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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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Bioshock Bleh 
I found this on another site but couldn't find the source:

2K games PR representative for the the eagerly awaited title "Bioshock", Susan Keele revealed this to GameSpot eariler today;

"It's safe to say we are around 50 steps ahead of those looking to play Bioshock on their own systems without purchasing the game. Active internet connections and retail discs are mandatory for Bioshock to run on an individual's system. On disc insertion for the first time, the user will be prompted to connect to the Internet if not already connected. Several updates will be installed during the game installation and once the game is installed, digital IDs of the user's hardware such as RAM, CD drives and processors (in no particular order, and not necessarily all three hardware types) will be tied to a game-specific sector in the operating system. This sector is completely invisible to users and cannot be found, nor duplicated in any way what so ever.

On attempting to run the game, another game-specific sector available only on retail discs of the game will look to locate the digital IDs stored securely on the system - this will be digitally checked and signed by 2K again and is the only way to launch the game. The game-disc sector is just as secure as it's counterpart on the operating system, and cannot be copied in any way shape or form, as we have introduced a"security scramble" code system should any attempted copying of game discs take place. Durng gameplay, updates will relay from our servers to the individual and hardware digital ID verification locks will be checked, and changed, then digitally signed by 2K again, with this check and change occuring frequently.

We been working closely with IBM since August of last year, and Microsoft even further back to develop these new security measures. We are sending a message to stomp out piracy and we hear those who say our protection program will have been a wasted invesment but we will continuously strive to protect the interlectual property created by ourselves and our partners in any way deemed appropriate. I can also confirm any Games for Windows released after Bioshock will employ the same security measures.

In essence; no official disc, no play. We wish you all a happy, pleasant and exiciting gaming experience."
Sounds like thier stalinist "interlectual" protection systems will at the very least cause problems for anyone doing so much as wanting to upgrade thier RAM.

I want to buy and play Bioshock, but I have a below par connection with scant chance of being able to upgrade it. I had alot of trouble connecting to Steam and eventually gave HL2 away as a gift (after completion) because staring at multiple connection failed screens over anything from five to fifty minutes was shit, no matter how good the game itself was. I do know there's a hacky method to enable offline play by default for that - but why should I have to bother? I bought a product to enjoy it, not be beaten with a 'YOU ARE AN IDIOT CONSUMER' stick.

Cheers 2K! 
That Should Read: 

It's great how they're really respecting thier ligitimate customers. 
will be cracked anyway


In essence: no broadband = no play
hardware change = no play (have to reinstall ?) 
it'll be cracked in a week, and then everyone buying it legitimately will have to put up with BS while those who download it will probably have an easier time.

This Will Come Back 
and bite them on the ass.

. . . will be tied to a game-specific sector in the operating system. This sector is completely invisible to users and cannot be found, nor duplicated in any way what so ever.

Hackers are licking their chops and grinning back at these muttonheads. 
so in addition to getting a no-cd crack, i need to get a no-internet crack? 
Sod It 
I was defo going to buy this, but as they seemingly trust me so little, I might just pirate it... 
This Will Come Back... 
as a complete lie.

Jason Bergman of 2kGames says it is "definitely not true" 
Thats Good News Anyway 
Now all I have to worry about is buying a PC that can run more than Quake I . . . 
Completely Untrue 
Hi guys,

This is all completely untrue. There is no Susan Keele who works for 2K Games. I don't know where the source is for this (it references GameSpot, but I can't find that) but it's inaccurate.

Jason Bergman (2K) 
He He 
looks like Bergman is all over that post trying to stomp out the fire. I hope he is the one for real and the story isn't. It does have a button pushing feel to it though many high ranking execs from Ballmer, Jobs, Newell to Steinbrenner have said things that pushed my button the wrong way that were equally as inane as what the purported PR lady in this article said. 
Speak Of The Devil 
Well, as I said I couldn't find the source either.
Let's hope it was a bad hoax, sorry about posting it then. 
Websites For D3 & Q4 DM Map Reviews? 
Ive been searching for over an hour, cant find a reliable DM site out there. My roomates and I have grown tired of the official maps, and unfortuneately I cant talk them into installing Quake 1 on their PCs, and I missed out on Painkiller. /slapself

Any links would be very welcome! 
well I need to get the internet working on my PC anyway, so this is a good incentive... as long as they aren't gonna fuck about after ive installed it. This is one of the games i'm most excited about coming out since... ever, really. I read the review in xbox360 magazine today and they gave it 10/10, only the 2nd game to get a rating that high from them.

Europe release is the 24th from what i can tell, i might start putting part of my beer money aside... 
thank christ. -_-

cheers for the debunkage. :) 
It's cool to watch the progress of Infinity, a mostly procedurally generated space massive multi user game.
I think this is a big part of the future. 
Tomb Raider Anniversary... 
Started Anniversary... the game ~is~ great - using the TR-Legend engine to reinvent the original game. But like Legend, it ~can~ be pretty frustrating when you cant solve some
arcane puzzle or even cheat *&^% ... Apears to be tougher so far.

I just went back to Legend to beat the huge salamder boss after not playing it for a couple of months. (I'd been pissed of at the goading, tough bosses, and it's also nice to take my noisy fx5600 out and use my fanless 5200). All of the bosses have been tough, but satisfying when you beat their arse. Bout 70% through now.
The cut sequences are just all totally amazing.

Anyway, in Anniversary I don't like how they've changed the game interface: Controls, auto-aim and saves have all been messed up by some hopeless project manager. You're low on health... so lets add some annoying heart beat drum in the background. eeeediots. 
Rage, Left4Dead, QuakeArenaDS, Etc 
So QuakeCon and BlizzCon gave us a shitload of info on some games.

Rage is iD's next "Gen 5" game. It looks like id does FallOut more or less, mixed with buggy racing. Apparently it's 50% run-n-gun, 50% racing. Not sure exactly how that will turn out. I'm not all that excited about the racing portion, but I can imagine some cool level design centered around the option of racing.

Left4Dead seems to be a CS:Source mod, where up to 4 players have to co-op through various zombie-infested locales to escape. Some of the sounds are ripped straight from CS, such as footsteps, and it's source, which sucks, but it looks kind of fun. Not sure if it's free or you have to pay for it.

Also, Carmack says Quake 3 is coming to the DS, BUT WITH NO (YES THAT'S RIGHT, NO) stylus support. It's all D-Pad and A,B,X,Y controls. Does that seem retarded to you? Oh well, maybe I'll pick it up, but probably not.

Also some WoW stuff, but StarCraft 2 looks super nifty. Waiting for Star Craft 2 is like waiting for ... something really awful to wait for. I want it now.

And Quake Wars comes out Sept 28 in Euro, Oct 2 for states, so a day after my birthday. Faggotry.


All info from btw. 
cheshire and all others interested in coop zombie survival make sure you've checked out KillingFloor
ut2k4 mod, the main (and only O_O) maker of the mod has stopped working on it (no shit after 3 years on it alone) but a community patch to be released very soon will polish up what needs polishing ; altho the game is 100% playable and enjoyable as is, it isnt a beta version. Theres games on everyday in peak hours. It just pwns; real good gritty gory coop fun, and thats real coop with welding doors shut to hold back the hordes, healing teammates etc etc.
Dont miss it :P 
For decades, mankind has contemplated what would have happened if two historical icons had battled�with balls. Finally, there�s a studio brave enough to tackle this difficult question. Blazing Lizard, Inc today proudly announces its first console downloadable game, Pirates vs. Ninjas� Dodgeball.

The first game in the Pirates vs. Ninjas� series allows up to 8 players to choose from 5 unique teams (Pirates, Ninjas, and three more to be unveiled later), and compete against one another in the ultimate sport of champions � Dodgeball.

Could it be those other three teams include robots and zombies? 
Or Maybe 
Ninja pirate nuns, riding camels? In space!

The first in the series? Christ.

Cookie cutter innovation. 
also nazis and aliens 
there goes my whole idea for a ninjas vs. pirates vs. zombies vs. robots game. Of course, my idea didn't involve dodgeball, so maybe there's still hope. 
there are many more distinct iconized groups.
Samurais, cowboys, eskimos to mention a few. 
Article On The History Of Adventure

Talks about the relationship between Adventure's game cave and the real-life Colossal Cave, and the differences in the contributions of the original author and the guy who added the other half of the content several years later. 
since Adventure was a mainframe game, i guess it doesn't really belong in the PC games thread... oh well. 
Make A New Thread For It Or Get Out 
About TF2 Visuals

I like that they are actually thinking about the gameplay (aware of visual noise).
Saw some Unreal3 video yesterday and it was awful (bad): The player models merge into the background, everything is "realistic" lit and dark. Can't see it being fun in competetiv gameplay. For fun with friends sure, but not on a more "professional" scale. 
it's the shit 
that TF2 could be a fun game. If you can do concjumps. :) 
there are no grenades in tf2 
I can understand them taking them out but then the grenjumps and concjumps are out and it's a shame... 
Anyone else play the demo? I might have to go mug someone for the money to get this damn game. So damn good. 
Not Tried The Demo Yet 
but its finished preloading on steam so just 3 days to go :) 
Bioshock Demo 
A bit underwhelmed by the demo...
The controls felt wonky, it didn't show much interesting gameplay, just a really basic shooter.
And honestly, I didn't find the visuals so great, I noticed alot of little errors, like badly tiling textures, and brushes that aren't placed right...
Doesn't run very well on my system anyways, still looking forward to playing the full game, which I've bought on steam, but it won't let me preload it, been telling me the servers are too busy for 3 days now (and I try regularly)... 
It Seems Ok 
But yeah, not the revolution in gaming as announced (didn't expect it to be anyway). At least judging from the demo. Combat can get a bit messy. Many people were particularly fond of the water, though while it isn't bad, it's not that outstanding either. The weapon models look somewhat dated.
However, the atmosphere is great and it runs smoothly on my rig (so far). I'm definitely going to get it sooner or later. 
What Are You Specs? 
Underwhelmed By The Demo 
it reminds me of doom3 
Bioshock Demo... 
Runs like ass on my machine, currently. An ATI Hotfix didn't help. First, I have no pointer icon on the GUI. Then all I get is a crappy scrolling water texture and flames, with big black blocks. I do have a help ticket, though.

It's just a pity, for now... 
both ATI and Nvidia have been building new drivers to accommodate Bioshock. Shouldn't the game designers be accommodating the existing software specs instead of the other way around? Anyway, here is where BluesNews recommends going to if you are having ATI driver problems: 
Bioshock Bis... 
I guess this explains why the fov felt so weird on my 16:10...

Btw, my specs are, Athlon X2 4200+, 2gb ram, geforce 7600GT, and using the new nvidia beta drivers, which apparently are the cause of the fucked up mouse in game... And yeah, doesn't run well on my rig anyways. 
Bioshock Art Deco Fonts Overdose 
Disappointed. Very clich�. Bland weapon design and sound. Water looks way better in Sauerbraten! Flat visuals. Unimaginative gameplay. Cutscenes and teasers were jawdropping good but this demo is quite a mess!

And the overuse of Art Deco style fonts is nauseous. Plaza font everywhere, huge ugly unreadable ingame captions and menus... What a waste.

Otoh, no tech prob at all, full settings. -Pent D 3.2Ghz, 2gigs ram, 2xGeForce 7900GTX SLI ForceWare 94.24 (NO beta drivers, OMG!), XP DX9.0c 
Ah Dammit, This Day Is Going To Be Wasted 
God Damn You Spirit 

Only played thr practice level so far (supposed to be working) but this looks very addictive. 
Knytt Stories 
hmm, and the game has a level editor... might be fun to map for. 
Alot Of Fun So Far 
But very irritating as well. I've started with Within a Deep Forest - that spider puzzle in the tower was annoying. 
nice, that game makes much more sense in english than the japanese version I had been playing. 
that's a nice game

i hate that you don't have full health after each enemy though 
Knytt Stories 
looks great. Played through it twice already.

I find the notion of working on a game like this far more appealing than some triple-A nazi shooting fest. 
what an amazing looking game! e6300 + ati x1950pro and only 1gb of ram, with everything on except 'force global lighting' and hq post processing (which i hate anyway) and the game runs extremly well.

but yeah, graphics in here are really great, with a cool theme. water effects are just as good as i heard. no actual swiming yet, which is surprising, but i ain't complaining.

it's pretty easy so far... maybe i should have chosen hard. i guess it's because it was made to be playable on the x360... mouse makes it too easy as headshots are very generous. the gooey blood effect is... well, it's good feedback, but it looks kind funny. i guess that's to fit in with the theme. or maybe blood really does look like a bucket of paint spraying all over when you get shot? :P
no really amazing combat like what was described though... fighting the big daddies *is* a challenge, but they are despatched with some footwork and good timing of attacks (won't spoil this stuff).

i'm surprised there hasn't been more said so far here. :) 
Oh Forgot 
there is some kind of bug with the captions though... the timing never aligns with the actual speech, and you also get captions for normal monster talking which is dumb... i don't care that the monster said "i'm gonna kill you", really. :P anyway, just turn them off. makes hearing important dialog difficult at times (vocals could have been louder, but i have both vocals and SFX volume maxed. i should mess with the settings maybe), but you can always go back in the log to read it again.

i really dislike the interface though... it's totally a console style thing. very very simplified, with button layout not totally optimal for a mouse (again, obviously the console controller in mind there). also, no inventory! maybe they mentioned that before, but i purposely didn't read too much about bioshock. you can't stockpile on food and drink to restore health and eve. it's also annoying because often there's ammo sitting alongside cigarettes/booze which have negative effects, so sometimes you'll chug a beer when you really wanted to pick up the bullets. >_<

otoh, the sound in this game is a big step up from most other games out there. there is a lot of intricacy just on player movement sounds, which, i find, add a ton to immersiveness. at the start, i was standing still and turning on the spot a lot just to hear the crisp footstep sounds... ^_^; 
i guess that's to fit in with the theme. or maybe blood really does look like a bucket of paint spraying all over when you get shot?

I once saw a chicken accidentally rip its own head off trying to get through a barbed wire fence. The blood spurted for a moment like the arc of a supersoaker as the chickens body flopped backwards.

Also, I was shot is the ass once but it only soaked my underwear with a dark blood stain. 
Necros, you can change difficulty at any time, it's a bit more challenging on hard, but still fairly easy in my opinion.

Yeah anyways, it's a great game, I haven't quite finished it yet, but that's mostly cause I've really been taking my time with it. What I enjoy most is the exploration, they really got it right, there are lots of side areas to explore, and little secrets.
The combat is ok, it's nicer later on when you actually use all your weapons and plasmids to help you.
Interface kind of sucks yeah, really annoying that you can't see how much of a specific ammo you have without having to reload, and it's silly that you can't see your inventory.
Yeah this game suffers from one of the many Doom3 syndroms: you never swim, which feels strange for a game taking place in a city built underwater...
Otherwise, story is good, atmosphere is great, definetely don't regret having bought it directly off steam. 
1337 Post About Swimming 
I haven't played bioshock but isn't rapture a bit deep down for you to just go swimming?

(where's the rotfish icon?) 
Well, I didn't mean actual swimming out in the open sea, but many areas are partially flooded, and your walking in water and stuff, but you can see they went out of their way to block out any areas with deeper water, I even noticed a few areas where I should be able to just jump in deep water, but there was an evil invisible clip in my way.
I'm not sure swimming would have brought anything to the gameplay, but it would have added a bit to the immersion probably. 
Knytt Stories 
There is a bonus pack with more missions on the site.
A strange Dream is very nice but also quite short. I recommend the original Knytt and of course Within a Deep Forest if you like these games. 
Yeah the original Knytt feels better than any of these new ones I think, even though I still like them. Within a Deep Forest is still my favorite though.
I'm curious how making levels for Knytt Stories is, how much liberty you have with additional art content, will have to check it out. 
Playing in between Q3 sessions, so fairly slow going, but enjoying the simplicity and even the cuteness. 
Played The First Knytt While Waiting For A Render 
Not as good as Stories, I'd say. Lots of wandering around being lost and very little gameplay. The occasional 'dodge a spider' puzzle was a tiny breath of fresh air - I'd have loved it if it had been full of that stuff.

downloading Forest. 
looks cool. Damn sight more interesting than the terminally dull Knytt. Also, Aquaria should be out this year I think. It's a super nice looking indie game. 
Thanks For The Link 
Games would look so much less shitty if people would/could use it without too much slowdown. Especially all those modern shader stuff often looks so pixelated.
I just noticed it when watching on MoH:Airborne screenshots: 
It's Even True 
in modern digital tv - the Osaka Athletics World Championships had horrible aliasing in the white track lines against the red tartan. 
i don't know why, but in a lot of newer games, you can't use AA if you use the fancier hdr lighting or bloomy effects. frankly, i rather use AA. :P 
AA Is Cool And All... 
but i think anisotropic filtering is awesome and much more important.

Also, AA becomes less important as you go to higher resolutions (I know this isn't always an option.) 
you can use AA and aniso together. both of them working at the same time make a big difference in quality. 
of course, I'm just saying that of the various features available, i think anisotropic provides a larger improvement.

AA also seems to only improve sampling on polygon edges, which doesn't help with some shaders that look chunky and aliased on the interior of the polygon. (for example the wet cobblestone texture in this shot: )

Also, I believe (but haven't tested this theory) that AA also doesn't help with techniques that rely on the z-buffer and polygon inter-penetration. Like doom3 shadows... can any one veryify whether doom3 shadow edges get improved by AA?

It occurs to me that the term "FSAA" implies that all pixels on the screen are super-sampled, not just polygon edge pixels, but I don't remember if this is actually the case. If so, that cancels out all of my above rant :) 
Prince Of Persia - Sands Of Time 
Played the ad-supported version. Ads in menus and loading screens. Turned out there were none when not connected to the internet.

Though I haven't played the original games too thoroughly, I guess this new one is a worthy successor. The jump'n'run bits were nice and entertaining (albeit repetitive after a while) and just right in terms of difficulty. The fights, however, became tedious, even annoying, quickly. The camera behaved awkward in places.
At any rate, a nice free game. Apparently Ubisoft has already stopped the free distribution of the three games (POP, FarCry, Rayman), but I hope this might have started a trend more companies will follow. The ads were not very annoying, and worth the trouble for a quality free game. 
I got bored of replaying every time I fail a jump. prolly 30% into it 
FSAA simply means Full Scene Anti Aliasing, as opposed to edge detection or similar schemes. It doesn't imply supersampling to my knowledge.

The relatively fast technique that is used in current 3d hardware is multisampling AA - this is the one that only makes a difference on polygon edges, but sample resolution also takes the stencil buffer into account. Thus stencil shadows see improvement.

Lastly, multisampling simply doesn't work in a few situations due to various limitaions - deferred rendering, and when using HDR framebuffers on some hardware. 
I like AA, would never play without it. 
Just Saw A Quake Wars Demo Ad 
oh my, the Strogg now officially look like Borg. It's a ripoff.


although I like Trek, at least the better parts of it. The Borg movie is the only good one :-) 
The Wrath of Khan is the only good one. 
Haven't Seen The Borg One 
But it would have to be supertastic to be as good as Khan. 
The Borg One 
is indeed pretty good, it has rock'n'roll, Zero-G combat, machine guns, and Picard doing a pretty good Captain Ahab.

Some nice shock effects, and good music too. 
Damn You Kell 
Beat me to it . . . 
Tehn You Should Have Went 
'Tehn' Jeez I'm Coming 
to the realization three cups of coffee is just not enough to keep me awake, alert and on the look out for typos. Coke is too expensive and speed makes you see shit. Getting older is like becoming one of the living dead. 
Battlefield :strogg?

its not Quake at all :( 
Come out into the cold, harsh light of reality... since the original title was released, none of the so-called sequels have offered anything closely resembling Quake at all.

They should have stopped at one. But hey, the name sells copies! Look at the F.E.A.R farce going on at the moment... sigh. 
Bioshock Thread? 
I don't have the game so I have nothing to say about it, but surely there's enough fanboy drool (and/or jaded ennui) to justify a Bioshock thread, right??? 
Yeah ^^ 
I'm surprised there isn't one yet, the game is fucking amazing! 11.5 Hours into it myself and nearing the end, storyline and characters are really well done, and the atmosphere is just plain classy. 
Quake Wars 
Anyone playing the demo? If so, what servers? Let's a game going people. So far, it's okay but not fantastic. Not sure if I'll pick it up or not. But if you play let's rock!!! 
Quake Wars 
I play it a bit, but it just sucks that they removed the friend system that was in the beta.
It's an ok game, will probably buy it and play it online a while until I get bored of each map.
I still prefer Wolf:ET I think, but as far as class-objective-based fps team games are concerned, this is alot better than any battlefield game. 
unfortunately the demo runs and looks shit on my pc, so I'll be sitting out on this one :( 
PixelJunk Racers 
dunno if anyone here is rich enough to have a PS3, but you might want to give the PixelJunk Racers demo a whirl.

I worked on the game, and though it's far from perfect, it's a lot of fun - particularly if you have a bunch of other people around to play with.

If anyone has tried it, I'd love to hear your comments, good or bad. 
Agree With Bal 
On Quake Wars, its nice but its not as good as Wolf: ET imo. I have played the demo a bit and it does suffer from slow performance on my pc also which is a shame.

Also I think the vehicles may have been a mistake, some of them feel very odd to use and (for me at least) it reduces the feel of squad combat that Wolf:ET had.

Still its a fun game! 
More On Quake Wars 
I think the large maps and vehicules have removed the focus of the game, especially on public servers where everyone just seems to be doing their own thing. In wolf:et, the maps where tighter and more linear (that's a good thing in this situation), which made everyone alot more focused on the objective, thus it really felt like playing with a team, instead of just playing some random deathmatch with vehicules.
But when you find some good players in Quake Wars, who are more into completing the objective than getting exp, it can become more like wolf:et and be quite good.

Anyways, still gone back to playing wolf:et at work, people just couldn't get into QuakeWars it seems. =\ 
Yeah I think I'm going to leave Quake Wars alone and migrate to TF2. I hear good things about it, and I was hooked on TFC back in the day. Plus, QW was just... kind of bland tbh. 

Heeeey Anyone Up For Some QW This Weekend? 
I want to fly the Tormentor! 
I'd be free saturday evening... around 20:00 GMT... if you want to kick my ass :P 
Sorry I Was Just Trying To Annoy Inertia 
Me? Playing a multiplayer game? Wtf! 
so you won't be switching to Quake Wars then inertia? 
I Second That Motion 
I don't usually agree with you Inertia, but this time you speaketh the truth!

While we're at it, don't call "Quake" by the ridiculously inappropriate name "Quake 1" either. There is only QUAKE. That is all. 
its 'classic quake' now :/ 
TF2 And The Mappers Who Love Them 
Err, it.

Anyone totally blown away by the TF2 beta? Probably the funnest multiplayer game I've played in a long time, and definitely better than QWars (I hope inertia notices I used QWars and not QW.) Anyone planning on mapping for this or knows of a TF2 mapping community yet? 
Tf2 Mapping = Hl2 Mapping 
so Ive been playing some Cal of Duty and Callof Duty : United Offensive (mission pack).

Now the only wwII game I've played before this was MOHAA which was quite good even if the autoaim snipers got a bit annoying.

This starts off pretty poorly and about halfway through I was wondering why it was so popular. Then, out of nowhere, there is a huge increase in quality and level of immersion. The level design improves immeasurably, the fighting becomes fun and the squad missions actually work.

And the scale of some of the later levels is staggering, maybe not compared to recent games but it does feel like a war and that you are only a small part fo it. I'm sure q4 and a lot of the recent games achieve the same thing but as I havent yet got to them, this was something new for me. MOHAA still felt like a solo game or at best a squad game, it didnt feel like the player was a small part of the whole.

Anyway, more comments later but for now, the secnd half has won me over. 
^ Call Of Duty 
Yeah, I really really enjoyed Call of Duty 1, especially the later stages, although the end was a little anti-climactic for me (not sure what I was expecting though to be honest). All the Stalingrad stuff is just awesome though. For some reason, the newer games in the series just don't have the same appeal. 
Agreed 100% starbuck. 
My Take On TF2 
It's crazy awesome. Valve can count my money.

Wait, they have it already. :( 
So yeah, lots of people complain that they simplified it compared to the original TF and even TFC, but really as far as I can tell it takes nothing away from the pure fun that is TF2.
Some of the maps are a bit boring though, but mostly cause engineers don't seem to use their teleporters much yet. 
Nice little flash game, but doesn't have enough levels. 
Huge List Of Freeware Games 
unfortunately also some ad-ware made it to the list

Chalk is great, dunno if it was posted here.

Manifold runs with like 3fps here, crap. :( 
Gimme GTA4! 
Cause I want it. I hear some crack like they were gonna release it next month for the 360, but sorting it out for the PS3 has put them back to next spring cause they had to do a simnultaneous release. No fair!

San Andreas just looks a bit dated now really. Sub-Quake graphics (except for the scale of it), even tho quake has been oot for 11 years or so and it has only been out for about 3. I enjoyed it mucho at the time but.

Gameplay nowhere near as good as Quake either. 

COD comments I already made, a very strong second hald of the game that has a very high immersion factor. COD:UO pretty much picks up where the second half left off in terms of quality and just ups the level a bit more.

Easily one of the most fun and well built mission packs I have played. 
I just finished it in veteran mode.. What an awesome game: really immersive. Also, you really need to use team play, and a lot of strategy to not die each step you make... I'm guess real war was more tense and horrible, but if it is a smooth vision of WW2, please God preserve us to live any war... 
Jericho Demo 
Looks pretty, setting is cool, story might be cool if you can bother with it.

Thinking back about the gameplay I can imagine the mechanics actually being quite cool, but while playing it just felt terrible.

Those 'interactive cutscene' things where you have to press buttons when they flash on the screen? Those are utter shite. In every game they've ever been. If you ever make a game, don't put this shit in your game. It is so shit. Like a turd pooing.

I hate the player characters. The enemies might be cool but I honestly have no idea what's going on because there's blood and spittle all over my screen.

Weapons suck. The magic thing I dunno what's up with that. Was there any health monitor on the HUD? I couldn't find it.

Worst fucking physics ever. Do the physics even exist? It feels like we're just navigating a 2d plane here with designated 'jump down here', 'climb here' markers. Way too many invisible walls. If I want to dive into the black void for the love of god let me. You can't even jump.

Overall a bad game. Not planning to buy it. 
Oh And 
Aegia PhysX please go fuck yourselves with something nasty. Don't install drivers and shit. 
having kinky fantasies of me? 
physx demo is fun to play... 
The Cake Is A Lie 
I just finished Portal, and it's brilliant. The gameplay is good head-scratching fun, there's wacky narrative, and a "omg wtf" ending that you both will and will not expect.

I wanna map for it. But first, hl2:ep2. \o/ 
I concur.
Portal rocks.
The cake was good. 
I take back anything I have ever said bad about Valve.

note: be sure to watch the credits. 
Valve Didn't Make Portal Themselves 
That was the best gaming experience I've had in years. Now for the challenge and advanced levels...

Damn. I may just have to learn Hammer. 
The challenges are bloody hard, I have no friggin clue how to accomplish some of them. 
Cave Story 
Bloody hell, how many bosses are there in that boss fight (misery, doctor, core)? And is there any hidden savepoint in there?

The game is cute and nice but the savepoints are terribly retarted sometimes. 
Episode Two: Spoilers 
For some reason I'm not sitting here with the same feeling of having been blown away like I was with EP1 or the original game.

It was still cool tough.

The environments are so goddamned breathtaking you can't help but sit and just stare for several minutes everytime you enter a new area.
Leveldesign highlights: The outdoor area of the first level, the open mineshaft where you defend Alyx from antlions, the big open gorge where you run with the vortigaunt inbetween an ambush with both antlions and zombies, (was cool when you ride the lift up and you look down and there's total chaos,) and the level where you have to cross the river to get the car and you can see the entire level you've been going through.

Lots of big, wide outdoor areas, which is too bad because I hate those in games. They look fantastic but I hate not knowing your boundaries when you're fighting stuff.

The hunters are fucking bastards. Sucks that the first time you're introduced to them it's with two at the same time so you're too overwhelmed to figure out a good strategy for them. At the very end I figured out a big fat blunt object right in their face takes them out in two or three hits. Or running over them with the car.

The vehicle sections were a bit better than in the first game. The first time I got out of the car and looked back at Alyx, she winked and patted her thigh. That skank-ass ho!
The ambush in the mountain village was hard as fuck! Fourty hunters and a trillion combine in that tiny-ass motel!

The combine advisors are weird. WTF is up with those. Sad to see that guy die. Magnusson is a prick, he should have died instead.
Can't wait to see how the story continues, especially with how Aperture Science fits in to the story. EP3 with portal gun? Z�mg!
Was nice to finally get out of City 17 and will probably be interesting to see what's going on up north by the Borealis.

Good game. Where the hell is Barney? 
Where the hell is Barney?

I can't believe I never thought of Barney!

EP2 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! 
Knytt Stories 
Wow, what a surprise. It's basically a cute Metroid.

I love the non-linearity; that said, the leveldesign could give you more hints which paths are 'just an easier alternative than backtracking' - i often found myself going through 15 or 20 screens just to find that it was such a shortcut and the item i need lay in the other direction. it would very much help if there was a map, and if you could teleport back to the save-points you visited.

other than that it's only minor nitpicks:
1) the partition in individual screens sometimes messes up your movement.
2) in the tutorial i couldn't figure out how to use the hologram for a few minutes, cause i tried setting the hologram anywhere where the red glowing thingie (explained as: "enemy can see you"?) was glowing. This powerup should have a larger range.
3) some monsters don't look like monsters, some background animals do
4) The ghosts that attack you werer weird - all the other ghosts just seem to ignore you. 
Review: Aces High Over Verlor Island

A very, very simple game with planes and shooting.

Controls suck, you accidently do tricks all the time. Sound is annoying. Graphics are simple, but kind of effective. Potential wasted. It's basically 2d and very slow - boring.

Review: Bear Go Home 
Oh, Btw 
In case anyone is wondering: all these games are from 
Review: Cluster Funked

Small game, where you place turrets in a 2d world to fight off red triangles. The idea is neat and the graphics are a good fit. Too bad the controls are laid out in a weird way and the player ship is a tad slow. Also, this seems like an alpha. Runs slow, too.

Review: Coaster Rider

Basically a (commercial?) uninspired Line Rider clone. It has obstacles, stars to collect, speed boosters in free mode. Oh, and a roller coaster instead of a sled.

Review: Cortex Command

Wow, this is weird.

Think Worms with bunker building in real-time. Has a great graphics style. Sadly, i couldn't figure out how to actually play the game once i built my base and bought robots and stuff... this is still in dev though.

?/10 cause i couldn't really figure out how to play it. 
I tried Cortex Command but it refused to start - 'the application or dll is not a valid windows image'.

I guess its because I'm on XP spanish, maybe, although it'll be the first time its caused a problem. It was with the latest build 18. I'll try it on XP english at work and send them an email, unless you know what caused this?

The error message I translated from Spanish, so it might be innaccurate. 
Review: The Last Stand

Neat flash game, where you have to defend your base from hordes of zombies. you can try to find weapons and or survivors. Loads of fun :)

no idea really, worked fine here :( 
It's Probably 
the language thing - it'd be something to be cleaned up for a release version, most likely. Wouldn't be suprised if it was looking for my programs / documents or something. Of course, I have mis documentos and archivo de programas.

Looks interesting though, I'll definately give it a look. Last stand sounds good as well. 
HL2 Riot Act 
Anyone seen this before? Any ideas as to what causes it?

It does this at the end of the loading screen. I am playing the game (trying to) with Steam off-line.

Ho hum... 
If I Remember Well, 
To keep Riot Act installer small, they did not include some sound files. These are compiled on engine first launch. I did it with Steam online and got no problem.

Very good mod! Comes close to Minerva, I'd say... 
HL2 Riot Act 
I tried Steam on-line with and without HL2 on-line, but no joy.

I can get it to work if I run it in a window. 
I Installed The Holiday Season Pack 
With Episode One, and I had to physically carry my computer into my fathers office (from my house, a street away), and plug it in to the internet just to get it to work. And then my dad came in and said 'what are you doing to my computer!!!'. So I explained how the bastards at Valve mad a game which you have to connect to the internet atleast once even if you dont want to play online.

Then I installed Roit Act (among other things) and it wouldnt let me play it for the same reason.

Thats whay I'll stick to my 360 for HL games, although I know I'm losing out on all the custom stuff!

Shame really, I should go and get broadband installed at my house!! 
Episode 2 
Very nice. Felt better and longer than Episode 1. I hope they expand on the (somewhat) nonlinear elements, namely the valley fight. The hint at the microwave casseroll incident made me laugh. Looking forward to Episode 3 and it would be cool if it included a return to the Black Mesa facilities..

Barney isn't there for obvious reasons: he died in the explosion of City 17 - that's what he got for being foolish enough to attempt rescuing survivers. Sorry czg :/ 

it would be cool if it included a return to the Black Mesa facilities..

Black Mesa was nuked by the warhead at the end of Opposing Force. Also: no, it wouldn't be cool. Stories should not run backwards.
Also: Ep3 is to be set in the Arctic, on the trail of the legendary Borealis and the Aperture Science tech on board.

Actually, this leads me to something I've been thinking about a lot since completing Ep2.

It seems clear to me that there is a 'seasonal' cycle being played out in the design of HL2.
Going by screenshots of the Ep2 trailers on its Wikipedia page, Ep2 received something of a chilly misty facelift after the first trailer was made. The pine forest setting was already there, but Valve deliberately made it more cold and....autumnal. And Ep3 is to take place above the Arctic circle in what one can only assume will be snowy terrain maps.

So lets run through this from the start...

Half-Life: Black Mesa, New Mexico desert. Hot. Bright. Sun-drenched. Summer

Half-Life 2 -> Ep1: Eastern Europe. In the City. While a variety of day/night times are used, sunsets are prominent and one of the developer commentaries even mentions an 'autumnal' coloring for the streets in Ep1. Summer gives way to Autumn

Ep2: Europe. Out of the City. Mist. Cold blues and greens positively saturate the Ep2 color palette. Autumn gives way to the ominous onset of Winter

Ep3: Almost immediately following the brutal death of a key character, our heroes must travel north, above the Arctic circle into cold. And probably dark. Winter

Half-Life 3 ???: The worst to befall humanity yet, the darkest hour etc. The final battle to permanently liberate Earth of the invaders.
Humanity travels out of the dark Winter into a new beginning...Spring

I maybe spend a tad much time thinking about flavour text and the like, but it's hard to deny the deliberate design choice of ambience in Ep2 and the likelihood of Ep3 taking place in an even colder, snowy environment as already seen in the Mossman communication.

And this is exactly the sort of mature design approach typical of Valve.

So I just want it on record that I called it :P 
Oh Yes 
Barney isn't there for obvious reasons: he died in the explosion of City 17

You are a bad, bad person and you are going to android hell.

There won't be any cake. 
You smoke beetles and it's going to piss down in HL3. 
since everyone's being positive, i feel i should mention this:

most of the cave levels blew. :( 
Playing Dark Messiah Now 
pretty cool, even though for some reason it looks very jaggy despite me having 8xSAA on.

Movement feels shit but once you get used to that, all the different combat possibilities are great. 
Chat Noir 
that is so cool. 
Chat Noir 
Heh, fun, it's strange it kinda feels like playing a very basic version of Go. 
I have a boardgame quite similar to that, just that it's on a rectangular grid and you can build towers. once two towers stand in a combination like the horse in chess, you can build a wall between them. Goal is to reach the other side of the board. 

Such cool design, doesn't need any instructions or words at any point... seems impossible for a while but then you I got the hang of it and it's very satisfying. 
since everyone's being positive, i feel i should mention this:

most of the cave levels blew. :(

I'm not entirely positive about Ep2. I agree with czg; while it isn't bad, I wasn't blown away by it the way I was by HL2 and Ep1.

What was it though about the cave levels that "blew"?

I thought the actual sculpting was superb, really the first cave map to actually be shaped exactly the way real caves are. I wondered if it had been made as a model in max or maya and then imported, until I played with commentary and discovered it was done with Hammer's 'displacements'. I've heard of this before, but I have no idea how it works.

I also thought the custom shader written specifically to render the look of a flashlight casting long shadows off every little protrusion on the surface was the first use of bump mapping I've seen that added something useful to the experience.

The colors otoh I was less impressed with. The same green and blue the Valve team apparently decided to make the signature palette of Ep2. Kinda bleh, and gray/brown would have been fine

The Larval Essence was also a disappointment. As an item significant for being both:
1) the key to saving Alyx's life
2) the goal of a sizeable chunk of stylised mapping in the episode
it should have had a unique model, placed in the center of a spiral-like cavern path.
Instead, I wanted to ask the Vort why we couldn't have just got some from the identical honeycombs I'd been fighting my way past for the last quarter of a mile.

But I still found the caves a cool place to be, and the combat fortunately wasn't tediously hard, unlike when you are later bludgeoned with the Hunters.

So what blew? 
My parents had a box of old board games from the 60s and 70s. One of them was twixt. Another one was that version of mastermind with the james-bond-themed cover:

Here was the twixt cover:

And of course everyone seemed to have yahtzee back then. 
I Have 
that mastermind as a travel-version right here, I'm holding it in my hand as I type. Parents have the normal bigger version at home.
Game of the year! 
that version of mastermind with the james-bond-themed cover

Oh dear god >_<

Yes, when you look at this distinguished man sitting at the table, you can now know that his lap is secretly spoiled with cat pee.

The world is now a very slightly, but permanently, better place ^_^ 
I used to have that version of mastermind too! I remember thinking even back then it was a slightly odd cover, and the guy didn't look like a mastermind of anything much, and the girl didn't look much like a bond girl. 
sorry, i should have explained what i meant in the original post.

it's not so much that it blew in the sense that i thought it was not well done. it's just that that set of levels is incredibly visually boring. the part where you have to basically run from one hidey hole to the next before the antlion guard kicks your ass bugged me. 1 because i don't really enjoy gameplay like that when i can't really fight back and 2 because the tunnels all look so damn similar, i was never really sure where to go.

the last part, where you see the antlion standing across a chasm, and then you have to make the longest run to the next hidey hole than any of the other runs, for example.
i didn't actually know where to go, and the first time i took the correct path to go the long way, i thought i had taken a wrong turn (because of the incredible distance vs the other times) and so when the antlion headbutted me, i didn't bother trying to actually get into the hole and just reloaded, instead trying to go the other way which leads back to the beginning.
it took me like 4 reloads before i realised which way to go and it was really annoying.

also: regarding the honeycomb model, i noticed that too! hehe

i think another reason i didn't really like it was because i was really looking forward to seeing more of the city/town stuff and almost from the start you're plunged into (what i found to be) really boring caves.

i would have loved to see more of the topside mine entrance area. instead, i had to run through really quickly because antlions were making eyes at me.
also, the area right after alyx is healed where you fight in the huge canyon, as well as the spot before you heal alyx where you take that long elevator up and watch the vort take on a horde of guys for a little bit.

otoh, i really liked hunter combat! i liked how they were introduced early on at the mine entrance, and then the first combat at the communication building at the top of the hill. really fun and fast paced fighting = win, for me. :)
i also thought the fight in the hotel when the combine traps you was awesome. what with all the dudes outside shooting in, and the hunters breaking through the walls, it was hectic and awesome.

i have yet to replay with commentary on, mainly because i don't really feel like it. maybe when i hear some of the rationale for the choices they made i'll like it more, but i don't think it should be necessary to listen to dev commentary to like a game.

sorry for the disorganization of my thoughts, btw. >_< 
Heh, I have the same version too. Never put the cover in relation to a James Bond theme (though it actually fits well). Never liked the game much either. 
HL2 Riot Act 
Just finished it. Liked it. 
Le Fuckign Chat Noir. 
I never tried a web flash game before. It's pretty addictive.

I've done it a few times and am very slowly picking up some vague ideas how to do it. But I still feel I'm not grasping the game mechanics, more just floundering around and occasionally glimpsing what to do... 
Up To The Orc Temple 
in dark messiah, holy shit is some of the mapping good. Even that gimmick level where you chase the ghoul is excellent. 
Crysis Demo 
First thoughts anyone? 
i shall have to try that one out, thanks for reminding me :)

has anyone played the hellgate demo? i wasn't really impressed by it, any other opinions? it might be one of those games that gets better near the middle and end. 
Crysis Was interesting, it's really pretty similar to Farcry, except you have the suit powers, which makes it a bit more interesting, as you can approach situations differently. I played it on low, so I can't really say it's gorgeous, but even on low it's looks ok-ish. Looking forward to playing the full game with a new 3D card later on...

Hellgate london demo was pretty trash, but being so weak when it comes to these type of games, I still feel tempted to try it some more... =\ 
Yeah I tried the demo for a bit, and it made so little sense and ran so poorly I just uninstalled it right away. Maybe I'll give it a fairer try if it gets awesome reviews, but even though the visuals looked fairly good, the gameplay didn't feel like anything so interesting. 
That's A Shame 
I thought Jericho would have been one of the suprise good games this year, like Undying was.

