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Explain Your Username.
See title. It's not rocket science is it. Obviously some people's will be their own names or variants thereof, but others I suspect will be more interesting.

Me: Shambler, simple, favourite monster from Quake, I got into gaming and all this from Quake SP.

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I Was Always Wondering 
that dremora_kynmarcher named after Kinn's Marcher 
I Use My Real Name :) 
I once got home after anight in the town and a heavy munch session at various fastfood suppliers i logged in at my local quakeserver (probably even the shareware server since i didnt kno instantly you could just add "registered 1" to unlock the full game :P)
and i named myself De_Verorberaar wich means the_devourer. I used that pretty long but the guys at the local ctf server where just to lazy to type more then 4 chars so it got abreviated to orbs.
My other nick Optimus Joop: My friends call ourselves jopies (and sometimes other people if they qualify), a jopie is someone who likes to smoke drink party (actualy none of those ingedients are required but i geuss its a fair description like this)
and i jsut added optimus (most other got a jopie nickname alike) and i forgot if that came from optimus prime or its just my classsical education and the little Latin that stuck 
It Was 1996... 
And I was playing multiplayer Queck and I wanted another nickname than "player" and this was the first that came to mind.

I still use it to this day. :3 
Play on my name...nothing special. 
Oh Cool, Never Seen This Thread! 
I play trombone.
bite is an alliteration to make it sound catchy.
I use brassbite only for this forum. 
Interesting! I didn't know you played trombone.
Do you usually play jazz or classical? (or perhaps something else like ska or reggae?)

My used name is HexenMapper because I did a bunch of mapping for Hexen. I made a 15 map Hexen mod called "a Morte". It got mixed reviews... 
He plays the rusty trombone. 
Nothing Really. 
I liked the phrase "one true blue" and decided to put a spin on it. 
20 years ago I got my first real taste of multiplayer gaming in Quake. I was going under the name "Dr Death PhD", but was devastated to find someone else with exactly the same name on the same server! So I switched to a name that embodied the attributes I hoped to display as a quake player. I'm not sure I ever managed to live up to the name, except when playing against my girlfriend. 
ds are my initials, I added them because dumptruck is used already on Xbox Live, PSN and message boards.

I don't tell people the thru origin of "dumptruck" - it's not that exciting but not something I like to share.

My previous nick was "whitejazz" but haven't used that since 1998. 
Interesting Resurrected Thread... I'll Play 
My previous nicks were enliten (or n-li-10) and reiki.

Both of which I found really wanky.

So I decided to think of what I like, turns out I like space and quake. So I combined Astronaut and Shambler.

It works a little better in an Aussie accent because the "o" in astronaut becomes more like an "a" (astra-naut). Similar to the way the Aussie accent messes with the "er" in shambler making it an "uh" sound, (sham-bluh).

In my accent it sounds like sham-blah-naut. 
Quake master. Because I thought I was one when I was 13. Guess I am one now. 
Lo Frag Traff 
...was a name for a character in an iain m. banks science fiction book called 'excession'.

i latched onto the 'frag' thang for obvious quake reasons.

apart from that, what else could it be twisted to mean?

low fragmentary traffic? 
I think I was subconsciously inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the character Frank Pritchard (who is a total prick), or more accurately a trailer for that game as I picked up the name a little while before the game came out.

It's a reasonably unique name and certainly better than any of the ones I had before it, even if it is "supposed" to be a family name rather than a given one. 
I used to play CTF on pub servers as R00k1e then I got better, and dropped the 1E.
Though I had used names like deepfriednewbie, def1ance,and madcow, yet I think my 1st quake name was UnknownQsoldier after the comic UknownSoldier. 
Mines Obvious, Metallica Song Title 
Blood will follow blood...

Dying time is here...

Damage, Incorporated

Q3A nick I used "back in the day". 
According To William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch, 
a mugwump is a strange and drug-addled creature which dwells in the bars of the Interzone. I am a strange creature and I only do pot, but I like it a lot! 
Over 20 years ago, amalgamation of Killer and Kills. Also lets have a bout of the "killies" aka frag the shit out of some people. 
A constructed (industrial) message embedded in the natural cry of an organic being...ooh that distrans is so 1980s: 
inDuSTRial TRANSmission? DSTRANS...distrans? 
...that would've been cool, but no, much simpler 
Ooh, A Dune Reference! 
I missed that... Should have known but it's been a while since I've read the book. 
i cab't even fucking remember 
that wasn't me

I'll explain the whole "Clench Throckmorton" thing sometime, but I'm too knackered right now, and anyway it's a long story, which, in the immortal words of Fermat, this margin is too narrow to contain 
Fermat Was Such A Troll 
He didn‘t have a proof, and if he did, it was sure as shit wrong. He is for sure one of the greatest trolls of history. 
So my real name is Ijaaz(my user is so fucking creative) and this is my third account, because I lost the first and second accounts password 
...there are many Ijaaz multiplying...growing; but, they are only one?

Quake paradox at work... 
That would've been much more impressive as a Haiku. BTW, when are we having the Haiku jam. Levels structured in the Western interpreted Haiku structure 5/7/5 ? 
Short and simple, Newhouse is my surname if translated from finnish to english. 
Uusi Talo 
I bet Google just fucked up really hard on that. I just typed „Newhouse“ into the translate. 
It went right "Uusitalo" 
Cool :D 
Ever Played Runescape? 
I just wanted a cool fantasy-like name for my Runescape character like 13 years ago, so I just took the first two letters of my name and added the rest. Quite a few people called me Israel, but nope, I wasn't thinking about the country at all, when coming up with the name... at least I think. xD 
"The act of cleaning ones genitals, post coitus, on a conveniently placed piece of material, when a tissue or similar conventional cleaning device is not near at hand."

zwiffle wins worst username award :D 
Agreed! @_@ 
Zwiffle wins the most apt username award more like. 
I'm a creep, I'm a man,
I'm like a monkey when writing code, yeah
I'm at peace, being a failure
I can chill because in my code I trust, yeah
It's nerd behavior, uh huh
It's resolution dammit! 
A Fan Of PJ? 
First name of a giant gangster-hedgehog* from a Monty Python sketch, but with botched spelling.

(* not as of yet established whether real or imaginary) 
L = the first letter of my first name
Powell = my last name
129246824*10^294299424 = the number of cryptography awards I have in storage 
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