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Teaching Old Progs.dat New Tricks.
You know about the info_notnull explosion hack. You know about making monsters drop weapons or alternate ammo using the .weapon and .ammo_whatever hacks. You know about making items float in the air by spawning them on a temporary platform. Let's have a thread where we talk about new ways to use existing behavior and get novel gameplay. If you're a "retired" mapper, this is a great time to do some armchair level design and suggest ideas you'll never have a chance to use yourself.
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fyi, figured out how to do what I wanted... MOVETYPE_PUSH is required for a train... but you can bypass the crash if you killtarget the train the moment the enemy you telefrag dies (shub removes the train as well as part of her death functions) 
New Article 
Here's a map hack article that's been sitting half-finished for months. It's a general article on how to build a trigger_ type entity with very little restriction on the keys you can set.

I think most of the regulars who read this thread will know this trick, but hopefully it's a good reference for newer mappers - and there might be some new ideas in the concrete examples of the trick. 
I didn't know that trick, cool! 
Adding Maximum Ammunition ? 
Maybe A Little Too Terse 
Could you clarify, are you looking for a hack which fills all the player's ammunition type (easy to accomplish with backpack_touch), or are you trying to increase the maximum ammo the player can carry (almost certainly impossible)? 
Apologies, Yes The Latter.I Wanted A Kind Of Increase Carrying Ammo 
More Ammo 
You'll want to write a short mod to do that then, it's outside what hacks will do for you. Also, be warned that not all engines can display ammo counts above 255 properly, which means the scope for expanding nail ammo is limited. 
Gameplay Changing Thoughts 
can you dynamically change the gravity values?
or set a trigger to change a mobs .target value? 
I think one of the expansion packs has a way to do this but it doesn't work in coop 
You pretty much can't change the gravity with stock quake - there's a way to change it exactly once with a hack if you don't mind that you can't have an exit in your map. It's very common in mods though.

Not sure exactly what you're asking in that second question - you literally want to change the string stored in the target field? It might be better to do what you want with logic gates triggered by the monster instead. 
global sv_gravity cvar, if you have a trigger or some such to issue localcmds.
or .gravity field, if you have a trigger to apply that field to entities within its boundaries.

I've no idea how to utilise either of those without a mod to do it for you.

in some engines (ie: ones that always register custom fields, ie: fte+dp), you can override .gravity on a per-entity basis by just setting the gravity field. Of course, as this doesn't apply to players, projectiles, or movetype_step (unless you somehow manage to get them airborne), all it can really be used for is to confuse the fiend+dog+spawn attack code. Which might be amusing. 
What Are Some Of The Properties That Can Be Given In The "use" 
Quake Wiki Is Not Working For Me. 
the article text won't show up. 
Fuck Me, Sorry 
stupid mediawiki can't handle the latest version of some library which I forgot to pin when I updated earlier. will be fixed tomorrow. 
Very Well Then, Spirit. 
Don't screw it up again... 
Follow The Leader 
Earlier this morning, onetruepurple mentioned an idea for monsters following the player while he had the Ring of Invisibility. I didn't think it possible, but he mentioned that it was done in E4M1.

So I decompiled the map and discovered a trick that I didn't know about and think it's cool enough to share.

It's very simple, if you make a monster target a path_corner, and that path_corner has no further targets, Quake decides that that monster's next movetarget should be entity 1... which just happens to be player 1.

Here's a .bsp and .map showing this effect... don't shoot! 
I have no idea WHY that works.

self.goalentity = self.movetarget = find (world, targetname,;

Is the relevant bit here, where self is the monster, and other is the path_corner... but why it decides on entity 1 when is empty... it is a mystery? 
I Guess 
Find() must just return 1 if some of the values it's passed aren't valid? 
I wanted monsters to reach the end of their path and just stay there, and so left the target field blank.

But the same happened - they turned and followed the player, ruining the gameplay I was going for.

This is because their movetogoal becomes "" and the player is the last entity added to the server, with that exact name, aka string_null.

I fixed it by giving the path_corners where I wanted monsters to stop a broken target.

Props to Preach for pointing this out. 
What If 
wait is set to -1 on path_corners?
Doesn�t this stop the pathing? 
It does odd things instead, depending if its func_train or a monster_whatever.

Just for RRP guys;

The path code in RRP is more advanced as well; I ported the advanced pathing from extras r4 so there are more control entities for trains, they can be reversed, paused and so on. Wait -1 will teleport a train from one point to another and can be set per path_corner. Additionally, giving a path_corner an event key will trigger whatever targetname it's pointed at, when the train reaches that path_corner.  
And He Did! 
11:11:00 | <+Daz> gomap scampsp2! But not idbase kthx
11:11:20 | <+Daz> ikbase!
11:11:25 | <@onetruepurple> and not fucking dapakbase

5/5 bretty good, could use more Tarbabies though 
Re: 311 
The reason is because = "".

Find() always starts at the first entity in the list (1, the player).

It checks if the entity's targetname == "" which it does (because players don't use targetnames), so it returns the player. 
if you gave the player a non-empty targetname then the monster would find a different entity to walk towards... 
Thanks for clarifying the reason 
Oh Man 
It's been like 6 months since we had a hack. Here's a hack for...Quoth?

Now you can create entities which appear in your map when run under ID1, but not in Quoth. There's one simple application of this, plus the opportunity to go overboard with it instead! 
I was just wondering today how something like this would work. This should be mandatory knowledge for all future Quoth mappers. Thanks, Preach! 
Nice. A much smoother way than the Quoth detection in my levels. 
Lava Splashes... 
targetname "lava"
target "lava"
delay "0.099"

targetname "lava"
use "boss_death9"

why dis no work? :(
tested with a message on the relay, and it is indeed working, but no lavas. 
The function is not reusable. You might want to killtarget it quickly as well, since it increases the killcount at boss_death10. Note that while the function works without a Chthon in the map, you need to put one somewhere for the splash sound to be precached.

I had an idea for Jam6 that involved the lava splash, too. The opportunity is simply good enough to miss. 
Why is it not reusable? If you retrigger before 0.1 seconds it should just keep spawning particles. 
This thread is a treasure and should be pinned. 
that's a heck of a lot of particles! 
it would be glorious... if it worked. T_T 
Just use lots of tbaby_die2 
Rotating Objects Hack! 
GREETZ hax fans! Let's make things spin right round like a record baby.

This entity hack is actually pretty easy, it lets you make a rotating object in stock /id1/ quake, but is somewhat limited in what you can do. What we are going to do is make some non-solid, non-interactive rotating objects. Good for things like a ceiling fan that you will never interact with and just spins forever. I've actually used it before in my sm170 speedmap quite awhile ago, but it seems went unnoticed (negke hadn't heard of this method when I told him about it last night).


Ok, so first off, you need to make a func_wall fan object at the origin of the world. Make it's center at (0, 0, 0) in the world, this defines where it will rotate around. You'll need this entity's modelindex, so it may be best to make sure it's the first object in your .map file. As explained by some other hacks in this thread, the modelindex is a number given by Quake to each model in a level and lets us instance those models to other entities. The command 'edicts' in Quakespasm/Fitz/etc will help you find this number on entities in your level.

Now, where ever you want to have a rotating fan, place an info_notnull with the following properties:
"classname" "info_notnull"
"avelocity" "0 256 0"
"movetype" "8"
"model" "*1"
"modelindex" "2"

That's it! Obviously, use the modelindex of the func_wall fan you made. avelocity is the part that makes it spin, is the same thing that makes weapon items spin. Here we are spinning around the Y axis at 256 somethingspeed, this is good for a ceiling fan but you'll want to experiment with what is right for you! You can use negative values if you want to spin in the opposite direction.

Another key aspect is the movetype key being set to 8, this means MOVETYPE_NOCLIP in .qc, which is a movetype that allows objects to be rotated with avelocity.

Example .map and .bsp Enjoy! 
Thanks! We need fans in these hot, hellish environments! 
Really Cool! 
That Is Genius Scampie 
You better believe I'm gonna abuse that hack. 
Cool Stuff 
I just fiddled around with the rotation thing and you can totally have multiple objects, as long as they do not necessarily need to be shadowed. Even if you need 2 shadowed objects you can still do it with a bit of a caveat.

The source func_wall does not need to be at 0 0 0.

If it will only rotate on the z axis (world, which is y for the object, why is this shit mixed up, btw?) you can move it up and down on the world axis ( and if we want rotation on another axis of course that would work too, just move on the according axis) so that it does not overlap with another object there that needs to be lit.

Now you only need to move the info_notnull up or down counter the direction you moved the func_wall. For this to work the properly the info_notnull still has to be inside the world and ideally visible from all the points to the player where it would be would it not be shifted around. If that happens the object might disappear. That in itself could be used for some weird effects too though.

I was wondering if it might be possible somehow to give the info_notnull or the func_wall some kind of offset modifier so that the info_notnull can actually be at where the object should appear, without being shifted if the origin is not 0 0 0. 
is it possible to use it in conjunction with a func train to make a moving spinning blade trap thing? 
No :( 
the rotation values are odd because I'm pretty sure it's using Pitch, Yaw, and Roll, so rotation around the Z ends up as the second value. 
Yeah, I think that is right. 
I just made a clock in my map using this method. I noticed that the further away from 0 0 0 your func walls are the bigger the arc they travel in.

Also, there are other movetypes that also work, some that rotate as the object falls to the ground. Could be interesting to play with on a low gravity map.

Some more ideas for this, moon / sun / planets orbiting your map. A scale model of the solar system. Gears, or clockwork in maps. A fully sick car with spinning wheels. A spinning leek... I'm sure there are more. 
Back To The Future!? 
Here's a "hack"... in the id maps!

I was zooming around e1m4 when I noticed a funny looking block with an Ogre walking into it... Using sock's mod with path's visualized to show what is up:

Turns out, that block is a func_door on top of the first path_corner in a sequence the Ogre is trying to walk to... so it can never reach it and ends up sitting there forever!...

Until a trigger lowers the block out of the way. The Ogre can continue to walk out the door and eventually gets placed into a path_corner loop on the dock over the water. The end result is like a scripted sequence of triggering the ogre to walk out of the door on demand!


It's odd because it's very unlikely a player will ever notice this happen, the ogre walks so slow and the trigger that lowers the block is right at the edge of the water... In all honesty, if this were me, I would've just teleported that Ogre onto the dock when the player was out of view. But what id did here was make a basic scripted sequence with their primitive tools that only a few % of people might notice... But you might just hear the door open, and see the ogre lazily walk out and it makes the world so much more alive. It's wonderful :D 
That's Pretty Cool 
and the way monster teleporting works in vanilla is only slightly less of a goofy "hack" really. 
yeah, and mods as early as zerstorer 'unhacked' it and added progs functionality to just trigger a monster to make it appear.

id may have just never bothered developing anything better than teleport boxes because that's what they had in Doom. You built a long tiny tunnel to propagate sound into a room full of monsters to get them angry, then tagged a door in the room to open and reveal a teleport linedef and then just hope all the monsters eventually crossed it as they wandered angrily around said room. id probably thought having the 3rd dimension on their side to make monsters fall directly into the teleport brush was high technology. 
High Framerate Animated Textures 
Has it really been more than 3 months since the last hack? Well, good things come to those who wait.

