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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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OK, This Looks Very Cool... 
Errr yeah. 
Very good Russian humour. I'd cite from the site, but you'll really have to read for yourself. I laughed.

This is the same MG tower but the soldier is equipped with a missile launcher instead of machinegun. The soldier is also given a piece of bacon for greezing the barrel and a bottle of whiskey for cleaning the aiming optics.

If you have ever been in the army, you will find this funny. 
Lol, Lol, Lol 
Mines are effective equally against troops and vehicles. They have winning appearance, and are easy to install and use.

Five fully equipped troops are frozen and GZIPped into standard rectangular bricks. Before refrigeration, each trooper is prepared using special hormons and steroids, and can be used in action after quick microwave-aided defreezing. Shipped in two versions with machine guns and handheld rocket launchers.

Boomerang rocket is an accidental modification of the homing missile that has been found after beta drivers were installed from a damaged CD

argh. I'll stop now, because I have to compile it.

Bioshock now �3.50 on steam, if you haven't bought it already! 
if the fucking stupid store will actually let you buy anything.

Thanks valve! 
why not go and, er, maybe no. wouldnt want to start a flame war..... 
Vietcong (2003) 
It's been a couple of months since I've played a full game, having kept myself busy with Half-Life mods. Most of which were fairly average, but of course the engine was designed in 1996. I read a review for Vietcong which mentioned the game being only marginally better looking than the high-definition updated Half-Life. So, as usual, I wasn't expecting much, but Vietcong definitely delivered. The visuals were great, albeit outdated by todays standards. But compared to it's competitiors of the time; Medal Of Honor and Call Of Duty, Vietcong looks just as good. But it's hard to compare because most of the battles in Vietcong take place in lush jungle and bush.

The waterfalls, rivers, rotting trees and bush everywhere creates an atmosphere I have not yet played in game. The levels were also quite big, some of which you can easily get lost in. Although there is a fairly linear path, you often need your teammates to guide you through because it doesn't always look linear.

Which brings us to another aspect that Vietcong suceeded at compared to most other first person shooters - team mates. You team mates don't really get in your, they don't get stuck or lost, the aren't complete idiots that run into bullets. Your pointman also shows you the way, although at a snails pace. You don't have to wait for them, they won't hold up your progression, but if they are around in a gunfight it's certainly helpful. There are a couple of levels where you're fighting with another team charging up a hilll towards some ruins full of Vietcongs, so you've got at least a dozen team mates charging up with up - a neat feeling.

The game does have some flaws though. The biggest being limited quicksaves. You can only use quicksave five times on normal difficulty - and with the instant deathtraps and when a single bullet can slash your health in half, you need unlimited quicksaves. Fortunately, you can get unlimited quicksaves on easy difficulty. But easy was actually still very fun, certainly not so easy that you can play with your eyes closed.

The other annoying thing was the limited amount of ammunition and weapons you can carry. One handgun, and one normal gun, but often you have to drop your weapons and pick up an enemies gun because you've run out of ammo. Actually picking up ammo is a timely matter, as is making countless radio calls in the middle of battle.

Vietcong was not a long game, probably ten hours max. But maybe it just felt short because I was having so much fun with it. Everything is very realistic, even killing your enemies as you need to hit them pretty well or they'll recover and keep shooting. Great graphics for 2003 and fun gameplay means I'm looking forward to playing the official addon pack and sequel. It's a pity the creators, Pterodon & Illusion Softworks, haven't done much else in this genre. But, how will this hold up against Men Of Valor, the only other successful Vietnam-based game released a year later... 
Cool Alchemy/Programming/Machine Design Game 
OMFG Vietcong 
is like the best coop game ever. I doubt there are still any servers up, but I used to play online on the hardcore servers and it was totally ace. Probably on par with left 4 dead, just not as polished.

Hidden and Dangerous 2 Sabre Squadron has nice coop too, if anyone fancies revisiting old classic games with their mates to play coop. 
try being a radio man in vietcong... you actually have to use the map when calling in an airstrike, and as the map isn't full of detail and markers showing where stuff is, it's not impossible to miss the enemy completely or even blow yourself and team up. A neat touch. 
Airlock-based Puzzle Game

Unfortunately, some of hte random levels are stupidly easy, but you can move on quickly to a harder one. 
You just killed my productivity. 
I Want To Buy It !!! 
Kek, lovely. And tasteful.

May I suggest here tho JPL; 
So Has Anyone... 
Played the dawn of war 2 beta on steam?

I loved CoH. so I have high expectations for this game, please tell me its not shiiite :( 
I Played It 
Only played 2 really short matches, in which I was thoroughly thrashed. Not really sure at all what to make of it tbh. It's a lot different from Dawn of War, but I haven't played enough to know whether it's good or not. Haven't figured out how to play, and there's no real tutorial, so I'll prolly need to play a lot to figure it out. 
Okay so I just played through Firestarter, an old 2004 Russian FPS. Oh and Vondur was a level designer on it, lol. Vondur I bet you did that big Empire level with the hole in the middle? That was my favourite of the game.

The levels were all really good, it looked as good as Doom4, albeit a little more cartoony and not as good lighting. The gameplay was also all pretty good, monsters entertaining, weapons decent. This would have made a pretty good multiplayer game actually. But it seemed to be marketed as a single player game - which is a bit disappointing. You play in 16 arena's, where various parts get unlocked as you kill more baddies. Much like my Chanthood Quake map, actually.

I reckon it could have shown a lot of promise of being a good shooter if only there were proper, linear single player levels rather than deathmatch arenas. Oh and no quicksave is lame. 
Okay so what game shall I play next from 2005?

I've never played a Tom Clancy game, are these any good? Are they action games or just strategy crap?

I'm thinking one of the below games:

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (2005)
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (2006)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown (2005) 
Havent Played That Particular Splinter Cell 
but I have got it and I didnt mind the last one I played (Pandora Tomorrow).

Never liked the Rainbow Six series.

Currently playing PoP: Two Thrones, this series is just a whole lot of fun. 
I've got it downloaded but haven't had chance to play it yet.

Apparently you need a GamesForWindows account.

What is G4W? A mailing list, DRM, some other wankery?

The demo is coming from Steam, why do I have to fuck around with other 'helpful' systems?

Will post once I've had a look at it. 
Games For Windows LIVE 
Its not so bad. It solves problems like the dates on savegames getting fucked up. You might get an online gamerscore or whatever.

GTA4 uses it, I dont really mind. Its not so hard to fix it up. I've only ever recieved one email from them I think and that was on signup.

I think more and more games will use it, probably anti-piracy measures..... 
So I've got to play the game between two slices of DRM bread.

Fuck it.

I don't mind Steam, and I probably wouldn't mind Windows whatever either, but both together is too much of a ballache for me - it's not like I don't have other stuff to play.

When are the high up fuckwits going to realise that you need to make it as easy as possible for the customers to buy your product.

GamesForWindows + Steam = sale -1 
That Aint So Bad 
GTA4 is rediculous!

G4W, Rockstar Games Social Club, .NET Framework, Visual C++ (!!!?&%#$!!@!), NVidia BETA Drivers (which crashed my comp)


Atleats you dont NEED Steam for DoW2 (do you?) 
I didn't buy GTA4 either.

DOW2 I can buy in hard copy, but if I have to do that just to circumvent their DRM systems (considering I'll probably have to find a nocd patch anyway) then I'm not feeling like a valued customer.

I just mentioned being a valued customer and hacking a game in the same sentence. I can say something like that because it's my ~$50 you want me to part with. 
Today the British government (a) decided 3 strikes was unenforceable and, more importantly, (b) suggested increasing ISP's prices to cover a mandatory fee to 're-imburse' the music industry for users piracy.

I think this legally obliges me to steal media now... 

If my blurred rambling didn't make sense. Heavy weekend ;p 
I got it - the three strikes thing threw me because it was introduced when I was outside blighty.

The music industry has long being going down the tubes since they want to hang onto hard formats - that being the only way they can squeeze a profit.

How much longer are cd's going to be a viable format?

And if you can fit thousands of songs onto most other forms of media then hard formats become obsolete.

Not much to do with the topic, or pirating music, but;

Criminalising your customers a bad idea? It's mind-numbing how slow most of the industry CEO's are, considering games are supposed to be the new media. 
there seems (to me, anyway) to be a downward spiral at the moment where more people are pirating because of stricter drm 
of course, i realize it's not *just* because of that. nothing is that simple. 
Three Strikes? 
didn't know you guys were baseball fans... 
a couple of flash games with boiled-down "coop" puzzles. you control multiple entities, toggle between them, and solve puzzles. 
How well does it run, yo? 
Don't think it requires such a top of the line pc, it ran very well with all settings maxed, but my vid card is pretty new. 
My girlfreind's netbook will run it on Medium:

9300 M GS (8400 equiv) 256 dedicated
Vista (!)
2Gb DDR2 667
5400rpm HDD
Atom 270 (1.6Ghz)

Runs OK, occasional mild stuttering, but y'know - it's a Netbook!

Brilliant game. I run 1920x1200 on an 8800GTS on High! :)

Buy it...... 
Runs Good 
running on high settings on my laptop (2ghz core 2 duo, mobile 8600gt, 2gb ram, XP) at 1280x800, getting a good 30fps. 
Off topic-ing a bit more, my personal favourite media industry tactic is using download statistics as a lost profit model.

This means that every time an album is downloaded, they count it as an (~)15$ loss of earnings that can be written off against profits to avoid paying tax. ie, for every album downloaded the publishing company makes ~1$ in taxes they don't have to pay. Whether the downloader would have bought the album or not, the publisher makes money (and the artist gets screwed). 
Careering Off-topic ... 
You're joking. Big business are such scum. Maybe someone will get a chance to give G.W.B. a bullet now.
<Loosen collar>

Fallout 3 does look amazing :>.. saw it briefly on a 360. I played Industri/Tenebrae for the first time too. Nice looking Q1 engine. 
They Get Tax Savings From NOT Sold Media? 

Yeh. I know. 
pretty cool, liked it better than the second one (combat is heaps less frustrating) and although some of the puzzle design is a bit tired in spots, very satisfying on the whole. 
Play This 
Oldschool point and click adventure game: 
Just Finished It 
And I donated 2 quid. Genuinely fun to play. 
this game is shit 
Which Game, Luke? 
Totem Destroyer 2 
This Is Awesome 
the "Goldeneye : Source" team released beta3 of their mod this/last week, and its fucking awesome.

Anyone who had some serious GE64 matches in their time wont be able to help raising a smile here, its a very faithful recreation of the multiplayer experience.

Around 500mb for the Beta3 client, and worth every second it takes to download imo :) 
Eye of the storm for HL2 Episode 2

Is part 1 of a single player episode that has very high quality standards, its still downloading here so I can't give a more accurate description but the screenshots look niiiiice 
A "very faithful recreation" indeed. GE64 bland ugly levels turned me off even back then.. 
IGN score of 8.3. The video review does a good job of showing what's improved from FEAR - mainly the gripes I had about repetitive environments and gameplay are primarily fixed, and it does look a lot better than FEAR did.

Anyone else on the fence about this one? 
For The WoW People

This is the most awesome UI mod ever! Its bejeweled that we all know and love, and you can play it in WoW while waiting for your raid to form or while you are flying around.

Even better, it has a high scores list that is populated by everyone in your guild that has the addon, also it adds a Bejeweled profession that you can "skill up" by getting combos and special jewels etc, it also has achievements and challenges that also add to your bejeweled skill rating.

I mentioned it in guild chat today and now practically everyone has it :) Great fun 
I Fucking Hate That Mod. 
i kept trying to get people gkicked if they didn't turn off the stupid skillup notice in guild chat, but my guild leader is too nice. :P 
My name is ___ and I'm 14 months clean.

I'm not allowed to play anymore... 
FEAR2 Ramblings (and Some Spoilings) 
So I bought FEAR2. The game took about 7.7 hours on hard mode to finish. I think I can sum up FEAR2 using two other popular games.

FEAR 2 = CoD4 + Doom3

If you liked both of those games then F2 will be good for you, perhaps when the price falls a little bit. There is an amazing level of polish in this game, but not much else. There is no innovation to speak of, just cliche that looks really good.

Your weapons are pistol, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifle, uber weapon, nail gun, laser, rocket launcher, flamethrower, 4 types of grenades, and your feet.

Your enemies are soldier with machine gun, soldier with shotgun, soldier with flamethrower, soldier with shotgun, soldier with flamethrower, soldier with machine gun, soldier with sniper rifle, soldier with machine gun, soldier with shotgun, soldier with machine gun... you get the idea.

The new monsters (which are pretty cool) are few and far between. The game could have really benefited from more of those crazy weird deformed humans or undead zombie puppeteer things, or at least more non-soldier enemies. Monster dogs, monster ghosts, monster... something.

Combat is like FEAR. Nothing new really that I can tell. Story is like FEAR. Nothing new really.

There are some parts where they switch up the combat, like "this part is about sniping" or "this part is about a giant mech," but it's still just shooting stuff a lot with slowmo. It feels good and solid, but it's just same old stuff.

Anyhoo -> FEAR2 = CoD4 + Doom3. If you liked FEAR then you will like this game. It's basically FEAR 2.0, not really FEAR 2. High level of polish/detail, no evidence of innovation. Environments are more varied than FEAR's.

I would rate it about 70-75%, which is good, but not amazing, because let's face it, it isn't amazing.

P.S. The game isn't scary, it's predictable.

P.P.S. Not enough hallucinatory levels. At least Doom3 had Hell half-way through. Just fighting through Alma's demon-realm would've been a nice change of pace and would have made an interesting multiplayer map to boot. 
Good Review Zwiff. 
+1 informative. 
Max Payne 2 
I almost felt like I should have replayed Max Payne again prior to playing through Max Payne 2. While the story can easily stand on its own, it would have been good to get an idea of the recurring characters; Max, Mona Sax, Woden. But Max Payne 2 is already a six year old game. Replaying the original would be going back another two years to very dated graphics. Nevertheless, Max Payne 2 is a good looking game. There are no big set-pieces or memorable levels. You may include the Funhouse as a memorable level, as it hasn't been done before in my playing experience. However having to play through the same level on three different occasions gets old very fast.

While there were no set-pieces, the game still looked good with oodles of detail scattered throughout the levels. The entire game takes place in a John Woo style film noir world. It's always dark and raining, the city is run-down. If you love film noir, you'll love Max Payne 2. It's not just the design of the levels but the story is heavily told throughout the game. I haven't seen the Max Payne movie, but I'm sure the story told in this game could be made into a full movie.

Gameplay was good even with just the one difficulty setting. After playing through the first two levels I was soon tired of Max's head always in the view of the target. I just knew throughout the entire game I would grow tired of this, and wished it was first person. So, I did a search. Somebody had created a first person mod, and I restarted the game and played it all in first person view. I think it was more enjoyable actually, as you can aim at enemies much easier. The trade off is your line of vision isn't quite as good.

But even so, the difficulty level was well balanced. The game increases the difficulty depending on how well your playing. The most difficult parts I found were when your having to escort or protect another character in the game. Including playing as the sexy Mona Sax trying to protect Max. However these were equally the more frustrating parts of the game.

Overall May Payne 2 was a great game, with fantastic story telling, good design and fun gameplay. It could have had more spectacular levels, but what was here fit in well with the film noir setting. Also not a long game; I finished it in three long sittings. No more than 10 hours. 
Max Payne 2 Was Fund 
bit short though.

But please, it's extremely try hard film noir at best :) 
anyone played this Dead Space game? 
Not Played It 
but the holographic HUD is a cool idea. I heard it was a lot like doom 3 in 3rd person however, so I may wait until it hits the bargain bucket :) 
But please, it's extremely try hard film noir at best :)

I always presumed the try-hard was tongue-in-cheek, although it wasn't particularly witty or funny.

I tried replaying Max Payne 2 recently, but on the PS2 this time. Had a lot less fun than before, I mainly blame the controls, oh and the FUCKING LACK OF QUICKSAVE/LOAD OR ANY TYPE OF SLIGHTLY CONVENIENT SAVE SYSTEM. I especially love being taken back several chapters of the game when I die, silly me for expecting a single autosave thoughout the whole game. I need to lie down. 
Nitin: Dead Space Impressions 
Got Max Payne2 for Christmas few years ago. Beat it in 3 hours. Not very satisfying tbh. 
I Remember 
It being far too short compared to the original as well. 
Sure, it was short but I find it hard to believe that it was 3 hours short on a first play through. 
yeah the developers were pretty lazy, there's even a few levels where you play through multiple times like that stupid fkn funhouse. but yeah... 3 hours on a first play through sounds a little low to me too. i guess if you skipped all the cinematics that would take an hour or two off. 
I liked it. Simple game but plenty of style. Was shortish but took me a lot longer than 3 hours. Certainly got plenty of playtime for my � as I do with almost any game. 
Looking back Max Payne 2 is still one of the best stories I ever played. Gotta play it again.
3 hours is a joke but maybe Zwiffle is so zwofflish that he zwuffled right through it.

I still haven't bought it though, cough. But I bought GTA:San Andreas and that piece of shit just does not end. So I guess I am even with the gaming industry dickheads. 
Hey, aren't you the guy who fell in love with Mona Sax? 
Yeah, quite embarrassing reading that old gibberish... 
thanks. I did do a search but didnt realise the game was so old :) 
negke: Post? Where is this little gold nugget hidden at? 
Replaying Hl1 
any links for HL 1 mods/editing info?

... I'm lazy, I know. 
I found this one really nice (but have to admit that I do not remember if I completed it, oops). If you like "post-nuclear" feeling, check it out:

Nice review site: 
Just Completed Gothic 2 
i've never play it before and i must say it impressed me a lot, what the beautiful game :) 
Anyone played it? From the authors of painkiller 
I'm using the steam version of half life, but not the source version. Not sure if downloading mods/editing will be a pain in the ass to set up - anyone have any experience there? 
no problems here with the non source version. Some older mods though dont work with 1.08 updates onwards. 
Pulsar I didn't think it was gold yet? Looks awesome though, a bit of a RTCW ripoff, but who cares if it looks good and is fun. 
i wonder why no one tells anything about it, it's about a week in retail. my pc is too old to run it 
I got the demo at work. It doesn't run all that well, and the PC here is fairly decent. It was running well on a coworker's PC, and looked pretty much like Painkiller in WW1. Fight zombie Germans, ghosts, use two weapons at a time, run around a lot, etc. 
Quake LIVE 
Is now an open beta, for anyone that missed the news. The site is totally swamped at the moment so I would leave it a while before trying to register if your interested :) 
Thanks Daz 
pretty frustrating right now though, with the queue to get onto the page. Had to go through it once to register, once after downloading the plugin, and now i'm in the queue again after i tried to go fullscreen in firefox and it completely fucked up and wouldn't let me quit.

Hopefully will get to play within the hour! 
offline play: worked fine, Q3 is still fun!
online play: good, good, lag, lag, BSOD

Might wait a few days and try again... 
Anyone know if there are any sites with Half life tutorials or mapping resources still active? 69th parallel seems to be dead. Handy Vandal is really hit and miss...
Did Valve ERC disappear too? 
Thanks Daz! 
Interlopers is source engine only, my bad!

But if you are mapping in Source, you should already have bookmarked Interlopers, signed up to their forums and read everything there :) They are like the func_msgboard of Source engine games. 
I just wanted to try and make a little HL Episode. It was the first game I ever mapped for and I never finished anything I started with it. So it's more of a nostalgia trip than anything else. 
John Carmack:

So, in the couple months after launch, we will be putting together, more or less, a subscription option that allows players, for a very nominal fee -- something around like the $4.99 price point -- to also probably do other things, but the core functionality will be to allow players to, through the very elegant interface they have on the website, run their own game servers.

So in the end, they really want to resell a 10 year old game that only consists of a multiplayer mode. Isn't this pretty sad?

It's a good game and all, but shouldn't they be doing something groundbreaking instead? 
Hello Mr. Negative,

I find QuakeLive pretty great. The matchmaking works fine and I have never had as much fun with Quake 3.

Maybe if you did not take that quote completely out of context, you would notice that he talks about paying for running custom servers.

The game is fucking free, isn't this pretty nice? 
Any Difference In Gameplay? 
how's it running for you? Every game I play ends up lagging and freezing up. Sometimes it fixes itself and goes back to playing normally (and usually freezes again later) and sometimes I get proper system crashes and BSODs.

Really affecting my enjoyment of the game... when it's running nicely I have a lot of fun. I'm running it on firefox 3, have tried fullscreen and windowed, playing on european servers, UK servers if I can find them. 
Fine For Me 
Yeah - everything maxed out, looks great, 60hz, sometimes I lose the server, the stats seem to be disabled at the moment.... other than that its fine! Oh - it has a freind finder and tried to accept a request from the Negke and that didnt seem to work. 
Maybe if you did not take that quote completely out of context, you would notice that he talks about paying for running custom servers.

I did.

The game is fucking free, isn't this pretty nice?

Apparently not, which was the whole point of my post. I consider running your own server a vital part of the package.

Playing on id's servers is "free" if you don't consider looking at ads ingame (and serving as part of the community that they are in fact selling, thereby effectively working for them, unpaid) some kind of price.

Mr. Negative, heh.

If being "positive" is another way of saying that someone is being stupid enough to eat all the shit that people toss at him, then yes, I'm proudly negative. 
Quake 2 is effectively free, since you can play online with just the demo and latest patch, and I'm pretty sure it lets you run a server and has no ingame ads O_o

But sssh, don't tell. 
Runs very fine for me! 
I must be doing something wrong then... I was hoping it was just early-days jitters, and it would sort itself out. Will look into it. 
Do you really think it being multiplayer only is part of the problem? I really prefer to see multiplayer or singleplayer only game where they focus on one of those parts instead of adding a half-assed version of one of the modes that takes away resources from the main component only to score an extra bullet point on the box.

Anyway it doesn't seem to run very well for me as it is now and although I can see some value being added by the site with friends/stats/matchmaking old Q3 would probably offer a more enjoyable experience currently. 
Do you really think it being multiplayer only is part of the problem

No. My tongue just slipped. 
[is qlive free?] Apparently not, which was the whole point of my post. I consider running your own server a vital part of the package.

Just read the article, from what I can see, you aren't allowed to run your own server, you are in fact buying time on their servers with your $5. He claims this represents good value relative to normal server rental costs, but I have no experience there, so who knows.

Playing on id's servers is "free" if you don't consider looking at ads ingame (and serving as part of the community that they are in fact selling, thereby effectively working for them, unpaid) some kind of price.

Well, this is the premise of ad-supported games I guess, it is what it is. It's free in the monetary sense, but you pay for it by having your eyeballs bombarded with special offers on herbal viagra pills. The game content is degraded, and you can choose to make that sacrifice if you wish. The exciting thing here is that because so many people are cheapskates (hi) those servers are going to be rammed. 
The advertising is quite subtle and not degrading the game in any way for me. Just think of it as random image on the wall (muh_bad but without jesus).

And since I consider QuakeLive more like a "free service" instead of a free game I am totally fine with it. I really hope id can monetise it so it does not vanish in a year. 
Flash Game 
"Don't Look Back" -- like a cross between Pitfall and Another World (AKA Out of This World.) Fun enough to play to the end. 
And Here's The URL: 
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 
quite decent, its better that you have the option of going stealth or assault rather than forcing you to go one way (which still happens every now and then but at least not all the time).

wasnt used to seeing so much aliasing, for some reason the game turns off AA (even if you force it through desktop) if you select HDR rendering. graphics were decent otherwise without being anything awe inspiring.

did get a bit repetitive towards the end.

overall, good. 
Is chaos theory on the UE3 engine? If so then that would explain the lack of AA. There is some technical reason why UE3 cannot do AA on anything but DX10 hardware but I can't remember what it was.

I have not actually played any of the Splinter Cell games, as I find stealth frustrating in 90% of games (was great in Deus Ex tho), but if the sequels give you more freedom of choice then I might have to check them out. 
not sure, but I think so.

as for the stealth, Chaos theory is no actioner in the normal sense but compared to the other Splinter Cells, the amount of action that could be used was welcome. 
After purchasing a used copy of this game 3 years ago (!), I finally finished it. Overall, the story was interesting but the game was just a bit too difficult. There were a few things, though, that I really appreciated:

1) The mansion hub - while "won't budge" could get a little annoying, I liked the giant haunted house theme and would love to see it implemented in a Quake mod/map pack.

2) The "finish him" animations - it was neat to see how the various baddies dispatched you in Undying, even if it was often awkward and you couldn't fast forward through it :(

3) Creature diversity - from the gypsy terrorists to the giant floating heads with arms, there was a good variety of enemies with just the right amount of evil mixed in. I would like to see someone implement a comprehensive collection of prehistoric monsters in Quake like the base baddies in Quoth (e.g., cavemen with melee and long-distance attacks, dinosaurs, man-eating vegetation, etc.).

That is all. Now I hope to start playing my used copy of Wheel of Time! 
It's one of the good games.

I found that the last 'autumn' section jarred a bit with the rest, but was a great style anyway.

The skeletons were the only misjudged bit - infinitely respawning enemies is ALWAYS a bad idea. 
Undying Was Great 
save for a few tech errors (czg has a great post on them earlier).

Wheel of Time is good fun too, great atmosphere like Undying. 
Undying Was Great 

As was Wheel Of Time. 
I Tried Playing WoT... 
i'm also reading the books right now and WoT game should NEVER have been a shooter. :\

i guess cause shooters were all the rage back then, but it would (and still could) make a great rpg. i'm eager to see how dragon age plays. 
WoT And Undying Are Both Great 
BTW, you can 'kill' the skeletons for good with the Invoke spell (or some other spell if I named the wrong one). 
That's it.

Although I always preferred to use after killing a donkey to bring it back to life. 
Nile Online

This is browser game that is free to play and involves building a city and trading materials and goods with other players in order to upgrade your own city status.

Its quite an addictive little thing, perfect for switching to and managing your city for a few minutes every couple of hours to keep things ticking over, just the kind of thing you might want if you are bored at work :)

Try it out if resource management / trading games are you sort of thing! 

Its a 3D flash first person action game (some might even say shooter, if you consider casting fireballs as shooting :-P). It took me a while to make (now i know why many 2.5D games used prerendered art instead of hand drawn sprites :-P), although i didn't worked on it all the time (mostly a side project).

Currently there are only five levels, although each level has something new to show (otherwise i could have done much more levels but they would be too 'same').

Btw, there is a dopefish hidden somewhere.
Can you find it? :-)

Any comments would be appreciated :-)

AH! Before i press the Submit button... do not forget to read the instructions (they're below the story)! Also if you're using firefox, due to a bug i'm trying to squish, do not press the right button or you'll hang your browser! 
hey, cool. Nice old-schoolness. Kind of like if they tried to make Heretic using the wolfenstein engine. 
Great Article About Game Reviews And Stupid Fanboys 
Aye, good article.

The Killzone 2 review linked from the article is scary though. Fairly happy review with 80% score and over 60 pages of Anonymous and profanity filterd abuse... 
This Is Kind Of Awesome... 
I'd play it... Mainly for the emu headshot

Also, lol at the cure for crying at the end. 
CoD 2 
throughly enjoyed it, probably the best of the military shooters I've come across.

Nice big levels, good autosave system coupled with well pulled off no health bar gameplay, varied missions and squad members that feel like squad members. Linear but importantly has a few routes available whenever there is a fairfight so that there is no bottlenecks. 
cool physics puzzle game: 
Good found ;) 
It's not that special in concept but extremely well finished. 
Replay Doom 2 TNT Evilution 
Hell, I didn't remember how good it was.. fucking good map.. To play again without any doubts :D 
... I Thought TNT: Evilution Was Part Of Final Doom 
along with the plutonia experiment or what ever :O
//doom3 should have been doom4 on PC :P

////damn i should play Final Doom again :S 
Final Doom is a compilation of the best Doom maps ever, and TNT Evilution / Plutonia Experiment has been included "as is" in the pack... And if you have any interest of replaying it separately on your PC (as I do with Doom Legacy engine) you can download the Doom wads here: in the wads section ;)
Enjoy !! 
Was right - World of Goo is pretty good. It is just an extended flash game, but with more depth, better story and artwork.

$20 is a bit steep for what you get, nut I'm having fun with it. 
Shii !!!!! 
That's very insulting to women! 
New Fallout ! 
Fallout: New Vegas - apparently a new game, not a sequel to Fallout 3 but more like a contemporary kind of thing. Coming out next year or so.

Who else is excited? 
I Still 
Haven't played ANY of the previous Fallouts - so many games, so little time. $50 is a price I try to pay once or twice a year as well. 
That's Surprising. 
i'd have thought they'd just keep doing downloadable content for FO3. 
Screw Fallout 3! Get Fallout 1 for 1$ somewhere and lose countless hours in its greatness. 
Isnt It In Fallout 1 N' 2 
you can make your characters intelligence so low that when they speak its just Sloth-like sounds? 
L4D Survival Pack 
The DLC is free to all owners of Left 4 Dead and introduces a new multiplayer game mode entitled, Survival, plus two complete campaigns for Versus Mode.

No mention of any new coop stuff = pointless = count me out. 
yeah, although it's more like "me help you" instead of "sure, i'll help you out."
and some NPCs mock you which is pretty funny. 
L4D Pack

You can't be counted out unless you never connect to the internet to play.

There's a rumour that the HDR testmap (lighthouse) might be one of the Survival maps, though don't know how valid that is. 
There it is, including a lighthouse.

58% and counting . . . 
And Some NPCs Mock You Which Is Pretty Funny 
only three letters can describe that: L, O, L 
Okay, maybe I'm not understanding Survival mode, is it coop then??

I'd rather just have new campaigns / a new weapon / a new special. 
Is basicly a never ending finale event like the ending area of each campaign. The idea is to survive (duh) as long as you can against endless zombies and specials.

I did hear a rumour that Valve were working on a flamethrower for L4D, which would be great :D

Also, I would love some sort of heavy melee weapon that you could replace pistols with perhaps, like a fire axe or sledge hammer, im sure that could be fun ;) 
It's like the DMSP player mod but co-op Sham.

Still got all the hectic teamplay you enjoy from campaign, but without all that hassle of walking through a level (yes, I agree that it's inferior to a new campaign, but still, probably be good for a laugh or 6) 
Yes I'm a single-player player. Playa! 
I see. Hmmm, maybe baby.

+1 for flamethrower. 
I Like 
The sound of new specials - the Screamer that was cut was basically a cross between the Boomer and the witch but there's alot of scope for other designs.

Not a fan of the weapon suggestions so far - an instant fire weapon negates the molotov's clunkiness. It was left clunky for a reason and adding the ability to instantly flame stuff introduces a whole new range of mechanics.

Could be done I spose.

Melee would be fun, but I doubt they'll go for it. I suspect they'll keep the zombies as the melee creatures. It's the cool thing to do right now - 1st person everything - but I'm not yet convinced. Have yet to play Zeno Clash though.

How about a disposable rocket launcher? Not a Quake rocket launcher but a real one. I mean kneel down to fire, shrapnel pinging off etc. A tank stopper.

Another one might be claymores - cover yourselves but if you don't let your team-mates know then you're fucked.

The other thing that could be an interesting new mechanic is non-combatants. You have to get them to the safe house but they're useless bots without guns. 
Not too sure about a rocket launcher, even if it is real world inspired. It would make me feel too powerful against the zombies, and something would be lost as a result. Its scary when you look at a huge horde running at you and "shit, I've only got this fucking peashooter?" :)

Claymores could be a very cool addition indeed, or any kind of "home made" booby traps that you can set down like that.

"useless bots without guns".. Please die in a fire!!!!!! =) The only good I can see coming from such an idea would be if you could blindfold them, tell them to scream and run away from you, thereby attracting a ton of zombies to them while you slip past. Roofles may be had.

Maybe a full length dress mirror would be a cool "weapon" ;) 
I Meant 
A RL as a single shot LAW type weapon which has a big delay to fire - it'd be useless against a horde unless you wanted to turn your team into pate.

Just got the image of a curling smoke trail and a tank being quartered in a spray of intestines.

Hm, maybe bodyguard scenarios are a shitty idea. But different scenarios / missions could be good - go find a car battery and come back to the safe house, for example. 
I'm Thinking 
MicroMachines Racing Game Online 
this is how the game looks like

6MB to download, we are GMT+1

icq 259689233 
feel free to join us meltslime or just shuttafucka. it may LOOK like game for little kids but it IS the most addictive online game ever. (runs on XP with no problems) 
Did Anyone Try That ZenoClash Melee FPS? 
Not Yet 
But most everyone in my office has it - the guys who made it are a splinter dev team from ours, and we're still pretty friendly.

I haven't played it yet (credit card maxed for the month) but the general first impressions sound good and visually its interesting - an acid trip inside the Sorcery books (original inspiration). 
I just bought it. Will post feedback later.

How do you spell slef conrtol? 
ok, it is qip number of course, not stupid icq 
Zeno Clash 
Well worth the $20.

I'm still not convinced that first person camera is the best way to represent melee, but when the mechanics are so well balanced it doesn't really matter.

The things that impress so far are the melee, storyline and visuals.

The melee system is simple yet has a nice range of options to exploit.

The gun sections make a nice break from the fisticuffs - sniping at animals or mercenaries. The shooting mechanics are not as polished as the melee (less tactics) but they're not the focus of the gameplay.

Usually the better option against groups is to throw the weapon away and start brawling, which is oddly realistic, although the ranged weapon damage isn't so much.

It's apparently pretty short but that's represented by the price.

Interesting game. 
Orange Box 
Is 66% off this weekend, buy it if you don't have it. 
Fallout 3 
Well, I bought a copy of Far Cry 2 and Crysis Warhead recently (terrible distractions from mapping I know), and although I am slowly trudging through both games, for some reason I found myself strangely drawn back to Fallout 3! Despite the fact that I already completed the game (well the stroy mode anyway) first time through, it is such a brilliant game and has sooooooooo much replayability that I just couldnt resist.

Having already done about 70-80% of what is in there I am able to plan my tatics a bit better. Here I am at level 4, with the alien blaster hunting deathclaws for XP. I refuse to use any drugs this time round, and also I am going to persue the route of melee weapons expert!

And I know that I could probably play it again in the future, except I will see what happens when I take the entirely evil route! :DDD

For those who havent for whatever reason, this game is truly the best game of '08, and well worth a look! And yes, I think its better than Oblivion, which I didnt like at all... 
I have a mental block with Fallout3 ... I keep restarting, trying different character builds. I can't get very far before my mind starts wandering, "Man, I wonder what would happen if I specialized in X?". So I start over, specializing in "X". Repeat indefinitely. :) Awesome game though, I agree! 
Playing KotOR 2 Atm 
and its very playable but somehow it feels not as good as the first. Maybe because its *too* similar, almost feels like an expansion than a new game. 
I Believe 
kotor 2 was rushed a lot. probably why it doesn't have a real ending and has so much unused assets still in the game. (you can download mods that add these unused assets back into the game, if you're interested) 
The Path 
Extremely slow - haven't played it but apparently you need 6 hours uninterrupted to get the best out of it. 
Zeno Clash Is Cool 
thats all 
gets better, even addictive, from the middle to the end. The end levels get a bit tedious though. Overall pretty good, but definitely lacked polish. 
and its one the worst AA rendered games I've seen, so many jagged lines even with 8xAA in which most games look great. 
Plants vs Zombies is good. You will to download now! 
Quake 4 
finally around to playing it.

Effectively a less polished but entertaining in its own way of D3 with moments of spoogeworthy graphics and a well executed if over oppressive theme. 
Ok Finished It 
same comments as above for the whole thing except that there are lots of moments of spoogeworthy graphics, especially in the levels inside the nexus area. Insane amounts of detail in some of those bits without seeming too cluttered as UT2KXX does (well from screenshots anyway) 
Id Software's Cancelled Game 
did anyone else completely miss this news last year?

That's all I can find on it, apparently id software were developing a game with id tech 5 for 18 months, which they abandoned because they felt it was rehashing Doom 3. Anyone got any more information? 
Yeah, It Was Called Rage 
Good riddance. 
It was called 'Darkness', Rage is the project they dropped Darkness for. 
I remember that. Based on what I remember thinking I heard about it, I think they made a good decision to cancel it. Wasn't that big a deal to me anyway. 
Plants Vs Zombies 
Greatest game ever made.

Re: Plants Vs Zombies 
For some odd reason, my 9800 GTX does not like the demo, and will, after a few minutes, turn everything into seemingly 8-bit colors and freeze.

Having said that, what I did play of it was boring, and it doesn't seem like it will hold my attention for long. Of course, Peggle as well did not hold my attention either.

Just those kinds of games I suppose. 
really want to try the demo, but can't really justify it right now, being in the middle of finals. Damn you PopCap, with your games so full of PopCrack, ho ho ho etc. 
Post Number Twothousandsixhundredone 
HAH! i like the "Shacknews artist's rendering" 
Too many. 
fab game, although after this and q4, I'm oppressive teched out :)

Someone mentioned ages ago the fact that you cant die, I thought the spirit levels were pretty much the same punishment wise as reloading from where you die (ie if you are used to autosaving, no real difference). 
I'm Really Looking Forward To This: 
Are They Serious With That One? 
i was laughing and shocked at the same time 
Wot's The... 
...postage rates to Sweden? Am gonna buy a copy for CZG... 
it's download only. 

Short, worth playing, clean pixel art.... pretty decent. 
Now This Looks Good: 
Holy crap, that looks killer! Great environments!! And I loved ICO to death so this is a day one purchase for me. Awesome, awesome... 
Whats ICO? 
One of the best games ever; 
Whats ICO?

Get out. And leave your gamer card by the door on your way out. 
Holy Shit 
that's big news! Looks exactly halfway between ICO and SOTC. This is probably years away isn't it :( 
I'm Wondering 
If you control the Hippogriff or the kid.

. . . and why the kid's art style looks completely different from the rest of the game. 
Holy Shit On A Stick Vasquez! 
Welcome to earlier in the day. 
you are a cunt! 
Never Played Console 
so dont know any console specific games. 
Haha, I saw the shots on kotaku earlier and specifically thought: Daz will literally jizz his pants at this, so hard he may die. 
When good graphics and a good theme meet *nods* 
That Does Look 
very spoogeworthy. 
hm is there a way to beat the boss? and the sea thing is.. weird. i even got the poor little guy to the end, but he just died. I question the reward system :) 
I thought they were trying to play on the conventional gamer expectations... the lack of a 'win' state, or clearly defined goals. The early section seems intentionally arbitrary - what are these things i'm picking up? Who are those guys I'm killing and why?

On the other hand, while the execution is good in one way (pixel-art, music, movement in section 1), the gameplay in the underwater area is hugely boring and frustrating. Inverted steering with annoying inertia in the dark + flashlight pointing the other way to where you're going, oh boy. Intentional, maybe. Irritating, yes. Payoff, no.

I wish less pixel art platform games tried to be clever and arty and just gave me situations where I can rescue Princess Peach/My gay lover Tails from King Koopa/Dr. Robotnik. 
Inverted steering with annoying inertia in the dark + flashlight pointing the other way to where you're going, oh boy. Intentional, maybe. Irritating, yes. Payoff, no.

Exactly. I like the idea, it should just have been executed better. There's some form of communication missing. The little hints you give the player. Discovering that you can Persuadertronize the fishes didn't feel rewarding, because i was wandering around for minutes until i finally got it, and then immediately knew i had to wander round even longer to find all of them. Also, there was no feedback if they were helping at all or were just a gimmick. Finding some weird green thing that i had no idea what it was supposed to do didn't feel rewarding. just random. I still don't really get what happened ;-) 
Now rebellion dont sit very well with me, after the masterpiece that was avp they have made shite (unless you can prove me wrong).

But, the shots from avpr look fucking fantastic so far, so im slyly crossing my fingers that they are going to return to the greatness that was AvP. I don't think ive ever played such a suspenseful and atmospheric game since (hmm actually, perhaps the penumbra games) and the moments of sheer terror when an alien pulls your face off! Good, good times.

This AND Colonial Marines, my god im in heaven... I just hope the cornbread is good 
I Just Hope They Dont Can Colonial Marines 
Man I got a baaaaaaaad feelin' about the fact that they might can Colonial Marines.

Release a bloody classic shooter already, some company...... !!! 
Re: Fathom (spoilers) 
i agree with the criticism that the middle section is a bit too tedious for what it is. I thought the overall presentation was great, and the twist ending and stuff was cool, the only real problem is that specific twist has been done to fucking death in movies, tv shows, books, etc. etc. etc. for decades or maybe centuries. It's basically An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge in video game form. But like i said, done well. 
Errr Another L4D Type Thing.. 
Haven't played. Heard good shit about it. Meh. Why did no-one tell me L4D was �4 a few weeks back? No worries about the trousers. Safe. 
nice weapons, cool enemies, decent gameplay.

But the engine is a bit unpolished (hello plasticness) and the level design could have been more inspiring given the setting, lots of detail but not all that interesting detail.

Gameplay is fun but unfortunately very repetitive too given the timeshift powers and the fact that you can die in like 2 sec if you try and play this like a normal shooter. I liked the auto regeneration but some armor would have been good too even if they had to tinker with other stuff for balance. 
Just Finished The Wheel Of Time 
for the first time, what the great game.
in the credit menu there is a name Warren Marshall, is it you Willem? 
Pretty Sure It Is 
responsible for many of the shadar logoth classic levels. 
I didn't play the game but the books are great. 
Killing Floor 
A few in the office have it, sometimes L4D is on backburner, but they basically say it{s like Survivor mode but with more varieties of zombies. And much longer load times.

Didn{t catch my attention, tbh, seeing as it seems I already own it, inside L4D. 
Whenyou Say Killing Floor I Get The Feeling Is SHOULD Be 
a Ancient Roam arena where space-cowboys and waist-land warriors have chainsaw-jousts on the backs of dinosaurs and ginormous scorpions and other ultra-violent sports to the beat}s of Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Fear, but i know it will just end up being a disappointing zombie game 
Oh Yeah And 
the last boss would have to be Brucie Campbell as Ash from..well you know ;} 
Killing Floor:

THATs what it makes me think of! :))) 
Try typing on a spanish keyboard when you've no time.