Spose I'll wait for a metacritic compiled review
just finished the demo. feels exactly like farcry. sadly, the part after the demo looks cooler than the demo itself. :\

still, the suit powers are cool, but i think they need some balancing or something.

cloak would be a lot cooler if it lasted for more time. i don't think that would be overpowering or anything, since without it, those koreans have much sharper eyes than anyone in farcry did.

speed is probably one of the more useful ones in almost any situation. you could fall back on armor, but i found the improved maneuverability of speed to be more useful than being able to take more hits.

strength... i dunno, i mean, it's effective because i can one-shot npcs with my fists/gunbutt, but i don't really see it as all that useful since melee range is not something you're in most of the time. i suppose you could sprint up with spd and switch to str and pummel someone, but sprinting uses up a lot of energy, so you'd probably only get a single punch anyway. not something you can use for a group of dudes.

once i got the shotgun, i pretty much just stayed on speed mode and ran around blasting everyone. now THIS is how a shotgun should be like. pretty much guaranteed kill at medium to close range which is awesome and very satisfying. add to that, npcs fly backward and into the air just a bit (ok, not totally real, but cool) and it's my favourite weapon in the demo. ^_^

i liked how the binocs worked in farcry but i know it's not the same game. it's just that it's even harder to see these jokers in the bushes now, and the binocs don't identify npcs as well as the farcry version did. also, you have to actually 'mark' hostiles before they show up on the minimap/radar so it kind of goes against the whole idea. maybe i'm just a wuss though. :P 
i did like the way you can pull up the menu to select the suit powers although i would have liked the option to map individual powers to a single key.

the menu for weapon mods is awesome though. i like the ability to change anything on the gun at a moment's notice and the use of the mouse interface means you can't just do it in the middle of combat. it's a good way of making it non-instant without artificially slowing it down (long change animations). 
CB Jericho 
I use to spend thrilling nights playing Undying. I've always been a big fan of this game for its scare factor and powerful ambiance. So I had big expectations about Jericho. After the demo, my feelings were so-so but anyway I decided to give the full game a chance.

Currently after a whole night of playing through some levels, things come to mind such as: Damn, this game is nothing more than a rehash of D3 (all, I mean ALL levels, even outdoors are sooo dark you have to use the flashlight...) and UT (the look of the characters...). But imo the worse is it doesn't scare at all! Gore and supranatural elements are there but the fact you can't escape from switching between characters all through the game removes yourself from any possible single player immersion. In the end, you don't feel concerned at all for what happens to the crew. This kind of forced schizoid way to progress dissolves it all.

On the design, everything is so mushy-blurry in the background, kinda these Quake 4 outdoors ugly flatty backgrounds, but worse...
Gameplay is heavily scripted, with savepoints, Quick Time events and all that shit.

I'll play some more levels to face a boss, in a desperate search of scary moments of some sort, but I'm already very near to give up.

Gimme back the twisted Covenant family and the howlers. Back when I was playing Undying I had nightmares filled of these monsters. Jericho is definately not this type of game, alas. 
Hellgate: London Demo 
I enjoyed the demo. Graphically, it's pretty underwhelming overall (surprisingly so - I honestly was expecting it to be a bit nicer than that, even though many of the screenshots I've seen looked decidedly average).

Of course, that doesn't really matter too much, as long as the gameplay is solid. This is the new Diablo. Kill 'em and take their stuff. If I hadn't already decided to buy the game, the demo would have been enough to convince me - I played it through 3 times, even though the limited areas and quests in the demo weren't terribly exciting - I just wanted to play more.

What really impressed me about the demo was how comfortable and natural it felt to play. Do you find yourself struggling to understand how to do things, or arseing about with clunky controls/methods in most "modern" (aka shit) games like Oblivion? I know I do. In contrast to that, playing Hellgate for the first time felt more like playing a familiar old game, with intuitive controls and actions. Also, quite notably, the game handles the transition from first person to third person seamlessly and naturally, and it feels equally comfortable to play in either mode.

This is a game you're either going to enjoy and play for a long time, or skip entirely. If you played Diablo II to death and often lament the fact that nobody has even come out with a respectable clone in the 8 or so years since the release of that game*, then you probably need this. If not, look elsewhere.

* close-but-no-cigar award goes to Titan Quest. They tried, but they obviously missed the point - or at least they couldn't quite nail the fun factor and addictive nature of the Diablo II gameplay. 
Shit me there's quite a few around at the moment isn't there.

Very useful comments on this thread. Jericho had caught my eye (not least because of how class Undying was). Hellgate too, I've been following.

Guess I need to download some demos. And start playing again... 
Actually, I kinda disagree, it was easy enough to play yeah, I mean, it's hack&slash, so that's normal, but the user interface didn't feel half as good as what I was hoping for. Really, it's barely better than Diablo2's UI, and Titan Quest still kicks the shit out of it any day. It just felt so wrong not having any indication of your damage per second, damage per hit, and hit rate, and sometimes it felt really clunky having to unequip items to put them in the nano constructor thing, etc...

But unfortunatly I'm quite afraid I'm still one of your kind, and will end up buying it cause I require to kill monsters and pick up their loot... =(

On a side note, I thought Titan Quest was Diablo2 made perfect, and the visuals were really perfect in my opinion. 
Dark Messiah 
so yeah its pretty cool overall, I much preferred the levels with outdoor areas in it though or at least some huge inside areas because they were very impressive.

Game on the whole is pretty good, although the RPG element is very half baked. I mean half the time I didnt even know how much armor I had or how much damage I could do so all those different weapons etc didnt really do a whole ot. Basically, like Rune, pick the biggest weapon or one that has the most requirements and off you go.

Movement was also shitty, but the combat options were quite nice and varied. I also liked the non-linarity present in parts, although wish more levels had it.

so yeah, another worthwhile addition to the fantasy genre. 
Frib And Bal 
I really need to get both Titan Quest and Hellgate, I'm just like you people, I can't escape the Diablo II urge to kill monsters for loot. So damn satisfying. 
I Was Playing Halo3 Last Night 
I would just like to say that that is one hell of a game. I was near the end (I think) at the part where you are fighting the flood in a massive catacombe style level, and it is one of the best environments to have ever graced a computer game of any kind!! 
Judging from the demo it feels like an okay game, but nothing more. Seems like standard (Farcry) gameplay for the most part. The suit powers are quite interesting though. Graphics (I only played on medium detail) look ok but definitely not outstanding. Actually, it reminded me of Gothic3 - potentially great, but way too bright, too much gloss, and meh.
I don't think I'm going to get the game in the nearer future. 
so apparently gears of war is being released on the PC in a week or so.

i only found out yesterday browsing through gamespot.

i've seen screenshots of the xbox version and it looks great. since i never play console games, it was a pleasant surprise. :) 
Crysis Demo: Looks laavely, although the AI is rubbish by today's standards. Check out the editor - it's very nice, especially with its graphical state-machine-like interface to the triggering system.

Halo3 - as a vehicle-based open battle game it's brilliant. As an indoor FPS it's very mediocre. I didn't try the multiplayer.

at the part where you are fighting the flood in a massive catacombe style level, and it is one of the best environments to have ever graced a computer game of any kind!!

I hope you don't mean that fleshy pink cave network near the end, because I thought that was about the worst level design in the game :p 
Yeah, That's The Bit I Meant! 
I got lost in there. Me and my friend were playing on split-screen co-op. We blasted our way through so far, and then we seemed to be running around in circles, unable to progress any further. But eventually, thinking outside of the box a bit we realised the only way of getting out was to climb upwards, by doing a bit of jumping and traversing. Genius! Probably the most interesting part of the game! Plus I wouldnt fancy trying to do a Quake re-make of that level. Halo3 weapons are just like other Halo series weapons. One of the guns used by the aliens is a sorty of long-range artillery style one-shot thingy, which I though was rubbish cause of the re-load times on it. But in that cave it was very usefull for picking those fucking spider things off of the walls.

I dont think Halo3 has moved on much from Halo2 as far as gameplay goes, but the graphics and level design are better. The gameplay and co-op modes are (always have been) very good fun!

On another Point

*||New Soldier of Fortune!!!||* :)

Really looking forwards to this! I love Gore in video games. Doom3 was a dissappointment (for me, anyway) in this department. S.O.F. 1 was the only game to have really got it right!

I just hope the new game has good gameplay. I watched some videos on IGN, and it looked OK but the player needed to be moving a bit faster. But REAL LOCALISED DAMAGE!!! Hehehe!!! 
Is fighting the flood still a mindblowing tedious chore as it was the first time?

I automatically hate anything solder of fortune since paying SOF license money is utterly depressing. 
I'll take the silly gibs in TF2 over any kind of sick SOF type gore any day thankyouverymuch. 
Gears Of War... 
I never played the console version but I am looking forward to playing it on the PC. It is the only game in recent history that reminds me of Quake -- dark atmosphere, monotone textures, marines vs. monsters -- and that includes the later Quakes and Doom 3 ;) 
Gears Of War Sucked 
I hate you all. I hate the world. I hate you. 
Gears Of War 
I thought it was good. The combat system is pretty original. The graphics were sweet, some good level design. It was a bit short though. Plus the cut-scenes were dumb. Also over here the christmas commercial for Gears of War had that bloody depressing Tears for Fears cover on it. I didnt get that at all!! Also, if any of you guys thought 'The Sickbase' was too hard, there are some very hard bits in Gears. (I admit the Sickbase was too hard, badly balanced gameplay BTW:(

Luckily loading times are quite short (on a 360) 
Yeah. It Started A Trend 
Gears of War had that bloody depressing Tears for Fears cover on it.

The HaloIII commercial had a freeze flash battle scene with Chopin's Raindrop Prelude playing in the foreground (sounded like it was coming from behind me on my surround sound television setup, gave a real tingly feeling up my headshaft). Kind of an interesting approach, but I need some hurtful (heh, see what I did there) metal for my FPS carnage. 
You invented yet another metal subgenre, adding to thousands. 
He He, Maybe 
New Painkiller 
only done 3 levels so far.

it's fun, but more of the same. i really am starting to hate the way they keep locking you in and spawning in monsters. there's very little variety for the horde combat this time, and the second level is very cramped and not very fun.

also, visually, i find the levels not as interesting as the original.

i'm hoping there will be some hidden jewels later on for maps though. like the mine shaft from the exp or like the island with the cathedral in the original.

to me, painkiller has always been about generally fun gameplay taking place inside amazingly beautiful maps. this new exp started out as a fan project, and i think they somehow forgot about that. at least so far. :x 
I liked the original as well, but the first expansion got lost somewhere, most of the guys here turn out better design consistently.

Forcing the player to rely on trick maneuvers like bunny hopping is a criminal, newbie mistake.

Sounds like this new expansion is repeating old errors - a shame. 
Somebody tried it? The time-suit generates great variations (slowmo, stop and reverse) on a known gameplay... At first, you have to get used to the kinda clumsy aliased visuals but once you're in, the well made lighting and design and colorful, quite cartoony textures add some olkskool fun to the experience. AI is correct, weapons are powerful. I'm not ashamed to say I really LIKE this game!

If you had fun with F.E.A.R. or HL2 (urban levels) and Painkiller type weapon effects, just grab the 1Gig demo (one full SP level) and see for yourself...

Settings and menus are plain and efficient. In the 'video' section, I found 'hardware quality' settings on 'good' might really boost fps without ruining the visuals too much. DoF might be turned off with no regrets too. And hey! There's a built-in FoV cursor in the 'game' settings!

Unlike Crysis or Jericho, this game runs fast and smooth in 1920x1200 here. Pent D 3.2 - XP SP2 DX9c - SLI GeForce 7900GTX (Forceware 169.04 beta required, but working well) 
Cheers For That. 
Not convinced yet but will check it out.

I need more demos and stuff to try. Someone give me some links. 
Tall Stump 
Have any of you guys seen any space flying games where they focus on capital ship combat?

So far, the only one i know of is star trek: bridge commander. from what i can recall of playing it, it was pretty cool and was a lot more than you'd think.

the ship's weapons would basically work like capacitors, and there were a few all around the ship. when you fire at the enemy ship, which ever phaser was pointed at him would be the one to fire and it would deplete the energy in it which would slowly recharge.

the idea is to fly around the other dude while rotating your ship such that phasers that have a full charge are pointed towards him.

i think it was a good idea and a lot of fun, but i guess it didn't do very well because i never hear about it.

i was just wondering what you guys thought of a game that tries to do this type of thing. it doesn't have to be star trek or anything, of course. just something where you are maneuvering to get the upper hand while keeping track of which parts of your ship you want to expose to enemy fire and what not.

any opinions on that? 
Oh And 
if i'm wrong and there are other games like that out there, can you suggest any? :) 
Space Control - Theory And Practice 
That sounds a lot like the starship combat chapter of the Aliens Technical Manual I've mentioned already. There are no SW type starfighters, instead a picture of Hunt For Red October type manoeuvre and counter-manoeuvre is painted, a game of outsmarting in silence.

The chapter is written as a fictional lecture "Excerpted from the STARTAC '76 introductory seminar to the USCM staff college by Colonel James Mortimer, USASF."

The closing paragraphs read:

"Good captains should have an assassin mentality - prepared to sneak up on an enemy and stab him in the back before he can react. Almost 90 percent of space battles are settled this way - without even an exchange of fire. The key phrase here is 'emission control'. A starship captain can't always use his radar and lidar, broadcasting electromagnetic emissions which are gonna light him up like a beacon for everyone to see. The good captains, the ones that survive at least one battle, stay invisible. They control their infrared and EM emissions to become an invisible 'blackbody' in space; they limit their relative motion against the starfield so as to prevent visual detection; they plan their attack pass to fall on the enemy from a sensor blind spot such as a system's star; and they disguise the flare of their ASAT launches. When they light up their radars, it'll be to obtain a firing solution for their weapons, and by that time it'll hopefully be too late for their enemy.

Stealth is everything, and in a battle in which both sides are attempting to find each other in a vast, vast sky, the winner will be the smartest, most alert and best trained.

This is the essence, the Zen of space combat..." 
I'd probably love a game like that, and would probably suck at it too :P

There's something attractive about the challenge of wielding an entire starship like an assassin's blade. It would certainly be a change from conventional space games.

You looking for project ideas..? 
Nice game, I like stuff that remakes oldschool concepts without needing to over complicate it.

And being able to wear a paper hat is pimp. 
I'm always expecting seizure man. 
Seizure man? This is close. It's a terrible game, but the story nearly makes up for it.

You don't have to play, so don't blame me afterwards if you do ;) 
Sort Of... 
just doing a bit of research.

the thing is that i'd love a game like that, but i don't think it would be possible to make it so that it would appeal to a broad audience. :\

i've played one of those sub games (silent hunter #) and they are incredibly slow paced.

it would be nice to strike a balance between that and something like x-wing or freespace... i thought st:bridge commander did it fairly well, but the emphasis on movement is a little too much for me. i think that's just because it's the startrek universe that's like that.

if you think about it, real engagements between space ships would be on the order of hundreds or thousands of kilometers. add to that inertia and the lack of gravity... engagement ranges could be incredibly long and down to how accurate your targetting system was.

i dunno, there's a lot to think about. :S 
i totally agree about the role stealth would play in any kind of space engagement. it's much more akin to submarine combat than traditional naval battles.

crawling around waiting for some whisper of the enemy and then blowing the shit out of him before he even knows it.

on the other hand, you can't always rely on lying doggo to catch the other guy, sometimes you gotta light up your drives and let the other bastard see you... 
Stuff Would Take A Lot Of Time 
the speeds would be huge and targets tiny.

You could shoot (well, accelerate with multi-stage missiles) lead balls from the other side of a planet on an elliptical trajectory opposite to your opponent's trajectory (it's called retrograde) and they would hit him thus at double orbital speed relative.

In low Earth orbit that would mean 16 km/s.

(Normal weapons on earth have less than 1 km/s muzzle velocities.)

You could detect those projectiles by radar though. Radar echo weakens by the fourth power of distance, and even small balls hitting at 16 km/s do a lot of damage...

You could also shoot from multiple directions by varying the inclination and eccentricity of the orbit.

You'd have to know where your enemy is very very precisely.

I've been toying an idea of such a game where gravity plays a big role. I was such a fan of Star Control and wondered what it could do in 3D and with slightly more realism added to the dynamics. (Like no speed limit, that was completely unphysical.)

Could still be arcadey. The targets would have to be unrealistically big though so that humans could judge the targeting without calculations. 
I'd imagine it would be kinda hard to make a realistic game like this, as I'm guessing in space warfare, computers would really be doing most of the fighting anyways, everything would be going too fast, and the calculations too complex for humans to really take part in any way (other than in designing better, faster computers/AIs before the actual fighting). 
You Would In The Least 
have to have computer helpers, ie dynamically updated trajectory maps. So you could move your mouse and these curves would move, bending with the gravity field and depending on the direction of your thrust... and the enemy location and speed would also generate a curve for the enemy future location. They could be ticked for certain time intervals. 
that sounds very interesting /me takes notes 
Call Of Duty 4 
Got it Monday, completed it Monday night!

Very short single player mode, I would say around 5-6 hours on normal difficulty, but damn is it fun!

It follows the same formula as call of duty 2 really, if you loved that then this is more of the same but in a modern setting. The developers have been watching way to much "Aliens" and "Black Hawk Down". Some of the missions are lifted straight from that movie now that I think about it.

The game does feature some of the most awesome scenes though, from attacking a freight ship on a stormy night through to escaping a nuclear explosion in a helicopter, its just breath-taking.

One final thing I must mention, there is a Chernobyl level where you play as a sniper, this single level PWNZ Stalker in so many ways, it almost makes me sad that GSC Gameworld are going to play this map and be so pissed! :)

Also, you can shoot dogs.

The end. 
The Witcher 
Anyone has tried this game already? 
The Witcher 
From what I've seen so far, the Witcher is a very nice "interactive movie"... apart from, perhaps, the interactive bits. :D

To be fair I've only played for about 5-10 minutes. I actually clocked in 1-2 hours overall, but actual playtime was less than 10 minutes. The rest of the time I was watching cutscenes and loading bars.

I trust the game will open up a bit more soon, once the initial story setup has been done, allowing me to play a bit more and get a more informed opinion on the gameplay. So far though, the fun factor has been hampered by crappy camera controls and a fairly annoying combat system, so I can't say I've truly enjoyed my play time thus far.

The camera has a few different modes and can be adjusted automatically or manually... I preferred the manual setup, but instead of allowing full control and playing nice, the camera jumped around a lot in a really shitty and distracting way. It seems like they've tried to allow for both a point-and-click style movement/auto camera model, while also allowing the option for WASD control for movement with a manual camera. So rather than being perfect for one of those styles, it ends up being pretty average for both.

The combat so far is a bit... meh. Rather than simple button mashing or auto-attacks, The Witcher lies somewhere in between - clicking on a bad guy will initiate an attack sequence, and you're required to press the mouse button at the appropriate times to perform extra attacks (bad timing will fuck up the sequence and you'll have to start again). It works well enough, but I'm not sure if I really like it or not yet. You can also change stances and cast spells, though I don't have many options yet (for spells at least) so it's hard to say whether those additional skills will make it interesting enough or not.

Ultimately if the game overall is good enough, I can see myself putting up with the less-than-ideal camera and combat... but only if the rest of the game is above average. So far it looks pretty good - the story is interesting enough, art is nice, voice acting is pretty good, etc, no complaints really, other than the aforementioned camera and combat issues. 
JohnXmas wrote:

Somebody tried it? The time-suit generates great variations (slowmo, stop and reverse) on a known gameplay... At first, you have to get used to the kinda clumsy aliased visuals but once you're in, the well made lighting and design and colorful, quite cartoony textures add some olkskool fun to the experience. AI is correct, weapons are powerful. I'm not ashamed to say I really LIKE this game!

If you had fun with F.E.A.R. or HL2 (urban levels) and Painkiller type weapon effects, just grab the 1Gig demo (one full SP level) and see for yourself...

Settings and menus are plain and efficient. In the 'video' section, I found 'hardware quality' settings on 'good' might really boost fps without ruining the visuals too much. DoF might be turned off with no regrets too. And hey! There's a built-in FoV cursor in the 'game' settings!

Unlike Crysis or Jericho, this game runs fast and smooth in 1920x1200 here. Pent D 3.2 - XP SP2 DX9c - SLI GeForce 7900GTX (Forceware 169.04 beta required, but working well)

I tend to agree. Whilst it basically 100% IS Half-Life 2 + bullet time, it is still pretty fun. The FPS basics are all present and correct and done well, and there are a few things I like:

Timeshift is easy and useful and fun (although will probably get old?)
Weapons are powerful and feel good - death animations and blood are rewarding.
Destructable enviroments are a nice touch (although the enviroments and currently visuals are pretty cluttered).

Overall it seems to do the job, albeit a derivative one. I could be tempted. 
So Games. 
There seems to be a few shooters and stuff recently.

Am I right that I should be buying / playing:

Gears Of War
and Timeshift since I like the demo

Any others??

I am so behind with gaming it's ridiculous. Have still got to start Dark Messiah, Vampire and Thief 3, and make progress on Guild Wars and Gothic 3....hmph. Still it's always good to have straight up shooters to play, right?? 
You should buy the Orange Box and have some Team Fortress 2 with us online!

/me votes TF2 best game of 2007.

Anyways yeah, so many games coming out these days! Have to play Gears of War and Crysis, but will probably get a 8800gt first to play them in proper quality.
And have to get Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 on Wii! And if I had a 360 I'd be playing assassin's creed. =\

Oh and been wasting time on Hellgate a bit, Frib, what do you think of the full game? 
Asassin'cs Creed 
checked it out for a bit at the local shop, that looks like a great game. Although I wonder if the missions would get repetitive? WIth good level design they shouldnt. Either way, it looks cool. anyone know if its coming out on pc ? 
Yeah, apparently early 2008. 
Raisins' Creed 
I heard it gets a bit repetitive yeah. So far I've done only one assassination though, and I'm really enjoying every aspect of it. I take my time to explore and shit and just chill out on the rooftops. So far very little action for me, which I love, because I hate action.
It's a brilliant groping sim. 
HL2 Ep2 
Okay, this will sound dumb but can someone inform me here.

I played HL2 a while back, it was cool. I played HL2 Ep1 a while back too, it was also cool.

Ep2 is the one just out, that's been delayed for ages??

Now, what purchase options does this come with?? I presume you at least have to buy it with TF2 and Portal included (which is fine by me). Can you just buy it like that, or do you have to buy this Orange Box bollox with HL2 and Ep1 as well?? 
As far as I know you have to buy it all!

Still - Its OK for me - I now have 360 versions of all of them, I preveiosly had HL2 on xbox1, [HL, HL2, HL2 ep1 - PC] and now [HL2, HL2 ep1, HL2 ep2, Portal and TF2 - 360]

Oh well...

360 versions all look better... 
There will be stand-alone versions of them all, I'm sure, but I'm not sure how eventual that will be.

There was talk of "The Black Box" version for a while (that contained the three new games without the earlier content) but I seem to remember reading that it was shitcanned entirely. 
You can buy HL2 ep2 alone if you want on steam, it costs $30 though I think, so it's really not worth it considering the Orange Box is $50, and ep2, portal + tf2 are worth $80 total, and all 3 games are great. Just think of it as HL2 and ep1 being free bonuses you can give away as gifts to someone else. =)

I kinda wonder how much they were planning on selling the black box, cause the orange one is already really cheap. 
Orange box is insanely good value for money, even if you already own HL2 and EP1.

Hell its worth the entry fee for TF2 alone, and with the amount of custom maps that are no doubt gonna be released for Portal it will have a huge lifespan if you enjoy the 1st person puzzle gameplay.

I would seriously pick it up Shambler... 
Under The Radar 
Soldier Of Fortune: Payback

Built on engine used for Chaser.
No demo released. 
SoF Payback... 
The 2 first games were fairly average, and the gratuitous violence completely puts me off now. 
i hate marketing like that. let's all not buy the game. 
Ordered the game yesterday, playing it today. Just what I felt like.

For anyone who was worried it might wildly deviate from it's HL2 + bullet time shooter on rails theme, don't fret...

It's fun though, and the slow mo deaths are great - shooting some dude jumping off a platform in slow-time and blowing him back onto the platform, very nice.

Does what it says on the tin, though that's a pretty small label. 
Kawaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii Kitteeeeeeeens! 
That looks pretty nice - the soundtrack is pretty manic / insane though. 
GTA Vice City 
Yeehaw, finally finished this sucker (years after everyone else)! And what great fun it was. Some missions were super hard because of the "bad" movement and control (laggy compared to Quake, but one gets used of it). I love the car feeling, greatest fun driving I have yet encountered in any game. I wish there was a patch to give a higher distance "cut-off" of the buildings and especially the entities. It's pretty weird to turn your back and make cars behind you disappear.

All the npcs are pretty cool characters. NPC AI sucks big time, I had to restart missions so often because of it.

The open ending is kinda nice, I have 50% completion (played 13 hours apparently, but this probably does not count reloads, duh) and will have fun exploring the city. Can't wait to try a race in the stadium. Also I need to get 6 stars. :>

But what a disappointing ending sequence. No, dear development team, you are NOT cool or famous or whatever enough to justify a 10 minute movie-style name text-wall with gay music and still pictures of the city which is not interruptable by the player. Nice wanking there...

Well, San Andreas is waiting for me. And its shiny manual & map already gave me the impression it will rock even more (seriously, what a great manual book!) :) 
There is a fun GTA Vice City multiplayer mod. Easy to install and great fun to play even with only 2 people (played with a friend last weekend). It's basically exploration, hunting down the other player, pursuit, racing, whatever you want it to be. 
I'd sure like to give it try. Maybe even with a few more players (#tf?). 
This indy game has been in the works for quite a while, it's finally been released, and there's a demo, might be worth checking out. It's a 2D underwater exploration/action game, looks fairly pretty, and the basic gameplay seems nice and smooth. 
Not Found? 
Ah yeah... seems their whole site went down cause of too much traffic I guess, they had quite a bit of publicity going. =\ 
Oblivion Expansion: Shivering Isles 
Shivering Isles is to me final, definitive proof that Bethesda's designers and scriptwriters are largely unimaginitive and witless nerds, who just happen to be fortunate enough to be working on a vastly ambitious and successful game series. It really doesn't add up.

To set the expansion in the Realm of Madness was a brilliant move; if anything, Oblivion's dodgy-as-fuck NPC AI could be largely excused under the pretense that, now officially at least, everyone is meant to be badger-boilingly batshit.

Whilst it's true that everyone in the main Oblivion game still comes across - completely unintentionally - as barmier than a bag of carrots, unfortunately transitioning into the Realm of Madness doesn't amount to much more than the NPCs adopting a slightly eccentric theme to their conversation topics. Let's see, you've got that Orc who's a bit camp and calls you "Sweetie", then there's that one who talks in made-up words (but not that far-out so you can still kind of follow the conversation), Oh yeah then there's that lizard guy who steals forks...

To make the quests in the expansion so bloody mundane (the majority are basically just your standard dungeon-crawling fetch quests), and the NPCs such banal, one-dimensional, and childish caricatures of what are supposed to be "mad people", is a huge missed opportunity. The voice acting is just as painful as it ever was in Oblivion, but coupled with the turgid, humourless "crazy talk" of the expansion, meant that it was a race every time to skim read through the text dialogue and exit the fuck out of the conversation menu before I popped a blood vessel from cringeing too hard.

When all's said and done though, like Oblivion, I'm still playing the bollocks out of it and I can't see that changing anytime soon. 
I Actually Uninstalled It 
...right after I finished the main questline. I kinda hated it, which is saying something, because I've been a Bethsoft fanboy since Elder Scrolls 1.

It kind of felt like the crew from Monty Python just came in and jerked off all over the game. And not in a particularly hot or even caring way. They were all drunk, and just didn't give a shit.

Oblivion certainly has it's flaws, but this expansion was being oh-so-witty in a "hey, wow, look at this! We're really wacky!" way that was seriously annoying to me.

If you want something good, check out the Lost Spires mod. It adds an archeologist's guild, and an extended questline and really does kick ass (at least so far...I think I'm about halfway through it). 
Oblivion Sucks! 
No U 
OK It Doesnt Suck 
Its just my opinion man!!! 
Oh Okay. 
Internet crisis averted.
That was close though. 
King Kong 
playing this at the moment, very very nice. 
Re: Oblivion 
Thing is, Oblivion is still one of my favourite games of all time, for what it does brilliantly - the way it immerses you in a massive open world. The problem is that because it tries to do so much, so many aspects of it suffer from mediocrity.

Of course there are some areas where you really have no excuse to be shit - the NPC character modelling and animation is fairly piss-poor and you shouldn't really be able to get away with that these days. You've gotta love the way they rigged male and female alike with the exact same set of movement anims - having all the men mincing along, wiggling their hips is something I don't think I'll ever be able to "not see".

Likewise the not-particularly-well-conceived structure of skills and abilities ends up collapsing in on itself when you're given a million ways of breaking the game through "fortify" magic abuse - there isn't really any such thing as balance in this game and to be honest I don't think there could be with the ropey way they've handled the character's levelling.

But yeah, still one of my all-time favourites. 
I agree with everything you've said Kinn, still can't wait for another game like it... Gothic 3 was a bit similar, the locations were more varied and nice though, but it was pretty much unfinished. Maybe now with all the community patches it's had it's better.

Back to oblivion, I think the leveling system, although flawed, was still an interesting concept, and could maybe work nicely if implemented better. 
Likewise the not-particularly-well-conceived structure of skills and abilities ends up collapsing in on itself...there isn't really any such thing as balance in this game

That's all very well put. Oblivion is one of those games where you'll get to a certain point, in both familiarity with the game and character development, and you have to make a decision: "Do I want to play the game "as intended" or do I want to bust it all to hell and become completely unstoppable?" (And, hell, that applies to Morrowind, and I believe Daggerfall and Arena too, from what I remember.)(I'm old.)

In a way, those exploits can give the games even more mileage, and offer a lot of sandbox play after you've made your way through it in a more normal manner. Or perhaps I'm just a bit too much of a Bethsoft fanboy. 
Yeah, I'm pretty weak, I stopped playing Oblivion the day my gear gave me full 100% damage reflection, I could have just changed gear, but whatever. I rushed through the main story quests and stopped playing. That was after more than 100 hours of play time though.

Gahd I hope the new Fallout is good. 
Finished King Kong 
that was great, the whole thing just clicked and was well made, entertaining and varied enough in gameplay and graphics throughout the whole game.

The bits where you play kong are enormous fun, they got the controls right, the camera right and made it not too difficult so that you can just enjoy those parts rather than worrying about how to jump to the next ledge. 
That doesn't make you that old, I'm 23 and I played Arena more than any of the other games in the series. I probably made the least progress in the game narrative in that too.

Arena is amazing though, I don't think any of the other games give you the same feeling of unsafety when you're in a dungeon somewhere miles from a town, and the feeling of when you finally get back to town but it's night so there are monsters roaming the streets which always sneak up on you, so you have to find an Inn which is open to spend the night.

I don't want to ramble on, but the more I think about it, i think I'm in love with the safe/unsafe game dynamic... trying to find protection and safety is such a good motivating factor. In fact, I've had a load of ideas for a game that would build off that, maybe one day I'll actually work on putting something together. 
Having played Arena doesn't make me that old, true, but I feel that way sometimes. :)

I hear what you're saying about the safety thing. I think of it more as built-in user-friendliness. Game designers used to get away with being serious assholes, and gamers enjoyed it, in a somewhat masochistic way. Many games these days are more immediately user-friendly and don't have as steep of a learning curve. I blame consoles and a larger, more mainstream audience.

Get off my lawn. 
It's the types of games as well, you can't just assume everyone will be able to navigate a 3d world, but a 2D is another (simpler) matter.

Also there's a shitload more money in the industry now, so the higher ups want as broad a selling base as possible - that's why most games are rated M; which really means T. 
[can't assume ] everyone will be able to navigate a 3d world

i loled at that 
Heh, Ok 
a virtual 3d world, and that's the marketing / QA / shitheads at the top view 
Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault 
starts out fairly sucky, and the attempts at story are even suckier but the main part of the game, fighting through the jungle levels, is pretty good.

Levels and missions in that part still do get a bit repetitive, but overall the gameplay in the jungle bit is very entertaining and noticeably different from your usual WW2 shooter. Dont know what exactly is different in this part, but it feels really good.

All of that is nearly undone in one very horrible flying level towards the end that is terrible in every aspect and is also extremely long to prolong the agony. What were they thinking?? 
Recent Purchases / Mini-reviews 
<quote>The Orange Box</quote>

All 3 games are fantastic, team fortress 2 is my favourite of the whole bunch and will keep me playing for a long time! Whole package runs great on older pc systems too! 5/5


Winner of my personal "best intro sequence I can remember" award and has some great storytelling elements and characters throughout. Plasmids are great fun to use but the weapons could have felt meatier. Needs a fairly recent pc to run at the fullest. 4/5

<quote>Hellgate : London</quote>

Diablo 2 reincarnated, mindless blasting action for all the family, forget the subscription thing it simply is not worth it AT ALL. All the classes are fun to play and very different from each other. Needs a fairly new pc to run at its best. 3.5/5

<quote>Call of duty 4</quote>

(Might have already written about this) Great game! Classic CoD intensity and set pieces, loved the into where you are in the car also. The Chernobyl level shits on Stalker and laughs in its face. Not tried multi player yet... 4/5

<quote>Gears of war (pc)</quote>

I enjoyed the xbox version and the pc version pisses all over it. It looks much better and the mouse/keyboard make it so much easier to play. The new single player chapter is great fun also. Mutiplayer is the same as the xbox version and requires amicro$osft LIVE account. 4/5


fantastic for the 1st 3 quarters of the game, then slowly but surely falls into mediocrity. Won't go into too much detail as I don't want to ruin the plot, but the jungle fighting gameplay is second to none, the nanosuit is not a gimmick, it is 100% genuinely useful in most situations. Weapon modifying on the fly is fantastic also. Needs a *BEAST* of a pc to run at high settings, I played through at medium / low settings and it looks slightly prettier than farcry. 4/5

<quote>Unreal Tournament 3</quote>

Only got this a day or 2 ago so can't comment with 100% accuracy, but so far it totally rocks! They fixed the UT franchise at last, everything is back to that gritty in your face combat that UT was known for. Most maps make your jaw fall off visually. Warfare mode is great and very fast thanks to the special orb that can instantly capture an enemy node. Menu system blows. Looking forward to playing more over xmas. So far - 4/5 
Thanks for the mini-reviews! :)

p.s. the funniest thing about your b0rked tags is that I read the whole post the first time without even noticing. 
Mario Clone For Masochists 
Go play first:

Then search youtube for syobon and watch the video of all the hilarious deaths you won't have patience for experiencing first hand. 
that's some frustrating leveldesign.

i'd hate to play that. =) 
is it just me or is prince of persia 2 (warrior within) much more infuriating than the first??

they've fixed up the combat a bit, but then ruin it with too many mini boss fights, and they've completely fucked the health system and the camera has a lot more problems than before too. 
Yeah I Found That Too... 
I just couldn't be bothered to play it for very long, found it too frustrating. 
I Think I'm Somewhere Towards The End 
the nice level design kept me going, but I'm at a ridiculous boss fight at the moment and havent been bothered to try and get past it again. Will try again when I grow back some hair :) 
Better in some ways, worse in others. The most annoying thing was that alot of stuff wasn't finished - storyline inconsitancies in the hidden / second ending, unfinished textures (water sword, a few others), crappy bugs that should have been fixed during QA process (like the occassional bad camera view).

I preferred having the boss fights instead of hordes of the same old enemy relentlessly attacking. Some were great bosses as well - the griffin was cool. I liked the escape sections from that demon thing as well, even though they're probably more annoying than others.

Remember the first one was called frustrating as well.

I just remembered the stupid bits where you have to jump between the ship mast's before they collapse (pillar jumping) that has to be the most annoying bit in the whole game. 
Didnt Mind The Demon Bits Either 
and really if they didnt stuff up the health system (ie you can only get health back generally at a save point), the mini boss fights wouldnt have been bad. 
HL 1 Mod Paranoia 
If HL1 is still on the hard drive this is worth the download. Thankfully works with or without steam. 
That looks fantastic and Half-Life v or higher! It will look not as nice with I guess but I wouldn't play it otherwise. :) 
Cursor 10 
Cursor 10 
very nice :) 
im stuck on the floor where there's 3 switches and 4 poppables. nothinghappens when i press alll three switches :( 
Floor 15 
needs assistance from floor 6. 
That was to be accompanied by a beer, not the red sign. 
wow, that last one was evil.

hmm, wish there were more cooperative only riddles. as it is now, it's a lot of 'point your mouse fast at next stairs' 
Biggest Cooperative Goal 
is to get 188 points. 
Cursor 10 
very nice. I was always a bit nervous while trying to get the 188 score but finally got it :)

metlslime: thank you a lot for the link

anyone got the highest score with 9 cursors only? 
it can be done wit 7 cursors :)

and I think 6 could also be possible with carefull planning but I won't try :) 
I Got Thru 
on the third try with 2 cursors left and 24 in the counter... 
Any views on this from Akella? 
Finished it. Was good fun until the last bit, i.e. final "battle" and ending, which was pretty much unfinished and weak and didn't explain anything. Kinda weird given how well set-up some of the gameplay was before that and how good some of the set-pieces were. Needed more umph and spectacle at the end.

But still a fun game. Put in the "quick blast of FPS" category.

Next....ummm Dark Messiah?? 
Portal, You Flappy Cunt 
Prince Of Persia 2 
finished it, comments from before apply. Fucked health system and tedious combat situations. Add shonky camera at quite a few points and a lack of intuitive gameplay in parts (the first one did this aspect much better) and its more frustratin than fun.

Nice environements though, despite repetitve visits to same areas. 
Nexus: Jupiter Incident 
as part of my 'research' into this genre, i tried this game out.

i was just wondering if anyone else had tried it.

i didn't play long, about 6 missions maybe, but it was still pretty fun, but also annoying at times.

graphics are alright, and i liked the slowerpaced combat. not being able to move wherever i wanted to annoyed the hell out of me though. you can only move to other objects, which takes some of the tactical feel out of the game. it also reminded me of sword of the stars which could have been amazing (taking the original Stars! but with nicer graphics and a little simpler control) but ended up as shit because you couldn't do a lot of things that made Stars! amazing. 
Hooray! Spam is awesome. 
What A Classy Ad. 
COD4 Demo. 
Just played this. Obviously I'm not into realistic warfare bollox but this is pretty damn cool. Pretty frantic and very atmospheric, and looks very good without any slow-down issues.

Hmmm, tempted tempted.... 
Cursor 10 Again 
The Witcher 
Just played through the demo, damn this is a great game! Very cinematic and atmospheric, and the over the shoulder camera is really great.

Combat is a bit too simple, to pull off combo attacks all you need to do is click the mouse at the correct time, this never really changes so combat can get a little repetitive quite quickly sadly.

I must say, the blood splatter you get on the ground when you slit someone's throat is by far the most realistic I have seen so far, yes maybe I do need some therapy :)

If you like action RPG's I would definitely check this one out! 
Cheers Daz. 
That's the encouragement one needs. 
I'm Actually Playing Through The Witcher Now... 
And it kicks large quantities of ass, in my opinion. I'm getting toward the end of act 2 (out of 5), and I've put a lot of hours into it. They aren't lying when they promise 60-80 hours of gameplay.

Not allowing you to pick class/race like many RPGs allowed them to focus the story a lot more, and it's a good thing. There's a fair number of plot points and characters to keep track of, and still a decent degree of character customization possible as you progress.

Good stuff: Decisions that make more difference than usual in an RPG. Tons of side quests that you can do or not. Challenging enemies and gameplay (I'm playing on normal difficulty). A real feeling of depth and history to the world. Fun dialogue at times. Being told "Your mother sucks dwarf cock!" Getting laid. BOOBS!

Bad stuff: Somewhat fussy and unintuitive alchemy system, occasionally silly/repetitive dialogue trees and canned responses, sort of lame drinking game, minor bugs at times, drastically cut dialogue for English version.

One of the best games I've played in quite a while. I recommend it.

Also, check the first post in this thread on the Something Awful forums for additional information and some good addons/downloads for expanded English subtitles and a number of other things: 
Being told "Your mother sucks dwarf cock!" Getting laid. BOOBS!

Excellent. Sounds like the best real life has to offer :) 
My Brother Is Playing 
The Witcher and he says he is enjoying it quite much. Thank God something has pried him away from World Of Warcraft, I thought I was going to have to kill him one day for his own good. 

I'd probably be interested in playing MMORPGs if I didn't think that most other people suck. :)

That being said, I still might give Age of Conan a try when it comes out... 
Just tried the Witcher demo. Initial impressions: Combat and controls, WTF?

Given I've got Gothic3 and Guild Wars Nightfall to finish, and most of Dark Messiah to play, I'm not sure that this is adding anything to my fantasy fix...

P.S. Gears Of War PC - any good? How well does it run? Knowledge plz. 
Its Funny When You Talk Really Fast.... 
Seriously tho, I sounds like the combat in The Witcher is pants. I mean since when was it good to kill enemies by clicking on them once?

Ill stick to FPS :-D 
Just a repost of 1492, regarding the Witcher game. It's worth noting that I haven't bothered loading it up to play again since, which may be more telling than anything else.

From what I've seen so far, the Witcher is a very nice "interactive movie"... apart from, perhaps, the interactive bits. :D

To be fair I've only played for about 5-10 minutes. I actually clocked in 1-2 hours overall, but actual playtime was less than 10 minutes. The rest of the time I was watching cutscenes and loading bars.

I trust the game will open up a bit more soon, once the initial story setup has been done, allowing me to play a bit more and get a more informed opinion on the gameplay. So far though, the fun factor has been hampered by crappy camera controls and a fairly annoying combat system, so I can't say I've truly enjoyed my play time thus far.

The camera has a few different modes and can be adjusted automatically or manually... I preferred the manual setup, but instead of allowing full control and playing nice, the camera jumped around a lot in a really shitty and distracting way. It seems like they've tried to allow for both a point-and-click style movement/auto camera model, while also allowing the option for WASD control for movement with a manual camera. So rather than being perfect for one of those styles, it ends up being pretty average for both.

The combat so far is a bit... meh. Rather than simple button mashing or auto-attacks, The Witcher lies somewhere in between - clicking on a bad guy will initiate an attack sequence, and you're required to press the mouse button at the appropriate times to perform extra attacks (bad timing will fuck up the sequence and you'll have to start again). It works well enough, but I'm not sure if I really like it or not yet. You can also change stances and cast spells, though I don't have many options yet (for spells at least) so it's hard to say whether those additional skills will make it interesting enough or not.

Ultimately if the game overall is good enough, I can see myself putting up with the less-than-ideal camera and combat... but only if the rest of the game is above average. So far it looks pretty good - the story is interesting enough, art is nice, voice acting is pretty good, etc, no complaints really, other than the aforementioned camera and combat issues.
GoW Pc 
Great fun, its a short game but really fun while it lasts. Chainsaw kills rock!