Today's hack offers a trick to upgrade the 5 fps animated textures into 10 fps animated textures instead. This should benefit maps with waterfalls and lava flows a great deal... 
Notnull Hack? 
Im not sure I know this one, can someone explain it or point to a resource that explains it? 
A Primer On Info_notnull 
My intro to map hacks post uses info_notnull and mentions why we like it so much 
Awesome Preach! 
Thanks for posting this Preach! It will be interesting to look into at some point. Your waterfalls are already at a pretty high fps so I take it this wouldn't' do much/anything for them correct? 
abutton1, bbutton1, cbutton1....mind blown!

Whoa! func_wall.use changes texture...mind blown again!

Double wammy there Preach. 
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls 
Thanks for posting this Preach! It will be interesting to look into at some point. Your waterfalls are already at a pretty high fps so I take it this wouldn't' do much/anything for them correct?

This trick is really for animations on BSP object, things made out of brushes. My waterfalls are in .mdl format so they aren't applicable to this trick. However, I think this will be great for making waterfalls in places where my model can't be used, e.g. in vanilla maps or spots where the waterfall has to be made to fit. 
I'll Stick To The Mdls I'm Used To. 
Ah okay I was figuring that was the case. Always excited to get a new map hack from you. I already have numerous ones from the past implemented in my current project! 
That's Deviously Clever 
Nice one! 
Could Make It Even Higher Framerate 
In theory you could go higher framerate and double it again for the framerate hack. just need to add another 2 layers of meshes switching at .25 and .75 seconds delay. I think I will have to give this a go at one point as well :) 
Monster Only Teleports 
Neat trick I found. If you place a trigger push with a velocity of 100 right in front of a teleport the player won't be able to use it (if its angles are right, you could always suck the player in for a neat trap!). If you then place a trigger_monsterjump a hair bit in front of it and give it the same forward velocity of 100 but an up velocity of only 1, it will negate the push and let the monster teleport. You could reinforce the concept by putting a func_illusionary in front of it with a unique teleport texture. If you want to make the teleport useable later such as after a fight, you can killtarget the trigger_push and the func_illusionary. 
Sort of a neat trick as opposed to TE_TELEPORT effect at either side of the ent being teleported is if your engine has a .alpha field you could "fade" him out while non solid, hijack his think to be the fade function until hes perfectly transparent, then transport him, and fade him in using the same function in reverse. If done with the right timing it could look pretty good, and you could throw in a EF_BRIGHTFIELD at the end for maybe the last few frames while transporting, and the first few while "rematerializing"....

If the engine has EF_ADDITIVE for blending, I think it looks even better. 
Invisible Teleport Randomizer 

targetname movingteleportdest1
target path1wp1
speed 200
avelocity "100 200 300"
solid | 0
movetype | 7
use train_use
nextthink 0.2
think func_train_find

Borrows code from the misc_teleporttrain to create a moving teleport destination that is invisible. Use in combination with a monster teleport box whose targetname is movingteleportdest1. Give a nice path above an area to drop in monster in a randomized locations. Put multiple monsters in the same long teleport box with only one teleport and you can cut down on trigger_teleport requirements, and add randomization. 
Oh And... 
make sure something targets it or else it won't move.

As an extension of this idea, you could have a teleport that changes destination by having it target this entity and giving the 2nd path_corner a wait of -1. 
You can teleport to monsters, even dead ones. :) 
And Items 
Fiends Hatching From Grunts 
So you give a grunt 'effects 8' and when he dies, he trigger spawns a fiend into his own location. 
Too bad you cant gib corpses this way... have a grunt spawn a zombie or fiend in a spray of gore! 
You Could 
Spawn a zombie, then after 0.05 seconds spawn a fiend at the zombie's position.

Best way would just be to use qc though so as not to inflate the monster count. 
Would be unwise to spawn large monster from small monster due to bbox Size difference. 
Yeah, qc would be good again to check for !walkmove. 
Public Polling 
So, which hack should I write up next:

a) A trigger which randomly selects between triggering "event_a" and "event_b"


b) A trigger_counter which can be reset and used over and over again.

I mean, eventually I'll get round to both, but which one should I do first? 
a, though b sounds more interesting. 
i can do a) myself already VERY hacky, i'm most interested in hearing your solution. 
A Is Just A Logic Gate Shooter With A Func_train Oscillating Rapidly 
Do b) 
You'd Think That 
but im sure there is a much more clever solution to it. 
Preach us probably accessing the video buffer for the screen and using the pixel colours as random numbers with 3 info_notnull entities. 
I Vote B! 
For I Have Touched The World..... 
// Try it...jump around on any map

void () test_touch =
if (other.flags & FL_CLIENT) bprint ("OUCH !n");

void () worldspawn =

world.touch = test_touch; 
Reusable Trigger_counter It Is 
From what I can see, there's been more discussion about the randomised trigger, but more explicit votes for the reusable counter. Since we live on a democratic message board, we will ignore the prevailing enthusiasm and go for the winner instead.

I've been playing around with the idea over the past week, trying to come up with the simplest implementation of a reusable counter. I think I'm basically there now, but one of the features requires a logic gate, and a flaw in my previous article on those has become apparent, so I will fix that first, and then the new hack will follow. 
Oh Goody 
Another two-fer! 
The Ol' One-two 
So the fixed logic gates are up at

The updated portion is highlighted in yellow. I've also updated the example .map at both to incorporate the update to the article, and to make the example map playable. All four gates are hooked up to example entity systems and can be tested in-game.

Now for the new stuff...
Not only featuring reusable triggers, but also triggers which you can interrupt to reset during their count.

Bonus content: What went so wrong in the original logic gate post to make Preach miss out a vital entity? I often use a "clean" copy of the QC source to test things out. Unfortunately, this clean copy is not quite 100% identical to the basic Quake source, and W_FireAxe is one place they differ. My "clean" version has a call to makevectors which the original Quake progs is missing. This doesn't affect the player code which has some redundancy, but the axe hack entity is not so lucky and started firing in a random direction. The changes to the article work around this. 
When you ask a question and then answer it before anyone had a chance to say something, that's usually a rhetorical device. Not today though, I just happened to crack the puzzle I set myself last time, and made the reusable counter work without a logic gate. Read the follow up article here:

Still not enticing enough? Well, the post links to an example .map file, so you can copy-paste the hack without the need to understand it! You want more? Well, the article even invents the anti-counter - an entity which acts like a trigger_relay until you've used it n times, rather than one which only acts like a trigger_relay after you've used it n times. If you want a crusher or trap the player can only activate a few times before recharging it, this does the job. 
Preach You Mad Man! 
All shall bow to the Quake hacks of the one they call Preach. This is Preach's world full of logic gates, high framerate clocks, and waterfalls (That only spawn on nightmare.)

Countless possibilities with this addition, thank you sir. 
Preach, I am in awe. 
I can't even comprehend any of this madness... You're basically the gandalf of map hacks 
or the map hack of gandalfs. 
or the enemy of compatibility... 
This Is A Public Service Announcement... 
or the enemy of compatibility...

Oh believe me, I spent a long time working round map hacks in Quoth - there are specific "shims" for maps which use hacks that subsequent version broke. It's also something that I do bear in mind when making changes to the code base - e.g. renaming OgreGrenadeExplode to MonsterGrenadeExplode would be appropriate in Quoth because Defenders fire the same grenades, but that would break a basic map hack which outweighs the benefit.

For everyone else I think it's worth repeating the standard reminder: Map hacks are for standard Quake only. There is no compatibility guarantee for any other mod. Do not use them in Quoth or AD or anything else. 
Sock had a strict rule that we couldn't use map hacks in AD. Made sense 
Very Fair 
I figured it was for vanilla Quake. The only hack that I currently readily use is the nightmare hack. I am currently mapping using AD and the hack works wonderfully. Actually, with triggers like monsterkill I can fix the kill count totals when playing on hard!

I know I use them at my own risk though. ;) 
Well, if you are mapping for a mod in development, that makes sense since you could just code up whatever you needed. Map hacks are cool to add surprises to standard quake. 
I am currently mapping using AD and the hack works wonderfully.

What happens when sock releases a patch that fixes a long standing bug in the lightning gun and as a byproduct breaks the hack? There are a multitude of ways that could happen: renaming the function, checking the current ammo rather than the cells or adding a new parameter to the function to name but three. All perfectly innocent changes which happen to break your map.

The issue is that the map hacks are not forward compatible - new versions of the mod might break the hack even if it works on current and past versions. This isn't theoretical, it happened in practice on maps between Quoth 1 and Quoth 2. The safety of the hacks in vanilla Quake also depends on iD never releasing another patch, it's just that after 14 years it seems a fairly safe bet... 
A Fair Point 
Would the example be the same with the Shambler magic lightning?

Either way, I suppose if a patch came out and it broke the NM hack and I was fully invested in my current project...I'd remove the nm hack components.

I fully understand the risks good sir. :) 
The only real thing to say in this instance is that you'll have to package your project with your version of AD to retain the functionality. Or figure out a way to implement your ideas without resorting to map hacks, if possible. 
Cause And Effect 
Either way, I suppose if a patch came out and it broke the NM hack and I was fully invested in my current project...I'd remove the nm hack components.

But if the patch comes out after you release your map, you're stuck. Unless you want to keep patching your map.

For their part, mods ought to look at the most popular map hacks and see them as features they ought to offer in a supported way. I'd guess that was part of what the no-map-hacks rule for AD was about - code the needed feature instead for all to use. 
Sock didn't want us relying on map hacks as patches and stuff could break the maps. If the mappers wanted a feature in their map then Sock would just code it into the mod. 
Something To Ponder 
I appreciate the advice. I may remove the NM hack. Luckily, the current project I am on I have yet to implement it...and this particular project I hope to publicly release someday.

Hell, I could always make a seperate version of the map that supports the NM hack. For now, I'll worry about Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Thanks FifthElephant and Preach again. 
Thats a doosey of hack Preach (and another two-fer no less). I see more awesomer puzzles in the future. 
Random Numbers 
Now, I'm more into my stats than most people, I know that. So for my upcoming random switcher hack, I decided to check just how random it was. I made sure that the hack generated some loggable messages I could parse, ran with -condebug, generated 10,000 random events and loaded them into R.

The results were disappointing. Although the number of "Choice A" and "Choice B" generated were nearly identical, the chance of getting "AA" (an A followed by an A) or "BB" was higher than getting "AB" or "BA" (all four should be 25% probability if the system was fair).

