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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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Dystopia-Mod For HL2 
I just finished a 4 hour session of the Dystopia demo for HL2, and my mind needs readjusting to reality O_O

Outrageous exaggerations aside, this is really quite spectacular. It takes about 2-3 sessions to really get familiar with it, and definitely be sure to read the instructions, or you will be totally lost.

Right now there is only 1 map, but it's quite excellent. and has a lot to explore, so you won't get sick of it quickly.

The coolest part of it though, is that an integral part of the mod involves the player 'hacking' through cyberspace to unlock doors and areas on the rival facility. It looks like Tron, but there is no gravity or friction, and you have to hit certain areas in such a manner to get right side up and "hack" your objectives. What's awesome is that the other team is hacking too, so you end battling in cyberspace while the rest of your team is battling the "real world," waiting for you to unlock doors for them. It's a really unique and great gaming experience, and I highly reccomend it. 
I Have A Feeling 
Dystopia is going to go retail.

Although I'm not remotely interested in it. 
tried ssam2 - same thing again

it just throws monsters at you, locking out areas until you kill all you are supposed to..yawn
and even at this, very limited, gameplay Sam2 is worse than PainKiller

there are some trendy "vehicles" (which dont change gameplay really)

everything looks like some cartoon that lacked good art direction

there are some spacious impressive environments (like city) but overall it seems tasteless and garish

I think I bothered to play 4 levels before giving it up

You might remember the game from ~`95 called MDK - great action with same-ish basics: fast massive combat, cartoonish designs, boss battles, humor, even some "snowboarding action
But it had more style, much more variety in gameplay and it was definitely more fun

and 10 years later we get this - plenty of pretty effects and absolutely shallow game
Fek, I would even say its less fun than many old school 2d arcades that wer about the same - brainless shoot and evade 
that was 
Re: PK 
that style of gameplay is beginning to bother me more and more now... it was fine when i first played it, but having just replayed the game a short while ago, i was a lot more frustrated with being always trapped in an area until i cleared it. 
Wow, I remember that. I think it came with my parents' iMac, or something like that. Headshots were fun :) 
Alien Arena 2006

Another id-source-based free deathmatch game. Just released a couple days ago. Has anyone tried it? 
Alien Arena 
I tried looking at the screenshots, but I couldn't really make out much beyond the all-encompassing neon-glowing bloom-haze 
Lol At That Screenshot 
Bloom aside, is it normal practice to have someone saying "die bitch" in the chatbox on publicity screenshots? :) 
dude, you know if maps could be made entirely out of bloom, someone would do it, right? ;) 
Iv been talking with local developers team making some arcade-ish racing. It looked kinda shit and they admited, that they didnt care about the visual quality of the tracks and the the cars much. They just (ab)used glows and bloom and motion blur NFS-style to hide it and get the modern look :(

To me the excessive effects are not just unpretty and usless, they are mostly unwanted cause they only obscure the view and make playing harder and even frustrating. I dont want to crash or get fragged cause couldnt see much beyond the nearby huge glowing sign or overwhelming bloom effect.
NFSs, UT2k etc - I have to turn the effects off to make it playable for me.
The only game Iv seen where it was done well is Prince of Persia, IMO 
Just bought Doom 3, $20. Yay. Haven't really been excited for this game but figured I'll give it a try. 
I'm just reaching the Hell level of Doom3, and just for it, it's really worth playing till the end ! If you like "infernal satanic" level, you will be pleased for sure... ;) 
The only game Iv seen where it was done well is Prince of Persia, IMO

The version for mobile phone? =) 
I agree with you about the Serious Sams - both of them. I remember giving up on the last map thanks to suddenly realising, "Killboxes! All I'm doing is hopping through killboxes!"

Croteam had a good idea, but their overuse of the killbox style of gameplay ruined both games. Virtually no real use of 3D either. 
Serious Sam 
Over-the-top sillyness with inconsistent game/enemy design and hordes isnt my idea of fun.

I would however, like to see the SS2 engine in something like a Chrono Trigger of 2005. 
Chrono Trigger in the Serious Engine... you on crack or something? O_o

Oh, and I must be weird, I still find playing a bit of serious sam once in a while fun, and I actually laughed a few times at the stupid jokes and secrets in SS2. 
Chrono Trigger in the Serious Engine... you on crack or something? O_o

Chrono Trigger

Serious Sam 2

Now imagine CT in 3rd person, isometric or whatever - with the colorfulness and expanse of SS2 in that screenshot. Remember that Chrono fan project that got canned? It looked quite nice... When I tried SS2 demo and the village level, I thought of CT's outdoor areas and especially it's map. 
ever heard of chrono cross?

maybe Im finding mindles shooting games boring cause I play dm online often and when it comes to slaying monster hords its just totally bleh - they dont even move much, dont have tactics, minimal use of environment cover required ..
just strafe-aim and no change of the pattern
its not that shooting is bad, just there needs to be something else

in PK atleast some foes needed different approach and the levels were not only open arenas. Still, not much variation or any involvment and 'bocked-out areas pregression' that makes halflife or quake look like nonlinear game 
Quake is a pretty non-linear game. A choice of 4 episodes that can be tackled in any order, and then within most maps there are often route choices and plenty of areas to explore. I'm still impressed when I got back and play the levels and see how many options you have as a player, compared to the games of these days. 
Yeah about that, I think what with how maps are becoming so much longer to create, most level designers just don't dare make too much content that many players might possibly just pass by without noticing (as in, areas to explores, proper secret areas, etc), cause it's not cost effective enough. And yeah, that is quite unfortunate... =(
I'd be curious in knowing if there is any precise design decision about what to do/not do with these kinds of things in popular FPS companies. 
esp notice romero maps (most of the ep2) 
Multiple Choice 
One of the bosses at Rebellion (well, probably both to be fair) said that he didn't like the idea of extra routes because he thought players would just play through the games once, so any extra content would be wasted - and to him, money would be wasted.

To be fair, I doubt that many players would play through the likes of Dredd vs. Death even once - proably deciding they had purchased a stinker by the training level or thereabouts.

Anyway, when you are spending millions of dollars on making a game (slightly less at Rebellion, since they were able to save a lot of money on salaries) you don't really want to create content that isn't going to get seen. You want to make the bare minimum that will get the game reasonable reviews, pay magazines if they won't otherwise grade it well, and then market it a bit to get people to buy it. Then profit! (fingers crossed).

That's if you are a game company or publisher that sucks anyway. By that I mean strictly in a producing good games sense, not in the sense of making money for the bosses/shareholders, which is exactly the goal of any business.

With Quake, I think there were plenty of route choices and hidden rooms, but not that much where you can just skip massive chunks of the level (without trick-jumpery). Back then, it was easy to produce a fairly large amount of content for a game quickly, because there were less assets to create. These days it requires a lot more work to make secrets and extra routes, and hence a lot more money.

Look at HL2. 4 years in the making, and with a massive budget (I can only imagine) and the only secrets I remember were areas where you had to stack some crates to find an ammo clip*. Fucking awesome. Completely linear too. Still, that's hardly a reason not to buy it.

Imagine if Mario Sunshine had a pipe early on that took you to nearly the end of the game**... you don't see that sort of secret much anymore. These days games are judged heavily on how long they are, which I suppose is fair enough considering the cost of the average game. Some people will go on about how "Max Payne only took me 8 hours to finish. That was fucking lame!" and others will say "Shit, Final Fantasty 23 lasted for 56 hours before it was over." Really it is the quality of the experience that matters, not how long it was (within reasonable limits at least) but describing the quality is more difficult than stating the average length, so some games appear to make everything overly drawn out to keep players bashing away for hours upon hours until the game is finally finished - kind of like when you have to write an essay about something you know nothing about and it has to be 5,000 words long. You just pad it out with waffle.

*or lift some boxes over a gate with the grav gun.

**Actually, you could finish the game without seeing a lot of it. I think you just needed to finish 7/8 of the levels on each chapter, rather than complete each level. 
Doom 3 
Just completed Doom 3. Thoughts:

Not even worth $20. Overrated. I knew not to expect much more than run and gun gameplay, but other such games haev stuck with me. Doom 3 just doesn't have that "keep" factor for me. I thought as a whole, it was a good game, but got boring too soon. I found myself going all out towards the later half because I just wanted to be done. The boss battles weren't so challenging either, at least once you figured out the trick to them.

Hell - bleh. It could have been done much more disturbingly (i.e. better). I did like some of the enemy animation. Running up to imp's and blasting them with the shotgun was fun. Trites were annoying. Cacodemons should've been much bigger. Hell Knight was fun to dodge and fight with. PDA scouring became annoying.

On top of that I don't really see any interesting mods out, either. I'd be interested in something that strays away from the base. Or if it retains the base, somewhere other than Mars. But whatever really, Doom 3 just isn't worth keeping. 
Anyway, when you are spending millions of dollars on making a game (slightly less at Rebellion, since they were able to save a lot of money on salaries)

LOL, you managed to get that very cutting without actually being rude... 
I'd Like To See An Fps Do Something 
similar to cave story or the 2d metroids, in other words a game that can be completed in a few hours but has a lot of stuff adding replay value and since it doesn't require a lot of time to replay the player is more likely to do it.

I guess it might also be interesting to discuss the way developers spend their ever increasing budgets where the general tendecy seems to be to add people dedicated to making great gameplay enhancements such as burger and trashcan/bags props for that extra realism everyone wants... 
Doom 3 (may Contain Spoilers) 
I thought it was good, but can't help but feel annoyed that it was far from as good as it could have been had id done a few things a little differently. My suggestions:

1. ditch the stupid mad scientist bullshit. Research going on, portal opens, satans minions start coming through and killing stuff. Why do you need more than that? The stupid betruger stuff just made the story feel b-movie and cheesy.
2. If you are going to make a horror game, try not to throw in too many stupid looking skeletons moving for no obvious reason followed by cheesy evil laughter. It isn't scary. Also, Hell was rather dissapointing, as it was pretty much exactly what everyone expects hell to look like. No original take on it or anything. Some cool visual touches in there, but nothing too special.
3. Don't save all the fun monsters right until the last 6 or so levels and leave all the boring imp/marine fighting for the levels beforehand.
4. More large monsters would have been nice.
5. The spider queen monster was shit.
6. The final boss was SO SHIT. Come the fuck on. They could have done so much more with that boss encounter. Why did they have to give THE Cyberdemon a gay looking tail?
7. I would have liked to have some more marines to fight alongside during the game, the same guys for a few levels, just so it feels like you are bonding with them, rather than them being faceless cannon fodder (with annoying floaty nametags) like in CoD. Fighting alongside the security bots was awesome whilst it lasted. Trying to escort the scientist was not awesome.
8. A bit more environment variety wouldn't have gone amiss.
9. Those crap invisible monsters could have been somthing more interesting.
10. I loved the end of the old e3 shakey cam footage when the hell knight eats the marines head. Why couldn't we have had that and more?
11. Then we have all the obvious gameplay improvements that people have beaten to death already.

It was fairly enjoyable, but I think I'm in the majority when I say it could have been so much better. 
9. Those crap invisible monsters could have been somthing more interesting.

Where? (Seriously :P) 
just make smaller 'sideways' or some alternate paths in parts of the map, it shouldnt drastically increase dev time but will enhance game experience

make it quake-non-linear, not real non-linear (like fallout or mororwind)

and don�t push player with those pesky npcs
that only pretend to be interactive
And don�t make unreachable areas that look like you could go there (HL2 had many of that, how many times had you stacked crates only to find there is clip all over the place?)

Or kind of HUB non-linear, where you need to complete all the parts, but have a choice what to do first. And hub being not just like start.bsp, but actually big map where you could do stuff (like a city in RPGs)

the bottom line: good game should have (some) freedom of choice and exploration (with reward) cause one of the reasons ppl play games is for 'being in another world' or as a sort of journey.
And it is worth spending dev money on, much more than modelling realistic trashcans.

Creating 'sense of place' and illusion of freedom of choice is worth much more than a futile attempts and mimicking reality

speaking of time - I dont want a game that takes long time to play (like some bloody RPGs) I have no time for those!
And I dont rush the games, I tend to look around alot and try to do different things

cybera: there is no way to beat supermetroid in 2hrs on the 1st try 
Speeds wrote: "speaking of time - I dont want a game that takes long time to play (like some bloody RPGs) I have no time for those!
And I dont rush the games, I tend to look around alot and try to do different things"

Couldn't agree more. Some games are just too hard-core time wise. A lot of Nintendo's major titles (Mario and Zelda games at least) take too long for me these days. I still play them, but I get a bit fed up with how much time they consume. At least the general experience in these games is good, and not some stupid random battle 500 times over 60 hours CRAP with fancy cg cutscenes and beautiful backdrops that probably consumed about 500 times more production time than the rest of the game added together. Basically, I hate most japanese rpgs...

Deus Ex... that's an RPG (role playing game - not stat building game).

Sometimes I find it amazing that people play WoW so much, but I guess that with online games there are other people to talk to, so it's ok. SP rpgs though... ffs. Can all this repetetive shit and let me feel like I have some part in the story, rather than just feeling like I am advancing a pre-determined story by completing tedious menu driven magic based random battles. 
On the subject of game length, I couldn't possibly disagree more. Games are becoming shorter and shorter whilst their price remains the same. Most new PC/console games cost 50-60 euro around here. If I am getting less than 20 hours of gameplay for that amount of money, I feel completely ripped off.

Many of these games are suffering the "Max Payne syndroma" (which I beat in less than 8 hours, loving every minute of it, never to touch it again). HL2 was another such case, was it a great game? Hell yeah. Was it worth 50 euro? FUCK NO. Pretty short, completely linear gameplay, zero replayability value and STEAM annoys the fuck out of me. I do admit that custom content and mods make HL2 worth the money, but "on it's own" it definately is not, hell it didn't even ship with a multiplayer mode.

I have this theory on why this is happening. Publishers want to increase sales, revenues and profits (like any normal business would). The problem is that the amount of people who buy computer games doesn't grow as fast as they'd like to. So in order to sustain continuous growth, they have to change the games to make them appeal to a broader casual gamer audience who want the games to be short (because many of them dont have a big attention span) and easy to get into (require little to no time to learn).

I am all for there being more PC and console gamers on this planet, but if that comes at the cost of game length and depth with the price remaining the same, I am pissed off big time.


Sometimes I find it amazing that people play WoW so much, but I guess that with online games there are other people to talk to, so it's ok. SP rpgs though... ffs. Can all this repetetive shit and let me feel like I have some part in the story, rather than just feeling like I am advancing a pre-determined story by completing tedious menu driven magic based random battles.

I am guessing you haven't played Morrowind? 
What Speeds Said... 
...I agree with, good ideas there. Not much to add except some approving nodding.

Jago....firstly if you are spending 50-60 E on a game you need to discover the joys of internet mail order. I don't think I've spent more than 40 E on a game in the last 3 years (and often a lot less when they aren't latest release games) - and the UK ain't exactly bargain bin. Secondly, you really think you are getting short changed if a game is under 20 hours? Say I spend �25 on a game and it lasts 15 hours, that's �1.60 per hour for what is likely to be jolly good entertainment. Cheaper than a lot of things. And many games offer more than that in terms of longetivity. 
Obviously �1.60 per hour is a decent deal, but it's not as good as I am used to. Why should I be queitly accepting the "inflation" of game hours per money unit? 
no inflation. about 10 hours is a standard for pc fps. rpg s are much longer of cource . dont compare them. hl 2 was proper length , it had CS included too :) 
no inflation. about 10 hours is a standard for pc fps. rpg s are much longer of cource . dont compare them. hl 2 was proper length , it had CS included too :) 
I don't think I ever wrote anything about super metroid being beatable in two hours on the first run but in any case it's shorter than your average sp game and at least metroid zero mission was really short. My point was that this doesn't have to be bad as long as it's good enough and have new challenges to offer like improving your time or finding all items. When you can play through a game in one evening you're far more likely to replay at least a couple of times and then ending up with a total playing time of a longer game you can't be bothered to replay a second time. 
I don't think I ever wrote anything about super metroid being beatable in two hours on the first run but in any case it's shorter than your average sp game

I don't think you and I have played the same Super Metroid. Metroid Zero Mission was kinda short, but Super Metroid was BIG. 
than: yeah, I dont dig j-rpgs for similar reasons. In chorno trigger it was done much better but it didnt get nearly as popular as FF, surprisingly ;/

bear: I would say, its better to have a (rather) short but quality game that has some depth and thus replayable,

rather than lengthy good game that just drags on, using repetitive sections, random-generated missions, locking player and swarming him (hi ssam) and other low-cost methods of prolonging the play time (that just make a game dull).

If the game is good and I like it - I dont mind it being short, I will replay it (on harder mode, in somewhat different way). And if the game is not my bag of shit, I jsut dont care if its long or not. I flush it after few playing sessions

But one evening (like 2-3 hrs?) I dont know, that sounds like a speedrun to me. For example you could beat fallout really fast, but that's skipping even large chunk of the main quest.

What I like, is when you can play any level of a game on its own if you just want a quick blast (loading map from a console for example, and getting all the needed items there) 
The Thing Is 
Like speeds says, the length of a game is not really relevant, it's how much you play it that counts, and that includes replayability, multiplayer etc. I also think that the right price is important. All games aren't equal. I don't think charging 30 quid for an old snes game converted to GBA is fair, and if I had know how much I would get from Quake, I would probably have been prepared to pay a LOT more for it.

I seriously didn't mind how short MP2 was. I replayed it on all the skill levels (but gave up on new york minute because by that time I was a bit bored). Then again, I'll admit that I just played a copy at work, rather than buying it myself. 
Good Point 
and if I had know how much I would get from Quake, I would probably have been prepared to pay a LOT more for it

If I had known how much fun I would be getting from Quake and the metric shitload of custom content made for it, I would've probably been ready to pay 200 euro for the game, if not more. 
At the rate of �1.50 p / hour as we mentioned before, say 2 E p / hour.....I'd be looking at paying 5000 E ? Or more? 
Of Course 
If I was being charged by the hour for quake, I probably wouldn't have played as much. Thank god id isn't Microsoft, who seem to want to move all the Office apps to an online subscription model, where you don't ever own the software and have to keep paying to keep using. 
NFS most wanted

Man, this game looks great. Awesome detailed cars (and not just asian ricers, you get real supercars now)
Very impressive seamless large city that runs without lags. Many destroyable objects and shortcuts/different routes.
The post processing is rather nice (excessive bloom but you can turn it down) Motion blur is a bit too strong (and you cant switch it!)

Cop mode is well done and reminds carmageddon, rather than racing game. And you have the whole city to fight the cops in!

But the normal racing is rather boring due to easy rubberband ai - computer cars slow down to let you catchup or run as fast as you if you are doing great (stil too easy).
You can even use slowest car in career mode and win no problem beating much better cars
(well, about 10th spot on the list you would have to use better car, cause some tasks, like speedcheck and racing against time become more demanding).

I dont like rubberband ai\dynamic difficulty change for apparent reasons, esp done so blantantly and being so easy like in this game. Caring for the console 'casuals' eh?
nfs underground 1 ai was done better (and more challanging too).
Too bad there is no difficulty settings in NFS MW and 'catchup' is switchable only in custom races :( 
no replays :((( 
Does It Resemble Midtown Madness 
I remember when I played midtown madness at a cousin's place - was quite a fun game. That was 6 years ago.
You had to race against the traffic on the left lane of a highway etc.. And the city was pretty cool.
It didn't bother me that you couldn't hit pedestrians (they'd always jump sideways high speed). I also never liked carmageddon at all. 
DooM3... And Next... 
I finished DooM3 yesterday night... I'm again very late compared to you guys, and many things have been already said on this forum.. I will not restart to enumerate all good and bad points of the game, it's useless, but I would like to give my final personal impression..

Well, globally I enjoyed to play it, just for the ambiance.. it was really frightening, the most in "Hell" level... .. Exactely what I was expecting since the very beginning (i.e taking also into account what were first DooM games... it follows very well the evilish progression of the serie... >D ...)... The only thing I really have to complain is CyberDemon weakness... How deceiving I was to defeat CyberDemon so easily at the end... BFG9000 for standard monters, and Soul Cube against CyberDemon... it was too much obvious... The Soul Cube guardian was much more difficult to kill IMHO... Anyway...

Well, I will try to replay DooM3 in Nightmare skill, just to have a real challenge this time....

Bah, now it's time to install Call Of Duty 2... and regarding all the trailers I already saw... it sounds to be a real good game, like Medal Of Honor... Maybe I will give you feedback in... 6 months... ;P 
I picked it up for very cheap. I started playing and it reminded me of the invisible snipers in MOHAA. Is this a game of find the enemy after you die (via the post death flyby) or is this a good game? 
RE: Vietcong 
The first Vietcong is fucking brilliance, if mainly for the excellent coop mode. If you find the 6th sense servers, you can have a really enjoyable game there with some really great people. However, now the sequel has been released, I think the community has become divided and the servers might not exist anymore.

You have to be prepared for a seriously full-on experience if you join a VC coop server. The goal of 6th sense and true teamplay servers is to encourage real teamwork and play at a slow pace for an immersive experience. If you die, you might be waiting 40 minutes for another game, so be careful.

As for the SP game, first make sure you patch it up to 1.6, then play, it fixes a lot of serious bugs. Even with the patch there are problems, but it becomes much more enjoyable.

The game is supposed to feel quite realistic, which is why you get picked off quite often if you aren't careful. Luckily, if you use your pointman, then you will almost always know when it is dangerous to move forward, and you certainly get picked off a lot less. Make effective use of cover and the crouch/aim mode and it is great when you are under fire.

There are a few really shitty levels (the boat mission, some of the tunnel rat sections and one of the last FA missions (stealth), but stick with it, because it's fun and the final level (of fist alpha/purple haze) is really cool.

Anyway, despite the game being rather rough, I much prefer it to games like CoD and Battlefield. It feels a lot more authentic and immersive, and you don't feel so much of a loner surrounded by completely scripted, braindead cannon fodder. 
Vietcong - Getting Into It 
I'm partway through the second SP mission and I'm liking this game. I do like the go slow, keep an eye out and use cover and prone shooting for progressing. Haste is punished.

I installed and progressively patched to 1.6 right away.

Note: I really have only just begun this game.


Jungle looks, sounds and feels like a jungle. Good foilage and lots of it. Critters are well done. Good outdoor feel.

Traps that keep you on the alert. They can be disarmed.

Limited weapons that you can carry. I like this as it prevents clutter and redundancy. It makes you chose your preferences (I'm a single shot Mosen user.)

Good backstory on missions so far. Diary in bunker fleshes out story.

Enemies seem realistic but I've really only begun.

Performance and load times are acceptable on my P4 1.2GHz with Radeon 9600 Pro. That is a modest system these days.


Some awkward clipping and can get stuck on terrain. Not always smooth but not too bad considering.

Dead enemies that protrude from terrain - clipping problems.

NPCs can get hung up. My commanding officer got very stuck walking me to my bunker.

My squadmates sometimes get in my way. They rush into battle and kill more VCs then me. But they save my ass too.

The autosaves have the benefit of creating suspense but replaying sections can get repetitive. It's a good/bad feature.

BTW, there's a Vietcong 2 or are you talking about a mission pack for Vietcong? If this is a good game, I'll look for the other one.

Any opinions on other Vietnam war games? (Single Player) 
There is Vietcong, Vietcong: Fist Alpha (expansion) and Purple Haze (pack including Vietcong and FA). REcently, Vietcong 2 was released, but I'd steer clear for now, as I am told by my super hard-core VC loving friend that it sucks. We have quite similar taste in games so I trust his opinion. The release of VC2 was also blighted with problems and the Pterodon (creators) forums were ablaze with people complaining about all the issues with the game, and also how much of a letdown it was for them. Only a handful seem to like it :(

There are issues with VC, but once you get used to them, they tend not to be a problem. When I played, I don't think I had one show stopping bug where I had to revert to a save. Of course, I did notice a lot of smaller bugs, with my teammates getting confused.

Also, don't you think that Nhut sounds like he's saying "me wait for Arthur"? He is actually saying "me wait for other (men)" but it sounds really odd.

My teammates never got many kills actually. This kind of spoiled things for me, because hornster is supposed to be some kind of hard-ass raving pscyho, but at the end of each mission, I would see that I got 40 kills and he got 5.

The bits in the bunker between missions are really cool I think. I like the authentic feel of the game. The music is really nicely done too.

Got to admit that the graphics generally suck, but some of the FA missions (with grass) look rather nice.

By the way, if you play online, try and find a teamspeak coop server playing no-respawn vietnam mode coop (6th sense). Usually before the mission begins, all the players split into squads, assign squad leaders, point men, medics etc. and discuss how they will do the mission. It's really cool, and one of the nicest things is that when they speak, their in-game character is speaking. If you get too far away, you can't hear them. It really helps immerse you in the game.

ambush coop is amazing (if you don't die in the first 10 mins). 
I just wanted to point out that playing Mario Kart DS on local wifi netwok is ridiculously fun, haven't had so much fun with a multiplayer game in quite a while, and the fact that it's on a portable console makes it even nicer. 
Wario Ware On GC With Friends 
is crazy, silly and a lot of fun! 
Indigo Prophecy 
I bought this a few days ago.

"Fahrenheit" in Europe and "Indigo Prophecy" in USA. They cut out some love/nudity scenes in the USA, which is bullshit because USA's middle name is T&A.

It's an adventure-action game where you unravel a supernatural conspiracy involving ritualistic murders. You play 4 (or 5) characters throughout the game, but the main character Lucas as at focus - he's one of the latest murderers. Along the game you're trying to unravel why you did what you did.

You can do little things like mop up blood, drink a glass of water, open cupboards and find food to eat to boost your mental state. If it goes too low, you become despondent and may commit suicide or make a decision that ends the game. Fortunately it's not a tedious gameplay feature, so you won't be forced to eat/drink and do little things like that all the time.

Basically the actions you choose to do - whether hiding your evidence, or a dialogue option you choose with character(s), affects what happens now, and later - in the game. There are 3 endings, and it's a fairly replayable game because of this. It's VERY cinematic, it's like you're in a movie, controlling the scenes. You just have to get used to the pace.

The action scenes are a "Simon Says" mini-game of hitting lights in order (you have 2 sets of these lights that correspond to the keys or gamepad [analog sticks] you choose. Get them in the right order, and your character will perform a (successful) action sequence. They're not frustratingly hard at all, but a bit of fun.

I haven't passed the game yet, but if you're looking for a replayable adventure game deep with story and emotion - try the demo out. It's fucking ridiculously short demo, but the gameplay itself swayed me over and ever since getting the game - it's a keeper. 
Mario Kart DS Non Competetive 
can you play it coop? I suck at Mario Kart and hate playing ultra competetive types because I usually lose and get fed up of losing. I much prefer racing against the AI with a mate. I heard it was possible... do people actually do this, or just have races (which they drop out of if they are losing so I've heard). 
"Indigo Prophecy" / "Fahrenheit" Review 
Hmm, well MKDS really isn't a competetive game to start with, you can pretty much go from being 8th to 1st in the last few seconds of the race with a bit of luck (what with how you get much better items when you're doing badly). I've been playing it with 3-4 people quite a bit at school, and the scores balance out pretty well. You can set up teams and play against the cpus, but I never really saw the point as it actually plays exactly the same as other races (you can still hit your team mates) and just adds up team scores at the end of each race...
Haven't heard about people droping out when they are losing, but I haven't played online yet (don't have any wifi here). 
yes, the blue spiked shell really pissed me off in Double Dash on the GC. I gave up on 150cc special cup (or maybe star, I don't remember - had rainbow road on it) because every time I would be doing well, some cunt would get the blue spiked shell and fuck me over on the last lap - when there is no time to make up for errors.

Anyway, I didn't like playing Mario Kart with my mates when I was at uni because they were better than me, and it really sucked to come last most of the time. I don't really go in for games that feel too competetive these days. 
I haven't played MK since the original on snes, so I don't really know how this one compares to the N64 and GC versions, but it's definatly less competitive than the snes version. Most of the people I play with (who've played the other versions) seem to agree that this one is at least a bit more fun.

Hmm, grabbed Meteos, have to try and see if that's any good multiplayer... 
Mario Kart 
I haven't played the DS version but all the between it and the snes game has added lots of more powerfull items and tons of annoying somtimes semi-random hazards on the course. To me the snes version is still easily the best one I've played because it's simpler and awards skill more but then again I guess that makes for more uneven fights wich can be boring for beginners.

Played mario kart double dash recently for the first time and the giant boswer shells and some other things taking up half the width of the course was the most annoying thing ever.. despite all powerfull items I still didn't have any problems racing far ahead of the people I played with on most tracks. 
you obviously own.

I prefered the snes one to double dash too. Double Dash just looked a lot prettier. 
Got Meteos Too! 
I bought it today for 1800 Yen, so it was a bargain. I don't buy many DS games purely because I find the price a bit insulting for the hours I usually get from them.

I've only had a quick go so far, but it seems cool, but insanely hectic and becomes very hard very fast (on the regular mode). Maybe I will get good if I keep playing...

...didn't get good at Lumines though :( 
Wtf U Still In Jpn? 
what are u doing there? any job? (jpn is bloody expensive to live afaik) 
I'm A Famous Tv Chef Ffs 
jesus, where have you been for the last 3 months?

I have a cooking show called "than's 101 peach fizz recipes". Each show I make a meal where one of the key ingredients is peach fizz drink. I always make sure either me or someone else has dipped their penis into it before adding it to the recipe.

I'm a damned celebrity!

I still find time to map between dating all the hot actresses and producing and starring in my show of course. It's because Japan is 9 hours ahead of the UK at the moment, so I have 35 hours in a day rather than 24 - it gives me lots of spare time. 
...Iron Chef Fizz 
I like you; you're full of shit. 
Than I Hate You =( 
Hmm, Meteos is weird, you can pretty much just swing your pen around the screen randomly and not lose for quite a while, make some funky uber combos is fun though, still have to try it multiplayer to see what it's really worth.

About game prices, I find I spend alot more time playing these silly DS games than pc games that often cost 2 times more... I have about 50 hours of play time on Advance Wars, and probably at least half that on Mario Kart. But as it's already been said, it's probably silly to judge a game by the time you spend playing it. 
Than, I wonder how you got 35 from 9 and 24 (and 3 and 101)...

Just picked up Shadow of the Colossus for christmas... pretty nice game. It's just boss fights (and riding your horse from boss to boss,) but it takes as long to fight a boss as most games' full levels. Artistically very nice, though the PS2's technical weakness shows through sometimes.

Also got We Love Katamari, but it's too early to tell if this game offers enough new stuff to be worth having if you already own the first game. 
26 And 9 
the Japanese day is 26 hours long anyway, since the Sun rises here, which takes two hours, and thus there are an extra two hours in the day.

Ok, I admit, I am just retarded. 
Gamepark 2X (GP2X) 
Has anyone got or is considering getting one of these?

They sound pretty cool, and support custom code properly, rather than the annoying hacks/updates of the PSP. I am thinking about getting one so I can upgrade my PSP bios and forget about PSP homebrew forever.

btw, Metlslime, if you are reading, can we have a tags help button somewhere, since I don't know what they are. 
they might be good for homebrew but less so for unique games, I guess if you can run most old console/arcade games on it you might need need much more though.

btw I'm going to Thailand today so we'll almost be neighbours! 
Have A Good Trip 
What are you going to Thailand for? Work or picking up ladyboys?

Do you speak Thai? 
You Are Empty (PC)

Does that appeal to anyone else? Absolutely gorgeous graphics, interesting setting (I suppose comparable to HL2, but with far more detail to the environments) and gameplay that sounds like it will be another return to the old school style of run and shoot, as featured more recently in games like Painkiller and Serious Sam, but mixed with more slow paced horror and exploration levels.

Sounds and looks awesome to me.

One of the monsters looks a bit crap though... kinda looks like a mutant kangaroo. You will know what I mean if you look at the shots. 
Serious Sam II 
I understand it's out now.

Is it any improvement on the previous releases? Or are you just lurching from killbox to killbox again but with better graphics? 
You Are Empty 
i like the setting... anything that looks post-apocalyptic is good to me. ^_^ 
So In Preparation For A New Comp 
I'm looking at these games. The last *new* game I played was Star Trek : Elite Force 2.

Any other suggestions :

Doom 3

D3 exp � ROE

Quake 4


Far Cry

Half Life 2


Call of Duty

Medal of Honor � Pacific Assault

Max Payne 2

Prince of Persia � sands of time


Unreal 2

Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell 2

The chronicles of riddick

Driver 3


King Kong

Splinter Cell 3

You Are Empty 
Terrible monster design. Crap name. Beautiful environments, with particularly good lighting.

I like the visuals and the coherently old fashioned feel, but can't say anything more than that is terribly appealing. At least it isn't god-awful ww2 bollocks. 
I think there are a couple of monsters that look quite cool. I quite like the art style of them too.

The environments are the real standout visual feature though, I suppose.

I'm looking forward to a demo anyway. 
Ticket To Ride 
it's a boardgame originally, but one can play in the internet for free - it's a java thing in the browser and looks exactly like the original. It's a fun multiplayer game, turn-based, where you build railroad tracks across north america (the europe map is crap imo). You have to draw objective cards between cities and then approximate what the others will do, if they might block your routes or something.

I like it. Played the boardgame too a while ago and it's even nicer. 
@ Nitin 
Are you into RPGs at all? If so, I would recommend Vampire: Bloodlines (kinda buggy out of the box, but great fun, and made superb by patches, both official and fan-made), and Morrowind + expansions (also made even better by fan-made plugins). If you try the latter, let me know, and I can post a pretty decent list of plugins that enhance the game without changing the overall feel too much. 
sam2 sux. worse than 1st one, 10x worse than PK

there is a demo, so u can give it a try urself 
You Are Empty 
You Are Empty - forget it
its Russian shooter
russians can model. cant do a game yet 
Doom 3 - sure

D3 exp � ROE - MUST HAVE

Quake 4 - ofcourse. its vety good, just forget its QUAKE. play it openminded

Painkiller - yeah, most likely. much better than SSam. You`d still get bored half thru it.

Far Cry. - Prolly Yeah. I didnt like it, but its a fine game. Very good looking outdoors, mediocre indoors. Fine game if you dont mind restarting (no quicksave, unless its been fixed in some patch)

Half Life 2 - Must Have. Despite any letdowns, its a great game.

FEAR - NO. Looks shit. Runs like sloth. There is some neat AI to battle tho (try demo)

Call of Duty 1\2 - well, if you like braindead linearity and WW2 and some arcade-like bits. Try demo (was enough for me).

Medal of Honor � Pacific Assault - didnt try

Max Payne 2 - its ok.

Prince of Persia � sands of time. Get Warrior within! YES. GREAT slasher. Great gameplay.

Halo - BIG FUCKING NO. Looks pos, boring repetative

Unreal 2 - its OK. You might even like it.

Splinter Cells - well, if u like stealth (I got bored by the demo of Cell2/3)

The chronicles of riddick - fine game. bit of fps, bit of adventure, bit of stealth. nice dialogues, good charachrters, OKish environments (much more modest than d3/q4)
Gets boring a bit.

Driver 3 - NO. Shit gameplay, good cinematics

Enclave - YES! gorgeous slasher

King Kong - hmm dunno, only played demo

XIII - NO ( avrage shooter with some stealth, gets boring pretty soonish)

Add 'Beyond good and evil' and 'Fable- Lost chapters' for envolving marvelous looking lush and immersive slasher-adventure games. My faves.

Trying to be honest and unbiased as ever. 
I'd be interested to know what plugins you'd recommend for morrowind. I'm finally getting into it properly, and having a bloody great time. Can't wait for Oblivion; those demo vids look fantastic. 
thanks, I'll go with that.

I was mainly going off screenies and some reviews. Cant run any demos on curretn system.

Beyond good and evil & Fable, are they like enclave ?

And is warrior within a newer prince of persia ? 
thanks for the suggestions but I havent come acroos an rpg that I like yet (unless you count diablo2 which I dont since it's more of a slasher). 
Pretty much what Speedy says to be honest except I'd rate Far Cry a lot higher, not least because of this trick I found:

"Open the console with "~" then type "\save_game name" where name is the name of your savegame file. I just use 2 names (0 and 1) and alternately overwrite them when I'm far enough along bwteen in-game checkpoints. Then when you want to load one of your own savegames, use the Esc key and double-click the savegame written at whatever time you saved."

Remember that, homie.

Ummm Max Payne 2 is good. You should make sure you've played all the important older stuff too: RTCW, Undying, FAKK2, Blade Of Darkness (especially).

If you want to try a semi-MMORPG, I reccommend G***d W**s ;). 
played and have the older stuff. Except Blade, whcih I didnt really like. 
Me Neither 
I was in the Rune is more fun and imaginative than Blade, but Blade has fancier tech and is perhaps a bit more ambitious but is ultimately flawed camp :) 
I thought Blade was pretty cool, enviroments were beautiful and gameplay quite original, it was bloody hard though... =\ 
Yeah, What Bal Said. 
Blade had gameplay. 
if you liked diablo, you could pick up 'fate'

it's really cheap too. you download the game off of the website (about 120mb) then, you pay 20$ to get a serial number to unlock it from demo mode.

i don't have the site, but a quick google search will turn it up for sure.

it's a nice game where you can play for 10 minutes, and not touch it for a week and come back to it and not be lost or anything. very straight forward etc etc, but fun. 
I really enjoyed the hell out of Fear when I played through it. It doesn't do a whole hell of a lot, but it does a few things quite well and I enjoyed the combat.

@Starbuck, I'll post my canned "Morrowind Tips and Suggestions" and see if breaks some kind of func_character_limit or something:

Morrowind Plug-In Sites (some of these might be dead):
Excellent basic place to start. This has a list of all the official mods (the only one I would avoid is the Siege at Firemoth, which I found to be kind of dumb and tedious), and a bunch of recommended ones--I notice that most of the links seem to be dead, so use it as reference. :( If nothing else, be sure and grab the Animal Realism and Real Signposts mods from one of the other sites.
Pretty much everything on this site is good, especially if you play a thief-type character. The Illuminated Order quest is very cool for high-level types.
Limited selection, but seem to be typically high-quality.
I pretty much grabbed all the Texture Replacer mods from here. I didn't bother with the face replacer ones since I was already using different ones . . .
The Visual Packs from here basically replace textures in the wilderness areas, unlike Carnajo's textures above, which are primarily urban.

I would recommend being careful and organized about what you're using, and keeping backups of all the .zips etc. in a different folder, just to keep track of what you're using and where it came from. And, obviously, read the readmes, to make sure that you're doing what the author intended re: installation.

The plugins that I'm currently using are below--I feel like these enhance and improve the game without changing it too drastically.

Face replacement textures from Astarsis.
Adamantium Armor
Area Effect Arrows
Atmospheric Sound Effects from Duncan (up to update 4)
All of LDones game-improvement stuff from the second link above.
Bitter Coast Sounds
Pretty much all the offical mods except Firemoth (which I found to be long and annoying and silly)
A fix to add a ring to your stronghold that teleports you there when you put it on (since they seemed to enjoy putting your stronghold in the middle of Bumfuck Egypt).
Real Signposts
All the texture upgrades from Carjano
Sharpened Armor, Weapons, and Clothes upgrades from NelothsMouth
Gnomish Sky Glider from Mykul
All of Wakim's Game Improvements
Calender Fix from Spuzzum
Book Rotate mod that allows you to place books just so
Vivic Expansion mod from Hoghead
Climbing Gear from GhanBuriGhan
Foreign Quarter Manor from DJGrim (my preferred home base)
Text Patch from Kevin Dorner, that cleans up grammar, spelling, etc.
Sell n Sail Galleon from detritus2004
Nature-based visual pack from Zuldazug, Raptre, Lord Gabryael and Ayse

(it did, part 2 follows) 
Morrowind Part 2 
Helpful Morrowind tips:

Character Creation:

(note: some of the following is blatant opinion--your milage may vary--also, you may know all this shit--if so, ignore me)

1. Create your own character class--most of the pre-made ones are kinda sucky in one way or another.

2. Argonians and Khajiit can't wear boots or helms, which means you'll miss out on using a few good items. This isn't the end of the world by any means, and the races are cool in other ways. Just sayin'.

3. There's no real reason to pick more than one armor skill for a major or minor skill.

4. There's no real reason to pick more than one or two weapon skills for major or minor skill (plus maybe Marksman, if you feel like it).

5. It's not a bad idea to pick at least one magic skill as a major skill so you can get immediate membership in the Mage's Guild, in order to use their fast travel options and free potions. This is true even if your character is a straight fighter or thief type. Mysticism is pretty damn useful because of the Mark and Recall spells (teleportation). Alteration is another good one for levitation and water walking/breathing.

6. Unarmored, and Hand to Hand kinda suck ass, in my opinion, especially at lower skill levels.

7. Armorer is a skill that's always useful, in my opinion (unless you're going w. Unarmored). Acrobatics is fun when you get it up to crazy levels and can jump across town.

8. Decide how you're going to open locks, and either pick Security (open locks with picks/probes) or Alteration (open locks with magic). They both have their pros and cons.

9. The only birthsign I would warn you away from is Atronoch, only because it's annoying (especially if you haven't played the game before) not being able to regenerate your magicka normally when you rest.

Other Tips:

1. SAVE OFTEN. Especially early in the game. It can be pretty easy to get the crap beat out of you suddenly. Don't be afraid to turn the difficulty down if it gets annoying.

2. If you get arrested, even if you just pay the fine and are free to go, any stolen stuff on you gets taken away and placed in an evidence chest somewhere in the (potentially huge) city. Getting your stuff back can be a pain in the ass.

3. If you're a thief, be careful that you don't try to sell something back to the same merchant you stole it from. Sadly, if you steal a diamond from Merchant X, and then try to sell them an entirely different diamond later in the game, they'll cry thief. Try not to steal generic stuff, or just steal from certain places and sell to different places.

4. If you get a quest from someone out in the boonies, be sure that their location is mentioned in the journal entry. If not, write it down. I have several quests that I'll probably never complete because I have no idea where to find the bastard again, and this world is HUGE.

5. Once you reach Balmora initially, and talk to Caius, don't be afraid to put him on hold for a while and just explore and try things and screw around. There's almost never any time value to quests in this game, and when there is, it's clearly stated.

6. Go ahead and check the data files for Tribunal and Bloodmoon (when you first start up the game, under data files). This gives you the advanced journal
options of Tribunal (e.g. click on a quest and get all journal entries related to that quest, instead of having to page through several hundred pages of journal) and other improvements.

7. It makes the game a little easier at the very beginning if you aren't too moral, and steal all the stuff from those first couple of unoccupied rooms and sell it. Also, early on, you'll be getting attacked by assassins if you're running Tribunal. You can stop the attacks by doing the first couple of steps in that quest (talk to guards, talk to guy at Ebonheart), but I always let them go on, since I can usually kill them and the armor that they wear is quite valuable (and useful, if you have the light armor skill). 
see GA + no I can't say I speak thai although I hope I at least learn some basics during the three months I'll be here. I'm here as an exchange student at the fine art faculty of the university in Chiang Mai wich I'll spend some time in but I'll also move around quite a bit I hope. 
"Hitman" Series Review 
I'm a Hitman fanboy so I finally got around to writing a set of reviews (more like overviews, it's a lot of work otherwise)... 
Fabel Mods? 
Are there Fable lost-chaps mods?
if its modable at all (excep custom tatoo)

quick google didnt help 
King Kong (Xbox) 
Bleh, it was quite good overall I guess.

FPS sections (most of the game) were very good fun, if a little simplistic. Very frantic and tense - the "no HUD" mechanic was done very well, and added to the immersion. Health is based on a "two strikes and you're dead" idea - first hit injures you, and get this - the sound goes quiet, the game slows down and the screen goes all dramatic and motion blurry, and some LOTR-style ethereal choir starts singing, and you can hear your teammates dramatically shouting your name and stuff. It's really over-the-top and cool, but kinda makes me laugh when you get nibbled by a millipede or something and everything goes into "Boromir Death Mode(tm)" You have to avoid damage during this time until you recover, or a second hit will kill you. Little is more satisfying and adrenaline-pumping than whipping around to throw a spear point-blank into the face of a raptor belting towards you whilst you're trying to recover. V-Rex chases were genuinely scary. Team-mates were done well and didn't annoy me for once.

Graphics were awesome for the Xbox, with some truly breathtaking scenery and lighting in places.

I more or less dreaded the sections where you play as Kong in third person - often feeling only semi-interactive, the controls were kinda crap, and I died many a time because I couldn't actually get Kong to do what I wanted him to do. Looked very nice though - very "cinematic" I must say :}

Overall, I'd have liked a game with just the FPS bits, with a bit more variety to the puzzles (I got kinda tired of the same old "find fire to light bushes, find lever to open gate" stuff) and none of the Kong bollocks. Worth checking out if you've got a console. 
WRT Morrowind 
I'd recommend saving often as well, mainly because the memory leakage is appalling. The acronym CTD is universally understood as "crash to desktop" (without any explanation.)

Also, at the very least, get Morrowind Enhanced executable and Journal Enhanced. Buy a quill and inkpot from Arrille, and make all the notes you need. Preferrably in character.

If you want a fortress teleportal ring, you can use mine. Read the book on top of it. It contains hints as to how it can be used.

There's also Necessities of Morrowind, which requires you to sleep, eat lunch and dinner, and drink. Better still, it allows you to rent rooms for up to a month at a time and cook your own meals, independent of Alchemy skill.

Also, the Less Generic NPC mods are fun. At the very least, install the Pelagiad and Seyda Neen ones and hear about Erene Llenim's glory days or Madres Navur's colourful visions (and guess what the references are to!) Quests included. This is having a major effect on the design of a village I'm working on.

Also I prefer Motoki's Better Heads since they don't shave years off old Caius.

Anyway, if you prefer housing, either wait for me to finish Varlninya or get either "Houses and Apartments" or "The Latest, Greatest Housing Mod Gold". Infinity Warehouse rocked.

LGHMG has a quest associated with its Vivec property, but that's pretty darn expensive, unless you do lots of Dwemer delving. H&A are more modest places that you can buy from a place in the Hlaalu canton. These mods conflict WRT Caldera.

Or, if you're Evil, download Shannon's HellHouse-X. My only beefs are that the slaves in the Crypt of Necrosis won't follow you, Arrille has a teleport amulet right at the start, and the use of Secret Masters' alchemy gear. There's an old thread on TheLys about potential HH quests, but I think Shannon (and modeller Barabus) are busy with a monster city. I reckon it looks alright.

And me? I got most of my MW crap from TheLys. Including Lilarcor. 
Guild Wars Again. 
Just got back into playing it.

Fun going through the early 4-6 player missions that I'd skipped before, on my own, and getting lots of loot. Kinda makes up for a moment of insanity buying 4 bottles of black dye to p1mp my threads.

They are making a Chapter 2, I'm kinda fearful for my life o_O 
Painkiller Expansion 
opinions ? 
Basically, more Painkiller. In fact, absolutely, completely, just more Painkiller. If you want more Painkiller, get the expansion. 
Ico (PS2)

I made a point of ordering a European import version, with the original Japanese cover art: to save my eyes from the soul-searing abomination that is the cover they made for the Western release:

The entire game takes place inside a single vast castle of madness, that could have been lifted straight from the etchings of Giovanni Piranesi. You will spend a good 10 hours inside this castle and the interconnectivity of the environment here is phenomenal, probably the best I've seen.

For those not familiar, the game is all about solving environmental navigation puzzles in order to escort a rescued girl through the castle (and escape yourself). The girl has limited mobility compared to you, and thus you must create different paths allowing her to progress whilst keeping with each other as much as possible in order to protect her from the shadow monsters that frequently try to claim her. You can't die yourself (unless you fall from a great height), but it's game over if the girl gets caught by the shadow beasts and you don't rescue her in time.

Overall I think it's a genius game with awesome atmosphere and art, occasionally marred by slightly quirky controls.

I've already pre-ordered Shadow of the Colossus, which is Team Ico's follow-up to this game. 
Mall Madness (1989) 
Played this mind boggling boardgame.

I don't really know where to start. It's a game made for young girls, and the objective is to shop as fast as you can. Each player starts at a shopping center parking lot with some pocket money and a credit card. There's an electronic complex in the middle of the board that, after pushing a button, says to you in a nice digitized voice how many squares you can move. Then you go to shops and buy stuff. When you run out of money, go to the bank to use your credit card. All these events have some randomity which comes from using your credit card with the electronic reader in the center of the game.
There are sale and clearance placades at some random shops, and they are shuffled at times - often it's good to try to get to those shops.

What this game does to young person's world view is slightly interesting and more disturbing. The objective is just to shop virtually anything as quickly as possible. Running around the pink-coloured mall frantically chasing sales and clearances and getting more from dad's bottomless well of money with the credit card doesn't sound like very constructive or a way of life I'd like to raise my daughter to.

Buying for buying's sake, stuff you don't really need. It seems like a complete lunacy. Maybe it cannot be viewed as anything else in history. Or then a joke from the eighties. :) 
Shopping Maul 
You should have tried this instead: 
Path Of Neo 
oh my god. This is the best game I've played in years. I had my doubts originally with the whole franchise crossover thing and all, but boy! Those Wachowskis really put my fears to rest as soon as the game started! Wow, what great fluid combat and pretty graphics. I wonder if Doom 4 will use the Path of Neo engine. I always wanted to try living in the world of the matrix and now I can! It's just like another Matrix film but I can do whatever I want! Swell!