It doesn't look special TBH, just reminds me of that Q1 map where you have to watch over your comrade's tomb. I forget the name. 
"in the credit menu there is a name Warren Marshall, is it you Willem?"

Yep, that was the first big game I ever worked on! 
I got it for very cheap and got it because one of my favorite mappers Kew Jervis worked on it.

I agree, it was a great game - tons of atmosphere. I really liked Shadar Loggoth and those basement halls full of traps. 
The multiplayer was kind of interesting at the time too, but it never really picked up. Was lots of interesting tricks to do with the spells, like shooting a position switch spell just as your throwing yourself in lava with a fire resist rune. 

Oh yes, the WoT multiplayer was incredible - and I don't use that word too lightly. I think that it was too complex for people at the time, however. It came out right around the UT/Quake3 timeframe so all anyone wanted to do was blast each other with rocket launchers. Having to think about 20 ter'angreal and their various interactions was too much work I think.

WoT was one of those games where if you got a bunch of guys together who really knew the ter'angreals and how to use them it was an absolute blast. We had some killer deathmatches around the office during development. 
Oh Yeah 
Tim Jervis did work on it didnt he, his unreal pack Illhaven is still awesome. 
Yeah I was quite sad it died out fairly fast, I had some great games on it, even on the demo before the full game came out. Was fun just having hundreds of homing stuff flying around, you're never sure how a battle is gonna turn out, depending on who has the most counters. 
WoT Should Have Been Called 

I never played more than the demo though. 
Yep, that was the first big game I ever worked on!

And arguably the best. Fsck Gears3 or whatever you're doing atm, get Epic to acquire the license for a remake tbh... 
Well, since it inarguably paid the worst, I'm going to have to decline. :) 
This Is Not A Love Song Eh Willem? 
were you at legend during Unreal 2? do any levels for that? 

I was there during the very early pre-production work but I left for Epic before any real work got done. So, no, I don't have any levels in there. 
When is Matt Sefton returning to the Quake community? I miss that guy. 
Didn't he start remaking a map a while back? 
That was Matthias Worch. 
Oh yeh, ofc.

Why did all the truly old skool have names starting with M? 
Matthias Worch 
8 March 2009 headline on his quake page at says he is looking for testers. 
Sefton Did A Q3A Map... 
but that's last I've heard of him mapping :(

Screenshots look fucking rad.

I think that levels gonna be kinda like a big deal. 
All this Mass Effect 2 E3 preview business is making me want to go back through and play it again. Eeeffffffffff 
The Original 
It makes me want to play through the original again, not the sequel (of course.) 
Mass Effect 
played through it once on PC, it was a fantastic experience! The combat was a tad crap but the story and characters more than made up for it.

Really looking forward to the sequel! Hmm and the bioware MMO too actually! :P 
Spooged Again :( 
always with aliens, zombies and trying to make it like real life and the like;

don't they have anything original for new first person shooters? 
But those ideas get cancelled when marketing comes back - saleability of content unknown, saleability of zombies 70%.

It's important to remember that execs don't give a shit what the game is about, only that it sells. And that producers tend to have their balls surgically removed upon signing their employment contract. 
originality is underrated but not as underrated as quality. 
Guys, it's Aliens vs Predator. The characters aren't really open to interpretation. 
I need a good aliens game, my poor mind has been starved for way to long! 
I Was 
actually trying to say stuff originality if the game is good, and so far this one looks good. 
Guys, it's Aliens vs Predator. The characters aren't really open to interpretation.

I disagree - I would actually love to see some bold variations of the Predator and Aliens we all know. The idea of the alien has tons of potential already because of the face-hugger breeding through different organisms thing, and, well, I'm sure there are a fuck ton of ways to spice up the Predator. They don't all have to be clones of the first one. 
Established franchises don't really need to be messed with, IMO. If you want to go all freaky experimental, create a new IP. 
Should Be A Player Mode 
Where you are a face hugger. or a baby. first level starts in some dudes intestines.

Oh, and I hope they digitally insert Arnold Schwarz into the game. Or at least Danny Glover. 
All the best franchises constantly evolve (this is a statement I'm pulling out of my ass, but just play along.)

Terminator introduces newer and better terminators each movie, etc etc.

Star Wars constantly adds new things, different ways to fight with light sabers, aliens, etc etc.

Hell, Quake is a COMPLETELY NEW GAME each and every iteration. And Quake 4 = Doom 3, so that counts as a new game.

For a species as technologically advanced as the Predators to have cloaking technology, laser targeting shoulder cannons,and arm-band nukes, they sure as hell could have a ton of different, interesting gadgets with which to battle, more interesting armor, etc. A warrior-centric society where each Predator tries to display his (or her?) own trophies and badges of honor, etc, has a ton of room to evolve. 
Firstly I LOVE Aliens. What a fantastic movie! I really hope they dont can Aliens: Colonial Marines, because I would love a game like that - set in the Aliens universe, likely to stay with the established themes of my fave movie!

Without bringing a predator into the equation at all, as a games designer (creature artiste or whatever) you could have so much fun with the Aliens species (the Alien/Aliens/Alien3 and maybe (just maybe) Alien Resurrection). You could have all types of Aliens! It begs the question - do aliens favour humans/humanoids as hosts or were they just using them because that's all there was? What if aliens made it to earth - you could have snake aliens, bull aliens, dog aliens, cat aliens, tiger, lions, elephants, horses, sharks, you name it!

Imagine if aliens made it to a planet with dinosaur like creatures on it?

I dont personally feel offended by the idea of any of these, a movie would be fucking scary as could a game. But making the predalien out of AvP2 Requiem have dreadlocks was a TERRIBLE idea. Really. If the artwork is done true to the style of Giger/Camerons alien, and the space marines are bad-assed enough then it would work.

Its a shame that the imagination has been taken out of the aliens franchise. It was a franchise which originally was about imagination. Its the stuff schoolboy's dreams are made of (quite literally) and TBH I think the only thing which has been capitalised and perverted in a worse manner is probably the bible! or something.

Think about it in terms of "what we know about the alien". What did we know about the alien by the end of Alien3?

Facehuggers impregnate large animals (always mammals? or large creatures?) which then "hatch" into aliens which although have a recognisable form do inherit many features from their hosts.

Acid for blood
Inner jaws
Intelligent agressive behaviour
Blah blah blah.....

I mean you could have countless different scenarios with different hosts and environments!
But the recent stories have all seemed completely cliched, the aliens havent been allowed to be anything other than "human" aliens and "predator" aliens, so as not to break the "iconic" laws of marketing, the posters, the glyphs, the hardware. Rotten tomatoes!!!!!!!! 
In The Comics 
I'm thinking specifically of the series Aliens: Colonial Marines, there were a shit fuck ton of different aliens. Somehow there was a water planet and there were like squid aliens and whale aliens, which, as I remember, totally scared the crap out of me as a kid (mainly because of my fear of the wide empty ocean + unknown oceanic life combined with aliens.)

Also: if you can find it, check out the Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer for the Nintendo DS. They have crazy kinds of aliens in that game it looks like. There was a scene of a 30-foot giant alien who just picked up marines like ragdolls. Looked like fun. 

You can probably find a better picture of these toys, but yeah, I had (have, actually) the Mantis Alien. How a face hugger impregnated a mantis, I'll never know. 
Truer Words 
Should Be A Player Mode where you are a face hugger. or a baby. first level starts in some dudes intestines.

This was actually in the original alien vs predator game. First level you were a face-hugger, second level a chest-burster. Dunno if doing it again would be too much of a retread... 
That's Pimp Zwiffle 
variety is great, its good to kill things that look different from each other, gives personality and makes for a well rounded experience 
E3 fucking rocks. L4D 2 announced, Project Natal, etc etc. I'm so tingly! 
Timeshift - quite good, I liked it a bit more than Nitin, solid feel to the combat, good but not great shooter.

WOT - great game, might have said this before. A fantasy classic. It didn't inspire me to read the books but it was atmospheric, stylish, distinctive, and interesting gameplay.

AVPwotever - looks good still. 
L4D2 Cynicism 
Hm. So you can't release a large DLC because of the Xbox limit, so you have to make it an entirely new game, justifying the expense by adding HDR and the phong shading from TF2.

Does look like it'll be good though, but basically torpedoes the previous version. 
"Valve employees decide which game gets made"

Wtf is that supposed to mean? I know what they want us to think; that there's some kind of democratic system in place. 
E3 2009 
Medal Of Honor Airborne 
I cant even get this game to install. google tells me its physx related but I dont even have physx installed.

what the hell EA? 
Nice set of quirky flash games. 
Little Wheel: 
short point and click adventure with nice art: 
Nice Art 
but it's a lot like an interactive movie ;) 

I hope this is true! I know that I'm making myself succeptible for a severe dressing down about how its a console game and not designed for the PC, but I dont think I would have any problems with the controls. I for one would definately buy it!

UE3 engine games always run very well on PCs with half decent processors, just ashame theres no anti-aliasing, but thats no big deal really..... 
I for one would definately buy it!

Personally I'd just d/l it...

"Personally I'd just d/l it...


Dude, really? That's pretty insulting. 
Yeah, I Think He's Jut Trying To Bate You! 
And you fell for it..... 

But yeah, probably. The thing is, I run into jerks like that all the time so my natural compulsion is to take it at face value. 
Surely you've seen enough of my posts to take _nothing_ I say seriously?

Don't make me posts the photo of my GoW case held up in front of a screen with func on again (I would do one with the GoW2 case, but I completed it co-op at a friends and holding up someone else's copy wouldn't really prove the 'I buy games' point).

But yeh, it was a mixture of showing inertia how to bait, a throw back to previous piracy conversations (including the hissy-quit one that led to the afore mentioned photo) and a minor commentary on one of the main reasons for delayed PC releases. This isn't just flame bait, it's Marks & Spencer's Organic Meta-textual Flame Bait. (reference lost on all non-UK residents deprived of M&Ss food pr0n) 
Altho part of me is tempted to get a list of every game Willem's ever worked on and pirate them all on principle (the principle of humour, but still ;) 
The Interesting Part Is 
It would not have any more impact to anything in this world than if you clapped your hands and shouted "harrharrharr!". That's what many don't get about some individuals personal reasons to pirate stuff. 
i can't believe you played through gow2 at a friends without buying it. 

That's fine, it's a co-op game. You're supposed to play with your friends. 
I can't believe you played gow2.

Nah, I'm kidding, to each his own. 
Interesting point.

If he lends me the game so I can complete it on my own is that as bad as d/l-ing it? (Not that I will, one of the best bits of GoW1/2 imo is the co-op, gotta love the madcap american football esque gameplay the res adds) 
(that was a response to megaman, I just forgot to hit post for 2 hours) 
i can't believe you played through gow2 at a friends without buying it.

I know, I was all "nonentity has friends?!"

is a girl (!?) 
i was joking, again.

iirc from a legal pov it's fine to lend the game away. In Germany, anyways. 
If there was no copy protection we would even be allowed to copy it for close friends and family members. But breaking copy protection is illegal, so... 
Elder Scrolls 3, 4 and Call of Cthulhu on Steam for pretty affordable prices.

Must... resist...

Fuck it I'm buying them. 
Is a buggy port.

If you can't get away from the Shoggoth then you need to lower your screen resolution = higher running speed. 
hexen mod
Pretty cool if you can get over the idea of a medieval themed spaceship. Our HHexen GL is busted though %< 
medieval themed spaceship
This would be an awesome idea for a Quake map too! 
Free Stuff! (tm) 
I still have a copy of Half-Life 2 on steam that I can give away for free to anyone with a steam account.

Let me know if you want it! 
No Lan In Starcraft2? 
but added value services like starting a custom tournament, league, or the like would cost a small amount of money.

They've actually gone insane after WoW.

mentioned WoW as an example, where "value added services" like server transfers are paid for, but "you can get the full experience of with all the features just from buying the box."

Well, that and the fucking subscription fee.

The WoW profit model is one of the most unethical things in gaming, the fact that they seem to be trying to work out how to convert it to more traditional genres scares the hell out of me...

And yeh, no LAN support. As far as I can tell if I want to host my own game with (local) friends I have to connect to, pay blizzard for the 'privilege' of creating a game then get the people sat in the same room to connect to me via blizzards own servers (yeh, I get it's not going to be stupid enough to proxy the entire game, but still, that's hassle).

Only other option is to steal a cracked, version of the game just to play on LAN. And forcing your customers to turn to crime is ofc an excellent business model... 
I kinda agree all this sucks... But damn I can't wait to play the hell out of this game. =\ 
From What I Can Tell 
it looks exactly like SC1 gameplay with new graphics?

I never really did get on with Blizzards strategy games, I much preferred Relic's offerings over theirs any day, company of heroes is still my favourite RTS game, though I have not tried DoW2 yet as my pc is crap!

Blizzards strategy games upto and including warcraft3 seem to be more about what order to build units in and then just swarming your enemy, and that just has never been fun for me at all. 
I must say StarCraft is pretty damn addictive. It was the first RTS I ever played, and the one I played the most. AoE2 however felt the best. If I could get an RTS that combined the economy of AoE2 with the micro/macro of StarCraft on a DoW battlefield, I think I just might be in heaven. 
But damn I can't wait to play the hell out of this game.

aannd, that's why they can get away with it. 
aannd, that's why they can get away with it.

But that doesn't justify it in the slightest, if anything it makes it worse 
But that doesn't justify it in the slightest, if anything it makes it worse

it's fair game if you can pull it off and make money off it. it's not about ethics, it's about money and the fact is that people want to play this game so much, they'll be willing to spend an extra whatever $ to do so.

btw, i wasn't trying to single you out, Bal. your comment just provided a stating point.

i mean, i get it. i understand the sentiment behind it. but if a person is willing to pay, than it's not bad business because the net profit is positive. if this pissed people off enough to not buy it such that those net profits are negative, well... 
my point isn't that people are stupid to pay extra money, but that their willingness to pay means that the game is worth the extra money to play.

something's worth is determined by how much people want to sacrifice for it. if the subscription fee goes through and people agree to pay, it just means your take on how much the game is worth doesn't coincide with everyone else.

i personally don't think the game is worth the extra money, but i don't think the game is worth 50-60$ (or whatever it's price will be) either, so i will not be purchasing it. :) 
To be honest, I don't feel like I'm paying extra money... yet.
The LAN thing isn't an issue for me, I don't play LAN, or when I do it's at work and we are all connected anyways. The three games issue will become one if the 2 next games aren't priced as expansions, and if they aren't nothing is forcing me to buy them. I played the hell out of Warcraft3, but never bought the expansion for instance.

There has been NO talk of subscription for Battlenet (for SC2 anyways) at the moment, I seriously doubt they will go that route. 
Whining About MMO Subscription Fees... 
... is so 2003, seriously. You are buying a maintained and constantly developed and evolving service, not a static game. 
I Just Deleted WoW 

My productivity has just gone up 50% =) 
Now get Vondur to delete it! 
You are buying a maintained and constantly developed and evolving service, not a static game

And if we were actually discussing an MMO game that might almost be approaching a valid point... 
I'm Not Interested In Playing It 
But EVE Online has some of the best stories I think I've ever seen in an MMO. 
i always felt that eve had hit on something quite good. while it doesn't appeal to as many people as wow, having never played eve, it seems to me as if the developers can take a much more 'hands off' approach. blizzard is constantly working with the next expansion in the pipeline because WoW is content driven whereas eve gives the player more of a framework to work with and pits players against each other.

a game that could apply eve's model but also break into the casual market like wow could be amazing.
the important thing here would be to make sure people know that it's the players who write the story, not the devs. 
Doesn't feel suitably giraffe and I can't dodge fast enough.

Giraffe-y even.

You know, that guy in charge of Libya 
So anyone played this?
It's really good, very fun gameplay, single player and coop.

Playing alone is a great platformer, mastering the characters is lots of fun.
Playing coop with 2 other people (on the same machine, no online coop =( ) turns it into more of a Little Big Planet experience, with lots of silly physics.

The game is really pretty too (just the 2D character art is a bit average). 
Sonic And Knuckles Collection 
which includes sonic3, sonic and knuckles, and sonic3 & knuckles are the only other games i really play besides quake

...just moving a certain thread down a certain page 
Shattered Horizon 
could be good aye, but this lame ass trailer shows nothing. oh wait... multiplayer only, and no gravity. damn. 

This is the game I am dumping WOW for, I am in the closed beta and the game is ace. 
Oh God 
Cool Building/defense Game 
So How Much Time 
needs to be set aside to play through HL2 and Ep1? 
Don't want to set aside an allotment of time to play them, trust me. You're going to waste lots of time playing with the physics, experimenting with different ways to kill enemies, looking at pretty stuff and driving like a prick.

Make sure to play ep2 as well. 
dont have ep2 yet, have had hl2 and ep1 sitting around for ages since sleepwalker kindly gifted them to me.

unfortunately, I thought that might be the case (wasting lots of time doing various stuff) from what I had read, but I just dont have that time right now. maybe I'll put it off till the end of the year when i get some time off and am not overseas. 
is pretty short. i think maybe 8-9 hours? 
Wheel Of Time 
So after which level exactly does it stop feeling mediocre and boring? 
hey, a kindred spirit! :P

i've played up to the first level in the blight (after the first trip into the Ways) so far and i would say the game is consistent up to that point, so if you're not liking it now, i'm not sure you'll like it later either.
also, i only noticed later on, but the videos don't play for some reason, so i missed out on a lot of the story (and there's a fair amount of it told in those videos). so if they aren't showing up for you, make sure to check them out in /WheelOfTime/Movies

for me, i'm only playing because i like WoT. 
Good to know... I haven't read the novels, only gave it a try because people here said it was good.
I'm in the second level, somewhere in the White Tower. The videos do play, but they always take some 30 seconds to load, because they are opened externally (wtf). If they don't work for you, it's most likely a Quicktime issue. 
It's all good. Bah. 
I'd keep playing till Shadar Logoth and if you still dont like it, quit. 
Agreed With Nitin 
I played it to the finish many many years ago. Have no desire to ever do so again, though I have fired it up expressly for Shadar Logoth once or twice in the intervening years. 
Yep, the first 1/3 is good. It goes downhill the further you play I thought, so if your still not enjoying it, don't bother continuing. It was good for it's time. 
I'm going to pretend that I don't see this blasphemy and just carry on with my day. La la la... 
Fun Fact 
So after which level exactly does it stop feeling mediocre and boring?
- The same could be said about Quake. 
. . . Or Any Game 
Ok, Cool

Though I hope the glow doesn't make it too easy for the survivors in the end. 
I believe the first one has that glow as well. Do you mean the effect where you see team mates through walls? 
Yeah being able to see your team mates trough walls has always been in...

Damn I can't wait to play it! 
Does It? 
Hmm, I guess I should play it more often. :P
But there's no such effect for items, is there? 
You focus on it and it outlines. 
Selective Perception FTW 
Fucking Hell 
That looks so good I don't even mind the dumb phong shader choice. 
Looks Good... 
...but do I have to have all those messages on the screen and all those 'buddies' getting in the way. I just want to kill things, I don't need to be clever about it! 
Clutter Free 
Those hints can be disabled, they're meant to be help for beginners. Some people do leave them on though, because it's a clearer cue that something happened to your teammates than the sounds/other HUD indicators. 
Looks Just Like More L4D... 
...well that's me sold then :)

Axe looks well brutal. Incendiary shotgun looks good for lighting up Zombies for others to shoot. 
Yeah, the melee stuff looks cooler than I was expecting. And, yes, incendiary shotgun plz! 
You can't play L4D without buddies, be they real people or bots. Any random special infected is capable of incapacitating you, and someone needs to be there to free you.

The 2 new infected look good, they will stop people stacking up in corners when a swarm comes. 
Is It Just Me 
Or does the player kill a special with a single hit from a frying pan? 
Melee kill special infected with on hit except for witch and tank. 
I can imagine how this will affect my Versus experience. 
Actually in an interview they said that will probably be tweaked. Killing the charger with one frying pan hit looks weird. 
And they might change the rules based on how you're playing. Players vs Players could never have 1 hit kills but Players vs AI might... 
Changing Rules 
are awesome
Hey, they can be. As long as it's made clear what's happening to the player. 
To Be Fair 
Boomers die from 1 bullet no matter what mode you're in. The charger is pretty big looking to go instantly into ragdoll after being hit by a frying pan. 
Stalker : SOC With Oblivion Lost 2.2 Mod 
Is great stuff! =)

Been playing loads recently, and this mod really doe's turn the game into something special.

+ Tons more guns, ammo types, armours and items

+ Tons of new mutants (some are scary as hell)

+ Fixed campaign levels that let you keep on playing after you "complete" the game.

+ Numerous tweaks and fixes all over the place, which make the game better and much more atmospheric.

Give it a whirl if you have not tried it! It's still bastard hard in some places, but its nice to play a game that genuinely challenges you for a change =) 
Fucking Game. 
i LOVE stalker but the god damn thing never runs for long before crashing. it's just evil. :( 
Isn't Oblivion Lost 
the mod that made me die at the first few dog thingies at the first armor place because i fired about 50 shots at them and only got 3 down because they were so tough and seemed to respawn? I think it was. Never even started it again after that experience. 
I didn't find OL much harder than vanilla Stalker to be honest. Sure you're not confusing it with the Invasion mod or some other of those? 
Dark Salvation 
Looks like a well achieved Q3 porting ... At least very evil-ish and satanic !!! Hell, it sounds frightening ! 
Isn't that the one with the appalling animations/models/level design? 
what struck me as funny is that the trailer has some clips with some seriously BAD particle effects. i can't even tell what it is supposed to be. you see these big blobs spawn in without fading or growing-- they just pop in, fly upward and then pop out (again, no fading or anything, just *pop*). if they couldn't even be assed to get rid of that or at least make it look 50% less shitty, what does that say about the quality of the rest of the pack? :P 
Hey Now 
I like the textures.... And it's single player quake3, right? That hasn't been attempted as far as I know since... The Dark Conjunction (shudder). 
Those Are Shitty Emissions. 
Yes, they smell bad and are dirty and since they're shown in the promo video they're shitty public emissions.

Looks like a design weak team - if particle fx are weak then don't use them. Q3 has a very nice shader system that could replace all those particle attempts with much nicer looking stuff.

Although they also have one shifter texture in there that's just round red circles. 
What Grahf Said. 
Dawn Of War 2 
Who wants game?? 
I Didn't Buy It 
My $ limit is exceeded for the month.

Good thing really, There's alot of other games I need to play.

And going through Soulstorm with the Sisters of Battle isn't easy, so that's still got some mileage in it. 
Haven't played mp since I bought it yet (played the beta a bit) but yeah sure, I'll give it a go if some people are interested. 
New L4D campaign coming from Valve "Crash Course" that fills the gap between No Mercy and Death Toll. Sounds pretty cool, can't wait for it. 
My sisters of battle save game is corrupt.


New L4D campaign? :D 
More L4D 
Ff Doom3 
Well I've never actually played it, but watching these L4D videos, I'm really not impressed by this game. Looks like Serious Sam style gameplay but without the awesome level design from SS2.

Well anyway, i'm just posting about FraggingFree, the doom3 roe mod? Any of you guys played it? I just played through it all over the last few days. Fkn hell, what a professional mod. To be honest the level design shits all over id's levels, and the new monsters (albeit some already released previously) and weapons shit all over ROE. Just a shame it's WAY too insanely fkn hard. If it weren't so hard, and maybe a smidgen longer with less spawning monsters in the same areas over and over, this could easily be a second official mission pack.

Still, the best (albeit short) experience I've had with Doom3 mods/maps is still Shamblers Castle :) 

Play it. If you like zombie movies, you'll love it.
A great simple HARD game where you have to sneak past security cameras. 
Peole Who Prefer Doom 1/2 To Doom 3 
Looks Bad 
Try this one instead:;66871

I'd also like to give Zhunter a try next time I install Doom 3.

New Rage screenshots: 
If Those Arent Renders 
holy fuck! 
All Of Our Friends Are Dead By Amon26

it's fun trust me, he told me about it just last night/early morning 
I Played This Earlier And It Was Fun But Very Short (like 5 Corridors) 
The Space Game 
as seen in post #2744 :)

actually it seems like that website doesn't save your stats when you quit. the same game is on Kongregate and that site usually saves it: 
Ah Missed The Post 
Site saves fine for me though - across three machines. 
Stalker Oblivion Lost 
tried it again.

Seems like i ran into some sort of issue last time -- i know there were several ghost-like dogs/wolves protecting the first 'perfected suit', that were basically unstoppable. They're gone now, and everything seems to work fine. Doesn't seem to be any harder than normal stalker so far, if you don't count some insta-deaths by anomalies etc. 
and the wildlife seems much less aggressive. 
I Thought It Rocked 
infact im gonna install it again because its 1:30am and im naughty 
Certainly not demanding historical correctness from such a game, but seeing a bunch of 1990+ D-Mark bills on a table made me laugh. 
Im Gonna Buy Wolfenstein For Sure 
A FPS!!!! A proper one!! I've read a lot of comments on the net about the graphics being shit. But they dont look shit to me, IDTech4 is pretty sweet graphics IMO. Im more interested in just playing the game anyway! 
Wolfenstein Rocks. 
A copious amount of fun to be had, just love to go kill them Natzis. Now, all we need is an SDK... 
When... WOFLMAO out? 
It's out. 
Oh, I See. 
Is it any good? It looks good. 
Come on, spill the beans someone: buy or not buy? 
~15% In 
It's pretty much a remake of RTCW with better graphics. Many familar locations (thematically) and similar gameplay. There's some mild non-linearity, you can move through a maze-like town and take missions. The hidden items, gold and documents, are actually helpful this time, as they let you buy weapon upgrades at blackmarket vendors. Then there's some magic medallion which is reminiscent of other games (Prey's spirit walk comes to mind).
I guess if you enjoyed RTCW, you'll like this one too, but don't expect the reinvention of the wheel or anything. 
either there's a lot of trickery or they've reworked how idtech4 does lighting cause wolfenstein looks really good compared to q4/d3. 
...that sounds alright to me. I liked RTCW, solid fun shooter.

How does it run compared to D3/Q4?? 
Im Enjoying The Game 
Its got pretty staple action. Then theres "The Veil" which combines the parralel dimension of Prey with the slow-down-time element of FEAR.
The weapons feel good, and you get to upgrade them!
Er, what Negke said basically.
The graphics looks fine - nothing too flash for 2009, but well designed none-the-less.
The feel of the game is pretty much "Scripted action shooter, no non-sense gameplay, movie style". Would be suitable for 12-14 y/o boys :DDD 
How does it run compared to D3/Q4??

Very good. I could run it in full detail without performance drops. Though I could imagine machines not meeting the requirements may choke (however slightly) in some areas, for instance the underground base. I'd say if you could run Q4 smoothly, you should be able to play this one, too. 
Q4 was fine for me IIRC. That'll keep me entertained now the nights are drawing in a bit. 
OK, 51% In Now Apparently! 
I'm actually enjoying this game (Wolfenstein) more and more as I play it through. TBH the fact that the "press" (IGN etc) are giving it 70 - 80 percent I think is rubbish. This game is pretty good!
I personally would have it atleast mid eighties for a score.
It takes IdTech4 and uses it to the max! Just because its not as graphically rich as say crysis or Far Cry 2 doesnt meen its no good - I would say that the design of this game is superior to those games in every way.
What the game does which other IdTech4 games havent done is non-linearity. I mean its not quite Fallout 3 here, but you really can pick your missions, find other secret missions and side missions. There are also loads of secret stashes of gold and "tombes" which are used to upgrade your weapons and "veil powers" respectively. And once you have upgraded, if you gont like it you can actually down-grade your weapon and get your gold back!
The combat is more than sufficient. Im playing on hard(bring 'em on) difficulty, and it as expected - fairly intense in places. Certainly keeping me entertained. I can definately see myself trying again on very hard (the hardest) setting, and trying to find all of the secrets.
The environments are varied, and some of the level design is excellent. Anyone get to "the Farm" yet? Without spoiling the game for anyone, there is a fantastic map around that point of the game.....
What astounds me about it is as you are exploring the central hub of the game, you keep finding door after door, secret opening after secret opening, passages, secret routes across the rooftops and suchlike. Very rich in exploration.
Overall I would say this is an excellent game, well worth a shot! :D 
Sounds Good 
70-80 is pretty good :) 
0-30% should be bad. But the gaming press can't hear you say it because they're busy with that publisher cock. 
Well It Makes More Sense For Them To Market 
"Hardware intensive" products. You end up with people buying new cards just so, for example, they can see DirectX 10.1 on about 1 game.
Or a completely linear game like Warhead that requires uber-powerful GPU's etc.
Its a conspiracy of marketing! 
Can you send me a savegame from right after the hospital mission? 
Ill try in a wee while :) 
Check Your Mail 
Stalker Oblivion Lost 2.2 
hm, so, i need the key from borov for the lab (the two part key thingie, no idea), but he isn't there :(

Any idea what to do? 
This Guy 
2D Boy 
Is a fucking genius. Fourth time I've been back to WoG, which is pretty much a record for me and modern games. 
It's A Big 
Perfectly orchestrated flash game, and well worth the time spent. 
New Wolf Vs Rtcw 
So while y'all have been playing the new wolf, I decided to dust off ye olde rtcw and have a spin. And I was wondering, how does the difficulty compare between old wolf and new wolf? Because dealing with lopers and uber soldats is a bitch.

Also, I think that the "Veil" might be based on the "Vril," which is a sort-of real occult concept associated with nazi conspiracy theories. 
Those Lopers Were Fuckers! 
When they could electrocute you from underneath. 
The head bob is absolutely vile, it feels like you're playing in mud, the weirdo random effects are cool, the city looks bland at first but is cool, and Caroline Becker would properly get her udders munched on.

Ricky & negke, so far, up to entering Dig, it's a piece of piss on Normal skill. Does the difficulty increase a lot or should I restart on Hard as it's a bit "meh" at the moment. If there was quick-saving I'd have done so already but I'm a bit worried about facing some stupid bit where I have to replay the same 15 minutes from the last checkpoint until my eyes prolapse.... 
Gets Better 
Im playing on hard. I died often in a couple of places, but mostly its been plain sailing. I think I'll re-play on the hardest setting when I've finished. 
Gets Better?? 
Ummm. Gets a lot harder? Or more interesting?

Hmmm Again. 
Someone gimme quicksave hack and no headbob hack plzkthxbai. 
you can't quicksave in wolf? 
That's my main concern. I want a bit more of a challenge, the gamestyle seems to suit it, but I just know there will be a few situations that you have to replay over and over to get right, and that will blow cock w/out quicksaving. 
No, it's autosave only. Not a big deal, usually there're enough save spots around. I never had to replay large chunks.

The headbob is nice, rEaLiSm! Besides, it potentially makes low framerates less obvious.

I also definitely recommend playing on hard - it's still not overly or frustratingly difficult, especially with all the weapon and veil upgrades. The only areas that might be tricky - in the sense that they possibly require a few attemps - are the scripted horde/arena fights, but there's only a couple of them. 
Crysis Warhead 
Been enjoying this game a fair bit, definately worth the 29,90 eur price.

The original Crysis had bored me to tears within the first 30-45 minutes, but Warhead seems a fair bit more action-packed. Some people have been complaining that Warhead is too short, but I am not sure if this is a really valid complaint: I think I am starting to close in to the end of the game and I am at roughly 9-10 hours of playtime so far, if I actually went to properly explore every place I've been to, I would easily add 2-3 hours on top of this.

The game engine seems to have received a slight tune-up in comparison to the original Crysis: I am playing the game on a C2D E6600 2,4 Ghz, 4gb ram, 8800GTS, Win7 system and I am able to achieve very playable framerates at 1680x1050 with some half of the settings at 5/5 and the other half at 4/5. This is obviously without AA, because enabling high amounts of AA will utterly rape any rig except something like i7 920 with a GTX295. However, the game definately does look good:

This is from my rig/settings:

The game also ships with an MP component as well as an editor capable of making full-fledged SP or MP maps. The MP component (called Crysis Wars) is a mixed bag: some of the maps are pretty bland and generally crap, while some other maps are really great fun. 
The New Operation Flashpoint 
looks quite good. But it's console only. Fail, i say. 
Yes, an enjoyable game after all. The final fight was a bit annoying, though. Unfortunately, I never really got to appreciate the heavier weapons fully until the last mission. Probably because with all the upgrades, the MPs are so accurate even at long distance. Focusing on upgrading them would be something for another play-through some other time. 
New Wolfy 
its pretty shame, but my old pc refuses to run this game 
Baby Gurl 
hey wat is diz 4 hey im wur mommy bithes 
Now That's Spam 
Hey, Baby. Who's Your Mommy? 
I need to try that line next time I'm in the bar. 
Wofl Again. 
Restarted on Hard, played until completing Dig then Warehouse. I've got used to the pukebob now (although it is shit, as is FOV 45 or whatever the fuck you're forced to play in) and am rather enjoying it. Fun gameplay, good style, the Veil certain adds something - I think it looks great when you do it in the town. I like the hub base and the exploratory feel so far. Also runs well so far. Unlike your bloody character. 
Tower To Heaven 
A short, simple and rather difficult and well made platformer. Clean 3 colour pixel graphics, neat music, made me say "fuck!" out loud an awful lot. Worth a try. 
I Think 
Wooooooo0oooooofl Again #2. 
41% in. It's really good. Great blend of style, action, and lots of neat but not overwhelming enhancements. Caverns map is one of the coolest indoor maps I've played in a long time, and it ran really smoothly. Only real flaw is the movement feel / headbob, although a greater variety of enemy would be good. 
Completed It On Hard 
'Parrently some guy called "Matt Breit" got credited for additional help or something, and some guy called "Tim Elek" worked on it too.

I for one enjoyed it, and will probably re-play it some time, on the hardest skill.

Pretty tricky (for me) on hard at the end. 
Looks neat. Are we running a pool on how long it takes until it gets shut down? :) 
Wolfenstein Review 
Some of his other reviews were a lot more cutting, but that is total fucking genius, a work of reviewing art. Very very good :D 
Man I Love Yahtzee 
one of the only websites I check every week without fail. The DNF anti-review is one of the best things of all the things. 
But that one was something extra special. 
Mount & Blade 
Found this for a tenner with free delivery on and after being totally sucked into the demo there was no choice!

its fantastic fun, simple to pick up and play but deep enough to hold your interest, plus the amount of user mods for it is insane (not that I've tried any of them yet).

if you have never heard of the thing before, its basicly a sandbox medieval conquest game. You start out with a horse and a sword and can basicly do whatever you want after that, you can loot and pillage villages, form your own private army or go work for any of the kingdoms in the game.

The mechanics are similar in a way to the Might & Magic games, you have the standard "god" view, looking down onto the landscape, where you can trek your avatar anywhere you want, visit a few towns/castles etc and find a mission or two, at the same time the enemy kingdoms avatars are doing exactly the same thing. There are also wandering bands of mercenaries, looters, deserters that make for nice experience for new players.

The best part of it all is when you go into a fight, and you take direct control of your avatar and fight the enemy, with your entire army next to you. its just epic, and fantastic fun.

Somehow it all runs at 60+ fps even on my oldish rig, though it certainly isn't a looker the graphics are definitely good enough. Even fights with 50+ units on each side run at 60fps!

The demo is on steam, go check it out! 
Flash Game: "Figure 8"

ride your bicycle through a giant sheet of paper filled with diagrams. Gets harder the farther you go. (there is an end, evetually.) 
Grim Fandango 
Anyone know where it can be downloaded? 
You mean legally or illegally?

Legally I'm not sure, but I'd check steam, they have loads of Lucas Arts shiz nao (not on my own machine atm so can't login and check if this is the case), failing that try amazon or ebay.

Illegally I would be hesitant to link to any warez sites, let alone directly to a download link, but I'm sure if you're looking for a place to acquire backups of software you've lost the discs for then this article would probably be a good place to start; (RIJ nazi funded, profiteering, arrogant arse wipes (Raped In Jail in case you were wondering)) 
L4D Custom Campaigns 
Anyone tried one of them? Are they any good?
Like or
Where is the #tf campaign? 
So Um 
pretty sure I already asked this and then forgot, but does anyone know where I could download or order a real copy of grim fandango? 
"unreal Deal" - 16eur On STEAM 
"unreal deal" for 16eur on steam: Unreal Gold, UT99: GOTY, UT2004, UT3 
Oh And 
Unreal2 too but noone gives a shit about that one 
Actually I didn't give a shit about any of them but I bought it anyway. 
Tales Of Monkey Island 
You can get Tales of Monkey Island for "free" (e-mail address) today: 
I'm pretty sure Grim Fandango isn't on steam...
whatever, I'll figure it out. 
a flash platformer with a cool art style, and some quality learn-by-dying gameplay:

(it is finishable, i finished it) 
Will Check That One Tommorow 
I've been wasting time with this: 
Getting a 403? 
seems to be getting slashdotted/metafiltered/something last few days. I couldn't get in on two days ago, but yesterday it worked. Might have to come back later. 
By The Way 
I didn't big that link up enough:

It's a shift style game but much better with a decent story, artwork and sound. Gameplay is the fairly standard puzzle / platformer, but hits the spot for the frustration to I'll just finish this level balence.

The user made levels are surprisingly good as well. 
have there been any good action rpg games lately? something played from third person and not a diablo click-fest? sp, ofc. 
Fallout3 maybe?

Risen is coming out next week (that's from the guys who made the Gothic games), wonder how that will turn out. 
Seriously, Fallout 3. Best RPG to come out in years. 
pirates of the caribbean(by bethesda), is very good rpg game, 
i wasn't very impressed with fallout 3. i just really hate the oblivion engine but i knew what i was getting into when i got it-- i just really wanted it for the post-ap theme.

i'll keep an eye out for risen, but i don't know if i'll be able to find pirates of the caribbean. 
I really liked Mass Effect. It had this cool 80s dark sci fi vibe. The music was bad ass. The story is also pretty good, and promises to weave a fairly complex tale when the 2nd and 3rd ones come out. 
Mass Effect 
was indeed very good! I would recommend it in a heartbeat if you have enjoyed any of Bioware's other games.

I still recommend Mount & Blade to anyone with a pulse, it might not be a fully fledged rpg, but its close enough, and the battles are just epic =) 
i've played ME, and yeah, it was quite good. :)

i see mount and blade has a trial version, so i'll take a look :) 
played a bit of mount and blade. it's ok, i guess, although i tend to like to play magic characters, it's still nice to see a game with no magic at all.

my beef with the game is that it's generic, but that's to be expected with a sandbox game. it's also pretty hard. that or i'm doing it wrong.

i took a quest to train up some dudes in a village. unfortunately, all the villagers i trained got killed in the ensuing battle and the village was sacked.
after that, i ran into a roaming group of dudes who kicked my ass and took me prisoner.
so after loosing my horse and some of my stuff, i did some crappy courier quests for a bit of dough and picked up a fast horse and a spear which seems to work a lot better than the axe i started with. it's still pretty hard to connect with enemies though. 
Hard At The Start 
it is quite hard to start out in the game, the best advice I could give it put 2 or 3 points into leadership on your main character as fast as you can, so that you can get an average size army together, even if it is composed of villagers with butter-knives!

Once you have the numbers, the packs of bandits and deserters will stop attacking you, and will actually start running from you on the world map, this allows you to pick your battles and give you the edge.

Also, its worth finding some hero characters pretty quick. Check taverns in all the major cities, these characters level up like your character does, and you can equip them and assign skill points in the same way also.

You will want to find a good doctor hero, with points in the 3 "healing" skills. Another nice hero to find (or sculpt an existing hero to fit) is a trainer, if you have a hero with the training skill (higher is better!) then they will train anyone in your army and they will gain experience every day even if you don't engage in combat. 
Siege Defence 
is my favourite part of Mount&Blade! At the weekend I had to defend my castle against 800 Nord scumbags, with only 179 defenders.

It was a shooting gallery, my 85 max level Rhodok Sharpshooters took out most of the nords before they got to the top of the ladders, and then my Spearmen impaled anyone that dared reach the top =)

There was a brief period of panic when a Nord Lord appeared at the top of the wall in full plate and managed to carve a small hole through the spearmen defending it, thereby letting a small stream of Nord troops into the castle. They proceeded to take names from a fair few of my sharpshooters before my spearmen cleared them up.

At the end of the day, a raiding party of 8 Nord Lords was sent packing, and I kept my shiny castle for another day! 
yeah, i got the hang of it a little more. after i got about 20 guys with me i was pretty much left alone except for sea pirates everywhere on the coast areas.

i just dont think the game is for me though. the more guys i get, the less the battles are about me. eventually, i'd just let my guys attack and run around on my horse charging larger packs of enemies going after my guys to break them up a bit.

also, speaking of heroes, i picked up a doctor type and to my annoyance, i couldn't tell her to stay out of fights, so she'd end up knocked out after almost all the fights. :P if a party member is going to be a stat bag, give me the option to leave it on the side. :P 
Mount and Gayde looks kinda interesting from the trailer , might have to trial the trial. 
Its Probably Not For Everyone 
But I love it, its just *fun* to play.