I had spent several nights trying to fix this with various reconfigurations of the entities, but never managed to make significant headway. Then I decided to knock up a quick mod which would spit out A and B into the console using the random() function directly, just to check. And of course it turns out to have this same issue but worse. So I will be releasing this map hack shortly... 
The Most Unpredictible Follow-up Post 
Here's the hack:

Whatever will happen next? It's impossible to predict, because I haven't hyped it for months or even thought of it yet! 
QC support for Notepad++, including Function List support and syntax highlighting: Tutorial & download
Have A Semi-working Hack That I Need A Little Assistance With 
I am making a false train using func_wall and info_null. The purpose is to get a couple of overlapping entities that behave like a train (follow a path).

I have a func wall for the model, 2 path_corners with each other as their targets, a trigger triggering it and an info_null with the following values.

use train_use
think func_train_find
speed 20
modelindex 8
model *1
movetype 8
nextthink 1
target stop_1
targetname me

the odd behaviour is, that when it gets to the first stop, it spazzes out and jumps forward and back among the path corner locations, without traversing them first.

any ideas? 
Possible Tweak 
Hi Shamblernaut, can you try something for me and see if it helps? Change the movetype from 8 to 7. It's a hunch, and it'll take a lot of explaining which I'd rather only type up if it's the correct fix. Thanks, let me know how it goes! 
how just about trying to use a true train?..

and yeah, the SUB_CalcMove function, which is responsible for setting up velocities and nextthink for the various pushers to use, is explicitly tied to MOVETYPE_PUSH(7) on account of its use of 'self.ltime' rather than 'time'.

movetype_push and solid_bsp(4) are kinda tied together in many engines too, so be aware that separating the two will often give engine-specific results. 
That worked a treat, thanks preach. I still need to sort out the sound not being precached, but any victory is a victory and I'll take it.

@Spike, using a true train doesn't allow me to overlap my geometry, which is necessary for what I'm trying to do. Also, thanks for the headsup about engine pushtype handling, I guess I'll just require people to run the map in quakespasm =P 
Existing Practice 
movetype_push and solid_bsp(4) are kinda tied together in many engines too, so be aware that separating the two will often give engine-specific results.

Don't all engines need to handle it already because of misc_teleporttrain, which does exactly this? I mean, yeah, it probably shouldn't be written like this, but we work with what we have... 
Teaching Old Preach New Tricks 
Mankrip - Thanks! 
Static Entity Shooting Scrag Projectiles 
is this a thing that's possible? I want to use it as an acid drop in my mapjam 7 map (quoth). 
Post #14 
Cheers Man 
Please use info_trap instead of a hack that we will unintentionally break with a future patch to Quoth. 
the scrag / wizard stuff doesn't work with info_trap :( 
Trap Sprung 
Holy Shit 

"modelpath" "progs/w_spike.mdl"

I thought that wizard / scrag magic was a particle effect.

my bad.
To Elaborate 
I was using the scrag shooting function like one would with a info_null as in post #14.

Didn't even consider using the trap function as intended. 
Invisible Water? 
has anybody made water with invisible(transparent) texture, just wondering because that might have some interesting uses. 
Just Try It. 
I'm interested of the outcome. 
But using q3map2, so probably not what you're looking for.

*waterskip Texture 
fuck, I misunderstood.

I feel like fiddling around in the progs could get what you want fairly painlessly. 
I asked in mapping help but maybe here would be better for my question.

In AD I want the Golem to only have melee attacks, no projectiles. This is listed in his mon_golem.qc right before the range attack code:

if (!self.enemy) return;
if ( < 1) return;

Now if either of those are true he will skip the code for firing projectiles.

I tested a modified AD progs by the simple addition of a return; above the "if" statements and got a melee only Golem. But that's not really an option.

The function is called void() golem_rockstorm =

Any progs.dat tricks for this? Even if it's not an "old" progs :-P

Could he fire the doggie's attack instead!!! I still need him to STOMP though... 
Don't Trick The Mods 
It's a bad idea to use map hacks against a mod which is in development. In effect you're trying to apply a hack to a moving target - the mod may change that code in the next version and break your hack. The reason that id1 hacks are acceptable is because id aren't ever going to release another patch for Quake, so all behaviours (even unintended ones) are unchanging... 
I bet plenty of custom engines break certain map hacks. I don't have any examples to hand tho - know of any? 
You write: "I want the Golem to only have melee attacks."
Then you edited the code and write: "I got a melee only Golem."
That was what you want. So what is wrong?

If you want to give him a different behaviour for ranged distance, then all you have to do is edit his ranged attack code. There is no TRICK needed. Just do it.
The Golem code works like any other monster code.
You first have to know what you want. Then do it. Yes, its that easy. 
I don't think I should "fork" the AD progs. I'd see that as a nightmare for a map(s) release.

Requiring players to duplicate their AD directory, replace the progs.dat with "my" version and then install maps and not get confused is it a bit much, yes?

That's why I was looking for an alternate solution.

I'll just put it on the backburner for now.. 
In Theory Or Practice? 
I mean, in theory almost anything could be broken by a determined custom engine. One that I worry about in theory but haven't ever seen break is the high frame-rate animation from
This relies on a global timer on .bsp animations. Given that some engines have removed the global timer on looping .mdl animations (much to my irritation) it doesn't seem impossible that the same might befall the .bsp ones.

The thing with a lot of the map hacks is that they involve tricking the QuakeC - and engines tend to preserve QuakeC behaviour pretty well. Most of the stuff that happens in a map hack is legitimate QuakeC, just unintended. I suppose any hack which involves the order of the list of entities would be vulnerable to an engine which changed the order to be non-deterministic, but again I've not seen it in practice. 
Was intended as a toolkit. That includes making your own stuff 
You mind if I send you an email with the map setup and why I want this?

No worries if you don't ant to bother. 
Go For It 
@FifthElephant, Sent 
My email addy is strange, begins with uw_ Don't ask, hehe 
Fun Fact 
The function trigger_reactivate is defined in standard QC but not actually used anywhere. In full the function reads:

void() trigger_reactivate =
���self.solid = SOLID_TRIGGER;

Can you think of an interesting hack to perform with the unused function? 
Kinn was complaining that you can't have disabled triggers in id1.

Couldn't you have a trigger with SOLID_NOT (SOLID_NONE?) and then come up with a way to use the above to activate a trigger that started disabled? 
The sophisticated 'super logic gate' idea Preach is about to come up with!

Or perhaps at least an easier way to do things like the switchable push hack and the like? 
Yup, It Was Hype For A New Hack 
New hack is a respawning trigger_once

The twist is that the hack doesn't use that function. What it uses is the fact that the function is redundant, and exploits what replaced it in the code.

I have come up with a different hack that uses the function since, watch this space... 
That's a really interesting article and could help with the usual complaints of not having the ability to have inactive triggers change states.

Cheers to you! 
A shoutout and a question.

First thanks for your tutorials. I used two in my RetroJam pack to great effect.

Second: I wonder if you or anyone else has ever considered completing the "From scratch" tutorials that were so informative on insideqc

I have no coding experience and wanted to jump in with that tutorial but the author never completed it. Maybe you know of another tutorial that could be a 101 starting point for newbs. 
But, couldn't you just have a trigger multiple that targets a logic gate?

The gate then could be turned on and off to turn the trigger_multiple's effect on and off. I'm thinking like toggleable shooters that can be deactivated or reactivated this way by toggling the trigger_multiple's effects (gate targets shooters). 
There already is an inactive triggers hack in stock id1. I think it was Preach's who triggers the trigger. 
More Shameless Hype 
But, couldn't you just have a trigger multiple that targets a logic gate?

The follow up article will discuss exactly this, it's almost, but not quite that simple... 
If toggleable 0/1 switches are possible, where is your 'fully functional computer processor within Quake' hack like there is for Minecraft! 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only thing stopping that ATM is the entity limit.

Aren't most of the logic gates already possible in vanilla? Albeit with some hackery. 
These hacks save entities.

Plus I'm sure Preach can add something nifty in the process, like multithreading support... :) 
Scratch Tutorials 
Second: I wonder if you or anyone else has ever considered completing the "From scratch" tutorials that were so informative on insideqc

I love the scratch tutorials, but the returns on them diminish steeply. The first one is a great way to show what's essential, how to go from a blank mod that doesn't work to the bare minimum that runs. By stripping everything back, it exposes at a glance what functions come built into Quake, which has a value beyond actually creating a mod from scratch.

The second tutorial is exactly what you want to follow up with - the lighting isn't an actual barrier to launching a map, but it is something that's broken in every map until you program it back in. But by the third, we're more or less reduced to straight copy-pasting the code we removed back into the game. It has stopped giving you things any conceivable mod needs, and started just copying Quake itself.

There probably is a way to continue the series of tutorials in a way that makes each instalment less about recreating Quake line by line and more about exploring what makes up all mods great and small. But personally I am not clever enough to pull that off... 
Activating And Deactivating Triggers 
Yeah, the follow up you all saw coming is here, how to turn last week's hack into a trigger which turns on and off, in a slightly better way than previous attempts.

There's some bonus content here as well, the map features a better logic gate. I need to write this up into a proper article, but here's the deal:

In the logic gate post a few years back, the idea was to have two entities that attacked the gate itself. One used player lightning to inflict a high amount of damage, and "kill" the gate (provoking one reaction) and the other used the player axe attack to do less damage, only "hurt" the gate, and so cause a different effect. Last year I discovered that you need a 4th entity to aim the axe attack and make it hit reliably, and on top of the extra overhead you need to keep the entities in the right order in the map or it doesn't work.

For the example map in the new hack, I had the bright idea of trying to replace the axe attack with something that doesn't have this problem. It turns out that shambler lightning fits the bill perfectly - it works just like player lightning but only does 1/3 of the damage. It doesn't even need ammo! There's also something quite poetic about the idea that the logic gate is now literally powered by different levels of electric current... 
Thanks, good insights. 
Trigger_hurt Speed Control 
It seems lately that each time I work on a hack, I discover incidental things which lead to another post. So hot on the heels of the past two posts, here's a hack that delivers something I'm sure was requested in the past: a trigger_hurt which isn't quite so slow

It's a two-for-one really, because there's a much better kill-trigger for void maps in there as well - a trigger that deals damage to everything it touches every frame. This fixes weird things where two monsters leap into the pit at once and one of them survives for a bit. 
Here Be Dragons... 
how to break a trigger_hurt?...
easy! use a teleporter while its hurting.

the teleporter causes force_retouch, which relinks the trigger_hurt while it is solid_not, unlinking it. because its solid_not, it won't get relinked.
when the hurt_on function then gets called, its .solid field is set back to trigger, but its already unlinked, preventing anything from re-triggering it (other than by using a force_retouch somewhere, forcing it to relink).
loading a saved games should have a similar effect.
this doesn't affect all engines... 
In fairness, the hack is actually making that less likely to occur, since the trigger spends a shorter length of time in the vulnerable state.

Am I right in thinking that loading a save is another thing that can cause relinking at inopportune times? I had a vague idea for a hack based on that, but it did play on my mind that some engines would probably fix the odd behaviour it would be relying on, and I never followed up on it.