Well, that's the review I would have written if I was 12 years old and semi-retarded. What the fuckity-fuck is wrong with the twats that made this game? It looks like someone shat on an N64. And if I turn the graphics up high all I get is too many reflections and 10 frames a second, great. I guess a geforce 6800 isn't good enough to play this abortion of a cash-in.

First you get too many intro movies, then a shitty in-game cutscene where you see the models for the first time. Jesus, the neo model looks more like Optimus Prime than Keanu Reeves. Then you take the red pill (unless you're smart) and fall down the rabbithole, or the "awful mirror shader brought to you by 1995" then you get some bonus random 3d shit with shiny code going everywhere.

Soon you get your first cutscene: stuff stolen from the first movie but ingeniusly re-edited, apparently, by the same pig-fuckers that put together an episode of MTV's cribs. Then you get some combat. Imagine the best combo you could possibly do in Prince of Persia. Keep that mental image; in Path of Neo you can probably do that combo by clicking the mouse a few times. Really fun if you're the kind of gamer who enjoys opening and closing folders.

I'm so very angry. It's a huge insult to anyone who can dress themselves or count into double digits to release this as a 'game'. This is worse than apartheid, it is filth. It's the bloody glitch in the matrix, and if you complete this game or even enjoy it you are most likely a horrible paedophile nazi
Path Of Neo 
oh my god. This is the best game I've played in years. I had my doubts originally with the whole franchise crossover thing and all, but boy! Those Wachowskis really put my fears to rest as soon as the game started! Wow, what great fluid combat and pretty graphics. I wonder if Doom 4 will use the Path of Neo engine. I always wanted to try living in the world of the matrix and now I can! It's just like another Matrix film but I can do whatever I want! Swell!

Well, that's the review I would have written if I was 12 years old and semi-retarded. What the fuckity-fuck is wrong with the twats that made this game? It looks like someone shat on an N64. And if I turn the graphics up high all I get is too many reflections and 10 frames a second, great. I guess a geforce 6800 isn't good enough to play this abortion of a cash-in.

First you get too many intro movies, then a shitty in-game cutscene where you see the models for the first time. Jesus, the neo model looks more like Optimus Prime than Keanu Reeves. Then you take the red pill (unless you're smart) and fall down the rabbithole, or the "awful mirror shader brought to you by 1995" then you get some bonus random 3d shit with shiny code going everywhere.

Soon you get your first cutscene: stuff stolen from the first movie but ingeniusly re-edited, apparently, by the same pig-fuckers that put together an episode of MTV's cribs. Then you get some combat. Imagine the best combo you could possibly do in Prince of Persia. Keep that mental image; in Path of Neo you can probably do that combo by clicking the mouse a few times. Really fun if you're the kind of gamer who enjoys opening and closing folders.

I'm so very angry. It's a huge insult to anyone who can dress themselves or count into double digits to release this as a 'game'. This is worse than apartheid, it is filth. It's the bloody glitch in the matrix, and if you complete this game or even enjoy it you are most likely a horrible paedophile nazi
A Double Post? That Only Makes Me Angrier 
I Totally Agree Though 
i mean, it was actually worse than the enter the matrix games. 
More Reviews Please Starbuck 
I've always wondered what a game made by pig fuckers would be like. 
Starbuck, all about mailing that to the developers ;). 
for president 
Eh ? 
I Mean 
How is that pretty or 'awesome art' 
You're Not Seeing It In Motion Sp 
Like the Doom 3 engine, it looks like shit when it's just a still shot.
Also it has more to do with the compositions and atmosphere of the scenes, not with how pretty (or not) the rock textures are. 
You know, there are more to games than just random screenshots interpreted horribly out of context.

Also, what czg said. 
Prey is the perfect example of a D3 engine game that look really meh in shots and great when moving. I couldn't give a fuck about it when I saw the early shots, but after I saw the E3 trailer it shot to the top of my FPS most wanted list.

Ico is one of those games that pisses me of purely because I've never played it (not ever having owned a PS2) and everybody spazzes over it all the time. The time I saw it moving, it looked cool, but I didn't particularly want to play it... just watch it and look around the castle. It looks really relaxing to play, and seemed to have quite a strange atmosphere. 
I browsed thru gamespot screenshots section - it's the average shot from the bunch. (neither best nor worst)
Blame me for having a helpless "mapper syndrome" but that's a room with same dull tile texture over all the surfaces, misaligned too.
Even if there is bumpmapping and dynamic light its still a dull badly textured scene.
And (from the screenshots) most other areas look about the same - dirty brown...

Now I even think there must be truly brilliant gameplay and thick atmosphere to compensate for such a lack of pretty visuals. 
Is right about Prey. Although the video did show a lot more than the shots did.

As for Ico, whatever. 
/me Throws Playstation At Shambler 
I'm playing Shadow of the Colossus by the same team. The monsters are awesome and the landscape is pretty nice, and the architecture is sort of passable.

It is the PS2, so it's not like I have very high expectations. 
I've been currently playing an obscene amount of Fable. It really is quite the game, not deserving a lot of the crap it got from plenty of folks. The Expansion isnt particularly terrible either. 
Fable Is V Good 
the main complaint was, that its shorter and smaller than mororwind and basically same story no matter if u are good or bad, despite developers promises 
I Love Fable Too 
Best RPG on the Xbox IMO; I enjoyed it a lot more than Jade Empire.

Still yet to play Fable:TLC, but I believe it's basically the same game but with extra stuff thrown in. 
Star Wars - Empire At War Demo 
740 meg, screenshot looks real nice, feedback on Blues so far has been very positive.

List of download links here - the AOL link at least is a direct download link so is easy to use with download programs etc, saves all the cocking around trying to find direct links that other sites force you to do / stop you from doing >:( 
Knights Of The Old Republic 1 & 2 
what is this game like ? All the reviews seem to be spooging but what is it ? More action than rpg ? Fun ? 
I haven't player KOTOR2, but I REALLY REALLY liked the first one. Very fun game. 
can you describe the gameplay a bit ? 
To Quote Gamespot 
"you create a main character and then explore many different areas, interact with many different characters, settle many different disputes, solve many different puzzles, and engage in plenty of combat." 
Total Annihilation 
It was released in september 1997 so it's quake vintage... the first 3d real-time strategy game. I played it only little back then, but now there's an open source version called Spring or TA:Spring, you can get it from .
(get springsp and aai 0.42 if you want to play for yourself, otherwise it's a multiplayer game)

I've been playing and learning it a little, and it's quite fun. The idea is that there's two resources: energy and metal. You have construction units and then normal units, and then there's a commander which is a strong construction unit. There are also some fancy buildings like cannons that can shoot almost to the other side of the map etc. :) You can queue an unlimited amount of unit orders with the shift key, so managing all that moving stuff is quite easy. The community is alive and the game is being constantly upgraded and fine-tuned. If you want to play with me, come to terrafusion... it was voodoochopstiks who first introduced me to this game but now he won't play ffs.

Oh, and it's funny: this game can still bring a new computer to it's knees if there are a lot of units and you zoom far out of the map. I also like the sounds a lot. :) 
Halo 2 (Xbox) 
I completed Halo 2 on the Xbox the other week. Ok I enjoyed Halo, the first game - I thought it was a fun, balanced shooter with some satisfying weapons and vehicular combat.

Halo 2 starts out promising when you actually fight on Earth in the first couple of levels, but you soon get sent back up to space, where another "Halo" awaits (yay!), and you proceed to spend the remaining 90% of the game there. Sadly it's all downhill from then on. The architecture and variety of designs is a bit less repetitive than the first game, but that's about the only real difference in the level design.

Completely neutering some of the cooler guns from the first game (the assault rifle is gone), the weapons now feel totally piss-weak. They range from "ineffective peashooter" to "ineffective peashooter that overheats if you hold the fire button down too long". The new ability to dual-wield guns is about the only way to render any of the roughly 83 different types of peashooters cabable of killing anything, but dual-wielding also robs you of the ability to lob grenades (which are pretty much your only effective weapons in a largely redundant arsenal).

Vehicles seem to control a bit tighter, and have a couple of new gimmicks - you can do barrel rolls and shit in the Banshee to avoid missiles better, and you can do a nitro-like speed boost in a couple of the vehicles. Also, if you time it just right, you can jump onto a passing enemy vehicle, and hijack it after punching the driver for a bit (and enemies can do the same to you). These new gimmicks are kinda cool, but hardly add anything to the game. I thought the environments in which you used vehicles in the first game were more interesting to be honest.

Player movement has been dicked around with too. Bizzarely, the jump is even higher and floatier than before, with just enough lack of air control to make an accidental jump often send you helplessly plummeting to your death. Fun.

In another of the "Why the hell did they do that??" files: the health bar has now been removed - all you have now is your automatically recharging shield. This of course means that you are forced to take less risks and spend more time standing still waiting for your shields to regenerate, because further damage will now just kill you outright. BAD gameplay decision.

There's a few new monsters but none of them are any fun to fight against. Most of them can considerably out-run you, and coupled with the ability to kill you in a single melee hit, I heard myself utter the phrase "What a load of shit" and variations thereof, rather frequently during the game.

There are long tedious sections where you fight the Flood, and these are just as drawn-out and repetitive as the Library stage in Halo 1. I'm not sure why the designers chose to pay homage to what was arguably the very worst part of the first game.

In conclusion: considerably inferior to the first Halo, breaking much of what made the first game fun; and the handful of new gimmicks are pretty disposable. 
It's Halo? I thought that was supposed to be one of the best games ever or something? Can't say I was that impressed by the original myself, but there are a lot of serious fanatics for this game.

I guess it's another of those console FPS games with high popularity that I just cannot understand - like Goldeneye. Why did people spaz over Goldeneye so much? 
Was like the Halo of N64 - something fresh. 
I had so many arguments over the "quality" of that game. 
So Just Playing Enclave On My Dad's Laptop 
while I wait for my new comp.

Very nice game. Very nice.

But is there a way of controlling your attacks, at the moment I'm just button mashing really. And it's getting quite difficult, I'm on the level taht has lots of lava and a big lava boss at the end.

Any other tips ? 
Halo2 sounds like crap instead of 'of the best games ever' (halo1 is crap, and if 2nd one is worse...) 
No, there isn't. I asked bear a couple of times about this and he didn't give me a straight answer but having played the whole game it's clear there is no control to the attacks.

It can be a bit difficult, the lava boss was okay though, maybe there was some trick to him, I can't remember. 
Lyle In Cube Sector
Oldschool 2d sidescroller, like Cave Story, but without the story and 400 tiems!!1 more difficult. Cool nes music and huge pixels. 
I found there to be a slight amount of control to the attacks based on directional movement and frequency of your attacks, but in sum there's basically no control because you're always trying to attack as fast as possible and you're always moving because you're trying to avoid the enemies. 
Cave Story 
Did anyone finish it? I was having fun and then just kinda got bored and stopped playing it. Maybe I should go back to it, as it was rather nice.

Cube Sector looks cool, I'll check it out. 
I Got Stuck On A Boss 
somewhere in level 4 or 5 (the boss which is a giant vehicle on wheels in a cave.)

I got busy and then forgot about it, basically. 
Cave Story 
I finished it a couple times, using the different weapons you can chose from during the game, and finding the various secrets etc. I spent a while trying to finish the hidden level which is pretty insane, but despite reaching the uberboss many times I still haven't managed to defeat him (but I'm sure I could if I replayed through the whole game and didn't use up my heart bottle before until I reach him).
I think it's an awesome game anyways. =) 
Yes, Cave Story Wins 
Haven't defeated the last "hard/secret" boss yet, probably my favourite game this year. I'll have to try that lyle i cube sector when I get back to my comp. 
I Found... 
...a second hand copy of Alice in a music store, discs were in good condition so I picked it up. Best 10AUD I've spent in a loooooong time. 
I concur! And I don't even know what else you bought recently. 
Far Cry: Instincts 
Far Cry: Instincts (Xbox)

A quick rant first:

I'm tempted to dock a fair few points off this game simply for the fact that you are forced to sit through an unskippable 5 minute advertisement every time you start - Even if you are 8 hours into the game and want to continue from your latest save point you still have wait for this advert to finish every time you switch on the console.

That said, here's my quick review - I'm assuming not many people have played this game on here, so I'll mention some differences between this and the PC original.

Instincts is basically a totally new game designed from the ground up to work better with the Xbox's ageing hardware. It shares the engine, and I guess a lot of the assets, but the gameplay is very different.

The game is linear as hell, but you do get some very wide paths to move around in, giving you many different ways of approaching an enemy camp. Stealth is important in the early part of the game, and you can adopt three different stances that affect your movement speed and visibility in the undergrowth. You can sneak up behind enemies for silent stealth kills and you can set a sprung branch trap around any tree, and lure enemies towards it by hiding and throwing stones to distract them. You can do other gimmicky crap like go prone and roll onto your back to shoot enemies in the balls from underneath wooden huts.

I would say that this early part of the game, where you are left seriously outgunned to enforce the stealth approach, is kind of underdeveloped, and often overly difficult and frustrating.

You soon throw all this stealth bollocks out the window when you get your hands on some decent guns though. It's not long before the game's other main gimmick comes into play and you slowly acquire your Feral Abilities(TM) - your health now auto-regenerates, you can run fast and leap huge distances, you can "see" scent trails (this looks pretty cool), and you get an insta-kill melee punch that can smash infrastructure. Most of this shit costs adrenaline though, so you can't use it constantly.

The difficulty level is completely fubared. First off, there are no selectable skill levels whatsoever (and no auto-adjusting of difficulty seems to be in play either). It starts off hard until you get decent guns, then it becomes a knife-through-butter run-and-gun fest for the larger part of the game, which is pretty damn good, before turning to shit in the last couple of levels, which are about as enjoyable to play as having sodium hydroxide solution squirted up your urethra, and yes, it all boils down to the distance between checkpoints. Life is too short (and sanity too fragile) to continue playing a game where the player systematically fails to get past the same checkpoint after about 16 attempts (because he has to escort a mission-critical NPC across a massive section of terrain - an NPC who has some cover-taking autonomy but equally will quite happily plough forward into a horde of enemies before you have had a chance to kill them). Don't even get me started on the endgame boss *_*

Overall: Definately the best FPS I've played on the Xbox so far (I've played three: this, Halo, and Halo 2). Oh yes, graphics are awesome, and vehicles are pretty cool too. 
Been playing The Movies Demo, pretty fun so far even though I haven't actually been able to make my own movies yet. So far so good.

Quit playing WoW, just got boring.

Looking forward to the GuildWars expansion, and definitely Warhammer Online. Sweet stuff. 
Is There Anyway 
to quicksave in Enclave?

Getting picked up by archers and the less frequent checkpoints is annoying me. 
Attn: Vondur. Re: HoMM3 
Dear Vondur.
I hate strategy games and oh boy do I hate this one.
I blame you. And Kinn (for good measure).

Yours faithfully,
cz-I haven't even been close to winning a single fucking scenario in this stupid fucking game. Maybe I just fucking suck.-g 
Thief: Deadly Shadows Review 
anyone got any reviews of UT 2003? 
It's not like everyone plays every single game so they're always up to date. Some people haven't played older games. So eat my ass! 
Beyond Good And Evil 
Beyond Good And Evil (Xbox)

Another 2003 game - oh noes! :P

Anyway, in case you haven't played it (and I would imagine most people here haven't) this is a fairly jolly Zelda-inspired romp in a Futurama-esque sci-fi cartoon world, where you play a female photographer/reporter who has to save the planet from evil aliens with the aid of various anthropomorphic animals, burly men in turtleneck sweaters and lisping holographic sidekicks.

The game's pretty easy - a simplistic stealth mechanic is used more often than combat, but it's kinda cool. Vehicles are rather groovy and integrate nicely with the rest of the game.
Missions mostly involve sneaking around various interior environments, navigating all sorts of cunning security mechanisms (with a fairly heavy emphasis on the laser-themed variety), and taking pictures of dodgy shenanigans without alerting the guards.

The game has high production values - Graphics and art style etc. are all rather tasty - music is good, voice acting is great.

I guess if you like the modern Zeldas, you might wanna check this game out, but it is a fairly short game and you might be surprised when it's over so quickly (like I was) 
Black (Xbox)

I bought the latest overhyped Xbox shooter yesterday, and I reached the final room in the game today.

Because the checkpoints are not hard saved to the console, it will take well over an hour to reach this point again from the beginning of the level should I want to switch the machine off and try again later. I've done this three times now, dying each time in the final room, and it's unlikely that I'll try again anytime soon.

It's basically a big fat gun-wank, where you shoot terrists in the face across a variety of generic urban locations, using realistic weapons etc.

The main gimmick is that there is a somewhat above average amount of destructable scenery in the game (but not quite as much as the marketing hype would have you believe)

I had some fun with this game. It looks really good (for Xbox lol) and I like shooting people, and there are a lot of opportunities to shoot people in this game so that was cool.

By far my biggest complaint is the distance between checkpoints, which is utterly retarded and unfair. You will typically have to plough through 30 minutes of gameplay before you reach the next checkpoint (which usually split the hour-long levels down the middle). As I previously mentioned, mid-level checkpoints are not hard saved if you turn off the machine, which only adds to the retardedness.

As long as you can avoid dying, this is a rather short game, clocking in at around 6-8 hours if you just want to blast through it without doing any of the secondary objectives. 
8-10 Hrs Is Normal 
Call Of Duty 2 
Very immersive second word war 2 game, very impressive, very realistic, but too short IMHO (I finished it in normal in 20 hours...). Nevertheless, it was very very enjoyable.

The game is composed of 5 episode (Stalingrad, north Africa desert, France D-day, Belgium, and Germany). Each time you are either a russian soldier (was it a special vondur's request ?... 8D...), or british, or american... it depends on the episode, and in reality it doesn't matter at all, it is just the weapon type that changes.

You have to progress with your combat unit, and teamplay is very well executed: I save my friends' ass as often as they did it for me !

Well, it is really worth to play: I will try it as veteran soldier now... I guess it will be much much more difficult ;P

No I go back to mapping :P 
Quit wow recently, got really bored with doing the same old stuff and then discovered Anarchy Online which, if you don't upgrade to the expansions, is totally free (you get some ads but there implemented quite well). It's alot of fun and has a sci fi theme and if you can look past some of the graphics being naff then you will discover a great game, kinda like SWG was it was actually good. Also you can upgrade your free account to all addons for just $9.95 but then you incur monthly fees of around $10 
Silkroad Online 
If you wanna try some MMORPG stuff you can check out Silkroad Online at
Korean game (I think) which is all about the connection between Rome, the Islamic world and China, and combines/hybridizes all three into a single mythology. Free client and no monthly fees, I've read good things about it at Just in case anyone was interested in something like this. 
Anarchy Online 
I fucking hate that game. My friend is glued to it. The reason I hate it is because of it's interface - it's overwhelming, but even worse is the control scheme is just plain wacked. Else I might've cared more to get through it a little. 
Shadow Of The Colossus 
Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

After playing Ico, I had a feeling the team's follow-up game would be good, but I wasn't quite expecting something as transcendantly awe-inspiring as this. I'm just going to come out and say that playing Shadow of the Colossus was the most intense, enthralling, satisfying and emotional game experience I have ever had.

There simply is no other game like this.

I'm still staggered that there is so much to experience from such a relatively simple concept. The clarity of purpose is such that there is little more to the game than finding the next Colossus, working out how to get on it, clambering around it, and clinging on to its furry bits for dear life as it tries to stop you repeatedly stabbing it in its weak spots. But My God, the experience of it all...

There is no unnecessary cruft to to bog this simple concept down, the game is just that pure. As a result (but in no way to its detriment) it is not a particularly long game, taking me about 11 hours to beat it the first time. The game is essentially sixteen massive boss fights played in sequential order. It just happens that these are the most astonishing, immersive, tense, rewarding, and visually stunning boss fights ever made.

(On the subject of immersion, it's worth noting that to hang on to anything in this game, you have to simulate the act of "gripping" by holding the right trigger button; it's quite visceral to feel your finger aching and literally slipping off the trigger button in a particularly gruelling struggle just to stay in control as a Colossus whips you around hundreds of feet up in the air).

Like Ico, the world these beasts inhabit is beautifully realised, yet at the same time empty and desolate. It's just you and your horse for companionship.

The design, art direction, animation and music in this game are all mindblowingly good, and witnessing the awesome ending sequence makes the struggle of slaying the final Colossus more than worthwhile. And yes, I'm man enough to admit that I cried. 
I heard the controls and camera were a bit shit though (perhaps someone mentioned it here too). 
TES4: Oblivion was supposed to be released yesterday...

anyone able to pick that up yet? :x 
But American PCG gave it 95%. I'd like to get it, but I don't have a good enough computer, I don't have 3 years available to play it, and my attention span is sho 
i'm looking forward to playing it, too. haven't orded it yet, though. but i'm not sure if i should do it, either, since i know it will definately distract me from all duties and mapping in particular...

i recently finished morrowind. by and large, it wasn't as long as i expected and as everybody said. it all depended on how many side quests one was willing to take (i'd say i took some 60% and discovered more than half of the map). so i don't expect oblivion to be all that long. but still... 
nd my attention span is sho

So short you couldn't be bothered to finish the sentence? ;) 
I heard the controls and camera were a bit shit though

As someone who is usually very critical of these things, I had absolutely no problems with either of these aspects of the game. In fact, the control system struck me as being particularly intuitive and responsive. 
Congrats, you got the joke. 
there were a few problems with camera/controls, but 98% percent of the game is not affected by them. 
TES4 : Oblivion 
my preorder just shipped from a few hours ago, woooooooooooo! So check it out tomorrow / friday if you get the chance! 
Mine also, due tommorrow. It will be most satisfying. 
It's Less Funny Then 
thank you, zwiffle! 
Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (PC) 
I know when I usually review anything I resort to taking the piss but I thought a more reasoned 'first-impressions' was deserved.

Oblivion starts by letting you create your character. This is a game in itself. The face generation is powered by 'FaceGen' software that allows you to tweak almost any part of a 3d face model but the ability to import your own face from a few photos (as seen in FaceGen retail) was missing.

It would have been useful if Bethesda gave us some template faces as most of the randomly generated ones are just too ugly to use as a base. Also, would it have been hard to include more than say 8 hair-styles per race? Just 2 or 3 styles that didn't look totally stupid would have been a plus. I'd prefer it if my Spellsword didn't look like Fabio, thanks.

Three hours later and I've designed my character. Whoosh! I'm in a cell. Holy fuck, those cobblestones look amazing! My god. Those are the sexiest bricks I've ever seen. Sometimes the beauty of the Oblivion engine astounds you, and I spent a goot 20 minutes just looking around the tiny cell. Havok physics is here for the ride as I found out while throwing bones at some shackles hanging from the ceiling. This is a big improvement on Morrowind, where the lack of any believable physics distanced the player from the items in the world.

Fast forward a little, and the Emperor is breaking me out of jail. The game introduces you to combat by giving you a gentle battering as you try and escape, courtesy of goblins and other ruffians.

My verdict on combat so far? Improved greatly from Morrowind, but not perfect. You can block and charge opponents, but somehow it still seems a little detatched. Spellcasting is a lot simpler thanks to the extremely easy keyboard shortcut system, and Magicka regenerates pretty quickly. Morrowind had me playing a warrior character mainly because I couldn't be arsed to bother with spells, but in Oblivion they seem easy to use and pretty effective.

There are lots of nice new touches, and many things which correct problems with previous games. One example is lockpicking: in Morrowind you get out your lockpick and click a few times, or many times if it's you're a bad thief or it's a tough lock. Oblivion introduces a mini game where you have to push back the pins in the lock one by one, much like in the real world.

The most annoying thing in Morrowind was travel. The mission says 'go to this small village up north', but that could mean you have to take a transport to another city, on to another town, take a boat to village X and then get the mage's guild to teleport you there. Not fucking fun. In Oblivion, the fast travel option is back! Seen as far back as Arena, you just click the name of a town on your map and you go right there.

Also, you have a shiny compass that points you towards your next waypoint... useful, if like me, you wasted too much of your life in Morrowind trying to find some asshole in some guild in Vivec.

more likes/gripes:
The graphics in outdoor areas are spectacular at times. There's a town (maybe Chorral) where there's a big chapel, and all around it is long grass blowing in the wind, and trees with hanging branches. At the right time of day the sunlight is pink, and with the HDR enabled, everything glows. That was the most amazing in-game graphics I've seen, period.

The 3rd-person camera sucks. A lot. It bobs slowly about like the cameraman is standing up in a canoe. Bring back the Morrowind camera.

The guards can be ridiculous. I got chased down and thrown in jail for (accidentally) stealing a shitty wood cup worth less than one gold piece. Piss off, guys.

Horses, yay or neigh? Sorry. So sorry. Pretty useful for running about the wilderness, but not very well animated, and the control is a bit weird. Might just take getting useful though.

Voice-acting: it's just rubbish. A lot of the dialogue is pish too. It's clear the Bethesda team aren't very witty guys. Why not get Patrick Stewart in it for longer and give his character a bit more depth?

All in all, it's early days, but i can tell this is going to be extremely addictive gaming. It's got it's faults, and it crashes a bit, but all in all it seems to have improved on Morrowind in a big way. Graphically it's hard to fault Oblivion.

As your life in an Elder Scrolls game gets better, your real (social) life gets worse. Onward, towards Oblivion! 
The 3rd-person camera sucks. A lot. It bobs slowly about like the cameraman is standing up in a canoe. Bring back the Morrowind camera.

lol, i don't even have the game yet and i'm looking at mods... T_T

Totally agree with starbuck, although I find the lock picking was annoying but I soon got used to it. (possible spoiler maybe) Speak to someone in the Leyawiin mages guild about a shrine ( you must be lvl 10 to speak to shrine ), then may your lockpicking needs be forever fulfilled...

Ive got 49hrs played so far and have completed darkbrotherhood, thieves guild, fighting arena, some fighter guild missions and can enter the last part of the game but am holding back as im only level 15 atm and wasnt sure if the game ended if I completed it.

I highly recommend this game to everyone (I didnt particularly get hooked on morrowwind). Oh yea, i'm also a vampire!!

Is it me or is Martin, Sean Bean. 
also the game doesn't take 49 hrs and could be done alot quicker but Im loving faffing around the place, and at least 10hrs I was furiously masturbating over the graphics. 
ah sweet, cheers necros. I'll definitely use that. I played 3rd person most of the time in Morrowind, and I don't usually whine about camera controls or anything, but this is just... SO bad.

Gib, yeah it is Sean Bean :D
Oh and I've probably notched up at least 10 hours in that manner too. 
and at least 10hrs I was furiously masturbating over the graphics.

Yeah but have they turned it into a minigame? 
you may want to peruse the addons list on
there are some other addons that look to fix technical aspects of the game (i don't know how relevant or good they are as i can't use them yet, i'm just going by the descriptions).

for example, reduces the range at which guards can 'hear' crimes, supposedly making it more realistic.

some other addons are along the same line-- tweaks that may or may not unbalance gameplay. i'd need to have played the original game to be able to tell you though. but check it out, anyway.

others are purely cosmetic (one adds a bunch of different coloured eyes to choose from) 
Append To Above Post: is supposed to help smooth out outdoor movement by removing the loading screen... apparently it only really works if you have a good machine though because the game still does pause, it's just not abruptly flashing the screen all the time. 
IL-2 Sturmovik WW2 Flight-sim 
Anyone have this? Complete Edition came out yesterday, has IL-2 + IL-2: Forgotten Battles, Ace expansion, Pacific Fighters... so you can fly for USA, Russia, Germany, Britain, tonsa missions/campaigns... has it imported in USA, since it's only being released in Europe. But hey it's $35 DVD, there is no Starforce.

Here's some more info/screenshots: 
Tes4: Oblivion 
got it, too. some impressions after two days of playing:
graphics are nice, indeed. but wtf? it's running so slow on my machine, even with reduced details. what i dislike is the spectecular rendering or what it is called - the shininess of everything. something like this works in environments like doom (base), but looks silly on natural components like stone or wood. i set it down to the minimum.
with all the moving grass and trees it looks much more pleasant than morrowind's wastelands. a pity i can't set details higher to have less 'popping up' of them at short distances.
fast travel is ok, though at the same time diminishes the immersion a little i think. well, one still has to discover places before it's possible to travel to them of course. will probably get used to it.

i am somewhat annoyed by the controls, as the cannot be customized the way i want - at least it's impossible to change the mouse configuration by regular means. also, i have to change the keyboard settings everytime i start the game. :(
what really sucks is the translation of my localized version. the voice acting is ok, but the text..! a lot of words are still in english; sometimes sentences are a mixture of both languages. some spells have the wrong names, too, e.g. a healing spell has been called 'fireball' by mistake, and so on...
much of the text (because of the awkward, way too large font) are cut off the screen, or abbreviated in an incomprehensible manner. fortunately, it can be changed in the .ini.

i haven't played very far yet, but still seen some beautiful places and had some very original quests, like the painted forest and the dream world. it has greatly improved on morrowind, also in terms of lifeliness, even though it still feels a little artificial in parts... maybe i'm just biased and spoiled by gothic. 
e.g. a healing spell has been called 'fireball' by mistake, and so on... good god o.0 maybe just pick up the english version unless you have a hard time with it? that sounds really irritating :\

and yeah, you need some pretty hefty hardware to run the game at max.

i have an r850xt and it still struggles at times in outdoor areas with lots of grass (although interiors run perfectly fine)

i'm really liking the game so far, but it's irritating me the way monsters are spawned...

i liked in morrowind how there'd be areas with monsters that would completly destroy me, actually making me scared to go there until i had leveled up a bit and gotten some gear...

now, no matter where you go, the monsters you meet pretty much match your level, so that there is no real danger of going anywhere.

i ended up downloading a mod that changes the leveled lists so that high level mobs spawn irregardless of level. :P

also, i found fast travel sort of made horses redundant. having a mount is cool, but i fail to see the point of it when i can just click and be there instantly. i ended up downloading a mod to be able to store items on my horse, which actually now makes them useful, and not a burden (getting attacked when mounted is a pain, as the dismount animation is about 1.5 seconds long, and you are getting hit during that time (and using spells is less effective because they are in melee range by the time you can cast them)).
it would have been really cool if there was a different, faster dismount animation for when you are in combat.

also, dodging enemy spells is ridiculously easy from someone who's played quake for... well, too long. ended up downloading a mod which increases the speed of the cast projectiles by 250%.. now it's a lot more difficult, and makes the 'speed' attribute a lot more important (so you can move faster to avoid the shots). unfortunatly, it also increases the speed of my own cast projectiles... so hitting things is pretty easy now.
i wish casting was more involved... like in WoW, there are two different types, channeled spells and casts (there's also instant casts, which function the way oblivion has them now). for normal casts, when you get hit, you get delayed in your casting, and if you move, the cast is interrupted. (most spells have a set duration that they take to cast, ie: 2.5 seconds), so if you get hit, you can be delayed from 0.5 to 1 seconds, which adds a bit of strategy to casting.
channeled spells work in the opposite manner. typically they are dots that will continually damage, and if you are hit, you loose the duration of the spell.

you can also be interupted while casting, causing your casting in that school to be shut down for a short duration.

as it is, with a fireball spell with explosive effect, i feel more like i'm playing quake with a rocket launcher... :P i get into melee range, try to trigger a melee attack, and back off quickly to fire. go go shambler trick. :P

the melee system is more interesting though... you don't miss now if you are in range, unlike morrowind where the computer would randomly decide if you miss or not.

now, you loose stamina when you swing equivalent to how heavy the weapon is, so heavier, more powerful weapons take a larger chunk from your stamina (which recharges over time). plus you can do interesting power attacks to knockdown, disarm, stun or paralyze enemies as you become more proficient in combat, which adds a little something to melee. also, for some more powerful monsters, it's usually best to dodge attacks altogether so there's no shortage of running around, and no standing around like a zombie clicking the attack key. 
More Oblivion 
i am somewhat annoyed by the controls, as the cannot be customized the way i want - at least it's impossible to change the mouse configuration by regular means. also, i have to change the keyboard settings everytime i start the game.

I was confused by how to configure mouse controls when I first started too; I'm glad I'm not the only one.

When you change your controls, just click the arrows to the left/right of "Keyboard" and it will switch to the Mouse configuration screen.

I'm not sure why it's not keeping your changes--that's really weird. You could try manually editing the .ini (in My Documents\My Games\Oblivion), but that's going to be a bitch since it uses hex values for everything. (wtf)

I'm loving the game, although, yeah, it does have some warts. The autolevelling loot and monsters sucks donkey balls and takes all the challenge out of being a newbie, and all the satisfaction out of being godlike. I'm running a mod to fix that, and a few other mods.

My current mods:

Sagerbliv's Monster Balance Fixes (comes bundled with a version of Tom Servo's loot fix).

A mod that makes traps much deadlier.

Dejunai's Harvest Mod that makes plants and mushrooms and shit actually go away when you pick them and then respawn when they're ready for harvest again.

Khajitt and Vampire night-eye mods that change that ability to a toggle rather than a fucking spell you need to cast over and over (dunno what the hell Bethesda was thinking).

A mod that reduces the font size of your inventory so you can see more than, oh, five or so things at once without scrolling like a madman.

A mod that makes it easier to drag around ragdoll bodies and put them in obscene and embarrassing positions.

A birthsigns mod that makes bonuses from your birthsign stack on top of the 100 max (e.g. Steed birthsign makes 120 speed possible).

A mod that changes the screaming green look of the Light spell to something a bit more subtle.

Oh yeah, and the "Juvenile Mod" that adds a "Show Me Your Tits!" option to most common dialogue trees. When you pick it, the character looks surprised and removes (unequips) their shirt for a short time. It never gets old.

I was in the hospital last week for major surgery and can't play for much more than a couple of hours without feeling shitty and having to lay down, but I'm loving the game. The dungeons are huge and cool, the game is gorgeous for the most part, and the new melee system is really fun. 
I'll write more when I get the time, but atm I'll just say I'm ~15 hours into it and digging it so far :)

I'll repeat what others have said with regard to the retarded auto-leveling of monsters; I don't really understand the bloody point of having a levelling up system when the monsters are gonna auto-adjust to provide the same challenge no matter what.

Overall though, the good outweighs the bad quite substantially :} 
Best wishes in healing! I hope everything is in order now, except for the stitches. 
Thanks, I appreciate it. :)
I had just under a foot of small intestine removed (long-term Crohn's disease damage), and the rest splunged back together. The new(ish) plumbing does seem to be in order, but I'm not going to be doing any sprinting anytime soon.

the mods that fix leveled monsters rock... i love it now as i might run into some crazy ass ogre or other high powered beast thing, and spend a good amount of time trying to take it down, instead of dropping the same wolf in 4 hits all the time. :P

god damn though... the minotaur looks cheesy. 9_9 
and i think a map with architecture similar to the ayleid ruins would totally rock... however is responsible for that style is cool. ^_^ 
Regarding Oblivion Mods 
I'm rather reluctant to mod the game before I've finished the quest as the designers intended (yes, I know, that may take a while :P), although I appreciate that the goal of completing the game is somewhat secondary to the experience of just exploring the world and doing your own thing. As I said, I've played around 15 hours and I've barely scratched the surface regarding the main quest; I haven't even done the bit where you meet Sean Bean yet. 
Splinter Cell 
I've been playing the first one in the series on my dad's laptop, how many levels are there supposed to be in this ?

at the end of the second mission, it tells me "Congratulations, oyu have finished blah blah. Please visit the website for more details."

I check my install folder, there's sound, texture and music files for upto six missions but the levels folder only contains files for only 2 missions. It's a 1 Cd version, I got it off the net, but it doesnt seem to indicate that there's multiple discs or anything.

Anyone else played it ? 
Sounds Like 
you're playing the demo 
that's what I thought, but everything apart from the fact that the levels folder has 2 maps, seems to indicate the full game.

Readme, writing on the cd, manual, game content for the rest of the game etc. 
Uhem� Oblivion 
i dont understand how one could give a game a decent rating that needs 3+ mods to be played. 
it's not that you need to play it with mods, but that they are easily accessible (there were some mods out a day or two after the game came out).

i played the game without any mods for the first 2 or 3 days, and absolutely loved it. but i'm notorious for customizing my games... i often replace sound effects which i don't like in games i play(heh, you should hear how my copy of WoW sounds like...)

the only major gripe i have about oblivion that i think really requires a mod is the thing about leveled monsters and loot-- how it's impossible to find cool loot at low levels, and how at high lvls, cool loot is *everywhere*.
it makes the game too easy as well, by having monsters always the same level as me. i mean, what is the point of lvling up if the monsters scale with me? if i pick up the quad damage and pentagram in quake, do other monsters become more powerful? 
Yeah, What Necros Said... 
I would enjoy the game with no mods (even despite the auto-leveling); it's just that the moddible nature of it allows you to tweak it to make it even better, per your own preferences and idiosyncrasies. 
I See 
it sounded like those mods greatly enhance gameplay to me, thus my comment :) 
Oblivion Moddage 
beaten (like a horse without the �1.99 armour addon installed ^_~), but what necros and pjw said. The fact that there were about 35,478,653 separate mods available within 7 days of the game's release, coupled with the almost completely freeform nature of the game, I think means that there are plenty of ways to tinker with it here and there without actually breaking the overall experience. A lot of people are having *vastly* different experiences of the game without modding it anyway.

As for me, well I'm still not gonna apply any mods simply because I like the game perfectly well as it is. I'm actually warming to the levelled monsters too - there is already enough variation in the difficulty of the encounters imo - every fight is a challenge, but a satisfying one, and I will meet monsters who I can eviscerate easily just as often as I meet those who will end up chasing me screaming into the nearest town. It all depends on your character choices really - I seem to be rather shite with magic and bows atm (I'm working on it), but a bit tasty with a blade - this obviously is gonna make combats different depending on who I'm up against. I'm guessing necros must be playing some leet ninja battlemagey-type if he's finding *all* the combats easy. I can still make myself more powerful without levelling up, just by for example buying new spells, or scrounging better equipment.

In fact, I've deliberately chosen not to level up for bit anyway - I'm staying at lvl 11 and not sleeping, just seeing how far I can raise my stats before I decide I'm ready for lvl 12.

The balance just means that, unusually in a game of this type, most quests are potentially doable, regardless of where you are, which I feel is probably an improvement on having to do quests in a more ordered fashion, depending on your level. At the end of the day it gives players more choice, which I think is a good thing 
are there no other new games? except this oblivion thing
any1 played call of chtulu on pc? or any non-ww2 shooters? 
Call of Cthulhu is out on PC now? 
Well, as soon as one starts playing Oblivion, one tends to become oblivious (lol, see what I did there? ^_~), to other new releases... 
I'm Still Waiting 
for CoC. afaik, it hasn't been released yet.

it's too bad it's being released now though (april 21?) because i'm busy with oblivion. :P 
Yes, I would like some comments on that too. I was planning to order it from the UK along with Quake 4, because it is dirt cheap. I've been holding back because I just moved apartment and have no money. 
has devoured my life. 
has devoured my life too. 
Good Riddance 
it's funny cause i stopped playing oblivion about 2 weeks ago. o.0 never completed the main quest either. heh, i'm sure i'll get back to it, but i had a sudden brainwave and had to get mapping on it. :P 
what's oblivion mappage like? Is it easy to bolt new terrain sections on, extending the current map - or are you making new stuff that drops into the existing world?

I'm seriously thinking of getting back into mappery because of Oblivion :} 
sry, i didn't mean mapping for oblivion. :) i have no idea about how it is to map for it, however, from my brief looksee in the contruction set, it looks to be very similar to morrowind, in that buildings and such are built from prefab mesh objects.

if you wanted to make new terrain outside of the current terrain available, i think you need to download a mod to remove the borders around the area so you'd be able to get to it.
however, i've heard the terrain beyond the borders is generated by the computer or something... but i'm just guessing at that point.

neither morrowind or oblivion have ever made me want to make a 'map' for them. i just can't stand working with prefabs, and doing mesh work and then texturing my own prefabs was too much work, imo. (plus morrowind crashes all the time for me, so it wasn't really worth the effort anyway; oblivion doesn't though) 
Oblivion Mapping 
Is something I am definately interested in. There is quite a big amount of quality visual mods already so what I would be interested in doing is adding new game areas and quests. 
ioc :P

Hehe, I imagined you might have been interested in doing some kind of dungeon crawl.

After I struck victory in the Siege of Kvatch over the weekend, I made a comment in IRC that some of the hordes I came up against in the courtyards and underhalls of that doomed city felt positively Necrosian. >:} 
It's... It's You! 
The hero of Kvatch!

Get used to it, you'll be hearing it every five minutes from now on ;)

I played with the mode tools briefly, slotting bits together to make new dungeons seems pretty easy but like you guys I'd rather be working on a proper new area. Inserting things into the existing map, or the spaces just beyond the empire's borders seems a bit chancy, especially since the neighbouring areas will probably be expansion pack fodder. We need a proper new bit, like an offshore island accessed by chartering a ship from Anvil. Not sure how well that could work though.

Also, is it just me or are goblins ten times harder to kill than everything else in the game? Even the more vicious kinds of Daedra are pansies compared to goblins. I think it's the really fast attacks and constant charges that makes them so annoying. 
horde combat is the only thing that's challenging any more.

too bad the monsters aren't all that visually appealing. :P and really, who names a monster "clannfear"? o.0
i'll take a shambler or mancubus anyday. :P 
i'll take a shambler or mancubus anyday.

from behind, no doubt. 
crouched right into that one. -_- 
You've gotten out of mappery? 
Kinn got a game industry job at a UK console game developer so he obviously doesn't have much time for "community mapping". 
Although the urge to do community stuff is still strong, inevitably I feel it's hard to justify coming home only to spend my evenings doing pretty much the same shizzle that I do in my "9-to-5" :/ Every now and then, I'll feel motivated to do it, but in general the energy's just not there.

Shallow - that offshore island idea sounds like an excellent solution - avoids the incredibly problematic situation of merging new stuff into the existing map. All it really needs is a new NPC who hangs around the docks who can ferry you by boat to the new island, kinda like the way silt striders worked in MW. I haven't really come across any killer goblins like you describe, although for me it's mountain lions that seem to be ridiculously overpowered compared to all the other monsters o_O

necros - hehe, yeah I don't think Kenneth Scott needs to watch his back just yet, although I think the monsters look decent enough. 
i've been gone from the gaming world since 2003 or something. cant really remember. but seems im going back to it. playing arx fatalis and well, i cant help but ask what other games that have come out since then rule like hell?

jesus the 3d adventure? agh, i want that shit :-) 
Another World 
Just played another world again after the recent official re-release. 
RE: Another World (me Too) 
Fantastic game, if a bit frustrating at times. I looked at it more like an action puzzler than an action game, because the constant deaths are a bit much otherwise. You just need to figure out exactly what to do, then do it.

The first two oddworld games are quite similar, but a lot more forgiving I think.

Even if the game pisses you off, it's worth it just to see the beautiful design and graphics, which have really stood the test of time. 
RE: Another World (me Three) 
cool. only wtf to the registration thing.
i played another version (a simple pc port) last year. pretty nice game, especially for a one-man project - the cutscene animations alone...

i'd also like to play a revamped (or at least ported) version of flashback now, because my amiga version has been broken for ages. :/ 
works fine. You just go to the site, pay, get a .txt with a reg key in the mail and pop it in your AW folder. Piece of piss. 
How do you find the time (and money) to play all those games?! 
Ditto To What Anhk Said 
I Am New 
to the whole antialiasing and anistropic filtering thing, but is it me or do Enclave and Riddick have large amounts of aliasing compared to other games ?

Playing at 1280*1024 (monitor recommended mode) with 16x anistropic and 4xAA. 
I Just Finished Painkiller 
I don't think I can add much to what has already been said, but I now have this game under my belt. So as not to repeat too much, I'll make a few brief points:

- Excellent environments, models and character models. The quality and detail in so many differing environments shows the level of research and skill within the PK team. Excellent work - not a bad level in the game from a visual POV.
- The final level Hell was the most freakish and creepy and wickedly original game world that I have ever seen. Incredible. It will freak you the first time you run through it.
- The Shipping Docks level gave me real vertigo as I walked along those cranes - this is the first time a game made me feel really uncomfortable about heights - it was great.
- Physics: something about that hanging cross in the Monastary level that was irresistable. The physics was useful and fun.
- Rich ambient sounds that are bizarre and effective. Great moody music when you're not listening to Battle Rock.
- The right number and effectiveness of weapons.
- Except for the Swamp Boss, I found the boss fights to be okay and I normally dread boss fights. The puzzles were good.
- It really ran great on my older system.
- It could often be fun.

Some lows:

- Why deny the Prison and Forest levels to those that don't play at Trauma skill? I may not be good enough to get that far.
- Long load times - but that's the price of content so I'll deal with it.
- Very immersive environments combined with totally unimmersive gameplay and battle music.
- It could sometimes be not fun. The desire to see more of the great settings pulled me through. The Railway Station and Military Base were really hard.
- Most secrets that are too difficult to get at.

I found that the best way for me to enjoy PK was to spread it out over a long time. That way, the boring gameplay seemed less boring after returning to it after a long hiatus. Horde slaughter then seems entertaining for a bit.

I have Battle Out of Hell but something makes me think that I'll have to reinstall PK for it to install properly.

I've seen it so cheap that I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in gameworld design. 
Within A Deep Forest 
A platform game, where you play a bouncing blue ball, yay!
Quite nice really, gameplay is fun, visuals are cute, music fits ok. 
Call Of Whatever 
tried playing call of cthulhu - way too puzzle oriented and a bit buggy. The atmosphere is thick, despite shitty engine/effects (everything is blured, like on a bad old tv) and rather sketchy texturing and animation. Hard too (solving puzzles whily being chased with no idea what to do - causes replaying). Im not sure I will bother playing it much more, (so far its been ~4hrs)

new lara - 20 minutes of the demo was it. just boring and annoying camera. looks ok.

btw havent finished PK - too repetative/flat 
PK has some very nice architechture, yet a lot of shit leveldesign
with killboxes, no logical route/progression etc 
Painkiller's levels look great, yes, but for the most part they are just sprawling architectural backgrounds created solely by an environment artist, with gameplay fudged in by the trigger slaves as an afterthought. They're just arenas. 
Call Of Cthulhu 
~1hour into it

hm, interesting, i like how it's so puzzled oriented. so far�
i hate:
- the 2002 graphics (mainly textures + lighting)
- the amount of fixed scripting
- so many doors, so few open
- clichee characters
- 'scifi' stuff
- story only through reading in parts? myst anyone?
- i can't set the sensitivity low enough!? It's at the lowest setting and still like way above my normal sens :/
- rain effects look worse than in descent 3
- 'horror' games really need SOME kind of dynamic lighting

i love:
- characters look nice most of the time and have a nice modeling style.
- puzzles in an fps
- voice of player
- cigarette smoke
- blurring / bloom is cool here
- 1930'ies setting
- static lighting tries to be good
- "it won't budge" (daikatana reference?) 
Re: Within A Deep Forest 
Fun game :) I like it very much. The music and sounds are great, the bouncing balls also. Thanks for the link. 
Re: Re: Within A Deep Forest 
Seconded. It's a nice hangover-recovery game, though at the moment I'm a little frustrated by it because as far as I can see I've done everything I can do and I only have five balls. D'oh. 
Within A Deep Forest 
Look around more, there's always somewhere new to go using different balls. =)
I really enjoyed it myself, nice addition to my small list of great free 2d platformers (like Cave Story and Lyle in Cube Sector). 
I Am Stuck With My 2 Balls 
A friend of mine already found all 10. I love the music and mood in the game. 
So Ive Been Playing Painkiller... 
...with god mode, yes I know its lame, but I do that with the horde oriented games. Also Im playing on Trauma skill so as to access the maps you would otherwise be deprived of... However Ive ran into a problem. It wont let me into episode 5. I beat Alastor, it goes to a montage style cut scene of the various bosses and a glowing silhouette.. and then it rolls the credits. I go back to the map, click on V and it does nothing. I have found no mention anywhere on 'how to access episode 5', is it locking me out because Im cheating? Technically youre not supposed to be able to use cheats in Trauma difficulty (how you do it is load a normal game, turn on god mode, and then load a Trauma save, the God mode status will carry over).