Runs surprisingly smoothly at max settings (I would say it runs a lot smoother than UT3 for example) and looks great.

Multiplayer uses Games for windows live which is utter shit though, a shame cos the online game was great fun on the xbox.

Worth looking at imo 
Just Played UT3 Beta Demo For 1st Time 
Had to download ATI drivers, hehe, it was just crashing the computer everytime I clicked the icon.

Thought it was good! It seems there arent very many graphics option in the beta demo. I tried it in 1024/768 and it wasnt too bad (by my standards) but I resorted to 640/480 in the end, cause gameplay get the better of me. I love the unreal tournament series DEMOS! Its great that you can just download, install and get straight onto a decent deathmatch game, it s000 easy!!

Hmmm, Gears of War, Bioshock and UT3 - Unreal engine looks pretty sweet nowadays huh!!?

I still think I'd prefer mapping for D3/Q4 when I get new computer tho!! 
UT3 has been worth the investment. The speedy gameplay and balance are the best of the series so far.

Warfare mode is a little awkward with a strange CTF element mixed into the Onslaught format. The vehicles are a mixed bag, and the hoverboard is simply idiotic.

But I'm in it for the straight DM game, and it's great. It is surprisingly smooth on low-end systems and very nice looking on good hardware. 
Thanks for the info, reckon I'll give that a look. 
Have you ever played GoW on the XBox360?

I would put it down as 'highly recommended', brilliant graphics balanced out with good gameplay, love the way that you can reload faster if you press you reload button twice with the correct timing, also love the combat system, the way it incorporates the environment as 'cover', where you can do blindfiring as well as ducking then shooting, love the squad stuff...
...well concieved and executed game!

A bit short, but some of the more memorable scenes make up for that threefold, good replayablity!! 
I'm D/Loading the Orange Box . . . my mapping will suffer as a result. 
I Envy You. 
I wish I could play through Portal again for the first time. 
I've ordered COD4. Trendy realistic warfare bollox, hmph. 
love the self-hate there, Shambler. 
I Know. 
Giving in and admitting that you actually rather enjoy something that you have a firm standpoint of hating....ugh. 
Yeah - the first few moments of looking at yourself, endless mirror effect or portal-sickness (as in sea-) are amazing.

I see now what everyone was talking about, and I've only managed to play for a few minutes so far.

Still have episodes 1, 2 and TF to look at as well. Also Peggle extreme - ? 
COD4 Is Good! 
Dont be afraid to admit it!!
Ep2 was great also, a little short. HL1 was for me the best of the bunch, it was just so HUGE!!

My new system is due to arrive on Tuesday. I'll be starting out with either D3 or Q4, purely to examine the technicalities of mapping, play some custom maps and stuff. I'll finish my current work before I do anything else tho ;-) 
Replaying HL2 
and I forgot how it was good !! 
prettty cool, simple game -- Qix gameplay, plus expanding balls, plus ball physics. Elegant controls. 
That Is Good. 
I couldn't get much over 25K after playing for a while though. It starts to get stupid-hard... 
ok idea, but really annoying. 
kind of cool, though the portal references were kind of lame... 
Yeah, it is a really good puzzle game, quite simple, but needs a lot of clue sometimes to finish the levels... 
Re-played Hl2 Ep2 
I actually seemed to enjoy it more this time around, when I get a new game I always play through it in "gotta beat this" mode first, so this time I sat back and enjoyed the experience a lot more.

The hunters really are great, and the enormous amount of polish that must have gone into this is insane.

The commentary nodes are very interesting also! 
Just Played Through 
As well, very nicely done. The huge internal changes of Ep1 meant less mapping was done (for some reason, they're different disciplines) but Ep2 made up for the smaller gameplay time of Ep1 maybe twice over. Really looking forward to Ep3, and more stuff like the Lost Coast + commentaries would be good as well.

Out of the orange box it seems I don't like Portal as much as everyone who posted here when it was released. It's a very well executed concept, but next to HL2-Ep1+2 it just fades into background. Having said that Portal2 would be a very interesting must-have. The end song is great as well. 
Half-Life 2 - Ep2 
I really like this. I think it could have been a bit longer though. HalfLife was the best for me! How long is that game??!?!

Ep2 - Played on the 360, and I thought the Graphics were tremendous, also the NPC interaction was really good! What I miss was the early fights out of HL1 where we first get to meet the soldiers. That stuff was so cool, they had the best AI of the time! I dont quite think that any of the sequels have managed to create the same type of atmosphere as what we had there. Period.

The end battle of Ep2 was really smart though. Also theres a fight where you loose your escort (the alien-dude) and you have to take an elevator up whilst he stays down below and hold off the marauding zombine and ant/acidlions. That was a good battle. 
Just checked and I see that commentary is available in Ep1, and I assume Ep2 . . . might have to play through again. 
Mass Effect Released On PC In May 
and the world rejoiced... 
"Ogre3D Portal", Hopefully Opensource 
The Collision thing impressed me. 
Independant Games Festival

Some of them look quite interesting.
I saw all those recently while researching, some amazing stuff there for sure. 
Physics playground: 
and don't hate ME when YOU waste your time. 
Cool ! 
Lost Another Post . . . 
Nice mechanic in that one, Spirit, thanks. 
mechanics are interesting, but the level design is kind off annoying. 
A bit straightforward - the maker finds a new way to exploit the mechanic then follows it for five levels instead of going for a less rigid and more experimental theory of level design. 
Very Nice Game
Sock will like this. 
Great little game, nice simple concept and pretty well done also. 
That 'Black Circle' Game Is Crack. 
Must. Stop. Playing. Fuck. 
Battlefield: Heroes

Tired of realistic WWII shooters? Well, you'll only be 50% tired of this game then! 
Looks Fun 
The video is hilarious. Hope it doesn't take until the end of the year for the game to be released. 
loved that video, I'm sold (though I won't have to pay i guess) 
Probably not my cup of tea but the trailer made me laugh, respect to them for the idea and change of WW2 shooter focus. 
Random Text Adventure Nonsense 
Piracy & PC Gaming

Nice article by one of the guys behing Sins of the Solar Empire. 
I Read A Review About It Too 
that's one of the games that I have to keep in mind for later trying...
(I've been playing UFO and Master of Orion lately.)

It's sorta funny to read some gaming magazines again. It's probably more than ten years since I last took a look. Some editorial personalities have diverged a bit from my views, but some have still something interesting to say.
And the old Mikrobitti computer magazine is nowadays for general consumers, there are even music reviews in there.

It's a hard choice. Gamers and computer enthusiasts are no single demographic. Either you can try to gather for all of them (general gadget consumers) or then the largest segment (single slightly adolescent lifestyle men, studying or working in IT).

Awaiting mikrobitti's pizza reviews. 
Old Skool Fun?? 
Just saw this on Blues...

"Dark Salvation....a freeware Quake III-engine shooter....The game lets the player take on the role of a young dead woman who has been sucked into the underworld and is now possessed by a deadly object. This game will take you back to the days of old school FPS shooters with it's single player fast action game play set in various surreal underground worlds. There are plenty of levels, secrets, monsters and secret weapons to explore, find and fight and we'll be targeting the game at a budget price this 2008 year."

Sounds Like Shadowman, looks like Painkiller.

Hope the team knows that "oldschool" doesn't mean "shitty level design". 
PK comparison is the obvious expectation. Personally, I'd hope not. PK was a good fun game but the single-minded semi-horde combat got old pretty quickly. A game with proper monsters that actually mean something would be welcome. 
I think it was the level design - the monsters were ok for what they were, the occasional cooperative attack AI was nicely done (eg. skull bikers using the normal bikers as human shields) but the levels were basically a series of box maps, with the expansion following the same theme but making trick jumping a progression prerequisite. 
textures/sounds/themes were done very well, but levels were indeed boring. But what made me stop halfway through were the frustrating "secrets" which were mostly movement tests. The fun just stops for me when I need one hour or more for some of the jumps. Pffft. 
They Got Cave Trolls! 
and all the shots are full of clich�s but might still be fun if they keep the gameplay as mindless action DooM style 
With Painkiller's (lack of) level design, the game was basically stillborn. It's a shame, because it could have been a great game. 
as bad as painkiller's gameplay might have been, it had fantastic looking maps. since they're using the q3 engine, i wouldn't expect it to look as good as PK, but i think it's something to be strived for, regardless. 
since they're using the q3 engine, i wouldn't expect it to look as good as PK

"nearly as good" is fair enough for me, atleast one can expect good fps from the well optimized q3 engine; whereas for me PK runs with 250 fps in an empty map, but as soon as monsters appear it goes down into the 30 fps range, no matter the settings. Not acceptable. 
Yeah Was Gonna Say 
I haven't tried it, but I'd assume that a good artist could throw enough pollies and textures at the Q3 engine and probably make it look just as good as PK, whilst running a lot faster. 
The Q3 engine has always been my choice for 'remake of classic quake' fantasy.

a good artist could throw enough pollies and textures

This for me is the problem. One must do more than throw polys and pixels to be a good artist.

The screenshots on Blue's are less than stellar. They have that all-too-common style of game design that looks like someone burned a new age jewellery shop to the ground, dumped the debris in a skip, then threw me in after it.
Glowing, sparking, purple crystals? Really?

Your shaders have to be really neat to make such gaudy choices work. And here's a tip for aspiring modellers out there: if your skillset doesn't cover human anatomy, don't show hands on the weapon models, especially skeletal hands.

Look, I want a decent Quake-like game too. The FPS industry has been choking on so much concrete for the last several years I think my body has actually developed a chemical tolerance to it.
And these guys are at least putting in the work, slogging away for seven years. I wish them luck.
But even Painkiller, with a decent budget thrust up it's heavy-metal backside like a stake in a bloated corpse, wasn't more than a simplistic shadow of what is truly enjoyable about Doom and Quake.

I'll probably buy it when it arrives, more as an expression of solidarity than a vote of confidence.

- Kell McDonald, still waiting for a proper high-poly shambler :( 
Ask Lunaran. I think he's got a high-poly shambler somewhere. 
Yeah, forgot about that. He surreptitiously linked me it when I was sleeping. The perv.

That's a modification of the Q1 shamb though. Not a remake for a Q3-or-later engine.

A new shambler must have fully modelled jaws bearing vicious thorny growths that serve as teeth for the vile beast. And rugose, mouldy flesh that hangs in scabrous furrows from its hulking semi-simian frame, swaying repulsively as it lumbers towards the luckless victim...terrible, barbed claws...that reach...

Excuse me, I have to lie down. 
Sup Kell :}

This for me is the problem. One must do more than throw polys and pixels to be a good artist.

I wasn't claiming that makes a good artist because it doesn't (obviously it doesn't).

My point is that a typical environment in PK uses a triangle count and an amount of texture data somewhat in excess of that seen in Quake 3. To make a visually comparable scene in the Q3 engine, you are probably going to be adopting triangle and texture budgets similar in magnitude. An experienced environment artist of course will use the usual tricks and optimisations to make the most of what he has at his diposal. 
High Poly Shambler? 
Hello guys :).

Good discussion. PK had some good-looking and striking maps, they just didn't play as exciting as their themes.

I tend to agree with Kell. I think that's the second time that's happened this month! 
I thought Randy's Shambler was a good start:

It seems like the Shambler is the most memorable monster as there are loads of fanart. Maybe I will compile a post with some good ones.
This one is most excellent in my opinion: 
It's Immaturity 
of design - "look, we can do this!" instead of thinking "should we do this?".

It's an easy trap to fall into, especially since once new feature X is included the team fires headlong into yet another new feature, instead of getting the previous one to work properly.

Then delviery day comes and the good bits are diluted in a soup of unfinished features. 
That Shambler model is excellent. 
To Clarify 
My comments about a Q3-engine PK clone potentially looking good were not in any way refering to that game on Bluesnews, the screenshots of which I didn't bother checking out until now.

Also don't you just hate it when a couple of modders call themselves some stupid shit like "Mangled Eye Studios", completely giving away the fact that it's just some angsty kid and maybe one or two of his internet friends mucking about in the Q3 engine (for seven years apparently). 
Vanilla Q3 is not particularly fast. Try standing in the worst spots of blacktown or tvy-bench - my 7950GT gets single digit framerates for scenes that a modern engine should fly through at 100 FPS or more.

There's a bunch of reasons for this, which boil down the the fact that q3 is a decade old and wasn't written for the fast paths of modern hardware. 
I agree with BlackDog I guess 
I Don�t 
those are unoptimized 3rd party maps and ofcourse it�s easy to kill an engine fps-wise by not minding it�s limits (there are plenty of those on lvl); pom.pk3 also runs poorly for me with maxed gfx, but quake engines were always weak rendering big open spaces.

Show me one 8 years old engine that is still able to look very good in these days and also gives good fps. ---> Q3 <3 
i think it's more the number of polygons/surfaces the engine's not good at. 
A Brief Diversion... 
Finished Dark Messiah. Was good. Fairly long and substantial. Would have happily played more of it, got into the style of the game. The semi-RPG elements were pretty effective, I tended partway between jack of all trades and a swordsman, I definitely could have original chosen to go in different directions. Some great settings and fantasy styles too, and good gameplay. A bit clunky in feel sometimes, and some random slow downs, but otherwise a fantasy thumbs up. 
MOHAA/Reality Games 
Hmm, they totally cripple any physics worth mentioning so all that is left is aim.
But even then, the constant spawning while player reloads/turns his back is sure to unnerve even the most patient players.

I guess they just design these games w�th the concept in mind that players save every 30 seconds so it seems to be no problem. Pffft. 
Call Of Duty 4 Multiplayer 
Sweet jesus lord on multiple vibrating sticks!

This is the most fun I have had online in a LONG time! You can level up your character and unlock all sorts of things for each of the weapons such as grips (reduce recoil), and various laser sights, scopes and silencers. You can also select 3 "perks" for each loadout you create, these are little tweaks you can make to your character to make it a little better, these are as simple as faster reloads and faster weapon firing, through to dropping a live grenade when you die (hehe) and extra bullet penetration through walls.

Ahh yes, bullet penetration, this game does it perfectly! Firing through thin objects with a beefy gun will actually hit people behind thin walls and obstacles, you can tell your hitting someone because you get that funny "dink" sound, this is so much fun!

Blah that was fairly incoherent, but I can't be arsed to re-type it when I can be back in the game. I am level 32 now (55 is the max) and have more unlocks to chase! 
Yeah, as much as I hate to admit it (so bored of realistic war games), Call of Duty 4 is a really good game, the solo is really well made and fun, and the multiplayer is great action, nothing like CounterStrike etc... So much that I'm lvl 55 twice (at home and at work). =)

In the end though, after playing it for 2 months, we've gone back to TF2 at work, and that remains the best multiplayer FPS of the moment for me. =) 
Bal Plays A Pyro 
He loves teh latex! 
COD 4 
I tried COD4 MP and it was ass :(

Mind you, I'm sure the actual GAME is good, but it felt like shit to play. There was an INSANE amount of view bob with ridiculously exaggerated animation of the player arms and stuff. The weapons fire just didn't feel right either... and everything looked the same (same colours everywhere on the environment and players), I couldn't see shit.

I guess I'm just too picky and have played Quake based stuff too much - nothing else ever feels as solid or as nice as that.

I haven't actually tried the single player yet, but I will eventually (it's on my list). I'm sure I'll like it, I loved the original COD single player (and, incidentally, thought the multiplayer was ass... :) 
I bought it based on the demo. Maybe next on the agenda to play. Yeah it feels like ass but it has bags of style. 
I think the movement and feel of the game is spot on and really solid, everything has a real weight and I like that. Each to his own I guess :)

I also enjoyed cod2 multiplayer, but only in team deathmatch (which incidentally, is all I play in cod4 really) so maybe that helps here too. 
Another thing I love about the multiplayer is that they really nailed the epic combat feeling, which is a lot easier to get in the single player portion as you can author it to be that way. The multiplayer levels always feel like this gigantic carnival of death and destruction and I sometimes just stand back and watch the scenes unfold like I was watching some in-game scripted scene.

Fear my airstrikes. 
Played On 360 
I liked the fact you can talk to opponents on XBox Live. I had some guy called Psycho Smurf laughing at me every time I died...

1 on 1 is a bit dull tho. Still, one map is a town setting with a machinegun nest. Its quite good for 1 on 1 cause you can see the direction of the opponent on the radar, then go and beast them! I play like I was playing Quake though - run and gun! Doesnt always work though...

Singleplayer is really cool - like the scripted sequences, but it feels on a rail! 
Im Playing Hellghate London 
and its really good and underrated (demo is not much and most of the bugs are already patched)

Feels like the right blend of Diablo and fps.
Combat gameplay is somewhat like painkiller but with more tactical abilities and more fun beacause of the monsters variety and the whole motivation of levelling up, completing the quests and the loot! Ofcourse Im playing as a marksman in FPS mode 
Hellgate: London 
It was enjoyable for a while, but got old really fast. Very limited amount of content in the game (and it just wasn't quite fun enough to consider re-playing many times over like Diablo...)

Some things were done exceptionally well, and some stuff was very amateurish. It's feels as if they had a bunch of veterans/pros and some absolute n00bs as well (which is probably exactly the case with their team make-up).

Such a big disappointment... I was really hoping for a Diablo replacement, but they just didn't quite nail it. 
when you 'level' up your character, is it only for that game or all games you join? 
Its Persistant 
Its saves your character info/unlocks/level etc with your character profile. 
CoD4 Leveling / Hellgate 
It doesn't really give you a huge advantage over others though, just a wider range of options/weapons to chose from. I had no problem being the guy with the highest score on servers filled with lvl 55s, while I was still under lvl 10 (I'd already been playing it for a while at work obviously).
The achievements and all are quite fun to do really.

Hellgate London, yeah I'm somewhere between Speeds and Fribs on it. I think it got alot more bashing than it deserved, it's not a bad game, but it's definately not the succesor to Diablo. I'll probably get a one month subscription for it in a few months, to try out the new content. 
Hoshi Saga 2 
mostly cool and fun, a couple annoying or dumb. 
Flash Game With Moving Stuff And A Thing You Control 
is 4,95$ on STEAM right now. 
Gothic 3 
Got back into playing this almost a year after I slacked off it.

As before it is a Marmite game i.e. love it or hate it. I'm quite like Marmite in an indifferent sort of way, but I think I love Gothic 3.

Yes it's still buggy, slow loading, sometimes slow running, and the combat is a button mashing mess.

BUT the world is as capivating a portrayal of a fantasy world I've seen in any game. The sense of "being there" in a fairly classic fantasy setting is particularly appealing to me. The details that go into this - and pretty good graphics - it really does come across as a genuine world. The houses you can go in and see everything that seems natural to live in. The people with their lives and homes. I'm in the desert at the moment and the atmosphere is as strong as ever. The Hashashin crack me up with their greed and pompous malice, calling you "Son of ill-judgement" or "Father of patience" or similar all the time.

Plus in the grand RPG tradition there is a hell of a lot to do. I've focused on combat and exploration and haven't really scratched the surface of thieving... or magic... or smithing... or alchemy... or exploring the political factions of the back story...

Ummm yeah rambling a bit. It's satisfying my fantasy needs once more, anyway. 
Same Here 
And I'm in the desert too. Clearing the temples - such pitoresque, cunningly contstructed and neatly lit interiors. :P

Patch 1.6 (including all community patches) has been released few weeks ago btw. Probably not usuable for you though (savegame incompatibility or whatever). 
did they fix much? cause out of the box it was unplayable with zero balance. great let down for me :( and the horizon clipping on the medium shader setting... such a mess instead of a good RPG it should`v been 
I have...

Earnt the trust of the Mora Sul Hashishin, and opened that temple there (I have a tendency, so far, to support the Orcs, thus was helping them mostly, although when I tried to deliver the keys to the Orc leader, it would only let me fight him for his key).

Liberated Braga in favour of the Nomads

Liberated Ben Erai in favour of the Nomads

Done as much as I can in Lago and left it alone for the time being (this is an example of how vibey the game is - a little coastal village full of stoners, it just cracked me up).

Tried to get in to Ishatar and been unable to.

Explored a lot of random shit but no other towns.

I'm uneasy about the Hashishin - they amuse me quite a lot but basically they are greedy, grasping, amoral, slave-trading scum with no higher principles other than looking after themselves. Hence why I've helped the nomads. On the other hand, I'm tending to support the Orcs who are allied to the Hashishin so I don't want to cause too much trouble there...

(Speeds: I dunno what's been fixed, combat balance is okay even tho melee combat is a bit gash. Horizon clipping is a bit b0rky but to be honest given how lush the detailing is I can put up with that) 
I mean WTF, is this shit fixed? (set to highest qulity everything except DoF, geforce 7600) 
Wa-hahahahaha ! ! ! 
Well I dont know about Gothic 3, but since I finished Slave, I've been bashing on with Crysis.


I understand why some people say the gameplay is a bit borked, its annoying when you die-die-die, and it says

"the difficulty settings can be altered from the main menu"

but the graphics are so fucking sexy I just cant believe it!! Im running on XP32, with the Vista-very-high hack, in 1280x1024 (on a 15" cr8, which is just about the highest pixel density you can get I think), with AA off.
Cryengine 2 would make one hell of an Oblivion style game! The bit inside the mountain, the bit with the snow, the mental detail of the earth stuff is just incredible.

Someone should make a fantasy crysis mod? 
I never saw that in the first place, although I've had occasional glitches with terrain going. (Make that very occasional). Whether it's fixed or not I dunno, but I didn't have that problem. 
Lol - "did They Fix Much?" 
LOL Crysis 
The comparison shot you requested: 
How fucking gay do you look in those robes?!?! I thought the crown was bad enough....

But yeah that's a lot more what mine looks like.

Did I mention how much the day/night cycle and weather in this game rocks?? 
I installed the patch ...
neg|ilke yeah same shit, just more blur with the DoF

I cat help but notice such things
(and lame shoddy UVs allover the place and much more stuff that shouldnt be present in a retail product) 
Shambler: yeah indeed, but their stats are a few points higher than the fire magician robe I had before. Need to kiss-up the rebels a bit more (bore slaying them all) so I can finally buy the Paladin armor which seems to be the best armor in the game. Kind of silly really, I haven't even been to Nordmar.

Speeds: I agree it looks bad but there are more than enough areas that make up for it (where it isn't noticable). If one buggy view is enough to ruin a game for you, well... just go map Bitterman. 
I haven't been too. Winter stuff tends to be my favourite atmosphere in a game, so I'm saving it until last. 
This Seems Like A Pretty Cool Golf Game... 
Yeah, saw that on RPS few weeks back.

It is good, but it's also unfinished :(

The physics are very intuitive, and the visual style is cool, if a little rough in spots. The only thing that annoyed me was the physics properties of the vehicle - too damn light to stay upright. 
If You Want To Smile 
then play this game (with sound!): 
I Completed It!!! 
Beat It... 
now, what am i going to to with the rest of my day? 
That's Pretty Funny. 
Now how am I going to spend the rest of my day? 
Damn You Metlsime 
That's what I get for not refreshing. 
that's why Swedish games are so popular - their challenge is set at just the appropriate level! 
Enjoying a bit of this! Some maps leave a lot to be desired, I've been playing some low-G maps, which seem to be massive box rooms with crude platforms in and a few props, but the gameplay is fun. Primitive but fun.

I'll have to get TF2 soon though I think... 
Unreal Tournament 3 
While UT3 is definately not without it's faults, I have been enjoying this game a lot as of late (purchased it from STEAM a few weeks ago).

The bad: the UI (and especially the server browser) is horrible, the "consolisation effect" is definately noticable. But seriously, EPIC can make a game that pushes hundreds of thousands of polygons per scene at a stable framerate of 70+ fps, but the stupid game menu is jerky and slow? WTF?

The broken server browser might be one of the reasons for a relatively low amount of people playing this game, it's serious broken. First of all, it's only showing maybe 30% of existing servers at any given time and to top that off, it's misrepresenting ping times, when the server browser shows that I have 80 ping to a game sever, in reality when I connect I usually ping 50-55. For finding games you definately want to use SKUT3 (an mIRC addon) instead, you can download it at

The good: actual deathmatch gameplay. One of the problems with UT2004 was the fact that it was very easy to get away from your opponent forcing a lot of fights to become long-range histscanfests. UT3 has had its movement toned down a little bit, which ironically made it into a faster game with fierce combat, the combat is a lot more about closerange all-out fights to the death.

The game is absolutely stunning for the most part (although there are obviously a few very average-looking maps), very highly configurable through the game interface and editing the .ini files and runs very well on moderate hardware. I have a C2D E6600, 2GB ram, 8600GT 512mb and WinXP SP2, which is pretty much midrange these days and I am able to play the game at 1024x768 with all world/texture details on highest settings and a stable 70+ fps framerate as long as I tone down some of the unnecessary effects like dynamic decals and explosion details. 
But seriously, EPIC can make a game that pushes hundreds of thousands of polygons per scene at a stable framerate of 70+ fps, but the stupid game menu is jerky and slow? WTF?

I bet you worthless American money that they're using Flash for the UI stuff. Seems like a new trend in gaming lately to use Flash interfaces in bigger retail games.

Willem confirm/deny? 
UE3 has it's own UI editor and system. From what I've seen, it's not flash based. 
. . . worthless American money . . .

It's not worthless - now everything I buy from steam is cheaper. 
It's probably Java, just like the shit Bluray uses. 
It's not flash. As Scampie said, we have our own system which is completely proprietary.

It's still under development so speed improvements should be forthcoming. 
if you don't have a clue, better STFU

Willem Works At Epic? 
Kept that one quiet mate :) 
So I got UT3 last weekend. I'll tell you the single most impressive thing with the game: load times.

HOLY FUCK! Those levels load in like 2 or 3 seconds. Literally. Considering that the size of the assets is probably very large, I'm truly impressed... and happy. Loading times (in games in general) have been getting pretty ridiculous even on the PC these days, so it's nice to see that they've put a lot of effort into getting those load times down to a minimal level.

I'm sure the fact that it loads in a lower LOD for stuff first helps, but even so, I can't imagine how they got it that quick. 
I Like UT3 
Do you play it online Fribbles?

I'll have to buy it! I've got the demo, and I really like it! It's the most Quake-like gameplay about at the moment.

Loading times are good, graphics are tremendous! Gameplay is fun - fast and furious.

Also I like the newer games (steam etc) just because it's so00 easy to get straight into an online game.

So hey, there's finally something we agree on! :D 
I haven't tried online play yet. To be honest I usually just play versus the bots (or LAN) in UT games. I tend not to play it online. That's not to say I won't give it a go though.

I do really like the gameplay, as always with UT. Maps are for the most part stunning visually, and the game as a whole has a much more coherent look than previous UT games (both with the maps and character designs). I have a little bit of a hard time picking players and pickups out from the background though... it all blends together a bit to be honest.

Haven't played enough to learn the maps well yet, so I can't comment in any meaningful way on layouts etc.

Tell you what though, the default mouse movement is completely fucked! It feels so wrong, acceleration is forced on and there's no way to turn it off in the game menu (this is a pretty big oversight). I had to search around and find out how to disable acceleration and change some other stuff in the config files to get the mouse to feel halfway decent. (It's pretty nice now, just gotta tweak sensitivity and stuff a bit more to my liking.)

So, in summary:

Awesome: load times.

Strong: gameplay, art.

Shithouse: default mouse movement and options. 
Load Times... 
Yeah, games like CoD4 and UT3 are awesome when it comes to load times, I wish TF2 loaded the maps faster, it seems to take ages...

Played UT3 a bit, dunno, not really doing anything for me, think I spent more time checking out the characters in the character creation screen than actually playing. 
Checked out the demo a bit.

What a radical progression over UT/UT2/UT2k3/k5/k5/k6 eh. 
how did you fix the shitty mouse in UT3 Frib?
that was the thing that totally ruined the game for me to the point of unplayable 
They Added 
more input options in the latest patch so you can turn off mouse acceleration and all that other shite.

As for the load times, I'm no expert on UT tech or anything but I think its got something to do with the streaming nature of the engine, my guess is it only loads what you see when you spawn into the world and streams the rest in and out as you move around. It was the same with Gears of war there were very very few actual loading screens, usually there would be a brief pause after a cutscene and thats all. 
Sarcasm? I haven't played it. 
The main thing is turning off the mouse acceleration:

My Documents/My Games/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Config/UTInput.ini


This thread could also help (some different stuff to try, not sure how much it helps if at all): 
Never Seems To Bother Me.... 
....mouse acceleration. I notice v_sync more - I prefer it to be off, unless the game runs constantly above the refresh rate. Crysis it has to be off. Doom3, Quake4 and UT3 it can be on. 
thnx. mouse in bioshock was equaly bad btw, less of an issue in SP but still

oh and on the topic

played Alice - rather boring combat design due to crappy one-ammo-for-all weapons and mostly turret-like enemies. FAKK2 had pretty much the same puzzles and jumping but much more interesting combat. Atmosphere is nice but not enough to keep my interest for more than ~5hrs. next
... comes Getting up: contents under something - yeah that Mark Gekko` graffiti game. Which has some parkur (which is luckily much easier and far more forgiving than Tombrider or the insta-death-frenzy Prince of Persia); some sneaking (which is mostly unnescesary if you dont mind to fight) and ofcourse the best part of it - asskicking which is a rather solid beat'em'up with some depth. Oh and there is spraypainting the walls which is done well. 
didnt have the atmosphere to match Alice though, although I agree that Alice gameplay got old. But there was some pretty imaginative dressup of some puzzles and the level design was great. 
Was a missed opportunity for me. A real shame they didn't use the thirdperson perspective a bit more - dodging or close combat or something.

I remember I was looking at the pause screen loads of times before I noticed L-oad S-ave D-elete.

Another one of those subliminal design things.

Here's a great Portal article: 
Alice And FAKK2 
Agreed in general. Alice had good music too. 
Im Downloading ET Quake Wars Demo 2.0 . . . 
never played it before. 
Nevermind the game - the demo is brilliant! 
That ad rocks. =) 
Voxelstein 3D 
Wow. Runs very slow for me though (well with Wine). Nice details etc. I'll need to find some "impulse 9" cheat though to trash the whole map. 
kinda cool! Haven't seen voxels for ages. What was that game that used them, Outcast? And there was an rpg too.

Just googled Outcast, it looks pretty good for a 1999 game!

Then I remembered the voxel rpg I played was called Hexplore, and I remember that looking good too, but apparently my memory has completely deserted me:

Oh dear. 
I'm not sure Outcast uses voxels, there's a load of sites saying it does, but surely it just uses heightmapped terrain? 
its both voxels and polys (for models)
it has bumpmapping, bump+reflection on the water, AntiAlasing and DepthOfField - all in software running pretty fast on a 400mhz p3 
How The Hell Did They Do That... 
I must have been running a P233 at the time, and I don't remember it running that badly on that even! 
still everyone drowned in that darn pool right after the start. 
Picked this up for 5 pounds yesterday. Sat up till 3:30 playing it! I'll tell you what it is to me: Half Oblivion and half Half-Life.

I dont like the Oblivion elements (crappy animation) but I love the Half-Life side. Very atmospheric, addictive RPG game-play, non-linearity.

Gameplay seemed a bit unfair at points. For a game called Stalker you would have thought it would be a bit easier to stalk things!

Good fun none-the-less! 
I think I have to get it, don't I. Dirt cheap bizzle.

Still playing Gothic3 BTW. Only just discovered you can dig up some graves to get more cash. Woot. 
For Fucker 
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For Fucker 
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For Fucker 
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Hi, Kevin Peterson. 
Half Oblivion And Half Half-Life. 
Very misleading - its neither
Yeah its a nonlinear realistic/sci-fi shooter with some open gameplay and huge open maps. And a dash of RPG elements.

Its probably the best game from the previous year, best PC action game for sure. Unless you totally hate shooters and cant stand freedom and nonlinearity - its highly recommended.
Despite all the shortcomings its the most enjoyable and immersive game Iv played in some years. 
Im enjoying it. I think the game engine looks and feels a lot like the oblivion engine (better though, the environmental effects are unbelievable), one of it's biggest downsides is the facial animation. literally the animators must have just turned a blind eye to it! all that happens is the bottom jaw flaps up and down like a Thuderbird.

Lunaran - Have you played this game? I couldnt help but notice the bump mapping effects looked very good in places. I would guess that (certainly in places) people have done the overlay stuff by hand. 
Stalker Is Outstanding 
One of the better shooters I've played in a long time.

And if you really want to see some sweet visuals, check out the Stalker: Clear Sky trailer here, with all the Direct X 10 eye-candy:,640665/Video/Ego-Shooter/Beeindruckendes_Direct-X-10-Video_zu_STALKER_Clear_Sky/

Coming in August... 
Stalker is flawed genius, there are very very few games that come close in terms of atmosphere, Stalker really manages to stick you right in there, sifting through a nuclear wasteland with danger everywhere.

The non linearity and open maps are both a boon and a curse however... I dont think the developers really managed to capture the open ended feel the game should have had. Too many times I cross a border into a new map and there will be the same 3 guys standing in the same place doing the same shit over and over.

I really do have high hopes for clear sky however, they have fixed just about everything that was wrong with Stalker (so they say) and added some great new features with the whole faction war thing. Not to mention it looks fucking fantastic! I'll be picking it up in a heartbeat. 
So I guess the bugfixes will not run on the same hardware as the game plus one has to pay to get them.

I am still waiting for some "make the sp enjoyable and great" patch. Good thing I sold the game when it still was worth some bucks. 
they have fixed just about everything that was wrong with Stalker

how do you know, have you played ClearSky beta or what? 0_o

stalker got patched, sp is enjoyable and spirit is a bitter game-hater :P 
Is it? I remember that the PDA thing drove me nuts, the map, the textstuff/missions/infos. And of course the "surprise spawn right in your face" enemies. 
If even spd calls you a bitter game-hater, you're really beyond remedy.. 
Were You Into Oblivion Spirit? 
TBH I get a bit frustrated with Stalker too. And the map is about at usefull as a dogs chopped off tail. Navigation - just follow the arrow on the minimap...
And you have to quicksave all of the time too, cause 'realistic' combat = dead in 2 seconds. I'll be creeping through some basement, and - OK - I can see a haze in the room, but it doesnt stay in any specific place, so fair enough, I move forwards, the all of a sudden BOOM!!!! Im dead. So I quickload (already back in the same area) - repeat until I get lucky enough to survive.

The game is pretty addictive though, what it lacks in perfection I think it makes up in immersion. Feels like a real adventure! Took me a while to figure out how the task system works, as a result I completed a few tasks but was unable to collect my reward because the option to timed out.

None the less I can see me playing this one through! Not enough good shooters out these days. I was tempted by Blacksite: Area51, but apparently that sucks.

Roll on Aliens: Colonial Marine! :D 
the pda map and the spawns were fixed in the first patch a ~year ago. patch is a must

I played it on the max difficulty w/o any loading I got as far as 4th map. yeah it was hard, but Im hardcore! 
A Dog's Chopped Off Tail 
Imagine a small plastic bag full of them. Puppy ones. And putting said bag in a jacket pocket. And someone else searching something from the pocket and accidentally putting their hand in the bag.
Happened to my cousin. The one who looks a bit like pope's gf. 
Yeah I Know, Terrible Isnt It 
And you get zero trade value for them, the only thing they're good for is synthesizing anti-rad serum. Bah! 
Now I remember, that things were fixed but old savegames were rendered useless or something.
Well, I will play it once I am through with Diablo 2 (again...). 
The First Patch Did 
With all others, the savegames continued to work. Some spawning issues still remained in patch 1.0001 or 1.0002. Or at least situations in which respawning enemies spoilt some of the fun. For example, every time I returned to the garbage from Agroprom, there used to be new bandits attacking the hangar. Eventually, I ignored them so the stalkers there would be killed.

Retried the game recently with patch 1.0004 (the two newer only contain fixes for MP), because the majority of mods only support this version. However, all the mod packs I tested kind of sucked in one way or another. Either they featured too many critical modifications, or too few. Too bad. I just play it again without any mods.. 
Well I Patched To 1.0006 Straight Away 
Seems ok. Sometimes the task system seems buggy, but never commits a real error. 
oh yeah most stalker mods blow
like 'super realism awesome gfx mod!' = broken game balance and economy (yeah gun prices from real world - great idea!) and 1000% bloom intensity for graphics improvements. "fuk dat!" (� sagat) 
Finally Read It 
Harvey Smith's review of Half-Life

I guess the other articles are as readworthy. 
excellent stuff there. Game reviews are almost never like this. This is actually more of a pondering post analysis that would not fit as a review/preview, so it's not fair to compare to magazine stuff.. but still. 
Game Reviews Huh

Im also trying to play this weird thing
~4hrs in and there is no "game" so far. just reading and long walking ;| 
Sounds very interesting, reading those reviews.

Also sounds like it's better that you're trying to play it, rather than me ;) 
Half-Life Review 
That review was more about System Shock and Thief than Half-Life. 
And Its 
by a guy who worked on System Shock and DeusEX :))) 
But These Days 
he is better known for what he has screwed up. 
Half-life Review 
it's great, most of his points are very valid.

Now that i think of it, hl2 did everything wrong he mentions as the dangers of the stuff in hl ;) 
Not This is one of the best ways to create such coherency-the world is not a single-file trail through the woods, but a looping, contiguous labyrinth? check.

No But now the combinations of elements in the room provide a new twist.? check.

Not gives the player just enough ammo to cause him to pause and consider? check.

Cut scenes that are the exact opposite of being interesting, not too long or common and they do not stop the player from moving around in the game world.? check. 
Another Zombie Shooter Game 
This one has some basic between-round survival management, where you are searching the nearby town to find weapons and survivors. And you occasionally have to travel to the next town, using supplies you found to make the trip. It's a good way to join the zombie survival premise of the game with the typical shooter features of buying/upgrading/repairing between levels. 
Gears Of War 2 Trailer (new) 
I Can't Wait... 
... for someone to make a video game about Uwe's boxing, that would be cool. 
It Seems So Very Contrived 
Huge war machines are fighting and they depend on one guy sitting on the back with a small machine gun for defence. How about putting a gun on the thing?

It's arcadey all right.

The lighting on the huge models doesn't seem right either when they move right at the start at the one minute mark.

But looks very cool otherwise. 
Those are derricks, not war machines. They transport things. 
The Flying Things... 
...with the tails coming out of the back combined with the massive valleys instantly reminded me of Crysis, but then I remembered that they were in Gears of War 1 at the end with the train... 
Bit Grey... 
otherwise it's looking pretty damn sweet.

I remember a lot of the concept art for gears being very colourful, but oddly what I saw in the game was far less so. Still, it was a blast in coop and the graphics were otherwise fucking amazing, so I didn't care.

Besides, I guess I've been making grey and brown Quake levels for years so who am I to complain about lack of colour? 
Oh, And Chainsaw Duels 
that's fucking cool. I hope a duel isn't always initiated in multiplayer though. It'd suck to always lose if you had a dodgy finger even though you got in first or snuck up from behind. I only say this because I suffer from occasional RSI and mashing buttons is no longer something I'm really good at :( 

The duel initiates if someone tries to chainsaw you and you have your saw out and attack them at the same time. If someone gets the drop on you or you're facing the wrong way or whatever - you're dead. :) 
That Was Clearly The Best Moment 
I mean, chainsaw duel? You can't go wrong. 
q4 any1? 
GoW2 Trailer 
Looks fun. On rails, but at least they're next-gen rails. 
they practically eliminated the optimizing factor out of their game design. too bad that was the most fun part for me.

Also, the new graphics are :(, using the mouse was unique, and i don't like those silly puzzle games :) (but i loved cursor10) 
sounds like it's not for you then! 
well, i played up to level 21, where i couldn't figure out how to push me higher with the rocker, had to watch the walkthrough and then clicked on the paradox screen and it reset 2minutes of WORK. :(

it is a good puzzle-jumper, it just doesn't fit me as well as cursor10 =D 
is fucking awesome (playing it on a PS3).

That is all. 
I'm playing it on my 360 and, yes, it's fucking awesome. Love it! 
Yup I Played It Today 
on a PS3 on a cr8, and I thought it felt a lot like the other GTA games, but many of the problems where removed, + it had a realism overhaul, including excellent graphics.

A true sequel! Very deep game... 
It's all about 2 characters:

1) Niko Bellic. Fantastic character backed up with amazing acting. His voice actor nailed it.

2) Liberty City. The city itself is a character unto itself. It lives, it breathes and it's a joy to be in. 
For the money I paid for this game, you can't really go wrong!!!

(it's free)

Seemed like fun to me last night! 
hi all didnt no if anyone of u know got prob with when u start game says my video card doe's not have direct x drivers and says it may work fine but u start it and the video scenes act as if they on fast forward and there is no sound and u put sound on and that turns itself off again i got a NVIDIA Geforce 6200 anyone no of a patch or somefink to solve this problem ???? 
I played GRAW2 and its a realistic shooter where you cant even jump thus cant pass a single sandbag. It still takes 2 bullets to kill you even on easy.

Who wanted realistic games? 
Stop Namedropping Me Plz 
hi all didnt no if anyone of u know got prob with when u start game says my video card doe's not have direct x drivers and says it may work fine but u start it and the video scenes act as if they on fast forward and there is no sound and u put sound on and that turns itself off again i got a NVIDIA Geforce 6200 anyone no of a patch or somefink to solve this problem ????

I think the solution is to not play Trespasser. I'm serious. 
Or to not post on Func. 
As Long... 
as the balls don't touch...

swe is a sex now? 
No. He got the order wrong ofc fool. Swe is the location. Jeez, some people.

czg is obviously the sex 
That in no way implies czg is 't3h sex'.

Just a valid gender choice in the modern world... 
that makes it even funnier. 
Yeah Go On, Ruin Another Thread 

meawhile Iv played pennyarcadegame demo - it has nice comics style, but the gameplay with FF-ish combat didnt interest me at all 
LOL @ #1782 
That is all. 
90 Minute Non-interactive Cutscenes... 
Personally I'm not an MGS fan because of the cutscenes and shit controls so I won't be playing MGS4, but this news just blew my mind. People sit through this shit?