The great thing about the trial is that its the full game, the only restriction is that you can only play until your character gets to level 8, then if you decide the buy the game you can just enter the key and keep playing with the same character. 
If You Like Knytt And Games 
Knytt Stories That Is 
If you enjoyed the Gothic games, it's more of the same (without any of the bugs of Gothic3, haven't had a single crash or stupid gameplay bug yet).
Oldschool combat and gameplay that isn't for everyone I guess, but great exploration, and very beautiful in it's own way. The characters are kind of bland, but the weather effects, day cycle, and general atmosphere feel really nice.
I recommend. 
Just finished Wolfenstein, and well, I think the best part was seeing Lunaran's name in the credits. Plus some other names of people I've heard about. The game itself wasn't disappointing, because I sort of expected it not to be really good, and it met my expectations. I would probably recommend FEAR 2 over this, if you had to choose a decent-but-not-amazing supernatural CoD clone. 
Guess This Looks Interesting 
Guess This Looks Inter... Oh Shoot 
If you liked the freespace games, have a look at this 
Looks interesting... though... 
Yeah, Looks Nice 
wow, that looks great!
after freespace 2 came out, it felt like space combat games just dried up. the only thing i remember was the x games (x2 and x3 were after freespace, i think) but they were a little weird because although the game was heavily focused on combat, the ui didn't provide the tools to really make it enjoyable like the freespace games did.
this naumachia though looks to have a very nice interface and a responsive feel (as much as you can tell from a video). 
The world feels very real in those videos. Nicely done. A lot of space games have a sort of detached sense to them but that feels great... 
very nice. Overall art style is hot. HUD/cockpit computer design gave me a semi. 
how do you like it so far? what are the boss fights like? 
Thanks for the tip, Baldur. Reading the reviews....convincing world....pretty graphics....lots of exploration....shoddy combat. So basically it is the real Gothic 4 then, with less bugs. Well that suits me fine, I can get it and kiss goodbye to the winter months. 
How much better is Oblivion than Risen? 
What? Risen is better than Oblivion... :)
All Gothic games were better than Oblivion actually, and I liked Oblivion. 
oblivion has a really generic feel to it.
risen (only going on the demo here) has a more 'intricate' feel to it (as did all the gothic games). the environment is very detailed and stuff feels a lot more hand-placed than oblivion did.
oblivion had some cool spots, but for the most part, it looked pretty similar. (the oblivion mods that add in modified areas look amazing though, but i'm judging the game itself, not the mods)
risen combat is kind of annoying though. i was never a fan of the gothic combat either though and prefer the more mobile/non-animation-constricted combat of oblivion. 
Plants Vs Zombies 
I third that motion 8>
The array of corny zombie and plant characters is a hoot : Zombie pole vaulters, those that burrow underground spin around and head in the wrong direction, and all sorts of exploding plants. Lots of corny head popping action.

It might actually be more fun to watch than play though. Site has videos and a demo. 
Painkiller : Resurrection 
Demo is out

Not tried it yet myself as my net connection is slooooooow 
Born Robotic 
Bal, play Machinarium. So cute and awesome puzzles. 
Indeed, 'tis most excellent 
Peniskiller: Gayerection. 
Looks as thrilling and revolutionary as the others. But hey, I'd be up for playing it coop! 
Neg, Machinarium. 
Yeah I've bought the game, and played the demo, just haven't found the time to play through it yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. 
Oh And By The Way... 
Eufloria is out on steam (previously called Dyson) it's this weird minimalistic asteroid conquering RTS, and it's made by Borsato, the q1 mapper, so go buy it. 
Oh And... 
Saw it.

Loved it.

Licked it.

Is That In Game Footage? 
surely not, because it looks very awesome. 

The specials are looking good - that video shows the Spitter, Charger and Jockey, but it'd be nice to see another for the heavy (Tank / Witch) class.

The Charger apparantly is downgraded so as not to be part of that group, which begs the question. 
Robot Adventure Game 
I Don't Read 
Just respam.

Play it anyway. I'm broke but just bought it. 
nice demo, beautiful artwork. Great character to the animations. Looks like an awesome childrens picture book. 
Really Worth The $10 
Although I lost half my weekend to it. 
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Played the demo and the last couple of puzzles at a friend's (from the bomb defuse onwards). Absolutely beautiful game, waiting 'til I have some spare dollar to buy it, like said it's made by 7 self funded indie developers, can't really steal that shit even using the 'moral'* justifications of piracy.

*Disclaimer: I'm using apostrophes to highlight a lack of commentary on the validity of such arguments, merely stating their existence (the old 'men in suits getting the majority of the money due to owning the distribution/production' shit). I don't wish to start _another_ piracy flame session. 
"I don't wish to start _another_ piracy flame session."

Then don't bring it up. It's intellectually dishonest to get to state your opinion on something and then say you don't want to start a discussion. 
Too Late 
to be precise, he wasn't bringing it up. He was just using it to emphasize the greatness of it by describing his emotions/thoughts. That's about the same as if one of us others says "it's so worth the $$". That doesn't really bring up the question if capitalism is right unless you look at it funny for a while ;-) 
If you have to include a disclaimer, you're already over the line. :) 
OK I Got A Pure Hard On For This:

Is till think Colonial Marines is a better concept, but I must admit this looks goooood 
TF2 $2.49 
If you wanted TF2 but were too broke to get it before, now's your chance as it is only $2.49 for a limited time. 
Kill 'em and take their stuff. 
hell yes, the trailer reminds me so much of the original AvP game that rebellion did. That was such a fantastic game!

Really looking forward to this! 
Diablo with modded graphics. Even the town music is "heavily inspired" by the Tristram theme.

Still loving it. 
Loot! Make sure to play on very-hard, cause normal is way too easy... So addictive. 
If Torchlight gets released in a sexy box it will be the first game since fucking S.T.A.Lhas encountered a problem I will buy. It is a bit too WoWish for my taste, I would like a proper inventory, diablo-ish character screen and icons for the spells(?). The font is kinda hard to read (at least in 800x600). And sometimes there is just a bit much effects. I prefer high detail "epic" like Diablo but well played just 2 hours non-stop. 
What do you mean by proper inventory? YOu mean where objects take up various space?
I'm happy they ditched that, I hated playing tetris with my items in diablo2, and diablo 3 has gone with the 1-slot-per-item technique too if you check the videos. 
diablo 3 has gone with the 1-slot-per-item technique too if you check the videos

AFAIK they ditched that and went back to tetris. 
Inventory Snake 
It is possible to retain the idea of items taking different space within an inventory without having to worry about tetris.

The simplest, but not very practical way, is just to make the inventory 1-dimensional. That way all packings are optimal, and there is nothing to worry about. Nobody really wants to have to scroll down a very tall inventory which is only one box wide though, so a better interface to that inventory would be needed

The idea I just had was to take that 1 dimensional representation of the inventory, and then just have it snake up and down the screen. That way you can render the whole thing in a square area, but the areas that items occupy sometimes bend around corners.

You might have to work a little harder to display icons for the items within their space, which could be tall and thin, or irregularly shaped at a corner. Perhaps a tileable texture which conveys item type would fill the space in background. Then an icon could float to fit in the tallest continuous space the item occupies. Since you're always guaranteed ceil(item_size/2) height, even on a corner, you could still have that icon as fixed height. 
Yeah, I like actually seeing the items in the inventory. The 1 slot just makes it harder to see what is what. :)

I forgot to say that Normal mode is really really easy. I guess I should have started harder but now I don't want to start again. 
Very hard is alot funner yeah, normal was boring. =\

Preach, well, you can always go for a weight system otherwise... but I like that even less I think. 
I Think The Weight System In Stalker 
worked very well. 
... nice try... so please now post what you really meant :P 
Disassemble The Radio! 
It's a flash game fairly similar to "escape the room" type flash puzzle games, but now you're trying to disassemble a radio: 
That Was Fun. 
I liked that the one part wasn't a hard fail. That would have pissed me off... 
yeah, i got a little annoyed for a bit then figured it out. :P 
Did not make any sense to me, the dismantle radio puzzle, turned the various dials and nothing happened, no visual clues about what is going on. I usually dismantle stuff with a screwdriver! :P 
Got It 
ok that was cool, but what confused me was the wording, the icon in the top right said 'back' which really mean't, turn the radio around and look at the back. The word back usually means go backwards in a menu or an option. Oh well ... 
It's basically Gothic 2 with better graphics. And since I'm a G1/2 fanboy, I totally enjoyed the hell out of this game. Awesome atmosphere, I had a great time.

There's a demo, too. 
What negke said, I approve. 
Torchlight Demo 
Just spent about 2 or 3 hours playing this through to the end, and its a great little game!

Its pure Diablo, with a new lick of (very colourful) paint. It brings back some fond memories for me of slashing through Diablo 2.

+ Runs great even on my shitbag of a pc, I could even turn on AA!

+ Doesn't pretend to be anything more than a clickfest dungeon crawler, and thats cool with me.

+ The dog is a great idea, you can send it back to town with all your vendor trash and it will sell it all for you, so you can carry on killing things :)

- Voice "acting" is appallingly bad! Kinda made me laugh though.

- As others said, its easy as pie even on normal skill, I should have played on hard. PLAY ON HARD!

- I cared less about the quests in this game than I do in WoW. Half the time I would just be content to kill things, and when a quest item popped up it was just a nice perk :P

Very tempted to buy the full version of this, I think I'll try out the other 2 classes 1st though, the mage was good fun however! 
isn't this exactly like what fate was? what happens when you clone a clone of a game? o.0 
It just makes another fun game?
Most of the Torchlight guys are the original developers of Diablo1 from Blizzard North, so they can do whatever they want with this type of game as far as I'm concerned.

I'm almost done playing through on Very Hard with an Alchemist, and I've had a blast, just good old hack-n-slash fun, if you like Diablo like games it's definitely worth it (cheap too). 
The pet sounds like a carbon copy from Fate - sending it to sell stuff, transforming it with fish. 
Doesn't seem as soulless as Fate was, doesn't tempt me enough to waste any of my precious free time. 
I feel so ripped off. The most recent necros map I played was so similar to the previous necros map I played. I mean I liked the last one and I really like this one too, but fuck, the style and setting and other things are so similar it's almost like it's made by the same guy or something.

I know I've been wanting a new necros map for years and I've been grumbling about how no other maps come close to how awesome that last one was but come on, I mean this new one is so cheap it might as well be free so if I'm paying that much surely I shouldn't get exactly what I want and expect? 
About Fate yeah, the lead designer on Torchlight was the designer of Fate, so those similarities aren't so surprising either. 
THe last Fribbles map sucked anyway.

What was the last Fribbles map BTW??

Also, Risen, see my post in L4D2 thread. 
Didn't Know That 
Re: 2966 
um... what? you are comparing a commercial, separate game, to maps designed to be played all in the same game that are free?

that argument might have been valid if if this was fate2 i suppose, and even there it would be a stretch. 
Re: 2970 
Just making the point that the similarities are not surprising given the heritage of the developers, and their intentions... and it's precisely what the target audience wants anyway. 
my initial reaction was *because* it was designed by the same team. (hence why i mentioned fate and not diablo).

meh, i guess fate just wasn't very visible and so no one remembers it while everyone remembers the last doom or quake game. 
I remember Fate well... even though I only played it for a very short time. (ijed hit it on the head, it was just a bit soulless..)

Torchlight is the good version of Fate, for sure.

p.s. sorry necros, that wasn't really directed at you by the way, just kinda sick of the silly comments in general about how Torchlight is a "rip off" of Diablo/2/Fate. (Mostly elsewhere, not here). 
Wake Up The Box 
Simple 2D-block-physics flash puzzle game, doesn't take to long to finish, good variety of puzzles. 
From the depths choadliness. Just tried the demo briefly. It is more Gothic 3/4 than Gothic3/4. It's bloody identical except a little bit prettier and a lot murkier. Hmmm. I like what happens if you try to go out to see at the start.

One thing I really liked about G3 was the 3 very distinct areas, and the 3 distinct races, especially the Orcs. Not sure if Risen is going to deliver in that way?? 
This was mentioned a while back in this thread, and after trying the demo, I ponied up the $20 for the full version, and got around to finishing it last night.

This is certainly one of the best (and maybe THE best) puzzle game I've ever played. It has great depth and fun from simple gameplay mechanics, an excellent variety of puzzles and thinking challenges, humor, emotion, fantastic sound and music, and one of the coolest art styles I've seen in a while.

Some parts took me a bit of pondering to get through, but I managed to beat the whole thing with no hints and no online poking about, and I'm mildly proud of that, because parts of it were pretty challenging.

If anyone is on the fence on this after trying the demo, the full game is better, and I highly recommend it. 
Yep, it's great. 
No Brainer Buy 
I had to use a walkthrough to get through the demo, although that is partly because I didn't know the game mechanics.

Lovely style, but puzzle games leave me cold. 
Risen, no the game area is smaller than Gothic 3, but it's alot more focused, there's always stuff to do. It's the only thing Gothic 3 has over it really. 
Dragon Age: Origins 
So, yay or nay? The game is apparently great, but how is the editor? Are we likely to see a fuckton of usermade highquality content for DAO as there was for NWN? 
I'm on the fence about it, only because there's a sales pitch for DLC built into the game universe itself, which leaves kind of an off-putting taste in my mouth...

I hope that's just sort of fucked up, and not actually showing "the future of marketing!" or some shit. :(

Painkiller Choadrrection. 
Uhuh. Exactly more Painkiller, no more and no less.

The soul collecting / demon mechanism still rocks though. 
I've sank about 8 hours into it so far

+ No frills action rpg, run around and kill hordes of stuff, pick up loot, carry on.

+ The dog/cat companion is great, he helps you kill stuff and you can load him up with items to run off and sell for you so you can carry on killing things and taking their stuff(tm).

+ Meaty spells and abilities, everything feels very powerful, when you shoot beams of fire at people you can feel it burning them =)

- Story is quite dull, no real interest in it for me.

- Quests feel tacked on as an afterthought, usually I pick them up and forget about them, then when I get a "quest complete" message im pleasantly surprised :)

- The game is starting a feel like a bit of an xp grind. The motivation for going out and clearing a dungeon is to get xp and loot, and thats about it. There are no real high end goals beyond that. Perhaps if you could collect some sort of tokens from rare enemies to buy better gear it would be an added incentive to carry on playing. But as it stands its quite shallow in the end.

- No multiplayer/online play. Aparently they are making a free-to-play MMO which could work out very nicely, but I do notice the absence of multiplayer here.

If you liked Diablo / Titan Quest / etc.. you will probably love this :) its good fun and you cant go wrong for this budget price! 
Dragon Age: Origins 
OK, I broke down and bought this yesterday and played for a few hours. Verdict: if you liked Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, you need to get this NOW. 

Because I CAN'T get it now, I don't have enough time to get another epic, massive RPG. I have too many games to beat as it is. I have too much stuff to do. I just don't have the god damn time for an awesome BioWare RPG. SO GET OUT OF MY HEAD AND STOP TEMPTING ME YOU GOD DAMN SUCCUBI OF VIDEOGAMES 
Have A Beer Instead 
Why does he tease me so? =) 
About Dragon Age Performance 
I don't get it, I was looking at some benchmarks, and with my current CPU (an old 2,4 Ghz E6600) and a 5870, the benchmarks say Dragon Age is supposed to be heavily CPU-bound and run at ~26 fps. Thing is, 5870 is retardedly strong and MY gpu is an old 8800gts, yet my computer runs the game at 30+ fps at 1680x1050 everything on HIGH, I am yet to see a single slowdown anywhere. This was a really pleasant surprise.

On a sidenote, I am 8h 44min into the game and I am merely at 9% complete. And I am not even doing EVERY quest (I am going to leave that for the 2nd playthrough). Really puts into perspective the fucking ripofs the game market is full of, where a game is being sold for 60euro and the entire fucking thing lasts for like 8-10 hours total. 
your comments bode well for me. i've been thinking of picking this up lately, but i've heard some goofy stuff about it like how DLC is built into the game itself such that NPCs will actually tell you to go buy DLC so you can do their quest or something.

can you put down some more comments when you've got furthur in please? :) 
Regarding The DLC 
I've heard some complaints that a few NPCs kind of "break immersion" by suggesting you obtain "premium content" to continue. I wouldn't know, I got the Deluxe version which already includes all the DLC. Deluxe edition was a mere 5 euro more than the bare game on STEAM and the 2 included quest areas offer roughly 4 hours worth of content, so it was a no-brainer. 
Really puts into perspective the fucking ripofs the game market is full of, where a game is being sold for 60euro and the entire fucking thing lasts for like 8-10 hours total.

If a game is worth it's money or not is hardly price divided by play time! Any potential rip-off factor has far more to do with the vast majority of games being uninteresting dribble :P 
Anyone playing League of Legends? (dota clone by the people who made dota. 'tis good fun. and free. kinda.) 
All The Games I Like 
have huge playtimes. Partly because of replay value, of course. 
funny how people complain about playtime, when Quake was released and people made the quake done quick videos, no-one complained about price/playtime then =)

I do think that MW2 is overpriced, but not because its short, because its more expensive than everything else :) Its an obvious moneygrab by the publisher.

I've not played it yet, but if its anything like modern warfare 1 it will be fantastic, MW1 is also very short, but I've replayed it more times than I've replayed half-life 2 because its just so damn fun.

Also, I like commas, a lot! 
For me, if I get 6-8 hours out of a game and those hours are fun, I got my money's worth. I don't want 40-80 hour epic conquests anymore - I don't have the time. :)

And it's just not feasible these days, honestly. Content takes too long to create and unless you're going to do a sandbox game it's very difficult to create endless reams of content like in the old days without crunching for years on end. 
And it's just not feasible these days, honestly.

Yet, somehow, Bioware and Bethesda seem to be able to do this consistently ;) 
It took me a month to first play through Quake. I had to look up and ask about both bosses. Probably around 20-30 hours in total. 
"Yet, somehow, Bioware and Bethesda seem to be able to do this consistently ;)"

Yeah. Sandbox and/or highly repetitive environments. Those factors make it possible. :) 
What I'm saying is that you can't have stuff like the levels in Gears of War 2 last for 40 hours of gameplay. There's just not enough man power to create unique stuff that will occupy the player for that long. 
*seduces Zwiffle And His Cat* 
yeah that new painkiller expansion sure got awful reviews. could it really be that bad?

i'm not keen on huge games either, i don't have time for 30 hours+. 10 hours is fine. once i get to the 10 hour mark i find myself looking at the level list just to see how many levels are left. it becomes a drag.

did someone say fallout3 is like 200 hours long? FUCK THAT! give me quake 20 times over. there's too many games out there to waste that amount of time on a single game, running through the same environments over and over again. 
Don't play long games that are a drag, play long games that are fun. 
Dragon Age 
to put off getting dragon age, i started playing quake4 again.

i like it a lot more now than when i played it the first time, for some reason.

the whole first segment (from the start up to when the mcc lands) is great. gameplay is fluid and continuous. radio chatter really conveys the sense that the war is more than just you. my favourite parts are when you're backtracking through an area but from a different path (you're on these catwalk things) and then some new guys are charging in through the original path through the area and they get ambushed by strogg, but the strogg don't see you.
it was really satisfying to blow them away and feel like you're helping someone else out even though they're just npcs. 
if anyone's interested, apparently, they released some of the music in the game: 
Thanks for the link! 
Apparently you can get the .mp3s out of the game files anyway, all those .001 and .000 etc files are just .zips iirc. There's a post about it somewhere on the steam forums... 
So, Has Anyone Tried This Demo Yet? 
I shall "take one for the team". There's no pretending it's going to be anything other tha dreadful, is there?? 
There's no pretending it's going to be anything other tha dreadful, is there??

...I woefully overestimated that, then.

It is beyond dreadful. A proper low-quality Q3A mod, real Cranky Steve territory. Not even worth reading these last 3 posts about it let alone considering following links to the game. 
We Demand Pictures 
Follow The Link 
Seems a shame, since there's obviously alot of work gone into it. 
We flamed those screenshots earlier (or maybe in #tf), still I gotta play it some time. 
I Remember 
Mostly bad VFX and neon complaints. 
Saying we flamed it isn't really going to help is it? ;p

(But yeh, we ripped those shots on here a while back. Can't see it playing any better...) 
The word shitty came up three times then. 
i meant non staged/promo pics, of course. to see all the badness. 
Dark Salvation 
how far did you get shambler? i got to the first crystal, and then what? there's nowhere to go, am i missing something? haha lame so far. the intro was fkn shit, wtf was happening? and no save in the demo - not impressed. pretty cool textures and style though so i'm willing to give the full game a try if i can pirate a copy of it :D 
You press the button down below by the grate, this opens the door above. You then go into a lurid red box room with some lava and moving platforms. Lose some health to the lava because it's indistinguishable from the floor, then jump down onto a rock below with some health on it. Realise there's no way to get back up to the moving platforms, quit, and uninstall in disgust. 
I think they pirated some textures too, someone said that. The voices are awful, lame Prey (etc) ripoff. Is it normal that I see no viewmodels? I use Wine... 
I think they pirated some textures too, someone said that

i'm reminded of that limbo of the lost game... was it ever explained how on earth so many assets from other (very popular) games made it in there? it just seems unfathomable that no one noticed. 
Recent Games 
Okay finally had some time to play a few games recently, for the first time since February. I gave Machinarium a shot. I got stuck about 1/3 in, trying to use the oil thingy to get the dogs attention so I could catch him. Looked cool, but the puzzles are too hard for a dumass like me.

Dark Salvation demo. Gave up after the second room, the red one where you have to jump across the moving platforms, hit a button to open the door, then run back before the door closes. Does it get any more 90s than this? Pretty lame for a demo, which should feature some of the best parts of the game if you want people to buy it. Instead they have moving platform puzzles with no monsters. wtf.

And I played COD and COD:UO. Reviews below... 
Call Of Duty (2003) 
Released 1.5 years after Medal Of Honor and on the same engine and almost the same settings, it's easy to draw comparisons between the two. Most players seem to prefer Call Of Duty, and I agree, but only by a small margin.

In fact, they could almost be the same epic long game, there's not much difference. The level design is good, but not particularly fantastic. The levels are fairly standard fare; either cross-country with some average looking greenery, or destroyed towns. The highlight is the final level and the level which takes place at a dam that you have to sabotage. Ultimately, the level design is an improvement over Medal of Honor, as there were no downright boring levels as MOH had.

The gameplay is all enjoyable, again the same as you would expect from this genre. High speed guns mixed with plenty of sniping means you won't get sick of the gameplay. What makes COD unique is that 90% of the game your fighting alongside computer controlled teammates. Fortunately, they're not complete morons and don't get in your way. They also don't take over the game and leave you with nothing to kill. It stills feels like your playing your own mission, but with a little help and company here and there. It was certainly a unique and satisfying feature.

The major problem with COD was it's length. I played the entire game within a day; in two sittings, and could easily have done in one sitting. This is a very short game, perhaps around seven hours. For a full game, this just doesn't cut it. I complained about MOH being so short, but this COD is much shorter. At least there is an addon pack which I'll be playing next.

So overall, Call Of Duty was a blast. Good level design, fun gameplay, not overly difficult or frustrating in any way. It's certainly the best WW2 based game thus far, despite the short length. 
Call Of Duty: United Offensive (2004) 
Released a year after the original game, comes Grey Matter's expansion pack for the hugely popular Call Of Duty. And in most ways, it improved on what Infinity Ward did with the full game.

For a start, United Offensive, while being fairly short for even an expansion pack, was still almost as long as the full game. I estimated UO to be about 5-6 hours, with the full Call Of Duty game being 7-8. And that was my main criticism of Call Of Duty, that it being too short.

The other area Grey Matter have improved upon, despite still using the same engine and game, is level design. The levels in UO are a smidgen more impressive this time round. They feel more epic, especially examples like the lighthouse level. The only let down was the final Russian leg of UO looked exactly the same as the original game. They could easily have seamlessly integrated into part of the full game's Russian leg.

The other major difference between COD and COD:UO is the gameplay. UO features much more frantic action, with hordes of enemies running you down. Some of the battles just feel MUCH bigger. And in the process, hard as well. In some cases a little too hard. The sniper rifles with zoom features weren't used much in UO and you'll really miss them. At least in my run through I never picked them up much, if at all. Instead I stuck with the same few guns throughout the entire pack, which did get a little numbing by the end.

COD:UO is an improvement over COD. Slightly more epic levels and gameplay, a decent length when compared to the original game. But very much more of the same, just slightly better. 
Right Thread This Time 
Looking forward to what's next on my list for 2004 games I missed... Farcry, Medal of Honor 2, Painkiller, Chronicles of Riddick, Halflife2. Might play Riddick next I think... high expectations on this one :) 
Pick up Crysis Warhead and Dragon Age. 
far cry and riddick are great, havent played HL@ yet. Which would make us the only 2 gamers alive who havent :)

And painkiller is fun too. Dont forget to check out Dark Messiah out of the older games too. 
Left 4 Dead 2 
Somewhat clever platformer that requires you to re-arrange the sections of a level so that you can create a route to the goal.

I finished it, my least favorite were the samey-looking maze levels, but even then they were pretty well designed. My favorite were the more wide-open levels.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have any level numbers, so it's hard to discuss individual levels. When you get to the really hard 8-screen maze, that's the last level. 
You Know.... 
this kind of thing could possibly be built in doom3... shit, after i beat this thing, i may give it a shot :x 
Just To Expand On Previous Post Now That I'm Taking A Break 
i made a map that was essentially the cube movie, with automatic script driven cube movements. i guess the only real limitation is you wouldn't get the sort of 'birds eye view' you get when you swap between slide mode and platformer mode. any puzzles done in a 3d way would have to be simpler, i'd guess, and you'd only be able to control the section you were currently in (it'd be complex to be able to control other sections with the current implementation of the guis and gui scripts)

the alternative would be to keep the automatic section movement scripts and let guis control the paths they would take (ie: you can switch the automatic movement from going left to going right instead) 
What I liked:

� The core concept makes for a good puzzle with varied scenarios.

� The musical transition between the two modes is a lovely bit of polish

What I disliked:

� The way the tiles were in bordered, rounded rectangles. Pleasant visually in itself, but the result is that the played character can't transition smoothly from tile to tile, instead there is an obvious jump from tile to tile. This seems like something that should be more important to the game than the visual choices made.

� The actual platforming is very boring, and doesn't contribute to puzzle solving at all. I spent all the time in that mode just willing the character to go faster so I could get on with the good bit.

What would I suggest adding to it:

� Some kind of additional factor to challenge the player.

A time limit in the platforming parts might make that seem more exciting, and possibly the clock could even continue running in the puzzle mode. The problem with extending time pressure to both modes is that mistakes in the puzzle mode are easier and more costly in time spent, so perhaps not.

Another factor which could make levels more difficult would be to limit the number of visits you could make to the "puzzle" mode. So in maps with many tiles, you would need to join as many as possible before returning to platforming. Might demand more forethought in the puzzle solving, but also makes it possible to get stuck, which I don't think can happen at the moment...

ps: still stuck on the last level, wrote this stuff on level 15, my opinions did not change much 
What I Would Have Liked: 
These sorts of puzzles cry out for the ability to "optimize" your solution. If the game kept track of your # of screens visited (each repeat visit counts), then you could try to find the ideal solution.

I think that this scoring system would be more beneficial to a time-based system, since the ideal time requires first finding the ideal route (from above), and then once that interesting problem is solved, all that remains is flawlessly pressing keys on the keyboard. The physics and choices when manevering in this world are not interesting enough to make optimizing your character movements sound like fun to me.

Actually, what would be really cool is seeing a faint line trace the entire route you took, so you can watch the spaghetti areas where you got lost or caught in a loop. 
It Needs More 
to the game than just puzzle block shifting. I liked the first couple of levels because you get the whole shifting pieces around but after that, just the same old thing over and over. It feels like a good start but 30 levels without any new direction is too much.

One game mechanic I did like was you can fall through tiles, stop fall, shift blocks and carry on falling. Also the art style looked temporary to me, especially as it was not obvious which tiles linked together, should of used a pattern or symbol on the edges to show which tiles matched together. 
Tile Borders 
If I was making it, I would have made the tiles meet edge to edge, with a transparent green border between them if they match, and a solid red if they didn't (or you were at the edge of the map). It would make some of the manoeuvres around edges of tiles easier to manage at least, and as a bonus makes it explicit that the tiles match. 
Interesting Experiment 
Nice to see new stuff like this. 
I didn't mind that it was difficult to tell which borders matched, but i really only needed two or three levels where that was the main challenge, rather than 50% of the levels. The open levels where it was more about figuring out what jumps were possible were more my taste.

The problem, which you see especially in the 3x3 grid levels, is that sliding block puzzles are kind of tedious, and with a grid that large you do a lot of sliding (especially with trial and error.) 4x4 would have been intolerable. 
Particularly irritating in the last level where in many cases you couldn't work out by eye which blocks did connect, so you had to shuffle them all around the 3x3 square, and then if they didn't, try out another. On earlier levels, it was quite satisfying to work backwards through a chain of tiles. "The key is there, and you can only get to it from the right...that tile is the only one that connects it from the left...I need to drop down on I want to move to this tile!".

But I agree that the best puzzles were the ones where you had to make big leaps of faith, switching tiles in mid jump etc. Can you do that thing like in portal where you reach terminal velocity by lining up the portals vertically - constantly falling between two tiles? Imagine if you could rotate the tiles and do portal-style flinging! 
I played through the first eight (ten? dunno...) levels and sort of enjoyed it, but it got old kind of quickly and I wasn't really having enough fun to continue. Seemed pretty easy, but granted, it was early-on.

I've been playing Protector III for the last few nights, and finally finished it last night. It's similar to many tower-defense type games, but with quite a bit more depth and continuity than some (and some of the levels are quite difficult). Very addictive!! (At least it was for me.)

It *will* remember your progress, so no need to do it all in one go (assuming you were that crazy anyway--it took me quite a few hours to finish it...) 
Games are like crack.

Thanks for posting :D 
That One Sure Sucked Me In... 
Although difficulty seems odd and inconsistent. Some of the "medium" difficulty maps took me a lot of work to figure out, and some "hard" maps I got on the first try. And I beat the final uber-map on the first try too. Go figure... 
Anyone tried Battlefield Heros yet? 
I heard they were switching payment models to really suck customers dry with those microtransactions but other than that it was fun. 
Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay REVIEW 
After so many positive reviews I was really looking for to Butcher Bay. Typically the big-sceen to computer-screen, film to game adaption doesn't work very well. So it's easy to assume it would have been a flop. But in fact it was a very favourably received underdog.

Nevertheless, it was with it's flaws; but perhaps my expectations were too high. Comparing the graphics to other 2004 releases like Doom 3, it wasn't quite as flash. The level design the majority of the time was good, but nothing really stood out. There were few fantastic set pieces. However, there weren't supposed to be. The game takes place entirely in a prison, mostly underground. You fight from the typical bland prison on the surface, to underground caverns, more high secure prisons, guards quarters and more. However, it is slightly disappointing that the entire game takes place in one prison. We never really get a huge variety in gaming environments. Overall, however, the design and graphics definitely live up to 2004 standards.

The gameplay was mostly good, depending on your gameplay preferences. Personally, I'm not one for the Thief style of gameplay. That is, sneaking around in shadows avoiding enemies. I'm also not one for having to complete tedious little tasks to proceed further into the game. EFBB features far too much of this. What I come for is pure action, and probably only 50% of the game features this. The tasks are boring, especially since the parts of the game that require tasks are some of the more bland looking areas.

What action we do get in EFBB, you get limited with just a few different weapons, and probably less than ten enemies to use them on, all with rather poor AI. Not a lot of variety, but it still throws up a decent challenge and fun on the most part.

The other problem wih EFBB is it's short campaign. Although I'm starting to get used to this after Call Of Duty and it's mission pack were both equally as short. Are games becoming shorter because of the extended detail gamers require in every facet of the game? I finished EFBB within one day. In three sittings to be exact, but I could have done it in one sitting.

On the other hand, I'm not sure I'd want another five hours trapsing around Butcher Bay anyway. It would have to at least introduce a new environment.

So overall, despite this sound like a negative review, the game actually was very good. Exceptional design and graphics, although not quite up to Doom 3, not far off it! And decent gameplay when you actually get to fight. Very much recommended. I only regret I didn't play the enhanced version released with Dark Athena.

PS. the game was a nightmare to setup and featured two game stopping crashes. It required an Open GL fix and latest EU patch, along with someone elses save games for me to continue. 
Iji - Very Good 
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is up next on my list. I hope it looks better than the first Call of Duty. Screenies look better anyway.

BTW anyone played Overlord 2 yet? The graphics look so cute!!! 
I think it looked about the same, but its still fun.

I was a big fan of riddick, probably because it was different to your regular FPS at the time and parts of it just looked damn cool. 
Err, Kona 
You should read your reviews before posting them - you often start a paragraph by stating something, then spend the remainder of the paragraph contradicting that statement. Example:

"The gameplay was mostly good" ... " The tasks are boring" ... "What action we do get in EFBB, you get limited with just a few different weapons, and probably less than ten enemies to use them on, all with rather poor AI"

Or above that "Comparing the graphics to other 2004 releases like Doom 3, it wasn't quite as flash" vs "Overall, however, the design and graphics definitely live up to 2004 standards".

What is it? Was it not as flash as other 2004 games, or did it indeed live up to those standards? Maybe my English isn't good enough, but I can't make out what you are trying to say with that review. 
haha i know dude i was contradicting myself a bit. what i meant was it wasn't as good as doom3, and maybe halflife2 and thief3. but it was better than everything other than those 3 i think (not that i played everything).

the reason why i do these reviews is actually so that in 10 years when i decide to play these games again, i'll know what to expect, so they tend to talk about all the negative stuff even when something is 'mostly good'.

oh and i can't be bothered proofreading it anyway 
Alright. Now we can discuss why you think that Doom 3 and Half Life 2 are in the same league - I'd say that HL2 > D3! 
Because graphics are the main criteria for judging games... 
But That Is The Aspect That He Was Comparing 
yeah for me graphics are easily the most important thing. i find it weird how all these top reviewers like gamespot and ign never even mention "level design" and architecture and stuff like that. and all their screenshots never feature the actual level design - it's always some stupid action shot.

but anyway, i can't argue hl2 vs doom3 because i'm yet to play hl2. doom3 had great potential, the engine is a winner (i'm guessing better than hl2's engine), but ruined by the corridor style levels. in terms of detailing, doom3 had WAY more detail in it's design than Riddick did. and the lighting was better. i'm assuming in terms of level design that hl2 > d3, won't know for sure till i play it. 
I Envy You Kona 
Go and play HL2. 
The Orange Box 
Valve Complete Pack! 
HL2 Ep2 was pretty awesome, amd the best of the three parts IMO. Ep1 has some awesome bits, as does HL2. We dont go to Ravenholm.
Neither topped Half Life 1, just for epicness and the setting (the grand-canyon backdrop in HL1 really added to the feeling of scale, and immersion).
Whe is that Black Mesa mod coming out for HL2?
But no - I think that Doom3 was good for graphics, but the gameplay does suck compared to Half Life 2. 
He's Not The Only One 
saving it for the christmas break myself. 
Doom3's gameplay didn't suck, exactly. it only sucked because there was no variation in it.
it's not like the gameplay couldn't handle something like the grand canyon map from HL1, but that no one on the d3 team made one. :S 
It Was Good Fast Paced 
Harcore shootin'! Like the original prequels in that respect. One of my favourite games.
But the Half Life series had a more involved story aimed at a more mature audience, more puzzle solving and exploration, much more varied gameplay on the whole. Better AI/combat too.

Two different things altogether really. Although they do have many parrallels. A bit like whiskey and beer :D 
Or Whisky 
And shandy, with a cool cube of advanced light ice floating in the shandy. 
What Was Fast Paced? 
Doom 3? Surely, you are joking? 
i wasn't sure if that was a joke or not. if it's not, then we didn't play the same doom3 :P 
yeah there wasn't enough variation in gameplay, but the biggest issue for me was the running speed. made the game way too fkn slow. any d3 mods i now play with it increased a bit. much more fun. although i've played them all now anyway. shamblers castle is a must play for d3!

actually i'm not saving up hl2 for xmas... i'll probably play it in a couple years, haha. once i've had a run of a few bad games and need something good, it'll be time for hl2. how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat? 
Doom 3 was so frustrating for me.
So much untapped potential.
I hated those squid armed dudes, and there were like 2 cacodemons in the whole game.

also, the expansion pack was shit. 
The Expansion Was Better 
And had no squid arms in the first.

The cacodemons were a joke though. Literally funny.

100% programmer game design; drunk on technology that nobody really gives a flying fuck about.

So much potential in that leaked beta . . . 
But the Half Life series had a more involved story aimed at a more mature audience

That's probably why there's scientist father figures and large breasted women with robot pets at the center of it. Serious drama, guys! 
If HL2 had more boobs I'd probably give in to Steam. After all my room moisture would go up several degrees so a little more steam would not hurt. 
Wait, exactly WHO in Halflife had big boobs? Because I certainly missed that character. 
I deleted a post because I thought it was the whisky talking.

I realise it's the whisky still talking now and I was just being a pussy:

Alyx' arse was nicer than her tits. 
You're talking about the traitor bitch in a white poloneck I felt like smacking with the crowbar even before I knew she was a traitor. 
That's probably why there's scientist father figures and large breasted women with robot pets at the center of it. Serious drama, guys!

Holy shit my dad is a scientist too, how unrealistic!

Also, good job on also picking on one of the least sexualised female characters in mainstream video games. That stupid Alyx and her big tits! So big they went all the way back round to being small.

I guess you never played Doom 3. This is the plot of Doom 3. Drink every time there's a cliche. Wait, actually, punch yourself in the balls. 
Thanks Starbuck 
My balls are now the size of melons and I have to bathe them in ice. 
Re: D3 Intro 
i remember being seriously impressed when the camera moved away from the monitor and you could see that the gui was part of the game world.

it wasn't just the unified lighting that was cool about doom3. i know in-game guis are old hat nowadays, but i still think it's pretty awesome. 
I think the doom 3 engine still does the best in-game GUI's, at least I have not seen anything better in any other competing engines. 
to be fair, i seriously hate that delay where your gun has to come back up after you leave a gui. if there's a gui in your LoS when you're fighting something and your crosshair passes over it, you get locked out of firing for a second or so... 
Great great fun:
I got weird looks because I laughed so much. 
Small Worlds 
Try this one if you have half an hour to spare: 
Both Of Those Were Excellent. 
I played through both of them just now and enjoyed every minute. Nice finds! The second one is especially cool--pixel abstraction as art...

I played through this the other night, and had a lot of fun (although my patience wore thin on the bonus levels): 
I remember someone linking this. I didn't like it, because it became incredibly boring and hurt my eyes. 
<- Runic 
Torchlight is only $5 / �3.74 today on Steam! Just bought it and 2 other games for less than 7 quid. I'm a happy boy, merry christmas valve! 
For 20 euro it was a really solid purchase.
For 10 euro it was a steal.
For 5 euro you have to be retarded to not buy it. 

I play it sparingly and its surprisingly good if you enjoy the Diablo style gameplay. 
I just wasted 14 hours on it. I played Fate as well a few years ago, and this is a serious evolution.

Annoying how all the dungeons are one still though, apart from the Hatch quests. Would have been nice to have the metamap a bit more developed. 
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown (2005) REVIEW 
Lockdown certainly wasn't next on my list of games to play, but I'm yet to play a tactical shooter, or any of the Tom Clancy titles. So, I was curious about what kind of games they actually are.

Lockdown is a tactical shooter; which I always assumed would require a lot of tactics rather than run-and-shoot gameplay. I don't know if this was just a bad example of a tactical shooter or not, but it just seemed like another realistic shooter to me. There were no tactics to speak of, apart from pressing the space bar every so often to get your team mates to catch up. The main difference in gameplay between other shooters, is that you get a limited amount of ammo on each mission, so you need to make your hits count. Anything below 20% accuracy and you'll end up running out and have to resort to the useless handgun (thankfully I never had to).

For me, this means constantly pearing around corners with my zoom scope and sniping enemies in the face. There's not much running into the room guns-first, because a couple hits and your dead. It's much more meticulous and strategic in the way you shoot enemies. Unfortunately, the enemy AI was useless. You can quite easily snipe out a room of enemies from the door frame without them even shooting at you. And when they do, they'll often then just run off.

Your team mates AI is decent - they don't get in your way and certainly don't rush in. They usually only ended up with a few kills each after each mission, compared to my 60-80 kills. So your still a one-man-army, with just your friends along as company you might as well say. Just the way I like it.

Hostage AI was a problem though. On one level they refused to move at all and I had to restart. They also had a tendency to stupidly run ahead of you right into enemy fire.

Another problem were the weapons. You get to pick from around fifteen weapons which one you want to go on the mission with. Yes, you only get one. I played with the same rapid fire rifle with scope for the entire game. With such a limit on ammo, I saw no point in using a machine gun, and shotguns would be far too short range. It would be nice to have had a couple guns to switch between. On the other hand, it did take some focus off looking for ammo and health during the levels.

The graphics of the game looked good. The textures and lighting were consistently great. The levels were well designed in most areas, with just some of the design looking a little bland. Nevertheless, this is supposed to be realistic, so real buildings aren't necessarily laced with intricate detail. Despite the realism achieved in the design, it still looks very good most of the time; helped along by the good textures and lighting.

Overall, Lockdown really isn't that different from your other realistic shooters. The only tactic is your approach in hitting your enemy in the head before he sees you. Therefore I enjoyed all several hours of Lockdown. 
Tom Clancy Games 
So yeah, with Rainbow Six Vegas 1+2 on Unreal Engine 3, that outta look real fkn good. Look forward to them.

What's the gameplay in the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series like? Any tactics or pretty similar to Lockdown? PS... I don't want tactics at all. The less I have to think during a game, the better. I do enough thinking for work.

I did get a couple from the Splinter Cell series, but the trailers/reviews look a little too much like Thief (ala creeping around in fkn shadows) which, unless the design is fantastic like Thief 3 was, then it's not worth trudging through. 
I've Enjoyed The Splinter Cells So Far 
mix of stealth and action really. 
rainbox six was tactical/strategic because you had to lay waypoints for your other teams before you played the missions. 
Physics Game 
Medal Of Honor Airborne 
easily the worst in the series (that I have played anyway). For a start, its very short, there's 6 maps that are admittedly gigantic and very open but I'm sure better players than me could knock this off in 4-5 hours (it took me double that).

Secondly, its ridiculously frustrating, you will be trotting along merrily with full health and some sniper will take you out instantly or you will get ripped to shreds by someone with a heavy machinegun. I died a lot. Now the game does have a reasonable quicksave system that is checkpoint orientated and any objectives you complete stay completed upon death, but it repopulates enemies to keep it challenging. The problem is a lot of those repopulated enemies ensure that you pretty much have to play most the map again even though some objectives have been completed as otherwise they ambush you. So it gets annoying very quickly.

As for the looks, I wasnt that impressed in that department either. There's a shift to the UE3 engine and while the maps are gigantic, very open ended, and very detailed, they are not memorable at all and look pretty generic.