Notes regarding it in general - crappy secrets, these are some of the most inane things ever crafted... Many of the jumps and tricks remind me of the QW acrobatic style maps to show off your skills - I shouldnt have to do that, over an instant-death pit only to have to endure the level load times once more to try again... That and I encountered a secret I should be able to bunnyhop to, but they blatantly put a clip brush blocking you from reaching what would otherwise just be a minor step to get over. 
finished it. finally!
compared to other rpgs, the playing time was extremely long - in the end (after having finished the main quest) i had played for about 115 hours and done 153 quests. easily more than twice as many as other games had. in this respect, it was worth the money for sure.

on the downside, it became somewhat boring after a certain time. the quests were nice, some even very imaginative (like the painter's quest), but the locations showed little variation. i'm mainly talking about the many caves and ruins - they were way too generic (all somehow looked alike and didn't offer anything interesting after having been to a couple of them), with unrealistic crate/chest placing. the items didn't really justify or rather encourage exploration, either, since there were mostly weak weapons and ridiculous amounts of gold to be found. the same applies to the oblivion realms.
the difficulty was ok (slider in the middle) for the most time, although in some situations i got annoyed and temporarily moved it down a little - not because it was too difficult, but because it just wasn't fun having to fight some 20 ghosts/minotaurs/orwhatever in one dungeon, especially if one fight takes quite long already.

some stupid bugs, too (likely already mentioned), like poor translation in parts, npc staying silent despite the dialogue option (though still giving quest-sensitive information that went straight to the diary), having to readjust the keyboard config everytime i started the game (beta patch fixes that, but i only installed it before the last session) and some strange issue with ingredients (couldn't finish the vampire cure and sheogorath's quest, because the ingredients needed were not detected although they were present in the inventory).

i don't want to compare it to morrowind too much, but i was a little disappointed that oblivion's cities are lacking the architectural variety of morrowind's (the mixture of different races or blah - solely human buildings, not houses built into trees, or those worm-like buildings in balmora?). i understand it's a different part of tamriel and therefore has a different style, but still... at least one doesn't have to fight 10k cliff dancers or whatever those flyers were called. ;P
a nice feature would have been some corpses (outside of dungeons) with items and some background story bits like diary pages or something. near the borders maybe. i assume there are a few, but not as many as i had been able to find them (gothic fanboy speaking).

dunno, what else to say. by and large, it was an enjoyable game, but i'm glad it's finally uninstalled. now back to mapping (or not). :)

btw. don't get the 2$ plugins - they are not worth the money. 
HL2 EP1 
Holy god yes lovely.

Taking me 4 hours to beat, it's just a bit more of HL2 really.

(maybe spoilers)

Alyx is cool, and you get to meet Barney (he's hurt, poor thing :( ), and Dr.Kleiner talks about sex.
Cutscene with dog and the car was awesome.
Weird stuff with the vortigaunts and G-man.
I wonder what happened to Judith (besides her finally putting on a jacket to cover up those huge tits).
Really not much story was told, except about people escaping the city.
It ended on a cliffhanger and I dammit Valve I want ep2 now!

In conclusion, yay! 
I agree with you totally about the secrets in Painkiller. In any other game, I love finding counted secrets - in PK, I guess they feel that only trick jumpers deserve secrets (okay, perhaps 5% don't require l337 skilz, but that's not enough.) I have seen secrets I could get to but then I wouldn't know how to return to the psth. The really long load times is a huge deterent to experimentation. Also, arbitrary clips placed just to block you and for no other reason are also a big deterent to exploration for secrets. The secrets seem more geared for those that built the maps and not for those that play. There's a website with videos of all the secrets - perhaps I'll just watch them all and be done with it. Movement in PK feels imprecise because of a high player inertia.

I am at the final level of Battle Out of Hell - playing on Daydream to start. One level is locked out for Daydream. Levels are all good and some are outstanding - the Pit is really impressive and the Funhouse map has totally weird enemies and a wild ride. BooH is just more Painkiller with all that is good and bad intact. I suspect that Insommnia will be really hard for me.

If PK didn't have such a pandering to trick jumping, I'd enjoy it a lot more. I'd love to see a proper SP game with this style of map making. 
Bought the gold edition for $30. I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy it, the demo was okay but not a good representation of the game. I'm almost through with the main set of missions and I've found this game grows on you. I've gotten over the lack-of-detail nitpicks (i.e. small amount of physics, can't shoot out lights, etc.) but I'm enjoying it as I progress.

Have yet to play the Stetchkov add-on included in the gold edition, but it gives you a dozen or so missions - and an extra weapon or 2, plus you can punch! So $30 is a good deal. 
HLEP1: New Stuff? 
are there any new aliens or anything? Weapons? How are the combats if there are not any/many new enemies?

Are the "secrets" still as box pilingly lame?

Is it just more HL2? Really worth the cash? 
Only New Enemy 
Zombified combine soldiers. They don't shoot, but they run faster sometimes and they sometimes pull out a grenade but forget to throw it, so you have to kill them before they get to you and gravgun the grenade away.

Ep2 supposedly introduces a new alien species, though. 
So Basically 
hl2 ep1 is a well thought out way to get your money? 
Well Worth Every Penny Imo 
This Isn't The Kind Of Thing That Usually Goes Here... 
...but, hell, it is an "other" game, and a bunch of the designers here got sucked into it at lunch yesterday. I finally beat it (Lvl 30) last night.

Pretty addictive and fun.
Oh, and level 16 is a dirty, dirty whore. 
Stuck On LVL 6 
Okay yeah I'm stupid, but now I am stuck on 15 :( 
Advice Needed 
I want PC games that would be mostly action-oriented (more than rpg and not pure puzzle adventure games) and would be sort of an open world/nonlinear.
Like Fable or BGE.

If you know games like that - please tell me.
Could be old games too (anything that runs on w2k) 
Lvl 16 
is a bitch, yeah :D 
first game I played on my new computer, no real reason but already had it lying around since my brother bought it for his laptop a while back.

Pros :

- cel shading is nice, although it does admittedly wear off after a while.

- some of the outdoor levels are very nice

Cons :

- most of the level design ranges from average to poor. Out of 30 or so levels, 5-6 are good.

- poor gameplay. Some of it is compounded due to the next point but although the makers have tried to keep it varied, it's fairly mediroce in its execution.

- Fucking lame checkpoint system. This pissed me off no end, especially since the checkpoints became scarcer as the game went on and because you were forced to sit through entire cut scenes upon each reload.

- Plot. a C grade attempt at redoing the Bourne Identity storyline in a noir like fashion. It's terrible and takes up too much gameplay time too.

I'd rate this 5/10. 
Lvl 16 effectively a bitch !! 
...but Lvl 17... 
.. is even worst !! 
I'm This Time... 
... completlty stucked at lvl 21... 
... Errrr... 
I mean 23 ... ;P 
Try Fallout
It was kind of weird...level 16 slowed me down for over 20 minutes, but once I got it, none of the following levels ever slowed me down for more than a short time.

The guy needs to make more levels and use various shapes of primitives... 
For Info... 
.. there are 30 levels... adn then it's over.. 
Level 16 
such a bitch! solved after 2 hours :( 
I Want XIII 
But it has Starfarce. 
it's an older version of starforce though, not starforce 4, which is the one causing problems (Splinter Cell 3 and the new Prince of Persia have it). 
played both fallouts ofcourse. and its rpg, not action really

XIII kept me interested till 2nd winter level, then I gave it up. rather average game 
didnt miss much, 1 or 2 decent levels after that but not much more. 
Sure they're RPG - I thought the action within would satisfy your needs. Anyway, glad you've played them. 
so does this game have real time combat ?

never played morrowind so have no idea what to expect from this. 
And it's actually much better than Morrowinds combat (which was also real time, but actually hitting your enemy was an electronic roll of the dice based on offense/defense combination, and (especially at low levels) you'ld just stand in front of an enemy and flail at air quite a bit sometimes.

If you hit something in Oblivion, you'll actually make contact based on positioning, and then the offense/defense only comes into play to determine damage.

Oblivion is enormously better than Morrowind when it comes to graphical beauty, combat, and many basic game mechanics, while Morrowind excels at making general world exploration a joy, and provides much more asset variety (e.g. architecture, races, factions) and random hidden fun to discover.

Both games are on my personal "best-ever" list. 
XIII isn't too average to me, I'm really enjoying it.

Here is my SWAT 4 Gold review 3/5 
Shambler's Post In The Music Thread Made Me Curious... 
has anyone here played eve? is it actually any good? 
See Lun's 06.01.2006 post on his site. 
Oh Hey! 
q4 textures! ^_^ 
XIII Review 
Generous Phait 
but it seems the lack of a proper save system and the shitely implemented quicksave system, didnt bother you as much.

which is probably fair enough, I'm not the best FPS player, but I shouldnt be penalised for that IMHO. 
nitin I felt the same as you, hell annoying to rewatch the same cinematics for 5th time ffs
and I don like sneaking games (die sam fisher!) 
June 22nd, the demo will be released. I will be waiting in line to download it. This game gets me tingly. 
Zwiffle: you have a thing for alien arsehole doors? 
Tron: you don't? 
Aliens, save the world, blah blah. Seen it before. 
I'm pretty sure you haven't. Yeah, the story is Save t3h Girl/World. Same with HL2. Same with D3. The difference is, Prey actually looks COOL. It looks like they took the technology the developed, and put it to practical use. I don't know any other game that comes close to the Wow factor that Prey has given me. It looks similar to Doom 3, but there are also some distinguishing features (unlike Quake 4, bleh.) Prey still gets me wet. I'm literally sitting in a puddle of my own wet. OK, not literally. 
Looks fucking brilliant, if you are seriously not gonna play the game because "the story is peh" then you sir, suck :) 
wiech les negro bi1 ou bi1 je cherche 100% pregresion pour gta san adreass 
Making Of Shadow Of The Colossus 
Found this link:

Interesting in that it talks about a lot of the tech that made it unusual. Not very in-depth, but covers a lot of topics. 
metls lime: thnx

prey: looks-shmooks... I hope for interesting gameplay with some innovations. its all about FUN. bump is the false god.

shadowgrounds: almost beated it (got 2 levels left) and got bored
story progrssion is idiotic with all those military types ordering you around... chop-chop! feck off 
He He 
Anita Miller: FECK YOU!
Elaine Miller: HEY!
Anita Miller: This is a house of lies!
Elaine Miller: Well there it is, your sister used the "F" word.
William Miller: I think she said "feck."
Elaine Miller: What's the difference?
William Miller: The letter "u." 
No Its Interesting 
Prey Demo 
Bathrooms, anus doors and shit spewing vents.

Oh my.

Haven't tried the mp yet but the sp is interesting, runs bad at the moment though, might be fine once I adjust some settings. 
Prey Demo Indeed 
This demo oozes quality and atmosphere. The alien/organic/alive universe thing is thought out and pulled off very well, level design lighting and assets are all of a high quality, the movement is fun and satisfyingly solid. There are plenty of smart little touches which really set the game off - the weapons, the ammo, even the doors are cool. Fuck yeah.

Lastly it runs very smoothly at meduim/pathetic settings on my increasingly outdated 9800 pro. Human Head have done a kickass job and I will definitely pick this one up.

/me runs off to try the MP 
Prey Demo 
Fucking 100 out of 10. Nothing bad here. Not a thing. Everything is perfect - except it might be hard getting good pings in MP, but once you find one (Team DM preferred) you will have the best DM you have ever had. At least I did. The levels are amazing. The weapons are amazing. The gameplay is fast and frenetic. I will definitely pick this game up as well. 
Prey Demo 

- runs very nice here, on hihg settings. cool!
- gravity is AWESOME! why hasnt anybody done this before. shrinking, teleporters, omg. all this even useful for gameplay, wth, someone must've gathered fucking lots of stupid gamedesigners to do something that is (from a concept point of view) this simple, awesome and actually useful. the small diameter planet actually has less gravity - great, simply great!
- opening sequence, although the standard "no weapon/hud, run around, blabla" its still awesome. you can change the music, ffs!
- shot impacts
- vertical gameplay, yay (the little there was)
- design of the levels. everything looks so much better than in doom3, so much less boring/standard, almost any element has a twist that makes it stand out.. that might change after a few hours into it though.
- nice hawk

- models look.. meh. Doom3 models look a lot better imho.
-not enough vertical gameplay
- gameplay felt weird, it was very easy until suddenly i had seldom more than half health.
- no armor
- no secrets?
- not enough music
- weapons, i dunno. got to see more of em to know if they suck (or not)
- i felt like playing the trailers that were already out there. not a single thing that surprised me (besides the planet thingie, which i saw before, but couldn't remember), lots of 'ah, i saw this in the trailer' things. felt like a movie spoiled by the trailer.
- 3 "roll explosive to blocked exit and blow up" riddles in the first two gameplay levels already.. argh boredom. also, you couldn't blow the obstacles up with a grenadefrogalienthingie, yeah right.
- 2d design SUCKS. Someone, make them get a decent artist ffs! 
The "gravity" part has been done in Serious Sam, at least to a tiny extent. I don't know how they did it or if they could even do some of the things Prey can do, but there was at least one secret room that was spherical, and you could walk along all the walls and on the ceiling. That was neat. Still, Prey is spot on. 
Prey Demo 
It's great to see the level of interactivity in Doom 3 engine back, and I like the real-world setting and environment and social immersion (like in the bar).

Beyond that, once you progress - it's pretty much like Doom 3, and more boring mech-aliens. I like the the execution of it's presentation overall, but not the artistic direction and plot. 
Prey Demo 
Just finished it, wow!

+ Graphics are fantastic
+ Adore the biomechanoid alien ship/hive/thing
+ Weapons rock! Living weapons ftw
+ Getting shat on has never been so cool
+ Spirit mode is cool and adds gameplay/puzzle depth
+ Dying isn't dying, just another puzzle to get back to the living, cool
+ Portals fucking rock
+ Wall walking fucking rocks

- Needs some more music to the levels
- some of the player characters voice acting is rubbish, and most of his quips are not required
- The demo ends just as it gets interresting :)

This game rocks, like others said above it takes some standard gameplay concepts (gravity etc) and makes a totally new and cool game out of them. Then layer ontop of that the spirit walk mode and death battle, plus the whole alien living ship/hive thing and its pure game bliss :)

Already pre-ordered! 
I had missed it back then (wait a sec, 5 years ago? sheet)
I was expecting nice Aliens atmosphere and good gameplay...
Instead I got corridor crawling wirh flashlight with some attempts at being scarry. uh
I was expecting the game to look dated and I actually dont mind the environments (some outdoors look cool, indoors are on year 98` level tho), but the aliens ... they are utterly unimpressive and bleh in every aspect. Its a huge letdown for a game about ALIENS ;/ 
I have to say I was a little dissapointed by the Prey demo. My first despairing moment came when I'd pretty much interacted with everything I could in the bar at the beginning and nothing seemed to be happening. That was all far too drawn out. Blue Oyster Cult piping in when things finally did take off was quite cool, but any pleasure that that gave me was soon destroyed by the millionth FPS-scripted-train-ride-crap that I've had to sit through in the past five or six years. Seriously -- it was good when HL1 did it, but isn't it getting a bit f**king tired now? I suppose I could level the same complaint at Quake 4, but at least you could watch yourself being butchered during that one.

The guns all feel weak, the enemies show absolutely no signs of intelligence and although the anti-grav walkways are pretty fun to start with, the rest of the environment is just plain annoying. Whoever thought it would be fun to have intermittently-acid-spewing-rectums in the walls was quite frankly an idiot. Avoiding them doesn't involve any skill or deep thought, it's just a case of remembering to look out for them. Where's the reward in that?

Multiplayer was fun for a while and they seem to have sorted out the Doom 3 Engine's dodgy net code [dunno if it's just me that suffers from some terrible lag in D3 and Q4?] but I doubt I'll ever have the patience to fully learn those maps, so it essentially just decends in to running around killing whoever you happen across. 
Prey DM 
I find Prey DM to be, quite frankly, super fun. Not just fun - SUPER fun. The 2 maps aren't hard at all to learn. I had them memorized the third time through each of them, and they are quite spectacular maps at that. Keeper Gravity is better than Salvage Walk imo, but that's just because its easier to learn and find all the secrets. It's fast, but not QW fast, and the weapons just feel right to me. The acid gun (aka shotgun) leaves green spray on the walls wherever you shoot, while the other guns are just too damn cool. I've been hooked to Multiprey all day long - maybe because I rarely lose at it, but this game is a load of fun. 
Prey Demo 
Quick summary: Oh Hells Yes!

If I were to give a more sober evaluation, I might criticise it for using basically the exact same near-black pipe-infested metallo-dungeons shakily glued together by Giant Anuses and undulating flesh pylons, that have already been beaten to a greasy crimsom pulp in Doom3 and Quake4, but that would be missing the point that, thanks to various well thought out gimmicks like the gravity and portal shenanigans, the gameplay is cool and fun and actually feels new!

Also, bonus points for actually having the bollocks to put enemies somewhere other than the same bloody plane as the player, something that comes naturally from the gravity fuckery, I might add.

I wasn't too keen on the player speaking all the time. "Whoa, this is fucked up!", "Whoa, this shit is intense!" (I can't remember the exact words) To which I would often find myself groaning back, "Yes I know this shit is intense - I'm playing the fucking game, I don't need a constant commentary to tell me what's cool and what's gross etc, I want to discover it for myself thank you". But this is a minor criticism at best, and I've had a shitty week at work.

Yes, the opening "interactive cutscene" was overly drawn out, and it's really not that interesting listen to some old fart waffling on about Cherokees and embracing your heritage and all that crap. I liked the bit in the bar where the first thing you do is bludgeon two blokes to death with a rusty monkey wrench for looking at your girl. That immersed me in the character. Gave it that "emotional edge".

So yeah I guess a revised summary would be: It may look like the same old shit, but it certainly doesn't play like it. I look forward to playing the full game :) 
Played The Prey Demo 
First thing that struck me was the incredible feel of the controls. Despite having all settings maxed out (well, for a 17 inch monitor), the controls and screen refresh rates were extremely smooth.

Game play felt fresh in many ways, demi-organic weapons, a nicely fleshed out space ship, some original game play elements already mentioned. A completely satisfying game play experience. It helps the demo wasn't supershort like most tend to be now. I'll definitely pick this up.

Negatives: Still screen of Tom and Jen voguing
was a bit off putting. They look so damn unreflectively serious. What Kinn mentioned earlier about the story elements holds true. Very stereotypical characterizations. Whoever wrote the story bits needs to get out of the EnglishLit Department and meet some actual people. 
but a bit linear I thought. There should be TONS of exploration with all the cool environment shit they have going on, but the demo felt really linear with lots of locked doors and stuff :/

still enjoyed it. 
not much shooter, more of 'whoa this is fucked up' :) Im so getting it. Looks like the best game to come out this year.

than: its less linear than hl ep atleast 
Call Of Cthulhu 
One of the first games I've bought without trying a demo, because there is no demo.

So far, for $30 I think it's worth it. I haven't even gotten a weapon yet and I'm like 23% done (according to the stats screen).

Plenty of immersion sans any HUD, the soundscapes/ambience/score is well done, voice acting generally well done -- artistic presentation well done, although low-res and outdated, it doesn't detract from the fun and mystique of this action-adventure FPS.

I never was familiar with Lovecraft's work, but I know we have some fans here. Maybe rent it for X-Box first before buying the PC version, get a feel for it.

I like it. 
Could You Please All 
just shut up about living weapon? OK, the model has three moving tentacles, fine. HL1 had that. Having something 'living' requires at least a tiny amount of own will. And you don't want that on weapons� 
come on, Prisoner #8463316. Plants are alive too. 
That Gun Is So Cool 
it deserves its own topic. Yes, Half Life had organic weapons, but none of their weapons ever reached down during a rest cycle to give you a blowjob. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'I love my Smith&Wesson' 
Shoot Em Ups 
I've played an awful lot of shoot em ups and a few I really enjoyed were..Serious Sam,Max Griffin Bounty Hunter, Doom3 ( of course! )and Boiling Point Road To Hell.Halo and the like were ok(, Breed, Half Life, Hitman etc etc )but as modern games keep pushing the envelope, how long before we're playing full 3D holograms?By the way,if you intend to try a Flight Sim, make sure its LOCK-ON Modern Air Combat, phew! what a buzz! 
Doom RPG 
Just got Doom RPG for my mobile phone. It's kinda funny (and good) :) 
Hl Episode 
oh no Alyx just died. game over ... flashback :) But where is FPS ? all the puzzle solving with grav gun and almost no shooting Why? 
FPS is old and busted. Gravity puzzles for teh win! 
just finished full version of Prey. very very very damn good game. sort of like quake 4 mixed with fucked up gravity/etc stuff you can see in the demo. took me 7 hours. 
Titan Quest: who's playing it? Take DIablo 2, make it 3d and pretty, ditch the fantasy setting for ancient Greece/Egypt, and you have a pretty solid action RPG, aside from some pretty widespread bugs. (I have only encountered a few pretty noticeable graphical glitches, but no crashes yet.)

Anyone else digging this? Maybe some internet play? 
I didn't know Prey was out yet!!! I thought it came out like the 11th or something. I need that game - 3dRealms can have my soul if they want it - I just need it fast and hard!!!!!!! 
is not out yet unless you pirate a gold beta or something. 
Call Of Cthulhu Review 
Red Faction 2 
oh my god, how could i miss this gem?

i just got my hands on it and it ROCKS! Arguably a very dissappointing start, but oh boy does it get nice after that.

It feels weird at first and arguably has shitty (tm) lighting all over the place (vertex lighting only?) and it looks kinda washed out, but the leveldesign gets better and better, vehicle missions actually make sense when you can destroy the environment and it has all the non-linear FEEL to it that hl2 and doom3 so miserably fail to produce.

the level-layouts are just so much nicer and more thought through then box - corridor - box (and yes, it feels like that in hl2, too), and the destroyable stuff adds a cool realistic flair.

woha, im blown away, more to come :) 

I won't spoil the story - but hands down the Best Game Ever. My only complaint is that it's short - it shouldn't take more than 10 hours to beat. But my god, what a feast this game is. It's just... really really good.

Get it and play it. 
by the way, the ending continues on after the credits...

if only this game had more monster types... 
how does it run compared to q4/d3 ? 
slower for me
but u can turn off all the extra glitz to make it run fine. why not try the demo? 
Thanks Speedy 
as for demo, I'm annoyed at having tried demos that require different specs to the final game. 
hm. it loads and runs faster than doom3/quake4 for me on the same settings in 1024x768. 
Replayed Enclave 
on the new comp, god this game is stunning ot look at. The textures are so sharp and the design is great. I like hte levels too, free to explore and do what you want most times. Nice enemy variety, I dig the gameplay here.

If only it had a proper save system and some better model animation, especially the player. It seems a bit stiff.

Is it mappable ? some killer maps could be made or it. 
Playing Unreal 2 
so far it's like everyone said, fairly so-so.

There's some stunning design, but in other places the levels look overly cluttered, much like a lot of new games. Rorshach's skinwork is amazing, especially on the Skaarj who just look brilliant IMHO.

The atmosphere is fairly good too, but what is clearly lacking is gameplay. The weapons are pathetic and weak, there is no sense of intensity in any of the fights. The best level so far has been the one where you rescue a team of marines than hold the dropship landing zone for 5 mins whilst being attacked from multiple points.

Dnt know how far into it I am, but hopefully the gameplay picks up (I doubt it). till then, the occasional brilliant design and the cool Skaarj will ekep me going. 
I started Unreal2 multiple times, and hated it multiple times. Then one time I pushed myself and got past a certain point... and really liked it.

The weapons are weak, they have very little sense of impact... but the fact is, I found myself giving a damn what was happening. I enjoyed talking with the crew members, finding out more of what was going on, and actually cared. It has a lot of significant flaws, but it does something no other FPS has done - made me care about the other characters in the game or what happened beyond whether or not I died. 
Enclave is mappable but unfortunatly I don't think there has been any custom map made and due to lack of community and good documentation it's probably very hard to get into at least when it comes to doing any script stuff but please do try!

Look here for info and tools: 
Its one of the most underrated games 
So I gave in and purchased WoW, currently playing a lvl16 Night Elf warrior on Ravenholdt.

(see you all in 6 months or so) 
Ok yeah so I played the demo and gave my thoughts a few posts above. "So far so good" I mused. Then I got the full game.

I'm not sure how far into the game it dawned on me, but when it did, it went something like this:

"Whoa whoa whoa, wait a fucking minute - I can't actually die in this game???."

So I'm playing the game in a thinly disguised God Mode, where "death" is just a minor inconvenience, costing you only a few seconds as you are sent to a brief shooting gallery minigame to raise your health (but even shooting stuff is optional because you're given a nominal amount of health even if you don't hit anything); you can never run out of ammo as it regenerates slightly when you run dry (as does your health just in case being effectively invincible was too much of a challenge). No it's nothing like quicksave/quickload (it has that too btw) - if you "die" halfway through killing a monster, when you "respawn" (in the exact same place you died, conveniently) the monster is still half-dead. This made the first boss encounter laughable as I just stood in the middle of the room shooting him because I wanted to get a close-up look at the cool model, and also I couldn't be arsed to find cover - I only needed to visit the shooting gallery 3 times before he keeled over.

So ok, combat is now trivial and meaningless - what about the rest of the game?

Spirit walk puzzles were fun until I realised that the game tells you exactly when to go into Spirit Mode by conveniently placing a glowing blue "Go Into Spirit Mode Here" decal anywhere you needed to use it (do you see a pattern emerging here?). I had to groan when they started using this to do crap Doom3-style "find the access code" puzzles to open doors.

Portals are cool I guess, but they're just teleporters - even Unreal had the ones like here where you can see through to the other side - so I'm not going to get too excited about them.

Gravity dickery is the only real innovation here and it is cool - makes for some very confusing navigation in parts, but sadly it does little to disguise the fact that the game progression is still mind-numbingly linear.

So yeah - who's the target audience for this game? There's a big red 18 certificate slapped on the box - I guess because they wanted the player character to say "fuck" a lot (he does), and they wanted gibs and gore, but the difficulty level surely means that only casuals and those new to gaming will get any lasting satisfaction from playing this. 
You Have Won A Tee 
Y'know, Kinn...'s weird, I can't really argue with any of the facts you've pointed out, and yeah, in a way all those things do make the game sorta weak and hand-holdy (which I normally despise), but all that being said, I'm still really enjoying the game.

I know that the wall-walking/gravity tricks are at least a good chunk of it--I love shit like that, and I love creative level layouts and lots of vertical and so forth, but...I dunno. Maybe I'm just getting less critical in my old age. It's a fun, pretty game and I like it.

Anyone know the status of an editor? I'd love to make a map with lots of gravity stuff that will make people projectile vomit five minutes after the match starts... 
About Unreal2: I thought this was really a horrible game, gameplay was just awful, and the story is insultingly stupid, they make you play a complete idiot. Only some of the visuals were ok.

About Prey: I totally agree with Kinn, but I still kinda enjoyed it. A shame they didn't use the spirit walk and death thing in a more interesting manner (like requiring you to use up spirit energy to come back from the dead maybe, and making more interesting secrets with spirit walk, for instance opening up areas to attack enemies from more a more advantagous area or something).

pjw, type editor in the console. =) 
I don't have the game handy; how do you bring up the console? I tried hitting tilde, and when nothing happened, couldn't be bothered to mess with it further and went back to playing the game...

Or is it some config setting, allowconsole 1 or something...? 
You can make a new short Prey.exe shortcut, but add "+set r_fullscreen 0 +set r_brightness 1 +set r_multiSamples 0 +wait +wait +wait +editor" after the prey.exe, without quotes.Really all you need is +editor, but the other stuff is supposed to help out too. I stole that from or 3drealms forums or something. It's basically the Doom3Editor (sad face.)

Kinn: You are right about everything really. That's one reason the game is so short - because it's just overly easy. The "self-adjusting" style of difficulty has, at least in my experience, never been pulled off well. After a while, the spirit walking puzzles basically just got tedious, as they all became "walk through barrier, push button, /spiritwalk." The level design was never fully realized imo, they could've done a lot cooler puzzles and everything.

Still, this is probably my new favorite game. I had a total blast playing it. 
I'm Curious... 
This sounds like a situation where our preconceptions about what makes a game good or bad (saving, death, puzzles) fails to explain whether the game is actually fun. So what is it about Prey that makes it fun even though it shouldn't be fun based on our pseudoscientific analyses? Is it the medal-of-honor effect where all you need is a lot of flash and sizzle and "cool moments" to ignore that it's shallow, or unchallenging, or overly linear?

(note: i haven't played it myself.) 
Thanks Zwiffle!
(I should have known...) 
atmosphere (ie. graphics), fuckedupness. That's about it.

I still don't get why not being able to die is a BAD thing though - if you're not exploiting it like kinn did (the game should punish you for that). I still try to stay alive, and i think prey isn't easy at all. Although a lot of that accounts to hitscan allways hit enemies..

Just occured to me while playing: even though they have larger and more complex rooms than d3, they dont use em for nice gameplay. 
What do you mean by nice gameplay? I thought some of the bigger areas had really awesome gameplay - snipers spawning in, flying monsters ,etc. But yeah, not being able to die contributes significantly to the shortness of the game. I do think the afterlife was a nice addition, but maybe should have let you come back only a certain number of times (lives/continues/whatever) per level. That would have made the gameplay a little more challenging. 
Prey had this type in 1997, so I don't know why they didn't put a portal gun in the final game...

That's how Portals should be used. 
Wow, nice trailer !! 
what tricksters could come up with that?
Someone make a fps puzzle game with push / pull guns and that portal gun. :) 
I'm not a Valve fan, but that looks fuckin sweet. I may have to reinstall HL2 if that's a mod. Nice find. 
Tipped From Qexpo 
nah thats a new valve game called "portal" (heh).

Its ships with HL2 episode 2 and is basicly a huge puzzle game from I know. There is a full quality trailer available on steam, looks frikkin messed up :D 
Did We Already See This Yet? 
what said, the mirrors are probably congested.
Maybe this works 
Titan Quest Look very nice and have read nuthing but good reviews from most places. Dungeon Siege esque, how can it not be good? Has anybody here tried this game and is it worth shelling out the �17.99? 
i'm planning on getting that soon... i'll let you know when i do. :) 
Titan Quest 
Aye its good, its more Diablo than dungeon siege though (which is great!).

I currently have a level 24 elementalist, and I can see myself replaying this game a lot, as you can only choose 2 skill professions per character (and there are 8 (??) professions in the game) and each one is very cool and different.

Basicly if you loved Diablo you will like this a lot, I would say its not *quite* as good but its sure worth a look.

One thing that has really irritated me so far though is that 90% of the *good* loot that drops is for warrior type characters, ie. damn good armour pieces and huge swords, so my lonely little mage is feeling mightly left out, maybe its just bad luck I dunno but its getting tiresome :)

Also its just too damn easy (im playing on normal though...), my character seems to nuke everything (literally lol) usually before they reach me, and if they do my core dweller soon stomps on them :D 
Funny how you went from paragraph 4 to paragraph 5. Surely the irony there is intentional. 
Just Started Playing Today.. 
i had one of the ice mage style chars, but it felt really weak, so i restarted as a fire/earth magey char, and this guy is crazy now...

most of the spells one or two shot the mobs, and i just got this elemental beast thing... my minion can pretty much solo a large group of mobs on it's own, so i just send him in and use aoe bombs. whee... :P

hopefully it gets harder later on, but after reading Daz's post, i'm a little worried. :)

game runs pretty well, but there are some odd bugs like some parts of the sound (music and some battle sounds) cutting out for a few seconds, followed by some dumb ai pathing so that when my minion can't make it to a mob, instead of giving up, it makes the game get really choppy until you kill the mob to make the minion stop trying to path to it.

i've heard it crashes a lot, but haven't had it crash on my yet in about 3 hours of play.

anyway, mroe later when i get furthur in, i suppose.

i'm taking this as a good warmup since i plan to renew my WoW subscription again.. 9_9 
what's with everyone playing mmorpgs? it seems counterproductive to me, since the game is obviously only designed to get you to play nonstop (so blizzard can get your monthly [rent] money). 
Playing computer games in general has never been exactly productive, 
But You Forget One Thing, Jago 
Inertia is a pro qw player!
He has a strategy for aerowalk!
Serious business! 
But Mmoopropgsgs? 
Well, I guess they are kinda like irc, only with fancy graphics, and silly quests to do when you would be idling and doing something more productive if you were in irc.

Anyway, I don't think I only speak for myself here, but playing Quake hasn't exactly been unproductive, since it has led to a lot of other stuff. Playing WoW would surely just make me have less money, time and perhaps more internet friends... whooopie!

Seem like a waste of money to me.

If there was a pay by the minute option, where each minute cost around 1/40,000th of the regular monthly subscription, then maybe I would bother, but as I am a value for money man, I wouldn't be getting perceived value from a mmopoioreiopppgg unless I played it all the time. 
the only game besides quake that bring some atencion was enemy territory fortress :) love that one a lot!!! bunny jumping and rocketjump very good.

in 1998 i was a quake fortress player also :) 
I had to erase q2 cause it was killing my time 
A Rocket By Any Other Name 
inertia: I decided the samething about watching TV.

Jago: true, but with Quake you're not paying a monthly fee to be unproductive.

czg: lawl. Will you be my friend? 
Wow was really interesting for about a year but then it`s just the same old stuff over and over. I just lost the time and patience to sit there 4-8hrs at a time doing 20-40man instances, with some angst teenager shouting bullshit over ventrillo at you.

I don`t think I`ll be subscribing to another mmo, single player is where it`s at.

Hmmm, how about Mmo quake? 
i'm not sure exactly what keeps bringing me back to WoW... i like the challenge of the endgame content; the competitive nature between guilds to be the first one to kill a certain boss. i like the teamwork involved. i like to pvp a lot too, although a lot of people are disappointed with the BGs and the new world PvP stuff coming out in 1.12 look pretty stupid. 
I've Been Having Wet Dreams 
about a Quake MMO for some time. I picture the coming together of all three Quake legends [General Quake's Minions, the Strogg and the Vadrigar]. It could be some sort of fourway war spread out through various different galaxies and dimensions.

Character levelling elements would have to be kept to a minimum to maintain Quake's simplicity, but perhaps higher 'level' characters could carry different default weapons, stronger armor, higher ammo capacity etc.

It would be a gigantic team coop game.

I don't know what netcode, server architecture etc etc etc would have to be arranged, but the idea of having about 30 or 40 players cooping on a map a bit like marcher.bsp but EVEN BIGGER is almost more than I can cope with.

(my brain is bent out of shape from programming to hard right now though) 
If I recall correctly, LordHavoc is working on some kind of MMOFPS...not sure if he's using some kind of modified Quake engine as the framework for it (probably not) but I know he mentioned that as being one of his current projects.

Everyone I know has been saying Titan Quest is an excellent game and therefore I think it is probably well worth �17.99. Most of these same people spent between 50-70 hours just getting through all the content the first time around.

I think MMORPGs are a pretty transparent money grab and as such I have never played one. I love single player RPGs because you get a nice smattering of story along with your combat and you enjoy spending time with the carefully (or sometimes not carefully) crafted characters. In an MMORPG I don't get to spend time with carefully crafted characters -- I get to spend it with annoying people who will e-yell at me because I'm not "aggro" enough or I haven't spent 200 hours mining for gold some shit like that.

The other thing I like about RPGs is that they have an end. Even if a book was the most engaging thought provoking book in history, I would want there to be an end at some point so I could dwell on it and be satisfied with having finished it. 
where can i get this MMORPGs??? 
There Is At Least One Way 
a massive multiplayer quake could be done. Quakeworld servers with deathmatch=0 and spprogs.dat (so it becomes coop-like) and teleports leading to other servers. Would require some customization of course, and I don't know if the game dynamic is plausible at all, how you would design the maps etc, and how you would "score" the progress etc. 
I was thinking something along those lines. A modular system like GuildWars, so you could have non-combat maps [such as a quake/strogg/marine/vadrigar HQ] where players meet up and discuss tactics etc. before jumping through a slipgate or on to a spaceship to go to a battle map and meet a set of players from an opposing force. Upon winning a battle, the team wins something or other for their HQ. Quakes forces might win Runes, whilst the Strogg could take back the corpses for energy, etc. etc. 
if you had separate textures, downloading maps could be really quick. This could already be possible by making maps with really simple textures and using external tga:s. Dunno.

Slipgates to other servers were done already in 1997 or so (remember when iNET had a "front end" server which had slipgates to all of their servers). 
All you Titan Quest gits need to get on irc sometime and we can have romp around online. I have a lvl42 battlemage and recently beat normal skill. 
my current character is fire / ice mage, and yeah the lower tier ice spells are a bit poo, but DAMN once you get a high level lightning bolt spell it does serious damage! basicly my level 11 lightning bolt can 1-hit pretty much anything apart from bosses, and as it goes up levels it gains area damage too (heh).

Anyone tried the "spirit" (I think its called that) class tree? It looked kind of necromancer 'ish and I was gonna try it next. 
ETQW Tech Explained (megatexture) At Least Somewhat 
I think Quake2 as some sort of "Guild wars" alike game. Is a central server for coop games. but I am not a q2 guy so I dont know much. 
System Shocks 
i replayed both games, system shock 1 and 2, recently. what a great retro experience! :)

i thought ss1 would be too hard to swallow in terms of graphics, but with the cd version (which is abandonware apparently) it was very ok. all it needed was an inofficial winxp patch..
controls are dodgy at first but it works once one knows the strafe keys. i really liked the game's atmosphere - very immersive - and the textures looked cool (colorful, in a positive way). also, this was the first time i played the game with voice-acted audio logs, which are a nice addition (even though they always pronounced "cyborg" incorrectly :)).
proper story (back then it was still original) and story development; cyberspace; skulls in crates..
the ending was a bit strange though, because the final cutscene started immediately after having drained shodan's health (no death animation).
strongly recommended if you are in the mood again!

getting ss2 to run, on the other hand, was quite an effort: i had to run the setup with some arcane parameter, apply lots of patches and use a slowdown tool while playing. later, i had to get fixed versions of two of the maps for they would not load, and finally needed to regsvr some file to be able to watch the ending cutscene...
well, graphics are better of course (3d), though at the same time made the game look kind of boring - too bright and shiny. compare ss1 with ss2 screenshots and you will see.
i liked the way the story was continued, with the approach of "the many" and all. near the end, one even has to destroy its body and fights within a living organism grown over a part of the ship. the final area (shortly before the fight against shodan) was also pretty nice, as it is a part of the first level from ss1. average ending, but at least made way for another sequel.
the 'leveling system' (buying tech/weapon/etc upgrades) as well as the choice of different player classes in the beginning was more distracting than helpful. psi powers did not really kick it either.
what annoyed me most were the respawning enemies - it's ok in principle, but it just sucks having to blast away security mechs every single time when returning to certain spots..
psi reaver enemies were quite a nice idea, though: they are floating apparitions with very tough psi attacks that respawn after a short when being killed. the only way to defeat them is to destroy a weak 'brain organism' hidden nearby. might be interesting to see something like that in quake... ;)

btw. a somewhat nice feature of both games (related to recent prey fake-death discussions): almost every deck of the station/ship has a regenerator which can restore your body when you have been killed. but it has to be found and activated first (otherwise one gets transformed into a cyborg or just dies). this at least still maintains some tension until the 'rescuing switch' is found (especially if one plays as intelligently as i did and walks into the wrong direction, only finding it after having cleared the entire deck :P). 
Dungeon Siege 
now that I have a comp that can run it, either of the dungeons sieges recommended ?

which one's better ? grpahics ? 
I completed the 1st one and quite enjoyed it, though it can get quite trite in places. I only played the demo of number 2 and wasn't particularly impressed by it.

Have you looked at titan quest also? 
Dungeon Siege 
I thought it was pretty good. I normally suck quite profusely at RPGs (how ironic, eh?) but I didn't have much trouble with this. I never finished it, though. I got near the end and just stopped playing, but I don't remember why exactly.

Graphics are decent to good. If you're still playing Quake and those graphics don't bother you, then I doubt you'll have a problem with this.

I haven't played Dungeon Siege 2. 
Thanks Chaps 
I'm not much ofan RPG man myself RPG (hehe), but I liked Diablo2 and heard this was similar (ie more hack/slash than RPG).

might give it a whirl. 
Just Played The Fear Demo A Bit 
I had heard the enviroments wereboring but I couldn't imagine they would be SO AWEFULLY LIFELESS and they really killed the immersion. Bad dialouge/acting combat/enemies feel weak although when placed in groups in a room full of physic objects it gets slightly interesting.

I totally will not play the full game. 
People complain a lot about the FEAR environments being boring but they're just office buildings and warehouses with some tech facilities. They're not anything amazing or innovative but they are well executed and good at what they do. It's a game about a guy terrorizing a city and you work with a SWAT-type team to take him out within said city. What did you expect, volcanoes and tropical tree forts? 
AND ^^ 
It's definitely not for lack of talent on the level design team. They had some veterans including long lost community member and former Freshteam mapper kanaeda 
My Complaint 
was not about it being offices and wareshouses but that they were poorly excecuted and not very convincing at all with crappy lighting etc.

Maybe later levels look better but these days I tend to judge games quick wich I guess in some cases might be unfair but if it doesn't hook me I'm not going to waste my time on it. 

Its a first person horror/thriller set in an underground complex of some sort in Greenland, and featues some pretty nifty ideas and oldskool puzzle gameplay.

I have to mention 1st the physics and how the player interacts with the world. Top open a door you have to click and hold the mouse and then drag the mouse in the direction you want to apply force to the door, thereby opening it, sounds simple but this mechanic is used for multiple things in the game and works great. Reminds me a little of that old game "Trespasser" with the virtual hands (that sucked) but thankgod the implementation here is solid and easy to control and really helps sell the immersion.

Which brings me nicely to the 2nd great thing about this game, the atmosphere. I dunno what it is about this game, but it really sucks me in, its just so creepy it freaks you out! The combo of doom3 style lighting and visuals, the player controled physics interaction, and the fact that you have NO WEAPONS to defend yourself just makes it terrifying.

Yes there is NO WEAPONS, this is not an fps, more of FPP (first perpon puzzler) like Portal etc, it does have some very oldskool puzzle elements such as combining items to create new items (this can be quite obscure at times) and using inventory items on the world.

Again this brings me nicely to the major drawback I found with this game, some of them item combos and world objects to use said items on can be very obscure and not clear at all, which does lead to frustration when you cannot find where to go or what to use items on. The game does have a handy notebook system to keep info on but its not enough, something I hope the developer fixes for the full product.

In closing, this game rocks, totally differrnt take on the horror/thriller genre and it works, it is created by an indie developer (just 3 guys iirc) and has cool motion blur :D

Please try this :) 
Thanks For The Heads Up There 
this sounds like the kind of game I'm inclined towards these days. 
that sounds like the first game in a looooong time that is interesting. 
From The Screenshots: 
...there seems to be some sort of electrical chord...

The in-game text really strikes a cord with me.

Oh, but yeah, the control scheme sounds interesting. 
DOW : Dark Crusade Demo 
pretty cool stuff! 2 levels from the game, 1 skirmish and 1 SP, where you play the new Tau race. Its a cool race made up of 2 seperate species which are allied together, the Tau are technically advanced and have cool guns and shit, while the other ones are like cavemen but are awesome at close combat.

New stuff - Upgradable commander units with new armour, weapons, abilities etc

- Tau have a split tech tree, if you go up 1 side (tau) then cavemen remain weak, or vice versa.

- they seem to have tweaked the effects, lots more blood and gore (heh) and cool fx.

- Not in the demo, but there is a full strategic map in SP now which is playable with all 7 races.

Definately gonna get this! 
I just played the first level. The Tau are SO cool! I love it and will definitely buy it. Wooooot! 
They're called Kroot.

I just tried it. Seemed good, but I'm not hugely inspired by more DOW, as good as that was. Haven't even played Winter Assault yet. 
Tried a bit of this. Got past the monster by just running. Then couldn't get up the overhead vent despite numerous attempts.

Agree with Daz in general about the atmosphere and interaction and stuff. I found the motion of things you interact with a bit sluggish though, and it was odd having things floating around. Definitely got an intriguing feel though. 
I know the vent you mean, believe it or not you just need to get close to the opening and 'use' it... Took me fooking ages to realise that!

...One of the downers of the game I geuss! 
Shambler go play Quake :p 
I tried that, I got the hand symbol on the vent hatch and got it to swing a bit, that's all. Grrrr.

Trinca, I played the DM3Rmx the other week, it rocked, great fun! 
;) then sorry :p 
Rewind Selecta. 
Penumbra again...

Finally managed to complete it thanks to Daz's tip, and a walkthrough for some other bits, as it turns into a maze of vents and shit later on. I did figure out the acid on my own though!

Kinda, yeah, interesting as D says. Setting is kinda bland but the engine shows it off well and it is pretty atmospheric. Those little creatures are well scary when you can't fight them back. Got an intriguing feel to it for sure, dunno if I could take a whole game of that gameplay though.

DOW:DC again...

Got stuck into this and completed both missions. Gameplay is pretty much the same old same old (scouts / builder / scouts / rush to capture shit / build barracks / troops / leader / everything depends solely on the first 2 minutes) but well, it's still functional, and I do like the Tau, they are pretty stylish and their weapons are well satisfying, I like the missiles in particular. Could be tempted by this more than actually playing Winter Assault, I reckon the Necrons will be pretty slick too... 
The bodies staying around is pretty cool. 
About the other one - the main theme ambient music is well good.

And I dug around the site and found this monster screenshot, pretty stylishly done: 
Click-Drag-Type 3 
15 puzzles without a storyline: 
Grid Wars 2 
geometry wars type game, with some twists. A review (which also contains a download link): 
Blitz: Fear 
First of all, they didnt have to choose naturaly boring environments for the game.
Second: HL

Urban can be sexy and fun even indoors 


Saw a HL2 E2 trailer recently. Looked pretty cool. 
The three new HL2ep2 vids look quite promising, as did the second trailer. I kinda regret having watched them though, probably spoiling lots of the new stuff.
The second Team Fortress 2 trailer also rocks immensely, the designs and style are great, hope the gameplay lives up to them. 
HL2 EP2 
Trailers #4 and #5 of HL2EP2 have been released on STEAM and #5 is the best of the bunch by FAR, pure $$$. 
my brother bought me UT2004, Editors' choice edition and the damn thing uses 7 cds to install! 10 if i want to install the mod discs, whatever they are. fuck this. why cant company's make dvds now. :-(

reminds me when we bought mortal kombat 2 in floppy's and man.. so many of them! :-D 
Gothic3 Ingame Video 
there's a nice ~6min ingame video downloadable at with english commentary (that doesn't really tell anything new). the game looks pretty cool, i doubt it will run smoothly on my machine though. i don't like the term 'action rpg' as it sounds like a diablo-sort of game, which gothic is of course not - it's like oblivion et al, but (hopefully) with less generic areas. 
Cheers Neg!ke 
On the checkage. G3 looks good.


This week I have mostly been playing...

...with my cock! 
Oblig. "Minigame" Joke Here 
Bollocks to you.

Anyway, Gothic3 trailer looks cool. Kinda nice lighting and stuff and I appreciate what they're getting at. Might have to give it a go. 
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So Did Some Gaming This Weekend 
continued with unreal 2 where I left off.

Now this gets better, the gameplay is still mediocre but the level design just keeps getting better. Some of it is downright inspired in parts.

But what the hell were they thinking with the cutscenes on the ship after each level ? Trying to give each character a backstory when they should have just kep going with the action.

And one way to have increased the fun in the gameplay would have been simply to double themoving speed. It woudl have still been above average at best but much better than what it is. 
Unreal 2 
I certainly remember getting bored with the bits on the ship, it felt like padding, which is ironic considering how much effort it must have taken to script all that crap. It's such a shame that the gameplay and story weren't even close to the standard of the art.

This weekend I have mostly been playing Company of Heroes, Relic's new World War 2 RTS. It's a lot like Dawn of War in many ways, but with a lot of additional nuances in the control system like setting the facing on units (very important for tanks whose armour is thickest at the front, and artillery pieces which have a limited arc of fire). The SP campaign seems a lot tougher than DoW so far as well.

I've also been playing Doom, off XBox Live Arcade. I think this must be at least the fourth time I've bought Doom! 
In Short 
scrapland - nice design and could'v been good if they polished gameplay mechanics... but as it is, all the spaceship battles are just boring fillers. played like 3 times for 1hr, not sure I will return

manhunt - dont care about graphic violence, gameplay is primitive with very little variation (stealth mostly). looks bleh, but nice location design and very good sound and voice action. some good AI(for what it has to do). played ~80% of the game

suffering - nice horror setting and monster
design, bleh gameplay (shooter/slasher), bad camera (crucial for TPS). gave up after ~3-4 levels

DevilMayCry3 - abysmal camera, awfull controls (with gamepad its even worse).very hard. but still fun (on the 6th level now) 
i thought what was ruining it was:

way too linear
way too much repetition 
...useful info ;). 
repetition yeah. but with good ship battles\races mechanics it couild`v been more fun
say, NFS:MW has a lot of repetition, but its still good fun 
GTR 2, D3: ROE... 
Anyone play racing sims? I bought a Logitech MOMO wheel and have been playing GTR 2:

And some Doom 3: ROE 
Penumbra : Overture

So frictional Games are making a full quality game from their Penumbra tech-demo game released a few months back.

2 Screenshots are presented, which look 10x better than anything in the techdemo! Looking forward to this! 
Company Of Heroes 
aka Dawn Of WW2...

It's hardly much different is it??


DOW - you have 2 starting units - builders and scouts
DOWW2 - you have 1 starting unit - combined builders and scouts

DOW - you have 2 resources - requisition and power
DOWW2 - you have 3 resources - manpower, ammo and fuel

DOW - you capture strategic points anywhere to bring in resources.
DOWW2 - you capture strategic points but have to link them to your base.

Errrmmm okay and there is capturing buildings and cover and stuff ;). But even so...

Actually I quite like the new game mechanics, maybe the 3 resources is overcomplicating things but the other aspects seem natural improvements to the gameplay.