I suppose you could also set up an info_notnull hack that periodically runs teleport_use, so that every so often things which have been linked wrongly get linked back in correctly again. Or am I missing something there? 
Fish Friday...Three Days Early 
It turns out all that stuff from the last few posts can also affect hack logic gates, because the hack makes them go non-solid, and a teleport at that point unlinks them. I can rework a simple gate to stay solid the whole time, but it was an essential part of how the OR gate worked. So the promised logic gate article is on hold until I figure out a new way to make an OR gate...

In its stead is a way to fix the rotfish kill count bug in unmodified ID1, which I think is kinda neat.

PS: can you spot how to make a flying shambler? answers on a postcard... 
If you don't care about adding more entities, you can also target an info_notnull that has "use" "boss_death10" to increase the death counter by 1. 
Brain Teaser For Preach 
Gravity change by map entities, or a way to reset the changelevel function after using the cvar hack without the need to reload. Or anything related to this. What's the whacky stuff we can do by hacking worldspawn... 
Oscar Academy Award� Winner Gravity... 
...will not be screening tonight. I've looked for a way and I think it's impossible. One of the things about gravity in particular is that the QuakeC is actively working against you to reset it. It's pretty much the first thing that worldspawn does.

On the other hand, your one opportunity to put something arbitrary into the console is the changelevel command, and that's equally well locked down in the engine. The function which sets the changelevel_issued command does it unconditionally, and the one place it gets reset is starting a new level. So you can't get more that one command a map, and you need to save one to restart the map.

It really is the two working against each other that sinks the plan. There is just enough wiggle room to change sv_friction in the following way: call your map "my_map_name" then create a trigger_changelevel with the key "map" "my_map_name;sv_friction 0.05". When you hit that trigger you restart the level, but with sv_friction set to 0.05 (getting the player to hit the trigger at the start of the first visit to the map, but not on the second visit, is left as an exercise).

Sadly, sv_gravity is the only cvar which this doesn't work on, because of the specific QuakeC code at the start of worldspawn preventing it. Unless you can surgically remove the worldspawn from your map, but I don't like the odds of pulling that off... 
New Logic Gates 
Hi all, big article incoming!

It's the much hyped replacement logic gate set-up. These logic gates aren't vulnerable to being broken randomly by using teleporter at the wrong time. If that's not reason enough to start using them, they support an unlimited number of outputs which you can switch between! If you want to be able to switch a button between 8 different targets, this is the hack for you.

Thanks to Newhouse for his proofreading and feedback in writing this one up, I think the explanations have come out much clearer as a result. A follow-up with the OR gate, AND gate and XOR gate will be posted shortly. 
Seems really neat. Can the player here the LG explosion, though? 
I Don't Think So 
Because it happens on the first frame of the server, I don't think the player gets a chance to hear it. In any case, you can put the boxes containing the logic gates far from the main level if it ever becomes an issue. 
Crosspost: Custom Door Touch Functions 
Hard to imagine that anyone doesn't follow the Mapping Help thread, but just so this thread remains a complete archive, a new hack on how to create a door with a custom touch function.

I've had this masquerading idea bubbling around for a few weeks now, but I had something completely different in mind for debuting it. That may have to wait another week, this one has already bumped the logic gates follow up off schedule once! 
Preach is on a roll....I feel a maphack jam coming on! 
More Logic Gates 
Another week, another article. I like to think that the production values on this week's article are above the normal standards for a map hack post. The test map looks pretty decent, the article has screenshots, flow diagrams, and tables. Plus it's the second half of the new logic gates post, this time with actual gates, the AND, the OR, and the XOR gate. 
very nice article! 
Above and beyond Preach, the layout is very approachable! 
Most Advanced Spambot Ever 
I'm a bit scared 
He He He 
It makes sense if you're reading posts from about a month ago in the thread. And yes, that would mitigate the issue a bit (although depending on how frequently you run the function some errors might slip by). In 1997 some might have objected that it slows down the game a bit on weak PCs, because it removes one of the optimisations in the physics engine. Doubt anyone would notice any more... 
We may have talked about this, not sure. I want to reproduce the light globe sprite in an info_notnull, because I've hit the static entity limit, but can't seem to find the correct modelindex. Air bubbles and explosions, sure, just no globe. Strangely enough, s_light.spr doesn't show up in the modellist, either. All thanks to makestatic? Surely, there must be away. 
I don't know about other engines, but fte has a 'precaches' command that should show give you the index easily enough.
note that s_light.spr will only have a modelindex if it was precached (and the order should normally be the same for any engine), so if its missing then that's because nothing precached it yet.
So make sure you have at least one light_globe entity otherwise you'll not be able to get a usable index for it.

Do be aware that any other entity changes might change the order spawn functions are called in (depending on your editor). Creation/deletion of doors/triggers/plats/etc WILL change your modelindexes too.
So you should perhaps consider knocking up some find+replace tool if you're going to be making a lot of changes.

Or just use an engine with higher limits. fte+dp shouldn't have any specific limit, while ericw bumped the static ents limit in quakespasm recently though I've no idea if there's public builds for that yet (if not, qss has a slightly higher limit). No idea about other engines.
That said, protocol 999 or dpp7 will cap out at about 2048 max static ents due to the limited sv.signon buffer size. Less if you have many non-static ents too, because baselines contribute to the same buffer. I could rant about how fte servers are immune to that issue, but I'll save that for another time...

If it insists on being invisible still, you'll probably also need to figure out some way to make sure that the entity is linked into the server's pvs nodes. I expect Preach has a tutorial for that somewhere, probably involving triggering a teleporter... I'm not sure if its actually needed though. 
Thanks, got it! 
Sleeping Zombies 
Do you think there's a way to make zombies start off lying down and only "wake up" after certain conditions are met? Something smoother than a hurt trigger keeping them incapacitated (not least because of the pain sounds). I was just wondering considering that freak glitch where zombies sometimes don't get up again but can't be gibbed, either. Something to make use of? 
zombies use walkmove to get up, so while you could probably create some sort of crusher that squishes into them for 50 damage at a time and then stops above them, that'll both knock them down and prevent them from getting up. you can then killtarget the crusher and they'll be able to move again.

however, walkmove also includes a down-tracebox from 22qu above so you'll need your crusher to sit at least 24qu off the floor, which is also more than the player can step.
so you might need to make your crusher as a stepped-pyramid so that your player can still step over the sleeping zombie.

make it out of clip brushes and it'll be invisible. many qbsps complain at that though.
a train that moves to a single path_corner will do it (with a really long/infinite pause), there's probably some better way.

obviously it'll still keep playing zombie/z_idle.wav every 5.1 seconds... and flicker between $paine11 and $paine12 at the sameish time.
alternatively, AD has some proper feature for it... 
Other Hacks 
There's a way to make a silent zombie corpse which can be triggered to wake up using SUB_CalcMoveDone. The problem is that it's always solid, and also wakes up (without playing the animation) if you shoot it. So you'd need to build a skip brush shield around it which you killtarget, which is pretty much the same as putting a zombie inside a skip shell then hitting it for 25 damage at the start of the map. The skip shell prevents it from standing up, so you don't need to keep injuring it.

Anyway, if the marginal benefits of silence and waking up the instant you trigger it are worthwhile, the entity goes like this:

"classname" "SUB_CalcMoveDone"
"origin" "240 -64 56"

//finaldest must be the actual origin
/you want the monster to appear at
"finaldest" "240 -64 56"
"think1" "monster_zombie"
"use" "zombie_paine12"
"targetname" "reanimate"
"frame" "172"
"yaw_speed" "20"
"view_ofs" "0 0 25"
"flags" "32"
"takedamage" "2"
This Thread Delivers 
Thanks, guys.

Ineed, this only works in certain special situations due to the clipping/skip box thing, not for zombies lying around in openly accessible areas (=on the floor). For the spot I have in mind, however, the hack is just perfect. 
Preaxch Delivers 
He's the best. 
Custom Bmodel-type Entity 
Another noobish question that I feel has either been answered before and I'm too dumb to find or can't remember.

I know how to create custom stuff based off other entities using their model/modelindex values, but how do I make an info_notnull brush entity appear in the first place - visibly, that is. A function to get it started on the actual bmodel, like InitTrigger for trigger volumes.
Thought I could make a simple nonsolid prop that's doing something or nothing depending on the touch function. Problem is nothing shows up in game. 
I Believe 
You need to use a func_illusionary hack. 
Displaying A Model 
func_illusionary has the problem that it makes the entity static straight after, so you can't make it interactive.

Probably the best thing to do is to use
to create a visible entity. If the "model" key added to your brush entity by the compiler is "*1", you need to use modelindex 2 (0 is no model and 1 is the world, 2 is the first "free choice" slot).

You'll probably need to handle any interaction in separate entities (e.g. killtarget this entity) - InitTrigger interferes with this trick, likely because it calls setmodel. 
What I mean is having a brush-based info_notnull show up in game like a normal entity would - instead of 'visually cloning' an existing entity in a point info_notnull. All in one edict if that's possible. It appears a brush info_notnull strips itself of its own model/modelindex properties unless if used as a trigger volume (the model=bbox part in this case). 
Trigger Volume 
The trick does work with a single brush-based entity (referencing the modelindex of its own model). It is - like you suggest - when you turn it into a trigger that things go wrong, because the trigger is trying to do its own thing with the model code which interferes with the modelindex hack. If you didn't want a trigger, you'd probably be OK. 
To avoid a possible misunderstanding: I'm not using any trigger stuff, just mentioned it as an example.
I can't seem to get it working as a visible entity just like that, even if I make the info_notnull reference its own modelindex (unless I'm doing something fundamentally wrong and can't see it). That's why I thought perhaps there was some neat think function to run (in a similar way that InitTrigger that makes the bbox appear); sort of like "think" "func_wall", for instance, but without the hardcoded behavior this would add.

The weird thing is, I'm under the impression that for a while I had some floor bits show up just being brush info_notnull without any extra fields, but at some point during development this ceased to work. IIRC, anyway... 
Brush Based Entities 
If you add a brush entity with classname "info_notnull" it gets translated by the compiler something into this:
"classname" "info_notnull"
"model" "*1"

What may vary is the number after the * in the model key. What you want to do is add keys to that brush entity so it ends up like this after compilation
"modelindex" "2"
"mdl" "progs/player.mdl"
"think" "SUB_regen"
"nextthink" "0.1"
"classname" "info_notnull"
"model" "*1"

The tricky part is that you need that modelindex key to be 1 larger than whatever number the compiler decides to put into the model key. The numbers are given out in order by the compiler but if you delete other entities or do something to reorder them in the .map file it may change.

