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New Q1SP : In The Shadows (v1.1 Now Available)
Finally after months of testing, tweaking and huge amounts of coding, drawing and level design I present my MOD 'In the Shadows' which features three maps, two game play modes (vanilla quake/stealth) and a readme file packed full of hints (for daz)

This is not the final release, I do have plans for other maps, but I want to get feedback on what I have created so far and there is a lot of new toys to play with. The MOD is designed to only work with Fitz and Mark V engines because these are the only two I did testing with.

Please take the time to record some demo's with Fitz because this will be the perfect way for me to understand how you played the maps. If there any problems or things you think should be different, please let me know.

Download Link V1.1 (16.6mb)
Web Page Readme v1.1 Moddb

Recommended Engines:
Fitz0.85 Mark V

Screenshots (1024x768)
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Video's on youtube
Stealth Combat Stealth Mechanics
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Particle Setup 
How did you go about your particle field controls in ITS?

I've got an emission system implemented that can throw sprites, bsps and models, but was wondering about better particle controls.

The main thing I'm wondering about is movement - I can just attach particles to an otherwise invisible emission, but was wondering what method you used, and if it'd be cheaper / better / faster.

I have a function which spawns a particle emitter (from QC or map entities) which is controlled via field values. Once the particle style is something I like I convert it to a prefab so it can be re-used easily.

Particles in my mod are essentially start position, movement direction and time. Here is a list of parameters I use:

STYLE : Prefab Particle style number
NOISE1,2,3 : Particle sprite file location/name
HEIGHT : Particle frames to use
VIEW_OFS : Spawning particle offset (vector)
COUNT : Maximum particle count
HEALTH : Lifespan (seconds)
ANGLES : Velocity Direction (X/Y/Z)
MANGLE : Volume - Random range from center to spawn (positive value)
YAW_SPEED : Velocity rotation (Y Axis only)
TARGET : Entity to spawn particles around (STARTING POINT)
NOISE4 : Entity to spawn particles toward (END POINT)
FIXANGLE : 1 = random 2 = circular movement 3 = rotation
V_ANGLE : extra velocity range (need FIXANGLE to work)
SPEED : Particle movement type (8=NOCLIP, 6=GRAVITY, 10=BOUNCE)
IDEALPITCH : Working distance (checks players)
DELAY : Particle Spawn time
WAIT : Particle spawn time (randomness)
PAUSETIME : When not in range of player, use this think timer

All the particles going through one function which deals with where the particles start from (can be different than the emitter), how it moves (XYZ direction) and how long it lives.

The problem with my current implementation is the constant turn over of new particles being spawned. My next version will work from a limited bank of particles (using chain field) that are setup initially and are constantly re-used. This will allow for the mod to limit the maximum amount of particles used for slower systems.

I highly recommend any particle emitter checks for the player location and adjust particle spawn rate. There is no point having active particle emitters if the player is not around to see them. 
That's interesting stuff. Essentially I need to extend my current 'effects' field to use a selection of particle types.

Most likely I'll make it two fields, one for colour and the other for size, with the additional controls of speed and so on being managed by the emission controls that already exist.

Currently I have point and volume emitter types, with additional volume 'effectors' which allow me to change the relative values of a given emission (gravity, velocity etc) or just remove them.

I can see the value of a target entity though. It's easy to see how that could be used to produce some cool looking effects, like particles being sucked into a teleport volume.

I'm using the extras mod particles as a base.

Pausetime looks useful as well - there are instances where the particle field is visible but far away.

In terms of a control to allow such expensive effects to run on low end machines or laptops without crippling the FPS I was considering a 'budget' system.

Having a single pool of total particles as you mention sounds tricky, for me at least. I'm not a particularly good coder so have to use more simplistic approaches.

The one I've been thinking of is to detect the FPS, and if it drops below 30 (or whatever is the desired value) then all particle systems would halve their output. For lower FPS's they'd lower the output further, checking once per second or so to not slow things down further.

It'll be a pretty rough and ready way of doing things, an improvement could be setting a priority for different particle effects, with purely decorative or far from any client effects being more aggressively optimised as FPS is affected. So eliminating unseen but used particles as you suggest.

Right now I'm thinking of some custom weapon and monster attack effects, presets for certain effect types like teleporters, torch smoke, force fields and a few others.