Now, having said all that, I'm bloody struggling with the demo. Have been trying the skirmish map as Allies on Normal skill. First time out I didn't really know what to do with the building tree and got pwned quickly. Subsequent times out I've got pwned but more slowly. I've been taking 2 of the critical points ASAP and then building my base backwards from there, making sure to cover the centre of the map with bunkers and to reinforce captured points. Problem is, I start winning with the 500 points countdown thing, and but suddenly Harry Hun has fucking tanks everywhere while I'm struggling to get a normal base set-up and it all goes tits up. Now, given I can pwn most DOW skirmishes with one hand up my arse, this is somewhat disconcerting. Anything obvious I'm doing wrong?? I do confess I'm struggling a bit with all the micro management (partly due to the cover getting in the way of the camera) AND base building at the same time - but it shouldn't be that difficult?? 
axis can get Stug IV tanks realatively quickly compared to the allies tanks. The best counter is to research sticky bombs for your riflemen in the barracks, get 2 sticky bombs on a stug and it will be serverly damaged / destroyed.

Also build a motor pool and you can make AT guns with crew which are very effective at tank-busting but have a limited cone of fire and long setup time, so protect them with infantry.

As for rushing the points at the start, I tend to capture resource giving points asap and then go for victory points as soon as I have s steady flow of all resources coming in, this lets you build lots of infantry/tanks/whatever to retake victory points from the enemy and hold them.

Come to think of it, if you go with the infantry tech tree (another difference from DOW!) you can get ranger squads which are very good at taking out armour and buildings.

Also, get engineers to place minefields near choke points if you can spare the resources, they are goood at tank killing too.

Attack tanks from the rear when possible too! 
Question Is 
is SP campaign as boring as 40k DoW, or more fun? 
Its really good actually. There hasn't been 1 "kill this base" mission yet, and each one is different and interresting.

The defence of carantan mission in the demo is a good example of the quality of the single player missions, awesome mission that :) 
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So CZG forgot his log-in details again... 
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sometimes the admin just has to take the plunge....

And if we are talking about a gay chat line, the above sentence just got 2000% more worrying :D 
mam = man, or another cunning gay joke? you decide! 
Moving Swiftly Back Out Of Daz's Soiled Mind... 
Just started Prey. Rather good really. Nice to see an FPS that is unashamedly about FUN and ENTERTAINMENT rather than technological breakthrough X or advancing the WW2 counter-terrorist teamplay genre Y or whatever. 
lol, you need to play it some more i think :} 
i hate how prey advances the ww2 counter-terrorist teamplay genre. 
Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade 
Is it me or are the Necrons totally overpowered?
I am playing the Campaign with the Tau right now. The second mission is Necrons for me, Strength = 3. I have no chance... Any tips? 
Next Cool Looking FPS That Isn't A Sequel... 
or WW2 game.

Anyone? Feels like I haven't played any good FPS games in ages :( I still haven't played HL2 ep1, but actually I can't be bothered whilst I've still only got a paltry 512mb ram.

Actually, I still haven't played Prey, so I will get that if it comes to steam.

what's next? 
Good point, apart from HL2E1 and Prey it has been a bit dry recently. The former was good and the latter is good so far so that's something.

Otherwise it's better to be into RTS or RPG I think!!

The one thing I'm looking forward too is Dark Messiah, FPHackEmUp rather than FPS though. 
Ummm... dunno. If in doubt, turtle??

Or look for an online walkthrough - I found a good one for Winter Assault so I assume there will be one soon for DC.

One thing, maybe the Necrons require different tactics given they have quite a different race / base structure - any subtle weakness you can look for?? 
Supreme Commander 
there is a competition to get into the closed beta over on eurogamer at the mo... but I lost the url (or am too lazy to dig it out... you decide)

definitely looking forward to SC big time. I was a fan of Total Annihilation, and SC seems like it will be similar, so it should be good. War on a massive scale with an interface someone ACTUALLY FUCKING DESIGNED REALLY WELL (probably, if it's anything like as advanced as the TA one was in its day) that lets you effectively direct the battle.

Anyone else got a hardon for SC? 
Supreme Commander 
Call it supcom. SC is reserved for an almighty RTS that will probably still be played in 2010. 
^^ Lol 
yeah "supcon" looks awesome, ive preordered dark messiah also and ET:QW.

Apart from that the pc fps at the moment looks rather bad, discounting sequels and ww2 games ofc :)

There is still always stalker =) 
i hate how prey advances the ww2 counter-terrorist teamplay genre.

laomo poned :{ 
PC FPSers 
Hrmm, Project Offset? Bioshock? 
Project Offset? 
I wouldn't hold your breath for that one. Is that still any more than a wishful tech demo that has no chance of running in real-time on a realistic system? Do they even have a publisher yet?

Looking at their website I see they've managed to expand to more than three people though, so something may get made in the end... 
A friend of mine is talking with them now and apparently they are going to be doing a huge round of hiring early next year. 
/me starts updating his CV... 
Agreed there is exciting stuff on the horizon for sure....but still on the horizon... 
Anyone Bought... 
Yeah I Bought A House In The Castro District A While Ago 
lol, you need to play it some more i think :}

Well I've just rescued the dippy bird with the effete walk and big ears, and it hasn't changed much in terms of gaming fun except a slight preponderance of coloured lighting and taking a while to get some varied enemies... 
Dark Crusade 
Necrons and Tau both seem pretty overpowered. Neither one really has a weakness.

The tau were supposed to be awesome at range, the trick being to keep them that way. You don't have to bother, since you also get the Kroot carnivores, which can eat any other race within arm's reach for breakfast. With the upgrades, a fire team can knock a player off the map without losing a man.

The necrons have all kinds of fun advantages like units that resurrect, a commander unit that reappears where died (a tremendous fucking pain if he's lying dead in your base), their ultimate unit being absolutely immune to all damage, and them NOT REQUIRING ANY GODDAMNED RESOURCES. The base squad of necron warriors is free for God's sake. Out of the gate, free. There is nothing to counter this, like their units having less health. The only disadvantage I can see is that they walk kind of slow and there's no artillery. You can win with Necrons easily by playing as if you were space marines, IE, without needing to exploit any of their tricks. Utilizing them leads to total rape.

Here's an awesome trick: build a huge army (up to close to the squad cap limit) and send them off to die outside an enemy base, preferably in a pile. Build a second army, also up to the squad cap. Send them off, get your necron lord into the pile of bodies, and give your resurrection orb a loving squeeze. You will now have an army that's way the hell over the squad cap, bigger than anything anyone else has, and the game doesn't stop you.

Crap, I say. A lot of fun if you're Necrons, and it'll probably help sell a lot of the expansion by word of mouth until the inevitable first nerf patch, but if you're someone pansy like the Imperial Guard who take ages to get on their feet, you'd better like the feel of a long green gauss bugzapper up your ass. 
Pie Pie 
Pie Pie 
Sounds great :(

How does it work in SP? Like, facing Necrons? 
You Die A Lot 
consensus is that going up against them as IG is great if you can survive the first few minutes, which you pretty much can't unless you're playing a sheep. With other races, on a difficulty level where most things don't give you much trouble, against Necrons it's extremely pitched the whole way. 
Played PoP 2thrones quite a lot.
Hardcore. No manual save, savepoints are rather rare and there are no health pickups. Instadeath all the way. And you dont even get 'rewind' ability for the first 5 or so levels.
Speedkills are bleh (just a matter of timing/reaction) fights are kinda same as in PoP WW - cool when u figure the combos and tactics.
Dark prince is very strong, but his health reduces every second (gets restored with sand). So he's very ez to fight with, but 'trick' sections turn into bloody speedrunning - if you're not fast enough, you die even w/o failing a jump. Retry-retry...
Its pretty, good art, seamless maps, nice layouts etc etc (see screenshots somewhere)

played WH40k Dark Crusade demo
I still love the style, but SP mission there is not much... duno if I should bother with the full game. I wish there was WH40k rpg or tactics

FEAR expansion demo - very unimpressive. Its only 1 map with 5 rooms and nothing special in it, takes like 5 minutes to play thru.

Flatout 2 - very good and fun racing game. If you like arcad-ish racing, very worth checking. 
Shambler: Just started Prey. Rather good really. Nice to see an FPS that is unashamedly about FUN and ENTERTAINMENT

Kinn: lol, you need to play it some more i think :}

Ummm, was it supposed to stop being fun at some point??

Well it's stopped being fun now, I guess, because I've finished it...

Okay so the AI was a bit crap and there was the usual bad boss combat and too much arena bollox, but aside from that it continued well all the way to the end. Some spectacular scenes, fair variety of situations, some good monsters (I like the spider creatures), pretty well balanced and sometimes intense gameplay, good use of it's gimmicks....did I miss something?? 
I Don't Think You Missed Anything. 
I enjoyed the game quite a lot, other than perhaps the guy being sort of annoying and stupid.

I especially enjoyed the flying bits and the gravity tricks, and thought the entire game was pretty solid, polished, and enjoyable.

It wasn't like it revolutionized the genre or anything, but I certainly got my money's worth. 
I enjoy saying enjoyed. 
Prey is good. Some ppl couldnt get over the fact that you dont actually die there. Lesser punishment for the lower skill - nothing wrong in my book. Good shooter, maybe the most playable/fun fps in last 2 yrs.

Going for the Call oh Juares (its FPS and not WW2 and should be somewhat new) and Just`cause... 
Call Of Juarez 
stay away, I warn you =)

And about Prey, yeah I really enjoyed that game, the whole immortal thing never really bothered me, in fact I would say it removed some frustration from the game in that there were never areas that were too hard and descend into load,die, repeat syndrome that plague some shooters.

The art as well was fantastic imo, the whole living ship idea was pulled off very well and the weapons while conventional in effects were very original in terms of design and feel.

I thought the areas where you fly around in the ship could have been polished up a little more, they were one of the weaker parts of the game but were not crap, though I think if they had pulled the flying maps and expanded the gravity gameplay it might have been worthwhile. 
Lunaran : Dark Crusade 
Space Marine`s landspeeders make a quick job of Necrons
just need to tech to them asap 
I never built Landspeeders! Thanks for the tip. :o 
For The Lovers Of Cave Story And Within A Deep Forest 
Uh, Thanks 
imperial guard don't get access to space marine landspeeders but ok 
A Few 
Registered with Direct2Drive and downloaded Deus Ex, and Rainbow Six Raven Shield.

Well, I bought Raven Shield on disc, but apparently from the forums I've browsed, it's copy protection does not like some RW drives - like mine. So I cannot install it without a CRC error cropping up. Apparently it will install well over a regular ROM drive. Another culprit I read, was bad RAM.

I can't return the retail RS but hey only $10... also $10 from Direct2Drive.

Also got Flight Simulator 2004. Runs generally well on the 6200 LE actually. 
well Lun, you didn't say you only play IG... I guess anything FAST and anti-infantry would work ... hellhounds? or just turret-rush :)

Iv almost beated campaign as marines, only the eldars left alive 
Raven Shield 
It seems pretty fun even though I haven't passed the first mission.

The reason is I'm playing Lone Wolf, I don't really like tactical/team shooters. So the problem is playing alone is much, much harder. I think this is made even worse with the health system - there are 3 stages: healthy, injured, and dead. Can you guess how many times you're allowed to be shot?

So you're almost forced to play with a team, blah to that. 
Raven Shield 
iirc my brother bought me this version of Rainbow 6 for my birthday a few years ago, and yeah I just used to play lonewolf all the time :) Dunno why but it was really satisfying for a terrorist to empty an entire clip of Uzi at me and hit nothing, then for me to take him down with 1 shot from my pistol :) Didn't happen often but very nice when it does :) 
Thief : Deadly Shadows 
I've been playing this for a few weekends now and I am just blown away at the quality of this game. It's really one of the best games I've ever played and I'm about an hour into a level called "Shalebridge" which is without a doubt, the most scared I've ever been while playing a game. This is simply brilliant level design, executed flawlessly. Whoever is responsible for this level should be teaching a class on level design. 
Ikka Karanen 
worked on Deadly Shadows. It is a shame it was released around the time Doom 3 sucked all the oxygen out of the publicity mills with its own release. 
Totally overrated.

DS is a good, game though, most immersive I've played in awhile - love the music. 
This Is Going Back A Bit... i gave silent hill 3 a shot. i like the idea of it, and it's very wierd and funky. but good lord, i can't stand the controls... a lot of the time i'm fighting monsters and the camera isn't even pointed in a remotely helpful way, so i'm resigned to swinging haphazardly waiting to hear whatever it is yelp. :\

are there other games like Silent Hill series but with good movement controls and camera ai? 
i think all SH games suffer from bad camera positions in some places. SH2 seems to be fairly alright in this respect - at least i can't remember any extraordinary infuriation because of this... also, pyramid head ftw. 
I think I might have to try Thief - DS. Someone recommended it to me as having a really scary level in. And I haven't got much action stuff to play. 
yeah, hellhounds seemed to work but you've gotta tech to them fast, which eats resources you could be spending on a wall of (ineffective) men.

IG buildings should autoheal if techpriests are holed up inside. 
Thief Series 
one of the most original gameplay concepts, they just don�t make games like that anymore, though the community is quite split about the third part.(it was developed simultaneously for xbox and pc, so some say it�s dumbed down, there�s no deep water, the levels are short, no rope arrows etc).
Still better than 99% of the stuff out there imo.
But parts one and two are amongst the best games I know.(even spent over 50� for the rare T1 gold edition on ebay :) 
I Bought The Gold 
for retail price when it came out just a few weeks after buying the standard addition at a discount. Definitely the kind of game play I like. 
Silent Hill & Necros 
it's supposed to be like this. it is. and that's a good thing even to me, the hater of such things ;).

seriously, you have to play on ps2 though - the controls on pc are shitty - because the game is designed to be played with two analog sticks. iirc it has EXTREME negative mouse acceleration on pc so you can't turn fast.

i guess you already found the button to swing the camera so it points in front of you? 
Silent Rage Against The Awkward Cameras 
I have dual stick gamepad, it doesnt help much
- SH4 camera is awfull ~40% of the time.

necros: maybe try condemned criminal origins - mixes SH horror\dirt atmosphere with first person hth/shooter. better combat than SH, but not as creative design\plot wise.
Runs on FEAR engine and has much better location design than fear - so it looks quite nice ... but not enough open spaces
I suggest you get the demo first. 
yeah, the slow mouse speed is very irritating... it's like playing quake with 'sensitivity' set to '0.1' :P i ended up binding some keys to turn to supplement the mouse turning.

i guess the bad camera placement could be a way to add more suspense. but it just seems more annoying to me than suspensful.

one thing: i know there's a key to make the camera sort of pan around a bit but what button to swing the camera so it points in front of you? i don't remember seeing that on the config menu!

one thing i'm not really liking about SH3 so far is that each area is sort of self contained. you walk into an area, and monsters can move around there, but you walk into the next area, and even if it's just a little gate, they don't follow you there, so it really takes the edge off of some encounters because you know you can be safe just by going to a different section. i suppose this was a limitation of ps2 console or something. it's nice to be able to save anywhere though. a console port that got it right!

i will have to take a look at condemned. it's not exactly what i was looking for, although it does look interesting. thanks for the suggestion, speeds :) 
Camera Swing 
i don't know, it might be a combination of buttons? can't even remember what it was on ps2... 
WTF new games!

gears of war
zelda: twilight princess
final fantasy XII
guitar hero 2

Guitar Hero 2 
A classmate picked that up last week. He wants to get me into it, too. I don't get it? 
A girl called me on the phone one time, and told me, "Come over, there's nobody home." I went over. There was nobody home. 
But Seriously Folks... 
I haven't played the sequel, but the original is fun. Playing the toy guitar feels less contrived than hitting bongos, for some reason. Plus the music is stuff I mostly like (classic rock, metal, etc.) Instead of whatever you get in DDR or donkey konga. 
Watched a couple of workmates playing it at lunch, looks like fun and with some good songs.

Watching them belt out "Trogdor" was quite amusing. :) 
Guitar Hero 2??? 
Metl go ban yourself ;).

On the other hand I've just ordered:

Guild Wars - Nightfall (so I can game with Fribbles and his wife lol)

Thief 3 - Whatever it's called (just because) 
And In The Meantime... 
...I've been playing the Gothic 3 Demo until my eyes bleed.

The bad:

Crashes every hour, very annoying if you haven't saved.

Chugs like a bastard when loading new areas (not enough hardware obviously).

GFX a bit patchy, for example some shadowing and textures in the distance are bollox.

Close combat fighting is quite annoying against some monsters.

The good:

Everything else??

This is really engrossing for a demo, I reckon there's probably a good 10 hours gameplay if you explore everywhere, do every quest, collect every item (and, errr, die as much as I do).

The world is standard fantasy stuff but it's done well, full of animals and monsters and people and mushrooms and plants and characterful details. Lots of nice GFX touches, in particular the day night cycle has some lovely lighting in the evening/night/morning, and the torchlit effect is cool. Monsters and characters are pretty well done too.

The whole social set-up is interesting, Orcs - mercenaries working in line with the Orcs - slaves under the Orcs - rebels resisting the Orcs - bandits raiding everyone - goblins and undead and god knows what else lurking on the fringes.

Lots of talking and quests and shit, and lots of free choice too. Go anywhere, do anything in any order. I've been playing nice but I'm sure you could get yourself in a whole lot of trouble killing everyone and everything in sight.

Talking of killing, combat is okay, but I still don't really get how it works. Hack and slash, you're supposed to be able to use direction keys + attacks for better fighting, but it doesn't seem to do anything spectacularly tactical...

Still, it's kept me gripped! 
heh, nice you mentioned it.
it likely is a proper demo (=more than 15 minutes of gameplay).
i'm going to post a detailed description of the full game as soon as i have finished it.
just let it be known that this game definately has its quirks and flaws (quite a few to be honest), but is still enjoyable for the most part and definately on par with oblivion. 
I Tried Gothic 3... 
but my machine is pretty old these days, amd 2500, 1gig ram and only a fairly decent video card; ati x850.

there's some kind of bug that makes the screen flicker white unless i turn on post effects, which make the game run even slower, as well as frequent complete lockups (no crash to windows, completly freezing requiring a hard reboot).

also, it annoys me i can't choose what i want to pick up if there are multiple objects on a table. you just sort of keep clicking till you get what you want.

over all, i haven't really enjoyed the game much because of the poor performance issues. 
there should be patch to fix crashes and performance (hopefuly) I would wait till then.

and on the other subject: Krootox FTW! 
Gears Of War 
So, anyone played this yet? Is it the excuse I need to fork out for a 360? 
General Consensus On Gears So Far: 
Very pretty, specular maps too intense, motion blur is cool, gameplay is nothing new but it's fun and polished, coop is awesome, Dom is a fucking idiot. 
From what I hear, if you have a HDTV, the answer to your question is YES. 
Ok Guitar Hero 
It was mentioned so I thought I'd throw in my two cents. I'm not really a fan of the whole party-game genre... it always seems a bit contrived to me, imagining people sitting around playing bongos to get points, pretending they're on quiz shows, dancing on mats. Seriously, karaoke on a playstation? That's pretty weak.

I think the problem is, when I actually want to party, I don't really want to be sitting around an x-box acting like a douche. I want to be acting like a douche in a public place, doing terrible things and risking arrest.

Also, I play quite a bit of guitar... what's the point of pretending to play a riff using a plastic controller when you could actually play it, given a few minutes practice?

So I had a, i guess, negative bias going into Guitar Hero. When my brother offered me the controller, I decided to give it a chance though, and uh, I was wrong. This game definitely deserves all the praise it gets... I've had trouble finding the time or the motivation to really get into a game lately, but you can pick up the controller anytime and try and improve a score. If you've got 2 guitars, the battles are awesome, and if not, just take turns.

If you play real guitar, it actually helps too... you can do hammer-ons and pull-offs and there's a whammy bar... it feels pretty natural, this is pretty much the only PS2 game I can beat my brother at. I can't wait to try the sequel, if it actually improves on the first I may actually buy a PS2 for myself just to play it.

Good set of songs too, it must be said. You'd expect to get a load of mtv rock shit, but you get some Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix, Cream, Bowie, Blue Oyster Cult (Godzilla!), Ramones, the list goes on. Try it and you'll see. 
I Shied Away From Guitar Hero At First 
because it evoked images of all the DDR nuts I went to college with, but I got drunk at a cinco de mayo party one of the programmers here threw to break his new house in and discovered I kind of enjoyed it.

it's also really hard to play when you're sauced on tequila, but I still beat kungfusquirrel. :) 
Gothic 3 Demo Again 
Well I played plenty more of it, fuck you get value for money in this, I've now explored pretty much the whole coastal region and done everything except committing to helping either the Rebels or Orcs. I quite like the Orcs and the way they always call you MORON. There's so much to do and to explore for a demo, well impressive. Don't know if I could fit in a whole game of this....120 hours playtime or something *gulp*.

But it is tempting me...

there should be patch to fix crashes and performance (hopefuly) I would wait till then.

Deffo. I don't have problems with FPS, and even tried it on high settings and it's not bad, but loading chugs like a fat bitch on heat. I'd probably wait until firstly some patches, and secondly getting some more RAM at the very least. 
Buying Gears 
Jago: I don't own a HDTV, so I guess the question now becomes "is it worth me buying both a 360 and a HDTV to play Gears of War" o_O

Lunaran: rockage. Who's Dom, the player character? 
I;m guessing the domination game mode like in UT. 
Guitar Hero 
I've only played a couple of times at starbreeze "Friday beer" but it does as a party game and if I got it at home I think I'd sit with it until I could play all the songs near flawlessly...

I hope there will be comes a wii version though as I don't have a ps2 and don't think I will get a ps3 or 360 in the foreseeable future. Another option is getting the game disc controller and ps2tousb adapter and use it on your PC with Frets on Fire but as that tends to bug out after a while it doesn't seem like a good idea at the moment anyway. 
One Thing That I'm Wondering About ... whether to get Twilight Princess for the gamecube or for the wii. Assuming I will eventually buy a wii, I still want to get the one that's a better version of the game. The wii version is basically a port, and I'm assuming the entire game was designed for the gamecube controller, so I'm thinking it'll play better on the cube. 
Well, it's getting excellent reviews on the Wii anyways... and from what I understand the GC version won't be so easy to aquire... I think it won't even be available at all here in Europe. =\ 
How Is Wii Pronounced? 
Double two?

Dubya two?


A block of port cheese for a correct answer. 
Headthump: it is pronounced like the English word "we."

metlslime: From what I've read, the Wii will have support for both Gamecube games and the Gamecube controller. So you should be able to play it on your Wii with a Gamecube controller no matter what choice you make. 
Sounds Like Everyone Is Liking The Wii Controls In Zelda 
the impression I got is that there's no reason to get the gamecube version as long as you intend to get a wii. 
Dom Is The Idiot That Follows You Around 
and continually gets himself killed. 
What Bear Said 
The article I read about it (can't find the source right now) strongly suggests that the Wii version would be far preferable. Apparently it really takes advantage of the new controller, and its not just a port. 
Here's The Article

Quote: If you have the means to buy Twilight Princess for Wii and you still get it for GameCube, you are a fool. 
Apparently though they for some reason decided to remove the support for the Game Cube controller for the Wii version, so if you get it for the Wii you can't play it using your GC controller.

Get the Wii version though, all the reports seem to be saying that once you are used to the controls it's hard to imagine going back to using the GC controls. 
Are you going to be playing Guild Whores Nightfall or what?? 
Gothic 3 
So I downloaded the demo after Shambler was raving like a madman about it all over the place (moron! :D)

It looks great, and has huge scope, BUT:

WHAT THE JESUS FISTING FUCKING CHRIST were they thinking when they made the combat system!??!!?

I really dont know where to start, its just SHIT, so so so utterly mindbendingly SHIT! So you stand there with an orc in your face, what do you do? I TELL YOU, press rmb as fast as you can!!! Oh look you have an "angry boar" in your face, what do you do? DIE OVER AND OVER BECAUSE THESE THINGS SEEM TO IGNORE THE PLAYERS SWORD.

All you need to do to defeat anything except boars is press rmb madly, and you win every time! Apart from this steaming pile of rancid fly infested shit the game is great.

I am actually really annoyed, because otherwise the game seems really really great, but with the current system it just hurts to play it.

Deeply saddened... 
Yessuh, we've been playing it a bit (up to level 10 or something, so not exactly blitzing it, but getting there). I only play it when both Amy and myself feel like it though, which hasn't been a lot since the first weekend we grabbed it (too many other good games to play as well!)

I do enjoy playing with my little guild whore FRUITY BIX though (she's a paragon) so maybe I should get back into it...

I assume you're playing on the European servers? I am too... you can guess my username I'm sure... I can probably guess yours as well! 
Well that sounds fabulous... mindbendingly shit, I'll have to remember that one. :D 
You are a total loser, I don't know whether to laugh or sympathise :).

Okay here is the deal about combat, pay attention to all of this:

1. Pressing the strafe keys along with the attack keys(s) produces different attacks i.e. sideways ones. There is also some attack where you spin behind yourself using the back button. These combos are supposed to be important in the game and might be worth practising out of combat.

2. I can never be bothered to try any of the above combos as they seem to have no additional effect (unlike, say, Blade Of Darkness) and are to tedious to try in combat. I tend to stick to tactical button mashing.

3. BUT there are subtleties to that it's worth picking up on. For a start, animals are harder than other enemies as they knock you down AND run away from your attacks. To deal with that, step back if they knock you down, and then attack after a brief delay, AND try to corner them to stop them running. Then button mash them.

4. Combat is not that important a part of the game it seems, compared to exploration, RPGing, taking quests etc. Equally, purely fighting is not that important part of combat. Build up your armour, your health, your fighting stats, buy a better sword, and it will help a lot. With a fire-sword, light armour, 120 strength etc, boars are PISS.

5. Sword fighting is only one of many options. Don't forget you have archery and magic too. In the early stages when you are weak, those are very useful to avoid getting pwnd. 
Okay Daz... wearisome pussy. Just for you I've written up all the attack details I've found.

Things to remember:

1. Default position for the sword is ahead. There is also a left position which is functionally identical to ahead, and a right position which is different. During attacks the player alternates ahead/left and right positions, but if the player moves the sword defaults to ahead.

2. For blocking and blocking attacks, sword is always ahead.

3. All non-strafing attacks move the player forward.

4. Pressing strafe or backward along with an attack usually sweeps an attack in that direction AND changes the player's facing to that direction - this is the basis of different attacks. Pressing forward has no effect.

5. I don't know how useful these combos are, BUT I can make the following guesses:

Mashing attack with 180 - useful for focusing on one enemy but attacking others who are closing in.
Mashing block - useful to chase reluctant enemies (seems to have some reach)
Sweeping attacks - good with a few enemy at once.
Block groin jab - useful for awkward creatures who stun you (seems to be a powerful attack?)
Strafing attacks - useful when surrounding enemies are becoming more of a threat.


Boring list of attacks:

Sword ahead/left:
Press attack - quick diagonal attack L > R
Hold attack - big sweeping attack L > R
Press attack + press strafe right - sweeping attack to R + change direction to R
Press attack + press strafe left - sweeping attack to L + change direction to L

Sword right:
Press attack - quick diagonal attack R > L
Hold attack - big sweeping attack R > L
Press attack + press strafe right - short hack to R + change direction to R
Press attack + press strafe left - sweeping attack to L + change direction to L

Hold attack + hold back - big 180' sweeping attack, direction depends on side sword started on.
Mash attack - continuous wide attacks
Mash attack + press back - wide attacks then big 180' sweeping attack, direction depends on side sword was last on during continuous attacks
Press block - short fencing jab
Hold block - block
Press block + press strafe - short jab to L or R as appropriate + change direction to L or R
Mash block - continous narrow fencing attacks
Mash block + press back - narrow attacks then smaller 180' sweeping attack, direction depends on side sword was last on during continuous attacks
Hold block + press attack - short L > R swing
Hold block + hold attack - low groin jab

That is all I've found. Combining various attacks does not seem to have any further effect. Some of these are difficult to time, e.g. a direction button may need to be pressed just after attack but when the attack is still being initiated. 
sounds like a shitty combat system 
Bleh !! 
You need 20 fingers to manage correctly all the combos :P 
You Dildos 
It uses the following keys:

Primary Attack
Secondary Attack (block)
Strafe Left
Strafe Right

If you can't cope with using those in an action game, then how the hell do you manage to play FPS at all, given that every FPS for the last 8 years has been using those functions...DUH. 
Ok I Will Try Those 
but that doesn't really fix the fact that the combat just feels so awful... Your character feels like a block of concrete most of the time.

Also, where the hell in the demo does it tell you about all these attacks? You get maybe 1 or 2 help screens at the start of the game saying what the attack buttons are, but it never really says anything about swings, sword directions, combos etc, so how the hell is anyone meant to know (ok there maybe a readme with it all in, but who ever reads that prior to playing?)

Still I will give it another chance, as like I said the rest of the game is great. 
Also, Where The Hell In The Demo Does It Tell You About All These Atta 
Work it out, yo! You don't get stuff handed on a plate, you have to experiment a bit. 
it's like street fighter? lawl.

anyway, i couldn't even play the demo, because the screen flashes white, and looks like it could start giving me seizures. 
Work it out, yo! You don't get stuff handed on a plate, you have to experiment a bit.

Im sorry, but if you bought say a new car that worked differently from all other cars and there was no manual, and the guy selling it said "stfu and experiment a bit" would you really try and take it for a test drive? ;)

Saying that though, I did try with the game some more and decided to leave the stupid angry boars alone for a bit and explore elsewhere, I liberated a blacksmith from some orcs and quickly got him working for the rebel camp, then bought a cool fiery sword off him, shame I am scared to enter into swordfights because they are rubbish :)

I also found a pirate in a lighthouse, so I killed him. 
ROFL. Give me a few days, I'll knock you up a medal for the worst analogy ever.

> I also found a pirate in a lighthouse, so I killed him.


I didn't find any pirates? 
if you go out the back entrance of Ardea there is lighthouse on the cliff with some pirate man in there. 
We know about you and back entrances.

BTW, isn't that Jack? You can leave him alive, talk to him, and get a couple of quests... 
Yeah Jack 
thats the guy, but I felt it was time to test the open nature of the game so I decided that all pirates must die on site after talking to him and lo and behold it let me kill him!

Well I got about 6 hours logged in the demo and I have now uninstalled it. I gave the combat system a lot of time to see if I could adapt to it but in the end it just really pisses me off, and judging by ANY gothic 3 forum on the internet I am not alone by a long shot.

Sad really cos like I said the rest of the game is great 
I On The Other Hand... 
...saw the full game second hand for �20 so snapped it up. Just got to upgrade to do it justice (will encourage me to do so).

BTW it tells you some stuff about attacks in the manual.

I still find it mostly mashing though - although that's no different to Rune or Enclave, for example.

Oh to have Blade's combat system in more games. 
make sure to apply the latest patch BEFORE starting a new game! otherwise the chests will only contain useless junk.

another patch is said to be released in a week or two. 
That posts reminds me, the game is also ridden with bugs which is unfortunate. 
Gears Of War 
holy fucking shit! this game ROCKS!

My bro got it the other day for his 360 and we played about 3 hours of coop single player, its the most fun I have had in a game in a long time :)

The weapons are really satisfying to use, particular mention MUST go to the chainsaw melee attack you can do on enemies, this is just amazing, sprays of blood and bits of bone and flesh spray all over the place as you cut though guys, sooooooo satisfying!

The coop mode is done really well. If one of you dies the other player can run over to you and revive you so you can keep on playing, and some levels feature split paths that you both take for some quick solo play, usually these areas have intersecting parts where you can help each other out such as player 1 being pinned by a locust MG while player 2 can get around behind it and take it down etc. I cant recommend this mode enough! Framerate is excellent too considering the graphical detail.

Ok some of my favourite bits so far (spoiler warning!)

1) The berserker enemy! This thing is blind but has a great sense of hearing and smell, you are in abandoned building with just this guy shuffling around, if you make a noise or get too close he goes crazy and just runs at you, breaking through walls/pillars and other things to get at you while screaming :) Amazing monster design, you need to "aim" his charges to break down doors and objects to progress.

2) The evil bat enemies that come out when it gets dark. They are afraid of the light so if you wander out of the street lit areas you get totally gibbed after a second or 2. There are various gas tanks lying around the level that you have to shoot to make light sources so its safe to progress, and some areas require a player to aim a giant spotlight at the other player while he progresses across a dark courtyard etc. Fantastic!

3) The cutscenes are in general, fucking cool, really well done with fantastic animations and effects, really enjoyed watching them.

Going to play some more when my bro gets back from work, cant wait :) 

Neg!ke, will do for sure. Any other tips to get it running as best as possible?

(BTW apart from slow loading and occasional but regular crashes (which seemed to be mostly related to the loading)) I didn't have many problems with the demo). 
do you or oyur brother have a home theatre ?

I've heard great stuff about GoW on a wdiescreen tv with surround sound. 
since you're going to get new ram anyway, I guess there shouldn't be much need to tweak.
i only have 1gb and somehow managed to minimize the preloading stutter by inceasing the windows swap file to 2gb and setting object cache to max (recommended for 2gb physical ram anyway). common ini tweaks only had negative effects for me.

i also recommend disabling post-processing as it seems to improve the lighting a bit (because i found the many fullbright spots to look spectacularly shit).

i rarely encountered crashes. some started to appear after installing patch 1.08 at certain events (only two actually), but patch 1.09 kind of fixed them - the game still froze for some time but instead of crashing to the desktop, i was able to continue playing eventually.
as for bugs, yeah, there are lots of them. but they are not that serious so i can live with them (apparently unlike the rest of the faggy emo community arose around this game). what bothers me more are certain gameplay decisions the creators made that i disagree with as they make the game feel more shallow and take away a good chunk of the immersion and atmosphere its predecessors had. also, it suffers a little from the oblivion syndrome: the world is too large. (but in its defence: it has three different environments, forests, ice land and desert, with a remarkably huge variety of creatures)

i don't know which version the demo is, but patch 1.08 fixes the hyperspeed attacks of some monsters, e.g. boars and bloodflies, as well as making the crossbow actually usable.
overall balance still sucks, especially when comparing monsters/npcs.. ah, what gives. my right index finger already looks like hulk hogan :D 
Sounds great. Using berserk to break doors for you - very clever design.
too bad its box-only :((( 
My bro has a medium-ish sized widescreen TV but no surround sound unfortunately.

It is a shame its 360 only at the moment, I hope they do bring out a pc version because this game kicks so much arse. 
Noted and saved. Demo is probably 1.08 as the attacks are not too bad. 
Me Too (GoW) 
played GoW coop at work for the first time and I must say it's fucking awesome. Only played for 2 hours so haven't got as far as Daz, but I totally agree with what he said about it.

It's not perfect, but it's still fucking good fun and likely the best game you are likely to play this Christmas. 
- one of those likelys 

anybody else have one of these yet? I think it's pretty fucking awesome myself. So shut up than.

Wii Sports seemed like it might just be a simple throwaway title for the sake of having one in the box, but it's kind of addicting. It's still simple, but a title deserving of shelf space. I got a hold of a Wii before Thanksgiving and brought it home over the holiday, and my dad kept challenging me to games of golf. The different sports all come with a variety of training gametypes, too - a tennis mode that trains you to time your swings to hit specific moving targets, a golf mode that has you hitting balls onto a big bullseye with a 9-iron for score, and a bowling mode for practicing power throws that pits you against larger and larger arrays of pins (up to almost 100 pins at a time).

But, here's the utter seal of amazement: my mom wanted to try it. That's something. She was still deathly uncoordinated, but it's a step forward. 
Lun's Mom Can Touch My Wii If She Wants 
We have one at work and it's pretty people are coming in early and leaving late to play the Wii. So far I've played Bowling and Tennis and they were pretty cool. I watched other people play Red Steel (mehhh looks not so great and apparently controls not so great) and Twilight Princess (pretty cool, about what you'd expect from a "new" Zelda game)

I can't help but shake the nagging feeling that the core concept of motion controlled gaming is something that could have been done years ago but probably wouldn't have caught on because games were still improving graphically. This is the perfect time for the Wii because we have all these slight improvements being touted as next gen, and I think even "hardcore" gamers realize it's bullshit and just want to actually enjoy themselves.

The Wii, although gimmicky, is still a very cool concept and I think we could see some really crazy/innovative ideas pop up...hopefully :) 
So I Tried The Condemned: Criminal Origins Demo... 
...and it was ugly, unrewarding and unbelievably tedious. I don't think I've ever been so bored by something that claims to be entertainment.

I think Condemned tries to be something other than your average shooter, but it fails miserably imho. The slow player speed, sparse combat, heavy darkness, limited ammunition, claustrophobic environments and prosaic level design all add up to a game with little to enjoy and nothing to do but trudge through the cliche story and predictable set peices.

High points include believable environments, a strong atmosphere of tenstion, all around quality assets, and an interesting melee combat system. Unfortunately the visuals are let down by harsh minimal lighting and the combat is simply not that good.

It's difficult to recommend so much as spending the time to play the demo, let alone purchasing the game. Avoid 
they play xbox in japan? (ok it's a game company but anyway!) 
I think there were like 8 xboxes sold in october...
totalling to ~120 since the beginning of the year. source - NPD

xbox360 numbers are much bigger but still way ps2 
way below ps2 
So, my question goes to the XBOX360 owners here who DO NOT have an HDTV: Is the XBOX360 noticably superior to othe original XBOX in visual quality assuming you are using a regular widescreen TV (and not HDTV) ? 
Cant Comment 
I've never seen an 360 on hdtv but in terms of graphics quality you just need to look at gears of war in action and its easy to tell that its way ahead of the xbox 
It's hard for me to judge the 360 on a NON-HDTV TV and I've _ONLY_ seen it demoed on HDTV's in stores and thefore dont have the slightest idea about what kind of quality I should expect if I was to get the 360 since I don't have an HDTV myself. 
HD Games 
are just the console rendering in higher resolution. That's the only difference - no bells and whistles are enabled in 720 or 1080 that aren't in 480, the same assets are used across all settings ... it's just the same picture on a different size TV.


Oh wait I guess I pissed off Shambler by mentioning a non-PC game so he had to change the thread title. I'd better not post this then! 
Jago I Was Thinkig About All These TV Issues 
I think the best solution is to get a widescreen PC monitor, smth like those 21" Samsungs (215TW) or bigger. With all kinds of TV-ins.
You get a very good PC monitor, and also can plug a console into it and enjoy high resolution. I recon you would get a picture superior to almost any TV.

x360 games are QA-ed for 720p
hence u have unreadable text in Rise of the Dead (as the most famous problem with lowrez displays)

gah, we`v been thru it few times at TF 
In the recent news Lost Planet (another x360 game from capcom also has tiny font unreadable on lowres TV, but capcom promised to fix the issue 
Boycotting The Console Gaming Thread 
So I thought about selling my GC so I could have a little money to put towards buying a Wii, but then I realized there would be almost no buyers because the Wii can do exactly what the GC does, and more. :|

Oh well. I'll probably wait until a better selection of games comes out, and I see a bundle that I really like.

And I have to agree, it doesn't look like the Wii has a whole lot of really strong release titles. Mario Galaxies might be cool, although from the previews I've seen, mostly the game doesn't take place in the traditional Mario land fantasy world, which for me was one of the draws of the other games. 
I've Also Thought About Selling The Gamecube 
since I never use it and if I get a wii it won't have any function at all.. but yeah the problem is that most likely won't be anyone at all that wants to buy one and on top of that it might be nice to keep the gc-controller but then selling the console without a controller will be even more hopeless *sigh*

My fear is that it will become a piece of completely use and worthless electronics unless some one comes up with some good use of any of the components in it :/ 
Boring, pointless. 
what GC games do u have? 
Alien Hominid, Killer 7, Zelda Collection, MK, MP, NFS:HP2, POP:SOT, POP:TT, POP:WW, RE1, RE2, Sonic Collection, Smuggler's Run, Viewtiful Joe.

...I just realized that I haven't beat half of those. 
I have games that are still in the shrink-wrap. Like resident evil 4, and max payne 2 (the latter for the PC, obviously.) 
I Have Now Realised... 
My computer is full of fantasy games and RPG games...

Have got:

Gothic 3
Guild Wars Nightfall
Thief 3
Vampire: Assquerade

And am going to buy:

Dark Messiah
Warhammer Mark Of Chaos

Funny, I spend ages wanting some good, proper, fantasy games, and then dozens of them come along at once... 
Yeah, I seem to also be playing mostly Fantasy games these days, seem to be releasing more of them (maybe cause of the success of LotR or something?)
Played Oblivion, Dark Messiah, Thief 3, and Final Fantasy 3 (but that's a console game, so I'll say no more, or Shambler might devour me).

You seemed so pumped up about Dark Messiah Shamb, yet you haven't gotten around to playing it? Was wondering how you'd find it... 
Dark Messiah, yeah very cool, but then this thing called Gothic3 came along....o_O

Might end up finding the full G3 so buggy compared to the demo that I give up and play DM instead O_o 
Neg!ke, so far I *have* to run post-processing at full, otherwise I get huge amounts of see-through textures in the landscape - yay, go G3, go! Full PP is okay, the distance blur is interesting but I can take it or leave it - do you know any way around that particular bug?? 
Yeah, POP:WW and Dues Ex 2 (PC) are still in the shrink wrap. So was Q4 until this summer, and POP:TT until a month ago.

And I still haven't been able to play HL2! 
dunno about the third (full) setting of PP as it doesn't work for me - all sprites/shaders turn into black rectangles or something. likely related to my graphics card (only have a radion 9600pro). what about the lighting on full setting? is it still overly bright around torches/candles? 'distance blur' as in standard fog-like effect or something more sophisticated? not sure about the distance rendering setting either, i guess i have both sliders on medium, since max distance would slow my rig down too much, or i'm just too scared to try it, or whatever - with 2gb RAM it should work better, i guess. on the other hand, i'm using 4x AA / shadows disabled. performance isn't really the problem in this game, the preloading is (and the fucking long quickload/save times).

btw. do yourself a favor and play on hard difficulty. there are only few frustrating moments. monsters might be quite hard at first, but at least orcs/npcs are a little less weak.
we'll see what the next patch (next week?) brings...

oh, and a little gameplay tip: if you beat up enemies they only drop wornout weapons, but if you knock them out with those headbutt-arrows, they drop a fully functional weapon. this way, you can make proper use of the powerful orc weapons or even the best weapon in the game: an ogre hammer (with the appropriate amount of strength points of course). ;) 
Lighting is a little bit bright in a few places - the only time it's looked bad is in the Cape Dun fighting ring.

The distance blur really is distance blur, i.e. everything in the distance is blurred. Like the artificial depth of field you get tweaking a picture in photoshop. I think I might stick with it as it stops the funny effect where the terrain "pops" into more detail as you get closer.

Funnily enough, although both the new card and new ram definitely help matters (woohoo, shadows on, woohoo, teleporting into a town without 30 seconds of pausing), I have got some random slowdowns in funny places - going into Dun after 1 hour of play, it chugged like a bitch until I restarted.

BTW, how do headknocks work? I presume you have to aim at the head, and that they work on humanoids?

And can you change difficulty in game? I'm already a few (useful) hours in... 
headknocks work on any creature (npcs, monsters). i don't know if you have to specifically hit the head, although it can't be wrong as headshots do more damage anyway, but i think it's important to deplete their health entirely with headknocks. i recently tried to knock out some ogres by first hurting them with regular arrows and doing the final shot with a headknock, but they just died.

difficulty can be changed in game at any time. 
This Looks (maybe A Bit Too Much?) Like It Coud Be The Next Cave Story 
I never played Cave Story. :( 
We're Pretty Sure You'll Be Passing By This Sign Again Real Soon 
I lol'ed. Shamelessly. 
Yeah, that was great :) 
A New (old) Half-life Expansion... 
The original was great and this one doesn't look half bad: 
is the steam version of half life ? 
I Am Guessing... 
It is the Half-life 1 available through Steam ;) 
but how is it different half life retail ? And why would you need th steam version? 
Just A Geuss 
but the half-life 1 engine has been updated lots since it moved to steam, while the non steam version has had no patches for years. Maybe there is some incompatibility there. 
the original was very pro and well designed, but was kind of annoying because the weapons just had new art resouces - they behaved exactly the same as the origials. 
What Kind Of Name 
Is Poke 646? Reminds me of Pokemon. 
From the Poke646 website:

The true meaning of Poke646 goes way back into the early 80's were the C=64 homecomputer was very popular. I wrote my first games on it in Basic and Poke646 was the command to change the font color on the screen. I thought it would fit the title of this mod as this is the first complete game I designed since my early days in the computing business.
what does that mean ? Do I have to repurchase half life through steam to reap the benefits ? 
The Steam Version Of Hl1 
is half-life ported to the source engine. there are no major differences apart from water and maybe physics though, afaik.
but if poke646 is developed exclusively for this very version, it unfortunately means hardly anyone will be able to play it - at least i doubt too many people have bought hl1 again only because of the source features. if the team is smart enough, they will either (also) do it on classic hl or hl2. 
What If You Have Hl2 
do you get the half life 1 steam version with it ? 
When I bought HL2 on steam it was a pack that included HL1 (along with ep1, multiplayer, etc).
Not sure if that kind of pack still exists, probably. 
Old HL 
If you still have your half-life CD key, you should be able to register it with steam, and then half-life and all the associated games will be added to your list of games on steam. You may have to download lots of content from the servers to get it working, but you shouldn't need to buy it again. 
IIRC you can use the "activate a product on steam" window and input your hl1 cd key and it will unlock the game for currently logged in steam account, you can then download the game OR if you have it installed already it will copy the files over to steam and download all the updates automatically.

I haven't used this though, so it might not work that way 
Clear Up 
Neg!ke, you are talking about Half-Life:Source, which is a totally separate game from half-life. Half-Life on steam is the same as HL without steam, valve just released a source version so you could have pretty water and effects :)

fucking steam ... 
thanks. i've confused it.
does the steam version (newer patches) have any special features that justify developing the mod for it? or maybe just as a precaution. 
I Geuss 
its just that 90% of hl players have the steam version now so it makes sense. As for upgrades and shizz I suppose there have been optimizations etc to the graphics engine and online play but I have not looked to closely at it tbh. 
Game Tech: Render Planets In Realtime 
If this doesn't make you feel small after watching the entire thing, well then I dunno

A few guys have been working on a very impressive project during their free time, "Infinity: The Quest for Earth". The game is a massively multiplayer online game set in a futuristic persistent universe. Here's the impressive part: their game engine can render entire planets in real-time.

It's best to quote Flavien Brebion, the main man behind the project: "..all the planets have realistic dimensions and scales. If you were to land on a planet and fly at low altitude at airplane speed, it'd take you hours before reaching another continent. You'd never see the same hill or some mountain twice. Then, each major planet can have tens of moons. Each solar system can have many planets, all rotating with realistic, dynamic orbits, allowing you to attend an eclipse or a sunset in real time. Finally, the galaxy will contain millions, if not billions, of these solar systems. All different."

Here's a demo video of the game, the impressive part starts at about 1:00: 
broken link 
Here It Is 
Long Rundown 
I've finally gotten into playing some games again lately and from best to worst, here are my thoughts:

Thief: Deadly Shadows

Top notch stuff. Chock full of interesting gameplay, open-ended, oozes atmosphere, great story, great voice acting, and most importantly, it's a fun game.

The game is really well paced changes from being a straight up stealth game where you're a petty thug who steals some things to being a game where you're basically saving the world. It does it gradually though...none of this "OH SHIT ALIENS ARE COMING HERE'S A GUN SEE YA LATER" stuff that every FPS seems to think will make you feel like a hero.

In Thief: DS, the choices you make actually have an impact on the world, so you can play through the game 10 different ways and have 10 different experiences in terms of how NPCs and AI will react to you...not just little stuff either...I'm talking about hordes of people hunting you or no one hunting you all in the same scenario depending on how you've played it up to that point.

It seamlessly blends horror, mystery, action, adventure, and stealth and uses just the right amount of each one. You owe it to yourself to play the damn game.

Most memorable moment

The entire Shalebridge Cradle level -- fucking fantastic.


Half Life 2: Episode 1

It's really just an exact continuation of Half-Life 2. Same exact gameplay, same exact locales, very very few new art assets, and virtually no advancement of the storyline other than things are starting to look slightly better, and you're making headway towards getting out of City 17. But I really enjoy the gameplay and universe of HL2 so I found this to be really enjoyable.

The only slight distinction about HL2 EP: 1 is that it has a higher ratio of puzzle elements to action than HL2 did. It was something I actually enjoyed though although a lot of people I've talked to and read posts from didn't like the puzzle stuff.

Most memorable moment

Kind of low on memorable stuff, but the very beginning of the game had a few epic scripted DOG tossing you 1000 yards in an old jalopy



I had no intention of ever playing F.E.A.R really. It didn't look that interesting, it needed a seemingly monster machine to enjoy, and it looked like a giant Ring/Ringu rip-off. Well I ended up needing to play it and play it a lot when it became part of my job, and I actually ended up liking it.

I kept getting my ass handed to me when I was first playing it because I didn't understand that Slow-Mo was vital to actually beating the game. I always thought that Slow-Mo was just some kind of gimmicky shit you use when you're recording a demo to show off to your friends "ne0dud3" and "XXX_Trinity_XXX" on the Matrix message boards. It still is that, but in F.E.A.R. you basically need to use it to beat the game because of the way the A.I. functions.

