easy on PC I would have just ran past everyone with ease I reckon. I guess I should be challenged in a game occassionally though, on PC it's too easy to slap on a cheat if one section is giving me a headache.

Story all good but really not all that different to the Walking Dead games released before it. It's just yet another zombie franchise cashing in on TWD popularity. But at least it had more backstory.

I was playing the improved remastered version and the design was all great, plenty of beautiful visuals. The DLC was good too. SO yeah great game. Not as good as Bioshock Infinite and GTA V released that year though, maybe #3 for 2013. Pretty hard to top those 2 games though what with BI having one of the best stories in game ever and GTA V well that's almost beyond just a game, it's part-game, part epic cinematic experience.

Anything else (exclusive) that's a must-play on PS4? 
Uncharted 4 
I love the Uncharted franchise and the 4th game is a ps4 exclusive. Breathtaking designs and set pieces. The follow up title 'Lost Legacy" was fun as well and well worth the money IMO.

I had to laugh when you said <q.A difficult stealth game probably wasn't my best choice to learn the controller either

Yeah dude - what were you thinking. The learning curve on that game is very steep. Good news is Uncharted games are MUCH easier. 
60ties and 70ties are kinda fun to drive 
Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Footage 
And Has A Satisfactory Amount Of Swearing. 
somebody survived Black Ops 1 Zombies round/wave 43 in Ascension map? 
Get Your Free Copy Of "Shadow Warrior 2" is giving away "Shadow Warrior 2" for free.
You have 26 hours to grab your copy as of the time of this post. 
Is their exe Galaxy worth using? 
I'm using Galaxy, it's ok. It manages installations and updates, like Steam. It's more convenient than downloading install package, especially when you want to update games. Also they store saves in cloud for you, although I'm not sure if all games are supported. 
Better Than Uplay 
Also, Galaxy can be required for multiplayer sometimes. I think Shadow Warrior 2 users can play with Steam users if they use Galaxy, for instance. 
New Quake Like !! 
Project Warlock Comming 18 October To GoG !! 
Looks Pretty Good 
Lots of nice details and I like the art style. 
Not A Quake-like 
More like a super-beefed up Wolf3D. Interesting art style for sure, though. Will keep an eye on it. 
looks like duke meets doom meets wolf 
meets ROTT 
Black Ops 1 Zombies, Shi No Numa Map Solo 
round/wave 26 achieved 
Get Your Free Metro 2033 

This offer lasts for 24 hours. 
Russia Sim Confirmed. 
[10:05] Shambler: there was that moment - it might have been in last light actually - where i was in one of the station camps, and i happened across a grim-looking ruskie, drunk out of his mind, dressed in finest fake adidas tracksuit, singing incoherently to a pig in a pen, before passing out.....and it was just like i had actually moved to moscow IRL. 
Black Ops 1 Zombies, Shi No Numa Map Solo 
round/wave 29 achieved 
Black Ops 1 Zombies, Shi No Numa Map Solo 
round/wave 31 reached 
Jaromir Once More And Ur Marked As Spam. 
Srsly bro. 
Chthulu So Far. 
CustomShambler: pretty much a walking / talking / looking at objects sim
CustomShambler: but very nice style atmosphere sounds etc
CustomShambler: i.....know fuck all about lovecrafty / chthulu except "interdimensional stuff" and "tentacles"
CustomShambler: yeah it's pretty creepy in places
CustomShambler: not too much
CustomShambler: main thing is: not much actual gameplay, and currently very pricey for something relatively simple
CustomShambler: but the vibes are good
CustomShambler: cool
CustomShambler: yeah
CustomShambler: that's why i got it
CustomShambler: seemed like a nice gameworld to explore
CustomShambler: plus good mystery story 
Not Enough Biscuit Throwing 
2/10 would not bang 
UT3 Record would any of you do more frags (with the given time/difficulty/number of bots)? 
Destiny 2 For Free 
At, available until 18th.