If you do all of that, you should get a visible entity which is only different from a func_illusionary because it is non-static and so can be killtargeted or given a use function. You can probably move SUB_regen into the classname slot and use a different think function as well. However, bear in mind that many other hacks (like the aforementioned trigger stuff) does break this hack, it's pretty fragile. 
Timed Power-ups 
We know its possible to make any item respawn, but is it possible to make power-ups last longer or shorter than the usual 30 seconds? For example a biosuit that lasts a minute, or a quad damage that's only 20 seconds. Can this be accomplished? 
Thanks Preach 
Finally got it to work. Apparently the "mdl" field is crucial whereas "model" doesn't have to be specified in this case. This is different than with point-based cloning which got me confused. In game, whatever is referenced in "mdl" is copied over to "model" as well, so I set it to "*1" (or rather the respective number of the model) instead of player.mdl; either seems to work as long as the modelindex is correct. However, the hack also required me to set "mins" and "maxs" for the entity to be drawn. The "think" function, on the other hand, seems only necessary if the entity is supposed to be used further, e.g. for a touch action.

Playing around with mins/max/size/origin made me curious as to whether it's possible to customizable trigger sizes from point entities like in Quoth...

Orl: I briefly tried it a couple of years ago. If it is possible, then at least it has to be more complicated than simply calling "powerup_touch". You can replicate the visual effects like that, but not the actual powers. 
@orl, yes increase the nextthink to respawn,
if ((self.classname == "item_artifact_invulnerability") ||
(self.classname == "item_artifact_invisibility"))
self.nextthink = time + 60*5;
self.nextthink = time + 60;

and for each pwoer up theres a *_finished timer

this is in items.qc 
Thread title "Teaching Old Progs.Dat New Tricks" means needs to work with original progs.dat, typically via entity/think/field abuse.

It's a shame you don't play single player maps, some like negke manage to do seemingly impossible things in maps that work in original Quake. 
Is there a way to place a static corpse in vanilla quake? Like a 3D model of a killed grunt or something? Is there a way to add custom entities? if so is there a place that has models of dead grunts or enemies?

You can do a corpse in a map. Do a func_illusionary and set the model (like progs/player.mdl")and frame number (like 169).

In vanilla quake there is no way to add custom entities. 
Interesting, thanks. I'll have a play around :) 
So i create a brush entity, set it as func_illusionary, and then add the keys "model" and "frame" ?

Like this? 
Create a point entity, set the type to func_illusionary and yes change the "model" and "frame" (it *may* be "mdl" if "model" doesn't work).

Like if you were creating a monster. 
(There are differences between TrenchBroom and Jackhammer. In Jackhammer, you create a point entity and change the entity type. I would assume you can do that in TrenchBroom, but couldn't swear to it.) 
Ah yep it works! great. Is there a place that shows the various model names? like gibs for example? 
Open up pak1.pak in Pakscape 0.11 and look in the progs folder. To find out frames, you would have use QME to look at the different model frames.

Without opening a model in QME, it's gonna be hard to pick the frames for most models as all the monsters have dozens of frames.

You also may want to set "angle". 
amazing thanks, that should give me everything I need to make some nice corpses...

I tried setting angle as -1 and rotating the entity but it doesn't seem to change the angle it appears at. Say I want the player model to appear lying on its back facing upwards - shouldn't angle -1 do this? 
Also it seems like some models work and others dont. The soldier.mdl doesn't seem to work at all and the map wont compile.

Could this be something to do with quakespasm having less models in its pak0.pak and having them in a pak1.pak instead?

It seems to have the paks reversed compared the original quake paks 
It Has To Be Precached 
Include at least one monster_army in your map.

Set yaw like normal to rotate the corpse.

-1 won't do anything since that is a special case for doors. Set the frame correctly and the model will be in one of its lying poses. You may want to check out the qc files to see which frames are death poses. 
ok cool, thanks. I tried adding a monster_army but now I seem to be having a problem of the entities disappearing when I select something else. Using TB2. None of the entities I've created are visible (I tried show all in the view) and the map is still failing to compile and citing lack of precache)

Here's the map file:

as soon as I deselect the func_illusionary entities they seem to disappear... 
"angle" is typically 0-359 like degrees for non-door/non-platform entities and operates as yaw (like pitch/yaw/roll, the 3 different x-y-z axis in Quake). 
func_illusionary was only really expected to work on inline models (ie: those submodels baked into the map). As a result it doesn't bother to precache the model (these are implicitly precached by the server).

The exact set of models that are already precached depends on the order that entities are loaded. So for instance you can use progs/soldier.mdl ONLY if there was a monster_army entity preceding it. the player's various models (player.mdl, eyes, backpacks, projectiles, gibs, etc) are precached inside the worldspawn entity's spawnfunction which is normally guaranteed to come first.

while there are engines that will automatically precache stuff on demand (ie: dp+fte+qss), these engines will generally warn, so its not something you want to do other than as a last resort, plus people hate engine dependencies.

func_illusionary forces angles to '0 0 0'. You cannot change the angles without qc.
If you want that then there's a more complex way using info_notnull, but figuring out the correct value for the modelindex field is a nightmare. 
ah ok cool. That should solve the caching problem. Not sure why the entities are disappearing though... 
Also how do I work out which frame to use from QME? QME gives me frame names like "deathc11", but the frame key needs a number. Is there a good way to work out what the frame number will be - I tried counting down from the top but it didn't give me the frame I was looking for. Say I want to use frame "deathc11" from the soldier.mdl - which number would I enter in the frame key? 
QME: Bottom Left corner when you select a frame, it says "Frame: 005 walk1". You have to click on the frame otherwise it doesn't say, haha. 
Ah yep, perfect. thanks! it works.

Now I just need to work out why the entities disappear after I select something else... seems very strange 
Undefined Point Entity 
Maybe TB2 doesn't see func_illusionary in its fgd file as a point entity since ot is only defined as a brush entity...and deletes it! Protect you sillt users from yourself. Ha, no its probly just a bug...ask about it on the TB thread. 
Disappearing HexenMapper 
as soon as I deselect the func_illusionary entities they seem to disappear...

Check the View menu upper left side of 3d window. Make sure you somehow didn't accidentally uncheck func_liiusiionary. 
Combining Two Hacks? 
So here's a conundrum: there's two map hacks I'd like to combine, namely the one for delayed/dynamic entity spawning ( and the one for rotating brush models in stock id1 ( Both of them work properly on their own, but combining doesn't quite work as it means trying to turn an info_notnull into another info_notnull (to expand, the entity doesn't stay hidden until triggered like it should because it's already an info_notnull with the proper fields to act as a rotating, visible brush).

I even tried a number of hackier methods, like making a specific texture for the brush entity with the starting texture completely transparent and the secondary (+a) texture, then triggering the func_wall so it would change texture- no go. The original model will change but the 'cloned' rotating one doesn't copy it, and triggering the rotating model does nothing. Am I totally out of luck here? 
^To add on to that, after a bit of fiddling it turns out you *can* change the texture from the +0,1,2... set to the +a,b,c... set on the cloned model by adding 'func_wall_use' to the 'use' field on the info_notnull. That would normally make things very simple, as one texture set could be made transparent, but apparently animated textures with alpha masking isn't possible (at least in Quakespasm) due to conflicts between the required first character- { tells it to take color 256 and turn it invisible, but then ignores any other special character; likewise, + allows for an animated texture but doesn't allow alpha masking.

Back to square one, I guess. 
Delayed Rotator 
classname info_notnull
avelocity "0 90 0" //spinning the whole time
nextthink "999999999" //otherwise func_wall(read: movetype_push) will not spin/move. this persists through both spawn functions.
think "SUB_Null" //just in case someone leaves the map running that long. note that it'll stop spinning, but at least it won't crash.
model "*1" //not visible until func_wall uses it
modelindex "" //MUST be omitted/blank/0, otherwise it'll be visible as something BEFORE its triggered.
use "func_wall" //what to call when triggered
targetname "spawnit" //what to trigger

will give you an invisible info_notnull that effectively becomes a rotating func_wall when triggered, is the theory.
(if you killtarget a normal func_wall at the same spot, you can make it appear as though it simply started rotating).

note that if there are any entities inside your pusher at the time that its triggered then those ents will get trapped and maybe block the rotation.
due to engines that don't support proper rotation physics, you should probably just make sure the player can't walk through it with eg a clip brush surrounding the area. 
Works in theory but doesn't quite work in-game, unfortunately. Copied it exactly other than the targetname- it acts like a standard delayed func_wall, solid with no rotation at all; including the
'movetype' '8'
field from the rotating brush hack was my first thought but that didn't change anything. 
The problem with your current approach is that the appearance of your entity isn't caused by the info_notnull spawn function, it's caused by your hacks. So there's no benefit to delaying the spawn function. You would need to delay your hack, but there isn't a function which can turn the hacked values on or off, our only opportunity to set them correctly is the initial load.

Instead, we need to think laterally. Go back to the original rotating entity hack, and then add an "origin" key to the entity of '0 0 -4000' - this probably positions it a long way below your map (if your map goes that far down choose another coordinate which is outside the map). This way the entity is present, but the player can't see it.

Then we add a "use" function to the entity of "SUB_CalcMoveDone". The idea is that rather than spawning the entity mid map, it will always exist and we will just teleport it into sight when needed. You can use the "finaldest" to specify the coordinates you would like it to appear at.

Bonus hack: if you are using the rotator hack, but would instead like to stop the rotation at some point, you can use the "use" function "SUB_CalcAngleMoveDone" to do just that. You can't start it again though... 
Works Fantastic! 
Man, I dunno how you folks figure out this stuff. Way above my head. It works great, though; can't tell what position rotation-wise the entity will be in when the player triggers it and causes it to teleport, but that isn't a big deal at all and I'm sure a number of neat things could be done by loading up a bunch of entities and teleporting them in while killtargeting the previous in order- might be heavy on the entity count but I'm not worried about that right now. 
Neat. As a matter of fact, I tried to get the same effect (sun gem), but didn't succeed. Seems SUB_CalcMove* has some unused potential. 
Praise The SUB_CalcMoveDone 
I'm actually planning to write a whole blog post just on this function, it's the best! 
Changing The Kills/secret Totals? 
Not sure if I'm just bad at looking for information or figuring out Quake C, but I couldn't find the answer to my problem:

Is there a way to change the number of kill/secret totals midgame? I'm working on a map with branching exclusive paths, meaning that you can't have all the secrets and kills in one run. I was hoping it would be possible to adjust the total counters for the kills and secrets upon choosing a path, so once you finish the path, you can still get a satisfying end screen with all the kills and secrets you can get for that path.

If that is not possible, the next best thing, I thought, would be to just trigger every secret and use the boss_death10 function for every monster one can't kill on a chosen path.

I'm just having a surprising amount of difficulty triggering the secrets in the desired fashion. I'd like the secrets to silently trigger (no sounds, no messages) once I choose a path.

There is a problem, however: There HAS to be a sound for the trigger_secret, it can't be set silent. It's not necessarily a problem however, if the secret is triggered so far away from the player that it's completely attenuated.

Another problem is the message "You have found a secret area!" Well, I figured I'd just find a workaround solution by just having the trigger_secret display a single space as its message. So the silent triggering problem solved, kinda.

