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The Mapping Software Thread
I have just made the transition to Worldcraft 3.3 (using the Quakeadapter package) from 1.6, and althought I was a little reluctant because I worried about changes to a system I had got used to, I have found it so far much better. I start this thread to see what the general concensus is on which package is the best, or if this is a subject which is highly debatable...
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This Ogier Thing... 
Hmm, weird that they'd include support for Quake, guess they're old fans or something. But Starbreeze are cool, so it's all okay :) 
I have the same brightness problem with 3.3. I used to just turn the screen brightness up in NVidia's control panel, but they made the latest version of that really shit so now I close the curtains and map in a darkened room. I suppose that makes it more atmospheric. 
Im kinda having to do similar things, or just squinting a lot. Typical that the program is 100% except for one nigling issue like that! 
These Editor Wars Are Just Silly 
Everyone has different tastes when it comes to what editor they prefer to use. Me, I use WC 1.6 because I am most comfortable with it.

I have tried Quark before and did not care for it. That does not mean it isn't good, it more than likely is, but I just don't care for it.

Saying that an editor sucks just because you think it does, doesn't make it so. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

But what it really comes down to is what you can make with it. As long as you create great Q1 maps, then it doesn't matter to me what editor you use, whether it be WC, Quark, Radient, BSP or something entirely different. All that matters is how you use the editor you use, to make some stunning creations. 
That's The Bunny. 
Who was it that was using a text editor to write a map - sure I remember hearing something about this. 
I had to write my own map exporter for the new version though.

For Q3? 
No For Q1 
The Q1 support that comes with it has been deteriorating for the last few versions, so I found it better to write a converter from XMP to Q1 so I get all the benefits of the XMP (Grouping, layers, hiding, excluding) 
What does it lool like if you open .map in Wordpad? Who in their right mind could make head nor tale of it (I dunno, I have never seen .map code)

Interesting. I'm gonna go and have a look at one. 
I used TextPad to fix up sickbase and many other maps ...

You can setup a custom syntax colour file for TextPad to make it a bit easier to read. Same for qconsole.log files, QC and anything else you want to improve readability for. 
opened a map file on txt and its actually neatly organized :)

there should be a speedmap with nothing but notepad created levels.

anyway, i use wolrdcraft v1.6. always have. the 1st ever editor i ever used was quoole and remember doing a small room for quake2 with some crates and it sucked because i think (though i might be way off) you had to click on a button to move up and down, then another to move right and left. dunno if it was like this...

always wanted to learn qradiant, but it always crashed for me! so i gave up many years ago. dunno why it never opened... :-( 
Forgot To Say 
that its true what some of you said. worldcraft 1.6 does suck at weird angled texture alignment and very weird brushes.

but i still use it anyway. too lazy to learn anything else now :) 
Hmmm - Try 3.3... 
I have, since changing to it, found a few problems with tex alignment, but only with really amitious brushwork, and after a little extra experimentation found that I was able to solve these problems.

WC 3.3 has texture justification button (Left, Right, Top, bottom, centre, fit. These are really usefull.

Also in 1.6 if you make a crate for example, aligned to the grid, the textures are easy to fit, but if you want to rotate the brush (on any axis) you have to stretch and align the textures manually, then if you decide to move it again you have to re-align. with 3.3 you dont - you just rotate the brush (with the texture-lock feature enabled) and the textures stay aligned perfectly!


Also OpenGL renderer for 3D view works much better, looks almost like an un-lit Quake.

The setup and functionallity of the program is otherwise almost identical to 1.6, so the transition as pretty much painless.

I would try it if you havent, cause you'll probably find you like it! 
..with 3.3 don't you need some weird workaround to make it work for quake? 
You need to convert the texture wads to half-life format, it won't load quake wads any more. But as long as you use compilers like aguirre's:
then everything else just works as before. I've got a command line tool that converts a wad from quake to half life, but I don't have a link to it handy... 
i have aguirre's tools. whenever he updates, i get them. :)

so whats what i need to do then. convert q1 into hl format. man, i had no idea about this! well, i'll check into it tonight. must go lie on floor and play music all day. :) 
Found This Page

haven't tried the stuff yet, but it looks easy enough to follow. very surprised since i have never found anything so fast before on this internets :D 
Yeah, that's the utility that does it, qonverge! The guide there seems to have missed the pun in the title, but is otherwise on the money. 
WC3.3 Adapter 
It's another one of Baker's 'f0r n00bs' projects that installs / unpacks the lot with zero messing about; worked perfectly when I used it. 
Qadaptor saves my bacon every time I reformat the ol' HDD. 
I wouldnt try using 3.3 without the Quadapter package, cause I wouldnt know where to start with converting wads to hlwads, (well, I could muddle around with some sort of wad util like wally or suchlike, but it would be a pain in the arse), but the Quadapter does it all automatic, or if it dont, you can find the included conversion tool in the worldcraft dir and run it from there.

Quadapter needs to have worldcraft in c:\program files\worldcraft\
Its hard-coded that way.

Although it all sounds like a ball-ache, its really easy to set up - just like 'click ok, click next, click ok again and then its ready to go'.

If you've had it with 1.6, just do it!

Also I installed it directly over 1.6, without removing it first, and no problems! 
well, 3.3 is not so different from 1.6. but its faster on 3d view. very fast :)

it was very easy to do. hopefully this will give me a little bit more energy to get some maps finished! agh. why?!! why cant i finish a level!! even a little one. like a start map or something. :'( 
I find myself sat staring at the TV, imagining an environment I could put in a level. Or my girlfriend will be talking to me and Im not listening cause my mind is drifting through what rooms or layout I could put in.

'Oh sorry, could you say that again??!'

Its hard to come up with a good idea often. I wouldnt try to make something without first having an idea of what it would look like.

Anyone ever tried to write a song or a piece of music? - Even harder!

nakasuhito - play through some of the speedmaps, very inspirational! 
Is very good for starting mapping - don't try to make it too pretty or nice, just throw it together and put a start and a finish. You don't have to release if you don't want and it can help galvanise you for better projects. 
I once mentioned my gladness about DeathMatchMaker, and someone pounded me off it would do better in a txt editor, concerning the texture alignment mistake of 1%.

But I haven't found an editor with such a handy multipolygon tool shaper.
And... I finally found a version of WC1.6 
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