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Fitzquake SDL Version Beta
I just published a beta release of my SDL version of the Fitzquake engine. The main goal of this version is to allow Fitzquake to run on all major platforms. I provide builds for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Grab them at

Windows and Linux users take note that you have to install SDL 1.2.10 or better.

Windows users please also be aware that this port does not do anything better on Windows than metlslimes original version. Actually, it does less, but I would still like to get your feedback because there's a chance that the official version will be switched to SDL eventually. That would go a lot smoother if we ironed out the bugs on all platforms first.

Have fun and don't forget to send in your feedback and bug reports.
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metl quit IRC yesterday with this:
<metlslime> fitzquake now has interpolation for models 

Ahh Ok, thanks! Been out of it for too long. 
how that didn't get added in the very first version i'll never know :P

the lack of it has put me off using fitz since the beginning 
azuki: "gamedir" already exists, except the command is called "game" in fitzquake. Interpolation will be in the next version.

Willem: +mlook should be saved automatically, but the others you need to add to your config. I should probably do a review of the cvars to decide which ones ought to be saved, but since many players maintain their own config anyway, this doesn't seem very urgent. 
can i get an opinion from anyone who normally uses -dinput about how the mouse control feels in this port? Since obviously, SDL doesn't have directinput. 
It was always this way (ie. not a bug to this engine version) - +mlook was fixed in recent engines.

Another thing to mention is mods; adding a cfg to your mod directory with

exec ..\id1\autoexec.cfg

As well as whatever mod specific options you want means you keep a base of cvars that you keep for all engines and mods, with external mod dir's having their own, as needed.

I should shut up and try the engine :P 
and other cvars talked about above. Definitely not saved, need to be in autoexece.cfg even for normal fitz. 
Model Interpolation 
Actually, I think there are a few people that don't like it because the animation starts looking a bit weird and some of us are so used to those anims it's like playing street fighter or something - you know all the timings and stuff.

Still, it's a good feature to add, but I hope it's a cvar.

Personally I am really hoping for mp3/ or ogg playback so I can get the Quake soundtrack back without needing a cd in the drive all the time ;) 
model interpolation should be a must :)

anyway, it is usually a cvar.

And I second the mp3/ogg thing. 
Are You Guys Sure About +mlook? 
i just ran sleepwalkr's port, and afterwards looked at config.cfg, and +mlook is definitely there. 
doesnt stay on for me without auoexec.cfg 
can you confirm whether it's at least saved to your config.cfg? If not, is your config.cfg writable?

And, just to check, are you running in windows? 
windows here.

only entries showing up in config.cfg for mlook are :

bind "\" "+mlook"
bind "MOUSE3" "+mlook" 
Oh And Config.cfg 
is writable 
that's really strange... fitzquake starting with version 0.80 should add +mlook at the very end of the file, right after "vid_restart", when you quit.

The only way i could see it not happening is if you always start the game in id1, and then use the game command to load a mod, and then quit (since the config.cfg will be written to the mod dir in that circumstance, but the next time you load the game in id1, it will read id1/config.cfg)

But surely you sometimes start and exit the game without leaving id1. 
never used the game command in game, always use it in the command line when I want to use it. 
"Actually, I think there are a few people that don't like it because the animation starts looking a bit weird and some of us are so used to those anims it's like playing street fighter or something - you know all the timings and stuff.

Still, it's a good feature to add, but I hope it's a cvar. "

I agree entirely. I would want the option to turn it off. I like the chunky animations. 
i'd call it 'jerky' :P

i was very used to the original animation by the time nehahra was released, but after first seeing interpolation in that i thought 'damn that looks fucking awesome' and haven't really looked back since. i can't play without it now! 
So All You Mac Users Go And Play 
The Hand That Feeds You. With coloured lights.

;-P :D 
RE: Interpolation: 
I started adding it in fitzquake mainly to satisfy other users. I'm one of the people that was accustomed to the 10hz animations, and when I saw interpolation in engines, I didn't like it. A small part might have been the unfamiliarity, but a larger part for me was the situations where the interpolation fails miserably, such as NG muzzleflash sliding back and forth, the "spinning" torches, the SNG collapsing onto itself when you stop firing and it tries to turn 180 degrees in a single frame, muzzle flares when monsters/players shoot at you, etc.

But, in the process of implementing it in fitzquake, I inserted various small hacks to address these problems. I think it looks pretty respectable now. So it's a feature I will probably use myself from now on.

There are still some subtle issues that are inherent to linear interpolation which could only be improved with something like bezier interpolation, and only solved with skeletal animation.

There are also issues related to the fact that you always end up getting the next frame from the server later than you like. As a result, all engines that I've seen (including fitzquake) end up animating things 50ms late when interpolating. Since this is most important when someone is shooting, and shooting is one of the places where i automatically disable lerping, it's not actually a big deal. But an ideal engine design would involve the server sending the next frame as well as the current frame, so the client knows what to lerp towards. 
and you're sure that all your other settings are getting written to id1/config.cfg? The "Last Modified Date" on the file is recent, the "vid_restart" is there down at the bottom, etc?

If so, i'm stumped... I don't see how a different configuration, hardware, OS version, etc. could have any effect on this. :( 
Shift Key, Wasd 
Nice ;>. I have some bugs..

* Can't bind mouse keys in the controls menu (though the default mouse keys - fire, forward - work fine).

* The shift key (run) gives problems. (After setting up wasd in the controls menu) holding shift, then pressing any of the custom wasd movement keys... there's no movement. Without shift, they're fine. Funny, cause there's no problem with shift+any_cursor_key.

Also... press and hold w (moves forward) press and hold shift (runs forward) release w (continues to walk forward!, even after releasing shift)

* resize screen with minus key, after a couple of sizes, it goes blank (but this feature sucks anyway)

Fedora7, SDL-1.2.12-1.fc7, xorg-x11-apps-7.1-4.fc7, linux-2.6.23, usb mouse ,

Will try compiling from source and check things out. 
How do you compile it ? 
Unless someone makes a makefile you will need
Codeblocks should be able to export a makefile however I could not find the option to do so. 
Nice work! Any work on Linux Quake clients is very much appreciated. 
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