The plot is OK...some nice twists at the end and it keeps a generally creepy vibe, but it really doesn't deviate too much from your standard "some bad shit went down here, and we'll slowly and cryptically tell you what it was" storytelling device. In terms of the game's horror vibe I will say this -- Thief : DS is by far a much scarier game, although F.E.A.R does have some slightly creepy moments...especially the intro for some reason...that is probably the most disturbed I felt by the game.

Long story short, the combat is really fun, there are some interesting gameplay concepts at times, although they are rare, and it will probably keep you entertained throughout if you don't get frustrated and quit for the hour and a half you are in the exact same environment doing the exact same thing without a break.

Most memorable moment

The vault level

thanks tron :) 
Quake 4

A pretty good game...much better than people seem to have said it was. Out of all the games on this list, Quake 4 was definitely the hardest. There are a lot of really fucking tough battles at points in the game, mostly towards the end. I would have preferred it if they had spread them around evenly with a slight ramp up towards the end as opposed to being a game where I never die for the first 5 hours then OMG QuickLoad for the last 3-4.

The game has an absolutely awful fucking ending...definitely in my top 3. A much better ending would be Kane gets back to base and all of the dudes freak out and forget that he's been "changed" and start firing upon him mercilessly. As you lay dying, they hover over you completely unaware that you save their ass and someone in the background yells out "OK where's Kane..." And then the game fades to black. End of the terrible Quake 4 storyline and characters forever.

The story on a whole is pretty damn shaky...but part of the problem is that Quake and Quake 2 really didn't have too much of a story and therefore Quake 4 had nothing to build off despite being the 4th damn game in the series. The industry has changed since '96 and suddenly if you don't have a good in-game story, your game is a piece of shit. I think part of the problem is that there have been sooooooo many shooters since then that good gameplay alone just isn't enough to cut it anymore.

Quake 4 is rock solid gameplay-wise other than the aforementioned difficulty balance issues, it just suffers from a terrible story, a terrible ending, and the fact that id already let everyone down with the Doom 3 game and engine.

(P.S. Raven don't you fucking dare make a sequel with these same characters, as was indicated that you might do with the ending of Quake 4)

Most memorable moment

Stroggification & the excellent and really creepy human-machine hybrids that are mounted on the walls in various levels.


Oh my sweet Lord Jesus...ohhhhhhh why HumanHead why why why did you ruin what could have been a good game with your ridiculous lack of the player dying? I can't even begin to express my disappointment with this system.

The game was perfectly fine for the most part with a nice story, some excellent puzzle bits, and really innovative level design, but it was completely ruined by the fact that player CAN NOT FUCKING DIE. I know we had a debate on this very messageboard about whether or not dying is a good game mechanic to use, and I have to say after playing Prey that this game is the best argument to have the player die as part of the progression of the game.

I literally spent 20 minutes beating the penultimate boss to death with my wrench because I knew I wouldn't die and I was just bored to tears by that point because of it. I knew that no matter what I did, I would come back to the exact same spot, the boss would have the exact same health from when I died, and everything would be fine and dandy while I continued to not fear death at all and play the game like a trained monkey.

If you're going to remove the fact that the player can die from your game, it's probably not a good idea to have an hour long boss battle. I mean seriously, if you're going to say that tactics and combat matter so little that there is no consequence to dying, then just remove the HOUR LONG boss battle and replace it with the puzzle and story elements that you seem to be able to pull off just fine.

The level design in Prey was top notch. It boggles my mind to think how long it must have taken to design some of the areas that you could completely rotate on all 3 axes. It had to be at least a month for just one of those areas. They were completely fantastic and awe-inspiring pieces of layout design. The levels themselves were usually less repetitious than Quake 4 and F.E.A.R and any other games that pad their length slightly with an hour or two of "room-doorway-room" layouts. I really feel bad for the level designers because I'm sure so many people didn't bother to explore at all since the lack of dying made it so you didn't need to hunt down health or ammo.

The story and universe were pretty compelling, with only Tommy's girlfriend really being the only sore spot in the acting department. The major plot point is basically the story of creation as presented by Scientology with some names swapped out -- but it still works.

Overall what could have been a great game was marred by one really stupid game mechanic that serves to nullify any kind of immersion you might feel. And yeah, it could be argued that quicksave is basically the same thing, but that would be wrong because I don't usually quicksave every 5 seconds during a boss battle, because if I did that I might end up quick saving with one health and have to go back to my last proper save because the game would be unbeatable. But since Prey brings you back with full health and all enemy attributes exactly where you left them, there's no reason to approach the game with any kind of strategy at all.

(P.S. 2K Games, 3DRealms, and HumanHead. If you plan on bringing these characters and this universe back, as you have indicated that you would at the end of the game, that's fine. Please, for the love of the Native American gods in Prey, get rid of the lack of dying. Thank you)

Most memorable moment

Seeing my body on the other side of a room getting flipped upside down and tossed around while I was doing some spirit mode puzzle & the mini-moon orbit gravitational pull sequences

"I think part of the problem is that there have been sooooooo many shooters since then that good gameplay alone just isn't enough to cut it anymore"

I have a problem with that line of thinking, because most shooters since then dont actually have good gameplay, but instead try and pass off the inclusion of a (C grade) story and scripted sequences as good gameplay. 
Great reviews there. I don't agree with all your points but you are bang on the money with your assessment of Prey. Actually, you expressed its problem much better than I did. Namely - it's fine if you want to design a game where you can't die, but for fuck's sake at least design the rest of the game mechanics around this.

With Prey you have a standard twitch shooter. Ignore the puzzles for the moment. It's essentially like any other FPS we've seen in the last few years. Make the player invulnerable and the whole game breaks.

Playing Prey made me feel exactly the same way as if I was blasting through say Quake 4 on God mode. An empty and ultimately boring experience. Not once did I get a kick of adrelanine like I did in Doom 3 or Quake 4. I couldn't even be bothered to go out of my way to hunt health or ammo.

Regarding your Quake 4 review - I disagree with your view that if a game doesn't have a good story it's shit. I think this is one of the main problems facing games today - the idea that games need to somehow be interactive movies, with proper stories, characterisation etc.

This is exactly what games don't need to be. I think it's a shame that money has to be spent cooking up expensive cinematics and whatnot when most gamers are going to want to skip them anyway. 
I was a little unclear. I don't think a game is shit if it doesn't have a story, but if I have to pick between a good solid shooter with a good story or a good solid shooter with a bad story, I'm obviously going to go with the one that has a good story.

Quake is a great game with no story, but I don't know the public would accept a game like that today where the entire story is in the readme or in the instruction book. 
I don't think the games buying public really care for stories in games as much as you think. People want fun gameplay - story shouldn't be allowed to get in the way of this. If story elements create immersion, then fine, but to be honest most of the overly scripted crap we see these days doesn't actually benefit the game. It just makes games more linear and expensive to make and the effort is largely unnapreciated. 
how many games have a good story ? Most are b grade level movie stories, if that. 
I didn't have a problem with the spirit/death/reviving thing. I still tried just as hard to avoid dying (apart from in the boss battle but I usually either cheat or quit those anyway), and when I did die I ended up doing some jiggery pokery with shooting spirits instead of some jiggery pokery with F9...

Sounds like I am more able to get into the spirit (sic) of being immersed in a game than you guys... 
Seriously. You Are Missing The Point. 
Is there ANY shooter at all that has a decent story?
HL1/2 does not. It has good and convincing world. With developed "legend" that is not being told actually.
"Freeman comes and beats the shit out of combines" is not much of a story.

Ok Deus, SysShock and Thief had good storylines. Those are less shooters tho. 
The Point 
Convincing immersive world (as Kinn said).
And good diverse gameplay (no detailing this time sorry)
Thats what HL2 did. And CoD. And Prey (to some extent)
It feels to me Quake1 did that too pretty well, but Im biased. 
You do die. It is an indication of 'not doing well at game' and it is present. But then there is a punishment - and instead of making you replay some amount from the last savepoint it forces you to go thru the 'spirit' routine for a bit.
Im sorry you cant accept this concept and ruin the game for yourself with 'no need to replay - no need to try hard' attitude. Its more a problem with your preconceptions.
Also you had an obvious choice of using quickload yourself whenever you die, just to make game a bit harder (like I did). But I understand that some people would be unwilling to 'discipline themselves'. I�m on the other hand have more problem with games that don�t have quicksave and use much more sever punishment for losing � forcing you to replay the game from the last checkpoint or the very start of the map. And no other choice, (except maybe cheat, if that�s available). It can get very tedious, and time consuming. Yes, I didn�t like Mario.
To conclude: I believe there should be challenge and should be punishment for losing. But its hard to agree on the degree of both. As was apparent from the many discussions on QMAP some ppl cant stand dying at all.

And back to Prey - I believe the 'resurrection' should be made available on the easy/norm skill level only. Not on the harder one.

I would love to hear some other opinions from people interested in gamedesign. 
And The Last One 
I have no idea why Q4 didnt sell well and got many bad reviews. Its not another D3 definitely. And its not a bad game. Solid shooter with its ups and downs.
Maybe many customers shrugged it off as 'another doom3', maybe MP was a letdown, maybe the marketing is to blame... maybe its the lack of bloom!
Pre-release shots of Q4 didnt look spectacular really...

Failure of q4 is a mystery to me, almost as big as the shite looks and the great success of the Halo series.

Was Unreal2 even a bigger flop than q4? 
Unreal 2 
ta speedy, I forgot I till havent finished that yet :) 
Fallout Resurrection 
Yeah Sure 
Interplay has no money. Needs 75mln? They gotta be kidding

Zero chance of release. 
1.) WTF does "Securities and Exchange commission" whatever the fuck that is have to do with Interplay/games?

2.) $75M budget for a game? That's ridiculous.

3.) Is this Fallout 3 by Bethesday or Interplays rebirth and their own Fallout too? 
...that are incredibly cool in Gothic 3.

Day/night cycle and random weather cycle (rain and fog).

Wandering around with a tamed Rhinocerous. Looks great and actually very useful fighting tougher stuff. 
Failure of q4 is a mystery to me, almost as big as the shite looks and the great success of the Halo series.

Marketing and advertising. q4 shipped when id wanted it to, and not when activision wanted it to, and activision was footing the bill for promoting the game. if a game doesn't make pre-decided dates, a publisher decides not to waste money on aisle-end space and standees and ads and stuff if there won't be a game to sell on those shelves in time.

that, plus PC gamer's resounding initial 70, plus a consumer base already somewhat beleaguered by doom3, completely nuked enthusiasm for the game. 
PCGamer need to be fucking taken out and shot for that. That was totally unreasonable. I for one will never trust a word they print again.

For the record I think Quake 4 is a great game and it's a shame that shit had to turn out like it did. 
well, i haven't read pcgamer in ages, but i'd say 70% sounds about right for q4. it was never anything astouding, which is what they usually reserve stuff higher than 80 for (iirc).

it was a slightly above average game, but still had many flaws. (sadly, a lot of those flaws were flaws in the d3 engine itself). 
it was a slightly above average game, but still had many flaws. (sadly, a lot of those flaws were flaws in the d3 engine itself).

what aspects of the doom3 renderer were responsible for making this a "flawed" game? (not trolling, just asking :} 
Quake 2 Vs Quake 4 
To me, Quake 2 felt more like an adventure, whereas Quake 4 felt more like a cheesy script.

Something about Quake 2's theme made it feel more like a strange, alien place (even though it was clearly not a purely alien environment). Maybe part of it was due to the lack of wires, control panels, and pipes streaming across every scene which made Q4 seem more like a logical Borg facility than a de-humanizing society that recycled body parts.

Which is something that bothered me. The most disturbing elements of Q4 were either only touched upon briefly, or were just recycled in exactly the same way throughout. Example: the medics' futile efforts to de-stroggify their comrades, or the Strogg systems with the same integrated human torsos copied everywhere. I felt like the real horrors of the war were never really touched upon; even in your own stroggification it was very formulaic: of course your teammates still love you as the ever-capable Corporal Kane and shower you with pats on the back, but you're simultaneously bullied by unfamiliar marines onboard the mothership who want to give you the 24th centuary equivalent of a lynching.

Not that Q2 had obviously grotesque imagery, but it didn't try; it was just an action-adventure game. But that also meant it stuck to its ideals pretty easily.

Clearly I was disappointed with the themes of Quake 4. I saw it more like Doom 3 without hell, and humanoid cyborgs substituted for demonic cyborgs.

I don't feel so strongly about the gameplay. It didn't excite me, but it wasn't exactly disappointing to me either. The sections where you drove a vehicle seemed like a weak link, but things were generally balanced pretty well even if there weren't really any gameplay innovations. 
well, one of the key points would be the most obvious one; lighting.

d3's lighting is terrible for outdoor areas, which q4 had quite a lot of. lack of a way to properly fake GI/Ambient Occlusion at the minimum made the game look almost like a step back graphically. (soft shadows would have been prefered, of course, but a faking of ambient occlusion would have rocked) 
Shambler You Are A Cocksucker 
hi shambler i just wanted youm to know my feeelings. I started this thread long ago as a wayn of diversivifying ths little quake ampping community into playing and discussing other games, butn it seems you are a coomunist and hate fun and only care about you you you and it makes me angry alright so please stop it and close that other thread and make this the Other Games thread again alright ok bye 
Scampie's been hitting the gin? 
Anyway. Re: Quake 4. Sorry I was really drunk last night and so my posts had a "grr angry defensive grr" tinge to them, but I still believe what I wrote. Namely, PCGamer's 70% is a bad score, the sort of score that basically says to the public "this game is really mediocre, don't bother with it". I think PCGamer had basically jumped onto the id/doom3 backlash bandwagon at the time they wrote that review, like a bunch of bratty schoolchildren, and so they went over the top in panning the game.

Necros: yes there are limitations in Doom3's lighting model, but I think when you look at the capabilities of the lighting system as a whole, the pros quite convincingly outweigh the cons.

Also, maybe I'm not really seeing the problem, but Quake 4 had some massive outdoor vehicle sections, and I thought the lighting worked fine for what it was.

I agree with RPG that for some reason, the Stroggos architects seemed to have taken a shine to the UAC base's "double horizontal patch railings around everything, pipes covering every wall and ceiling" design ethic, and it didn't seem particularly alien, and to be honest in many of the levels you could have just done a texture replace and got something that would fit perfectly into Doom3. Hell, some textures in Q4 were actually unchanged from Doom3 anyway.

Then again, I like that style and Q4 just gave me more of it :} 
I rated it. 
If Most Games Magazines 
didn't rate games on a scale of 72 to 93 it wouldn't have come across like Quake4 was utterly unplayable. But, then again, humans don't endeavor to become critics and editorialists to be nice to people.

I've always liked the concept of reviews that don't try to summarize what they said into some kind of numeric rating. It implies absolutes where there are none. A review should just go over the premise of the game, if and why it's fun, what works, what doesn't, who it's for, and then just leave it at that. The reader will come away with a strong sense of whether or not he wants it himself (which is what a review is FOR) rather than skimming it to find out how the reviewer and his editor (who we're supposed to trust as knowing everything there is to know about games, including more than the actual developers) graded the game. Did it pass? Can the studio maintain its GPA? Will dad ground them?

Lucasarts' Ron Gilbert originally planned his website ( as a review site that would review other reviews. I thought that was ingenious. (It's too bad he decided instead to enter the site into the 'blogs that never update' market.) 
A review should just go over the premise of the game, if and why it's fun, what works, what doesn't, who it's for, and then just leave it at that. The reader will come away with a strong sense of whether or not he wants it himself (which is what a review is FOR)

PC gamer's resounding initial 70

There was a stats research that showed no correlation between reviews score and game sales 
Probably The Aggregate Mean 
You'd be right, Q4 on average reviewed somewhat well (mid-eighties), and didn't sell that way at all. But I'm sure that study wasn't weighted toward the earliest reviews, which public opinion usually is - just the eventual average. We monitored the buzz around the game anxiously, and after that one review, in what we read and heard there was a tangible sense of "What? ONLY 70? oh well time to immediately make my decision to buy FEAR instead."

also, I think we all generally know that there's typically not much of a correlation between stats research and reality either. 
Lun Is Correct 
My bro' relies heavily on the PC Gamer goofballs for his purchasing advice, and that "What? ONLY 70? oh well time to immediately make my decision to buy FEAR instead." is exactly what happened in his case. He'll be getting a copy of Quake4 for Christmas from me though.

Also, I have no doubt from reading their other scores if an indy developer came out with the same quality product but with no tie to the established Id franchises, the score would have been much higher.

There are expectations built in for a 'ground breaking', a 'life changing event', if you will, when Doom/Quake
release occurs because of the impact of the original games of the series.
Something that is just a fun game is not enough to quench the thirst of hyperbole driven reviewers. 
A review should just go over the premise of the game, if and why it's fun, what works, what doesn't, who it's for, and then just leave it at that. The reader will come away with a strong sense of whether or not he wants it himself (which is what a review is FOR)

Lun wins this month's Hug Of Koth. And a beer icon.

There are expectations built in for a 'ground breaking', a 'life changing event', if you will, when Doom/Quake
release occurs

Actually, I've felt this is true of pretty much all FPSs 
Necros: yes there are limitations in Doom3's lighting model, but I think when you look at the capabilities of the lighting system as a whole, the pros quite convincingly outweigh the cons.

Also, maybe I'm not really seeing the problem, but Quake 4 had some massive outdoor vehicle sections, and I thought the lighting worked fine for what it was.

it's of course, not just that. i wouldn't say a game was only about average just based on lighting :P

i was very disappointed in the first vehicle section of the game, and the followup part where you're in the mech wasn't much better.

the first vehicle section, you're litterally on rails, and can't even move. this was an incredible blunder, and i'm astounded someone, somewhere, greenlighted that section. even the intro to the russian chapter in call of duty or medal of honour (i forget, but it was one of those war fps games) was better. sure you couldn't move, but you could at least duck.
so here i am, standing tall in the back of a truck, getting shot, and seeing all my friends ducking, like smart soldiers, and i can't even do that.

the mech part was only slightly better. i could control my actions, yes, but in a very sluggish manner. i'm going through what seems like a gauntlet of only mildly interesting brushwork (and poor lighting, which i already covered, which only serves to accentuate the poor lighting).

finally, i gotta put this last jab in here: where is the liquids?! jeez, i don't even need fancy ass fresnel shaders like the source engine. i'd have been satisfied with some proper swimming physics and a semi-transparent static texture that looked vaguely like slime or water. why the hell d3 originally never even had it is completly beyond me. i guess this is more from a mapping perspective really. but i hold to my belief that at least 1 map in q4 which had some nice sewer-y or flooded areas, would have totally pwned. 
(and poor lighting, which i already covered, which only serves to accentuate the poor lighting)

should read:

(and poor lighting, which i already covered, which only serves to accentuate the poor geometry) 
I See 
Of the things about Quake 4 I could complain about, the brushwork is pretty low down on the list.

Seriously, I literally finished the game today (my second playthrough), and it did a pretty good job of reminding me that an awful lot of the environment art is really really fucking good. 
I agree that some water areas would have improved the variety in the game, (and looked hella purdy), but I'm pretty sure id would not have settled for anything less than proper fresnel shader shenanigans, and from what I've heard the resulting performance hit required to get these looking good ultimately prohibited their inclusion.

The vehicle sections were a bit pants gameplay-wise but I've already said that. They did grow on me the second time round though. 
Re: Water 
nah, not at all. there are a couple of player-made water shaders out there that look very nice, and don't seem to have any performance hit at all or a very slight one such that i don't notice it on my mediocre system. 
Hm Mm 
yes there are limitations in Doom3's lighting model, but I think when you look at the capabilities of the lighting system as a whole, the pros quite convincingly outweigh the cons.

No. No they do not. When you look at the amount of scattered light in any natural photo, and consider the myriad of ways the engine would make it prohibitively expensive to simulate that with even a tiny handful of always-dynamic batch-splitting overdraw-mongering lights that only attenuate from a single point, you'll know what I mean. Yeah, it's cool seeing the light pick out all the little bits of a texture from the right direction, but that's actually pretty non-essential to making a scene sell itself.

the water decision had nothing to do with the shader. the development of water physics and time spent on water character animations and all the other new assets you'd need wasn't considered worth the nearly minimal amount of time the player would spend in the water in the first place. but I miss it too. 
I think lighting alone is no biggie for games success, and q4 has just crappy outdoors, with good indoors.
I dare you to look at all the PS2 ports with poor vertex light model. I would even say the games with good light are in the minority...
Actually good games are in the minority

Anyway, cant argue it was silly to not allow easy lightmap usage in d3 tech and you need to use ambient_ light that looks crap and still eats resources.

This brings me back to discussion would Q4 been any better if it was made on (omg) SOURCE or smth like cod2 engine(Q3 +DX, shaders and bump ?) 
I Stand Corrected 
Lun, thanks for clearing up the water issue.

I'm still not convinced D3 engine's outdoor lighting ability is that terrible though. I'm currently working on a massive outdoor section in my map and a bit of ambient light to complement the sky and the regular lights is working out quite nicely. 
yes. i agree with speeds. they should have used the d3 engine for all the interior areas, and the source engine for all the outdoors.

i'm continuously amazed by outdoor areas in the source engine. they are so vibrant, and exciting to look at. the way d3 engine lights things, it usually leads to drab, 'vacuum-ish' lighting. 
You are seriously suggesting that a game uses 2 entirely different engines to render indoor / outdoor areas?

That would produce just an absolute TON of work for the developer, its hard enough making a game work with 1 engine never mind 2! You would have so many more things to do and fix it would turn into a nightmare! Plus you would need to make a load of content just for one engine that wont be able to be used in the other, the list just goes on and on.

As a purely fictional idea though I totally agree, Source does make some amazing outdoor scenes, probably the best I've seen in a game to date actually.

Sorry if you were just making a joke but I didn't catch the humour :( 
uhhhh... yeah, obviously it wouldn't make any practical sense to do it. it was just a way for me to say the d3 does a good job with indoor and source does a good job with outdoor without actually saying that. 
auto cap ruined my facey. twas supposed to be o.o :P 
Roll On Id's Next Engine 
I'm sure one of their main focuses is making it do badarse outdoor scenes 
I heard something about realtime dynamic shadowmapping somewhere but who really knows. Im sure Carmack learn't a lesson from the doom 3 engines narrower focus than say UE3 (you just need to count the licences for each engine to see that UE3 is proving much more popular) and will make the next one much more versatile.

Saying that though, Quake Wars outside landscapes do look really great and once that ships maybe the D3 engine will take off. 
...interesting discussion, I'm sure I had things to say but I've forgotten them, except I agree that D3 lighting outdoors looks too stark. 
Got Dark Messiah Yesterday 
only played the first instruction type level so far, but it looks kind of plain. Does i get better in the looks area ? 
Oh Yes. 
although the final levels got back into cavesey areas, the maps in the middle look really really cool. oh and the town maps are very nice too :) 
Dark Messiah 
...looks really gorgeous in spots. I loved the cliffside levels in particular. 
Dark Messiah 
Yeah, the tutorial level is really a bad indication of what follows, some very nice stuff (Even the final underground maps are great I thought). 
look forward to it, although I probably ownt play it for ages fiven how many other games I have but havent yet played. 
Max Payne 2 
I finally got around playing this. Never beat the first though. I love the atmosphere, the comic sequences, the dark and depressing mood. The game is really nice, I am almost at the end I think. Story is quite thick except for some small stupid things. You've got to know the first Max Payne to follow it I think.

There are some major annoyances. First of all the scenes where you have to protect some damn stupid NPC. Why are developers still doing such things. Gah!
Then one or two re-visits of old levels, that are quite boring and annoying to play (the burning buildings...).
Some of the dream sequences, those are made good, but sometimes lenghty and not as moody as probably intended.
Also near the end you will encounter scenes where you just cannot get around quickloading a lot.
It would have been nice if the playermodel would become transparent when the crosshair is blocked by it. But that's a minor thought.

I really liked Max' strong character and the love to Mona Sax. I think I got a bit in love with her too. *^_^* A shame that it was not developed further and happier.
Soundtrack is ace! I love it. And I mean the soundtrack throughout the whole game, with themes reoccuring and reminding you of feelings and places from earlier in the game.
The voice actors were very good too, but in the comic sequences sometimes they should have add effects or different moods to them in my opinion.

The end was sad (to me). To a certain point it is good of course, good for the character Max, but rather disappointing for me. Very mixed feelings. I can't see a reward for the player.
I don't want to spoil it, so I won't write more.

I think I will replay it somewhen. I will definitely buy it (for 5 Euro cheap, heh), just to have it. It's quite short, maybe 10-15 hours. But for the strong and thick atmosphere that is ok I think. 
Just Reading RPG's Review Up There ^ 
Yes, I feel the same disappointment about Max being a weird loser up to a point too. It was not really a nice feeling to play someone like that. 
Thanks For Bringing That Up 
inspired by your post, i just installed and started playing max payne (1, the better part) again. pretty fun. anyone remember the bomb scene - "is it the red or the green wire"? ;) 
That ending changes on the hard setting replays. I thought the 'protect the NPC' part was the best ever implemented in a game. The goon in the kid party costume character suit, big floppy shoes, squeeky Jersey shore accent, what's not to love?

I get RPG's point though, they give Max too much of a past. It is a wonder he doesn't play toesy with a shotgun trigger. 
Not To Love: 
The goon in the kid party costume character suit, big floppy shoes, squeeky Jersey shore accent, what's not to love?

The unending quicksaves/quickloads for one. But I do have to agree that it was highly amusing; I still laugh about him getting the giant head stuck in a door. 
Quite a graphical milestone for it's time I think. I don't know why more games don't use photosourcing for textures, it certainly helps MP2 even to this day regardless if it's dated - it still looks great.

Too bad it's not very replayable and got repetetive after awhile. 
Vinnie In The Costume :D 
Ha, yeah. I laughed a lot too. But the load-marathon totally killed every fun.

Gonna play on hard then, shit. :\ 
Bler Et Al 
gothic3 patch 1.12 is out. among other things, it's supposed to fix the ambient sound bug (yes, there were actually hardly any ambient sounds played during the game) and make friendly npcs less prone to die like flies when fighting against monsters.
too bad i already lost interest for the most part.. :| 
uhm I think most games use photosourcing for textures in one way or another... 
It Doesn't Look Like It. 
I've seen more realistic looking models *texture wise* in Mafia than in Doom 3. 
Alpha - Prime 
the design of this scifi-game looks quite neat. 
hey, maybe it cause mafia is more realistic game than doom3? just a guess... 
You Just Don't Get It 
Silly russian 
Phait Just Doesn't Get It 
There are obviously plenty of assets that use photosourcing in d3. You don't have to be making realistic environments to find the technique useful, and you don't necessarily get a realistic result from using photosources in the texture making process. 
I Think The Question Is 
which of them is meant to look more realistic ? 
"Most Realistic", Eh? 
Congratulations on understanding almost nothing about game art. 
Sorry BD 
Didn't know this place only allowed game developers as members. 
Is That Supposed To Be An Excuse 
For telling the more experienced they "just don't get it" without having the first clue yourself?

i'm sorry, but you really can't compare d3 and mp2 since the two are completly different games with completly different styles. apples and oranges, dude.

i will say there seems to be shitty uv wrapping around the mouth area on the d3 character, which is giving that strange extra curve to the fold of flesh there and they didn't get rid of the seam where they mirrored the mesh along the x axis when modelling (probably a result of generating the normal map from the high poly model. should have been touched up manually at the very least).
neither of these problems have to do with photosourcing. 
Cheers Necros 
I've noticed that as well. Norm mapping does present some problems for facial animation.

I haven't played MP2 in a while, and my copy is a
few hundred miles away at the moment, so I can't check this for certain, are the photosourced textures adjusted to eliminate the natural lighting from source material(quite evident in the original Max Paine's texture set, but I don't recall for MP2)? 
bleak textures... reminds me remotely of console games. 
Thief Deadly Shadows & AMD 64 
When I ran T:DS on the upstairs computer (2GHz Celeron, GF 5600 XT [256 MB]) I might of had to lower some graphical options, but it ran smooth.

Now running it on a 1.8GHz AMD Athlon 64 and a GF 6200 LE (128 MB) and while it should run smoothly even on low detail, there seems to be a constant but small stutter - I can tell it's not a framerate issue. But I'm attributing it to the CPU - possibly the card, but I don't know. Other games run better on the 6200 than the 5600 could dream of, of course. 
I Had A Weird Issue With Thief:DS 
I just finally got around to playing it over the last few days, and every (every!) time I hit a level transition, or quit the game, my computer would hard lock with a black screen and I had to hit the power switch (Intel 3.2 Gig w. 2 Gig of RAM and SLIed 7800s).

After reading a few threads on the Eidos forums I turned down resolution to 1024x786 and turned down shadow detail a notch or two, and turned off bloom. I'm not sure what was actually the fix, but it seems happy now.

From the reading I did, I got the impression that the game was very rushed toward the end, and has some issues with memory and optimization. A buddy of mine worked QA on it, and said pretty much the same thing...

I'm enjoying it though. 
Doesn't support dualcore, it crashed all the time for me, had to manually set it to only use one core, and then it ran fine. 
Max Payne 2 
So I played through it on Hard-Boiled mode now. Mona is dead again. And I have not noticed any different ending. I don't have to play it AGAIN on Dead-On-Arrival, do I? 
yes. Not "new york minute" though, thank fuck.

She lives, but it is 1 frame in the novel that is different from what I remember. I enjoyed it all three times though actually. It's a damn fine game, and Remedy corrected a lot of what was wrong with the gameplay of the first one (slightly less reliance on quick load and slightly less annoying dream sequences) whilst improving the visuals and story a bit. 
I Borrowed A Gamecube With A Bunch Of Games 
including twilight princess and resident evil 4... so far I've been mostly playing re4.

I'm not really feeling very enthusiastic about zelda. Feels a bit like some chore I have to do - knowing that it's a long game and feeling a bit worried that the actual gameplay feels pretty dull. Haven't played much yet though and I'll give it more time but unless it gets better I'm not sure I'll play through it despite there being plenty of nice designs. 
RE4 is a seriously cool game. Massive too - it took me 25 hours, give or take, to get to Krauser (the penultimate boss), but I never managed to defeat him :{

I tried playing Wind Waker. My first experience of the Zelda universe, but after about 2-3 hours in I was bored out of my mind. I meant to pick it up again but I never got around to it. I will probably try Twilight Princess on Wii.

Tonight I just started Metroid Prime 2. Doesn't feel as immediately cool as the first one, simply because I've already spent 25 hours in the Metroid Prime universe with the first game, but I'm hoping I'll warm to it.

Bizarrely mirroring RE4, it took me ~25 hours to reach the last-but-one boss in Metroid Prime, a boss that again proved impossible for me to defeat. That thing is fucking nails :{ 
I gave up after Ripley because when I died at the final boss I was spawned before those rooms of metroids and just couldn't be arsed. Also, having forgotten to rescan some bosses after dying, I couldn't get 100% scans so I was a bit downhearted anyway. I basically gave up at that point but didn't feel short changed as I had played 99% of what was on offer and spent a long and enjoyable time doing so.

From what I played of RE4 recently, it's a big improvement over previous RE games, but the controls are still a bit awkward, and it still has Capcom's awful interface design ("Would you like to take the ammo pack? YES/NO" when you have 3 bullets and nothing much in your inventory) and unfathomably bad voice acting. What the hell is it with that? I gave it back to the mate I borrowed it off just because I know it's a game I am very likely to get pissed off with and I have a lot of other games I've yet to play much of (Zelda!) that I would rather play.

You are unlikely to warm much to the start of Twighlight Princess if Wind Waker pissed you off. Whilst it is great, there are some annoying laws of three things that annoyed the fuck out of me, although Nintendo have learned and do try and make it stay interesting. The Twighlight Realm is also exceptionally lonely, and the battle music is quite grating after the 4th or 5th time you hear it. I hear it gets REALLY good after the third dungeon though :) 
Metroid Prime 
I never managed to beat the final boss, either. That really annoyed me since I was really impressed with the rest of the game, which was mostly pretty easy, and of all the games I've ever played, there are only 2-3 that I've never finished. 
What The Hell People 
Beating the Metroid Prime wasn't half as difficult as Omega Pirate or that ice boss. 
and if you loved all the fucking BOSSES in metroid prime, the sequel has about 3x that many.

...but i really liked the first one. Bosses were hard, but there were relatively few of them, and most of the game was exploration which is what it's all about anyway. They must have had a focus group tell them there weren't enough bosses in the original, so they had to add more. 
This Is Exactly Why 
creating a Console Gaming Thread was UTTER BULLSHIT! This is beyond stupid.

Dammit, please someone locked that one and rename this one?
There is not a 100% difference in game art, game design or whatever. There in fact is NOTHING justifying a split of PC and Console games here. 
Zelda Twilight Princess 
I finished it a few days ago, and I found it to be very good.
The start is a bit slow, like most 3D Zelda games I think, I guess it suffers a bit from trying (and succeeding) to be completely accessible to any player.
After the first dungeon, things get much better in my opinion. The dungeons are really great, every room has it's purpose, and the layouts and puzzles are really nicely thought out, as are the boss fights. I just wish the combat was a bit more challenging at times...
Oh and I was sceptical about the Wii controls at first, but now I really enjoy them, adds a bit of extra immersion to the game. 
More Stuff 
czg: yes, the ice boss was an absolute cunt and utterly impossible to defeat unless you had at least a certain number of health tanks at the start. The only way I got past him was to trawl back through the entire game to uncover secret health tanks which took ages. I eventually had to use a guide �_�

I don't remember the omega pirate being that impossible, but then by that stage of the game I was pretty p1mped up with all the secret shit I had uncovered earlier.

Metlslime: ugh. I hope the bosses are somwehat fairer this time round :/

Than: the only thing that really sucked arse about RE4's interface was the retarded inventory system not giving you a quick way to change weapons during combat. The game would be so much cooler if you could map items to a button, like a hotkey, to use in realtime.

Spirit: Hear hear. This retarded split only exists because Shambler got out of the wrong side of the bed one morning 
I'm hoping Metroid Prime 3 is gonna be the Wii's "killer app" (jesus I hate that phrase).

Metroid Prime on Gamecube would have been the perfect game if:

1) The lock-on targeting control system was ditched and replaced with Halo-style dual analog controls for moving and aiming. Seriously, what were they thinking? This would have made combat a tad more challenging, but about 100x more satisfying.

2) The bosses were toned down a bit. I mean come on.

As it stands, non-boss combat in metroid prime is a bit boring, thanks to the dumbass lock-and-strafe tactics. Bosses are basically brick walls that bring the whole game to a shuddering halt.

Exploration and puzzle solving elements (the bulk of the game) are already really cool and chillax and don't need to be changed.

I played a little bit (the beginning) of Metroid Prime Hunters on my brother's DS over christmas and was really impressed that they had implemented the proper mouselike control system using the stylus :D It actually felt like Quake in terms of the speed and wide FOV. I didn't care much for the level design at the start though :/ I'll have to pick up a DS and play it properly... 
I hope MP3 has proper online multiplayer, that would help the Wii quite a bit I could imagine.
The multiplayer in Metroid Prime Hunters is nice, although very hectic, and lacks proper options when joining games and stuff, which is a shame. 
I don't remember the bosses in MP being that hard at all, apart from ripley, who was a cunt. The final boss was easy in its first form, but when it turned into the floating head thing I couldn't figure out what to do, died, and then couldn't be arsed to traipse through 2 or three rooms of platforms and metroids to get back to it.

Didn't bother playing MP2 because of the time the first game ate up, and I'm not sure I will bother with 3 because I have access only to the Japanese version, and I am not sure how kid/foreigner friendly it will be. Zelda is ok in this regard, but I require a lot of help from my electronic dictionary. 
I liked the aiming in Metroid Prime because it allowed me to relax a bit more than I would have if it were dual analogue (on a fucking GC controller? no thanks!) and concentrate on exploring and not get bogged down with insanely difficult fights. I also think that it let them be a bit more creative with the bosses. I honestly can't think of any other FPS with bosses that cool. 
Kinn Should Look Forward To The MP2 Bosses 
As far as I have heard other people say, the boost ball guardian is fucking impossible, but it was pure joy compared to the fucking spider ball guardian a bit later, which is possibly the most insanely difficult boss ever.

Bomb jumps are ok to pull off to progress, but pulling off several jumps in a row with split second timing while constantly taking damage is infuriating.

I liked the lock on aiming bit of the Prime games. It made the combat more of a timing/spatial puzzle instead of a test of aiming skill. 
Thought Of Another Way Of Improving Metroid Prime 
3) Note to the designers of MP3: At least use a modicum of common sense when deciding how to distribute the save points. Having twenty minutes of navigation gameplay and jumping puzzles between the last save point and a frustratingly difficult boss battle is BAD DESIGN. Just make sure there's one right before each boss, you cocks.

As a side note, I have just played enough of Metroid Prime 2 to realise that the designers have learned nothing in this regard since the original game. 
yeah. My year-old savegame is right before one of those bosses -- where you have to travel 10 minutes to get to the boss room after loading. It's the boss that swims in a circle and has endless mosquitoes coming at you. 
Stop whining you toddler.

It would have been more useful if that lot had been posted in the console thread. Would have saved some of us skipping over it at least. 
Alpha Blogg? 
Is that the one, Metlslime? I play Echoes every so many months hoping I've accumulated enough mustard to get past it but, alas, I have given up hope and am considering hiring a twelve-year-old to get me past that boss :) 
could be... there's like an energy tank or something missle expansion or something right before it... you stand in a middle platform and he makes waves sometimes? I think... 
Yeah That Was A Bastard Of A Boss Too 
Especially since he has a somewhat difficult first form as well, and then when you get to the second form (already weakened by spending so much time in the damaging atmosphere) it just becomes a stressing hell to navigate around the thing in the precious seconds when it's dazed.

And Quadraxis! Jesus!

Metroid Prime 2 has generally been a complete pain in the ass, and I never bothered finishing it once I got the final suit and I just needed to do the last key hunt.

Posting just to annoy Shambler here. 
Re4 And Zelda 
than: I also found the controls annoying when starting but now I've gotten used to them and it's definitely a game worth playing. Have to agree on the voice acting and that they should have made weapons/items switchable/usable with some button instead of having to pause the game and bring up the inventory screen.

When I've finished re4 I'll probably write a bit more of what I liked and what I would have liked to see done differently.

The thing that kind of puts me off about zelda is that after finishing the first temple I've spent four hours on it and haven't really had any real challenge at all wich means that my brain has only gotten very small bits of stimulation from appreciating some of the designs (wich btw seems to range from awesome to blah). 
playing fear now, writing down thoughts:

1) There are no locked doors. Is the common conception in games such that locked doors i NEVER get a key to are 'irritating' or 'misleading'? Or why would a pretty realistic game like fear not use the concept of locked doors to make their levels more realistic?

2)This brings me to the next point: the leveldesign is pretty... obvious to me. That may very well have everything to do with me own level design experience and nothing with how much fun the game is, but most levels up to this point felt.. like built from a certain formular. Maybe that will change.. ?

3) Don't just completely refill the player after and before each fight(-ing area). that makes 'being good' at the game so fucking pointless it's a shame. (that just stopped though, so maybe the first levels were like that to make life easier for newbies?

4) Why have fighting areas at all? The game could feel much more tense if there weren't these supposedly completely saled off areas with about 5 enemies in them.

5) points for the enemy ai: it's just stupid, not ultra-mega-duh like most other games. Still feels stupid though.

6) having 3-dimensional layouts is awfully important for fpses. The amount of fun of an area is almost proportional to the degree of how much the third axis is put to use.

7) long quicksave times are pretty annoying

8) What's up with the player speed? It's ok for fights, but hello, even diablo introduced running...

9)only one way (or one way camouflaged as a fork to two ways) is always bad. Always. Seriously. In a game where you're up against a huge numer of enemies that act in a team, having more than an entrance and an exit to a room is vital to have more interesting gameplay and more afraidness of the player.

10) It just crashed in idle while i was writing this. hrm. 
FEAR Huh? 
Well, the enemy AI is pretty good. I haven't seen enemy AI done better in an FPS or 3PS to date, and I've had to look at these things in quite some detail.

Other than that, I found the game somewhat unimaginative and boring. Recommended as an AI case study only. 
11) Autosaves should be intelligent: if i just saved 2secs before the auto, it's much less confusing to just use that savepoint when i load.

12) Don't make enemies fall down stuff when they die via scripting. looks bad, and every enemy on a ledge does this. it's old.

13) we need an alternative to hard hitboxes. something that fits more into the way humans move through obstacles. i just bumped my head and got stuck under a 5cm metal thingy.
Maybe you could make this into a realistic falling damage model: when you jump against a door with your shoulder, your shoulder hurts / is slower. this would put an end to ledge crawling, too, i guess. And rocket-jumps... :/. But this is for realistic games anyways.

13) while you're at that, put hitpoints to rest, and model real injuries.

14) oldie: consistency. In fear there's numerous valves everywhere. about 2% ofthem are important to the game (ie. you can turn them). it'd be cooler to have all of them functional and make me figure out when there's one that's actually useful

15) love the way you can destroy grates with two hits in this game.looks so cool. 
hrm, they sometimes try to get in your back. what else is good about it? They mostly just run stupidly into my fire. They feel pretty lifeless, ie. like computer players.

Game with best AI is still descent2 for me ;). of course the robots didn't really react in swarms, but each kind had their own behaviour and felt unique. I personally hated those green small fuckers with laser lvl4. i don't feel hate against the greyish anonymous soldier in fear. and some robots tried getting behind your back, too. also, they hid, were defensive and then suddenly came at you. the smaller, faster enemies tended to come at you in groups. Also, there were dumber and more intelligent (evil) robots. oh, the joy of a homing robot hiding in lava filled passages... </fanboism></nerdiness. 
Essentially, the FEAR AI uses an implementation of Jeff Orkin's GOAP architecture. I'm not an AI programmer, but those that I work with never get tired of telling me how good GOAP (Goal-Oriented Action Planning) is at producing emergent looking behaviour in AI with no scripting, far superior to more traditional systems such as finite state machines. FEAR probably doesn't show off the potential of GOAP as well at is should because the enemies have a pretty simplistic set of goals and actions (get to cover, kill player etc.)

The reason they run stupidly into your fire is because the designers chose to make them exposed all the time, so you can see all the cool animations of them running around, jumping through windows and vaulting over boxes.

In this case, sophisticated AI does not amount to "intelligent" looking soldiers, but it does give the illusion of fun dynamic combat, with enemies running around all over the place and flanking you etc.

This is why unless you're making some kind of neckbeardy realistic tactical shooter, where the enemies stay in one place most of the time behind cover and occasionally pop out and headshot you, enemies will seem dumb. After all, you've got to give the player a chance to shoot them sometimes. 
Metroid Prime 4 Gliders 
Metroid Prime 4 Gliders 
Metroid Prime 4 Gliders 

That's the oddest spam ever, Nintendo trying to do advertising or something? 
Christmas 2005 Game Wallpapers 
I can't find the original Imageshack links so I uploaded them to my server. There are 1600x1200 wallpapers of Blood, Duke Nukem 3D, Half-Life and Doom 3: 
Lost Planet 
It sounds good.. Anybody already played it, or a demo ? In anyway here is the website: 
That Does Look Cool... 
but it's 360-only. Bzzt! wrong thread! :) 
Lost Planet 
I hear it's quite cool, but you can get into an infinite loop of falling down after damage and taking another hit that floors you the instant you recover and so on until you die.

Other than that it sounds quite cool. 
lengthy pain anims on bad guys = yes
lengthy pain anims on the player = nooooo 
I knew that, but as the game looked very good, I decided to post anyway...
BTW a friend of mine played it on X-360, and it reminded him "StartShip Troopers" movie.. It told me that is it really frantic: many exploding stuff everywhere, a lot of hordes of monsters, etc.. etc.. Very intense gameplay it seems... Well, I'll try to test it ASAP :) 
Rainbow Thix: Vegath Baby Yeah! ;�* 
Currently playing the PC version of R6:Vegas at work and the 360 version at home - yeah I don't know why either :/ I find the game really pisses me off constantly, but there's something about it that keeps me coming back for more.

The games are identical in terms of content on both platforms, although the 360 wins imo due to the controls working out better.

Not far past the Vegas Strip, so I won't post a proper review yet. 
Lost Planet 
I watched a few minutes of someone playing it at work last night, plot seems a little weird (from what I gathered you kill the creatures to harness their "precious thermal energy") but from the few minutes of gameplay I saw it looked like it could be fun, if a little clumsy at parts. Apart from nice graphics in the into cutscene (which I'm assuming was being rendered ingame) there wasn't much to make me want the game though. 
Lost Planet 
funny thing is, I knew it was japanese as soon as I saw the subtitle "Extreme Condition."

And it is apparently a Capcom game, and has lots of console-y designs and stuff (the look of the alien creatures is very metroid prime-y, for example.) 
I Like 
metroid prime-y bugs and aliens that move in wierd ways and you don't know what to expect. Generally more interesting than shooting the same old bloody terrorists/nazis/other blokes-with-guns etc. 
Generally more interesting than shooting the same old bloody terrorists/nazis/other blokes-with-guns etc.

Oh, I get it; so you're one of those bleeding heart liberals, eh? Next you're going to want a game where you get to bomb American infrastructure.

I can see the terrorists have already won. 
That's Rich, Coming From A Guy Named After A Rocket Launcher 
The RPG 
is used merely for deer hunting and bass fishing, oh, and the occassional revenuer who gets too curious about what's growing in the back lot for his own good, but beyond that it's pretty much for show. 
I dunno about everyone else, but I usually just use dynamite for fishing. 
Oh, And BlackDog 
Actually, I'm named after my dad.

Now don't ask me why my mom was getting it on with unexploded ordinance. 
Wario Ware: Smooth Moves 
Incredible game. I suggest everyone who has a Wii gets it. Though it may not sound like much to have tons of short minigames to play, the style, humour, and sheer madness of having to so many differant things in the span of a couple minutes is an experiance not to miss. 
I'm going to play it tonight. Imported it from England so I have it a few days before it's released here, a fact which irritated many people at work today. :D 
Lately I`v been playing (trying) games made by the company Im working at. And it all made me rather upset... 
but atm its loads of fun :) Leveling is quick and easy and there are tons of quests with great rewards. The new zones are gorgeous and some of the new items are just silly...

Gah my wow addiction knows no bounds! 
First one to one thousand (i.e. me) wins!!! 
That's the sound of me being uncontrollably sucked into the world of Oblivion again.

And you'd have thought 215 hours would have been enough for anybody... :{

(Also, anyone else getting excited at the news of the expansion - seems like a return to the phreaky high-fantasy mushroom world of Morrowind...) 
Yeah, I'm Kinda Stoked... 
Looks like they listened to the folks who didn't want more semi-generic fantasy stuff. :)

And I've never really stopped playing Oblivion, although I usually only play for a few hours a week, and not obsessively, like I did with Morrowind... 
.ffs Files. 
Hi all, stab in the dark here, but i have no where else to go,.... Does anybdy know how to extract audio from a .ffs file or a program that will open it. 
Gothic 3 - still brilliant and engrossing despite the occasional bugs and stuff. A lot more stable since the 1.2 patch. Only the slow running in busy towns is a real issue now. So much to do any explore, it rocks. Seems to be very few restrictions on what you can do. Unfortunately I lost my pet rhino somewhere. Last night, however, was very cool. I went back to the starting area of the game and swam directly across the ocean to a small island near the desert mainland (which I think I could have done first and completely ignored the normal progression). I got to this island which had a small fishing dock and a shack....went inside the shack and all there was was a decaying corpse, swarming with flies, hanging from a noose. Very bleak and cool. 
Need a game recommendation for someone (not for me, I'm purely addicted to G3!). For a laptop, mobile Celeron 1.6 ghz with integrated graphics and 1 gig ram. Said someone specified:

I want something I can play over the internet, that's continuous play rather than a game you complete. Should be more of an adventure game than a shoot 'em up.

Any ideas? I've dismissed WOW and EQ due to monthly fees, and recommended Guild Wars as a cheaper option. Clearly online adventure games don't really exist, offline pure adventure games or MMORPGs being the nearest alternatives. Would appreciate suggestions cheers. 
Tell your friend to get a 360. 
UT Classic 
It's very old but it rocks and it runs on my computer. 
No i put 1000 u just put ebriviation hahah (i.e. I win) 
Yes Yes. 
Any more proper suggestions? I know UT and QW are class, the person in question wants something more "adventury"... 
Yoda Stories 
nuff said ;) 
Animal Crossing 
*rolls Eyes* 
Anyone would think I was asking on a gaming forum or something... 
how about that Ragnarok game? 
Yeah so I've been playing too much games recently...

Gothic 3:
Started playing this a few days ago, it's nice enough but feels like it could have been alot better... Fortunatly I'm playing with the new patch, which means there are only half of the thousands of bugs that there were in the original version, yay! Still haven't had any major bugs, but mostly lots of little silly things like unfinishable quests and invisible monsters etc... The environments are nice as is the character building and all, and the quests. The combat sucks, it feels like whoever hits first wins, thank god for bow and arrows. I've died so many times against easy monsters it's annoying, wouldn't be so bad if quick saving wasn't so loooong.
Anyways, still a good game, it does alot of things better than Oblivion, but for now I think Oblivion is still superior... Maybe I'll change my mind though, who knows.