If you haven't bought it yet, maybe give it a try? 
Outcast Second Contact For Free 

This offer ends on November 24 at 10 a.m. Pacific time. 
The Guys Of Ttlg Just Released 
The Dark Project 20th Anniversary Contest 
Blood Remaster Announced 
Atari, in partnership with Nightdive Studios, has announced a remaster of the 1997-released horror first-person shooter Blood for PC.

"It really only needs minor updates" seems like a positive statement in this context. We'll see how it turns out. 
John Romero's Doom Project 

More info here:

Summary: SIGIL is a free episode-length wad for Doom including nine deathmatch levels that is to be released in mid-February 2019. There will also be a "limited edition fan box" with extra goodies you can buy. 
Welp I Just Spunked I Guess 
Dat Box Tho... 

By the way, some time ago, my mother threw away ALL of my massive horde of pristine 90s FPS game cardboard boxes that had been lovingly left preserved in my childhood bedroom. 
Here is a SIGIL gameplay trailer 
A Small Scripted American Mc Gee Alice Map [EDIT]
Posted by Yannoche on 2018/12/28 00:47:12
Hey there,
I redid a walkthrough for a small Alice map:

Feel free to download it here:

(note: I remember a cool Alice icon on func, but failed to use it :)) 
Far Cry 6: Neon Edition 
God Of War 
(since there's no console thread)

I'm about 8 hours in. I've heard nothing but 9.5/10 reviews. I'm not blown away.... am I really the only one? Or does it get better?

On the upside, it looks really pretty a lot of the time for sure. The art is technically executed well, I can see a lot of experienced artists worked hard on it. The art direction isn't particularly original, though I do like the Nordic theme.

Although the environments are visually quite rich and detailed, when you get up close you find that almost nothing is interactive... it's one of the most on-rails, invisible-wall packed open-world games I've ever played.

The gameplay is essentially clearing enemies out of a series of rooms and arenas. This is interspersed by some decent dialogue between Kratos and his son Atreus, and "puzzle" sections so boring you will be crying blood tears by the hundredth time you throw your axe to make a door stay up so you can go over here and press a button so Atreus can go over there, FUCK!

Don't make me say "ludo-narrative" dissonance like a part time Rock Paper Shotgun writer... but at some point you have to question a world where you are literally throwing boulders the size of houses, and jumping ravines in one cutscene, and then in the next gameplay section you spend 10 minutes getting a platform to come down so you can ascend a 4 metre wall.

I am ready to be told i'm wrong / being hyper-critical about this, but is the combat all that good either...? It's solid feeling, but once I run out of my fun special attacks, the rest of every fight is a repetitive "throw axe" then "shoot arrow" then "spam light attack" sequence that never ends. And why is the camera so close to him!?!

Combine that with some truly shite RPG elements... hundreds of random enchantments and minor upgrades to gear you'll have to manage in a menu system designed by sadists. I'm 8 hours in and there's no exciting gear! Improve my vitality by 1% or improve my cooldown rate by 2%? wow what a time to be alive.

The father/son dynamic critics are wanking each other off over is fine. Everyone should chill out a bit though. Yes it could be considered "subtle" for a God of War game, but I wonder if that's a good thing.

I feel like they decided this was a AAA game, and in 2018 that means you can't just have a Davil May Cry style action game... you have to give it a serious tone, need to have AAA graphics and therefore 30fps framerates. It has to be "open-world". For me, nothing it does (apart from maybe its ability to render large pretty environments) is really outstanding, and it feels empty and less than the sum of it's parts.

What did the fellow grumpy twats here think of it? I'm hoping to be told it gets really awesome in hour 10... 
Sorry dude didn't play it. Watched Cohh play some, looked alright for that style of things. 
Btw. Killpixel -Re: #10429 
Some Bal-grade trademark of soon...

GG, a nice surprise for sure! Stuff looks cool so far. 
Thanks Negke! 
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