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Certainly not fast enough for quantumleaps, so lets say this is warspeed 1 (and i fear no1 will do higher warpspeed due to the mass slacking effect). My main excuses were:using my mobo's onboard gfxcard (i fried my real card) and ironoxide is starting to be omnipresent. Nontheless i has 2 fun evenings of toying around on trying to make these big maps small, luckily the required tools were usualy present at start.
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Is this spam or what? 
I Can't Wait To See What's In That .rar File 
it's a like a mini christmas!

(actually I can wait) 
looks like demos of warpspasm. 
They are warpspasm demos. I look forward to watching these.

I enjoyed Warpspasm because it was big, but I always got lost and had to back track all the time. 
No Mysteries Solved ... 
Since these were speed runs:

Warp A: 2:15
Warp B: 0:56 seconds
Warp C: 2:15
Warp D: 0:18 seconds
Warp E: 0:33 seconds
Warp S: 1:04 
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