Yeah finally played this, a mixed bag. it was alot better than what I remembered from the demo, very pretty, lots of fun running around the jungle. Looks a bit cartoony though, which doesn't really fit with the whole military vibe, they seem to have resolved this on their next game. The gameplay can be nice at times, and just very frustrating at others... I like the freedom though, you can do things however you want, for instance in one map where you start in some fortress like building, I jumped off a wall and then off a 100 meter cliff into the ocean, and swam to shore, thus skipping a large portion of the map... It's just nice to know that you can. =)
Otherwise the designs and story are completely bland and fairly uninteresting, but I still enjoyed it. 
Alright, Fess Up 
Who's playing WoWcraft? The expansion is hot. 
Me and Vondur (long ago) sold our souls to the devil and are playing the expansion, which is absolutely awesome (altho we are playing on different servers): 
70 Warlock Here. :P 
Cheers Necros 
Recreational activity helps rejuvinate a tired, stressed out modder who may be a bit burned out with his project but who is still willing to soldier on inspite of it all (I hope that preempts what I think is coming). 
Burning Crusade 
yeah Im hooked on that atm... Got my paladin up to level 66 so far,all the new areas and content just rocks, Nagrand in particular is beautiful, with all the floating patches of land with waterfalls falling off them, and the bendy trees, great stuff :)

Loving the new shorter dungeons too, I just dont have time for 1.5 - 2 hour runs these days, so spending 45 minutes from start to finish is great.

Also, the different versions of the new tier 4 armour sets is a great idea, now you can really create the character you want to play with complentary gear rather than what blizzard thinks you should have.

raiding ZG with a group of 20 level 65+ players is just really easy now too :) 
I Remember Daggerfall 
Loving the new shorter dungeons too, I just dont have time for 1.5 - 2 hour runs these days, so spending 45 minutes from start to finish is great.

What a chore it could be to complete a dungeon from beginning to the end. That was a great game inspite of the chugging it out time. Though I've played a bit of both Marrowwind and Oblivion, and I liked what I saw, but neither one of those held my attention as long as Daggerfall did. Like you, the time factor is quite a bit different today than back then. 
The Last Time Two Hours Of A Game Felt Like A Chore 
didn't you uninstall it?

Just sayin'. 
Talking about individual dungeons inside the game. In Daggerfall, the minor mission dungeons were completely randomized but within a limited set of map templates so their was a great deal of monotony. The main mission was pretty good though, with the moody Lord of the Worms lair and good stuff like that. 
I was not a chore, it was good fun, but 2 hours is a long time these days, thats all I was saying :)

It also means its a hell of a lot easier to get dungeon groups together, and there is a load less of "afk for dinner, be back in 20 minutes" just before the final boss :)

Also, you gotta laugh that there is a level 70 dreanei Shaman on my server, that took what 3 weeks? Some people on this planet scare me :) 
they've also made a lot of improvements in the 'follow the npc' type gameplay area.

remember onyxia attunement and doing jb runs? :P

there's a new one like that in CoT, and it's much better. has different save points, so if you wipe, you don't have to restart the whole thing, and doesn't start automatically when you accept the quest, so you don't accidentally have dudes who didn't know start the quest prematurely. 
Company Of Heroes 
so I've been playing Company of Heroes pretty much every day at lunch with some other guys here at Raven. I do well sometimes, and sometimes I get owned. We play pretty casually, and our strategies aren't really more advanced than 'I'll go here, then use tanks'...

So it came as a suprise that one of our replays was submitted to be video reviewed by one of our regulars, and it was. I play horribly this game though :(

WMV here: 
Belgian Rofl Maker? 
nice :) 
why did they choose tiny soldiers and boring ww2 setting in CoH? I prefer the bulky spacemarines and and other scifi stuff of DoW, but apparently CoH gameplay is better and has more depth to it

Two guys here are hardcore CoH players.
Some others play CS and Joint Operations (rather yawn) 
More RTS Goodness 
Supreme Commander demo came out earlier this week, and I've been playing that like crazy every night. Tons of fun once you break into the thought that you need 5 factories to pump out units, not just one, and 10 or so defensive guns at a position, otherwise 100's of units will simply walk over things. Thankfully, you can easily set up multiple orders and cancel parts of them so you can just set up units to do a ton of shit and forget about them.

Glad to be playing it at work too, since it supports dual monitors, so your main screen can be zoomed into the action and moving your dudes, and the second monitor can be zoomed out to be a 'minimap' and give you a good overall view of the fronts.

Oh, and Giant Spiderbots are just awesome. 
I have to get SC going at work where I have a decent enough PC to run it AND two monitors :)

Everyone else is waiting fo C&C3, but I've irrationally hated C&C since the first game (Warcraft 2 was waaaay better) and don't play many RTS games anyway... only TA, WC3 and DoW when they were new. Never finished the SP campaigns of any of them though ;) 
Supreme Commander... 
I dunno about this, I guess I've been spoiled by Blizzard RTS too much, and this is nothing like them so I'm having trouble enjoying it.
There's not much new compared to TA really, there's pretty much no micro management, and the games quickly turn into giant wars where you're looking at little unit icons moving across the map and dying... Doesn't seem to be much strategy involved, just having a fast build order. 
Didn't the demo come out months ago? Or was that the beta?

And, SC = StarCraft.

Maybe SupCom = Supreme Commander? 
dude you got to play oblivion i knw so many glitches hers one a man named dorion in the in the imperial tempel district first find him in his house he is always there bribe him alot then when cant you no more hit him once with your fists then bribe him again so on son but do it only about 5 or 6 6 times.when you are done kill him but fast or he will run then go to his gold and press a. his gold will never go away.dont press take all or the game will freeze but his body will disapear after a few days.i got about maybe 1 million $$$ in about 20 min.but......never mind youll have fun 
You're just a bit overtaken by the action, theres fukken loooooooaads of strategy involved in supcom, once youve mastered controlling the fuck you doing :P 
If Supreme Commander is anything like TA, there's tons of strategy, don't let the fact that TA always included/allowed actual economic/territory management be enough of a factor to influence the outcome even sometimes without strategy, eclipse that. As for Blizzard, I never saw the point of their games. Seemed a lot like C&C, but without as much action. I'm not a blockheaded action freak, but controlling 12 units only at a time seemed like such an arbitrarily limitation, of the exact kind Chris Taylor wanted to do away with. Also their art style never really flew with me (though Diablo's art style always ruled). C&C was small scale, stylized like a really simple Chess kinda, pretty fun but once TA came out I never looked back. I'm looking forward to Supreme Commander, the whole scope of land/air/sea/submarine, radar/sonar/jammers, would just be so awesome on an even bigger scale than TA. 
I Loved 
playing and mapping for TA. Although Starcraft was/is more fun on a competitive level (in TA, it kind of sucked having 500 units on a side with nearly unlimited resources), maybe supcom will blow my panties off and just make me freak out!!13 
Bought a GeForce 7900 GS for $160, now I can run more recent games - Hitman: Blood Money rocks and runs great at 1440 x 900, 4x AA, 8x AF 
With TA, the engine seems like it's hardware-scalable: obviously, the unit limit was increased by Cavedog from 250 to 500 a while after the release, and larger maps became possible (the original game had like TWO maps that were 64MB, the rest were all less - now 128 MB are the norm), and the unit limit has since been increased to 5,000. 5,000 is basically beyond one's own ability to organize and control even with enqueing (some refinements to the system are hopefully present in SupCom), so essentially TA has had for years now an nonexistant unit limit. Furthermore, there is never a situation, playing with Cavedog-only units, where resources are truly infinite. There is always a way to use or abuse resources, whether that's 500 construction planes (this is possible) or 100 tank factories (also possible) - and the enemy, whose resources may approach or exceed your own, also has these choices. In other words if each side had truly infinite resources it would become fairly meaningless. Luckily that's not the case.

I really like how TA is based on real war. Not as in, your guy gets shot in the leg and has to be flown out and you send an apology to his family, but rather in the emphasis on economics, strategy, and scope. All Blizzard RTS, and C&C games, are tiny, simplified almost arcade-type games in comparison, where you just save up 200 bucks to buy one or two special types of unit that screw the other guy. In these games, you don't need to both outproduce and outmanuever your opponent. It's enough just to do one or two things they weren't expecting and wipe their "base" off the map. In TA, shit can be built anywhere: territory is based on whoever can control it, not arbitrary rules. Aside from Myth, which is entirely different and I worship for entirely different reasons, I have yet to find a better RTS. 
I Mean... 
When an "army" is 10 of unit X, and 20 of unit Y, with an air support of 5 planes and you need to blow up the other guy's construction yard to completely fuck him over... how is that strategically related to what you'd do with actual (multiple) armies, production centres, ports, mountains (not wall-like ridges), resource-rich terrain, barren plains, and non-arbitrary unit types (ie, instead of rock-paper-scissors simplicity, it's more just: scout, fighter, bomber, torpedo bomber).

Alright, end TA worshipping rant. I suppose it's ultimately the reason I'm posting here, but when I like a game, I really, really like it. Quake, Rune, Myth, TA, etc. 
was also revolutionary when it was released. I can't be bothered to list all the things TA did before all the other RTS games that were trying to ape C&C managed to do them, but there is a lot on the list, and some things TA did so well (the interface and queuing system), for example) that it still beats the shit out of most games today.

If I had a better PC I would give SupCom a whirl, but as my notebook was creaking under the strain of a 3 player online game when the beta was running I think I will give it a miss for now.

BTW, Tronyn, did you play Blade? It came out around the same time as Rune and was a similar game but with more depth but hobbled by a totally shitty control system. Had posh graphics with real-time shadows and stuff. Personally I thought Rune was way more fun :) 
Starcraft is still the best RTS ever, TA doesn't come close to rivaling it in my opinion. =D
So I've played more supcom, it's fun but it just doesn't grab me the way Blizzard RTS do, really feels like I'm always doing the same thing. Yeah it's vast, and there's lots of action all the time and hundreds of unit running and stuff, but it feels mostly like a speed race, whoever can get the best economy going first, to pump out a continual flow of tech3 units, but I guess lots of people just prefer that.
As for C&C, I never really liked those so much... The live cinematics made me giggle though. =) 
I'm curious how serious, creative tactics come into play with supcom.

After all, if you're a commander of some IRL military and you're fighting a war, don't you have to maximize your organization's strengths and minimize weaknesses? If yes, then when playing supcom, everyone has the same strengths and weaknesses at the outset => it's a race. 
Are You Suggesting 
that in WW2, Germany had a certain type of weird tank that shot anti-air missiles and could go underwater, while Russia had personnel carriers, and specialized anti-infantry helicopters (which Germany lacked)...

I think in actual war, it's not rock-paper-scissors, and each side does, in fact, have units that are roughly equivalent. Sure, one side's heavy tank might be really good and the other's crap but it has a better bomber, but never the less each side has basically the same range of units.

In TA (I can't speak for SupCom yet) it's not some arbitrary limit on the types of units your side is _capable_ of building, it's the ones you choose to build and how you choose to use them. I tend to be a huge prick with submarines. You could win without a standing land army at all and just a huge air force, although that would be a strange way to play...

The economic factor is there, meaning it is partially a race, but that's also indicative of actual war. 
Oh And 
I never actually played Blade, I should probably give the demo a spin if it's at all like Rune. While Rune was pretty simplified, it was damn fun. 
is the best strategy 
BoD Looks Worse Than Q1 (nevermind The Char Rt Shadows) 
With Regards To Blizzard 
Warcraft 2 is still the best (and only good) RTS game for my money. I say this mainly because it was the only one I could even attempt to play - the other ones just have too much stuff going on at once and I can't deal with it! 
#1049 Is The Truth Incarnate 
because it was the only one I could even attempt to play

Amen brotha. Speaking of brothers, my own bro is good at the RTS thing and I can't play them even if I wanted to. They ressemble accounting with all of the stats you have to keep up with, and accounting is a chore, not fun. 
way to pick a really great looking area of the game to show off.

Whilst the graphics might not be awesome today, I do remember them being generally pretty nice at the time. 
Dark Messiah 
have u got a download file of dark messiah:might and magic? 
To #1052 
I'm sure you don't realize you're asking for a link to download a game that one of the moderators of this message board actually worked on because otherwise that would be pretty damn stupid. I'm sure he doesn't give a shit but it's the principle of the thing, damn it. 
I Didn't Work On That Game. 
And I give a shit.

Because retards annoy me. 
I Guess 
you don't read d3w then. 
Hitman Blood Money 
Just passed it... besides one of the best games ever, and the best of the series - it has THE best ending I've ever seen in a game, hell it surpasses most movies.

It's a must-try even if you're not a Hitman fan. So replayable, varied and interesting locales, various ways to complete missions... <3 
Just Curious 
but which moderator worked on it? 
I'm sure he doesn't give a shit but it's the principle of the thing, damn it.

UFO 2000 
I've been playing some games of it with pope.
It's easy to download and get going:

It's like the original x-com series but with multiplayer.
Fun and weird situations always ensue when playing. :) 
Games For 7900 
I bought an Nvidia 7900 GS a week ago (used to have a 6200 LE), what games would you recommend I try to make use of this card? Not looking for a specific genre, but I don't need recommendations for games like Prey/Serious Sam 2/WW2 FPS' cause they don't interest me. I have Doom 3 + exp. and Thief 3, and I'm about to try the demo for Riddick... uhh what else... here are the games I have: 
Oblivion, jesus 
To Add To That Initial Suggestion 
Oblivion is pretty playable on my 6800 Ultra @ 1280x1024, and I can even get away with some graphics options maxed, such as the grass distance and actor draw distance, which certainly helps with immersion. The rest of my rig is kinda beefy though so that helps I guess.

I'm still trying to work out what the best option for me is when it comes to graphics card upgrades, considering I'm on AGP. This cheeky chap seems to be in the lead at the moment:

But really I haven't got a fucking clue when it comes to computer insides and wires and stuff 
Maybe... although I admire Morrowind (and hell Daggerfall), Morrowind started to get boring even as I progressed on the main quest and got towards the end (or what I assume was near the end). 
Penumbra : Overture Episode 1 Demo 
(Not to be confused with the Penumbra tech demo/gameplay demo released last year)

Holy shit!

This game just gets under your skin totally, the atmosphere is so intense and downright creepy. I think its the 1st FPS where I can say I have been truly "scared to play" ...

This demo is so much more polished than than the demo last year, the graphics are way better with some really great effects usage that is used to make the atmosphere better, rather than keep up with the current trend of HDR, dynamic lighting shizznit.

And at a measly 125mb, you are an idiot not to try it... 
And there I was about to say "Hasn't there already been a Penumbra demo?".

Cheers for the recommendation. 125 meg, my got it's like 2002 all over again.

Phait: Get Gothic 3 you mofo. 
Not That You Need A Super Rig For It 
but Enclave looks mighty nice in high resolution and everyhting maxed. 
ah yes, gothic 3. still haven't been able to finish the game, even with cheating.
so shambler, just a word of caution: if you ever intend to free a town, make sure to get your business with the town's leader done beforehand (especially concerning zuben and rhobar), because if you haven't already killed him, once everybody starts fleeing, the only way to get to him (and his items) is by spawning them from the console. and this is prone to create further problems for completing the quests. 
Oblivion is a completely different animal to Morrowind. I played Morrowind and it bored the hell out of me. Sure, I appreciated its scope and depth, but I just found the "fun" part pretty thin on the ground. I shelved it after ~20 hours and regretted spending that long on it really. You spend most of your time in Morrowind walking across a barren lifeless heightmap, usually lost.

Oblivion is the opposite. Seriously, play it - I've already clocked up ~300 hours (between 2 characters) and I'm still playing it. 
all this talk of RPGs finally prompted me to resurrect my old Guild Wars account this evening.

I've started a new character though because I've totally forgotten everything.

Is anyone here still playing Guild Wars? 

Phait's Post Reminded Me 
Serious Sam 2, what a load of balls. Got it free with my 7900, not worth putting in the drive really. I know it's just supposed to be fun, arcadey, cartoony, etc, but it just feels really amateurish and unsatisfying, it's a total mish-mash of styles. The cut-scenes attempt to be funny all the time too and they're absolutely cringeworthy. Maybe it gets better later on in the game but I'm sure as hell not gonna find out. I remember the original being better though... but you might as well play Painkiller or something, which was a good time until the worst end boss ever. 
Yeah Starbuck I agree, SS series is just too silly for me - Duke was enough. And very disjointed feel to it.

Anywho I bought FEAR. While it's definitely not my top pick when I wanted a new FPS I figured for $14 I may as well give it a shot. I guess the biggest problem I've read is the office/dilapidated environment is never escaped from and can be monotonous -- which does bug me, but I'll play through it and see if it's a keeper.

I do like the melee kicks. 
I'm very interested in Test Drive Unlimited but it won't be out for PC until March 20th. I may have to have my friend rent it for 360 so I can at least get an idea of what it's like. I saw videos and it looks great, my only concern is I'd want some solid handling/control - ala GTR 2, or even a notch or 2 below like Flatout - but nothing too sloppy. 
Shivering Isles Trailer 
If you're as ghey for Oblivion as I am, you'll probably be interested to see the official Shivering Isles trailer that's just been released:

I still can't get over how many new monsters they're adding in this expansion. I can't wait to kill all of those things with my sword, Sloochy :) 
No, everyone is playing WOW. 
Bridge Building Game 
This here is perhaps something that could interest mappers. It's basically a puzzle game where you have to build bridges above water. You are given start hardpoints and the cost limit. Then you just place girders.

It's very fascinating and addictive, there are lots of ways you can accomplish your goals.
The game is free, you can download it at:

When you first start playing, your bridges will always break up and fall down, it's fun to watch the physics in action.. But pretty soon you learn to make steel bridges that resemble real ones, with triangular shapes and crosses, to hold them stiff.
(There have been other more complex bridge building games by the same guys, Chronic Logic, but I think this refines the essence without extra stuff.)

I'm at level 9 in the "new" series. 
windows only

u giraffes 
Wow Inertia 
you're so underground

here, this might help 
lollerskaters on a halfpipe of doom!

i dont run linux on the desktop much, and my puters arent fast enough, u know that! 
Y+O+U = "You".

The Management 
Quiet U 
inertia: you are sucking 

More recent (and less free) Bridge Building games.

An Incredible Machine like physics puzzle game (I bought this one, it's pretty good).

A wobbly tower building game.

There must be lots more of this type of game. 
Yeah Rock 
just spotted this today at tenfour:

scripts that let you play the counterstrike source maps in sp with improved (more realistic) gameplay than hl2's. it's possible to adjust physics and graphics for improved realism, and because of SMOD (which is required) it's not as blatantly easy as hl2.
i was fairly surprised how nice the rebuilt cs maps look.
loading times are quite long but playing the maps (objectives: rescuing hostages or killing a certain number of combine, sometimes including reinforcements) was pretty fun. 
improved (more realistic) gameplay

Are these your words, or a quote? 
Umm Than 
Yes, I've played the other bridge building games like I said, but I think the free one is the best as there's less fooling around.
You know. It's as if tetris 2 had three dimensions, well it isn't doing it any better, just adds more hassle.
That's why the crypticsea one was good. 
ok, I wasn't criticising you, I was just pointing out the other games :) 
I realized after writing what kind of cock I sounded like but had to go somewhere so couldn't write an instant retonement. 
so who is NOT playing stalker (exceptWoW junkies ) :) 
What Stalker? 
Not Me 
don't think it's out in Japan yet, and I've no idea about the release date. I might order it from the US...

whatever, I WILL be playing it soon :) 
Yay! Stalker! 
I've been having a lot of fun with it. The game kicks ass, despite some minor warts, and is really pretty. And it's tough.

Holy shit is it tough, especially early-on. 

My order has been posted but it didnt arrive today :( Really cant wait to get my hands on it.

All the reviews I read gave it an 8/8.5 ranking and said when its had a few patches etc they would give it a 9 or higher, thats great news indeed!

Im actually kinda glad its harder than most games where you can breeze through without any trouble, as long as its not unfair in doing so...

Fingers crossed I will get it tomorrow!

and ps - WoW can wait, Ive been waiting for this game for too long :D 
Using My Powers Of Deduction... 
...I guess it's out now??

Sherlock Shambler ;). 
It's Out Tomorrow 
And that is why everyone who are playing it now are pure fucking evil pirate warez whores 
gamespot has it listed as march 20 as the release date, so technically, it's been out for 2 days now...

in any case, i'm really looking forward to picking this up. been waiting for this game for.. well, ages... and it still looks as amazing as it did back then. i really hope it lives up to at least 1/2 the hype about a-life and all that. 
Shambler will hate it with every fibre of his being.

That is all. 
Oh Do Tell... 
It can join the queue behind 80 more hours of Gothic 3, and Guild Wars, and Thief 3, and Vampire the Assquerade, and Dark Messiah which I haven't even bought yet. I haven't play any games for over a month.

P.S. Let me guess, head bob that makes Alton Towers look like sitting in a library?? 
I'll probably pick it up now that everyone has been so enthusiastic about it. Looks like a fun game :) I just hope it runs on a 9800 
It was in stores in Australia on either Tuesday or Wednesday this week, I haven't got a copy yet but I have seen the legitimate copies that some of my workmates bought. :) 
Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up 
9 hours and it will be mine...

Mine's Legit. Eat Me. 
Tip: * and / on the keypad act as a time lapse/acceleration thingie. The only real use for it (that I've found) is to get to morning more quickly, if you don't want to screw around in the middle of the night and get killed. It also makes you hungry quicker.

Also, it's not quite as hard now as earlier--I've gotten a few better weapons, but you still need to keep on your toes...

Beware--some of the jobs are time-based, so don't be a dumb shit like me and take about ten of them without paying attention, and then fail half of them the next day. 
what, I thought this was an FPS ? sounds like an RPG from pjw's description.

And if I should know this but have been living under a rock, sorry. 
Its fps that plays more like RPG
And its must have. (And Im the game-hater :))

It runs on 3 year-old PCs at lower render (w/o normals and bloom)

all the goathics and MoMs and stuff pail in compraison 
runs good on 3 year-old PCs 
Another immaculate review ;).

I still want to know why I'll hate it. No quick-saving? Lots of "defend the suicidal NPC" missions? 
Well For One 
it has realistic weapons =) 
gamespot has it listed as march 20 as the release date, so technically, it's been out for 2 days now...

Pelit says March 23rd, which means that GameSpot is wrong. Again. And I just wanted to second czg's sentiments. You're all cocksucking warez whores. 
shambler: the counterstrike-feel to the combat with its weapon randomness/innacuracy, coupled with frequent gun jamming may be less than acceptable to some people. I dunno, maybe you'll like it.

PS: did you say you might be getting back into guild wars? 
feels like it's a great game, but somehow it doesn't 'grab' me :/ 

so far, amazing. some minor gamplay problems, but not game stopping bugs yet, thank god.

movement is pretty responsive. a little slow for my tastes, but i can understand why the speed was chosen, as there is a large focus on realism.

random gameplay and Alife stuff is there. maybe not as apparent as i thought it'd be, but you can definatly see it.

randomness is sometimes a little too random... for example, at one point, i was called to help a bunch of guys fend off an outpost from a wave of mutant boars... except that by the time i actually got to the site, i just had enough time to see the guys engage the boars and kill them all themselves in about 5 seconds. there was absolutely no way i could have gotten there in time since i ran straight to the area the minute i got the notification.

the maps are simply amazing. every single area looks great. i *love* all the run down machinery and busted buildings... it feels amazing to be exploring those areas.

atmosphere is good, but it really shines in the underground maps. i just got to this one tunnel complex with shades of that mansion level in vampire masquerade: bloodlines. it's just plain freaky. in fact, i had to stop playing for a while, because my heart felt like it was going to explode. :P

combat AI feels good so far. i feel they are not aggressive enough though. when they have a numerical advantage, i would expect them to press forward and charge me down to try to overwhelm me. instead, they tend to hang back, and we get into long (sometimes drawn out) plinking matches, where i'll slowing take each dude out one at a time. they are smart enough to stay spread out most of the time and to try to flank you. on the other hand, i'm only playing in normal skill ('stalker' skill level), so maybe they are much more evil in the higher levels.

the timelimit thing on missions is sometimes annoying. i've had a few times where i've completed a few missions, but couldn't get back in time to turn them in and get credit, with the result that i did all the work for nothing...
i'm not against time limits for a mission, but i think that once you complete one, you should be able to radio in and either get an extension on the time limit or plain drop the time limit altogether.

anyway, just my thoughts for now... definatly check it out if you have the means. it's a lot of fun. like a more goal oriented Oblivion with guns and a post-apocalyptic feel ^_^ 
Good Review. 
Please post more comments ppl, I'm finding this interesting. 
Well, well I just finished it, got a really shitty ending though, but that's probably because as soon as the occasion arose, I just ran through to the end (I was getting a bit bored...).
It's an interesting game I guess, but I can't help feeling a bit dissapointing (mind you, I'll still go back and try to get better endings).

There are plenty of bugs of course, and some things that are just annoying. the weight system just annoyed me, if you want to carry around more than 2 guns you're gonna have to be continually throwing stuff out of your inventory... The running to get to places and back gets boring, but the world honestly isn't large enough to have vehicles, so I understand why they didn't keep them in. I still think there's no real incentive to do the side jobs after a while, as money is useless and the rewards were rarely worth it, they are just an excuse to explore really, which is fine I guess...

The premise is good, and the cutscenes are stylish, but I truely think they could have gone further with that basis... The anomalies are pretty uninspired, as are the baddies... I really wish they would have put more work into this, I was expecting some stuff like the "Beyond" episode of animatrix maybe, or the weirdness in "Nova Swing" if anyone's read that book. I mean, there's no reason for radiation to do half the stuff it does in the game, so I don't understand why they didn't make it do even stranger stuff.

Ok that's alot of negative, it's still a good game I think, just can't help feeling like it could have been so much more. 
Weight System 
i think the real problem here is that other stuff besides guns weigh too much.

i too agree with bal in that the weight system is very limiting.

things like food and ammo take up a lot of your available weight. you are allowed to carry up to 50kg worth of stuff, and guns only account for i think 3 to 6kg. the rest is your bandages, FA kits, foods (some are 0.5kg per food), artifacts you find and all your ammo.

it's just feasible to carry around 2 rifles with enough ammo for both of them. and sometimes you have to do just that. not all bad guys carry the same ammunition, so sometimes, you'll run out of whatever you're using and have to switch over to what the badguys are using. but you'll often find a better than average gun with, for example, faster than average fire rate, which you'll want to keep (also, i don't know if you can remove scopes or not, i never checked if you can do that, but there's another good reason to keep a gun).

in the end, i'm almost always over burdened and can't sprint much because of it.

the running to places and back doesn't bother me much. maybe because i got used to that kind of thing playing WoW, but mostly because you always find something new. it's always fun just to walk out into the zone and see the sights.

also, doing side jobs gives you a better rep, and you can work your way up the ranking system. i'm still ranked very low, but i eventually want to get up near the top 20, so i'm doing a lot of the side missions. :P 
it's just not feasible to carry around 2 rifles 
I Agree With Bal Here 
But I haven't finished it yet. Probably won't until I figure out how to turn on godmode either... 
#1113 posted by necros [] on 2007/03/26 08:04:21

"like a more goal oriented Oblivion"

#1115 posted by Bal [] on 2007/03/26 13:37:56

"well I just finished it"

see what I did there ^_~ 
I Guess You Changed Some Date Or Something Possibly In An Attempt To C 
all the game short but whatever Kinsky 
I Didn't Change Any Dates Lol 
not everybody spent half a lifetime on oblivion.
more remarkable than the date of Bal's post is its time... :o

btw. started playing the game two hours ago. sucks having mouse1 assigned to +forward (concerning pda, inv, etc) 
sucks having mouse1 assigned to +forward (concerning pda, inv, etc)

That takes one back to the days of Ultima Underworld when configurations were sub-ergonomicaly inclined. Can you not rebind it? 
I Could Get Used To The Standard Fps Config Of Course 
but who would do this after ten years of successful use? the developers are to blame for not locking the movement keys in pda mode. 
Holy Shit. 
You mean there's actually someone else in the world who uses mouse1 for forward!?!

Sup, mouse1 buddy? Do you also use mouse2 for back?

And yeah, not locking movement during menu stuff is goofy and annoying at times. :( 
Mouse 1 All The Way. 
Brethren, unite! 
Stalker Patch Is Out 
I`v made stalker thread, so you can talk about 'other games' here :) 
so i'm not alone, eh? mouse2 is attack btw.
strangely enough, i only use this config in fps games, all 3rd person games go with wasd or cursors.

yay for the patch. good thing i'm not very far into the game yet. 
Mouse Buttons 
I'm also using mouse1 for walking and mouse2 for attack. I was thinking this is a standard setup everyone else was using. Mouse3 is a quick grenade bind with return to the previously used weapon. 
Mouse1 attack, mouse2 jump, mouse3 secondary fire, wheel for weapons and arrows for movement. Map quick weapons to numpad along with reload / scope / activate etc.

Should really change to wasd. 
so now i'm stuck... do i continue onward without updating (i haven't seen a single bug yet) and risk having to update later on when i'm even furthur in the game, or just update now and restart... >_< 
I'm also using mouse1 for walking and mouse2 for attack. I was thinking this is a standard setup everyone else was using. Mouse3 is a quick grenade bind with return to the previously used weapon.

You might have already figured out that it's not standard just by looking at what the default config in most FPS games these days is. WASD movement, space jumps, mouse1 shoots.

I also have to change it around in every game. 
so 3 years late or whatever, finally finished Unreal 2.

Thoughts remain exactly the same as before, killer level design, dodgy but not unplayable gameplay that could be improved dramatically if only sped up a bit.

Special mention to those last few Alien inspired levels, fucking brilliant I thought. 
The Main Problem Being. 
It's not Unreal 2...

And it's not anything approaching the glory of the original Unreal. 
agree, it's almost as distinct as quake and quake2. But honestly, it didnt bother me. Maybe, it's beacuse I already knew what to expect given how late I played it, but after the first few levels I just played it as another game rather than as a sequel to Unreal. 
I still believe U2 failed largely cause it was nearly unplayable and the load times were very long on the average gaming PC of that time.

Some nice environment design and art there, puts stuff like Halo 1\2 to a shame. Gameplay is a mixed bag...

I havent finished U2 btw... maybe I should install it back, I might have the old saves ;) 
the last few levels look great, it's worth checking out.

and yes, rorshach's work on it is excellent too. 
Resistance: Fall Of Man 
It's obviously a PS3 game,a nd I don't know if it is already, or planened to be, ported onto PC... but it is worth seeing ! 
yeah it's nothing special; just a mishmash of ideas cobbled together from some of the more popular genre FPS's currently doing the rounds. WWII versus aliens, essentially. 
Agreed on that point, nevertheless, I like the concept of mixing COD + Starship Tropper + Doom3 in order to develop the game. The ambiance of the website is quite cool as well... and if it reflects the game itself (I hope so much), it would be a good point in the decision to buy a PS3 IMHO... Anyway, I really liked what ?I saw there... that's why I posted.. :) 
dunno how old this is, but I figure some of you must have seen it since it's so fucking cool.

Than: Haha 
these sumos are the best physical comedians I've seen! The movment is really great (and funny) 
too true. The author has done a stunning job of making move like incredibly clumsy humans. It's pretty impressive when you consider that there is no animation and they are working out how to stand up on their own.

Try watching them as they try to get up to bow after a fight... they usually get up in the end, but not before falling out of the ring and crashing through the barriers at the side. 
that is nice. and i almost went to breakpoint - its about 50km from here - had to learn though. :/ 
Everyone here loved it, I'm just wondering how long until someone gives the author some cash to make a selling version. 
Great little game, it reminds me those robot combats they have in some tech schools, especially the way they get up. 
well I'm hooked, despite the flaws.

I think I've finished 3/4 of it in one long sitting. Good stuff. 
it's an excellent game. riddick is such a fun character to play :) 
is performance uniformally shit for everyone ?

this is the first game to actually bring my 7900gt to its knees. I had to turn off stencil shadowing (the shader 2.0++ option) and turn off model shadows to make it playable in combat scenes.

And AA doesnt really seem to work here even if you force it. I have 8x AA on but there's still aliasing and jaggies evrywhere. 
than: not clumsy, drunk. They move exactly like seriously drunk people :)

megaman : can u code? lets make a demo :)

nitin: odd, I played it on rad 9600xt and fx5900
shader 2.0 all on 800x600 was fine, 1024 unsmooth, but still playable
(and the game refused to run on 7600 at all complaing its not OGL 1.2 so => trashbin )

you should get ~70fps average 
any tips how to make it not ugly-looking on the coast? maxing both detail distance settings doesnt help at all 
yeah I dont know, bit weird but it runs ok without the soft stencil shadows so its not too bad. 
yeah, getting into graphics programming, but a demo is a shitload of code :/ 
finished ridick.

very very good stuff with a few detracting flaws. I liked the engine, nice effects and even though AA doesnt work properly and it's a bit of a system hog with stencil shadows, it still looks quite good without those options. Levels look good, not brilliant like Unreal 2, but good. It helps that a very strong atmosphere is also there which definitely gives it a very distinct sense of place.

Combat I thought was brutal, I havent played FEAR yet but the fights against the guards here were quite thrilling quite a few times. And none were too frustrating. The movement, however, felt like shit.

I cant say I cared for the way they closed each chapter, with riddick getting caught and being placed in higher security each time. Fine the first time, annoying all the other times.

Secondly, there is non-linear and there is annoyingly nonlinear. I have to say, especially in the mine levels, it felt closer to the latter than the former although I guess I gathered my bearings quick enough.

Anyway, overall I was very satisfied with it. 
Alot of the opinions I heard were the same - another game of flawed brilliance; I want to play it.

The thing about getting captured each time sounds interesting, kind of like Eternal Darkness where you know most of your characters will end up dead after the chapter.

Although there you kept some of the items and all of the spells - in Riddick you lose everything you collected each time? 
yep, you basically start a new chapter each time in a different higher security setting 
Far Cry 
nice stuff!

dont know how far in I am, but I love it. 
is a fine example of a game where the overall experience is higher than the sum of the parts. It's not a great shooter, it's not a great stealth game, it's not a great melee fight game but it is a great game. 
Pikmin 2 
I spent about 3 hours playing a 2p battle with a friend yesterday. I had only played the game for about 6 hours in single player, so I still haven't mastered the game. Anyway, it was great fun. Some of the maps were too small, but the cuteness of the Pikmin always shown through. It's like a cross between Katamari Damacy, Lemmings, and Warcraft.

It was my friend's first time playing but he kicked my ass in in 12 out of 22 rounds. :/ 
I Thought 
rpg spelled pakman wrong 
Bear that is well put about Riddick. I'm not sure I found it quite "great" but it is very good in the way you mention. It's a solid, well done, one-off gaming experience.

Far Cry is awesome (with the quicksave command added). Not much more to say than that. It gets better and better generally. 
It's Ok, Megaman 
I think you spelled Pacman wrong. ;) 
i seriously thought it was written like that :/ 
Far Cry 
finished it.

Awesome game, the engine and levels are brilliant. Outdoors are obviously the star attrations but indoor ones looked good too, although you could see that the designers threw in every effect they could to make up for the lack of detail possible in indoor levels.

Still, it looked stunning and ran pretty well on my setup, some killer views of stuff in some areas. But it's the same open endedness of the levels that lets you go pretty much anywhere that makes the gameplay so varied and interestng. The AI is ok, and the fights are nothing special but the sheer amount of variety afforded makes it very fresh.

I died many times but I was only frustrated on a handful of occasions which is saying a lot for a game with mainly hitscan weapons. The story and cutscenes were crap, but they didnt come into the way too much. 
Far Cry 
I stopped playing right around the introduction of the TriGens or whatever they were called, the hammy NotFunCheesyButJustPoorlyDone introduction of them, and the attempts to scare me with having boots being dropped from ventilation shafts in the ceiling... I mostly just felt insulted at such attempts.

The game, as I experienced it at that point, wouldve been significantly more difficult if the ai sought cover from sniper fire (gone into buildings, ran behind a rock). You could kill off an entire map laying prone and looking down the iron sights of your machine gun - with each enemy dropping in plain sight of one another.

It had some cool moments (lead shotting a helicopter with the rl, only to have it tilt to the side and three guys fall out to their deaths) and some nice detail, but ultimately just didnt do a whole lot for me. I noticed this when I had to take a break from it for schoolwork, and didnt find myself wanting to get back into it, a day later, or two weeks later - when I ultimately convinced myself to do so, shortly before finally uninstalling it because I preferred having the hard drive space than the game available at any given moment.

I'll give it a go another time, or just wait for Crysis - though what I've read of that... I dont care how cool you make it sound Mr Developer, you just tried to sell me a game on a renamed Endurance bar. 
Far Cry. 
Nitin's views >> scarecrow's views

that reminds me, I hated those little common ones as much as those fat semi-electronic things in rtcw. They did way too much damage and had a long reach in their melee attacks. 
There Are No Right Opinions. 
Only wrong opinions. 
the common trigens are overpowered for the amounts that they appear in the maps.

and i much preferred the outdoor areas to the indoor ones. one of the later maps where you start off on the rubber raft and have to blow up some towers was a really cool and fun one. 
basically, all the missions where you are free to roam around in vehicles taking out marines are awesome, and all the missions where you fight mutants are so-so.

At least that's how I remember it.

There were a couple of fucking annoying levels near the end, but overall it was a fantastic game and is a good reason why you should all be excited about Crysis. 
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Jade Empire 
So Im playing this... hardly an RPG
feels more like adventure + simplistic beat`em`up. Neither is exciting. But its got nice unique style overall, I hope it gets better.
( pics
Old Fallout 3 Techdemo 
there's no dl link in their filebase page? 
there's no dl link in their filebase page? 
Colin McRae Rally 04 
good racing game, but feels very consoly :/ which is a really really bad thing.

1) stupid minigames aka 'testing' that unlock stuff. Bah, really really hard compared to the racing and i don't really fucking care for this shit.
2) menus
3) Sometimes the copilot voice feels like it isn't accurate - often it's too long before the curve or almost into it, often DOESN'T tell you to 'Don't cut!', etc.

:/ with a bit of polish this could be SUCH a nice game, this way it's only nice. 
God Of War II 
is awesome and you all suck for not playing it. 
you should send me a copy or get sony to release it in Japan NOW then.

Christ, it's not like I (and a bunch of my colleagues) don't want to play it. 
God Of War II 
Are you kidding me? We already had to wait over a month after the US release, and it's still not out in Japan? There's something very wrong here if obscure Yurop with no real gaming market sees a release before Nihon.

Well, at least I can read the manual in what I guess tries to be Finnish.

pretty good site covering interesting small free/shareware games

if you like platformers/shootemups its worth checking 
Tomb Raider Anniversary 
Remake of the original game using the Legends engine.

Fucking huge, seamlessly loading levels, you can in theory walk from the end of the first "episode" back to the start of the game if you want to.

Very faithful remake of the general layout, puzzles, atmosphere and setpieces of the original, but all the actual gameplay is brand new.

They thankfully resisted putting in lots of new stupid combat, making this game is very atmospheric, it's just you in a cave and the howling wind. Maybe a bat or a wolf here and there.

The game is fucking HARD. Some of the jumping puzzles are just insane. In the last episode you have to pull off multiple crazy combos while on a time limit while being attacked by Atlantean creatures.

Usually I hate egyptian levels, but the egyptian episode in this one isn't half bad, though it gets a bit bland in places.

First game in a loong time where the bosses are awesome. All of them rely on the concept of enemies getting 'enraged' when you shoot at them. An enraged enemy will charge at you until melee range, at which point there is a slowdown effect and you have a split second to perform a dodge. If you pull off the dodge, you enter an even slower slowdown state, where you can aim and pull off a headshot on the enemy, which usually kills normal enemies. For bosses they will instead do something stupid to get themselves injured or vulnerable, which you have to act on quickly.

Best game I've played since Okami.

It's like 20 bucks on Steam. Cheap! 
Free Online "Tactics"-style Game 
That's pretty cool, could do with some more features but is nicely done. 
TR Anniversary is something I will probably get. The first TR game is superb.

Did they include the levels from TR Gold (Temple of the Cat, and Unfinished Business?)

Those were even better. 
Tactics 100 
Got as far as arrow storm then was slaughtered. 265 measly points :| 
Re: TR Gold 
No, they didn't. 
Other Games 
Just finished Half Life 2: Episode One. Although this seemed more linear than I remember HL2 to have been, it was still an enjoyable couple of ours over several evenings play. And well worth the $9.95.

I'm looking for some other games to play. Is Dark Messiah a safe bet for my Radeon 9700? I like plain fps style without too much thinking and no spells or side missions.

I want something like Q1, Doom3, HL2.

I don't want to pay top whack so I wont play HL2: Episode 2 until the first price drop (2008?). It also cuts out any 'latest' release.

Any suggestions? 
Dark Messiah 
I've just read that it's Action-RPG with spells and stuff, so I guess it's not for me. 
prey sounds good from what everyone else said. 
Prey is killer, although it does feature some thinking puzzles with the spiritwalking, but these are really cool and imaginative rather than dull filler puzzles. I would recommend it Mike. 
Prey FTW definately.
did you play Q4? its a good shooter

try Alpha Prime (demo, pics 
Q4 isn't really worth your time unless you must play every FPS. It's pretty bland and gets a bit tedious at times. The vehicle sections also suck, whilst the ship sections in Prey are pretty damn cool. 
has a lot of high quality fan-made episodes, that you might like. 
I really liked it! It's a good game and well worth the time in my opinion. I played it three times now. 
Is pretty cool. Good solid FPSer, apart from the crap vehicle parts. The team-mates and stuff give it a good vibe, and some of the updates to Q2 monsters are great - Gladiator railgun...

Sure it's simple but it does what's needed.

Prey is good too though. Probably better and definitely more creative.

Dark Messiah has a demo, it convinced me straight away. But I still haven't got around to buying it.

Far Cry is always recommended. 
Prey Sounds Good 
I haven't played a lot of new FPS recently because very few games seem to hold my attention these days, but Prey sounds like exactly what you're after. It reeks of plain simple FPS and it's got no side missions or any fucking about, just extremely solid gameplay with some awesome new twists. 
UFO2000 - Sneaky Beta Release 
Xcom. Many of you loved it back in the 90's.
Many of you still love it. well UFO2000 is xcom, minus the geoscape but with a real live opponent (either online or hotseat). If you haven't played this game, you do owe it to yourself. IGN even rated it number 1 game of all time. The soundtrack alone is killer.

if so far you're still interested - can get it here -

Bambuz and I for the past 2 or 3 months have been working semi diligently on our own map tiles to be used in the game. If anyone actually takes interest and would like to have a look, please do here.

simply throw the 'terrain-burbs' folder into your ufo2000/extensions/ directory and it should be available (as long as both players have it, but you can take a look in hotseat to)

also we have a little irc channel on quaknet at #ufo2000 where mostly I sit and idle, but it would be cool if we managed to get a couple more players in the circle. 
Ratmaze 2 
Nicely 8-bit; nostalgic. The music was good, always just on th cusp of being irritating.

Seems strange there weren't any cats in the maze though. 
Now Playing Max Payne 2 
so far so good but could they get any boxier and could they possibly fit more crates into a level than ins ome of these maps?

on the plus side, the gameplay is still fun if repetitive and the texturing is very nice. 
Still Playing? 
Ist it the shortest 3d action game ever 
It's not bad, just not as good as the first one in terms of gameplay.

The physics and graphics are much more advanced though, making it a typical modern sequel. 
Havent Played Since The First Go 
but I have heard that shortness comment quie a lot. 
Agreed with Shambler. The combat's interesting too. I'm playing it through for the second time. Raven make great games ;>

Favourite bit is when the you race across massive crossfire and then see the *absolutely huge* mothership take enemy out, pivot, and touchdown.. (the sound should have been better/deeper though). 
ETQW Beta 
Is awesome.

That is all. 
Finished It 
decent game, but too linear, short and repetitive. The first one actually had more variety. 
ETQW Beta... 
Is enjoyable, but really doesn't feel like anything new.
Kind of a mix between BF and Wolf:ET I guess, I probably still prefer Wolf:ET (and still hate BF), but maybe once people learn to play better things will work out more.

Runs fine on my machine otherwise (Amd x2 4200, 2gb RAM, GF 7900GT), and haven't had any crashes or other problems, so looks fairly solid for a beta. 
fairly close to my specs bal, better cpu notwithstanding.

so I look forward to it. 
This is cool, I haven't seen a puzzle quite like this before. It's like a lot of other sliding block maze type puzzles, but with an odd-shaped block that restricts how it can move. Reminds me a little bit of the "knight's-move" type puzzles, but it's a bit different even from that. 
i hate that game :>

for one, it has logical flaws: if you roll half-way over void, you fall, if you roll half-way over the hole, you don't sink in a bit. That's some extremely nicely fitting stones you got there.

then: how the fuck does that stone move? why does the magical power not enable him to just move without rotating?

lastly, the theme is so fucking boring. so boring. needs fun. It'd be kinda cool if pinkish and bluish care-bears ( )would jump around your stone and you had flower particles fly up on every move, or even just some dust flying up, or whatever, just NOT nothing at all.

The game itself mostly consist of memorizing patterns to move to different combinations of fields, doesn't it? either that, or you're the next genious who calculates all that in his head (in which case you'd be better off beating whoeveristopatm-chessmaster), or you just brute-force try to get there (better get some ROCKS and HIT SOMETHING!!!!! maybe birds!).

oh, and what's with the conecpt of the switches?!wth, just introduce concepts for them that aren't so similar, or go the hard way and think of somethingh better than '"soft" and "hard" switches, and then there's teleport switches, too'.

On the other hand, it'd probably be interesting to write an ai for this.

Very Cool 

Neat concept, will keep playing.

Prefer to the previous two, although they weren't bad. 
no ai would be nice, it's completely calculatable (you can make the process faster by starting from end and start simultaneously as the narrow bridges reduce the problem nicely.)
The idea is just to have right amounts of sideways rolling of single squares at a time combined with cartwheeling the narrow bridges two squares at a time. Ie it's an integer fitting problem.
Somewhat fun at the beginning but quickly boring. 
it's completely calculatable

Agreed. This is a maze, in the broad sense of the term, becuase you can create a graph of all possible states (there aren't that many) and connect the states to each other by legal moves. Then just find a route from the initial state to the goal state. 
The fun in this case comes from the process of calculation. 
Other Games. 
Hi can someone either get whichever Amazon Marketplace slackers I ordered Dark Messiah off to deliver the damn thing, or do something to make English weather more like summer so I'm not so desperate to play games. Kthxbyewtf. 
Check with sean connery about a weather control device.

Or bush for a nuke to threaten amazon with. 
The fun in this case comes from the process of calculation.

Well, I don't know that the computer can be said to be having "fun" but it does give it a chance to use its CPU and memory cache and stuff.

If you're talking about what makes it fun for humans, the fun of a maze game like this is that the motion through the state-graph mostly corresponds to the motion through the physical space, so you can generally tell that you're progressing, but the individual steps required to progress are not always obvious, becuase sometimes the physical progress and state-graph progress are divergent. So the cases where you have to go farther from the goal to get closer to the solution require you to overcome your gut feeling and use your analytical capacity, which is fun for people who like puzzle games. 
there is also the aspect that the solution to each maze involves re-using learned patterns which is a standard video game design concept. Players learn small techniques that they can combine to solve larger problems. If the route through the state graph didn't involve repeated use of a handful of simple techniques, it wouldn't be much fun. These techniques also need to correspond to recognizable patterns in the physical design of the maze, so that people can recognize them easily. 
This is actually a subject I've thought about a lot in the past. The idea of making a state graph for a maze game is an interesting one to me.

First, you can use the state graph to programatically prove that the maze you've created is solvable. One of the advantages of this is you could have the computer randomly generate a bunch of mazes, and guarantee that none of them are impossible.

Second, you could use properties of the graph to determine how "hard" or "easy" a maze is, or other properties. This can't replace the subjective human experience, but combined with your own experience, you could come up with some rules for what makes a maze hard/easy and fun/tedious. For example a graph could have many choices from each state, and a very short path to the goal, or very few choices at each state, and a very long path to the goal. Also, are all moves reversible, or are some moves one-way only? Are there any unwinable states that you can get into? Are there a lot of loops that lead back to previous states, or do most wrong moves lead to dead-ends?

One more thing to note about this game is that there is almost always a move from each state that kills you. These could instead have been illegal moves that you were prevented from doing, which would not change the complexity of the maze but would change the feel of the gameplay (removing the threat of pushing the button at the wrong time.) I think the choice to allow falling into the void is good, becuase it fits better with the loosely-physics-based theme of the puzzles (all rules except for the teleportation switch are based on gravity and the weight of the block.)

Making rulesets that roughly correspond to players' real-world experience is a good practice for games and makes them more accessible. 
The next level would be to randomly generate a solvable maze and have the player design an NPC and threw it in there, then watch how it fares.

The CPU would handle all the avatar's 'thinking', throw in a few enemies and maybe the option to continually create NPC's as the first tries to solve the maze and you've got game.

What happens if two of the NPC's meet? Depends again on how the player created them.

That's a world away from the topic, but I can see it working, though maybe a bit too D&D for mainstream (who don't like tweaking curiosity vs. aggression stats, usually).