I liked the methods you used in ITS a lot for leading the player eye and highlighting important items. I see these as custom map elements as opposed to global presets, so will have a think on how best to implement them.

Probably the emission system I've already got with the improved particle controls will do the trick. 
I recommend you limit the particles from demo files by marking them in some way that your engine ignores them. Particle movement/creation bloats demo files really bad, which is a shame because they are handy for highlighting events and making the world feel more alive.

I tried to use particles to lead the player especially if there is an items that I want the player to notice. (example s1m2 - YA) It is really tempting to add loads of particles to everything but sometimes less is more visually like for example torches.

Initially I experimented with particles changing vector/direction during their life time but you can get better effects with particles in linear lines with variable time instead.

I recommend you create a good base of particle sprites (colour/shape/size) because they can be mixed together to create interesting effects.

Here is an example of torch effect I used:
else if ( == PARTICLE_STYLE_TORCH) {
self.noise = PART_TORCH1; // Embers - Red/Yellow
self.noise1 = PART_DOTSML_GOLD;
self.noise2 = PART_DOTSML_GREY;
self.cnt = 3; // Total particle types
self.height = 1; // All
self.view_ofs = '0 0 0'; // Bottom of flame
self.count = 8; // Should be active when close = 2; // Short Life
self.angles = '0 0 10'; // Fly up
self.mangle = '1 1 0'; // Volume (X/Y/Z)
self.v_angle = '4 4 0'; // Slight wobble
self.idealpitch = 384; // Close range distance
self.speed = MOVETYPE_NOCLIP; // No world interaction
self.delay = 0.25; // Frequent (runs all the time)
self.wait = 0.25; // Spawn rate randomness
self.pausetime = 8; // High timer

Probably the most important part is the pausetime and idealpitch fields because this makes sure that the particle emitter is not producing particles unless close to the player. In a medium sized map that can make a big difference and only checking the emitter every 8s + random offset, will not strain combat. Plus if a player is in an area longer than 8s then they are looking for something and they are more likely to notice the particles. 
Ok Finally Intend To Play This 
fitz 085 is the recommended engine? 
actually it's better with baker's mk5, otherwise centerprint messages get cut off. 
Ok Cool 
thanks necros 
Fitz085 Works Just Fine Too 
The centerprints are cut off in Quakespasm. 
State Of Engines 
Fitz 0.85 - fully works, no problems (baseline engine test)
Mark V - latest version works, previous had light issues
FTE - Supports all features (good unix client)
Qrack - Need latest client, supports all features
Super8 - latest version has better lighting range

** Quake Engines NOT recommended **
Quakespasm - truncates all book text, not tested
DP - Has QC and fog issues, will be fixed later
RMQ - not tested

@nitin, if you have a chance please record a demo, I would love to see your first playthrough only. 
will try, never done it before though. 
My first play demo from start map. Nothing special in this demo. 
Thanks for the demo, you showed me a couple more bugs (demon at the beginning, tutorial section). Was there anything you felt was too confusing? Also why did you walk across the room to open the silver key door? Why pick the right and not the left?

If you don't like the stealth system the later maps (s1m1,s1m2) can be played without the amulet. Any feedback on their monster/item layout would be awesome.

I really need to make the amulet mechanic easier (visually) to understand when it is active and not. Hopefully my new start map will make the training area easier and iron out some of the bugs of the previous version. 
Some Comments 
s1m1 demo, skill: 2, first play, with some comments

Cool map, very good looking. I liked that it wasn't that big. I would welcome some more variety in the monster mix. Too many knights.
The HK sword looks cool.

About the start map demo/questions:
Confusing things:
- I have tried to turn pages in the book which was part 1 of 12
- wasn't sure when the amulet was working

I chose the other door because I just wanted to check if it looks any different from the first one. It wasn't so I went that way.

The training with the first ogre was interfered with other monsters that somehow got into the level. I would want some peace there :) 
Thanks for the demo of S1M1, everything went as planned, plus you seem to have some fun with the fiends chasing you around.

I need to fix the amulet in the next release so it is easier to understand, at the moment there is no real visual/sound clues. Probably be best if I create a new weapon model with different skins to show the timer (5s).

The stealth training area has been moved to a new map so it will be easier to play and understand. The Temple of Swords map is going to be different, need to expand the areas and fill in the gaps.

