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Another Bloody Base Map: "Ruined Nation"
This one is a small D3 textured SF level, requiring Quoth and the Quoth2 upgrade. It started as a testbed for lighting and ended up being a place to experiment with Quoth(2) functionality.


Thanks to Kell, necros and Preach.
Also to my my long suffering testers scragbait, JPL, negke and sielwolf. All had strong opinions about the level, a couple of which matched ;P


Even if there are no secrets, exploration is always rewarded.

Be warned - 'HARD' is a thoroughly Quoth2 experience.
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What Is An SF Level? 
Download link is broken !! :( 
And Ffs 
url is 404 
The link works now, it ended up in the wrong folder earlier. :) 
no wait its password protected beta
I hate this map! 
Don't be mean... the password is well known.... Errr... thought... 
Bloody Hell 
small, testbed, experiment MY ASS. What an amazing map. Very hard though. I loved all the use of sounds!

Now someone really has to make a pack of the original textures. 
Just Saw Those Shots 
and came in my pants! More later!!! 
Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die 
Die die die die die die die. I'll have another go when I'm feeling a little more masochistic. And patient.

Very pretty map - nice coloured lighting (from the parts I've seen) excellent use of Doom 3 textures and sound. Heh! Pretty hard. Quake gameplay turned into poo by constant death!

Well I dont like saving with less than 30% health so I'm probably never gonna complete this one! Im too subborn to play any less than skill 2 also.

4 elimnators with 25 nails, a few shells and 40% health, no armour?!?!?!

Fuck off

I suppose of you're trying to make a Doom3 style experience then constant quicksaving and 100 deaths is allowed (is it?!?!)

Well, anyway, this map looks very very sexy, even if the Doom3 textures don't convert that well! Noticed a Half-Life texture also! Whe I saw those screenshots I nearly came in my pants... When I played it I got bored after dieing 10 times. Only got up to the room with shells (single barrelled shotgun, a nailgun with 25 nails, fuck all health and no armour) and the 4 Eliminators. Died once just to get into that room, nasty surprise from behind my back (2 Emilminators, nowhere to retreat) then twice when I got into the room (2 More Emilminators, im unloading my nailgun into one of them when he shoots me dead)

Fantastic appearance, poory balanced gameplay.

I'll try again later though!! 
Fave Fun 
Lollin Here 
Aww, too hard? Try skill 1 then. Also, exploration is always rewarded, especially at the beginning. ;) 
name comes from that new water brand in oz? 
...timing problem, apparently the news item was cleared here before the upload was cleared at shub...apologies.

Metl: Sci-Fi, it seemed to suit better than 'base'.

I spent a long time implementing skill levels in this thing, don't waste your time by ignoring them. This level will force people to rethink the way they play the game, some will reject the level on this ground others will rejoice in it. I expect significant polarisation. 
As I already mentioned during beta testing: I love this level. You really captured the Doom3 ambiance, and definitively, the player have to think twice before progressing: it is highly strategic, and running through the level is not really a good idea...

BTW: moderator should add this small warning in the news description (distrans, do you remember that ?): "Warning: this map is very hard, whatever skill you choose. So weak player should not play this map and go back in their mom's petticoats, otherwize they will cry a lot... :P"

So, what can I say more ? Yes it is hard. Yes it is (my converted) Doom3 texture set (Thanks for that: I was not expecting such good level with my humble "production"). Yes the easy/normal/hard skill are set in a complete different way compared to what has been done before. Yes the map is challenging. Yes the map is impressively good regarding architecture, texturing and lightning.. And what ? Aren't you bored to play endlessly the same map styles (gameplay, monsters, etc..). Don't you want changes ?

We have to cross a threshold now guys, and move forward to something different (and fuck the purists :P ) !!

PS: distrans, you rock !! Thank you so much to let me beta test this awesome map :D

PS2: I want to see more map like this !! 
veeery interesting demo speeds.

congrats on an interesting map distrans.

I suck and have slow hardware, which kills you quickly in this type of map. I also thought the map was very crampy, at least in parts. I tried skill 0, but the enforcer barrage was just not my cup of tea right now.

I would have liked a chance to skip the intro, I saw it very often :-/ (the intro by itself was cool though.)

I'm also thoroughly sick of base maps and monsters with shotguns, guided missiles and weird strafing patterns by now (unless there is enough room.) It wears off. IMO Quoth monsters are best used as spice only. The flashlight battery bar is also pretty intrusive (all quoth problems, not map problems.)

I liked the little story or shall we say, atmosphere elements.

all in all, not my cup of tea. 
Yes, change, good. But crampedness and raising the difficulty level IMO can't be it. 
OK - Played A Bit More... 
First of all I am starting to like this map a lot. It's very frustrating to begin with because you die. OK, we're over that a bit now. Some of the challenges seem down-right unfair. At first.

However, after a few more plays I am learning where all of the stashes are, and knowing what is going to happen before it happens is fun, because you know you are going to have a challenge - combat in that sense is very good! i.e shambler battle - grab the shells and kill the shamber. Man to, er, shambler! Good fight!

This is the sort of map which makes you learn to play better!

The thing is I suppose that had the gameplay been in a less well thought out and pretty map, the player wouldn't give it two goes. However I have been compelled to keep going back for more because the map is soooo immersive - quite a thrill really! Gameplay IS balanced - there is infact loads of health, armour, ammo etc IF YOU LOOK FOR IT!

And yes it is in places cramped, but thats half of the thrill I suppose - chlaustrophobia!

I too take my hat off to you Distrans - very nice original Quake map! Inspirational stuff really - loads of nice details everywhere! Varied gamplay. Tough. Magnetic. Brilliant! :-)

Just took a while to get my head round it I suppose... 
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