With enough variables it could work, but the concept would need nailing down so as not to go off on a tangent during production. 
Got 'a' Game. 
The next level would be to randomly generate a solvable maze and have the player design an NPC and threw it in there, then watch how it fares.

That's a cool idea, though i'm not sure that a maze is the best choice of environment. A more open environment with obstacles sort of spread around might be better.

Actually, it would be cool to see an RTS where you design your own units. I guess you'd have to design them before the battle started. In this type of game, I would make the cost of a unit based on the complexity of its ai program, so players would have an incentive to get the best results out of the simplest AIs.

This would also mean that even if you had a super-smart AI that could win the round for you (like he knows the exact route to the enemy base or something) he would be so expensive that you'd have to wait until rather late to build him, and you'd be vulernable in the meantime. 
The Only 
game where you designed units was Master of Orion.
That was fun!
The AI designed spaceships too.

Of course, like with many games, there were somewhat clear optimal solutions. And when you have some experience playing the game, they become obvious and thus remove any decision making from the game and make it just boring. (Have I talked about the CIV3 settlers already?.)

That's a thing most game designers haven't realized - you have to keep the player making decisions that are not obvious. (At least in non-twitch games.) 
It's hard to make a game that is not random (rock, paper, scissors) and not obvious.
Chess is one - there is no one sure tactic to win. 
That's why I said about having more than one NPC trying to get through the maze - maybe when they meet each other they could fight, get in each others way (forcing a different route) just ignore each other or try and help an injured comerade - all depending on how they'd been built.

This still might be boring - drop only one guy in there and he'd eventually finish.

But how about multiplayer - maybe four different people dropping thier creations into a maze.

Chess is rigidly structured, it's the other player with thier behavioural input (not least your own as well) that gives any one game randomness.

In this game idea that'd come from how many characters a player dropped into a maze and how they built them. 
metlslime knows it all.

been playing Flatout2 with coworkers, great fun 
Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time 
nice. camera's a bit wonky but I really liek this. 19% in according to the save game. 
"you Have To Keep The Player Making Decisions That Are Not Obvious." 
I think that's what bothers me with Picross DS, it's all about being methodical and you never really have to change strategy. 
Sands Of Time 
Is excellent. The sequels are pretty good as well. 
yeah have them too, along with like 15 other games I need to play :) 
Sands Of Time... 
Is one of my favorite games ever (so is the original PoP.) The puzzles, the level design, the artwork, the storytelling, writing, voice acting, are all excellent. The combat is the weakest part of it IMO, and even that is pretty good.

Never got either sequel because I heard so much about how they were "ruined" on internet forums. Maybe I should try them. 
Wouldn't Say Ruined 
But more gamey. But they kept the original play and expanded on where it lacked as well as occassionally spoiling stuff.

But the bosses in the second one were great and the fighting much more entertaining. 
Ie. Made More Gamey 
puzzles and level design are great, I originally thought the puzzles would shit me given the lack of saving but its implemented really well, and that rewind dagger thing works quite effectively.

combat is a fair bit of button mashing for me, but it does look cool. 
Got my Dark Messiah, played a bit, is good. Seems a bit harder than the demo or maybe I practised in the demo a bit more. Nice proper fantasy style. Not played much so far.

Been playing a bit more Guild Wars: Nightfall, well as in just started it, as a Dervish. Knowing my steez about GW I've monched on up to level 7 fairly quickly. Quite good but the general setting is not that rad - give me the Shiverpeaks anyday!! Absolutely loads of new options and tweaks which is kinda cool. I like the one that pops up saying "You have been playing for 3 hours. Please take a break". Well, I did.

That is all. 
sands fo time. Defnitely a great game. Camera's bit wonky like I said and the fights get tedious. I think its because there's no combat progression, the first fights are so easy you never learn how to fight properly and then when you get to difficut ones, you have to learn a technique there.

envinments are fantastic.

Painkiller is next. 
I think its because there's no combat progression, the first fights are so easy you never learn how to fight properly and then when you get to difficut ones, you have to learn a technique there.

Yep, that's a good description of what's wrong with the combat. I never stopped button mashing until like 90% into it, when you have to suddenly learn how to block every attack to survive. 
Is great as well. The bosses are a bit stupid and random, and the expansion has some terrible map designs (forcing the player to know about bunny-hopping or giving no clue at all how to proceed). But its still great, some very nice artwork, combat and physics.

I considered switching from q1 mapping to Painkiller. 
so far, painkiller is the most 2d game i've played in some time (not counting the doom reinstall I did a few days back).

all the gihting is on eye level, wit hardly any 3d combat. Just 5 levels in. And yes, the two bosses so far have been totally random. The one you couldnt kill by firing had blood when yous hot him and the one you could kill by firing didnt show any damage. 
I gave up on that game after quite a few levels/bosses because it was just too damn repetitive and boring. The actual base combat is pretty fun (the weapons feel good to use and the enemy reactions are of course amusing), but the levels were just so damn unimaginative and plain that there was almost no game there.

Considering that the game has pretty decent combat/weapons and some interesting monster types that could potentially be used to good effect, its a real shame that all they bothered to do with the levels was basically this:

- Player enters box room (completely flat with no height variation)
- Doors close ahead of and behind player (that is, "hello, I am a generic gameplay device" doors that don't match the art of the level)
- Hordes of monsters spawn in waves and run directly at the player
- Player kills all monsters, doors open again
- Repeat x 89738924682638479287643972

The levels of course look nice (apart from the lack of 3d-ness in most areas). More so than any other popular game I've played, it seems quite obvious to me that they had a bunch of artists building the levels (possibly from game desginer sketches/notes... or not) rather than experienced level designers/builders. 
so far agree 100% with what you say, although I also have a beef with the progression in some levels, but I'm not bored yet :) 
That's True . . . 
But there are some real gems inside there as well; the venice level, hell, some of the base sections and the colliseum from the expansion.

It is just horde combats, but the game never pretends to do anything else - as complex as it gets is the gold / silver cards management.

That's what I liked about it; you're dropped into the game right away. 
Tend to agree with the above comments, but I did like Painkiller, the style and stuff made it worthwhile, and although I'm not a big horde fan, as that sort of stuff goes, it was fine. 
Just Booted Up Hl2 
for a quick runaround.

The texturing is phenomenal!! 

some ps3 downloadable mindfuck... 
There Is A Concept... 
of the echochrome game lurking somewhere on the net that can be played with. I can't remember where it is, nor am I helpful enough to find it and post the link... but it's there :) I think there is a web version and also an exe somewhere. 
looks awesome. It's really nice (and sort of rare) to see people trying to come up with a distinctive visual style for a game, especially one that is appropriate to the distinctive gameplay. 
Damn You Than! 
I was just going to post a link about it! Actually I think I'll still post the dirct link to the page where you can download the interactive editor: 
Damn You Guys 
didn't read here and see you posted it first :) 
a PS3 game in the PC games thread! I'm so confusedddd. 

Play-in-your-browser versions of Videlectrix games. 
I Do Wish This Could Get It's Old "other Games" Title Back 
Since most of the discussion tends to be about general game design/mechanics rather than platform specific issues. It's much more interesting than "Recommend good PC games for Shambler". 
Way to miss the point. No need for bollox like that. 
I recommend the games on (just in case you didn't play them yet). 
Maybe It Was A Bit Harsh 
But I didn't agree with the split back then and I still think that most of the material posted in both threads are of the nature that it would be more fruitful to have them in one place. 
it does feel like a sort of artifical distinction to me. For example, nitin was playing a PC port of Sands of Time, whereas I played the xbox and gamecube versions, yet we had a conversation about it here. 
Painkiller Bosses 
suck. That is all. 
Some Interesting Visual Stimulation 
and concepts in Painkiller, but I didn't care for the horde combat so much nor the boss encounters. It got boring.

Kinn and Necros do horde way much better. 
Painkiller Bosses 
At least they were varied and always required a special technique/thinking to beat them. 
that you never have any idea what it is till you die a few times. 
That's how it works most of the time. Remember Quake? ;)
If there is enough of a chance to find out the way to proceed in an entertaining way I'd say all is well even if the player dies several times (if there is a quicksave function!). 
Should Explain 
some you can kill with weapons, others you have to work out some trick. but there's never any indication as to which ones are killable because you can nver see them get hurt. 
Never any indication? Fire a few shots, see if the giant health bar for them at the top of your screen goes down... If not, obviously you need to do something different. The first boss is just a straight shooter, the second one takes a trick but its extremely obvious, the third is obvious in how he regenerates... the fourth? Well I wouldn't know, the game locked me out for some reason and though I liked it, I don't feel like replaying the first 3 episodes once again because of its insistence of a bad savegame. 
I Remember 
That the hammer boss was just plain stupid. Kill the stick its waving around before you can kill it. Dumb.

In the expansion it got really convoluted; the orphanage miniboss was unkillable until you realised you had to burn the sarchophagus. But not just an accidental blast - I'm still not sure if it was up to a certain amount or on all four sides.

Lucifer was crappy as well - I reckon everyone checked a readme there.

The bosses were inventive but a long way from intuitive.

scar3crow - the corrupt savegame thing hit everyone a few times - lots of bugs in the card system as well, although they could be used to your advantage. 
hmm, I never got a health bar. I just thought it was a 'feature' rather than a bug.

And talking about bugs, I lost count of the number of times the game crashed during the swamp boss level for me. Got through and havent had other problems yet. 
Keep extra saved games in the open slots. 
Painkiller Bosses 
Rock. Thats pretty much it. 
I Agree. 
With nitin and ijed, of course. 
Finished The Main Game 
mixed feelings overall. Some of the levels were great and so were some of the design concepts (hell was a very good idea, the frozen nuclear stuff was brilliant), but overall I didnt really warm to it.

I know a lot of people liekd the tarot card and soul stuff but I didnt really care for it. And while the base monster designs were good, some variations on it apart from a different skin/model for different sections would have been welcome.

Also like frib said, too many levels felt cluttered and put together by artists rather than proper mappers.

As for the gameplay, I have nothing against horde combat, nor arena combat, but this was way too 2D for most the time. At least serious sam had a 3d element to most its arena combats (although the base weapon/monster design is better in this).

Still, going to play the expansion now.

Oh, one more thing, when you have such a D grade 'story', please dont have 5 minc cutscenes FFS. 
The Expansion 
Is better in some ways, much worse in many others; it breaks alot of golden rules of design, like making the player rely on trick jumping in one section of the colliseum (bunnyhopping).

The soul cards thing could have been alot better; it was a bit too rigid to be useful; I'dve preferred some more complexity there since you just end up finding a good card set and sticking to it.

It was a nice evolution over the standard powerup system, linked over levels and tied into the secrets, but it just didn't go far enough.

The game is very flat and I agree with the put together by artists thing - its becoming a very common industry standard now.

Seems like the team had some very good artists and programmers, but a lack of designers.

Id've preferred if the episodes were thematically linked as well, sometimes there were style changes that made the whole thing even more incoherant. 
Left 4 Dead. "Braaaaaiiins!" 
I have no idea if this has been previously mentioned, but Left 4 Dead is clearly the best game that hasn't been released to be coming out ever.

Created by Turtle Rock and Valve it's a horror/survival FPS where you work within a team to get from point A to point B while avoiding hordes of zombies in a cityscape environment.

"Super Zombies" with different, special powers are controlled by other players and they also work hard to get you maimed by the relentless hordes of undead.

Perhaps the best feature is the use of what seems to be called "The Director". It changes the flow of every level, so you never quite know what to expect. One time you play the game and you may walk down a passage, open a door and enter an empty room. In the next game you play on that level you may go down that passage only to find it burst open before you reach it while you shoot wildly at the sudden zombie rush.

Either way I am a total fan of zombies, teamwork, first person shooters, survival and horror stories so this game represents - to me - the absolute peak of gaming.

If only those bastards would release it...

More info @

I haven't been so excited about a release since Diablo 2. I remember the countdown to that game... agonizing! 
Finished Battle Out Of Hell 
ijed's right, amplifies both the good and bad parts.

Some of the levels are stunning, the dead city, colosseum, stony pit and leningrad. others not so good, although the first one is nicely demented and disturbing.

Worth a play though if you dont get bored of the main game. 
Bioshock Bleh 
I found this on another site but couldn't find the source:

2K games PR representative for the the eagerly awaited title "Bioshock", Susan Keele revealed this to GameSpot eariler today;

"It's safe to say we are around 50 steps ahead of those looking to play Bioshock on their own systems without purchasing the game. Active internet connections and retail discs are mandatory for Bioshock to run on an individual's system. On disc insertion for the first time, the user will be prompted to connect to the Internet if not already connected. Several updates will be installed during the game installation and once the game is installed, digital IDs of the user's hardware such as RAM, CD drives and processors (in no particular order, and not necessarily all three hardware types) will be tied to a game-specific sector in the operating system. This sector is completely invisible to users and cannot be found, nor duplicated in any way what so ever.

On attempting to run the game, another game-specific sector available only on retail discs of the game will look to locate the digital IDs stored securely on the system - this will be digitally checked and signed by 2K again and is the only way to launch the game. The game-disc sector is just as secure as it's counterpart on the operating system, and cannot be copied in any way shape or form, as we have introduced a"security scramble" code system should any attempted copying of game discs take place. Durng gameplay, updates will relay from our servers to the individual and hardware digital ID verification locks will be checked, and changed, then digitally signed by 2K again, with this check and change occuring frequently.

We been working closely with IBM since August of last year, and Microsoft even further back to develop these new security measures. We are sending a message to stomp out piracy and we hear those who say our protection program will have been a wasted invesment but we will continuously strive to protect the interlectual property created by ourselves and our partners in any way deemed appropriate. I can also confirm any Games for Windows released after Bioshock will employ the same security measures.

In essence; no official disc, no play. We wish you all a happy, pleasant and exiciting gaming experience."
Sounds like thier stalinist "interlectual" protection systems will at the very least cause problems for anyone doing so much as wanting to upgrade thier RAM.

I want to buy and play Bioshock, but I have a below par connection with scant chance of being able to upgrade it. I had alot of trouble connecting to Steam and eventually gave HL2 away as a gift (after completion) because staring at multiple connection failed screens over anything from five to fifty minutes was shit, no matter how good the game itself was. I do know there's a hacky method to enable offline play by default for that - but why should I have to bother? I bought a product to enjoy it, not be beaten with a 'YOU ARE AN IDIOT CONSUMER' stick.

Cheers 2K! 
That Should Read: 

It's great how they're really respecting thier ligitimate customers. 
will be cracked anyway


In essence: no broadband = no play
hardware change = no play (have to reinstall ?) 
it'll be cracked in a week, and then everyone buying it legitimately will have to put up with BS while those who download it will probably have an easier time.

This Will Come Back 
and bite them on the ass.

. . . will be tied to a game-specific sector in the operating system. This sector is completely invisible to users and cannot be found, nor duplicated in any way what so ever.

Hackers are licking their chops and grinning back at these muttonheads. 
so in addition to getting a no-cd crack, i need to get a no-internet crack? 
Sod It 
I was defo going to buy this, but as they seemingly trust me so little, I might just pirate it... 
This Will Come Back... 
as a complete lie.

Jason Bergman of 2kGames says it is "definitely not true" 
Thats Good News Anyway 
Now all I have to worry about is buying a PC that can run more than Quake I . . . 
Completely Untrue 
Hi guys,

This is all completely untrue. There is no Susan Keele who works for 2K Games. I don't know where the source is for this (it references GameSpot, but I can't find that) but it's inaccurate.

Jason Bergman (2K) 
He He 
looks like Bergman is all over that post trying to stomp out the fire. I hope he is the one for real and the story isn't. It does have a button pushing feel to it though many high ranking execs from Ballmer, Jobs, Newell to Steinbrenner have said things that pushed my button the wrong way that were equally as inane as what the purported PR lady in this article said. 
Speak Of The Devil 
Well, as I said I couldn't find the source either.
Let's hope it was a bad hoax, sorry about posting it then. 
Websites For D3 & Q4 DM Map Reviews? 
Ive been searching for over an hour, cant find a reliable DM site out there. My roomates and I have grown tired of the official maps, and unfortuneately I cant talk them into installing Quake 1 on their PCs, and I missed out on Painkiller. /slapself

Any links would be very welcome! 
well I need to get the internet working on my PC anyway, so this is a good incentive... as long as they aren't gonna fuck about after ive installed it. This is one of the games i'm most excited about coming out since... ever, really. I read the review in xbox360 magazine today and they gave it 10/10, only the 2nd game to get a rating that high from them.

Europe release is the 24th from what i can tell, i might start putting part of my beer money aside... 
thank christ. -_-

cheers for the debunkage. :) 
It's cool to watch the progress of Infinity, a mostly procedurally generated space massive multi user game.
I think this is a big part of the future. 
Tomb Raider Anniversary... 
Started Anniversary... the game ~is~ great - using the TR-Legend engine to reinvent the original game. But like Legend, it ~can~ be pretty frustrating when you cant solve some
arcane puzzle or even cheat *&^% ... Apears to be tougher so far.

I just went back to Legend to beat the huge salamder boss after not playing it for a couple of months. (I'd been pissed of at the goading, tough bosses, and it's also nice to take my noisy fx5600 out and use my fanless 5200). All of the bosses have been tough, but satisfying when you beat their arse. Bout 70% through now.
The cut sequences are just all totally amazing.

Anyway, in Anniversary I don't like how they've changed the game interface: Controls, auto-aim and saves have all been messed up by some hopeless project manager. You're low on health... so lets add some annoying heart beat drum in the background. eeeediots. 
Rage, Left4Dead, QuakeArenaDS, Etc 
So QuakeCon and BlizzCon gave us a shitload of info on some games.

Rage is iD's next "Gen 5" game. It looks like id does FallOut more or less, mixed with buggy racing. Apparently it's 50% run-n-gun, 50% racing. Not sure exactly how that will turn out. I'm not all that excited about the racing portion, but I can imagine some cool level design centered around the option of racing.

Left4Dead seems to be a CS:Source mod, where up to 4 players have to co-op through various zombie-infested locales to escape. Some of the sounds are ripped straight from CS, such as footsteps, and it's source, which sucks, but it looks kind of fun. Not sure if it's free or you have to pay for it.

Also, Carmack says Quake 3 is coming to the DS, BUT WITH NO (YES THAT'S RIGHT, NO) stylus support. It's all D-Pad and A,B,X,Y controls. Does that seem retarded to you? Oh well, maybe I'll pick it up, but probably not.

Also some WoW stuff, but StarCraft 2 looks super nifty. Waiting for Star Craft 2 is like waiting for ... something really awful to wait for. I want it now.

And Quake Wars comes out Sept 28 in Euro, Oct 2 for states, so a day after my birthday. Faggotry.


All info from btw. 
cheshire and all others interested in coop zombie survival make sure you've checked out KillingFloor
ut2k4 mod, the main (and only O_O) maker of the mod has stopped working on it (no shit after 3 years on it alone) but a community patch to be released very soon will polish up what needs polishing ; altho the game is 100% playable and enjoyable as is, it isnt a beta version. Theres games on everyday in peak hours. It just pwns; real good gritty gory coop fun, and thats real coop with welding doors shut to hold back the hordes, healing teammates etc etc.
Dont miss it :P 
For decades, mankind has contemplated what would have happened if two historical icons had battled�with balls. Finally, there�s a studio brave enough to tackle this difficult question. Blazing Lizard, Inc today proudly announces its first console downloadable game, Pirates vs. Ninjas� Dodgeball.

The first game in the Pirates vs. Ninjas� series allows up to 8 players to choose from 5 unique teams (Pirates, Ninjas, and three more to be unveiled later), and compete against one another in the ultimate sport of champions � Dodgeball.

Could it be those other three teams include robots and zombies? 
Or Maybe 
Ninja pirate nuns, riding camels? In space!

The first in the series? Christ.

Cookie cutter innovation. 
also nazis and aliens 
there goes my whole idea for a ninjas vs. pirates vs. zombies vs. robots game. Of course, my idea didn't involve dodgeball, so maybe there's still hope. 
there are many more distinct iconized groups.
Samurais, cowboys, eskimos to mention a few. 
Article On The History Of Adventure

Talks about the relationship between Adventure's game cave and the real-life Colossal Cave, and the differences in the contributions of the original author and the guy who added the other half of the content several years later. 
since Adventure was a mainframe game, i guess it doesn't really belong in the PC games thread... oh well. 
Make A New Thread For It Or Get Out 
About TF2 Visuals

I like that they are actually thinking about the gameplay (aware of visual noise).
Saw some Unreal3 video yesterday and it was awful (bad): The player models merge into the background, everything is "realistic" lit and dark. Can't see it being fun in competetiv gameplay. For fun with friends sure, but not on a more "professional" scale. 
it's the shit 
that TF2 could be a fun game. If you can do concjumps. :) 
there are no grenades in tf2 
I can understand them taking them out but then the grenjumps and concjumps are out and it's a shame... 
Anyone else play the demo? I might have to go mug someone for the money to get this damn game. So damn good. 
Not Tried The Demo Yet 
but its finished preloading on steam so just 3 days to go :) 
Bioshock Demo 
A bit underwhelmed by the demo...
The controls felt wonky, it didn't show much interesting gameplay, just a really basic shooter.
And honestly, I didn't find the visuals so great, I noticed alot of little errors, like badly tiling textures, and brushes that aren't placed right...
Doesn't run very well on my system anyways, still looking forward to playing the full game, which I've bought on steam, but it won't let me preload it, been telling me the servers are too busy for 3 days now (and I try regularly)... 
It Seems Ok 
But yeah, not the revolution in gaming as announced (didn't expect it to be anyway). At least judging from the demo. Combat can get a bit messy. Many people were particularly fond of the water, though while it isn't bad, it's not that outstanding either. The weapon models look somewhat dated.
However, the atmosphere is great and it runs smoothly on my rig (so far). I'm definitely going to get it sooner or later. 
What Are You Specs? 
Underwhelmed By The Demo 
it reminds me of doom3 
Bioshock Demo... 
Runs like ass on my machine, currently. An ATI Hotfix didn't help. First, I have no pointer icon on the GUI. Then all I get is a crappy scrolling water texture and flames, with big black blocks. I do have a help ticket, though.

It's just a pity, for now... 
both ATI and Nvidia have been building new drivers to accommodate Bioshock. Shouldn't the game designers be accommodating the existing software specs instead of the other way around? Anyway, here is where BluesNews recommends going to if you are having ATI driver problems: 
Bioshock Bis... 
I guess this explains why the fov felt so weird on my 16:10...

Btw, my specs are, Athlon X2 4200+, 2gb ram, geforce 7600GT, and using the new nvidia beta drivers, which apparently are the cause of the fucked up mouse in game... And yeah, doesn't run well on my rig anyways. 
Bioshock Art Deco Fonts Overdose 
Disappointed. Very clich�. Bland weapon design and sound. Water looks way better in Sauerbraten! Flat visuals. Unimaginative gameplay. Cutscenes and teasers were jawdropping good but this demo is quite a mess!

And the overuse of Art Deco style fonts is nauseous. Plaza font everywhere, huge ugly unreadable ingame captions and menus... What a waste.

Otoh, no tech prob at all, full settings. -Pent D 3.2Ghz, 2gigs ram, 2xGeForce 7900GTX SLI ForceWare 94.24 (NO beta drivers, OMG!), XP DX9.0c 
Ah Dammit, This Day Is Going To Be Wasted 
God Damn You Spirit 

Only played thr practice level so far (supposed to be working) but this looks very addictive. 
Knytt Stories 
hmm, and the game has a level editor... might be fun to map for. 
Alot Of Fun So Far 
But very irritating as well. I've started with Within a Deep Forest - that spider puzzle in the tower was annoying. 
nice, that game makes much more sense in english than the japanese version I had been playing. 
that's a nice game

i hate that you don't have full health after each enemy though 
Knytt Stories 
looks great. Played through it twice already.

I find the notion of working on a game like this far more appealing than some triple-A nazi shooting fest. 
what an amazing looking game! e6300 + ati x1950pro and only 1gb of ram, with everything on except 'force global lighting' and hq post processing (which i hate anyway) and the game runs extremly well.

but yeah, graphics in here are really great, with a cool theme. water effects are just as good as i heard. no actual swiming yet, which is surprising, but i ain't complaining.

it's pretty easy so far... maybe i should have chosen hard. i guess it's because it was made to be playable on the x360... mouse makes it too easy as headshots are very generous. the gooey blood effect is... well, it's good feedback, but it looks kind funny. i guess that's to fit in with the theme. or maybe blood really does look like a bucket of paint spraying all over when you get shot? :P
no really amazing combat like what was described though... fighting the big daddies *is* a challenge, but they are despatched with some footwork and good timing of attacks (won't spoil this stuff).

i'm surprised there hasn't been more said so far here. :) 
Oh Forgot 
there is some kind of bug with the captions though... the timing never aligns with the actual speech, and you also get captions for normal monster talking which is dumb... i don't care that the monster said "i'm gonna kill you", really. :P anyway, just turn them off. makes hearing important dialog difficult at times (vocals could have been louder, but i have both vocals and SFX volume maxed. i should mess with the settings maybe), but you can always go back in the log to read it again.

i really dislike the interface though... it's totally a console style thing. very very simplified, with button layout not totally optimal for a mouse (again, obviously the console controller in mind there). also, no inventory! maybe they mentioned that before, but i purposely didn't read too much about bioshock. you can't stockpile on food and drink to restore health and eve. it's also annoying because often there's ammo sitting alongside cigarettes/booze which have negative effects, so sometimes you'll chug a beer when you really wanted to pick up the bullets. >_<

otoh, the sound in this game is a big step up from most other games out there. there is a lot of intricacy just on player movement sounds, which, i find, add a ton to immersiveness. at the start, i was standing still and turning on the spot a lot just to hear the crisp footstep sounds... ^_^; 
i guess that's to fit in with the theme. or maybe blood really does look like a bucket of paint spraying all over when you get shot?

I once saw a chicken accidentally rip its own head off trying to get through a barbed wire fence. The blood spurted for a moment like the arc of a supersoaker as the chickens body flopped backwards.

Also, I was shot is the ass once but it only soaked my underwear with a dark blood stain. 
Necros, you can change difficulty at any time, it's a bit more challenging on hard, but still fairly easy in my opinion.

Yeah anyways, it's a great game, I haven't quite finished it yet, but that's mostly cause I've really been taking my time with it. What I enjoy most is the exploration, they really got it right, there are lots of side areas to explore, and little secrets.
The combat is ok, it's nicer later on when you actually use all your weapons and plasmids to help you.
Interface kind of sucks yeah, really annoying that you can't see how much of a specific ammo you have without having to reload, and it's silly that you can't see your inventory.
Yeah this game suffers from one of the many Doom3 syndroms: you never swim, which feels strange for a game taking place in a city built underwater...
Otherwise, story is good, atmosphere is great, definetely don't regret having bought it directly off steam. 
1337 Post About Swimming 
I haven't played bioshock but isn't rapture a bit deep down for you to just go swimming?

(where's the rotfish icon?) 
Well, I didn't mean actual swimming out in the open sea, but many areas are partially flooded, and your walking in water and stuff, but you can see they went out of their way to block out any areas with deeper water, I even noticed a few areas where I should be able to just jump in deep water, but there was an evil invisible clip in my way.
I'm not sure swimming would have brought anything to the gameplay, but it would have added a bit to the immersion probably. 
Knytt Stories 
There is a bonus pack with more missions on the site.
A strange Dream is very nice but also quite short. I recommend the original Knytt and of course Within a Deep Forest if you like these games. 
Yeah the original Knytt feels better than any of these new ones I think, even though I still like them. Within a Deep Forest is still my favorite though.
I'm curious how making levels for Knytt Stories is, how much liberty you have with additional art content, will have to check it out. 
Playing in between Q3 sessions, so fairly slow going, but enjoying the simplicity and even the cuteness. 
Played The First Knytt While Waiting For A Render 
Not as good as Stories, I'd say. Lots of wandering around being lost and very little gameplay. The occasional 'dodge a spider' puzzle was a tiny breath of fresh air - I'd have loved it if it had been full of that stuff.

downloading Forest. 
looks cool. Damn sight more interesting than the terminally dull Knytt. Also, Aquaria should be out this year I think. It's a super nice looking indie game. 
Thanks For The Link 
Games would look so much less shitty if people would/could use it without too much slowdown. Especially all those modern shader stuff often looks so pixelated.
I just noticed it when watching on MoH:Airborne screenshots: 
It's Even True 
in modern digital tv - the Osaka Athletics World Championships had horrible aliasing in the white track lines against the red tartan. 
i don't know why, but in a lot of newer games, you can't use AA if you use the fancier hdr lighting or bloomy effects. frankly, i rather use AA. :P 
AA Is Cool And All... 
but i think anisotropic filtering is awesome and much more important.

Also, AA becomes less important as you go to higher resolutions (I know this isn't always an option.) 
you can use AA and aniso together. both of them working at the same time make a big difference in quality. 
of course, I'm just saying that of the various features available, i think anisotropic provides a larger improvement.

AA also seems to only improve sampling on polygon edges, which doesn't help with some shaders that look chunky and aliased on the interior of the polygon. (for example the wet cobblestone texture in this shot: )

Also, I believe (but haven't tested this theory) that AA also doesn't help with techniques that rely on the z-buffer and polygon inter-penetration. Like doom3 shadows... can any one veryify whether doom3 shadow edges get improved by AA?

It occurs to me that the term "FSAA" implies that all pixels on the screen are super-sampled, not just polygon edge pixels, but I don't remember if this is actually the case. If so, that cancels out all of my above rant :) 
Prince Of Persia - Sands Of Time 
Played the ad-supported version. Ads in menus and loading screens. Turned out there were none when not connected to the internet.

Though I haven't played the original games too thoroughly, I guess this new one is a worthy successor. The jump'n'run bits were nice and entertaining (albeit repetitive after a while) and just right in terms of difficulty. The fights, however, became tedious, even annoying, quickly. The camera behaved awkward in places.
At any rate, a nice free game. Apparently Ubisoft has already stopped the free distribution of the three games (POP, FarCry, Rayman), but I hope this might have started a trend more companies will follow. The ads were not very annoying, and worth the trouble for a quality free game. 
I got bored of replaying every time I fail a jump. prolly 30% into it 
FSAA simply means Full Scene Anti Aliasing, as opposed to edge detection or similar schemes. It doesn't imply supersampling to my knowledge.

The relatively fast technique that is used in current 3d hardware is multisampling AA - this is the one that only makes a difference on polygon edges, but sample resolution also takes the stencil buffer into account. Thus stencil shadows see improvement.

Lastly, multisampling simply doesn't work in a few situations due to various limitaions - deferred rendering, and when using HDR framebuffers on some hardware. 
I like AA, would never play without it. 
Just Saw A Quake Wars Demo Ad 
oh my, the Strogg now officially look like Borg. It's a ripoff.


although I like Trek, at least the better parts of it. The Borg movie is the only good one :-) 
The Wrath of Khan is the only good one. 
Haven't Seen The Borg One 
But it would have to be supertastic to be as good as Khan. 
The Borg One 
is indeed pretty good, it has rock'n'roll, Zero-G combat, machine guns, and Picard doing a pretty good Captain Ahab.

Some nice shock effects, and good music too. 
Damn You Kell 
Beat me to it . . . 
Tehn You Should Have Went 
'Tehn' Jeez I'm Coming 
to the realization three cups of coffee is just not enough to keep me awake, alert and on the look out for typos. Coke is too expensive and speed makes you see shit. Getting older is like becoming one of the living dead. 
Battlefield :strogg?

its not Quake at all :( 
Come out into the cold, harsh light of reality... since the original title was released, none of the so-called sequels have offered anything closely resembling Quake at all.

They should have stopped at one. But hey, the name sells copies! Look at the F.E.A.R farce going on at the moment... sigh. 
Bioshock Thread? 
I don't have the game so I have nothing to say about it, but surely there's enough fanboy drool (and/or jaded ennui) to justify a Bioshock thread, right??? 
Yeah ^^ 
I'm surprised there isn't one yet, the game is fucking amazing! 11.5 Hours into it myself and nearing the end, storyline and characters are really well done, and the atmosphere is just plain classy. 
Quake Wars 
Anyone playing the demo? If so, what servers? Let's a game going people. So far, it's okay but not fantastic. Not sure if I'll pick it up or not. But if you play let's rock!!! 
Quake Wars 
I play it a bit, but it just sucks that they removed the friend system that was in the beta.
It's an ok game, will probably buy it and play it online a while until I get bored of each map.
I still prefer Wolf:ET I think, but as far as class-objective-based fps team games are concerned, this is alot better than any battlefield game. 
unfortunately the demo runs and looks shit on my pc, so I'll be sitting out on this one :( 
PixelJunk Racers 
dunno if anyone here is rich enough to have a PS3, but you might want to give the PixelJunk Racers demo a whirl.

I worked on the game, and though it's far from perfect, it's a lot of fun - particularly if you have a bunch of other people around to play with.

If anyone has tried it, I'd love to hear your comments, good or bad. 
Agree With Bal 
On Quake Wars, its nice but its not as good as Wolf: ET imo. I have played the demo a bit and it does suffer from slow performance on my pc also which is a shame.

Also I think the vehicles may have been a mistake, some of them feel very odd to use and (for me at least) it reduces the feel of squad combat that Wolf:ET had.

Still its a fun game! 
More On Quake Wars 
I think the large maps and vehicules have removed the focus of the game, especially on public servers where everyone just seems to be doing their own thing. In wolf:et, the maps where tighter and more linear (that's a good thing in this situation), which made everyone alot more focused on the objective, thus it really felt like playing with a team, instead of just playing some random deathmatch with vehicules.
But when you find some good players in Quake Wars, who are more into completing the objective than getting exp, it can become more like wolf:et and be quite good.

Anyways, still gone back to playing wolf:et at work, people just couldn't get into QuakeWars it seems. =\ 
Yeah I think I'm going to leave Quake Wars alone and migrate to TF2. I hear good things about it, and I was hooked on TFC back in the day. Plus, QW was just... kind of bland tbh. 

Heeeey Anyone Up For Some QW This Weekend? 
I want to fly the Tormentor! 
I'd be free saturday evening... around 20:00 GMT... if you want to kick my ass :P 
Sorry I Was Just Trying To Annoy Inertia 
Me? Playing a multiplayer game? Wtf! 
so you won't be switching to Quake Wars then inertia? 
I Second That Motion 
I don't usually agree with you Inertia, but this time you speaketh the truth!

While we're at it, don't call "Quake" by the ridiculously inappropriate name "Quake 1" either. There is only QUAKE. That is all. 
its 'classic quake' now :/ 
TF2 And The Mappers Who Love Them 
Err, it.

Anyone totally blown away by the TF2 beta? Probably the funnest multiplayer game I've played in a long time, and definitely better than QWars (I hope inertia notices I used QWars and not QW.) Anyone planning on mapping for this or knows of a TF2 mapping community yet? 
Tf2 Mapping = Hl2 Mapping 
so Ive been playing some Cal of Duty and Callof Duty : United Offensive (mission pack).

Now the only wwII game I've played before this was MOHAA which was quite good even if the autoaim snipers got a bit annoying.

This starts off pretty poorly and about halfway through I was wondering why it was so popular. Then, out of nowhere, there is a huge increase in quality and level of immersion. The level design improves immeasurably, the fighting becomes fun and the squad missions actually work.

And the scale of some of the later levels is staggering, maybe not compared to recent games but it does feel like a war and that you are only a small part fo it. I'm sure q4 and a lot of the recent games achieve the same thing but as I havent yet got to them, this was something new for me. MOHAA still felt like a solo game or at best a squad game, it didnt feel like the player was a small part of the whole.

Anyway, more comments later but for now, the secnd half has won me over. 
^ Call Of Duty 
Yeah, I really really enjoyed Call of Duty 1, especially the later stages, although the end was a little anti-climactic for me (not sure what I was expecting though to be honest). All the Stalingrad stuff is just awesome though. For some reason, the newer games in the series just don't have the same appeal. 
Agreed 100% starbuck. 
My Take On TF2 
It's crazy awesome. Valve can count my money.

Wait, they have it already. :( 
So yeah, lots of people complain that they simplified it compared to the original TF and even TFC, but really as far as I can tell it takes nothing away from the pure fun that is TF2.
Some of the maps are a bit boring though, but mostly cause engineers don't seem to use their teleporters much yet. 
Nice little flash game, but doesn't have enough levels. 
Huge List Of Freeware Games 
unfortunately also some ad-ware made it to the list

Chalk is great, dunno if it was posted here.

Manifold runs with like 3fps here, crap. :( 
Gimme GTA4! 
Cause I want it. I hear some crack like they were gonna release it next month for the 360, but sorting it out for the PS3 has put them back to next spring cause they had to do a simnultaneous release. No fair!

San Andreas just looks a bit dated now really. Sub-Quake graphics (except for the scale of it), even tho quake has been oot for 11 years or so and it has only been out for about 3. I enjoyed it mucho at the time but.

Gameplay nowhere near as good as Quake either. 

COD comments I already made, a very strong second hald of the game that has a very high immersion factor. COD:UO pretty much picks up where the second half left off in terms of quality and just ups the level a bit more.

Easily one of the most fun and well built mission packs I have played. 
I just finished it in veteran mode.. What an awesome game: really immersive. Also, you really need to use team play, and a lot of strategy to not die each step you make... I'm guess real war was more tense and horrible, but if it is a smooth vision of WW2, please God preserve us to live any war... 
Jericho Demo 
Looks pretty, setting is cool, story might be cool if you can bother with it.

Thinking back about the gameplay I can imagine the mechanics actually being quite cool, but while playing it just felt terrible.

Those 'interactive cutscene' things where you have to press buttons when they flash on the screen? Those are utter shite. In every game they've ever been. If you ever make a game, don't put this shit in your game. It is so shit. Like a turd pooing.

I hate the player characters. The enemies might be cool but I honestly have no idea what's going on because there's blood and spittle all over my screen.

Weapons suck. The magic thing I dunno what's up with that. Was there any health monitor on the HUD? I couldn't find it.

Worst fucking physics ever. Do the physics even exist? It feels like we're just navigating a 2d plane here with designated 'jump down here', 'climb here' markers. Way too many invisible walls. If I want to dive into the black void for the love of god let me. You can't even jump.

Overall a bad game. Not planning to buy it. 
Oh And 
Aegia PhysX please go fuck yourselves with something nasty. Don't install drivers and shit. 
having kinky fantasies of me? 
physx demo is fun to play... 
The Cake Is A Lie 
I just finished Portal, and it's brilliant. The gameplay is good head-scratching fun, there's wacky narrative, and a "omg wtf" ending that you both will and will not expect.

I wanna map for it. But first, hl2:ep2. \o/ 
I concur.
Portal rocks.
The cake was good. 
I take back anything I have ever said bad about Valve.

note: be sure to watch the credits. 
Valve Didn't Make Portal Themselves 
That was the best gaming experience I've had in years. Now for the challenge and advanced levels...

Damn. I may just have to learn Hammer. 
The challenges are bloody hard, I have no friggin clue how to accomplish some of them. 
Cave Story 
Bloody hell, how many bosses are there in that boss fight (misery, doctor, core)? And is there any hidden savepoint in there?

The game is cute and nice but the savepoints are terribly retarted sometimes. 
Episode Two: Spoilers 
For some reason I'm not sitting here with the same feeling of having been blown away like I was with EP1 or the original game.

It was still cool tough.

The environments are so goddamned breathtaking you can't help but sit and just stare for several minutes everytime you enter a new area.
Leveldesign highlights: The outdoor area of the first level, the open mineshaft where you defend Alyx from antlions, the big open gorge where you run with the vortigaunt inbetween an ambush with both antlions and zombies, (was cool when you ride the lift up and you look down and there's total chaos,) and the level where you have to cross the river to get the car and you can see the entire level you've been going through.

Lots of big, wide outdoor areas, which is too bad because I hate those in games. They look fantastic but I hate not knowing your boundaries when you're fighting stuff.

The hunters are fucking bastards. Sucks that the first time you're introduced to them it's with two at the same time so you're too overwhelmed to figure out a good strategy for them. At the very end I figured out a big fat blunt object right in their face takes them out in two or three hits. Or running over them with the car.

The vehicle sections were a bit better than in the first game. The first time I got out of the car and looked back at Alyx, she winked and patted her thigh. That skank-ass ho!
The ambush in the mountain village was hard as fuck! Fourty hunters and a trillion combine in that tiny-ass motel!

The combine advisors are weird. WTF is up with those. Sad to see that guy die. Magnusson is a prick, he should have died instead.
Can't wait to see how the story continues, especially with how Aperture Science fits in to the story. EP3 with portal gun? Z�mg!
Was nice to finally get out of City 17 and will probably be interesting to see what's going on up north by the Borealis.

Good game. Where the hell is Barney? 
Where the hell is Barney?

I can't believe I never thought of Barney!

EP2 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! 
Knytt Stories 
Wow, what a surprise. It's basically a cute Metroid.

I love the non-linearity; that said, the leveldesign could give you more hints which paths are 'just an easier alternative than backtracking' - i often found myself going through 15 or 20 screens just to find that it was such a shortcut and the item i need lay in the other direction. it would very much help if there was a map, and if you could teleport back to the save-points you visited.

other than that it's only minor nitpicks:
1) the partition in individual screens sometimes messes up your movement.
2) in the tutorial i couldn't figure out how to use the hologram for a few minutes, cause i tried setting the hologram anywhere where the red glowing thingie (explained as: "enemy can see you"?) was glowing. This powerup should have a larger range.
3) some monsters don't look like monsters, some background animals do
4) The ghosts that attack you werer weird - all the other ghosts just seem to ignore you. 
Review: Aces High Over Verlor Island

A very, very simple game with planes and shooting.

Controls suck, you accidently do tricks all the time. Sound is annoying. Graphics are simple, but kind of effective. Potential wasted. It's basically 2d and very slow - boring.

Review: Bear Go Home 
Oh, Btw 
In case anyone is wondering: all these games are from 
Review: Cluster Funked

Small game, where you place turrets in a 2d world to fight off red triangles. The idea is neat and the graphics are a good fit. Too bad the controls are laid out in a weird way and the player ship is a tad slow. Also, this seems like an alpha. Runs slow, too.

Review: Coaster Rider

Basically a (commercial?) uninspired Line Rider clone. It has obstacles, stars to collect, speed boosters in free mode. Oh, and a roller coaster instead of a sled.

Review: Cortex Command

Wow, this is weird.

Think Worms with bunker building in real-time. Has a great graphics style. Sadly, i couldn't figure out how to actually play the game once i built my base and bought robots and stuff... this is still in dev though.

?/10 cause i couldn't really figure out how to play it. 
I tried Cortex Command but it refused to start - 'the application or dll is not a valid windows image'.

I guess its because I'm on XP spanish, maybe, although it'll be the first time its caused a problem. It was with the latest build 18. I'll try it on XP english at work and send them an email, unless you know what caused this?

The error message I translated from Spanish, so it might be innaccurate. 
Review: The Last Stand

Neat flash game, where you have to defend your base from hordes of zombies. you can try to find weapons and or survivors. Loads of fun :)

no idea really, worked fine here :( 
It's Probably 
the language thing - it'd be something to be cleaned up for a release version, most likely. Wouldn't be suprised if it was looking for my programs / documents or something. Of course, I have mis documentos and archivo de programas.

Looks interesting though, I'll definately give it a look. Last stand sounds good as well. 
HL2 Riot Act 
Anyone seen this before? Any ideas as to what causes it?

It does this at the end of the loading screen. I am playing the game (trying to) with Steam off-line.

Ho hum... 
If I Remember Well, 
To keep Riot Act installer small, they did not include some sound files. These are compiled on engine first launch. I did it with Steam online and got no problem.

Very good mod! Comes close to Minerva, I'd say... 
HL2 Riot Act 
I tried Steam on-line with and without HL2 on-line, but no joy.

I can get it to work if I run it in a window. 
I Installed The Holiday Season Pack 
With Episode One, and I had to physically carry my computer into my fathers office (from my house, a street away), and plug it in to the internet just to get it to work. And then my dad came in and said 'what are you doing to my computer!!!'. So I explained how the bastards at Valve mad a game which you have to connect to the internet atleast once even if you dont want to play online.

Then I installed Roit Act (among other things) and it wouldnt let me play it for the same reason.

Thats whay I'll stick to my 360 for HL games, although I know I'm losing out on all the custom stuff!

Shame really, I should go and get broadband installed at my house!! 
Episode 2 
Very nice. Felt better and longer than Episode 1. I hope they expand on the (somewhat) nonlinear elements, namely the valley fight. The hint at the microwave casseroll incident made me laugh. Looking forward to Episode 3 and it would be cool if it included a return to the Black Mesa facilities..

Barney isn't there for obvious reasons: he died in the explosion of City 17 - that's what he got for being foolish enough to attempt rescuing survivers. Sorry czg :/ 

it would be cool if it included a return to the Black Mesa facilities..

Black Mesa was nuked by the warhead at the end of Opposing Force. Also: no, it wouldn't be cool. Stories should not run backwards.
Also: Ep3 is to be set in the Arctic, on the trail of the legendary Borealis and the Aperture Science tech on board.

Actually, this leads me to something I've been thinking about a lot since completing Ep2.

It seems clear to me that there is a 'seasonal' cycle being played out in the design of HL2.
Going by screenshots of the Ep2 trailers on its Wikipedia page, Ep2 received something of a chilly misty facelift after the first trailer was made. The pine forest setting was already there, but Valve deliberately made it more cold and....autumnal. And Ep3 is to take place above the Arctic circle in what one can only assume will be snowy terrain maps.

So lets run through this from the start...

Half-Life: Black Mesa, New Mexico desert. Hot. Bright. Sun-drenched. Summer

Half-Life 2 -> Ep1: Eastern Europe. In the City. While a variety of day/night times are used, sunsets are prominent and one of the developer commentaries even mentions an 'autumnal' coloring for the streets in Ep1. Summer gives way to Autumn

Ep2: Europe. Out of the City. Mist. Cold blues and greens positively saturate the Ep2 color palette. Autumn gives way to the ominous onset of Winter

Ep3: Almost immediately following the brutal death of a key character, our heroes must travel north, above the Arctic circle into cold. And probably dark. Winter

Half-Life 3 ???: The worst to befall humanity yet, the darkest hour etc. The final battle to permanently liberate Earth of the invaders.
Humanity travels out of the dark Winter into a new beginning...Spring

I maybe spend a tad much time thinking about flavour text and the like, but it's hard to deny the deliberate design choice of ambience in Ep2 and the likelihood of Ep3 taking place in an even colder, snowy environment as already seen in the Mossman communication.

And this is exactly the sort of mature design approach typical of Valve.

So I just want it on record that I called it :P 
Oh Yes 
Barney isn't there for obvious reasons: he died in the explosion of City 17

You are a bad, bad person and you are going to android hell.

There won't be any cake. 
You smoke beetles and it's going to piss down in HL3. 
since everyone's being positive, i feel i should mention this:

most of the cave levels blew. :( 
Playing Dark Messiah Now 
pretty cool, even though for some reason it looks very jaggy despite me having 8xSAA on.

Movement feels shit but once you get used to that, all the different combat possibilities are great. 
Chat Noir 
that is so cool. 
Chat Noir 
Heh, fun, it's strange it kinda feels like playing a very basic version of Go. 
I have a boardgame quite similar to that, just that it's on a rectangular grid and you can build towers. once two towers stand in a combination like the horse in chess, you can build a wall between them. Goal is to reach the other side of the board. 

Such cool design, doesn't need any instructions or words at any point... seems impossible for a while but then you I got the hang of it and it's very satisfying. 
since everyone's being positive, i feel i should mention this:

most of the cave levels blew. :(

I'm not entirely positive about Ep2. I agree with czg; while it isn't bad, I wasn't blown away by it the way I was by HL2 and Ep1.

What was it though about the cave levels that "blew"?

I thought the actual sculpting was superb, really the first cave map to actually be shaped exactly the way real caves are. I wondered if it had been made as a model in max or maya and then imported, until I played with commentary and discovered it was done with Hammer's 'displacements'. I've heard of this before, but I have no idea how it works.

I also thought the custom shader written specifically to render the look of a flashlight casting long shadows off every little protrusion on the surface was the first use of bump mapping I've seen that added something useful to the experience.

The colors otoh I was less impressed with. The same green and blue the Valve team apparently decided to make the signature palette of Ep2. Kinda bleh, and gray/brown would have been fine

The Larval Essence was also a disappointment. As an item significant for being both:
1) the key to saving Alyx's life
2) the goal of a sizeable chunk of stylised mapping in the episode
it should have had a unique model, placed in the center of a spiral-like cavern path.
Instead, I wanted to ask the Vort why we couldn't have just got some from the identical honeycombs I'd been fighting my way past for the last quarter of a mile.

But I still found the caves a cool place to be, and the combat fortunately wasn't tediously hard, unlike when you are later bludgeoned with the Hunters.

So what blew? 
My parents had a box of old board games from the 60s and 70s. One of them was twixt. Another one was that version of mastermind with the james-bond-themed cover:

Here was the twixt cover:

And of course everyone seemed to have yahtzee back then. 
I Have 
that mastermind as a travel-version right here, I'm holding it in my hand as I type. Parents have the normal bigger version at home.
Game of the year! 
that version of mastermind with the james-bond-themed cover

Oh dear god >_<

Yes, when you look at this distinguished man sitting at the table, you can now know that his lap is secretly spoiled with cat pee.

