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Q1SP: Much Obliged
While searching for new editors to try out, I came across this one new awesome map program. It works like a breeze and I ended up with a full-blown single player episode in no time!

Seven maps of progressive size and difficulty, following a psychedelic texture theme (you might have to play through the first couple of maps until you've picked up on the vibe). Should be cool for speedrunning too.

Download (Run as a mod, then load "e1m1" and have fun)

Thanks to Andrew Apted, leileilol, QMD, MadFox, Brian J. Peppers and all others I forgot.

I think I've outdone myself this time.
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Yes- Deleted Already Two Months Ago 
This thing was only a joke release. You know, to get people take off on expectations just to crashland even harder. For the maps were randomly generated by the Oblige level maker and, as such, were an extreme crapfest. Check out the Quake screenshots at the bottom of the Oblige website (and they reveal only half of the horror). 
isn't there another link from someone who has the original file?
Seems like a killing joke to me. 
Not A Big Loss 
I think it's not a big deal to create a new episode or even full game like this. We all know how to use Oblige. Besides, this was even done with an outdated version. Latest Oblige can create much better maps. However, compared to manual creations, they are still bad. 
Killing Joke 
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