The silver key doors at the beginning of the start map do change the map layout/items/ai depending on which one you choose but it is not obvious at first.

Did you have a chance to play S1M2? 
Two more demos

s1m2, skill 2, first play:

s1m1, failed attempt to use the amulet: 
Thanks for the demo's they were awesome to watch and I especially enjoyed watching your stealth run. I got the impression you were not sure what to do and did not realize you had the crossbow. Would it have been easier if the crossbow was the default weapon to start with?

I assumed you enjoyed your stroll through S1M2? It was an interesting route you took and most of the AI seem to know how to path to you, which is always a bonus! :D 
New And Remade Assets For The Next Release 
... can't wait to play the next release. I had a feeling you wouldn't be able to stay away from it too long! (regarding the kickstarter, it wouldn't be unheard of if you made one anyway and see if it generated interest... that's how I thought they were supposed to work anyway, I reckon people would pay for a whole new mission pack or something like that). 
Though don't you think you're gradually going overboard with the awesomeness...? 
I think I see someone who should head up a "Remake Quake" project. :P 
dammit! for your own motivation :P

I would also post in gaming website/magazine forums in hopes that they might feature you as "one of our community members does something great". 
Amazing stuff, the hammer knight looks particularly badass. I'm really glad you are sticking with your project. 
And As Random Motivation 
~3.500 people saw within the last hour. :) 
s1m1 silent second try.
this time easy skill and I have managed to get to the end.
In the first demo I wasn't aware I had the crossbow with me. For me it would be better to have separate keys for the weapons.

I have rewatched my demo of s1m2. This is a truly awesome map. Great interconnectivity and route possibilities. Also it looks amazingly good. I had lots of fun playing it. 
Seriously sock, those are some of the very best add-on models I've seen for the original Quake. As always, great work. 
Ah Willem 
You're a card. 
The Ogre 
Mix-Knights are great - the meat-tenderiser is probably my favourite. Reminds me of the Q2 Berserker with the knockback melee behaviour. 
that is utterly brilliant stuff. How far off is the new release? 
You Went To All That Trouble... 
ijed, no offense intended, honestly. But that IS what I'd love to see ... someone with sock's skill set remodel and retexture the original game. It would be amazing. 
@negke, oh is there an awesomeness limit!?!

@spirit, I get the impression TigSource is about indie devs and engines, not mods and polycount is certainly all about high end gfx candy only. I will send emails to news sites once I have the next version ready. Thanks for the facebook link, it is good to know there are plenty of quake fans around. :)

@skacky, I am glad you like it, the next update of the MOD has a ton of extra sounds for stealth runs.

@Ankh, I am glad you tried the map on a lower skill level, it is the perfect way to learn the stealth system. I watched your new demo and it was very tense, in a good way. I got the impression that when the AI were turned it was not easy to understand when they could be backstab. Would it better if you could see stealth helpers like this and this?

@ijed, I always imagined the ogres wanting to use blunt/mashing weapons like maces/hammers.

@erc, wow thank you, very nice compliment. Have you played the current demo?

@nitin, the next version will be at least month (maybe more) from being complete. There is still more assets to finish yet. 
Stealth Helper System 
Image 1Image 2

It could be toggled on/off via a console command or maybe it is on by default for easy skill level? Any thoughts? 
I Say 
On for easy, maybe auto triggered for training, then turned offin other skills? 
I have played the original release, though I haven't checked out the updated release yet. I'll plan to do so in the upcoming weeks and record a few demos while doing it.

Even though the stealth system took some time getting used to (though not that much, since I enjoy and am pretty good at first person 'sneakers'), it was highly enjoyable and heavily atmospheric. I remember being struck in awe as I witnessed the smoothness and elegance of your brushes, and how all the elements are seamlessly woven together to form a perfect whole. What Willem has recently expressed was also on my mind at that time: if only this effort could have been taken further to give a proper facelift to all of the original episodes, then ITS would be the ultimate homage to the classic shooters of yesteryear - taking what has already laid down to the heart, emphasizing their greatest aspects, glorifying the whole low-poly artistic quality of them and refining the subtle mechanics behind it all to form an even better balance.

You are clearly a very talented artist and I salute you for all your efforts. I hope your work gets the appreciation it deserves from a wider audience. 
I Agree With Drew 
Was being touchy.