Personally I think it's absolutely absurd that the cutscenes in MGS are often substantially longer than the gameplay sections. In the first game (or at least Twin Snakes) the cutscenes near the start of the game we between 5 and 30 minutes long. 30 minutes is already an insanely long time to be watching a cutscene for, but 90? You have to be fucking kidding. The cutscenes are skippable, but if you do that you will miss all the story.

I wonder if Kojima thought of adding a shortened cutscene option for those who just want to play a game rather than sit through hours of his movie making wankery. Save and resume during cutscenes maybe? Can you imagine if you had 45 minutes to play a game and you chose MGS4 only for one of these cutscenes to start minutes into your session. God, that would just suck cock so bad.

Whatever Kojima might bring to the table with regard to innovations and whatnot in his games, he needs to go make a fucking movie and get it out of his system.

Idea: set up a 360 with a copy of CoD4 or GoW next to the PS3 and play a little... er, 90 minute chunk each time one of the cutscenes starts. I bet you finish MGS4 way later. You could probably play CoD4 and GoW in the time it takes to sit through just the MGS4 cutscenes. 
Wait A Sec 
90min overall, or a single scene of that length? o_0 Game is an interractive medium. Cutscenes of this length make no sense at all.
I guess he indeed makes a movie with some interractive sequenses :)
And I dont care for MGS or any stealth for that matter. yes

BTW I beated stalker clrear sky e3 demo leak, despite it crashing all the time and not letting you reload. I killed everyone (except the chopper) :) 
Pretty Predictable Really. 
Hideo Kojima openly admits to spending well over 90 minutes at a time masturbating to his own reflection in the mirror.

In an unrelated story, I have never had any desire to play - and I'm sure will never have any to desire to play - one of his games. 
The early Metal Gear games are pretty fun, you should give them a shot. 
snes ones? 
No, the 3D ones. .. I mean the ones on PS2. Metal Gear was alright until about Sons of Liberty. That's when the interminable conversations started over the codec and the long ass cut scenes started rolling. 
Decided to give STALKER another try recently. I am just at that early border with the Monolith guys I have to keep away from getting near. I killed them all, the mission said "wee, done" and now the mission seems frozen in "defend the border" state...
That "family rifle" has run away too.
And why on earth didn't they fix the PDA's diary so it at least displays read posts in white? The map, well, that would be advanced programming I guess...
I am using that 1.0000000006 patch. Is there something else I could do against such stupid logic/mission bugs? Some fixed mod maybe? 
Artice About Indie Games On Wii 
Far Cry 2 Trailer 
In game footage and shizzle, pretty cool despite the annoying Flash-ness:

Never really been drawn to Afrikkkka as a gaming location but this does look good... 
from the 5 seconds worth of gameplay it looks like yet another delta call of medal ops: whatever 
Whatever To You Too. 
I liked Far Cry. 
I think it's meant to be quite open and sounds VERY different to super linear games like CoD in terms of the freedom you get to choose your strategy and do missions in whatever order you like. 
yeah, lets discuss games, not promo trailers 
So no more trailers (or screenshots of up and coming games) on the "Other PC Games" thread.

And if you do post a link, then please:- nobody talk a word about it.

(PS - Im looking forwards to Far Cry 2, The explosions look really smart, and I hope it's a bit like crysis but with an oppertunity to actually talk to NPCs!!! (that would be cool))

Ooops! Sorry SPEEDS 
Other Games 
Warhammer Online - WANT WANT WANT WA
Starcraft 2 - WANT WANT WANT
Human Head's New Game - WANT WANT WANT WANT

Most of these are at least 3 1/2 WANTs, so they must be pretty good. (Score is out of 4 possible WANTs.) 
I Measure Desire In WANKs 
For Speeds 
Present for you, might be old: 
More For Speeds

Far Cry 2 != CoD4 or HL2. Maybe they will fail, maybe a lot of the stuff you hear people gushing about is marketting hyperbole or maybe it won't end up in the finished product for some reason, but you've got to admit that if you like games like Far Cry, Crysis and STALKER that Far Cry 2 has some promise. 
Far Cry 2 
Wasn't interested in Far Cry or Crysis, but Far Cry 2 has a lot of interesting things going for it. The main thing is the gameplay - very open ended within a living world offers some very very unique gameplay opportunities. I get the feeling strategy and recon are going to play a very big part of this game, possibly unlike any other FPS game. All the movies show the player setting fields on fire to cut off escape/reinforcement routes, laying traps, etc etc, which looks like a lot of fun.

I'm still a bit skeptical, but it looks like an immensely promising game right now. 
Great Free Fast Tank Action
Just played it a bit and damn was it fun. 
Ok Cool 
Im bought sold or whats the word.
I like open-world games 
ever since the Far Cry IP was handed to Ubisoft, it's been fairly shite - case in point: the abysmal Far Cry Instincts: Predator on the xbox and 360.

We've already had "Far Cry 2" - it was called Crysis. I'm not optimistic about this new game. 
Crysis was friggin boring, even Far Cry 2 looks more interesting at this point to me.
But yeah, I'm not sold yet, Ubi touted the whole "open world" thing with Assassin's Creed too, and it didn't turn out so great. 
Beyond Good And Evil 
pretty nice stuff, probably 20% or so in (just finished black isle).

Bit too many cutscenes but really enjoying this. 
that's one of my favorite games ever, btw. 
Beyond Good And Evil... 
I never understood what was so great about this game, the premise was good, and at first it looked like it could be really nice, but then I feel like it didn't really deliver, it ended up pretty linear and fairly short.
Still, bonus points for space whales.
Looking forward to the sequel. 
well, the game wasn't perfect, but here were some of the things i liked about it: 1. the overall zelda-like gameplay and exploration and item collection and puzzle solving worked for me because i like zelda games. 2. the successful mingling of various game mechanics worked well, they put whatever mechanic in that they felt suited that section of the game, including stealth puzzles, photography/collection, space rail shooter gameplay, etc. 3. the art was really nice, all the designs were cool, the environments, the little robots, the security droids, etc. etc. 4. the characterizations were good, including writing and voice acting. 5. the gameplay implementation, i.e. level design, was very well done.

There were some complaints i could make about the game. Primarily: game's story was a very tired "evil government/aliens" scenario, which was so overplayed that i kept expecting to turn out to be reversed in some surprise plot twist (i.e. the government is actually good and the rebels are working for the true evil aliens or something) but it never happened. The name "beyond good and evil" was part of this expectation i guess, as the actual storyline did not get beyond "good and evil" -- it wallowed in it.

The length isn't a "good" point, but it also didn't bother me -- i'm an adult with a job and don't have tons of time to spend on a game, so i'd rather play a ten-hour game full of good stuff, than a 40-hour game with ten hours of good stuff and 30 hours of filler. However, i probably would have liked just ONE more dungeon, to improve the overall pacing of the game. 
Skip the gay and start at 1:45: 
"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by HDFILMS INC" 
Still Alive Here, Kinnu

Still looks like a boring game though. 
Cheers Czg 
yep, that's definately an FPS. 
did they strafe once in those scenes? 
Another Semi-usless Trailer. But This Game Will OWN

looks already better than SC2
and if they improve it basing on CoH gameplay it WILL BE FUCKING AWESOME

(yeah Im excited. loved both DoW and CoH - best RTS ever) 
I'm excited about DoW2. Not as much as I am about SC2, but still, I loved DoW, and I expect great things from Relic. Looks fantastic. 
I already had hopes up since that means star control 2 to me. Bah, kids these days... 
That Looks Pretty Damn Good 
count me in. 
We're Adults Blah Making Adult Games Blah Blah 
more like adolescent 
I R Drunk 
kebab lol 
What's adolescent? I agree that the industry needs to grow up but the last game referenced, DOW2, looked fine to me. Didn't see any large breasted chicks with swords or anything. 
I think it's Age of Conan you're looking for: 
hope DoW2 gets tyranids. 
Yep, looks fantastic, I lost so many hours to both DoW and CoH so really looking forward to this.

Also, ffs make a new space hulk game! 
while we are on the subject of games workshop materials...

Make a WH40k war game like operation flashpoint! 

Fkn terrific little asteroid-aquarium-divide-and-conquer game with a quiet Defcon-like pace and tone. And one of the guys who worked on it is Borsato. :D 
... conquer 
And A Much Less Shitty Link 
windows executables

douche bags 
Cryostasis Is Looking Pretty Badass 
for everyone interested in indie games bookmark: 
inertia posts

douche bag 

DOW2 - looks very good. Both the action and the cityscapes.

BUT, as always, RTSes seem to be so much about stressing around managing the entire bloody army and resource system, that all those great graphics tend to be pointlessly hard to appreciate. Spending 10 seconds admiring one combat basically means you've lost the mission because some of your fuckwits elsewhere have wandered off or a resource post has been captured and that's it. Okay the high quality scenery will be a good omnipresent ambience but I still think the graphics are a bit of a waste if you can't stop to appreciate them. 
CHZO Series: Oldschool 2D Point&click Adventures 
I discovered these games accidentally and found them to be quite compelling for some reason. It's a series of four short and easy adventures created by Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw, centering about a family curse and ancient gods:

1) 5 Days a Stranger -
2) 7 Days a Skeptic -
3) Trilby's Notes -
4) 6 Days a Sacrifice -

First, second and fourth game have traditional p&c controls, third one requires commands to be typed in like the old FF/SQ games (sounds annoying, but one gets used to it quickly). The plot is interesting - nothing groundbreakingly new but I liked it, especially the way it's tied together and expanded throughout the games - and the there's plenty pixel gore.

If anyone's in the right mood and has some spare two hours for each game, I recommend giving them a try. Just make sure to play them in the intended order. 
(it's Actually Called John DeFoe Series But Whatever) 
I'll just buy it automatically.

I'm still playing through Soulstorm. 
Beautiful game except for
a) the music gets really braindamaging after 30 minutes of the same very short pattern
b) NO FUCKING SAVE OPTION. How long does it take to conquer the whole universe? 1-2 hours? 
was refering to the DNF video interview 
Got to agree with you there I think, I know what I used to do is record every good game I played and re-watch it later and get into all the good combats.

The same with CoH too.

Its a shame, but I cant really think of any good work arounds off-hand, you could slow the game down but then it would become boring, or you could make the graphics crap and everyone would moan :) 
Looks like a cheap Bioshock ripoff. And NecroVisioN (yes, it has a capital 'v' and 'n') looks like Wolfenstein set in World War 1. Same publisher for both (or developer, whatever.)

Still, can't judge until you play it. 
Indigo Prophecy 
Playing Indigo Prophecy right now. Pretty good so far...couple of nice horror moments that actually made me jump. I'm not a huge fan of the quick time / Simon says bullshit but I can look past that as long as the game stays interesting. 
Nice little game, a collegue was playing some similar and shorter flash game a while back, can't find it anymore.
Spirit, nah it takes 30 minutes if you know what you're doing, this isn't the kind of game that requires saves in my opinion. 
Beyond Good And Evil 
finished it. Yes, it's short but I loved every bit of it.

In hindsight, probably still too many cutscenes but great freedom and varied gameplay. Loads of fun. 
Did you know there is a pause mode in CoH/DoW and you can still give orders during a pause? You can really play it like a turn-based game in sp and have all the time in the world to admire the looks

Multi is antoher thing ofcourse and I set all on low in CoH cause we played 2v2 or 3v3

I skipped the DoW Soulstorm, only tried the demo.
Emo/fetish eldars are pathetic 
And the sisters of battle just get the shit knocked out of them straight away.

To be honest I just went back to Chaos after getting nowhere with the new races. At least they make good target / chainaxe practice for my berserker's.

I've also played through with Necrons and Marines, now going with the emoeldars.

It was an overpriced purchase (50$ expansion pack? M-U-G tattooed on my forehead) since the aerial units are pretty lame and the interplanetary thing sounds good but in reality its the same as Dark Crusade.

All the same its a massive amount of content, to complete it with all nine races will take more time than I'm prepared to put into a game, these days.

Although I did get the Little Rocket Man achievement . . . 
Zak McKracken 2 
The inofficial sequel is finally done:

Haven't tried it yet but the screenshots look promising. 2GB - wtf. 
um ,what the hell is wrong with this game?

I know I successfully started it when I got my new 9800gtx to put all the settings on max but I've been trying to start it over the last day or so to play it and it just keeps crashing to the desktop before starting.

Some quick google searching shows it's a common problem, apparently the game doesnt like new drivr installation and updating of settings. WTF? surely that cant be true?

anyone else experience this? 
Sorry Nitin. 
Can't help, I had no problems here. 
Zak Team

i love how everyone looks pretty normal, until you get down to the engine programmers :( 
did you patch it at all? or just play straight out of the box? 
that's the price you have to pay for intelligence, the big frontal lobes deform your head. 
Mass Effect Pc Edition 
I never saw or played the xbox version of this game so its been a real treat so far! :)

Just utter WOW basicly, im about 12 hours into the game and its just fantastic. It is very hard to spot any console origins so I guess it must be a very good port to the pc.

What you notice straight away is the excellent animation of every single character, and the fantastic facial/lip synching that goes on, it really does sell the illusion of reality. Next you notice the incredible depth and quality of the storytelling and dialogue, every single conversation is fully recorded audio with great voice actors, I can only guess at the amount of voice work contained in this game, it must take up over half of the dvd!

The graphics in general are fantastic also, I love the film effect that gets applied to everything, it adds so much detail to things. The only console throwback I can see is from the texture resolution which is fairly low in most areas, but the architecture and special effects more than make up for it, it looks beautiful :)

There is a ton of dialogue in this game, I would say its about 50/50 combat/roleplay at the moment, so if talking isn't your thing you may not like it, but the dialogue is so well written and interesting to take in that I really don't mind it at all. You can also sway the dialogue with your reputation and skill points, so for example you can bully a character if you have high skills in that area.

The combat is good but its definitely a worse off part of the game, its a fairly simple point and shoot affair and your squadmates special abilities dont really seem to do that much. I think I prefered the combat system from one of Biowares earlier games Knights of the old republic, it felt a lot more tactical and involving there.

Ok, gonna carry on playing now... addicted... 
I'd like to buy it, but can't get it online anywhere in France it seems, and I don't want to get it in French... =\ 
Mass Effect 
Yeah, that should be the first new game I test out with my 9800 GTX. Hopefully I'll be able to run it decently on my system, as the video card is the only thing on it that's younger than 3 years of age.

I also heard Assassin's Creed was bloody good. Might give that a spin too. 
OMG Fanboi'd 
a) the music gets really braindamaging after 30 minutes of the same very short pattern

click 'turn off the music' at the main menu?

b) NO FUCKING SAVE OPTION. How long does it take to conquer the whole universe? 1-2 hours?

A half hour? Do you want to save your game in Solitaire too? 
Not Solitaire. Maybe Hearts when I have possession of the Bitch and want to spring it on some one and not get caught with it in my hand. It would be edifying to always win in that situation, 
Yes, I saw that when I tried the game again. No idea why I cannot turn it off ingame. Anyways, the ingame sounds are way too silent anyways. If one has other music playing one cannot hear them.

The save option is not needed indeed. The game started so very slowly that I estimated a much long gameplay. Once I had my big swarms the rest was like 2 minutes. Very disappointing. :(

Nice little game anyways. 
the action curve isn't terribly flat. if you start out near other colors' home asteroids you'll be fighting for your life constantly, but if you start out with no neighbors you can gleefully take over half the world and have unstoppable blobs of hundreds by the time you meet anyone else.

That aspect could use some work. That said, I still fire this up and play it when I'm waiting for an import/compile/upload/etc at work. 
The combat is good but its definitely a worse off part of the game

So basically it's a nice interactive movie, apart from the interactive bits?

Thanks, you just saved me some money, I was vaguely tempted to pick this up, but if the actual gameplay (i.e. the only important thing) is pants then I'll skip it. 
Multiplayer could be nice, the ai just doesn't cut it yeah. 
"Thanks, you just saved me some money, I was vaguely tempted to pick this up, but if the actual gameplay (i.e. the only important thing) is pants then I'll skip it."

It's an RPG. 3/4s of the experience is the world immersion. 
I think "interactive movie" is perhaps taking things a bit too far.

There are lots of non combat gameplay situations also, lots of puzzles and detective work to be done etc.

While the combat isn't quite up to the quality of the rest of the game, it is by no means bad, I think it just suffers from trying to be a shooter when it really isn't.

For me personally I can overlook it, as on the whole this is the best rpg I have ever played (since knights of the old republic, heh) with a very compelling sci-fi world to explore.

Shambler : yeah I guess fanboi' is semi-correct here, as far as im concerned Bioware can do no wrong :) Lets just hope they dont go tits up after be swallowed by EA... :( 
do you remember Borsato? He and another guy made it together. 
Yeah, Fair Enough 
I suppose it should be said that RPGs for the most part just mean to me "stacks of dialogue and shit to skip".

Look, I try to like it, and I want to enjoy it, but damn, even if it's all well voice acted, these sort of games (especially with branching dialogue/choices) just end up driving me up the wall. I mean I'm sorry Fred Noblespank, but I just don't give two shits who stole your horse, find it yourself! Just fuck off and let me play!

I guess I'm just not in the target demographic... 
Having Said That 
Thanks for elaborating on that point, Daz, I'm now at least vaguely interested again. :D 
I know how you feel frib, the only "RPG" I've ever got into was diablo/2, for obvious reasons :)

althoughI do have both of the KoTORs lying around 
I Think Its Also Worth Mentioning 
that if you dont want to speak to people, you can be obscenely rude to them and end up telling them to fuck off, basicly ;)

...which is amusing 
Mr Fribbles 
but I just don't give two shits who stole your horse, find it yourself! Just fuck off

yeah you can do exactly that, thats why the game is a good real rpg unlike the sissy jrpg stuff 
About Dyson 
Hey guys, been a while eh?

Thanks for those of you who played Dyson, and thanks for the feedback. I would like to iterate some important points however.

Dyson is a game made in 1 month in the spare time of 2 people only, for a compettion to create a proecedurally generated game indie game :-) The design is not fully implemented, we are still worrking on things like defensive units and better Ai and a better distribution of the attributes of in-game objects and entitis. To even get the game in this state within the limited timeframe was a triumph imo :-0

The contest has about ten days to go and then we will see how well we have done, and as importantly can start releasing updates with all the originally planned features in them. for news on this.

Anyway, how is everybody? :-D 
Hey Borsato! 
Good to hear from you.
Any word on when a new version of the game will see release? I threw it around at work (after seeing a collegue playing Nanowars, a slightly similar flash game, dunno if you've seen it) and quite a few people enjoyed it, but we all wanted to play multiplayer.

Good luck with the procedural contest. 
Thanks Bal! Good to hear from you.
Nothing will happen until the competition is done, after that we will start updating it incrementally with all kinds of features. Not sure when multiplayer will happen, it is incredibly useful to do so of course. I can't wait for that myself :-) 
Quit running drugs to the dutch soccer team and get cracking already! 
Not when they are polaying this well!! :-)

(I mean ok, sure) ;-) 
Meet The Sniper Is Up 
Oh, That Poor Demoman ;_; 
Good stuff. 
Playing Splinter Cell 2 
pretty groovy, not as annoying as I thought it might be. More later. 
Another Preview Vid :P

This looks pretty cool! The most convincing eviromental damage I've seen yet...

Also seems to have a TF2-esque quality to the graphics overall! 
Rofl Bal 
I did have a quick play on the creature editor and its pretty fun. I'm kinda tempted to buy the full game, we will have to see how the demo is.

The 35 minute demo on youtube had me really interested, and its funny to boot :) 
The creature editor is a pretty neat toy, but I remember getting bored extremely quickly with Black and White.

Have to wait and see. 
Yeah I'm not really so interested by this game, will try it though.
But imagine having your kid playing it, and he reaches a planet populated by the creature I posted above (cause iirc your creations are propagated randomly online to appear on planets in other peoples games), that would be quite a laugh. 
Seems very cool but I think for many people the seemingly huge scope of the game might end up being a turn-off. 
I can see where your coming from, but I think a fairly major area where Spore is different from B&W is that the gameplay changes dramatically with each stage of evolution of your creature(s).

I imagine this will keep things fresh for a lot longer than in B&W, where in all fairness, after the first level you had kinda seen it all.

Its a neat concept for a game at least, perhaps a tad "kid friendly" for my tastes but im definitely going to give it a shot and see what happens.

Now the moral difficulty is "do I give EA my money"... BLEUGH! 
Well I'll probably read the reviews (carefully ignoring any numerical values) to see if I buy it or not.

I was a big fan of Populous (especially :the beggining) because although you were a god you weren't omnipotent and unkillable.

Black and white just got boring for me because there was no apparant goal or a way to fail - the belief continued to inscrease and expand no matter what I did.

It had its moments (I wasted alot of time teaching my tiger to throw its shit around) but the lack of a straight line progression lost me.

So its a balence between concept (good) gameplay (wait and see) and giving EA money (can I give money to islamic extremists instead?) 
For me the problem with B&W was that it felt like either you spent time on playing with your creature or you focused on getting through the missions - the two aspects of the game never really mixed well together. 
Spore Creature Creator 
omg so fun :D

still using the free version with only 25% of the bits too.

Genius marketing to be honest - releasing a cool mini-game for free where you can make stuff to import into the full game. This is going to make a shitload of money. 
I Tend To Agree With Bear. 
B&W: creature = fun, building villages etc = fun, pissing around with all the options and spells and stuff = fun.

doing the missions and trying to progress != fun.

Better as a sandbox than a game. Still had some amazing features tho. 
I think my greatest achievement in B&W2 was teaching my creature to throw my villagers at the enemy army. It was a lot of fun but I agree that the game kinda failed to link all its elements together.

In other news, I tried out TF2 with the new Pyro update that just got released, the rebound ability of the flamethrower is awesome! But currently there are so many players choosing the pyro class the game is kinda broken :(

Valve should really release a few class updates at a time to avoid this behaviour, the game atm is no fun :( 
Yeah, as much as I enjoy this new content, it does always break the game for a week.
Try playing Engineer, sentries still own pyros. 
Splinter Cell 2 - Pandora Tomorrow 
ok, finished it, quite short really although I suppose it takes a long time to do each mission due to the nature of the game.

stealth gameplay isnt my thing but I was surprised to like this more than I was expecting. The AI, as usual in stealth games, is a bit spotty so some scetions got annoying pretty quick.

Otherwise fairly solid, if unexceptional stuff. 
Try playing Engineer, sentries still own pyros.

Yeah, if you can get one built in time. Every time I've tried this I'm banging away at it as four pyros come at me, and as soon as it's done it fires two bullets and then we're both dead in a horrible inferno.

Fucking pyros. 
Wherein I Blather About Indigo Prophecy 
ie "a game about the one color of the rainbow nobody needs" 
pretty cool so far although I dont really get the combat. How long is this game? Just want to get an idea of the hours I'll be wasting :) 
Fairly Long 
If you do all the quests and side missions / activities it can last well over 20 hours.

From what I remember the combat is turn based but plays out in realtime until you pause it to queue up new actions for your characters.

I found it very fun after it clicked for me! 
How Stupid Can A Linux Game Development Studio Be 
LGP are adding copy protection to their games.
And that's because the people who are pirating are more than those who are buying their games. And of course adding copy protection will make more people buy.
It is an online activation system. From the sound of it you cannot install/play the game on a disconnected PC. On the other hand they say "Contingencies are made so that if no internet connection is available, the
game will never lock out legitimate customers."
. Wait, what? So that copy protection is cracked as simply as locking the game into a sandbox or something? Or will people with no internet have to send them a postcard requesting a password? ...

One part I love:
We obtained this estimate by seeding the download sites with a number of broken copies of our games, and monitored the number of requests for technical support that referenced the known bug we had inserted.
Did they upload a buggy pirate version? Or did they plant a deliberate bug into all versions?

I toyed with the idea of getting Gorky 17 from them, but with this idiotic attitude they won't see a cent (and no, I won't pirate it either). 
What Did You Expect? 
Piracy is a well-known problem in the Windows world. Now, in the Linux world, people are even LESS inclined to pay for games because they are so used to free software, meaning that without copy protection involved, the piracy % on Linux is going to be even higher then that on Windows.

So what exactly would you rather have, games with copy-protection or no games at all? 
we've been through this. Copy protection doesn't protect you from 'piracy', but it's awful for the legitimate customer. 
It All Depends 
There are a lot of copy protection methods that can be very intrusive and annoying. However, it most definitely prevents "casual piracy". For the more advanced users, getting a pre-cracked game copy off Bittorrent might be trivial, but for a lot of people it is not. Whether this prevented piracy results in that person paying for the game or not playing it altogether is a whole different discussion. 
Gears2 Multiplayer Coverage Rampling Up 
Yes, rampling. *sigh* 
We are talking about like 500-1000 copies of old and mediocre games. With such a nichee you are a complete *** to throw copy-protection at your paying customers. 
Like Danny?

(that made sense I assure you ;)

Oh, and;

However, it most definitely prevents "casual piracy". For the more advanced users, getting a pre-cracked game copy off Bittorrent might be trivial, but for a lot of people it is not.

We are talking about Linux games here, I very much doubt that anyone capable of installing Linux is capable of warezing a game.

(I haven't actually decided what I think of this issue yet, it's too early in the morning to jump off the fence, will think+post later) 

he makes a good point :) 
I Disagree 
Installing and setting up a distribution like Ubuntu for basic computing tasks is easier than installing and configuring Windows XP for doing the same thing. Arguably, Windows XP is a 8 year old OS, but that is beside the point. Not to mention that several vendors ship computers with Linux pre-installed.

As such, the argument that whoever is using Linux is also capable of warezing a pre-cracked game does not hold any weight. 
Yes, It Does 
Installing and setting up a distribution like Ubuntu for basic computing tasks is easier than installing and configuring Windows XP

that's until you run into issues. and you usually do. 
I want my 20 seconds back. 
Arguably, Windows XP is a 8 year old OS, but that is beside the point.

Indeed, it is arguable - Windows XP was released in fall 2001, making it less than 7 years old. 
why does everyone call it "Gears"? is "Gears of War" that cumbersome to type/say?

Anyway, can't spend all day chatting - I'm off to fire up my PS2 to play some more "God". 
'Gears' is 2 less words than 'Gears of War'. We call it Gears around the office. 
is "Gears of War" that cumbersome to type/say?

Jimmy's Lost His Toilet Paper 
That Was Pretty Cool, Actually. 
I got through the first 12 levels, and then the game "encountered a problem" and I can't be fucked to start again from the beginning since there's no "load level X" or "continue". :p

Really nice use of simple physics and pathfinding to create interesting puzzles.

Jesus I hate him for using spacebar for restart though. Spacebar is cemented firmly in my brain as jump... 
Half-Life 2 
I'm replaying HL2 this weekend and it's really as great as I remember it being during my first play through. It's cliche at this point to say it's one of the best games of the past 10 years, maybe ever but it's just really *fun* I've played a lot of games and the majority usually have at least an hour or two worth of gameplay that you just hate and you grind through it anyway. The thing that struck me about playing HL2 again is that at least for the first 5-6 hours so far, it's been nothing but pure fun. Being chased through the city at the beginning, then through the canals, then the boat ride through the canals, then blasting zombies with the gravity gun in Ravenholme, it's such a pure god damn joy to play this game. 
Ditto That!!! Ep 2 Is Also Ace! 
Still think HL1 was better . . . 
disagree on that. it was awesome at the time but i went back and played it after first playing 2 and found it incredibly frustrating in comparison. i just remember there being so many situations where you'd step out of line for as little as one second and die pretty much instantly..

i purchased EP2 on the day of release but still haven't had the chance to play it yet, kept crashing my pc. i need an upgrade :( 
HL1 Comparison To HL2... 
.. makes no sense to me. OK one is so far better in gameplay, situations, etc... but come on, both have different engines performances, different texture set, etc... and have been released at different time, with many years of difference.
It is like comparing Doom and Doom3, or Commando with Quake.... and for this you can only have a personnal taste..
Game comparison makes sense when you are comparing games that have been released let's say the same year, and having more or less the same technology (e.g Doom3 s HL2, etc...): Let's try to compare apple to apple ;) 
I disagree, there's no reason not to compare games that weren't released in the same time frame, the gameplay has evolved, but not so much that you can't compare it.

I agree with rj about HL1, it's a great game, but there are really alot of instant death situations that are pretty annoying, they fixed that nicely in HL2.

Can't wait for EP3, want to see the Aperture Science tie in, and maybe eat some cake. 
It is like comparing Doom and Doom3, or Commando with Quake.... and for this you can only have a personnal taste..

i didn't imply anything else :)

it all boils down to personal taste at the end of things. 
Bal, Rj 
Well, I'm just saying that I don't see the point in comparing a game that uis 10 years old with a nowaday game... not the same technology, not the same performances, not the same visual... so for me difficult to say yes, X was better than Y... when there is 10 years between each release... It is not the case for HL1 / 2 but, anyway, I guess it is more clear now ;) 
But It's The Same... 
measure of fun ;)

i'm not looking at each game objectively here, just saying one was more fun to play than the other. 
That's The Thing Though... 
We aren't really talking about tech/performances/visuals, we are talking about pure gameplay, and that to me is always comparable.
It's important that we do compare games, because new games don't always have better gameplay. 
Bal Is The Truth 
because new games don't always have better gameplay.

Exactly, and in fact in recent years this is especially true because people keep over-complicating things and trying to pack too much into one game.

Reminiscing about (and re-playing) classic games isn't just for the sake of nostalgia. I think to some extent people like myself are yearning for the simplicity and purity of the game mechanics found in those older titles. 
I agree with you, kinda...

In a way I think the fact I like HL1 really god IS due to nostalgia! I just think that HL1 reminds me of when I started really getting into shooters! I remember playing Quake2 on my P133/16Mb, and being pissed off cause the coloured light's wouldn't work because I had nee 3DFX card. Then playing HL1 - first off it was the first game with a software coloured lighting renderer! (and one of the last)
And second - I think the most classic moments of my gaming career came from that game! The intro sequence, "we've got hostiles", and all of the stuff with the big aliens in the desert towards the end. AND the part's with the "assassins" - soo atmospheric with the footsteps and glowing eyes! And also I seem to recall HL1 having more play time that its sequels - the game is a truie epic!

But I also agree - there were plenty insta-death moments - like Distrans's last map!
I remember many occasions where I would be quick saving with 5% health, to try and take out 3 soldiers with a pistol and 4 shotgun shells...

But hey - like you say - it is down to personal taste, and nostalgia! In short I love all the HL games, and I'm really looking forwards to EP3!!! :D 
Is what HL wanted to be, but wasn't. 
Is Quake 1.5 
the HL engine maybe... 
I Should Really Get Around To Tese "new" Games 
like HL2 and Doom3 before the cds turn to dust :)

But KoToR has taken up most of my last few weekends. I only this game had real time combat, it would be almost perfect (actually and skippable cutscenes). 
you might like Mass Effect then. 
Mind You 
I find more Lovecraftian themes in HL1 than in Quake2 - Colour out of Space, Walls of Xyrix.

The tenticles are a very Lovecraft creature, and the Alien Grunt factory had a strong similar theme. 
I Assume You Mean Quake1 
And yeah, quake's take on lovecraft is ... highly interpretive. Pretty much some borrowed names and maybe a creature description or two, loosely followed. The Cthulu mythos wasn't really on anyone's mind, except Petersen who probably exerted that influence with the occasional "oh hey what about". Given quake's chaotic development, there was probably plenty of room for influence like that.

Quake is no more lovecraft than doom, but the important influences in both cases are more atmospheric/characteristic than literal. 
Going Back To What Was Said Before 
Q2 isn't the sequel to Q1 - basically. 
Quake was just the military code name for Shub's evil other-wordly hordes, why couldn't the same military, having vanquished Shubby, use that code name for the next earth-menace, the Strogg? 
Because that's a fairly large reach.

Quake2 had nothing to do with Quake1, whatsoever. 
Dev Title 
Aliens Vs Predator Vs Quake Vs Quake2 Vs Gordon Freeman 
vs Ron Perlman 
...vs CZG's Ass. 
nuff said. 
Finished KoToR 
excellent game, one thing star wars always has had is a well realised world and this exploits that fairly well. I could have done with less cutscenes and also less story/dialogue but ovrall its was very enjoyable. Even the turn based combat became tolerable :) 
And Started Doom3 
and finished about half of it in one sitting I think. Definitely has flawed and repetitive gameplay but I still think it's great fun. So much atmosphere and so much polish, its pretty involving stuff so far (finished alpha labs and up to endor area). 
I Like It Man 
but on the PC version I couldn't get past the gatekeeper. Completed it on the xbox a couple of years earlier.... (?!) 
Careful. Saying that you enjoy Doom3 on this forum is likely to be met with a response not entirely unlike that which would be received by a fully gussied-up gay pride carnival queen who's just minced flamboyantly through the swing doors of an Old West rinky-dink piano cowboy saloon. 
you mean, an orgy? 
heh they wont find me without a flashlight :) 
Sounds Like Fun Except For The Penis On Penis Action 
a fully gussied-up gay pride carnival queen who's just minced flamboyantly through the swing doors of an Old West rinky-dink piano cowboy saloon who saunteringly pulls his brassiere up Mae West style while snarling, 'come and get it boys.'

Yeah, I could go full gay disco with the leather cap, leopard print muscle shirts, tight jeans and 'stache look, if it wasn't for the dick on dick action; the same reason I avoid porn with Double Penetration scenes in them. You know, at some point in the sloppy sex or when the girl between them wants to prove she can handle two dicks in her mouth they are bound to touch and the universe should explode but chillingly enough, it never does. 
Hey, Whoa 
who's implying cowboys are gay? 
An Old Joke 
But in case you have never heard it:

Lone Ranger and Tonto was traveling through some low country, when the Lone Ranger has to stop for a piss. He finds a cactus to piss beside and in so doing doesn't see the diamond back rattle snake he pisses on. The snake strikes and bites the Lone Ranger on his pecker.

Lone Ranger is half paralyzed from the poison, so he yells in pain for Tonto to go into the nearest town and find the doctor there to come back and aid him. Tonto precedes to do so, and finds the doctor's office, and chances upon the doctor who is unfortunately for the Lone Ranger in the middle of delivering a baby.

The doctor tells Tonto that he has to go back to the Lone Ranger and suck the venom out of the wound in order to save his friend. Tonto goes back to the place he left the Lone Ranger and sees his friend who is fast fading away.

Lone Ranger asks him, "where is the doctor."

"The doctor couldn't come, he is delivering a baby."

"Well, what did the doctor say?"

Tonto looks sternly in his friend's eyes, gives him a sympathetic pat on the shoulder,
and he tells the Lone Ranger, "The doctor says
you are going to die."

So, though the vast majority of cowboys are gay, like John Wayne whose extreme cornholing activities prevented him from even walking like a straight man, a few like Tonto were clearly straight. Oh, wait, Tonto was an indigenous American (Indian for short), so not a cowboy. So, correct that. All cowboys were gay. 
Like I Said 
I like Doom3

The graphics were awesome. Also the gameplay was, er....., tense.

It was annoying having only the ability to run when pressing shift and then only for a limited period of time. Which made battles a bit more annoying. But nonetheless - it was immersive, and I liked it. But then I wanted to like it, so I did. 
Delta Labs 
definitely got lazy here gameplay wise, this is the area I take it pissed off most people? 
I Pretty Much Agree With That 
the monster closets were annoying from the very beginning, but the set up of the maps was so interestingly done that
I still found it worth playing. By the Delta Labs section, my eyes were pretty much glazed over and I wanted to get it over with. I had more fun the second time through when I was hauling ass almost the entire time. 
Gears Of War 
I bought the PC version today. It took about an hour to install. I'm impressed with that.

When one hosts a LAN game, how does one simply spawn on the map so one can check out controls / feel / mouse-sensitivity etc before diving into the full game??? 
Upto Hell Now 
thats a pretty impressive level, I love it! Cyberdemon looks cool too although I havent worked out how to kill him yet. Should have left him as the original though, weapons and killing wise. 
Defender Of The Favicon 
that's a nice idea 
that's not the Cyberdemon.

Been chugging through all the E3 videos at lunch.

On Fallout 3 - is it just me or have Bethesda's character animators made no progress in quality since Oblivion? Animation was the one area that looked shite in Oblivion. I'm surprised they haven't addressed that. 
Interesting Concept 
FA3 Animation 
I noticed it too, its pretty awful and sticks out like a sore thumb.

They really need to sort that shit out! :) 
really? cool, looking forward to it then. 
For sure. I've been saying Bethesda need to sort their bloody animation team out since Morrowind. With the sort of budgets they must be getting now they've got absolutely no excuse to be so behind everyone else. 
Gears Of War. 
Played a little bit. Don't like it at all. Control system feels awful, particularly the way the mouse works for zooming. Makes the whole cover system very cumbersome.

Is it worth trying to persist to get used to how bad it feels for later on in the game?? 
If you aren't enjoying it now, you might as well stop. It isn't like the cover system suddenly changes halfway through the game or something. 
Heh - Are You Playing The PC Version? 
Obvioulsy you are:

...the way the mouse works for zooming

Well I liked the cover system, but I played on my 360, it worked pretty well with the control pad config. Also split screen co-op was cool! 
Maybe I'll try it again in a few days / weeks.

It's more of the switch from 3PS feel normally to FPS feel when aiming (which have a totally different feel for mouse up/down), combined with the awkward cover thing that is the problem. 
Your one of the few people I've ever encountered who would call the cover system awkward. People generally find it to be quite fluid and easy to get the hang of. Well, everyone is different I guess... 
Gears Of War PC 
I actually got the game from the bargain bin (for 19 euro) yesterday and played around with it a bit. While I do know the game (beat it on 360) and like it, jesus, why does the PC port have to be so damn buggy?

I have to resort to playing the game in windowed mode and for some obscure reasons give it administrator privileges in order for the game not to crash. If I launch the game in fullscreen mode, it will work for 30 sec to 2 minutes and then just completely freeze. And no, it's not a cpu/gpu temperature issue and no, it's not a driver issue as I have the latest drivers installed for every piece of hardware I am using.

Googling around and browsing the forums, it seems like I am far from being the only one who has to run the game in windowed mode in order for it not to crash all the damn time. This is ridiculous.

Specs: C2D E6600, 2gb RAM, 8600GT 512mb.
Vista Ultimate SP1 x64 with all latest updates and drivers.

For the record, UT3 runs flawlessly on the very same system. 
Nice rig Jago.

I would recommend doing one of two things.

1: Install XP32 or Vista32

2: Buy another 2Gb of RAM.

Why? - There's no point in having a 64 bit operating system if you only have 2Gb of RAM. I think the other 2Gb will make a big difference!!
Games will probably run faster in XP32 if you keep the 2Gb.

As for the bug - have you tried making sure your NVidia control panel is set to "allow the application to decide" on everything? From my experience UE3 (UT3BetaDemo) is funny about that.

I could be wrong, it's just a thought.... :D 
"This is ridiculous."

Play games on your console. 
RickyT23: 64bit Vista has several useful features not available in 32bit editions of Windows beyond supporting above 3,5gb RAM. And I specifically moved from XP to Vista, because overall, Vista is a much better OS.

Willem: is this what you tell all the people who purchase PC versions of your games and encounter issues? 
PC / Console Ports 
Are always buggy because they put two programmers on the conversion and give them a few weeks to get it out the door. 
Not In This Case 
Considering GoW PC has additional game content, it wasn't just a straight port of the 360 version. 
"Willem: is this what you tell all the people who purchase PC versions of your games and encounter issues?"

No, it's what I would tell anyone who asked me before purchasing a game.

Afterwards, well, I'm not technical support so I don't have an answer for you. 
Specs: C2D E6600, 2gb RAM, 8600GT 512mb.

64bit Vista has several useful features not available in 32bit editions of Windows beyond supporting above 3,5gb RAM 
i didnt say install XP and buy 2Gb of ram, I said install XP OR buy 2Gb of RAM!

Heh - This computer I'm using uses Vista32 and has 4Gb of RAM. Which is equally as dumb. We should really upgrade to 64, except I worry about COMPATIBILITY ISSUES with 32 bit applications. General applications. 
"No, it's what I would tell anyone who asked me before purchasing a game.

Afterwards, well, I'm not technical support so I don't have an answer for you."

1) There is no Gears of War for PS3.
2) Even the 360 version doesn't ship with an editor. 

XP can actually use up to 3.5GB I believe so what you have is good. Don't buy anymore RAM though. :) 
Yeah - 3.5Gb 
Thats what it says on System Informaton.

In an ideal world I would have Vista64 on this machine. It has a 9800GTX 1Gb and a 22" Samsung!

Work computer tho - All it's seen so far is GIMP :-(

Oh and that Medusa tech demo. 
Wonderful Crack Drama
An official patch for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 contains a cracked no-cd .exe by a piracy-terrorist-childmolester group. And since that crack cracks the copy protection it would be illegal to have at least in Germany. 
Yes I can be quite fussy / quirky about control systems. I play with mouse inverted for a start (which is part of the problem here).

I'm not intending to diss your game as a generalisation. It's my first impressions and personally I didn't like the feel to it (I think there's something about the camera too). The way it's controlled means might not be the 3PS for me, but I will try some more. 
I've only played it on 360 myself, where the control system works wonderfully, but I can see how it wouldn't transfer to PC that well.

I should also note that I played the majority of the game co-op, it makes it a lot more fun and adds the beserking american football style the control/cover systems encourage since you can be ressed by your teammate indefinately. Don't know if that'd be the same if you're not in the same room tho...