Overall, maybe 6/10. 
Painkiller Review 
Painkiller is a game where you either love it, or hate it. Developed by a new studio from Poland, People Can Fly, Painkiller is one hell of a debut. I'm reviewing both Painkiller and the expansion pack Battle Out Of Hell, which is basically more of the original game.

It features the same kind of gameplay as Serious Sam, but it looks a lot better than not only 2001's Serious Sam, but also 2005's Serious Sam II. Although not by much, as Serious Sam II was a spectacular looking game.

The difference is Painkiller is much darker with levels taking place in cemeteries, cathedrals, asylums, castles, palaces, monasteries, an orphanase and even a very twisted and unique version of hell. In fact the entire game takes place in Purgatory (though why there is a funpark or Leningrad in purgatory I don't understand).

This is where Painkiller really shines; the levels look fantastic. Released early 2004, Painkiller hails above just about everything from 2004 and previous. With the exception of perhaps Farcry and Halflife II (neither of which I've played so I can't confirm), Painkiller is the best looking first person shooter up until 2005. This mostly comes down to a great looking engine, great gaming effects and flawless textures. The set-peices and architecture is all fantastic, however the game is let down slightly by its lack of vertical gameplay. The same problem Serious Sam had, the levels are all too flat. There's very little vertical variation (apart from the insanely vertical climb that was Stone Pit in the mission pack). Which means all the gameplay is in huge flat areas.

The other major flaw in the gameplay is it's focus on checkpoint type gameplay. You enter a room, a door behind you appears out of nowhere trapping you in, and you fight through hordes of enemies until the doors open. Enter the next area and the same tactic applies. The entire game runs like this, and it becomes one mindless battle after another.

Fortunately, after battling through way too many realistic shooters lately, I was eager for some high-paced gaming action. But this can get old after a while. It also doesn't help that just about every enemy in the game requires 1-2 hits from the shotty and seems like the same enemy as the last just with a slightly different close-range weapon or projectile. There's very little enemy variation. Even so, there's more variation here compared to a realistic shooter that features the same human enemies throughout the entire game.

The models all look great. While some are a little silly (puking or burping at you as an attack), they aren't as cartoony and out of place as Serious Sam's enemies.

There were plenty of great weapons to use, absolutely tonnes of ammo for them all. The game on normal difficulty really wasn't that hard at all, but does force you to replay at higher difficulties in order to unlock the secret levels (bad idea People Can fly!). Alternatively you can download Powermad and unlock them anyway, but all three hidden levels were pretty short. The BOOH hidden level was just a poor boss fight.

A lot of players won't like the repetitive arena style horde combat, but I enjoyed it. With fantastic design which is completely different on every single level (there are 24 in Painkiller and 10 in BOOH) makes Painkiller one of my favourite games. Pity about the sequels... 
Think I'll hold off on playing Far Cry next as I've got a few duds on my list to play for a while...

Although Republic Commando got a decent IGN score, in the video reviews I've looked at the game design look like ass.

Apart from Quake 4 and Prey, the fps games from 2005 and 2006 all look a bit average.

Star Wars - Republic Commando (2005) - 79%
Vietcong 2 (2005) - 60%
Project: Snowblind (2005) - 7.7
Second Sight (2005) - 71%
Area 51 (2005) - 6.9
Peter Jackson's King Kong (2005)
Pariah (2005) - 6.3
Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) - 84% 
King Kong 
was quite fun actually. Not a fps though.

And if you have low expectations, Unreal 2 is quite fun too. Mostly. 
yeah i played unreal 2 when it came out (one of the only games i played between 2002-2007). i actually thought it was pretty good, couldn't really understand all the bad press it got.

what's next on your list nitin? you seem to be playing catchup like me. 
Still Have HL2 Plus Eps 1 And 2 
and then CoD 4. That's all I have left I think before I can go restocking :)

oh and Splinter Cell - Double Agent. 
Modern Warfare 2 
Picked this up last week on pc. If your in the UK, then know that Tesco is selling it for �30 not the stupid price of �40 almost everywhere else...

Single Player Mode : I loved it, much better than the 1st Modern Warfare, which I also enjoyed very much. Dunno what all the fuss is about the airport level, I thought it was very well done and setup the story excellently! Some of the set pieces are jaw dropping and is great fun all the way through.

I love how Infinity ward manages to sneak in some sets from popular war movies all over the place, a few that I noticed were the alcatraz shower room from The Rock, The insurgent desert base from Iron Man, and the suburban street with a crashed plane in it from the War of the Worlds remake. Im sure there are others but I cant recall them at this time.

It is short though, It took me around 6-7 hours to complete the game, and that was usually pausing to take in the sights and sounds of each set piece.

Special mention must go to the music which was done by Hanz Zimmer (gladiator, black hawk down etc), its epic. wtb OST!

Multiplayer : I've been addicted since I first loaded it up to "take a brief look" which ended up as a huge 6 hour marathon =) Its brilliant fun running around shooting people in team deathmatch, and unlocking all the different attachments and camo patterns for the various guns (of which there are tons!).

The new killstreaks and deathstreaks are great too, my favourites are the placeable minigun turret and pilotable ac-130 gunship.

A lot of complaining was made about the lack of dedicated servers and the matchmaking system. Honestly the matchmaking system is actually very good, not perfect and has a few niggles attached to it, but it does all the hard work for you and gets you into a game in less than 10 seconds usually. A few problems do arise from having the multiplayer p2p based, such as if the host has a crap connection things can get a little laggy, but the game will pause and find a better host if this is serious.

Special Ops Mode : This is 2-player coop mode on specially designed maps, I haven't actually played any in 2-player mode yet, but in single player mode they are short but fun maps that award you more stars the better you do, with more stars you unlock more and more chapters and maps, etc etc. Looking forward to playing them in 2 player! 
It's ok for a COD game, I guess. Looks great and impressive motion capturing. In the long shot, gameplay seems kind of dull, though. On rails and stuff. The airport mission wasn't such a big deal really - how is shooting civilians more disturbing than killing hundreds of armed enemies?

Lol at the Russians. Always waging wars... 
Ouch, My Head... 
Jesus christ that is intense 
So Intense 
Holy fuck - 2 rounds, instant headache. 
i didn't even get that far. it's incredibly disorienting. 
I tried a bit. Seemed perfectly fine. Kept giving me shit pieces tho, and I got bored. 
actually it felt a bit easier than regualer, but then i also got shit pieces and bored:/ 
Managed To Enter 
It's just tetris . . . I got bored as well by level 2. 
JUST Tetris? 
Played night vision mode, it's pretty cool, and less headachening.
...Although my vision is blurred as fuck right now. 
A very nice version of Tetris. 
Star Wars: Republic Commando REVIEW 
Another game down for the holidays, this one relatively a mystery to me. My little expectations were pointing towards another bland Star Wars game with the same old setting, mixed in with more of this 'tactical strategy' I explored in Rainbow Six.

The game ended up, in fact, being quite a good looking shooter with enjoyable gameplay; but not without its flaws.

The highest points for SWRC go to the level design. You battle through three episodes - Geonosis, Assault Ship and Kashyyyk. I won't pretend to be familiar with these places, or the entire Star Wars story for that matter, as I'm definitely not a Star Wars fan (and yes I've seen all six).

Geonosis is some desert world, while the Assault Ship episode all takes place within a ship that you must regain control of, and is ultimately the dullest of the episodes. Kashyyyk is a world inhabited by Wookies, as you attempt to rescue a Wookie leader. The highlights were the rooms built out of huge wooden trees. It wasn't as good as Serious Sam II's attempt on the giant tree village, but everything still looked good as there was a decent mix of outdoor terrain and indoors.

Design was packed with detail and the Unreal Engine 2 was put to good use. The only niggle with design is that some of the levels and rooms became a little repetitive. Overall it reminded me of Halo. Similar design settings; only looking much, much better.

The gameplay was a mixed bag. Overall it was fun with your three team members improving the experience. They weren't stupid, but certainly lacked the skill of a multiplayer bot. They worked best when placed behind a structure and instructed to use grenades or the sniper rifle.

The tactics with your soldiers were all fairly easy. Tell them to charge in, hold back, open a door, sit behind something and snipe. When they die you or another soldier can revive them, and when your own player dies you can also be revived. I found this to be much more enjoyable than having to reload. Your ultimate death comes when you're all killed and there's no one left to revive any of the team. A lot of the enemies in SWRC can take some firepower, so you definitely need all of your team members.

Unfortunately the gameplay can be frustrating at times. There's one particular enemy that flies overhead which is far too hard and can take your entire team out in 30 seconds, while some of the other enemies such as the Super Droid or Spider Boss become a real bore as your all blasting away for an eternity. The Droids, which are weak and hopeless, end up being the most enjoyable enemy. But overall most of them aren't that fun to fight and there's not a huge variety in enemies as it is. What is there, has fairly average AI.

A few times the gameplay suddenly got extremely difficult with just too much thrown at you at once alongside endless replicating machines which you need to shut down. This is the other major problem with gameplay. Throughout the game your tasked with turning off these endlessly enemy-spawning replicators. It takes 20 seconds to shut one down, and after doing it 50 times it just gets mind-numbing. I can understand their inclusion to spice up gameplay a little, but in the end they became tedious and annoying.

The final problem which spoiled gameplay, was the abysmal collection of weapons. You get the Quake2-cloned blaster, a machine gun which annoyingly shoots sideways and takes quite a few levels before you get used to it. The sniper rifle aka Quake 2 railgun which never has enough ammo. Your fourth weapon is a grenade launcher I think; but I'm unsure since I only used it a couple of times due to it only carrying four grenades at once and not wanting to waste them. The fifth weapon varies depending on what episode your in. The shotgun in episode 2 is decent, but all your alternatives in the final episode are junk. Even worse, the final level didn't seem to have ammo for any of the weapons I had.

If a mod was created that removed most of the replicators and gave us much improved weapons and perhaps tweaked some of the monsters, then STRC would become a great game. As it is, it's just a good game; thumbs up but little re-playability. But since I was expecting much worse, I'm fairly satisfied. 
is annoying. 
I Liked It... 
but then, i like Mega Man 2. 
I Love Megaman... 
pretty much any megaman game on NES or SNES. 
MegaMan 10 wooo!!!

Just recently beat Mega Man 9 (within the last month or so?) and I'm so ready for MM10! 
I Liked 
Megaman ZX on the DS, apart from the fact it turned my hands into crippled little claws. 
lol Yeah the ZX games were fucking tough. Apparently Capcom is releasing a MMZero collection in Japan soon. Want. 
Flash Game "Greyscale" 
bland art and the performance is slow, but the puzzles are kind of clever: 
Completed ! 
The 20 levels are good ;) Nice find ! 
anyone been watching Brink? the setting looks pretty cool and the 'smart' movement thing looks quite interesting. 
I am highly anticipating Brink - I hope the multiplayer will be as fun as I think it will be. I'm not sure about the Smart system, not because it doesn't look good, but because I'm not sure how necessary it is. I think it's mainly for console players, and well, I will not be playing it on console. 
I think the smart system is there to allow you to navigate the environment with ease and coolness, not necessarily specifically for console players. I mean, wtf, console games have had jump and duck buttons forever.

That said, it will take a very careful implementation to make it work. I don't want to go vaulting over something when I meant to get into cover and other situations like that. 
Smart Systems 
have been in games for years, what about the cover system in GoW anyone! I remember Crysis being littered with AI smart objects (how I hated placing the damn things everywhere and then testing them), to jump over walls, special cover / best facing direction, retreat/backup positions and even idle stuff like pissing or smoking! Personally I dont see this as anything new, just very good marketing hype. 
trigger_monsterjump anyone? 
Internally it's the same stuff we've all been doing for years.

It's like the 'AI Director' from L4D - entity randomisation I first worked with in Lazarus Q2, so a good few years ago now.

Granted they've improved it a bit with route randomisation as well, though It'dve been nice if there were more than 2-3 distinct routes in the game.

Never heard of Brink - I go to google. 
yeah brink looks pretty sweet! almost too intense. i hope there's a good linear single player campaign though, not just a bunch of bots thrown into an arena. 
It looks pretty nice - seems that L4D has opened up the coop FPS side.

Not a WOW player so that whole stage passed me by really. 
If Brink works out the way I kind of hope it will, it might replace TF2 as my go-to FPS. But then it does have coop, but it can't really compete with zombies imo, so L4D2 will still be my go-to coop game. 
Okay so I wasn't really expecting much besides a Diablo clone, and I was right. But it's a lot more fun than I anticipated. They added a lot of fun features, like being able to load up your pet with gear and then sending them back to town to sell it while you continue to battle it out in the dungeon. That was pretty cool.

A lot of stuff seems to have been streamlined, and there is simply tons of loot. Very fast, light on story, lots of different angles to the game to keep it fresh. But yeah, basically I would think of this as Diablo 2.5. 
Steam Preorder Deal 
Bioshock 2 Four Pack anyone? 
But Wait... 
<cardo> Bl1tz, wanna go start a games dev company called cockfuck productions?
<Vigil> Assfuck Gangbang Interactive
<cardo> teet juice designs
<ShambIer> how about Shitcunt Software Ltd?
<cardo> these are all pretty amazing
<cardo> Lucid Labia games
<ShambIer> I Fucking Take It Up The Shitter Daily Until It Bleeds
<ShambIer> + Software Interactive (tm)
<cardo> oh right.. was wondering where u were going with that
<ShambIer> it's a catchy name for many things
<@rebb> will you be making chess simulators ?
<ShambIer> ROFL!!!
<cardo> yeh
<ShambIer> rebb is teh winnar
<cardo> the ingeneuity will be in the piece designs
<@rebb> Dildo Chess
<ShambIer> which will be life size models of CZG's darkest fantasies
<ShambIer> made all too real in glorious 3D
<cardo> giant cock to gaping chasm 4 
Yeah, that's about how I remember IRC. Looks to be every bit as valuable today as the day I stopped logging in. 
You know I think the public would be pretty eager to buy anything from a company called Assfuck Gangbang Interactive 
Where is the horse and the rider... where is the horn that was blowing. 
Mass Effect 2 Voice Cast

Some impressive names! Adam Baldwin! Now I have to buy this game =) 
A Rant 
I've finally figured it out - I don't like games without endings. I'm there playing Torchlight or Sins of a Solar Empire or Spore building more and more shit, trying to stave off the suspicion that I'm completely wasting my time and stopped enjoying the game days or weeks earlier.

Replay value is fine, but don't ask me to make stuff inside your game unless it something to do with game externals.

Thing is I know I have to keep playing Torchlight for a while now because I was stupid enough to buy it even though I already got bored of fate and by the dev's own admission they only repackaged old concepts to get enough money to make a Torchlight MMO.

Next time something comes along promising endless worlds or user created content (only complete idiots will think that of any use - I want to lay good levels designed for fun play thank you) I'm going to smile and nod and beat it to a pulp with a half brick.

When did infinite = enjoyable. 
Lay = Play 
. . . and should have . . .

Rock on with the errors. 
Not a fan of Quake then, huh? 
I think he has you there, ijed. 
Quake does end though - totals and time screen.

Once you've chopped your way out of Shub's guts going back and doing it again is up to you.

There's no 'play from the start again and you get slightly better stuff' lure. 
Didn't Explain Well 
it's the lures I don't like.

I'll happily play L4D2 until, well, they release L4D3 because I'm playing it for fun, not grinding for loot or XP. 
Well that just seems like you don't find loot or XP fun; Others do. SO essentially you just don't like RPGs? Or at least RPGs that don't really have a definite ending? 
I'd put Spore or Sins in the same category. You build stuff. Next time you might see a slightly different permutation of the environment / situation so you are lured into playing again.

Until after X playthroughs you can't be bothered anymore and finally drop the game, feeling like a dunce for having bought it and wasted your time.

But that's me.

One these sorts of systems will finally live up to the complexity that they need to be for me to find this type of design entertaining.

So I guess I'm complaining about a few different things, but stuff being made as 'endless' in whatever way is the closest I can put my finger on. 
I Agree 
I'm having the same problem with torch light.

It was also a huge problem for me with plants vs zombies - once you finish the challenges there is the zen garden, and that big tree etc - but nothing to ACCOMPLISH.
...Still an awesome game considering I paid like, what, five dollars? 
Wrote a review, for those who may be interested. Haven't reviewed a game in a while, but plan to do them a little more often than before. 
Classic Games Online 
This is pretty cool. All kinds of classic 80s/90s games on multiple platforms. Requires Java.

Sega MS: 
Does not work well under firefox, need to use IE... bah, too old games 
Psychonauts For �1 
Absolutely sick deal, you can get Psychonauts for a quid on steam right now, go go go!

I lost my copy, can't wait to finish it finally... 
Thx Starbuck! 
I have been wanting to play this game for a while! 
thanks for the nudge - downloading. 
I was just about to say something about this. 
Mass Effect 2 
It's out, #tf is going crazy over it, and yet there's nothing here.

In short, it feels like enjoying a very good meal, only your chair isn't as comfortable as you'd like, and it keeps reminding you of it every once in a while.

If you rebind your keys, the tutorial and tips aren't changed, the key for springting and taking cover is stupidly combined, there's no way to access your journal or codex directly.

Other than that, pretty much everything is improved from the first game. Combat is overhauled now so cover actually matters, combining different powers with shooting is a valid way to play, the graphics and the environments are a hundred times more interesting, and there seems to be much more unique content. I suppose they're still using the Unreal engine, but this time around they're actually utiziling its features. The only problem really is the somewhat clunky character animation, especially after seeing Modern Warfare and Steam games in action. Mordin the commando/scientist/doctor is among the funniest Bioware characters since HK in Knights of the Old Republic.

Michael Hogan, Martin Sheen and Michael Dorn were the voices I immediately recognized.

I just have too much damn palladium. 
springting and taking cover is stupidly combined

Like Gears of War then?

Mass Effect bored me when I played it. There was this one bit where my squad all got into a really big elevator and it showed the whole trip down the shaft (lol) then when I got to the bottom and opened the door I got a loading screen. Very bad. 
Aliens Vs Predator Demo 
(yes, the new one!)

Multiplayer demo, you can be any of the 3 races and play deathmatch on 1 map.

I had such high hopes for this, but alas I am very sad to report that it is return of the fucking console shooter port.

- Movement is wooden, feels like you are sliding along the floor rather than walking/running.

- Someone can run up behind you, press "e" and instakill you, there is nothing you can do about this. Yes you read that right - there really is an "I WIN!" button in this game.

- The predator starts off with his wristblades, and thats it. Your other weapons are scattered around the level as pickups. This felt wrong to me =) Its the same as marine, you start with a pulse rifle and pickup other weapons as you find them, this is more acceptable.

- The level, is a corridor maze... There is 1 central room and then...Corridors! And the old fps staple.. Crates!

- It uses the same sort of match-making as modern warfare 2. Also, it took 15 minutes (no lie) of "searching for game..." before I actually got into one.

+ Textures and models are ace, especially the alien hive textures.

+ Marine motion tracker & pulse rifle feel very good.

+ It runs at 30-60fps, even on my oldman pc. I guess this is the 1 thing I can thank the PS3/360 for =)

I'll give the single-player demo a whirl for sure if there is one, but multiplayer is a joke.

I am very sad now :( 
Awww man, I was really looking forward to the multiplayer... =(
Will check it out this evening. 
AVP (not AVP2, That Was An Old Game) 
I just tried the demo, and I dont think I hate it as much as DaZ.

The graphics are very nice indeed, it runs pretty good on this mid-level PC (9800GT), the level is a bit more than room - corridor - room. There are storgae rooms, office type lab bits, large atrium areas and cool hive bits. There are vehicles and stuff, there are crates too but they look smart.

The movement - well I tried the Marine, and it's no worse than Doom 3 or the first half of Quake 4.

The predator starts off with his wristblades, and thats it. Your other weapons are scattered around the level as pickups. This felt wrong to me =)

I must admit that I only played for 5 mins (heh) and in that time I got killed by a Predator atleast three times just because he was cloaked and killed me with the wristblades.

Cant wait to get home from work and try this on my home PC with the volume a bit louder ;)

Dunno - I think that it felt pretty good, very atmospheric. And the animations are also sweet :)

(I'm probably bias, but I dont feel like Im being dishonest, whatever) 
The predator starts off with his wristblades, and thats it. Your other weapons are scattered around the level as pickups. This felt wrong to me =)

The above paragraph was meant to be in white in the previous post, I was quoting from Daz's post. 
RoboKill 2 
Cool top-down shooter, kind of like SmashTV with inventory management and more nonlinearity. 
Avp2 Deathmatch 
Heh, it's so messy. Nobody knows how it works and it's basically 'press all buttons at once and hope for the best'. It's also laggy as hell and might take ages to find a server. SP demo plz. 
Avp3 Actually 
Fuck off game/movie industry for their new 'sequels without numbers' paradigm. As if we didn't know the same shit has been done years ago... 
AVP Demo 
I actually kind of like it, refreshing to have some alternate gameplay to just shooting. Playing the alien and predator is pretty fun, you have to read the keyboard binds to understand all you can do, like jumping up to high places etc.

My main problem is the laggy servers cause of silly p2p multiplayer (fixed in full game apparently), and the super clunky UI in the menus (thank you consoles).
I got lucky finding servers, never waited so much, probably have negke, rebb and RickyT to thank for that, as having a few initial players with you must help getting the game started faster.

Looking forward to the full game.

PS: negke is just jealous cause I beat him three times in a row. 
That's Right 
As we all know, when it comes to MP games, Bal is all Shodan and hax. 
Was great as well. Buying the game unlocked around 25% more content, which is a nice business approach (freemium) and one worth supporting. 
Avp3 / Fuck Off Steam And Sega 
Btw. Steam has removed the demo from all German accounts (stealthily as always). Now there's some confusion in various forums whether it'll be even possible to activate and play the full game (retail import or gift) from here. I was under the impression that MP was tied to the Steam network, so that would make it suck even more.
We'll see how turns out. If they fuck German customers over once again, I'll happily warez the game for the short SP part. 
why would they remove the game only from german accounts?? 
Same Reason As 
Why there's no riot police uncommon infected in the German version of L4D2 - also why the achievement 'kill one of each special infected' doesn't include them.

Oversensorship, but not as bad as Australia. 
I thought Germany banned Wolfenstein because it was such a horrible piece of shit, but it was just because they failed to remove some Swastikas :( 
for Friction who gifted me Half-Life 2. Yes, I installed Steam (in Wine...). :(

Also, haha. Once there is a censorship/control mechanism, you can be assured that it will be used against you sooner or later. 
I Think I Heard 
that the game was refused classification in Germany and banned, so steam will not let German players download/play it.

Sega/Rebellion also said (I think) that they will not be making a toned down version for Germany.

:( sucks 
I Hate Ti Say It But 
They are incouraging piracy. I mean people will just go in search of a "cracked" copy, who cant play it because its banned in there country 
After trying to place a bucket on Barney's head, peeking at Alyx' butt and getting driven over by a train with my fat bbox, I just have been levitated against a ceiling and crushed from the weight of the world. Well, one bug in the 10 maps I played in these 45 minutes is not too bad.

I played this far several times already so it was very boring and annoying not to be able to skip the damn scripted sequences. So my grumpyness is over the top. I am looking forward to playing more.

Is it me or is the "action music" not really fitting the theme? 
You never played HL2? 
He Isnt The Only One 
meant to play it over christmas but computer broke down. Pushed back to Easter now. 
What DaZ Said 
I just wonder why Steam doesn't add a proper age verification system to allow people to buy such games. Probably a gray area still, but then again, it's not so much different from imports (which are legal). Hell, they're losing so much money as they now can't charge exaggerated Euro prices from a not-so-small

I think a gifted copy will still work (like L4D2). Though a few people mentioned that, in the case of Saint's Row 2, it actually didn't.

Spirit: Cut back on the Steam/Valve hater attitude and you'll be able to appreciate the game more. ;) Well, and once you're through the canal section... The Ravenholm and the uprising bits are pretty cool. 
In This Case. 
+1 vote for piracy.

+2 votes for trying to change the stupid german rules, but that's a bit harder for the average gamer. 
Woflmaostein was a really cool game. 
for control mechanisms like steam :) 
It's A Good Service 
If they've figured out how to sell good games for a measly $2 US then they're awesome.

That we have to put up with bullshit enforced upon them by whatever country we happen to be then the blame isn't difficult to direct.

For example a friend bought Psychonaughts but the credit card charge was more than the cost of the game.

I remember when they brought Steam to the Russian market (link please) and basically said 'there's only alot of piracy there because they can't get hold of the game legally'. 
That boatcarwhatever sequence was painful. Please tell me there are no more vehicle sections or at least none as stupid as this one. The physics puzzles feel very forced, out of place in a "realistic" game. Grenades love to bounce from corners that are not in their way.

Gorgeous textures and brushwork. 
Spirit: Agreed. Especially about the physics puzzles. But do remember: in 2004 physics was a "new" thing. 
There's an equally long car sequence later on, but it's slightly better than the hovercraft one.
See here for reference: 
Have To Say 
I just played the boat part again and I thought it was awesome.
what was it that bothered you so much ( other than the lame floating barrel puzzle)? 
i like the boat section, especially how the sun slowly goes down as you play so that it's nighttime when you reach the base.

also, the section half way through where you escape into these leaky tunnels and the chopper flies away. the whole chopper chase is very loud but that one section with the physics puzzle is really really quite and moody. very cool audio contrast.
it's not a subtle effect, but i love it every time it's done in a game. 
Bioshock 2 
Hacked Rochelle:

"Tank!!!! Tank!!!! TatatatataTank! Tank Tank Tank Tank TANK!!!!" 
In That Situation. 
I would shoot the gas canister *clever* 
Achievement Unlocked 
More Hl2 
Finally got through the whole awful car stuff. Reminded me of the bad things in GTA:SA. The locked animation when exiting the car is ugly, consoleritis for crosshair centering?

Zombies and the other stuff in Ravenholm were utterly disgusting. The parts with the shaking rain gutters somewhat comedic. Felt like Painkiller there.

Oh, another broken road tanker! Oh, more broken cars! Oh, another abandoned building with enemies in it! Oh, I am on a bridge and pressing a button. Oh, another gunship. I was expecting it earlier because there was that rocket chest.

I died out of nowhere after avoiding the train on the bridge by simply driving backwards into safety. Before I managed to get the car sideways between railing and train, I had 6hp left but the game killed me. Fuck it! I also died once because I was adventurous enough to attempt a dive into the water, well, midair fade to black.

So far HL2 seems like a Halo to me. Is it really the age or is it just a not-so-great game after all. I found it extremely boring and without any immersion so far. Super random encounters with enemies in a big empty landscape. Oh, tunnel, "loading"!

No clue why I am driving around there, I think I am trying to find someone. Or I am running away. 
"No clue why I am driving around there, I think I am trying to find someone. Or I am running away."

Maybe you're not enjoying it because you're not paying attention? 
Ah, I forgot that the game crashed hard right after the Ravenholm church and that I had to use a cheat to unlock the next chapter. Savegames were corrupt and the alternative was to replay Ravenholm. So I missed why I am in the car. Now that I come to think about it, well, that's why I have no clue. 
Overall I felt HL2 was a decent game but I thought it was incredibly over hyped and over rated. My main complaint was the very gimmicky and often-copied Gravity Gun. I did not find it very appealing tbh - all the driving stuff was sort of meh to me too.

Loved Ravenholm though, that bit was awesome. 
On A Separate Note 
StarCraft 2 beta supposedly launches towards the end of the month. Anyone else excited?? Even remotely in the niblets? 
Isn't There An HL2 Thread? :) 
I thought it was a fun, gimmicky FPS. Every chapter featured some gameplay gimmick, several of these built on previous ones (e.g. hovercraft -> dune buggy.) I thought this was nice, kept things interesting. I also liked most of the locales, especially the prison level and some of the industrial stuff.

The game has flaws and some maps are kind of weak, but overall i never got bored. 
Only Thing That Annoyed Me 
Was the super gravity gun and all the levels featured.

Big anticlimax. 
super gravity gun as the end to hl2: let down
super gravity gun as the into to ep1: surprisingly fun.

not sure if it's just because i already understood how it worked by that point in ep1, but it seemed more satisfying to progress from the super gravity gun to normal weapons than the other way around. 
Going from complex gameplay to simple felt wrong - from simple to complex much better.

