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Future PC Games / State Of Gaming HYPE Thread.
The game list might have moved on a long way from the original one, and as with any such list, not all of it worked out, but the principle remains: This is a thread purely for hype and positivity about PC Gaming and forthcoming games that get you particularly excited. If you're playing it already or it's just a general comment, post it in the Other PC Games Thread. If it's big enough for the func_audience (usually Quake / Doom / Unreal / HL series etc), start a specific thread for it.

There might have been one of these already but I can't be arsed to find it, and as time moves on it's a good idea to keep it fresh. This was partly inspired by some comments over at Blues news about PC gaming dying etc etc yadda yadda. As ALWAYS I find there is plenty to look forward to in the action-related genres - FPS, 3PS, RPG, RTS etc. Here's a few in alphabetical order:

Alan Wake - Action/horror thriller? Not really sure what this is about gameplay-wise, but it sure looks nice.

Bioshock - Very pretty looking underwater steampunk Deus Ex / SS2 FPRPG. What more does one want?

Crysis - More Far Cry! More graphics! More dirty sneaky tricky gameplay! I'm psyched.

ET:QW - Might only be an MMOFPS, but the idea and GFX look p1mp.

Hellgate London - Interesting FPRPG set in demon infested London. Could work.

HL2:EP2 - Obvious.

Huxley - MMOFPS that looks very much like a UT2kX game with some HL2 settings. Who knows.

Jericho - Clive Barker action/horror game. After Undying, this could be very promising. A long way off but early shots look intriguing.

Project Offset - early stages for a superb looking proper fantasy FPS... ToTheGame shows this moving to 360, grrr, anyone know any more??

Savage 2 - Online medieval FPS/3PS RTS! Looks good and apparently the first one was pretty neat.

Stalker - Just for you Daz. If it actually happens, I'm sure it will be cool.

Supreme Commander - Vast scale RTS. People seem to like the idea.

You Are Empty - Painkiller set in alternate-history Russia! Gameplay looks bland, but Hail Vondur anyway.

Will try to find the video clip links for some of these, seeing a lot of clips recently inspired me to post this...


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LOL True Dat. 
TBH Anthem looks so good that a Ubi-style downgrade would still be very appealing. Plus lush world, sci-fi, monsters, etc. It's the gameplay and single player aspect that concerns me a lot more. 
Is There Actual SP In There? 
All I saw was coop in the vid. 
Its purdy but still entirely too plastic/fake, the glitzy gfx just make the effect worse or at least non the better than it has always been :
When a 400 Kilo armor suit crashed down at terminal velocity it leaves marks on concrete ->
It feels like a light piece of armor made of plastic that generates "wooomp" sound effect and shoots sparks out of its butthole to impress your 8 year old friends. A toy. 
Just Read The Comments 
on that YT vid and apparently this is a scripted sequence overdubbed by actors, not actual coop gameplay. Which awakens the ghost of deceptions past as KP & Shambler pointed out. I should have known better. Still hyped though. 
Not really much interest in games but you made me look at the video!

Looks pretty but oh my acting, dialogue, music so meh! 
Yeah of course the actual set-up is fake as anything. The "dialogue" is pathetic but that's ignorable anywaty. 
The Most Exciting Thing About Anthem Is... 
...cybear posting on func about it. Hi bear! 
Hi Bal! 
Hi Lunaran! 
Go Play My Map! 
You Lot A Rubbish. 
Redeem yourself by posting some news / videos showing how utterly thrilling PC gaming will be in the next few years. 
PUBG full release : this game is something else. It's lovely to see a high stakes multiplayer fps get some recognition. Bring on the clones!

Star Citizen : Really looking forward to this space sandbox! Maybe it'll be out fully in another 2-3 years? Who knows. I hope the single player campaign is excellent.

XCOM 2 WotC : This expansion looks farking excellent. So much new shit to do. A bit pricey for an X-pac but I'm guaranteed to get my moneys worth from it.

Destiny 2 : Destiny is great on ps4, can't wait to see how it feels on pc with a proper framerate etc.

Wolfenstein 2 - German boogaloo : Gameplay I've seen looks great. Looking forward to the acid trip level, don't let me down czg!!!

Metro Exodus : because of course it's in my list. Gameplay demo shown at whateverthefuckitwas blew my socks off.

Warframe - Tides of Eidolon : Warframe is getting an open world map to explore with everything that entails.. and fishing? Definitely worth a look when it's released.

DayZ full release : It's hitting beta (finally) this year and hopefully that means it'll start becoming a game and less a frustrating test bed. With that said, holy shit I've had some experiences in this thing. Definitely the best wilderness survival sandbox out there thanks to the lack of focus on fucking crafting bullshit and the beautiful world.

Anthem : On the fence with this one. It has the potential to be awesome but I'm firmly in the "wait and see" bucket. Love those suits though :)

Half-Lahahahahahahahahahaha *cries into potty* 
Wolfenstein 2 is the only triple A game I am looking forward to this year. 
Isnt PUBG Already A Clone Of Whatever Battle Royale PU Was On Before ? 
Metro Exodus is the only triple A game I am looking forward to this year. 
Has Czg Gone Onto The Professional Scene? 
Wolfenstein 2 - German boogaloo : Gameplay I've seen looks great. Looking forward to the acid trip level, don't let me down czg!!! 
iirc he worked at Starbreeze (?) then moved to Machine Games. He did Wolf:TNO and the X-pac. 
Props To Him! 
Must be nice to make a living out of his passion. I wish I did with my music. 
He Also Worled On That Skrillex Commercial 
Anyone Has More Details 
about the maps he worked on for Wolf? 
Was Czg Involved At All With 
or had he moved on by that point. 
Maybe Ask Him? 
Movement and headbob look real janky. Crosshair is a bit out of place. Playable areas are underwhelming so far....but....

WorldWarPunk Strategy / Tactics Game??

Dem robots man. Love this style. Also hyped for more RTS especially if it's about combat strategy / tactics and not just endless base-building resource-cock-gobbling political-micro-management bullshit (Total Warhammer I'm looking at you with the last one)/ 
Ohhh Yeah.

Battletech single player campaign. Be warned AI is disabled for this video, but it's already pretty challenging in the revamped skirmish beta. Proper maps look sweet and the whole thing is shaping up well. 
Both of those look pretty good 
Another Guaranteed* Cert:

* okay may not be guaranteed, but it's Metro and the vibes are always spot on. i wonder if this one is gearing up to be a bit more non-linear / semi-open?? Could be cool. 
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