Get a console Sham tbh, they're cheap, pads are surprisingly pwn these days and the 360 can be chipped by flashing the firmware of the CD drive so you don't have to buy games... I mean, they discourage piracy so developers are more inclined to develop a wide variety of titles with the increased revenue ;) 
"and the 360 can be chipped by flashing the firmware of the CD drive so you don't have to buy games... "

1. Fuck you

2. That may work but you won't be able to play online.

3. Die in a fire. 
PCs And 3PS's 
I played a bit of Rainbow Party Six: Vegas Baby Yeah! - Or whatever it was called - I'm sure you need at least 7 for a proper rainbow party, but I digress. Anyway, I played a bit of that on the PC, and the Gears of War-esque cover system felt ok with the PC controls. If there's one thing I learned from playing those two games, it's that you can't have a cover system without lots of repressed manlove. Mmmm-mmm, the satisfying, testosterone-fueled grunts of our chiselled heroes, as they slam their muscled flanks firmly against those great slabs of crumbling concrete and mortar - As someone who worked for two years on a game with a similar cover system, I can't stress how important (and difficult) it is to get the feel of that hefty rump slamming hard into unforgiving breeze-block - absolutely spot on. God knows, we tried. Some of my fondest memories come from those bleary-eyed all-nighters sneaking into the mocap studio, slipping effortlessly into that gollum suit (I was voted the one with the most heroic physique) and just throwing myself into the various obstacles, purely out of passion - and a belief that there was still some new subtlety that we could bring to the table, a new angle to explore, or just simply some way of smacking arse-first into a brick wall that hadn't been done quite like this before. The next morning, knackered but grinning vehemently, I would wear my bruises like battle scars - a proud reminder of our trial of sweat and pain in the pursuit of perfection. 
Lol Kinn 

Knew that'd get you ;p

It was more a comment on the 'consoles stop piracy' argument, although I will expand on my views on chipping after I get back tomorrow morning... 
finished it, quite like it. Playing RoE next. 
"I will expand on my views on chipping after I get back tomorrow morning..."

Hint: Nobody cares. 
nerve touched 
few games ever scared me, but after the great initial impression the gameplay and the maps became so repetitive I couldn't believe it was an ID game.

Strange, because I recall the few outdoor parts not running any worse than these endless hallways.

But the worst was that it felt like playing another Halo/Red Faction; just annoying gameplay mechanics. Did they expect atmosphere and graphics to last forever ?

And, in a game relying so heavily upon atmosphere, not being able to adjust the music volume independently from the game sounds...roulfffff even Q3 has that.

Plus the unbelievable lameness to announce "we all agree we've seen enough of 'find key open door'" and then do exactly that while ripping off every other game to date. 
"nerve touched"

Yeah, I make games for a living. I like to get paid. Wouldn't it make sense that I take issue with someone stealing from me? 
I downloaded some file from you, could I lend it for a couple more days or do you need it back already? 
What file? 
i don't see you raging about how bad the publisher system and all that is for the devs. 
that means, if e.g. Lun would have said the same thing, it wouldn't sound so much like big evil publisher propaganda (like with all the movie/music shit), because he actually talks bad about both sides ;) 
Who's raging? I'm annoyed because some ass is advocating stealing from me. 
Otherwise Known As 'baiting' 
nothing more. 
Sure. He doesn't actually pirate games and he wasn't seriously advocating it. No, he was simply baiting me. Wake up. 
Sure. He doesn't actually pirate games and he wasn't seriously advocating it. No, he was simply baiting me.

Yeh, pretty much.

Hungover atm, expansion of chipping still to follow... 
#1991 - YOU ARE TEH GAY.

#2000 - What a waste of post #2000. 
It's #2008 
Bits are bits.

If your business model can't deal with the implications of sharing something at zero marginal cost for both consumer and producer...

it's #2008. 
Rock And Roll 
the best things in life are free 
And Then You Have Shops Selling Used Games 
Where a third part makes money without any compensation to developers while avoiding the "theft" issue. 
In The Late 80's 
here in the States, the music industry tried to put a stop to resell stores with lawsuits and the like when those stores flourished in the CD era only to be bitched slapped by the Courts. 
Someone can charge you to look at a picture.
Someone can draw the picture

You can take a photograph of something beautiful and sell it for money

You can go and look at something beautiful for free

You can draw a picture and people can look at it for free and if it looks beautiful then they will love it, and you created it so they will love you too!

In the real world people have to suffer to stay alive 
not as polished I'd say as D3, but theres more detail and I am still liking this. 
Totem Destroyer 
wow, that game has great art. where did you find it? 
Can't Remember 
usual web floating with brain shut off 
The Indiegames Blog Maybe? 
from irc:
<Lunaran> so, 8bit killer is in fact awesome
<Lunaran> but you can't save
<Lunaran> you can't even warp to a stage you've played up to before
<Lunaran> so playing through 3 and a half episodes and then dying is kind of the last I'll ever play
<Lunaran> because I really don't want to do all of it again

But, you know, try it, if you have a completely uninterrupted 3 hour stretch to burn. 
especially annoying because you're so slow in that game :( 
More On Gears Of War PC 
I have a serious love/hate relationship with this game. The game looks absolutely stunning and plays great. However due to some bug, I am forced to play the game in windowed mode. If I play it in full-screen, it ALWAYS crashes after 2-10 minutes. Looking at the forums, it seems that it's a common issue for many people and the few proposed solutions seem to only work for half the users, sadly I don't belong to that half. Game is patched, Windows and all the drivers are up to date.

Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be much (any?) of a perfomance hit for playing in windowed mode, but it does feel a bit odd to play the game in a 1280x800 window against a 1680x1050 desktop. 
OK - Not A Complete Solution 
but why dont you set the desktop resolution to 1280 x 800? 
Totem Destroyer 
That's a pretty nice game. 
You Could 
temporarily apply a windows color scheme that turns everything black, and just center the window perfectly and pretend it's letterboxed.

I guess it would be kind of hard to get your old theme back when you were done though. 
Assassins Creed (pc) 
About 4-5 hours into this game...


+ Amazing city sizes / draw distance
+ Climb anything and go anywhere
+ Animation is simply amazing
+ The story "twist" (dont wanna spoil)
+ Great sound


- Combat controls are a bit wonky, takes time to get used to it (still not got it down 100%)
- Can get annoying sometimes when you need to walk slowly to avoid detection

Loving it so far though! Its great fun bounding over rooftops at breakneck pace to stab an archer in the face before he see's you. Its a very brutal game also with some adult themes (I don't mean porn!) that are dealt with quite nicely. The twist on the whole story is very intelligently done and adds a lot to the game, Im really interested in finding out where its going, but I dont want to say anything here in-case I spoil it for someone :) 
looked pretty cool on my friend's console, I should check it out now that I'm actually playing some games :)

Finished RoE, decent but a little disappointing. More of the same, which wasnt such a bad thing since I like D3 on the whole, but the Hell level was pretty disappointing and I was hoping they used some of the ancient ruins theme a bit more.

Fable's next. 
Some more infos about Quake Live 
Dark Knight 
Watched it today. While the movie (although good) in its entirety wasn't the 2nd coming the media painted it to be, Ledger's Joker is everything the hype says and then some. He absolutely steals every single scene he is on, almost to the point of turning it into a movie about Joker and his arch-nemesis Batman.

Watch in cinema. 
wrong thread 
Once Again A Great Post By That Guy 
I totally agree with him :) im sick of spending a fuckton of cash to play games on my pc.

I think another good example of a AAA game that runs well even on older systems is call of duty 4, and that looks great too.

I probably would have enjoyed crisis more if the framerate was above 30. 
and half-life 2 of course, even when it was released it would run on older hardware, and look at all the money that made :) 
I Found Nothing 
about Crysis justified not making it as scalable as Far Cry. I originally played Far Cry on a PIII 850 mhz with a GeForce 2 card, and it played well. Crysis is not that different in game play. In fact, I preferred the original game's interface more than Crysis. For instance, to climb a ladder in Far Cry you only had to stand beside it and move forward while looking up. In Crysis you have to use an interface. Interfacing GUIs should only be used for things that can't be done any other way to minimize the disruption of the game flow. However, I had the feeling these elements were added to make console and pc versions compatible. 
Maybe It'll Come Out On The XBox 540 
Anyone else heard of this XBox 540?
Google it... 
Grimm Episode 1 Is Out

All the episodes are free in the first 24 hours after release, how nice. Gonna try it now. 
Great fun, I played ~50 minutes, no challenge but you can speedrun.
Unfortunately (well, no surprise) it runs not very well on my old rig, the graphics look nice even when all settings on low, thanks to the style.
Try it! 
all that is to it is running around painting stuff?

It runs like shit on my rig, and looks like it could easily run fine on q3 tech. The art style is nice, but they're not doing anything q3 tech couldn't do. 
gametap IS pretty evil, isn't it? 
You basically run around and paint stuff. Just like you run around shooting stuff in FPS.
There are objectives, enemies, moving targets and such. Pretty fun!

Try setting the graphics as low as possible (the "visual quality" too). I doubt the q3 engine could do that dynamic world changing.

Dunno about Gametap. But hey, it does not cost a cent. 
it isn't really dynamic, is it? (i only played about 10mins with ~10 fps) it just changes to premade stuff.

All the option don't help at all with my system (and make it look like 320x240 quake). They seem to be really, really cpu bound. 
Rage Extended Trailer.

Looks really cool I think. Like the graphics, like the style.

Two major concerns:

1. Integration of driving bits and FPS bits?

2. How on-rails and linear will it be?

(Potential for both of these to work well i.e. natural integration combined with exploration, but I don't have high hopes).

Two minor concerns:

1. How well will it run? (but I'm overdue an upgrade anyway)

2. How easy will the vehicles be to control? (but since it's Id they'll probably keep it easy). 
It looks nice yeah, I'm looking forward to it. But I can't help wishing it was an open world type game like Stalker or Oblivion or something, but that just seems impossible considering the ammount of detail everything has, would take ages to make a large world. =\ 
I Agree. 
Would suit it well.

But why not have a "smaller" typical-Id-game-size world, but with some non-linearity to it... 
Considering The Amount Of Outdoor Rage Is Supposed To Have, 
it would be nice if they integrated a system similar to farcry/crysis where you just tell the engine 'this type of terrain has these types of debris and plants' and it just plasters them randomly on the ground.

it would even be easier since they have their megatexture stuff, they just have to paint a giant mask texture to tell the engine what to go do with itself.

that'd solve the problem of having huge open areas. they could still spend all their dev time on doing the actual playable areas without any procedurally generated stuff, but the rest would be filler that was basically 'free'. 
Saw Some New Wolfenstein Screenies 
bland is the first word that comes to mind... 
Not very exciting. =/

Unsure as of now, but has potential. 
wow, trailer blew me away. Is that all in-game footage? 
Yep. Now imagine Doom4, which according to Carmack is 3 times as detailed. 
I thought something appeared a bit odd about that first picture from Rage:

I increased the brightness and contrast, and it appears to me those two models are blue screened into the scene. Is it from a cutscene sequence then? 
Looks Like It 
But more likely just a render - the characters look in-place, if you know what I mean.

The shots look more like wallpapers than anything. 
Could Just Be Distance Blur... 

Wolf looks okay, but just more wolf really. If it plays like RTCW but a bit spanglier, I'd get it. 
this is a pretty cool game.

Seems to have the right mix of action and RPG elements. And although I'm not sold on the art style, the graphics engine is superb (anyone know if its a custom one or a HL2 spinoff?). More variety in monsters/opponents would have benefited it too I think.

But still, I'm enjoying so far. 

Tim Willits: "[mutants] they're very scary, they pop up everywhere..." 
"They pop up out of anywhere" 
It's not the detail that's blowing me away. It's the design and style, quality of the models and lighting.

More Importantly... 
He says that it IS an open world game and the player is free to go where they want, thought they are "directed" onto missions etc.

Its funny how with 1 sentence the game went from average to awesome :) 
Will have to wait and see but it definitely sounds more promising. 
John Carmack and Matt Hooper just said it WASN'T an open world game actually, and you are NOT free to go wherever you want.
"Though the world will be large, it is not a sandbox title or traditional "open world" game--players will need to complete the game's story quests in a linear fashion."
Back to average? 
So Long As You Can 
still hop ten towns over from your destination to play a game of billiards with your mutant ghoul buddies you owe a case of warm beer to while the hostages in the burnt out factory are still waiting for you to rescue them, it will still be above average. 
it would even be easier since they have their megatexture stuff, they just have to paint a giant mask texture to tell the engine what to go do with itself.

this is remarkably similar to how their tools work. seen any of those videos? 
Finished Fable 
top game, borrows the right elements from diablo2 and puts it in a 3d enviornment. A different art style and maore variation in areas and enemies would have made it an outright classic.

Playing FEAR now. Crap looking and laid out levels, but I think the gameplay's kind of fun so far. Firing rate is insane. 
I Liked 
FEAR when it wasn't trying to be doom3 
yep, still looks amazing. Regarding enemies - so far we've seen the orcs and sand-marines - I hope they've got some truly original enemy designs. id games have traditionally had quite varied bestiaries, so I hope they've got a few surprises there. 
should be enough to have orcs AND sandpeople 
I hope they have lots of non humanoid enemies, silly mocap, destroying enemy diversity in games... =( 
With more than two legs is cool. 
heh, i guess i should keep more up to date with rage :P 
Gore Special Edition 
Free download at Fileplanet.
It's a class-based multiplayer shooter with a few different game modes and around 20 varied maps. The problem is that the game looks and feels pretty much exactly like Daikatana - crude models, poor animation, average sounds. And the maps, while they do have a good number of different themes (Kingpin-like backyards, gothic cathedrals, Wild West towns, space stations etc.), mostly lack visual quality. Some are too bright or drown in colored lighting, others have ugly textures or plain brushwork, some are quite cramped.
Not recommended - there are *way* better free MP shooters available. 
Thanks To Negke For The Reminder 
Warhammer Online 
yeah, the half of the game that wasn't cut out anyway ;) 
I still get to play as a Squigherder and a Stunty Engineer. That's mostly what I care about. 
BlackRock Zdoom 
Holy cow... ZDoom::ZPack::map_e3m7 is great.
Lots of exploration and dark intricate environs like you find on the best Q maps. 
Good Link 
Try here:

All the wikis point to the 667 link. It must have just f-ing died, but it's pretty fitting actually. ZDoom is so dynamic, you have to get the latest version week to week just to play anything. 
I just got into reading the site and didn't download the mod, don't know if I'll have time, tbh.

I'll try and get round to it. 
a nicely working System Shock abandonware pack for modern Windows:,211.0.html
Finally I can play it :)

I did play through the whole thing. Combat was fun, but generally the levels were average, and the final spider boss shitty, imho, (i gave in and cheated). There's also three amusing concept levels (e1m0, e2m0, e3m0) i didn't finish. 
been a while since I've liked a game with crap maps but the intense gameplay in this has definitely got me looking past the very poor level design.

The graphics engine itself is ok though (but as usual with monolith engines it runs like shit compared to other comparable engines), the attempt at 'horror' laughable, the enemies not very varied, but boy is it fun!

I thought it would get repetitive sooner or later but it didnt, pretty much every fight is heart pounding thanks to a combination of good weapons, good AI and plentiful ammo and health. 
I Enjoyed FEAR 
Excellent monsters and inventive gamplay, cool weapons. Good to see a game focused so much on gameplay! Also the ending - weird 70's horror movie ending, I liked. 
Played Fear Ultimate 
F.E.A.R excellent
F.E.A.R Extraction Point excellent too

F.E.A.R Mission Perseus sucks, really sucks

horror scenes: not really
story absolutely the same
graphics, worse than original, textures that are not even bump-mapped, washed out, very high minimum light level, too high default gamma,
unfair KI, too hard gameplay 
Interesting you picked up the same 70's horror vibe I did from F.E.A.R as it was actually one of the things I really liked about it. I thought the first few minutes of gameplay had it in spades as well.

It's funny because although the lead designer claims to have been influenced by J-horror like the ring, I think that he was subconsciously chanelling a lot of late 60s / early 70s horror stuff for the backstory and overall mood of the game. 
Well The J-horror Influence 
is definitely noticeable, and for me in a very distracting and offputting kind of way because it is done a bit cheesily.

The very first level did it ok but the rest of the time it looked like a cheap gimmick. 
Grimm Episode 4 
WotLK Intro Cinematic 
Even if you don't like WoW, Blizzard's cinematics are always worth watching :) 
So why did they channel their own office and the empty lot behind their own office for the level design and overall look of the game? 
My Guess: 
It was the best fit for the story, gameplay, and engine. I can't see anything more fantastical working very well. I certainly don't think there's anything wrong with doing a somewhat realistic setting in a game if it's done well and in F.E.A.R's case I think it was.

Also there was a lot more breakup in the game than people give it credit for. In addition to the much complained about office building crawl, there was a pretty nice tech section, some run down tenements, some good industrial stuff, and even a nice dock area.

I'd say it's pretty tough to make a game that has a wealth of interesting places without relying on some hokey Daikatana bullshit like you're a time traveller or something. 
the level design was atrocious, theres no two ways about it. It was hands down some of the worst I've seen.

It's one thing to have a realistic setting, another to have used what felt like te diablo2 level generator to randomly spice together pre fabricated rooms and corridors.

But the game itself is good. 
But the game itself is good

How can you say that the game was good but the level design was the worst you've ever seen? Isn't level design ideally the place where the game's bits and pieces come together as a cohesive whole? If you thought the A.I. for example, was good, wouldn't that mean that the level design facilitated it? If you thought the horror stuff was good, wouldn't the sequences have been scripted and paced by the designers?

The "bad level design" knock against F.E.A.R has always bothered me because the game reviewed really well across the board, sold very well, and people generally seem to really like it, so I don't understand where the criticism fits into that.

It's got a lot of right angles and generic industrial stuff going on, but I would say none of it is "bad" in the sense that the game overall was not boring and is generally considered to be quite immersive. Don't confuse realistic design (offices and warehouses *are* boring places by design) with bad design. 
How can you say that the game was good but the level design was the worst you've ever seen?

I haven't played FEAR but that sentence reminded me of Painkiller, which was fun despite having lackluster level design.

It's just unfortunate because (in the case of Painkiller at least) it could have been a great game with better level design, rather than merely "good". 
I Think 
what he meant was the visual side of things, its just room corridor room and they all look the same.

As a gameplay space, each area is actually setup very well, and usually there are multiple entry points and routes for the AI to take which makes each fight different.

I actually really enjoyed fear, I never quite understood why it gets such a bad rap. 
sorry I should have clarified that, I was speaking plainly from a visual sense. Hence my comment about the d2 like level generator. But I do not agree that just because the level design was meant to be realistic that it had to be that repetitive and boring. Splinter Cell games have better looking maps and they are all about realism.

What made the game fun was the intensity of the combats, the usefulness of the weapons and the AI. And as daz said most the fights were setup well for utilising the AI. 
I Agree With Nitin 
I only played the demo though but there certainly is a difference between realistic and boring/weak. 
the layout of FEAR's levels was 100% designed to work with the AI. The distribution of cover points, multiple entry and exit routes, corridor loops, size and shape of the spaces etc. etc. was purely made to create the combat experience that the gameplay designers intended.

The art direction is another thing, and yes it was fucking boring as hell. I wish people would stop confusing the two things. 
i'd say painkiller and fear are total opposites.

fear had shit visual design but good gameplay. painkiller and incredible visuals and boring gameplay. :P 
So, If We Can 
get those Painkiller maps to load into Fear, woo-hoo, win win.

I did love playing Fear exponentially more than I enjoyed Painkiller. Fear could get your heart beating with simple AI flank maneuvers, and those plain looking areas, in particular, I recall a basement near the start, could be creepy as hell. 
You Know 
I noticed just then that in more than one place simnultaneously but also by pure coincidence two or more threads were "bigging up" AVP1.

Well I loved AVP1. The monster AI is pretty much the best I've seen, and not bad gameplay to boot.
Level design? (I liked it)

Shame AVP2 was so wank. 
i liked the office environments in fear. they had something going with that nice brownish plain style. The industry environments sucked a bit, though; too generic random pipe/grate systems? 
Not Sure If The Point Was Clear 
Both the gameplay and art in Painkiller were good (in my opinion), but the level design was poor to nonexistent.

You had good solid weapons and powerups, a good range of enemies with interesting behaviours... and an endless series of box rooms which did absolutely nothing to compliment or enhance the gameplay. Fail.

I don't actually know the details of the dev team, but if I had to guess I'd say the levels were made by artists from very basic plans provided by the game designer. They probably didn't have "level designers" at all. 
Some cool levels. Or was that the expansion? Or both? 
I didn't play all the way through it, but most PK levels I saw were literally like this:

1. Enter large box room. "Door" (ugly, out of place stone block that is) closes behind you.
2. Spawn 7 thousand waves of monsters, all of which charge directly at the player in aforementioned box room because there's no interesting combat terrain or any kind of AI scripting.
3. Defeat horde, "door" opens and you may exit the area.
4. Enter next area, go to step 1... 
that's how I remember PK too.

And personally I didn't think the monster design was all that great either. Like the endless boxrooms, they just seemed to be endless variations on the same monster design but with a slightly different model/skin to complement the aesthetic of the particular level. Sure there were some interesting ideas in there like the HP-sapping scythe thing, but without any decent AI it's reduced to 'just another basic melee weapon'.

Deathmatch was a blast. It also had bloody brilliant netcode. I never ever ever had lag in Painkiller. Once again the level design let that side of the game down a little bit though. 
AvP2 was heaps better than avp1. Better levels, better AI and better immersion. 
I Found It To Be 
more cartoony, less moody

maybe its just me... 
AvP2 Vs AvP 
I found AvP2 to better in pretty much all departments as well. 
Did have some well-designed levels - the 'venice' (made by someone who's never been there) level was excellent - manouvere through the city taking various routes with the sun dawning as you complete the level, changing the lighting. The bigger enemy's can pick up the smaller ones to use as human shields.

Levels like that did tend to be exceptions though.

I wouldn't say they had artists designing the levels, just inexperienced level designers who allowed themselves to be pushed around by the art team. 
I prefered AvP2 too, but AvP1 was scarier somehow. 
Avp2 was a great game, but was let down by the poor graphics engine :(

The models did look very cartoony and the animation was very jerky and generally very poor :(

I did prefer the graphics and atmosphere in avp1, though avp2 had a much better narrative and better gameplay scenarios in most places 
what avp1 did so well was the dark claustraphobia. The use of the vision modes - for all species - was masterful. Once they got that right, it didn't matter that the textures were hideous photosources and the level design bland and utilitarian.

And personally I didn't think the monster design was all that great either...they just seemed to be endless variations on the same monster design but with a slightly different model/skin to complement the aesthetic of the particular level.


The problem with PK was that it's designers clearly had a hard-on for oldskool FPS ( which was a good thing ) but they were under the sad delusion that DooM and Quake were great games because of two and only two things:

1. hordes
2. bunnyhopping

the rest of the experience seems to have completely passed them by.

This is a problem you get when the understanding of a type of game design is throttled by obsession with leetness; there's almost no diferentiation between players and designers, and expertise is reduced to an almost neurotic concentration on only a tiny area of gameplay. 

kind of a cross between Cave Story and Echochrome 
Yeah, been waiting for this one to come out, looks nice. 

The problem with PK was that it's designers clearly had a hard-on for oldskool FPS ( which was a good thing ) but they were under the sad delusion that DooM and Quake were great games because of two and only two things:

1. hordes
2. bunnyhopping

I agree 100% with you. I hated painkiller, it was just a mindless slaughter of hordes of identical monsters(with different skins). The pacing, the quality of the design of the monster, the setting\atmosphere, the level design were nothing like the classics of id software.

I hope some day a proper successor to quake\doom will be released. 
Halo: Combat Evolved 
Okay so I'm slowly catching up on all the games I've missed over the last several years. Haven't really played anything since 2001, apart from Unreal 2. I got a new computer this year (March) so I'm started from 2001 and playing all the good FPS since then! Already done Undying, WOT, SOF2 and this week played through Halo.

I was expecting it to be ugly repetitive shit, but gave it a chance. It didn't feature very good level design; there was alot of copy/paste of rooms and corridors, made worse by incredibly bland textures. But, the outdoors levels were good, and huge. Especially given this was released in 2001. I absolutely hated no quicksave and having to wait for checkpoints. Not because it was too hard, but some of the outdoor battles, eg. flying ships, gun turrets and rocket tanks with a dozen aliens on foot, can take up to 10min of strategy gameplay to get through. Getting 90% of the way through only to get hit by a rocket and having to start all over again is inexcuseable. I actually found most of these outdoors battle scenes (particularly in level 8) to be much harder than the final 2 levels. Where's the big finale aswell? A lame poor-handling buggy ride is the finale.

Only carrying 2 weapons at a time was also a rubbish idea. But with the machine gun and shotgun combination, some of the close range combat against the Flood was surprisingly enjoyable.

Still, with ugly indoor level design and only say 30% of the gameplay being enjoyable, I can't say I'd ever sit through the game again. Nor am I eagerly anticipating the sequel. Very, very overrated. And while the story was decent, it was nothing worth being made into a blockbuster. 
Fuck Grimm 
Am I the only one who thought "free during the first 24 hours" meant "downloading during the first 24 hours and play it when ever you want"? I am pretty sure I played the previous episodes after more than 1-2 days even, not it is not possible anymore. Using Gametap.

Oh yes, DRM, kiss my ass.

Kona: If you like great stories and atmosphere, then give Max Payne 2 a try. 
I realized when I tried to play episode 2 one day later. Makes sense not allowing people to stretch the free offer indefinitely. It's a Steam clone, after all.

I've lost interest anyway (after having played three episodes). The game has nice art, but gameplay gets old quickly. Unless, that is, they saved the really interesting features for later episodes. I also found that I hardly remember any of the tales which makes the game's story all the more confusing, especially the dark version. 
I already wondered why they would allow people to get the game(s) for free. Yeah, it got boring, especially since none of the episodes reached the fun of Episode 1. In the latest you sometimes have only one level to reach to finish the level, how boring compared to the "you have to jump"-birds in ep1. 
Palying Halo Rigt Now Too 
crap looking enemies and indoor areas, outdoors do look better. But I do find the core gameplay to be quite fun.

Still, only about 1/3 of the way in, will see how it fares up by the end. 
Yeah Contract Jack (crappy Nolf prequel), Serious Sam 1 and then Max Payne 2 are next on my list. What's better - SS1 or SS2?

Nitin... it gets pretty tedious after a while. Once the Flood come into it (think Halflife headcrabs... only thousands of them), it actually gets slightly more fun, but the big outdoor scenes when your fighting heavy machinery is a pain in the ass. I nearly punched my computer on one instance. 
I preferred SS2 to 1 personally. 
Serious Sam 
I felt the other way around.
They are both very stupid though. 
halo: nice core gameplay, shitty, awful, horribile and repetitive art and level design (interior), shitty and stupid sounding and looking enemies.

One of the stupidest sequences in the first one was the corridor with the flood.

For who hasn't played it or doesn't rember it:

take one corridor and fill it with thousands of headcrabs. Now copy and paste the same fucking corridor for one hundred identical instances until the damned sequence finally ends. 
Bloody Zombies

Where blood is used as a puzzle element. 
Anyone Played Clear Sky Yet? 
I heard it sucks! Shame cause I enjoyed Shadow of Chernobyl and it was cool, but too buggy to finish!! 
Super Id Pack Bought 
Clear Sky 
I played it for a short time.
Looks great and the "enhanced full dynamic lighting" renderer seems to work with dx9/xp, too. I can't tell for sure, though, because the game is crashing a lot. I'm not sure what is to blame - surely the game, but I'm also a little suspicous about my card. Regular "full dynamic" renderer works slightly better but I still have to save often. Maybe it's because the first level is so large.

Not sure about gameplay. The first few quests in level 1 feel somewhat un-stalkery. At least the one in which you have to repel hordes of bandits with your team mates and there's action music in the background... Too early to see.

Stalker SOC. was great and it was definitely playable/finishable. I recently played through it again with the Oblivion Lost mod 2.1 which, apart from script fixes, added many nice little bits, monsters, weapons, vehicles, and random blowouts - very enjoyable. 
Me Too 
Stalker SOC. was great and it was definitely playable/finishable. I recently played through it again with the Oblivion Lost mod 2.1 which, apart from script fixes, added many nice little bits, monsters, weapons, vehicles, and random blowouts - very enjoyable.

I've been doing the same last week the exact same mod, it really does add a lot to the game!

It basicly turns it into what GSC gameworld has in mind before THQ stuck their noses in, you have to sleep, shelter during blowouts (which are awesome) and generally survive.

Lots of new and tweaked weapons and armour, fixed quests etc, tons of new enemies that GSC had made but not implemented fully into the game, that really add to the atmosphere.

It really does take the game a step up.

I'm sad to hear that clear sky is possibly a step backwards in the franchise, as I felt that all GSC had to do was polish the Stalker game and it would be perfect, but it sounds like there are just as many issues/crashes in this new version as well. A real shame as the bugs really do destroy what could be an utterly fantastic and engrosing experience. 
If anyone has bought Doom3 + expansion and can't run it then its because you need to run the expansion and then the original game to cicumnavigate the cd-key. 
anyone try out Spore? I guess it's released. 
Yeah I Did 
The 1st part is great (where your swimming around eating stuff) then there is a rather boring section where your creature gets onto land and has to make a nest and gather food/dna. That is followed by the tribal part which kinda like C&C but dumbed down to boredom, then the civilization part which is like C&C but dumbed down - But you can make your own vehicles (which is actually really cool).

By this point I was not really impressed, but decided to carry on and see if it got better in the space stage, and it does!

I've only played about 30 mins of the space stage, but im loving it. You can design your own spaceship and then fly around planets abducting lifeforms and wildlife so you can seed other planets with life.

There are tons of upgrades you can get for your ship which makes it better at combat/teraforming/trading and I cant wait to try them all out!

This is really short and badly written I know, but I really need sleep right now :) Just thought I would share my 1st few hours of the game with you.

Hehe, I just had a flash of that Futurama episode where bender gets shot into space and those two civilizations start to evolve on either side of his body... :) 
The game is really a bit to cute and fuzzy for me tastes, especially for the first two or three stages, all you get are cute giggles and woo'ing noises from your creature - it made me feel like vomiting all over my screen tbh... Luckily I managed to resist the urge and got to the space age.

It looks like the space portion of the game is where all the meat is at. You can basicly think of all the minigames before it as "customizing your ride, and picking the paint job" as that is essentially what happens there.

For instance, my race of dazpods (yeah, kill me) are hell bent on galactic domination and have just about made extinct every other race on their home planet in their evolution. If you take the path of war you get special tools that make you better at it, for instance in the civilization phase I got some nifty nukes to throw around, while in the tribal phase my leader could lay booby traps and throw bombs.

I'm gonna start another race soon and see what happens with the peaceful / trader / gatherer race choices... 
Good Old

Seems like a very nice service for purchasing and downloading old games without any DRM at all. Should be open to the public very soon by the looks of it. 
Serious Sam II Review 
Okay I'm gonna start reviewing every new game I play and put them on Ethereal Hell. I reviewed Halo a few weeks ago. Here's Serious Sam II.

After reading reviews from Gamespot & IGN that gave rather average ratings (6.9/10), complaining of cartoon-like design and repetitive gameplay, my expectations for Serious Sam II weren't high. However, I didn't have the option of comparing it to the first two parts of Serious Sam, as I only ever played the original demo years ago. This may have been a good thing.

As it turned out, the further I progressed in the game the more I realised this is a well underrated game. In particular, it was the level design that truly impressed me. Compared with other FPS' that have you plodding through the same themes for hours; eg. Doom3 and it's indoor base, Croteam throwing in a brand new world and theme almost every second level was very welcome.

Some players might complain that it's all too inconsistent (those some players probably complain that the gameplay is too repetitive), but it was all well tied into the story as to how they could present so many different themes and cultures.

Some of the memorable themes for me were the swamps of Deadwood, giant tree village of Woodstock, the Giant Junkyard, the entire Kleer chapter - very similar to Doom3's Hell levels, and the many little villages in different planets. Fantastic level design all the way through the game, all very colourful and bright. This may be the first game I've ever played where I didn't have to turn the lights out to see properly! My only nitpick in design was the lack of vertical design - it's all very flat and open.

Gameplay was all very enjoyable. I will say that those reviewers that complained about it being too easy on normal are very much wrong. The in-game menu describes normal as being for the "Experienced FPS Player" and that's exactly what I am. I found the gameplay to be pretty spot on. There were some parts that were a little tight on health, but ammo was always plentiful. I played through most of the game with the DBL-SG and Minigun, always with more rockets (and later cannonballs) left than what I should have. My only criticism is the final level, which went on far too long. By the time I managed to make it to the final arena, I felt it was already enough of a build up to bring on the final boss. I was wrong, it's time to battle around 20 giant spiders. By this time I was sick of it and ready to put god mode on just so I could finally get to the boss. The final level was also probably the worst looking level in the game, so it was a poor way to end the game.

One more strength Serious Sam II has is the humour, albeit sometimes too cheesy. Still, this beats NOLF/NOLFII as the funniest FPS made. And it actually had a story with two cutscenes after every single level. Good job for a game supposed to be about pure hardcore action. In fact, Serious Sam II probably has more cutscenes than Halo and Half-Life! Admittedly the story was rather straight-foward compared to something like NOLF.

Overall Serious Sam II is very good game, particularly if you don't take gaming too seriously (Halo & RTS gamers may not like this). Croteam are very tight-lipped on Serious Sam III, but I'm definitely going to be on the lookout. The Serious Engine III is said to be at least as good as Unreal Engine 3. 
Thanks Kona, keep them coming.

I liked SS1 but the enemy set was very limited. I finished it more out of bloody-mindedness than anything.

I probably won't buy SS2, but its nice to hear an opinion. 
Please don't say anything about review scores. 
Dirk Valentine 
decent flash platformer, nice pixel art, decent steampunk theme. 
Dirk Valentine 
Very nice! Film buffs in particular will appreciate some of the sound effects... 
Stalker : Clear Sky 
I'm about 10 hours into the game at the moment, so I figured I would let you guys know how it is.

1st off, I installed the latest patch before I even fired up the game, as I heard that is fixes a lot of bad issues the release version of the game had, and I am happy (and relieved) to report that I have had a crash free 10 hours of fun with this game :)

From what I can tell the game levels are made up from 50% entirely new areas and 50% revamped areas from SOC, the new areas are fantastic and full of atmosphere, while the old areas have been brushed up and repolished to come into line with the new standard. Things do feel more polished overall with better animations, ai, sound and a vastly improved PDA system that shows your inter-faction standing / quests / map / etc.

The new graphical options are very very nice, and the "enhanced full dynamic lighting" render is actually faster than the renderer in SOC despite all the new graphical features going on. Special mention must go to the "god rays" that the sun casts as it pops over the hill in the morning, these look absolutely fantastic and don't really hurt the framerate too much. Other additions are a depth of field effect that is activated when you reload or an explosive goes off near you. All good!

Gameplay has been enhanced but is still faithful to the original SOC, enemies now throw grenades at you (there is a grenade proximity warning on the UI now too) and take cover behind objects, blindfire around corners and over boxes etc. Mutants now work in packs much better and are very convincing.

Finding artifacts is now a little minigame in itself, and they are way more rare than in SOC, you have to equip special detectors to even find artifacts, and then strategically dodge into the anomaly holding them to retrieve them. You can buy better detectors as you make more money so that finding artifacts becomes easier, but retrieving them is still a tough job.

The other addition is you can upgrade your weapons and armour at a technican npc. There are tons of mods you can make and it works in a little tech-tree kind of way for each weapon / armour type. For example if you upgrade your weapon to fire a faster bullet and reduce its recoil by 20%, then the option to increase its rate of fire becomes available for purchase.

It seems like you are fighting other factions of humans now rather than mutants, I would say around 70 / 30 if you want a percentage. This is mainly because of the new faction alignment gameplay. Joining 1 faction will make you an enemy of certain other factions and you will receive dynamic objectives to take opposing faction bases as your teams move up and get pushed back. Its very involving stuff and enhances the replay value as there are like 7-8 factions in the game.

Some annoyances do remain, night time is now almost pitch black, and a real pain to see where you are going until you get a suit capable of night vision, sometimes the ai screws up and enemies will wiggle on the spot and not really do much, and pointing at a friendly stalker will make them say something to you and after 100 times hearing this line you will start to go a little bit mad.

The initial weapon set is really really inaccurate, to the point where the 1st few assault rifles you get are basicly useless beyond 40 meters or so, and watching as your perfectly aligned headshot bullet flies 2 meters wide of the target is a real source of frustration, but the later guns feel much better and are fun to use. 
Nice Review 
i loved the first few hours of stalker with the low precision weapons. really made fights nice and dynamic, because you had to get so close at them to kill them. 
Some Screenshots Too... 
Looks "tasty" :) 
Hey Daz 
what kind of rig are you running? i'm glad to hear not everyone is getting back to back crashes... i haven't picked this up yet because of the initial talk of crashes (and i've been replaying soc with some mods too).

i've got an e6300 cpu and an ati x1950 but only 1gb of ram which i think is the major chokepoint atm because i run out of ram for textures. :( 
hmmm in those screens it looks a little bland for a 2008 game. the lighting is nice, but level design average 
My rig is getting fairly old now... amd 2.8ghz (not dual core) 2gb ram and a 8800gts 320mb. Necros I would not try and run the game with 1gb of ram, it just wouldn't be worth it :)

The game runs great at medium but really chugs on high, im guessing the gpu runs out of memory :)

[Kona], I know what you mean. This is the strange thing about the developer... They can create this utterly absorbing gameworld with a great atmosphere but there are things about it which just dont feel right or simply just do not work.

Sadly, there are some quite sloppy game design decisions in there too, as I found out last night, once you enter Limansk (think Pripjyat from SOC) you can't go back as the exit is blocked. This means that if you had just done the story missions and wanted to go back and join a stalker faction and play that part of the game you cant, which is totally unforgivable on GSC's part. I can't see any reason to block the player from leaving Limansk...

Apart from these annoyances, I'm still having a blast though :) 
Stalker Clear Sky 
I started playing it, have a few hours in, and haven't had a single crash. I think I've just started coming across bugs though, some missions don't appear in my PDA, and at the moment I have no idea what to do as the people I'm supposed to kill just aren't there.
I had to put the settings on low for it to run on my 7600GTS (my 8800GT fried a while back) so it's kind of ugly.
Feels ok for now anyways, Stalker improved really. 
How the hell did you get your 8800GT to fry? I got one of those. I want to put in a second 1 just for added boost.

PS. who remembers Chaser (2003)? I just bought it so will be playing it next I think :) 
I heard most of the recent Nvidia cars 8x, and 9x mostly, have had lots of problems with faulty components... =\ 
Playing Clear Sky 
Not quite sure what to think of it so far. On one hand, there's great visuals, lots of small improvements and upgrades, and the game is far less buggy than it's predecessor. On the other, the flavour and charm of SoC seems to have largely been lost.

Clear Sky is not as fun as SoC. Combat is more annoying, weapons less effective, many of the voice overs are completely inappropriate, there's increased pressure on resources, and getting hold of artifacts is an exercise in waiting for the last quicksave to load. If that wasn't enough, the brilliantly creepy underground levels that were my favourite part of SoC are gone.

The only truly remarkable part of Clear Sky so far has been the trip through Red Forest. I turned up at night, low on medkits and antirad, and stumbling alone and terrified through that pitch black radioactive forest was some of the most enjoyably tense gaming I've ever done. And then just as I left the treeline, dawn was breaking.

That was pretty cool. I'm going to reserve judgement until I've played more. 
On the other, the flavour and charm of SoC seems to have largely been lost.

100% agree, and it is a shame. It is still a very atmospheric game but the atmosphere certainly isn't as deep and brooding as SoC.

the brilliantly creepy underground levels that were my favourite part of SoC are gone.

Yes this is a real shame, as they were my favourite areas also. Clear sky doe's add a couple of new indoor/underground areas but nothing approaching SoC.

One of the other major annoyances I have with Clear Sky is that every single enemy is shown on your map, so you know exactly where they all are at all times, I mean wtf was GSC Gameworld thinking? It really doe's totally remove the suspense of mutant attacks as you know they are in the area way before you even get near it.

I'll bet there is a mod that removes this "feature" already, I must go and look for it.

The random attacks / encounters involving other npc's seem to happen much less in CS also, almost to the point where they never happen at all. in SoC I loved being able to load in a new area and not being totally sure what I was going to find, even though I had been through it 40 times before. In CS there seems to be nothing happening at all in 99% of the areas, occasionally a bandit raid will attack a group of stalkers or a herd of mutants will get too close to an outpost and cause a shootout, but these are exceptions rather than the norm...

I'm sure there will be mods to breathe some life back into areas too, its just a shame that mods are needed at all for these kind of things.

Still loving the game though :D 
Very much looking forward to what modders do with the material in Clear Sky.

Unfortunately the game is now crashing upon entry to the Warehouses. I might have to play through from an earlier save. :( 
Finished Clear Sky 
The ending fucking sucked. As did the last few levels.

Nooooo Cave Story 
How fucking ridiculously hard are the Sacred Grounds? :D
That was really not worth the xth playthrough I think. 
Stalker Clear Sky 
So I reached a point where I've done quite a few missions, but I can never complete any of them cause no NPC seems to accept the fact that I have whatever bloody PDA they want in my inventory, so I stopped playing.

Fuck you stalker. =( 
Stalker is short for Shit Talker. Cuz apparently every one who plays it talks shit about it afterwards. 
But The First One Rocked 
That's what makes Clear Sky so disappointing. It's not just a crap game, it's a wasted opportunity to improve on the flawed gem that was SoC. 
Seems Like Ricky Was Right After All 
I lost interest after reaching the Cordon. Maybe I'll give it another try when the next patch comes out (tomorrow?).

One should think GSC have learned their lesson, but as it turns out they even put some icing on everything that's wrong with the industry these days. 
I Guess I'll Wait A Little While 
it seems that this is a game that's worth playing, but patience while they patch up stuff would probably be worth it. 
Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault (2002) Review 
Medal Of Honor, and in fact the entire realistic war-setting FPS sub-genre, flew under the radar for me. I like pure action, fantasy, medieval. Having to use realistic strategy and tactics in order to avoid the one or two hits it takes to put you down is not what I'm used to. Until MOD:AA, I'd never actually played a game from this genre. But having played through it, it's in fact very similar to the Soldier Of Fortune and NOLF series'. And in those games I actually enjoyed sneaking around corners and trying to make every press of the trigger a headshot. This is the same, only even more emphasised.