I get it as well, because it's what we wanted to do as well. The revamp, Schism, is more oldschool than RMQ became before it fell apart. This time we're pushing for focus, even though we're including a 'hirez' (like Q3 polycounts) treatment for the enemies.

For the ITS visibility arc helper, I agree with Drew as well.

How goes the progress? 
sock, I'm gonna hit you! warning, ~400 pages of awesomeness. 
I would absolutely want to play with the helper system on high skill levels. I always hoped for something like that (like in Commandos)!

Be aware that red and green are bad (in much varying amounts) for about 8% of males. Yellow/Orange and blue would be safe, might look bad though. If possible let them also adjust the transparency. It would look less good but be much easier to see with solid shapes. You can find nice helpful people to look at images and tell you what they see at . is a great tool to simulate color blindnesses.

The safest way is to differentiate by lightness instead of hue. 
Playing around in Inkscape. Random doodles of Procrastination. That is simulated green and red blindness, about 1% of males have each. ~4.5% have green deficiencies. 
Why would care about this unless you're suffering from that condition yourself?!

As for the helper system, I think it's okay for a cheat code or even a powerup. If implemented as an option for easy skill that is permantly displayed, it's overkill imo. Better if it were to briefly appear and fade out again every time the eye distance symbol changes.

If this was by activated on all skill levels by default, however subtle, it would totally put me off the game. 
Going In Circles 
It seems everyone wants them for easy/training skill level and a toggle switch (console impulse command) for the other skill levels. I will add this to the next release, it certainly makes the stealth much easier to understand. Cool idea inspired by watching Ankh's demo's. :)

This is the reason I stress so much to people to take the time to record first playthrough demos. They are the best kind of feedback you can get for finding problems and fixing them.

@erc, thanks I did not realize you had played the first one. Once the initial learning curve is over the stealth system can become fun. When the player learns how to move mobs around with the distraction bolts then it feels like herding sheep! :)

@ijed, progress is slow, still got a large list of stuff to do. Did another pass on the QC and upgraded the particle system to work with a fixed bank of entities, much more robust and less memory fragmentation problems.

@spirit, I have never though about colour blindness and computer games before. There are large visual clues specifically designed to be red in Quake (shootable buttons) which must be difficult to understand. I can certainly do a second helper circle for colour blindness (using contrast) but not sure how I can let the player adjust the alpha from the console. I don't know how QC can take input values from the console. 
If this was by activated on all skill levels by default, however subtle, it would totally put me off the game.

I plan to enable the circle helper for easy skill level, dealing with training enemies or if the player enables the option via the console (impulse command). The default for skill normal, hard, nightmare will be off.

The idea for this feature is to get players comfortable with the stealth system so that when they ramp up the skill level it becomes a greater challenge. I really want players to understand and use the skill levels, I am strong believer in the benefits of skill levels in Quake. 
And a very small percentage of females as well.

most of my family are colourblind, including my sister - but I dodged the bullet. 
Negke, Because Empathy Is Good And Accessibility Is Nice? 
ijed, indeed! It's very rare for women though, I think even blue blindness is more common. Lucky you! 
Empathy Is The Wrong Word I Think 
Empathy for the .. 1 color blind person who MIGHT play this and appreciate the forethought? There's a time for catering to your audience and there's a time for getting on with it... IMO. 
Luminance Is Far More Important Than Color 
That Awkward Moment... 
When spirit mirrors your map even though it looks like complete garbage to him...
Yeah I used that color oracle program on my map and it looks totally butchered. Luckily one of the maps I'm working on looks pretty good under all the different circumstance, you might have to wait a while for that badboy though. 
I Am Normal Sighted, Color Vision Is Part Of My Research Though 
Don't worry about it looks all weird. These simulations are a) simulating the worst case and b) might not be too accurate and c) the actual "colors" that affected people see might be slightly different. Affected users are used to how things look!

You only need to worry about this (if you choose to) when you have things that are only "coded" by color. I.e. things that look identical and the only difference is color. Iirc the the buttons in Quake are fine in terms of being of obvious shape, but the on/off status of the base button might be problematic (can't remember really, it might just be fine thanks to lightness differences).

I only mentioned it here because sock's circle segments were exactly that (only the color codes the type) and the chosen colors were the dangerous ones.