Simple as in the range of options available. 
More Hl2 
~~~ for megaman ~~~

I managed to get through the car sequence and to some buddies. Right there we got ambushed by dropships. Are those invincible? I shot 3 rockets in one and it did not crash. Then I got killed by some clipping bug on the lighthouse (where I had to rocket down a gunship for the 3rd(?) time in the last 30 game minutes.

Then came the part where I must not touch the sand because antlions will spawn (with screen shake and a grumbling sound!). I got through the first part alright but then felt down in that little area where the houses are. A fuckton of antlions spawned and hit me from everywhere while I was trying to cover my ass and run into a building. These things feel like slowdown-mechanisms more than anything (right now). I then hit the button and that stomping thing was enabled. Ok, that is kinda cool, earlier I thought those things were generators. I assumed the beach was safe now and was killed by antlions that spawned as soon as I stepped onto the sand.

That uber-antlion fight was stupid. I ran from it, got bumped into the back, then realised someone else was shooting at it. So I ran closer to the gunner and the thing followed me. Then it got stuck and did not attack me anymore, sheepishly loosing health and finally dying (its animations reminded me of the Droles in Quoth, no way to tell if it is dying right now or not).

Ok, so now I can attract and "command" antlions. Ooook, that's gonna show the enemy. I guess there will be some puzzle where I have to use them. Might be that I played too many "next gen" shooters in the meantime, but those enemies with their glowing headlights and no faces feel really stupid and clichee.

One thing I have to mention is that the cliffside and also that part on the bridge earlier really impressed my vertigo sense (?). That rarely happens in games but always feels kinda cool. Like "Oh my god, I'm gonna fall down!!" I am not sure how much of it is plain uneasyness and unfamiliarity with the controls/movement. Or even dreading loading times (which seems a good thing as it makes me dive into the game some more).

Now I am at that Nova Prospect beach where the enemy built silly short-range bunkers. I mean wtf, are they there as antlion shooting range or what. The guns are very uneffective (or the enemy guys have 5 layers of fat...) so what are they doing there. The antlions proved to be very useless and more of a distraction here. It felt like there were new ones randomly spawned for me. I approached the next loading trigger (I can smell those) and let it rest for now.

The crossbow is a lot less fun than the one in HL1. (The arrow looks like a lava stick?) The projectile is affected by gravity like a czg, you cannot even shoot straight for 100m and it flies very slow too.

Weapon changing takes ages. I should see if there is at least a cvar to make switching instant. Oh, kudos to Valve to keep the good id order of "mouse up -> previous and mouse down -> next". 
Today's session was much more fun. Feels like a FPS now. Open and a bit like Titan Quest though (tree, hill, grass, enemy horde, crates, goto 10). I hope there will be good old close combat, restricted indoors short-story driven gaming later. 
I Absolutely Fucking Loved HL2 
all of it. there wasn't a single part that didn't work for me. but then that probably had something to do with it being the only fps of last decade i actually played so i don't really have anything to compare it with :)

if i HAD to pick one criticism i'd share with you spirit it would be the sand generator type machines. they seemed to have no purpose; i too assumed they would activate some sort of electricity current that would stop any nearby antlions from rising; felt quite miffed when they didn't.

but i get the feeling the crashing/random death bugs you've experienced have dented your enjoyment of it to the point where every negative aspect seems worse than what it would have been :P 
Haha yes. I've been super negative about the game right from the damn speedboat sequence onwards.

Yesterday I went through Nova Prospect. Used godmode at the "defend 4 entrances with 3 turrets that get constantly knocked over" moment after dying 10 times.

A lot of the gameplay was waiting for a shitload of antlions to run and die. I took a turret with me as long as I could, that was kinda nice.

Could someone fill me in on the story. Why was the black guy in that combine thing?

That "plot twist" with the woman in white was totally unpredictable... I expected her to betray "us" right after her first sentences in the game. Bah, silly clichee.

Got crushed by the moving castle... err citadel because I got stuck in debris. And then I spent a long time to stack crates in the high elevator shaft (where dog falls down later) just to fall into the loading screen and not damaging me at all.
Puzzles feel awfully gimmicky, just out of place in a world that tries to hard to seem realistic.

Also the "that old puzzle but this time with this marginal difference" parts (disabling the force fields by taking out the plug, shooting the plug, throwing a grenade around (fucking stupid physics btw)) are bleh.

It crashed again (corrupting the savegame) so I need to build up some motivation. How much of the game is left, I just got the squad?

PS: The one death I described earlie (being levitated and crushed) actually was one of those things that hang on ceilings. There is no visual hint that it grabbed you nor a sound, pfff. 
"Could someone fill me in on the story. Why was the black guy in that combine thing? "

I ... don't want to be insulting here but you've asked several highly obvious questions about the story so far in this thread. Are you watching the cut scenes and listening to what people say? I get the impression that while they're talking, you're over in the corner jumping around or something. 
Pack It Up Pack It In 
C'mon it's a great song, can't blame anyone. 
spirit, you seem to be experiencing an inordinate amount of bugs and crashes... my first play through, i think the game crashed once after a particularly long play session (probably due to memory fragmentation, i didn't have much ram in those days) and maybe got stuck once or twice (and then i just noclipped quickly to get unstuck).
it's hard for me to take your posts seriously because it seems like you're just making shit up. :P 
I am using Wine (Windows "emulation" on Linux). So it's not Valve's fault I guess. 
Spirit. You got pwnd by a barnacle. You really suck. 
Uhm Spirit 
The barnacle has a clearly visible tentacle and it does sucking sounds when it grabs you. If you didn't see/hear them, you probably might want to consider not playing HL2 through Wine. 
Stop wining ;) 
i played it on windows and agree with a lot of spirit's comments. 
Command And Conquer 
After C&C 1 and 2, EA has now released Tiberian Sun as freeware. Nice move. 
No StarCraft 2 Beta for me -.- 
thanks negke 
UT3 Linux 
recent thread from Gentoo forums:

So it's been a couple of years after Epic promised a Linux port. They still maintain one is coming.

My question is, why TF are they lying? It's not coming and hasn't been coming.

The natives are getting restless. 
All 12 of them? :) 
Yeah, the others are busy playing ETQW.

I think the moaning is because it's seen as vapourware. When id says there will be a Linux port, there usually is one, otherwise they don't say so. 
Avp3 SP - how is it? Worth the 27 bucks or wait a few months? 
GG Ubisoft for heralding a new era of fucking with regular customers for zero gain. Ass ass in screed indeed. What's next? requiring people who bought the game to go to the nearest game store to be able to play it there...? 
Finished HL2 the other day. Can't be arsed to write much more. The NPCs were stupid and annoying, saying "sorry" and blocking you all the time. The zickzacking part before that fancy house with the generators felt oh so artificial. Striders seemed only to go down if I shot them, not the NPCs. Elevator up the citadel was kinda cool. Long train ride inside not. Nor the "wait for the elevator and defend that place" sequence. Beardy guy's omnipresence such a silly 1984/THX1138/etc clichee.

Ending is a kick in the balls.

The best moment was when Judith and Eli sat there (after the Doctor escaped, again, what a fucking bad clichee scene...) giving each other bedroom eyes until Eli looked at me with an apologethic "fuck off, i know she is desperate but i am too" face.

Anyways, thanks to Friction for gifting me the game. If anyone wants the Steam account just raise your hand.

The episodes are just more of the like, is that correct? 
Forgot My Verdict 
You ain't missing anything if you never played HL2. Unless you like b-stories, 5 enemy types, lots of ingame "cutscenes", boats, cars, boats, scripted sequences and an anti-climax ending. 
"Striders seemed only to go down if I shot them, not the NPCs."

That's kind of the point. You're playing the game, not watching it. :) 
You were the only person who had never played HL2, and probably the only person who didn't like it ;). 
For me works the same as a great film, whenever I play it, it still after all this time holds my interest and is still fun. Quake is the only other game that has been able to do this for me, so that is my 2p =) 
Yeah, Half-Life 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. People who don't like it confuse me. 
... was very innovative at its time... and for sure it a very good game...
However, like "old" games, it is deprecated compared to new ones... though... aren't we playing/mapping/discussing a very old game here ? 
never played it. 
Is a good game. You can only even describe it as 'average' if you only play excellent, top notch games.

Ones graded on a real 0-100 scale and not a games journalism one of 60-100. 
I think the criticism of B movie storyline is a bit problematic.

I mean, I feel like it's pretty difficult to have a very popular, 3d ACTION SHOOTER without incorporating ACTION movie style aspects. Which shooter games can you think of with stories that are NOT heavily influenced by the stereotypical action/sci fi cliches? I actually feel like the HL universe is giving into many of these in the later episodes to a greater degree than previously, but I also think that most of that has to do with the fact that a resolution is actually being formulated. I think I've said before that I just hope it doesn't end up like Xfiles/Lost etc. - shows that kept things very intersting using tension and ambiguity and open endedness, but kind of turned brittle and ridiculous by the end, IMHO.

Even if the series does give in to sci fi stereotypes, I think that those cliches have worth. Many things that seem cliche or corny etc started off as cocnepts original and effective to inspire way too many imitators, which kill the idea by regurgitating it without enough new being added.
The difference is that first person video games can allow you to experience those moments in a more direct and intimate fashion than many movies. I think this is the kernel that makes them more involving...
someone finish that thought for me - I have to go...

Also the game came out a pretty long time ago. SO some of the things that it "redid" first have been made into cliches all over again. I have to say that I've been replaying it myself, and DOOM 3, as well. And I think HL2 has aged WAY better! 
Spirit / other Linux users, how well does Steam / HL2 / L4D etc run under Wine? I have had mixed experiences... so I haven't really been eager to install that. I'm probably not a very avid gamer these days. I try to manage my time, too :-P

Besides, I'm in Germany, and I hear Steam is very cooperative with the German ministry of censorship. 
Apparently there's a good number of people who successfully play L4D with Wine. At least according to some statements I've read. Then again, considering how many glitches Spirit seems to have had in HL2, which is the same engine, it might be tricky on some machines.

As for the censorship. A large number of games aren't available to German users in the Steam store (IP block) and some that are, like L4D for example, only come in cut versions (no gore etc) if bought over Steam. However, in most cases games or keys bought in other regions can be gifted/registered at a German account and give you a fully functional uncut version. So if you know someone from abroad or simply buy a retail from amazon uk, everything's fine.

For me HL2 crashed almost as often as I was killed if you count kaputte savegames that crash too. Apart from that it was alright. Severe slowdowns sometimes.
Using Steam is a huge pain in the ass. 
Probably Redudant Question 
Steam did install all the game updates, didn't it? 
Shit is going down.
"Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations"

Started people going crazy on the forums, recap :
-Portal gets surprise update yesterday afternoon
-People see new mystery achievement
-People play and see the radio in the beginning room now has a green light
-Carry it around and notice it makes strange broadcast interference noises in certain places
-Locate and place all 26 of these mystery radios for achievement
-Smart people yank wav files out of game content folders and run them through steganography programs
-Produces 26 weird cryptic image files in a numbered sequence
-Some dude runs the number string through an md5 hash translator and gets a landline number
-Internet traces it to Kirkland, WA (near Valve HQ)
-People find out its not a phone/fax line but a data line hosting a BBS and telnet it
-Use a clue from one of the files to figure out the BBS user/password login info
-End up with a bunch of weird ASCII artwork
-We're trying to figure out wtf it means

I love Valve. 
Mirror's Edge 
Cool game with some fantastic level design in places and mediocre in others, the main problem being that some areas just didn't seem 'up to snuff' compared to others. Some of the jumping puzzles just didn't work the way I thought and I had to try them again and again to get the right spacing/timing while others that seemed really tough were very easy.

Story was wonky, not very exciting, cliche, didn't feel like I did anything and not really sure what happened at the end. Did the bad guy get his or what? Still unclear to me, but it's my understanding Mirror's Edge was planned as a trilogy - correct? Also the cartoon cutscenes were balls, didn't really fit in imo. Dante's Inferno also had bad cartoon cutscenes but much worse. Why do they these things to games?

Gameplay was fun for the most part. Running and jumping on stuff is fun. The combat was sparse thankfully but got really tedious when they introduced the all-melee fights. Not sure exactly why, though, it didn't seem to fit. Also felt like they straddled the fence on the actual shooting - felt too light that they probably shouldn't have included it imo, just added more running away/disarming type stuff. Faith doesn't seem the shooty type.

Visuals were great - awesome 'impression' of a city instead of it being an actual city. I don't care what dictator is running things, a city is not going to be all bright color-coded sterile hallways and rooftops. Still though, fucking amazing style that I'm sure would've been great to play with had there been a level editor (is there one?) Also some of the layouts were top notch and very Quakey imo. Having a sterile metropolis means you can do all kinds of weird spirey things and twisty layouts and still be believable to a degree. Top notch for the most part.

Good length too - I felt it was a bit short but only by about maybe half an hour. The story progression kind of went limp after a while (you rescue your sister, watch a cut scene, then whoa she's kidnapped again (WHAT THE EFF?) so a longer length maybe would've meant another impotent rescue plot and ANOTHER kidnapping plot afterward, sooooooo I'll let it slide.

Cool game, worth the $6 I paid for it during the Steam sale. 
Actually looking into it you can hack the UT3 editor to work with Mirror's Edge, but I'm unsure what's all involved. Might give it a spin. 
Mirror's Edge 
Yeah I think it's still one of the best looking games around.
I really don't understand why they had those shitty 2D cartoons spread throughout the game, the 3D is so gorgeous, they should have just stuck to that. 
What Bal Said 
the 2d is seriously balls, the 3d is beautiful. 
More Portal 
Valve has changed the ending to Portal, mega spoiler ahead :

Not that great an ending imo. 
it's disappointing they resorted to ret-conning the ending. 
I don't really see the trouble, it's not like they changed anything, they just added a bit on.
They could have as easily just added it to the start of whatever comes next and it wouldn't have bothered anyone, but this works nicely as a teaser. I think it's smart. 
Aliens Vs Predator 
Oh well, it's quite an okay game (SP) - I enjoyed it. Needless to say, it suffers from the obvious flaws most modern FPS have: MSD. Visually great, even though I could 'only' play it on DirectX 9. Cool finishing moves.
A game like this would benefit from at least some nonlinearity in its map design. After all, what's more scary than seemingly being lost in a dark base while chased by aliens? There are six maps in total which you play through in different ways and directions, and with slight changes, depending on the species. While it was done well, they could have done more here. I wished the campaigns were longer, especially the Alien campaign which was very cool. Considering this fact and the overall playtime, I wonder why it has such a huge filesize.
Good controls, although the melee combat takes some practice. I thought the Predator weapons are a bit of a let-down: I hardly every used the proximity mines; the spear feels silly because it doesn't have to be picked up again after a throw.
Story-wise it was nothing special and the way it was told, the audio diary collectables in particular, was kind of lame for the most part. I'm tired of being guided through a game over a radio. Also, ffs why Tenenbaum again..?
The marine AI is stupid and poorly done. You can kill one unnoticed while others stand right next to him. They don't even become alerted when they discover fallen buddies.

I haven't tried MP yet. Have to mentally prepare for being smashed by Bal. 
Mirror's Edge Editor And Mapping 
The thing about mapping for Mirror's Edge is that the lighting utility used on the maps to give them the distinctive HDR look is not shipped with the game, so you CAN map for it, but you will have real trouble matching the style of the original game.

Apparently though, some people have managed to cook up some custom shaders that make custom maps look very close to how they are supposed to look when processed by the proprietary lighting tool.

Another gotcha is actually playing custom content in Mirror's Edge. There is no actual menu to select and play any custom usermade content, so what actually has to be done is this:

1) Backup a timetrial map of your chosing
2) Save your map under the same name as the timetrial map, essentially replacing it
3) Launch the game and load the timetrial map via the menu, which now will obviously launch your map instead. 
it's like doom mapping all over again :) 
Cool game, worth the $6 I paid for it during the Steam sale.
you're awesome, thank you. 
OK, I was looking forwards to this game since pretty much when it was announced (although I actually got very worried for a while because I figured it meant that they had scrapped Colonial Marines).

I agree with all of Negkes observations pretty much. I have only played through the Marine episode, and I did that in two sittings (!).

I must admit though that the marine episode was great fun, mainly because of the quality of the maps and overall immersion, and the A.I. of the aliens, which was very good indeed, you could tell it was the sme crew that made the original AvP PC game about 10 years ago (fuck has it really been that long!?). Aliens use the darkness to there advantage, even when it is the AI, they will scirt across dark patches on the cieling and then come up behind you. They dont make much noise, only deep growling, the weird elephant-pig sound they make when they get shot in Aliens, the other sounds being very subtle. So yeah - make sure you have a clean pair of trousers handy! There are also parts when you get attacked by many aliens at once which is very retro-doom style gameplay, you really get a cool sense of awesomeness as they are closing in on you from all angles........

Scripted sequences worked well for me, and although the voice acting could possibly have been better (I read someone complaining about that somewhere) I felt that it was very engaging nonetheless. The weapons felt good - just like the movie Aliens.
I also like the hive environment because of the way the aliens would hide in the walls and you wouldnt see them until they began to move - some walls had so much detail on that you wouldnt spot them until they had spotted you. Also there are some parts in the walls which look like an alien is sitting there, and when you get closer you see it is just a part of the hive. Very gigeresque :)

But yeah - im a bit of an aliens fanboi..... 
sort of rig do oyu need for this game?

I've been hanging out for a new aliens game. 
Crisis 2

Definitely time so start saving for that pc upgrade =) 
Daz, Crysis 2 
Maybe not, as they are aiming for a console release this time. The PC version will probably still be quite scalable, but it should run on most modern machines. 
nitin: Min specs: 3.4 ghz, 1 gb ram, 256mb DX9 card.

Ricky: I thought the Aliens were too slow. Unlike in the other games, they didn't really dash towards you, but rather circle you, attack, then retreat a few steps. Much like a cat toying with a mouse (in this sense, the remark by the scientist in the Alien tutorial fits). A clear concession to the console players. Another one is the facehugger grab if you have more than 1/3 health. In the game's predecessors, once a facehugger jumped at you, you were done for; here, they aren't much of a threat.
This doesn't mean there were no difficult situations, though. 
Out Of My League 
if thats min specs. Although I have a 9800GTX, might cover for lack of cpu power somewhat. 
Nitin / AvP3 Sysreqs 
Intel Processor - Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz
AMD Processor - Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4800+
Nvidia Graphics Card - Geforce 8800 GTS
ATI Graphics Card - Radeon HD 2900 XT 512MB
RAM Memory - 2 GB
Hard Disk Space - 10 GB
Direct X - 9

Blindly staring at a CPU clockrate doesn't work these days, as a modern 2,66 Ghz i5 CPU or similar will be more than twice as fast as an old 3 Ghz Pentium 4. 
Just Cause 2 Demo 
Its on steam.

It does suffer from some consolitis in the control scheme, but really that is the only downer I can think of right now. This game is *FUN*

Its been a very long time since I laughed with glee as I caused absolutely ridiculous amounts of destruction in a game... I guess this is kinda like gta3 on steroids mixed with far cry & Indiana Jones (!?), if that makes any sense.

You are basicly a vigilante guy with lots of guns, a parachute and a high tech long range lasso that can grapple onto just about anything, helicopters, cars, buildings, people, anything. You can also use this grapple to stick objects and enemies to other objects, with hilarious results. For instance you can tether an enemy to a gas canister, then shoot the canister making it fly away with the guy still attached =)

The demo gives you a complete sandbox area of the game a few miles wide and has a 30 minute time limit before you have to start from the beginning again, but what a fun 30 minutes it is!

The demo, and the game, require directx 10 so its Vista/Windows 7 only, no XP support. It looks gorgeous but requires a fairly decent pc to run it with everything on.

Give it a try! 
Some student game, apparently a few of the guys were picked up by Valve to work on Portal2, not so surprising considering the gameplay they have. Fun little FPS puzzle game. 
Still No Deus Ex Successor In The Works 
Human Revolution runs on a proprietary engine and is played from a first-person perspective, though it pops into third-person for certain attacks and taking cover. 
aww that looks awesome.

I've been loving their in-game videos too - they really look to have made a lot of original decisions with the gameplay, and completely thought through every aspect of the game.

I was reading a feature on the sound design in Brink, and the lead audio dude was talking about the shotgun sound, and how he'd been tweaking it his whole career - 10 years or so. He was talking about using samples of lions roaring for the blast sound, because the animalistic quality gave an innate fear response. Just an example - I just love it when people take things that seriously. 
Nice Ruse, #3265 
Speaking of R.U.S.E (or Ruse), open beta is available on Steam. World War II RTS game with... ruses, a focus on strategy instead of tactics, and plenty of factions. Even lets you play as Italians and French. 
Mass Effect 2 
(Trying to avoid spoilers as best as I can!)

I completed this late last week, but held off
posting about it until now to try and be a little more objective about the game. With that said though, I'm going to start off by saying that this is easily the best game I have played in the last 3 years or so!

Where to start... The most important part of any rpg game for me are the characters and the story, and ME2 nails both of these things perfectly. It is engaging from the very first moment you start the game, and only gets better the further in you progress. The game revolves around you being hired by some shady characters to stop a new threat to the galaxy that no-one else appears to be lifting a finger to stop. You spend most of the game searching the galaxy for a crack team of people to lead on a suicide mission to stop this new threat. Finding these people, persuading them to join you and then gaining their trust forms most of the game content.

The missions you undertake with these characters are the highlight of the game, every single one has a deep and rounded story surrounding them, and your actions can make or break them in very real ways.

Combat is handled much better than the original game also, it feels more like gears of war than elder scrolls, with an over the shoulder camera, cover system and gratuitous violence. Different enemies have different defences that require different tactics to take down, some enemies have shielding while others simply have heavy armour, some have both, and your squads abilities may not work against enemies who have a certain type of defence active.

Some things are a bit annoying though, for example the planet scanning minigame (scan planets to find minerals that you can use to research new tech) gets boring very fast, and must be done to fully upgrade your equipment.

I suppose I should mention that the game is gorgeous to look at =) I can't be sure but it feels like a heavily modified UE3. Special mention must go to the cinematic effects for conversations and cutscenes, things like depth of field and film grain are used excellently to give everything a cinematic quality. The character models and especially the animations are fantastic in every regard. Even the lens flares are the best I have ever seen in a game =)

I find myself thinking of battlestar galactica as a good analogy, in the trailers you see all the action and space combat and the show looks cool, but you end up appreciating the character stories and plot developments so much more. For me at least I really felt attached to the characters by the end of the game, and I actually gave a shit what happened to them, they weren't some dumb game characters any more.

There is so much more to this game, but I cant be arsed to write any more, suffice to say that I recommend it to everyone that reads this post. This is a fantastic galaxy to get lost in! 
It's Very Dark 
I am playing Thief 2 now and love it. Halfway through the second mission at the moment. 
Bad Company 2 
I see a few people on steam have this, how is it? Worth getting???

Also, how scalable in the engine? Can you turn stuff off to make it run smooth on an older pc? I have a 2ghz athlon X2 with a nvidia 9600gt and I'm doubting I will be able to get a decent framerate out of it! 
Thief 2 
Finished through the third (or was it still the second) mission. So much fun to find secrets and loot. Next is the mission where I enter the city watch. Yikes! 
Jesus! Who's stupid idea was it that when you are hurt your screen is covered in blood so you cannot see to take cover and the freakin indicator of which way enemy fire is coming at you is red as well!?! grrrr >:( 
it looks awesome though. 
damage indicators that actually make it near-impossible to fight back along with "realistic headbobbing" are some of the stupidest things in games these days. I don't know about you folks, but when I run down the hall, my head isn't doing any owl-like movements. 
Mine does.

But then I am generally listening to tunes while walking... 
When you're done with Thief 2, be sure to check out the quality fan missions out there! 
The Most Retarded 
Is motion blur. 'It's more realistic' they cry. 'It's a fucking game' the rest of us say.

Engine programmers drunk on how awesome they are. 
just buy a crappy LCD... instant motion blur at no cost to framerate! 
Let's Not Forget 
Depth of field. Or... let's entirely forget how the eye works. 
Guess who's custom map reviews made me install the game in the first place. 
That's nice to know they encouraged you to do that. If you do plan to play custom maps, you'll need something like DarkLoader/GarretLoader (no unzipping the FM files) if you don't already know. TTLG forums should have all the info you need to run FMs - I plan to type up simple guides on my site one day.

I've been neglecting my site lately though... plan to get back to it. Have more Thief/Quake reviews to do afterall. 
Metro 2033 
What a disappointment! I expected something like Stalker, but it's actually just another stupid and ugly console game.

Thematically, it feels like the Fallout 3 subway tunnels + DC ruins but without the freedom. Hardly any game I've played exhibits MSD better than this one, as nothing about it stands out in any way - it felt pointless and uninteresting with mostly unspectacular and confined levels, linear and boring scripted gameplay, average graphics, and few light quicktime events. I couldn't care less about the story - a nuclear apocalypse with four types of mutants vs. communists vs. Nazis vs. bandits, and in the end everything blows up... or something. Often there aren't even smooth level transitions.
Gameplay allows for brute or stealth approaches, but it doesn't really matter in the end. Did someone say it was to have RPG elements? Sure.. if the ability to buy weapons and ammo constitutes an RPG already.
A couple of nice gimmicks, like the watch (gasmask timer) showing the actual system time :P, or a section where you have to carry a child on your shoulders which slows down your view/movement.
Apparently it's based on a novel? Lots of wasted potential then.

Bottom line: a fairly bad game and a waste of time in my view. Not recommended. 
The SDK needs to come out.

Unless all the excuses we've been seeing so far are just that, excuses and the real reason for not releasing the SDK is that the publisher would likely no longer be capable to charge stupid amounts of money for DLC. 
"Is motion blur. 'It's more realistic' they cry. 'It's a fucking game' the rest of us say.

Engine programmers drunk on how awesome they are."

"Depth of field. Or... let's entirely forget how the eye works."

Seriously, why work on graphics technology at all? You guys are fucking retarded. :) If you don't want that stuff you have an option - keep playing Quake. 
Dont To Personal Taste I Guess. 
I felt the motion blur in Crysis was awesome, its the best ive seen in a game to date.

Mass Effect 2 uses DoF to its advantage also, it really enhances the presentation of the story cutscenes and the dialogue camera angles.

Honestly, I think DoF in games is mimicking the DoF of camera lenses rather than the human eye.

Its quite exciting really, graphics technology is getting to the point where if you squint it does look real. Its things like animation and floating objects that give it away, rather than the graphics themselves being nowhere near realistic.

I remember watching a video of some game on youtube a few months ago, and as the video quality was 480 maximum, it hid some of the giveaway details and it really did look real, it was some racing game I forget which one. I think that was the first time I genuinely thought to myself "that looks totally real" when looking at game footage.

Err, this kind of meandered off topic :P 
And as an aid to those who want to go off on these ridiculous rants in the future ... it's the artists who ask for all of that stuff, not the engine programmers. Blame them. :) 
yeah, motion blur and DoF and other stuff of that nature is more about simulating a real camera as opposed to an eyeball which isn't a bad thing by any means. besides, motion blur goes a long way towards hiding lower framerates.

i really liked the DoF effects in crysis and farcry 2. 
With Us 
It's the coders who introduce it. The artists work constantly to marginalise the effects since the coders don't want to remove them.

Spose it depends on the quality of the effect. Or maybe I'm just retarded. 
I like motion blur on tf2, don't know why. Sometimes I'll just zig the camera around as fast as I can to look at it. Seriously.

DoF is ... okay I guess because it's supposed to make the game feel more cinematic, but yeah doesn't really mimic the human eye.

I like a lot of graphical innovations in games, but it's really how the stuff is used. Some examples of just rampant over-use of features ... well, nm. 
I think DOF is ok when used sparingly. It can be quite useful to simulate somekind of atmospheric haziness in the distance, or coupled with distance fog to get some nice silhouettes against the sky. 
I feel the DoF in Dead Space worked really well, especially during cutscenes. 
Mass Effect 2 uses DoF to its advantage also, it really enhances the presentation of the story cutscenes and the dialogue camera angles.

Honestly, I think DoF in games is mimicking the DoF of camera lenses rather than the human eye.

And when it's used in cutscenes, it works brilliantly, because that's exactly where we're used to seeing such effects. When there's a barrel of a gun stuck in the middle of your screen and your eyes wander around, it feels wrong and distracting.

Seriously, why work on graphics technology at all? You guys are fucking retarded. :) If you don't want that stuff you have an option - keep playing Quake.

Oh I forgot, criticism is bad. All that time and money could've been spent on improving better aspects of the game. For example. 
When there's a barrel of a gun stuck in the middle of your screen and your eyes wander around, it feels wrong and distracting.

100% agree, it certainly has its place. I assume your talking about Crysis & to an extent Stalker : Clear sky, which are both at fault here. At the end of the day its down to common fucking sense, which is seems some developers leave behind.

All that time and money could've been spent on improving better aspects of the game. For example.

I don't agree with this, I think that having cutting edge visuals is a very important part of the game. It helps with immersion, characterisation, and stops the player thinking "lol this looks like ass" when they start it up for the first time (always a plus!).

Stalker : SOC for example would have been a much worse game if they had not pushed the visuals as much as they did. The experience of exploring through all those ruined buildings with the lightning flashing in from outside, and rain pouring through holes is simply unmatched in anything that has come after it (including its sequels). 
I Play Games For Gameplay 
Graphics that support it are great, but most of the time the player doesn't know the difference between graphical feature X or Y - unless they've spent a lot of cash on a fancy new graphics card and need to justify the expense.

I'm not making any friends here am I? 
"It's the coders who introduce it. The artists work constantly to marginalise the effects since the coders don't want to remove them. "

Doesn't that seem counter productive? Are you trying to make ugly looking games? 
"All that time and money could've been spent on improving better aspects of the game. For example."

Graphics programmers don't work on AI or gameplay code ... what else do you think they're going to be spending time on if not visual effects and better frame rate? 
"I Play Games For Gameplay"

Yes, yes, we all do. However, good gameplay doesn't have to look like a game from 1997 does it? 
WEll Amongst All Of The 
shit slinging and point scoring going on here there is a valid argument on both sides.
I personally am up for all of the eyecandy in the world times a million and I am prepared to pay for a system to actually be able to run it.
But a game which uses all of these things to succesfully assimilate a good style has to incorporate these technologies in a balanced fashion. They have to run optimally as well as be present and deliver a visually pleasing/functional effect.
STALKER CS/CoP both use DoF a lot, but it doesnt look realistic, it just looks fuzzy and blurry. I personally would prefer a more subtle realistic effect. However running such an effect at an opptimal speed would probably require a rediculous amount of horsepower.
So what do the developers do? Do they remove the effect altogether? or do they leave it in and try and find the balance the best they can?

Worrying about who is more responsible from within the ranks and departments of a development studio is just silly and a completely unrealistic perspective to talk about from the average consumer's point of view. 
Often times these effects aren't used in the pursuit of realism (which is a mistake that many people make) but instead they are used to achieve a look that the art director is looking for. Most games are highly stylized and very few are actually going for "real world realism". 
Terse Replies 
100% agree, it certainly has its place. I assume your talking about Crysis & to an extent Stalker : Clear sky, which are both at fault here. At the end of the day its down to common fucking sense, which is seems some developers leave behind.

Modern Warfares, really. Never played Stalker, only seen Crysis in action, and only for about five minutes. There are options to turn off most of the extra visual effects, so everybody's happy, I suppose.

I don't agree with this, I think that having cutting edge visuals is a very important part of the game. It helps with immersion, characterisation, and stops the player thinking "lol this looks like ass" when they start it up for the first time (always a plus!).

Cutting edge visual effects does not equal distracting and annoying visual effects. See also Willem's point about bad art direction.

Graphics programmers don't work on AI or gameplay code ... what else do you think they're going to be spending time on if not visual effects and better frame rate?

What else can the money be spent on if not graphics programmers?

Yes, yes, we all do. However, good gameplay doesn't have to look like a game from 1997 does it?

I'll get me coat. 
Exactly - Sort Of 
Im not questioning your correctness in any way when I say that the average consumer's opinion of what style looks good is entirely their own opinion, and cannot be argued as right or wrong because it is a reflection as much of themself as it is of the art they are critiquing.

If someone on a forum starts critiscising a visual effect which they see in games and then broadly critiscising a whole sector of a whole industry then I guess it is safe to assume that they didnt like the styles that they saw in place.

Should an artist give a fuck about one person's opinion? Fuck NO! That's what art is all about.
The person doesnt get to have any influence over future creations but in turn simply has the choice to not play the game, or avoid the studio, or even avoid the publisher or whatever.

I think that depth of field is good in cutscenes but it must be carried out with diligance in an in-game situation so as not to mess with the player's ability to perform well in the game (can see the enemies which are far away/close because they are too blurry for example).

I mean if on a turret or something, with enemies appearing an a certain place, at a certain range then fine. If the effect works when the player chooses to look down the barrel of their weapon, but can lower the weapon and shoot with no depth of field - also fine..... etc 
"What else can the money be spent on if not graphics programmers? "

Companies not investing in keeping up with current technology are really shooting long odds at being successful.

People can talk about Quake all they want (in relation to the "gameplay over graphics" dribble) but that game was absolutely cutting edge when it came out. The graphics were off the chart amazing and the graphics technology was beyond what anyone had ever seen.

"I'll get me coat."

Hey, you may like games from 1997 and, honestly, you're in luck because there are tons of them! Knock yourself out.

But to expect modern day companies to still produce games at that graphical level is ludicrous. 
I think we're pretty much discussing entirely different points by now. 
Sorry. Please re-state your point so I can respond appropriately. 
But to expect modern day companies to still produce games at that graphical level is ludicrous.

this seems to be a wild, fabricated assumption of yours purely based on your knowledge of people's game preferences here. you're the only person who actually brought quake into the argument :| 
/me Nails A Lens-flare To Willem's Forehead 
"this seems to be a wild, fabricated assumption of yours purely based on your knowledge of people's game preferences here. you're the only person who actually brought quake into the argument :|"

Then it's unclear what people want. They don't want new visual effects but they also don't want old style graphics? They don't want progress but also want progress? So what do they want? 
Willem, the "damage feedback" in UT3 is one of the worst offenders ever in this department. I had to manually edit some .INI files to disable it.

Any kind of competitive online play with it enabled is completely impossible. As soon as you start getting hit by the Linkgun or Minigun, your view goes so red and so shaky, fighting back is a near-impossibility.

This did work in GoW (althought IMO it should've been a bit toned down there as well), but in UT3 it was absurdly overdone. 
That doesn't seem to be what's being discussed. That could have been done with 1997 tech - all it requires is alpha blending. It might be a bad design decision but it's not related to the messages I'm getting from this thread. 
They don't want new visual effects but they also don't want old style graphics?

the messages i'm getting relate to specific graphical features that adversely affect gameplay or enjoyment (more because of shoddy implementation rather than by design), not graphical advances as a whole.

then there is obviously the matter of subjectivity. everyone likes games to look good, but not everyone has the same opinion of what looks good and what doesn't (case in point: motion blur), and it seems you're calling people 'fucking retarded' for having differing personal tastes... 
My understanding of the argument is : "Many new advancements in graphical technologies are used poorly and thus should not be developed."

If this is basically the case (I'm probably leaving out details) then it's false, because even if you develop some really obscure graphics tech, if it can be applied in a cool way then it's good. Maybe not worth the cost on the GPU to render it if it's really expensive, but the point is how the tech is used really. 
I dont think its so much that they dont want new visual effects as much as they dont want new visual effects which they dont like.

So let them turn them off where possible!

Or dont, screw 'em. 
"then there is obviously the matter of subjectivity. everyone likes games to look good, but not everyone has the same opinion of what looks good and what doesn't (case in point: motion blur), and it seems you're calling people 'fucking retarded' for having differing personal tastes..."

Really? That "fucking retarded" can be regarded as hyperbole, something this board normally excels in. Now it's an issue? Please. 
yeah agreed pretty much. development & implementation probably need distinguishing more.. 
Well it seems you're perfectly set to defend your corner - it's not a discussion but an argument since you have no intention of changing your thinking.

My original point was that games don't need to look incredible in order for people to like them.

A lot of companies get caught up in a technology race, always wanting the best graphics, which seems kind of pointless really.

I'd say there is a reasonable lower limit of graphical fidelity, but the eye candy effects for me (and I'd guess for most others) are just fluff, additional to the game.

No big deal if left out.

Looking at reviews the graphics are factored in as 1 piece of the total score, amongst 4-5 others. When they mention 'has graphical feature X' it tends to sum up months of work in a single sentence, since there's not a lot interesting to say about said feature.

Each to their own though.

Some responses:

Doesn't that seem counter productive? Are you trying to make ugly looking games?
Yes it does. But I work in a team and it takes time to convince people that other ways can be better. As long as the game doesn't look like utter shit or completely out of date I couldn't care how it looks. That's not my concern.

Then it's unclear what people want.
If there was an easy answer to that we'd all be millionaires.

Yes, yes, we all do. However, good gameplay doesn't have to look like a game from 1997 does it?

Minimum level of graphic quality Vs. cosmetic graphical features again. 
"Well it seems you're perfectly set to defend your corner - it's not a discussion but an argument since you have no intention of changing your thinking."

I take some offense to this if only because it's pretty clear that you won't be changing your mind either. You are hard locked into your argument.

"I'd say there is a reasonable lower limit of graphical fidelity, but the eye candy effects for me (and I'd guess for most others) are just fluff, additional to the game."

This the divide, I guess. They are not always fluff and often provide feedback and immersion to players. That they are sometimes done poorly doesn't mean they aren't useful. 
To Sum Up. 
Fancy shit is cool if you use it well and sucks if you don't. 
If that's the summary, then some of you people need to get way better at wording your complaints. :) 
Come On 
I did change my stance from 'all that stuff is shit' to 'most of that stuff is shit'.


I distrust immersion in relation to graphical effects because there's no way that graphical effects can heighten immersion beyond a certain point.

At the end of the day it's some guy sat in an armchair playing the game with a controller.

If you're going for pure immersion then Wii / Natal motion control, lawnmower man helmets and Tron leotards are the future.

Feedback is different though and where such effects can be great. I forget the game it was, but it gave the player a buzzing sound in their speakers and motion blur over the entire screen when a grenade went off nearby. That was great. 
I think most modern war games do that. I know Battlefield : Bad Company does and I THINK Modern Warfare 2 did ... can't remember now. 
I Spose 
I'm wanting special graphical effects to be used for special game play events.

I don't resent having pretty stuff to look at, but unless they reinforce the interaction then they belong more animation than games. 
I'm wanting special graphical effects to be used for special game play events.

Red Orchestra the multiplayer WW2 FPS does this pretty well. Machinegun fire actually suppresses players, as in you get loud sound effects as the bullets whiz by, and your screen gets blurry. It's harder to do anything, so you're more likely to keep yourself in cover, i.e. suppressed.

Visual effects with an actual, nice gameplay function. Who would've though? 
I was playing bad company 2 at a friends yesterday, and the audio effect when something explodes near you is truly fantastic. Rather than some horrid high pitched wailing sound that kills your ears (hello stalker, hl2, etc) they decided to transform the audio to sound like the record volume is way to high, what you get is this awesome KAWOOOOSH and what can only be described as some distorted Roland TB303 acid line as the explosive goes off.

I actually enjoyed getting blown up in that game, just so I could hear it again =) 
played modern warfare 2 on a friend's ps3. we played coop missions and aside from sucking because i couldn't aim, i thought it looked amazing and it was a lot of fun.
my favourite is the mission where one of you is in a helicopter equiped with a minigun with explosive ammo and you have to escort the other guy who is on the ground getting swarmed by tons of guys. ^_^ 
I like the covert snow one a lot. It's just really good fun coordinating/timing your sniper take downs and dropping a group of 4 enemies in 1 1/2 seconds 
Argh Argh Aarrrggh 
See How Aweful The Sounds Are 
The sounds are kind of cool. Only missing some industrial beats. 
is kind of cool and missing some industrial beats. 
Apparently on sale for $30 on steam this week, and also some info about new game modes coming along with The Passing 
38 Posts 
and its all just a misunderstanding...

thanks for the heads up zwif, I might get that. 
It's actually $25 until Thursday. A good deal for those who don't have it yet, but deep in their heart know they want it (cough* Drew, Mac guys ;)).
I hope this means the release of The Passing is due soon. At first they said March, now it's "spring". 
"and its all just a misunderstanding... "

It's also a lesson in that people need to start using less hyperbole and just say what they mean. If you start out with an extreme position, it's inevitably going to cause confusion. 
not gonna happen, haha!

my computer is like 2 steps above a scientific calculator.

besides, I spend too much time as it is fucking around with quake - any more distractions and I might as well just drop out. 
Run, Jesus, Run 
not sure if this goes here or the religion thread: 
That's The Best Game 
I've played in years. 
I Can Get 8 Apostles 
I got 10 
I think you have to walk on the water perfectly, though there's no feedback from it. 
Does Anyone... ? 
...have, or can grab me any screenshots from the PS2/PC game, Shadows of Memories? Preferably a minimum size of 800x600. I'd like them for a review (and credit will be given) but I don't want to use stuff from sites like Mobygames with watermarks or have the tools to do so (I have the PS2 version)

Isn't there a PS2 emulator you could try? Should work for screenshots. 
That Would Work! 
although it does sound like a lot of work for a few screenshots, if someone on func already has the game installed.

I'd help you out, but I don't have it, and I don't know which emulators would be good, since like you, I own a ps2.
good luck though! 
Didn't think about emulation, I'll look into it. It will deffinitely be more useful if I need other PS2 screenshots at a later date. Thanks. 
...scratch that. Too much fussing around to get it working. I really don't have the time trying to figure it all out. =/ 
Metro 2033 
Spooge, spooge and spooge some more.

I totally like this game a lot. Havent finished it yet, but so far it has been awesome. I find the graphics to be ground breaking. The DirectX 11 advanced features include "advanced DOF" and "tesselation". I have turned the advanced DOF off mainly because it comes with a serious performance hit and totally brings my 5850 to its knees, even when overclocked. Which is rediculous really. I think I would need two GTX480s to run this game maxed out.
The game still has DOF effects. Just less exaggerated.
The lighting is awesome, with ambient occlusion on parralax mapped textures and all other bells and whistles. The underground parts are very well done, just an awesome style - everything looks old, rustly and broken, the sound effects are scary, the AI is fast and really ugly (ugly as in scary-looking), some very freakish monsters ranging from mutated rats and dogs and stuff to wierd semi-humanoid things, some with wings. One level has "lurkers" - with their own network of tunnels interweaved with the players hull. Fast little buggers - you often cant get a shot and have to watch them run back into their hole, knowing that they will soon be back to try and get you again.
The most impressive effect is the motion blur applied to only things which are moving - much more realistic than the Crysis style "motion blur which is applied to everything like you are stoned out on mushrooms or something". This effect combined with the speed of the monsters makes for quite a startling introduction to the game.
I found it so far often scary, and sometimes frustrating. There was one particular occasion where I died about 20 times trying to get past a guardpost and mobile turret on an underground railway (the Metro I guess - duh) manned by Nazis. Wasnt really expecting to meet Nazis when I bought the game. I eventually managed to get past the post without using quicksave (dont know if the game has quicksave, havent had to use it AT ALL).
The game uses frequent checkpoints throughout all of the levels, with a menu-accessible load point at the start of every level. So if you realy get stuck you can just load a couple of minutes back.
I havent had much problems though, dieing hasnt been a problem really excepty for the area with the Nazis. I hit this nasty combat bottleneck at the top of this staircase.....
The game is very much scripted and on a rail, not really an RPG at all, though you can collect currency (in the form of military grade ammo) which can be saved up to buy guns or ammo. Stock non-currency ammo can also be exchanged for currency-grade ammo too, so if you are frugel with your cuirrency you can afford to buy some pretty neat gus at a couple of points in the game. Thats about as far as the RPG elements go, though. Which is fair enough really considering that this is the game for a novel, with you playing the lead character. There are plenty of quick time events and scripted sequences, but im enjoying the story, and the combat is scary and immersive.

Overall I would say that this is one of the most realistic-looking games I have ever played, one of the most system hungry and definately one of the most cinematic. 
Modern Warfare 2 Free STEAM Weekend 
