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Coding Help
This is a counterpart to the "Mapping Help" thread. If you need help with QuakeC coding, or questions about how to do some engine modification, this is the place for you! We've got a few coders here on the forum and hopefully someone knows the answer.
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It's Getting Annoying 
I keep getting this error
Warning Q208:progs CRC not recognised from quake or clones.
This always happens.
If I make a new weapon to add to RRP?
Copy the fx_beam and telefrag?
Part of my code is copied and modified from RRP,Custents and some other sources.

Today I had to reset all my code because of their error.I call it an error because it compiles,but you can't run the game.

How does this warning happen and why?
How should I fix it? 
Warning Q208:progs CRC not recognised from quake or clones.
This can be translated to:
Don't fuck with the initial part of defs.qc

NEVER change 'ANYTHING' before the 'end_sys_fields' line of defs.qc or you get that warning.

(actually, you can change comments, add some preprocessor (like #pragma warning error Q208 etc), etc, but if any of the basic types or names changes, or any symbols are added or removed, then you will have problems as the interface between the engine and progs will end up incompatible.)

(one option is to just include [fte|qs]extensions.qc (not dp's though) before your defs.qc, as it includes systemdefs appropriate to its configured target. you'll also get extension builtins defined for you.) 
Or Use A Separate Defscustom.qc For Your Mod Variables. 
Thanks Qmaster and Spike.
I'm using a custom Def's.qc called astaf.qc,which was the name of my cancelled Half Life mod. 
Sorry For Double Post 
How do I use the Gyro library?
I've added it to my mod,but it's a little confusing.
I think I'm going too fast,this is my first mod after all. 
Sorry For Double Post 
How do I use the Gyro library?
I've added it to my mod,but it's a little confusing.
I think I'm going too fast,this is my first mod after all. 
Sorry For Double Post 
How do I use the Gyro library?
I've added it to my mod,but it's a little confusing.
I think I'm going too fast,this is my first mod after all. 
It's Been A While 
I haven't messed with Gyro in ages, but you might be able to take a look at how things were done using it in the SMC (Small Mod Compilation) created by sevin:

I'm stuck in an airport for a few hours so maybe I can poke around and let you know what I find. 
bumpity bump bump 
I Haven't Found A Working Link For Gyro Yet So... 
..a Mammuth Sized Shambler ! Headed To Preach..but Not Only 
Hi.. is it possible to create a huge Shambler (10 times the player size) ? What about bouncing-box issues ?
What qc changes needed ?
My map is called "Hunt 4 The Great White" 
Komagama Muth 
Here's one. I made it eight times as big as the original.
Bouncing box extends automaticly.
If you use it without changes it flashes from its heels, and can only be hit when you hit it in its foot.

Just for try out, replace it in your progs with the original one and give it enough space.
The best way to make it addepted is by mulyiplying all counts of walk and run with 8. Also the magic lightning will need that number.

I included a mdl and a probable qc, no idea what will happen.
Didn't test the beast. 
Some Adds 
I made a quick try and it seems to work, unless...,
you delete the original shambler out of your qc as all names are the same.
If you need small shamblers too, then give all related names for shambler in the new qc file another name, ie mamuth.

The bouncing box doesn't fit, it's way too small. Although I altered them too. Also the lightning emerges so high its inside its corps. So some alterations are needed here.

I was afraid the skin would look horrible, but that isn't the case.
I just can't escape from it as it moves that incredible fast. 
Bouncing Box? 
Is that what we are calling the bullet interactable box now to distinguish from the physical box?

BounDing box max is hull 2 size of 64x64x80. However, setting the size of a monster to something larger in qc allows bullets to hit it at the larger size even though its physical size is the same. E.g. It could still fit in 81 unit high spaces however, and have its model sticking through the ceiling. 
Oh Thanks To All.. Another (fancy) Question 
supposing I make a total conversion eligible for sale commercially.. what exactly is gpl ?

-I've read that qc code(progs.dat)also is an "asset" because is read by engine as data ?!
Then should I rewrite it all from scratch ?

-And what about the .exe's(glquake.exe,winquake.exe,darkplaces.exe,fitzquake.exe) since are not included in id released source code ! 
My Name Is Madfox And I Want My Money Back! 
GPL is a copyleft license for software, devised by Richard M. Stallman of GNU, who (in short) states that you can use the software to do what you want, including customizing and selling, provided you pass that right on to others and the author. (s) of the software. In concrete terms, the foregoing means that if you want to distribute software that has been published under the GPL, the source code will have to be added. This source code may then be further distributed under the GPL. Anyone can choose to publish his or her program under the terms of this license.

You don't need to rewrite it, as long as you include the code you might have read the scripts that are in the qc that state:
Copyright (C) 1996-1997 Id Software, Inc.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA

See file, 'COPYING', for details.

But seriously komagama, I thought you were mapping for fun. I understand your considderation of making a commercial project but then why not start with something like gamemaker?

I'm mapping for several years now, I have only the love for the game, and when I ever had the intention to sit on iD's hat for making a commercial addon I probably had stopped many years ago.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to disappoint you, but I've seen it before. People with the best intentions to make a coin out of hard earned worked getting screwed off by others who just wanted a piece of the (qc)ake.

Anyway, it is your decision. But watch out, I would love to play your map for free, but if you would ask money for it I would become so critical you wouldn't like your own map anymore.

So I'll start with ten bitcoins for the advice I gave.
Just Kidding Komagama 
You can find the correkted file here.
It's the mamuth.mdl of the super shambler, the h_mamuth.mdl of its head and the mamuth.qc.

If you compile this file you can use it with the normal shamblers in your map, with this result. The bouncing box is right his size.

Only thing left is tweaking the size of its lightning, but I supose it will always be beyond the player view, due to its size.

Succes with it, curious to your map. 
Thank Madfox.. But 
i'm not a noob in game-designing, sorry if I gave that impression.. Fact is there's something in gpl quake code that I cannot understand:
help me if you can:
-may I use big portions of Id qc unmodified (ai.qc, buttons.qc, monsters.qc) ? Carmack stated that you can create your standalone game based upon that code.. 
Would you look at that mammuth shambler! :3c It's so big and clumsy. He'll never be able to reach the "mouseholes" the player escapes into.

Which reminds me, compared to the regular shambler, has the movement speed been increased for this adorable little monstrosity?

Nice work, btw! ;) 
@komagama- well, I'm a noob in gpl code, so I can't help you out.
Maybe someone else.

@Esrael- Mouseholes? That's where the little Shambs come in.
I'm more concerned when it dies the player walks 96 units in shamb space nothingness.
And as I wrote: I just can't escape from it as it moves that incredible fast. 
The QC code is not under the GPL. However, when I talked to someone at id before they were sold to Bethesda, they expected people to handle the original QC code in the same way as the engine code, which means keeping the source open. 
You Heard The Man 
QC please! Chop chop. That means you. Haha. 
Broken English 
mamuth groans I'm too Q to see. 
Oh.. My Headache.. 
now I know why nobody made commercial tc based upon this engine.. aha
Anyway the official released from github includes qc files so they must be gpl as well :) 
The ogre has a pull pose of 11 frames which won't be used in the qc. What should have been its purpose?

I'm retrieving the Qtest1 qc, without any luck.
I'm using the one from Megalol, which luckely has a progs.src
Only problem is that it is casting more than eighty nine warnings.
It seems to me that a lot of it is just a replacement of the original qc.

I spent a whole evening just to get rid of the first moveangles to moveangles2. Is it realy that bunch of spagetthi? 
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