Btw I do not care about the 1% of MacOS users or Internet Explorer. ;P 
Blue & Yellow FTW 
Lighting a map late at night is never a good idea, it just looks like a drunk hazy memory the next morning!

Image 1Image 2Image 3 
Holy Crap 
That looks brilliant 
those screens look awesome!
Now i�m crawling under my bed, in vain. 
What Do You Drink Usually? 
Because I want some of it! 
you are an asshole. 
Great Work! 
Latest Progress 
New Location, The Chapel of Saint Corthright Image 1Image 2

New player weapon model, The Shadow Axe Image 1
... with 5 sets of animations, 5 different skins to show amulet status, new swipe/amulet sounds and various blade particle effects. 
I think the chapel courtyard could use some vegetation .mdls to accentuate the brushwork - which is spot on. Maybe the floor outside could be scabby grass as well?

Internally it's extremly neat and strong. The angle's a bit tricky but it seems like the red circular window will be a good focal point.

Does the knight stealth the player with that crossbow? I can imagine a poison version working like the HL2 poison headcrab...

The axe looks badass, nice and detailed but still rough and quakey, especially with the blood splatter. The lines suggest that it's throw-able, but maybe that's just me. 
I know it is going to sound crazy but the Chapel of Saint Corthright is just a test map for the AI and particle effects. I took various bits from all the other maps and mashed them together, which is probably why it looks familiar. It is a real shame that the fitz engines (0.85/MarkV) do not have alpha texture support. I suppose I could create vegetation models with the alpha flag enabled.

I like the idea of a poison bolt Death Archer, I will need to think about a new skin otherwise it will be impossible to tell at distance. It certainly would be cool to have the Black Crab game mechanic, it always creates tons of fear when fighting groups of enemies.

Haha, I never considered the new axe to be a throwing weapon! The axe is based on a model by Lunaran (lunsp2) which I took in a different direction. I wanted something that feels like Quake but new and different from the original Axe. Plus this new model does not take up huge amounts of central screen space which is good for when in stealth mode. 
That internal area did look a bit like one in another map which had lightning shooters.

Don't know if you saw these:

Which work without alpha and are pretty versatile.

Maybe you could also raise / lower the axe v model depending on how close the player is to an enemy, or if they're in stealth mode or not? 
Alpha Textures Are Supported. 
You just begin the texture name with a curly brace... like {alpha.pcx or whatever. Also you need to use palette colour 255 (the pink one).

The images look excellent, I'm glad that you're still doing work on ITS because I am a huge fan of the Thief series (and, obviously, quake). The work you and others do thrills me so much I wish I was working on a full game with you and the other inspiring mappers on this board! 
at that being a test map. you are crazy sock! 
@ijed, for organic stuff to really work it needs decals, texture blends and alpha support (I believe these features are limited to a few engines). I don't work with a specific Quake engine which is why I have avoided it. Broken or ruined architecture is a different matter.

@Fifth, I believe the curly bracket thing only works with specific engines, I have not seen it used with Fitz engines.

@Nitin, I have plenty of square box test maps, the second phase to AI testing is proper map architecture which is why I did this little mash up. I know it sounds crazy but it produces really good results for the AI. 
Fair Enough 
RMQe, FTE and I believe Dark Places are the engines with fence texture { support. 
Alpha Is Supported 
With fitz too.

Trust me. 
Alpha yes, but { textures not. 
Oriented Sprites 
If you want small amounts of engine-neutral alpha masked textures, and you're willing to bake the lighting into the texture manually, you can use the technique from the grates in Quoth. Add a sprite with flags set to Oriented instead of VP parallel and you've got a single face with alpha masking. It can be a bit entity-intensive if you need lots of faces, but I know that's one place where ITS is willing to push the envelope : - P 
preach, i seem to recall you had some really cool method of dynamically creating ground clutter with entities... did you ever finish work on that? it was really cool.
i know it required the array compiler extension though... was that what stopped you? 
Fat Sprites 
@Preach, the problem with sprites is they cannot be scaled and they are stupidly big if you want to do any fine detail. For my dot particles they are perfect but I still offer a polygon particle solution if people want it.

Organic plants need the ability of alpha textures, good lighting and easy scaling/rotation. The Fitz (+ code forks) engine does not offer any this as a single solution. You either have sprites which can be alpha textures and rotated but not scaled or models which can be lit and scaled but no alpha texture support.