Tried a few matches via the Steam free weekend thing and boy am I glad I persuaded myself to not spend any money on this when it originally came out, the game is worth perhaps 30$, but 60$, are you serious? 50$ during a Steam sale, the sale price still being more expensive than Bad Company 2 normal price??

The game looks cool and runs very fast on my rig, the various aerial vehicles and stuff are pretty ace too, but what the hell is up with this retarded CS style gameplay? Even in QuakeWorld, that is notorious for it's very fast combat and movement speed, you have a reasonable chance of fighting back and/or escaping an enemy. The game heavily favors campers and you die within 0.5 seconds from basically any weapon, so the only thing that matters is who opens fire first. What retard thought this was a good formula for gameplay?

Combined with milking for DLC, no dedicated servers and no modding, this is a definite no-buy for me. 
whatta fuch is DOF? 
Depth Of Field 
Makes far awar stuff EVEN MORE blurry. 
It's sad, but people LIKE this kind of gameplay (one shot-one kill). Try to avoid Hardcore servers (most are unfortunatly), it's a tad better when you actually have time to fight back... still, I'm happy I didn't buy it. 
Not even worth $30 in my view. I didn't care for the MP, but the SP part was fairly disappointing. For the hype and the exaggerated price anyway. 
Modern Warfare 1 
Was ok, wasn't as 'intense' as I was led to believe even though there were some cool ideas in there. MWF2 (MW2 is Mech Warrior 2, not Modern WarFare 2) does not interest me in the least. I bought Bad Company 2 though, because it was on sale for $20 and I've heard good things, but I was not impressed with it at all, and it's supposed to be considered a MWF2 killer or something. 
Do I recall you were complaining about Metro 2033? I finished it now and it was a bit short really, but not that short. 
I don't think it was me, but I was probably in #tf when someone else was complaining about it. Shambler maybe? 
Negke I Think 
More On MW2 
OK, after spending 5+ hours playing the multiplayer trial, I actually have take back most of the negative things I've said.

It's problems are that it's way too spammy (though seemingly less so in the Hardcore gametypes) and I still dont like the weapons too much and having the publisher have the capability to effectively pull the plug on the multiplayer portion of the game is retarded. Those thing aside, the game is extremely polished and well done. It also runs very very well and the game types are fun.

Is it worth a 60 euro normal price purchase for me? Nope. Is it worth the 51 euro weekend sale price? Undecided, leaning towards "probably still not". However, I looked around and managed to find a local finnish online gamestore selling the PC version for 38 euro. THAT was a buy. 
Beat Mass Effect 2 
Good game. Totally had me hooked, spent like ~18-20 hours on it this weekend and beat it in under 30 hours total. Probably not going to do a 2nd play through, Friction agrees it's a good time.

You can't seduce every member of your crew though and have a huge inter-species orgy. So it doesn't get a perfect score from me. :( 
I Tried Mass Effect 1 Recently 
But it ran so extremely poorly (bad port apparently) that it was pretty much unplayable for me. It also seemed to be a game in the same vein as SW:KOTOR, which I didn't enjoy, so I quit and uninstalled ME quickly. 
Ice-Pick Lodge Games 
Pathologic: Semi-RPG that takes place in a worn-down town that is plagued by a mysterious virus to which you have to find a cure. I thought the game would offer a nice bleak atmosphere and a certain degree of strangeness. Unfortunately, it didn't grab me at all. The graphics are dated, but the actual problem is the lack of variety - most houses look alike and the inside of every single shop uses the same mesh (and shopkeeper npc). What really put me off, though, were the dialogues. The first mission has you investigate a series of murders and naturally involves talking to witnesses and related npcs. However, the dialogue options as well as the npcs' replies are so weird and sometimes seem only vaguely related. It almost seems as if you're listening (reading actually, for it's not fully vocalized) to a conversation where every other sentence is missing or something.
In consequence, the game didn't generate any desire to continue playing after some two hours.

The Void: This is a sort-of adventure game (actually, it doesn't really fit clearly into a single category) with an interesting premise. You die and end up in the Void, some sort of limbo where everything depends on colors. You interact with the world through it, by drawing gylphs on the screen (think Black & White), and use it as health by filling your hearts with it. There are different colors and each one has a special property, e.g. azure makes you faster, crimson stronger, gold makes donating color to objects or npcs cost less, and so on. It has to be collected from the levels, can be grown on trees and harvested in mines.
Then there are the Sisters which you have to resurrect by donating certain colors so they help you, and their evil counterparts, the Keepers or Guardians, cenobite-like creatures roaming the Void. First you have to fulfill a couple of tasks to be accepted by the Keepers and eventually have to choose a side, join the Sisters and fight the Keepers or vice versa.
The game is kind of strange, and pretty hard. It seems to require you to restart a couple of times until you've figured out how it works. For example, at one point I needed to donate color to a Sister, but since I was out of gold, it was impossible to give her enough of the color she needed, but I couldn't get more gold, either, because all my trees were empty. Didn't want to restart and replay a good two hours, so I cheated.
In the end, even though the game is oddly compelling in a way, I lost interest. It wasn't always clear enough what I had to do (and how). I would have loved to fight one of the Keepers, as they look pretty cool.

It seems I'm turning into Spd when it comes to games... :) 
How do you girls have so many time to play games?

Go study and get job lazy bitches :) 
You didn't say anything about getting a girl friend :D That's who we have so much time to play. 
that a true thing... my "boss" ops wife... is always comand me :( 
i know aye, ya bunch of slackers. with work & gf, i don't even have time to play a single q1 map, let alone an entire game. i'm getting behind again :( 
Yet More On MW2 
The opening of the "On their own accord" mission is so epic it quite easily ranks as one of my top moments in gaming. Watch in fullscreen: 
Speaking Of MW2 
I beat the single player of Bad Company 2 yesterday (on easy mode mind you.)

The good: Absolutely the most gorgeous environments I've ever seen. Simply breath taking, ginormous maps filled with foliage and awesome terrain, this game engine should be used for the next Elder Scrolls game. Seriously, the best I've seen in a game.

The bad: Lots of stuff - dust is so prevalent in the game it frequently blocks off the rest of the environment because it's so thick. You end up not being able to see to the enemies who are shooting at you even though they can apparently see you through the dust crystal clear. And those enemies are really accurate, which is annoying. Also, the game is really over the top. And well I could go on, but it's not really bad, it's just that the game was hyped up to be amazing, and it's on. Multiplayer also not my cup of tea, but I admit I haven't spent too much time on it. If you like the Quake Wars style of multiplayer, there you go. 
Seems like Quake 4. 
Yeah that part is great, the guy in that video kinda rushed through it all though, when I was playing I kinda took my time coming out of the bunker at the beginning and music just started to swell as I saw the broken monument, it was perfect timing =)

Theres another frankly awesome opening scene later on, but I won't ruin it =) 
A Question On MW1 
Having just recently purchased and played through Modern Warfare 2, I decided to go back and buy MW1 as well, it's downloading on Steam right now. Since MW1 has an SDK out, are there any good custom singleplayer maps worth checking out once I've finished the SP campaign? 
None that I'm aware of. I heard there are a lot of mp stuff though. 
I haven't heard of any single player maps at all, which is strange if the editor is out :o 
Alan Wake Seemed Promising But 
I Won't 
I won't love it because I won't be getting Alan Wake. I am not going to buy a 360 when I already have a PS3. 
COD4: MW And MW2 
Having now played through the SP campaigns of both (first MW2, then MW1) as well as having played multiplayer of both as well, I thought I'd comment and compare the games. First of all, both games are definately worth playing and you should own at least one of them, which one however, depends on your personal taste for things.

System requirements for both are surprisingly light: a 3-4 year old rig should have no problems running MW1 completely maxed out and a 1-2 year old rig can absolutely run a maxed out MW2.

Singleplayer-wise, both games overall, offer an EXTREMELY polished gaming experience. The developer must've spent really retarded amount of manhours making things look and feel just right, my hat goes off to these guys. MW1 definately has a more believable story and MW2's story has a few large holes in it and is generally rather crazy, as someone else put it pretty well: "24 post-season4 crazy".

Both games follow a similar formula of: some heavy action missions, some stealth/sniping missions and sometimes you get to use some really heavy fucking guns. While generally, I am a big hater of these things in other games and usually consider them an unneeded gimmick, the occasional gun/vehicle parts in the MW games are fun, done right and contribute to the overall immersion in the game world.

Some of the oldtimers probably know that I am a big sucker for games that offer a "cinematic experience" with strong atmosphere and build-up of emotions during gameplay. In this regard, MW2 wins over MW1. I had to look up the names of individual people who had worked on several set pieces of MW2, because to put it all together so well is nothing short of genius. Yes, some of these moments were actually kind of cheap if you go deep into analyzing them, but they WORKED, worked well and that's what matters.

Multiplayer-wise, it's again a question of preference. The problems of MW2 related to the lack of dedicated servers are well documented. Most of the time it works very well, but if several games in a row the host leaves the game and you have to wait 15-20 seconds until the game moves to another host (and sometimes fail) it can get rather frustrating. Additionally, giving the publisher an actual killswitch capability to completely turn off the multiplayer portion of the game IS retarded. You can find Quake servers and players today, over 14 years since the game's release and will probably continue to be able to do so in another 6. Do you really think Activision will be keeping up the Matchmaking service for MW2 for 20 years? Who are you kidding, it probably will be gone in 10. The original XBOX Live was shut down just a few days ago, it was 9 years old. You will no longer be able to play any XBOX1 games online ever gain. MW1 has dedicated servers so it's not going to dissapear anytime soon (or ever).

On another hand, MW1 uses Punkbuster for it's cheater protection, which while probably works alright for most people, causes a lot of hassle for others. Over the years it has evolved to be really picky regarding what software running in the background it considers a cheat, resulting in you sometimes getting kicked from servers for no obvious reason. Again, this doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it can be rather annoying.

Comparing multiplayer gameplay, MW2 offers a more arcade style of gameplay compared to MW1. There is more running, more big bangs and more grenade/etc spam. MW2 also offers a more varied set of different gameplay modes. MW1 on another hand, since it has an SDK available (yes, it's COD4Radiant actually) offers custom maps, obviously giving the player more choice in this regard.

If you've read this far, you definately have way too much free time on your hands, I definately did, since I actually wrote this :) 
Good Review - Very Agreable 
play Metro 2033 then.... 
Tomb Raider 2: Dagger Of Xian 
People keep saying this particular level, the Opera House, was pretty scary, or that the whole game has a pretty threatening atmosphere. I actually agree. You're conceptually in Venice here, but it's not really Venice. The sky is black. The windows are black. Actually, the windows seem to be painted on, which means this isn't Venice at all. It is some dark, fake, ultraviolent scary place that is largely inexplicable. The ambient sounds are frightening. The opera house is apparently abandoned, and doesn't really resemble any opera house that you've ever seen, except in nightmares. Also, in this old engine, there is a sort of fog-of-war effect where everything beyond your visual range just fades to black. This was especially nasty in some of the underwater levels, where you have to swim long distances (the levels are rather big for such an old game), and the water around you faded to black - you couldn't see the surface.

There is also often this feeling that you're all alone - there are no NPCs, which you would expect in a city like Venice, there are only pretty brutal enemies. They are thugs, but they seem totally mindless. They attack you without any sign of alertness, they are like mindless killers. Not many of them, though, so for a lot of the game, you *are* all alone in places that aren't what they seem. Pretty deadly traps, too, and nasty death animations.

Lots of diving involved, too, so there is always the fear of drowning in those dark, watery areas.

There is also inexplicable stuff like breakaway floors that just float in the middle of nowhere, a whole level where you travel through a sunken ship (and the ceiling is the floor), and a lot more of this sort of stuff. Just weird.

I found it quite stunning back then, and still do. Just hit upon this video walkthrough of the Opera House on 'tube.

I already posted the famous multi-trap gauntlet from the same game (Great Wall level) elsewhere. Here it is again:

By the way, I never knew the great wall had T-Rexes. T-Rexes stomping towards you out of the darkness of some gigantic dark cave, wanting to kill you. Tromp, tromp, tromp! I thought there were only little spiders there!! I want my money back! These pants were expensive!

The darkness...

And this is "The Deck", one of the sunken ship levels... and again, it looks not really like a sunken ship. More like large parts of a ship in some incredible cave. The fog of war thing is pretty visible here. Hey, that guy has a flame thrower... burn, Lara, burn. Crumple, whimper, suffer, die. She dies in pretty horrible ways - no simple falling over yelling. There must be a dozen or more death animations. You actually hear bones breaking when she falls, you watch her suffocate while drowning, and a number of other unpleasant things. Not here, luckily.

The whole game is pretty great, it involves this rather moody, at times downright weird level design, the often seemingly fragile surroundings that strangely contrast with the gloomy feel, quite a lot of shooting for a TR game, vehicles (boat and snowmobile), ominous monks that turn on you with their kung-fu crap should you be stupid enough to hurt them, and a really rather large dragon.

The challenge mainly comes from the fear of falling, and fear of drowning. Plus the traps, and the enemies. The main thing about this game is the oppressive atmosphere, though. The lighting is primitive in a way that creates an almost eerie effect. Plus the ubiquitous darkness.

There is even a sort of void level, The Floating Islands. You have to jump across screaming green blocks floating in blackness to get from one floating temple to another, while some statues come to life and attack you. Yeah, right. Why are there floating cages in China? What were they smoking?

The game ends (if you found the secret level, which is reached by beating the "end" level on a timer) by Lara shooting the player for watching her in the shower. "Don't you think you've seen enough?" *BLAM* A protagonist who shoots the player, breaking the magical bond of immersion because she wants to take a shower. Yeah. What's not to love?

One more thought about the level names. There is stuff like "40 Fathoms". Hmm, that sounds like a lot of water... and if you know diving in TR, with the constant fear of drowning, and the sheer darkness, and the pretty nasty sight of your in-game avatar suffocating and struggling against the inevitable because YOU messed up again, player! ... this alone is enough to make you feel uneasy. 40 fathoms of darkness... and sharks... and rusty wreckage full of dark tunnels. Shudder.

A game chock full of weirdness. And dying. 
I Agree 
with how you describe the atmosphere. That's pretty much how it felt to me. I don't agree that it's a good game though ;-) 
if they have the same artists as they did for painkiller, i'm sure the looks will be top-notch. now, if they only hire at least 1 level designer... 
What Both You Guys Said. 
Rebuilding A Level 
Nice abstract design! 
Those won't load for me =/ 
You're using a broken browser then? 
Chrome. I see a bunch of grey squares. What's supposed to be happening? 
I'm using Chrome as well and no problems. Latest flash etc?

It's a single-screen platformer where the level gets modified as you progress through it (no screen change), lasting about 5 minutes to play through.

Some neat little ideas, but the controls are a bit naff. 
So is in their 4th week of their month long gaming sale-a-bonanza, and this week looks pretty good. Mass Effect 1 + 2 bundle for $35, Aion for $25 (any good, Jago?), Fallout 3 for $15, etc.

Nice little sweep of games. Anyone know if Sacred 2 or Divinity 2 are worth their sale price? Or Civ 4 Complete Collection for $10?

Fuck, whatever, I'll probably get em anyway. 
sacred 2 is fun for mindless killing. there's a story, but you really don't need to pay attention to enjoy the game.
there are a lot of ways to develop each class, so there's a lot of replayability. 
Tiny Castle 
Worked for me, pretty good fun, I evicted the fuck out of that bitch.

Minus a million points for the bit where you have to hit the globes in order, covering the whole length of the level only to have pressed them in the wrong order. Also, there is not way of telling what the correct order is. 
That was crap. I wanted to hit stuff while moving as well.

Good idea though. 
Globe Puzzle... 
I didn't like it much either. In retrospect i realized your worst case (if you're clever about which order you attempt to hit the globes) is to have to make the trip down and back up 3 times (if you keep guessing wrong) but still, i agree that that was a bit too tedious. 
Bumper List Of Flash Games 
Zwiffle: Aion is great for the first 26-27 levels, until it turns into a grindfest of an epic proportions, which gets progressively worse with each level. NCSoft also has non-existing "customer support" whose sole reason for being there seems to be to insult the remaining paying customers. 
That Pay What You Want Offer 
to be precise, you can't pay less than $0.01. Or negative amounts of money, for that matter.

Of course, that also means you NEED an account at one of their pay thingies, which are mostly evil or very US centric (or is theresome way to let handle the transaction?). What am I gonna doooooo!? 
Cry A River Of Tears? 
<- I'd Rather Laugh A River Of Tears 
Or You Could Turf A Shiver Of Fears. 
> grindfest of an epic proportions, which gets progressively worse with each level

isn't that why you play these games?

Is it true that Aion uses the Cryengine? 
If my scraping is correct the pack is currently doing $135 per minute. That's 8000 dollars per hour. Pretty good for some "old" indie games, eh? 
isn't that why you play these games?
No, a well-made MMO masks the grind with a lot of things and makes it as subtle as possible.

Is it true that Aion uses the Cryengine?
Since I'm pretty much a non-gamer these days and not been too much into RTS I guess I won't play it in the end - but it does seem to be a game with some interesting concepts! 
Phenomen 32

First impression: nice atmosphere, way too hard. For me, anyways ;-) died maybe 20 times in the first 3 levels. 
The Humble Indie Bundle 
Nice one, way to go. Five games for one dollar! (nah, I payed more) Though wtf at the $1000+ donations. 
I'm Normally Pretty Good At Games Like That... 
...but that one just confuses the fuck out of me. I think there's something in the branching/coding explanation/instructions that I'm just not understanding. 
Manufactoria: Good Nerdy Fun 
The interface is abysmal, but the game is pretty engrossing once you get into it. I've done all but the last two rows.

Got stuck on Androids for a while, but eventually found three solutions (one extremely slow, one flaky hack, and one that's actually good). 
Mamano Sweeper 
minesweeper RGB hybrid --

Each "mine" is actually an enemy level 1-5. When you start, you can safely kill only level 1 enemies; if you click on a higher-level enemy, you will take damage. After killing some enemies, you level up and can kill level 2 enemies, etc.

Normal minesweeper controls, and press A or D to flag a square. 
Very Nice! 
Liked it. I was still confused for a couple of minutes, despite your description, due to general stupidity. All round a nice twist on the old formula. 
Quite Nice 
but I don't know if I like the monster metapher so much. 
Anyone Try Hydorah Yet? (it's a win32 exe, not flash)

It's an old-school side scrolling shooter, a la Gradius and R-Type.

The website seems to be hosed right now, but i played it a little last night, it's pretty nice. I've only beaten the first level so far.

Though, i wish i had a gamepad, arrow keys don't work well for twitchy 2D games for me, for some reason. 
couldn't open the page, A mandatory extension policy in the request is not accepted by the server for this resource.
Oh Ha 
i guess the site is still down, like you said in your post one line below where i stopped reading to make my own post. -_- 
Well that Hydrorah game is pretty unforgiving. 3 attempts, got partway through the second level by my last try. I never really played these sorts of games a lot though. 
Well that Hydrorah game is pretty unforgiving. 3 attempts, got partway through the second level by my last try. I never really played these sorts of games a lot though. 
Well that Hydrorah game is pretty unforgiving. 3 attempts, got partway through the second level by my last try. I never really played these sorts of games a lot though. 
Oops, Double Posting Like A Retard 
Is there an equivalent thread for console games hiding somewhere? 'The Console Gaming Thread' seems suspiciously short. I want to talk about Uncharted 2! 
This Used To Be The 'all Games' Thread 
shambler split off console games a while ago, so it's shorter because it's not as old.

I kind of wonder if we should merge them though, the categories are not that distinct (since there's things like flash games, iphone games, etc.) Plus games often get released on both console and PC. 
I Vote Merge 
Last post in the console games thread was by ijed on 2009/09/04! Perhaps if the general 'Other Games Thread' was on the front page most of the time there'd be a bit more console chat.

Although I sold my xbox last week :P 
Alien Breed Impact 
I have fond memories of the original games on the Amiga. Good fun, especially in coop mode.

However, the new remake feels like sort of a let-down. It's very similar to Shadowgrounds in terms of looks (slightly better maybe) and gameplay. I don't mind the aliens aren't Giger-style, but there's something else missing. Despite the explosions and rubble the first level seemed sterile, no real atmosphere and generic combat. I got lost, too. The first mission is a massive switch hunt all through the level and wasn't always clear to me where to go next (despite the radar marker). To top it off, the controls are absolutely terrible (with keyboard/mouse anyway).

Not a great game, though not totally bad, either. I guess the fact that I played SG semi-recently added to my disappointment in a way. Multiplayer should be good, on Steam and all.

(This kind of got me a little concerned about that Syndicate remake. Hope at least that lives up to my expectations) 
spam with a human touch... 
... should be eradicated from Earth's surface... 
metl, maybe the machines are just starting to learn... 
Fault Line....

Cool platformer with a unique game mechanic where you can fold the level in order to traverse it Vaguely related to portal, but in no way derivative of it. 
multiplayer mouse insanity with bad physics and no cooperation, which makes it moar fun. 
I Vote. 
To split off "In-browser" games into a seperate thread :D 
A great website. Try Rustyard and IceBreaker as well. 
Only if we DOS, Windows, DirectX9/10/11, Linux, Mac, Gameboy, Xbox, PS3, Wee, shambler is a moron threads too.

Splitting the consoles from this was a stupid idea in the first place. 
Maybe We Should Move Spam To Its Own Thread.... 
The Arms Race Continues... 
The Arms Race Continues... 
I Vote... 
... for a permanent spam thread :P 
I Vote... 
...for splitting spirit off into his own seperate thread, that no-one else can read. 
I Vote 
Banning Shambler and Spirit into a single thread so they can't post anywhere else, and coming back six months later to see which one's still alive. 
That Reminds Me 
We thought about implementing a very funny ban feature for the Cube boards, which basically muted a user. He could write and post and use the board like normal, but noone but them would be able to see their postings. I think we eventually decided against it, but I would have loved to see it in action. 
What Would Be The Fun 
you wouldnt know how actively someone's bought into your fraud... 
I Would 
Cause admins see everything ;-) 
Reddit and other sites do it. Huge pain in the ass if you fall into the bucket while being actually innocent. 
[post flagged as spam] 
Transformice got linked on Kotaku.

Transformice is down.

Tried it before it died tho and seemed pretty fun/crazy/troll'd 
Best TF2 Map Evah. 
Mixing Cats And Bees... 
.. either the map author is a Doom3 fan, or it is czg :P 

Sorry for asking Steam. It seems I am only a lowly customer, and the big DLC load that you feel necessary to deposit in my anus is what befits my status.

Does anyone else here prefer Impulse?
Or basically another other downloadable platform.

Since when has treating your customers like shit been a marketing strategy.

Sorry for posting this here. But getting onto the steam support forum shite is incredibly complicated. For good reason it seems.

I just had to vent. 
Valve, Steam 
It was a beautiful dream,
But now they've gone all Microsoft on me. 
What did you buy a pack thinking you could gift the games you already had to other people? Apparently only Valve games do that, cause other publishers refuse.

I <3 Steam, so much good cheap games on it these days. 
Yeah, Valve can't control what limitations other publishers put on their games. They can only do what they're allowed to do. 
According To THQ 
They do. Either way it's not a big deal, just irritating. 
In any case I'm buying licenses. What happened to the additional ones?

If I'd bought the games in physical form then I'd expect to have the additional copies in hand.

'Sorry sir but I can see from the sales history that you've already bought this game, so I can't give you this extra copy - company policy'.

Reading the terms and conditions its down to Steam - they can, but don't want to apart from for Valve games.

Maybe I'm being naive. 
I quite agree that there should at least be a clearer warning when buying duplicates, that you aren't getting any extra copies.

It's unfortunate they don't do it for all games, but to be honest, I'm not really surprised. Games are cheap enough on Steam already in my opinion, you can pretty much always wait a few months and get games at 50% off and stuff (except for a few specific publishers *cough*activision*cough*). 
I paid $50 for 19 games. I can't really complain too much. 
Companies are behaving like dicks. It needs to stop.

It wouldn't hurt if they were reigned in just a bit. Not fully socialized, but reigned in a bit. Meaning, slightly more rights for the consumer, and a couple slaps on the wrist of companies.

It's coming though. Slowly, but it is coming.

Let's start by giving every consumer the right to make up to 5 copies of something he bought, for personal, noncommercial use. Customers must also naturally have the right to resell their DVDs or whatever. This should naturally also go for electronic media, ie games on Steam. This must be enforced politically.

Finally, copy protection has to go; it is ridiculous that I can't legally watch a DVD on Linux, even after I paid for it. It is unjustified if something I bought is still somehow controlled by someone else. That is against the idea of the free market.

Naturally, it must be legally ensured that I am the sole owner of a DVD I bought. Not the copyright, but the right to do with this DVD what I want, ie sell it, make a normal amount of copies for personal uses, install those on my own computers etc.

We need to go back to a reasonable, relaxed, normal look at these things. And if someone thinks I'm a socialist or whatever, I beg your pardon, it is the companies who are acting like commies by taking away my freedom.

Monopolies are evil, mmkay. Trying to establish control over something that you have just *sold* is crazy.

In effect, they'd like you to give them money, but not get any say in what you do with the product you just bought. 
so it's half a year later and i haven't played dragon age yet.

can anyone who has chime in now that the dust has settled? is it worth playing and how does it hold up to other rpgs like neverwinter nights? 
Dragon Age 
I really couldn't get into it. I played a few hours, but there was just too much boring bla-bla, I didn't care for the characters at all, and the combat was uninteresting.
Lots of people love it though, so who knows. I much prefererd Mass Effect 2 myself. 
ME2 completely failed to make me want to play it and when dragon age finally came out, i had lost interest in it. :P

still, i've been replaying nwn1 and now on nwn2. i'm just in a fantasy mood lately, for some reason. :)

i remember reading one review of dragon age that was positively gushing all over the place. i think some of the spittle got on my keyboard. the author went so far as to say it was a modern day baldur's gate. nearly all the reviews i've read have been like this, so either this game is insanely good beyond realistic expectancies or everyone's a fanboy/girl. :P 
It might be for you then, cause I never really liked Baldur's Gate either. :) 
well, thanks anyway. :) 
Fuck Windows Live 
Just when I didn't have enough DRM. Now I remember why I didn't buy DOW2 when it came out. 
Loved both ME2 (beat it in a weekend basically) and Dragon Age, but yeah the combat in Dragon Age got stale and repetitive really quickly. ME2 had the bonus of being a shooter as well as rpg, but it took me about 2x as long to beat Dragon Age as it did to beat ME2. Enjoyed both of them quite a bit, but both were pretty different from each other. 
What Zwiffle Said 
Except I have not completed Dragon Age yet, where-as ive beaten mass effect twice and am on my 3rd play through atm! ME2 just suits my tastes better than DA, but Dragon age certainly has its epic moments.

I'm really looking forwards to bioware's MMO :o 
Dead Space 
(I played the xbox version but since people have already talked about it in here, posting here.)

So I just finished Dead Space. Game clock time: about 11.5 hours (I don't think this includes the times where I died.) It's a pretty cool game overall, with solid core mechanics, and while it's certainly full of horror and sci-fi game cliches as Lunaran complained previously, I think the good execution (and the fact that it's actually fun) makes up for that.


* Suspense is good, the tensest rooms/hallways were the ones where nothing actually happens because there's always a sense that something could happen. They set up early on for example, that a certain type of ventilation panel is often a place where monsters bust through. And then they put these panels in practically every room, so you are always nervous around them. I don't think i was ever really "shocked" by an attack, but since the NPCs are dangerous I was certainly nervous about being attacked.

* Combat works well, it's survival horror so you don't have a lot of ammo, the enemies are generally pretty lethal, and the damage system gives you something tactical to do while you're shooting at enemies -- since limbs (and occasionally other body parts) are the vulnerable bits, you spend your time trying to take careful, effective shots rather than just unloading into the guy's chest. Kind of like going for a headshot in most games, but with more variety. And the limbs are always moving in weird ways. Enemies that lose limbs keep coming but with alternate animations.

* Flashlight on gun, so you can actually see what you're shooting (and can't see when you're reloading, for extra tension)

* No on-screen UI; all UI was integrated into the world (ammo count on gun, player health displayed on character's suit, etc.)

* Zero-g gameplay is cool, you can't fly, so instead you leap from walkable surface to walkable surface (your magnetic boots grab on when you land) The maze-like layouts they create for some of these areas is pretty cool. And nice and disorienting.

* "Stasis" and "telekinesis" powers were used well, they build some nice puzzles and environmental obstacles around them, plus they are integrated into combat well.

* Boss fights were well-built and challenging, but not frustrating (there were only like 2 or 3, but they worked.)

* Enemy design was good, they're all pretty different in terms of appearance and function. And some of them are pretty creepy.

* Great environment art execution, really does a good job of creating the standard scifi/horror setting with a high level of detail and polish (mostly.)

* Sound/music was pretty cinematic and effective.


* Too many NPCs sending me on constant small errands. I'd like fewer objectives that take longer to complete. Later in the game it gets better, though.

* A couple of annoying sections where you have to shoot asteroids and other stuff using a giant space canon. Not really bad, but didn't feel like it fit into the game that well, and it wasn't easy. I think if you put something that different into a game, you should make it sort of easy since it doesn't use the standard game skillset.

* Store mechanic where you buy ammo/health at specific kiosks throughout the game -- while it works as a game mechanic, it doesn't really fit the fiction of "i'm the last one alive in a disaster area." But it did serve the goal of giving the player a chance to get what resources they need.

* The storyline didn't really connect with me; they had plenty of twists and revelations, but for some reason i didn't get into the main emotional hook of the game, which was supposed to be the main character trying to locate his girlfriend among the few survivors of the ship.

* Weapons -- there were only a few weapons that really felt good, most of the others felt kind of weak. Of course it's survival horror, but in fact the plasma cutter (the starting pistol) was one of the good weapons because you could tell how to be effective with it. It was the "bigger" weapons like the pulse rifle which just felt ineffective and useless. Probably due to player expectations about how devastating those weapons should be.

* Text logs and some other UI was pretty much unreadable on my SDTV. I guess developers just assume that all xbox owners have an HDTV? Humbug! 
just got this game, started to play on my shitty tiny 10 year old tv. just got into it and i'm liking it a lot so far, but yeah, i have to get REALLY close to the screen to read anything. 
Project Offset has been canceled.

Now we'll never get to play with its editor. 
Dragon Age Again 
was 40 cdn at the local futureshop so i decided to grab it. this is like the first new game i've played in ages. since like bioshock i think.

i was preparing myself to have to deal with activations or whatever the heck they do these days, but i didn't have to do any of them. aside from putting in the serial code at install and having the cd in the drive to play and when the cd thing starts to piss me off, it should be easy to fix that later.

i've only played a few hours so far-- just enough to get through the 'origins' aka prologue for the mage class (i picked a human).

i think by far the best thing about this game is the third person 'exploration mode' camera is actually good and useful. i can't imagine how people played nwn2 in 3rd person and i hated how mechanical the movement felt in kotor.

i guess it would be best to say the camera and movement feel a lot like WoW. which really means the camera moves around quickly and precisely and movement is almost as responsive as quake. you don't strafe around, of course; when you press back, you character turns and runs towards the camera which neatly avoids having to have a super complex animation system and works very well. (my mage isn't a slipgater, afterall).

i'm sure everyone is aware that bioware finally ditched the dungeons and dragons system in favour of a more action oriented magic system. movement takes a larger role now which makes it feel a lot cooler. so far, i have yet to see any of the subtle spells have any effect (i took one that supposedly imposes penalties to a target for attacking and such, but i still seem to get hit anyway). aside from that spell, i took the obvious frost spell that can freeze or slow down attackers and a life drain spell for direct damage and healing. the cooldowns a rather long though, and there's no spell to spam whilst waiting for better spells to become available. resorting to the auto-attack 'staff bolts' are weak but i think some of these problems will go away when i get some party members that need to be healed and more damage spells that can be fit into a rotation to make sure there's always one available.
as far as i can tell, levels come fairly often and new spells come at 2 per level. the game alludes to unlocking two specialist classes (i guess like prestige classes in nwn) at level 7 and 14, so assuming you can get a decent amount of levels over 14, that's a lot of spells. i'm concerned i might run out of quickslot buttons (my warlock on WoW made use of nearly every key on my keyboard for all it's spells and i had to manually click some of them too) but we'll see.

as for the story and rpg stuff, the origin segment gave me one choice and made it so i had to do other quests anyway, but it's a prologue so i can't really fault it too much. i can honestly say i was surprised at the ending of it though, i really wasn't expecting it, which is a pleasant change for most story based games where you see stuff coming from a mile away and plot hints are delivered with a sledge hammer.

anyway, i'll probably post more about this later when i've played some of the proper game. 
Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault Review 
First game i've played in six months, and to be honest the realistic war shooters are starting to get repetitive, and I'm only up to Medal Of Honor 2 so far!

The problem is that it felt just like Vietcong, with improved graphics having been released 1.5 years later, but with fewer set pieces. Much of MODPA felt like extremely linear corridors of jungle. Move from one little village with a few huts thrown in, through some tight jungle paths to the next village. The graphics, of course, were better than its predecessar MOD:Allied Assault and the mission packs, but with the repetitive design and lack of memorable levels, it doesn't stand out as a great looking game to buy against other releases in 2004.

Having said that, the Tarawa Beach sections (which probably made up 1/4 of the game), were definitely the highlight in atmosphere. They were a big improvement on the intense but bland Omaha Beach sections of MODAA.

The sad thing is, however, that the average design is still MODPA's strong point, because the gameplay was full of flaws. At the forefront, for me, were the atrocious weapons. Of course you can only handle two at a time, and normally you don't get much of a selection. There are a few good weapons in the game, but you rarely get to use them because unless your enemies are carrying the same weapon, you'll soon run out of ammo. What I was left with for the majority of the game were slow reloading, slow firing and extrememly inaccurate broomsticks. The rifle, for instance; there's a one second pause between firing, and a three second pause while reloading. You can point the thing perfectly at an opponents head, and still somehow miss. You can stand almost point blank and fire one into his chest... watch him stumble, then get back up again like nothing happened. There's no such thing as a headshot in MODPA, because the weapons are just too unreliable to even attempt it.

Gameplay is also very unbalanced in terms of difficulty. In playing on medium (although i'm well above medium in skill) I normally don't have much trouble getting through a game. But at times some of the fights were ridiculous, and forced god mode. The turret machine gunners are far too difficult to kill without being mowed down by bullets within seconds of revealing yourself. And no matter how well hidden you were, they always seem to find you almost instantly. There's a few times where you've got 2/3 machine gunners at once. Problem is your guns are hopeless at long range and you can't even see the enemy manning the gun to even aim at him. He could be standing on either side of the gun.

Tarawa Beach, as well, was far too difficult with poor weaponry and not enough ammo. In one jungle scene, your given a sniper riple (for the only time in the entire game) with one bullet to take out four enemies hiding high up in trees. I'd already run out of bullets with my other gun, so what's a man to do? God mode, noclipping up to the tree top and bashing them with my gun was the only solution. Let's not forget the section where your forced to man a plane, supposedly whilst drunk since the handling of the plane is rubbish. They inverted the up/down of the mouse aiming for the plane section, so when you finally return to two legs, your aiming ability is corrupted as your moving the mouse down to look up! This entire plane section was painstakingly frustrating and boring, and should never have made the cut in a first person shooter.

So my overall thoughts; average design and average gameplay, thanks to some inconsistencies in difficult and useless weapons, makes MODPA a far inferior game to the original. I hope MOD: Airborne makes up for it in 2007, but from what I've heard already, I might have to wait till the fourth MOD in 2010 for a good game again. 
Medal of Honor 4 looks pretty good though:

Supposed to be released Oct 2010 
I only liked the jungle bits myself. Airborne is even suckier btw, way too ridiculous gameplay wise and uninspired design.

I preferrred COD2 to both these. 
Oldschool Condensed? 
Bit like a cheapo Deus Ex. Doesn't look too bad in trailers. English translation is appalling tho. 
Apparently everyone and their mother are trying to get this at the moment, so the dl rate is pretty bad.
If the game is fun, let's get some coop games going. 
Yeah, 47k/sec for the win :P

Looks fun though, screenshots and vids remind me a lot of Shadowgrounds which is awesome! 
Fairly unoriginal story (biological weapon experiment gone wrong, you're the virus mutant overdude), but a fun game after all. Sort of a cross between Oni and Mirror's Edge, with DBZ- and Matrix-like physics bending. Awesome gore.
The game basically consists of jumping and runing through a sandbox Manhattan on a constant kill frenzy, leaving an insane bodycount behind (after each mission you get a statistic about civilian/military/infected losses and destructions costs). Lots of combos and upgrades which can be bought with the EP points gained from free-roam wreaking havoc, story missions of average quality, and timed events like speedrunning, gliding, combat scenarios, and collectibles. Fast gameplay with smooth movement/navigation.

Not the greatest and most sophisticated game in the world, but a fun blast nevertheless. Well worth the $15 (Steam summer sale). 
I don't care if it's a japanese anime looking arcade game, I want to play this on PC 
Darkspore looks cool. Half diablo, half spore and with L4D's director. 
I was just noticing that. Does look interesting. 
Needs more than 2 players tho.

Speaking of which, Alien Swarm; 'sup? 
Alien Swarm 
Quite nice for a free game. Too bad it only has a single campaign so far. So, go mappers!
Fairly easy with a 3+ team. The parasites in the fourth level are evil, though. Probably pretty challenging on hard skill and above. 
Alien Swarm Mapping 
As an fyi, if people have not looked into it.

It uses a tile based mapping system whereby you create a seperate map for each tile and then you can either snap them all together yourself or use the games in-built map generator. Looks very easy to do, and you can use the pre-existing "official" tiles you simply generate your own new map if you are getting bored with the single campaign.

More info : 
You can also mix and match. You can stamp the prefabs together and when you're basically happy, open the merged map in Hammer and customize the hell out of it. 
i've actually been thinking of trying to make a map this way... built a couple of corridors, corners and outer walls for rooms that all snap together.
you could make something pretty big that way at the risk of it being boring, i guess... 
I actually tried that with Left for Dead 2 since Hammer supports instances. I made a bunch of standard sized rooms and hallways and tried to piece together an office building. It kinda worked but I got itchy to customize it very quickly after I started and it sort of fell apart. But I think the idea is sound... 
Modular Mapping 
I made something like that for quake years ago - it requires a custom engine like dp so that statically* rotated bsp objects work. It was posted at qexpo

The way it works is that a single bsp file contains a 'set' of tiles. Each tile is an individual bsp entity with entry points marked in the entity's fields. The progs then generates maps from these tiles each time you load the map. It obviously doesn't create the most exciting maps known to man, but I think the caverns map actually looks quite good.

Anyway, I'm sure I've posted about it before, but you know how it is when you did something first...

*ie SOLID_BSP entities which have an angle set, but no avelocity. 
Oh Well 
automating it would be cool too, but i just meant like make a bunch of func_groups and CnP them yourself.

as willem said, i think the hardest part would be resisting the urge to start customizing at least until you're done. :P 
watched a few prototype gameplay videos on youtube. looks like you start in a street then randomly walk down more streets back and forth until all the innocent people are dead. absolutely no linearity, variance in gameplay or even a point. am i wrong?

people were raving on about this game, but seeing it in actual it looks crap. 
You're Pretty Much Right 
Almost feels like they created the environment and then just tacked on a few missions and game modes. But it's still fun - I enjoyed indulging in an excessive killing spree. 
Watched a few Quake gameplay videos on YouTube. Looks like you start in a hallway and then randomly run down other hallways and go through rooms shooting monsters and finding keys with no variance or point whatsoever. Am I wrong?

(sorry, had to be done) 
Yes You're Wrong 
Sometimes you find secrets. 
Yes, You're Wrong (bis) 
Sometimes you die also :P 
The point is to have fun while randomly running down hallways to shoot monsters and find keys [and find secrets, health, ammo, places to walk where you're not supposed to and go 'he he he' at the author of the map because you're/you've doing/found something that they did not intend for you to do/find]. 
So who wants to be my StarCraft 2 friend? I would if I were you. 
feel free to add me if fancy a few games, I am a total starcraft scrub though :)

name : bughunt
character code : 292 
What is this character code shiz?

name: zwiffle

and I swear I thought yours was "bigcunt" at first. 
character code 650 
name : Bal
code : 384

Probably can't add Zwiffle cause he's not on EU server though. 
thats a bigcunt :(

I'll happily let you kick my arse though Bal =) 
Starcraft 2 Quick 1st Thoughts 
I've got to around half way in the single player campaign (I think) and I've dabbled a little in the multiplayer so I guess its time to offer some 1st impressions.

On the single player:

They really pushed the boat out here, each and every mission has a unique mechanic involved in it that forces you to play differently and use different tactics. New units and explained a drip-fed into your pool as you complete missions and you have plenty of time to experiment and practice with them.

Also, the between mission story elements came as a complete surprise to me. I think the best example I can think of to explain it would be the planet surface "point and click" interface of Freelancer. You can click on items and characters in the environment and get a cutscene or some funny news broadcast on the tv or whatever. You can also research unit upgrades, hire mercenary forces to fight for you and further enhance specific units in the armoury. Its also polished to high heaven, very impressed!

On Multiplayer : Now I am a total starcraft scrub, I have no idea about build orders, micro/macro management or actions per minute, so I expected to get well and truly pasted in multiplayer, but Blizzard added a really great system whereby you play 5 "performance analysing" matches and then the game will put you in a bracket of other players with the same skill level as you. From what I can tell it works very, very well. When you learn to play better and start beating everyone in your bracket the game will move you up to the next bracket, and so on. Great stuff.

Other shizzle : The interface and menu's are fucking fantastic, really. "Challenge missions" to improve your multiplayer skills. When you load the game up, you only need to click twice to start a multiplayer game, its really streamlined. It also runs fairly well on my shitpile of a pc, which I am very thankful for :)

So, err. Yeah I guess I'm liking it so far. 
Yeah, it's nice, I've obviously played the beta quite a bit already, we should up for some coop later Daz, I could teach you some tricks. :D

The singleplayer is really well made, but what the hell, the characters and story is like the ultimate cliche in science fiction, it hurts to hear the dialogue sometimes. Fortunatly it's beautifully made. 
Yeah that would be nice, I finished my placement matches and got seeded right at the bottom of the copper league :P

I agree about the dialogue, some of it is pretty cringe worthy, but the characters are pure Blizzard clich�'s in a bottle like all their other other games :) 
Missions : yeah, they're fun and interesting. Just played the train-robbing one last night, it was pretty tough, just barely made it. I played it the wrong way (like a base-building mission) and so I got 0 of the achievements. I'm currently in Plat, but should def. be in Diamond, just gotta work my way there I guess. 
Yeah I think you can't be placed in Diamond directly after the placement matches.
I haven't done them myselves, too busy with the solo stuff, but if it's anything like the beta I should end up in Plat league I think. 
Oh yeah. I was able to befriend a BugHunt and saw him online, but when I said howdy there was no reply, so I'm sure whether it was Daz or not. 
I can't add you to my friends, so it's doubtful.
How do you befriend someone without his code anyways? 
Don't recall seeing any messages from you :(

I thought USA & Europe players were separated anyhow? 
Well I thought so too, until I saw I had Bughunt as a friend, and then I was confuzzled. 
Looks infuriating! 
Thought I might give SC2 a go. Looks kinda fun from the videos I watched of it.

Just one small question....


45 fucking quid!! In the age of digital distribution!! Fucking comedy ha-de-fucking-ha. Where's a bricks and mortar shop then?? 
If you have a friend or workmate or whatever that has brought the game, it comes with 2 10-day trial keys that give you access to the entire game, worth a look perhaps.

Also, I picked up my copy for �35 in Tesco of all places :) 
Yeah but I want to try it now before my ADD interest wanes. Wish I'd known about Tesco though.

Paid for the fucking thing, and it's been shit ever since then.

1. Terrible download speeds.
2. Completely raped the rest of my connection forcing a restart.
3. On restarting, it wouldn't let me continue the download as it was an invalid account.
4. Support link was broken and the page didn't exist.

Fucking GG Blizzard, what a bunch of cunts. 
Robert Kotick loves you and in no way wishes to sell your children into slavery. 
It Gets Better. 
Called their billing and account support to cancel my account and download.

"Sorry due to high number of callers all our operators are busy and we cannot accept any more callers into the queue, please try again later".

I hope everyone in this company dies a miserable and painful death very soon. 
Bler I could have given you a trial code so you could try before you buy. Also, yeah, the Blizzard downloader is full of shit, you're likely better off just buying a boxed copy.

Also, the game is $60 in US, because Activision knows that people will buy a PC game for $60 when it's MW2 or SC2 or WoW or whatever other franchise they depend on. 
Still Onto Cunt Support. 
Finally got through. Estimated 15 min wait time is up to 23 mins and counting CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS. 
29 mins then cut off. 
Try This. 
I have been attempting to download and play Starcraft 2. Due to the extremely slow download speeds and how badly the Battlenet downloader interferes with my connection, I need to cancel my account and get a refund - I *may* then purchase a physical copy of SC2. I am attempting to contact Blizzard on the phone support number. After numerous attempts where I couldn't even get in the call queue, I got in a queue with a 15 min waiting time. After 29 mins, the phone cut off and I was not able to speak to someone.

Please cancel my account and refund my SC2 order (order number *******) immediately, and then call me immediately on 0********* to confirm this. When this happens then I may consider purchasing Blizzard products in future. 