Problems arise, however, when I DO want the secret to be normally triggered in a path where the secret is attainable. Since I have set the trigger_secret to display a blank message, I thought I'd just create a trigger_once with the message "You have found a secret area!" inside the trigger_secret but that creates a new problem: whenever a trigger_once displays a message, it can never be silent, either, even with the "sounds" key set to 0! So, when I touch the secret, I hear both the normal "secret" sound and the message sound from the trigger_once.

So that is where I ran out of juice and turned over to you guys: Any ideas? Is there a way to make a custom silent trigger_secret out of scratch with an info_notnull or something? I'm too confused right now to figure it out myself. @~@ 
There's no way you'll get a hack that changes the secret count or monster count mid-map. It's really hard to do even if you're making a mod for the game, because of client-server separation. The QuakeC always changes things on the server side, and relies on the engine sending updates to clients. The server by default only sends the secret/monster count when a player first connects. The code you need to manually send an update to a client isn't contained in the vanilla progs.

A hack to make a silent trigger_secret is pretty standard though. Add the following key

"sounds" "-1"

How it works: By setting an invalid sounds value, we skip the code which default the key to -1, and skip all the code which sets a path to a sound file in "noise". As long as "noise" is unset, the actual trigger code remain silent.

However, I have a better plan than that. It turns out you can create point entities with the classname "trigger_secret" (like a trigger_relay). Imagine that you have exactly one secret on each of your branching paths. Alter your map to contain a single point trigger_secret, and in each path's secret area, place a trigger_once which targets it.

This pattern easily generalises to two or more secrets on each path, so long as every branch has the same number of secrets, they can share the trigger_secret. And if one of your branches has fewer secrets, you could use the silent trick, but why not just add some more secrets to balance it out! 
we skip the code which default the key to -1
should read:
we skip the code which default the key to 1 
Monster Counts 
You could place trigger_teleports under every monster.

Go down path 1, teleport monsters from path 2 over into positions on path 1.

Go down path 2, teleport monsters from path 1 over.

You'll run into problems such as having monsters on paths moving off the teleporters, but you can overcome this by trapping monsters temporarily in a func_wall fence. Once the path is chosen and teleports are done, then killtarget the "fences" to let the monsters roam freely again. 
Another Way 
of using Qmaster's idea would be to put all the enemies in teleport boxes, and kill the teleport destinations of the other paths after the player can't go back to take another route.

For the enemies that won't fit in other routes or if some routes you want them to have more enemies, you can killtarget the ones of the other routes just before the exit as no one will notice the numbers growing out of nowhere. You can do the same with the info_intermissions so they show a different scene depending on the exit. 
of using Qmaster's idea would be to put all the enemies in teleport boxes, and kill the teleport destinations of the other paths after the player can't go back to take another route.

Isn't there a problem that in vanilla you don't have multiple targetnames? If you have a single trigger_teleport linked to two info_teleport_destination entities they must have the same targetname. When you killtarget one, the other gets removed as well. I think you need a separate trigger_teleport for each destination, and killtarget that instead (or just only ever trigger one of them).

I mean, there's a way to do it with "use" "SUB_Remove" added to just the first info_teleport_destination on the map, but any hack that is depending on the order of entities in the map is unpleasant to maintain... 
Thanks Guys! 
Why didn't I think of using shared trigger_secrets for each path's secrets; that's genius, Preach! :D Thanks also for telling about the -1 value for the sounds key. I had tried numerous other integer values in vain, from 0 to larger ones, but hadn't thought of negative ones. You're a lifesaver, thank you! :)

Thanks for the monster teleport trick, Qmaster! I had actually read about it somewhere else in this forum, if I recall right. I guess that's really the best one can do in an unmodded game. o:

Actually, I had also read something about updating the secret totals in the mapping thread, in a post written by Preach, actually (post number 4316 from the year 2005)! ;D Something about servers, clients and SVC_UPDATESTAT, which made me think something like "wait, don't servers n' stuff mean multiplayer stuff" but I guess the singleplayer runs on a server/client basis as well, so I guess there really is no easy way to modify the totals.

Anyway, too bad I have some monsters present only in one path. Seems the only thing I can do is add the kill count to the right number after choosing a path or right before ending the map (killtargeting the monsters didn't increase the number of kills in my tests, so I'll have to go with boss_death10). Maybe I'll go with right after choosing a path, so the player can keep looking for enemies in a given path before exiting the map to make sure they've exterminated them all. >:D 
Spare Monsters 
shove a trigger_teleport over the untaken paths (one per). trigger it when you feel evil.
all monsters within the triggered teleporter will be teleported to a single spot, telefragging all of them instantly without needing to do anything per monster.
bonus points if you can come up with some logical reason for the gibs to appear in front of the player. spontaneous fountains of gibs! 
Oooh, I like it! It gave me the idea of adding a Doom 3 like teleport sequence at the end, where the player flies through a hellish shower of red. 
sn't there a problem that in vanilla you don't have multiple targetnames? If you have a single trigger_teleport linked to two info_teleport_destination entities they must have the same targetname. When you killtarget one, the other gets removed as well. I think you need a separate trigger_teleport for each destination, and killtarget that instead (or just only ever trigger one of them).

I forgot that. I have done it with using trigger_once or multiple as intermediates but it was for func_walls and triggers. That way for one route the end entites are killed and for the other routes the intermediates. Teleport destinations can't use intermediates so in this case it cannot be used.

What could work is to put one trigger_teleport for each route on each enemy's box (all of the same route with the same targetname) and the destinations on the desired points and kill the triggers after the route is chosen. The downside is that no enemy can be put before that if only this method to deal with the enemies is used, can contribute to reach the limit for brush entities, and that teleporters have to be activated all of the same route at the same time. The upside is that it is quite fast to do.

killtargeting the monsters didn't increase the number of kills in my tests Interesting, i thought it did. Then try telefragging them like it does at the end of e1m7. 
Other Lethal Weapons 
Although not quite as spectacular as teleport gib fountains, there's a trigger capable of killing all the monsters within a trigger here (the second variety): 
Ambient Sounds From A Point 
Can we do them?

For example, the regular torches and fires in quake create a sound that decreases as you walk away, and originates from a point in the map.
Can we do this with custom sounds? Is it possible in id1 or do we need to code something? 
Need To Modify Progs. 
I'm not entirely certain, but to my knowledge, any sound you intend to use in Quake must be precached, and this is done in your progs file. Thus if you intend to use a custom you must modify the progs.dat and therefore must create a mod in essence.

Arcane Dimensions apparently works some black magic to precache any sound you place in the ad/sounds folder and thus you can use your custom sounds without further altering the AD progs. It also supports attenuation (sound at a distance) with the speed key.

In summary, this has already been done but to my knowledge cannot be done in ID1. 
HexenMapper: something like in #8

You can, for example, use a 'notouch' trigger (ideally point entity) with a "use" "train_wait" or "use" "plat_hit_bottom" field or the like, and a corresponding "noise" "ambience/fire1.wav" key, provided the sound is precached as Redfield says. If it's a looped sound, it'll play forever from the origin of this entity, although it'll have a different attenuation than regular ambient sounds. As a bonus, it also possible to killtarget it if you want the sound to stop. 
Any Way To Compile The Func_etc? Like The Fields... 
For doors... The "effects" field... I would do this. I don't want a flame war... I have a sever impediment... It is not laziness...
It would be awesome to be incorperated in the Entity def's and qrk. files etc

Ric... Mapper since 99 
New Post: Five Statues Challenge 
Got a challenge from a reader of the old blog and I can't resist a challenge. The basic premise is to have five statues in the map, where the most recently touched one is selected, causing it to be lit up.

It's a real multimedia extravaganza as well today, with a full write-up, an example map and even a video, so come on down! 
Weapon View Angle/Pitch Fix? 
While I know of talisa's/seven's nail-position fix which offsets the NG's & SNG's nails to come out of the barrel instead of your face when aiming upwards, I miss such a fix for every other weapon, especially the GL, which makes shooting upwards a PITA. I'm no coder and wouldn't even try to mess with the source code/progs.dat. So by request, is anyone else up to the task to do it? Thx in advance. 
Nice Preach 
I'm doing exactly the same thing in my current map, except with the AD entity state system, wouldn't have bothered ever trying in vanilla hah. 
Follow Up: The Alternator 
Hot on the heels, the promised hack that lets us ignore the order the entities are placed in the map, but still dictate the order that triggers fire.

The article also includes how to make an "alternator" - a setup where a single input trigger switches between activating two different targets. 
Brain Teaser For Preach 
Imagine you have several shootable triggers or buttons and want to fire an event once a certain total amount of health has been depleted. The damage done to the triggers transfered to an independent source, so to speak. So you can shoot each a random number of trigger a random number of times and once the overall health depletion reaches n, the event fires. Basically like a counter based on "health" instead of "count". > W_FireAxe notnull hack
W_FireAxe hits a func_door. = 1000 or 2000 etc.

And voila, just add func_buttons. 
but, don't you want the player's actual weapon damage to matter? E.g. shooting it with 10 nails should cause less total damage than 10 rockets. 
Make as many "shootable buttons" that you need. Select all of them, turn them all into one func_door with a health value, give it a target, set lip equal to bounding box so it doesn't move. 
The sum of all damage done combined. No idea if it's possible, and the applications would certainly be limited. For the lack of a better example: a machine needs to be damaged by a certain amount in order to be charged or explode and there are several exposed shootable parts. You can focus on a single one, or shoot each of them equally - the event fires once its global health is depleted. 
Exactly was @ metlslime.

But yeah, turning them all into a single door or button should work. Though what happens if they are supposed to be spread all over the map 
yeah, will you exceed max efrags and it disappears? I think in modern engines the efrag issue is solved and it is always drawn maybe... 
Spread All Over 
Nothing as far as I know, so long as the lip is set right for whichever movedir is set. I can't recall if func_button has an option to be silent in vanilla, so a func_door probably would work better. 
One Doesn't Tease Preach's Brain With Trivial Matters! 
And yet, I have another possibly simple or already-answered-but-I'm-too-dumb-to-find question: how to spawn fully functional movers like trains, doors and plats half-way through the map? Basically invisible until triggered and then working like normal entities. Think "use" "func_wall" but without being thwarted by precache functions. 
I'm indeed stupid. It should work just fine that way as long as you override the sounds. Or is there anything more to it? If not, please delete me. 
inline models are implicitly precached, so those are not an issue for doors/plats/trains/etc.
while they'll have a model string set, their starting modelindex will be 0, which means they'll remain invisible until they're properly spawned.

regarding sounds, you can just have a second door/plat anywhere else in the map, its sole purpose being to precache the required sounds.

a bigger issue is that if you're using use+targetname, you'll have no way to clear said targetname before the use is called.
this means that plats will need to be triggered twice (one to spawn, once to activate them so that they can be used).
doors are more problematic - you'll need to manually create a trigger field around the missing door to allow it to open, and you'll need to spawn that trigger field the same way as the door otherwise they'll spawn the door when you walk through them the first time. 
Reaching back to this post from 2009 and trying to understand something.