You can take a number of hits before hitting dirt, but there is more reloading in this game than any I've ever played. At times this can be slightly annoying, especially in the sniper town where you'll have to reload many times over before you figure out where the next sniper is hiding. Nonetheless, this was my personal favourite part of the game. The comparison to Saving Private Ryan was obvious; and a smart move as it made it even more realistic actually pitting yourself in a destroyed town with snipers everywhere, pretending your actually in Saving Private Ryan.

The other highlight was, of course, Omaha Beach, again from Saving Private Ryan. It was a very difficult level to begin with. I ended up getting through with 4% health left, even with many, many reloads. But while it was a highlight, it could have been much more on a grand scale - the feature of the game. I'd love to see the battle remade in a newer engine.

The gameplay was surprisingly enjoyable and well-paced throughout the game. But while it was very fun, MOD:AA does have some drawbacks. Firstly, it's far too short. The ending was very abrupt, with no big battle at all. The entire game I completed in just two days, 3-4 sittings. Other games would only be reaching the halfway point by this stage. Fortunately, there are two mission packs available for extra playtime.

The other disappointment for me was the design. While this is a 2002 game, getting on six years old now, the Quake3/IDTech3 engine is capable of better. Games that come to mind: RTCW, American McGee's Alice, FAKK2; all of which were released well before MOH:AA. However, it was probably slightly better than Soldier Of Fortune II, which used the same engine and was released only months later.

Having said that, some of the design was great for 2002 - the war-battered sniper-town, the dark snowy forests, small villages set among countryside. But there were other levels looking very flat and plain such as the submarine and Omaha Beach itself.

Overall though, the design was good enough and even for a short game, MOD:AA was a load of fun. Probably not quite as fun as Soldier Of Fortune 2, but I'll be sure to play the two mission packs and look forward to the two PC sequels released since MOH:AA. 
i worked on Breakthrough, let me know what you think. 
oh sweet, what did u do on it?

i'll probably review both the mission packs next :) 
i'll tell you after the reviews :P 
I could never get that to run on my old gfx card, should try it now. 
Add more turret combats? 
Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault - Spearhead 
The first mission pack for MOH:AA, did not really live up to the original game, but only due to many small problems. It really needed more polishing and playtesting.

Spearhead is made up of three missions, each containing roughly five levels each. The first mission takes place around the French countryside of Normandy. The visuals were good, living up to the original game, as was the gameplay. I will say the video intro is quite possibly the best intro to a video game I've seen. It begins with you parachuting out of a plane, flying through the air with carnage all around you, and eventually crash landing through a barn. Very intense.

For me, mission two was where the problems begun. Mission two took place in a nice snowy atmosphere, but it's the gameplay that ruined it. I eventually got up to tank, and having not received my stickybombs yet, could not proceed any further and had to start the level again. It was not clear at all the steps required during this level, as you need to blow up various equipment.

The third mission took place in Berlin and was really quite bland and ugly. The level design was flat, very open and the destroyed buildings were just a little too destroyed. Eventually I got to a point where I had four tanks to take on with a single rocket turret. Completely impossible, and I was forced to put god mode on. I'd already also left another two tanks behind. I'm guessing at some point I was supposed to have received sticky bombs, but that was not the case. Eventually I then get my own tank so here begins a long tank level, the finale. The tank level in MOH:AA was my least favourite, so having to play through more of this in what is already a short mission pack was not a good way to end it.

Add to this short playtime (only a few hours) the endless clipping problems as you get stuck on all sorts of small trees and even changes in terrain level. In the last mission I was able to use tiny pieces of barbed wire to my advantage, blocking tank rockets.

Apart from the final mission, the level design only barely lives up to the original MOH:AA, but gameplay needed much more playtesting and it was far too short to cough up money for. 

Too bad it's so fucking difficult and you have limited lives :( 
Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault - Breakthrough 
The second mission pack for MOH:AA, titled Breakthrough is exactly that; a breakthrough. But while it's much improved on the previous mission pack, titled Spearhead, yet it was the very brief and unpolished Spearhead that was more popular and received the favourable reviews.

Of course Breakthrough still had it's own set of flaws, different from the original game and Spearhead again. But it was the professionalism of the level design that saved Breakthrough - it looked much better than it's predecessors. Same engine, same graphics, but better build quality and a much more intense atmosphere. It kicks off intense right from the beginning in the Battle Of Kasserine Pass - a pass which is so thick with fog you can barely see in front of you. Very atmospheric and intense. This continues throughout right until the finale in an Italian castle. There are no levels here that really stand out as being sub-par, unlike the original game.

That covers the positive, so what of the flaws? This time, it's fairly big one - lack of ammo. While I never completely ran out of ammo, throughout the game it was really touch and go. I was forced to make every single hit count. Even then you may be reduced to the pistol in a couple of levels. Mission two, which takes place in a canal, is the worst for this. All I had left were about 30 shotgun shells, but a shotgun is hopeless when your enemy is 100 metres away sitting in a machine gun turret. So while I never truely ran out, it did force me to play much more conservatively, which had a slight impact on the enjoyment levels.

The other problem I found was the amount of times your put in a gun turret, the back of a vehicle or a tank having to hold off enemies. The problem is your nothing but a sitting duck which a huge gun. While this was fun for a while, it occurs a little too often in Breakthrough. The worst of it being in control of two rather awkward and frustrating mortars as several tanks appear over the horizon. I prefer solid run-and-gun gameplay, with only the very odd gimmick.

Breakthrough is overall a much longer experience than Spearhead and with the subtly improved level design, fans of MOH:AA really should not skip on Breakthrough. Just make sure your hits count, because the level of difficulty is slightly harder this time. 
World Of Goo Is Going To Rock Your Fucking Pants 
and you better be ready 
Just a shame the concept is as old as the hills. 
they may as well not bother, the greatest game ever made has already been made: 
Hope Is A Lost Cause 
What are the best Quake 4 sp mods ? 
I nearly wasn't going to play Enclave. I got it anyway, but upon installation get a blank screen when loading the game. A month later I decided to come back to it and check some forums for a solution. Turns out if your monitor is 60hertz it won't work. A rediculous problem, but easily fixable as I pumped my monitor up to 75hertz.

Having played through the entire game in two days, the second half in one sitting, I really struggle to think of a game, at least action game, that looks this good up until 2002. The level design is top notch all the way through - to the point of absolutely inspiring me to make my own levels. The levels are fairly small and cramped, with a theme last scene in Wheel Of Time. Only WOT was rather bland throughout most of the game, whereas Enclave is brilliant the entire way through. There are many different design styles from villages, castles and citadels to more creative islands, mines, hell-like outlands, woods and even a haunted house. The game engine is good, but doesn't allow the visuals to depend on fancy engine features for its looks. Instead what we have in Enclave is great architecture and design matched with wonderfully intricate textures. There appear to be only two level designers for the game - one of which was JF Gustafsson, creater of two of Quake 2's best custom releases, Age Of Panic and 1964. So it's no wonder we've got a visual feast from Starbreeze.

Only nitpicks with design would be that there are a few levels used twice in game. The reason why they're repeated is because you play this game in two halves. The first half of the game your playing the good guys, while the second half you return to the beginning of the story and repeat it as the bad guys. It was an interesting way to play through the game, but ultimately lead to a short and uninspired story.

Also one major glitch was the final two levels in the first half were harder than any of the levels in the second half. In fact the finale at the end of part two was dead easy.

While much of the game play was great fun, it was very unbalanced. As you progress through the game you get the choice of different characters to play, with different weapons. I attempted to play most of them and found that the Druid/Sorceress was easily the most dominant character with her long range spell attacks. Any close-range melee combat with many of the other characters was poor and very difficult. Even on easy, I'd die in no time trying melee combat with the large strong characters. While as the Druid/Sorceress it was breeze as enemies usually couldn't even get to me in time. So playing Enclave as any melee based characters is likely to be far too frustrating.

The other problem is no quicksave. If you die, you start the level again unless you've found a checkpoint. In that case, whenever you die you respawn at the checkpoint. It doesn't restart the game at the checkpoint, it simply respawns you. Which basically means you can just keep respawning until all enemies are dead, which makes it even easier than a quicksave. Frustratingly, sometimes checkpoints don't come soon enough, and some levels don't have them at all. The penultimate level in the first half was badly needing a checkpoint and I think some people may give up on that level.

If you only play first-person-perspective, you can switch from third to first very easily in Enclave. I couldn't figure out what the key was, but I accidentally pressed it at some stage. I'm a FPS fan, but for Enclave it actually seemed better as third person, especially when you get to play as the scantily clad Druid. More third-person-perspective games need the option of allowing first-person.

Enclave isn't perfect; the checkpoint feature and lack of quicksave is frustrating and the characters are not well balanced. But with gorgeous level design, its not a game you want to miss. Sadly, I think many players have skipped it. 
Yo Tronyn you should play Enclave, you'd appreciate it I reckon - it reminds me a lot of Heretic 2 and Rune. Just make sure you play as the Druid/Sorceress. 
is definitely awesome. 
Btw, Kona: 
I made 4 levels for breakthrough.

Kasserine Pass II was the second desert level. This had the mine detector segments in it. I would like to hear your opinion of the section where you escort the minesweeper tank while sniping at rocket launcher guys.

I also made the third level, Bizerte Canal. This had the canal crossing, and the section where an NPC has to pick a lock while you fight off guys on neighboring rooftops. I'd love to hear if you liked that section too.

Then i made two multiplayer maps, Anzio Beach (foggy bombed-out beach town) and Tunisia (narrow canyon connecting two desert towns.)

Some screenshots here in case you forgot:

Also about the level design, we had a lot of community mappers on that project. Of the five or six main level designers, we had Yogi, Amethyst7, Unitool, and myself, all from the quake 1/2/3 mapping scene. Probably the only reason we could ship a decent game in the ridiculous short schedule we had is everyone knew the quake3 tech really well. 
Your 2 levels actually had quite difficult parts to them. The second desert level was overall pretty difficult from memory, especially escorting the minesweeper tank. And that lock picking scene was pretty hard too - you have to make every shot count. The idiot NPC got blown up a couple of times haha. No ammo problems on your maps though.

BTW what maps did Yogi make? I loved his Q3A maps, he's got a real talent for detail. You can't really do that sort of detail in realistic shooters though. 
thanks for the generous comments but they should be directed at metl :) 
my memory is a bit fuzzy, but...

I know Yogi did the very first level and I'm pretty sure he also did the very last level or last two levels. Beyond that, i'm not really sure but I think he made one more somewhere in there. 
lol yeah metl, that's what i meant :P 
Check This Out:

I take it the game isn't optimised yet - not even any anti-aliasing here.... 
It's Running On UE3 
Which doesn't antialias, since it uses deferred rendering.

Looks underwhelming. 
Who transported me to LAST WEEK's NEWS?? Timewarp makes me dizzy yo...

Looks fine to me. 
It's not UE3.

And it looks great. Not awesome, but I suspect if it still has the Duke way of over the top crazy firepower and enemies, it'll look amazing in action. 
Demakes Competition Results 
that strippers ass is hot. i'm sure it will be great when it finally comes out, but nothing we haven't seen before. 
Just beat CoD4. Pretty good. The icing on the cake was the after-credits level. Totally unexpected and just a fun joyride. Good ending too. 5/5 I would think, maybe 4/5 because it was so short. 
Oh I Thought They Licensed Unreal 
It certainly _looks_ like they did. Anyway, we'll see.

yeah they did. they decided to scrap everything and move over to unreal engine 2, but i think since then they scrapped it all again to move up to unreal engine 3. which is fair enough because 2 is getting on now. hell, before long 4 will be available for licensing. 
Its The Doom3 Engine Though :) 
Like they used in Prey. 
It's Totally The Gamebryo Engine 
I am an informed gamer and I know what I'm talking about 
it's a bespoke engine, specially optimised to provide a fast path towards rendering characters that happen to look exactly like grown-up, homosexual versions of Bart Simpson. 
So...'ve pre-ordered then Kinn ;) 
RPG Rant To Ignore 

Played the Velaya mod for Gothic 2 (an English version is in the works) which used the original world excluding the mine valley and tells the story of a female hero some time after the events of G2. Nicely done for an amateur mod, good quests, well tied-in with the Gothic story, good voice-acting for the most part. Very enjoyable.

Crawling for more, I soon had to find out that this kind of RPG must be fairly unpopular, at least measured by the amount of games available.

I then tried Neverwinter Nights of which I played the first chapter a couple of years ago. And what a boring game it was. I wonder why I even bothered to finish it. The first chapter is okay, but it gets so repetitive and tedious afterwards (during too), because the levels aren't particularly well designed and there isn't much variation, especially regarding the dungeons and caves. What made it worse was the gameplay. I dislike this kind of top-down horde combat Diablo games. Everything felt so shallow: average story, text-based dialogue with close to no variation (as in hardly any unique NPCs), mostly stupid and useless henchmen, xp and levelling system that seemed utterly ineffective, and hordes of monsters everywhere. The monster design was somewhat nice and varied, though.

Then Fable, ostensibly "the best RPG in the last few years." Well, fuck it. This isn't an RPG, it's just some mediocre consolized action game. Calling the missions quests, using a rudimentary skill increase function and adding an awkward inventory menu doesn't bridge the gap. The game consists of small and confined (yes, sometimes you can't leave the path even if there is no visible obstacle) levels in which the enemy hordes respawn every time you return. At least there are teleporters. Again a dull story and both story and regular quests exclusively focus on getting through the levels by killing everything, and if just to ensure the survival of the dumb-ass NPCs. Speaking of which, this game felt as lifeless as NWN with its unresponsive NPCs and whatever it was the developers and press creamed about concerning the choice of good and evil, I must have missed it since none of my actions seemed to have any considerable impact. Everybody liked me regardless of how many times I farted/threatened/killed them. After defeating some boss. Jack of Blades, in an annoying fight which took me around 50 (!) health potions, I quit and uninstalled. Again, I should have done that a lot earlier.

Then tried Oblivion only to realize that it indeed mainly focuses on first person view (third person being awkward at best) and how poorly the NPC models look. Uninstalled it again after ten minutes.

So yeah, I guess games suck more than I expected. Total Speedyism atm. An impatient search for RPGs similar to the Gothic series/Morrowind/Ultima 9 even/etc turned out there are hardly any. Pretty dismal, though I guess I should have known.
I don't really care for the upcoming G3 addon as it doesn't seem to offer anything too special (using the old world, albeit modified), so it's G4 then or the new PB game? Who knows. Until then, I keep on hating a bit :) 
Two Games: 
For programmers:

For negke:

I couldn't really get into it, but I haven't had time to give it a decent go yet. 
cooool ! 
i had a lot of trouble enjoying the NWN 1/2 games. i never played the dungeons and dragons game when i was a kid, but i don't think the gameplay from the dice game works at all in a computer game.

some of the shit in there is downright retarded, ie: getting instantly killed from a spell? o.0
trying to slog through the NWN2 addon, mask of the betrayer, and it's just even more annoying.
the fights are downright impossible unless you spend 30 seconds before every fight using every possible buff you have. buffs should only help tip the odds in your favour, not be required to even be able to have a chance at winning.

also, what is the deal with wizards only being able to cast a certain number of spells before they have to 'rest' again? especially in MotB where you'll fight maybe a group of 5 guys and they all have maybe 400hp. a wizard type character needs to rest every other fight because even the most powerful spells only do maybe 25% damage. this is all on easy skill to, btw. 
G3 Forsaken Gods dude.

G3 totally hits the mark for me despite the combat and bugs. It just feels like a world and never ceases to convince me.

You tried Guild Wars?? Don't have to MMORPG it at all, can do everything with computer controlled henchmen. I found it pretty damn involving and a pretty damn good RPG experience. 
Gothic 3 
after finally picking up a bunch more ram, i can play this game properly and it's shaping up to be one of the best rpgs i've played in a while now.

combat is a little annoying though. getting stunlocked by shitty wolves sucks. in fact, fighting animals is more difficult that facing a gigantic orc warrior. 
Ijed: Programmers Game 
I'm stucked in level 12... any idea to solve it ? 
I liked it, but thats probably because you're right and it isnt really an rpg as I dont really like them (same for diablo2). 
necros: Yeah. And damn those traps everywhere. Felt like I spent almost half the playtime waiting for paralysis, stun or fear to wear off while the monsters happily slaughtered me. At some point I just stopped looting bodies and chests (unless I expected quest items) because of this.. and the 400k+ gold I already had from selling all unusable weapons/armors.

As for G3, be sure to install the latest community patch.

Shambler: I'm going to get Forsaken Gods anyway. Just don't expect much. Apparently they improved the combat system though.
I might give GW a try, however their demo key faggotry isn't helpful. The screenshots look good, but I'm not convinced enough to just buy it without testing.

ijed: Nethack! :P

nitin: There are multiple kinds of RPGs, e.g. Diablo clones (which I don't like either) with bird perspective and party-based horde combat and ones in which you play a solitary character with a close 3rd person perspective, less focus on action and more on atmosphere. I prefer the latter. 
I can't remember where I got up to - the level with the long lines of squares set in troughs and peaks.

If it's there then there needs to be some sort of recalling series of functions so you don't run out of space, but I haven't figured out how to fit it all in yet. 
I Can't Remember The #, I Mean 
This one you mentionned is indeed level 12, and it is particularly evil: you need to build a function of function, and then it can work according to an office collegue, but I still didn't figure how... He just told that it has to be cut in 2 half part of each segment.
OTOH, he was not able to solve level 13, and I solved it for him...
Globally if you don't see the "obvious" solution directly, you can spend a lot of time before finding... sometime not finding at all :P

Anyway, it is a good puzzle game for programmers for sure :D

Thanks !!! 
I'm still stuck on that one as well - it's the turning inside the functions that's the problem. A third function to call would solve it, or being able to recall the main loop.

I've got a suspicion that you have to go horizontally instead of vertically because then the steps are divisible by two instead of seven. 
Is There Any Way 
to skip straight to a level without having to play all the tutorial maps... 
level 11 wasn't that hard, i had 5 unused programming spaces... 
Completed the game with 184 commands.
Pretty fun. Level 10 was the hardest for me.
I ended up doing very versatile functions, since you can put lots of extra walking in since you can't walk off ledges. 
Forever Tangerine Dream 
The Forever GZDoom mod is pretty trippy. Not really playing it much, but the music in data.pk3 is very synth heavy... @distrans.

Listening to it again... I had to go and check that they didn't just rip off Tangerine Dream. Music credits are: Marc A. Pullen, Mike Hansen, Patryck Goodsell, CPX. 
interesting TC... i haven't gotten very far yet, the long dialogs make me impatient. 
I Am A Programmer At Heart, Apparently 
Which is good, seeing as that's what pays the bills.

Level 10 was by far the hardest, and the most interesting. I used 183 commands, one fewer than bambuz, fwiw :) 
I'm Curious 
Are there any Zuma fans here? Man this game is destroying my life. 
I spent nights of my life playing Zuma. Yes. Reaaaly addictive if you ask me. A friend of mine had to trash it from her computer cause it was swallowing all her afterwork time!
I really think you don't become a Zuma fan. If it's in your genes, that's it, you're hooked and there's hardly a cure for it! This game just drove me mad! I too had to remove Zuma from my comp and never installed it again!

Hooga hooga booga! ;) 
It's In Your Genes 
If your chromosomes are XX 
Chaser Review 
Chaser is an older, forgotten title dug up from the grave. Released in 2003, the game was developed by Cauldron HQ based in Slovakia, using their own CloakNT engine.

The engine was definitely an improvement over competitors such as the Quake 3 / id Tech3 engine. But this is 2003, and id Tech4 is only one year away. Chaser's main competition would have to come from Unreal II, and I'm afraid the two are hardly comparable.

Chaser had a variety of environments, plenty of which looked good such as; the sewers of Little Tokyo, a cold and snowy Soviet Union, the Mars Spaceport and underground Prison. In fact there were a few levels that really reminded me of Quake2, but being reminded of a game five years old isn't saying much for Chaser. The problem is, while there were good looking levels, there was nothing truly spectacular. And on top of that there were plenty of levels that looked well below average. There are too many rooms and corridors that look the same as the last, which makes the game rather disorientating. There were times when I was completely lost, despite the game being very linear.

On to the gameplay; it started off action-packed as you get a weak gun and face a plethora of tough enemies. The guns took some getting used to, as they seemed to lack firepower and substance. It felt like I wasn't holding a real gun, but a little toy that spews millions of rounds a second. And when the enemies get hit nothing really happened. After a while I did get used to the weapons and there are a LOT of weapons to choose from. Ammunition was never a problem, nor was health. Gameplay was in fact very fun, but only if you don't mind reloading aplenty. Your enemies can take you down fast - their weapons are quite powerful, so you need to make sure you kill them quick. The enemies were very repetitive all the way through the game - it might as well have been the same opponent with slightly different guns. But even until I finished the game I still enjoyed the gameplay, despite there being absolutely no big finale - the game just ended. Speaking of which, the disappointing and confusing ending did nothing for the game whatsover.

One last criticism of the game is that there are some parts that are very frustrating. The submarine levels were not only ugly, but disorientating and possibly the worst levels I've ever played in a first person shooter. Fortunately they don't last long, and most of the game is enjoyable. The graphics are a bit outdated and level design can be average at times, but it's still worth playing for the hardcore FPS fan, especially seeing as it's quite a long game. 
Why aren't any of you playing World of Goo yet? This game is awesome. I stayed up far too late last night playing it without realizing - it's one of those games.

The puzzle design and the types of goo are so far extremely awesome, and the game has a very tongue in cheek sense of humor about itself. Intensely cute and squeezable on the surface, but there's an underlying note of sad mystery that really pulls you along, wondering where the bizarre Burtonesque story of these gooballs is going.

I want to play it right now, but I have to wait. 
Yeah I bought it off steam yesterday, quite fun, should have brought it to work, would help to get through these long boring days... -___- 
World Of Goo Bis 
Seems I bought it at the right time, it's released has just been pushed back till february/march 2009 in Europe, so steam has to stop selling it, fortunatly, I already bought it and they can't take it away! =)

Fun little game anyways, smart and funny, I'm dissapointed I can't recommend it to more friends now that they have to wait 4+ months to try it... 
Why's The Release Been Pushed Back? 
Leaked Gothic 4 Gameplay Video

Doesn't show much, though. Apparently one plays a Ninja :P 
And Fallout 3 Is Just What I Expected 
The First Chapter Of Dead Space 
A cynical and premature review by Lunaran:

This game does pretty much exactly what's advertised: it's Alien, it's Event Horizon, it's Doom3, it's System Shock 2, with glowing idiot-lights on everything, and for a game that aims to be scary, absolutely nothing is unexpected. You play Isaac "Asimov Arthur C" Clarke, the guy lucky enough to be stuck in the work suit that enables him to push buttons and open doors for everyone else while they stand around impatiently reminding him that he hasn't done it yet.

The story is *exactly* what any of us would predict, and I will describe it here without fear of spoiling anything because it's nothing you haven't heard before: giant ship sends out distress signal and goes quiet, tiny ill-equipped repair shuttle arrives to help out but a totally unexpected disaster strikes and the shuttle crash lands on the ship, stranding everyone. The NPCs all lead the player to a bloodstained room that's divided in half by an impenetrable but very large and clean window, which the player conveniently finds himself locked on the other side of when the beasties come out of the air vents and eat everyone except the important characters that will forever remain separated from the player, where it's easiest to give him explicit instructions on where to go and what to do.

Monsters are defeated not by shooting them in their fat torsoish parts, which does nothing, but instead by dismembering them by shooting them in the shoulders and thighs, which is where all their vital organs apparently are. This would be a lot more fun on the PC imo, where, faced with dozens of monsters, you could just click on the aforementioned parts with your mouse instead of struggling to do it to one or two monsters at a time with two twitchy little sticks. Fortunately, the monsters so far are all nice enough to walk in a bowlegged spread-eagle kind of way to make it nice and easy for you, and if you still fuck it up and they get too close (which I admit I let happen a couple times) you can also just punch their limbs off. Your character is seriously the most badass martial artist in any game yet - you can completely disassemble the corpses of monsters and humans alike by stamping on them (with the ridiculously satisfying curbstomp button).

Similarities to Doom3 are almost hilariously common: the guis with lots of diagonal shapes, the semi-useless audio logs of scared whiny people who express frantic concern before being audibly eaten alive, a tram, the shadow that moves at the end of the hall, the bodies that stand up when you get close enough, monsters that only crawl on the ceiling in their canned intro cinematics and then never do it again, and of course the environments. If you still pop a stiffy from space-tech themes, this game should keep you happy for a while, but don't expect anything terribly new conceptually.

You do, however, have a flashlight on your gun (don't celebrate yet) and the only way to see in the dark is to raise your gun and thus go into extra slow walk mode (see I told you).

That said I still kind of want to keep playing because, as brimming with cliche as this game is, I'm still a sucker for this stuff. 
Oh Yeah 
there's monster closets and monsters sometimes appear behind you. No idea how I forgot to put those on the list. 
Now I can continue to feel smug for boycotting EA games. 
I'll Add To The Review... 
having only watched Lunaran play the game, I will mention the horribly cliched setting is at least pretty, with some nice colored lighting choices. Plus, you can curbstomp crates, which I believe made Lun far more giddy then it should've. 
We had a demo of it at work today. I was not impressed. You could easily predict when the body would rise up in front of you, when you would open a door and a corpse would fall from the ceiling, etc etc.

The combat looks ridiculous. The puzzles look ridiculous. The monsters looks ridiculous (I've only seen two so far though.) The game just looks ridiculous. I could go on about weapons, level design, characters, etc. The whole thing just feels like a glorified haunted house, and it feels very game-y. I didn't feel any immersion whatsoever.

Red space barrels what explode when you shoot them and are placed in convenient areas to dispose of multiple enemies? Check.

I was kind of looking forward to it, but I will probably not be picking this thing up. 
You Alterate Feet When Curbstomping 
so if you just press it over and over you can walk down a hallway pretending to be a big dinosaur 
I have clearly misjudged this game. 
Acheivement Unlocked! 
Do the Dinosaur Walk for 100feet. 
Good Review. 
Left 4 Dead Looks Like Fun 
But I'll need friends to play it. 
Left 4 Dead Gameplay 
World Of Goo Demo 
is it full of copy protection spyware rootkit trojans? 
Get it from steam. 
World Of Goo 
started to get annoying, then it got worse. I kind of just want to be fucking done with it already.

megaman, your continued paranoiac terror of absolutely everything on the internet continues to amuse me. when are you going to completely snap and go off the grid? 
Where you at Lun? I'm finishng up island 3 and still find it amusing, almost wish the puzzles were a bit harder though. 
So we've gone from world changing experience, to annoying, to just wanting to be fucking done with it. Sounds awesome! 
Bwaha Lun 
that made me laugh out loud :D

maybe it's because i know a lot of stuff :P

xss that takes over your badly configured router? check. xss that acts as a proxy so the attacker can use your line for requests? check. [...] 
Every time they teach you a new goo type you use it for like two puzzles and then it's on to the next new thing. The concepts are never built upon or exploited, so instead they have to ramp up difficulty by making every puzzle a new gimmick like "NOW build a tower on a tilty platform that heaves your entire wobbly painstaking creation into the lava at the slightest provocation" instead of exploring where the depth really is.

I quit last night because I finally got my balloon-driven goo tiltawhirl thing to lean over to the pipe the right way, but it stopped in exactly the wrong spot for the pipe to start vaccuuming, but still close enough for all the remaining goo to want to jump to the pipe, so I thought I had finally beaten the level and instead was treated to the sight of every last one of my gooballs leaping gleefully to their deaths. fuck off world of goo. 
"Why aren't any of you playing World of Goo yet? This game is awesome. I stayed up far too late last night playing it without realizing - it's one of those games.

The puzzle design and the types of goo are so far extremely awesome, and the game has a very tongue in cheek sense of humor about itself. Intensely cute and squeezable on the surface, but there's an underlying note of sad mystery that really pulls you along, wondering where the bizarre Burtonesque story of these gooballs is going.

I want to play it right now, but I have to wait."

World Of Poo 
It is cute, but after seeing wobbly-bobbly eyes for more than 10 minutes you might want to pinch them. The sounds are cute too but after a while each "weeeee! woooooo!" and "bloolooobloobiboo?" makes me wanna hit the monitor. Not to mention the dumpa-dumpa-dumpa 20 second "music" loop (is it my imagination or is the sound compressed as fuck? I really get a headache from it.) that is full-on ear and brain penetration.
The art style ranges from "oh nice" over "lol <3 *snugglez u* deviantart-emo" to "please let me kill that thing".
The tongue in cheek humour might be ok if it was done occasionally and well (anyone remember how fantastic the Monkey Island series did this?) but it seems the whole concept of the game is "lol we are so > lololol that we are totally awesome and indie and shit".
The levels were either boring or frustrating so far. The one I am at (Red Carpet) took me several attempts to even figure out what to do because there was no fucking visual feedback on some thing (you'll know if you play(ed) it) suggesting the first idea that comes to mind won't work. But then it does, hohoho.

All in all, play random free puzzle games, you won't miss anything. That being said, just one more level, then I quit. 
World Of Poo 
It is cute, but after seeing wobbly-bobbly eyes for more than 10 minutes you might want to pinch them. The sounds are cute too but after a while each "weeeee! woooooo!" and "bloolooobloobiboo?" makes me wanna hit the monitor. Not to mention the dumpa-dumpa-dumpa 20 second "music" loop (is it my imagination or is the sound compressed as fuck? I really get a headache from it.) that is full-on ear and brain penetration.
The art style ranges from "oh nice" over "lol <3 *snugglez u* deviantart-emo" to "please let me kill that thing".
The tongue in cheek humour might be ok if it was done occasionally and well (anyone remember how fantastic the Monkey Island series did this?) but it seems the whole concept of the game is "lol we are so > lololol that we are totally awesome and indie and shit".
The levels were either boring or frustrating so far. The one I am at (Red Carpet) took me several attempts to even figure out what to do because there was no fucking visual feedback on some thing (you'll know if you play(ed) it) suggesting the first idea that comes to mind won't work. But then it does, hohoho.

All in all, play random free puzzle games, you won't miss anything. That being said, just one more level, then I quit. 
Thanks For Pointing That Out Again Willem 
My opinion of the game changed the more I played it. Why is that unusual? The first half of the game presented a lot of character and opportunity for depth that the second half didn't bring to fruition.

My opinion of you keeps changing, too. 
I love watching people get sucked into hype and then having the joy crushed from their bodies, spraying from every available orifice. It pleases me. 
I'm nearing the end and I'm not nearly as negative about it as Lun and Spirit. I still think it's funny and fun (yeah those are 2 different things). I agree that they could have pushed the puzzles further, they all feel fairly easy to me and never really posed much of a challenge. 
The more I see of Far Cry 2 the more it gives me wet dreams. I was considering holding off on this game until after I play Fallout 3 but I just don't know if I can wait until then.

It just looks fucking bad ass. 
Yeah it looks more interesting than Crysis anyways, but I'm careful with Ubisoft games these days, they know how to promote them, and I often end up dissapointed.
Won't be buying it right away anyways, cause once again they are being idiots and decided that they would not do a Steam release in Europe, bastards. 
The Medical Community Will Catch On 
Why is anyone tasting Lunaran? :(

I suspect it was done without his knowledge and/or consent. 
Isn't he more towards the middle there? *ducks* 
Damn. Brutal. Brutal 
I love watching people get sucked into hype and then having the joy crushed from their bodies, spraying from every available orifice. It pleases me.

no wonder you work for Epic. 
Oh snap! 
I'm With 
willem on this one :D 

BTW, sorry about going after you like that. I guess I was feeling down or bored yesterday but that's no excuse. So, I do apologize.

We had the Gears of War 2 gold party last night and I drank my attitude away. Best. Gold party. Ever. 
Sometimes Lunaran Reminds Me Of

Your JPG link doesn't work for some reason. 
World Of Goo Review 
I Think... 
...some of these debates sound more fun than the games do. 
Tasha's Game 
a careful mix of 8-bit retro essence and modern flash-game-ishness. 
Thief: Deadly Shadows Review 
Released in 2004, Thief: Deadly Shadows is the third game in the series. However, this time it was developed by Ion Storm Austin, after Looking Glass Studios closed doors.

I played the original Thief demo in 1998 but didn't particularly enjoy sneaking around in shadows, so I never played the full game or it's sequel. But with Thief 3 based on a heavily modifed Unreal 2 engine, I decided I could put up with some slow gameplay in order to explore the gorgeous Victorian city.

I'm glad I did too, because it was very well designed. After playing through Enclave and now Thief 3, I've been spoiled with highly detailed, tight and twisting little levels. The FPS genre needs more games in this style, rather than modern war or sci-fi themes. Every level in this game looks great, and there is just enough variety in there so that you don't get sick of the town theme. Level highlights were the short but foreboding haunted, rotting ship full of zombies. But it was an insane asylum slash orphanage which wins the award for spookiest level I've ever played. You help a ghostly little girl try to escape the asylum, playing from present time to back in the past through the eyes of one of the insane patients. Very, very well done.

Due to the level of sneaking around in shadows and trying not to be seen, this brings a whole new level of suspense to first person shooters (if you can call this that), which even horror games like Undying couldn't do. If you get seen and have to engage in a fight you're going to take a lot of damage, which means you really can't treat this as an action game. The style of gameplay works well, but I did wish at times I could just run in and shoot everything and be done with it. Instead, you can easily spend ten minutes in an area trying to knock each opponent out.

The game ends up being very long, perhaps around twenty hours which is double your average action FPS. Unfortunately, you spend a great deal of time returning to levels you've already played through over and over again. Made worse by the fact that your maps are useless and the levels are very non-linear, so you can easily get lost in the streets which often lack distinguishable features.

The biggest problem with the game were the loading times. On a fairly new system brought for gaming (8800GT, 3ghz Intel Core 2 Duo) you don't expect loading times of 20 seconds on a game that is four years old, featuring relatively small levels. Every time I'd sneak up behind an enemy ready to knock them out, only for them to slightly turn at the last second or the character not swinging the bat properly (it happens a lot!) I get to sit through another 20 seconds of loading. Also Garrett, the main character, acts like a complete drunk sometimes with the way he moves - and his ability to jump even a foot high object is laughable.

Another big probably was over 15 hours into the game, my saved games corrupted themselves and I lost everything. Fortunately, someone had put all their saved games on the internet for me to play from.

Overall, Thief: Deadly Shadows features some fantastic little levels, enjoyable gameplay and a great storyline. But you need to be a patient person to sit through 20 hours of creeping in the shadows. 
Far Cry 2 
About 2 hours or so into this game. FUcking bad ass game so far. Almost like a FPS GTA or something. Really bad ass.

Only complaint so far: Every character in the game talks fast. They sound unbelievable. It wouldn't kill them to talk a little more normal.

Otherwise it's super awesome so far. 
Great, seems the designers picked a bit of everything, mish-mashed it and there you go! We have a winner...! Hey! What about freakish voices like "the many" or somethin'? Got that too? 
and how does it run? 
I haven't had a hickup yet. I'm debating trying to turn the graphics up even higher. I didn't bother seeing what all had changed, I just selected the 'High' graphics option, out of like 5 options, but you can change everything individually if you want.

Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz
2 Gigs Ram
9800 GTX 
Faster, And More Intense 
I really shouldn't be this cynical but it's far too easy for me to picture someone on one side of the glass in a recording session saying "Can you say it faster? We only have 200mb for audio data on the disc." 
Old Games 
Any of you know about some great horror games like SS2 with the same elements?

Sorry; by the way - Hello all! 
SS Can Mean 
System Shock
Serious Sam
Perhaps something else. 
Serious Sam, Any Horror Elements? 
Seriously, I haven't played it. 
sort of.

its all a bit tongue-in-cheek though... 
There Are 
skeletons (oddly fiend-shaped, btw.)

I believe he meant System Shock though.

I thought BioShock was pretty awesome, pretty moody. Others thought otherwise (generally those that played System Shock 2 were let down.) But seriously give it a spin. 
I Liked Bioshock A LOT 
but you can't really call it old... 
Far Cry 2 
aka Bloom - The Game. Seems to run fine on my machine (2.6, x1950pro, 2GB), even on high settings. Though I haven't gotten into a larger firefight or vast open area, yet - played only one hour so far.

The extreme bloom sucks. The introductory sequence was basically almost completely white. Problem is, without bloom the game is too dark. But with bloom enabled it's too bright and everything looks somewhat shabby if the details (shadows etc) are not set to ultra-high.

What Zwiffle said. Feels a bit like a GTA game indeed. And yes, the characters do talk very fast. Considering there's a console version too, I can see why. ;) 
Stalker Clear Sky 
Bought this.

Like the Graphics, and the free-roaming, the tackling people for loot stuff, the atmosphere etc.

Dont like: (deep breath)

The fact that people no-longer carry money. (wasn't there money when you searched bodies before?)
The fact that many "missions" are broken and incompletable

Fucking waste of �30. 
I gave it a last chance when the fifth patch was released. But alas, the game still crashed. And not only that - it also gave me my first ever bluescreen on XP. Didn't even know there were such things. Lowering the video settings seems to increase the stability somewhat, but why play on low settings only because a game is so poorly made.

NPCs never carried lootable money, I think. They only had some to buy stuff from you. Ricky, have you played SOC? If not, you should - it's much less frustrating. 
I Did Buy/play SoC 
And found similar problems. Although I found the missions to be a bit more stable. I've been debating playing it again, because I hear there's the "Oblivion: Lost" mod, or something, which basically fixes everything.

The thing is I paid �5 for SoC, and din't feel ripped off at all! Yet today I see that Far Cry 2 is out, even in the shops in my tiny town, and if I had known that CS was going to be such a fucking cock-tease let down, I would have waited and bough that instead.
I paid �4 for Far Cry 1 a few months back, and really enjoyed it! I would definately pay �30 for FC2, simply on the basis of my experience of the first game.

There have been a few releases of late which caught my eye, and more just over the horizon:

Crysis - Warhead
Stalker CS (GRRRRRR!)
Far Cry 2

and soon

Fallout 3

Of those four, why did I have to buy the shit one?!?! 
Crysis Warhead 
Ah yes, played this recently, too.
While it was pretty short, had an anti-climatic ending and no map that really stood out, I somehow enjoyed it more than Crysis. Kind of odd really. Maybe because the Psycho character had such a cool accent.

Gameplay is pretty much the same as in Crysis, only more linear. Half-way through, there's a train ride sequence with turrent combat which seemed to be the most special or new aspect of the game as compared to its predecessor, but I didn't like it that much.

The performance was better than in Crysis on high settings. I suppose that was because many environmental details were turned into mapobjects with a limited distance of visibility - as a result, all those things, e.g. stones, constantly popped up some 10 meters before me as I was moving forward. Looked pretty silly, but I could live with it regarding the potential perfomance boost. 
Don't worry, they all suck in one way or another. 
Crysis Warhead 
Despite the game being gorgeous, I just can't play through it, it's sooooooo boring. =\ 
i tried it, but there's some wierd bug with the AI... the game would run smooth when no npcs were 'chasing me' but as soon as i entered into combat with npcs, the game would keep slowing down as if the AI searching was doing something wrong. 
What Pisses Me Off Though 
is the fact that I have this game that has been released in a state where it is in-completable. I read one review today which said that it was almost reviewed without even being completed.

I mean the game has a story. I would quite like to see how it pans out! And it's not because my machine isn't up to scratch!

I really feel ripped off. It's like buying a car only to find that that you can't drive it.

Where do I go to demand my money back? 
Good Warning 
Doom3 crashes my PC for some reason and I haven't bothered to fix it yet - got sucked back into DOW.

So I can't play through Doom3 again, irritating. 
Far Cry 2 
Played some more (25-30%).
The engine is kind of nice. It's a vast open world with fast loading times and no perceivanble in-between loading (except when fast-travelling). Details and theme are generally good, but it also looks very samey in many places. Buildings and areas of special interest often feel too artificially cluttered, messy and worn-down.
I wonder what Stalker could've been like with this engine, though I guess its large industrial ruins crammed with details would have had to be drastically simplified.
A cool feature is the spreading of fire from explosions and molotov cocktails to grass and trees which sometimes burns semi-large areas. The water doesn't look so good. There isn't even splashing or ripple when walking/driving through and when bullets hit the surface.

What really sucks is the fact that the player can't jump over many obstacles that don't look insurmountable. This is particularly annoying if one has to walk around rock formations or along riverbanks for some time only because so much stuff is unclimbable (even if there's no risk of getting stuck or whatever).
I like that there's no crosshair (optional - disabled by default) and no permanent HUD.

The game's main problem, however, is that it becomes somewhat boring quickly, because the missions are repetitive and there's not much going on in terms of main story yet. Maybe it picks up later on, but so far I don't find it overly immersive. Could also be a bit related to obvious elements of consolization.
Also, perhaps I missed something, but what exactly does this game have to do with Far Cry? I mean, it would be cool if suddenly monsters dropped in for an "ah, right" reaction, but I doubt this is going to happen. Wouldn't be so bad really, it might spice the combats up, as enemy (and buddy) AI is average at best. More often than not, enemies just stand there waiting for me to pick them off, or they crash their cars back and forth into every wall or object available. Though it can also make for some laughs: one of my buddies once ran up a cliff, telling me to follow her or something and then suddenly jumped down and died. Maybe it was a hint at things to come? 
Far Cry 2 
Yeah, I agree with most of what negke just said.

Guess it's a bit similar to Assassin's Creed in that aspect, there seems to be alot going for it when you first start off, but you quickly realise that it doesn't have much depth. It really lacks mission diversity.

A few other complaints I have with it are:
The headbob when you run is just horrible, makes my head hurt when I run too much.
The way they integrated the map is interesting, as the player actually takes it out like a weapon, but when you're looking for something (like diamonds) it's always in your face and really annoying, I'd much rather have a minimap.
The dissapearing HUD is ok, but not for me, I'd rather have that info visible at all time + a minimap.