If the Quake engine community could agree to fix this sprite/model issue then Quake levels could finally look semi organic. 
Sorry Sock, I wasn't reading your post in context and thought you were just interested in alpha textures in general. I suppose a decent way forward would be for fitzquake to support alpha channel tga textures on sprites, then you could create sprites with rubbish low-res fallbacks for very old engines and have proper high resolution tgas to replace them.

necros: It wasn't very automatic, it was just clever entity management behind the scenes. I'm still working on it, there might be some blog posts later in the year on one half of the technology - it's also useful for managing gibs, sprites, all those kinds of dynamic things - reducing the amount of packet overflow and keeping network traffic sane. The application to mapper-placed entities would be easier with arrays, yeah, but there's another way... 
Ah. I thought you guys meant alpha on bsp or brush entities. 
No Worries 
@Preach, no worries, I just wish there was an easier way to get all Quake engines to support a core set of features. I can understand why RMQ eventually decided to go with their own engine. For the moment I still want to support Fitz engines as much as possible.

When I released the new screenshots I was not expecting much of a reaction because it is not a huge impact thing (+weapon and test map) but I checked the stats for the MODdb page and was pleasantly surprised! A special thanks to spirit for pimping the link on facebook, it drew in a nice lump of traffic :) 
I just wish there was an easier way to get all Quake engines to support a core set of features

Winquake was last patched in like '97, so it may be too late for that.

This tongue-in-cheek post contains a kernel of truth... 
Been playing around with large brick to small brick transitions as the player goes deep nnderground to investigate the crypt ... 
technically, rmqe IS a fitz engine. :P
using fence/alphamasked textures will at least still run in any engine. if anything the use of the feature will encourage its adoption - so long as the engine is still maintained.
fence textures are required as a core part of halflife bsps, so any engine with support for that should also support fences.
its a pretty trivial feature to add to an engine (glEnable(GL_ALPHA_TEST), and replacing index 255 with a different alpha value), but you should generally ensure that you only use such textures on func_walls etc unless your qbsp explicitly supports them.

as a side note, hexen2 (and thus fte) does support certain .mdl flags for different alpha modes, which can allow alpha testing or paletted alpha, but its not well documented and will likely need tool tweeks to do it properly.
32768=blended without culling (some weird 4-bit palette with 4-bit alpha value, quite quite horrible and likely unsuited to quake's palette)
16384=alpha tested (palette 0 is transparent)
4096=blended (odd palette indicies are 50% transparent)

one thing I like about making features compatible with other engines/games is that you can blame other people for terrible apis. :P 
Looks Great! 
As per usual. 
opening at top, is it possible to not make it square? Or at least not totally square and perhaps a diamond from the player's prespective? 
Inner Bricks 
Maybe make them a rougher / darker texture like rock4_1? 
using fence/alphamasked textures will at least still run in any engine. if anything the use of the feature will encourage its adoption - so long as the engine is still maintained
It would be awesome if QS/MarkV could support this feature, it would be a step in the right direction for mappers. :)

@nitin, the top is a large metal frame around a hanging grate (recently added). It should make more sense from above because that is where the player is coming from.

@ijed, yeah rock4_1 is an awesome texture, I will give that a try. 
ok I see what you mean. I thought the map was going to be set inside and that was like a 'viewing window' opening. 
Just looked at the code. MarkV does already have fence texture support. So no excuses. :P 
I Told You So. 
It supports masked textures. You just name it with an open curly brace like in RMQ.
It doesn't support it on anything other than bsp though. I use it on brush entities (so you could make cobwebs and stuff for example). 
What I Want ... 
I don't think anyone understand what I am after. I want a model to have an alpha mask/texture, I am not interested in alpha texture for brushwork or sprites. Organic vegetation is really about models and the ability to have gradually faded edges. 
Yeah I Understood 
what you meant. If any engines support it on quake .mdl files then I have no idea which ones do. It would be great if they did though, foliage would be brilliant and you could make animated torn up flags like they have in Quake 3. 
That's "just" sprites again :P 
Mdl Support 
Can you not just apply an external tga skin with an alpha channel to get selective transparency on a .mdl? Or have you tried that and had sorting issues occur? 
Don't forget fq doesn't support external skins. 
Latest Progress 
New location - Baramous Keep Start Crypt Entrance 
To see the zombie knight making his debut, and all the support you're getting through moddb.