I am a Shambler and there are huge cojones beneath my fur!

Now, imagine you want to play your legit copy of SC2 20 years from now. 
I hope you get your money back, but only after more assraping from Blizzard, which you can then relate here! ;-) 
In 20 years, you have to appear in person, are chained to a console controller and filmed the whole time while a Blizzard paramedic stands by in case you starve or dehydrate (except in the US). 
are chained to a console controller

Microsoft want a word. 
Also, is there not a torrent or some such for the SC2 installer that would mean you could circumvent the ridiculously bad blizzard downloader? 
In fact, I believe the warez release by RELOADED is actually the legit installer but with cracked patches/.exe to avoid registration/

Altho I may be wrong, I care not for RTS 
I know a guy who plays it cracked/free/whatever. So it's possible I'm sure. 
Razor1911 said their release would work like a legit copy if you enter a legit key, at least that's how I understand it.

P.S. Owners of legit game keys may use our keytro in just the same way in order to prolong their offline activation period indefinitely

Reloaded is nuked for borked singleplayer. 
Hooray for Steam!

Except for the fact that they didnt get Starcraft 2.

Hooray for Amazon! 
You Know What Really Annoys Me. 
Fucking Daz, getting the game from fucking Tesco, for fucking �32, which is fucking cheaper than fucking Amazon. I bet they fucking stock it for �3fucking2 in the Morrisons 2 fucking minutes walk away, I could have got it and some fucking Scotch Eggs n stuff too. 
Scotch Eggs? Man, that shit is wrong. 
Also Daz Said He Got It For �35, Not �32 
So if you get it from Amazon, then you win by price by �0.09p

On other notes, I waited for Borderlands to drop in price, and started playing that recently. First impressions are that its pretty good, no-nonsense shootin' action. Also I wasnt sure what I was going to think of the gfx, but it actually works better than I had expected! Very addictive. Maybe one day MW2 will drop to <�10'000'000'000.00p per copy, and I'll try that aswell! 
I Feel For You Smabler... 
hugs! =) 
Calm Down 
Scotch Eggs remain within your reach. Always a calming thought.

The above solution mentioned by Spirit seems the best idea. 
Or, Better. 
Keep fighting for a refund, fuck the game off, buy �35 worth of Scotch Eggs WINNER. 
or maybe just �35 worth of Scotch to help you relax. ;) 
My New Computer 
Where's the PC rig thread, I thought there was one? Well i'm not creating a new one, but this is kind of related (since its a rig to play other pc games).

So I'm looking at getting the following:

� Intel Core i7 930 2.80GHz CPU
� Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Motherboard (1366)
� 4GB Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C8 DDR3-1600 Memory Kit
� 1TB Western Digital WD1002FAEX SATA3
� Sapphire HD5850 PCIE 1GB DDR5
� 2nd video card: GeForce 8800GT
� 600w Vantec ION2 Plus Modular ATX2.3 Power Supply
� Microsoft Windows 7

Looking at about $2300NZD ($1600US). Can't really afford much more than that. Thoughts and suggestions??? 
What is the purpose of the 2nd video card? I hope you're not planning on trying to have both your HD5850 and 8800GT in at the same time! 
Sounds like a great setup, the only thing I'd really want to mention is the RAM - that CPU and motherboard supports triple channel RAM so to get the most out of it you'll want a kit with 3 DIMMs, 6gb is probably the best option (2+2+2).

You'll also want to be sure that power supply will be adequete, particularly if you intend to have multiple drives and video cards either now or later. (It may very well be, I don't know, but it'd be worth hitting one of those online calculators to see if you can get an idea of the power draw you'll expect to see with that.)

I'm also curious about the 2nd video card, are you intending to have more than 2 monitors? 
Got 2 pci slots, so might as well fill em both? I figured they'd both combine to help with gaming... or does it not work like that? If you only have 2 for a second monitor, then I won't bother.

I thought 6gb ram might be an overkill, but if you think it's much better then i'll go with that.

Calculated out at 430w, so I guess the 600w will be okay, just. 
Thats almost exactly the same rig as I would buy!

Have you got a nice Air cooler? For overclocking your CPU to >4Ghz??? Should be fairly easy with that motherboard.

I wouldnt bother with the 8800. I tried putting one in my rig as a dedicated PhysX card, but it was really just a pain in the neck to get the drivers working properly, and then it turned out that for the game I wanted to use the PhysX stuff, it was impossible to use both cards (Metro 2033).

The Radeon 5850 is a seriously speedy card, I would know, I have one!!! I was thinking of buying another, but since all of the games I play run maxed out, there would really be no point.

RAM thing: The socket 1366 motherboards are deigned for using DDR3 RAM in TRIPLE CHANNEL mode, which means you're gonna need 3 DIMMS instead of two. I would buy a nice 6Gb kit (3x2Gb) instead of crippling the motherboard by forcing it to work in dual-channel mode.

The thing about 2 video cards working in tandem is that they should both be the same card - and they definitely should both be either Nvidia or ATI, but not cross-brand baloney (balogna gives me a spelling error, weird.) The HD5850 is pretty rock solid, so you shouldn't need 2, but if you plan on getting a 2nd one, make sure your mobo supports Crossfire, and you might want to double/triple check that you'll have the space in your case to support both cards. 
The 5850 will slaughter anything released now and even within the next couple of years I'd imagine. As Zwiffle says, if you're doing any kind of Crossfire or SLI thing with multiple cards, they must be the same make and model and almost everybody says it's usually better to get the best single card you can afford anyway.

Almost all video cards come with dual DVI or at the very least a 2nd VGA connector. In other words any card you could buy would support 2 monitors anyway. You only need more cards if you want to do some kind of whacky triple or quadruple monitor setup. 
if that's the case, i'd most definitely drop the the extra video card in favour of more ram. i've found with 3gb of ram, i'm quite often running low and need to step down game settings. remember that w7 is a modern os and requires a lot of memory to function.
with 6g, you'd probably be set on ram for a good long while. 
Yeah, don't get stuck in the hole I am in atm, 2 ram slots on my motherboard died (its 5 years old) so now im running win7 on 1gb of memory :P

To be fair, stuff still works, but it can take an age to do things. Go for the 6b matched set of sticks, there are some nice deals around from the top manufacturers! 
sweet, thanks guys! definitely won't bother with 2 video cards then, and i'll get the triple memory pack.

i'm always behind in gaming anyway - it'll probably be another few years before i actually catch up and start playing the 2010 releases, by which time this one will be ancient.

i can finally play hl2 and quake4 maxed out though yay 
You Can Play 
Crysis Warhead maxed out too.

Also the Radeon 5850 overclocks really well, infact the Catalyst Control Center that comes with the ATI drivers allows you to raise the core clock speed a bit, out of the box.
You can use "AMD GPU Clock Tool", (a different free util) to really overclock them. And they can take like 15-20% without breaking a sweat.


Borderlands is really very very cool. Far too addictive, and a lot more playable than I thought it was gonna be. The way that Co-op play works is really cool too - basically you just "invite" friends to join your singleplayer mission. All XP earned and items picked up whilst playing in your game, they get to keep. Character development works really well here too, seems to be endless leveling up. Even the AI is good. 
Back To PC Games... 
Rather than the hardware thread

...and my saga of trying play (or actually now avoid) other PC games continues:

Blizzard non-customer non-support:

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide you with a refund for your StarCraft II license.

Any queries, please contact:

Legal Department
Blizzard Entertainment Europe
Billing Support
TSA 60 001
78143 Velizy Villacoublay Cedex


That is not acceptable. I have not taken possession of the game (I only
managed to download 200 meg before finding the Battlenet Downloader utterly
intolerable). I paid the full price for the game before finding out it was
unsuitable to get it via Battlenet. I do not expect to have to jump through
hoops and be writing to people in France to have a perfectly normal action
of returning a game and getting a refund.

Given that Blizzard is very familiar with online gaming, there must be some
simple way to delete my account, cancel my download (and prevent any
attempts to re-download it via that purchase) and refund my money.

If whomever this email reaches is unable to deal with this issue, please
pass it on to your superior and get them to call me on 0********** or
0*********. I expect to receive proper customer service from Customer
Service, and my chance of being a Blizzard customer ever again (including
buying a physical copy of SC2 as I had previously intended) depends on that.

Is there any other area of a media purchase industry that takes this attitude to refunds?? If so, I haven't encountered it in my life previously. 
Prostitution, maybe. But then you probably never ask for refunds from your prostitute. 
Downloadable Content 
Isn't regulated at all, so a lot of the time the providers will just shit on the customer if it suits them. It usually does.

I can condense what their reply was into something more honest:

'This is our policy so fuck off, you're not getting anything. If you think you're big and clever enough try fighting with our legal team in France.'

I suspect the phone number will have you jump through more hoops until you can find an English speaker who will basically reword the above and invite you to declare a civil action (whilst making a slam dunk action).

I had a similar experience with Steam recently. 
I might make a huge and previously highly undesirable break from tradition, and make my next downloadable content something I don't actually pay for.... 
That's a shame Shamb :( I've never used the blizzard downloader for anything besides WoW patches so I can't really comment on it.

is it not possible to leave the download running overnight or something while you are not using the pc? if it works the same as the WoW patcher you should be able to stop and start the download process without having to start from the beginning again every time. 
You Have To Wonder 
Are the execs either idiots, or is the intention to criminalise and alienate their customer base.

Stupid question. 
i think i'll stick to circular plastic discs for now. o.o 
Well....consistent with the quality of my experience trying to get this game, when I stop the downloader and restart it, it claims it can't continue as the download is not authorised, and I have to go to the Battlenet site to log in (or rather discover that obviously I'm still logged in so the fuckign download IS authorised) and start from there, albeit at the same place (200meg / 7gig before I gave up).

Anyway due to how appalling there customer service is (I think I was trying to get this sorted for 2 hours on Tue evening), there is no way in hell I want the game, I want my money back. Where's my money mother fucker??

IF I'd phoned up customer service, got in a queue for 10 mins, and they'd sorted out it as you'd expect any decent company to do, then I'd have gone out and bought the game on disc that evening.... 
"LOL" Tattooed On Your Bollocks 
StarCrud 2, is it? 
More like Bordomlands. The graphic style is cool but the game lacks atmosphere. It's like driving through samey liveless wastelands levels doing seemingly pointless quests for random NPCs and killing the same few types of respawning enemies over and over. There's no point to exploration either, because all there is to find are lockers and caches with money, ammo, or one of the hundreds of different weapons with small differences in stats that have you stop all the time to compare them to the ones you're carrying. Every now and then there's an annoying boss fight, too.

I kept playing because I always hoped there would come something interesting at some point. Haven't tried coop yet - Ricky ignored my chat requests... 
I agree with you about borderlands EXCEPT for the graphic style being cool. I am vehemently against it - the style is quite and ugly and imo definitely a step back from their more realistic style they had before. 
I think the style is cool, at least they're trying something different. Some of the env work looks quite nice.
As for the game itself, it's ok. It's much better when playing with 3 friends obviously. I like picking up random loot, but there's not enough diversity, like in Diablo, where it works better because of all the different armor pieces etc. 
Adding To Ijed's Pile Of Flash Games 
Don't Look Back. The gameplay is pretty run-of-the-mill platforming (enjoyable still) but the atmosphere is excellent.

I think metl posted it a few hundred posts ago(?) but it's good enough to be reiterated. 
My letter to Blizzard today. Hmmm.

You know if their customer support weren't so fucking useless, I'd be playing a bought physical copy already. 
Yeah, We Know 
by now. 
Unreal 1 Dx10 Engine 
Bluesnews gave the heads up on a new DX10 renderer for the original Unreal engine and its games, I re-installed Deus Ex to give it a try and its fantastic.

Its completely faithful to the look of the original Unreal engine, no mucking around with new shaders or anything like that, it does support things like HDR but you can turn if off if you don't want it. You can also use AA and AF etc and it works flawlessly (with deus ex at least).

Obviously as its DX10, you need windows Vista or Win7. It fully supports Deus Ex, Unreal 1, Unreal Tournament, and Rune so far.

Page with info :

Download :

You also need the very latest version of direct X, linky :

And you also need some visual c++ runtimes 2010 update, linky :

I had forgotten how awesome DX was, im really enjoying playing through it again :) 
There's also an inofficial patch 227, with new renderers, lots of fixes, Linux and OpenGL support: 
thanks for the heads up on deus ex. man what a great game... probably give it a run through now. :) 
You have a license, so why dont you stop whining and just "aquire" a copy via a torrent or something? 
Because that is not allowed. 
For Unreal And UT 
for those without dx9, there are unofficial d3d and opengl renderers available that are quite an improvement performance and feature wise. 
I meant 'for those with dx9 only...' 
So... Does Rage on the iPhone go in here or the console thread? 
The Iphone Is Not A Console 
But it probably doesn't go in here. So let's all not talk about it. 
No, you're right, let's not. It's not that impressive anyway. 
someone mention Bioshock Infinite?? The trailer looks cool. I like the way they are doing it as a spiritual sequel to Bioshock (which I still haven't played, waiting to upgrade first). 
Yeh, I think I forgot to mention it on here, but it looks awesome. An actual BioShock sequel rather than the farmed-out cash-in that was BioShock 2. 
Bioshock: Infinite 
I am so going to preorder as soon as it is available. Bioshock is one of my favorite 'new' franchises, just simply fantastic. I would very much like to petition them for inclusion of level editor with this game, it's a fucking shame neither Bioshock nor Bioshock 2 had one.

Do want. 
Oh, and could a mod please change the name of this thread to 'other games' please. It just seems to make sense. 
Balls to consoles. 
God dammit Sham. That was a scary fast response.

And DO IT! 
Not Feelin You On That One Either My Hard Raving Amigo 
Rage = PC game.
Bioshock = PC game.

3500 posts in its not worth changing the name of the thread. Just my 10 english pennies. 
It was for all systems until Shambler decided to split. 
Deus Ex 3 gameplay;

The hell is he dragging the body with at 0:47?

But other than that, I'm fully hyped about this game. About time there was a proper sequel. 
Deus Ex 3 looks sweet. Like the yellow color scheme, but hope they don't use it everywhere in the game. 
I does look very neat indeed, im replaying Deus Ex 1 at the moment and loving every minute of it, I just hope this 3rd one will be better than the lol-fest that was DX2. I heard its possible to complete dx3 without killing anyone (though you wouldnt know it from that trailer) and the story and characters seem decent enough.

A with Shambler, I need one hell of a pc upgrade before I even think about getting it though! 
Deux Ex 
I purchased Deus Ex with the intention of enjoying some old school awesome that I missed out on, but unfortunately the program doesn't seem to want to work with my dx11 vid card and 64 bit system. I am not happy with that.

Any one got an answer/work around? 
Wasn't there some post about a new unreal engine build a few days ago? Would that solve the problem? 

Works fine on my x64 system 
I will check that out this weekend. 
Stalker 2 
Offical sequel was just announced. GSC plans for a multiplatform release which I am sceptical of, but w00t all the same :) 
RAGE Release Date 
September 13th 2011 tho 
Rage Iphone Sept 13 2012 
Quiet you. Apart from anything else, Carmack said there would be a iPhone game using Rage tech/universe out before Rage. Then iRage would be out at some point after console/PC release.

Also, the 13/9/11 is the US date apparently. EU has to wait 2 days;

14 Aug 2010
Velizy Villac FR
Debit Card Refund - Battle.Net Starc 44.99

Now off to buy 45 quids worth of curry and fuck that SC2 shit.... 
make sure to let them know when you get the sc2 torrent :D 
Any Modern SP Games Worth Mapping For? 
Any modern SP games worth mapping for? 
So How Did You Get It? 
did you threaten to moan and bitch about them on the internets? 
Errr that's all. 
come on, spill the tactics. 
I just kept emailing them, telling them it wasn't acceptable and I expected better customer service, and I wrote a letter to their French dept as suggested - although I got an email saying they'd refund me before that letter would have arrived, AFAIK. 
Duke Reboot 
Can't Say There's Any Evidence 
I heard rumors about the same thing, except replace Gearbox by Epic, Valve or id. All I can say is that it's a rumor. Would be great if it were true though. 
Portal 2 <3 
Do want. 
Portal 2 
... wow... looks impressive ! 
Torchlight 2 Has Co Op 
I'm sure I'm not the only Torchlight 'fan' (okay, it's not my favorite game but it is a good bit of fun) and I'm sure it'll tide Diablo fans over until D3 comes out. 
Mhh (I Is Drunk And Eating McDonald's. Filth) ((see, New Topic)) 
Just Say No 
keep the faith ... or keep losing it because it is DOOM (it's meant to be a cold war joke not a religious one) 
Hail Satan 
Oh Wow 
I read the few last posts and had the mental image of Doom4 being about a religious war with the Taliban fighting Cyberdemons 
is there a way to do the unreal->UT combo without actually owning UT, just Unreal? 
what do you mean? 
there's a way to run unreal with the UT engine, but the guides i've seen always say you need to have UT installed first.

but you end up copying all the Unreal files over anyway.

i have the Unreal cd but don't own UT, so i was wondering if there was a way to, instead of copying Unreal content into UT, to copy the UT engine to Unreal (assuming i could find an upload with just the UT engine of course).

i only ask because i've tried to play unreal again with the DX10 renderer plugin, but there's like this really weird mouse lag that makes the game unplayable. i was hoping the UT engine fixed that, since it was more recent. 
If you get this:

Effectively you have the UT equivalent renderers (well actually they are improved UT renderers but same thing). IS this what you are after? 
and it also fixes the mouse lag! thanks! ^_^ 
The Opengl 
works best for me but the d3d is also much approved. 
Deus Ex 
Argh I had forgotten just how fucking awesome this game is!

After all these years, it still has one of the most intelligent plot-lines I've seen in a game, its not scared of being complex and the characters are all very nice shades of grey as opposed to the typical "good guy - bad guy, or guy with a chip on his shoulder" you find in pretty much every modern game.

I'm on the final level/mission right now if I remember correctly, and I really don't know who I want to help/trust. A lot of games that give you this sort of choice at the end are very binary, to be the good guy help A, to be the bad guy help B, etc. All the choices I have discovered so far are,again, very grey in that regard, and it really comes down to what your own personal views are.

I'm hoping that the game won't fall into some horrid contrived ending where it doesn't really matter what you decide to do, its been so long since I played it I really can't remember. (No Spoilers!!) 
horrid contrived ending

nope :) 
Deus Ex. 
Daz is correct. One of the very few games that lived up to what it promised. 
I'm Sold 
Staff position is full of unpaid overtime and job insecurity? As opposed to freelancing?

StarCraft 2, still great. 
One Button Arthur 
One Button Car Game 

Enviroments and scenes look amazing. Gameplay looks moronic but kinda fun. Seems to be running at about 0.5 FPS in that clip though. 
I just can't get excited about it. Looks pretty damn stupid tbh. Yeh, great, it's pretty, but so's everything these days. And the gameplay/style/that horrible voice over all screams AWESOME/HUGE MONSTER/LOWEST FUCKING DENOMINATOR.

Wake me when Deus Ex 3 comes out. 
The FFXIV "Open Beta"/demo is coming out soon (not today as originally scheduled due to bugs.) Anyone else interested in FFXIV besides myself? I'm unsure, I've heard bad things about the beta but I'd at least like to give it a try. 
Fuck, there goes my entire week! 
All I See Is Blocks 
Minecraft is awesome, let me show you! :)

yes bad graphics are bad, but they have a certain charm to them.
My little house, that I made by cutting down trees and mining rocks. I also dug up some sand and smelted it into glass to make the windows. I had to gather some more wood and some coal to make the torches.
The beginnings of Castle Daz! Lots of mining was done to come up with the rock to make the walls. Its snowing here so everything is white, but you can gather the snow and throw it at things! :P
My house from the outside. The large watch tower at the top is so that I can fire my bow at enemies on the outside. There is a large chest full of arrows at the top just in case I run out :)
My castle from the top of the cliff behind it. Lots of torches around so I don't get any enemies spawning inside it at night!
I was digging down fairly deep below my castle when I found this underground stream, I mined through a block and suddenly all this water came into my tunnel and I nearly drowned :P You can re-direct the flow of water by building blocks around it.
Crafting a new mining pick, to create items you have to "draw" the item you want using the correct materials in the crafting square. There are absolutely tons of crafting recipes and you have to discover them for yourself. 
that looks wild o.0 
Gameplay And Other Bits 
So its basicly a sandbox building game, you start the game with nothing and go from there. There is a full day-night cycle and at night in areas that are not illuminated by torches (or lava) enemies can spawn and kill you.

You get resources by destroying certain block types to gain there raw materials, and then craft those materials into usable items.

The deeper you mine, the better materials you will find, for instance diamond can only be found at the very bottom of the world but is the best crafting material. You can make for instance a diamond mining pick that will last for a very long time and destroy rock blocks very fast.

There are all sorts of ways you can interact with the world also, for instance by harvesting tree leaves you have a chance for a tree sapling to drop. if you plant this sapling in an area with water and sunlight a new tree will grow there eventually and you can keep your wood resources near infinite by doing this. You can also create fields and grow your own food to regain health, or simply kill animals and take there meat and cook it to regain health that way.

The high level materials can be gained by combining different low level materials. for example to make glass you need to collect sand blocks with your spade, then smelt the sand into glass using your furnace (made with stone blocks). You have to harvest wood to place into the furnace first so that there is something to create heat to smelt the sand.

Bleh, im totally addicted! :)

Finally a warning, if you suffer from any kind of ocd you might want to skip this one! 
Is This The Same Game 
there was another block-based game where you could build your own structures and choose textures (and dig holes-- it even had a fluid engine where if you dug a tunnel and hit water, it would fill up).

that game didn't have any gameplay mechanics though, no monsters or resource management. 
roller coster video on minecraft site looks like fun 
Curse My Bad Luck, And Poor Choice Of Building Materials 
So I was mining in the cliff above my house, my house made of wood, when I happened upon a steam of lava.

Hilarity ensues...

and Necros, I believe the 1st version of minecraft was simply a building simulator with no inventory management or crafting or enemies. The new alpha versions have all that good stuff :) 
So I Checked It Out... 
it's an alpha... and it costs 10�.
it's a sad day when someone charges you to beta-- alphatest their game. 
Hah - Lava'd 
It looks great though, despite the Valve style pay to playtest thing. Do you get access to all subsequent versions?

Daz, did you rebuild on top of the smoking ruins? 
if you pay for it now its only 10 euro's. It will be 20 once its finished. You do get access to all updates + expansions for free if you get it now.

I did manage to eventually put the fires out by running to my well with about 8 buckets and filling them with water. The trouble was that I had to stem the flow of lava first :P eventually most of the wooden walls were gone and I had a nice layer of snow on my stone floor :P all is rebuilt now and I managed to swipe some buckets of lava for my next home addition, a moat of lava! :) 
Doom3 RoE 
Tested it last night, it's been a long time I was looking for playing it...
More comments to come when I'll have finished the game :) 
Yeah I bought it a while back (should play again for the new stuff, but I'm afraid of wasting too much time with it again).
It's fun, I made a really high tower of solitude, once it was done I just stood at the top with my pile of useless gold, not knowing what to do more. :)
Looking forward to some kind of multiplayer with this mode. 
So... either it's really being made/finished by Gearbox or it's an amazingly good joke.

Either way hilarious.

Shit... now I need to hurry up with rubicon 2 or else DNF might come out first! 
Not surprised about DNF, and I can't say I'm all that excited about it anymore. I'll get it, I'll play it, but the hype is just too far gone for me.

Rubicon 2, on the other hand ... I would like teaser pics please :) 
(at least about rubicon 2).

posting this as a reminder to myself to play it some day: 
Random -- the text is from the times of india. 
I tried the demo today.. I need to go to the shops tomorrow to pick up some new pants :P

Its great, and a pretty natural evolution from the Penumbra games.

..Don' the water 
GG Gearbox really. Reckon they'll get a half-decent shooter out of it. 
So-called "Quantum Chess" 
interesting anyway:

1. Pieces randomly choose their type when you click on them once, then you click again to move (or if no legal moves are available, your turn is over.)

2. once a piece type is determined, it won't go back to a question mark until it lands on a black square.

3. you have to actually capture the king to win, rather than just mating. 
It's Kind Of Interesting 
but totally missing the point of chess. 
VVVVVV Now Only $5

Posted previously, but it was $15 which is pretty outlandish for a (nice) flash game. $5 seems reasonable.

(Also on Steam apparently) 
It's super hard!
But fun. :) 
The computer always gets the right pieces and all i get are peasants.

Maybe it would be intersting if there were specific rules that decide what piece you get. 
"Give Up Robot" 
good twitch platformer with a grappling hook. I've only made it to level 43 so far: 
Yeh, tis cool, very GlaDOS on acid vibe to it, altho the jump response is slightly annoying at time (you have to release all keys to jump again, so I kept running off ledges).

And strangely played it, returned to post and found I'd got to exactly the same point. I think it's 'cos that run left/right on the elevator through a death maze in level 42 is so taxing that a break is needed. 
Give Up Robot 
Nice game, reached the last level (50), it's hard.
Also finished VVVVVV yesterday, fun game, but hardcore as well. 
Starcraft 2 Mapping 
So, can anyone recommend any other tutorial sites for SC2 editor besides SC2Mapster? 

Got to level 50. Brain melted before I managed to complete it.

I can do the first (easy bit). I can land the hookshot onto the spinner from the right point to land on the dissolving platforms. I can even re-hook onto the 1x1 moving block.

Then I swing face first into the top or bottom of the (first of three) pixel perfect gates. Every. Single. Time.

Also, pretty things;

The interviewer is piss annoying and there's too much of his face, but what you can see of the game itself looks interesting. Metroid/Ikaruga gameplay combined with a Tron/SotC fusion aethestic.

Bastion looks very lovely too, altho I may have already mentioned this... 
the interviewer does not now how to talk into a microphone, he's popping his p's and all the other shit that annoys the hell out of people, the jerk. 

He does commentaries mainly but is also a fairly well known sc2 mapper. He had 2 videos currently detailing the basics of the editor (which you probably wont need to watch, it really is the basics) but will release more very soon detailing the script editors and etc etc, recommended :) 
SciFi Construction Game 
Needs 2d Artist 
Nobody listed this yet?

A cutesy platformer with a few dark secrets. 
Half Life2 
After not having played any games for a very long time, I found I had a long forgoten Steam account with HL2 available. I have just spent 19 hours playing it again and what great fun.

Fortunately, I have the memory of a goldfish so remebered very little of it - it was just like playing a new game.

Think I might try a few more; not sure I want to play Quake anymore. 
Get yourself the orange box too if you enjoyed HL2, more of the game/story, plus portal/tf2... 
Get yourself the orange box too if you enjoyed HL2, more of the game/story, plus portal/tf2...

Seconding this. Portal is incredible. I just replayed it again (+ advanced levels) in preparation for testing a buddy's beta level, got re-hooked and am now making my way through the "least-portals" challenges. Sooo cool.

Fortunately, I have the memory of a goldfish so remebered very little of it - it was just like playing a new game.

Hahaha, this is me. I can replay a game from a few years back, and it's almost like playing something new sometimes. Hooray, early onset of senility. 
Hahaha, this is me. I can replay a game from a few years back, and it's almost like playing something new sometimes. Hooray, early onset of senility.

me too, but i find there are some games that i can replay and other i just can't.
for example, i got back into deus ex easily, but got bored of unreal. 
Unreal IS Boring 
It's been a real chore for me to finish it...and I still have to play the expansion pack. Joy! 
Bioschok Scripted Event Trailer.

7 minutes of completely linear on-rails (literally) interactive movie scripted events, 1 minute of actual gameplay.

Still, the setting looks awesome. 
i was about to write something similar regarding the amount of gameplay. It's actually 30 secs at 3:30 and a minute or so (if you are generous regarding what's actually gameplay) after 6:00 
They had the same thing for Bioshock 1, and it still turned out not too linear.
The game isn't coming out before 2012, so I'm guessing this is more of an intentions mockup. 
looks good. As does Elizabeth, boner. 
+1 To Wanting To Bone Elizabeth 
can't wait for it 
I actually just finished bioshock (on xbox - sorry shambler)last night, and just watched the trailer for infinite this morning. 
Flash platformer where your mouse cursor can distort the play field in order to progress. 
Gothic 4 Demo 
Mixed feelings. Graphics are good, even though the trees could have been higher quality (I recommend disabling the vegetation fading option). Performance seems okay on my mid-range machine - not entirely smooth on max settings, but definitely playable. On the other hand, there's not much going on and there are no huge areas in the demo, so I'm not sure.

Hard to tell if the gameplay holds true to the Gothic series. The demo doesn't show that much. Though, admittedly, with 1-2 hours its playtime is surprisingly long for a demo these days.

My initial impression (and fear) is that the game is quite consolized. For example, it's impossible to climb or jump over certain stuff, you can't swim in water (=death), there's 'safety clipping' and I think I read somewhere that there isn't going to be a huge open world but several levels, which the demo island would support. Having just played through The Witcher, this would be quite a disappointment.

Combat isn't too original apparently. Not as dull as G3, but still pretty much button-mashing. The skilling system seems to be different from the predecessors - basic skills don't require teachers anymore.
Another thing I that think is unnecessarily reducing immersion is a fade-to-black effect every time you start a conversation.

Shambler fap potential: ~3.5/5

I'm still going to get the full game, but... dunno. Nothing beats G1 and 2 (which I've also replayed recently). Risen 2 is in the works, too. 
I've been playing this a bit too after a friend at work suggested we try playing it together. It's absolutely the most addictive thing I ever touched (except my penis... but that's not a pc game) and I have already sunk hours and hours into first playing it single player and experiencing the survival aspect, and now multi player, and getting more time to build stuff. I'm still playing in survival, so I need to mine the materials I build with, but there is currently a bug that makes everything invincible, so I needn't worry about monsters attacking at night.

Anyway, I'm kind of surprised more people here aren't talking about it, since it seems like exactly the kind of game that would get mappers hooked. The graphics and feel of the lighting are even a little like Quake. 
I{m looking to make an office server for it.

It{s stupidly addictive. I clicked on an empty save game by accident and ended up playing in a brand new world for a good half hour.

Now for the showing off:

I{ve got a tower of despair which floats free of the terrain, being accessed via bridge and gets wider the higher up it goes. It{s got about fifteen rooms, and is getting close to the clouds. It has an obsidian obelisk, loads of glass windows and a wall of gold over the double doors. It has an escape tunnel to my mining camp (an underground tower) and a causeway to my beachside cabana of doom. 
And my tower has an amphitheater, overlooking the obelisk. 
Anyway, I'm kind of surprised more people here aren't talking about it, since it seems like exactly the kind of game that would get mappers hooked.

I think actually, mappers already have an (arguably better) outlet for their world-building impulses, so they might be less excited by it. As soon as i started building something serious I stopped and thought, "hmm, this would be easier in radiant." 
I like the survival and mining/crafting aspect more than the building. I mean, I like the building too, but it wouldn't be enough to hook me (and wasn't the first time I tried a few months back, in multiplaer).
I have a flying tower as well, I access it with a ladder, and to leave it I have a waterfall coming from my interior pool that reaches all the way to the bottom (alternativelly, I've discovered that just jumping off info the water, few hundred meters below works fine too :).

I'm looking forward to him adding more gameplay. Monsters, special dungeons etc. I already found a few special rooms with spawning zombies, and chests, that was nice.

I stoped playing though, cause Civilisation V is out... 
Oh Wow 
civ 5 looks amazing and i like some of the gameplay changes they've made like forcing only 1 unit per tile instead of being able to infinitely stack them.
sounds like it'll simulate how armies can eat the land dry or something. 
Civ 5 is awesome. Want to try mp with some dudes. Anyone up for mp? 
Special Rooms 
Haven't found any yet - though I saw a minepedia entry describing them.

Interior pool? Damn, that beats me then. Can you swim up the waterfall as well? 
Ijed, Zwiffle, Necros 
Yeah I only found 2 special rooms in my playtime, usually while wandering around natural mines, sometimes you'll hear the noise of many zombies, try to dig around towards the noise and you may find one (the ones I found were always totally closed in otherwise, so you have to dig to get in).
And no unfortunatly I can't swim up the waterfall, I could but it's so slow, and my tower is so high that it would take 10 minutes.
I also have a glass tower of lava along my tower, so I can see it from far away even during the night.

Maybe I'll try some CivV MP later. Seems kind of long though, not sure if it's the kind of game I like multiplayer. Can you save the game to continue later?
And yeah it's a great game, the one army per hex rule is a good change. 
I stole your idea about the water lifts - they look very cool but it's faster to walk up (breathing would be a problem as well).

An indoor pool got me thinking about an indoor farm though - hydroponic.

Not least because I finally found a secret room (about ten minutes after reading your post) with two chests and a spider-spawner. The chests had bread and wheat and stuff in them. Very frustrating that I fell into lava about three minutes later and lost it all, including the 'mossy cobblestone' the room had been made out of.

But, I finally figured out how to remove lava with water, and I suspect that I can make one of these obsidian factories, although to date trying to pick up lava I've only managed to incinerate myself.

Need more diamond to make some decent tools as well... 
And, I finally broke through the cloud layer - just building the walls now. Wonder if the clouds will still appear, just clipping through the tower like a floating carpet.

Should probably be making a speedmap. 
Special Rooms 
Hopefully they mean the start of a proper dungeon generator - that'd be cool.

For the next new enemies the slimes sound good, almost like multi-part Shoggoth'. 
So I tried Obsidian farming.

Unfortunately I tried it inside the tower, where the floors at least were made of wood - burnt the lot.

I think it must have been sparks from the lava since the thing was inside a stone trough.

Then the water from my hydroponic farm got everywhere.

The white thing is a cloud.

The other 'day' I found a creeper inside the tower as well, that knocked all the pictures off the walls. Must remember to close the doors. And put doors on the water lifts, just in case. 
awesome :)

My latest travels involve a boat! I made a little port with a jetty and a couple of boats and have been sailing up and down the coast and jumping down every hole I found along the way.

What a fantastic little game! 
Heh, you're story reminds me this :

The fireplace in my home is surrounded by rocks, was really careful when making it (same for my glass tower of lava, which pools down to the glass ceiling of my main room, procuring some nice lighting). 
That cheers me up, as I lay my stone floors :)

I've got a tower of lava as well, which joins my moat of lava - great for frying the bad guys. 
lol that was pretty hilarious Bal. 
Yeah, I've been there :) 
Read All This Minecraft Chat 
and I was all FINE I'll buy it. Err, it's quite addictive, it somehow appears to be nighttime now.

My achievements are pretty lame so far though. I created a glorious small wooden shed with one window. I created a retarded cobblestone house that zombies like to hang out in. Took me about 3 hours to spot the iron ore. Got repeatedly killed by what appears to be a small Optimus Prime carrying a crossbow. I dominate the sheep though. And pigs.

Wasn't loving it at the start though, due to installing/server/launcher woes, general lack of explanation of how you do fucking anything, and graphics being so basic you have to guess what things are. Is that a pile of string? A table? Fuck it's attacking me.

I look forward to wasting many more hours of my prime years on this though. I love the feeling of feeling (almost) safe in your house with all your torches at night, venturing in from the danger of the dark, with possibly useful objects and large stone blocks in your backpack.

P.S. Someone get Aardappel to port it to Cube please. Thanks. 
can't say i'm ever going to install this game, but that video was pretty fkn funny. 
The Video 
All that stuff he had in his house must have taken ages to get hold of - I've been playing for quite a while and have only one book block.

Kona, if you enjoy having free time then for the love of god don't install it.

We've just started our office server, downside being that humans can't receive damage. Apparently that's in the works for some time this week though. 
More Minecraft 
You think all that stuff in the mouse must have taken time? 
So He Built A Computer? 
And... what mouse ;)

Was that done with the level editor? Must have been. 
Pretty cool some of the things people are making!

Not sure if pigs grazing in the middle of your computer chip is a good thing, lol 
Blow Shit Up! 
That video doesn't show the crater it leaves at the point of impact - its about the size of the first house you make. 
Uh Turpile Post 
Yes it does. 
Malice TC 
Greetings folks!

Pardon me if this is the inappropriate thread to raise such speculation, however from my eye it had no suitable home in the others. I've just finished ripping and tearing through Ratloop's Malice TC for Quake, an exceptional addon in my eye without getting into an extensive analysis of why this is so.

The question I wish to raise is did the development team neglect to include a source kit to allow users to create their own levels, or did they simply not want others to do so? As I must say the only diminishing factor for me was the length of Malice.

I wish it were more extensive! And it is a shame no custom maps were made for it. 
Ether: They put a devkit on the long-defunct Malice website. Here is the file:

Spirit: Have you played Half-Life Decay yet? If not, let's try to play it together. Thing is, it appears to be a a sort of coop mod (straight port from the PS2 version or something); playing in SP is stupid because one has to control both characters - there is no AI control. Or at least so it seems. 
HL2DM New Map Released: Dm_stripclub 
Welcome to CITY514, sister of city17.
After a good lunch at your favorite restaurant on the main, you
and your friends decide to cross the street and have a beer at
the stripclub. You can easily see the mood of the staff that aren't
satisfied to work there by hearing what they're saying. Feel all
the action of a real stripclub by yourself! Oh by the way, if you
see Nancy can you say hi to her for me? ;)

get it here:

QMD I Literally Love You 
Map rating : for anyone, no nudity content (seriously)

That kind of ruins it, now doesn't it? 
L4D/L4D2 On The Cheap 
Sacrifice related

Asaki I'm looking at you, but you're not looking back, because you don't visit func. 
L4D bundle - both games for 10 bucks. Can't get any better than that. 
I finally finished Unreal -- kind of long and meh, if you ask me -- and was wondering if I should even bother with the Return to Na Pali mission pack.

Also, I have been playing Rune lately and am totally digging it :) 
If Oyu Didnt Like Unreal 
RTNP is not going to change your mind. 
If I remember right, the expansion was a bit poo?

There are some very high quality custom map packs/episodes out there that are probably better! 
No Its Not Poo 
but it is basically more of the same. 
do you have UT or Unreal only? If UT, I can suggest a couple of mapppacks. 
Unreal Gold Only 
No UT :(

So, what mappacks/episodes are good for Unreal? 
I'll Have To Check Through My Backup Drive 
but Tower of Shrakitha comes to mind as does Tim Jervis' Illhaven 
Here are my recommendations:

The Elder
Illhaven Saga
The Landing
Liberation of Na Pali
One Day
Shamu Quest
Shinigami Level Pack 1
Spantobi: Unexpected Threat
Tarmation: The Tiradium Sublimation
Tarmation 2: A Rude Awakening
The Tower of Shrakith'a
Valley of Alshar

You can find all of the above (with reviews) at I'm not sure if you would like them or not as you've stated that you didn't enjoy the original much, but still... 
About Unreal SP 
Is it possible to play these maps with Unreal Tournament ? Or do I need something "different" like Quake vs Quake 2 (note I am not really an Unreal expert :P) ? 
Should gave real post #3731 and "3732 before posting... though... :( 
Cheers, Erc! 
I will still have a look, even if the original didn't thrill me. 
that one is awesome. 
Hexephet and One Day are both great packs too.

JPL, you can play most of these in UT with the Oldskool mod but some of them are Unreal only due to some coding issues (I think Liberation of Na Pali is one of those).

But if you have UT and want to try some good mappacks :

Operation Na Pali
7 Bullets
Xidia Gold
Project Zephon
Project Xenome 
Thanks a lot for the information: I'll try this as soon as possible :D

if you want reviews and download links. 
Robot Wants [Thing] 
It's interesting to see the progression in these games:

Robot Wants Kitty is practically a proof of concept with its bare-bones artwork and a relatively small game world, but establishes the basic "metroidvania" game progression.

Robot Wants Puppy makes the art a little better, adds bosses, more interesting enemies, and a really cool kitten-based combat system. The only weak part is the over-reliance on keys, i think -- the whole point of this genre is using abilities rather than locked doors to gate the player.

Robot Wants Fishy really brings the polish; the world design is more interesting, the art is better, tbe bosses are better. Introduce health points (in this case a shield good for one hit) and upgradeable items.

The last in the series, Robot Wants Ice Cream is on the verge of getting away from the roots a bit, but is still solid if you like the previous games. There's a crazy amount of pickups in this game since everything gets upgraded multiple times, and they probably should have been color coded, but it's still good. Now you have three hit points and can aquire energy tanks to power your special abilities. Progression requires more thought and exploration than before, but not in a bad way. 
"really Cool Kitten-based Combat System" 
is an awesome phrase 
Arcania - Gothic 4 
Mixed feelings. By itself, it's not a bad game. Polished, bug-free, (mostly) nice graphics and some cool-looking areas. However, as a sequel to the Gothic series I'm afraid it is.

It was a obviously developed as a console game, and should work very well there (minus the reduced graphic detail maybe). As a PC game, it falls short on many levels - it ultimately ends up being a linear action game with watered-down RPG elements. Everything that was great or unique about its predecessors is neglected or left out, for example skill upgrades, alchemy and forging don't require trainers and workshops, friendly NPCs can't be attacked and the AI doesn't infight, you can steal everything and nobody cares, no sleeping, heavily simplified magic system etc. Exploration is hardly possible in the more or less confined 'levels' (seamless transition between the areas but blocked until the corresponding point in the main quest line). Needless to say, it's impossible to climb or jump up larger rocks and other structures. There are some semi-hidden chests here and there, and a few optional console-style "Find 30 hiddem items" quests, but that's it. At least it's possible to turn off the radar and quest markers.
Relatively low number of side quests, though this makes sense given the small scale of the areas.
Combat isn't very sophisticated and it's easy, even on hard difficulty (which I played on). Ok, to be fair, I used the Inferno spell a lot, especially in the samey dungeons later on.

The story is kind of silly. Felt somewhat random, not as epic as in the other games. They could have filled the holes a little better. One does meet all the main characters and all the monsters from the Gothic universe, but in the end, I think this game would have been better off as a standalone RPG. That way, the bar wouldn't have been so high and people probably less critical.

Bottom line, a good game (mainly for non-PC platforms), but a bad sequel. I did enjoy the ~22 hours (except for the two hours I wasted running around confused and clueless in the city before and during that asshole quest where one has to find stuff to destroy the magic barrier :P), but still I have to lower my inital SFP rating to ~2-2.5 / 5 
I agree with most of that negke.
Suprisingly the first area (around the tavern) felt the most interesting to explore, then as you go things seem to be more and more linear, and I had very little interest in exploring.
Also, what the hell is up with the teleporter stones that only work in pairs? That was stupid.

It almost feels like you could take the island, open it up completely, and make a new game out of it, that would be more faithful to the Gothic series.

Risen was more of a Gothic4 in my opinion really. 
Necronomicon Card Game 
CoD: MW2 (360) 
Not on the PC, but I play MW2, L4D 1/2, Bioshock 2, Nazi Zombies, Borderlands, &c on Xbox live when I have time. Gamertag is BetterThanUNIX.

Sorry for going off topic. 
Boom Tish 
Anyone try any of these yet?

They all look pretty obvious I'm not quite sure why Obsidian didn't already to these for the game? 
Vietcong 2 (2005) Review 
While I enjoyed the original Vietcong, released in 2003, the follow-up two years later was very lacklustre. It almost felt more like an expansion pack than a sequel.

The graphics were exactly the same and hadn't upgraded at all in two years. This definitely wasn't helped by the majority of the game being set in urban environments and towns. What made the original so great was it's lush jungle atmosphere, but that's missing here until the last 1/4 of the game.

The game is split into two parts (in theory), which a US campaign which is all urban based, followed by a VC campaign where your now a Vietnamese Soldier. Unfortunately the VC campain only takes a couple of hours, while the US campaign is around 5-6 hours. It all adds up to a well under 10 hour game, which feels like the developed pushed it out in an unfinished state.

The final battle at the end of the VC campaign was just another battle, no epic finale at all. The game just suddenly ends. I wouldn't be surprised if the VC campaign was supposed to be much longer but, for whatever reason, it was never finished.

Gameplay is similar to the original Vietcong except this time you have limited saves and some of the enemies can be very frustrating. There are countless times you'll see the enemies' head sticking out behind something, but your hopeless weapons just aren't capable of an accurate headshot. He'll hop up and somehow you still can't hit him. Your spray of bullets seem to be so inaccurate. The best line of attack is to sprint up to your targets or flank around and catch them face-to-face rather than trying to pick them off from a distance.

Overall, graphics that are dated for late 2005, ho-hum level designs and unpolished gameplay make Vietcong 2 are very average game. Perhaps it's a good thing that it's so short; that way you can play through it all on a rainy Sunday. 
Looks Cool: 
that's been in development for years. those guys are doom heroes for how much they've done. 
Yeah, I'm looking forward to that mod. Was on the team for a while until I got hired at HH cuz I ran out of time and the team sort of fell apart, which I've been told was not the first time it happened. They had a sort of weird set up on how to do things, so ... hope it actually gets released. 
New Vegas!!!! 
98% downloaded :) :) :)

Been waiting for 8 hours for this to download :(

220KB/s is too slow. Looking forwards to seeing what the new shooting style is like (you can now look down the barrel of your weapons, yay!). 
N-ewww Vegas 
It has ironsights. Now that you mentioned it, I realize FO3 didn't have them.

I haven't reached New Vegas yet, but I'm close. The game is pretty much like FO3 in terms of everything. Especially in the field of BROWN and LACK OF CONTRAST. Samey ugly wastelands. Some enemies are harder, giant radscorpions and deathclaws in particular. I guess this is where the new crafting/ammo creating system comes in handy, though I haven't bothered with it yet.

Typical FO3-style quests; the faction standing seems to be more sensitive now, which is probably a good thing.

If you liked the original, you'll enjoy this one, too. It's basically an addon, albeit large (and priced like a full game). I found that I could always only play it for some two at a time before getting too bored, and sometimes skipped through whole dialogues just to get the quests not caring about the story. 
*two Hours 
Sky Serpents 
Decent adaptation of the Shadow of the Colossus concept to a 2d platforming engine. Kill giant sky serpents while climing around on them and hopefully not falling off. 
I Don't Get It 
Cool Arcade Game 
Mmmmmmm Shiny! 
Project: Snowblind (2005) REVIEW 
Project: Snowblind was originally supposed to be the third Deus Ex game. However since Deus Ex 2 didn't do well enough commercially, Project: Snowblind became it's own universe.

You play the role of a soldier who, after being injured in war, is surgically enhanced with a number of pointless powers.

One of the biggest problems with this game, that I found, is that I struggled to get my head around all the powers, weapons, alternate fires and general rubbish used to improve your assault. Give me a shotgun and machine gun and i'll be happy. And that's basically how I played the game, switching to the plasma gun and lightning gun (don't know what the actual names were but they're very similar to Quake 3) later in the game. It boggles the mind how a console gamer could come to grips with all the shortcuts for this game when I strugged to remember everything on the keyboard.