All in all it's not a bad game, plenty of fun to be had, but it gets boring long before you reach the end. As the comparison is inevitable, I think it's a better game than Crysis / Crysis Warhead, even though the engine isn't as pretty. 
I like the headbobbing and blurring. Somehow feels more realistic (dunno if it is).

The animations are nice too, e.g. unjamming a gun, getting into vehicles, map view inside the cars.. Nothing special really, but for some reason I always tend to compare such things to HL2's telekinesis thing.
Agree about the map taking up too much of the view - it should be lowered to the bottom of the screen when moving. 
Fired Up SoC Last Night 

"Oblivion: Lost 2.2"
"Worldwide patch 1.0005"

It Works!!! No CTD yet, my gun shoots straight, people die when you shoot them.
Also the main improvement is the mutant presence. Makes the game feel more exciting and unpredictable, some of the mutants are fucking scary!

I just hope they hurry up and do the same thing for Clear Sky. It is pathetic that it takes community members a couple of years to finish a game which should have been finished in the first place.

Far Cry 2 - saw it for �25 in Morrisons supermarket. Probably decide I can afford it on Thursday.... 
Far Cry 2 
Yeah, the animations are great, Ubisoft have some really talented animators (this is also vissible in the Prince of Persia games and Assassin's Creed).
I pick up used guns just to watch the unjamming animation. 
Far Cry 2 
So far negke is pretty correct. I, however, really like the engine. I think the world is one of the most beautiful I've seen. I often find myself not paying attention and just looking at the world and end up getting shot or driving off road.

Other than that, the missions are just "go here, kill people" so far, but the firefights are usually really intense. My experience is different from negke's, where enemies have flanked me to smoke me out, and have tried to drag wounded soldiers back out of the firefight. Maybe there's a difference in AI when playing on different skill settings?

So far I've had a bunch of "whoa" moments where something unexpected happened.

Last night while trying to destroy a convoy AK47s I blew up the truck with a grenade, first by stopping the convoy which were all gathered together on the side of the road. After killing the soldiers, I threw a grenade under the truck. I thought I was far enough away but because all the trucks were so close together the explosion was huge and sent one of the trucks way into the air, crashing down on my head.

I was pissed. :( 
Fallout 3 Out Today! 
I saw it in a shop and everything. Wanna buy it. So far I've resisted the temptation. Im re-playing SoC ATM, so I'll wait. To many good games = no time for mapping. (Which is still trickling along BTW) 
I Heard It Was Shit :( 
from a lot of different places. Though to be honest most of the people complaining were die-hard fallout - fallout 2 fans.

Im firmly on the fence on this one, if they release a demo (which I think they are not) then I will give it a go. 
But it's getting 'universal acclaim' over on metacritic. Most of those scoring lower saying they wanted to play another game, the typical whiney bullshit

It's your fucking job to play games, deal with it. If you don't want to play a tennis game tough shit, you're getting paid to do it, don't write a bad review because you want to play a footbal game.

And it sounds alot better than the usual tripe.

But $50 in these hard times . . . 
i would agree that 99% of the negativity towards Fallout 3 seems to be coming from Fallout1/2 fanboy faggots, bitter that Bethesda have stamped their trademark approach on it. That said, I wish Bethesda would just cough up and hire some fuckers who can animate worth a damn. 
"I wish Bethesda would just cough up and hire some fuckers who can animate worth a damn"

Yeah, they really do not seem to have improved the animations at all from the standard they had in Oblivion, which to be fair was wooden at best.

I also heard (dont know if its true) that Fallout 3 has a "point of no return" similar to the Stalker games, so if you are buying FA3 for the sandbox game, be wary of that and do some research to avoid disappointment.

Now then, Dead Space pc controls are fucked up I hear, far cry 2 looks pretty but is dull in the gameplay department, is the only thing to look forward to this Christmas Left 4 Dead? 
I wish Bethesda would just cough up and hire some fuckers who can animate worth a damn

man, i was really hoping it wouldn't be another repeat of this. oblivion animations sucked. morrowind animations sucked. you think these guys would learn-- or are they somehow not aware that their animators are shit? 
I'm Probably Just Not Paying Attention the anims, but I played for a while last night and am thoroughly enjoying it so far (just exited the vault-slash-training area).

I'm biased though; I've never played a Bethsoft RPG I haven't enjoyed--I even got a kick out of the horribly broken auto-generated dungeons in Daggerfall. :)

They've reportedly fixed one of the biggest shit parts of Oblivion, which was the auto-leveling enemies. The VATS turn-based combat option is interesting...

I suspect I'll sink a silly number of hours into this. 
The Sad Thing Is 
it's probably the best post-ap game for a while, so i'll probably end up playing it anyway. 
Finished FC2 
The main story line anyway. At some point I stopped caring for any side missions and just tried to get through as quickly as possible. I found the game pretty boring to be honest. It's fun for the first few hours, but then it's basically just more of the same, with no variation and highlights. Just drive around and kill someone or destroy something on the other side of the map, then return and do pretty much the same mission for the rival faction. At least there were some nice-looking spots (e.g. that village)
I couldn't care less for the story - it felt shallow and tacked-on. None of the player's actions seem to have any impact.
A pity, as the game has some potential which isn't properly made use of. Or maybe I expected too much.

I found Uzi/silenced MP5+sniper riffle+heavy machinegun to be a good weapon combo, btw.
Also, the only game I played with subtitles on. :P 
that looks fantastic 
Yeah, I'm kind of the same way. I just got done with the 2nd barge mission, kind of struggling to continue on. It was really cool at first, but somehow turned into Assassin's Creed: Africa more or less.

Also, hate how you can't stop certain things from happening, even though your reputation with those people is super high. 
Holy Fuck 
Finished Dead Space 
It was pretty damn good. I was unimpressed with the storyline and some of the poorly conceived set pieces, but the meat of the game is a fine, atmospheric shooter set in some of the best tech-themed environments I've seen.

Combat is tense, careful, and somewhat idiosyncratic. Instead of sprinting around blasting stuff, you stand your ground and place planes on damage into the enemy as they charge you. It works well, and the rather gory results are very satisfying.

There are mouse control issues, silly bits and endless shameless wallowing in cliche, but I enjoyed the heck out of this game. 
Tested Assassin's Creed 
Fucking good game, very good visuals, nice concept, nice details, mega map are awesome !!.. Only complain, finger combos needed for playre control... took me some time to understand how it worked..;
I have now to finish it, and buy another PC that will support high resolution mode... 
Assassin's Creed starts out good. But the game gets fucking repetitive as hell.

ALL of the missions are identical to the first one. So you basically play the same damn thing 9 times (or however many times it takes you to beat the game.)

I think I'm on mission 5, and I just got bored of doing the same thing time and time again. The gameplay wasn't good enough to support that. 
Maybe you're right as I just progressed till Damascus, and just enter the city... but in anyway, it was quite good... Well, if it is as repetitive as you said, I understand your point of view, however, the fact you can explore many areas of the map, is IMHO very good... and if you take your time exploring, I think you can find something out cool... though... 
It'd be better if they had more of those free-running missions. If you haven't had one yet, those are pretty good. You have to run around following a stream of flags to collect. Those are pretty good missions simply because they capitalize on the strengths of the game - mainly the free running and exploring parts of the game instead of the combat, stalking, etc. If they had more of those it might have kept my interest longer. 
Like Crackdown 
Far Cry 2 First Impressions 
1st of all I was quite happy to find that it runs fairly well on my ageing system (2.8ghz single core, 8800gts, 2gb ram) on medium settings, while still looking very acceptable! Its not fantastic but pretty much a constant 25-35 fps and no loading pauses.

Weapons feel nice and meaty, good explosions and sound effects.

The African theme is great, and incorporates tropical, desert and savannah themed areas into a large open world.

Missions are simple but effective, go here and kill this variety, but leave it up to you how you go about it, much like the original Far Cry. The annoying thing is that usually the objective is on the other side of the world from you no matter what you end up accepting. I dont mind a quick drive to complete missions but its quite annoying to have to drive for 10 minutes to do every single mission.

The weapon unlock and armoury thing is pretty nicely done and encourages you to go out and explore to find diamonds. The annoying thing is that once you've expended your ammo for your Uber weapons you have to pick up some shitty ak47 to complete the rest of the mission, unless your lucky enough to find replacement ammo or another arms dealer close to your objective.

The way fire spreads is very cool, but using it as an actual aid during gameplay seems to take a back seat 90% of the time.

Not tried the editor yet, but I've seen some vids of it and it looks fantastic! 
Love it!

Where else can you be a business man cowboy?

Where else can you sit atop a hill, watching the sun set with your minigun?

Where else can you find an insane amount of guns in an old military building?

And where else, pray tell, can you meet a playboy with a two headed cow head with party hats? 
I agree: having more open area with more free-running mission, like getting rewards the more you explorate the map would have been better.. In anyway, the game is visually really impressive. The eagle eye on top of the towers is really cool. Maybe more combo in fights would have been better, while on PC it is a nightmare to handle the player... you need at least 11 fingers :P
Anyway, I understand better why it has been so well ranked when the game has been released: it is really worth playing, while repetitive... 
Spore Prototypes 
yeah fallout3 is great, despite some flaws (I can live with wooden anims, but UI design and some controls are pretty bad) And being less RPG than originals its still much more than a shallow sandbox game(Asscreed etc). Its a huge post-apocal world with tonn of fun to be had. And you can play it just like an FPS. 
Playing Fo3 
and to add to the earlier animations comment:

it's not that the animations themselves are bad (although some really are that bad) but that the method which they move the models is extremely poor.

it's basically the same system i remember from morrowind. something simple like pressing forward and strafing makes your character slide to the side instead of properly orienting the legs and hips. it's just really old tech for such a big-name game. also, the speed at which the model moves isn't related to the actual animation at all.
they added IK, which is nice, but they didn't follow through and integrate the IK into the movement speed. hell, even Doom3, which is a pretty old game these days used the actual animation to determine how far to move the model.
when i look at the extremely well done and well integrated animation and movement of say, mass effect, it really pisses me off to go back like 6 years to morrowind style movement/animation. 
Movement Encoding 
Where the character has an extra bone which is moved inside the animation, so the animator moves the character the distance they would really be moving - the code reading the displacement of the extra bone as the movement speed.

Works really well. 
Code Driven Movement 
That's been around since half-life days, where the game code decides how fast the player should move, and then calculates how far into the next frame the animation should interpolate to match. 
hell, even Doom3, which is a pretty old game these days used the actual animation to determine how far to move the model.

yes :( 
Maybe Its The Animations Which Subconsciously 
made me assume that Oblivion looked kinda crappy... ?

Still Fo3 doesn't look that crappy from the videos and stuff. And the combat looks cool. Gimmicky but entertaining? 
Left 4 Dead 
Has anyone else preordered and got early access to the demo?

If so we should sort out a few 4 player "squads" so we are not playing with raving 14 year old idiots ;) 
Yup, I'm in! 
Started Playing Fallout 3 
really enjoying this so far. First game I've played that starts with you being born in a first person view. But not the last for sure! I'll probably post a full review when I actually get somewhere. 
i'm still really enjoying the game too. i think that's what pisses me off even more. this game is so close to perfect on what i was looking for. 
it's not that the animations themselves are bad (although some really are that bad) but that the method which they move the models is extremely poor.

I forgot to say, I completely agree. At first you think it's just bad animation cycles (although I wouldn't say they're stellar) but it really seems like the speed of animation and speed of movement are almost always out of sync. In all seriousness, I wouldn't say it's a significant improvement on morrowind anims. 
Well The Animations Dont Seem So Bad To Me 
Atleast there is half decent lip-sync - what worries me more is a CTD near the start when I pick the lock to the overseers office. Damn... 
hmm... if you can't get round that, there is a key. Might require a slightly immoral course of action though. Ahem. 
Left 4 Dead Demo 
1st impressions after playing a few full rounds online.

+ Shotgun is meaty, and can take out 5-6 zombies with 1 shot if your lucky.

+ Zombies animations are absolutely fucking amazing, its totally convincing when a bunch of them come at you from around the corner, also the ragdoll effect when they die is possibly the most realistic ragdoll effect I have seen in a game. Hey look here Bethesda! :P

+ Boss infected work really well, I particularly like the Witch, as some idiot 14 year old I was playing with thought it would be funny to run up to her and shoot her in the face, she proceeded to rip him to shreds while we all laughed!

+ Co-op gameplay! It just works brilliantly here, you can see where all your team mates are even through walls as silhouettes, and your characters automatically shout to the rest of your team when they see a boss infected, or are reloading. You are also warned when one of your team mates is taking a pounding so you can try and rescue them.

+ "Play with friends" online option is a godsend, if you host then only your steam friends can join, which as Vondur so eloquently put it so many years ago, this "removes morons out the way".

- Game levels are a little under-detailed in my opinion, but im guessing they needed to pull the detail down a notch as they cannot gauge how many zombies are going to be in an area at any time.

- Most boss infected die too easily I think, smokers and hunters can be taken out with a few shots, all the other bosses are fine however. It may be that each time I played my entire team focus fired the bosses as soon as they appeared...

- I'm sure this is because the demo servers are getting hammered to death right now, but 8/10 times when starting a round the server will disconnect or time-out. Very frustrating!

Loving it so far, now excuse me I must play a few more rounds ;) 
Little Big Planet 
This game fucking rocks. That's really the only coherent thing I can say at the moment about the game without going overboard on the gushing. 
Is quite cool yes, the demo is painfully short though, can't wait to play the rest of the maps! 
Downloading . . .

Steam name ijed, though I'm probably online at odd times. 
Valve makes the rest of the industry look foolish. Even if connecting fails constantly.

Alot my reaction is 'why isn't it normally like this?'

Weapons that do realistic damage, for example.

Keep looking for quicksave as well.

I wouldn't say smokers / boomers are even meant as bosses, just variants - its their attacks that are the danger, not an invisible bullet proof vest.

The witch nearly got me first time as well :P 
L4D Continued... 
Been playing it some more... (lots more!)

+ The levels do actually differ in layout slightly on each playthrough, I have noticed that sometimes a wall has a hole in it that leads to another part of the map, while in a later game on the same map the wall is intact, forcing you to take a different route.

+ Play on advanced/expert difficulty! Normal is just too easy in its current state, and I end up just running around shooting everything because I know I can get away with it, on advanced/expert mode you really do need to stick with your team and cover each other all the time, and it makes the whole experience work much better.

+ Valve released a few bug fixes for the matchmaking system and server setups, so it is a lot smoother now. Not quite where it needs to be yet, but certainly a step in the right direction.

+ I found the option in the in-game menu called "take a break" that puts your character in cpu control so you can go for a piss or whatever without fucking over your entire team, very nice insight there!

This game really does just keep getting better and better the more I play it :) 
Yeah, I expect Normal difficulty will ramp up more in later maps, but for these 2 maps, it's best to just try at first to get used to the game, then it's all about Advanced/Expert for some actual fun.

And be sure to kick idiots on Expert who run off and get themselves killed, they just fuck your team. 
Man I Want To Try This Out 
do I have to preorder to play the demo? 
Right Away, Yeah 
The demo will come out later, possibly when the game proper is released, but the only way to get it early is with a preorder. I suspect my ageing rig isn't going to cope, so I'm gonna have to hold on until that demo rolls around rather than preorder something I'm unlikely to be able to play. 
Demo is coming out on the 11th, so best to wait a few days if you're unsure about your purchase. 
I would say L4D has similar performance to the Orange Box games, perhaps slightly more demanding in certain instances (Zombie horde rushes, etc) but it works as a basic guide. 
How Bind You?? 
Hoe bind je met Armagetronad Ik Snap er niks van? 
Bind? Hoe Dan? 
Ik Weet Niet Hoe Je Moet binden ik snap er niks van Jullie laat het me horen ! 
Na het doornemen van dat Babelfish, I' niet helemaal zeker m welk spel you' het re spreken over (Armagetronad?), maar enkel in geval it' s Radioactieve neerslag 3, u kan rebind controles door gaande Montages --> Controles --> De Afbeelding van de actie, en dan het klikken op " Device" aan schakelaar tussen muis en toetsenbord.

(After running that through Babelfish, I'm not quite sure what game you're talking about (Armagetronad?), but just in case it's Fallout 3, you can rebind controls by going Settings --> Controls --> Action Mapping, and then clicking on "Device" to switch between mouse and keyboard.) 
Googling "Armagetronad" leads me to some Tron light-cycle remake? Looks kind of cool...

(Googling " Armagetronad" me leidt tot ��n of andere Tron licht-cyclusremake? Kijkt vriendelijk van koel...) 
Armagetron(ad) is great, try a 4-player-drunk-LAN-match. 
Hell Yeah 
toetsenbord is a much better word than keyboard 
Thanks for effectivly killing me and Lunaran's productivity. 
No Problem... 
i managed to hobble to the 10m mark... also got a few strides in a row that sort of looked like running...

this game reminds me of a science museum i went to as a kid... they had a bicycle set up with mechanical legs attached to the pedals, and four pneumatic pistons each connected to a button. You could make the legs pedal the bike with the right sequence of button presses.

This is a lot harder because in addition to timing, you have to keep your balance. 
with a series of awkward lunges. 
Sent that game to one of my buddies at Raven, and he managed to actually run and get to 50m... and there's a fucking hurdle. 
a game that exploits the broken-ness of current animation/simulation? bah! 
what i meant was that all this game does is present you with an incredibly shitty control scheme for something that should be as intuitive as possible and then makes it a contest. Teh win. 
I Just Laughed A Lot 
theres only so many times you accidentally fall over backwards and land on your head before you laugh. 
In an Elvis shuffle. 
while you're correct in your assessment, I don't think that makes it a bad game.

A good control scheme, using your criteria, abstracts the details of an activity and emphasizes the top-level goals instead -- a way to limit complexity and provide focus. Therefore, a game about conquering the planet would involve moving huge armies, not micromanaging individual squads or soldiers. A game where you are an individual soldier focuses on shooting, reloading, moving around, but you don't have to worry about low-level activities like moving your limbs.

This game is about the low-level muscle coordination. Unless you think there is a different keyboard mapping that make more sense, I'm not sure what you suggest -- the game is about moving your legs to run, abstracting that would remove the game. An "intuitive" control scheme is simply one you're already familiar with. Show Quake to your grandmother and see how intuitive she thinks it is. 
Following your argumentation, that would just make it a bad game mechanic :)

But imho "there's no better way" doesn't help with the shittyness of the controls. It's still shitty controls ;) They just don't work. Btw, there is a better way, it's called animation. It's just not realtime.

imagine that 'game' with the goal of "walk as beautifully as you can". What part of it would be fun? Or rewarding?

bah, i just can't write or think anymore today. 
Mirrors Edge 2d Edition 
just a beta, but absolutely awesome. EA hired the guy who made fancy pants adventures apparently, and the animation and movement is ace: 
Left 4 Dead 
~3 days and counting.

It's an instant classic. One of those games where it gets more interesting, not less, as you play.

With bots is ok, but it's with bots.

Replaying the demo so far we've had three last-man-standing finishes. Basically the group turning on each over before closing the door to the safe room.

One involved a 'mate' chucking a molotiv into the safe room where the rest of us were waiting. I saw what he was doing (waiting to close the door) and exited. He was stood next to a gascan and I had an automatic shotgun.

Playing on a LAN, and we're pissing off all the Quake4 players by screaming at each other more than they do.

Just waiting for the full game now.

This game gets an ijed nine drinks drank. 
Yeah, its pure gaming gold as far as im concerned. 
Should I buy this game and play with you gaylords?? 
Yes you should.
Gonna be hard not to want to shoot you despite it being coop though. 
Gonna be hard not to want to shoot you despite it being coop though

I rofl'ed

But yes you should get it Shamb, if only to shoot Bal in an act of revenge. 
I Can't Wait For L4D 
But I'm playing solo the first time through, with the AI. As far as I'm aware the AI is better with weapons and teamplay, I can't count how many times I've been saved by them.

They always put me first before themselves, as in healing me even if they need it a bit more.

They never rush me, so I can take my time and look around levels and go at my own pace as opposed to human players flying through a map with me trying to play catch up with them.

And lastly, I know they won't do anything stupid on purpose like throw a Molotov next to me or curse at me because I should have closed that particular door earlier when the zombie mob was coming. 
L4D And AI 
On expert mode they aren't smart enough really, much better off playing with humans then, AI get owned pretty fast.
And the stupid things humans do just add to the game really, accidentally shooting a team mate point blank with a shotgun makes for some interesting situations. =) 
L4D Expert Mode Ai 
I got the demo running even on this poorly machine, so I can certify if you meet orange box specs, then you can run L4D.

The coop bots seem mostly competent, they don't ever have pathing problems or split up(that I've seen). Even on expert they seem to be capable of meeting the combat so long as you work hard.

Until the tank comes on the scene. Since you need to lead the bots around the map, you're almost always on point when he appears. He always seems to target me first, smash me to the ground before there's the remotest chance of dealing fatal damage. Left to their own devices, the bots are then thoroughly incapable of beating it, and so you get a game over with everyone pinned.

The only way I've found of beating it is to ruthlessly push one of the other bots into it's path, let it take out them while I keep popping headshots, and hope that afterwards they respawn quickly. Anyone got tips? 
Uh Huh. 
And the stupid things humans do just add to the game really, accidentally shooting a team mate point blank with a shotgun makes for some interesting situations. =)

Oh yeah, it will do. Where's my mofoing credit card? 
You Haven't Got One 
you live in a van down by the river 
Left 4 Dead Demo 
I'm loving it, hands down the best coop game I've ever played.

Don't play with bots unless you have absolutely no choice: this game lives and dies on the interaction between players. When you fuck up and shoot your mate in the back during a mad zombie rush and have to hustle extra hard to make up for it, that's when things really come alive. 
Oh fek I started playing this and it's sucking my life away already.
It's not so pretty, but it's horribly addictive, Post-Apocalyptic Oblivion with Guns = win. 
Got the demo, works fine, kinda cool.

My name seems to be teamshambler , so you p1mps can find me if needed. 
20 hours and counting, preload grinding away.

Bot'sre ok for the first couple of games when you're learning, yeah, but you lose most of the game without human players.

Really looking forward to playing as the boss zombies (yeah, I finally looked up the forum posts). 

You don't exist. 
I'm sure I do exist. Have opened Steam now. 
Unable To Find Teamshambler 
Yes - Its sucking the life out of me, too...

I love it when you get to level 10 you get a perk to instantly reach level 11....

So many fantastic elements to Fallout3, one cant even describe how immersive and addictive it is. And the animation really isn't that bad....

One example of the brilliant "open-endedness" of it - Megaton - Do you:

1 - talk to the guy at the bar, get the device and then detonate the bomb (apparently you get a room at Tenpenny Tower)?

2 - talk to the sherrif and de-fuse the bomb for 100 caps?

3 - talk to the sherrif first, then the guy in the bar, then go and tell the sherrif what the guy in the bar says. The sherrif goes to confront the guy, who shoots him dead. God knows what will happen to the bomb now, for this is what I have done.

A freind of mine has started this over four times now. One time, my other freind was playing around with his character when he (by pure chance) stumbled upon the location of the characters father. This kinda spoiled it for him...

I have yet to find the dog. 
Back on again. Online and profile is public. What next?? Is there like a pre-game chat thing? I have no idea how steam works. 
Post your community page url here, so someone can add you to the func_group or something, if no has done so already. 
You Just 
Click on friends, add friend and put the name.

To be fair had alot of problems here with someone sat across the room - cannot find 'x'.

My steam id is the same as my name here.

Looking forward to playing the proper game today, considering the demo maps were still fun. 
Left4Dead Pack 
Damn. After its released they make a 3 for the price of four pack.

That's irritating for those who already own it. 
For Those Without L4D

Nothing to do with it, but there you go. 
UK Left 4 Dead Full Version 
Its even better than the demo, I have been totally engrossed since it unlocked today!

The pacing is much improved over the demo, this is mainly due to the fact that you can play through an entire campaign rather than 2 short maps, but even so the highs and lows and very well thought out.

Difficulty seems to have increased on both advanced and expert mode, which is a welcome change imo, the game is challenging on advanced and downright evil on expert - which is exactly where it needs to be :)

Its a shame that there are only 4 campaigns to play through, and a good team can complete one in around 30-45 minutes, but as has already been discussed, the repeatability of the campaigns is immense.

After a playing a few laggy games I went searching for a decent server grouping for the UK and found this great group :

If you add this group to your profile you will be able to join and host games on these UK servers and pings are very respectable every time I have played on them.

I shot Bal around 16 times "by accident" when we played earlier, so you can all form a queue to thank me!

Buy this game! 
Free evening in and I have to wait 3 hours to download this bizzle. 

Why can't I chat to anyone online in the func group?? Do I have to be-friend you gaylords first? 
Woo, so fun, playing as the infected is really tricky, but so enjoyable when you get away with something nasty (I love jumping on Zoey as a hunter, mmmm, yeah). Playing the Tank is awesome. =)
The versus mode really makes it alot more intense, you always need to be ready for an attack.
Still having some server probs though, kinda hard to find good ones with friends.

Shambler yeah I think you need to friend people before you can talk to them. 
You can't just stick your dick in everything. It doesn't work like this... 
The demo level was kind of fun, but $50? I don't thinks so. 
There is apparently a deal where if you buy 4 copies of L4D you get the 4th one for free. So that's 4 for $150.00 or so. Which turns out to be... $34.00 or so? Something like that. 
$34.00 Per Person I Mean 
Err Shit 
Whatever, rough day. $38 or something. I give up. 
Also, your friends list is integrated into L4D, so you can instantly join a game your friend is playing without any searching for servers or messing with IP's etc. You can also make a friends only game that only people in your friends list can join. 
I Know 
when I was on steam it told me every time that scampie was playing TeamFortress 2 (roost)
i think he was my only freind. I killed a few random people on HLDM and HL2DM, and that was it... 

3a) Save the sheriff when the guy tries to kill him. 
I tried that but I wasn't quick enough
Then the guy left the bar and dissappeared.
The sherrifs son gave me the house key when I defused the bomb! And really acted as though he had lost his father, and inheritted everything...!

Steam Group 
If you're not in it, but want to be, just post your Steam ID and ask to be added. Most of the members can add you. 
My Steam ID 
is SleepwalkR, please add me! 
Tried and failed to add you to func. Someone with skillz will have to do it. 
it worked 
Add me as well. Still playing through the campaigns without a completed achievement so far, but managed to get Dead Stop. 

crate-stacking puzzle game 
That Was Kind Of Fun. 
I got up to level 19 pretty quickly, but then got sort of was getting fussy. 
Dead Space 
Anyone played it? 
Check Back 
a few pages ago. 
Black Mesa : Source 
This mod is remaking the entire Half-Life game in the source engine and bringing everything up to date. They just released a trailer on their website and I was very impressed, very professional quality stuff. 
That Looks Excellent 
nice find! 
Undeniably impressive. 
Wow, amazing work! New voices, animations, etc. Just awesome! 
Linux Source Engine 
Does anyone know much about it ? Here
is the only news i've read. It'd be great to see valve do it, but they're a more practical (ie dollar) company than id... and i dunno if it's likely. 
Yes, it is bullshit. The files are for the Steam server on Linux and it's nothing new nor exciting. Phoronix is the The Register of the linux world.

Here are some facts: 
Oh Wait 
I thought you had linked to that recent news story.
No idea about that other things, but I won't ever use Steam. :) 
Mirror's Edge LDC
The maps look like some stuff from the geo competitions for quake3, looks pretty damn nice. 
Odd that they made it FPS instead of thirdperson, but that's the new cool.

Is the not bad for what it is flash version. 
Love The Look Of That DLC 
I hate the acronym DLC for some reason. I always forget what it means.

The Mirrors Edge flash game is just a beta, but I think it's fantastic. I posted it earlier in the thread. Definitely hoping for a proper release. 
DownLoadable Content. 
heh, thanks, but I just mean that it takes me a few seconds to recall each time. I usually think of the Sega Dreamcast first for some reason.

This game is shit, but addictive:
Damn birds! 
This Is Fun. 
And you really can't beat the sound quality. 
Fallout 3 
Finished it yesterday. Daz: the point of no return is the end of the main quest story line, the game ends after you've turned on the machine. So it's a bit different from Stalker.

By and large a nice game, I guess. The world design was good for the most part, although sometimes the destruction/junk placement felt a little forced and unrealistic. Everything has a gritty look to it which is good, but also made the world feel repetitive after a while. The Oblivion engine wasn't such a good choice - the models and animation are average, and the lighting really sucks. It's just ugly minlight with no variation in contrast at all. I understand that reasons of performance played into this considering the huge viewing distance, but they could have at least tried lightmaps or whatever. Strangely enough, the game ran mostly smooth for me on high settings on the outside, but often stuttered a bit in inside levels. Very short loading times.

The buildings and especially the caves reminded me of Oblivion, too, for they pretty much all looked alike and thus made me lose interest in exploration quickly. Navigating through the Washington DC ruins became particularly annoying after a while, with the need to use the subway tunnels and all. At other times, exploration was rewarded with the discovery of unique locations or quests, but there could have been more. Despite all the stuff (radar locations) one can discover, there isn't much incentive left after a while (even more so because there're hardly any good items to find, unless you're a cup or finance clipboard collector) - the world feels pretty lifeless. And its boudaries are clipped off.

The overall number of quests is fairly low (though sometimes there were things without being labeled quests). The main story line is pretty short and I guess in this respect it didn't help that I discovered father's location by accident and thereby skipped a number of in-between main quests. The two quests that really stood out in my view were Oasis (Harold) and Tranquility Lane (remember that magical painting in Oblivion?). The ending felt rushed and pointless.

Gameplay was easy, but that's ok (even with the game's level cap at 20, which I reached quickly). Played mostly in first person perspective and realized only later that third person view helped a little in creating a somewhat more RPGish feeling (despite the retarded-looking player model). VATS targeting system for el consoleros was fun sometimes (especially the excessive gibbing), but more often than not, at least in the beginning, manual aiming payed off more. Lockpicking minigame was ok for a while, hacking sucked.
The Karma thing didn't really work out - it seems you have to try hard to be evil. Will do that next time around.

It's good that more and more FPS games now seem to go into the sandbox direction - I'm interested in what comes out of it. 
My one wish with Fallout 3 is that the character creation would have had a fast path. I like experimenting with different builds and it's hard to stomach starting the game over and over again if I have to go through things like the interminable birthday party. Other than that, it's a great game! Loved, loved, loved it! 
Willem, they give you an "are you sure" prompt as you're leaving 101 for the first time (with the ability to alter whatever you wish), so if you made a save game right before that, you could just load it up to experiment with different builds. I like doing the same thing, and have already decided I'm going to try (try) to be a bit more of a bastard next time through, even though I'm usually too much of a giant flapping vagina and start feeling guilty about being mean to people in a game. :p

negke, I actually sort of liked the hacking mechanic--were you aware that you could eliminate "dud" passcodes or even reset your count by highlighting gibberish between matching pairs of < >, ( ), or { }?

I haven't played as much as you guys have, and haven't been able to play for about a week--I had just hit level 14--but Fallout 3 is certainly in my top 10 of all time. Maybe even top 5. 
"negke, I actually sort of liked the hacking mechanic--were you aware that you could eliminate "dud" passcodes or even reset your count by highlighting gibberish between matching pairs of < >, ( ), or { }? "

Really? Shit, that's definitely worth trying, thanks! 
I didn't know that. Then again, I accidentally closed the hacking manual without reading it (if that was mentioned at all).
In the end, I just tried regular terminals and didn't care if the hack failed, and did a lame quickload action for terminals I deemed important. 
Legendary Demo. 
An entirely successful attempt to create a bland, meaningless, Z-list turd of a console port.

Also has bonus fucked up key bindings. 
OK, This Looks Very Cool... 
Errr yeah. 
Very good Russian humour. I'd cite from the site, but you'll really have to read for yourself. I laughed.

This is the same MG tower but the soldier is equipped with a missile launcher instead of machinegun. The soldier is also given a piece of bacon for greezing the barrel and a bottle of whiskey for cleaning the aiming optics.

If you have ever been in the army, you will find this funny. 
Lol, Lol, Lol 
Mines are effective equally against troops and vehicles. They have winning appearance, and are easy to install and use.

Five fully equipped troops are frozen and GZIPped into standard rectangular bricks. Before refrigeration, each trooper is prepared using special hormons and steroids, and can be used in action after quick microwave-aided defreezing. Shipped in two versions with machine guns and handheld rocket launchers.

Boomerang rocket is an accidental modification of the homing missile that has been found after beta drivers were installed from a damaged CD

argh. I'll stop now, because I have to compile it.

Bioshock now �3.50 on steam, if you haven't bought it already! 
if the fucking stupid store will actually let you buy anything.

Thanks valve! 
why not go and, er, maybe no. wouldnt want to start a flame war..... 
Vietcong (2003) 
It's been a couple of months since I've played a full game, having kept myself busy with Half-Life mods. Most of which were fairly average, but of course the engine was designed in 1996. I read a review for Vietcong which mentioned the game being only marginally better looking than the high-definition updated Half-Life. So, as usual, I wasn't expecting much, but Vietcong definitely delivered. The visuals were great, albeit outdated by todays standards. But compared to it's competitiors of the time; Medal Of Honor and Call Of Duty, Vietcong looks just as good. But it's hard to compare because most of the battles in Vietcong take place in lush jungle and bush.

The waterfalls, rivers, rotting trees and bush everywhere creates an atmosphere I have not yet played in game. The levels were also quite big, some of which you can easily get lost in. Although there is a fairly linear path, you often need your teammates to guide you through because it doesn't always look linear.

Which brings us to another aspect that Vietcong suceeded at compared to most other first person shooters - team mates. You team mates don't really get in your, they don't get stuck or lost, the aren't complete idiots that run into bullets. Your pointman also shows you the way, although at a snails pace. You don't have to wait for them, they won't hold up your progression, but if they are around in a gunfight it's certainly helpful. There are a couple of levels where you're fighting with another team charging up a hilll towards some ruins full of Vietcongs, so you've got at least a dozen team mates charging up with up - a neat feeling.

The game does have some flaws though. The biggest being limited quicksaves. You can only use quicksave five times on normal difficulty - and with the instant deathtraps and when a single bullet can slash your health in half, you need unlimited quicksaves. Fortunately, you can get unlimited quicksaves on easy difficulty. But easy was actually still very fun, certainly not so easy that you can play with your eyes closed.

The other annoying thing was the limited amount of ammunition and weapons you can carry. One handgun, and one normal gun, but often you have to drop your weapons and pick up an enemies gun because you've run out of ammo. Actually picking up ammo is a timely matter, as is making countless radio calls in the middle of battle.

Vietcong was not a long game, probably ten hours max. But maybe it just felt short because I was having so much fun with it. Everything is very realistic, even killing your enemies as you need to hit them pretty well or they'll recover and keep shooting. Great graphics for 2003 and fun gameplay means I'm looking forward to playing the official addon pack and sequel. It's a pity the creators, Pterodon & Illusion Softworks, haven't done much else in this genre. But, how will this hold up against Men Of Valor, the only other successful Vietnam-based game released a year later... 
Cool Alchemy/Programming/Machine Design Game 
OMFG Vietcong 
is like the best coop game ever. I doubt there are still any servers up, but I used to play online on the hardcore servers and it was totally ace. Probably on par with left 4 dead, just not as polished.

Hidden and Dangerous 2 Sabre Squadron has nice coop too, if anyone fancies revisiting old classic games with their mates to play coop. 
try being a radio man in vietcong... you actually have to use the map when calling in an airstrike, and as the map isn't full of detail and markers showing where stuff is, it's not impossible to miss the enemy completely or even blow yourself and team up. A neat touch. 
Airlock-based Puzzle Game

Unfortunately, some of hte random levels are stupidly easy, but you can move on quickly to a harder one. 
You just killed my productivity. 
I Want To Buy It !!! 
Kek, lovely. And tasteful.

May I suggest here tho JPL; 
So Has Anyone... 
Played the dawn of war 2 beta on steam?

I loved CoH. so I have high expectations for this game, please tell me its not shiiite :( 
I Played It 
Only played 2 really short matches, in which I was thoroughly thrashed. Not really sure at all what to make of it tbh. It's a lot different from Dawn of War, but I haven't played enough to know whether it's good or not. Haven't figured out how to play, and there's no real tutorial, so I'll prolly need to play a lot to figure it out. 
Okay so I just played through Firestarter, an old 2004 Russian FPS. Oh and Vondur was a level designer on it, lol. Vondur I bet you did that big Empire level with the hole in the middle? That was my favourite of the game.

The levels were all really good, it looked as good as Doom4, albeit a little more cartoony and not as good lighting. The gameplay was also all pretty good, monsters entertaining, weapons decent. This would have made a pretty good multiplayer game actually. But it seemed to be marketed as a single player game - which is a bit disappointing. You play in 16 arena's, where various parts get unlocked as you kill more baddies. Much like my Chanthood Quake map, actually.

I reckon it could have shown a lot of promise of being a good shooter if only there were proper, linear single player levels rather than deathmatch arenas. Oh and no quicksave is lame. 
Okay so what game shall I play next from 2005?

I've never played a Tom Clancy game, are these any good? Are they action games or just strategy crap?

I'm thinking one of the below games:

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (2005)
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (2006)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown (2005) 
Havent Played That Particular Splinter Cell 
but I have got it and I didnt mind the last one I played (Pandora Tomorrow).

Never liked the Rainbow Six series.

Currently playing PoP: Two Thrones, this series is just a whole lot of fun. 
I've got it downloaded but haven't had chance to play it yet.

Apparently you need a GamesForWindows account.

What is G4W? A mailing list, DRM, some other wankery?

The demo is coming from Steam, why do I have to fuck around with other 'helpful' systems?

Will post once I've had a look at it. 
Games For Windows LIVE 
Its not so bad. It solves problems like the dates on savegames getting fucked up. You might get an online gamerscore or whatever.

GTA4 uses it, I dont really mind. Its not so hard to fix it up. I've only ever recieved one email from them I think and that was on signup.

I think more and more games will use it, probably anti-piracy measures..... 
So I've got to play the game between two slices of DRM bread.

Fuck it.

I don't mind Steam, and I probably wouldn't mind Windows whatever either, but both together is too much of a ballache for me - it's not like I don't have other stuff to play.

When are the high up fuckwits going to realise that you need to make it as easy as possible for the customers to buy your product.

GamesForWindows + Steam = sale -1 
That Aint So Bad 
GTA4 is rediculous!

G4W, Rockstar Games Social Club, .NET Framework, Visual C++ (!!!?&%#$!!@!), NVidia BETA Drivers (which crashed my comp)


Atleats you dont NEED Steam for DoW2 (do you?) 
I didn't buy GTA4 either.

DOW2 I can buy in hard copy, but if I have to do that just to circumvent their DRM systems (considering I'll probably have to find a nocd patch anyway) then I'm not feeling like a valued customer.

I just mentioned being a valued customer and hacking a game in the same sentence. I can say something like that because it's my ~$50 you want me to part with. 
Today the British government (a) decided 3 strikes was unenforceable and, more importantly, (b) suggested increasing ISP's prices to cover a mandatory fee to 're-imburse' the music industry for users piracy.

I think this legally obliges me to steal media now... 

If my blurred rambling didn't make sense. Heavy weekend ;p 
I got it - the three strikes thing threw me because it was introduced when I was outside blighty.

The music industry has long being going down the tubes since they want to hang onto hard formats - that being the only way they can squeeze a profit.

How much longer are cd's going to be a viable format?

And if you can fit thousands of songs onto most other forms of media then hard formats become obsolete.

Not much to do with the topic, or pirating music, but;

Criminalising your customers a bad idea? It's mind-numbing how slow most of the industry CEO's are, considering games are supposed to be the new media. 
there seems (to me, anyway) to be a downward spiral at the moment where more people are pirating because of stricter drm 
of course, i realize it's not *just* because of that. nothing is that simple. 
Three Strikes? 
didn't know you guys were baseball fans... 
a couple of flash games with boiled-down "coop" puzzles. you control multiple entities, toggle between them, and solve puzzles. 
How well does it run, yo? 
Don't think it requires such a top of the line pc, it ran very well with all settings maxed, but my vid card is pretty new. 
My girlfreind's netbook will run it on Medium:

9300 M GS (8400 equiv) 256 dedicated
Vista (!)
2Gb DDR2 667
5400rpm HDD
Atom 270 (1.6Ghz)

Runs OK, occasional mild stuttering, but y'know - it's a Netbook!

Brilliant game. I run 1920x1200 on an 8800GTS on High! :)

Buy it...... 
Runs Good 
running on high settings on my laptop (2ghz core 2 duo, mobile 8600gt, 2gb ram, XP) at 1280x800, getting a good 30fps. 
Off topic-ing a bit more, my personal favourite media industry tactic is using download statistics as a lost profit model.

This means that every time an album is downloaded, they count it as an (~)15$ loss of earnings that can be written off against profits to avoid paying tax. ie, for every album downloaded the publishing company makes ~1$ in taxes they don't have to pay. Whether the downloader would have bought the album or not, the publisher makes money (and the artist gets screwed). 
Careering Off-topic ... 
You're joking. Big business are such scum. Maybe someone will get a chance to give G.W.B. a bullet now.
<Loosen collar>

Fallout 3 does look amazing :>.. saw it briefly on a 360. I played Industri/Tenebrae for the first time too. Nice looking Q1 engine. 
They Get Tax Savings From NOT Sold Media? 

Yeh. I know. 
pretty cool, liked it better than the second one (combat is heaps less frustrating) and although some of the puzzle design is a bit tired in spots, very satisfying on the whole. 
Play This 
Oldschool point and click adventure game: 
Just Finished It 
And I donated 2 quid. Genuinely fun to play. 
this game is shit 
Which Game, Luke? 
Totem Destroyer 2 
This Is Awesome 
the "Goldeneye : Source" team released beta3 of their mod this/last week, and its fucking awesome.