Looking forward to the release :) 
Having a MODdb page is very good idea, it gives you a chance to spread the word and gives you a central location for news updates.

Got some more news about the MOD progress. If anyone here has played the MOD, please remember to vote on the Moddb page. 
This is fantastic stuff, sock! Keep it up! 
Sock, these screenshots are awesome! 
looks great. thought of including axe sound and animated HD explosions from Bastion/Marcher Fortress to your mod to make it even better? would be blast 
@Jaromir83, the sprites in Marcher are certainly amazing quality but I will need Kinn's permission to use them. I do like what he did with gibs, having multiple frames for different sizes. :) 
@sock, Ive asked him, I believe it would not be technical problem for u to include the stuff 
@Jaromir83, it seems you have had better luck than me, I too emailed Kinn but got no reply. I would love to add the sprites and gib stuff he did with Marcher, but unless I get an email reply from him I am not going to add it. 
Sock, Jaromir 
Sock - my procrastination does not discriminate. I hadn't replied to either you or jaromir up until today. Been balls-deep in work stuff :{ I have replied now though, so check your mails :} 
RPS Pimpin' Sock 
RPS Pimpage 
@Bal, I am totally surprised by this, it is the highlight of my week! :D 
Some good exposure, congrats! 
@Jaromir, I eventually got hold of Kinn and got a chance to see what he did with his gib QC and it is indeed an awesome feature. (Something I did not really notice when I played Marcher years ago) I created my own set of unique gibs and borrowed his sound assets and it works a treat.

The recent RPS exposure has been a real eye opener simply because of how many hits something like this can generate. Here is the stats for that day and it is off the chart. I got nothing like this at xmas and I was producing promotional content like crazy. The best news of all is that the author of the RPS article would like to see the next release! :) 
thousands of spectators, wow. I knew it will be no problem for you (with your modding skills) to include the features, great! 
rtlights + liquid shaders = Pixel P0rn 
That's looking really nice 
You Should Try The Heightfog 
looks nice sock... what engine is this? 
@Spiney, cool idea but I will have to see if it is possible with fog triggers. That section of the map is very high and I do not want the rest of the map to have fog at that level.

@Fifth, it is the darkplaces engines. Lots of eye candy to play with! :) If you have any questions check quakeone or inside3d forums. 
I'll Check It Out... 
Though so far only directq seems to work with the surface pro due to the touchscreen. 
Can be heightmapped with a texture I think, similair to terrain. I never tried that though. Fog triggers might be a nice way of doing it if it works. You might even try Q3 fog volume shaders, but I don't know if those work on Q1 bsp... 
So sock are you just experimenting, or are you taking a real run at making a map that is targetted at DarkPlaces?

I think it would be interesting to see a map that is designed from the get-go to take advantage of DP's features. I'm sure there are already some examples out there (anyone have recommendations?) but most of the uses of DarkPlaces features that I've seen have been attempts to retrofit new media/effects into environments that were designed for vanilla Quake. Fun to play around with for a bit but not real coherent. 
Just Candy 
@Johnny Law, this is just an eye candy layer for people who want to use the DP engine. I find the DP engine very slow on my computer and the new particle effects jarring compared to the Fitz engines. I like the DP engine because of the real time lighting, it is shame the shader support is so simple compared to Q3.

I am not sure it would be worth trying to create a map that is a DP only. I think it would be better to use a modern engine (UDK, cryengine) because the support community is better. I spend so long trying to find documentation for DP that it went beyond my frustration level. 
I think even an "eye candy layer" would be cool when it's designed by the person who made the environment. 
A quick video showing the extra visual options of the Darkplaces engine; real time lighting, custom particles and various shader effects. 
release this, my money is yours.
Man, this looks way more pornish than expected.
those Strudelteleports..
Would even pay for this to be released.!!! 
Looks hot!! 
Candybar Overdose 
@mfx, I love how the german language mashes words together! Strudelteleporter! :)

Shadowgate (S1M1) was the first test map I created for the mod and it seemed like a good place to start with my candy bar marathon.