Would this allow for a silent trigger_push? My set up is:

classname info_notnull
use InitTrigger
touch trigger_push_touch
speed 500
angle 90
spawnflags 2
targetname test

Mark V and Quakespasm are still complaining about not caching the ambience/windfly.wav sound file. I thought this was the whole point of this hack.

Just put a trigger_push out in the void and it will ensure that sound is precached and avoid the warnings. 
Yep, that's in the map off in a tiny room but the hack'd entity plays the sound in that case. 
Yep, that's in the map off in a tiny room but the hack'd entity plays the sound in that case. 
Different Intent 
The intent is to make a delayed spawn trigger_push. The sound precache is the reason we have to do something a bit different to the standard "classname as use function" hack, it's what we're trying to work around. But the lack of sound is not intended - I would pair this with a regular trigger_push hidden somewhere in the map to perform the precache and remove the warnings.

You'd have to be pretty creative to get rid of the flying sound, only thing I can think might work is finding an entity hack that sets fly_sound on the player to an impossibly high value using ltime shenanigans on a doctored movetype_push entity. Haven't quite cracked that yet.

On a related note, this has reminded me of an undocumented Quoth 2.2 feature: you can specify the sound a trigger_push makes using the "noise" key. You can create a boiing! noise for jumppads, or using "misc/null.wav" will prevent any sound being made. Will write that one up when I get back... 
Alright. I was afraid of that, but luckily it's for academic purposes not a real project. Great news about the noise keys in Quoth 2.2 That does open up some possibilities. Thanks for the response.

I hope you get a chance to play my 100b4 entry. Lot's of sound work went into it. 
Cool Beans 
The pack is next on my list, so I'll watch out for it! 
Func_breakable In Id1 
Hey everyone :) So earlier someone on the TB discord asked if it was possible to make a brush that acts like a HL style func_breakable so I did some fooling around and figured out how to do it! Now this is pretty easy stuff that probably isn't really worthy of going here but I'll post about it anyway lol. So here is how you do it, you make a func_wall as you would normally do, then after you've made it you add a few keyvalues to it. First add a takedamage key and set it to 2, that allows it to take damage, obviously. Then you add a health field and set it to however much health you want the breakable to have. Then when it's health reaches 0 it will try to call the function in the th_die field, if there isn't one the map will crash as I found out :D So add th_die and set it to SUB_Remove or any other function that calls SUB_Remove at some point, depending on what your needs are. Optionally you can add an armortype and armorvalue to give the breakable damage resistance so it can be broken with some weapons but not others. I haven't exactly figured out how to customize the sound it makes when you hit it or break it yet but I will keep trying and see if you can do it without needing a mod 
Previous Post Continued 
So after a little more discussion I've figured out how to add sound playback to the breakable, so the full setup looks like this:

takedamage = 2
health (whatever you want it to be)
armortype/armorvalue (whatever you want it to be
noise (whatever sound you want the brush to make when you hit it but don't break it)
th_pain = train_wait (plays sound in noise field whenever you hit it)
th_die = SUB_UseTargets (targets 2 separate info_notnull's that play the sound you want to play when the object is broken and removes it, respectively)
target = the name of the 2 notnulls

Notnull 1
targetname = whatever you put in the target field of the breakable
noise = the sound you want to play when the breakable breaks
use = train_wait (play the sound when triggered by the breakable dying)

Notnull 2
targetname = same as the first one
killtarget = name of the breakable
use = SUB_UseTargets (remove the breakable when this gets triggered by it dying)

Please feel free to correct me if something I put is incorrect, I'm still pretty new to q1 mapping and map hacks especially. But map hacks are really fun and I've almost become more interested in them than actual mapping at this point (but not completely though) :P I'm also trying to think of how to add rotation to a turret hack I made last week but I haven't really checked any of the quake c sources related to rotating functions to see which ones I might be able to use 
Hi Therektafire 
That's a really well constructed and described hack. Welcome to the thread!

In terms of rotation, a warning and two pointers. First warning is that standard Quake just doesn't do collision on rotation. The amount of highly specialised code that mods apply to get even crude approximation of rotating solids, I wouldn't expect a hack to be able to get anything like collision working.

If you just want visible rotation things are better. There are already suggestions in this thread about how to use avelocity for simple looping animations. If you're looking for something more triggered, you might want to look at SUB_CalcAngleMove. Although any entity which used the function got cut from the final release of Quake, it's still available for hacks to use.

Alternatively, you might want to look into the AI functions if you'd like rotations that follow the player. You need to set quite a few keys on an entity to trick the game into running some of the built-in AI stuff for turning to face an enemy, but it should be possible. More advanced stuff, but something to get your teeth into... 
Having your breakable also create some info_notnulls using external .bsp models for rubble and have a movetype 6 would be cool too. Can't remember a good way to give them starting velocity at the moment though and still be triggered on break. 
Thanks :) I got the idea for the armor from one of your articles I may add it to the turrets too if possible. Speaking of, I will definitely look into the AI turning/rotating functions to see what I can do with them 
How can I make worldspawn shootable and killable?
Perfect accuracy gameplay challenge... 
A Trigger Curiosity 
So, I was idly tugging my way through some of the vanilla QC files, and noticed functionality I was hitherto unaware of!

In the blurb for the trigger_once entity, it says this:

if "angle" is set, the trigger will only fire when someone is facing the direction of the angle. Use "360" for an angle of 0.

The code to do this seems to be in there, but I cannot recall a single time in the id1 levels where I noticed this behaviour.

Is this used anywhere in id1, and if so where?

Yours curiously... 
one place is on start.bsp
those 'this hall selects foo skill' centerprinting triggers only display their messages when you're facing towards the teleports. walk backwards into the teleporters and you won't see the messages at all. 
Two Custom Map Examples 
Rehashing Old Work 
I didn't bother to dig into the whole backlog of messages here, but I made a (fairly simple) hack that allows for killable "static" entities. I've tested this with flames, but not with other things, I suspect that light globes may work.

step one, make a trigger under the player spawn and make it target an info_notnull called "flame". Make sure this info_notnull is some distance from the player, as touching it too early will crash your engine.

Place a "light_flame_large_yellow" somewhere in the map to precache the model.

give the info_notnull the following keys:

targetname flame
model progs/flame2.mdl
frame 1
use func_wall
think PlaceItem
nextthink 2
mdl progs/flame2.mdl

This should now allow you to killtarget the flame entity. Note that static ents don't occupy the edict list, however this hack will. I guess it will also allow for a touch function to be run on it after this point too.

One final thing to consider when using this hack, touching this entity before its had its "nextthink" even by a monster will crash the game. Even shooting the flame will crash it. I suggest spawning them well away from players and monsters.

The nextthink function forces the notnull entity back to a non-solid non-bsp state whilst retaining the flame model. In the example above this happens 2 seconds after it spawns. 
(oh, the trigger should be a trigger once) 
those 'this hall selects foo skill' centerprinting triggers

Blimey, I didn't have to go far then to find one. 
That's a fair amount of work for a killable flame. Rather than messing with thinks and nextthinks and all that, you can just set the modelindex of an info_notnull to that of the spinning flame model (flame2.mdl, check in the console first to see which slot it takes of course) and have a simple displayed model that you can killtarget like normal, no extra futchery with crashing when touched or anything. The flame will automatically do its snazzy little spinning and burning animation, similar to a backpack, and the frame field changes the size with 0 being the smaller flame model (light_flame_small_yellow) and 1 being the larger version. Old example webm here
the flame models are static and don't appear in the edict list though? 
They're still given a modelindex, no different from the player or enemy models or worldspawn/brush models. Not sure how to find which model has what number in Fitzquake-derived engines but Darkplaces (ugh) has a handy modellist command that will print out every model currently loaded by the game in order. Worldspawn comes first, then count the list by one. Worst case scenario, experiment a bit until you find the right modelindex and remember to place things in the right order that enemies/health changing by difficulty won't break the hack. 
Worst Case Scenario 
You might have to make separate entities for different skill levels, with each having the correct model indices for the corresponding skill levels. :/ 
Move On Up 
Moving the static torch you're using to precache the model as near to the top of the entity list as possible will help to stabilise the modelindex across all the skill levels in your map. Also worth remembering that each time you add a brush entity, that adds one to all the precache modelindex values. So you want the map to be basically finished in that respect before you finish off the hack. 
Rotating Turret Hack Finished (mostly)! 
Hey guys, back for another update. My rotating turret hack is almost 100% done :D I just need to take a few minutes tomorrow to iron out some little kinks related to the offsetting of the body model in relation to the shots and it will be good to go and I can make a demo map and full write up on it. In the meantime here is a weirdly rotated screenshot from QuakeDroid showing it in action in a crappy little box room :) 
The Absolute Fucking Madman 
Eagerly looking forward to seeing it in action. 
Nice that a "newer guy" can make cool stuff! 
If what he's posted in #tf and related channels in such short time is any indication, rekta is a new maphax savant. 
I mean it's not that impressive, you can do it easily if you have basic programming knowledge and take the time to read the sources to know what fields and functions you can and cant use where... Or in my case, try and figure out why entire segments of code were replaced and moved elsewhere but still in the original files commented out, then get confused when what you want to do isn't working the way it should :D it's not like I'm making Quake Rally 2 or something like that... Though I do like racing games so maybe I'll give that a shot some day ;) 
Rotating Turret Writeup/demo Map (part 1 
Ok, so, here is the write up on the rotating turret hack. Now my setup probably isn't the best but it works fine, at least in SP, so I'll probably keep using it in maps going forward anyway. It's not too difficult to set up but there are several steps involved. Also apparently this is too long to put in one post since the character limit is 5k and I have more than that :O So i will need to divide it into multiple parts.

So, here is how you do it. First at the map origin you need to set up the model of the turret itself. Of course I suppose you could use a custom mdl but these are vanilla maphax we are talking about here :) Now after you make it you might need to move it up a little depending on the type of projectile you want to use so it doesnt look like complete crap when it shoots, I used hknight_shot so I had to move the model up a few units to get it to look right. After you made the model you need to turn it into a brush entity so it will have a model and modelindex value, I used func_wall. And of course you should encase it in a box to prevent leaks and add appropriate lighting. Then add a info_notnull in the spot where you want the turret to be and give it a target name like "turretmain" or something, it will be the main turret body. Now you will want to copy the main model to the notnull, you do that by setting the modelindex and model fields to the same model and modelindex values of the turret model you want to use, if you want to have multiple different styles in your map you need to create multiple models. You can find these values using the "edicts" command in the console, if you want to be able to find the edict numbers of the turret models easier just cut and paste them to the top of your .map file just under worldspawn, that should make things a little easier since now they should be closer to the top of the edict list. In my case the model was *1 and modelindex was 2.0, so I used those. So so far you should have something that looks like this

.....origin = whatever the position is that you placed the notnull at
.....model = *1 (or whatever the model number of your model is)
.....modelindex = 2.0 (same as above)
targetname = whatever you want the targetname to be i guess.