The world is now a very slightly, but permanently, better place ^_^ 
I used to have that version of mastermind too! I remember thinking even back then it was a slightly odd cover, and the guy didn't look like a mastermind of anything much, and the girl didn't look much like a bond girl. 
sorry, i should have explained what i meant in the original post.

it's not so much that it blew in the sense that i thought it was not well done. it's just that that set of levels is incredibly visually boring. the part where you have to basically run from one hidey hole to the next before the antlion guard kicks your ass bugged me. 1 because i don't really enjoy gameplay like that when i can't really fight back and 2 because the tunnels all look so damn similar, i was never really sure where to go.

the last part, where you see the antlion standing across a chasm, and then you have to make the longest run to the next hidey hole than any of the other runs, for example.
i didn't actually know where to go, and the first time i took the correct path to go the long way, i thought i had taken a wrong turn (because of the incredible distance vs the other times) and so when the antlion headbutted me, i didn't bother trying to actually get into the hole and just reloaded, instead trying to go the other way which leads back to the beginning.
it took me like 4 reloads before i realised which way to go and it was really annoying.

also: regarding the honeycomb model, i noticed that too! hehe

i think another reason i didn't really like it was because i was really looking forward to seeing more of the city/town stuff and almost from the start you're plunged into (what i found to be) really boring caves.

i would have loved to see more of the topside mine entrance area. instead, i had to run through really quickly because antlions were making eyes at me.
also, the area right after alyx is healed where you fight in the huge canyon, as well as the spot before you heal alyx where you take that long elevator up and watch the vort take on a horde of guys for a little bit.

otoh, i really liked hunter combat! i liked how they were introduced early on at the mine entrance, and then the first combat at the communication building at the top of the hill. really fun and fast paced fighting = win, for me. :)
i also thought the fight in the hotel when the combine traps you was awesome. what with all the dudes outside shooting in, and the hunters breaking through the walls, it was hectic and awesome.

i have yet to replay with commentary on, mainly because i don't really feel like it. maybe when i hear some of the rationale for the choices they made i'll like it more, but i don't think it should be necessary to listen to dev commentary to like a game.

sorry for the disorganization of my thoughts, btw. >_< 
Heh, I have the same version too. Never put the cover in relation to a James Bond theme (though it actually fits well). Never liked the game much either. 
HL2 Riot Act 
Just finished it. Liked it. 
Le Fuckign Chat Noir. 
I never tried a web flash game before. It's pretty addictive.

I've done it a few times and am very slowly picking up some vague ideas how to do it. But I still feel I'm not grasping the game mechanics, more just floundering around and occasionally glimpsing what to do... 
Up To The Orc Temple 
in dark messiah, holy shit is some of the mapping good. Even that gimmick level where you chase the ghoul is excellent. 
Crysis Demo 
First thoughts anyone? 
i shall have to try that one out, thanks for reminding me :)

has anyone played the hellgate demo? i wasn't really impressed by it, any other opinions? it might be one of those games that gets better near the middle and end. 
Crysis Was interesting, it's really pretty similar to Farcry, except you have the suit powers, which makes it a bit more interesting, as you can approach situations differently. I played it on low, so I can't really say it's gorgeous, but even on low it's looks ok-ish. Looking forward to playing the full game with a new 3D card later on...

Hellgate london demo was pretty trash, but being so weak when it comes to these type of games, I still feel tempted to try it some more... =\ 
Yeah I tried the demo for a bit, and it made so little sense and ran so poorly I just uninstalled it right away. Maybe I'll give it a fairer try if it gets awesome reviews, but even though the visuals looked fairly good, the gameplay didn't feel like anything so interesting. 
That's A Shame 
I thought Jericho would have been one of the suprise good games this year, like Undying was.

Spose I'll wait for a metacritic compiled review
just finished the demo. feels exactly like farcry. sadly, the part after the demo looks cooler than the demo itself. :\

still, the suit powers are cool, but i think they need some balancing or something.

cloak would be a lot cooler if it lasted for more time. i don't think that would be overpowering or anything, since without it, those koreans have much sharper eyes than anyone in farcry did.

speed is probably one of the more useful ones in almost any situation. you could fall back on armor, but i found the improved maneuverability of speed to be more useful than being able to take more hits.

strength... i dunno, i mean, it's effective because i can one-shot npcs with my fists/gunbutt, but i don't really see it as all that useful since melee range is not something you're in most of the time. i suppose you could sprint up with spd and switch to str and pummel someone, but sprinting uses up a lot of energy, so you'd probably only get a single punch anyway. not something you can use for a group of dudes.

once i got the shotgun, i pretty much just stayed on speed mode and ran around blasting everyone. now THIS is how a shotgun should be like. pretty much guaranteed kill at medium to close range which is awesome and very satisfying. add to that, npcs fly backward and into the air just a bit (ok, not totally real, but cool) and it's my favourite weapon in the demo. ^_^

i liked how the binocs worked in farcry but i know it's not the same game. it's just that it's even harder to see these jokers in the bushes now, and the binocs don't identify npcs as well as the farcry version did. also, you have to actually 'mark' hostiles before they show up on the minimap/radar so it kind of goes against the whole idea. maybe i'm just a wuss though. :P 
i did like the way you can pull up the menu to select the suit powers although i would have liked the option to map individual powers to a single key.

the menu for weapon mods is awesome though. i like the ability to change anything on the gun at a moment's notice and the use of the mouse interface means you can't just do it in the middle of combat. it's a good way of making it non-instant without artificially slowing it down (long change animations). 
CB Jericho 
I use to spend thrilling nights playing Undying. I've always been a big fan of this game for its scare factor and powerful ambiance. So I had big expectations about Jericho. After the demo, my feelings were so-so but anyway I decided to give the full game a chance.

Currently after a whole night of playing through some levels, things come to mind such as: Damn, this game is nothing more than a rehash of D3 (all, I mean ALL levels, even outdoors are sooo dark you have to use the flashlight...) and UT (the look of the characters...). But imo the worse is it doesn't scare at all! Gore and supranatural elements are there but the fact you can't escape from switching between characters all through the game removes yourself from any possible single player immersion. In the end, you don't feel concerned at all for what happens to the crew. This kind of forced schizoid way to progress dissolves it all.

On the design, everything is so mushy-blurry in the background, kinda these Quake 4 outdoors ugly flatty backgrounds, but worse...
Gameplay is heavily scripted, with savepoints, Quick Time events and all that shit.

I'll play some more levels to face a boss, in a desperate search of scary moments of some sort, but I'm already very near to give up.

Gimme back the twisted Covenant family and the howlers. Back when I was playing Undying I had nightmares filled of these monsters. Jericho is definately not this type of game, alas. 
Hellgate: London Demo 
I enjoyed the demo. Graphically, it's pretty underwhelming overall (surprisingly so - I honestly was expecting it to be a bit nicer than that, even though many of the screenshots I've seen looked decidedly average).

Of course, that doesn't really matter too much, as long as the gameplay is solid. This is the new Diablo. Kill 'em and take their stuff. If I hadn't already decided to buy the game, the demo would have been enough to convince me - I played it through 3 times, even though the limited areas and quests in the demo weren't terribly exciting - I just wanted to play more.

What really impressed me about the demo was how comfortable and natural it felt to play. Do you find yourself struggling to understand how to do things, or arseing about with clunky controls/methods in most "modern" (aka shit) games like Oblivion? I know I do. In contrast to that, playing Hellgate for the first time felt more like playing a familiar old game, with intuitive controls and actions. Also, quite notably, the game handles the transition from first person to third person seamlessly and naturally, and it feels equally comfortable to play in either mode.

This is a game you're either going to enjoy and play for a long time, or skip entirely. If you played Diablo II to death and often lament the fact that nobody has even come out with a respectable clone in the 8 or so years since the release of that game*, then you probably need this. If not, look elsewhere.

* close-but-no-cigar award goes to Titan Quest. They tried, but they obviously missed the point - or at least they couldn't quite nail the fun factor and addictive nature of the Diablo II gameplay. 
Shit me there's quite a few around at the moment isn't there.

Very useful comments on this thread. Jericho had caught my eye (not least because of how class Undying was). Hellgate too, I've been following.

Guess I need to download some demos. And start playing again... 
Actually, I kinda disagree, it was easy enough to play yeah, I mean, it's hack&slash, so that's normal, but the user interface didn't feel half as good as what I was hoping for. Really, it's barely better than Diablo2's UI, and Titan Quest still kicks the shit out of it any day. It just felt so wrong not having any indication of your damage per second, damage per hit, and hit rate, and sometimes it felt really clunky having to unequip items to put them in the nano constructor thing, etc...

But unfortunatly I'm quite afraid I'm still one of your kind, and will end up buying it cause I require to kill monsters and pick up their loot... =(

On a side note, I thought Titan Quest was Diablo2 made perfect, and the visuals were really perfect in my opinion. 
Dark Messiah 
so yeah its pretty cool overall, I much preferred the levels with outdoor areas in it though or at least some huge inside areas because they were very impressive.

Game on the whole is pretty good, although the RPG element is very half baked. I mean half the time I didnt even know how much armor I had or how much damage I could do so all those different weapons etc didnt really do a whole ot. Basically, like Rune, pick the biggest weapon or one that has the most requirements and off you go.

Movement was also shitty, but the combat options were quite nice and varied. I also liked the non-linarity present in parts, although wish more levels had it.

so yeah, another worthwhile addition to the fantasy genre. 
Frib And Bal 
I really need to get both Titan Quest and Hellgate, I'm just like you people, I can't escape the Diablo II urge to kill monsters for loot. So damn satisfying. 
I Was Playing Halo3 Last Night 
I would just like to say that that is one hell of a game. I was near the end (I think) at the part where you are fighting the flood in a massive catacombe style level, and it is one of the best environments to have ever graced a computer game of any kind!! 
Judging from the demo it feels like an okay game, but nothing more. Seems like standard (Farcry) gameplay for the most part. The suit powers are quite interesting though. Graphics (I only played on medium detail) look ok but definitely not outstanding. Actually, it reminded me of Gothic3 - potentially great, but way too bright, too much gloss, and meh.
I don't think I'm going to get the game in the nearer future. 
so apparently gears of war is being released on the PC in a week or so.

i only found out yesterday browsing through gamespot.

i've seen screenshots of the xbox version and it looks great. since i never play console games, it was a pleasant surprise. :) 
Crysis Demo: Looks laavely, although the AI is rubbish by today's standards. Check out the editor - it's very nice, especially with its graphical state-machine-like interface to the triggering system.

Halo3 - as a vehicle-based open battle game it's brilliant. As an indoor FPS it's very mediocre. I didn't try the multiplayer.

at the part where you are fighting the flood in a massive catacombe style level, and it is one of the best environments to have ever graced a computer game of any kind!!

I hope you don't mean that fleshy pink cave network near the end, because I thought that was about the worst level design in the game :p 
Yeah, That's The Bit I Meant! 
I got lost in there. Me and my friend were playing on split-screen co-op. We blasted our way through so far, and then we seemed to be running around in circles, unable to progress any further. But eventually, thinking outside of the box a bit we realised the only way of getting out was to climb upwards, by doing a bit of jumping and traversing. Genius! Probably the most interesting part of the game! Plus I wouldnt fancy trying to do a Quake re-make of that level. Halo3 weapons are just like other Halo series weapons. One of the guns used by the aliens is a sorty of long-range artillery style one-shot thingy, which I though was rubbish cause of the re-load times on it. But in that cave it was very usefull for picking those fucking spider things off of the walls.

I dont think Halo3 has moved on much from Halo2 as far as gameplay goes, but the graphics and level design are better. The gameplay and co-op modes are (always have been) very good fun!

On another Point

*||New Soldier of Fortune!!!||* :)

Really looking forwards to this! I love Gore in video games. Doom3 was a dissappointment (for me, anyway) in this department. S.O.F. 1 was the only game to have really got it right!

I just hope the new game has good gameplay. I watched some videos on IGN, and it looked OK but the player needed to be moving a bit faster. But REAL LOCALISED DAMAGE!!! Hehehe!!! 
Is fighting the flood still a mindblowing tedious chore as it was the first time?

I automatically hate anything solder of fortune since paying SOF license money is utterly depressing. 
I'll take the silly gibs in TF2 over any kind of sick SOF type gore any day thankyouverymuch. 
Gears Of War... 
I never played the console version but I am looking forward to playing it on the PC. It is the only game in recent history that reminds me of Quake -- dark atmosphere, monotone textures, marines vs. monsters -- and that includes the later Quakes and Doom 3 ;) 
Gears Of War Sucked 
I hate you all. I hate the world. I hate you. 
Gears Of War 
I thought it was good. The combat system is pretty original. The graphics were sweet, some good level design. It was a bit short though. Plus the cut-scenes were dumb. Also over here the christmas commercial for Gears of War had that bloody depressing Tears for Fears cover on it. I didnt get that at all!! Also, if any of you guys thought 'The Sickbase' was too hard, there are some very hard bits in Gears. (I admit the Sickbase was too hard, badly balanced gameplay BTW:(

Luckily loading times are quite short (on a 360) 
Yeah. It Started A Trend 
Gears of War had that bloody depressing Tears for Fears cover on it.

The HaloIII commercial had a freeze flash battle scene with Chopin's Raindrop Prelude playing in the foreground (sounded like it was coming from behind me on my surround sound television setup, gave a real tingly feeling up my headshaft). Kind of an interesting approach, but I need some hurtful (heh, see what I did there) metal for my FPS carnage. 
You invented yet another metal subgenre, adding to thousands. 
He He, Maybe 
New Painkiller 
only done 3 levels so far.

it's fun, but more of the same. i really am starting to hate the way they keep locking you in and spawning in monsters. there's very little variety for the horde combat this time, and the second level is very cramped and not very fun.

also, visually, i find the levels not as interesting as the original.

i'm hoping there will be some hidden jewels later on for maps though. like the mine shaft from the exp or like the island with the cathedral in the original.

to me, painkiller has always been about generally fun gameplay taking place inside amazingly beautiful maps. this new exp started out as a fan project, and i think they somehow forgot about that. at least so far. :x 
I liked the original as well, but the first expansion got lost somewhere, most of the guys here turn out better design consistently.

Forcing the player to rely on trick maneuvers like bunny hopping is a criminal, newbie mistake.

Sounds like this new expansion is repeating old errors - a shame. 
Somebody tried it? The time-suit generates great variations (slowmo, stop and reverse) on a known gameplay... At first, you have to get used to the kinda clumsy aliased visuals but once you're in, the well made lighting and design and colorful, quite cartoony textures add some olkskool fun to the experience. AI is correct, weapons are powerful. I'm not ashamed to say I really LIKE this game!

If you had fun with F.E.A.R. or HL2 (urban levels) and Painkiller type weapon effects, just grab the 1Gig demo (one full SP level) and see for yourself...

Settings and menus are plain and efficient. In the 'video' section, I found 'hardware quality' settings on 'good' might really boost fps without ruining the visuals too much. DoF might be turned off with no regrets too. And hey! There's a built-in FoV cursor in the 'game' settings!

Unlike Crysis or Jericho, this game runs fast and smooth in 1920x1200 here. Pent D 3.2 - XP SP2 DX9c - SLI GeForce 7900GTX (Forceware 169.04 beta required, but working well) 
Cheers For That. 
Not convinced yet but will check it out.

I need more demos and stuff to try. Someone give me some links. 
Tall Stump 
Have any of you guys seen any space flying games where they focus on capital ship combat?

So far, the only one i know of is star trek: bridge commander. from what i can recall of playing it, it was pretty cool and was a lot more than you'd think.

the ship's weapons would basically work like capacitors, and there were a few all around the ship. when you fire at the enemy ship, which ever phaser was pointed at him would be the one to fire and it would deplete the energy in it which would slowly recharge.

the idea is to fly around the other dude while rotating your ship such that phasers that have a full charge are pointed towards him.

i think it was a good idea and a lot of fun, but i guess it didn't do very well because i never hear about it.

i was just wondering what you guys thought of a game that tries to do this type of thing. it doesn't have to be star trek or anything, of course. just something where you are maneuvering to get the upper hand while keeping track of which parts of your ship you want to expose to enemy fire and what not.

any opinions on that? 
Oh And 
if i'm wrong and there are other games like that out there, can you suggest any? :) 
Space Control - Theory And Practice 
That sounds a lot like the starship combat chapter of the Aliens Technical Manual I've mentioned already. There are no SW type starfighters, instead a picture of Hunt For Red October type manoeuvre and counter-manoeuvre is painted, a game of outsmarting in silence.

The chapter is written as a fictional lecture "Excerpted from the STARTAC '76 introductory seminar to the USCM staff college by Colonel James Mortimer, USASF."

The closing paragraphs read:

"Good captains should have an assassin mentality - prepared to sneak up on an enemy and stab him in the back before he can react. Almost 90 percent of space battles are settled this way - without even an exchange of fire. The key phrase here is 'emission control'. A starship captain can't always use his radar and lidar, broadcasting electromagnetic emissions which are gonna light him up like a beacon for everyone to see. The good captains, the ones that survive at least one battle, stay invisible. They control their infrared and EM emissions to become an invisible 'blackbody' in space; they limit their relative motion against the starfield so as to prevent visual detection; they plan their attack pass to fall on the enemy from a sensor blind spot such as a system's star; and they disguise the flare of their ASAT launches. When they light up their radars, it'll be to obtain a firing solution for their weapons, and by that time it'll hopefully be too late for their enemy.

Stealth is everything, and in a battle in which both sides are attempting to find each other in a vast, vast sky, the winner will be the smartest, most alert and best trained.

This is the essence, the Zen of space combat..." 
I'd probably love a game like that, and would probably suck at it too :P

There's something attractive about the challenge of wielding an entire starship like an assassin's blade. It would certainly be a change from conventional space games.

You looking for project ideas..? 
Nice game, I like stuff that remakes oldschool concepts without needing to over complicate it.

And being able to wear a paper hat is pimp. 
I'm always expecting seizure man. 
Seizure man? This is close. It's a terrible game, but the story nearly makes up for it.

You don't have to play, so don't blame me afterwards if you do ;) 
Sort Of... 
just doing a bit of research.

the thing is that i'd love a game like that, but i don't think it would be possible to make it so that it would appeal to a broad audience. :\

i've played one of those sub games (silent hunter #) and they are incredibly slow paced.

it would be nice to strike a balance between that and something like x-wing or freespace... i thought st:bridge commander did it fairly well, but the emphasis on movement is a little too much for me. i think that's just because it's the startrek universe that's like that.

if you think about it, real engagements between space ships would be on the order of hundreds or thousands of kilometers. add to that inertia and the lack of gravity... engagement ranges could be incredibly long and down to how accurate your targetting system was.

i dunno, there's a lot to think about. :S 
i totally agree about the role stealth would play in any kind of space engagement. it's much more akin to submarine combat than traditional naval battles.

crawling around waiting for some whisper of the enemy and then blowing the shit out of him before he even knows it.

on the other hand, you can't always rely on lying doggo to catch the other guy, sometimes you gotta light up your drives and let the other bastard see you... 
Stuff Would Take A Lot Of Time 
the speeds would be huge and targets tiny.

You could shoot (well, accelerate with multi-stage missiles) lead balls from the other side of a planet on an elliptical trajectory opposite to your opponent's trajectory (it's called retrograde) and they would hit him thus at double orbital speed relative.

In low Earth orbit that would mean 16 km/s.

(Normal weapons on earth have less than 1 km/s muzzle velocities.)

You could detect those projectiles by radar though. Radar echo weakens by the fourth power of distance, and even small balls hitting at 16 km/s do a lot of damage...

You could also shoot from multiple directions by varying the inclination and eccentricity of the orbit.

You'd have to know where your enemy is very very precisely.

I've been toying an idea of such a game where gravity plays a big role. I was such a fan of Star Control and wondered what it could do in 3D and with slightly more realism added to the dynamics. (Like no speed limit, that was completely unphysical.)

Could still be arcadey. The targets would have to be unrealistically big though so that humans could judge the targeting without calculations. 
I'd imagine it would be kinda hard to make a realistic game like this, as I'm guessing in space warfare, computers would really be doing most of the fighting anyways, everything would be going too fast, and the calculations too complex for humans to really take part in any way (other than in designing better, faster computers/AIs before the actual fighting). 
You Would In The Least 
have to have computer helpers, ie dynamically updated trajectory maps. So you could move your mouse and these curves would move, bending with the gravity field and depending on the direction of your thrust... and the enemy location and speed would also generate a curve for the enemy future location. They could be ticked for certain time intervals. 
that sounds very interesting /me takes notes 
Call Of Duty 4 
Got it Monday, completed it Monday night!

Very short single player mode, I would say around 5-6 hours on normal difficulty, but damn is it fun!

It follows the same formula as call of duty 2 really, if you loved that then this is more of the same but in a modern setting. The developers have been watching way to much "Aliens" and "Black Hawk Down". Some of the missions are lifted straight from that movie now that I think about it.

The game does feature some of the most awesome scenes though, from attacking a freight ship on a stormy night through to escaping a nuclear explosion in a helicopter, its just breath-taking.

One final thing I must mention, there is a Chernobyl level where you play as a sniper, this single level PWNZ Stalker in so many ways, it almost makes me sad that GSC Gameworld are going to play this map and be so pissed! :)

Also, you can shoot dogs.

The end. 
The Witcher 
Anyone has tried this game already? 
The Witcher 
From what I've seen so far, the Witcher is a very nice "interactive movie"... apart from, perhaps, the interactive bits. :D

To be fair I've only played for about 5-10 minutes. I actually clocked in 1-2 hours overall, but actual playtime was less than 10 minutes. The rest of the time I was watching cutscenes and loading bars.

I trust the game will open up a bit more soon, once the initial story setup has been done, allowing me to play a bit more and get a more informed opinion on the gameplay. So far though, the fun factor has been hampered by crappy camera controls and a fairly annoying combat system, so I can't say I've truly enjoyed my play time thus far.

The camera has a few different modes and can be adjusted automatically or manually... I preferred the manual setup, but instead of allowing full control and playing nice, the camera jumped around a lot in a really shitty and distracting way. It seems like they've tried to allow for both a point-and-click style movement/auto camera model, while also allowing the option for WASD control for movement with a manual camera. So rather than being perfect for one of those styles, it ends up being pretty average for both.

The combat so far is a bit... meh. Rather than simple button mashing or auto-attacks, The Witcher lies somewhere in between - clicking on a bad guy will initiate an attack sequence, and you're required to press the mouse button at the appropriate times to perform extra attacks (bad timing will fuck up the sequence and you'll have to start again). It works well enough, but I'm not sure if I really like it or not yet. You can also change stances and cast spells, though I don't have many options yet (for spells at least) so it's hard to say whether those additional skills will make it interesting enough or not.

Ultimately if the game overall is good enough, I can see myself putting up with the less-than-ideal camera and combat... but only if the rest of the game is above average. So far it looks pretty good - the story is interesting enough, art is nice, voice acting is pretty good, etc, no complaints really, other than the aforementioned camera and combat issues. 
JohnXmas wrote:

Somebody tried it? The time-suit generates great variations (slowmo, stop and reverse) on a known gameplay... At first, you have to get used to the kinda clumsy aliased visuals but once you're in, the well made lighting and design and colorful, quite cartoony textures add some olkskool fun to the experience. AI is correct, weapons are powerful. I'm not ashamed to say I really LIKE this game!

If you had fun with F.E.A.R. or HL2 (urban levels) and Painkiller type weapon effects, just grab the 1Gig demo (one full SP level) and see for yourself...

Settings and menus are plain and efficient. In the 'video' section, I found 'hardware quality' settings on 'good' might really boost fps without ruining the visuals too much. DoF might be turned off with no regrets too. And hey! There's a built-in FoV cursor in the 'game' settings!

Unlike Crysis or Jericho, this game runs fast and smooth in 1920x1200 here. Pent D 3.2 - XP SP2 DX9c - SLI GeForce 7900GTX (Forceware 169.04 beta required, but working well)

I tend to agree. Whilst it basically 100% IS Half-Life 2 + bullet time, it is still pretty fun. The FPS basics are all present and correct and done well, and there are a few things I like:

Timeshift is easy and useful and fun (although will probably get old?)
Weapons are powerful and feel good - death animations and blood are rewarding.
Destructable enviroments are a nice touch (although the enviroments and currently visuals are pretty cluttered).

Overall it seems to do the job, albeit a derivative one. I could be tempted. 
So Games. 
There seems to be a few shooters and stuff recently.

Am I right that I should be buying / playing:

Gears Of War
and Timeshift since I like the demo

Any others??

I am so behind with gaming it's ridiculous. Have still got to start Dark Messiah, Vampire and Thief 3, and make progress on Guild Wars and Gothic 3....hmph. Still it's always good to have straight up shooters to play, right?? 
You should buy the Orange Box and have some Team Fortress 2 with us online!

/me votes TF2 best game of 2007.

Anyways yeah, so many games coming out these days! Have to play Gears of War and Crysis, but will probably get a 8800gt first to play them in proper quality.
And have to get Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 on Wii! And if I had a 360 I'd be playing assassin's creed. =\

Oh and been wasting time on Hellgate a bit, Frib, what do you think of the full game? 
Asassin'cs Creed 
checked it out for a bit at the local shop, that looks like a great game. Although I wonder if the missions would get repetitive? WIth good level design they shouldnt. Either way, it looks cool. anyone know if its coming out on pc ? 
Yeah, apparently early 2008. 
Raisins' Creed 
I heard it gets a bit repetitive yeah. So far I've done only one assassination though, and I'm really enjoying every aspect of it. I take my time to explore and shit and just chill out on the rooftops. So far very little action for me, which I love, because I hate action.
It's a brilliant groping sim. 
HL2 Ep2 
Okay, this will sound dumb but can someone inform me here.

I played HL2 a while back, it was cool. I played HL2 Ep1 a while back too, it was also cool.

Ep2 is the one just out, that's been delayed for ages??

Now, what purchase options does this come with?? I presume you at least have to buy it with TF2 and Portal included (which is fine by me). Can you just buy it like that, or do you have to buy this Orange Box bollox with HL2 and Ep1 as well?? 
As far as I know you have to buy it all!

Still - Its OK for me - I now have 360 versions of all of them, I preveiosly had HL2 on xbox1, [HL, HL2, HL2 ep1 - PC] and now [HL2, HL2 ep1, HL2 ep2, Portal and TF2 - 360]

Oh well...

360 versions all look better... 
There will be stand-alone versions of them all, I'm sure, but I'm not sure how eventual that will be.

There was talk of "The Black Box" version for a while (that contained the three new games without the earlier content) but I seem to remember reading that it was shitcanned entirely. 
You can buy HL2 ep2 alone if you want on steam, it costs $30 though I think, so it's really not worth it considering the Orange Box is $50, and ep2, portal + tf2 are worth $80 total, and all 3 games are great. Just think of it as HL2 and ep1 being free bonuses you can give away as gifts to someone else. =)

I kinda wonder how much they were planning on selling the black box, cause the orange one is already really cheap. 
Orange box is insanely good value for money, even if you already own HL2 and EP1.

Hell its worth the entry fee for TF2 alone, and with the amount of custom maps that are no doubt gonna be released for Portal it will have a huge lifespan if you enjoy the 1st person puzzle gameplay.

I would seriously pick it up Shambler... 
Under The Radar 
Soldier Of Fortune: Payback

Built on engine used for Chaser.
No demo released. 
SoF Payback... 
The 2 first games were fairly average, and the gratuitous violence completely puts me off now. 
i hate marketing like that. let's all not buy the game. 
Ordered the game yesterday, playing it today. Just what I felt like.

For anyone who was worried it might wildly deviate from it's HL2 + bullet time shooter on rails theme, don't fret...

It's fun though, and the slow mo deaths are great - shooting some dude jumping off a platform in slow-time and blowing him back onto the platform, very nice.

Does what it says on the tin, though that's a pretty small label. 
Kawaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii Kitteeeeeeeens! 
That looks pretty nice - the soundtrack is pretty manic / insane though. 
GTA Vice City 
Yeehaw, finally finished this sucker (years after everyone else)! And what great fun it was. Some missions were super hard because of the "bad" movement and control (laggy compared to Quake, but one gets used of it). I love the car feeling, greatest fun driving I have yet encountered in any game. I wish there was a patch to give a higher distance "cut-off" of the buildings and especially the entities. It's pretty weird to turn your back and make cars behind you disappear.

All the npcs are pretty cool characters. NPC AI sucks big time, I had to restart missions so often because of it.

The open ending is kinda nice, I have 50% completion (played 13 hours apparently, but this probably does not count reloads, duh) and will have fun exploring the city. Can't wait to try a race in the stadium. Also I need to get 6 stars. :>

But what a disappointing ending sequence. No, dear development team, you are NOT cool or famous or whatever enough to justify a 10 minute movie-style name text-wall with gay music and still pictures of the city which is not interruptable by the player. Nice wanking there...

Well, San Andreas is waiting for me. And its shiny manual & map already gave me the impression it will rock even more (seriously, what a great manual book!) :) 
There is a fun GTA Vice City multiplayer mod. Easy to install and great fun to play even with only 2 people (played with a friend last weekend). It's basically exploration, hunting down the other player, pursuit, racing, whatever you want it to be. 
I'd sure like to give it try. Maybe even with a few more players (#tf?). 
This indy game has been in the works for quite a while, it's finally been released, and there's a demo, might be worth checking out. It's a 2D underwater exploration/action game, looks fairly pretty, and the basic gameplay seems nice and smooth. 
Not Found? 
Ah yeah... seems their whole site went down cause of too much traffic I guess, they had quite a bit of publicity going. =\ 
Oblivion Expansion: Shivering Isles 
Shivering Isles is to me final, definitive proof that Bethesda's designers and scriptwriters are largely unimaginitive and witless nerds, who just happen to be fortunate enough to be working on a vastly ambitious and successful game series. It really doesn't add up.

To set the expansion in the Realm of Madness was a brilliant move; if anything, Oblivion's dodgy-as-fuck NPC AI could be largely excused under the pretense that, now officially at least, everyone is meant to be badger-boilingly batshit.

Whilst it's true that everyone in the main Oblivion game still comes across - completely unintentionally - as barmier than a bag of carrots, unfortunately transitioning into the Realm of Madness doesn't amount to much more than the NPCs adopting a slightly eccentric theme to their conversation topics. Let's see, you've got that Orc who's a bit camp and calls you "Sweetie", then there's that one who talks in made-up words (but not that far-out so you can still kind of follow the conversation), Oh yeah then there's that lizard guy who steals forks...

To make the quests in the expansion so bloody mundane (the majority are basically just your standard dungeon-crawling fetch quests), and the NPCs such banal, one-dimensional, and childish caricatures of what are supposed to be "mad people", is a huge missed opportunity. The voice acting is just as painful as it ever was in Oblivion, but coupled with the turgid, humourless "crazy talk" of the expansion, meant that it was a race every time to skim read through the text dialogue and exit the fuck out of the conversation menu before I popped a blood vessel from cringeing too hard.

When all's said and done though, like Oblivion, I'm still playing the bollocks out of it and I can't see that changing anytime soon. 
I Actually Uninstalled It 
...right after I finished the main questline. I kinda hated it, which is saying something, because I've been a Bethsoft fanboy since Elder Scrolls 1.

It kind of felt like the crew from Monty Python just came in and jerked off all over the game. And not in a particularly hot or even caring way. They were all drunk, and just didn't give a shit.

Oblivion certainly has it's flaws, but this expansion was being oh-so-witty in a "hey, wow, look at this! We're really wacky!" way that was seriously annoying to me.

If you want something good, check out the Lost Spires mod. It adds an archeologist's guild, and an extended questline and really does kick ass (at least so far...I think I'm about halfway through it). 
Oblivion Sucks! 
No U 
OK It Doesnt Suck 
Its just my opinion man!!! 
Oh Okay. 
Internet crisis averted.
That was close though. 
King Kong 
playing this at the moment, very very nice. 
Re: Oblivion 
Thing is, Oblivion is still one of my favourite games of all time, for what it does brilliantly - the way it immerses you in a massive open world. The problem is that because it tries to do so much, so many aspects of it suffer from mediocrity.

Of course there are some areas where you really have no excuse to be shit - the NPC character modelling and animation is fairly piss-poor and you shouldn't really be able to get away with that these days. You've gotta love the way they rigged male and female alike with the exact same set of movement anims - having all the men mincing along, wiggling their hips is something I don't think I'll ever be able to "not see".

Likewise the not-particularly-well-conceived structure of skills and abilities ends up collapsing in on itself when you're given a million ways of breaking the game through "fortify" magic abuse - there isn't really any such thing as balance in this game and to be honest I don't think there could be with the ropey way they've handled the character's levelling.

But yeah, still one of my all-time favourites. 
I agree with everything you've said Kinn, still can't wait for another game like it... Gothic 3 was a bit similar, the locations were more varied and nice though, but it was pretty much unfinished. Maybe now with all the community patches it's had it's better.

Back to oblivion, I think the leveling system, although flawed, was still an interesting concept, and could maybe work nicely if implemented better. 
Likewise the not-particularly-well-conceived structure of skills and abilities ends up collapsing in on itself...there isn't really any such thing as balance in this game

That's all very well put. Oblivion is one of those games where you'll get to a certain point, in both familiarity with the game and character development, and you have to make a decision: "Do I want to play the game "as intended" or do I want to bust it all to hell and become completely unstoppable?" (And, hell, that applies to Morrowind, and I believe Daggerfall and Arena too, from what I remember.)(I'm old.)

In a way, those exploits can give the games even more mileage, and offer a lot of sandbox play after you've made your way through it in a more normal manner. Or perhaps I'm just a bit too much of a Bethsoft fanboy. 
Yeah, I'm pretty weak, I stopped playing Oblivion the day my gear gave me full 100% damage reflection, I could have just changed gear, but whatever. I rushed through the main story quests and stopped playing. That was after more than 100 hours of play time though.

Gahd I hope the new Fallout is good. 
Finished King Kong 
that was great, the whole thing just clicked and was well made, entertaining and varied enough in gameplay and graphics throughout the whole game.

The bits where you play kong are enormous fun, they got the controls right, the camera right and made it not too difficult so that you can just enjoy those parts rather than worrying about how to jump to the next ledge. 
That doesn't make you that old, I'm 23 and I played Arena more than any of the other games in the series. I probably made the least progress in the game narrative in that too.

Arena is amazing though, I don't think any of the other games give you the same feeling of unsafety when you're in a dungeon somewhere miles from a town, and the feeling of when you finally get back to town but it's night so there are monsters roaming the streets which always sneak up on you, so you have to find an Inn which is open to spend the night.

I don't want to ramble on, but the more I think about it, i think I'm in love with the safe/unsafe game dynamic... trying to find protection and safety is such a good motivating factor. In fact, I've had a load of ideas for a game that would build off that, maybe one day I'll actually work on putting something together. 
Having played Arena doesn't make me that old, true, but I feel that way sometimes. :)

I hear what you're saying about the safety thing. I think of it more as built-in user-friendliness. Game designers used to get away with being serious assholes, and gamers enjoyed it, in a somewhat masochistic way. Many games these days are more immediately user-friendly and don't have as steep of a learning curve. I blame consoles and a larger, more mainstream audience.

Get off my lawn. 
It's the types of games as well, you can't just assume everyone will be able to navigate a 3d world, but a 2D is another (simpler) matter.

Also there's a shitload more money in the industry now, so the higher ups want as broad a selling base as possible - that's why most games are rated M; which really means T. 
[can't assume ] everyone will be able to navigate a 3d world

i loled at that 
Heh, Ok 
a virtual 3d world, and that's the marketing / QA / shitheads at the top view 
Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault 
starts out fairly sucky, and the attempts at story are even suckier but the main part of the game, fighting through the jungle levels, is pretty good.

Levels and missions in that part still do get a bit repetitive, but overall the gameplay in the jungle bit is very entertaining and noticeably different from your usual WW2 shooter. Dont know what exactly is different in this part, but it feels really good.

All of that is nearly undone in one very horrible flying level towards the end that is terrible in every aspect and is also extremely long to prolong the agony. What were they thinking?? 
Recent Purchases / Mini-reviews 
<quote>The Orange Box</quote>

All 3 games are fantastic, team fortress 2 is my favourite of the whole bunch and will keep me playing for a long time! Whole package runs great on older pc systems too! 5/5


Winner of my personal "best intro sequence I can remember" award and has some great storytelling elements and characters throughout. Plasmids are great fun to use but the weapons could have felt meatier. Needs a fairly recent pc to run at the fullest. 4/5

<quote>Hellgate : London</quote>

Diablo 2 reincarnated, mindless blasting action for all the family, forget the subscription thing it simply is not worth it AT ALL. All the classes are fun to play and very different from each other. Needs a fairly new pc to run at its best. 3.5/5

<quote>Call of duty 4</quote>

(Might have already written about this) Great game! Classic CoD intensity and set pieces, loved the into where you are in the car also. The Chernobyl level shits on Stalker and laughs in its face. Not tried multi player yet... 4/5

<quote>Gears of war (pc)</quote>

I enjoyed the xbox version and the pc version pisses all over it. It looks much better and the mouse/keyboard make it so much easier to play. The new single player chapter is great fun also. Mutiplayer is the same as the xbox version and requires amicro$osft LIVE account. 4/5


fantastic for the 1st 3 quarters of the game, then slowly but surely falls into mediocrity. Won't go into too much detail as I don't want to ruin the plot, but the jungle fighting gameplay is second to none, the nanosuit is not a gimmick, it is 100% genuinely useful in most situations. Weapon modifying on the fly is fantastic also. Needs a *BEAST* of a pc to run at high settings, I played through at medium / low settings and it looks slightly prettier than farcry. 4/5

<quote>Unreal Tournament 3</quote>

Only got this a day or 2 ago so can't comment with 100% accuracy, but so far it totally rocks! They fixed the UT franchise at last, everything is back to that gritty in your face combat that UT was known for. Most maps make your jaw fall off visually. Warfare mode is great and very fast thanks to the special orb that can instantly capture an enemy node. Menu system blows. Looking forward to playing more over xmas. So far - 4/5 
Thanks for the mini-reviews! :)

p.s. the funniest thing about your b0rked tags is that I read the whole post the first time without even noticing. 
Mario Clone For Masochists 
Go play first:

Then search youtube for syobon and watch the video of all the hilarious deaths you won't have patience for experiencing first hand. 
that's some frustrating leveldesign.

i'd hate to play that. =) 
is it just me or is prince of persia 2 (warrior within) much more infuriating than the first??

they've fixed up the combat a bit, but then ruin it with too many mini boss fights, and they've completely fucked the health system and the camera has a lot more problems than before too. 
Yeah I Found That Too... 
I just couldn't be bothered to play it for very long, found it too frustrating. 
I Think I'm Somewhere Towards The End 
the nice level design kept me going, but I'm at a ridiculous boss fight at the moment and havent been bothered to try and get past it again. Will try again when I grow back some hair :) 
Better in some ways, worse in others. The most annoying thing was that alot of stuff wasn't finished - storyline inconsitancies in the hidden / second ending, unfinished textures (water sword, a few others), crappy bugs that should have been fixed during QA process (like the occassional bad camera view).

I preferred having the boss fights instead of hordes of the same old enemy relentlessly attacking. Some were great bosses as well - the griffin was cool. I liked the escape sections from that demon thing as well, even though they're probably more annoying than others.

Remember the first one was called frustrating as well.

I just remembered the stupid bits where you have to jump between the ship mast's before they collapse (pillar jumping) that has to be the most annoying bit in the whole game. 
Didnt Mind The Demon Bits Either 
and really if they didnt stuff up the health system (ie you can only get health back generally at a save point), the mini boss fights wouldnt have been bad. 
HL 1 Mod Paranoia 
If HL1 is still on the hard drive this is worth the download. Thankfully works with or without steam. 
That looks fantastic and Half-Life v or higher! It will look not as nice with I guess but I wouldn't play it otherwise. :) 
Cursor 10 
Cursor 10 
very nice :) 
im stuck on the floor where there's 3 switches and 4 poppables. nothinghappens when i press alll three switches :( 
Floor 15 
needs assistance from floor 6. 
That was to be accompanied by a beer, not the red sign. 
wow, that last one was evil.

hmm, wish there were more cooperative only riddles. as it is now, it's a lot of 'point your mouse fast at next stairs' 
Biggest Cooperative Goal 
is to get 188 points. 
Cursor 10 
very nice. I was always a bit nervous while trying to get the 188 score but finally got it :)

metlslime: thank you a lot for the link

anyone got the highest score with 9 cursors only? 
it can be done wit 7 cursors :)

and I think 6 could also be possible with carefull planning but I won't try :) 
I Got Thru 
on the third try with 2 cursors left and 24 in the counter... 
Any views on this from Akella? 
Finished it. Was good fun until the last bit, i.e. final "battle" and ending, which was pretty much unfinished and weak and didn't explain anything. Kinda weird given how well set-up some of the gameplay was before that and how good some of the set-pieces were. Needed more umph and spectacle at the end.

But still a fun game. Put in the "quick blast of FPS" category.

Next....ummm Dark Messiah?? 
Portal, You Flappy Cunt 
Prince Of Persia 2 
finished it, comments from before apply. Fucked health system and tedious combat situations. Add shonky camera at quite a few points and a lack of intuitive gameplay in parts (the first one did this aspect much better) and its more frustratin than fun.

Nice environements though, despite repetitve visits to same areas. 
Nexus: Jupiter Incident 
as part of my 'research' into this genre, i tried this game out.

i was just wondering if anyone else had tried it.

i didn't play long, about 6 missions maybe, but it was still pretty fun, but also annoying at times.

graphics are alright, and i liked the slowerpaced combat. not being able to move wherever i wanted to annoyed the hell out of me though. you can only move to other objects, which takes some of the tactical feel out of the game. it also reminded me of sword of the stars which could have been amazing (taking the original Stars! but with nicer graphics and a little simpler control) but ended up as shit because you couldn't do a lot of things that made Stars! amazing. 
Hooray! Spam is awesome. 
What A Classy Ad. 
COD4 Demo. 
Just played this. Obviously I'm not into realistic warfare bollox but this is pretty damn cool. Pretty frantic and very atmospheric, and looks very good without any slow-down issues.

Hmmm, tempted tempted.... 
Cursor 10 Again 
The Witcher 
Just played through the demo, damn this is a great game! Very cinematic and atmospheric, and the over the shoulder camera is really great.

Combat is a bit too simple, to pull off combo attacks all you need to do is click the mouse at the correct time, this never really changes so combat can get a little repetitive quite quickly sadly.

I must say, the blood splatter you get on the ground when you slit someone's throat is by far the most realistic I have seen so far, yes maybe I do need some therapy :)

If you like action RPG's I would definitely check this one out! 
Cheers Daz. 
That's the encouragement one needs. 
I'm Actually Playing Through The Witcher Now... 
And it kicks large quantities of ass, in my opinion. I'm getting toward the end of act 2 (out of 5), and I've put a lot of hours into it. They aren't lying when they promise 60-80 hours of gameplay.

Not allowing you to pick class/race like many RPGs allowed them to focus the story a lot more, and it's a good thing. There's a fair number of plot points and characters to keep track of, and still a decent degree of character customization possible as you progress.

Good stuff: Decisions that make more difference than usual in an RPG. Tons of side quests that you can do or not. Challenging enemies and gameplay (I'm playing on normal difficulty). A real feeling of depth and history to the world. Fun dialogue at times. Being told "Your mother sucks dwarf cock!" Getting laid. BOOBS!

Bad stuff: Somewhat fussy and unintuitive alchemy system, occasionally silly/repetitive dialogue trees and canned responses, sort of lame drinking game, minor bugs at times, drastically cut dialogue for English version.

One of the best games I've played in quite a while. I recommend it.

Also, check the first post in this thread on the Something Awful forums for additional information and some good addons/downloads for expanded English subtitles and a number of other things: 
Being told "Your mother sucks dwarf cock!" Getting laid. BOOBS!

Excellent. Sounds like the best real life has to offer :) 
My Brother Is Playing 
The Witcher and he says he is enjoying it quite much. Thank God something has pried him away from World Of Warcraft, I thought I was going to have to kill him one day for his own good. 

I'd probably be interested in playing MMORPGs if I didn't think that most other people suck. :)

That being said, I still might give Age of Conan a try when it comes out... 
Just tried the Witcher demo. Initial impressions: Combat and controls, WTF?

Given I've got Gothic3 and Guild Wars Nightfall to finish, and most of Dark Messiah to play, I'm not sure that this is adding anything to my fantasy fix...

P.S. Gears Of War PC - any good? How well does it run? Knowledge plz. 
Its Funny When You Talk Really Fast.... 
Seriously tho, I sounds like the combat in The Witcher is pants. I mean since when was it good to kill enemies by clicking on them once?

Ill stick to FPS :-D 
Just a repost of 1492, regarding the Witcher game. It's worth noting that I haven't bothered loading it up to play again since, which may be more telling than anything else.

From what I've seen so far, the Witcher is a very nice "interactive movie"... apart from, perhaps, the interactive bits. :D

To be fair I've only played for about 5-10 minutes. I actually clocked in 1-2 hours overall, but actual playtime was less than 10 minutes. The rest of the time I was watching cutscenes and loading bars.

I trust the game will open up a bit more soon, once the initial story setup has been done, allowing me to play a bit more and get a more informed opinion on the gameplay. So far though, the fun factor has been hampered by crappy camera controls and a fairly annoying combat system, so I can't say I've truly enjoyed my play time thus far.

The camera has a few different modes and can be adjusted automatically or manually... I preferred the manual setup, but instead of allowing full control and playing nice, the camera jumped around a lot in a really shitty and distracting way. It seems like they've tried to allow for both a point-and-click style movement/auto camera model, while also allowing the option for WASD control for movement with a manual camera. So rather than being perfect for one of those styles, it ends up being pretty average for both.

The combat so far is a bit... meh. Rather than simple button mashing or auto-attacks, The Witcher lies somewhere in between - clicking on a bad guy will initiate an attack sequence, and you're required to press the mouse button at the appropriate times to perform extra attacks (bad timing will fuck up the sequence and you'll have to start again). It works well enough, but I'm not sure if I really like it or not yet. You can also change stances and cast spells, though I don't have many options yet (for spells at least) so it's hard to say whether those additional skills will make it interesting enough or not.

Ultimately if the game overall is good enough, I can see myself putting up with the less-than-ideal camera and combat... but only if the rest of the game is above average. So far it looks pretty good - the story is interesting enough, art is nice, voice acting is pretty good, etc, no complaints really, other than the aforementioned camera and combat issues.
GoW Pc 
Great fun, its a short game but really fun while it lasts. Chainsaw kills rock!

Runs surprisingly smoothly at max settings (I would say it runs a lot smoother than UT3 for example) and looks great.

Multiplayer uses Games for windows live which is utter shit though, a shame cos the online game was great fun on the xbox.

Worth looking at imo 
Just Played UT3 Beta Demo For 1st Time 
Had to download ATI drivers, hehe, it was just crashing the computer everytime I clicked the icon.

Thought it was good! It seems there arent very many graphics option in the beta demo. I tried it in 1024/768 and it wasnt too bad (by my standards) but I resorted to 640/480 in the end, cause gameplay get the better of me. I love the unreal tournament series DEMOS! Its great that you can just download, install and get straight onto a decent deathmatch game, it s000 easy!!

Hmmm, Gears of War, Bioshock and UT3 - Unreal engine looks pretty sweet nowadays huh!!?

I still think I'd prefer mapping for D3/Q4 when I get new computer tho!! 
UT3 has been worth the investment. The speedy gameplay and balance are the best of the series so far.

Warfare mode is a little awkward with a strange CTF element mixed into the Onslaught format. The vehicles are a mixed bag, and the hoverboard is simply idiotic.

But I'm in it for the straight DM game, and it's great. It is surprisingly smooth on low-end systems and very nice looking on good hardware. 
Thanks for the info, reckon I'll give that a look. 
Have you ever played GoW on the XBox360?

I would put it down as 'highly recommended', brilliant graphics balanced out with good gameplay, love the way that you can reload faster if you press you reload button twice with the correct timing, also love the combat system, the way it incorporates the environment as 'cover', where you can do blindfiring as well as ducking then shooting, love the squad stuff...
...well concieved and executed game!

A bit short, but some of the more memorable scenes make up for that threefold, good replayablity!! 
I'm D/Loading the Orange Box . . . my mapping will suffer as a result. 
I Envy You. 
I wish I could play through Portal again for the first time. 
I've ordered COD4. Trendy realistic warfare bollox, hmph. 
love the self-hate there, Shambler. 
I Know. 
Giving in and admitting that you actually rather enjoy something that you have a firm standpoint of hating....ugh. 
Yeah - the first few moments of looking at yourself, endless mirror effect or portal-sickness (as in sea-) are amazing.

I see now what everyone was talking about, and I've only managed to play for a few minutes so far.

Still have episodes 1, 2 and TF to look at as well. Also Peggle extreme - ? 
COD4 Is Good! 
Dont be afraid to admit it!!
Ep2 was great also, a little short. HL1 was for me the best of the bunch, it was just so HUGE!!

My new system is due to arrive on Tuesday. I'll be starting out with either D3 or Q4, purely to examine the technicalities of mapping, play some custom maps and stuff. I'll finish my current work before I do anything else tho ;-)