Guard duty in the cave, a new beginning and an indoor slime pit! 
Why Would You Do This? 
@onetruepurple, do what? all the map still work perfectly fine in Fitz engines. This eye candy pass only works if the DP/FTE engine is being used. I want this mod to support more Quake engines with better specific content. 
Keep buggering on then. 
I think the water looks too high res compared to the rest though 
It's Amazing Though How Much Those Subtle Coronas Add 
This is probably the only amazing use of the Darkplaces engine so far. It looks fantastic. 
Had A Look At DP... 
doesn't work on the windows surface pro either... so far only DirectQ works.

The touchscreen seems to mess up the mouse controls I think. 
The Lighting 
in shots 1 and 3 looks rad. 
Shot 1 
looks like a freaking painting! Great work. 
@Spiney, yeah the water/slime texture is double resolution so that the normal map can pick up light detail properly. I fixed this with the portal but felt the water needs the detail because it appears on large surfaces.

@FifthElephant, so you bought a computer than cannot run a 17year old game!?! :P

@SleepwalkR, I am using fog and light to give the image a nice vivid style, looks gorgeous in game. 
Meat Meat Meat! 
One of the primary features of the stealth system is that monsters explode into a shower of body parts and the default system is very basic (arm/leg/torso/slice) and the uv skins are a mess.

I think the killing of monsters should be something visually interesting, so I started by rework the existing assets and add new multiple frames for variety. The next step was to create custom body parts which randomly drop and the final step to add various explode and impact sounds to the gibs.

Here is a collection of the more unique body parts that can appear from monsters, this is an ongoing process and more will be made. 
"so you bought a computer than cannot run a 17year old game!?! :P "

Yeah it runs on DirectQ, but every other engine I have tried the controls go super crazy as soon as you jump in the game. The only thing I can think is the touchscreen causing trouble.

Even worse is I couldn't get the editor working either up until recently, I almost cried. 
@sock hmmm, looking at it again I think it's more the intensity of the normals that are causing the reflection/refraction to break up in hard edges. Have you tried lowering the contrast in the normals a bit? Looks great either way. 
DP Progress 
@Spiney, I have not had a chance to do anymore with the liquid textures, I am still working my way through creating a new set of DP particles that look similar to the original game. When I use the default particle settings it feels like I am at disco having an epileptic fit! Too many bright lights and crazy colours.

I had a funny error today. I was testing some new DP specific particle calls in QC and got this error message which had a ton of corrupt text at the bottom of the screen. In a weird way it sort of made sense, I sat staring at the screen wondering what sort of maintenance was going on and which button I had to press ... :P 
Ask leileilol at i3d, he has faithful particles. 
Error Message 
If that wasn't your story that'd be the coolest error message ever. 
All Votes Are Welcome ... 
Good luck. 
Me Too 
You deserve to win. 
Sock, can you turn In the Shadow's crossbow into a normal weapon during normal mode? 
@Yhe1, I am not sure why would you want a crossbow in vanilla Quake? It only does 1 point of damage at the moment, its primary use is distractions. I really should fix the model and skin, crazy low detail :D 
I am asking whether you can turn it into a proper weapon for the vanilla quake mode. 
Some Belated Feedback, FWIW 
So work on ITS continues, I hope?

Just revisited ITS demo v1.1 after having watched part of Daz's playthrough of it, and for the first time I "got" the stealth mechanics and had lots of fun with it.

Obviously the brushwork and everything else is just sensational and I am going to go and cry in a corner now because nothing I ever make will be anywhere near this good, but before I do that, I'd like to post three suggestions:

1) Perhaps make it more obvious in the tutorial that the player has unlimited arrows. Because the tutorial emphasises how precious the poison arrows are, I assumed the regular ones to be just as limited. Once you realise you're free to use arrows to take take down each and every enemy, shoot buttons, etc., it all becomes so much more manageable.

Just one additional sentence in the tutorial (e.g. "You have unlimited arrows", or something like that) should suffice).

2) Even if there is no automatic switch to the poison crossbow, it's too easy to use poison arrows by accident. Having two visually different weapons on screen (not just a subtle colour change in the arrow itself) should make it less likely that the player will use up the poison arrows by accident. (I guess others have made similar points above.)

3) Perhaps explain that when the amulet reactivates, the red pentagram on the floor indicates the player's last position. I guess the text about having to "keep moving" hints at that, but I never understood it before watching Daz's video, and knowing that also makes the stealth gameplay far more manageable. 
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