Anyone who had some serious GE64 matches in their time wont be able to help raising a smile here, its a very faithful recreation of the multiplayer experience.

Around 500mb for the Beta3 client, and worth every second it takes to download imo :) 
Eye of the storm for HL2 Episode 2

Is part 1 of a single player episode that has very high quality standards, its still downloading here so I can't give a more accurate description but the screenshots look niiiiice 
A "very faithful recreation" indeed. GE64 bland ugly levels turned me off even back then.. 
IGN score of 8.3. The video review does a good job of showing what's improved from FEAR - mainly the gripes I had about repetitive environments and gameplay are primarily fixed, and it does look a lot better than FEAR did.

Anyone else on the fence about this one? 
For The WoW People

This is the most awesome UI mod ever! Its bejeweled that we all know and love, and you can play it in WoW while waiting for your raid to form or while you are flying around.

Even better, it has a high scores list that is populated by everyone in your guild that has the addon, also it adds a Bejeweled profession that you can "skill up" by getting combos and special jewels etc, it also has achievements and challenges that also add to your bejeweled skill rating.

I mentioned it in guild chat today and now practically everyone has it :) Great fun 
I Fucking Hate That Mod. 
i kept trying to get people gkicked if they didn't turn off the stupid skillup notice in guild chat, but my guild leader is too nice. :P 
My name is ___ and I'm 14 months clean.

I'm not allowed to play anymore... 
FEAR2 Ramblings (and Some Spoilings) 
So I bought FEAR2. The game took about 7.7 hours on hard mode to finish. I think I can sum up FEAR2 using two other popular games.

FEAR 2 = CoD4 + Doom3

If you liked both of those games then F2 will be good for you, perhaps when the price falls a little bit. There is an amazing level of polish in this game, but not much else. There is no innovation to speak of, just cliche that looks really good.

Your weapons are pistol, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifle, uber weapon, nail gun, laser, rocket launcher, flamethrower, 4 types of grenades, and your feet.

Your enemies are soldier with machine gun, soldier with shotgun, soldier with flamethrower, soldier with shotgun, soldier with flamethrower, soldier with machine gun, soldier with sniper rifle, soldier with machine gun, soldier with shotgun, soldier with machine gun... you get the idea.

The new monsters (which are pretty cool) are few and far between. The game could have really benefited from more of those crazy weird deformed humans or undead zombie puppeteer things, or at least more non-soldier enemies. Monster dogs, monster ghosts, monster... something.

Combat is like FEAR. Nothing new really that I can tell. Story is like FEAR. Nothing new really.

There are some parts where they switch up the combat, like "this part is about sniping" or "this part is about a giant mech," but it's still just shooting stuff a lot with slowmo. It feels good and solid, but it's just same old stuff.

Anyhoo -> FEAR2 = CoD4 + Doom3. If you liked FEAR then you will like this game. It's basically FEAR 2.0, not really FEAR 2. High level of polish/detail, no evidence of innovation. Environments are more varied than FEAR's.

I would rate it about 70-75%, which is good, but not amazing, because let's face it, it isn't amazing.

P.S. The game isn't scary, it's predictable.

P.P.S. Not enough hallucinatory levels. At least Doom3 had Hell half-way through. Just fighting through Alma's demon-realm would've been a nice change of pace and would have made an interesting multiplayer map to boot. 
Good Review Zwiff. 
+1 informative. 
Max Payne 2 
I almost felt like I should have replayed Max Payne again prior to playing through Max Payne 2. While the story can easily stand on its own, it would have been good to get an idea of the recurring characters; Max, Mona Sax, Woden. But Max Payne 2 is already a six year old game. Replaying the original would be going back another two years to very dated graphics. Nevertheless, Max Payne 2 is a good looking game. There are no big set-pieces or memorable levels. You may include the Funhouse as a memorable level, as it hasn't been done before in my playing experience. However having to play through the same level on three different occasions gets old very fast.

While there were no set-pieces, the game still looked good with oodles of detail scattered throughout the levels. The entire game takes place in a John Woo style film noir world. It's always dark and raining, the city is run-down. If you love film noir, you'll love Max Payne 2. It's not just the design of the levels but the story is heavily told throughout the game. I haven't seen the Max Payne movie, but I'm sure the story told in this game could be made into a full movie.

Gameplay was good even with just the one difficulty setting. After playing through the first two levels I was soon tired of Max's head always in the view of the target. I just knew throughout the entire game I would grow tired of this, and wished it was first person. So, I did a search. Somebody had created a first person mod, and I restarted the game and played it all in first person view. I think it was more enjoyable actually, as you can aim at enemies much easier. The trade off is your line of vision isn't quite as good.

But even so, the difficulty level was well balanced. The game increases the difficulty depending on how well your playing. The most difficult parts I found were when your having to escort or protect another character in the game. Including playing as the sexy Mona Sax trying to protect Max. However these were equally the more frustrating parts of the game.

Overall May Payne 2 was a great game, with fantastic story telling, good design and fun gameplay. It could have had more spectacular levels, but what was here fit in well with the film noir setting. Also not a long game; I finished it in three long sittings. No more than 10 hours. 
Max Payne 2 Was Fund 
bit short though.

But please, it's extremely try hard film noir at best :) 
anyone played this Dead Space game? 
Not Played It 
but the holographic HUD is a cool idea. I heard it was a lot like doom 3 in 3rd person however, so I may wait until it hits the bargain bucket :) 
But please, it's extremely try hard film noir at best :)

I always presumed the try-hard was tongue-in-cheek, although it wasn't particularly witty or funny.

I tried replaying Max Payne 2 recently, but on the PS2 this time. Had a lot less fun than before, I mainly blame the controls, oh and the FUCKING LACK OF QUICKSAVE/LOAD OR ANY TYPE OF SLIGHTLY CONVENIENT SAVE SYSTEM. I especially love being taken back several chapters of the game when I die, silly me for expecting a single autosave thoughout the whole game. I need to lie down. 
Nitin: Dead Space Impressions 
Got Max Payne2 for Christmas few years ago. Beat it in 3 hours. Not very satisfying tbh. 
I Remember 
It being far too short compared to the original as well. 
Sure, it was short but I find it hard to believe that it was 3 hours short on a first play through. 
yeah the developers were pretty lazy, there's even a few levels where you play through multiple times like that stupid fkn funhouse. but yeah... 3 hours on a first play through sounds a little low to me too. i guess if you skipped all the cinematics that would take an hour or two off. 
I liked it. Simple game but plenty of style. Was shortish but took me a lot longer than 3 hours. Certainly got plenty of playtime for my � as I do with almost any game. 
Looking back Max Payne 2 is still one of the best stories I ever played. Gotta play it again.
3 hours is a joke but maybe Zwiffle is so zwofflish that he zwuffled right through it.

I still haven't bought it though, cough. But I bought GTA:San Andreas and that piece of shit just does not end. So I guess I am even with the gaming industry dickheads. 
Hey, aren't you the guy who fell in love with Mona Sax? 
Yeah, quite embarrassing reading that old gibberish... 
thanks. I did do a search but didnt realise the game was so old :) 
negke: Post? Where is this little gold nugget hidden at? 
Replaying Hl1 
any links for HL 1 mods/editing info?

... I'm lazy, I know. 
I found this one really nice (but have to admit that I do not remember if I completed it, oops). If you like "post-nuclear" feeling, check it out:

Nice review site: 
Just Completed Gothic 2 
i've never play it before and i must say it impressed me a lot, what the beautiful game :) 
Anyone played it? From the authors of painkiller 
I'm using the steam version of half life, but not the source version. Not sure if downloading mods/editing will be a pain in the ass to set up - anyone have any experience there? 
no problems here with the non source version. Some older mods though dont work with 1.08 updates onwards. 
Pulsar I didn't think it was gold yet? Looks awesome though, a bit of a RTCW ripoff, but who cares if it looks good and is fun. 
i wonder why no one tells anything about it, it's about a week in retail. my pc is too old to run it 
I got the demo at work. It doesn't run all that well, and the PC here is fairly decent. It was running well on a coworker's PC, and looked pretty much like Painkiller in WW1. Fight zombie Germans, ghosts, use two weapons at a time, run around a lot, etc. 
Quake LIVE 
Is now an open beta, for anyone that missed the news. The site is totally swamped at the moment so I would leave it a while before trying to register if your interested :) 
Thanks Daz 
pretty frustrating right now though, with the queue to get onto the page. Had to go through it once to register, once after downloading the plugin, and now i'm in the queue again after i tried to go fullscreen in firefox and it completely fucked up and wouldn't let me quit.

Hopefully will get to play within the hour! 
offline play: worked fine, Q3 is still fun!
online play: good, good, lag, lag, BSOD

Might wait a few days and try again... 
Anyone know if there are any sites with Half life tutorials or mapping resources still active? 69th parallel seems to be dead. Handy Vandal is really hit and miss...
Did Valve ERC disappear too? 
Thanks Daz! 
Interlopers is source engine only, my bad!

But if you are mapping in Source, you should already have bookmarked Interlopers, signed up to their forums and read everything there :) They are like the func_msgboard of Source engine games. 
I just wanted to try and make a little HL Episode. It was the first game I ever mapped for and I never finished anything I started with it. So it's more of a nostalgia trip than anything else. 
John Carmack:

So, in the couple months after launch, we will be putting together, more or less, a subscription option that allows players, for a very nominal fee -- something around like the $4.99 price point -- to also probably do other things, but the core functionality will be to allow players to, through the very elegant interface they have on the website, run their own game servers.

So in the end, they really want to resell a 10 year old game that only consists of a multiplayer mode. Isn't this pretty sad?

It's a good game and all, but shouldn't they be doing something groundbreaking instead? 
Hello Mr. Negative,

I find QuakeLive pretty great. The matchmaking works fine and I have never had as much fun with Quake 3.

Maybe if you did not take that quote completely out of context, you would notice that he talks about paying for running custom servers.

The game is fucking free, isn't this pretty nice? 
Any Difference In Gameplay? 
how's it running for you? Every game I play ends up lagging and freezing up. Sometimes it fixes itself and goes back to playing normally (and usually freezes again later) and sometimes I get proper system crashes and BSODs.

Really affecting my enjoyment of the game... when it's running nicely I have a lot of fun. I'm running it on firefox 3, have tried fullscreen and windowed, playing on european servers, UK servers if I can find them. 
Fine For Me 
Yeah - everything maxed out, looks great, 60hz, sometimes I lose the server, the stats seem to be disabled at the moment.... other than that its fine! Oh - it has a freind finder and tried to accept a request from the Negke and that didnt seem to work. 
Maybe if you did not take that quote completely out of context, you would notice that he talks about paying for running custom servers.

I did.

The game is fucking free, isn't this pretty nice?

Apparently not, which was the whole point of my post. I consider running your own server a vital part of the package.

Playing on id's servers is "free" if you don't consider looking at ads ingame (and serving as part of the community that they are in fact selling, thereby effectively working for them, unpaid) some kind of price.

Mr. Negative, heh.

If being "positive" is another way of saying that someone is being stupid enough to eat all the shit that people toss at him, then yes, I'm proudly negative. 
Quake 2 is effectively free, since you can play online with just the demo and latest patch, and I'm pretty sure it lets you run a server and has no ingame ads O_o

But sssh, don't tell. 
Runs very fine for me! 
I must be doing something wrong then... I was hoping it was just early-days jitters, and it would sort itself out. Will look into it. 
Do you really think it being multiplayer only is part of the problem? I really prefer to see multiplayer or singleplayer only game where they focus on one of those parts instead of adding a half-assed version of one of the modes that takes away resources from the main component only to score an extra bullet point on the box.

Anyway it doesn't seem to run very well for me as it is now and although I can see some value being added by the site with friends/stats/matchmaking old Q3 would probably offer a more enjoyable experience currently. 
Do you really think it being multiplayer only is part of the problem

No. My tongue just slipped. 
[is qlive free?] Apparently not, which was the whole point of my post. I consider running your own server a vital part of the package.

Just read the article, from what I can see, you aren't allowed to run your own server, you are in fact buying time on their servers with your $5. He claims this represents good value relative to normal server rental costs, but I have no experience there, so who knows.

Playing on id's servers is "free" if you don't consider looking at ads ingame (and serving as part of the community that they are in fact selling, thereby effectively working for them, unpaid) some kind of price.

Well, this is the premise of ad-supported games I guess, it is what it is. It's free in the monetary sense, but you pay for it by having your eyeballs bombarded with special offers on herbal viagra pills. The game content is degraded, and you can choose to make that sacrifice if you wish. The exciting thing here is that because so many people are cheapskates (hi) those servers are going to be rammed. 
The advertising is quite subtle and not degrading the game in any way for me. Just think of it as random image on the wall (muh_bad but without jesus).

And since I consider QuakeLive more like a "free service" instead of a free game I am totally fine with it. I really hope id can monetise it so it does not vanish in a year. 
Flash Game 
"Don't Look Back" -- like a cross between Pitfall and Another World (AKA Out of This World.) Fun enough to play to the end. 
And Here's The URL: 
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 
quite decent, its better that you have the option of going stealth or assault rather than forcing you to go one way (which still happens every now and then but at least not all the time).

wasnt used to seeing so much aliasing, for some reason the game turns off AA (even if you force it through desktop) if you select HDR rendering. graphics were decent otherwise without being anything awe inspiring.

did get a bit repetitive towards the end.

overall, good. 
Is chaos theory on the UE3 engine? If so then that would explain the lack of AA. There is some technical reason why UE3 cannot do AA on anything but DX10 hardware but I can't remember what it was.

I have not actually played any of the Splinter Cell games, as I find stealth frustrating in 90% of games (was great in Deus Ex tho), but if the sequels give you more freedom of choice then I might have to check them out. 
not sure, but I think so.

as for the stealth, Chaos theory is no actioner in the normal sense but compared to the other Splinter Cells, the amount of action that could be used was welcome. 
After purchasing a used copy of this game 3 years ago (!), I finally finished it. Overall, the story was interesting but the game was just a bit too difficult. There were a few things, though, that I really appreciated:

1) The mansion hub - while "won't budge" could get a little annoying, I liked the giant haunted house theme and would love to see it implemented in a Quake mod/map pack.

2) The "finish him" animations - it was neat to see how the various baddies dispatched you in Undying, even if it was often awkward and you couldn't fast forward through it :(

3) Creature diversity - from the gypsy terrorists to the giant floating heads with arms, there was a good variety of enemies with just the right amount of evil mixed in. I would like to see someone implement a comprehensive collection of prehistoric monsters in Quake like the base baddies in Quoth (e.g., cavemen with melee and long-distance attacks, dinosaurs, man-eating vegetation, etc.).

That is all. Now I hope to start playing my used copy of Wheel of Time! 
It's one of the good games.

I found that the last 'autumn' section jarred a bit with the rest, but was a great style anyway.

The skeletons were the only misjudged bit - infinitely respawning enemies is ALWAYS a bad idea. 
Undying Was Great 
save for a few tech errors (czg has a great post on them earlier).

Wheel of Time is good fun too, great atmosphere like Undying. 
Undying Was Great 

As was Wheel Of Time. 
I Tried Playing WoT... 
i'm also reading the books right now and WoT game should NEVER have been a shooter. :\

i guess cause shooters were all the rage back then, but it would (and still could) make a great rpg. i'm eager to see how dragon age plays. 
WoT And Undying Are Both Great 
BTW, you can 'kill' the skeletons for good with the Invoke spell (or some other spell if I named the wrong one). 
That's it.

Although I always preferred to use after killing a donkey to bring it back to life. 
Nile Online

This is browser game that is free to play and involves building a city and trading materials and goods with other players in order to upgrade your own city status.

Its quite an addictive little thing, perfect for switching to and managing your city for a few minutes every couple of hours to keep things ticking over, just the kind of thing you might want if you are bored at work :)

Try it out if resource management / trading games are you sort of thing! 

Its a 3D flash first person action game (some might even say shooter, if you consider casting fireballs as shooting :-P). It took me a while to make (now i know why many 2.5D games used prerendered art instead of hand drawn sprites :-P), although i didn't worked on it all the time (mostly a side project).

Currently there are only five levels, although each level has something new to show (otherwise i could have done much more levels but they would be too 'same').

Btw, there is a dopefish hidden somewhere.
Can you find it? :-)

Any comments would be appreciated :-)

AH! Before i press the Submit button... do not forget to read the instructions (they're below the story)! Also if you're using firefox, due to a bug i'm trying to squish, do not press the right button or you'll hang your browser! 
hey, cool. Nice old-schoolness. Kind of like if they tried to make Heretic using the wolfenstein engine. 
Great Article About Game Reviews And Stupid Fanboys 
Aye, good article.

The Killzone 2 review linked from the article is scary though. Fairly happy review with 80% score and over 60 pages of Anonymous and profanity filterd abuse... 
This Is Kind Of Awesome... 
I'd play it... Mainly for the emu headshot

Also, lol at the cure for crying at the end. 
CoD 2 
throughly enjoyed it, probably the best of the military shooters I've come across.

Nice big levels, good autosave system coupled with well pulled off no health bar gameplay, varied missions and squad members that feel like squad members. Linear but importantly has a few routes available whenever there is a fairfight so that there is no bottlenecks. 
cool physics puzzle game: 
Good found ;) 
It's not that special in concept but extremely well finished. 
Replay Doom 2 TNT Evilution 
Hell, I didn't remember how good it was.. fucking good map.. To play again without any doubts :D 
... I Thought TNT: Evilution Was Part Of Final Doom 
along with the plutonia experiment or what ever :O
//doom3 should have been doom4 on PC :P

////damn i should play Final Doom again :S 
Final Doom is a compilation of the best Doom maps ever, and TNT Evilution / Plutonia Experiment has been included "as is" in the pack... And if you have any interest of replaying it separately on your PC (as I do with Doom Legacy engine) you can download the Doom wads here: in the wads section ;)
Enjoy !! 
Was right - World of Goo is pretty good. It is just an extended flash game, but with more depth, better story and artwork.

$20 is a bit steep for what you get, nut I'm having fun with it. 
Shii !!!!! 
That's very insulting to women! 
New Fallout ! 
Fallout: New Vegas - apparently a new game, not a sequel to Fallout 3 but more like a contemporary kind of thing. Coming out next year or so.

Who else is excited? 
I Still 
Haven't played ANY of the previous Fallouts - so many games, so little time. $50 is a price I try to pay once or twice a year as well. 
That's Surprising. 
i'd have thought they'd just keep doing downloadable content for FO3. 
Screw Fallout 3! Get Fallout 1 for 1$ somewhere and lose countless hours in its greatness. 
Isnt It In Fallout 1 N' 2 
you can make your characters intelligence so low that when they speak its just Sloth-like sounds? 
L4D Survival Pack 
The DLC is free to all owners of Left 4 Dead and introduces a new multiplayer game mode entitled, Survival, plus two complete campaigns for Versus Mode.

No mention of any new coop stuff = pointless = count me out. 
yeah, although it's more like "me help you" instead of "sure, i'll help you out."
and some NPCs mock you which is pretty funny. 
L4D Pack

You can't be counted out unless you never connect to the internet to play.

There's a rumour that the HDR testmap (lighthouse) might be one of the Survival maps, though don't know how valid that is. 
There it is, including a lighthouse.

58% and counting . . . 
And Some NPCs Mock You Which Is Pretty Funny 
only three letters can describe that: L, O, L 
Okay, maybe I'm not understanding Survival mode, is it coop then??

I'd rather just have new campaigns / a new weapon / a new special. 
Is basicly a never ending finale event like the ending area of each campaign. The idea is to survive (duh) as long as you can against endless zombies and specials.

I did hear a rumour that Valve were working on a flamethrower for L4D, which would be great :D

Also, I would love some sort of heavy melee weapon that you could replace pistols with perhaps, like a fire axe or sledge hammer, im sure that could be fun ;) 
It's like the DMSP player mod but co-op Sham.

Still got all the hectic teamplay you enjoy from campaign, but without all that hassle of walking through a level (yes, I agree that it's inferior to a new campaign, but still, probably be good for a laugh or 6) 
Yes I'm a single-player player. Playa! 
I see. Hmmm, maybe baby.

+1 for flamethrower. 
I Like 
The sound of new specials - the Screamer that was cut was basically a cross between the Boomer and the witch but there's alot of scope for other designs.

Not a fan of the weapon suggestions so far - an instant fire weapon negates the molotov's clunkiness. It was left clunky for a reason and adding the ability to instantly flame stuff introduces a whole new range of mechanics.

Could be done I spose.

Melee would be fun, but I doubt they'll go for it. I suspect they'll keep the zombies as the melee creatures. It's the cool thing to do right now - 1st person everything - but I'm not yet convinced. Have yet to play Zeno Clash though.

How about a disposable rocket launcher? Not a Quake rocket launcher but a real one. I mean kneel down to fire, shrapnel pinging off etc. A tank stopper.

Another one might be claymores - cover yourselves but if you don't let your team-mates know then you're fucked.

The other thing that could be an interesting new mechanic is non-combatants. You have to get them to the safe house but they're useless bots without guns. 
Not too sure about a rocket launcher, even if it is real world inspired. It would make me feel too powerful against the zombies, and something would be lost as a result. Its scary when you look at a huge horde running at you and "shit, I've only got this fucking peashooter?" :)

Claymores could be a very cool addition indeed, or any kind of "home made" booby traps that you can set down like that.

"useless bots without guns".. Please die in a fire!!!!!! =) The only good I can see coming from such an idea would be if you could blindfold them, tell them to scream and run away from you, thereby attracting a ton of zombies to them while you slip past. Roofles may be had.

Maybe a full length dress mirror would be a cool "weapon" ;) 
I Meant 
A RL as a single shot LAW type weapon which has a big delay to fire - it'd be useless against a horde unless you wanted to turn your team into pate.

Just got the image of a curling smoke trail and a tank being quartered in a spray of intestines.

Hm, maybe bodyguard scenarios are a shitty idea. But different scenarios / missions could be good - go find a car battery and come back to the safe house, for example. 
I'm Thinking 
MicroMachines Racing Game Online 
this is how the game looks like

6MB to download, we are GMT+1

icq 259689233 
feel free to join us meltslime or just shuttafucka. it may LOOK like game for little kids but it IS the most addictive online game ever. (runs on XP with no problems) 
Did Anyone Try That ZenoClash Melee FPS? 
Not Yet 
But most everyone in my office has it - the guys who made it are a splinter dev team from ours, and we're still pretty friendly.

I haven't played it yet (credit card maxed for the month) but the general first impressions sound good and visually its interesting - an acid trip inside the Sorcery books (original inspiration). 
I just bought it. Will post feedback later.

How do you spell slef conrtol? 
ok, it is qip number of course, not stupid icq 
Zeno Clash 
Well worth the $20.

I'm still not convinced that first person camera is the best way to represent melee, but when the mechanics are so well balanced it doesn't really matter.

The things that impress so far are the melee, storyline and visuals.

The melee system is simple yet has a nice range of options to exploit.

The gun sections make a nice break from the fisticuffs - sniping at animals or mercenaries. The shooting mechanics are not as polished as the melee (less tactics) but they're not the focus of the gameplay.

Usually the better option against groups is to throw the weapon away and start brawling, which is oddly realistic, although the ranged weapon damage isn't so much.

It's apparently pretty short but that's represented by the price.

Interesting game. 
Orange Box 
Is 66% off this weekend, buy it if you don't have it. 
Fallout 3 
Well, I bought a copy of Far Cry 2 and Crysis Warhead recently (terrible distractions from mapping I know), and although I am slowly trudging through both games, for some reason I found myself strangely drawn back to Fallout 3! Despite the fact that I already completed the game (well the stroy mode anyway) first time through, it is such a brilliant game and has sooooooooo much replayability that I just couldnt resist.

Having already done about 70-80% of what is in there I am able to plan my tatics a bit better. Here I am at level 4, with the alien blaster hunting deathclaws for XP. I refuse to use any drugs this time round, and also I am going to persue the route of melee weapons expert!

And I know that I could probably play it again in the future, except I will see what happens when I take the entirely evil route! :DDD

For those who havent for whatever reason, this game is truly the best game of '08, and well worth a look! And yes, I think its better than Oblivion, which I didnt like at all... 
I have a mental block with Fallout3 ... I keep restarting, trying different character builds. I can't get very far before my mind starts wandering, "Man, I wonder what would happen if I specialized in X?". So I start over, specializing in "X". Repeat indefinitely. :) Awesome game though, I agree! 
Playing KotOR 2 Atm 
and its very playable but somehow it feels not as good as the first. Maybe because its *too* similar, almost feels like an expansion than a new game. 
I Believe 
kotor 2 was rushed a lot. probably why it doesn't have a real ending and has so much unused assets still in the game. (you can download mods that add these unused assets back into the game, if you're interested) 
The Path 
Extremely slow - haven't played it but apparently you need 6 hours uninterrupted to get the best out of it. 
Zeno Clash Is Cool 
thats all 
gets better, even addictive, from the middle to the end. The end levels get a bit tedious though. Overall pretty good, but definitely lacked polish. 
and its one the worst AA rendered games I've seen, so many jagged lines even with 8xAA in which most games look great. 
Plants vs Zombies is good. You will to download now! 
Quake 4 
finally around to playing it.

Effectively a less polished but entertaining in its own way of D3 with moments of spoogeworthy graphics and a well executed if over oppressive theme. 
Ok Finished It 
same comments as above for the whole thing except that there are lots of moments of spoogeworthy graphics, especially in the levels inside the nexus area. Insane amounts of detail in some of those bits without seeming too cluttered as UT2KXX does (well from screenshots anyway) 
Id Software's Cancelled Game 
did anyone else completely miss this news last year?

That's all I can find on it, apparently id software were developing a game with id tech 5 for 18 months, which they abandoned because they felt it was rehashing Doom 3. Anyone got any more information? 
Yeah, It Was Called Rage 
Good riddance. 
It was called 'Darkness', Rage is the project they dropped Darkness for. 
I remember that. Based on what I remember thinking I heard about it, I think they made a good decision to cancel it. Wasn't that big a deal to me anyway. 
Plants Vs Zombies 
Greatest game ever made.

Re: Plants Vs Zombies 
For some odd reason, my 9800 GTX does not like the demo, and will, after a few minutes, turn everything into seemingly 8-bit colors and freeze.

Having said that, what I did play of it was boring, and it doesn't seem like it will hold my attention for long. Of course, Peggle as well did not hold my attention either.

Just those kinds of games I suppose. 
really want to try the demo, but can't really justify it right now, being in the middle of finals. Damn you PopCap, with your games so full of PopCrack, ho ho ho etc. 
Post Number Twothousandsixhundredone 
HAH! i like the "Shacknews artist's rendering" 
Too many. 
fab game, although after this and q4, I'm oppressive teched out :)

Someone mentioned ages ago the fact that you cant die, I thought the spirit levels were pretty much the same punishment wise as reloading from where you die (ie if you are used to autosaving, no real difference). 
I'm Really Looking Forward To This: 
Are They Serious With That One? 
i was laughing and shocked at the same time 
Wot's The... 
...postage rates to Sweden? Am gonna buy a copy for CZG... 
it's download only. 

Short, worth playing, clean pixel art.... pretty decent. 
Now This Looks Good: 
Holy crap, that looks killer! Great environments!! And I loved ICO to death so this is a day one purchase for me. Awesome, awesome... 
Whats ICO? 
One of the best games ever; 
Whats ICO?

Get out. And leave your gamer card by the door on your way out. 
Holy Shit 
that's big news! Looks exactly halfway between ICO and SOTC. This is probably years away isn't it :( 
I'm Wondering 
If you control the Hippogriff or the kid.

. . . and why the kid's art style looks completely different from the rest of the game. 
Holy Shit On A Stick Vasquez! 
Welcome to earlier in the day. 
you are a cunt! 
Never Played Console 
so dont know any console specific games. 
Haha, I saw the shots on kotaku earlier and specifically thought: Daz will literally jizz his pants at this, so hard he may die. 
When good graphics and a good theme meet *nods* 
That Does Look 
very spoogeworthy. 
hm is there a way to beat the boss? and the sea thing is.. weird. i even got the poor little guy to the end, but he just died. I question the reward system :) 
I thought they were trying to play on the conventional gamer expectations... the lack of a 'win' state, or clearly defined goals. The early section seems intentionally arbitrary - what are these things i'm picking up? Who are those guys I'm killing and why?

On the other hand, while the execution is good in one way (pixel-art, music, movement in section 1), the gameplay in the underwater area is hugely boring and frustrating. Inverted steering with annoying inertia in the dark + flashlight pointing the other way to where you're going, oh boy. Intentional, maybe. Irritating, yes. Payoff, no.

I wish less pixel art platform games tried to be clever and arty and just gave me situations where I can rescue Princess Peach/My gay lover Tails from King Koopa/Dr. Robotnik. 
Inverted steering with annoying inertia in the dark + flashlight pointing the other way to where you're going, oh boy. Intentional, maybe. Irritating, yes. Payoff, no.

Exactly. I like the idea, it should just have been executed better. There's some form of communication missing. The little hints you give the player. Discovering that you can Persuadertronize the fishes didn't feel rewarding, because i was wandering around for minutes until i finally got it, and then immediately knew i had to wander round even longer to find all of them. Also, there was no feedback if they were helping at all or were just a gimmick. Finding some weird green thing that i had no idea what it was supposed to do didn't feel rewarding. just random. I still don't really get what happened ;-) 
Now rebellion dont sit very well with me, after the masterpiece that was avp they have made shite (unless you can prove me wrong).

But, the shots from avpr look fucking fantastic so far, so im slyly crossing my fingers that they are going to return to the greatness that was AvP. I don't think ive ever played such a suspenseful and atmospheric game since (hmm actually, perhaps the penumbra games) and the moments of sheer terror when an alien pulls your face off! Good, good times.

This AND Colonial Marines, my god im in heaven... I just hope the cornbread is good 
I Just Hope They Dont Can Colonial Marines 
Man I got a baaaaaaaad feelin' about the fact that they might can Colonial Marines.

Release a bloody classic shooter already, some company...... !!! 
Re: Fathom (spoilers) 
i agree with the criticism that the middle section is a bit too tedious for what it is. I thought the overall presentation was great, and the twist ending and stuff was cool, the only real problem is that specific twist has been done to fucking death in movies, tv shows, books, etc. etc. etc. for decades or maybe centuries. It's basically An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge in video game form. But like i said, done well. 
Errr Another L4D Type Thing.. 
Haven't played. Heard good shit about it. Meh. Why did no-one tell me L4D was �4 a few weeks back? No worries about the trousers. Safe. 
nice weapons, cool enemies, decent gameplay.

But the engine is a bit unpolished (hello plasticness) and the level design could have been more inspiring given the setting, lots of detail but not all that interesting detail.

Gameplay is fun but unfortunately very repetitive too given the timeshift powers and the fact that you can die in like 2 sec if you try and play this like a normal shooter. I liked the auto regeneration but some armor would have been good too even if they had to tinker with other stuff for balance. 
Just Finished The Wheel Of Time 
for the first time, what the great game.
in the credit menu there is a name Warren Marshall, is it you Willem? 
Pretty Sure It Is 
responsible for many of the shadar logoth classic levels. 
I didn't play the game but the books are great. 
Killing Floor 
A few in the office have it, sometimes L4D is on backburner, but they basically say it{s like Survivor mode but with more varieties of zombies. And much longer load times.

Didn{t catch my attention, tbh, seeing as it seems I already own it, inside L4D. 
Whenyou Say Killing Floor I Get The Feeling Is SHOULD Be 
a Ancient Roam arena where space-cowboys and waist-land warriors have chainsaw-jousts on the backs of dinosaurs and ginormous scorpions and other ultra-violent sports to the beat}s of Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Fear, but i know it will just end up being a disappointing zombie game 
Oh Yeah And 
the last boss would have to be Brucie Campbell as Ash from..well you know ;} 
Killing Floor:

THATs what it makes me think of! :))) 
Try typing on a spanish keyboard when you've no time.

It doesn't look special TBH, just reminds me of that Q1 map where you have to watch over your comrade's tomb. I forget the name. 
"in the credit menu there is a name Warren Marshall, is it you Willem?"

Yep, that was the first big game I ever worked on! 
I got it for very cheap and got it because one of my favorite mappers Kew Jervis worked on it.

I agree, it was a great game - tons of atmosphere. I really liked Shadar Loggoth and those basement halls full of traps. 
The multiplayer was kind of interesting at the time too, but it never really picked up. Was lots of interesting tricks to do with the spells, like shooting a position switch spell just as your throwing yourself in lava with a fire resist rune. 

Oh yes, the WoT multiplayer was incredible - and I don't use that word too lightly. I think that it was too complex for people at the time, however. It came out right around the UT/Quake3 timeframe so all anyone wanted to do was blast each other with rocket launchers. Having to think about 20 ter'angreal and their various interactions was too much work I think.

WoT was one of those games where if you got a bunch of guys together who really knew the ter'angreals and how to use them it was an absolute blast. We had some killer deathmatches around the office during development. 
Oh Yeah 
Tim Jervis did work on it didnt he, his unreal pack Illhaven is still awesome. 
Yeah I was quite sad it died out fairly fast, I had some great games on it, even on the demo before the full game came out. Was fun just having hundreds of homing stuff flying around, you're never sure how a battle is gonna turn out, depending on who has the most counters. 
WoT Should Have Been Called 

I never played more than the demo though. 
Yep, that was the first big game I ever worked on!

And arguably the best. Fsck Gears3 or whatever you're doing atm, get Epic to acquire the license for a remake tbh... 
Well, since it inarguably paid the worst, I'm going to have to decline. :) 
This Is Not A Love Song Eh Willem? 
were you at legend during Unreal 2? do any levels for that? 

I was there during the very early pre-production work but I left for Epic before any real work got done. So, no, I don't have any levels in there. 
When is Matt Sefton returning to the Quake community? I miss that guy. 
Didn't he start remaking a map a while back? 
That was Matthias Worch. 
Oh yeh, ofc.

Why did all the truly old skool have names starting with M? 
Matthias Worch 
8 March 2009 headline on his quake page at says he is looking for testers. 
Sefton Did A Q3A Map... 
but that's last I've heard of him mapping :(

Screenshots look fucking rad.

I think that levels gonna be kinda like a big deal. 
All this Mass Effect 2 E3 preview business is making me want to go back through and play it again. Eeeffffffffff 
The Original 
It makes me want to play through the original again, not the sequel (of course.) 
Mass Effect 
played through it once on PC, it was a fantastic experience! The combat was a tad crap but the story and characters more than made up for it.

Really looking forward to the sequel! Hmm and the bioware MMO too actually! :P 
Spooged Again :( 
always with aliens, zombies and trying to make it like real life and the like;

don't they have anything original for new first person shooters? 
But those ideas get cancelled when marketing comes back - saleability of content unknown, saleability of zombies 70%.

It's important to remember that execs don't give a shit what the game is about, only that it sells. And that producers tend to have their balls surgically removed upon signing their employment contract. 
originality is underrated but not as underrated as quality. 
Guys, it's Aliens vs Predator. The characters aren't really open to interpretation. 
I need a good aliens game, my poor mind has been starved for way to long! 
I Was 
actually trying to say stuff originality if the game is good, and so far this one looks good. 
Guys, it's Aliens vs Predator. The characters aren't really open to interpretation.

I disagree - I would actually love to see some bold variations of the Predator and Aliens we all know. The idea of the alien has tons of potential already because of the face-hugger breeding through different organisms thing, and, well, I'm sure there are a fuck ton of ways to spice up the Predator. They don't all have to be clones of the first one. 
Established franchises don't really need to be messed with, IMO. If you want to go all freaky experimental, create a new IP. 
Should Be A Player Mode 
Where you are a face hugger. or a baby. first level starts in some dudes intestines.

Oh, and I hope they digitally insert Arnold Schwarz into the game. Or at least Danny Glover. 
All the best franchises constantly evolve (this is a statement I'm pulling out of my ass, but just play along.)

Terminator introduces newer and better terminators each movie, etc etc.

Star Wars constantly adds new things, different ways to fight with light sabers, aliens, etc etc.

Hell, Quake is a COMPLETELY NEW GAME each and every iteration. And Quake 4 = Doom 3, so that counts as a new game.

For a species as technologically advanced as the Predators to have cloaking technology, laser targeting shoulder cannons,and arm-band nukes, they sure as hell could have a ton of different, interesting gadgets with which to battle, more interesting armor, etc. A warrior-centric society where each Predator tries to display his (or her?) own trophies and badges of honor, etc, has a ton of room to evolve. 
Firstly I LOVE Aliens. What a fantastic movie! I really hope they dont can Aliens: Colonial Marines, because I would love a game like that - set in the Aliens universe, likely to stay with the established themes of my fave movie!

Without bringing a predator into the equation at all, as a games designer (creature artiste or whatever) you could have so much fun with the Aliens species (the Alien/Aliens/Alien3 and maybe (just maybe) Alien Resurrection). You could have all types of Aliens! It begs the question - do aliens favour humans/humanoids as hosts or were they just using them because that's all there was? What if aliens made it to earth - you could have snake aliens, bull aliens, dog aliens, cat aliens, tiger, lions, elephants, horses, sharks, you name it!

Imagine if aliens made it to a planet with dinosaur like creatures on it?

I dont personally feel offended by the idea of any of these, a movie would be fucking scary as could a game. But making the predalien out of AvP2 Requiem have dreadlocks was a TERRIBLE idea. Really. If the artwork is done true to the style of Giger/Camerons alien, and the space marines are bad-assed enough then it would work.

Its a shame that the imagination has been taken out of the aliens franchise. It was a franchise which originally was about imagination. Its the stuff schoolboy's dreams are made of (quite literally) and TBH I think the only thing which has been capitalised and perverted in a worse manner is probably the bible! or something.

Think about it in terms of "what we know about the alien". What did we know about the alien by the end of Alien3?

Facehuggers impregnate large animals (always mammals? or large creatures?) which then "hatch" into aliens which although have a recognisable form do inherit many features from their hosts.

Acid for blood
Inner jaws
Intelligent agressive behaviour
Blah blah blah.....

I mean you could have countless different scenarios with different hosts and environments!
But the recent stories have all seemed completely cliched, the aliens havent been allowed to be anything other than "human" aliens and "predator" aliens, so as not to break the "iconic" laws of marketing, the posters, the glyphs, the hardware. Rotten tomatoes!!!!!!!! 
In The Comics 
I'm thinking specifically of the series Aliens: Colonial Marines, there were a shit fuck ton of different aliens. Somehow there was a water planet and there were like squid aliens and whale aliens, which, as I remember, totally scared the crap out of me as a kid (mainly because of my fear of the wide empty ocean + unknown oceanic life combined with aliens.)

Also: if you can find it, check out the Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer for the Nintendo DS. They have crazy kinds of aliens in that game it looks like. There was a scene of a 30-foot giant alien who just picked up marines like ragdolls. Looked like fun. 

You can probably find a better picture of these toys, but yeah, I had (have, actually) the Mantis Alien. How a face hugger impregnated a mantis, I'll never know. 
Truer Words 
Should Be A Player Mode where you are a face hugger. or a baby. first level starts in some dudes intestines.

This was actually in the original alien vs predator game. First level you were a face-hugger, second level a chest-burster. Dunno if doing it again would be too much of a retread... 
That's Pimp Zwiffle 
variety is great, its good to kill things that look different from each other, gives personality and makes for a well rounded experience 
E3 fucking rocks. L4D 2 announced, Project Natal, etc etc. I'm so tingly! 
Timeshift - quite good, I liked it a bit more than Nitin, solid feel to the combat, good but not great shooter.

WOT - great game, might have said this before. A fantasy classic. It didn't inspire me to read the books but it was atmospheric, stylish, distinctive, and interesting gameplay.

AVPwotever - looks good still. 
L4D2 Cynicism 
Hm. So you can't release a large DLC because of the Xbox limit, so you have to make it an entirely new game, justifying the expense by adding HDR and the phong shading from TF2.

Does look like it'll be good though, but basically torpedoes the previous version. 
"Valve employees decide which game gets made"

Wtf is that supposed to mean? I know what they want us to think; that there's some kind of democratic system in place. 
E3 2009 
Medal Of Honor Airborne 
I cant even get this game to install. google tells me its physx related but I dont even have physx installed.

what the hell EA? 
Nice set of quirky flash games. 
Little Wheel: 
short point and click adventure with nice art: 
Nice Art 
but it's a lot like an interactive movie ;) 

I hope this is true! I know that I'm making myself succeptible for a severe dressing down about how its a console game and not designed for the PC, but I dont think I would have any problems with the controls. I for one would definately buy it!

UE3 engine games always run very well on PCs with half decent processors, just ashame theres no anti-aliasing, but thats no big deal really..... 
I for one would definately buy it!

Personally I'd just d/l it...

"Personally I'd just d/l it...


Dude, really? That's pretty insulting. 
Yeah, I Think He's Jut Trying To Bate You! 
And you fell for it..... 

But yeah, probably. The thing is, I run into jerks like that all the time so my natural compulsion is to take it at face value. 
Surely you've seen enough of my posts to take _nothing_ I say seriously?

Don't make me posts the photo of my GoW case held up in front of a screen with func on again (I would do one with the GoW2 case, but I completed it co-op at a friends and holding up someone else's copy wouldn't really prove the 'I buy games' point).

But yeh, it was a mixture of showing inertia how to bait, a throw back to previous piracy conversations (including the hissy-quit one that led to the afore mentioned photo) and a minor commentary on one of the main reasons for delayed PC releases. This isn't just flame bait, it's Marks & Spencer's Organic Meta-textual Flame Bait. (reference lost on all non-UK residents deprived of M&Ss food pr0n) 
Altho part of me is tempted to get a list of every game Willem's ever worked on and pirate them all on principle (the principle of humour, but still ;) 
The Interesting Part Is 
It would not have any more impact to anything in this world than if you clapped your hands and shouted "harrharrharr!". That's what many don't get about some individuals personal reasons to pirate stuff. 
i can't believe you played through gow2 at a friends without buying it.