Now if all things went well when you go into your map you should see your turret in the spot where you placed it. Good. But, it doesn't shoot obviously, or rotate either :( SO we need to fix that. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out a way to get any "smart" player detecting functions working so it can only really reliably track 1 player meaning this hack is technically SP only for now. But that's ok, you can just make multiple copies that track specific players, no big deal. First add an "enemy" field and set it to 1, this will cause it to track the first player since they are always the first entity loaded in a map. Now let's get the rotation part out of the way first. For the rotation to work properly we need two things, we need to add a "yaw_speed" field to the turret that contains the speed that we want it to rotate at, and a function that consistently sets some specifc values, specifically ideal_yaw and angles_y. Luckily there is a function that does just that for us, ai_face. So we need to put that somewhere, but where is a little tricky. We can't put it in think because neither ai_face or ChangeYaw (the helper function that ai_face calls that actually rotates the model) resets nextthink meaning it would only run once which isn't exactly ideal. There are 2 options that we as the mapper can consistently control though, use and th_pain. So we can put our rotation function in one and the shooting function in the other, it doesn't really matter which one since the pain state of the turret will need to be activated by a use'd entity shooting at it anyway. So I put ai_face in use and the shooting function in th_pain, in my case hknight_shot. So now it should look like this: 
Part 2 
.....origin = whatever the position is that you placed the notnull at
.....model = *1 (or whatever the model number of your model is)
.....modelindex = 2.0 (same as above)
targetname = whatever you want the targetname to be I guess
yaw_speed = the speed that you want the turret to rotate at
enemy = 1 (or whatever the player number is that you want it to target)
use = ai_face
th_pain = whatever shoot function you want the turret to have, only *MONSTER* shoot functions can reliably be used as far as I can tell since I haven't been able to find a function that will reliably set the values required for you to be able to use player weapons effectively, you can still technically use them, you just can't constantly re-aim them so they will either always shoot in one direction or shoot wherever the player is pointing at the time, depending on how you have it set up. Who knows, maybe that's what you want and you can find a use for that, but this "tutorial" of sorts is about hostile turrets that attack the player, not shoot in the direction they are facing ;) Oh yeah, and the monster whose shoot function you want to use needs to be precached in the map first.

Now as you can probably imagine, we need to set up some triggers so that the turret will do it's thing. So make 2 identically sized trigger volumes that take up the exact same area that will correspond to the line of sight of the turret, of course they can be multiple brushes if you want a concave shape, it just matters that they are targeting the things they should be. One of the triggers should target the turret itself, which when the player steps on it will cause the turret to rotate since its use function causes it to do that. The other trigger will target a new notnull that we need to add in the exact same position as the turret one which is supposed to trigger the turret's pain state, causing it to shoot. It will do that by being inside the body of the turret and constantly shooting it with it's own projectiles. Of course for the turret to be in pain it needs to have health, so you should add a health field to it and set it to whatever you want. You also need to set "armorvalue" and "armortype" as well, so that the turret won't kill itself by being shot by its pain trigger. If you want it to be destroyable you should set the armortype to soak up exactly as much damage as the triggering projectile will give (a tutorial on how to do that is given by Preach here and make sure that the player will have a weapon at that point that does more damage than that. Finally, you need to add 3 more fields, "solid", "takedamage", and "movetype", and set them to 4, 2, and 7 respectively. The solid and takedamage are set so that it will, you know, be able to be shot and take damage, and movetype 7 (PUSH) is required by solid 4 or else the map will crash.

So now that the turret is all set up to get shot and in doing so shoot at the player, now we need to add the notnull that will be firing those trigger shots. This is suuuuuper easy. just add an info_notnull in the exact same position as the turret and give it a targetname, in my case "turrettrigger", a use of hknight_shot, and an enemy of whatever the edict number of the turret's notnull is, in my case 7. Now when it is triggered, it will shoot at the turret, which will cause it to go into "pain", which will cause it to shoot at the player since that's what it's pain function is set to do! And it will rotate as well assuming you have another trigger covering the same area targeting the main turret itself.

And thats about it! Now you should have a turret that, when triggered, shoots at the player and rotates to track them! The final setup looks something like this:

notnull 1 (turret)
.....origin = whatever the position is that you placed the notnull at
.....modelindex = modelindex of turret model you want to use
.....model = same as above
.....targetname = whatever you want the targetname to be I guess
.....yaw_speed = the speed that you want the turret to rotate at
.....enemy = 1 (or whatever the player number is that you want it to target)
.....use = ai_face
.....th_pain = whatever shoot function you want the turret to have, taking into account the restrictions outlined before = whatever
.....armortype = minimum value required to negate damage from triggering projectile but not from more powerful player weapons
.....armorvalue = a number high enough to where it wont go down when it gets shot, i believe 999999999 is a good amount, Preach has an article on this topic)
.....solid = 4
.....takedamage = 2
.....movetype = 7

notnull 2 (turret shoot trigger)
.....origin = same as the turret itself
.....targetname = whatever
.....use = hknight_shot
.....enemy = entity number of turret 
Demo Map And Map Source 
Here is a link to a zip containing a small crap box demo map showing the turret in action and the map source I would have taken the time to make a somewhat better demo map but this took a little longer than I expected to write since I suck at trying to explain things lol, so I just decided to throw out the map I used for testing instead of making a somewhat more realistic use case environment. As usual if you have corrections or tips for improvements feel free to point them out :) 
Haven't read this yet but GG. Grabbing my reading glasses. 
Well parts of it might be a little overexplained which accounts for some of the length lol. I wanted to be really informative though and make sure people get it so maybe it's ok. 
Holy shit, you got it working and working well to boot. Hell of a write up and a tricksy workaround with the th_pain bit, almost surprised you didn't find some evil way to make it rotate vertically as well as the usual horizontal rotation. 
Cool Turret 
Another impressive hack, well done. It's also inspired me to finish off an article I've been working on for a while. It's an ode to the oft mentioned function while hacking: SUB_CalcMoveDone

If you want to know the best way to make a gib fountain, or what the "Duke of York" hack is all about, come have a read... 
I am just getting started "cutting and pasting" QuakeC. I followed your recently revised tutorial on monster spawning here:

I'd like to add a small random delay automatically to each teleporting monster as you can do in Quoth. Reason is I am using custents multiple triggers to trigger these delays spawns. As in Quoth it would be nice to have a little variation on the timing if the monsters all share a targetname.

Would this be as simple as modifying this:

//override the random delay some go functions apply
self.nextthink = time + 0.1;
spawn_tfog (self.origin);
spawn_tdeath(self.origin, self);

to this:

//override the random delay some go functions apply
self.nextthink = self.nextthink + random()*0.5;
spawn_tfog (self.origin);
spawn_tdeath(self.origin, self);
I was finally able to try this last night. Does do it. Any hints would be appreciated. 
Typo Above 
Doesn't do it. 
No Expert Here But... 
Should it be

self.nextthink = time + random()*0.5 
I tried that as well. It's going to be a bit more complex I think. 
Don't Have The Source Files On This Computer 
What values does the random function give? Anything between 0 and 1? Does the function require parameters? Like random(5) giving values between and 0 and 5? 
Just googled the answer myself. 
QuakeC Questions 
would be better discussed in the Coding Help thread. 
Apologies. I associate this thread with Preach and forgot it was more of a hacks thread. 
See my suggestion in Coding Help 
Very Interesting Stuff All This Is, But I Have A Question. 
First off I mostly play a form of teamfortress, regtf, custom, and megatf. I've noticed a lot of maps use trigger_hurts to simulate mine fields and things of similar sort. I wanted real exploasion, real particles, and I used the infomation here in this to do just that. It's targetable or touchable however you need it, but it only fires once. Nothing I have done will make it work again. Is there a way to reset an info_notnull? 
You probably tried the barrel_explode hack which indeed only works once. The only way I could imagine for this to work without custom code is using a W_FireRocket hack that shoots a rocket right into the ground. It can the used multiple times because you can set its ammo count to a very high value. Of course there'll be the rocket launch sound, but that's probably acceptable. Read above to see how it's done. 
I See, So It's Relying On The Ammo In Needs. 
"classname" "info_notnull"
"use" "GrenadeExplode"
"enemy" "1"
"group_no" "1001"
"health" "1"
"targetname" "proxi1"
"nextthink" "0"
"origin" "-264 -90 -352"

I'll try adding this to it and see if that helps.
"no_grenades_1" "200"

thanks btw. 
Well My Way Doesn't Quite Work. 
I could perhaps use the rocket like you said, however, I was hoping more to use effects from something not a trap already. Like triggering detpacks, or airstrikes. So far the only thing that keeps firing are monster attacks. Now consider these mods are stripped down, there are no monsters so none of their effects can be used. I'm starting to think I've gone about this wrong, and theres a better hack, but I only noticed this a week ago. I am at a huge loss right now, I'm quite ignorant. 
You should take a look at MechTech's progref.

There are several examples of what can be done within the commen progs.dat.
It's just a way of placing map entities with the right statements.
The first example is a trigger_multiple for lavaballs. I think it is easy to change it to GrenadeExplosion. 
Thanks Madfox 
I will surely look right now. 
Reading, Reading And More Reading, But 
The more I try things the better it gets, so far I have managed to find a repeating explosion. However, it always targets 0 0 0. Is there anyway I can simulate a players perspective to get a fixed point other than 0 0 0. That's what the code is calling for, someone to paint a target. 
Which funtion name are you using? W_FireGrenade? 
Not Quite 
I know you all recommend using standard quake progs, I am using the tf mod. It's not going to be updated. I used airstrike_target. I cannot use monster skills, well there are some but limited to zombie, grunt, dog, and fish. The rest of the code was stripped down to make room for the tf classes and abilities. I'm having to go through the qc and find function names. Trial and error for me at this point. 
Multiple Explosions 
The difficulty with a hack that lets an entity repeatedly explode is the explosion sprite. Typically the entity that explodes gets turned into the sprite, and the last command in the sprite animation sequence is deleting yourself.

I think you could pull something off though, using SUB_CalcMoveDone as a use function to cancel the removal on the sprite just before it happens. You'd need a second field like th_pain to be setting off the explosion I guess, not tried to build all this but it sound feasible... 
place a spawn and a scrag in the map

place the spawn somewhere else because we only want him for the precaches

give the scrag a touch key, set the value to tbaby_jump1

run up and bump into the scrag
there will be error messages, but shit is hilarious. 
Works Spookily Well 
Dang if only I werent at work 
Lightning Without Event_lightning 
I'm working on a gate where flashes should light to a central point. I've tried event_lightning with gate_logic and read everything about it. This does not seam to work because it's not continouse and also not continouse triggable.
I thought about using a lightgun to direct it to an info_null.
Has someone an idea or solution to this? 
See post number 11 on this page. Click the thread name to load all posts. Not sure how to bookmark a post 
Extra Trick 
Thanks. Will check it out. 
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