You also have a railgun and rocket launcher, both of which I chose to save for boss battles. In the end, there was only one boss battle a few levels from the finish. The actual final two levels were difficult overall for the only reason that you have such limited ammo (and I never realised the vehicles have insanely destructive guns). In fact throughout the entire game ammo is very tight, probably because I was sticking too much to the same weapons.

Project: Snowblind has no difficulty settings, a fairly big flaw and from what I recall the first action shooter I've played without them. Nevertheless, the game was fairly good at getting the difficulty just right. It's hard at times, but often it's because you don't have ammo for the right weapon. I probably died several times during the game, half of which I was able to resurrect myself using an item acquired for this purpose (there's plenty littered around).

The other major flaw in the game is no quicksaving. Instead in most levels you get 1-2 checkpoints; which are basically rooms with a computer where you can save progress. It wasn't until the last 1/3 of the game that I realised you could return to the checkpoint and resave again. It's a silly and pointless idea, they should have either done quicksaving or automatic (magic) checkpoints.

The enemies are all fairly similar, just carrying different weapons or shielding. There are some robots which take a bit of firepower and dish out a lot of damage, but they're slow and can easily be bought down by keeping cover.

The design of the game is fairly average for a 2005 release, although it was only February 2005 that it went gold. It was also intended for Xbox and PS2, so this may explain some of the average looks. But i'd expect better. None of the levels are fairly big, there are very few set pieces and instead of lot of corridor-room-corridor designs. Doom3's corridors look a lot better than Project: Snowblind's corridors.

The game was criticised for being too short, but coming off a 6-8 hour walk in Vietcong 2, Project: Snowblind isn't too bad. Perhaps just under the 10 hours.

Crystal Dynamics aren't known for their first person shooter PC action games, so it's a good start. Pity they've done nothing since except overflow the market with Lara Croft games. 
Second Sight? 
By the way what's Second Sight like? Are the graphics complete shit? I'm thinking of playing it next.

Also curious about Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport (also 2005). Otherwise my list of next games to play run like this:

Second Sight (2005) - 70%
Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) - 76%
Area 51 (2005) - 78%
Peter Jackson's King Kong - 78%
Quake 4 (2005) - 81%
Call of Duty 2 - 87%
Resident Evil 4 (3rd person) - 76%
F.E.A.R. - 89%
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 (2005) - 88% 
FEAR Has Good Fun Gameplay 
Atmospheric too. Good AI.
R.E. 4 is meant to be good but I haven't played it. 
I Disagree About FEAR 
Felt it was pretty stale and uneventful.

RE4 was pretty good though, provided you can stand quick time events. 
Boring Minecraft Vid With The Explosion At The End Kind Of Thing 
Not as good as the burning house, but the tediousness of the explanation makes it. 
So I Got Steam, 
So I could play Garry's Mod and Left4Dead2 but I've been running into a problem; when I go to start either of these games it shows the loading screen (in l4d2's case it shows the Valve and introduction movies before the load screen) sits for a bit (my guess is it's loading at this point) but then the screen flashes and the game goes away, no errors, nothing running on the backhand. So naturally I; FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-'ed
and looked for a fix, I checked the Steam forums in various places but found them to be a clutter of whining, bitching, questions with obvious answers, and questions on trivial things, but most of all- to be pages of no value or help to me.

At this point I have tried the following quick cures to no avail; restarting, using 'verify integrity of game cache' under properties -local files, de-fragmenting and optimizing drive (least my computer feels more sound).

Also, I receive a window when trying to run L4D2 abut having an "unknown video card" which I have this profoundly strong feeling that this is not good, and as i can't upgrade at the moment I'm trying to suffice with what I have.

So now I'm asking here for help, because I've noticed some if not most of you use steam and play these games (at least L4D2) and have encounterd various problems.

[ps ur smartes peoples on internets :}] 
What's Your Video Card? 
It sounds like a drivers problem if the games crash after the loading video.. are your drivers up to date? L4D2 should run on pretty old cards - I played L4D1 on an ATI 9600. 
The Mac Integration 
Completely donald ducked the game. The steam forums are next to useless, but sounds like Eric has the fix with updating the drivers if not then complain on the forum all the same, sooner or later it should be fixed.

Recently in Vs games we've all ended up on the infected side, watching the bots cowering in the safe room.

Like batman and robin with another robin instead of batman. 
I Got 
Mobile Intel 965 express chipset family

the drivers are up to date

I know it's total tripe 
Ok I Got Garry's Mod To Run 
had to wade through shit to find that i needed to start the game with these command line arguments;
-autoconfig -safe -dxlevel 80

i'm not sure which one did it but w/e, l4d2 still dos net work but shits to that i got garry's mod 
Osmos Is Definitely A Fun Title... 
... and some of the stages can get tough, at least for me. The levels where everything is static and large are neat figuring out how to outgrow everything else, though probably the easiest ones out of the lot. 
Black Ops 
Anyone have it ? I'm getting mine for PC, but hasn't been shipped yet (grr!) so no telling when I'll end up getting it.

Cool easter egg games though ... 
Played A Few Hours Just Then 
not really my type of game, but the campaign is spectacle to the max and it's generally very cinematic and exciting, and HOLY SHIT I'M DRIVING A CAR NOW oh okay i've jumped out and stabbed a russian in the tit AND NOW I'M ON A BIKE and i've got to shoot down a nuke? With a crossbow? THE PRESIDENT IS ON FIRE!! What the fuck is happening? I think I've been double crossed. By myself?

Whoever wrote this game deserves some camomile and a nice sit down. 
Best review for ages. 
Cute Game About Balls 
Func Helpline 
How can I tell my best buddy that I don't want to "experience" Black Ops? I don't like this hyped-up war celebration and rails hordes gameplay.

I already don't play Starcraft II with him. Partially because I would not buy it with all its DRM. But also because I just don't care about it. I'd play some older games (Red Alert, Dawn of War, Dark Reign) any day though. 
You could say "I don't want to play that game." but, you know, in German. 
I've Got A Mate Who Swears That CODMW2 
Is THE real game for REAL gamers, he says it's totally realistic and that no other game comes close. (He also says that his favourite tactic is to find a hole in the clipping hull so that he can shoot other players from outside the map - very realistic eh?

I say that he is a sheep, following a herd of marketing victims. I swear I would buy those games if they didnt cost �40. I would play the SP campaign then shelve them for evar. BFBC2 is apparently inferior to MW2 according to this freind of mine. He says he knows this, even though he admits he has never played the game! 
Now This Looks Like Some Serious Fun! 
Is definitely not the end-all-be-all of games, but for console fps mp I'm having trouble finding anything as good. The only other mp games I really play on the 360 is tf2, borderlands and some bioshock 2. On the tere are a ton of fps mp games that can competently compete with it for my attention. 
Last Sentence 
is supposed to start with 'on the pc there'. Still not completely used to the droid's sw keyboard. 
FO New Vegas 
Pro tip: Don't do all the side quests before even entering The Strip. Better to be one step before the end instead of having to do all the additional main quests after having lost interest. 
I'm at level 20 and I've done a bunch of quests, and I haven't been into the strip yet :S 
Is this like the new EVE Online? Anyone heard about this? Coming out November 25th, so ... 
COD Black Ops 
Fucking bleh. So unbelievably stupid and not even fun. 
Did you get it for PC? Gotta play zombie mode with me, biff and pushplay! 
COD Games 
Overhyped, overpriced and buggy. The multiplayer elements of the games (since COD3 and 4 certainly) is supposed to be the best part, but people who win all of the time use cheats and exploits (errors in the clipping hull which allow people to sit outside the visible space and shoot people who are inside the map).

I would have probably bought MW2 if it wasn't �40 ($60 US). �30 should be enough!!! 
Just Cause 2 
fun but absolutely devouring my school projects.

just fucking around blowing shit up and zip lining away is awesome.

repetitive when it comes to missions/ cut scenes.

Cannot kill hookers. 
COD Games 
Haven't played the older COD games, but:

COD: MW - good singleplayer, absolutely spectacular multiplayer
COD: MW2 - better singleplayer than MW1, way worse multiplayer than MW1

As for Black Ops, I am going to wait and see how the game turns out once they release a few more patches for it and once the price drops down a bit. 
Just Cause 2 
I had so much fun with this =) its almost scary how great this game is!

That grapple hook provides endless hilarity! if you have not tried this game out, go and snag it! 
Cannot kill hookers.

Pro, con or nuetral? 
neutral, i can brutally murder hookers any day of the week, why would I want to do it in a game? Gamers don't want the daily grind, they want true escapism. I've raped 3 dozen times this week, and now you want me do do it in my spare time, when i'm supposed to be unwinding? It's complete bullshit. 
Games allow you a bigger wardrobe and you don't feel self-conscious whilst murdering the hooker with a massive Mexican hat on. 
hat-wearing simulation games are really where the future of the medium is headed IMO. TF2 is making some great advances at the moment, really groundbreaking stuff! 
Is There 
some way to activate console in wolf-2009

or there is not console at all? 
Just recently finished it and like it a lot more than I did Unreal -- even with its boring start levels. Overall, I really enjoyed the different environments, assorted weaponry and rune powers, and odd touches like eating lizards for health and riding flying beetles. The change to godhood seemed a little tacked on but, all in all, it was a very satisfying romp.

Play it now! 
I am playing Rune every now and then. Unfortunately the Linux version is pretty buggy and things are sometimes vanishing (like entities in Quake ;) ).

Apart from that it is quite fun. The underwater levels with the crabs were really annoying though.

Now I am stuck at some castle thing with a broken bridge over lava and a rope just outside my jumping range. No idea how to progress. 
I was wondering what the fuck was going on. Maybe pants simulation next week? 
Nehrim an amazing TC for Oblivion. I just started playing last night and am thoroughly impressed. I'm still in the first semi-tutorial area so am not allowed to roam as I please quite yet, but I'm having more fun than I did with stock Oblivion.

(I thought it had been mentioned here, but I did a search and couldn't find anything?)

To quote from another forum:

What is Nehrim?

Nehrim is a total conversion modification for TES: Oblivion made by a group of hardcore Germans that have gained fame by making high quality mods and TCs for Morrowind and Fallout 3. They've gotten better over time and Nehrim is quite possibly the peak of their abilities right now. It is literally a whole new game for you to explore and play - for free.

How does it work into Oblivion?

It doesn't. It's a total conversion. When you install it, you will be required to have an install of Oblivion on your computer and it will steal whatever it needs from your installation to its own installation. This game is an entirely new world that has nothing to do with The Elder Scrolls universe, Oblivion, or anything else for that matter. It has its own lore and backgrounds

Why should I download and play it?

What makes Nehrim special is that the dev team packed the game world with so much detail and content that you couldn't possibly be bored no matter what direction you pick to walk in.

This means that those copy n' paste dungeons with little to no life that were in the original Oblivion are gone and replaced with hand crafted shit. Everywhere. And it's gorgeous. These guys are good and have incredibly high standards of polish to their mods and Nehrim's the peak of that. 4 years of development, bitches!

They somehow managed to shove 56 German professional voice actors into a studio and had the goddamned patience to lip synch it all afterwards. I don't speak German, but it sure sounds good to my English ears!

The game's level mechanics are static and not leveled like Oblivion's. Everything in the game is hand crafted and placed from the equipment to the monsters to the trees. There are zones in the game where you should be and zones where you shouldn't be based on your level, but the game won't stop you from going there anyway for the most part. If you're level 15 in a level 3 area, you'll destroy everything. If you're level 3 in a level 15 area you'll get bent over and raped.

Make sure you follow the install instructions, especially if you have Steam, or shit will blow up.


Download links:

Pics and more info: 
that sounds really cool. i haven't played oblivion in years for all the things that are supposed to be fixed in this TC... i'll see about taking this for a spin on the weekend. :)
One More Caveat... 
The prologue bit (before you reach the abbey) has some inviso-walls and (slightly lame at times) kill triggers to keep you from wandering in the wrong direction once you exit the initial underground area. Supposedly that goes away once you're allowed to play as you will, and isn't really representative of the rest of the game. 
i don't think that'll bother me too much.

tbh, i felt oblivion could have used a little more railroading. i just hope that the game's quests will point me to the next higher level area when appropriate like WoW since this TC uses static levels instead of leveled lists like the original oblivion. 
They tell you a suggested level range as you're entering a new area (e.g. 7-14) and you may need to play more or less cautiously, depending on where you currently fall in that range. 
Quick Update 
I spent a while tonight screwing around in a 7-14 area, even though I'm just level 4, and it was doable, even though I had to be very careful, and cheese things a few times (e.g. beat three tough bandits by running backwards down the road constantly healing myself while taking the occasional swing at whoever was in the lead). Apparently it's safer to travel during the day and stick to the roads... 
Screenshots look great! Can I be bothered to re-install oblivion though :P 
only played an hour or so last night. very high quality everything.
the voice acting really is good and it's really too bad i can't understand what they are saying and have to read subtitles. it's professional level stuff. 
Steam Sales And Gift Packs 
Hey, there are some pretty good steam sales going on.

Anyone recommend Metro 2033 for $10?

Also, anyone interested in a Lead and Gold gift pack for $20? (10 copies of the game! Wowowowowowo!) I have no idea if its fun or not. 
I wouldn't recommend Metro 2033 even if it was down to $1...

But yeah, some good sales indeed. The indie game packs were especially cool, but I resisted the temptation, because I'm sure in the end I wouldn't play all of them anyway, or only briefly... 
Metro 2033 
I thought it was a nice fairly linear shooter, worth $10 in my opinion. 
Metro 2033 - I enjoyed it, the gfx are good, loads of scripting. Good atmosphere, you will enjoy the firstrun for sure. The monsters are pretty cool. But it doesn't have much replayability 
Lol - Just Saw The Codemasters Racing Pack 
On Steam - there are four items, it says "Individual price - �32.00, package price �49.99"

now i'm replaying oblivion. -_- 
Don't Worry 
You'll get bored soon enough. Remember the repetitive oblivion gate levels that from a certain point on you finish by speedrunning straight to the crystal? 
Fallout 3 
Just bought it on steam. So far I've talked a lot. Hope it gets better, fast. 
Super Meat Boy... 
is awesome, get it!
Not for the weak though, hardcore platforming action.
Also, play with a pad. 
Fallout 3 Gets Better 
gradually. Just stick with it man. By the midway point its pretty engrossing. 
So far I've talked a lot. Hope it gets better

now i'm replaying oblivion. -_-

Why? I'm having more fun with Nehrim than I remember having with Oblivion, by far.

Just hit level seven and am farting around in...Elohim(sp?), the really big city, and regularly getting in way over my head in crypts and sewers, etc. and having to run for it. Nothing is awesome like getting attacked by a swarm of 20 or 30 little, tiny, midget (child?) skeletons.

I'm probably going to head back to a lower-level area once I complete the one quest I have in this city. It's just too high-difficulty for me currently.

Oh, and I just bought what I *think* is a forever-lit torch; there's no tooltip or anything, but "Eterna Torch" seems pretty obvious (and pretty cool). 
well, it started out initially to just test out performance.

for some reason, nehrim runs really really poorly. i can maintain ~60 fps in oblivion with distant *everything and max view range, but nehrim just chugs along at 10 or sometimes even less fps.

what kind of machine do you have, pjw? i'm running on a core2duo 6300 which is pretty old these days, 3gb ram and a gefore gts 250.

i guess it's more along the lines that i'd like to play nehrim, but oblivion will do instead. 
I'm running 64-bit Win7 on an Intel i5 2.66 with 8 gigs of ram and a geforce 9800. There are places it chugs slightly, but I haven't had any significant problems (other than two lock-ups and pretty common crashes on exit, which I get with Oblivion too).

Apparently there's one forest that's pretty bad, and most people have to turn off distant land while they're in there (no biggie, since you can't see it anyway).

Maybe just try turning down your settings and making sure shadows are simple/off, no self-shadow, all that good stuff? You really are missing out... :( 
yeah, i've since noticed there are additional settings only available in the launcher that don't appear in the game. so i've got it running a little better now but the game looks fairly shitty. it's still pretty decent-- this is oblivion after all, but yeah, i have no shadows on (except canopy shadows, because with that off, forests look retarded).

it's really a great TC. all the areas look great with hand placed stuff. you know those oblivion mods that modify boring areas and make them much fancier and unique, it feels like that for most of the areas in nehrim.

one of the things i've noticed though is that the TC hurts by not having some kind of ui system to show mob levels.
yeah, the first instinct is to cry out 'it's intrusive and unrealistic!' but think about it for a minute:
if you stumble onto a bear in the wilderness (heh.. yeah ok...) you'd be able to gauge it's relative strength by how large it is and how fast it seems to be moving.
in WoW, for example, most mobs of the same type all look the same. they might be slightly bigger or darker, but that's it. telling me 'this mob is level 15' gets around the graphical limitation to give me information i should be able to figure out.
but in oblivion, you have generic looking mobs of varying strengths with no way of knowing their power until you fight them. sure, you might learn 'diseased wolf' is weaker than 'rabid wolf' but the mob text only shows up when it's about 2 feet away from you.
as a sort of band-aid, they included this ranged spell that will pop up a little dialog box telling me the level and hp of the mob i hit. but it's a rather clunky mechanic to use.

but ok, i can understand that the oblivion engine has absolutely no way to display mob level in an easy way.

which i guess brings me to the actual thing i'd have prefered: simply marking down the level range of each zone on the map.
it'd look ugly, but it would have simplified things a lot more and let me plan out where i was going to go. for now, i have to stumble into a zone and only then read the zone text.
so far, i haven't found a map mod with visible level ranges so i'm still stumbling around. :P

but yeah, aside from those minor problems, the TC is still awesome. :) 
Flash adventure game, seems a bit like Samorost. 
which i guess brings me to the actual thing i'd have prefered: simply marking down the level range of each zone on the map. immersion!!1!

(Yeah, agreed, that would probably work better than the semi-trial-and-error approach.) 
StarCraft crossed with Halo
Seeing that Halo is shit, so is WarSoup. 
"we're going for a minimalist design approach" = we suck at design so our game will look shit.

i don't see anything in common with halo in that game (which is a good thing anyway since halo is rubbish), they're obviously just trying to get attention by making that claim. 
How does minimalism suck? 
Who said that?

I can read minds and Kona meant that they are going for a plain color minimal style because they are incapable of doing "better" textures.

The game looks pretty bad in every aspect though. Zwiffle, stop reading Kotaku already. 
Nah the concept looks cool. RTS + FPS is always an intriguing concept. 
Well they said it in their trailer.
Minimalism can be good in other media, such as graphic design or art. In games though, you'd have to have fantastic architecture to pull it off. Like Nunuk's Geometry Competition where you can only use 10 textures.

In the case of this game though, there was no architecture, just flat walls and some blocky terrain. I liked the GUI though. 
FPS + RTS can be awesome = BZ2

That looks like ass though. Sub-Minecraft GFX. 
I disagree, you could say Mirror's Edge and Portal go with a minimalist approach to environement art, and those are both great looking games.
Not every game has to be Gears of War. 
Gears Of War 
Doesn't look so great IMO. Very durgy colours. And flat lighting. 
Quick King Kong Review 
Usually video games released to coincide with a movie release are very average. However in this case, Peter Jackson's King Kong from 2005 is a fairly good action game.

I say fairly good instead of great due to one major problem in the game - playing as Kong. While most reviewers liked that you could play as King Kong, I cringed everytime I was forced to attempt to control the beast. Playing from third person perspective, the controls for Kong are terrible. Especially in cramped quarters, the camera angle will suddenly jump from behind Kong to in front of him, meaning you have to press the backwards key instead of forwards. On top of this, fighting other giant beasts as Kong is nothing but a chore in mashing the keyboard as fast as you can hoping he'll actually do something. Then when he's grabbed a beast to perform his fatality, you've got to pound on the 'grab' key as fast as you can to kill it. Terrible.

Fortunately, playing as Kong only takes up about 20% of the game. The rest is played as Jack as he repeatedly tries to get his love interest back. But that's not perfect either because you only get one gun at a time and limited amounts of ammo. At times your forced to play with spears that you find. Sure it makes the gameplay frantic and intense, but I'd rather take a leisurely stroll through paradise and admire the scenery without having to spear giant dinosaurs.

The best thing about Peter Jackson's King Kong, and it's saving grace, is the level design. Although the engine looks slightly dated with pixelated 2D vegatation, the actual level design is great. Almost all of the game takes place on the island (apart from two awful city levels at the end) and there is enough variety in the texturing and scenery that it never gets old. The highlight for me was climbing up to the highest peak of the island, where Kong was sleeping. Atmospheric effects such as the lighting and fog look excellent and capture the creepy, mysterious fantasy island from the movie perfectly.

So while the gameplay was slightly held back with some annoying challenges, in particular playing as Kong, the atmosphere and design of the fantasy island made up for it for me.

Add cheats for unlimited ammo and a level skip for every Kong level, and this is a very good game. 
Maybe i'll take a break from action shooters and try a pretty adventure puzzle game.

Anyone played The Whispered World? Looks cute. 
From Memory 
I had a blast playing as Kong.

Agree with the level design comments though, I remember it beign very good. 
Actually Having 
reread my comments from before, I seemed to have the complete opposite take on controls and camera use :) 
Haha I know, I read your comments on it yesterday Nitin. Both IGN and Gamespot didn't seem to have too much of a problem either. One of them said the camera was a bit clunky, the other said they loved playing as Kong and wished there was more. Different strokes I guess... 
I played TWW. It's a nicely drawn adventure game. The English voice of the protagonist is a little annoying, though (compared to the German original). The puzzles are mostly fairly easy and the playing field limited (several levels so to speak), just like many modern adventures. There are some logic puzzles, too. Some of which I found to be quite annoying. I stopped playing when reaching a certain one where I had to rearrange a mosaic by moving the pieces around using the one free spot in-between in order to form a crest.

I'm surprised there aren't more comic-style adventures these days. They seem easy enough to make with the proper artists. MI3 was cool, too. I mean now that the initially interfering OMG 3D! era is over. 
So A Bit Late As Usual 
but just got myself Witcher enhanced edition, Crysis, Crysis Warhead and Stalker - Shadow of Cehrnobyl for $AU30.

Bring on christmas holidays. 
Good move. Crysis and Warhead are GREAT games! Regardless of what anyone says, they are a real blast, certainly on the firstruns. STALKER SOC is great too, really gritty and atmospheric.

The witcher - well I didnt play that one (yet), so I cant comment, but I have heard some good comments from other people about it :) 
The Witcher Is A Heck Alot Of Fun 
and worth your time. 'nuff said ;) 
The Witcher 
It's an enjoyable game by and large, but I thought it also dragged on quite a bit at times. And I found its semi-linearity unncessary, maybe even a bit of an an immersion killer. You can't revisit previous regions (not an open world), and there are silly console-like barriers in the levels to make them feel larger, like small fences or rocks you can't jump over and are forced to run all the way around them. At what were they thinking when making that totally retarded mouseclick combat system? 
@retarded Mouseclick Combat System 
I never had a problem with it myself, at least, it sure feels more involved than simply mashing the attack key until an enemy is down. If you rush the next attack, you'll only break the combo and risk getting yourself hurt. And I liked that aspect since it works great with multiple opponents circled around you. It's not perfect, but it works for me. 
i like the sword combat system in witcher.
it's similar to gothic 2 which, incidentally, i found far superior to gothic 3.

you've got to time your attacks and in the heat of battle, this is what makes it a challenge. i wish more games would do this instead of just favouring button mashing.
also, i like that there are the different styles of attack for different types of monsters. it's not a very deep system, but it does make it a little more interesting.

i never finished this game as i borrowed it off a friend but i've been thinking of picking up the enhanced edition for myself.

my only gripe is that the over the shoulder camera is sometimes a little strange... usually it doesn't bob much but sometimes (randomly?) the camera will start to bob alot which is distracting. i think there's a mod out there that gets rid of that though, which would be great. why would you put view bob on a !3RD! person camera? 0.o 
It's basically like a quick time event: click the mouse at the right moment. In this sense, it's indeed better than Gothic 3 which is just click the mouse as fast or as consistently as possible (or at least hit the enemy before he can). Gothic 2 is different insofar as it allows for some variation (left, right, up) as well as blocking.

The ideal combat mode would require the player to both attack and block the enemy on the right side (dynamically), e.g. strike left when the enemy is blocking to the right, and counter his attacks accordingly. 
And While We're At It 
Has anyone tried Two Worlds 2, yet? I thought the first one was too flawed in comparison to other RPGs to be enjoyable, but maybe they've fixed the most glaring shortcommings. 
yeah that's what I figured, 4 games for under $AU30 is a steal and I remembered readin positive comments about them too.

Might also finally fit in HL2 plus eps 1 and 2 in the holidays too :) 
Dead Space 
Controls can be a bit clumsy, but apart from that I love this game. Good level design, very immersive, magic button which tells you which way to go is useful.

I dunno, the game is meat and potatos. The monsters are quite scary, the graphics are good, there are some good puzzles. The music is good. The guns feel good, and you can upgrade them. If you try hard to explore you find more useful stuff, things like that add to the experience.

For me the game is like Resident Evil but with less bull. 
One thing about STALKER - I would recommend installing the Oblivion Lost mod. You dont need to install it, but it does improve the game a lot, without altering the feel of it too much. There are some things which the dev team removed just before release (which are still in the game data files!) like monsters, and O.L. puts them back in, basically. And it makes the guns more accurate, and whenever there is a "blowout" O.L. makes the effects a l00t cooler ;) 
Doom 3 
I just bougt the id super pack on steam, which comes with doom 3. Anyone know of any good mods besides the dark mod and the new hexen mod? 
jt make sure you get the shamblers castle: 
noted, will look into it. 
I'm Playing System Shock 1 
for the first time, and I'm loving it! Absolutely awesome game, almost as good as the second part. I recommend installing the mouselook patch though. 
"almost As Good As The Second Part" 
Better actually, imo. 
Where'd You Get 
Almost forgot about that one. Downloading now. 
There are, surprisingly, quite a number of really high quality doom3 packs. Not necessarily mods, but just level packs and episodes.

Can't remember which ones (I played probably a good 50 releases for d3). Check here for some:;4340?sort=downloads&order_in=desc&limit=100&descriptions_in=0&summary_in=0#files 
i don't think it's that surprising actually. the colossal amount of work required must weed out all but the most diehard mappers/modders.

it sure weeded me out. ^_^; 
Yeah it must have aye. I mean there's some shitters in the bunch, but I would have thought Doom3 mapping would be fkn hard. And yet there's probably a good 20 high quality releases.

Perhaps it's the opposite and the great engine and ability to build a box room then throw in all sorts of prefabs makes it quite easy to map for. One thing I did notice - 95% of custom map releases follow the exact same indoor lab bullshit of Doom3. No one much branched out to other themes.

Necros does that mean you scrapped your d3 map? You bastard I was looking forward to that! 
Same Indoor Lab Bullshit 
That's because the game's resources allow for nothing else. If you were to make something entirely different, you'd also have to be a good texture artist and a proficient modeller. And I take it the number of available custom texture sets is limited - not least because everything other than base style looks odd at best in that engine. 
necros is one hell of a scrapper... 
is Stalker SOC meant to run like total shit or is there some performance tweak I cant find?

GTX465 that's had no issues with anything else so far, including CoD MW1 and 2, but maybe this is a real resource hog? 
Did you install all of the gazillion of official patches?
This is probably a driver conflict. SOC ran fine on my old card, but I could never get the addon to work. It was always slow and unstable. No problems on the new card. Perhaps there's an older driver version or some hotfix/workaround that can make it work for you. 
It's On The Latest Patch 
1.0005 or something.

Will look into drivers, havent had to so far for anything else.

Witcher runs fine on max, will install Crysis/Warhead tomorrow to see how that fares. 
Try This (float 32 Mod Thingy)

Useful if it works for you. Also make sure you patch STALKER. 
Also CoD MW1 And 2 
Are idtech4. Is that not basically true? They run good on old systems. I mean they are well made games, but they dont have bump-mapping or super hi-res textures or anything.

You should be able to run Crysis on very high with a GTX465, or Crysis Warhead on Enthusiast settings, and get 30fps :) 
Cod MW 1 And 2 
Definitely not idtech4. 
Thanks Ricky 
will look at it again tomorrow. But will install Crysis first to see what performance I get there.

Witcher runs great though. 
Apparently IWEngne 
Started out as idTech3! (after some more reading), but by now it is very heavily modified, to the point where it is a seperate engine in its own right. 
IW's engine is alright, but when Treyarch gets it for their games they tend to butcher things and break things that used to work, and just turn it into an awful series of unfortunate events. Makes me nervous when Treyarch releases 'tools' for Blops (whatever that means.) 
MW1/MW2 run great on my crappy nvidia 7600GT. Sadly, blops performance sucks on my system, not worth playing until I upgrade. 
It's Not Really Worth Playing Imho 
Bullets don't kill people. Just play mw2 or a real FPS like q3,nexuiz/xonotic, oa, aa, &c. 
thanks, you are a good person, deep down. 
Just attempted to play Second Sight (2004). It's a third person game, although you have a first person view as well, but none of controls work from first person, which is retarded.

I got to the third level and decided it was too crap to continue with. First game I've ever quit so early. The level design was from the 90s, the gameplay was slow and annoying. Too much fucking around just to fire your gun. Let alone fucking around with all your stupid psychic abilities. Movement was butchered.

And what's worse is the constant alarms that go off as soon as a scientist sees you.

Pass. Area 51 next I think, if I can install it. 
Now for the money to transfer from paypal... 
Quake 4 Review 
Even the free downloadable version of Area 51 (with advertising) failed to install. Guess i'll have to torrent it. In the meantime, I played Quake 4...

With Quake and Quake 2 being my two favourite games of all time, and will unlikely ever be beaten, it would be hard for me not to have high hopes for Quake 4. It didn't make much difference that id Software had dropped the job into the talented Raven Software's mits. Heretic, Hexen, Soldier of Fortune, Star Trek Voyager and all their sequels; these were all solid, professional and, most importantly, fun games. So Raven taking over the Quake duties is almost as good as id doing it themselves. And as it turned out, Quake 4 felt like a superior game to Doom 3.

While Doom 3 took place almost entirely inside tight futuristic bases, unfortunately Quake 4 didn't try to re-invent the wheel here and is almost exactly the same. The only difference is there are more outdoor areas and the level design is a little better. Everything is easier to see, there's much more variety in design, although it's still only the 'base' style, so expecting Painkiller level of variety will leave disappointed. While there aren't huge awe-inspiring set-pieces, it's all solidly good looking. Sadly, the id Tech 4 engine just doesn't seem capable of doing huge, sprawling areas. So Raven are stuck with a corridor crawl similar to Doom 3.

Having said that there are some big outdoors areas, but they are lacking in detail. The three biggest levels are the vehicle-based ones. And these copped a lot of flack from players suggesting they ruin the game. As it turned out, only 3 in 33 levels are vehicle based, and one of them is only several minutes long. In all, a maximum of 10% of the game would be vehicle based.

While the engine is restricted, the way it does lighting looks fantastic, especially when your team-mates have their flashlights on and they're cast all over the inner depths darkened base. So it's a shame there have been very few games using id Tech 4, just Prey, Quake Wars and Wolfenstein following.

Gameplay in Quake 4 was all solid. The enemies had plenty of variety and all looked fantastic. It's just disappointing that they weren't more closely related to Quake 2. The Berserker, Gunner and a few others were there, but not recognisable from Quake 2. Different attacks, speeds and difficulty means they're basically new enemies. Iron Maiden was a little more obvious, but again apart from being female, could be a completely different enemy. Arguably the more fearsome of Quake 2, the Gladiator, makes a return in Quake 4. But he's quite different; slower with a railgun that seems easier to avoid. So while there weren't many similarities, in some respects and homage aside, it's probably a good thing because the Quake 2 enemies were very basic in their attacks compared to Quake 4. This isn't 1998 anymore.

Most of the weapons make a return. The Machine Gun is much better, there's no Double Shotgun but the Single Shotgun packs enough of a punch to play almost the entire game through just with these two weapons. The Hyper Blaster, now your fourth weapons, is a good switch up as it packs a punch but also has plenty of ammo. Grenade Launcher, Railgun, Lightning Gun are all very similar to Quake 2. The Rocket Launcher is a little faster but requires reloading, meaning I didn't use it much. The new gun is the Nailgun, which is very fast paced but I didn't find it to be particularly effective compared to the Machine Gun/Shotgun combination.

I played on medium difficulty and it was fairly spot on. The first half of the game was fairly easy and it was a long time before I died, but the second half steadily got tougher with some great boss battles to finish the game off.

So overall I really liked Quake 4. It did feel like another Raven game; very similar in level design to their others, but that's a minor criticism because all their games look good. And with id Tech 4, great! While it doesn't live up to the groundbreaking prequels, it's great to have a solid, fun, return to Stroggos. With slightly better level design and much more fast-paced gameplay, I preferred it over Doom 3. 
Quake 4 Mods? 
BTW any good quake4 single players maps/mods out there? I've got:


None of them look too promising though. Certainly doesn't have the community Doom 3 got. 
PULSAR Was Working On Something 
don't know if that ever came about though. 
Ubilitus is pretty good, I recently played it.

q2base, is it that thing where you can play through q2's first map in q4? I recommend playing q2 instead.

doom3 has quite a few large caliber mods going, yeah... with q4, people seem to have focused on the multiplayer, which failed, ironically. 
just idle musing... but it always seems like SP/MP seems to divide the playerbase creating content with the result that you just get less of each. 
...for the extensive review, [Kona]--it was fun to read.

Q4 was the first game I worked on at Raven, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. 
Quake 4 
It's probably the idtech4 game I enjoyed the most compared to the other two I've played (Doom3 & Prey) 
Sadly, the id Tech 4 engine just doesn't seem capable of doing huge, sprawling areas.


Corridor shooters aren't inherently bad. A well done corridor shooter can still be a nice game.

As it turned out, only 3 in 33 levels are vehicle based, and one of them is only several minutes long. In all, a maximum of 10% of the game would be vehicle based.

I think the main problem is that these disrupt the flow of the classic FPS parts of the game. It's like, "OK player, I want you to drive a hovertank now, and you will comply". That kills the flow.

Pretty sure it's more levels with vehicles as well, if you count the rail shooting vehicle levels (vehicle MG while you're being chauffeured around).

The Rocket Launcher is a little faster but requires reloading, meaning I didn't use it much.

True, although the game is overall slower than q2, and you get an upgrade that lets you shoot three rockets in a row, or something like that. Matter of taste I guess.

The new gun is the Nailgun, which is very fast paced but I didn't find it to be particularly effective compared to the Machine Gun/Shotgun combination.

I found the nailgun's alternate fire mode very useful against flying enemies, like Heavy Hovertanks. Also used it against normal tanks and maidens when I was low on health.

The game has grown on me since I first played it, especially for a lack of other 'solid' id-style FPS games to play. It seems that FPS which are merely 'solid' get sneered at for being not creative enough, but they turn out being hard to top.

Concerning the level design, yes it is super linear, which isn't the worst thing for a pure shooter, but upon closer inspection the levels try to impress with a large scale, but details cluster around the most likely route the player is going to take... and I would have liked a lot more items scattered around the many empty corners. Doom 3 does the latter thing very well. You're always rewarded for going off track in Doom 3, not so much in Q4.

I do like the enemies and weapons in Q4 for the most part, especially the tacticals with their variety of gear are nice.

My main objection is that the mandatory vehicle lessons, rail shooting and pointlessly running around on a spaceship kills the flow of the game. The best stretches are those where you're mostly alone and where the gameplay is classic corridor crawling, like the stretch from the medical labs across the dispersal and waste processing stuff.

I liked the walker mission, btw. A walker is somehow more FPS-like than a tank. I wish there were more walkers scattered around the game, but optional. As it is, it's a one trick pony that the player has to grudgingly use, instead of a cool addon that players can use whenever they feel like it. The walker could have featured in a boss battle, a la 'Alien'.

ok, enough text. 
I Enjoyed Q4 A Lot 
but every time I saw an outdoor area with a vehicle I wanted to throw myself out my window, they were bad :(

The indoor shooty stuff was excellent though, and I will never forget being turned into a Strogg, that was really well done :) 
Vehicle sections and cooperative multiplayer are killing shooters. Every fucking modern game has to have them, no matter the cost.

The cost usually being gameplay.

I don't want to play with shitty AI that tries to be clever - the best they can do is stay the fuck out of the way and let me play the game. I don't want complex shit; there are plenty of RTS games where I can get that.

Who mandated that all shooters have to be like fucking Halo? 
So yeah, 200 A bugs, 300 B's and god knows how many C's. 
Mandatory vehicle section == le sigh.

Optional vehicle == cool bonus feature. 
I don't want to play with shitty AI that tries to be clever - the best they can do is stay the fuck out of the way and let me play the game. I don't want complex shit; there are plenty of RTS games where I can get that.

And this, too. 
It's because of tards like PC Gamer that give it a 70% just because it isn't different enough. They demand shitty Halo vehicles, and teammates (halflife might have been the cause of that thanks to Barney), and all sorts of other RTS or RPG crap when all I want is a fun shooter. Thank god it didn't have bullet time.

I actually quite like linear games. I don't get lost then and know i'm always on the correct path. I'm yet to play a real sandbox game... the thought of veering off course and ending up 10mins in the wrong direction scares me. But yeah Q4 was VERY linear. They could have had a little more exploration.

Actually some outdoor terrain levels would have been nice too, there were some nice ones in Q2 and the mission packs (beginning of The Reckoning was cool). 
Do You Like Roguelike? 
Uh Huh, Huh Huh ...He Said "Rim" 
From the "How the fuck did I miss this?" files: I just learned Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming out in november '11. Teaser trailer here:

Now, I'm one of Oblivion's biggest fans, having sunk at least 500 hours into it (seriously), so you can imagine the amount of frosty white spooge clinging to my monitor and keyboard after I heard this news.

I'm aware of Oblivion's faults. The levelling system is illogical, counter-intuitive, and just plain shite. The melee combat is about as deep as a spilled drink. The character animation is some of the worst I've seen in a commercial title. None of that stopped me from coming back to the game time and time again like the abused little whore that I am. 
i'm replaying oblivion now too which meant i was very excited when i heard about skyrim. :o

i actually started by playing nehrim, but frankly, i prefer the completely unstructured gameplay of oblivion more.

so yeah, here's hoping skyrim will have decent animation and more fluid player movement. (movement in oblivion is like a preview camera in a 3d editor). 
You should try Nehrim (see my post 3805). It's really pretty amazing, and I'm actually enjoying it more than I did Oblivion...

Re: Skyrim, if they just fix the horrid world-levels-with-you horseshit from Oblivion, I'll be satisfied.

If they add back in some of the variation and downright weirdness in the world that was present in Morrowind, make the lockpicking and persuade mini-games a bit less braindead and more challenging, and add back in a few things that they removed (e.g. mark/recall, levitation, greater armor/weapon variety, etc.) then I'll actually be excited. 
On Morrowind 
looking back, i seem to remember i liked morrowind a lot more than oblivion. i'm sure some of that is because it was the first time i had ever played such an open ended game, but it's more than just that.

morrowind's world felt much more mysterious for some reason and the ruins you could explore (dwemer and daedric) seemed cooler and more distictive.
there was also the fact that for most of the game, you never have to travel east of the red mountain, so there was this feeling of awe that you hadn't even explored that area yet.

oblivion has ayleid, caves and forts and only the ayleid ruins are fun to explore for me. they usually have some small amount of button pushing and sometimes even puzzles. they also tend to loop back in clever ways. caves tend to feel like long slogs and forts just look very boring with a few exceptions. also, a lot of parts of the map seem to be unused (or nearly so). the mountainous area in the north east and southwestern forests are very sparsely populated with dungeons.

as for lock picking, i thought it was fairly well done, but i disliked how the game paused while you did it. it would be unreasonable for the gameworld to continue though, because the lockpicking minigame does take a while to do.
as a compromise, a lockpicking minigame that is shorter so it can work in realtime would be much appreciated. i didn't really like morrowind's RNG lockpicking. it was realtime, but as braindead as oblivion's persuasion system. 
Elder Scrolls 
Also interested in Skyrim here. I pretty much like all of the Elder Scrolls main titles so far, from Arena to Oblivion. They each have their own pros/cons but I like them for what they are. I only wish Daggerfall didn't seem so unfinished.

Skyrim is definitely up there in my waiting list. 
Yeah, the rating of any game is supposed to go from 0% to 100%, not 60 to 100.

At the same time its very frustrating when someone reviews your game who doesn't like gametype X in question - if you've made a golf game and the reviewer wants to play an RPG then you'll get a bad score.

Basically 99.9% of the gaming press is worthless as an informative tool, word of mouth being much better. Or word of forum etc.

I hear what you're saying with lineal games, but the best games always give the impression of nonlinearity, even if they're stuck on the rails - HL2 for example.

Nobody tried the roguelike? 
I Tried Desktop Dungeon 
at work for about 3 minutes.

I went through the tutorial, or at least the first level, and then I got killed by a level 9 goat. 
pjw - Yeah that Nehrim thing looks interesting. I may have to check it out sometime.

Worth noting also, for all the fun I had with Oblivion, I really didn't like Fallout 3 much at all. I played it and completed the main quest (which took a shamefully short amount of time), and had absolutely no desire to play any more of it. I think it was mostly to do with the setting - I found the ubiquitous grey barren wasteland just boring visually, and I'm no fan of 1950's chic either. Also, I thought "VATS" took all the tension and excitement out of combat, and you soon learn that shooting manually isn't really an option either (way too ineffective). 
Fallout 3 
I really liked Fallout 3, and I probablgy prefer New Vegas over Oblivion. The writing is alot more interesting, and there's generally more stuff to do.
I very rarely used VATS, even while playing on the hardest difficulty.
Really looking forward to Skyrim. 
You're supposed to die on the goat.

I'm bored of it now, it lacks texture to be a great game. It's not bad though. 
Sooner or later. 
Super Meat Boy 
Bal is right. It's cool. But it hurts the fingers... 
Area 51 (2005) Review 
Having just played through Quake 4, which was released six months after Area 51 in 2005, it'll be easy to draw comparisons in that both themes are modern base.

Quake 4 received it's share of undue criticism, with an aggregate score of 81% on Area 51, meanwhile, scored an aggregate of 78% so only marginally behind, but both IGN and Gamespot both rated Area 51 as better than Quake 4.

Nevertheless, it seems to be a fairly obscure title on the PC despite many positive reviews. I asy obscure, because it was eventually released for free (with advertising). But that version crashed on install for me, and I couldn't find a second-hand version to purchase. Even then it took two torrent versions before I finally got a working copy.

The PS2 version was thought to be the best FPS ever at the time, although that's not saying much. This led me to go in expecting a gem of a game. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met.

From the design perspective; both the power of the engine and the level design, Quake 4 eats Area 51 for breakfast. Some of the earlier Area 51 levels look quite bland. Since the entire game takes place in an under Area 51, I guess the designers were trying to maintain some realism in the design. With realism comes bland, futuristic walls and textures. Later in the game levels start to get more variety with the peak being the alien world and UFO ships. However, while the engine is capable of something great, the level design doesn't ever reach awe-inspiring. Good, but not great.

The mess of a story was a bit hard to understand. Near the end of the game I wasn't sure if I was still in Area 51, the alien world, or who the bad guy even was! David Duchovny's monotone mumbling didn't help at all. He really should stick to acting. And Marilyn Manson was a waste of money; I could have voiced the characters better. At the end of the day, you won't be playing Area 51 for it's story anyway. Your playing for the action...

Action which was fairly fun and fast all the way through. The dual-weilding of weapons is fantastic and doubles your fire-power. Having two shotguns go off in quick succession, blowing your enemies away, was a great feeling. However when your down to just one weapon at a time, they feel a bit weak. Unfortunately, it took me most of the game before I realised that the BBG, a powerful gun in it's own right, is self-regenerating.

Along with this, you get the half-man/half-mutant idea also done in Quake 4, where you can transform into mutant and use it's abilities. Every kill you make while in mutant-mode gives you health back. Area 51 definitely does this idea better than Quake 4 and makes it mean something with the gameplay. In Quake 4 you wouldn't know the difference.

Provided you don't overuse the BBG, Area 51 is still quite a challenging game.

Now to the cons: the biggest problem with Area 51 is, firstly, no quicksave. You're forced to use 1-3 checkpoints through each level. Fortunately they're usually in useful places so you don't have to do much replaying, but I still loathe the idea of no quicksave in a fast paced FPS. Perhaps developers think if your forced to replay much of the game then it'll extend the overall playtime. Even so, it's still only barely a 10 hour game.

And secondly, the game would come to a crashing halt at the end of almost every level for me (with a total of 18 levels). With no quicksave, i'd have to replay from the previous checkpoint only for it to crash again. I was forced to use someone elses saved games in order to load each level. However it wasn't such a big deal compared to most games, because your ammo and health in Area 51 are often 100% anyway.

So overall, Area 51 is definitely a decent game to play alongside the best of 2005. Just don't expect anything groundbreaking. 
How do the SMB leaderboards work? Or how to make sense of them - 0, 100, 101 and so on. And why are you so good.

And why did MS drop gameport support in Win7... 
Managed to get my hands on this on Steam when it finally became available to UK/EU and finished it last night. Keeping it brief, it was an amazing and enjoyable game. It's like it took many elements from various other games and combined them into a solid title, while having its own distinguished feel. Combat felt right and the visuals have a nice presentation.

Still need to gather my thoughts however, considered giving it a full review while I'm still inspired for it. Hmm. 
I have no idea how that leaderboard works, it doesn't show up like that in-game...